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Archives: October 9, 2004

The Tax-Cut Pendulum and the Pit

Three for Three on Debates List your bragging points

Salon: War Room ’04

Kerry Wins the Second Presidential Debate Over Bush 'the Cowboy'

Andy Card on Bush*s Bulge

Bush's Court Picks: Be Afraid. Very Afraid.

Zelikow: Losing to the Bacteria

Eyes Wide Open at K.C. Central Public Library 9th & Baltimore

Caught about 15 seconds

NPR: Bush "much better" in this debate

A serious right-wing SQUASH request

ABC News gives cover for Bush on General Shinseki resignation

Bounty Hunters- end them.

whats with the X's before the subject line when browsing the forums

How do you guys do such a good job?

Very nice.

Could you please add the info from the following post

Take a bow, admins!!!

Zelikow: Losing to the Bacteria

Why would ANYONE support Prop 71?

Bush to throw out first pitch at Saturday's Twins/Yankee game????

I just want to say thank you to everyone that came tonight to the Granada.

Had an LTTE printed and got a weird response. Anyone know

Do we know who gets the first question tonight?

anybody got split screen?

Voters Head to the Polls in Australia Election


Is there a list that shows how terror alerts match Bush failures?

Who is the congressman on AirAmerica right now?

Do you ever wonder why conservitaves believe they can solve

Is DU a blog?

oil for food

My Son, a United States Marine

Do you ever wonder why conservitaves believe they can solve

"I voted Republican this year"

GOP Points: Be an evil shitbox, get stuff

Sample Florida Ballot

Looking for a cartoon

Which network, which network?

Bush is serving up the same bullshit he did in the last debate.

So Bush wanted Saddam to have weapons?

What's going on Please Keep me informed

Kerry Is Kicking Ass! Love that he's calling * A LIAR!

LOL..look at Georgies foot tapping!


Bush sounds angry.

Don't forget to join us on #atrios

So the rest of the world only figured out Iraq was a mistake....

Anyone else think the first woman was plant?

Will Bush divert the discussion to discuss religion?

Sadaam would NOT have given WMD to Islamic terrorists-

We are in more danger now because of Bush. Terrorist would love * 2nd

here comes Poland

Pulling out the Israeli card. He has nothing left.

OMG! C-SPAN Just screwed up the split screen

They are SO Wrong about everything! I talk to MANY People; No One likes

Is it better or worse to watch the debate (rather than just listen)?

"I'm yelling and I don't know why!"

Is * still wearing a wire?

How was Saddam "deceiving the inspectors" when he didn't have WMDs

im thinkin this crowd just watch F911

Bush sounds like he's running a foot race right now out of breath

Bush said internetS

I didn't know there is more than one internet.


* keeps winking at someone in the front as Kerry is talking............

Bush may be coaxing Kerry away from domestic issues..

"I hear there's rumors on the Internets...."

Farley (draft question) was a plant.

Out control now cutting charile off

He's interrupting and now blaming Iraq troop shortage on generals.

Dar he ( Bush ) blows ! / Is Kerry not getting enough talking time ?

He's losing it!

SLAM on the "allies"

Light A Candle For Kerry

Did Bush say "Fassel?" was he trying to say "Faster?"


SO, Charlie, true to form allows Bush to break the rules.

So, when will Bunnypants challenge the moderator to a duel?

Missouri would be the third largest member of the Coalition

Buhsler finally says it. It's a long war.

generic drugs???

did the idiot just say that Iraq will become a haven for terrorists???

"We did something you don't know how to do--we balanced the budget."

Is that the first mention of Clinton?

* is making sure the canadian drugs are safe

Man I'm loving the audience for once I love undecideds they are all

How many of those 30 countries are IN IRAQ ASSHOLE????

Now It's Clinton's Fault!!!

smirking, blinking, smirking, blinking, smirking, blinking. nt

good job smirk

Here comes Healthcare Good for Kerry

Kennedy? WTF?

Hee-hee-hee! We're only 20 minutes into the debate, and Bush is losing it!

1.9 million jobs?

Isn't Bush getting more time??!!!

The mighty "Clenis" can control the stock market from the great beyond!

He's STILL yelling?

OBGYN! WTF is with shrub and OBGYNS?

everybody got tax relief?

OMG! Now he's saying that TODAY we learned that we added

Did the President just say....

Do you think the draft question pissed him off?

20 years over and over and over

Only 3 people not affected on his tax cuts

Bush's debate notes....this is a riot!

Kickass Kerry response on taxes

Clock's Up

Bush, the good environmental steward.

it's Friday, the debate's on - let's talk about the poor in our cities.

That guy that just brought up the environment..

Bush's joke.... Silence

Really sounds like Bush had the question before hand. He starts to answer

OMG!!! Kerry said Missourian OMG!!! He got St.Louis

these questions are the best of the campaign so far

America will be in GREATER DANGER in a 2nd * administration.

Bush said Moussura OMG he's losing St.Louis

This war is DAMNED. n/t

This is an evil bad war.

Kerry: I'll be a president that believes in science!

Its like watching a little boy debating against a grown up man

Bush is so losing it I dunno whether to be happy or afraid...

Bush brings up Outsourcing

As long as he doesn't wet himself on cam

I think Kerry is winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone I talk to HATES Bush's War!!

Why did he just diss Red Sox fans?

What is this timber company?

Charlie Gibson's a tool...


"I would pick Supreme Court justices who won't let personal opinion...

Property rights & strict constructionist. Big Judicial Buzz words.

Where's Dick?"

New Bush platform plank: Will not allow SLAVERY!

Bush says of supreme court, "cause I want em' all voting for me"

I'm a DU Marketeer,I read everything on DU Financial sites! This is Boring

Bush has cocaine mouth!

Bush is a nutshell

Abortion: Kerry does have conviction

I believe John Kerry's Statergy ;-)

Charlie Gibson: Whore? I think he has been pretty fair so far.

Wrong to kill 9/11 innocents : Wrong to kill Iraqi innocents.

Ok numbnuts name ONE mistake, you moron!!!

perfect final question

"Saddam Hussein was a WRIST" ?? I thought he was a despot?

OMG! Bush wants to make our very own Magdalen laundries

A Teachable Moment.

How could the 1st debate be worse than this?

Tomorrow Afghanistan will be voting for a President...true

Stem cell requires the destruction of life


Now HIT the online pollls !!!!

If yu want to destabilize a region of Earth, whom would you strike?

Future President Kerry Trounces "president" factcheck

CNN doing factcheck on Bush!!

Indy - local abc post debate coverage... harsh anti Daniels ad...

Show me one Mother/Wife/Family who wouldn't trade all of the Hero stories

Sinclair (GOP) broadcasting is now afraid to do a 'who won?" poll!!!

Hardball Poll 78-22% Kerry

Will Maher's show deal with the debate, or was it taped earlier?

FYI - Bill Maher NEW show tonight w/Michael Moore

Just found out that Melissa Etheridge has breast cancer.

We Are Watching The Fall Of A {Presidency

He lied to us..He stole our money..He's sneaky....

If you're trying to destabilize the mideast, would you strike someone poli

Where Are The On-Line Polls? The Presidency Has Been Won

Catastrophic Success

We won again, and I'll tell you how I know.


WE F - - - - - G HATE YOUR WAR!!!!!

Hey George...Tell the National Guard there isn't a Draft..a backdoor Draft

Fox News Poll Has Kerry Ahead

Bush HANDED the debate to Kerry with the last question....

Kerry's quote about the test of a good judge was beautiful!

Bush on Coke??

Now it's the Clinton market that caused all these problems..

Bush said he made our military more "facile"

msnbc headline for debate 'Toe-to-Toe"

Three for Three on Debates List your bragging points

new web site:

Charlie Gibson!! Let me talk!! I'll put a boot in your a$$!!!!

Wait! Perhaps he meant "partially hydrogenated cars."

WHAT???? Limits on medical Lawsuits?

bumpersticker today -

"We didn't find out he didn't have weapons till we got there."

Looks like the tall guy won AGAIN !!! picture

Kerry kicked Bush's Ass List your bragging points

Could someone please post pic of Bush falling off Sedway?

Like What I'm Seeing!!

I am thoroughly enjoying Tony Snow's meltdown on Bill Maher


Watching the split screen on Cspan

Did Bush try to physically intimidate Gibson? Was that presidential?

Do you think an opening of the eyes is finally happening to "Amurkans"?

Familiar name around here pops up in article

best reviews of debate from Fox"?

FINAL ANSWER to "We invaded to rid the world of Saddam"

Where is Smirks's "1.something million jobs added in last 13 mo." from??

"Want some wood?" ---- does that sound, err, weird??

Whoa the freakish blonde on CNN right now has a huge adams apple

Near the end, did Bush accidentally say the opposite of what he meant?

Does Karen Hughes buy her clothes at the Ugly Boutique?

You people need to stop obsessing on Tweety

Someone tell me Bush owns a timber company.


bwahaha... Keyes has to all but crash a republican event in Illinois

on the way out the door will bush* staffers steal all the keyboard "F's"?

Bush came across as defensive and flippant

www.NEEDSUMWOOD.COM as heard about on Mike Malloy

The News Out of Australia is that Howard is

Bush walks like he's waiting for his Rightguard to dry!

Poll needs help!

I need some help - I want opinions as to why you think it is so difficult

Holy Cow.. Imade mistakes appointing people

Who is freepers?

Canadians are trying to poison us with "bad medicine"!!!!

Those canadian drugs are dangerous!!!!

Okay, the obligatory Poll: Who won?

debate transcripts


Where does the 75% of alqaeda number come from???

Pssst. Hey America,man,want to score some hits? Some primo Canadian shit

I may be stupid, but what is "wonkish" n/t

'I've flown over those forests...' But I've NEVER so much as...

How long before CNN wipes its poll

Holy shit! The drugs from Canada question!!!

Bush cites Reagan...Kerry should respond "Mr President, I knew

local guy says we must vote bush to fulfill the prophecy of Revelations

When are the Freepers just going to finish themselves off

This is a wake up call and a Demand from me to all of you. Please Help!

Du'ers brave enough to watch the pundits....

Turn Bush into the IRS on Monday. Call 1-800-829-0433 - tax fraud.

"I want them all to vote for me..."

Buchanan is blaming Kerry for Bush's outburst! LOL!

Good steward of the land? OMG!!

Freepers say we are rigging the polls

Makeover Couldn't Hide That * Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About.

George Bush connected with young woman who asked about funding abortions?

Bush promises to not bring back slavery/loses red state vote

OH My God! Bush has lost the presidency!

Got Wood? Bushisms of the Second Presidential Debate...

What's a "hydrogen car?"

Which of the many "internets" is DU located on?

Keep the focus on the Gibson smack-down (email project)

Who is Bush blinking at?

Terry McAuliffe's Call To Action Email Re the debates. (links to the polls

Bob Novak must be on truth serum.

The Myth of America's 'Lawsuit Crisis'

Charlie Gibson should have stood his ground when Bush spoke out of turn!

Devil's Advocate: Are Atheists Discriminated Against In The United States?

Personal values.

Zelikow: Losing to the Bacteria

"Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print"

Kerry won't stop outsourcing?

Debate Picture Round-Up..YeeHaw

How can you take a percentage of a number you don't even know?

Maher: "Bush, you big girl!!!"

The Magdalene Laundries - Bush's plans for "Unwed Mothers"

Molly Ivins -- BUSHWACKED Sunday on BookTV

Dean at Berkeley: "Power to the people is not dead. Activism is not dead."

Rumson NJ High School this morning - fake terrorist alert

Riverside police chief suspected of domestic violence

Painting of nude Bush removed from museum

House Democrats seek special counsel to investigate DeLay

Bush to aid moderate parties in Iraq election

Chimpy keeps repeating that he is worried...

Bush says of supreme court, "cause I want em' all voting for me"

Thank GOD a candidate aknowledges Atheists!

WP: Democrats Eye Colorado and See Chance to Tweak Republican Noses

Free Republic skewing polls to make Kerry voters look stupid

Bush had on an ear piece during the second debate?

WP: Bulge Under President's Coat in First Debate Stirs Speculation

University glows in presidential debate spotlight (arrests)

Latest Pa poll gives Kerry 7 point lead

WP: Pelosi Seeks Special Counsel for an Inquiry on DeLay


Bush, Kerry Mangle Facts on Taxes, Jobs

CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup Debate Reaction Poll (K47, B45)

WP: Two Trouble Spots for Bush: Iraq and the Philly Suburbs

NYT covers earpiece story as well

Bush Fights Emotion, Scowls in Debate

NYT: Pentagon Leaders Tell Ranks to Get Ballots and Use Them

OK I am taking off for my debate party

If you don't know Dub Syndicate, you don't know Dub

I live in the desert or I'd buy one....I'm also in the U.S.

Watching a History channel show on the B-26 Maurauder.

Cheney's "" screw up is internationally known

From an A's fan to the Angels

Not to be a downer but I just watched FH9-11 for the first time

Whatever happened to Bobbie Batista?

Janeane Garofalo is now my favorite pundit, I like the way she puts things

Bob Dylan is going to have a cereal line

Just watched "Going Upriver". . . I was very impressed.

I kinda like the no-sig, "batten down the hatches" look of DU

Hooray! I just got my free copy of The Bhagavad-Gita!

good thoughts requested for Mom-of-Uly

Anyone else get too nervous to watch debates?

Anyone for a debate chat?

My Kerry debate chant

If you're not watching the debate, you should be.

Two new songs by Beware the Beast Man

new Hannity advertiser Atlanta Bread Company (national chain)

"Orwellian Names" - Kerry about ironically named Bush Admin. programs

"The Internets" thread

Has any President ever been given the finger more than Bush?

Doody. Bush said doody. Hehehehe

Anyone know why CompUSA's price match guaranty is half that of competitors

You knew you grew up in the late 80's early 90's if...

Bush sure is one dumb fucks.

If you can't take the debate: AAR's Lizz Winstead on Comedy Central

When Bush was yelling

ugh - spending the weekend before the election with wingers

Are there ANY good looking Republican men out there? At all?

forget about iraq. could * find

"freedom is on the march"

Edit: Found Part. I Have A Rough Transcript of Bush vs. the Mod

Post Debate AIM Chat

what does n/t mean

Unalduterated vanity post

Self-delete: dupe.

OMG! Melissa Etheridge has breast cancer.

2 down 1 to go

Like Grandma always said

Boston Red Sox Baseball Fans: Please Exlain to me the significance

I just got home! (10:15 p.m. ET) What's been happening?

Okay, tonight I've reached 600 posts, watched bush act stupid, and . . .

77 nights until Christmas Eve!

The Great JCCyC Sigline Quote Shootout: Final

Heh heh heh...."Caged Heat" is on Spike TV....

Oh no baby it's not a mirage. Listen all y'all it's.....

Congratulations my friends in the DU lounge we are 3 for 3 --Your points

So I missed the debate thanks to some trucker


Georgie Porgie Sat on a wall

Latest ZombyPeeve

Hey Canucks! Did you know your govt. imports 3rd world drugs?

I believe in Murkuls

They hate us for our Wood.

Oh man, Mike Malloy is calling in the freepers...

Fun photos/ nostalgic photos, politically related


My cat loves me to dance while holding him.

So, I'm taking the plunge after like three years

Ok, to heck with the debate, it's uber-cute time!

Please God, let this be my President!

anyone else here listen to Robyn Hitchcock?

How many Duers like the "Internets"?

Hey, Red Sox Fans! A Great Kerry Quote From Tonight's Debate!!!!

Canadian Drug Manufacturering!

OK, which DUer stole Dubya's Ritalin before the debate?

Why would somebody steal my "John Kerry" bumper sticker,

Damn Canucks; trying to poison us with your evil chemistry...

Minor accomplishments of joy

Can you usntrendad tihs masegse?

I welcome our new battling green eyeshade wearing overlords who invented..

You know,

What will the women of America think about Bush asking "need some wood"?

I was at a wedding...did we win the debate?

What is this internets thing?

I have always loved Michael J. Fox.

Women of DU: Did you like the movie "Swingers"? I love this movie,

"Getcher wood here! Fresh from Murka's old growth forest fire traps!"

I want a brand new Bush Hydrogen Automobile

Does W stand for "WOODY" now?

Ok, ok, Nov 2nd is the election. But THIS is far more important!

Did I miss the "battling green eyeshade" thing?

Hey Canadians-"freedom is on the march" so watch out

"internets" is getting funnier and funnier

So where are all the dead Canadians?

I worked 3-11 in a Nursing home and didn't get to see the debate...

Someone has to say it. W was...

"kerry insulted the audience-the latest asinine rightwing lie

Photos of my trip to Italy - the first 7 days!

Name a common item you've never had any use for

all right, who else spent most of the debate yelling at the TV?

This is my 1000th post - OMG - so here is my question:

Adobe Photoshop 7 - is it worth buying used?

How long has it been since we've had a POST YOUR PICTURE thread?

St Louis rally info....

Rep. Tim Ryan is going to be on AAR soon!

Bush the Shepherd???

How many people will watch tonight's debate?

Can someone explain this screenshot ?

Pundits on Matthews already declaring Bush the winner ...

Deleted message

Has Bush* seen/learned what the actual questions will be? I heard

TWEETY just showed 2000 town hall debate about gun control. Flip-FLop 2004

Are you kidding me??

If you want to know what the swine are up to minute to minute, but

Where's the official debate thread?

We REALLY got to click this one to death tonight !!

Does any on e think the "Economy" would be growing it we weren't spending

I'm So Nervous.....

DU this pre-debate poll!

Things Better Than They Seem - Repuke Oversampling in Gallup State Polls

A good one liner ain't going to cut it for *


They're giving the preliminaries on C-SPAN now

I woke up this morning and could not figure out why "Dixie" was

A sock in the jaw to anyone that calls me a Freeper. (Earpiece-gate)


Freepers Ruffled over some ABC Memo

Weapons of Mass Destruction: WHO SAID WHAT, WHEN...

Chuckie Gibson just promised "a very instructive evening" on C-SPAN

Go Get 'Em JOHN!

Australia go to polls today, kick to view results as they come in

OK, I'm back after watching F-9/11

Charlie Gibson: anyone know which way he leans politically?

Mister Bush, this is your wakeup call.

lighting a candle for

Ah-nahl nathrac, uthvas bethud, dochiel dienve...

Translating from Spin-ese to English, or an attempt at humor b4 the debate

Mama T has on Blue!

C-span thread.. what you make of the audience?

The 'Pablumized' President

oh boy! 6 minutes till shrub gets thrashed again! woot woot!

ALERT - Potential MICHIGAN ballot FRAUD

critical report about Bush civil rights record postponed[GOP STOPPED IT]

Chris Matthews is creeping me out

If Bush gets real nasty tonight,

dailykos has a rapid response debate forum

Anyone else think Pickles looks wasted?

My fellow DU'ers let us pray...

MSGOP panel makeup: 3 GOP 1 Indy and 1 Psycho

Just real quick...the hamster story!

why the hell is Ginsberg on the MSNBC panal....good grief

I can't watch

"Whoever dominates the room will win this debate."

Honestly, is Kerry good at town hall meetings?

Lookin' Good!

Devil's Advocate: Are Atheists Discriminated Against In The United States?

Since Gallup (gimme more republicans) is choosing

FINAL ANSWER to "We're better off without Saddam"

The DeFlate is about to begin and the Popular Blue Angels are practicing

Interesting...applause is apparently allowed!



"Democrat Primary"

Flub #1

Bush meme tonight: Flip-flop -- or as Gibson put it wishy-washy


John's Smilin' Ear to Ear

WHOA! Gallup chose the town hall participants?

No visible bulge in bush*'s jacket

Who's idea was to pick Charles Gibson as moderator?

Bush body language is worse than last time! and he looks stoned!


* is gakked. I know that look. (nt)

First 2 damn questions

AHA! I told 'em to tap Bush on the back. HE DID!

All the networks are showing the same feed!


When Kerry talks, watch Chimp! He's blinking like mad!

Heeeeeeeer's the Global Test!

Uh, if there was a threat, why Iraq and not NK or Iran?

Is that red carpet reflecting on Bush's face?

Hey chimpface....

Saddam Hussein was a "unique threat"

Bush taping foot and grinning like an idiot



Kerry needs to direct his anger at the chimp not the audience

Geez Chimp is going around in circles again.

ALL in your imagination...

He is SO wearing an earpiece.

Geez, what the hell is with Bush/Cheney & their love affair w/ Howard Dean

Ha! Bush just jumped the gun and cut the moderator off.

Both are angry, but * is a real jerkwad. * LED CONGRESS TO BELIEVE

NO. Yes. NO. Yes. BRILLIANT JOHN!!! (nt)

bush sound bytes

Bush must be called on this 75% shit!

The village iiot is still using the same sound bites

does anyone knows how they select the audiance and the questions?

My Goodness, Gibson picked out some great questions

Who believes the Iraqi foreign minister said that

How do you love values?

Country Music Anti-* Song

Bush used to claim they got 75% of Al Qaeda leaders, now claims

I don't think anyone can call Kerry 'weak' after this

Bush is totally out of control...

Kerry is Crushing him - I literally feel sorry for Bush


Wth is Chimpy* smoking..

I think he's on ecstasy.

Lookout for the shark........

WTF is wrong with Bush? Doing the smirking Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Ouch, that line about the same hall four years ago hurt Bush :)

Would someone tell Bush that Iraq had elections under Saddam?

Bush needs his soft blanket n/t

Anyone notice a few minutes ago that Liar* mentioned Clinton?

I knew Ronald Reagan...

Wow, * is paralleling himself to Reagan!

Bush on Defensive

IS it just me, or is he yelling at the audience?

I can only get it on radio so can you guys fill me in on...

Did Bush* just jump the moderator?

And bush keeps smirking

Did the moderator allow * to cut into Kerry's time just now?

Great fucking comeback Pres job to win the peace


Bush looks like he's ready to take a swing at someone...

Didn't guard the Ammo dumps, the troops are now being killed with that amm

Boy Bush looks pissed!

Bush is trying to blink to look calm

I want to wipe that Smirk off Bush's face

Is this the final curtain call for Bush?

Bush's scowl joke falls totally flat

There's the face joke.

* wants to scowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimp:Get the GERMANS AND THE FRENCH to help in Iran!?!?!

first joke fell flat

The Brits


The internets? plural - what a moron!

How could Hussein show us his WMD's when he had none?

Bush bobbing his head

I hear there's rumors on the internets. . .

"that answer almost made me want to scowl"

internets plural?


Kerry is talking substance, bush isn't

NOW THAT IDIOT is getting ME to say "nucular"!

Rumor on the Internets

Bush's voice is cracking.

Notice *'s nonverbals when he finishes an answer?

Debate: Kerry is about to bust * ass over veterans

Is this a rerun? Bush has his back up again already...


Bush doesn't even have to actually say "it's haaaard"...

He's LYING about the draft now!

Ah...the draft rumor.... On the "Internets."

Is it just me or is Kerry mopping the floor with Shrub and then taking

Not going to have a draft... Is that lie #983,987,123,968,221?

dammit--why is Bush getting so much time to speak...

Um.. what are the "inturnets"? (nt)

Internets? n/t


This one's going to the spin room

Did he just wink at someone????? WTF?? (nt)


"Rumors on the Internets"

Did you see that LOOK!! OMG


"There's rumors on the internets."

Bush just invoked 'the Brits', the Germans, and the French'. . .



The InternetS..LOL...DU!!!! n/t

Kerry rocks! He says fact. * merely rants and spins and attacks.

Re: Draft -- Bush* "I hear there's rumors on the internets"

HAHA...Bush is already bleating and whining.

"We need to be more fassel?"


Read my lips "The will be no draft"

Bush's scowling joke fell flat.

I like the nodding heads when Kerry was just making a point!!!

In debate terms, I think this is called the "rope-a-dope"

Bush is doing OK,

The "internetS"????? How many are there anyway?

"Hey Jethro... get my vee-hic-le... near the cee-ment pond" (nt)


My "backdoor draft" is aimed right at Bush....

Some Free Republic Reactions

I heard the Daddy Bomb


Is there any doubt as to who's winning this debate?

Bush trying to be strong by yelling

What a pompous motherfucker!!!!


There's a draft right now Mr. "President".....

Bush just interrupted him Geezuschrist!

Ok, Bush has now lost it. Meltdown. Clear the room

Bush* just lost it!!! 9:32p.m. est.

He's throwing a FIT!!!

Can he pronounce any of their names?


LOL.........Poland again!

Thank You President Gore for inventing many Internets

he just blew it, big time: interrupting

Bush is a stupid f**k!

We're going alone.


Smirks getting ready to blow his top!!!

I'd say oh... 50 mg valium for the Resident

OMG, * is totally,

Uh oh.. shrub erupting....

Did you see his jaw sliding back and forth?


Shrub meltdown people!!!!!

Cut his fucking microphone. . . he's ignoring the damn moderator

Don't forget Poland!!! n/t

"Fascle" New Bushism!!


My God...he just lost it.


bush just blew it big

and there it is.. poland!

Did he just say "more facile?" n/t

OMG! He Just Dissed The Moderator!

This is a boy versus a man

Teresa must be so proud right now! As well she should be!

Is it just my imagination,

Bush just blew it.

31:32 into the debate. It's over.

Chimp: "There's rumors on the internets"


Seriously Bush* worse than the 1st debate?


This is FRIGGIN scary. He's got his finger on the button!!?!!?!?

Ok John Keep pushing him and

He just fucking lost it!

Boxing matches aren't this brutal

Nailed the moron with the tax issue!!

Kerry is staring him down, pointing right at him

Holy shit, he just screamed over Gibson. This is worse than before.

Quick! George!! Declare Martial Law!!

Important debate contrast: * shrieks, while Kerry calmly explains

These questioners are not undecided

Bush couldn't even read the PATRIOT ACT


Fact check!! Tripled homeland security????



You mean Iraq IS NOT a haven for terrorists right now?

Happy Days Are Here Again

"A Lot of Good People Workin' Hard"

What The Hell Is Bush Scribbling

Bush just did a "Joe Isuzu"

Bush just killed America.

Why is he BLINKING???

Bush looks like a lunatic...

Imagine this guy having his finger on the button

No terror attack since 9/11... I smell an elephant's rat.

"I'm worried about our country"..........way to inspire America!

All Kerry needs to do is keep making Bush mad

Yeah Bush people are working overtime.....

People working overtime... are they getting PAID overtime?

There's people working overtime???

Bush is out of FP talking points.

what if chimp crosses the line?

Post-debate Meme: "Angry and unstable" Bush

Wheee! This is fun!

Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink,

This debatin' is hard work y'all........

it already ended with foreign policy, domestic will now be a pile on

A Third World? Where's that?

He cannot say ANYTHING original, he's repeating himself like a parrot!

"might be from a third world"

Holy shit! He's gone!! The way he just jumped on Gibson...

Long war. Hard work. Hard, hard work!

What are the Freeps saying about tonight's angry Bush?

You can't lead a country if you are worried. Can you?

A Third World? Where's that?

Who is winning the debate?

CONGRATS President Kerry!!!

"Hard Workin'!" "Workin' Overtime!"

LOL . . . he just pissed off his pharmaceutical industry buddies

Lying about Canadian drugs

'bush is so out of his element!

Bush is "worried about America"

It's such hard work, they're working OVERTIME! Hope they're getting

apparently he doesn't know what "reimport" means

Another way to reduce drug costs:

Make sure UNSTABLE is in all of your e-mails

"It might be from Canada, it might be from a Third World!"

Killer canadian drugs! Look out! Worse than killer tomatos!

Oh NOW its a long long long war

Canada: Makers of really really unsafe drugs

Wants to make the safer eh??? you know those canadians

"I know people are working overtime"

Seriously...the chimp is appoplectic, and Kerry has seriously

Great question about drugs from Canada

He wants to make sure Canadian drugs are safe?

We have just witnessed Bush losing the election!

clenis rears his scary head

Keep fighting, Kerry!

Drugs from a 3rd world? Is that Venus or Mars??? LOL

Kerry is so whipping his monkey ass

Say this"He is unstable, that is why all other

We can't trust CANADA! Evil Canada!!


Bush totally on defence.

I seriously didn't think it could get any better than last thrusday

Bush is losing his cool . . .

Jeezuz...Kerry is killing him tonight.

"Show me one accomplishement"


He doth quote Clinton too much tonight n/t


Bush just looked like an arrogant ass



Blame Canada, BLAME CANADA

Look out Canada! If Bush is reselected... you're next!

WE WON Bush is in total meltdown



How is bush doing?


We know how to do something you dont,,,balance the budget

Watch the Chimp when possible when JK speaks...deer in headlights.

Hunt Down and Kill the Terrorists

People in the audience are looking at * in horror and amazement

Dead serious: Is Bush back on Cocaine?! He is out of control.

Official Bush Meltdown Thread #1


Kerry is destroying him completely

Look at his temper, no wonder we're in Iraq.

Would Bush snort canadian blow?

He's going to say "Don't mess with Texas!!!" by the end of the debate.

Kerry bitch slaps Bush on medicare and budget. Go John!!!

This is a slapdown

Anyone observing the audience?

He's repeating the same mistakes as in the 1st debate! But MORE!

"We did something you don't know HOW to do...

Balanced the budget..wham!!! w/ the right hand!!!!!!

Bush's eyes shifting rapidly back and forth

"Clinton did the same thing" Bwhaahahahahahahahahah

Doesn't he remember what happened to Dean? Dean yelled,

Let's send some mellow vibes to JK...

Why doesn't Bush just give up now?

Kerry is rolling Bush up in a zig-zag

We did something you don't know how to do, we balanced the budget

Here it is again....Hard Work

i'm pinching myself

W is definitely mic'd

He doesnt even know who he is debating!

Hard Work that's original.....

Working Hard!

Anyone know what Olberman is saying?

Senator Kennedy?

Why do I get the impression that Bush is learning something from Kerry.


Does * think that Inter. Crim. Court line is a winner?

Liberal senator - non sequitor

Did he say "Senator Kennedy"???? (nt)

That's what liberals do

Just called him Senator Kennedy

He's broadbrushing the entire left

this is one of the most rightous ass-whuppings I've ever seen....

yeah.. senator kennedy is pretty liberal

"Senator Kennedy"??????????????????????

This debate is HIGH DRAMA!! Boring it definitely is NOT!

"The YOU-nited States Senate"

Kerry is just awesome. Calling Bush out on scaring and labels

Out comes the "L" word....

Sound byte of the night.

Might be from a THIRD WORLD?????


"and where were you for 20 years Mr President????"

Kerry is kicking ASS on the radio! How's he doing on TV?


I think * is scaring the audience!

Bush is waging class warfare: scaring the middle class into thinking

Check out audience reaction on CNNfn

Here comes the blame Clinton portion of our debate. (n/t)

Should have Shut UP and voted for it!!

All repube government and * has not vetoed one spending bill!

Kerry: "He's just trying to scare all of you."

JK coming off at least as "folksy" as chimpy. doing great!

"I'm gonna spend what we have to win the war. MORE than 120 billion!"

Freepers coming to grips with defeat

Libruls! Lawyers!

OOooh... a republican spanking Bush on spending.....ouch!

Senator Kennedy?

I'm going to spend whatever it takes to win the war.

HOW will government controlled health care destroy the health system?

Audience is asking QUALITY Questions!!! Kudos To St. Louis Residents

OMG How's worried now? LOL

Bush will spend America into BANKRUPTCY!

He just called Kerry KENNEDY HOLY SHIT

Here is comes! OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING!!!!!!!

If * is concerned about the deficit, why the 4 years of big-ass tax cuts?

W's fallback domestic issues statement

0 for 2!!**

chimpy looks so little


Time to bring up today's bad economic news...

What the hell was * just rambling on about?!

There goes the trial lawyer dig.....she's a plant!

You gotta like * trying to blame Clinton for everything.

I thought we were out of the recession

We're at war????....I thought mission was accomplished....

*gasp* Kerry's a LIBERAL?!

If all else fails, blame it on Clinton!!!

bush keeps breaking the debate rules

Largest stock market correction in history?

HEH - on to domestic issues!

""Stock market"

We've increased our spending on our troops!

I wish Kerry said that most medical malpractice lawsuits are not frivilous

good question about the deficit

Dear World, Our President is an Idiot......Sorry.

Bush* just said "Senator KENNEDY is one of the most liberal senators."

I'm still waiting for a "WTF IS WRONG WITH BEING A LIBERAL?????" question

Get ready to push the "His finger's on the button???" meme...

some of these questions are so stupid it hurts to listen to them

"Wrong priorities. You are MY priority."

Dubya's Motto : Everything happened before I got to Washington .

I'm "watching" the debate by reading GD2004. Why do I feel like...

Look into the camera, *...

Bush completely ignoring Gibson

what's the problem with AAR????

Stupid 'no new taxes' pledge.

This isn't "simple, unequivocal language." But you can't

Bush just called Kerry "Senator Kennedy."

Charles Gibson needs to put the smackdown

Bush WHINES...

Bush lecturing us on economics, now. nt

Suddenly, I'm i love with Charlie Gibson!!!

GWB has nothing BUT excuses

Mr. Bush your clock is up: NOVEMBER 2ND 2004

This is so bad...

Why is Gibson allowing Shrub to force his way into follow ups?

Oh, sweeet!! JK connects with the camera, nails the answer, gets a chuckle


Talk of war, talk of spending, but no talk of sacrifice.

Kerry got a laugh out of audience and moderator

battling green eyeshades???

Kerry:"Right into the camera" Wow! It's over folks!



Wow, * finally menioned energy policy... and jobs.

When will the moderator step in?

Chimpy is angry, defensive, incoherent and repetitive

batteling green eye shades??

Battling Green Eyeshades???

OUTSOURCING?? Where is the talk of outsourcing??? n/t

That dear in the head lights look is NO better than the smirk

Oh, your clock *is* up, Mr. President.

"You can run but you can't hide"

I thought that was kennedy

How did * know there was going to be

What about Bush's record!

shrub is getting boring.

Fuck yeah...John Rocks!!!!!

This is a cake walk for Kerry

Is my time up? nt

Bush gave Kerry a great opening: "Look at the record"

I am convinced. He IS wired.

MELT DOWN on the environmental question!

Who's got a sore spot?

Expand the wetland by 3 million whats?


FINALLY an environment question!!

Is it my imagination, or is * always getting the last word?

Who named Kerry "the most liberal Senator"? Your campaign?

Less than $200,000 a year?!? WTF is that?

Kerry is winning on issues

"We have battling green eyeshades?" "Sylvia Burlesque!"

batteling green eye shades??

Kerry is not hitting hard enough now. I hope he picks it up.

This should be good....environment...LOL

Bush is W-I-L-D E-Y-E-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE HATE Your war!!!

Off road diesel engines?

Environment question!

Let me guess: been watching the debate for 5 minutes, Bush is.....

Three Million What????

This twit can't even put a noun and verb together to make a sentence.

LMAO.. the enviromentalist questioneer didn't look happy...

OOH the Environment. Bush is burnt toast.

That fukin retard is DELUSIONAL!!

"I am a good steward of the land" Perform Heimlich on me!

Bush is pulling crap out of his ass on the Environment

"Off-road deisel engines" - wtf is that?

We're watching bush* self destruct.

Kerry invoked Orwell!

CONTRADICTION!!!! The chimp just said

On Taxes Kerry should have said, "I can't make you that promise"

KKKarl Rove just wet himself. He's going on about the environment

Wooo hooo! He said "Orwellian"

Did you see that obviously Freeper broad whining about Edwards?

Are you looking at the faces of the audience when Bush speaks

Didn't we help draft the Kyoto treaty?

OMFG we just won the [email protected]

Yes, Mr. President, your clock IS up!


He just called Bush "Orwellian" . . . BEAUTIFUL!!! n/t

WTF did * say? green shades

Increase the wetlands by 3 million?? WTF!?!?!?

W's blinded by the science

Did he say the stock market started to climb six months before took office

JK is bitchslapping him on the environment

Those stiff conservatives in the audience look uncomfy


Bush is going to "increase the wetlands by 3,000,000,"

I think my teevee station is broadcasting the debate on tape-delay

Kerry is just KILLING Bush on the domestic issues.

John Kerry is great!

MELTDOWN on the environmental question!

W's blinded by the science

Oh, sweeet!! JK connects with the camera, nails the answer, gets a chuckle


Bush has settled down.

Bush seems hyper. Coke anyone?

Kerry is the most liberal? What happened to Kucinich?!

I like the way JK is using everyone's name.

How the hell is this race so close?

Anybody else think shrub looks whipped?

Free ourselves from the Middle East

Kerry remembers the names of the questioners!

"You looked at me like my clock was up!"

David Ortiz, not W, is GOD!!! Kerry will win tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I wish Kerry would say

For OB/GYN's and brain surgeons!!

His response to the environment question sounds like he's reading

How could anyone with >2 working brain cells vote for Bush after

I haven't found very few negative words by DU'ers about Kerry

* Pronunciation Guide

I LOVE Kerry's calm smiling reactions while Chimpy is rambling

Kyoto would cost America a lot of jobs...


My God! What must it be like for Kerry to have to stand on a stage with

Need some wood???

Bush doing stand up comedy?

* STILL has no plan to reduce healthcare costs

"You want sum wood?" LMAO

george the comedian...

Good god, W is sounding like a madman. I'm serious.

Need some wood? I'll pull some out of MY BRAIN!!!

WHAT the hell did Bush just say?

Cater-strophic? is a fucking moron..."You need wood?" Duh.

Did he just tell a guy what he thinks about his rights? screw him.

Right about now Kerry is wishing he could debate Cheney next


Breaking News Bush invents/proposes Hydrogen Automobile

Couldn't share information?

Check out Bush's platform shoes...

Who has the link to the Olbermann blog?

your rights are not abridged

Unfortuneately, because Bush has lowered expectations of himself....

Dumbya says our rights are not being watered down

Kerry invoked Orwell!

Patriot Act!!!

What excuse will Rove use to cancel the 3rd debate?

JK is kicking ass twice as much as the first debate

I thought this was supposed to be on domestic policy?


He just called that man a liar

Bush isn't really taking notes, he's doodling...

Gotta admit, Shrub isn't smirking and scowling tonight! Yet.

Could someone Kerry's timber wood comment?

What The Hell Are Off- Road Diesel Vehicles ???

Is Bush Begging or Whining?

Sub-chapter S

Is my impression accurate?


If it's true about the timber company

This moderator is terrible

Why did he just cut on Red Sox fans? nt

Uh oh - * is going to have to talk about science!



What's the 84 lumber thing?

Bush doesn't make sense...

Did he just say "com-balancing?!?"

Medical Savings Accounts?

From about Bush's ownership in a timber company:

Why are they talking over our heads? Are they talking to each other or to

Waffle anyone?

Most small businesses are NOT S-corps!

Praise God Goddess Jesus Buddha Mohammed Krishna Isis and Osiris!

Explain the timber thing?

Bush is holding his own FOR BUSH


There are no 70 lines! LIES

My 90 year old Nana: "looks like a banty rooster!"

He got UP to tell us THAT!!!

"I made the decision do we destory more life"

Stem Cell question!

This is a great debate

Have you noticed the audience is much more relaxed when JK is talking

the fuck tard couldn't wait to

Want some wood?

Destruction of life, meester boosh?

The Decision to Destroy Life

Choice of SC judge: Pandering to base

I love the way Kerry is smiling while Bush is ranting!!

"Dick Cheney hasn't told me what judges to pick yet, sorry...

Science & Ethics...2 things bush* knows nothing about.

Dred Scott

Doesn't know the Dred Scott case

HE's PANDERING!!!! Kerry said he wouldn't, but Bush IS.

" I'm not telling " - What kind of kiddy mess is that ?

Bush's performance in this debate is even more damaging than the first

I'm not tellin ????

Bush's coke high is wearing off...

Dred Scott decision was by "strict constructionists." Hope Kerry gets thi

dred scott?

Dred Scott?

A dry martini and watching Bush get his ass handed to him

Completely fucked up on Dred Scott

He wouldn't pick a judge in favor of Dred Scott?? Try Thomas & Scalia.

He wants all SC justices voting for him

FLASH: * confuses Declaration of Independence w/ Constitution

Bush* is Breakin the Rules


MJFox I'm tearing up, I love his heart.

MSNB C...who won...Kerry is up 72%

SPIN ALERT re: Timber Company

Bush retarded on Supreme Court question

Blinky Is BaaaaaaaaaaaaacKKK!!!!!!

Stem cell and ethics?

Wow!! Bush won't allow slavery!!!

Kerry just knocked the judge question out of the park

If he's against "destroying life" to save lives, why is he in favor

Who wants to bet the media gives this to Bush?

He can't think of a single person for Judge hahaha

Dred Scott case was only years ago?

Dred Scott?

From Olberman's site:

Well, FOX News just got its clip of the night.

Freepers think Bush is doing great

CNNfn audience poll shows

Has there been any question about the economy? n/t

He "wants them (SC justices) all voting for him"?

How many lives have you destroyed in Iraq, DUMBASS?????

Culture of Life?

Blinking is a sign of psychological stress!!!! Notice Bush blinking

what's with these obvious right wing "questioners"?

missing the debate - honestly, how's our guy doing?

How much longer


Needed debate rule: no abortion questions

That abortion question was SO WRONG!

Boosh loses points on his partial birth abortion rebuttal...what and idiot

Kerry could've lambasted * for that 'Kennedy' remark.

Finally I agree with Chimpy!!!!

"you can run but you can't hide"

Bush Just Screwed Up Re: Unborn Victims of Violence

Anybody else think Bush is on amphetimines?

"Increase wetlands by 3 million" WHATs? Miles? Dollars? Ducks?

Abortion--here we go---Bush is such a lying bastard

AWOL Honestly thinks he's running the military!


where already saying that Boosh!!! bad answer...dude

Kerry's exactly right about the abortion question...which was leading and

No one asked a question in thought of our soldiers ! Not one .

MSNBC Hardball poll open...Kerry 73% / Bush 27%

I resent the question about spending tax money on abortion

He is completely fucking this last question

WHAT?????? WTF did Shrub just say??? Did I hear him right??

Bush wants 'Homes for Single Mothers!!'

* "I'll take responsiblity for my decisions."

George W. Bush, in his lengthy connect the dot responses

I made no wrong decision...he's joking the question away!

Answer the question Schmuck

Chimp's gonna be stumblin and bumblin over this one

I DID the right decision....



He is completely fucking this last question

Beautiful answer on my opinion

Bush is human? I think that's open to debate

I don' make no steenking Mistakes!

Doesn't the last questioner know that Bush doesn't make mistakes?

So what were those mistakes?

Since the bar was so low

Look at him. He STILL can't take responsibility for making mistakes.

Kerry says internet/not internets.

Please, JK, put this 87 bil to rest now

The $87 billion chestnut

missing the debate - honestly, how's our guy doing?

Bush talks of welcoming children to this world?


I like the way Kerry refers to our troops as our kids...

You can run but you can't hide. Oh, PLEASE...

Shrub - three decisions that were wrong?

Slush fund to Halliburton!

"Slush fund to Halliburton!!!" Okay, turning TV off-don't want to hear spi

OK, Women! Bush* wants you to die during childbirth.

How do we all feel about the abortion answer?

Screw the networks and cable news...Kerry is the WINNER! n/t

Didja see how that doe-eyed nitwit was looking at Bush??

First time I can really see Kerry as President

Is he just not going to answer this question? nt

Gibson was fine. No damage. Looked upset when Bush kirked.

Our own prez forgot the words to the Preamble to the Constitution

So when did CSPAN start carrying WWF Smackdown?

Audience not real excited yet

My wife said...

Great debate pic on CNN homepage

Even the kids are paying some attention to what is happening.

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd!

Should that have been Bush with first closing remarks?

Did Bush just say "the world would be a lot better off"

Back to the "wonderful economy" bullshit

Some of these people looked pissed or bored.

Charlie Gibson has been more than fair - hard on smirk?


Safer but not safe?

Stupid haters

Dred Scott V Sanford?

Tonight went far better than I feared...

He did the jaw slide thing again. It's got to be drugs.

The term "Partial birth abortion" refers to NO KNOWN MEDICAL PRCEDURE!!!!!

With Bush's handicap points - he wins the debate

AOL poll needs help




Hit the polls now!!!!

It's going to be close.

Excellent final question!!

What planet in Bush on?

Bush on defensive -- he IS the issue from here on out.

Here's the $87 billion dollar question

He's fucked now....


Everyone is very Sad and Stressed OUT! We HATE This!!!

obFOXious news is already crowing about Bush's

Great Bush economy picture

Bush was a pompous ass

The lovely Hillary is on NBC

The burden was on Bush tonight to hit a grand slam. He failed to do that

ANOTHER Bush showed up tonight! Kerry was CONSISTENT! BUSH FLIP-FLOPPED!

"President was either very assertive or shouting"

Hillary spinning on NBC NOW

Rally in Kansas City

***HIT THE POLLS NOW!!!*** (n/t)

We Need a Copy of Bush's 2001 Schedule C Tax Form

Candy Crowley shilling for the GOP again!!

Look at the lady behind Bush-lOL!

Bush won't appoint a Justice that supports slavery


bush just keeps on LYING.

Kansas City Channel survey on line 78 Kerry 22% Bush

Olbermann score so far

EVERYONE: Turn your TVs/radios OFF and go vote in the polls....

Mehlman is a disgusting creature

Final two questions? Wow, this thing has zoomed by!

WHY Kerry won tonight:::Simply ....Kerry was more credible

What's this "You can run but you can't hide shit?"

FUCK-YOU Pat Buchanan

CNN-Carlos Watson say's Kerry won

"Sylvia Burlesque"!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

Pataki on CBS

Mehlman is a disgusting creature

I think Andrea Mitchell is now spreading them for Kerry

DNC Message to DU members! Get out the message!

George Will: it's a draw

A 2nd Bush presidency will be MORE Dangerous! Please make the case.

"John Kerry is a very good debater..."

Bush was Spectacular?????!!!!!

faux news is up and it's b eing FREEPED to hell

Buchanan: Bush wiped the floor with Kerry!


Go hit the FoxNews poll.

the timber thing might be big.

ABC Kerry 44% Bush 41% Tie 13%

ABC poll


Kerry has been hit with all the hard questions.

I think Kerry has been better tonight than he was in debate #1

Tucker Eskew: Huge victory for Bush.

ABC News: Kerry Wins

Next Debate: According to PBS-David Brookes

BOTTON LINE: Bush came out of gate DEFENSIVE and stayed there

DU post convention chat tonight

Just remember every post you make criticizing Kerry helps the other side

Acc. to Washington Post's forum, Bush refused to shake hands with woman

The calls into CSpan are majority for Kerry ...

ABC Kerry wins 44-41

Wow Three Mistakes!!!!!!

ABC News showing Timber Co comment legit!

"Kerry was effective and Chimp had difficulty explaining things."

You know, I"m thinking Bush did a really really great job

So we learned tonight that Bush has made no mistakes in 4 years?

CSPAN callers on CRACK?

Right wing word of the night: "Haughty"

William Kristiol on Fox said that Bush did much better but he DID NOT....

CBS Poll Up

Hillary on Larry King Tonight!

IMO Kerry won hands down.

New Poll for West Palm Beach ABC Station

MSNBC Buchanan: Bush won "handily"

Bush Lost the Presidency Tonight.

Hardball Panel Afraid To Call The Debate Early This time, I

Futurama is still the best show ever, My wife rocks and KERRY WILL WIN!

Polls Looking Worse For Bush Than The First Debate.

Bush's Psyche.

Pic of Bush's Sedway fall - could someone please post it?

Abortion question

Take the 1969 CNN poll (maybe Bush will do better in this year)

Brokaw just said this was the most useful debate he's seen in a long time.

CNN poll being freeped 92% Kerry


One of the best debates I have ever seen

No wonder we don't have a real coalition

NBC: Kerry "Confident" - Bush "Indignant"

Brokaw & Russert call it a draw

Several big name pro-Kerry concerts across Florida tonight...

The result was the same: Chimpy freaked out, Kerry in charge.

MSNBC poll shows no results

Please do me a favor ... go to polls list at top of forum, and vote in

Why isn't ANYONE on the tube questioning Bush's metal stability???

Not a momentum killer but not a decusive win either.

87 Billion - President sent them to war unprepared

87 Billion - President sent them to war unprepared

Andrea Mitchell is tipsy again.

Hillary on Tweety NOW

CBS looks great, CNN shows all zeros

MS Magazine poll: Kerry 66% Bush 34% n/t

Mike Malloy has a very thoughtfull insight into debate. LOL

FOX spin...... (are you ready?)......

Server overload slowing things down

Bush Started Getting Visibly Upset When He Was Accused of...

Bush Fights Emotion, Scowls in Debate

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we just won the election...

"You can run, but you can't hide"

Brag about your contribution to a Kerry victory HERE!

Local Kansas City ABC afflliatte poll results

Terry Mac on Fox

Katherine Q. Seelye (NY Times)

Does anyone here really think Bush is doing well tonight?

OK this is the end of the road, some MF on MSNBC

Raleigh-Durham, NC poll Kerry 79%

NYTIMES gives it to BUSH?!?!?!?!

did anyone else think bush did worse this time?


Dred Scott?


Push the PETULANT meme, and HARD!

DU this poll!!!!!!

Not a momentum killer but not a decisive win either.

Bush's mistakes...

CNN Poll Up!!

Haha. Is this cool, or what?

You know what would be pretty interesting?

Anyone have link to bush*/timber story?

Local CBS affiliate showed debate parties at GW

Holy Shit - Check Out NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth Poll

Brian Williams needs to go back to school

new web site:

Newsday poll

Good thing bush wasn't armed

OK, I don't know what anyone else thinks about the debate

Olberman's final score: Kerry 20, Bush 2

I, John Forbes Kerry, do solemnly swear...


The question about supreme court justice appt's...

I see *'s back is fine now. No bulge.

So where are all the instant polls?

"Gut Check Time"

New DNC ad talks of oil companies in energy policy and high gas prices

Bush's Softball Question

Who in the name of the Lord Jesus was Bush winking at?

Y'know, I could've sworn that I heard...

Who's spinning for Kerry

Karen Hughes just said Kerry looked angry??

Goddamit what is Pat Buchanan's email address..

channeling dana carvey

Even Bill Kristol gives Kerry the victory

ABC, CNN snap polls say Kerry won

JM Marshall live on CSPAN now

Did you notice tonight folks???

MSNBC: Kerry 74% Bush 26%, MS Kerry 68% Bush 32%

Bush did better than he did last time

Did he say he invented some kind of fuel idea? on the timber thing.

There's something fishy about some of these polls!

If the debate was a 12 round prizefight, how would you score it?

Bush was 'macho', Kerry was too aggressive!?!?!?!?!WTF!?!?

I'm worried, I'm worried yeah I'm worried about america. BS

great new numbers from the LA times

Okay, so what was the funniest/most pathetic Bush debate moment?

Debate Transcript.....Pick out the Bush lies

There was no clear gotcha winner, but Kerry's objectives are better.

Bush cut off Gibson

CNN FactCheck...bush is a big fat ugly LIAR

Post Debate Call-in on local NPR station: "Argument Clinic"

Let me preface this by saying I'm of Mexican American descent

"Wanna buy some wood?"

If Tonight's Debate Was A Heavyweight Fight,

Do us a favor - if you post about a poll, please provide a link

On the environment question, Bush* did his job by spouting out all the

We've got 30 countries in Iraq?

Bush's Internal Numbers Must Show His Base Eroding

Damn, Kerry missed the question about Edwards' lawsuits...

Bush's chuckle-turned-shock...

Smirk lost his shit....

Bush reassures his base, loses the center

My Internets service is very slow tonight

"All right, we'll call it a draw."

If CNN tries to hide the 2nd debate poll results

All the Monkey had to do was show up and he'd be called a winner !

again NO answer to: what are your mistakes....and Kerry shoulda

Senator Clinton on Nightline

did bush say the us military is getting more "facile"?

SHIT, Folks...Even FOX NEWS Shows Kerry Winning In The Poll!!

What I am writing to News and on yahoo!

tort reform won't solve insurance premium problem

Democratic Party must raise $5 million online by midnight tonight

MSNBC is Shocked that Kerry "tried to make it a referendum on Preznit"

Did Kerry stay mainly on offense? Did Stupid sound whiney & defensive?

Hillary on Tweety NOW

Holy Shit - Check Out NBC5 Dallas Ft. Worth On Line Poll

Gibson picked the questions and the order... How did he do?

I wonder if people in Missourah have access to the Internets?

WTF is UP with Chris Mathews!!?!? They completely ignore Bush's meltdown

* totally failed on the perscription drug question. OOPs.

KOTV-Tulsa needs help n/t

"If he (JK) loses (war), Iraq will become a haven for terrorists"

Josh Marshall on the debate

Bush may have energized Black Americans to vote

What sound bytes from tonight will get replayed over and over and over?

Is it just me ordid it seem like Chimpy was mad that people

So Bush will not appoint a Supreme Court judge with dread locks?

Kerry has his work cut out for him

Gibson allowed the 'tax pledge' question through. Quicksand for JK?

Most tasteless Bush moment of the evening? Supreme Court votes of course!

Who's uncomfortable with Gibson getting so much control over the debate.

coulter vs. Begala coming up on CNN!!!!

Pro-Lifers 2 Questions -- Pro-Choice 0 Questions....

Green, Libertarian candidates arrested for trying to get into the debates

Chimpy will NOT appoint a SC Justice who supports slavery!

Just got done delayed 1 hour via TiVo. Pre spin analysis

Paternity Group Home?

What happened to "It's hard work?"

"The World would be better off"

Kerry has 280 electoral votes on today's

Bush "did a good decision"

Bush's winks

Novak injured before election, now Scarborough too... God's will?

A Decisive Win In The First Bout... A Win On Points In The Second Bout

I still haven't heard Bush's healthcare plan

Unfortunately, Bush* survived to fight another day.

Didn't Junior say "Kennedy is the most liberal senator"

Bush's yelling at Gibson was Dean's Yeaaaaaahaaaaahhhhh!

CSPAN callers 2-1 for Kerry!!

Results of the second debate on a non-political site that has a politics

Go figure, Don't slap the labels around, great lines.

Screen shot of the CNN poll

Why didnt Bush answer invasion of Iran question?

YAY!!! Bush doesn't support slavery!!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!!!

Did everyone watch the woman in gray on the top row?

Bush's two lies from 2000. Remind me. What were they.

What's with the lounge music on MSNBC?

Bill Maher: Michael Moore coming up

John Kerry was outstanding. Believe.

Who was the better one term President, you or your father?

Remember: It's "leadership" that makes the world revile the US

Maher is skewering Bush calling him a Girl

So. Was the audience REALLY undecided? Or do they just say that?

The Dred Scott mystery is solved!

Ron Silver unopposed partisan on After Hours panel

Here is some more SOLID proof that Kerry won:

As a Texas native, I'd like to say that Bush's is the most inauthentic...

Did you hear Bush tell Kerry

Google monkeys: google the questionners...

GOPer rips Kerry - Mathhews responds with "well said"

* "I will appoint [the Supreme court] them so they can vote for me"

Which third world are Bush's drugs coming from?

From the San Antonio Texas newspaper. . . . .

The omnibus "How Kerry wiped the floor with Bush's face" thread

Three gag moments:

Eeek! Bea Arthur (on MSNBC) is a Bush supporter?

I keep wondering if deciding to start a war felt anything similar to

The blinking eyes

MSNBC Bullshit spin begins

ABC, CNN snap polls say Kerry won

Idiot Repugs on MSRNC focus group

CBS has the bit where Bush interrupted Gibson

Freepers flip-flop on freeping

Wrong to kill 9/11 innocents : Wrong to kill Iraqi innocents.

Bush doesn't know what "the internets" is.

Bush Broke the debate rules, talked down the moderator.

clueless angry Bush pulls a Gore with his timber company

I can't wait for The Daily Show and it's take on the debate...

I really don't think your right are being brought down. I think for you


Kerry was right: Bush is listed as part owner of a lumber company on his

I cannot put into words how much I LOATHE Coulter The Man

Kerry has proved he is worthy to be President.

Bush was an angry angry man. List what you think.

The woman in red who was obviously sticking it to Mr. Bush as they worked

Where I think Bush lost the election

anyone notice the lady at the debates...

the kind of man who makes women and children cry

This question seals the debate. What are the conditions NOW under

ABC (non-online) POLL: K44, B41, tie13 (slightly larger Dem audience)

I Told Yall Pat Buchanan Was A Fascist Asshole...

Tweety keeps saying that Kerry got to close to Bush

Denver Post 64 to 36 * Needs Help

Kerry missed an opportunity ...

All the Monkey had to do was show up and he'd be called a weiner !

You can buy some wood right on the Internets! Check this out.

Bush Smirk on Second Debate

"Tell Tony Blair we're going alone! Tell Tony Blair!!!!"

CNN Poll is "up".

Buchanan Face It Blinky Lost Damit

Listening to freeper talking heads I can almost see the next issue...

What did people think of the moderation?

Bush on stem cell research...I was for it before I was against it

A new poll to hit: (not on Skinner's list and we're down)

Who votes more than once on a poll?

Missed Iran point ...

"Members are leaving the coalition, Mr President". That was a great one.

I give up!


The incredulous woman in the background

I think Kerry did very well, but ...

Denver Post (Bush way up!) Vote, vote, vote!

Kerry missed a slam dunk in at the end.

All this Poll posting is getting old................I'm Done

Aaron Brown: Bush "overcaffeinated"

I think Bush might manage to break his own record for the African-American

Were you shocked at the way Bush screamed at the audience? Tell the media.

Malloy is on fire with a list of * mistatements!!

Who is tweety?

Gibson was fine. No damage. Upset when Bush kirked.

If you recorded the debate

Need some wood? Buy it on the internets

Where;s Joe Scarborough?

Where the Hell is the ABC poll? Did anyone get to vote on it?

Just now on Aaron Brown- "The case against Bush has been made

Kerry won this election when he said...

Did Kerry pass up a chance to give the last summation?

Bush Fights to Keep Emotions, Scowl in Check

"Undecided" voters are two things.

Where the fuck is Rapid Response?

Can anyone cache the pages?

Freepers are pissed the liberals use their tactics!

Best line of the night: MO would be 3rd largest nation in the coalition

What's with all the hollering?

Bush: "We didn't KNOW he had weapons until we got there!" ???

BTW, they STILL haven't guarded all the ammo dumps!

What do the online polls look like?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we just won the election...

Andrea Mitchell - A Draw

I learned two new words from the snake-oil salesman tonight...

Joe Klein on CNN saying Bush looked tense and angry, while Kerry...

Greta poll 63% Kerry to 35% Putz

Tell Tony Blair we're going alone. Shouting down Gibson.

Very smart young lady on MXNBC talking about debate. Bush was better but

Wow! Kerry is winning the AOL poll

Bush not presidential at this debate; he was like a drunk uncle ...

I Thought Bush Was Going To Hit Charlie Gibson...

I didn't see it yet, explain this "need wood?" line

Shoutin' George Bush

Did Bush Remind You Of Al Pacino's Character In Scent Of A Woman

CNN online poll, Kerry 80%, Bush 19%, with over 200K votes!

Early takes on the debate from 7 blogs

So when is Bush going to ban in vitro fertilization

Bush Yelled Down the Moderator, Got angery and lost it!!!

What was up with *'s jaw all night? Drugs that do this?

Was it me, or did Bush's head look lopsided?

cnn poll not working? anyone?

Ron Silver -- go fuck yourself

Bush lost. Game Over. But what about the ......

EMAIL MANIA (Gibson encounter) - Let's get this done

Schneider: Kerry made progress

Were all the questions posed by white audience members?

Bush, Itching for a fight ????

Love Reagan. Just said in asking the audience questions he said on

VERY tight Virginia poll...please DU

Re-Watch On - Line: C-Span

Re the "battling green eyeshade"...all accountants will know this one

How Many Internets Are There?

Bush Meltdown, Kerry Presidential: Kerry WON, since media calls it a draw.

"This dude blow up eve'ything he can't spell!"

Snap Polls Show Kerry Won (with one "draw")

Chris Wallace Calls Debate For...

Houston Chronicle Poll (close)

Call me delusional: I think that Kerry was head & shoulders better.

Anyone else see Bush winking at the audience

Will all Democrats, and DUers, please, GO FOR THE THROAT NOW!

Affordable instructions to protect your Kerry-Edwards yard Sign

Simple statement using unequivocal language ...

It wasn't a draw.....Kerry won.

Well I was paying attention to the closing statements....and

LOL Kerry Is Bush's Father Being Discussed On MSNBC

Been Surfing-Kerry Wins By A Small Margin- I'll Take it

AOL Poll Results...So Far..11:40 pm CDT

Freepers--- 2 losses in one nite.

What about Bush*'s comment about not offending judges

After Hours on MSNBC, talking to students

So...why is it that Tuesday night S Corporations were bad...but now

I think bush went after the moderator as a planned attack.,

Bush says all his mistakes are other people.

Kerry: Presidential

most astounding thing during the debate

How can you NOT love Ron Reagan!

What should Sen. Kerry have said?

Buchanon Apologists Weigh In Please

How's things in Freeperville?

EXCESSIVE BLINKING: a sign of non-comprehension or lying.

was chimpy YELLING at these people?

3 Million Wetlands Need Lotsa Wood

Where are all the tragic deaths of bus-trip seniors?

Yahoo Poll

Military wins the war and the President wins the peace. Go Kerry we need U

I was "FREAKED OUT" when Bush disrespected Gibson and the rules

Bush COULD NOT admit to any mistakes ...

"Got Wood" is a vile slogan. Tell everyone what it means.

A double standard ? What if Kerry had charged Gibson and yelled over him?

Blinking is a give away to lying or fear.

A Point That Kerry Should Have Hit * On.

Kerry is blowing me away

What was the timber company all about

Ann Coulter whoring on Larry King

Oh Shit, Ann (used to be a Man) Coulter up on CNN

What did you think when Stupid shouted right over the moderator?


MSNBC Brian Williams was pointing out the so called mistakes made

The homer was his answer regarding the Supreme Court

Was Kerry feeling around for the radio pack? :)

Jonah Goldberg gives it to Kerry

"The constitution, it says we're doesn't say that!"

What DECADE was * in?

Tell me I'm crazy: I thought bush said "evil green eyeshadow" Did he???

how much will the 3rd and last debate count ?

Another excellent Kerry tactic

Did * call even ONE person by name?

WTF? FOX whores call debate for Kerry; MSNBC for Bush

Didn't Bush say Kennedy was the most liberal Senator???

I swear he said "Senator Kennedy" was the most liberal

Um, why did bush mention Poland AGAIN?

Bush is so proud of how he refused to support the $87billion bill at first

Has anyone EVER shouted over a moderator in prez debate??

Tonight's Crystal Clarity - Kerry WILL NOT LOSE a debate

WTF up wit' that rooster strut?

The poll numbers after each debate have simply amazed me.

Libertarian and Green Party candidates arrested at debate.

What was the deal? Did shrub say he need those judge to vote for him.

Kondracke,Hume,Goldberg,Kristol call it for Kerry

Best Kerry Lines of Debate?

list the tics you saw - a real website about Bush comment (already!)

One thing odd I noticed in every single poll


Wood for sale on eBay!

Gallup: 47 Kerry 45 Dumbshit

If the dabate was a football game, what was the score?

Moonbeam's 7 person focus group is completely Kerry now

The Dred Scott decision was bad, mmmkay?

Aaron Brown: Bush appeared over Caffienated

Were there any 18-24 year olds in the debate audience?

Debate assessment: Kerry spoke to people, Bush yelled at the room

Is it always gonna be this way--the rich win-- the poor lose

Bush: "Forget all that talk about the DRAFT!" -- Here's the truth:

Wolf to Ken Melman "The President SCREAMED through the first half!" Message Board: Reactions to the Debate


Holy shit. You see CBS's closing shot?


Bush on SUPREME COURT APPOINTEES: "I'm not tellin'!"

Interesting WSJ poll: How would you grade Bush's record in creating jobs?

NYTimes picks up bulging jacket story....

I doubt if Bush won over any women tonight..

Got wood? Got wood? A brilliant line by bush....


Kerry's ability to recall names is incredible.

We won't know who "won" the debate for 5 days, but Kerry was better...

The Scary Little Man (my debate report, rough)

Freepers "Got Wood" Stupidity on the timber thing.

Abortion question.

NYTimes gives debate to Kerry - calls Bush "incoherent"

Joshua Marshall on CSPAN: "It's a draw"

Dred Scott? GREAT SCOT!

What was Shrub's best line?

Olbermann MSNBC blog reverses Kerry win in to Tie!

Best Bushisms of the Debate?

Just a look at how some of the polls are doing; Face it Kerry

AP: Bush Fights to Keep Emotions in Check

Bush Flips Out - The Video

[PINR] Oct. 09, 2004: Iraq's January Elections

'God has a plan. Bush will hold back the evil'

Baltimore Sun: Kerry's counterattacks keep Bush off his stride

A tiger's growing thirst for oil (China)

Riding My Father's Motorcycle by ALEIDA GUEVARA

Debate Exposes Bush's Racist War

How 1,200 inspectors failed to find WMD

A Casualty Of Bush's War

For Bush, a Blast from the Ivory Tower

George Bush - He's No Harry Truman

An Ohio Scandal You Wont Hear About or See

EMPTY VOLCANO: Wolcott on Bush second debate behavior.

The Town Hall Debate (NYT)

When "guilty" becomes "sorry" (Pravda)

For Many Social Justice Oriented Catholics: John Kerry is the Only Choice

What You Don't Know About War

Gott mit uns: On Bush and Hitler’s rhetoric

Round Two: Bush Versus Bush

BlueEyedSon: Bush and the "culture of life"

Commentary: Bush blew it on the last lap

Oil Wars and the American Military

A friend's excellent LTTE

"Indiana Mom Tattoos Anti-Bush Slogan On Shaved Head"

It Will All Be Over Soon (excellent)

Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians'

Boycott CNN


Bush Meltdown - Video

Hit this one folks!

One more and I'll stop ;-)

Kerry on MSNBC

Tom Waits doe's song for Move-On

This poll shows shrub ahead

Take this survey on the news media...

Downloadable mp3's of last night's debates

Lawsuit claims politically connected firm defrauded millions in Iraq

Bush tax cuts

Does the hike on those earning $200K begin on dollar one?

Enormous Lies from Steven Milloy and Fox News

Call for global jihad puts jittery Afghanistan on high alert

The source Duelfer didn't quote

Help, I can't post anywhere -- I tried the Lounge, I tried GD, I tried

I would like to submit this for an Official DU smiley...

Spybot has blocked the download of Avenue A

Great job.. Just one question ?

Skinner- re:Sinclair

CNN scrubbing their poll again?

I was starting one of my customary inane polls in the Lounge

Hey me too! Sypbot has blocked "Avenue A, Inc" ...

No biggie but..

Dedicated forum area/pin-up topic for Kerry camp advice?

US Church puts pressure on Israel

Pod People, take a look... You may be surprised what is in 'Plane Sight'

New "9/11 TRUTH Blog" - Announcement! (and resources)

Post missing 9/11 evidence you'd like to see

Des Moines! Cedar Rapids! 'Stolen Honor' Heads Up!!

Mike Malloy is on Air America in Boston

Can't believe I missed this

Minneapolis! 'Stolen Honor' Heads Up!!

CAMPAIGN STOP IN ROYAL OAK: Edwards urges Democrats to get out the vote in

Flint- Sinclair Affiliate- please contact re:anti Kerry broadcast

Stop the Retardicans from stealing the election.

Televised Hoeffel - Specter debate Sat. 10/9 at 7:00 PM

Does anyone have any info about the Tom Ridge-Carlton Sherwood connection?

Report on debate party, south of Houston

Hey, San Antonio! 'Stolen Honor' Heads Up!!

Texas has not beat OU in the 21st Century

Challenger Wright, Brady, GOP incumbent to face off in first debate

On early voting and disappearing Kerry signs

I drove past the Ted Poe headquarters in Beaumont

One of the Slime Boaters will be in Sheboygan next week.

Tim Michels' Mafia benefactor?

Absentee ballot return label missing

Chimpy's finishing smirk-head-shake like he expected

Stop the Retardicans from stealing the election

Fairer and Balanceder Poll!

NYT editorial - Bush* " utterly incoherent"

Poll Qustion on the site we can't name.

Fair and balanced poll!

I just got in from work--how'd John do? From GD's back pages, looks good

I think its time for a full blown smear campaign on Ann Coulter

Are the Bushes like herpes?

Member of Bush family clique tied to oil for food scandal

GEORGE W. BUSH Acronyms =)

Debate: The Boy King looked/sounded DESPERATE.

Maybe its good the repukes think Bush won this debate

you guys will love this one

Can someone explain the "got wood" bit - I didn't hear the debate.

Where the hell did these come from?

US presidential debate: Your views

Tonight some pro-Bush nuts were mocking the local Dem Club.

RANDI today: "BUSH has closer ties to Bin Laden than Saddam ever did."

Something very SPECIAL is about to happen! Message:

ZNet:Where are the progressives in Iraq?

Tonight, Ladies and Gentleman

Dred Scott case??? Dred frickin' Scott????

Vote the online polls

Ralph Nader will be on Washington Journal on CSpan Saturday Morning

When do the polls close in Australia?

For those curious about the Australian election...

Hate to bring it up, but here comes Tropical Storm Matthew

Were democrats this motivated in 1984?

2:00 AM EST.. CNN trashing Martha & Stern.. MSRNC trashing Kerry

Arcata, Ca. City Council Votes 3-0 to impeach bush

Science will be there for diseases?

listening to a Republican on the Rothman show

Does anyone know where I can watch the debate online?

Four reasons to impeach the President.

Question about the timber thing....

Did you all see that woman behind * at the closing?

LAT: If America Is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure?

3....Three Decession Mr Prez...!!!!!!!!!

The Final Judgment

On every occassion when Mr.Bush is seen for an extended time

Interesting theory: was Bush wearing a dental device to keep from smirking

I have finally found one accomplishment I can credit Bush with.

Gallup is Still Oversampling Republicans !

Shrub: America's First Manufactured President

Non-Partisan Flash Cartoon about the Presidential Race

U.S. officials say surprised, but Brits say warned them flu shot shortage

Bush Lying to Congress a crime?

The price our country has paid so far for this incompetent man's

No new taxes promise - mistake?

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Blockbuster

Damn you liberal media!

The first Global Test

The KO is coming! The KO is coming! The KO is coming!

Will Bush call a special "Policy Announcement" for netwoks...

What was the Point of the Dred Scott example?

What F8%#ing weapons systems was he talking about?

Afghan Elections...A fraud.

Ok maybe yall can help me out here...

gw bush, what a waste of skin

Bush wants "strict constructionist" Supreme Court Justices.

Sending mix messages to the troops.

I cannot believe things have changed that much

NY Post? Article about ABC memo? What gives?

Look into the camera

if bush stabbed someone to death would congress have to

Kerry wins the debate about health care and taxes.

Kerry wins on the Environment too.

People who want to respect embryonic cells in a lab dish Need to respect

Bush also used WMD on his own people.

One thing I think Kerry could do better, but don't know exactly how...

Debate moderator regretted he had to spend so much time on Iraq.

Bush was slimy last night. A Used Car Salesman is our president.

What would Bush be like if he didn't take any drugs?

We Love Teresa and Elizabeth!

Kerry "It is respecting Life to pursue stem cell research."

Did anyone else notice that * avoided saying that we're all "equal"?

Kerry will not abdicate national sovereignty to any other nation,

The Enemy Within...

Vote For Change Finale On Monday Night On Sundance Channel

Bush knows he's a hypocrit on Pro-Life. "Pro-Life" is discredited.

Partial Birth Abortions are PRIVATE Family business - NOT the business of

Whenever I watch ESPN Gameday

Bush, "To destory life to help others is not acceptable" ??????????

We had Saddam under control - A Bosnia style bombing might have

Bush knows he's a Wrong/mistaken/lieing about Pro-Life+Pro-War.

I have a computer question.

Bush says everything is fine. Everyone I know is SAD and SCARED.

You could tell that * knew he was lieing when he talked about stem cell

How are Fox and Free republic spinning this debate?

We are not safer with Bush. Terrorists want revenge against him.

I love getting off of our dependency on Foreign/Royal OIL!!!

Censored Bush nude is most popular Yahoo image. Enjoy!

What question was it where the Chimp went Postal?

Bush knows his anti-Stem Cell research "Pro-Life" line is a Lie.

Bush is scared.


Didn't Bush et al vote against $87 million when it was going to be from

"There's also a report of another "signal" during the debate itself. "

Read my lips....No new draft

Anthrax and the debates...

HELP! Freeper Problem!

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Once again I wonder what debate the pundits were watching last night

So, why isn't Canada suing the US drug companies?

Care to un-freep my hometown poll?

Churches supporting Bush on "Pro-Life" are making a big mistake.

Super-Size Me

God v Bush

Radio ad - Operation Truth

Pro-Life in this admin are fakes.

CNN's Dobbs, Henry attempted to discredit DeLay prosecutor

Someone stuck a butcher knife through my neighbor's

So who thought the prez was looking a little bit speedy last night?

MSNBC wiped it's poll, has * winning at 51%

As predicted - The Whore Media calls the debate a draw.

I just watched the Brittany Spears clip from F911.

Please e-mail the Kerry campaign about the $87 bil question!

Once BushCo is out of office - will the media THEN come out w/ the truth?

Anyone think bush was on something last night?

A Sobering Thought On Bush's Meltdown Last Night

Americans want EVERYTHING, but they want it FREE

Anyone else donating to the DNC today??

David Brooks today - my letter to him

Amid War, US Combatants Find Plenty of Time to Post on Internet

Will * show up at Kerry's Inaugeration?

Feds seize Indymedia servers

what about iraq

Civil-Rights Panel to Wait to Discuss Bush (after election!!)

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane! No it's....

Mick Jagger should sue bush* for stealing his moves. Walking around

Does bush believe himself?

Whos the guy who does the tshirts?

Blue states (Dem) have better credit scores than red states (Repub)

Repubs stall Bush Civil Rights Report

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian DU'ers

Sympathy for the Dubya

Rep. Tim Ryan speech, did everyone see this

Is Bush psychotic?

I'm frustrated with Kerry

I was watching JFK and the Cuban missile crisis, and a thought...

Great speech by George the second: hilarious

Michael Moore needs to offer one-time broadcast rights to F9/11 to

Welcome to this mornings reality check:

The nearly six decades of our country's interference in other people's

Skewed Values

As Bush's anger rises at the ridicule he is now being forced to

DU this poll at's homepage....

GOP, The Party Of Deadbeats

Dubya's new nickname, "Blinky?"

Freeper brainhose is renting his BUTT for a tattoo on E-Bay.. really!

BBV: Total Vote Count and Undervote Study (HG This is 4 U)

Psalm 94 and the Bush Administration- an analogy

What did B### and Kerry pay in income tax last year?

Where is the guy who said Iraq was going to be a cakewalk?

Photo shop question on Drudge

Well here I go again...I was up high (last night debate) then today I

It is Democrats who truly support Family Values

HELP w/this RW e-mail...

Feedback Deeply Appreciated: My third debate postmortems column:

Maher should be reincartnated as a coack raoch...

Someone Stole My John Kerry Sign and I am Pissed!!!

Yellow Ribbon, modified

* 's new nickname: P-NAC-cchio

you can run but you can’t hide.

Bush Debate Notes Exposed

Is Phil Hendrie Really Liberal?

Why all the fuss over that stupid anti-Kerry movie from the neo-cons? do you solve a problem like a wingnut parent? Ya DON'T

How to Stop Outsourcing

I wonder if we could do something like writing the 3 big stations

OSCE election observation mission

Why * used Dred Scott

Get your forged NIGER YELLOWCAKE documents here.

Debate quotes- Bring Back Complete Sentences Edition!

Contact The Media - Tell Them Why Bush Is Bad For Diplomacy

My problems with the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998

Anti-Zionist Arab Books Criticized at Fair (NYT 9 Oct)

Official "Guy James Show" Thread---keep kicked please!

the "Internets" huh!?!?!?

Who has more journalistic credibility?

My own 9/11 Word: FIFF

Anti-CNP File on Tom DeLay

could a truce end media bias?

CNN Poll being Freeped like crazy! 300k votes for Bush since this a.m.

IF God forbid the election were a contested mess

Unfreep this poll!!!!!

As hard as it is to ignore the media

Watching F 9/11 in my bedroom .. man..

BBV: They Win; We Throw In The Towel

FoxNews Watch is going to discuss their own Carl Cameron.

Let's assume Bush was wired.

Terror: Made in Canada

The War On Choice

Have YOU ever been

I'm sorry, but the underwear and noodles thing is kinda pathetic

Free music CD in Vanity Fair Mag - Nov. 2004

Golly weren't the undecideds at debate #2 FAT or what?

Chossudovsky Videos (Prof. Economics U of Ottawa)

Why is the DU login form automatically filling in my info?

Jesse Jackson Jr. Introduces IRV bill

" When the President does it, that means it is not illegal".This was the

Have you volunteered politically in the past month? If so,

"Colin Powell, Alas." by Calvin Trillin

So I guess is OK to use now as a source? Minor Rant

Some questions about the Magdalene Laundries

Oil tops $53 a barrel

So who won the election in Afghanistan?

The "Time Machine" President

Someone tell me again why Novak is not facing jail time!

The freepers got to the CNN poll, or they fixed it!

Favorite Michael Moore movie?

Why are we still killing Iraqis?????

"Hijacking Catastrophe" ad is now on Crawford, TX paper site

Was Bush's flight-suit for "Mission Accomplished" rented?

Bush has served the Christian Right, not the American People

Bumper sticker: "When you support the president, you support America"

Internets = AYBABTU?

Holy Shit! I just got polled by the Gallup organization!

Send a letter to Congress demanding DeLay's ouster

A Basics Refresher: Do You Concede That b*sh Stole The 2000 Election?

"75% of Al Queda" - How Many Al Queda ARE There, Smirky?

Show PNAC(Cheney et al) was behind 9/11 and we got Nov 2 in the bag!

Kerry did well, but WHY doesn't he mention Bush's $87 bil VETO threat?

"Faith-based" homes for unwed mothers. Bush's secret plan revealed!

Did I just hear that Kerry accused bush* admin of

Animal White House: Was Bush Boy Basis For Bluto Blutarsky?

Socialized Corporate Market...

I will be escalating my admonishment

Hey Check this out ! I found it by accident ! C-Span me and myvet

Oh cool! they have " Outfoxed" on cable!!

I just love that Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana. You guys

the scoop on farmer chimpy's "timber" company

Kerry's position on abortion is fair to ALL Americans

Update on the theft of my John Kerry bumper sticker.

HOT!! "Iraq on the Record" Prepared for Sen. Waxman

Furious George...America can't afford an out of control president

N. Korea is 100% right by the way.

I still can't believe that Martha's sitting in jail and Ken Lay's not!

Now we are starting to hear gripes about FEMA's slow action.

Reagan coming to $10.00 bill after all -- you heard it here first.

Dred Scott = Roe v. Wade


Blood in the street up to my ankles ...

Australia's John Howard and his party just won. WTF???

Given Howard's win in Oz, and our flooding the US with scary medications

British hostage Kenneth Bigley beheaded

Kerry and Bush Face Off Over Deficit, War

FoxNews poll

Means, Thune not on the outs

Breaking: MC Morning News: The MOST damning 911 info against Bush to date

Kerry charges Bush made world more dangerous

Poor-quality ink letting Afghans vote more than once

Bush and Kerry go tooth and nail in fiery debate

Gaddafi tells the families he threw out, it's time to come back

Commentary: Bush blew it on the last lap

Rumsfeld Says More Troops May Be Asked For

Filmmaker lambasts Bush during presidential debate

NYT: Last Job Report Before Election Always Political Number (Bush=Hoover)

WP: In Election Season, IRS Sits in Judgment (on churches)

WP: Environmental Group Cites Partisanship in Judiciary (Dem/GOP divide)

Bush fights to keep emotions in check "* smirked and winked and chuckled"

Nader on CSPAN

Pelosi Seeks Special Counsel for an Inquiry on DeLay

TARIQ AZIZ DIES in US custody !!!

Briton jailed for drugs plot

NYT: Report on Iraq Arms Deals Angers France and Others

$461M budget proposal cuts jobs (Albany, New York)

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 1,064 members of the U.S. military have died

Museum drops 'nude Bush' artwork

Dem Radio Address Says GOP Congress Failed

Rumsfeld Says More Troops May Be Asked For

CA: Sample ballots use wrong date (for Spanish-speaking voters)

Cuba Activities in Nations Concern U.S.

4,000 refugees believed drowned at sea every year

Boston Herald: Web wags are wondering if W was wired

Contractor (and Fox News commentator) accused of fraud in Iraq

WP: Britain:U.S. Told Of Vaccine Shortage (health officials contradicted)

US military says Iraq’s former deputy PM Aziz alive (new info)

Afghan candidates boycott election

Nigerian security detains top labour leader as national oil strike looms


LAT: Retailers Are Urged to Save Flu Shots for Most Vulnerable

U.S.: No Terror Connection to Schools Disk

Karl Rove: 'We've Got a Couple of Surprises' for Kerry

Bush Takes Credit for Afghan Election

'They Know I Am Not Guilty' -WP (Cuidad Juarez murders)

38 die as Afghanistan goes to polls

Saudi Arabia Exposes al-Qaida Operations

Bush says finding Osama bin Laden is not main aim of war on terror

Summit Advocates Lifting Sanctions on Cuba

Blair's airliner made 1,450-mile trip to fetch gourmet meal

Was Bush Wired? Absurd, Campaign Says.

Experts Wary of Predicting Win for Bush

Analysis: Tough fight leaves race open (BBC)

Sat. -Pelosi Seeks Special Counsel for an Inquiry on DeLay

The challenger restores his lead heading into the last month

Chaos as boycott hits Afghan vote

Pundits see Bush win in second debate (WaTimes)

Kerry, 46% - Bush, 45% - New Reuters/Zogby Poll Reveals

Ice Cream With Drug Names Banned in Russia

Mt. St. Helens Quaking Once Again

Challenger in tight Australian race vows to exit Iraq by Christmas

WBUR-FM general manager Christo to resign

Militia to Hand Weapons to Iraq Police

"Close race," but Salazar has edge | Denver Post

Debate Divide: Debate Viewers Split on Winner

Kerry Mocks Bush's 'Scowling Faces,' Leadership

Rumsfeld, 18 Allies Discuss War on Terror

Edwards Under Fire, GOP groups poised to unleash assault... -Time

Bush Takes Credit for Afghan Election

The CIA 'old guard' goes to war with Bush

Official: War on Drugs at 'Tipping Point'

Poll: Bush, Kerry even in 2nd debate

Newsday -- Poll: Young adults fear draft coming: 51% BUSH DRAFT coming

The Oregonian Newspaper (Portland) endorses Kerry

Can Prayers Heal? Critics Say Studies Go Past Science...NYT (fed funded)

10/08: ABCNews political director memo sparks controversy

Mentally Ill Man Challenges Missouri Over Right to Vote

CNN survey: Bush maintains Electoral College lead

Australian elections - Bush ally Howard re-elected

Nobel peace laureate claims HIV deliberately created

Creationist sees clear proof in volcano | Seattle P-I

Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film

NYT, pg1, Miller: Report U.S. Profits In Iraqi Oil Sales Under Hussein

Bush Fails to Stem Kerry Momentum in Second Debate, Polls Show

Jacques Derrida Father of Deconstruction Theory Dies

Iran Would Welcome Kerry Camp Proposal-Official

Stop the Retardicans from stealing the election.

I'm so sad...My Angels lost

For my 666th post I'd like to say

I still think Bush was referring to Steve Buscemi

anyone else play President Forever?

When you buy wood you support terrorism!

Favorite Elvis Presley Movie

Some days I feel like I would be better off if I did not give a shit.

The kitten nursing on the dog is starting to seem a little freaky to me

Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internets!

Battling green eye shades?

Buy some wood on the internets - On Ebay now..really cheap!

Man, I saw "Easy Rider" tonight. I feel like Peter Fonda at the end.

I HATE phonebanking

Is our children learning on the Internets?

Something very SPECIAL is about to happen! Message:


If I make a post on this internet...

i saw the most ridiculously white-bred scenario today....

Fair and Balanced Poll !!!

I came up with a new Bush campaign commercial kicker!

You know, The Rules of Attraction is a pretty good movie.

Short report and pics of the Kerry rally in St. Louis. PIC HEAVY

Who's tired as shit but on anyway?

The FOX News 'journalists', time for a mass caption!

Shrub dated the wife of Winston Groom? (Forrest Gump)

on my way to number 200 In a week, I thought I would share this

Bush has solved the problem of getting around on all the internets

"If You Can Afford Payments of $35 a Week for 12 Months ..."

I wish my Internets access was more fastle!

What's wrong with my arms?

Falcons out to a 4-0 start? Are they filling the Georgia Dome yet? nt

Anyone remember this classic video game cartridge?

Official 200th Post since 10/02/04

Steelers v. Browns 1:00 PM EDT Sun. - We'll kick their asses.

DU 'puter geeks-Cheap ISP for these other Internets?

it's been 12 hours and once again i have to say........

I'm going back to bed - my feet are cold

Caption, Caption?

President Log Lady? President Bush? President "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan?

What did Bush resemble most last night?

Would you mix these colors?

Caption: Pickles swallowed her dentures?

Hard Work....

Reds from the Tsars' cellars to go under the hammer

Is is safe to download this?

Spreadsheet-Does anybody know a free spreadsheet I could download?

My internet is busted

Ugh...the first cold of the season drops by for a visit.

Having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees? Then CAPTION!

Congratulations DemBones DemBones - 10,000 posts!

On a lighter note: anyone have a good brunch idea??

Why are *non-MAC users* still using Internet Explorer or Outlook Express?

Kramnik and Leko draw game 9 of champioship match

The BEST quote I've seen on the "got wood" comment!

Caption: Nosferatu pleads for those votes

Okay, be honest - did you laugh at Jay Leno's poke at the attack

Fax Online?

Anyone have a selling account on Ebay?

Happy Birthday John Lennon

"Bush's Brain" DVD in stores this Tuesday. It's Rove-riffic.

Caption: Stinkin' thinkin'

This isn't the first time Bush used "internets" in a St. Louis debate...

See The Idiot Walk\bush* Meltdown

Bye DU, I'm going over to the other internets W talked about.

Bush jokes, getcher Bush jokes here...

I have a computer question.

Wood is Hard Work

Top Ten New Debate Rules:

Extrapolation on the third debate.

It's Saturday earworm time!

Do we misuse insults nowadays?

Your experience with hurricane ins. coverage?

All my photos are up!!!!! Mia vacanze in Italia!!!

Rammstein fans?

Tarot comes out of the shadows and into the suburbs to bring comfort

Marvel! The brand new Model-B Bush Hydrogen Automobile

Team America features Phil Hendrie?

How the hell do I make my photos show up in the thread? Help!

Wahh! I can't get DISH Network

So, who does Bush think needs to be caned on his cabinet?

ODESSA file; anyone remember this book/movie?

Board? then CAPTION


The Spongy W*t Dream of all CAPTIONS!!!

Where can I find video of the second debate that will run in winamp?

ZombyMom's 100% Accurate Debate Review

Okay Non-Canadians, it's Canadian myth dispensing time!

DU! Fashion Police!

OU shuts out Texas!!!

OU-Texas, Braves-Houston

Bush is really popular in Rome!

Northerner myth rebunking time

THAT'S IT: We should BAN all Canadians from DU.....

Bush couldnt admit to 3 mistakes

Is there an on an alternet internets?

For Terence McKenna Fans

I just voted for John Kerry in Az!! (early ballot)

just read an article on Ann Coulter.....

Is there anywhere on the Internet I can download/watch eps of "Real Time"?

yes, in fact.

Southern myth rebunking time

What should I call the CD mix I am making

Curious George finds the internets!

Is CSPAN a voicebox for Bush?

Calling all DU Mommas and Daddys: Advice/input please...

OKLAHOMA 12 - texas 0

Damn. A crown just came unglued.

Bacon Cheeseburger?

Post any Presidential endorsements from your local newspaper here

Someone hasn't had their coffee-flavored biscuits...

I had a great dream last night!

I WON! I WON! I won my battle with!!!

Gambling buses seem to have the worst luck

What else did George Bush forget he owns?

Need some wood?

forget captions, look at this photo

I figured out why Numbnuts asked "Need some wood?"

What is the singular form of "undies"?

iTunes Question: Anyway to avoid sucking up mass memory space?

Help! I can't stop listening to Green Day's CD, American Idiot!

I just went and finalized all my stuff with the bank

Today was a good day for democracy...IMHO

"Look at the record of the man who is running for president"

Is this fucking hilarious?

Anybody notice when Bush was taking notes last night...

What music have you listened to lately?

I made my purse into a Kerry/Edwards advertisement

Okay, so a half-nude pic in the lounge is ungodly and evil. What about

Hot Puritans!

The Gnarly Truth Squad of all CAPTIONS!!

What is the singular form of "fundies"?

What's Dubya's brilliant strategery going to be for the 3d debate?

Get your soft core corn here!

What music / song are you listening to right now ?

"Killing In The Name Of"

Best. Bumpersticker. Ever. Just saw it.

Answer one of life's great decisions

The Official Notre Dame's season is OVER thread!

Ohio State vs Wisconsin game thread

Hottest 400 year old urinating cupid.

WOO HOO Oklahoma State

4 more years

My girlfriend's depression is pushing me to leave her

Get your soft core porn here!

Hottest Pile Of Shit- Right Here

Life is worth living because of

my computer monitor is broke


Let's be fair. I've got some soft core porn right here:

I just porked my wife.

USC 23 Cal 17

Ohio Staters....

hottest regular kerry supporter

Get Your Gay Porn HERE!!

One, two, three, four, five!

Well, all this male soft porn has convinced me of something...

Now THIS is hot!

Oh Shit! I'm so scared right now!

I've Been Watching FOODTV All Day And I'm STILL Hungry!!!!!!

South Beach Diet Question

Help with dream analysis

Why is the DU login form automatically filling in my info?

After 2 years at DU is freeper hell.

OK, try deciphering THIS dream:

Caption: Poodle's finest hour?

Who's the hottest?

My wife did this graphic for the election

I'm Gettin' HOT Viewing This PIC!!!

Use your internets to CAPTION the bump on the log

A new US Constitutional Amendment! LOL

C'mon and Caption This Pic. I'll get spanked if I'll post what I think

Lost In The Supermarket - on a ^&#[email protected]^ Saturday

I'm compling a post-election CD. Suggestions?


You want kitty pictures?

CAPTION the poor puzzled chimp

VOTE: Hottest famous Kerry supporter entertainer - Group 5

Anyone Else Here Adopted the Red Sox This Year?

VOTE: Hottest famous Kerry supporter entertainer - Group 2

Is Enterprise worth watching?

Something SPECIAL is about to happen!

VOTE: Hottest famous Kerry supporter entertainer - Group 3

VOTE: Hottest famous Kerry supporter entertainer - Group 4

Caption: Junior's thrift shop shiny suit?

VOTE: Hottest famous Kerry supporter entertainer - Group 1


Okay Canadians, it's Canadian myth dispelling time!

Do you think theft of Kerry signs, bumper stickers, etc.,

Dog pictures thread

Yard signs

copying Jim Ryan's speech to a CD or DVD

Man, Kevin Smith is even funny chatting on the HowardStern bulliten Board

Which TV family is your favorite?

Here are two dreams which I had one week apart....

Today would have been John Lennon's 64th birthday.

Poll: Which Internet is your favorite?

VOTE: Hottest 'why the hell not' poll for women, gay/bi men, and others.

Buy some wood on the internets!

CAPTION Scooter Dude Dick!!!


CNN starting a RERUN of the debate now

Oh Bull-sh**... Ron Silver AND Ben Ginsberg on 'After Hours' panel

Bush's attempts at humor fell FLAT!

sacrifice is too "sterile" -- Kerry should stress the death toll

When will Gibson yell the safe word to Bush?

A message from Joe Lockhart...

Bernie Ward program coming up 1 A.M Eastern

Finally: the real Bush demographic discovered here

Can someone draw a picture of this

Watch Bush lose it in the debate (Windows Media)

CNN POLL: Kerry 78% Shrub 20%

Where can I download a video of the debate?

how do you think moderates and non-news junkies will take this debate?

Bush's Temper a la McCain 2000!!! Dems use it.

Just saw the end of the cable

College Bush supporter said she was for the Iraq War but wouldn't fight it

You have to be a friggin' douchebag to vote for George W. Bush.

I was out with the missus, How did our guy do in the debate?

"they're contaminated with mouse cells"


MSNBC - "I don't want to be petty but...John Kerry had a really

Friggin MSNBC - They have 3 Rethugs and not 1 Dem. 1 reporter

This was a GOOD debate--confrontation took center stage

Ron Silver's such a moron

Kerry: "And that's why I'll be a better commander in chief"

Bush had to be offensive in the debate

CNN/Gallup Poll-instant poll after debate-Kerry WINS!!!

FoxNews poll

Remember, if the media whores say its a tie

Ron Silver is out of his league

"We did something that you, Mr. President, don't know how to do...

LTTE, suggestions please

If you could create a Kerry ad using video from the debate tonight...

Belligerent Bush - Turning His Back to Charlie Gibson

top 2 shrub talking points that jumped out at me

Kerry Post-debate rally Photos

Need short list of poll sites

Kerry steady; Bush inconsistent

best one word description of bush?

Bush Bloopers...Keep'em on the front burner

Posted again for those who missed this morning.

Here's my e-mail I just sent to bush about wood.


On what network do you watch the debates?

Does it cost a campaign each time you click?

Kerry wins with undecideds and former Bush Supporters!

The drug issue was Booooshs worst . Well one of many.

People! It's time to get to work!!!!! Post your letters here!

Why is our country so afraid?

have you ever seen * grind his teeth before?

The AMERICAN MAJORITY OPPOSED bush's $87 billion.

Someone PLEASE for the love of all that is good and holy, tell bush

I thought it was a slight Kerry win until the last couple of questions

What's MSNBC's #?

Charlie Gibson vs Alfred E. Bush....

How did you like JK's response to the 87 billion issue?

MSNBC "panel": this is even too slanted for my belief

Debate as a draw?

MSNBC is worse than FAUX

Misleading Repug-media headline on my local paper/TV website

What if Kerry shouted down the moderator and took over the debate?

Voting for Bush is like having a beer with him in the bar.....

LOL...the polls have the same ratios.

Why Aren't The Repugs On The MSNBC Panel Telling Ron Silver...

Bush: "To destroy life to save life's one of the ethical dilemmas we face"

Beware Drugs From A Third World!!!!

Amid their debate threads, Freepers report new giant ape discovered. LOL!

Anyone else hear something about Bush being on Anti Anxiety drugs after

When B*sh asked, "Need some wood?" did it remind you of...

Do you think that W(oody) Bush has ever used the internets?

Been wanting to ask, in re First Debate & Racism?

Bush Sr. didn't know they used scanners in supermarkets. Dubya doesn't

Chimp Environmentalism : Off-road Diesel Engines... eh?

Olbermann rescores AGAIN, gives it to Kerry because of Bush's "wood" lie.

George Bush invented the hydrogen powered automobile-I know

In all honesty...

Drudge, but OH MY!

Would Howard Dean have won tonight?

I'm sorry but current "Undecided" voters are IDIOTS - see new WP article

Whoa! ABC radio is playing this really anti-george

Is the US selling inferior Drugs to Canada?

So... Bush Says He Won't Pick Justices Who Support DRED SCOTT

'Bush won this debate"

Cheney and Bush Send Mixed Messages on Subchapter S Corporations

President Bobblehead

G.W. & Crew . . . a flip flop catalog . . .

Tonight's Bushisms list. Anybody have the complete list yet.

Freepers were trying to attack democratic underground

Dembones! WTF?

The moderator was far, far more Reichwing than people imagine.

Losing ground on FOXNews poll, please help out

Something SPECIAL is about to happen! Message:

Will Bush try to fool the media into another Do over?

What is happening in Australian election?

Here is the DU bot we used tonight to flood polls

Paging Robert Rubin...

Presidential wood 4 Sale on Ebay right now!

for old you old people here-

Bush is pathological liar -- my letter to the Deseret Morning News.

The more I think about it: Clear Kerry Victory

Trying read the Mind of Dred Scott

I'm confused about one part of the debate did

Watched it again and it looks even better the second time.

Rate the Debate at MSN NBC

So how many times total was Bush allowed to break the rules?

BUSH calls freeping RWWs STUPID...and the RWWs are TOO STUPID to get it

Bush's reactionary temperament is exactly why he is unfit

Well, it happened -- my Kerry sign was vandalized tonight

The Presidential Debate: A Clear Kerry Win?


It wasn't pretty, but it was plain -- Kerry won

I agre Kerry beat shrub. But what is the general idea of others?

C-span Transcript -- Bush DID say Kennedy!!

Kerry won Gallup poll even though they polled SIX PERCENT MORE REPUKES

Kerry wins, even if Bush did 'better' than last time.

Did someone pick up Bush's papers again?

Freeper Update

We've got the chance to do to Bush what he did to Gore in 2000

I've never understood why "likability" is seen as such a great

Neat little irony about Dred Scott

Gallup is at it again!

Bush again says "no draft" WHILE

Kerry quoted Justice Potter Stewart, does Bush even know who he is?

FUNNY comment from caller on C-span

Please stop saying OB-GYN I can't take it any more. GP, Podiatrist..

Does bush actually KNOW what nations make up EUROPE???

Cautiously optimistic for the first time that Kerry will actually win

Bush and Iraq - which is more likely?

another fine wm. rivers pitt essay

Bush is outsourcing Americas future

So how many Internets are there?

Bush got served.

At what point

"Liar, Liar, pants on fire"...I'm surprised that Bush didnt try yelling

"those days are over with."

Was w threatening the whole nation last night?

Is the campaign over?

Alright, new focus for last debate- Bush is a corporate whore.

I think the voters are cementing themselves. They've decided.


What conclusion did the pundits reach? Was there a spin in any direction?

What is a good quick statement to win over undecideds?

bush was shocked -SHOCKED!- anyone would think PA infringes on our freedom

Bernie Ward just SHREEDED some neo-con on air

Folks, the numbers we're seeing in the polls are NOT mostly DU.

CNN - WHO do they think they're kidding with this?

Spin Cycle: What You Get When You Beat a Chimp With a Flipflop

Anybody know what the freepers are saying?

Kerry was amazing

which internets did al gore invent?

Just wondering....a question maybe someone can answer.

We are NOT safer now, because...

Who does Bush have in mind to replace Chief Justice Taney?

Back on his meds?

Point blank in the final debate

Hey Laura-Bush Has Wood

Debate; bush said he SUPPORTS mandatory caps?????

email from bush; which reviews were they reading???

DU no parlez-vous francais? Internets is French

Anyone notice that after Bush called Kerry, Kennedy

So will Australia's John Howard be the next one to get the boot??

Why are they saying it was okay for Bush to break the rules

Even FOX says Bush is a loser!

UPI Commentary: Bush Blew It on the Last Lap

Kerry's Biggest Missed Opportunity...

George Mitchell on Administration's enviro record...

If Bush DOESN'T own timber co., then he LIED on his 2001 Tax Return

Perhaps Bush's biggest gaffe

This POLL needs help

Speaking of freudian slips

The Trend Continues: Kerry Takes One Point Lead in Latest Reuters Poll

Hillary was just on Larry King.

* Supreme Court nominees... no Dred Scott supporters to be nominated

C-span taking first time callers only on debate

I really want Kerry to say...

Bush: "I wasn't happy when we found out there wasn't weapons"

freeping rightwingnut total HYPOCRISY

The Larger Point Of Bush' Wood...

TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRR. Bush* LIES about owning timber company

One thing I love about Kerry is he seems so REAL, as in there seems

The best way to discuss this debate with people

Another Bush Debate Mistake

Kerry -46% Woody 45% -Zogby 10-9-04 Poll

New Zogby-Kerry takes the lead 46-45(Not interactive)

Ralph Nad(i)r Is On C-Span

Absolutely worth seeing. This was better than the first one.

Have you bought your F911 copy?

Should we all bring brooms next Wednesday for a debate sweep?

If Bush plans an exit, why is he building permanent bases in Iraq?

I sure hope everyone (especially the media) re-watches the debate

W stands for Woody

Here's the October Surprise: Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film

Shoutin' George Bush came off as just plain annoying.

What was the President's timber business????

One Opportunity Kerry Missed

It stinks having a debate on Friday night

Kerry's gonna win Oct 13 debate BIG TIME!!!!! I KNOW coz...

Used Cars or Wood?

Anybody have the * quote re Iraq and "the money" ?

OLBERMAN for WH Press Secretary or Spokesman

Kerry won the debate, however.......................

"..and that's why I'll make a better Commander-In-Chief"

Why didn't Kerry mention that Gasoline is almost 2.00 a gallon?

Does anyone know CBS snap poll results?

The last debate is next Wednesday, almost 3 weeks before election....

Ok, someone point me to the link that shows Bush owns a timber co. Plz...

Who flip-flops more? (with article, good read)

No one will metion that * called Kerry Kennedy

a talking head was criticizing Kerry's makeup job (yes, really--a man did)

CNN on Nov 3rd - Dems wake-up early and skew the election

What part of the debate did Bush meltdown? What question was it?

Add your picture to

Kerry handled Bush's aggressiveness perfectly....

Did they poll the audience ?

If you can't control yourself (and your emotions)...

Pundits: Bush Mad, Kerry Composed

U.S. officials say no terror threat linked to disk with school data

Anyone notice the number of black Americans calling into C-SPAN and...

Events near you to VOLUNTEER with Kerry-Edwards

Bush Proposes A Facile Military.

Stupid. Angry. Shrill. And He's Got His Finger On The Button.

Are There Really Programs That Can Alter These Debate Polls?

Mentioned more often last night by W:Osama or Dred Scott?

Bush* flipping out > Dean scream!

Kerry 150 votes behind - DU this poll please

post comments on debate on Cincinnati.Com

Bush reaches but falls short.

Go hit the debate poll on mainpage n/t

Kerry let Bush steal this issue from him!

This is what I'm doing the last week of the campaign. To help

Faux & Friends: "Kerry had Substance and Style, but Too Slick"

NBC Nightly News still whoring in promos

Electoral College

Please print this and give to any Bush suporter

Some help with a fact check. Was General Shinseki forced out?

Bush: The Angry Candidate

Stem-Cell 180

Notice bush's jaw twitches? Last time I saw that Cocaine was the culprit

Gallup Kerry won Indy's last night 53-37


Give till it hurts - poster of the day

Antonia Zerbisias from the Toronto Star...

Republicans are the Angry Party...

woohoo: Zogby daily tracking shows trending Kerry

Does It Frighten Anyone That 43% of Americans Think Bush Is

Listening to "undecided voters"- on radio in Tampa - key issue is "temper"

CBS has the "Internets" and the Bush blowup in a single clip:

just because bush didn't make faces doesn't mean he did better

Bush's Biggest Mistake Last Night: Won't Acknowledge Mistakes

hey we also won the TV SIGN WAR

LTTE claim of Kerry with Do Muoi?? (Need help)

How Kerry can win North Carolina in one fell swoop

Head through a wall!!!

OK...The tough question about gorge scrub...

GALLUP: Even oversampling repukes, Kerry has slight edge in debate

All of the Debate formats have benefited Bush/Cheney...

Bush's shouting was rude and disturbing to normal people.

this deserves its own thread, I do believe . . .

Did the allies disband Japan's military after WWII?

Kerry goes 2 for 2 but toughest battle is coming on Wednesday

Question about the Senate races...

I think Bush* did a lot better last night than the first debate.

Andrew Sullivan Is Pretty Kind To Kerry Again...

George Bush - He's No Harry Truman

This will brighten your day

My absentee ballot is incomplete - I can't mail it back!

DU this poll...Kerry needs HELP BIGTIME

a ? that needs answered. Who is bush unhappy with on his "bad" appointmen

Poll help needed. please.

Take the keys to the family car out of George W. Bush's hands

ALERT: Can Bush use his "Weekly Radio Address" as a CAMPAIGN AD???

New Zogby Tracking Poll Numbers : Kerry 46 / Chimp 45

"Kerry is a Homo".

During the Debate, Kerry Said He Supported the Patriot Act

Bush Fights to Keep Emotions in Check: The Guardian


Bush ignored Gibson just like he ignored............

Some points overlooked re:debate

This FACTCHECK.ORG comparison of debate claims gives Kerry obvious win.

Bloomberg: Bush Fails To Stem Kerry Momentum

This Poll needs some help


John Stewart and Letterman would pick up the Bush Transmitter story

Bush Vs Kerry in the Supreme Court

Now that * has blown 2 debates, October surprise?

President George W. Bush....LIKE A ROCK !!..........

i know THAT!! of COURSE i know that!! that's what a president DOES!!

Bush's constant blinking tells us he's lying and is living in fear.

George W. Bush... Steward Of The Land.

Michael Stipe mentioned Bush being wired

Day after the election: what will be our status?

Bush* said people don't have equal rights under the Constitution.

GOOD NEWS: Democracy Corps Poll (D) Says Kerry Won Debate and Made Gains

Amazing: the MSNBC panel was more pro-* than Fox

Sinclair Ordering Its Stations To Cancel Programing To Air Bush Promo

Canadian Op/ED: War prez slaughters the language

Kerry takes lead in Zogby poll...

An irrational president with his finger on the nuclear button.

Spineless dems lose the chance to make him REALLY lose it.

I bet Bush has said, "Wrong War, Wrong Time, Wrong Place" more often

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/9/2004

What happened when Bush yelled at Gibson?

"We will probably wake up on Nov 3rd and not know who

"The DU is attacking CNN!!"

Bush Better on the Stump?

The crowd last night at the debate-some observations

Channel Surfing...

what are the freepers saying....

Some people say they're not voting for Kerry because he's too smart

Want to have some fun while watching F911

you can't win (or tie) a debate with a war rationale made up this week

George Bush thinks he is Mr. T

Was Kerry holding back last night?

Sanctions were not working???

Poll: Kerry makes big gains from 2nd debate.

Dumbya STILL has something under his suit back

Has Anyone Posted A Clip Of The "Got Wood" Moment?

This is THE picture from last night's debate

dupe; please delete

Just got back from Kerry HQ in Baltimore MD

Michael Moore close to deal for Nov. 1 PPV event for F9/11...Variety

News Channels Are FEATURING Footage Of The Bush Meltdown

"I Have A Plan"

Not angry, but desperate.

Do you think Bush reads about himself on the Internets?

Olbermann blog now gives it to kerry

Kerry's tax response on Wednesday

Interesting contradiction (CNN website screenshot)

The generic "Freepers are in meltdown mode after the debate" thread...

Rasmussen * whoring in OVERDRIVE

Bush "wasn't happy when we found out there wasn't weapons" ??

Well, it's time for me to get off the "Iinternets" today

why were so few people of color there?

The best thing about these first two debates...

CSPAN Tivo Guide says Kerry/Edwards rally suppose to be on

Kerry as the "Big Daddy" President?

What the hell is Survey-USA?????????????

Bush "Internets" remark shows he's out of touch.

The scorer's table reproaches * for not knowing when he has wood.

Let's Gore W - Two Debates - Two Ws - W is a phony.

Sweet Mercy! Check out the electoral vote map today!!

any stats guru out there? who will get the undecided votes

Do FCC indency rules = American Taliban?

OK, so why DID Kerry vote against Desert Storm? Who else voted against

Obama interview on TVOne. Great interview.

Isn't it about time Kerry brought out the 'trifecta' stick?

Kerry,46% -Bush, 45% - New Reuters/Zogby Poll Reveals

What's the status of....

I thought Kerry kicked ass last night

The 90 minute temper tantrum.

Libertarian & Green Party Candidates Arrested

Let's move this Detroit poll

MSNBC is doing Kerry's life story

We are good in so many online polls. BUT NOT THIS ONE!

Substitute the latest Zogby polls in today's

Bush and the "culture of life"

Bookmark this: Kerry clinched it last night.

When will we find out

Donkey Rising: Democracy Corps Post-Debate Panel Gives Kerry Solid Win!

Survey USA - Big Source of have their details?

President Kerry


Sinclair Broadcast Group

A friend emailed this article to me about the so called "Security Moms"

DCorps Post-Debate Panel Survey Gives Kerry Solid Win

How long before we say President Kerry?

Wonder how Charlie Gibson felt when Bush charged him last night??

Kerry, 46% - Bush, 45% - New Zogby National Poll

Everyone needs to shut up about Anti-Kerry film. You are drawing attention

Bush Shows A Different Side, but Not His Best One (NYT)

Partial List of Advertisers for Sinclair Broadcasting KOVR -13 Sacramento

Post new words * made up last night...

Sinclair Broadcasting and the anti-Kerry program: READ before acting

Did Bush refer to Kerry as "Senator Kennedy" in the debates tonight?

Odds are on Kerry...British Bookmakers speak.

Our sign is back up

Bush lied last night in the debate about not passing a draft....

That's it, I DEMAND to know what the President is huffing

This poll needs some "lovin" DU-ers.

FAUX poll needs some DU love

More "WTF" Moments from the Chimp last night

DU this Poll

a funny little thing just happened.

bush*s debate notes

How the U.S. Army is fighting terror and terrorism....

What's the last debate's format?

Odds still on Kerry after 2nd Debate

DU FAUX poll aWol ahead 54%


Zogby has Kerry pulling ahead all over the place!

New DC baseball team, The Washington Internets. And yes I predict


My &%$#$*[email protected] internet went down right after the debate, who won the spin?

GOP sent out video on Kerry & Iraq to 3 MILLION SUPPORTERS

George W. Bush - FAITH in the White House on DVD - Should be an issue!

Who else thinks the President seemed "unstable" last night?

Has anyone seen Stolen Honor?

From James Taylor's mouth to the undecideds' ears

Disrespectful, rude and arrogant: If Bush acts that way on National TV

New MSNBC interactive poll - listen to candidates answers and vote.

Another Debate Line that Would Make a Good Ad

If I could change 1 thing it would be the answer to 3 things wrong q

If you are against stem cell research, outlaw IVF and sex


Are they attempting to divert your attention?

CNN reairing Debate now 2pm EST

Kerry is on ABC NOW in Cleveland area-cracking jokes!!!!

* referred to our troops as "weapons" and "equipment"!?!

TNR: Chimpy's Nasty Debate Demeanor Leads to Kerry Win

OMG- Its a PUCKER??????

Last question: "What 3 mistakes have you made Mr. President?"

Nutty Winger on c-pan saying that frozen embryos should be adopted

Fri. Night Debate Viewership Down

USNews: Kerry-Edwards Campaign: 'Bush Goes Negative...On Charlie Gibson'

If Bush doesn't know how his policies affect HIM,

A Proud Kerry Supporter...and his car...WOW!

Well so far we've seen that bush

How many min. in/on what question did * get rude w/ Gibson?

Bush Blowing Kisses?

Take a moment to thank them

Does Kerry plan to try to bring down fuel costs????

I just got robo-called asking if I would consider voting for Nader

* said he'd taken away Al Qaeda's ability to terrorize...AQ bombed Egypt

"I (heart) Halliburton." WTF???

Iran would welcome kerry proposal

We are not skewing the polls

Great debate fact: Missouri's contribution of troops would make them

Sinclair Broadcasting Affiliates/Markets here:

It's too late to trot out Osama, George W.!

Poll needs help!

Just heard Kerry on Radio: "We are 2 - 0!"

The John Ellis Effect

When did Canada become a less-than 3rd world country backwater?

Kerry Rally on C-SPAN NOW

What did polls say about who won Bush/Gore debates?

The review from the Lubbock hair salon

Insert Zogby's state poll numbers into today and ...

DU Research Needed

Got any unflattering photos of Bush from last night's debate?

So who does Bush think needs to be canned on his cabinet?

Mr President, I know Dr. sir are no Dr. Dean!

from transcript: bush* explains the "Dred Scott Decision"

Look into possible vote fraud expanding. Shameless Republican tactics.

Bush Fails to Check Kerry's Momentum, Polls Show

Support Veterans for Kerry --what you can do

Sentence by sentence: Bush quotes from Debate II (My brain hurts!)

EMPTY VOLCANO: Wolcott on Bush second debate behavior.

Why did some of the questioners from last night's debate read like they


Pentagon Leaders Tell Ranks to Get Ballots and Use Them

Anyone have clips of B### hollaring last night on the debate?

(Grateful Dead) Campaign Song

Do you remember JK's use of My Fellow Americans, straight out of JFK's

Q on a W debate statement - re Prescription Discount Drug cards

so what about the "zingers" Bush was rumored to have prepared?

Olbermann gives Kerry resounding win after checking timber fact.

Don't get SPUN! Sinclair vs. Debate spin

HELP! This guy's opinion piece needs a smackdown!!! (TN)

"I thought the President was going to attack Charlie Gibson."

#1 Killer Issue at Next Debate...

Glub Glub ...

What is the format of the next debate?

Do you think Bush even knows what the "internets" is????

Did Bush drop his accent?

Got Wood? It's Hard Work. * can Run but he can't Hide.

Where is the video of Bush's meltdown

Here's the new Florida ballot!

Big picture on the debates so far. My take.

CNN dummy: looks like Kerry supporters are up early and skewing the poll

ABC/Gallup/Democorps-Independents heavily give debate to Kerry

Why isn't the Dred Scot remark getting more focus?

I'd like to hear from the so-called "security moms" now

Sen. Kennedy on C-SPAN 2 right NOW

Biblical Pride & the White House Messiah

Mark Hyman, an executive of Sinclair Broadcasting[FIND INFORMATION]

The National Journal and it's Owner Need Investigation Thread

Kerry is really on the attack today

We've Got Battling Green Eye Shades

Rep. J.D. Hayworth on C-SPAN

10 More GIs Die for Oil in October - Massive Blast in Green Zone

Why Is Ron Silver On the MSNBC Panel? WTF?

AP: Bush fights to keep emotions in check

I'm beginning to understand. I feel so stupid.

Last night FOX vs MSNBC.

Presidential Tracking Poll: Bush-Kerry -Rasmussen B-49.6 K-45.9

Live, peaceful protest against Sinclair Broadcast

Three cheers for the questioners! Three haymakers (+wished-for KO)

polls.....memory erased from last night

Keith Olberman, I LOVE YOU (cribbed from DKos)

So let me get this straight.

What are the splintery facts on Shrubs Timber Co?

Salon: "After a disastrous week, Bush is wobbly but still standing"

What is the opinion of the audience last night?


Amazing. I agree with many of the Constitution Party nominee's ideas

Are Colorado's electoral votes now cut in half?

I thought it was smart of Kerry to use criticisms of Bush policy by repubs

My Republican mother's advice for Kerry

Okay, Bush sucked per usual, but KERRY


March 2004: *bush was wired (

Bush flips out Video here!

In regards to that anti-kerry film

What's with * and the blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up?

Pics from Kerry's rally in Elyria Ohio today

Furious George

How bizarre does Bush's behavior have to get before the media questions..

Did anyone else notice this Brian Williams line post-debate...


Bush was right to be afraid of the debates.

DU'ers obsess way too much about online polls.

Need Wood

Liberal writers on mixed message boards are scaring the Republicans.

Predictions for October Surprise?

Pundits: Bush Mad,Kerry Composed (CBS News)

AP picks up 'timber' story

Bush overcompensates for debate #2

My favorite Kerry line from the 2nd debtate

Truthout Editoral on last night's debate, Bush incoherent....

Go to on the Internets

How can you tell if George W. Bush is lying?

I cannot stand the reaction from the media to Bush's debate performance!

Why would you want to have a beer with a guy who can't remember your name?

Kerry did great, especially given the "town hall" forum...

Is it customary for the incumbent to campaign on the weekly radio address?

This was just forwarded to me:NEWSMAX-Rove plans October Surprise

Always use these memes when referring to Bush:


We should email the DNC to get an ad running about Bush's meltdown

Bush says, "read my lips, NO DRAFT!", some disagree

We need a plan for Nov 3. Just in case.

Bush's post debate event was invite only

Did anybody bookmark

Forgive me but F**K the undecideds

Bush did not want to hear a question about Reservists on long deployments

If Bush wins or looses, the Neo-Cons are ready to keep fires burning...

Debate for Edwards's senate seat on C-Span NOW.

Shrub goes (postal?) OTAY?

Wingnut desperation is showing.

Question about pictures of Bush's cheating in the first debate

OMFG! Right-wing, nutcase Rocky Mountain News endorses Ken Salazar!

Bush's incredible shrinking lead

time to undercut the "Osama has been captured" possibility??

Note to lurking freepers: When Bush said "Want some wood?"...

Anti-Kerry film opens the door to showing F9/11 in Prime Time

Smirk asked his supporters today what planet does Kerry

Here I sit in my Democractic T-Shirt with a`

can someone re-post the c-span vid clip...

Dirty little secret -- Debate audiences skew Republican

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read please!!!!!!

If you do nothing else today ... CONTACT SINCLAIR BROADCASTING

New Zogby poll...did anyone get this?

Bush told the truth.

Interesting question on today's Zogby poll

Email CEOs of Sinclair Bdcst Grp: [email protected], [email protected]

John Kerry is a "used car salesman"

Did Bush's Attack On Gibson Remind You Of Jerry Springer

3rd debate relevant?

Bush is being GORED. Internets! Sighs! Invading Space! Too Loud!

Debate...Skew....GOP talking point questions.

The third and last debate...

Joe Lockhart on Capitol Gang.

Did Bush wear a Kevlar Vest to the first debate

Anti-Kerry movie producer worked for Dept of Homeland Security

Do undecided voters really exist?

Email addys for some Sinclair affiliate networks-to use when we coordinate

Why are pundits not hammering Bush for his angry rule breaking?

Rasmussen Numbers Move Toward Bush, Zogby's Toward Kerry

okay, I get it. bushco is going to wait until the weekend before the

What's The Deal With Bush's Winking At Audience Members

Portland Oregonian Endorses Kerry

Pelosi nails the Hammer

MSNBC "Bush Meltdown" vid clip with facial expressions NOT in CNN version

If You Aren't Sure The Debates Made A Difference...

Have any of the audience of last night's debate been interviewed?

Why I belive Bush will bring the draft back...

How many times did you say WTF did * say? or shake your head.

OK. So, who is correct?

STOP BLASTING Keith Olbermann!!!

Got a call from Barry Switzer the other day...

Please, Please, Please. . . . volunteer to help GOTV on Nov2

I voted for John F. Kerry today!

Will Saturday Night Live do a skit of Bush beating up Charlie Gibson?

OK, curb your enthusiasm. This is going to go down to the wire

PHOTO: bush* with wood at last night's debate...needs caption

just got a call from a Zogby pollster.

ARG Poll, 10/9/04, Kerry leading OH, PA, and FL; Tied: NH

The Scary Little Man (Will Pitt Debate Analysis) MUST READ!!!

CNN poll being FREEPed?

When is the Big Dog gonna show up in Arkansas?

Anyone ever get bad drugs from Canada?

Furious George

Best way to hurt Sinclair Broadcasting:

DUers help out Kerry at

Boy, I'm relieved Bush won't appoint justices who support Dred Scott!

Has Afghanistan won its freedom as Bush claims....

The "Undecideds"...another media concoction to make it look like a "race"

Sinclair Power Play can only be countered by Equivalent Power Play

HELP need the photo of GOP staffers "rioting" at FL recount 2000

Deleted message

ALERT: Bush Blamed the Generals - Spread it Wide!!!!!!!!

The man in the ill-fitting suit

Bush is a GANGSTA from the Hood !!!

Abortion and stem cell research.

I lied in a previous post about the health of hating freepers,

can Kerry get Bush to run up to him and try to attack him in 3rd debate ?

Australia pulling all troops out of Iraq by Christmas

CNN does a "fact check" hatchet job on kerry

Kerry ----a sure win in one night---

Has anyone polled the 140 people from the debate last night?

Wednesday, October 13th: BUSH'S LAST STAND

Getting All Pissy -- Salon's after action report

Debate: Supreme Court Still Undecided

Bush's "I Had A Scream" moment: new nickname "Furious George"

Does anyone have the change in electoral numbers after the 2000 census?

Bush Improves But Kerry Still Strong in Round Two

Were there any DUers actually at the debate?

Producer of Anti-Kerry filmed linked to Fox News.

MSNBC poll now

Dred Scott attacked us on 9/11 (Dred Scott == Roe v. Wade in codespeak)

If prescription drugs from Canada are so dangerous

A Non-internet(s) Café Post Debate story (or Hope is on the Way)

Dems Still Have A Chance To Come Out With a Clear-cut Victory in Debate #2

NEED DEBUNKING - Does $200K tax hike begin on dollar one?

Bush actually used a Hannity (lie) talking point last night

Just had my fourth voter registration visit. This time

Tweety looked like the Cat that ate the Canary last night

Last week I predicted Bush would overcompensate and I was right

White House releases statement about the bump on the back

SHOCKING how Kerry keeps loosing points on as minutes go by

It's time for George Soros to make a tender offer for Sinclair

Dammit. Missed opportunities on STEM CELL ISSUE!!! Kerry, read this!!

Nader is a GOP potted plant - Sign Petition

Spread the word that Bush is lying about his plans for a draft....

The right man at the right time.

HOLD ON !!!!............LET'S ORGANIZE !!!


Sunday Morning TV Planner - (All Edwards, All the Time)

Brian Lamb is a f***ing whore

I am sure it is not healthy, but is it wrong to feel

St. Louis is the Gateway to the Kerry Presidency.

George Bush's Notion of a Strict Constructionist's Justice

About Carlton Sherwood: Maker of Anti-Kerry film

Will * pull out of last debate?

Where's the entheusiasm people?

This Poll Needs Our Help

Tax Revenue Below 2000's Despite Growth in Profits

What do DUers think of Kerry's rejection of "labels"

I HEARD on CNN this AM that they scrapped one poll because..

Kerry losing CNN!

OMG, Olbermann's Blog! LOL

If Bush Took a Mulligan on the Three Mistakes Question...

Freepers Hijack CNN poll!

Did the media jump on the wood fiasco today ?

Amateurism in our Society keeps us from the Good Life. Bush is an

The Most Protected Boy In the Kingdom

It seems like Bush's interruption is "THE" moment from the debate


get your FREE copy of "Going Upriver" right here.

Disappointed on outsourcing

"You can run but you can't hide" GW Bush on Kerry

More little moments from last night's debate (morning-after tape watch)...

How many members of the administration does it take to change a lightbulb?

Tell the media to Google "abortion Dred Scott"

Sinclair Broadcasting's David Smith Busted In Prostitution Sting

Reasons why Kerry will be well ahead within a week

A Theory On Why People 'Can't See' Kerry's Stance On The War

What will w do when he loses the election?

Breaking: MC Morning News: The MOST damning 911 info against Bush to date

BBV: They Win; We Throw In The Towel


Just watched The Fifth Estate - Biography of Dick Cheney

"Dred Scott" means "Roe v. Wade"

Anyone Else Feel So Depressed and Angry?


**SINCLAIR INFO THREAD** (the ugly truth etc.)

RESEARCH: Homeland Security funds used to fund George Bush's dirty tricks?