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Archives: November 10, 2004

Squeezing jello in Iraq

Thinking The Unthinkable – If We Vote Fraud Theorists Are Correct

De-Baathification and the Iraqi Insurgency

Fallujah - Old errors meant assault became inevitable

NATO Chief Criticizes Germany's Iraq Stance

Red or Blue View Deepens the Divide/Op/Ed.. (lost brother in WTC/9/11!)

Salon: Was the election stolen?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Death will be his witness

Salon: The media gives Bush a mandate

Where is our media? EXPLAINED

Understanding the 2004 Presidential Election by John Dean

a call to action Crispin is if this bothers you I will pull it.

11/12 - Gather at the Canadian Consulate in DC

Columbus sit in IS ON! Saturday!

Running for local office

Olberman and Alterman RSS feeds...

Did anyone watch this episode of Frontline?

Ivory Coast conflict ends cocoa exports from world's largest producer

Why is Oil declining?

Pollution Dispute at Indonesian Bay

IRAN: Tehran steps up arrests of journalists

John Kerry went hunting...

Official Notice: I hit post 2000 over in the lounge.

Please help!!! This is urgent.

Name change deadline - midnight 11/22 or 11/21?


odd problem with the internet

Suha Arafat rejects $2 million offer from Palestinian Authority...

they are coming out of the woodwork now!!!!!!!!

keith olb. going to report on "one man's crusade for ...

Even Russian paper (Pravda) thinking election might be fixed....

Let's get the other OH and FL presidential candidates to ask for recounts!

"Yeah, Bush Sucks...." Philadelphia City Paper

Jennings compared 1996 to 2000, huh?

Have you seen this site? "Sorry Everybody"

ABC disney uses RW tank, AEI, 2 debunk exit polls

Co-founder of AAR on Zogby site: Votergate - fixed link

Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked

I feel for all of you, and I admire what you're doing.

How did AP Know There Were Fewer Minority Voters For Kerry

On Countdown with Keith Olberman - tonight 11/9

An Examination of the Florida Elections

Reminder. Olbermann on now.

bush voter takes off shirt to vote...ugly as imus

BBV Bandwidth Limit

Anyone know the status of the Nader recount?

NODEHOPPER - Urgent mistake I made

Questionable returns in Colorado

American Voting Reform petition, please sign

Why did Hawaii break so heavily for Kerry?

Smallest. Electoral College. Margins. Since. 1804.

Let's come up with a good Rove-Urosevich motto

May be a good time for some humor

Reagan stamp unveiled

Uncompromising Liberals elected in U.S. history

A stupid idea to get a witness....

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

Rove contradicts himself re fundi turnout

Another Stolen Election: (Berkeley Daily Planet commentary)

O.K., I'm On Overload...Too Much Info...Question.....

Florida County Trends For Disputed Countys

Link to clear evidence of voter fraud in Ohio.

Dear Founding Fathers: Wasn't the Electoral College supposed to...

Nader, for all his faults, at least seems to be trying to help....

For DUers who wanted a summary of my posts....

Daily Show Doing Fraud tonight (nt)

Lynn's Landes voting tables for Florida - a new presentation of the data

Provisional Ballots in Ohio

Political Blogger Mass Suicide

Why Kerry-Edwards Need to Ask For Vote Recounts

Why is the media absent? EXPLAINED by NY TIMES OP ED

Ohio Democratic Party says Every Vote Will be Counted

Am I not allowed to post the circulating rumor about Kerry unconceding?

Questions, observations....

Candy Crowley

Rove's a Nevadan? So media played up Paper Trail Primary Election?

Anyone heard of this method for detecting fraud in the books?

After watching Countdown tonight, all I can say is thank God Kerry is

Both Turley and Crawford claimed that Kerry capitulated

Its not religion. Its not jobs. Its not Fallutia. Its not moral values...

HELP! URGENT! I can get a letter to JK & his team tomorrow but I need INFO

If John Kerry is serious about 2008

My Letter to Cam Kerry re: Kerry Voter Pain

Saw this over on LBN. WE GOT A "GATE"! We're VOTERGATE!


VIDEO: ABC News -- Conspiracy Theories

Nader NH Recount is ON !!!! -- I hope. News conf. tomorrow.

VIDEO: Tuesday, Nov 9 Olbermann/Countdown segment on voting problems

Ok... third time lucky I WANT COMPLETE EXIT POLL DATA (keep kicked pls)


Betsy Devos? It's quittin' time lovey

Oakland Co. GOP meltdown continues:

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

Supreme Court Declines to Hear WA case re felons' right to vote

Olbermann question

WTF? Skinner lauds a Repug victory?

Rec'd this email, tell me what you think

Absolutely worthless -

Is there any independent organizations monitoring the situation in Iraq?

10 more american GI's killed in Fallujah.

what does it take?

An Alabama letter worth reading

Quick! There's a freeper behind every (fairly) new DU'er!

report this church to the IRS

Iraqi BBC Reporter: "Watching tragedy engulf my city"

keith on countdown going to report on new investigation 9/11

is tv tonight useless????

Abolishing Term Limits

Is everyone focusing on OH and FL, but ignoring other close states?

A little word from Jesus...


My mother says they're reporting about voter fraud on Fox.

Senator Reid for leader?

So Ashcroft is gone and his replacement

Contact your Democratic Senator(s) to oppose Harry Reid as Minority Leader

Is Ashcrofts resignation a pre-emptive move...

Jesus Park opens - come once and second coming is free!

Blue or Red: What's your state?

Here are the purple maps in case you haven't seen them yet.

Keith Olberman talking about Vote Fraud again

Rule of Iraq Assassins Must End...

I am not an atheist and I disagree with a theocracy


What are the penalties for election fraud?

Ballot and Voting Issues Arising in Battleground States

"The underlying cause of crime in America is criminals."

For those who cling to hope.

Reason of Ashcroft resignation....

Bloggers for Olberman: The Last Man Standing

I find we are all starting to sound like Russians during the Gulag days

Will Ashcroft write a tell all book once he's retired from DOJ?

Ashcroft's next Job (if not the Supreme court)

For the visually literate from our friends the Brits

Listen to Will Pitt tonight

Wow. I love this editorial cartoon.

Delaware House Speaker (R) threatens Dems.

My letter to ABC "News"

Last Wish: Fascistcroft's last-ditch appeal to overturn Oregon's rights

Ashcroft and Evans resign


DU ROCKS! Let's do this again!! EMAIL KEITH NOW!!!

We have to keep up the tempo with the voter fraud!

Believing VS Knowing - The election in a nutshell

Here's the link for CNN Headline News

Is anyone else really worried about the upcoming seige of Fallujah?

Only Christians and Jews need apply...

Are 24-Hour News Networks Basically Pointless?

81 y/o Manly Man drives lost for 24 hours rather than ask for directions

OK, we have to interpret what Olbermann meant by "Doris gets her oats"

Fuck the red states? Wait a minute.

RFK Quote

Arafat: The last rights

Bush Family Philanthropy?

6 to 7,000 e-mails and Olberman caves............Fuck Him!

Just saw *'s picture on the cover of Time & Newsweek. Creepy!!!

Senator Reids Abysmal Record (Read if you dare)

New Democrat Caucus VS Progressive Caucus

I just heard that Ashcroft is resigning.

Hey! You like maps?

Everybody knows.

Could someone make a short list of things we can do about BBV now?

Can you imagine Bush's resignation

Would Tony Blair visiting Nigeria frequently matter?

How would ED RENDELL Stack up as an '08 nominee

For DUers who wanted a summary link to my posts...

The fictitious voting system in my novel is better than Diebold's...

Ok -- Of the possible people that Bush could appoint...

Who gets credit for that exit poll graph?

The composite candidate....from DU... a little irony.

Grover Norquist is right

Lyndsey Graham (SC) just said a victory in Fallujah would give Iraqis

Having a MANDATE: Bush will move to lower taxes on all people

I believe Satan and the evil spirits have overtaken the USA.

200 and going strong!

Remembering Ashcroft's greatest accomplishment as Attorney General

why we will always be a minority party

what a misdirected and sorry person, *

Rumsfeld: "There aren't going to be large numbers of ...

Great Frontline about marketing to voters on right now (ET)

NM State Police investigating voter fraud


Protest the Attack on Falluja!

Prey on the credulity of Bush supporters.

Red States voted for Bush. They wanted Bush. Blue states didn't

The Guardian

Who else did the Zogby post-election survey?

Gov. Bush Advises Hurricane Victims To Pay Taxes On Destroyed Homes

Has anyone got a video of tonight's Olbermann show?

conspiracy theories

Unidentified Submarine Chased Out of Japanese Waters

Sorry Everyone pictures are so uplifting and sad - the kid photos

Red Voter: I Blame You

Could this Democrat be elected governor of Ohio?

Are you watching Olbermann??? Holy shit!

You know, it's possible for the better man to lose the election

My letter to TIME magazine

NPR: "The Connection": Why Dems Lost...

Let's make it Clear Bush = BIn Laden

Who are the democrats going to nominate next?

Atheist Discriminated Against and what you can do about it!

Rove offers his take on Bush's election victory

New DNC Chair

Has the train left the tracks?

more Ashcroft insanity

Since last Tue, I've been shopping selectively: I ask the proprietor of

Shhh...John Kerry Won!

Missed the first half of Olbermann - what happened?

DNC Voting Rights Institute

Voter Fraud or Vote Fraud - Hacked or Manipulated

FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD! It was on the news here.

Why no "Loyal Opposition"

"Why?" ...."Because there's money to be made..."

We have our Christian Right connection and Repuke connection to evoting

Heads up - Al Franken on Scarborough tonight. I just saw a promo for it.

did we had a spy on DU?

They won't take action unless they hear from you!

"Kerry was not bold enough to win"

What's an "insurgent" besides someone who doesn't accept bush's plan

Ashcroft Resigns!

WTF? Ashland University will now only hire Christian/Jewish professors!

State Progressive Democratic Caucuses

all right freeper scumbags , we have to compromise on

Frontline: The Persuaders

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

Link to clear evidence of voter fraud in Ohio.

wanna support our troops, but not be uber-patriotic about it?

Pravda Editorial On The Election

"The FIght Against Brand Backlash" - with companies being boycotted...

Hate Radio is our DOOM TAKE ACTION

Allow me to Introduce Myself...

Think Boston Harbour, Sledgehammers and Diebold machines

Slavery vs 2004 election map; are we really making progress?

Who the HELL is Gerald Posner?? (on Olbermann)

learned a lot about Tweety today

Did DU stop focusing on the fraud?

Shhh...John Kerry Won! (No.2)

Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Whatever happened to Democratic politicians with a spine?

Stop calling them "Red States"

May I make a humble observation and suggestion?

Who owns your body?

Stan Greenberg said something worth noting:

ABC News: Conspiracy Theories Abound After Bush Victory

What's this I hear about military troops being in D.C. on January 20th?!

Embrace the full HORROR of the NIGHTMARE Part II (A Brilliant Discussion)

Karl Rove Must Be Exposed

I have two draft age sons

Dr. Fate is a Wellstone/Dean Democrat- no more DNC Kool-aid for me

Anyone agree with me that Franken's shows......

Why was Porter Goss chosen to be head of the CIA?

Nader NH Recount is ON !!!! -- I hope. News conf. tomorrow.

Tuesday Truthseeker Thread Stop by, Tune in Malloy

At tonight's Dem Club meeting, should I point out the futility of strategy

Why do so many Westerners insist on the authenticity of a sky god-based...

"Democrats suffer from three persistent "trust gaps" in our message" -DLC

"True Values" - Could this be why Clark won "Red" Oklahoma?

A Born Again Ex- Friend sent me a Gloating Email...

Questions to brother mopaul on an important spiritual matter...

Cheap ass North Carolina only gave Dell 240 million to come to the state

Fuckface Gustapo Ashcroft steps down.

From: No Stolen Elections!

Reopening 911

Google censors vote fraud stories

Is November 17th the "Safe Harbor" date?

For 7 & 1/2 days our Party sat reading "My Pet Vote" to the citizenry

you got to see this

MUST-READ! Christian blogger responds to DU thread and explains EVERYTHING

Olberman received 6000 e mails from us and some phone calls - shows

MINNESOTANS--Has Sen Dayton explained the closing of his office

Dick and Bush Create the Biggest Clusterfuck in Human History

My email to Mr. Olbermann

anyone else tired of these "who should we run in 08" threads?

Did John Kerry ever really understand anything about us?

Good Riddance Zel Miller Thread

Regime change is really moving fast.

Anybody watch Frontline tonight?

Frontline - the Persuaders -> Republicans and their marketing war

You know what? I'm glad Kerry lost!

Warblogger writes of the Terrorist Sympathizers of Democratic Underground

The John Kerry Supporter Thread

Lowe's is becoming a smaller Wal-Mart

What if Ashcroft resigned to get ready for the Supreme Court?

What can't John Edwards challenge the Ohio vote count?

BUSH going LEFT or RIGHT???... tell me what you think of my theory

USA Today's FINAL electoral college county by county map

What's Going On

Our Realtor is the first casualty of the new culture war

Listen to this...


"Look at all that red!"

You think it's hard right now in a blue state? Try living in a red state.

What do you think of the Liberal Democratic Party?

U.S. Air Force-Boeing Deals Probe Widens

American Al-Qaeda Unmasked?

Gorbachev to honour Cat Stevens

Report: No Hunt for Talking Sky Marshals (9 Investigations/5 Threatened)

Judge Rejects ACLU Ballot-Count Suit (Florida)

Insurgents Warn Iraqis to Stay Home

BBC - Reporters' log: Battle for Falluja

'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

FCC's Powell Says He Will Stay at Agency

Votergate 2004; We Don't Need Paper to Prove Fraud, But We Do Need Money

Newsday Replaces Top Editor in Latest Shake-Up

Vets return, but not always with healthcare

SC rules that DUI is not a "crime of violence" (Ashcroft loses)

Rove offers his take on Bush's election victory

Campaign With No Candidate Keeps Racking Up Expenses

Report: Terror Figures Were Staff Error (Not Down, Actually @ 21-yr high)

Congress Budget Chief Says Deficits Worrying

Iran Says It Can Mass-Produce Missiles

Norton Sees Grouse As Possibly Disruptive (To Oil & Gas Public Field Taps)

Mubarak Decries Anti-Islam, Christian Bias

Poll: Iraq war seen as moral issue for Bush

House by house, Falluja falls...some fighters appear to have slipped away

Stalled Immigration Reform 'High Priority' for Bush

Legal Woes Cut Into Bottom Line at Riggs


US 'pacifies' city but rebels take violence to rest of country

House Democrats to Focus on Debt Ceiling

'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

Conn. Man Charged with Selling Secret Windows Code

US official leading Iraq WMD hunt narrowly escapes suicide bombing(Deulfer

WP - U.S. Forces Battle Into Heart of Fallujah

NYT - In the Battle for a Mosque, No Ground Rules

Europe's Policy Makers Fret Over Dollar Slide

Text of Ashcroft's Letter to Bush (Evans' Letter Too) (Lots 'o laughs!)

EU Poised to Seek More Trade Sanctions Against US

WP: Democrats Gaining A Foothold in Texas

NY Times: Largest Union Issues Call for Major Changes

WP: High Achievers Leaving Schools Behind

In Farewell, NJ's McGreevey Says Proud to Be Gay

Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy (Bush's Fresh "Mandate"

Losing by 335,000 in N.H., Nader Demands a Recount

AP: Falwell Announces New Coalition to Build on Evangelical Momentum

WP: Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable

Madonna calls for US troops to leave Iraq

Hallelujah! Praise Jeebus! New 700 club menber!!!!!

Why does it cost more to mail a package to Ireland than India?

I need a martini - and I need one now. Preferably, an America Jesus-loving

Should I change my name to Max Power?

Can I get a hey mon?

To all you Deadheads out there. . .

hell can I get something that ryhmes with 'amon

My new sig line ....... when we get them back.

Can I get a Salmon?

Do you have stairs in your house

John Ashcroft owes me a keyboard

Can I get a Damon?

OK, i cant stop myself from going to pornolize

Help a poor old dummy like me with a computer problem

I see the 38th annual "Walking" Awards are on tonight.

Incredible sight tomorrow morning

The Whole Jedi thing...

Maurice Clarett in the news again - Says Ohio State gave him cash, cars

Message Deleted

ROTF! This is a great pic...

Please recommend non-Gilbert&Sullivan operetta

Should we keep ourselves in shape for white elephants?

Breaking News from the Onion: Poor Win Election for Rich

for no apparent reason , Gratuitous Lounge Sing-a-long: Mr. Roboto

My new bumpersticker down here in the Bible belt

"Who am I?"...."What am I doing here?"

Keeping your pubes clean - from a real vending machine in China

Should I feel bad that a part of me hopes Asscroft...

"I'm so high...I have no idea what's going on" --Towelie appreciation day!

Just found this pic

Can I get a Ramen?

OK, what rythmes with "throw your hands in the air?"

I'm getting near 2000...Let's do it in this thread! POST WHORE ALERT!

Choppers, cruisers, scooters ?

My Yearly Job Review - We talked politics...

Clash of the Titans

Inexpensive Cat Carrier


Dear Jesus....

Which A&E Biography would you most like to see?

You want to understand what we're up against? Read Chick Tracts

I'm withholding comment on this one (link to disturbing photo)

Laura Pickles Bush, US FIST Lady

Stevie Wonder lyrics from 1970 that still ring true

Boy, If You Were Watching This Nets-Trail Blazers Game You'd Never Know...

Please allow me to introduce myself

Does DU need an "Election Fraud Forum"

Post 2000...I did it! I spent way too much time on DU!

Worlds Greatest Rock-n-Roll band?

Which DUers look best in Lycra?

If you're bored and woud like to gigge like a kid for a few -

Dear Mr. Bush -- advice for your trip to Canada ...

I went to the dr. today; I have bronchitis. It sucks! Hack! Hack!


My Greenville, SC, condo neighbors have a new baby. Yay!

("Scarborough Country/Canticle")

Which bouncing celestial bodies movie?

Cartograms: I just discovered these

Women Allege Boss Spanked Them for Errors

Wanna read the sickest Freeper thread ever?

It's all about the .bins and .cues baby...

I am feeling more in touch with my inner asshole.

Tonight I bought ICEHOUSE instead of boycott

the most innovative, impressive bong ever made- and it was by a 15 y/o!

I don't like Arafat and all.. but...

Surprising Peterson Verdict Is In!!

not that i agree with this but this 'f*** the south' bit is interesting...

Idf website DISABLES my right click......

TAMPONS:"Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!"

Strangest sensation - my cat licking me. U?

Please welcome the new face of the WINNING Democratic party

Check out my pretty new name!

I feel like the people around me are from an alien invasion.

So what's for dinner at your house?

John Ashcroft and Don Evans

Saving Energy and Money - How will you cope with the cold this winter?

"Phyllis Schlafly" comments on the election

Alert! New Daily Show! That is all n/t

tinfoil origins

What can you tell me about North Carolina State U?

Any Muslims here?

Damnit, I'm having a craving for a Wendy's Triple burger.

I'm just gonna post this here, then go over there -------->


Bush's Mandate?

I clicked 'BigMcLargeHuge' instead of 'The Lounge'

How dead is Arafat?

Who is running in and out of the house to check for lights in the sky?

lip-smackin' good poll:

Canadian Immigration & Citizenship School!

Should I walk upstairs and get another glass of wine?

Puckheads, how are you holding up without hockey?

yay I just got back from the gym!

I'm a hypocrite

How To Have Fun In GOP America...

DING!DING!DING! 7000 posts! Everyone with less can kiss my butt!

Arafat is dead.

I just read a book on hypnosis....

Who will win the Super Bowl this year?

cellphone overages - a rant!!!

Could someone please taunt Kleeb? I'm too tired.

Where were you four years ago?

Yet another *uncensored* DU AIM Chat

Political Blogger Mass Suicide

mmmm-kitkat-dark chocolate version

Ok, so you guys asked

Whatever happened to ScreamingLordByron?

Name change -- rezmutt has transformed...into KrazyKat.

Please look at this page...

Albums that you are HAPPY (even honored) that you still own?

DUers, please help with this ethical relationship/friendship dilemma:

Truth, or Dare?

Who changed their screen name?

Mrs Matcom Is Watching The Country Music Awards - Circus Midgets!!

The Chili Contest Judge's Notes

Which Republican Creepy Leader is your "best villain"

Schoolboy sues mom for not buying him a PC

So I've been a Democrat for 10 months now, and it's my 900th post...

Good Riddance Ashcroft Thread

Favorite and least favorite countries?

Man, I just saw a "The OC" promo that made me quiver in disgust

Greatest improvisational rock band?

Albums you are embarrassed to still own?

I am going to be interviewed on local TV

We have our Christian Right connection and Repuke connection to evoting

E Week Articles about E-Voting

Does This Mean That The Statue's Breasts Can Come Back Now?

How many times have you been called bitter?

Ballot and Voting Issues Arising in Battleground States

"Karzai: Afghanistan Has Beaten Terrorism"

Olbermann---a herd of cats could reprogram BBV machines

History Buffs: President replaced before he was sworn in???

For DUers who wanted a summary of links to my threads

How can the OH overvote be distilled into an undebunkable

Colin Powell in 2008?

We Need A "One Run Only" Rule

A pic of some BOOBS!

HISTORY, People HISTORY!! Remember FDR and reuse his "Frame"!


ABC Nightly News with

The Government is more afraid of them than us

The Nader/New Hampshire Recount is ON!!!

Okay, enough with the OBAMA '08 stuff!

Gov. Phil Bredesen should be given a look for VP in 2008`

We are going to need Richardson as VP in 08. Here is why:

Why are we still killing people in IRAQ?

OK so what do we /do/ about the fraud?

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Interesting German Election Results Breakdown

Fighting words for Dems from the Bull Moose

Turn your lights on in the daytime.

Have you read the ...

New Gallup Poll: Bush 54 Kerry 41 Nader 3 !!!!

The Way I See It, There Are 10 People In The Running For 2008

If you were going to write the DNC or Kerry Campaign

If 2008 is a Ham Sandwich versus Jeb Bush, who would win?

This song is hilarious!

Does ZOGBY Think There Was Fraud? Read This And You Decide

My Proposal: An Elections Integrity Act.

Thomas Jefferson Could Not Get Elected Today.....

STRONGEST candidate in 2008? (If all were running)

when you chop wood, you aim *past* the wood, not at it.

What will be the eventual fate of Karl Rove?

When will we ever learn? The battle is for the middle.

So sorry. I can't help you . It's all up to President Bush now.

"Iran Says It Can Mass-Produce Missiles"

SORRY WORLD! Great link!!!!!!!!

The Vote Fraud Thread Compendium has been updated

How To Survive A Serial Killer...

Falluja's defiance of a new empire

P.C. Roberts: An Election That Will Live In Infamy

Steve Bell cartoon on Falluja + Rumsfeld

NY Post: Marlboro Men Kick Butt in Fallujah

Gene Lyons

AlertNet: Die Now, Vote Later

New cartoon: Fascists In Fall Colours

On God and sex there is a moral divide between Britain and US

Maniuplating the Fauxlectorate

[PINR] Nov. 10, 2004: Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Revolutionary Movement

Eulogy for America

We Are All Dubya's Doormat (this pretty much says it all)

Words of Frederick Douglass, former slave

Marjorie Cohn (TruthOut): Aggressive War: Supreme International Crime

The Bell Tolls for Hemingway House (in Cuba)

The day the GOP became GOD

Two from

Scott Ritter: Squeezing jello in Iraq.

Kerry left volunteers in a lurch

Global Eye by Chris Floyd

Satan hides in a hospital - Asia Times

The Plaid Adder: Black Box

The Satanic Christians of the USA

We Are All Dubya's Doormat News flash for ordinary Repubs and born-agains:

Rall: Confessions of a Cultural Elitist

Santorum gets a free ride for his kids-- Welfare king?

Changes in Proj eVote: HELP US BUILD a Who's Who list of eVoting

Demonstration Wednesday In San Diego!!!

Do Your Car Loan Payments Support Repukes? Mine Do!

Start a petition to stop Alberto Gonzales...Help Wanted!!!!

Activism Links:

Check out my e-mail from the White House! Looky-looky!

Use NEIGHBOR SEARCH to find which local businesses gave $ to Bush

A Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the election

Did I miss this 1:00 news conference?

If Nader hold a press conf. and no one reports it....did it really happen

With ABCNote in TOTAL MEDIA WHORE MODE, try WaPo "Briefing"

Ed Shutlz

Let's Build a Network and Affiliates

Trade Deficit Down to $51.6B (expected $53 B), Exports Up

U.S. Dollar Drops to New All-Time Low (Euro up from 0.82 10/02 to 1.30)

A History of Greenspan's Interest Rates Moves Over the Past 13 Year

Deficit as a percent of GDP - good or bad?

Fed's Rate Hikes Expected to Continue This Week and Most of Next Year(to4%

Flying taxi could take off in five years

US Agrees To Talk With Other Arctic Council Nations - AFP

Forest Loss Through Slash & Burn Doubles In Brazil In 2003 Over 2000

UK North Sea Oil Officially In Decline - Evening Standard

Climatologist - Western Drought May Last For Years - SF Chronicle

Australia's Cities Facing Serious Water Crisis - BBC

Scientists Call For Monitoring Systems As Warming Swells Glacial Lakes

Former Energy Minister - Russian Oil Peak Likely Within 2 Years - Forbes

EPA Suspends Industry-Funded Study of Pesticides' Effects On Kids - WP

Shell Installs Hydrogen Pump At DC Gas Station - WP

Scientists in Las Vegas to consider recycling spent nuclear fuel

NRDC - Bush II Worst Environmental Admin. In 15 Years, Will Get Worse

Solar Storm - Update (the saga continues)

500 Iraqi government troops refused to fight . Rumsfeld

Bel Air and Haiti's Civil War

EU, India cement strategic ties

Is this a tank, is that a real gun, and can you tell from the uniforms...

need advice on a good trap-shooting piece

can anything be done to make donations of stars more equitable

further thoughts on GDII name -- no need to reply

Can we have more Hate mail please

I Just posted a news item

I'm curious why a certain website that mocks the South

I alerted on this and nothing happened.

Email address ( spam?) with DU in the address

Speaking of stars...I donated for someone last night via credit card.

Need some public face to the world

The Israeli Refuseniks

Is Everything Arafat's Fault?

Requests come in for funeral attendance

Judge: Islamic Charities Liable in Death

Dissent and anti-semitism: Intimidation at Columbia University

9/11 movement in Colorado presents Barrie Zwicker

I bet the jet that was shot down on 9-11 was headed to WTC Bldg. #7...

PDB 8/6/01: be surprised!

We MUST STOP Gonzales for AG. Here is your Illinois contact info.

hallelujah - the evangelical voting procedure

attention Colorado....meeting to expose the fraud

An I-Team 8 VOTE 2004 BBV Investigation - Lets Ask For A Follow up....

Provisional ballots for Kerry will not be counted in Ohio

BUSH ELECTOR on Election Board Warren County, OH (h.l. security lock)

Cuyahoga BOE excuse is bull...

What about Edwards? With Kerry's concession,could he top ticket?

Public Meetings Scheduled in Columbus this weekend

Counterspin -- Election issues and debate device

Any mathematician/statistician out there who believes we have

Just Received "No Stolen Elections!"


He loves us......He loves us not.....He loves us.....He loves us not.... is down!

Cuyahoga county

Election machines rigged... or not?

"No Stolen Elections" meetings check your city on

Election machines rigged... or not? (David Shuster)


AJC: Election Conspiracy Theories Persist

I Predict: There Will Be No Unconcession, But There Will Be PROSECUTIONS

New Hampshire Recount Press Conference Today (YEAH, NADER)

New York times article from October (I think)

What was the 18 sequence that has appeared for Dems that have lost?

Does Kerry Want Us To Fight For Him?


Happy Day! Ashcroft is gone! Whooo hoooo!

While I'm still not giving up on this election , now is the time

Internet buzz on vote fraud is dismissed (Boston Globe 11/10)

Boycott Berenstain Bears authors!

Ignore voting conspiracies and move on

Did Clinton voters vote Kerry...???

does anyone have a link to a site that compares how the pollsters did....

Some very cool post-election maps based on population

Votergate == no Bush mandate.

"re-scan all ballots"/"Diebold"-OHIO- Chairman vows to meet .. deadline

Is it too early to be talking about 2008 ?

Are there sides? I don't know anymore.

Kerry is a Selfish Fool. Recounts Need to be Done for Democracy

Very interesting Zogby questions on recent survey

Need Input from poll workers/foot soldiers

1860 vs 2004 Election

I'd like that link to the lower IQ's in the Red States

Petition for the media to be fair and balanced DU this petition

"Why do you oppose a fair election?" A meme.

Boston Globe Story On Vote Fraud

We can't let them get away with this shit

Some real election/voter maps

Thank you very much everybody, this is what I compiled (long):

I'm Discouraged

A reminder " What Really Happened" voting "irregularities"

don't forget Nader press conference at 1:00 today!

Keith Olbermann Wants to Hear from DEms

Does this county look suspicious to you?

"What Really Happened" - a reminder of the voting "irregularities"


GOP Wants to End Exit Polls

Buzzflash Agrees Exit Polls Correct Till 2000......

We Don't Need Paper to Prove Fraud (Editorial from co founder of Air Am.)

Contact list to thank Conyers, etc., for letter re: investigating e-voting

Kerry and the DNC should support voter confidence efforts

How does Salon know this was a fair election?

The Tampa Vote - Dispatches from the Gound (eyewitness account)

Jeff Fisher's charges about Florida

Doubters, let's help the election fraud movement catch on

remember this?

Zogby Post Election Poll - Participate Now (11-04-04)

Drudge quietly covering Election Fraud....hmmm.


ZOBGY (an important statement by the most respected polling group)

Was Lockdown in Ohio.......

Are the 1996 election results for Florida or Ohio by district/precinct

Exit Poll : Last Polled: 1:13 PM

Something different....

Please sign this petition to Congress...

If the votes were rigged, * knew about it ahead of time

Ohio Public Hearings on Election Fraud, Disenfranchisement, Intimidation

CNN: Cospiracy Theories about the election. Coming up

Impeach Bush sign the petition, 460,000 and counting

Randi quoting TruthIsAll

How is the voting count removed from the electronic voting machine? -- is up! Go Give Money!

One of our reps or senators could prove himself by taking the lead here

OH Recount Provisions: 5 Voters vs. Losing Candidate

Act For Change/Working Assets petition re: Vote investigation

Maybe if we called it "machine malfunction" instead of "fraud"

Act for Change election petition

Vote to be audited in Indiana county

has anyone seen Leahy's statement on Gonzalez?

Greg Pallast Was Just On Sean Hannity's Radio Show

Who needs Florida Returns that were posted 11/3/04?

If there IS a recount (anywhere)...

MSNBC countdown videos on my site

Letter from Cameron Kerry

Center for American Progress (New Dem Think Tank) Cites Voter Problems

Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies

So, How Was The Nader Press Conference (With Bev, Right?)

Olbermann...more election fraud coverage tonight (wed 11/10)

Florida and Ohio: The odds Bush would win BOTH was 1 out of 667.

How to best frame our arguments for investigating voting irregularities.

Is John Kerry OFFICIALLY a wimp?

I say push for voter fraud, but concede to the election

Letter # 2 asking GAO to Investigate Election Problems (Conyers/Wexler

Help America Recount Fund - new 527 group set up for recount funding

EMAIL ADDRESSES: House of Rep, Senate & 3,300 US Newspaper

If Kerry Rolled Over in 2004, will he get your vote in 2008?

nonscientific evidence


Rob Georgia Patch

"Donations for the Recount" Fundraising Kit > > >

A TIMELINE OF ELECTION EVENTS w/links. 11/2 thru today. Please add, link,

Reply from Ohio Democratic Party on vote problems, etc...

This shows Kerry won Cuyahoga Co., Ohio

A Must Read ** Breakthrough ** – EXIT POLL ANALYSIS FOR 47 STATES

Can Kerry's lawyers legally get ahold of

Blue states carry U.S. economy, if not its vote

One of the Kerry delegates in FL. is involved w/ this.....

Can someone post FL Election Results by County?

Bev from BBV on AAR calling for donations to

remember "18,181" in Texas 02 3 Repukes in one county won with exactly

Olbermann: Fraud Charges Persist; Kerry Pulled Rug Out from Recount

Bush moving quickly to forestall any election turnaround

I just spoke to a Florida official who said Kerry's Florida attorneys are

Judy Woodruff covering 'conspiracy theories' on IP

A message or three of hope

Is there a way for the code to be checked in the voting

Voting Files Manually Edited - Finding Proof

Does Kerry have lawyers?

For Kerry, it's this time or never when it comes to the presidency

I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of CNN . . . .

Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies in Florida

Where are the videos and problems on Votergate links? Need them

Why are the polls open for only ONE DAY??


How much Collusion Occurred in Election Fraud?

MEDIA TRUSTWORTHYNESS: Who Do You Trust On Vote Fraud 2004?

Some ES&S info. There seems to be many problems with them.

For People Who Voted for Kerry after"Your Guy" Dropped Out Of The Primarie

Dennis Kucinich speaks out re: OH vote


If there is evidence of tampering uncovered, how will we pin it on Bush?

You know after we prove Fla and Ohio were rigged

'Breaking' (not really new - article title) - Diebold Source Code

Is there ONE instance in which Kerry benefitted from odd totals?

Green Party to ask for a recount in Ohio tomorrow --

Who is aking if Kerry was a shill for the Bush Administration?

What You Need to Know About Ohio (Prov. ballots)

Kerry presidency question

The 2004 Rigged Bush election has already made it into an Encyclopedia!

Warren County OH officials that locked down Vote counting are REPUBLICANS

Kerry has NOT given up people....

Is it time to take over the Democratic Party?

any media coverage in other countries of voting irregularities??

250 million to one!

Vote machine problems discovered in NY recount

The entire vote accuracy/fraud issue depends on the NH recount

There is nothing wrong with our message; we do not need to move

Pursuing the voting irregularities is CRITICAL

Remember this thread? Zogby called it for Kerry!

Disgruntled DIEBOLD employees on - Deep Throat?

DUers: We Know it was Stolen...

$100,000 Reward for Vote Fraud Evidence

Mathematical Proof that TV Network Exit Polling data is FRAUDULENT

Here's the dead giveaway of the election fraud


Wary Blacks Voted No to More Police

Big Dig found full of leaks **Bechtel** due to poor construction

If you own a Golden Retriever in MA, keep it indoors when you're away

Why are children isn't learning

Forum: After the 2004 Election ... What Do We Do Now?

Warren County defends Election Night Lockdown decision

Ohio: what is the legal turnaround for FOIA requests?

Sit in at Ohio Statehouse to protest election fraud this Sat

Franklin County red and blue precincts

Hamilton County Democrats

War protest City of York Friday afternoon..sign suggestions?

2004 will go down as the year of the Great Leap Forward for the Democrats

Question for Texas DUers re: Jesus Day in Texas?

A plea from Randi Rhodes to Jim Sensenbrenner...

Call Cantwell and Murray re the Gonzalez appointment

Damn!! Rossi in the lead for Gov. What's the scoop on Rossi?

Kerry: "I will FIGHT FOR YOU!"

Bush AG Nominee Alberto Gonzales - The "Cliff Notes" of his Life/Career

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick of

Contraception in the Crosshairs, Paying off the Religious Right

We talk about supporting Co's that support the Dems! Check this out.

Hey! I'm a liberal and I go to church. So there.

Liberal Christians Challenge 'Values Vote'

Anyone have a link to the Countdown transcript ?

Randi is STILL a recording? I could swear I've heard this

New meme: "More evidence for Vote Fraud than WMD"?

Anyone have a link to video of tonight's olbermann?

Some google bombs should be made.

All the Votes will be Counted -- Another Kerry Flip Flop

Why isn't Robert Novak in jail? : NYT: Our Not-So-Free Press

The cities are blue. Let's make our cities a beacon

Barrie Zwicker to speak in Colorado........

The Draft

If you missed it, Alan Simpsons blowin' a nut again on Bill Maher.

American Fascism

Bernie Ward reading Salon article where DU is mentioned

OMFG, the name of the corporation that tossed 4500+ NC votes is UniLect!

Mark Crispin Miller streaming live with Mike Webb now (1:19am EST)

Mike Webb will have Mark Crispin Miller on in a few minutes at

This is terrible!!!

I'd rather be on the losing side every time than compromise with these ...

Prayer "microevolves" antibiotic resistance. OMG.

Al From of the DLC on CSpan now...repeating depressing stuff...

If I could make a suggestion :

In five word or less describe the Bush administration's

i can't stand the u s attach on falluja!

Welcome Back To Hell..... the Bush Regime In A Nutshell...

Former MIT mathematics professor analyzes exit polls versus reported vote

Why is it so hard to say, "Fascist?"

Seizure of Fallujah hospital

Is this really what you want Mr. Kerry?

Feel like DU is being infiltrated tonight or what?

Remember: "W" is for Women

Introduction form me to you......

CNN is reporting three members of Iraqi PM Allawi kidnapped.

Anyone else thinking of moving?

I feel a little more hopeful tonight for an honest election outcome

Manuel Valenzuela gets it so right in this article ...

Kerry Vows to Press on with Agenda in Senate

Remember the Iraq Oil pipeline explosion on election night??

Iraq pipeline explosions

Journalism Professor responds to my email

HELP ! I posted about a "No Stolen Election" meeting in K.C.

Rail safety hindered by favoritism?

Neo-cons are getting scary, not stupid on gay issue

Let's say fraud is proven. Bush still wins.

Bernied Ward just read a email

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Ponders '08 Presidential Run

Randi Rhoades is killing me!!! Religious music in the background,

Inspiring Quote

Was the Fallujah Attack supposed to cover for the election fraud?

I have to tell you that the GOP has the religion issue cornered.

"The Million Grandma March" on Washington D.C......a dream...

Guardian;Falluja's defiance of a new empire

Hundreds of American voters use new website to apologize to the world

Ashcroft, the Absolutist Enforcer

This is the best song I have heard in years!

How many americans were killed yesturday in iraq?

Hey DUers! Did anyone see these "I'm sorry" pics on Mike Moore's site?

W's favorite pull my finger joke

The 'Christian Nation' Bombs Again

Senor Double Agent? Making end runs around Bremer?

"Insurgents probably fled Fallujah"

I've got a question re: Ashcroft's resignation . . .

Let's Reject The "Centrist" Positioning - The Clinton Model Is Dead

Wanna send a message? New Jersey.

politicians are not like us

must read re: taking back our country

Dear Freepers And Others Of Your Ilk,

Caller on C-Span's Washington journal talked about e-voting fraud!

9/11 whistleblower Indira Singh on the election

Those Damned Liberal Activist Judges...

What the hey is with the bracelet idea?

So, did John Kerry fall into Cheney's hole or something? Where

Sign of the times...

NPR Just Had Conservative Payback Wants List

Why Anti War Graphics can not be displayed here reliably

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon;Rumsfeld & Falluja

I bet the jet that was shot down on 9-11 was headed to WTC Bldg. #7...


Think Globally, Act Locally?

Vote Dead in Ohio...

Another Stolen Election....rabinowitz

No Senate democrat should be minority leader, from a red state.


On Your Mark, Get Set...


We must DESTROY Fallujah to SAVE it.

Real Conservative Values - MyDD

The Bush deficit and sovereignty

Stop Giving the Right Wing Ideas & Talking Points!

MLK, Bill Clinton, Abe Lincoln

well, 70 percent of Fallujah is now 'liberated'.

Women Wrongly Warned that Abortion, Cancer Tied

My new slogan for Conservatives.

Bev Harris is on AAR......NOW! $10/precinct n/t

Farewell, John.

Jerry Falwell is "resurrecting" the *Moral Majority*

If you DON'T want a terrifying thought...DON'T LOOK HERE!

Did gov. deploy tanks to L.A. antiwar rally as reported here?...

indulge me.... what 's is the worst thing that could happen to them...

More bible based intimidation: Women wrongly warned cancer, abortion tied

I figured out why so many states are Red!

This so called "mandate", gives Zell Miller the voice?

Zell Miller for Sec of State (No, this is not a joke, I'm serious!)

the revolutionary party

I'm so blue in Alabama

America is a...

ELECTION SCENARIO: Who would you vote for?

JMM: Poking around the Red/Blue divide

Has anyone thought of emailing CBS/60Minutes about voter fraud?

I think the entire vote accuracy/fraud issue depends on the NH recount

Mark Warner for President?

Ted Rall: Confessions of a Cultural Elitist

BREAKING!: CNN awaiting news conference with 56YO who had twins!

More Election Fraud Websites

A Must Read ** Breakthrough ** – EXIT POLL ANALYSIS FOR 47 STATES

GMA Parties-on While Fallujah Burns

Help-need link to Rumsfeld remarks on Fallujah

The "W" and fascism.

Some Say U.S. No Longer Feels Like Home

Ashcroft: why so soon?

A message from Dr. Dean

I have some questions about the Marriage Amendments


Turn on Democracy Now

Does Johnny Ashcroft like being called a "Fierce Conservative"?

If Rudy G were GOP nominee in '08 a southern ticket would be best

Morford still rocking in what's left of the free world!

Why didn't his Saudi brethren help Bush with oil prices ??

MORE bad news for American Workers - Labor Movement teetering

Cynthia McKinney writes a letter to Narco News

Arlen Spector cannot COEXIST with george bush

Breaking: Alberto Gonzalez (sp?) to replace Asscrack

Are taxes higher in the US than in Canada?!

Plaid Adder alert

Oh lookee! this may be the replacement for Don Evans

Zell Miller for Sec of State (No, not kidding, I'm dead serious!)

How Ya'll feeling in song?

Oliver North talks about the Supreme Court

Quite possibly the funniest LTTE ever.

Daily Roboto - Unlicensed jounalists =2 years prison, Bonesman pisses on

Bush revives bid to legalize illegal aliens

what can yuo do

Do you think the Republicans will try to change the filibuster rule?

At least Gore tried for the recounts, where is the Kerry group?

"Pacified" Fallujah? PACIFIED ??? More twisted language...

Does anyone know which C-Span may broadcast Nader and Bev News-

Scottie and Me (Russell Mokhiber is back!) inre: Iraqi casualties

If the Dem Leadership doesn't care, why should I?

democratic moral values: do unto others as you would have them do unto you

a DU slideshow to educate fundies

Hitler said..... (no, really)

I don't know how many times I have to say this but I'll keep saying it

Boston Globe: Voter Fraud Piece (Please Share Facts w/Him)

They FORGOT Poland AGAIN!!!

Democracy for America is the real Democratic Party

We cannot even buy them healthcare!

Tennessee Man Arrested on Chemical Weapons Charges

Who can realistically run for office?

The Bush administration has lost control of the conversation

what if the voting results are so unreliable

Another Gloomy Day in the Bush Economy....

BEV will be with Nader at 1pm new conference!!

close borders for draft dodgers (a Bartcop story - no escape)

Did AAR discuss the tanks at the demo in LA yesterday?

Marines mark "kill number" on their hands before fighting

Felber concedes! Felber concedes!

Morality Schmorality, Let's hear it for the IMMORAL Hoards.....!

The Fraudulent Election Has Undermined Sovereignty Of The US Government

My answer to freeper e-mail....

Once and for all: Did Ohio use Diebold or not???

NH agrees to recount if Nader sends check for $2,000 according to WP

These people are really bad at election fraud...

For secession fans: A modest proposal (no baby-eating involved).

Red States Make Docs Advise Women Wrongly that Cancer, Abortion Are Linked


Would Bush dare put Ashcroft on the SCOTUS with an Recess Appointment...

Looking for quote RE: Citizens have the right to fix a broken government .........about W's next AG nominee Gonzales and.......HALLIBURTON

Help me brainstorm easy ways to fight the Republicans

Bush DRINKS ! to Falluja VICTORY

Is Bill Frist still pro-choice?


This article from The Onion hits the nail right on the head...

New Car Window Sign - Kerry stickers staying....

Check out some of these books from Amazon. SCARY.

In this thread, we name things that Iraq has been liberated from.

Gonzales is new AG

Uber Redneck Zell Miller defends ass-backwardness by criticizing Mo Dowd

"Honesty trumps pandering. Freedom displaces fear..."

"God designed women for homemaking: physics shows that women have a lower"

Republican dictionary compiled by -- Katrina vanden Heuvel

A little perspective on that red and blue stuff.

Bush Wants Line Item Veto

Right-wing thugs revel in Bush's Victory (Haiti)

In Fallujah, U.S. Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances

Remember DemocRATs?

Fraud or not, this is not about Kerry this is about the integrity

"...I will slit that man's throat."

a small amount of good news...THIS man is no longer in the senate!

Ghosts of the Puritans envelop America...

Ok Did Nader ask for the recount I don't see it on TV???

Clinton to Democrats: Discuss Convictions

Churchill Co., Nev. voted for smirk and legal prostitutes

Christian Right warns * that ManDate sounds too gay

Oh boy, this is rich.

Will bush grant parade permits

Wow! Letter from a conservative on Al Franken show now!

What is the best internet source for news out of Iraq?

If you live in a Red State

Freeps turning on Bush? (Border Patrol story).

For your Michael Moore doubters out there - a rebuttal

You know, if you change the names, you can't tell the good guys

Gonzales helped bypass the Geneva Convention for Bush

silly secessionists: what would your map look like?

One week later...How's everyone holding up?

Has anyone noticed that the page with the tank isn't up anymore?

In five words or less, describe the utter stupidity of "IFWOL" challenges.

Happy Birthday Marines

Breaking news. Mission accomplished. Iraqi flag raised in Fallujah!

Zogby: Votergate 2004

Let us assist with maintaining the sanctity of marriage

Dan Froomkin talked about voter fraud in his WaPo column today

Get Your War On

The Ad Counsel should be disbanded.

Is it Bush and Cheney... or

Voting glitches are not OK either!!

How many people think Zarqawi is a phantom?

Who would you like to see run in 2008?

Where is the damn TANK VIDEO?

Allawi's family kidnapped.

RNC changes it's logo from an Elephant to a....


Now is the time to inundate CNN Voter Fraud

WAPO replaces ABCNote for political News, -as ABC goes to MEDIAWHORE mode

Odd numbers from Cuyahoga County, OH

How much is the mainstream media bribing the Scott Peterson Judge?

You're not gonna like this,

Randi off today?

Doesn't Gonzales have a long history of "fixing" Bush's legal problems?

The 14 Characteristics of Fascism - by Lawrence Britt

20th vs. 21st Century America

Anyone hear about that B.C. (Canadian) Lawyer giving emigration seminars?

We Are All Dubya's Doormat

My God! I dont think anyone has used the "H" word all day...

Does anyone here know how to make flash animations

Your "Donations for the Recount" Fundraising Kit

My husbands LTTE

Say "thank-you!" to BBV, hedda_foil, IdaBriggs, TIA, etc. right here!

whats the point of voting anymore when its just all rigged anyway?

Who should be the Party Chair (Any Clintonians out there?)

The Underrepresented Majority...

What's this? What's this I hear???

Another Neal Boortz rant

ANYBODY her know or been in contact with George Soros.?

My official White House Portrait

Sirius question-if you have it, how do you like it? What type of

FLASH: T.A. lowers from Orange to Yellow.

BBV - Rio Arribo NM is a mess

Why Don't We All Drive Minis in Protest

COLORADO NUMBERS -- Do They Make Sense?

Bush awards a Purple Heart....with a catch

Gonzales - yet another "closeted conservative"?

Thank God Donna Brazille doesn't WANT DNC chair...on CNN

Who thinks Harry Reid would be a disasterous choice for min leader?

A Hearty THANKS to all the Freepers who have inured us to astroturf...

Post-Election Shrub-Bashing Music...please assist

Hey - Here's a thought - Are there any young lions here

We Aren't Thinking Big Enough!

Will Democrats rubber-stamp new Attorney General?

Letter to the President

Interesting Transcript from Lynne Cheney Interview on Faux

I am afraid what we may be facing is a serious Cult mentality

When Bush uses the term "Reform," you're about to get fucked.

I know why Bu$h Got Rid of Ashcroft

bev harris on AAR

I want to investigate divorce rates in MA before and after gay marriage...


You realize the Catholic stance against certain candidates isn't new!

Could progressives do something like Christian Brotherhood Newsletter?

George Bush has divided this nation just where he wants it....

Cat Stevens needed to be deported because HE was a Danger to *

A Note On The Presidential Election in Ohio BY Kucinich

Is Randi on live yet?

The Freerepublic website is utter crap

I think Dems need to use the word "values" constantly.

I released Bush the video game and Bush Whisky today

Randi is still a recording?

have question re juries

Time to Keep a Log of All People that Support Us on Election Fraud Issue

let's call him Enron Al


Bush unveils his new business initiative

you are DREAMING if you think we can another ELECTION without dealing with


Help me with a new ANTI-BUSH button? Need ideas for graphic

Is there an easy way to have your bank account switched to Euros?

If you can webcast to Wisconsin Public Radio, Ralph Nader is going to be o

The US can win ANY war!!!!

How many of you know about the Powell Manifesto?

Jesus was a liberal. Osama bin Laden is a conservative.

W's advice on picking an attorney general

Salon: Election Was NOT Stolen

Boss Arrested After Employees Report Spankings

Things crossing my mind about this election.

"A Marine walks past a dead guerrilla fighter."

So I've been catching up on the Rapture and I'm totally convinced.

British troops make Girls Gone Wild video in Iraq

We have a eye witness of tanks in L.A.

Dispirited U.S. Gays Choosing Canada

What do we HAVE to buy from the GOP?

Bush intends to replace the Democratic ideal with something else

Behold the Gipper

Gonzales Atty Gen?!?!?! I can't believe this.

Anyone know if Reagan's grave/urinal is open to the public yet?

This is for the Freepers luking:

Alberto "Torture is Okay" Gonzalez ? THAT Alberto Gonzalez?!!

The proof of an honest/stolen election sits in the optical scan ballots...

Where does Alberto Gonzales stand on social issues?

Reports from the BBC from Fallujah are


In five words or less, describe the DEMOCRATIC position on Yaks.

TORNADO on ground in NE part of Oklahoma City moving NE

One of the Warren County OH Board Members is also a bush elector.

Was McGreevy premature in resigning?

Several presidents stand as great destroyers: By 2008, will Bush be one?

Bush Backers Supporting Terror Sponsor

Will the KKK be more emboldened now, with all this talk about

Bush is Starting to Look Like Jerry Falwell

Good old down home southern christan morals alive and well in Tenneessee.

DU this poll

Please consider this petition. The struggle continues.

Question for John Kerry

Controversial Milwaukee radio host off the air Monday

What's the Buddhist position on abortion?

Why does our country just shrug when there are voting glitches

We don't need a "paper trail" on an electronic voting machine.

In five words or less, describe the Democratic position on gays

The New AG

National Human Rights Day

In 5 words or less... describe Everything.

Shouldn't Gonzalez' Nomination Unleash the Abu Torture Video?

Okla Tornado update: now near Kendrick heading for Shamrock

Heads Up: Leahy and Specter On The Newshour re Gonzalez

Council: Citizens shouldn't watch CBS news (resolution passed 9 to1)

Council: Citizens shouldn't watch CBS news (resolution passed 9 to1)

Even if you move to Canada, keep voting in U.S. elections!!!!

About the Iraq election.......

MEDIA POLL - Who Do You Trust, Rhodes vs Jennings vs Olberman vs Bev

Framing the "Voter Irregularity" issue. *cough*

TNR to Kerry : We implore You. No. Please. Stop.

The * administration is moving quick, and I do not think we have much time

How the Religious Right Sees Bush, How the Bushies See the RRs

can someone tell me the story on freepers???

Maureen Dowd challenges Zell Miller to a duel

The onion hit this one out of the park

Face It, People... We Lost, Fair & Square.

For those still doing cnn polls

We need to destroy the two most popular Republicans in America -any ideas?

I just found a great site for letters to the editor.

Connections between BBV and Fundies?

A Thought On Nader...

It's The Goddamned Rightwing, Fundie Motherfuckers Who Started This

Council: Citizens shouldn't watch CBS news (resolution passed 9 to1)

Olbermann blog: NC a mess

Idea to take back our country: Democratic Underground local salons?

interesting post here about Diebold source code

Chomsky Chimes In...

Just on Air America Radio news: Election over, threat level reduced.

How many DUers consider themselves "religious voters?"

Where the F*** is the DNC???

Deeply Powerful Pic from

Is this what the US Military is not reporting

Ashcroft: "Terror threat reduced"...Gonzalez just after: "Administration

A modest proposal: forget about Bush!

Atlanta Journal Constitution reader feedback to Regina Gulick

Bob Shrum comments on speculation of voting problems in The Hill

Did BFEE deploy tanks at L.A. anti war protest as reported here?

Populism is our future

Funny thing... Nixon and Kennedy Said:

Meet the new boss at Justice (Alberto Gonzalez)- Same as the old boss

Santorum sucking at public trough. $38K/yr from PA school district.

So, What About Those Tanks In L.A.?

What is a man? What is a woman? Gay marriage amendments

Dem governor now behind in tedious WA vote count

What do you think of Mary Landrieu's chances for president?

How do you think this election would have gone if Howard Dean was up ..

Are Recounts the best legal route? Why not initiating cases of Fraud?

You guys and girls will never beat their agenda.

Does anybody have a link to the Katherine Parker column?

9 Statistical Cases indicate E Voting named wrong Pres winner in 2004

How to build a liberal radio empire...let's do it.

And the DLC comes storming back......

Suppose we could get anti-divorce amendments on the ballots


Sodomy Is NOT A Civil Right

Why the Religious Right cannot get the concept that

"Iraqalypse Now" White House Protest Vigil NOON THURSDAY

Re-framing the debate: What Conservatism is and What is Wrong w/ it?

Stop talking about abortion!

Question: Has anyone here actually READ Lakoff...?

Are we as a society in the decline?

Best minority leader for House

Must see: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah

*** Post your Anti-War graphics in the thread! ***

Third Party? "The People's Democratic Party"?

This left vs right battle is idiotic and unnecessary. We need secession.

In five words or less, describe the DEMOCRATIC position on God.

Win or Lose, Kerry Voters Are Smarter Than Bush Voters

55 Million People Have No Voice on AM Radio!

Would you support JK in a second presidential run?

There should be ribbons for cars that say "Save Our Democracy"

Any update on the Bracelets for the Democrats

Oh Boy I Am Not Insane My Ex Piled This Shit On Me And I Wept For Years

BBC: The Power Of Nightmares

Judge this brilliant idea

Orwell's 1984: Did anyone READ it?

Why are so many here compelled to blame the troops rather than the leaders

Tanks in the streets at LA antiwar protest

I'm SO MAD at these anti-Kerry posts.

Fallujah Is Prelude To War In Iran


*'s Election Day mtg w Ken Blackwell in Columbus: What was the agenda?

WOW! Dan Rather! What was that????

Did you vote for Kerry because you liked him, or because he wasn't Bush?

Red staters: Do you see signs of joy and relief in your neighbors?

God Has Granted America a Reprieve! Says Rev. BOB JONES, III

Best minority leader for Senate

The Troops.

This will get you fired up. Bigtime.

I'm writing a book and need to share.

BBV: Citizens to initiate recount of Ohio

In five words or less, explain the Demcratic position on guns

Its Up! -- Go Give Money!

I am so pissed at the DLC - they all must go!!

Start a petition to Congress to Stop Alberto Gonzales...Help wanted!!!

Favorite Liberal Website? (other than DU)

NATO - Role Expansion

Thought I'd put this in for Remembrance day - as Newfoundland

Any of you fine Canadians in the financial printing line?

Scotland bans smoking in enclosed public areas

Airlines Agree to Drinking Water Tests

Reuters AlertNet: Blasts heard in central Baghdad, cause unclear

Breakthrough in Darfur peace talks

CNN Breaking: Allawi's relatives kidnapped in Baghdad

WMDs Sleuth Duelfer Narrowly Misses Being Killed in Iraq Suicide Car Bomb

US Takes Oregon Assisted-Suicide Law to High Court

White House asks high court to block suicide law

Iraq PM's relatives kidnapped, adviser says

Falluja Battles Rage, Allawi Relatives Seized

Sudanese forces raid camp

Police Hurt in Dutch Terror Raid (airspace closed)

Fighting will continue; the only question is where

Pictures Differ in Battle for Fallujah (US vs Iraqi spin)

Former U.S. Rep. Frank W. Ballance pleads guilty to fraud in N.C.

Police say man mailed fake bomb - with his return address

Former legislative candidate arrested after standoff

Bush 'set to ignore rift with Europe a bit longer'

Top Islamic Cleric at Arafat's Bedside

Mandelson faces questioning over 'link' to coup plot

Taiwan Asks China to Ban Use of WMD

WSJ: Bush Policy: Talk a Strong Dollar But Let It Slide

Leader's wife hit by PLO slur campaign

France, U.N. Launch Ivory Coast Evacuation

Ohio's Warren County Lockdown Update

Cleve. PD.....Cuyahoga Board Deflates Vote Suspicions

Bush Wants Line-Item Veto to Be Revived

Gov. Jeb Bush Not Eyeing Presidential Run

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier in Iraq

Allawi relatives kidnapped.

Clashes erupt in northern Iraqi city of Mosul

Clashes Break Out in Center of Ramadi

Red Cross says Falluja refugee situation dire

WP - Dems Gain Foothold in Texas

Help-need link to Rumsfeld remarks on Fallujah

CNN.Com (Puke): Asscrack's replacement Likely Named Today

WAPO: Losing by 335,000 in N.H., Nader Demands a Recount

Freedom is sought for ailing Kevorkian

Iraqi rebels kill Turkish driver - police ( Baiji)

The Bell Tolls for Hemingway House (in Cuba)

Chairman vows to meet count deadline

Curfew declared in northern Iraqi city: local government ( Mosul)

French Citizens Flee Chaos in Ivory Coast

Bush Taps Alberto Gonzalez For AG

Mulroney urges Bush to repair relations


Masked gunmen on streets of western Baghdad

U.S. Humvee hit by sniper crashes in Baghdad

(Energy Sec) Abraham expects Senate to approve ANWR oil exploration

For some, the fat lady hasn't sung yet (on voting/election)

Blast in eastern Baghdad kills seven -police

Scientists in Las Vegas to consider recycling spent nuclear fuel

Native American fund may be reformed

Mystery Sub Spotted in Japanese Waters

Lott says he’ll seek a fourth term in 2006

Rossi takes over lead in Wash. gov. race

BBC Breaking - 3 members of Allawi's family kidnapped.


C&A reports a larger loss, cuts 880 jobs

SRJC teacher found dead

Fed Hikes Federal Funds Rate to 2.00%

Eyewitness: Defiance amid carnage

Bush revives bid to legalize illegal aliens

Group Seeks Union Election Spending Probe

Prairie Dog Won't Get Federal Protection

Two Michigan State receivers arrested on bomb-making charges

Arctic Thaw May Open Ship Lanes, But Risks High

Duchess's garden of cannabis, cocaine and opium

U.S. to lower finance terror alert status

(Williamstown, WV) Walker layoffs to begin (150 jobs to MEXICO)

Some states hand women abortion-risk warnings

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 10 November

Board of Elections suspends ballot audit (Charlotte)

Boston Highway Project Said Full of Leaks

Mosques bombed as fighting rages in Falluja

Iraq Troops Find 'Hostage Slaughterhouses'

Losing by 335,000 in N.H., Nader Demands a Recount (GRANTED)

Nader holds press conference today at 1 pm (11-10-04)

Columbus (OH) Democrat accused of ripping off taxpayers

U.S. Newswire: CREW Files Complaint Against Department of Justice

Congresswoman claims she tipped FBI to mosque plot

Man Shot After Taking a Hostage at Consulate

CNN OFFICIAL- Bush Selects Alberto Gonzalez as AG

N.Y.’s Irish tide is flowing home

Dole May Lead GOP Senate Campaign Panel

Gunmen seize members of Allawi's family

Delta to eliminate up to 6,900 jobs


Russia, U.S. Disarmament Said to Slow Down

Falluja a humanitarian crisis, aid workers say

NYC judge lets defendant go free despite government terror allegations

Voter fraud uncovered in New Mexico (Washington Times propaganda)

Mystery Sub Spotted in Japanese Waters

Internet buzz on vote fraud is dismissed(Boston Globe/ABCNote says silly!)

DUTY, HONOR, BETRAYAL: How U.S. turned its back on poisoned WWII vets

F.C.C. Takes on Oversight of Internet Phone Services (MAJOR Alert)

Supreme Court hears case on drug-sniffing dogs' role in searches

Major Troop Increase in Iraq Not Needed, bush Says

Officials in Gaston County, NC "forgot" to count 11,000 votes

U.S. ambassador intervened in Halliburton contract, documents say

Iraq war little problem for Al Qaeda, experts say

Sarasota (FL) third-grader charged with sex crime

Presidential dog named for liberal character (From Anti-McCarthy Book)

Nader has till Friday to pay $2,000 filing fee to launch N.H. recount

Cleveland Plain Dealer glossing over voter fraud

One Soldier Killed, One Injured in IED Attack # 1144

High School Attack: Kerry Taunts Tied To Fight

Mount Rainier Shakes With Biggest Quake In 30 Years

Conservative Groups Denounce 'Kinsey' Film (Compares Kinsey to Mengele)

Martha Stewart Wants Aid (from her company!) with Legal Bills

Gonzalez To Be Named To Attorney General Post

U.S. Newswire: Group Pushes Extinction of 'School-by-Government'

(Tennessee) Governor Begins Dissolving TennCare

U.S. Forces Hold 70% of Fallujah

Clinton to Democrats: Discuss Convictions

Falluja rebels say hold 20 Iraqi national guards

Iraqi government to offer amnesty to surrendering Fallujah insurgents

National Corporate Radio is discussing the vote discrepancy

Tennessee to End Expanded Medicaid Program

Odds heavily against US counter-attack succeeding

California settles electronic voting lawsuit against Diebold

"Australians to make suicide pill " You thinkin what I'm thinkin?

Warren Co. (Ohio) defends lockdown decision (on Nov. 2)

Fed Expected to Boost Interest Rates

With 'Scramjet,' NASA Shoots for Mach 10

Threat Level to be Lowered

Dollar slips to all-time low against euro

Reverend Jerry Falwell Planning an 'Evangelical Revolution'

US faces criticism in British government human rights report

Glitch Could Force State to Vote Again (North Carolina)

Iraq Troops Find 'Hostage Slaughterhouses'

Judge Removes Foreman From Peterson Jury

MSNBC TV reports US Troops just blew up Mosque in Fallujah

Former US Atty General Says "Impeach Bush"

Validation of provisional ballots in Ohio is tedious process

Washington sets aside 90 million dollars to rebuild Fallujah

Cat Stevens Gets Peace Award in Rome

Omaha 6 News: Countinghouse Blues: Too Many Votes

Zapatero's Call to Bush Goes Unanswered

Bush Moves to Privatize Social Security "Hackers rigging voting machines a real possibility"

Should I change my username?

Woman Selling $250 Million Divorce Judgment

Arafat condition worsens

Should I apply for citizenship?

What music are you listening to?

anybody else like

5 Year Old Wins Nobel Peace Prize

My Economics Professor apologized for debating me on Kerry vs Bush

Bush supporter has tiny, tiny Penis

Anybody who changed their name and keep looking

How many songs' lyrics can you screw up?

Do you ever get weird IMs from friends of one time friends

So Ann Coulter, satan incarnate, is coming to my college...

I'm thinking the poor should feed their babies to the rich.

Well, looks as though I may be living under a repub soon...

RW Fundies are gonna make my head explode!!!

Post-election blues: Feeling any better?

You want it. You know you do. CAT THREAD!!

Arafat is in a state between life and death...

Let the eagles soooaaarrrrr....

Introduction....hope this is the right place for this!

Did I miss the "derriere" shot of LynneSin?

Heres a few Kermit the frog pictures (post some yourself!)

Kinda cool website.

I've never grown weary of dating women in their early 30s and here's why:

Greatest rant ever

Paging HeddaFoil...paging HeddaFoil

10 posts till 400!!! help me get there quick! ask me anything!

Can we undress the statues now that Asscroft is gone?

Something's rotten in the state of YVR

for my 400th post: I'm so sorry!!!!

Fascinating Frontline episode: The Teenage Brain

I'm growing weary of dating women in their late teens, and here's why:

"Only god no other king!"

Kleeb has never seen "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

My god violates the laws of gravity.

The Fresh Prince of BelAir has never even HEARD of Kleeb


Dookus violates the first rule of dog ownership

Where can you find a good avatar?

The Fresh Kleeb has never seen Prince's Bel Air. So here it is:

I think I violate myself AND my dog while I sleep

As of right now

My dog violates the laws of thermodynamics....

Im off to bed unless someone

I'm growing weary of not dating at all and here's why

I need your power of suggestion

I'v e decided to change my user name! Can you help?

My god violates me when i'm sleeping.

If not John Ashcroft....Who will watch over me?

I'm growing weary of returning my mail order brides when they reach 30...

This Christian feels like the protagonist at the end of THE WICKER MAN...

That was an awesome northern lights display (NW Iowa again)

I can't sleep

My i-pod violates me while I sleep

Show me a picture of your dream blouse...

Rookie QBs from Ohio Universities are Undefeated!

I joke earlier about Zell Miller being Sec of State. Maybe its not that

Pina colada Mounds candy bars are the shiznaaa

UPS is hiring for the holidays reminder for anybody who needs extra cash

Snake Charmer Quits After 24th Snake Bite

Beer and Benadryl:

We're Headed Out For Our Final Camping Trip Of 2004

By request from last night, the return of Quinn

Druggists refuse to give out pill

Female Soldiers Banned From Wearing G-Strings

"Submission" - Theo van Gogh's film, available for download.

I'm growing excited about dating women in their early 30's

Four cups of tea, and a 500ml of coke in me...

Appendix Removed During Wrist Surgery

Cat Crushed by Genie Garage door

Which Black Box Screwed Us Worst?

Mozerella? Falafels?

Cops Tell Robber Who Turned Himself In - "Come back tomorrow"

Mornin' DU!

Have we permanently lost viewing our avatars?

Newborn Survives After Being Tossed From 2nd Story Window

Remember The Couple Who Had Sex On Stage? - Man Drops Trow In Court!

In about 70 posts I'll have 8,000.

WANTED: samples of childish/mean Repug whining from Clinton reelection '96

What's your favorite Firefox theme?

Oh I say there chap don't get randy 'round the Queen!(LOL)

So who wants to argue with these fundamentalist wackos? (Re: Women's right

I realized this morning I'm going to survive.

There is light at the end of the road.

Kindergartners To Receive Report Cards

Cartoon, Steve Bell, Guardian

Indian, 107, granted bail - for now

Romanian Judge Said to Be in Adult Film

HippieDog Hank's tumor is benign !!!

I am so overjoyed at Ashcrofts resignation!

From the Newsroom


If any of you visit my place today, stay away from the porch couch

George W. Bush, I hereby christen thee Mightymouse!

Mozilla? Firefox?

We Must not Give In

57 year old woman gives birth to twins.

"were perished in a fierceful Auto-Crash"

Quick, I need pics of Rush Limabuagh in a thong, NOW!!!

New Reality TV Show - "Sex Inspectors" Will Rate Performance of Couples

is Chuck D no longer on Unfiltered?

Inmate Attends Funeral - Returns With Stomach Full Of Drugs & Syringes

Kerry is in my basement.

Oy! Jesus! Allah save Arafat!

A Thank You to DU

I've got it!!! The new Tranqs album will be called "The Fist of Onan"!

Picked up our Halloween photos....

WHATs your idea for new T.V. shows ?

Notice of Revocation of Independence to Citizens of the USA

There will be no draft! Mall Security of the world, UNITE!

My BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about this Saturday's Richmond Marathon!!

Politically incorrect joke

$17,4000,000??? Really?

Anyone awake in the West!

hey wiLL pitt, stop spamming!

Tired of my dates ordering off the kid's menu

Tired of ordering my dates off the kid's menu

Where can I get a W Worthless bumper sticker?

"Why the Republicans Won"

What are Michael Moore's chances of winning the Best Picture Oscar?

I think Lindsey Lohan is a major hottie-does that make me a dirty old man?

Funny-'cause-it's-true Graphic of the Day:

It's a boat, it's a plane, it's a ... bionic dolphin?

You gotta try this!!! google "miserable failure" and see what you get

Curious shipping suggestions from Ebay...

High School Teacher Paid Boys $5,000 For Sex Services

I miss Paul Krugman's column in the NY Times

I miss siglines.

Today Arafat is...

How do you get those "formerly known as" things on your posts?

Post Your Sigline in this thread (since they're still invisible)

Yes! We're back to normal! Siglines for everyone!

I just got a free candy cane! Yum!

World music fans: Ever heard of Tinariwen?

Don't Overload The Servers Telling Everyone SIG LINES Are Back!

Well DAMN....I'm in the 5 digit club without a star......

OMFG: whoever donated to DU for me - thank you!!

one way to save the rainforest

Hamburger helper connoisseurs

Who are the "Young Americans"?

I'm growing weary of dating women in their early 30s', and here's why:

YAY! I have eyeballs again!

I made a boo-boo yesterday :)

I just got SUSE 9.2 Pro in the mail today-ask me anything

Save the Manatees!

"Jesus, I can't touch my penis."

weekend at Yassir's

Aye me pots of gold! (anyone got a loooong rope?)

Bah....I had to go through the sad task of updating my sig pic.


Dear Mr. Bush

"The Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms"

Showin' off the old orb and scepter

girlish ang sexy girls are waiting you!=?utf-8?q??=!

Francoise the peahen, the UN mascot, has been caught!

MY three-year-old son says Bush is the Grinch.

Any good e-mail turn based games out there?

Boy sues mom over broken promise

What does "lapazoo" mean?

Well, for my 500th post, a big "thank you"...

This deserves it's own post.... new semi-original WJMS annima

bush foLLows through with agenda

I really want to meet Truimph the Insult Dog

I have a mandate!!

Breast Man Cafe is now open!

Beast Man Cafe is now OPEN!

who has gone commando

New Orleans Jazz Festival

just ate some bandwidth


Well, it's off to DC for me

For a brief second, I got it. (or: Pixies show last night.)

Does Chancellor Palpatine have a mandate now?

Slow death in a styrofoam clamshell

I just ate a sandwich

Just wondering - what are people's opinions on Bartcop?

Cat: It's what's for dinner

I f Ann Coulter married a woman

my state has an anti-gay marriage/union amendment

OK, OK, before I go to bed, you have to read this Dear Abby

The most surreal anouncement just went over our PA system.

In this thread, say something nice about Tony Robbins.

Man releases more then 150,000 bees to his body to break record(Pic)

I really wanna meet Dookus' dog


In this thread, say something nice about a Tom Collins.


Asscroft was TOO fucking liberal for the bush administration

In this thread, say something nice about Donnell Rawlings.

Woman takes down Puerto Rican flag, thinking it's Texas's flag




If Ann Coulter married a Praying Mantis

The Official "This is an Unofficial Thread" Thread

why is this man smiling? . . .

If Ann Coulter ever get's married to a man

Hey Bertha V! What's the deal with your kitty - Richard, right?


In this thread, say something nice about Henry Rollins

Who else is playing World of Warcraft?

free stress test!

In this thread, say something nice about Tree Rollins

Anyone else wonder what the point of Destiny's Child is?

Giant Chicken Holds Up Grocery Store(Fox News)

Why all the snazzy threads?

Ann Coulter

Teens arrested for allegedly killing two sharks at Long Beach aquarium

Oh boy, this is rich.

In this thread, say something nice about Phil Collins.

[insert comment offensive to Ann Coulter here]

6! 6 Kumquats! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Can't sleep... GD will eat me...

Ann Coulter couldn't get a man date if she paid for it.

why is WMliberal so happy?

Just curious, Is Arafat still dead or is he alive again?

Business owner accused of spanking employees for mistakes

Just Curious, Is General Francisco Franco still dead?

At least I work WITH some non-idiots.

The official Valerian root really works thread....

uh oh... work laptop might be going to Silicon Heaven...

Just curious, Is Reagan still dead or is he alive again?

Would you be a liberal anywhere else on Earth?

Just curious, is Franco still dead?

I have done no work today. Ask me anything!!!

OK - I LOVE Pete Townshend

I work with some intelligent and good looking people!

I hate myself for lovin' you...

Going to see Catie Curtis tonight, ask me anything!

If an Ann Coulter blow-up doll married Posh spice.

How am I gonna make it through the next hour w/o dying of boredom?

Is it just me or does Barbara Bush look like the Quaker Oats guy?

Aye Maitey - batten down the hatches

Political Blogger Mass Suicide To Be Discovered in Several Weeks

I keep getting "Princess," "the Princess," and "DFL Princess" mixed up.

Why all the Ann Coulter threads?

I've been to GD. Where's the detox?

Knock, knock

I just added someone to my ENIGMA list

wow. Talk about your rants...

Should I change my name to ChavezSpeakstheTroof?

Become a virtual Canadian!

A star for koleszar!

I just added someone to my IGNORE list

Linux OS vs. Windows XP OS? Need reviews and advice...

Vowel question

Why is Moonbeam so happy? Why can't she wipe the smile off her face?

"I walked without a cut through a stained glass wall"

"We are closing your financial aid folder"

Was there a "happy ending" to the cable guy story?

Know how I KNOW the election was rigged? THE PACKERS WON.

For my 1000th post, I give you...

I want to be a ferry.

I died for Beauty - but was scarce.

I was trying to post this

If Ann Coulter married an animal

I had the MOST WONDERFUL DREAM about the RETURN of

What's with Randi?

I want to be a fairy

Casting my name-change onto the waters...

Question about debating older Freepers

A deeply personal question of love, ethics, and selfishness

If Ann Coulter got married

I'm just burnin' doin' the neutron dance.

Good Afternoon AIM Chat

cover me in crisco and make me squeal like a pig!!!!!

Anyone else find Redqueen's new avatar kinda creepy?

What, no "Is Elvis still dead" thread???

They stopped General Hospital to announce the new AG!!!!


I swear time is running backwards today

If Ann Coulter marinated a man...

Well, I tried to change my DU name to Matcom but it was already taken.....

Should I change my username to "Any Ole Bandwagon"?

Sooooo tired

Sign a petition to ask Congress to investigate the Election.

I've lost my husband to "Halo 2"

Why can't the Princess wipe that stupid grin off her face???

WTF is up with all the name-changing??

I wanted to change my name to Biff but it was already taken

I am now OFFICIALLY gonnabuymeagun

What do you get when you play a Country & Western record back wards?

Here's an anti-red-state rant I can agree with

Yay, Donkeys!!

Just what America needs - a car even bigger than the Hummer

Whew!!!! Just drove up and down the steepest mountains

Car stolen during crack break

I wanted to change my name to OMFGWTF!!!!!11 but it was already taken.

question for the good people of the du!

Women, can i feel your melons?

I really wanna eat Dookus' dog

Okay...DU looks a bit odd on SuSE Firefox.


Dookus's Dog Stolen During Crack Break

I really want to eat some dog dookus'

Okay, so I was trolling freeperville last evening

Wow....that brings back memories.

One woman's heartfelt apology to the world.. accepted by men everywhere?

If you lost your car keys, how old were you when you did?

A star for chelsea32491

Vote for my new screen name....

This note excuses you to CAPTION

question re: applying for jobs that ask for 'salary requirements"

Republican Majority - What do you think?

I just added someone to my BUDDY list

Liberals return to sodomy, welfare fraud.

Guess which movie we watched last night on Pay-Per-View

I'm going to cuss, because I enjoy it soooo much

gollum was photographed today

DU toilet experts: A little advice.

If you lost your sanity, how old were you when you did?

Lego my eggo

As the semester goes on...I hate my research/stats teacher more and more..

Lego Church

I need a good NON POLITICAL website!!!

The "Let the Eagle Soar" CAPTION

Did you go to one of the 10 most politically liberal universities? List!

I don't understand Islam & The Carolingian Renaissance

Did Terror Reid's exposed boob cause Ashcroft to resign?

Why wont my pants open?!?!

Why won't my ports open?!?!

non-steeler nfl fans...

Damn...the furnace guy is here...

When I was young....I never needed anyone

Lego Sex

Official Ramen pronunciation thread

Tornadoes In Oklahoma City

Ha - my boss just got a call from her husband.....

The "Waiting for the Other Boob to Drop" CAPTION

Debuting my Boring New Name

"What is Politics?" joke

Did anyone else lose their star when they changed their name?

So how come, even after all these years, I still like the song

Shop and praise Trader Joe's Everyone! They're good people

I'm gonna have Jesus slap the next person who says I look like a pimp!

If George Bush married

Hey, Guys! What would yo do for an Arbor Mist?

Where is Democrat Mouse?

Why do I work for such an IDIOT???????

The "Changing of the Guard" CAPTION

I have a sick problem that I MUST confess on DU.

"We're all Republicans now."

What's for supper?

Say goodbye to these views: (Pictures)

If Ann Coulter Married Michael Mann...

Meaning of Life, Creation of the Universe, MetaPhilisophical Thread


Romanian Judge Said to Be in Adult Film

The "I Think We're Done, Here" CAPTION

Ah Charlie Daniels, it's been too long since I belted you!

Would all DUers who look like Jesus please step forward?

Ahhh Charlize Theron... It's been too long since I felched you....

Gonna pimp slap the next person who tells me I look like Ethyl Merman!

What one or two words would perfectly describe your BAD taste?

Explain to me why you're "spongebob worthy"


What are your favorite Shakespeare plays?

I've been up for 28 hours

FDR wants you to "Drop Dead"


Explain to me why you're "sponge worthy"

Lets Play :o ) Name Famous John/Jacks no repeats please.

In 5 words or less... describe Everything.

Whats the big deal over GTA San Andreas?


WEST WING tonight- Jimmy Smits joins the cast

My NC "Oldies" Music Station is changing format because the 25-54 Age


Would all the DU who ARE Jesus please step forward?

Has anyone here never felt discriminated against?

Ahhh Jack Daniels... It's bee too long since I had a belt of you....

I just got Firefox!

John Thune Looks Like a Gay Sex Scandal Waiting To Happen

The flatulence of Satan.

"Lyin' faces sometimes pretend to be your freinds....."

Just Got Back From GD And All I Got Was This Lousy Flame War

Had this in GD, but it flies off the front page so quickly.....

The "Dueling Doofuses" CAPTION

The "How Dare You---That's the Gipper!!!" CAPTION


What's The Big Deal Over HALO 2?

Business Owner Arrested After Spanking 2 Employees

god I love a woman in knee boots!!!!

Beatles classic voted worst song: O Bla Di O Bla Da.....

click on this link and laugh your ass off

Morrowind..very theraputic

OMG! Anyone want to order this girl around?

Constance Bennett

Gonna pimp slap the next person who tells me I look like Jesus!

I'm a skeptic - ask me anything!

Ever write a whole long-winded reply to a post...

Did you submit a pic to sorryeverybody and are looking for it like crazy?

need music advice from young guys

This flies in the face of the "homosexuality is genetic" argument, but...

To me this is a symbol of the racism and elitism in white collar America

"Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis"

I'm on my third Abortion today.

What one or two words would perfectly describe your music taste?

If you could be anywhere in the world right now

My donor star expired.

Congratulate my kid and me! We are as of today homeschoolers!

Boycott Target this Christmas

I'm very happy today

Well, cross another place off the list

The "Who the Heck Were You, Again?" CAPTION


I feel like I've hit alert more in the last week...

A letter to Fist of Hassellhoff: squirt mustard on my masterbating cat.


The "Future Exit Interview?" CAPTION

in *this* thread say something nice about tim robbins

UPDATE: Liberal radio is still failing

If you lost your religious faith, how old were you when you did?


So how did DLC Traitor in Chief Bruce Reed break his arm?

The South ==--we CAN compete

A Quick Thought....

what are the three keys for the opposition party?

The Kids are alright


who is to say the congressional election results are credible?

ANY errors in favor of Kerry yet?

We just gave the idiots too much.

No more senators running for prez...need people without a record

How to frame the issues and expose the lies of the GOP

"Submission" - Theo van Gogh's film, available for download.

Oppose the FMA Act and let the states decide on gay marriage

Read the new entry from the Baghdad Blog?

October Surprise (2008)

Tanks appear at antiwar protest

Jesus speaks through the Republicans

HAs everyone seen the "bring home our troops" ribbons?

The Dems need a leader(s) who will attack the Repub incumbency machine

Have there been ANY instances of e-vote "glitches" that gave KERRY

Women of Mississippi are experiencing the joys of living in a Red State

For those of you wanting to write off women, minorities, gays,

Great site that speaks for all civilized Americans.

What you may not know about rural red state voters

California lawmakers Seek to divest $1 billion in Wal-Mart stock.

Is the use of "insurgent" a correct term with the Iraq War?

Bev of BBV will be with Nader at 1pm New Conference!!

Can we at least agree that we need some sort of national health care?

Electoral fraud

A strong wind blowing from the left ?

Speculation is Bush AG pick will be Alberto Gonzalez

Are US troops taking orders from Allawi ?

Karl Rove must be laughing his ass off

A Nice Catholic Story (not)!

Do you think Rudy will be appointed Attorney General?


I hope the fundies are able to scalp Specter

here's my new response to freepers lurking on DU:::

What's PNACs page trying to tell us...

Tom Vilsack of Iowa likely to run for president

Suppose you and your significant other were planning a trip to Paris

Simon Rosenberg (New Democrat Network) for DNC head?

Bets are on for drilling in Arctic refuge

Is it immoral to work for the U.S. Government?

Jesse Jackson: No GOP Monopoly on God, Chcg Sun Times


ANY word on the 1:00pm Nader News conference re:NH recount?

First signs of the Apacolypse

will ANY news networks be covering the Nader Press Conference?

Barack Obama for President

Who exactly gets to vote on the Head of the DNC

We should talk about terrorism (securing our ports etc) when Bush tries to

Anyone watch frontline last night?

A Different Spin on Why We lost......

We should expand "culture of life" to include not waging unnecesary wars

Everyone knows that everything is ALWAYS Clinton's fault.

Gore. Clark. Warner.

Bottom line--- we lost, and Bush gets the Cabinet he wants.

Abortion/I would like to see some forthright discussion by candidates

We have a eye witness of tanks in L.A.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. touts Dean for DNC chair.

CNN: Cheney in 08 to bridge to Jeb in '12

Say the machines were messed up: NO FRAUD

Part of Me Wants Dems to Let the GOP Have Their Way

So If Democrats Just Let Gonzales SLIDE BY...

Well, away down here in the land of cotton,

Let's follow this Iraq war out to some possible conclusions, shall we?

NPR will mention voting problems on All Things Considered

Alternet: Bright Spots. Mentions good things from the election.

Oh, my, this should be really fun..battle for DNC head.

I guess I'm a wreck.

Chuck Schumer already rolling over on Gonzales nomination?

Someone needs to tell Clinton to shut up!

There should be at least THIS MANY political parties

Jesus vs. Jeb Bush 2008, Who would win?

Looking at Gonzales (to Succeed Ashcroft) & Bush's Death Row Secrets

"Jesus speaks through the Republicans."

In 2000, Bush won Iowa and Wisconsin

I've been avoiding all of the "This is how we win" threads, but...

Kos: Kill the Iowa Caucuses

Big Dawg Rules! He tells the truth some of us are too dumb to understand.

Want to Help America Recount? The website is UP!

Until Fraud and Voter suppression is dealt with I will not vote, again.

Would you like Elizabeth Edwards to run for public office?

Sorry to disappoint, no fraud in Cuyahoga County...

MN Kerry Supporters beat the crap out of a taunter

Bush Moves to Privatize Social Security

Resolved: We shall abandon all talk of “red states” and “blue states”

Repukes want to end exit polls... make it even easier to steal!

The media has taken a side in the electronic voting issue


Doubters, let's help the election fraud movement catch on