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Archives: January 13, 2004

A 'stop loss' family copes with deployment (mom pissed at *)

Study: Law not halting student harassment

'Doctor-shopping' cases not unusual locally (Scaife paper hits Rush)

Krugman: Paul O'Neill quote proof Bush lied about his tax-cuts.

Condi's Werewolves

Minn Star Tribune: The wrong war/Why Iraq was a mistake

Krugman: The Awful Truth (Paul O' Neill)

Chomsky Speaking at MIT, Cambridge MA Friday, Jan. 23rd

Saddam involved in Ok City?

Project Censored's #1 Censored Story

Proposal to ban circus to get public hearing--Denver

Entertainer Diana Ross to cop plea to DUI charges

HIV test not anti-gay, Quebec Cardinal says

HRC and SHOWTIME team up... The new source for up-to-date info

Greenspan bashing

A Safer, Saner Way to Acquire and Hold Gold

Pending Regime Change in Iran

Executions and revolution okay now?

Where can i post my website

Amateur question

U.S. Diplomat Says Israel Must Stop Settlements

A short history of apartheid

Antiwar Group Exposes Undercover Activist

Beirut asks: "What is terrorism?"

The Israeli army shot my son

Lakota Sioux meets with Kucinich

Rep. Charlie Gonzalez's ex-wife might run against him

WI Senate: Ed Thompson (L) endorses Feingold!

CA-20: Costa’s Poll Shows Him With Significant Lead

The task force map is not secret, buy it here!

CBS O'Neill re-broadcast here.

CNN-"Buzz" poll: Was O'Neill right to speak out?

Does somebody have all the Iraq War lies and denials by Shrub....for email

CNBC - David Gergen "sticks up" for O'Neill - man of honesty and integrity

help!! looking for recent iraq gallup poll!

DU this poll!

Quick vote in this CNN poll on O'Neil!

CNN main page poll: Do you believe that Bush had pre-9/11 Iraq plans?

CNBC Howard Fineman - couldn't hold O'Neill's briefcase....a whore

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Hardball

Bush: 'No war plans on my desk' for Iraq, March 2002

UN Overview Of Our 2004 Election?

Anderson Cooper on CNN discussing O'Neill

Where's the Outrage? - "systematically misrepresented the threat.."

Did anyone else just lose the connection to Bush in 30 seconds?

Great stuff on freeper thread: Federal Budget Grows Massively Under Bush

O'Reilly -- wrapping Lesie Stahl for shock --- everybody knew Iraq / SH


Some posts in Freeperland re. O'Neill

Frank Gaffney PNACer says Sadaam involved in 911 and OK city!

Frum: "Nothing O'Neill said wasn't true"

Need Links/DU Bookmarks Showing W's "achievements" during his term

Josh Marshall makes a commercial....

Someone help me out.

Who Arranges The Presidential Debates and When?

Treasury Investigation - why?

Olbemann talking about O'Neill (MSNBC)

My letter to Congressperson regarding O'Neill....

Last night's "The Practice"

Did anyone watch Jim Lehrer News Hour tonight?

O'Neill, an Ellsberg for our times?

Wow! Anyone take a Zogby poll today?

O'Neill could face a prison sentence?

Remember Gas Lines?

CBS Evening News did report on Cheney's whereabouts

Monday night double feature: Bush family /ABC news:mind control

Will DC bookstores sell out of O'Neil tomorrow?

Is there a bigger story in the 19,000 documents ?

Who's this Ann Coulter lookalike Wolf brings on all the time?

CNN Poll Bush had pre-9/11 plans to go to war with Iraq

MoveOn ad to be run during the super bowl!!

move on finalists and winners

GWB in 2000: "Paul O'Neil is a man of authority, conviction, knowledge"

O'Neill, Wilson, Ritter...are there others of courage out there?

Tom Friedman on Discovery Times Channel

Clinton a new Right wing hero?

I was listening to the Peter Werbe show last night. (CA medical marijuana)


Halellujah! BushCo's investigation of O'Neill keeps it on the front page!

Mr. Fix-it (the moron Dean yelled at) on Hannity and Colmes

Has Daschle or Pelosi commented on ONeil?

There's a new democratic candidate now,his name is Dennis Kucinich.

Why is it that * didn't listen to Clinton's advisors about the Bin Laden

So I haven't been reading DU for a month or so..... question!!!

Move On is going to air an ad during the SuperBowl!!!!!!!!

What's been the recent reaction to Clark on DU?

The Boy Who Cried Iraq

WTH? Dean's Doctor-Wife, Refuses to Accept New Medicaid Patients

Jim Jeffords defection was only a small taste

CNN Wolfie is so in love with ad of Hiler --- show the winners?

Cheney - "It's our due."

Will John Rowland Ever Get the Message?

Disgruntled employee?

Why charge O'Neill? How many more bombshells are in the hands...

Anybody watching the moveon TV ad web-cast?

O'Neill will face investigation

I hope Yahoo is a good indicator of Left wing anger

Got a fundraising appeal from Nader Exploratory Committee

Are you more or less likely to believe conspiracy theories

Is Paul O'Neill a Hero or Traitor

I just finished an email Zogby poll

faces of the fallen

America outsources torture

Tune into Mike Malloy

This is going to hurt you: But I think Rush is Right for once...

Ralph Nader sometimes makes sense

If you said "last week" what Paul O'Neill said Sun-you're a conspiracy nut

Grocery chain Dominicks closes 12 stores drops 800 employees; Fannie May

So just who in the media is talking about O'Neill? a quick Google summary

White House seeks control on health, safety

War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error'

I give up, time to drink some beer and fire up the the snow

Move On asks why press is ignoring Cheney crimes.

Limbaugh said this today about Stahl

Greg Palast Kicking The Bushes , Listen Here

Is the Bush administration beginning to go insane?

War on terrorism doomed, US warned

Paul O'Neill - Dr. Weird or Dr. Good? (Re: African Tour)

Peer Into The Crystal Ball, and predict Mr. O'Neill's fate...

Iraq is completely off the front page of our local paper.

O'Neill revelations ignored by mainstream media... but not the Daily Show!

Welcome to Dean Country. Population: Bush.

Excellent article on the Bush dynasty, Mexico, immigration, etc. Poll: Was O'neill right to speak out?

O'neill got papers from Treasury at request AFTER he left

Homeless man evicted from golf course

Lest We Forget

Expert analysis, please. Is Bush dying his hair?

O'Neill affair reminds me of an old joke from Soviet era

ACLU backs Rush

Leakers Are Lining Up And Cutting Deals, Bush* Is TOAST!!

What was Desert Badger?

U.S. to Return $20 Million to Peru

Bank of England in the dock over BCCI collapse

Spurned, wives blame 9/11 firemen's widows

GIs Fire on Family in Car, Killing 2, Witnesses Say

Iranian government on Knife-Edge

Mexican First Lady Could Run for Office

Dean, Clark top Democratic choices, poll says

Bush's Industrial Policy a Key Issue for W.Va. Voters

3 Former SS Officers to Be Tried in Italy

DJ Bush, At Summit, Signs Proclamation Against Corruption

Iran's Reformists Eye Elections Boycott

US military 'brutalised' journalists

To Avoid Fuel Limits, Subaru Is Turning a Sedan Into a Truck

G.I.'s Fire on Family in Car, Killing 2, Witnesses Say

Statement by Wes Clark on Paul O neal 60 minutes interview

Treasury to probe O'Neill

US Jets accidentally bomb Britain

War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error'

Court Nixes Appeal on Sept. 11 Detentions

Fox Accepts Invitation to Bush Ranch

Brazil Judge Blocks Fingerprinting Rule

Blair: I do not know if Iraq had WMDs

Ontario (Canada) police seize 30,000 pot plants in former brewery

Billionaire Soros Says Bush Must Not Be Re-Elected

Bush says he inherited policy of "regime change" from Clinton

Former Mayor, Former Mayor of Madison WI Paul Soglin endorses Clark

WP: White House Fires Back at O'Neill on Iraq (new details)

The winner of the moveon bushin30seconds ad contest is: Child's Pay

Woman who challenged U-M's admissions policy to lead ballot petition drive

Dean's bid for White House alarms Blair allies

Bush attacks Cuba and other rivals

Bryan Adams: Cliche Master!

Bush 'What would Jesus bomb? and 'Four more wars!' merchandise..

Another computer question: keyboard locked up

Just saw a "Big Fish" - a little disappointed *spoilers*

Great Pic(warning.....naughty language)

"The Newsroom" on CBC

Ah, the circus is coming to town.

Think you're stressed? Tacoma, Wash., residents have it worst of all.

Update on my fur friend, Tantris....

Florida Man Charged In Alleged Sexual Assault On Dog

cheney's fundraising 2 miles away from me right now - what should I do?

Canada's NEW Prime Minister meets Dubya

I Got An Email From Conservative Leaders About the "F" Word On TV

Guess who won the Lotto?

No more HP either! buggy driver install software

What do you think the average american thinks of * now?

Magic lives up to his name

I gave my dog a couch for New Year's

My 100 favorite flbums (listed alphabetically)

Well, I'm about to be unemployed again

Gephardt on Letterman tonight

Captain Democrat

Queer Eye for the Stealth Jet

Everythingsxen Update

i had a break in today

I hit a thousand posts!!

Big problem-o in famlily-o. Very big!

Caption this!

my new gallery portrait

I believe a smartass wrote these instructions


Sleepy Lagoon

Do you think of O'neill when you see the GD Assisted Suicide thread

Not a good year

What does YOUR Dem candidate drink?

Chat in the AIM DU chatroom

Will DU have 50K users by election time?

Most Overrated and Underrated US Presidents!

my first 1k

Give a nitpick that YOU yourself discovered

Daily Show is Smoking tonight!

You know you're a cheesehead when the SO turns heat to 70

If you've been watching Letterman tonight, check this out:

Expect slow wit and put downs over the next few days

I have a serious dog question

O'Reilly read my letter tonight re:ACLU

This is sooooooo wrong: Tom Selleck to play Eisenhower

What mattress do you own? We are in the market for a new

I think my cat likes the Doors, maybe too much!

ESPN boxing analyst Al Bernstein is obviously a good Democrat

Cell-Phone Moron Syndrome

Betty Bowers interviews Pickles

RW email that made the rounds in April and my response (long)

"The Grifters" is on Bravo, 8 PM EST

Is dying your hair pink and green at 26 childish??

The Importance Of Paying Attention

OMG Arnold

Do you know someone who is fluent in several different languages?


Why does every drunk in America think it's OK to hit a cop? (a rant)

My son had an MRI today...

Ever associate an avatar with a DUer so much...

Who would be in your ideal rock band?

We must stop referring to the media as "whores"

Flat * and Flat Pickels getting moved by the USSS... CAPTION

The media vs. Howard Dean (Salon)

What it will take for new Dean supporters to be kept in Party

How many new voters would Dean bring to the general election?

Kucinich is unelectable people, would you change your opinion of him if...

What's been the recent reaction to Clark on DU?

The Ohio Dem Caucuses Were Tonight

Kerry NH Chairwoman Jeanne Shaheen says Clark "not a Democrat"

What Party Elders Overlook in Dean

Dean Supporters :My local news just showed a piece where Dean said

Huffington on Dean

WTH? Dean's Doctor-Wife, Refuses to Accept New Medicaid Patients


Are all people whining about lack of Dean Gov't minorities * supporters?

OMG! Dean's only MinorityStaff was Part-Timer? Was this a Real Government?

Is the Dean campaign training people to hate the Dem Party?

Behind the facade...

Dean bashers: Are You Prepared For the Merd YOUR Candidate Will Face?

Edwards coming up LIVE on C-SPAN 9:30 pm EST.

The Other Doctor in Dean's House Shuns Politics

Anybody catch the campaign advisors on Hardball?

Does anyone here work for or affiliated with MOVEON.ORG?

Black, Red, Brown, Yellow and Blue DUers, a question.......

How about a ban on all candidate threads where the poster backs another

Did you see Edwards on C-Span tonight? Wadja think?

Why didn't General Clark's wife, Gert, say anything about Clark's

There's a new democratic candidate now,his name is Dennis Kucinich.

why do people attack

Gephardt rally on CSPAN

Dean's passion..... I love it!

Gephardt spokesman on Hardball criticizing Dean for....

Dean Leads in New Maryland Poll!

Dean tried to import blacks to Vermont as governor

How is the O'Neill news playing with average Americans?

Democratic Rivals Training Sights on Clark

We must nominate a candidate that will use this, or it's over

Dean's bid for White House alarms Blair allies (Guardian)

Tom Delay and Bill Frist will be in Iowa for the caucuses.

Dean Says He Admired First President Bush

C-SPAN now - Dean.With Mr. Fix-it.

What Dean actually said about Bush and Bush Jr.

So I haven't been reading DU for a month or so..... question!!!

Chris Matthews Just Witnessed For Clark's Position On Iraq/Al Qaeda!

Mr. Fix-it (the moron Dean yelled at) on Hannity and Colmes

Kerry to Host Townhall Meeting with Iowa Veterans Tomorrow in Waterloo

Anyone here affiliated with Democratic Campaigns?

Is the reason Edwards is playing "nice" because he's going for VP?

Clark- Promoting Equal Pay For Women

DU this poll about O'Neil

What have the candidates had to say about O'Neill's revelations?, interesting poll results

First Lady of Iowa Endorses John Kerry

Will yesterday's debate be rerun? *Real* question, not flamebait.

Michael Savage: "Bush should be impeached"

Sex and The Democrats - A Must Read !

NYT: The Other Doctor in Dean's House Shuns Politics

Toronto Star: Bush `outed' on Iraq

Schwarzenegger Just Acts Like He Cares for the Poor

Early Morning in America?

Today's Steve Bell Cartoon

Clockwork Orange: is "fear" a Karl Rove election ploy?

Interesting Times: Falling from Grace

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Natural aesthetes

Salon: The Media vs Howard Dean

A Partner in Shaping an Assertive Foreign Policy

Neil Bush and the Chinese

Looming Largely Over '04 Race: Bin Laden: Marie Cocco

Look at page 6 of the Jan 19, 2004 Newsweek...

Wil Wheaton - A Matter of Priorities

Tariq Ali vs. Christopher Hitchens (AUDIO)

The Bush Democrats(20% of Dems vote Bush vs 3% gop Dean vote)

Kucinich at Bates college Wed 1/14

Protest Cheney in Seattle 1/13

Tavis Smiley Show on PBS?

Looks like Franken's a go for Central Air

Headliners and Legends: Rush Limbaugh?

MSNBC Trash Talk: closes the lid on the sportscasting career of Rush

Top 10 New Martha Stewart Products

I would like to see a DU Astrology/Psychic room. Anyone else interested?

Lambda Legal Launches New Child Custody Resources...

Conservatives ask Massachusetts high court to delay gay marriage

Why the letter of Vatican law causes so much pain (Card. Pell--Revealing!)

China Poses Trade Worry as It Gains in Technology

Laid-Off Workers Just Can’t Find Comparable Jobs

How high did the Dow go?

Financial Checklist

Asian/ME dollar selling VERY unusual and portends immediate abandonment of

Scientists Attribute Florida Mangrove Dieoff To Sea Level Rise

As Alaska Thaws, Oil Industry Exploration Season 1/2 As Long As In Past

Australian Shale-Oil Venture Collapses

Avian Flu Outbreak In Vietnam - Japan, Hong Kong Culling Birds

Saudi pleads guilty to killing Jewish friend in Houston

Turkey: Suicide bombing 'crime against humanity'

Cleric's Objections Forces Re-Examination of Plans for Iraq Transition

NY Times: Warm, Fuzzy Feelings for East Germany's Gray Old Days

Top Ten Drug War Stories of 2003

Question for J/PS participants....

Idea to aid in Admin/Mod sanity

I hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful, but...

How bout a ban on sourcing Drudge ?

Help! Is there an link here, anymore?

Not understanding the impropriety in this reply post.

I can't PM "moderator"

I missed the poll results in GD2004....

What's the latest news on the downtime

Any chance of updating the Clark logo avatar?

IDF seizes suspected Palestinian suicide bomber

Syria's Peace Proposal

U.S. court rules Palestinian-born man spied for Saddam

Court: Israel must compensate Palestinian wounded in 1990

PM: State-run companies must have at least one Arab director

The other refugees

Palestinians barred from pilgrimage

A secret hudna?

Israel's Deadly Thirst

A Christian's lament

Sharon Hints at Gaza Withdrawal

Palestinian kills brother, father over collaboration for Israel

U.S. Says 1967 Attack Act of Negligence

Don't court Assad

'My life with Hamas' by Welsh gran

The other refugees...

Did the passengers of AA 11 embark the wrong plane in Boston?

One Church, One Microphone, Two Hopefuls (K & D)

GOP Congress could pay a price for playing hardball

Dean beats Kucinich in Ohio

St. Sen. Nadine Thomas to run for Zell's seat in Georgia

Kucinich Stays in DC Primary

Clark campaign has hit the hyperspace button . .

A question for DUer's....

The talk turns to trade among primary candidates

Drudge says Moore endorses Clark?!?

Josh Marshall nails it on the O'Neill Investigation....


Here's a cool comparison...

Krugman covers the O'Neill story

I posted about ACLU helping Limbaugh before, but here's another idea...

I've been trying to figure it out, but I have to ask...

Evil WalMart

Quote from Bush today?

Check out Mike Webb on web simulcast!

The S factor explains Bush's popularity

AP Poll: U.S. tepid on Bush's Space Plans

Blue Moon of Kentucky, keep on shinin'

cnn is worthless propaganda, and this is why

Bernie Ward show is on now!!!!

Cheney and Gephardt to Visit Seattle Today

Guriella Gardening

If the * administration had an extra YEAR to plan for Iraq, then

Wal-Mart Accounting Edit: 2000

Bush Tries to Sell Free Trade at Summit

Germany Set to Abolish the Draft

O'neill will be charged and convicted as a traitor.

Halliburton would get piece of Mars action - anyone surprised?

Administration’s Actions Directly Parallel A Hostile Corporate Takeover

O'Neill - Post War Planning was about "Oil"....who gets the spoils

O'Neill may be a lot of badthings, but wrong about Bush ain't one of them!

Dean supporters we are the little engine that could!

Day 2 of O'Neill bomb -- Any DC Dem's Outraged? No anger comments?

new stradegy for dealing with Bush

Who is number four? (doonesbury question)

O'neill- "Media" react? With Rovian "talking points"....not one for truth

Has anyone read the new Perle/ Frum book calling for more regime change??

ever seen these anti-choice nut sites

Terror alert anyone?

Bushit has all the republicons saying "uh"

Paul Bremer on Today: "I'm not an expert in International Law..."

The wrong war / Why Iraq was a mistake

TPM Josh Marshall funny

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Bush must be held accountable....

O'Neill says he'd "probably" vote for Bush again?

This "recant" was manufactured by WH/NBC (GE)....very quickly

Kicking Tongass, Taking Names

Connecticut Governor threatens potential impeachers

Harrah's is buying Binion's

US soldiers to Reuters camera crew: "Let's have sex." (Thats our boys)

Rumor mill.. 2 year military tours

Letter from PNAC to Clinton has been removed from

Warrior Population

help for a gov't teacher

O'Neill on the Today show

I was on the Ed Shultz show yesterday...

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Who said what, when

Imus calls Powell, Cheney, and Bush "The murderers in Washington".

Unofficial official Neil Rogers thread!!!

Diane Rehm will host George Soros at 10am ET on NPR

There is still a huge divide that we are up against...

Governor Rowland's real sorry - so back off or he'll hurt you

O'Neill covering his ass on the Today Show - man is scared silly

Re:O'Neill "Will it matter?" CNN& MSNBC almost simultaneously last night

A Good Article About The Economy

AFP story made same claim as O'Neill in 2002 winning ad and Eli on CNN now....

They might be a 3rd world country but the elections are fair

Arkansas conservatives up in arms over Bush

Secret arrests after 9/11 will stay secret

Franken signs on with Central Air - To go against Rush

Wow, Bush* pushing "free trade" to Central America...

Dad: McKinney wants rematch against Majette

CSPAN 2 (et) has a panel on foreign policy issues- Iraq-bad planning

A Tale of Two Headlines

Baker Helped Finance Hussein

Whats up with the sudden Clark surge

Suskind's book, with O'Neill's info

A Belated Happy Bedford Day to all DUers!

Why Bush can't pin Iraq War on Clinton...

The Real State of the Union C-SPAN 2

Newsweek: Iraq civil war inevitable?

krugman vs richard perle

Bu$h blew it yesterday. He shouldn't have blamed Clinton

Bush admits he targeted Saddam from the start

Why is Chimpy always out of the country when the shoe drops?

Greg Thielman of State Dept intelligence says Bush violated Constitution

Now we know why Bush presented his new Immigration Plan.....

Is Paul O'Neil like the "typical" Republican ?

Dear Overpaid Economist:

Lid Blown Off O'Neill/Suskind Hoax

Home invasion

Called my Senator's Office -- they are on "recess / vacation"... so

MSNBC Question of The Day 1/13/04

Anyone else go to MoveOn.Org's "Bush in 30 Second" tonight in NYC?

White House Seeks Control on Health, Safety

On C-Span 2 now foreign policy discussion that is a notch above.

Arrest Dick Cheney Now!!!

Check out this great site: (on Bob Novak, traitor)

I just got "The Price of Loyalty"! do you vote in a caucus...duh....DUHHHH

Recall the "secret" document shown on 60 Minutes ?

Guess who BEGGED Clinton to INVADE IRAQ on January 26, 1998?

Former RNC leader Haley Barbour being sworn in now as MS Governor

Richard Perle on CNN

O'Neill backpedals on "unflattering comments"...

The GOP's Theme Park

Hey, Greens:

Ted Halstead on C-span- Repubs the Party of the Church

Iraq contracts for Canada and the "Borderless America" connection

RNC & DNC Heads on CNN

Bush and Martin meet today - for the first time.

Headlines should say : Bush Changes Reason For Iraq Invasion- Again

"Mad Crowd" Disease Is Here!

Constitution, disability rights under attack (yes, again)

The Democrats' Mutual Morality(a new Social Gospel - Dems moral issue)

Does anybody know....

POLITICAL, not military quagmire in Iraq

Could Bush win in a debate with any of the candidates?

Cokie Roberts fooled me

"IT sector jobs decreased by 50% in last 18 months"

Anyone else catch Letterman's comment last night?

Smirk and Neil changed an A to an O and tried to fool us

The Avocado Declaration

India, U.S. boost tech, trade ties, American Workers screwed again

BFEE scared: MP urges deal to head off BCCI case

How long before water is privatized?

This article nicely debunks the myth that saddam tried to kill

Breaking - WMD's Found (convenient diversion from O'Neillgate?) 9 photos!

Some creepy 2001 Iraq flashbacks:

Did Bush just "admit to a crime" with Iraq goal ? Can you steal Oil?

Remember during the 2000 campaign and all the Bush supporters........

A most surprising poll. On CNN, no less.

What happened to the right's policy to be able to fight 2 wars at once?

I Was Only 4 words into the Frum/Perle Book before I started screaming

question: Foreign contributions to campaigns??? how can we do it?

Ad showing kids laboring to pay off deficit wins MoveOn contest

You want a demonstration? Disabled at the SC over ADA


Feeling feisty today?? And a request

Anyone else watching Rummy's Lie-a-thon?

Rightie blames Clinton for 9/11!!!

Calling all right-wingers - attack O'neill.

Are the independent people who do not vote getting as mad--

Fine investigate O`Neill but Bush should be also.

NYTimes can't make Bush coherent--Bush's "response" to O'Neill

Hey kids.. O'Neill is on NPR's Fresh Air tomorrow!

Is Bush loosing the south over immigration?

Groan... now Nader's linking up with the NEW ALLIANCE PARTY????

PNAC has policy for regime change...globally

I bought the O`Neil book today and it was almost sold out

bush* = Tony Soprano

Did y'all see this - a most excellent video of Bush's "Wonderful Life"

Why is neocon Daniel Pipes going after UFO cultists?

A PNAC Primer

Does anybody know anything about a "desert badger"?

The Subject of Immigration

How did Chimp cut his face again?

registered voters in each state

Pubs Distraction by small low level stuffs, avoiding the big picture

California money problems caused by attempt to municipalize utilities?

Al Franken on Charlie Rose Tuesday Jan 13

I searched for PNAC at FreeRepublic and got ZERO results!

The O'Neill "backtrack" - irrelevant -- "Genie is out of the bottle"

The spin on the talk shows today

Did President Clinton really have a policy for "regime change" in Iraq?

Did I miss the discussion on the ACLU defending Rush's rights here?

Imus: Bush, Cheney, Powell are Murderers; Michael Savage: Impeach Bush!

Life After the Oil Crash (key words: Peak Oil) this is not a joke

symbolman on MSNBC tonight re:MoveOn entry and BushNoNazi flash on TBTM

Shrub - the liar - has been caught --- now blames Iraq on previous admin

100th US death in Afghanistan.

Is Bush ready to snap?

Universal Health Care - Liberal fantasy?

McAuliffe: It took 70 days to investigate CIA leak vs. 2 hours for O'Neill

More evidence of Bush being "disengaged"

I have a feeling Rove won the O'Neill matter

A question to military buffs ~ Is White Phosphorus a chemical agent?

encounter at dentist office - "I can't stand him either!"

LOL! This is a photo of the 'weapons cache' allegedly containing

New Canadian Conservative Party to lose another MP

"Undisclosed Location: The Dick Cheney Story" - unpleasant new video

Who drives SUVs?

The death penalty does not work. It is not a deterrence.

It's interesting how much I dislike Clinton now

Iowa's Dark Art of Caucusing Is Turning a Bit More Public

Bush hasn't decided whether to appeal fetus guardian case

Former Advisor Says Sharon Directly Involved in Corruption Scandal (Report

Congressman Meek endorses Penelas for U.S. Senate

Deputies: Bradenton Beach commissioner threatened slow driver (Fla.)

Hundreds Protest Woman's Arrest in Iraq

Hundreds demonstrate in Iraqi city to protest woman's arrest

Corporal punishment still prevalent in (FL) schools

Chopper downing confirmed still don't know how it went down

Shaheen rips Clark on Praise for GOP

Clark says 2002 statement about Iraq is consistent with current views

Dean says he stands up to Bush when rivals won't

Bush, Fox Agree on Immigration, Iraq

BBC (Tuesday): Iranian election dispute widens

Italy's constitutional court strips Berlusconi's immunity

Air Passenger Code Plan In Motion (Thanks, Wesley)

Bush announces closer ties to India (Hey, he said he'd create jobs)

FLASH: Michael Moore to endorse Wesley Clark

Dean's bid for White House alarms Blair allies

US military 'brutalised' journalists

War college report: Iraq war an "error"

Apache shot down as Fallujah seethes . . . two-person crew was unhurt

Google Fans Fill Web With Buzz Over IPO

California Gay Marriage Bill Announced

Cardinal backs use of condoms

Norway keeps Iraqi Kurd in jail in militant probe

Court Puts Restrictions on Phone Suits

New Zogby: Dean Stretches Lead; Kerry gaining on Gep (Iowa)

U.S. officer: Coalition forces 'likely' killed four Iraqis in taxi

Breaking on CNN: Another chopper down outside Baghdad

Ayatollah's objections leave US confused (US says NO June Iraqi elections)

Military Lawyers Question Tribunal Rules

CIA Officer Named to Key U.S. Post on N. Korea

U.S. May Change Plans for Iraq Handover

U.S. lawmaker says pension agency deficit $10 bln

Indo-US nuclear and space ties deepen

3 more Iraqi potesters dead and another chopper down (no one killed)

North Carolina Senate Candidate Bowles lead the Republcian Candidate

U.S. Copter Shot Down in Iraq; (civilians shot)

Panel finds golf club violated ordinance (spousal benefits to gays)

Bush, seeking to mend relations, says Canada eligible in Iraq

Surges By Rivals Put Dean on the Defensive in Iowa

37 Die in Uzbek Plane Crash, Reports Say

Greenspan: Trade gap is no problem

Border Patrol union calls plan 'a slap in the face'

Breaking: CNN--Canadian and possibly German & French

Bush Struggles for Support at Latin America Summit

U.S. general praises Mongolian troops for supporting Iraq coalition

GOP Urges Wider Ban on 'Soft Money'

Air Force wants to put fighters and bombers back on Guam in Pacific

'MacKay bows out' - Cdn United Right leadership bid - Globe and Mail

Denktash puts Cypriot deal back into play

CNN: Writer/Actor Spalding Gray is missing....

Venezuela Pushes for Social Agenda and Debate on Existing Economic Model

US forces violated Geneva Conventions in demolishing Iraqi homes, HRW says

Bush Team Revising Plans for Granting Self-Rule to Iraqis

Dean Fires Back at Rivals With New TV Ad

Britain's 'Dr. Death' ( Harold Shipman) Found Hanged in Prison | NY Times

Bush admits he wanted regime change before 11 September

Fed chairman voices concern about a tide toward trade protectionism

U.S. Congressman Wants Reward for Bin Laden Doubled

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 13 January 2004 (#1)

US Army Report Criticizes Handling of Fight Against Terror

Conn. Gov. Rowland Again Refuses to Quit

O'Neill Denies Charge Over Book Documents

Animal Diseases 'Threaten Humans'

Park Police Bomb Their Terrorism Test

Frustrated Democrats Trickle Into D.C. Voting Booths

Bush admits he targeted Saddam from the start

Supreme Court OKs Roadblocks for Police Information

Woman Seeks Swiss Pardon for Aiding Jews

BBC (Tuesday): Berlusconi immunity thrown out


Lawyers acting for creditors of collapsed bank BCCI began

Iran amassing atomic enrichment machines-diplomats

Dean to campaign with Carter on eve of Iowa caucuses

Furor Follows O'Neill's Kiss-And-Tell Book

O'Neill Denies Charge Over Book Documents

White House seeks control on health, safety

US soldiers kill Iraqi demonstrators

Clinton: Put Medical Info on Net

Paper says reporter forced to resign after deception shipped my O'Neill book !

today's New Savage Weiner Advertisers Jan 13

Pinhead for Prez

Was there a thread once that had pics of the DUs founders?

I Don't Know About You But I LOVE Layaways. You Can Get What You

Pig Boy turns 53 shorter of breath & 1 day closer to death.

What's the funniest way to lose weight?

Hey, where's HEyHEY?

Come On People. It's Being Reselected NOT reELECTED. Bush Was

NY Times: An Education With Hard Courses

Who do you watch at 12/12:30?

Rotten nasty fanses! (My experience at Andy Serkis book signing tonight)

A movie trailer you might not want to watch alone or in the dark (or both)

Any graphics wiz willing to help with a rather small project?

I haven't posted in GD2004 in a week and I'm a happy man.

anyone from seattle here?

Pop-culture catch-phrases I hate; add your own favorites!

What's the fastest (and healthiest) way to lose weight?

Who do you watch at 11:30?

Britney reportedly to seek help for alcohol problem.

I'm in love with my job!

Pathetic confessions

What is your favorite rightwing term for Democrats?

getting misty eyed at movies ?

what do you like best about boobies

new Oxyrush advertiser Liverite

I was circumcised by a Lesbian!

Any members of the F.O.B. (Friends of Bill e-mail list) here?

Blueberry Named New Jersey's Official Fruit

Best Way To Slice Cheese Discovered - Use A Laser

84 Year Old Enters Elementary School

Man Breasts!

White Socks Declared Indecent By Dutch Ministry

DUBYA QUOTE QUIZ 2 (2003 Bush Quotes)

His hideous, condescending smirk

Man Challenges Lion To Bullfight - And Lives!

Musical Mystery: Just what were "(H)e and Julio"

The day after Eagles big Win - Limbaugh: Comments 'distorted'

Clemens back with the Astros

My Mother STILL Has A Photo Of Dubya On Her Refrigerator Door.

Which member of the Bush Administration are you?

Top10 Signs You've Been On The Campaign Trail Too Long -by Dick Gephardt

Alright Seattle! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! - Coffee Flavored STEAK?

What is the greatest record ever?

I like "Everybody Loves Raymond", but...

Toyota's Hybrid Pickup and here!

Whaaaaa. I miss the cartoons.

Am I all alone here? Calling all SC DU'ers!

"P.S. -- your tv can listen to you also."

Al-gebra Ashcroft and weapons of mass instruction

Does anyone know what percentage of the population

I'm tired

For all you fed up Miami Dolphin fans, I've been ranting!

All-Star Survivor Contestants officially listed on CBS

Cartoon dog help....

Mo, Ks, Ne, Ia DUer's, How about a regional convocation??

Tonight I realized I am angry with the U.S. and now I feel guilty for it.

HE LOOKS SO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRESIDENTIAL

Palatka, Florida

Have You Seen *THIS* Poll?

What is the Spanish CAPTION for "wanker""Jack-off"?

Everything I need to know I learned from my kitten!

Restaurant Settles Condom In Soup Lawsuit

Smoker Fitness

Most improved MLB team in '04? Padres, Orioles, Astros, or ?

Top 10 signs that there is a God...and he's an Eagles fan

Need some feedback: Family Arguments

new Oxyrush advertiser Goodyear

How Canadian are you? Take the test

Easter Egg in OSX calender. LOTR reference

Okay, we've had a few of these here, but this is the real thing:

Look out Hugo! There is an ill-tempered CAPTION behind you

I voted for Carol Mosely-Braun

Favorite omelet stuffers

mad cow, CAPTION now

I caved in.

If you could, would you?

Does he Make these Faces on Purpose?

When taking pictures for Ebay, please get dressed first

Hey Canadians/CBC Viewers...

Rut roh -- Chimpy had another run in with a pretzel

Kewl Hubble slideshow

the proper protocol for CAPTIONing

This space available. Post your own here.

Breaking - WMD's Found (convenient diversion from O'Neillgate?) 9 photos!

Café Purists froth as Starbucks hits Paris

How Many Times Do You Hit The SNOOZE BUTTON On Your Alarm Clock?

I am so sad.

I am tired of being so slow

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself:

Hey! What happened to FOX's "Terror Alert HIGH" blurb?

I'm offended by every commercial ever made.*

I find the Progresso soup commercial highly offensive

Does anyone have a good scanner recommendation

The Russians are Coming .........


Republicans... a poem

A little debunking help, please...

Truck Commercial I Find Offensive:

Post your favorite dorky Bush* pic here

For all you Eagles Fans: Here's a Fight Song and Eagle Chant!!

Public advised not to put salmon in their armpits

Whatever happened to Tuffskins jeans? When I was young every kid wore

Ronnie James Dio is, if not God himself, then at least a minor diety.

Our wind chill will be -40 tonight!

Please Tell Me That I Ought Not Be Offended...

I'm impressed by the Honda 'Cog' commercial

The return of a legend

Oh my god! My whole tooth just fell out!

On the Beach

I Want You To Want Me

Bush Administration Makes Case for Invasion of Iceland-SATIRE

And now a CAPTION for our next contestant...............

Football: Love of game vs being a fan


"Where is Mrs Dean" is the best Drudge can come up with?

Packers Fans - Welcome to my Hell

Trekkers: Which species do the Democrats remind you of?

How do we answer our 4-year-old's questions about sex?

Spalding Gray reported missing since Sunday

If you could be any fictional character, what would you be?

Bush bars corrupt from US (not repeat NOT an Onion article)

Someone photoshop his finger, P L E A S E

Give Birthday Wishes To Buddhamama


Trekkers: What alien species do the Republicans remind you of?

Have you seen this Poll?

have the schools in your area eliminated recess?

I like my beef bloody as hell, and with an attitude to match!!

This is going to be harder than I imagined

If coffee allowed you to shift back forth through time

On the eve of the Primaries I just want to say how proud I am of all

Question for NBDers

A moment of appreciation for the DU "staff"

Whats up with the sudden Clark surge

Is Howard Dean a Liberal?

Gephardt Says Dean Less Viable Candidate

I'm switching my support to Clark

I am ready to endorse a candidate

Desperate Dean Distorts Kerry’s Tax Position In New TV Ad

National Security Leaders Campaign for John Kerry in New Hampshire

If Lieberman wins the nomination, who should be his VP?

Anti-Dean Freeper Enraged into action by True Patriot (14 yr old grandson)

Have any of the candidates pledged to overturn the partial birth abortion

I'm throwing *all* of my support behind Kerry.

Monday Zogby polling shows "kerry on fire"; Potential for 4-way race.

Clark supporters - Will you vote for Dean if he is the nominee ?

Any updates on 'Michael Moore endorsing Clark' today ?

"Who's Attacking Who?" - must read article at today's Liberal Oasis

Lieberman takes principled stand (for once) ...

Dear New York Times

Dean: "This is our country, it's not their country."

After deeply reconsidering Dean, I choose. . .

Does anyone expect a Democratic landslide?

With Caucus Looming, Moseley Braun is Quiet

Freepers consider Clark supporters to be rat-people

Dean to campaign with Carter on eve of Iowa Caucus

Have any black voters withdrawn support of Dean since debate revelation?

I'm officially switching my support to Lieberman

The Big Lie Theory

Stop it, Stop it, Stop it! Stop the bashing!

TV Alert--Kucinich "Campaign Snapshot" Tonight on PBS NewsHour

How Clark (or any other dem) will compete with Bush's $

TV Alert--Kucinich "Campaign Snapshot" Tonight on PBS NewsHour

Um, The First Primary is TODAY

NO on the IWR merely a "symbolic" act.

Edwards Says Dean's Attacks May Backfire (AP Dem stories not in US?)

Latest Marist poll - NY

Sharpton's finances: Campaign can't have a lower standard

Snowball fight in Iowa

Dean fights back: "I'm tired of being the pin cushion here"

What's the racial makeup of Al Sharpton's staff?

Congressman Bennie Thompson Endorses Dean

Deleted message

The Democrats' Mutual Morality . . .

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson endorses Dean

NY Official: Dem primary to include most delegate slates

Dean taking the day off according to news

On the cover of Rolling Stone...

Sorry, but all this fawning over "the General" is disturbing as hell

Sharpton says he will "wholeheartedly" support Dean if Dean is nominee.

Bizarre Freeper attack on Clark.

Candidates take Iowa to heart

Have we hit bottom yet?

Dean Gains and Clark Drops in new NY Poll.......

Will Jeanne Shaheen's attack on Clark in NH help or hurt Kerry?

Poll: Dean way ahead of Dem rivals in NY; Bush competitive

Dean: War "Strategic Error"- indicts those who didn't stand up

Clark "ties" Bush on defense, loses on every other issue

Hawkeye Caucus Predicitions here-Post them!

Retired Marine general stumps for Dean camp

Team Dean NASCAR Racing!

a way for kucinich/braun/sharpton to do well, or even win, in Iowa

Blowups Causing Dean To Stall

Slate Smears Clark (Must Be Part Of His "Honeymoon" With The Press 1/12)

I'm no longer on the fence!!

Zogby Poll Jan 13 - Dean expands lead over Gephardt, 28%-23%

I just saved a bundle on my car insurance...

A New Pledge

I have switch my support

South Carolina Voters may give Dean pass on race issue

We are going to have to pull together DU'ers

Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean!

"Kucinich, proudly individualistic, shuns the pack"

Kucinich Star of Debate

I've made my choice and my second choice is...

New National Poll: Dean 26, Clark 20, Lieb. 9, Kerry 9

Sharpton onDean "I still think what he is saying is good in terms of race"

ARG NH POLL: Clark +1 Kerry +1 Dean -2

DC Residents!!! Dont forget to vote

Slate Smears Clark (Must Be Part Of His "Honeymoon" With The Press 1/12)

Carol's a bit short of dollars

Outrage sets Dean apart from the pack (Boston Globe)

Dean leads nearest rival 2-1 in New York

Gephardt using Kondracke and WSJ quotes to attack Dean?

Only 1 in 8 Dems described Clark as "liberal"

Pledge #137: Please no more Republican tactics

Deleted message

Poll: Dean Widens Lead Over Gephardt in Iowa (Zogby)

Al Sharpton a George Pataki and Al D'Amato supporter...

Rasmussen National Tracking Poll latest results

Sharpton's vicious attack on Dean

Dean, Party Of One (Time 1/12)

A blast from the past. Dean last Sep telling a small group of donors...

Anyone remember "Rage Against the DNC" in 2000?

Generals for Kerry

Reporters ambush Sen Kerry in Iowa

Oliphant on the Kerry surge in Iowa

What is the deal with Moore? Will he help Clark? Do we want his help?

How most people choose a candidate

For those digging & spreading dirt on Clark, here's a useful site:

Article on the Latino vote in 2004

"Kinsey, Lloyd On Clark Endorsement List"

South Carolina Forgives Dean

Maps showing percent Af-Am, Asian-Am, Latino etc. by state

Dean deserves all he is getting

Part-timer only Minority in Dean Admin? I'm Shocked How Small VT Gov was?

What's your gut feeling on 2004? (redux)

Top10 Signs You've Been On The Campaign Trail Too Long -by Dick Gephardt

the npr radio only debate from about a week ago

"The race that nobody's talking about -- yet"

Newest ARG NH tracking poll results

General Tommy Franks is retired, why not "draft" him for the nomination?

A Private Moment with Kennedy and Kerry

Clark and Dean seen equally "good" and "bad for the party"

howard dean, doctor assisted suicide for the democratic party

The only way to defeat Bush is to debate him on our terms, on our turf

Suggestion for self-censoring of this board: Link to Sources

The Way It Is: Comics As Anchors

Dean capitalizes on campaign attacks, raises $1 million in a week

Dale Ungerer registered Iowa Repub was the guy Dean told to sit down

Michael Moore to endorse Clark

Area Dems support Dean (Northeast Ohio)

New MD Poll / BIG lead for Dean who also wins against bush* ! ! !

The talk turns to trade among primary candidates

Bashers: Link to Drudge, Fox while you have the chance. Out Yourselves!

ALEXA daily internet traffic rankings: Clark blog vs. Dean blog

Thank You Daily Show!

Who do you prefer in this three-way race?

Who do you prefer in this three-way race?

Handful of black leaders in Tennessee backing Clark

Dean supporters we are the little engine that could!

Dean up by five in Zogby tracking 28-23

"The Awful Truth" Krugman

Dean Counterattacks

Clark in 2002: "Certainly there's a connection between Iraq and al-Qaida."

Being a doctor shapes Dean's politics, manner

Lily-White History Haunts Howard

Dean, Clark top Democratic choices, poll says

nm lock thread

Gallup Poll: Jan 11-12 results- Democratic Primary and General

Why Clark is best for America (in simple terms)

Newsweek's grand inquisitor (Salon debunks Fineman on Dean)

That Crazy Thing We Call Caucusing

The media vs. Howard Dean (WP's Richard Cohen)

A formal endorsement of Clark by Michael Moore dooms him !

Doesn't look like the New York Times said Dean's camp was in trouble.

cnn is worthless propaganda, and this is why

NARAL president is leaving in April

Dateline Iowa

Heads up Queers: Elizabeth Birch Joins Dean for America as Senior Advisor

dupe - please lock

Seventy-six percent of Democrats consider Dean "likable..."

Could a Vermonter explain this to me...

CNN/Time Poll 1/7/00 -- Bush 56, Gore 39

Dean, Clark top Democratic choices - latest cnn result

Another reason to vote for Clark - On the Issues...

Clark ads in the DC area