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Archives: October 8, 2004

Op-Ed: Global Tests and Whore's Knickers

UK Independent: What we have here is a failure to find justification for w

The ice is cracking: Be prepared for a new morality. But this one works

We aren't the only ones who are worried!

the politicizing of the U.S. Supreme Court . . . October '04 term . . .

George W. Bush: Resolute, Strong and Reckless

Dear Mrs. Bush: Your Son Failed The Global Test

Tom DeLay, Ethical Recidivist - WaPo

The joy of watching American common sense rear its head

WP: For Kerry, Thinking Globally Began at a Young Age

Salon: Karl Rove's Florida Frankenstein

Sorry, someone has to be the man in the egg-stained tie

Salon: Bush's mystery bulge (Was he wired for debate?)

Bill would change presidential succession

Gwen Ifill's "Historic Role" -Maynard Institute

This Sunday (10/10): Lawrence Lessig on Media Matters

CNN online teaser headline: "Polls Flip-Flop: Kerry Leads Bush"

First-class ticket and private jet not good enough for Hannity

The $145 Billion Abomination

U.S.Businesses File Four Times More Lawsuits Than Private Citizens

IS outsourcing good for the economy? Should it be stopped?

Should Hetch Hetchy be no more?

Serial number ammunition-CA

Sorry to complain in my first post here, but....

DU seems to be ZOOMING tonight!

GD Campaign 2004 rules

Religion Forum

Attention WaltStarr

Kerry supporters in DuPage County--I have 6 bumper stickers

FL OCT-07-2004-1758e Police Describe Gruesome Scene Of Murder Suicide

Upbeat Kerry story

Enough is enough Kaufmann!

I just donated $200 to the DFL

Ohio Congressman Tells The Truth!!!

Bell Speaking About DeLay on CNN TONIGHT

Seen tonight on Hardball

Could Richard Morrison have coattails for Kerry in Texas?

Kerry sign blitz about to start?

Group Health Members--join the Group Health Progressive Caucus

National GOP group cancels $1 million in Nethercutt ads

Kerry/Vietnam links?

I was just thinking of how Cheneyed we would be right now

What groups has Bush appeared with?

Charlie Rangel: Politics of the Draft......Email from Charlie


Heads Up! Dean and Franken will be on McEnroe tonight.

Bush quote?

I just like this picture.

I can't fit my shoes under the bed anymore: Great political poetry

Absurd conversation with Repub NC Dad...

Cat Stevens now on Larry King show

Chimpy and Crashcart's latest revisionist history

"America Coming Together" is getting-out-the-vote for progressives.

One more dot to connect.

One Sky One World Oct 10th

Why do Canadians get to

Please explain "in sourcing" of jobs

National pride draws penalty

Bush and Cheny get beat in the debates...3 days of bad press...

Tornado reveals child porn cache

Let us talk some more about Dick Cheney.

Cat Stevens parents were Greek Orthodox Catholic/Mother Baptist????

Wrong Import

Talk Left

What is wrong with people?!

cops catch guy with 300 completed voter registration cards

Does anybody have stats on deployed reservists?

Keep this kicked: Urging Fact-Checking, Cheney Got Site Wrong

The war on drugs undermines the war on terror

Missouri is on the ball


OMG, a freaky freeper cowboy spin

Of all the gall:Bush is saying Kerry's not showing respect to allies!

My dad sent me Farenheight 9/11 for my birthday.

Who was the Republican that was seeking a male hooker, on TDS?

DU link needed - Cheney's Senate Attendance Record

Was at the dentist today reading old copy of Time. Loved reading

Gene Burns giving the chimp a serious spanking on KGO.....

saddam bounced some checks and stole some credit cards so......

Who woulda thunk it?

What the Bush de-stablization of the world means to all of us

What congressional Democrat do you most look up to??

Kerry and Kipling's "IF"

Iraq in Need of Funding for Sewage, Water Infrastructure--New WMW

Could someone please explain the crashcart comments........

What will kill more Americans this Winter, terror or the flu?

Bush and Hitler signing Bibles...

Does Pigman have an email address?

Charlie Rose on now with Madeline Allbright! She's roasting Bushco!

Retired Marine General expects U-S to remain in Iraq up to ten years


Even if you showed a video

Where is the music today to compare with the 60's and 70's? Where is

BBV - Absentee voters stuck with choices

Need to ask a smart Christian something

Please help me with this Bush problem

Woo-hoo! The newspaper printed my letter.

Souldn't a candidate be able to answer any question?

Feinstein opposed to removing Hetch Hetchy Dam

Free Market supporters, explain to me this ...

Afghan Election Observers -Photo

Stewart covers the Faux-major address

Liberated Oil!

Sympathy for al-Zarqawi grows among Iraqis amid U.S. airstrikes

Email asking me why it would be bad to live under an Islamic Republic

Need to ask a smart Hare Krsna something

The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded tomorrow morning....

We've got a thousand + Americans dead in Iraq, and this is the big story?

Gee, when did GD become Christian Central?

Thursday Night Truthseekers Underground Concourse

FTC Files First 'Spyware' Case in U.S.

Have you ever stolen/vandalized a * sign?

If there was no draft in the 60's/70's would we still be in Nam?

How bush knew Saddam's "intent " concerning WMD

Journalist Cited for Contempt in Leaks Probe

Michael Moore brought up on charges?

I Just saw "Fog of War" again on DVD

BBV - Riverside CA - test a 'success' - critics not so sure

Everone at DU listen to this right now! Tim Ryan (D) Ohio, powerful stuff

'FBI Audit Leaves Vital Questions Unanswered' by Sibel Edmonds

What exactly is a 'whole body search' like Martha will be subjected to?

I lost it and flipped the Presidential Motorcade the bird.

O'reilly said Kerry is going to be on his show, on Daily Show

Is Bush really someone else list who you think he is?

If I see one more Iraq news story that lists the human costs

BBV - FL - 41% of provisional ballots rejected - look what Pinellas did!

Jon Stewart "Bush snookered the cable news networks..."

I hate Rush Limbaugh.

Bush has been re-elected, so you can just shut DU down now

Does Bush get credit for no terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11?

Australia Votes Tomorrow!

Hardball tonight


Is it now politically correct to call it "Iraqgate"?

BBV - Ohio poll worker gets wrong ballot

Why e-voting still is not enough

I need a list of Bush lies, contradictions, and info about haliburton

BBV: FBI to get help on Election Day plots

Who is the biggest 'Hero' of the the Democratic Party? (20th century)

Damn... Just had some twit try to tell me.... (re Kurds)

Flu vaccine? Does anyone find it concerning...

SGTV has a new site up, can I get DUer help

Well, SHIT. Just........uh, SHIT. Tried to get a F-9/11 DVD just now

Christiane Amanpour is so exotic...

Homeschooling: What's the deal? What are the guidelines?

Mike Ruppert's new book - Crossing the Rubicon - absolutely great.

The Biggest Conspiracy Theory Yet

No shortage of specialty US visas for S'poreans

Bush now says there were no WMD!!

Bomb discovered in heavily fortified Green Zone -Knight Ridder

Gold prices to hit all-time high

U.S. Defends Denying Visas to 67 Cubans (the scholars)

Growing up in US can worsen kids' health


House Majority Leader DeLay Should Resign Leadership Over Ethical Lapses

AP Reports: Bush, Cheney Left Off Mo. County Ballots

WP: Candidates Use Arms Report To Make Case

NYT: Nader Ballot Petitions Present a Phone Book Full of Problems

So * avoids his annual physical...

Environmentalist Might Win Nobel Peace Prize

Danish Opposition Demands Apology From PM For Taking Part In War

Election Hit and Run? (Neo-Con Hate Crime)

Pentagon 'crippled Iraq aid'

WP: 'Soft' Voters to Question Candidates at Second Presidential Debate

Kerry: Bush, Cheney in Denial About Iraq

Here we go; The Saudi Connection

Mrs. Greenspan is using her husbands talking point on MSNBC...

WP: Bush's Isolation From Reporters Could Be Hindrance

Kerry Balks at Sending Troops to Sudan

Abolish Congress for 3 Years...Arroyo Lawyer--Philippines (WMW)

CD in Iraq Said to Have U.S. Schools Info

UNICEF warns on child mortality targets (Iraq loses most ground)

Former U.N. Inspectors Cite New Report as Validation - WaPo

US Report Says Hussein Bought Arms With Ease

FDA Accused of Silencing Vioxx Warnings

Soviet secret police monument opened

American Arabs concerned over FBI's 'October Plan'

Tea worker families die of starvation as units close

Pentagon Sets Steps to Pacify Iraq Rebel Sites

U.S. strike kills 11 at wedding in Iraq's Falluja

DeLay says he won't step down

Explosion At Indonesian Embassy In Paris, CNN And CNBC Report

Bush to rely on attack as best form of defense (Guardian)

... My 1000th post.... stupid school takes up way too much time.

The Hannity-Fertilizer Poll

Watching Death Wish IV while stoned...

What pearls of wisdom should I impart in my 6000th post?


why can't I post?


I'm seriously thinking of cutting Matcom's hair.


Question re: flu shots....

Choir/band folks: On the Other hand, best song you and your group performd

Why can't I read any Posts?

Has anyone seen "Grave of the Fireflies"?

I know Drew Carey isn't too well liked here but...


DAMN Braves!! :grr:

Going on Vacation - Burned for the Rental Car

MXC: 'The Master Debaters Special' is on!

Lord help me, I spent $720 today!

Late Night Movie Alert: THE GREAT DICTATOR (3 AM CT TCM)

I hate taking tests!

Edwards coming up on Turner Classic Movies!

Examples of Bush wreaking havoc on the English language

Authors you SHOULD like, but just can't stand?

Authors you like that seem to be disliked by others?

Best Anthology TV Series?

Dear Lord, but Elliot Gould and Karen Black were fugly!

who is a bigger liar, Bush or Cheney

CLERKS! (9pm ct IFC)

Has anyone else here rented Fahrenheit 911 before Tuesday????

I love that hip background music on the twofacesofbush page.

DU's MIA List: Where the *hell* is YoungLiberal16?

Constitutional ammendment to make Bush President for life -

DU is absolutely ZOOMING for me; anyone else?

...and the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch...

Michael Moore on IFC now (Cannes repeat)

Crap...I'm watching "Black Sky" right now, Shrub calls them.....

Saturn Station Wagon...Your experience with them? I'm thinking of buying

Animal Soldiers

If you were to tattoo me (Or other DUers) what would you tattoo and where?

John Edwards is in my little town tonight

Damn it. I didn't win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry this year.

I parked in front of Repug HQ today in my Kerry-mobile. :)

Humpty Dumpty

Challenger Leko takes lead over Kramnik in chess match

EQUAL TIME: What can I do for you???

I guess i'm the designated thread killer today

JOE SATRIANI FANS! *lookie here*

Bill Hicks fans- he is on HBO!

So apparently we have dueling flyer's at my school...

I've never had a shoe float in my life...

rate this pic on a scale from 1 to 10

Why Do NONE Of Bush's Clothes FIT?

Can any one tell me the time the debate

DUers with asthma, check in here

woo-hoo! finally upgraded to DSL

I will MOO! you all!!!!!

Friend from marines got back the other day

Anybody else seen "The Motorcycle Diaries" ?

Monster Chiller Horror Theater Fans Check In!

I'm a damned dirty Democrat ask me anything

I just bought this groovy retro clock on Ebay (and a question for ebayers)

Go read this

A glitch in Win XP service pack 2

Go Cards!!!!!

I won!

Hottest. Democrat. EVER.

Everyone have a great evening

Hugs needed - my daughter has disowned me

O'Liely On Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart

So I'm watching the tube while they describe what awaits Martha...

Forest Gump logical thinking.

Two-Legged Dog

Larry Kudlow' s a freak. Why does he have a job?

Damn, this Mic Ultra is not giving me a buzz at all!

Damn, this MK Ultra isn't giving me a buzz at all. But I must kill JFK.

Sorry, I meant "Castro"...repost from here if necessary...

Repost more carefully if you must.

The Line Is Erased.

Bush's economy affects everyone

Gay Boyfriend

I wish a slow and painful demise to the inventor of spyware

Dr. Strangelove coming on

Sealab 2021: Debbie, get down here and give Hesh some sex!

Walt Starr lures new members to DU!

It's Not in the Book of Revelations

BEST Music to be Stoned to?

Global Test: Bush junior flunks ...

Summer's over (sob!)

"The Best Man" on TCM now (started 11PM CDT)

No more suggestive birthday pics, guys Same for the lesbians

Should I lighten up?

The White House (2005)

Homeschooling: WTF? Someone explain this shit to me.

Okay, New Age Music fans: tell me some good albums

So I met this girl tonight at my bible study...

stoned slackers untie - meet me here at 11:30 to discuss OReilly

Reason No. 39483094039 why I hate Wal-Mart

So I showed Fahrenheit 9/11 on campus tonight...

Keep my poor mom in your thoughts or prayers

Something about being drunk, ask me anything

Suppose you met someone who had never heard the Beatles.

Motherfucking Swedes... I was denied the Nobel in literature AGAIN!

I'm home. Where's my beer? My newspaper? My slippers?


Why do none of my clothes fit?

Favorite SCTV Characters/Bits?

Melissa Etheridge Has Cancer, Cancels Tour

Janeane Garofalo Knows Her Dick!

and now it's time for...Name! that! tune!

How much will the negatives of Bush Twin at the Naked Party bring?

Star Wars -- the TV series? Your Thoughts?

Any Rubberstampers or Scrapbookers Here?

I'm going to the post-debate Kerry rally tomorrow night. Ask me anything.

Question for DU women.

Your Favorite Band You Discovered By "Accident"

Where is a place to emmigrate if the worst happens on Nov 2?

"I bought this two years ago, can I return it?"

Said it once, will say it again: Matcom = Riker

Worst music to be stoned to?

Screw you and the demon you rode in on!

I just recieved a check for over $2,600 from my college.

Characters in movies you suspect are Republicans

Favorite Sig Line Images?

Blast from the google past...

I laughed so hard I fell off my chair! (JibJab Alert!)

The Diary of Barbara Bush Sr.

Should this be a DU SMILEY??? *please vote*

My dog is better than your dog

Dupe - sorry!

Does Newsday know something we don't?

If we don't hold Bush accountable.Who will?

Boxing scores of VP debate by Olberman

Anyone watching CNN live talk in Wisc??

Voter registrations being investigated in 3 Florida counties!!! Uh-oh!!!

Kerry's "In Denial" Theme is a Masterful Stroke!!!

Don't forget Poland[What you didn't tell us there was no WMD?]

Any one check out the final projection on

TV station reports that Bush has been elected President!

Teresa should wear Nancy Reagan Red on Friday

Um, no. Not particularly

Take Action..Demand FAUX remove Carl Cameron

Keep a good anti-war ad on the air.


Outsourcing registration?

The Gambler's On Hannity And Colmes

Did anyone see the Insane Clown Posse fan on Hardball?

My Letter To Bush Concerning Overtime, And His Take-Away Of Overtime Pay

I hope Dean becomes the DNC chair!!

Paula GOP poll..

October Surprise

Kerry's team..debate strategy and "rubber match" media expectation



bush's latest invasion excuse; so hilarious it's beyond criminal


Another "my son" story (this is GOOD)

Will/should President Kerry pardon Bushler, a la Ford -->Nixon?

Why does Tweety only have republicans on his panel any more?

Undecided voters vs. non-voting base

Journalist Cited for Contempt in Leaks Probe

Any Opinions About Stephanie Cutter On Tweety?

Dreier is on Hardball now. Don't see his highly paid Chief of

Now that Bush had admitted there were no WMDs in Iraq...

Bush Is My Shephard

Tell me this man isn't drunk?

Is Edwards at a townhall I miss it? Anyone?

My 2 cents on what Kerry should launch at dimson

Pat Buchanan just refered to the Cheney/Bush ticket on MSNBC

If the comic page is any indication, Bush is going down in flames

DU this poll on

Remember - Bush says juries can decide death but not monetary damages

DU this poll on DeMint "gay teacher" comment

Early voting

Sludge Trying to Stir the "Vote Fraud" Pot in a Nasty Way - He's such scum

Which SONGS are Kerry & Edwards USING at Campaign RALLIES ??

Kerry had some very provocative words today:

Teresa Heinz Kerry touts health-care plan

a dive into oblivion

Max Clelland: "Cheney dodged service, Kerry dodged real bullets"

What Can Bunnypants Say Good About The Economy?

MSNBC Poll to take: Who would you choose for president this week?

Bush Should Be Impeached for His Shameless Media Misuse's "projected final map...."

How much debate prep could Bush have done this week?

Couple great pro-Kerry moments on "Must See TV" NBC tonight:

How would/should/did Kerry respond to claims that Howard

Warning open this thread with care, Bush response to last weeks debate.

Relax everyone - NO WAY Kerry loses tomorrow night

"readers poll" at Air Force Times newspaper endorses guess who????

The lastest Chimp ad: The mini-van mom

So I guess the "soft bigotry of low expectations" didn't really help shrub

David Kay on CNN now

Whatever Happened To The Crashcart Ass Check Video?

Prediction: If Bush loses tomorrow's debate = new terror alert!

Iraq War Justification #438: Oil-for-Food...Kerry MUST Hit This Hard!!

By now, the only question remaining is...

O'lielly is gonna be on Daily Show . . ..

House Debate on Intelligence Reforms - Menendez Amendment - C-SPAN Now

Is Bush a war criminal under internation law terms??

AP: "Bush Unleashes Newly Sharpened Attack"....ooooohh. Scary.

Directory of sick election graphics I've done

I hope Kerry is studying Clinton's town hall debates.

Without International Cooperation, the war on Terrorism will never

"Jenna thanks Bush campaign workers in Albuquerque" (

finally, a good reason for the war...

What I think needs to happen now

Kerry's debate answer: $87 Billion "flip-flop"

Any Texans here planning to volunteer in a swing state on election day?

A response to the Kerry is degrading Iraqi prime minister..

Chicken Little Bush scares the hell out of me!

Bush takes the Global Test

Seven Lies Cheney Told During the Debate

doesn't the job report for September come out tomorrow?

You know what's going to happen the last few weeks of the election...

Jon, Jon, Jon, How could you?

My ex sent this to me, brought tears...

Be afraid, be very afraid

In these last few days, Kerry's team must remember the Big Dawg's 2 rules:

Need info on South Carolina Absentee Ballot procedure

Did anyone see Edwards introduce Dr. Strangelove on TCM?

Ietterman and Leno

The Daily Show/ Bill O'Reilly

I got a mailing the other day

DU this poll please

John Kerry horoscope for tomorrow

Just watched F9/11 DVD - everyone MUST see this

Will you get just as much delight voting for Kerry...

On Olberman tonight showing a clip of John Edwards on the view

A hint of hysteria in the air...

Campaign advertising on Haaretz' web site

The bar that has been set for * is now so low

I want to see "ALL" PDB's since he took office until 9/11/2001.

Olbermann is gong to have a special program tomorrow

Headline should've been: Edwards Gets Cheney to Admit No Sadam - 9/11 Link

Someone inform Mike Malloy about Richard Morrison.

DU this Florida poll

Kerrys position on the War Resolution....

Republicans are encouraging voters to vote absentee because...

A new JibJab animation unveiled tonight

Has this ever been posted here?

If a housewife can figure out that Saddam was bluffing...

Got on my local AM radio this morning!

House GOP dares Dems to vote ‘no’

Americans are sick if they allow Bush another term after today.


Dean knows he is being used as a wedge issue.....handled it well.

Beware Fellow Democrats. They Can Hawk the Vote In Michigan

Tim Ryan (D) of Ohio Tells It Like It Is

Jimmy Kimmel showed the Bush-drunk-at-wedding video from 1992!

New Jib Jab cartoon just aired on Jay Leno

How do we get through to the active duty military who support *?

Funny Car Sign Story (Dallas area):

Maybe nothin', but... (Bob Schieffer in Rosslyn, VA)

Talking to a Repub about spending money on weapons

Has Anyone Read this Letter Yet?? Pass it on to the undecided,pls.

Sign situation

Okay, the gloves are off in the Okla senate race. I just advised

What words do you wanna hear Kerry say tomorrow?

Is there a jail big enough to hold Rush, Delay, Rice, Bush, Cheney, et al

Blatant appeal to Security Moms led off the local news tonight

I feel ten feet tall tonight.

I hope Kerry doesn't break out laughing tomorrow night

If they raise the alert on election day, WE WIN!

So..Gallup gets to pick the "undecided questioners" tomorrow...

Wachin' Paula's CNN townhall meeting now

Bush Got Played (And He Doesn't Want To Admit It)

I hate to say this........

Terror Alerts: Coinciding with bad Bush news or good Kerry news?

Obama's sharing the wealth with fellow Dems

Bush's mystery bulge

Electoral Map looking better all the time!

DU Friends; Would you join me in signing this petition for Delay to step

October Surprise = Raise Terror Alert Against Schools On Election Day

Image that, another uninformed Repuke student

I just got back from phone canvassing

how to deal with this school bogus threat?

How much have we done?

WaPo: "The strategy is aimed at stoking public fears about terrorism..."

Its time for Kerry to use the "I" word

I know Kerry will win..No doubt ! But will he take office?My worry

Kerry is your closing statement for tomorrow.

'My Son, A United States Marine' - READ THIS NOW, SEND IT ALONG

Bush Cheated (In the 1st Debate!)

Been watching DU's numbers since last week's debate...

Rubberstamp Forum I Visit Had B/C Cheerleading Thread-I Just Posted My Own

Someone I know said he's going to meet Jeb Bush. What should he ask?

David Ashe needs your help in Virginia

A Bold Move Toward Dictatorship Is Afoot.

serious question- if they steal the election again, what are you prepared

Fineman - "Bush is beginning to sound desperate"

OMG, I slammed a war supporter so good tonight it was UNREAL

Okay, what's this weird stuff on W's forehead?

In debate, Kerry should walk up to Bush and check for earpiece

A letter to my Father

Salon: Spyware expert says Bush probably used earpiece during debate

We just watched F-9/11 for the first time tonight

Has anyone seen this site, real voices . org

Herbert: Working for a Pittance

On Many Foreign Policy Issues US Leaders and Public Agree, But Congress Vo

Stop -- or We'll Shout

WSJ: Black Recruits Slide As Share of Army Forces

(Zogby) Battlegrounds States Poll - OCTOBER 6, 2004

Juan Cole: Bombs in Taba, Multan, Baghdad Signal Failure of War on Terror

The Conservative Case Against George W. Bush

Stern goes to Sirus - free speech loses

Orwell goes to war:The mess in Iraq can't be overcome until its reality is

Titans to clash -- and there's a debate, too - Strib's Nick Coleman

Kerry and Religion (NYT)/ and the example of Kennedy's 1960 campaign

Please watch...No big jet into Pentagon...what hit it then???

Suicide of an Iraq War Veteran

For marines on raids, an eerie silence - Report from the front

Election May Turn on Report (CIA findings on Iraq WMD)

The Pernicious "Natural Born" Clause of the Constitution

What I Really Said About Iraq(PAUL BREMER.)...oh really?

Time for a Checkmate

Bush Like Me

"Bush Must Resign"

"Bush didn't do Iraq 'hard work' "


Joe Klein: The Trouble with Polls

Too many 'terrorists' are hapless innocents

Eleanor Clift on what to expect

The Failure to Deal With the Flu (Another * Admin Screwup)

Right now an election is the last thing Afghanistan needs

Krugman: Ignorance Isn't Strength

Bush's Isolation From Reporters Could Be a Hindrance (Allen/WaPo)

**OCT. SURPRISE ALERT** - Osama in Iran??

Many blindly follow Bush despite failings

Forgetting Iraq

Selling the Hate

WH puts politics above women's health care - Making Us Sick!

Blame it on Tommy Franks - Hard Analysis - Commentary

A letter to my Father

Meet Ann Coulter, Conservative Martyr

keep hitting the online polls, like this one

How can I make Carville happy?

Million Worker March on Oct. 17, Washington, DC

Tim Russert showed he's for Bush-Cheney after the debate.

Franken is hysterical this morning

Morrison on Randi now

Going Upriver

Fox's blunder/Brushing aside a staffer's hoax - Strib editorial

Can you pay for the social program you want? Site has way to see

The New Economic "Normal": present weak, future dismal

SEC Opens Krispy Kreme Investigation

The "T" word, trade

Economists rate Bush as the worst for economy

The Tax-Cut Pendulum and the Pit (soon interest rates rise, dollar crashes

03's federal tax revenues were lower than before President Bush (00's)

Great Keynes quote

Can you gauge the economy by

More screwing of normal folks-Check 21 goes into effect Oct 28!

The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target

Visionaries outline web's future

Genghis' palace excavated

Bee Decline May Spell End of Some Fruits, Vegetables


The Oil Age Is OVER

Nigerian Plateau Crises Claimed 54,000 Lives

Zambian famine turns into feast

House Rejects Plan Endorsed by 9/11 Panel

House GOP Digs In on Intelligence Overhaul

Abkhazia struggles with controversies in presidential poll

Now NYC is being sued for rounding up protesters

Any gun nuts here? I need to find an answer.

Senior Security: Packing Pistols (FL Times-Union)

Report: Man Brings Gun To Local Republican Headquarters

please, i beg of you, take the banner down!!

Please get rid of that damn banner!

Another vote against the banner

A suggestion, idea and request

A vote in SUPPORT of the banner... I like it.

Re: the banner

I Can Live With Regular Banner Ads... Flash Ads Suck

Dear God, keep the banner! A little bit of visual discomfort is a small

Suggestion for preventing dupes in LBN forum

How do I include graphics?

the banner

My $.02 regarding the banner...

Can a separate thread for comments on Debate Polls be set up?. . .

that flashy banner thing...

Do you keep track of

Masturbation and Such

Would you Pin a Kerry/Edwards Campaign Advice Topic?

Is this a felony?

Top 10 Idiots writing itself this week, isn't it?

I think Skinner, Earl G. and Elad have more "Gravitas" than Kos...just

When can we get the DU Gallery updated ?

Deputy defence minister: Palestinians apparently not behind Egypt car bomb

Israeli Incursion Employs High-Tech Power to Lethal Effect

Removing Palestine

The real 9/11 investigation. Prepare to be shocked...

Please watch...No big jet into Pentagon...what hit it then???

If Kerry Stays Ahead Will Neocons Attack America Again?

No plane wreckage on Pentagon site on 9/11

Flight 175: quite a mysterious flight ...

Obama-Keyes appearance hints to high-drama debate


Help Kerry in swing states from your computer.

Any debate watching parties for L.A.?

CA OCT-07-2004 L.A. coroners office identifies man reported missing - 1991

Is it just me?...

Middle American Women for Change with Alexandra Kerry - 10/9

LTTE in Star Tribune regarding VP debate

UMN College GOP: Moore a commie, pinko, surrender monkey

Read Toledo Blade editorial on the First Debate

On Campaigning in Ohio

George Soros places a Full 2-Page Ad in Dayton Daily News...

Debate Party at Gettysburg College Tonight!

(PA) Governor Rendell signs automatic recount bill into law

Metroplex Debate Parties: 10-8-04

North Texas Skeptics lecture - this Saturday in Dallas

Help Kerry in swing states from your red state computer.

Austin Debate Watching Party

To everyone here that has seen the Bolanos Brothers or have visited

Dallas: Volunteer in Texarkana, Sat. 9 and 16.

greetings cheeseheads- pants on fire moblie

Latest Michels ad

I have a spare Michael Moore/Milwaukee Theatre ticket: NOON today

It is the business of the future to be dangerous

Is anybody else getting Spybot warnings on EVERY PAGE of DU right now?!

Why Republican talking heads make no sense

Thanks to Fed2dneck, we have their code words...

Fiery comments on the House Floor, Tim Ryan (D) Ohio: WATCH IT!

The Bronze Rat

Freepers on the Back to the Future forum.

Open Letter to President George W. Bush

Need info/links to firm up support for Kerry from a Fundamentalist

So help, how hard is it to get a passport and what do you need and

I wouldn't bother you but, you guys NEED to check this out. Ohio (D) Ryan

Good clip about jobs

Bush Administration: Evil Geniuses or Evil Incompetents?

There may be a word for this . . .

DU Poll please!

On Propaganda and the Election

Randi was on fire yesterday,

Why don't the moderators ask Bush or Cheney for that matter the

I'm runing out of Vodka

Come on People let's freep this Fucker Kerry needs your help!

Is there a Karl Rove plan at work to falsify all polls by planting his

Bush's tactics will be threefold: Avoid at all costs any talk about

Clinton Lies & starts Illegal war. Hung from tree as a traitorous dog.

My honest take on the veep debates...

Interesting perspective from a air serviceman

what a bummer

BBC Radio reporting British hostage Ken Biggley has been killed

"Godfather of Religious Right" dies at 78

Should the NYT, WaPo and other mainstream media post a

Media pays more attention to Martha going to jail than dead US soldiers

Buying the FL vote. Bush orders Feds to pick up 90% of cain tab instead

hey folks...the no WMD's story is nowhere to be found........

I have an interesting theory.

A letter of resignation from Tom Friedman to the editor of NYT.


The Ownership Society

A teacher's nightmare

My Kerry debate tip

Because you are President I have more coffee to drink this morning

My new thought on the Bush* seven minute coma...

Looks like Michael Moore is still coming to Maryville tomorrow

BBC lifts the lid on secret BAE slush fund


DU this Cnn Poll about WMD's.

Social Distortion has got me again!

Don Evans -- Denial lessons from Dick Cheney?

Question..Obama gets elected and there are severe problems

American companies violated sanctions on Sadam....

FahrenHYPE 9/11 ??

Transitional pres. karzai slated to win Afghan election..

Rudepundit with more debate advice for Kerry(profanity warning)

No plane wreckage on Pentagon site on 9/11

The Media has fallen prey to the Kent Brockman effect.

WHY WE ARE IN IRAQ: Military Bases Are A Requirement, Democracy is Merely

Stupid freeper email

So apparently conservatives think that the iraqis are animals who need...

Bush linked to Pinochet?

A wealth of info on the GOP and its CIA ops....HERE

The unemployment rate and the growth of government

Should Kerry call Bush a LIAR tonight?

The people who should be going to jail today

CNN reports British citizen Bigley

NPR 'Morning Addition' story on people being screened at Bush appearances

Do the videos of Bin Laden in his cave or the beheadings in

Wisconsin Dairy Industry Manipulated

I agree with "FahrenHYPE911:" MM's movie is based on lies...

anyone else having trouble with today

car spying

Bush's secret weapon for tonight: Botox

Rimicade may increase blood cancer risks.

My wife just finished running 500 miles for John Kerry!!!!!!

BBV - (Sort of) Correction Bush Did Not Win Election on October 7

F-911 question: Why did no U.S Senator speak-up?

KRUGMAN: Denying Reality

This Egyptian terror attack sure seems like al-Qaeda's M.O.

Prediction for Tonight: The Simpering Chimp

Get ready, it's coming: "FahrenHYPE 911"

Cut (a check) And Run! My Iraq Solution.

Michael Moore's New Book After Tonight's Debate.

Payroll report "bad for Bush"...up only 96,000 jobs..expecting +150,000 on the link on MSNBC's web page about the 300,000 new jobs

Conservatives quoting Mao to support Bush!

Can President Kerry call for an investigation?

Someone Has Stolen Both the Brains AND the Sense of Humor (Michael Moore)

Remember when moron first took office and moron rove stated...

Four year Frat party....Vounteers needed for clean up crew,

Please, please help be with Bush Draft info (possible Kerry voter!)

Ethics Panel Hands DeLay Second Rebuke in a Week

At the end of debate, does Kerry pat Bush on the back? (radio receiver)

TERRA in our schools

Debate preview: Bush might have an edge in St. Louis

Bush was NOT wearing an earpiece

The Whores Race

Gynecologists for Bush

Today's fact

Arcata (CA) City Council Votes to Impeach Bush

If we had just GIVEN Iraq 100 Billion, wouldn't they be better off??

Who will Bush* pardon on his way out? Martha Stewart?

Revision Thing: A History of the Iraq War, Told Entirely In Lies

So what do we do with Saddam now?

Frank Rich on Bill Maher tonight

Those Jib Jab guys are at it again!

MSNBC: "(Bush) Reportedly has his competitive juices flowing"

Laura Ingraham calls Chomsky a moron

Argh...morning news

@ debate-Should Kerry tap Bush on the back with the handshake?

Misinformed public - yet again

Rush Limbaugh is Having a Heart Attack on the Air

About those school alerts based on finding those CD downloads.

Mural at UC Livermore riddled with TYPOS!


Explain to me how this president is "likable"

How do they do it?

How Does Kerry Slip In Iraq Tonight????

Nader less credible than the Corvair?

LA Times: "Bush Worst President in American History"

Can anyone direct me to the link...

"President Clinton Announces Another Record Budget Surplus"

E-Voting to Flawed and Unreliable to Use

Sidelined Neo-Cons Stoke Future Fires

Did anybody ever get fired for dissing Bill Clinton?

Did I just hear it right about the Powerball Winner on MSNBC?

Bush is DELIBERATELY wrecking the Volunteer Army so he can call DRAFT!!

Need a little link help...

US bombs another Iraqi wedding party - 11 dead, 17 injured

John Edwards to be on MTP on Sunday!

Bill O'Reilly claims he has known John Kerry for 25 Years

Bremer Backpedals

big doin's on the Senate floor right now!

Is there a Zogby electoral college map available anywhere?

Can anyone help me in these "research areas"

Cute Story About John And Elizabeth Edwards

What new technology or industry can do what the dot coms did in the 90's ?

Rachel Maddow Debates a Log Cabin Republicans

Bush will play bogus school threat card tonight; Kerry's response?

Omens in Florida?

Another Jib Jab Parody "Good To Be In D.C."

since this next debate is on domestic issues...

what time does the job numbers for September come out

Attacking Teresa Heinz Kerry Has Started...

Bill O'Reilly POLL ALERT: Is the Factor biased in its election coverage?

Highest-ranking woman in U.S. Army history says.............

I need an idea. Billboard rental or Signs


Debating With a BushnicK is......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting Terrorist simulation...

Bushwell Smart?

"She's a strong leader and she's wrong"

Time for Rush to pick himself up by the boot straps

Words to think about

My Review of F/911 - Can you Face into the Blinding Light of Truth?

An animation of Condi Rice tap dancing to "Jimmy Crack Corn".....

My wife got me a copy of F-9/11 today

Put this in context of Iraq

KENNEDY RIPPING * on Iraq NOW | C-Span2 4PM Eastern

Grr I can't understand Franken

How Many Sickos will watch the Bigley Beheading?

Lone Star Iconoclast..the website

"Obliviously On He Sails" Trillin quote about our lost soldiers.

Juicy editorial Capital Hill Blue

Need help doing that Google thing

Bounce your boobies!

Remember ... you can't spell COWARD without a "W"

Hope this works

Just received this inspiring e-mail I'd like to share.

Former DUer Jeff Seemann gets good attention for his Ohio campaign.

Some thought on Fahrenheit 911

check out the shipping info on this ebay listing . . .

Need transcript of Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) incredible anti-* rant

CNN: Whoring hard for * with Security Moms

Food for the debate (snacks)

Kerry 280 electoral votes, Bush 239 !!! Click here..beautiful!

Would Wes Clark play a role in a Kerry administration?

Derby378 on Randi right now!

Congratulations to Wangari Maathai - Peace prize winner.

F9/11 to air on TV pay-per-piew NOVEMBER 1

THE NEO CON 'SPECIAL' FORCES (Funny Pic and it's fixed now)

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 280 Bush 239

Articles for Impeachment of George W. Bush

Oh brother, another weekend, maybe another Hurricane...

An applicable Gandhi quote for Iraq.

Kenyan environmentalist wins Nobel Peace Prize!!

Delay attempts to intimidate Congress and the public

Bill O'Reilly called Jon Stewart a Pinhead last night

I heard george was going to wear a disguise this evening at the debates

BBV- Someone in Ohio is listening - yeeha !

bush was wired?

Direct me to a site that has info about job losses and outsourcing.

Jobs Report: Good for Kerry or Bush?

Bush's Crimes Against Nature, By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Attack of the 'Liberal' Media!

Reporter Faces 18 months For Not Revealing CIA Leak Source

Was Abraham Lincoln a liberal?

Buy 'Fahrenheit 9/11' on dvd and share it

Electoral College Graph--Kerry Ahead

Richard Morrison (running against Bugboy) on Randi Rhodes!

watch this vid of rumsfeld-VERY damaging

Melissa Etheridge diagnosed with breast cancer; tour canceled

MSGOP hyped fake job numbers that "boost pResident Bush"

Anti-Bush Songs!

I'm starting my F-9/11 DVD in 15 minutes. Ask me anything.

Iraqi with American school info involved with civic group planning schools

Should Kerry bust out the "L" word tonight?

Someone Has Stolen Both the Brains... (Michael Moore)

OK, Who Hacked

The Chimp Is Looking Extremely Tense - PIX

Bush now says we invaded because of Oil Sanctions.

Any gun nuts here? I need to find an answer.

This piece from NPR is excellent....

The Chimp is a coward - please add your examples

Write-up of the Howard Dean/Ralph Reed debate tonight.

92% said their personal economy is worse than govt says.

New state of matter discovered

The next President will be....

Here is everything that is on the line this election

I'm getting nervous about the debate

Question for DU regarding online polls after debate

I have a feeling this Debate will be the end to all debates

Retorts from the side….

Anyone else find themselves screaming at the tv/radio re: the undecideds

Bush's FDA deprives soldier of chocolate in Iraq

I've been gone since Monday (sci camp in N CA)

Hannity cancels event and tries to get Students to Lie About It


Michael Moore, and David Cross on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight!

CNN pre debate very pro Kerry

Todays Boondocks

Is it illegal to remove election signs from my street?

BBV - VA-State notified of flaw in new voting machines

So I'm watching MSNBC, and ads for CNN come on!

Just saw a commercial in which Michael J. Fox endorses Kerry.

For all teenagers in my school: WTF?!

Silicon Valley: "Tech workforce's ranks shrinking"

New Republican Fear Generator: Our Schools Under Attack

Slightly old story: Clinton's friendship bracelet

POLL: Did Bush turn you into a Democrat?

Who SAYS that our President has to be a "regular guy"?

Anyone going to catch Olbermann's running blog tonight?

Letter in today's Stripes: Undeserving commander

Your questions for tonight's debate

About that speedy assault on Baghdad...

Sean Hannity: First Class Jerk

Would you trade athritis for lymphoma??

Rumson NJ High School this morning - fake terrorist alert

BBV: Roundtable discussion...starting Monday

they don't tell bush anything because....he's NOT THE PRESIDENT

Mandatory Voting In Australia... Could It Work In The US??

Will the Rupublicans Nuke a US city to win the election


Describe bush in one word , I'll start

TODAY in Iraq, 10/8/04: MORE news photos you need to see....RIP Mr. Bigley

Did You Know: 25% of Drugs you take are manufactured overseas????

Judith Miller ordered to jail

The Kerry plan to strengthen the Volunteer Army will prevent a DRAFT

FBI took the hard drives of Global IMC servers in the USA and the UK.

Kerry as a Steam Locomotive (Look at what the Tender Says)

Nearly 50,000 sign no draft petition since Wed. night.

Views from Two Ground Zeros

I Had A Discussion with Iraq Soldier on Leave

"Free Trade" (as in outsourcing) proponents - answer me this.

Describe Kerry in one word , I'll start

The Bolanos brothers are asking for our help. Please read and help

Why is it "wrong" for Walmart to run Mom & Pop stores out of town?

Be a Vote Watcher - on election day

"Bush/Cheney Fail the Global Test" | TOOday's TOONs

Bush Unplugged...(the earpiece)

If you remember 'Rainbow' from when you were a kid

N.C. National Guard soldier pleads guilty to murder

Stop -- or We'll Shout

Terrorism issue lifts Martinez (Running for Bob Graham's Senate seat)

Michael Moore "Fahrenheit 9/11" Pay Per View TV Deal In The Works

AP - Insurgents Hit Baghdad Hotel With Rockets

Study: Stem cells emit healing molecules

Iraqis Want U.S. Out of Green Zone

Another Wedding Party bombed in Falludja

WP: For Kerry, Thinking Globally Began at a Young Age

Arms expert: Bush in Iraq arms denial

discs from Iraq with info about local school districts:

US has strategy to retake Iraqi towns

Bush, Kerry absent from Southern states

Cheney Once Pushed to Lift Iran Sanctions

For marines on raids, an eerie silence - Report from the front

Blasts at Egypt Resort Kill at Least 27

Lack of early-vote sites near blacks ripped (Palm Beach)

Lions Gate roars at 'Fahrenheit' screening

Congresswoman Tubbs Jones Outraged at Sec. Blackwell's Threat

September Job Growth Less Than Forecast (sorry dupe)

Jackson prosecutor 'has vendetta'

Household Medicine Abused by The Young

Melissa Etheridge diagnosed with breast cancer; tour canceled

Bush beginning to sound desperate: cant control news from Iraq

What I Really Said About Iraq(PAUL BREMER.)...oh really?

Secret memo puts bishops on the spot

Electric fence at Palace

HSBC probes 'Saddam connection'

Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians'

Fla. Official Sued in Registration Flap

Reports: British Hostage Killed in Iraq

British Kenneth Biggley has been beheaded.......MSNBC

NYT, Nagourney(!): In His New Attacks, Bush Pushes Limit on the Facts

Cheney Once Pushed to Lift Iran Sanctions

Duval symbolizes black voters' anger (Civil Right leaders rebuffed)

Fewer TV ads in Washington state for Bush | Seatte Times

Large earthquake shakes the Philippine capital of Manila

Despite TV ad move (cancelling $1M), GOP 'strongly' backs Nethercutt

Map redrawing angers US Democrats

Someone Has Stolen Both the Brains AND the Sense of Humor (Michael Moore)

Outspoken Chávez foe seeks asylum in Miami

Good news in the polls!

Reuters: Video Shows British Hostage Being Beheaded in Iraq

Reuters: September Job Growth Weaker Than Expected

US soldier killed in northern Iraq (Friday, #1068)

U.S. envoy warms to Canadian rule in Arctic waters

One U.S. soldier killed in attack north of Baghdad

J&J Warns of Blood Cancer Risk in Arthritis Drug (Remicade)

Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War

NEW - JibJab - "Good to be in DC"

Debate preview: Bush might have an edge in St. Louis

US soldier killed in northern Iraq

Pink ribbon masks discord in the fight against breast cancer

House Republicans derail move to strengthen hate-crimes law

Iraqis may sue US over invasion

Facts don't get in way at debate

US warns against Sinai

NYT: U.S. Inquiry in Price Rises (price gouging) for Flu Shots

FEMA's help rises to 90%

(Afghanistan) Huge truck bomb seized

ChevronTexaco Confirms Interest in Gulf of Venezuela Tender

big doin's on the Senate floor right now!


FBI Seizes Indymedia servers

E-Voting to Flawed and Unreliable to Use

Students tackle laws based on Islamic rules

September Job Numbers Lower than Expected

An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI? (Sibel Edmonds)

FBI seizes INDYMEDIA servers -

Admitting disagreements, Bremer says Bush right to topple Saddam

Frustrated over sovereignty, Iraqis want the Americans out of the Green Zo

Delay Press Release: Hope Is Already Here; September Job Creation More

Blair under fire over Iraq report

U.S.: Iraqi Forces Gaining Effectiveness

Navy to tow stricken submarine as fury grows in Canada

Anthrax Probe Leaks Assailed Judge Scolds U.S. In Scientist's Case

DeLay Goes on Offensive in Ethics Woes

Fla. Judge Delays Voting Machine Lawsuit ....(damn)

Kenyan Environmentalist Claims Nobel Peace Prize

LAT: (Ed. Dept.) Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History (destroy 300K)

OAS chief resigns amid bribery charges

N.C. sees high for new voter sign-up

Snow Says Not Campaigning, Pays Ohio 7th Visit

Bush Cheated in Debate

Cheney Pushed for More Trade With Iran (Fox News/AP)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 8 October

Bush admits Iraq had no banned arms

CNN: New AP Poll shows Kerry: 50% Bush 46%

Bush and Kerry in Dead Heat Ahead of Debate

U.S. Said to Develop Strategy for Iraq ...(...hmmm...two years, too late)

Crater's "Loaf" rises 100 feet on St. Helens | Seattle Times

1st African Woman Wins Nobel Peace Prize

**OCT. SURPRISE ALERT** - Osama in Iran??

Hitachi announces San Jose cutbacks (400 jobs)

Lockyer: Calif constitution permits laws against same-sex marriage

Election-Related Lawsuits Pile Up in Fla.

Afghan torture trial begins in UK

Stern Will Add Music To His Satellite Channels (Rebirth of Protest Music)

Campaign workers indicted in activities for Green candidate

Iran To Launch First Homemade Satellite

Putin sends Kyoto treaty to parliament for approval

NATO Approves Outline for Iraq Training

Bush Campaign Chides Kerry Vote Efforts (pamphlets for churches)

Ex-general: U.S. troops need to stay in Iraq at least 10 years

USOC asks Bush to stop using 'Olympics’ (in Kerry bashing web game)

House passes hotly contested bill on intelligence reform

Berkeley celebrates 40th anniversary of Free Speech Movement

Florida prosecutors asked to probe possible voter fraud

Discussion of critical report about Bush civil rights record postponed

Western drought could worsen, study finds

Spartan cell is new home for Martha Stewart

Supreme court: Nader can appear on ballot (Maine)

Arcata (CA) City Council Votes to Impeach Bush

Edwards: Bush 'At War' With Working Class

U.S.: No-Fly List Created With No Rules

Volunteer Poll Worker Gets Wrong Absentee Ballot

California voters like Schwarzenegger; they just don't want to see him as

Rossi looked to N.Y. for regulation reform plan | Seattle P-I

Argentina wins latest round in effort to restructure debt.

FBI plans to interview Florida Muslims ahead of election

Job Growth Weaker Than Expected (up 96,000-Unemployment rate unchanged 5.4

Ohio Candidate Seeks Advice of Web Surfers (Jeff Seeman)

Brent oil prices spike to new high; analysts eye 60 dollars

BBC Radio reporting British hostage Ken Biggley has been killed

Poll: Youth Tie Bush, Draft Reinstatement

US Officials Say No Terror Threat Linked To Disk With School Data-OOPS!

Household Jobs show disaster-labor force drops 1 million, job loss of 585K

Bush's mystery bulge (

Tropical Storm Matthew forms in the Gulf of Mexico

Tax Revenue Below 2000's Despite Growth in Profits

Question for anyone who owns the "SNL: Best Of Mike Myers" DVD

Is this really, really weird?

Anyone know anything about Cigna health services?

Could Marilyn Chambers have handled Dick in the VP debate?

Need help with DU RSS feed-

Okay...all of YOU can kiss my ass!


Dear god, please let me appear on the Orielly Factor so...

For my 1001st post, I would like to say...

I just realized that...It's your birthday!

My first drunk post ever!

I'm sick as a dog

I'm drinking Orange Stoli and Chambourd w/ a splash of soda

I did it! My 5,678th post!

Dick Cheney NUDE!!!

The "Jackass-O-Lantern," a fun Halloween project.

Is anybody else getting Spybot warnings on EVERY PAGE of DU right now?!

October Surprise? How 'bout Oktoberfest?

have you ever heard or used the term "freeper" in the offline world?

Anyone still up? Having a bit of an emotional meltdown over this war

OK... about this kid who cut his arm off...

Anyone ever seen Jesus while on LSD?

DU'ers this will trip you out. Unless you've seen it already:


What's your favorite big cat?

bush*'s Battle of the Bulges?

Acronyms for */Cheney

Vacation Starts in 5 Hours!

Zoo Builds Elephant Treadmill

Anyone have the transcript from the Daily Show?

What is it with cannibals today?

Human body parts in fridge spark fear of cannibal copycat

Man Arrested For Smearing Feces On Parking Ticket Payment

Monks seek homes for St Bernards

Today's Steve Bell cartoon, Guardian

Poland Searching For World Sex Champion

bush is Like an ingrown toe naiL

I have Thai coffee!

Aga Khan set to divorce

Where can i find the video of Cheney goggling at Kate Edwards?

Bush or Kerry?

Are we alone?

bush test

Are we alone? 2 Electric Boogaloo

Jackson prosecutor 'has vendetta'

Is there a way I can hide posts with "Kerry should..." in them?

Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear?

My husband told me tonight I am lucky he hasn't left me

I ate my girlfriend, claims the British fugitive in a Spanish jail


This is a test.


What is it with cannibis today?

Mrs. Jokerman (not her real name) makes the local news!

My wedding invite ala the Onion "Children of Divorce Lose Minds, Wed"

Woman says getting a ticket for tavern nudity has paid off

Argh! play that funky music just played on my Mac. Ask me anything!

What was the first album that you ever heard while High?

No - Let's Play Name THIS Tune!!

Who wants to sit in my lap?

Martha Stewart full cavity search..

A butter pie???

one more time, kids...

Three Die Laughing When Bush Nominated For Peace Prize

Elections and hurricanes (God is PISSED)

Any Blanche fans out there?

Museum Visitors Won't Be Allowed To View Nude Bush Painting

Today's the day!!!

Deadheads - what show should I download?

Lowest temp where you are so far?

Happiness is a Slayer earworm

OMG... Great new CD from......... Minnie Driver???!!!!??!?

Bespelled from MSN games

Any Tift Merritt fans?

Do you TOE the line or TOW the line?

Okay it's Friday and time for

You open your ass and you open your mind and you open your heart."

ZombyCoffee: Debate #2 Warm-Up Blend!!!!

Caption: domestic designs on Camp Cupcake?

Who watched The Apprentice last night?

My Phins will upset the Faux Patriots! Come on Pitt, let's bet!

Yee hah!! Watching my Star Trek: TOS First Season DVDs!

I'm saying let the phones ring and play Freecell today....

bush joke thread - Warning - graphic bush dirty joke

bad post

Check out my "George the Weasel" cartoon

Which of these groups had the worst hair?

Protein bars and drinks SUCK

Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Dick Cheney's Mind At This Moment

HAHAHA look at this scam...

test . . .

If you could hack into Bush's wireless earpiece, what would you say?

LeBlanc Fights Former Driver's Tabloid Gay Sex Slur

A loyalty oath to attend a Bush rally? WTF?

Any Stephen Merritt fans here?

Who is your favorite character from the Goonies?

Someone on Atkins or South Beach 'splain me somethin'....

If you don't click this link I'll be forced to run naked down my street!

Any Chris Merritt fans?

XNASANEWS: Body found in cemetery

Florida Ballot

Cheney had a cameo in the Return of the Jedi DVD?

What's the oddest political dream you've ever had?

Now this is something I really need.

AAARGH! What should I do about the utter shit coffee they have here?

Goo? or Goo!

Well, I've found out that the powers that be here at work...

Which is a more apropos "theme song" for W?

OK enough....What the hell is a TINFOIL HAT??


"I just "tit" myself."

ud erom on

Love or Money?

I just found off that I have Monday off!!!!!

I'm going to listen to the debates on the radio.

Today's Boy King idiot photo from Wausau WI

Sunnyvale cop suspected of DUI, found with dead pig

dumb fraud e-mail I received, trying to get bank password

What's an 'asshat'?

Top ten thoughts going through George Bush's mind at this moment.

It's going to cost $400 to replace my car's side mirror

I'm starting my own business. Do I have to be a Republican now?

Who are the best dumb artists?

Anyone going to be watching the debate with TiVo?

CAPTION something other than a Bush photo


Great cameo by the late great Rodney Dangerfield...

I saw a guy shaving while driving

Who else won't be checking DU during and right after the debate?

Addition to my signature

delete me

What is everyone going to do AFTER 11/2?

I have a confession - I'm a croissant addict

Which one is better XM or Sirius?


I think its time to start breeding my Ewok.

The Great JCCyC Sigline Quote Shootout: Heat 2

What is this JibJab I keep hearing about?

Bleagh.... I can't believe I'll be on the bus all day 11/2

What is unusual about THESE cats?


What's the deal with Rhode Island?

This weekend is going to suck ass

Favorite "Stand By Me" character

CAPTION the Unfrozen Caveman President

Holy Crap - HI-larious video from DNC showing Bush's Debate faces!

These threads need

If I never hear about the damn jibjab website again in my life

POLL: Bumper Stickers that say something with out REALLY saying something.

The Great JCCyC Sigline Quote Shootout: Heat 1

Sirius Radio Listeners: What's your favorite station?

You know what? Internet radio sucks

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume?

Town&Planet Comic

How do you feel about the word "temblor"?

POLL: Who LOVES listening to conservative talk radio?

Misspelled library art do-over a no go says artist - sfgate

Anyone have a link to the guy in the wedding dress on Ebay?

A little spiritual ditty....

News Flash From The 10/8/04 Presidential Debate

Who are the best dub artists?

Parents.... Terrible threes! Help!

creepy crawley, creepy crawley

Melissa Etheridge has cancer!

I have so many mitochlorians I could reach through your screen and shave U

Mosura ya Mosura

Why do freepers mow their lawns practically every day?

need help with drinking game for tonight

I hope they all die

OK DU musicians and producers - how is classic dub made

What should I cook for dinner tonight?

Anyone catch the freeper family on last night's CSI?

Red Sox Fans: What's the deal

This is the most astounding item I've ever seen on ebay

LA Times Column proclaims Bush "Worst President Ever..."

I have been convicted of the heinous crime of Dog Off Leash In Park

I know you're all kitty crazy...but if you happen to be KITTIE crazy

Fugitive phoney Florida doctor nabbed

Paul Thompson's book "featured in display....

So, who is Democratic Underground endorsing for President?

Would you rather win an Oscar or a Nobel Prize?

DUers vs FReepers by position

Google Helps Solve John Doe Case

Punchlines from jokes you thought were hilarious when you were 12

Lottery Winnings Bring Dad Home From Iraq

Mr. Cranky weighs in on the debates!

More Proof 'ER' has jumped the Shark

Image hosts?

Have YOU ever seen those Cortislim people?

do you know of any big online library?

Man burned alive for stealing gas cannister

Golfers: PGA players for bush

I'm sick at home and laughing my ass off at America's Funniest Home Videos

Had a nice ride home for lunch - Limbaugh is apoplectic. Fun!

I'm laughing my Ashcroft off watching Bush's Funniest Home Videos.

Guitar World names 100 worst riffs 'n' solos

I don't even bake. I just eat the frosting. Does that make me evil?

I do not frost brownies & cup cakes..Does that make me evil??

Downtown Stevens Point, in autumn.

So, I'm no kind of huge sports fan, but HOW ABOUT THE SEATTLE STORM?

Cops Find 200 Pets in Smelly 'Cat House'

How can we be so blind????

Funniest Headline: "Students spend quality time in depths of river"

Sheep Slaughtered In Front Of Students For H.S. Class

I clusterbomb civilians, and then have cupcakes WITH frosting...

So what should I watch tonight?

"Do you know what some idiot was doing?!"

My New Favorite Funny Woman: Wanda Sykes!!

The Pixies.

Schools Try To Stop "Cross-Dressing Day"

You forgot Poland

gonna get my trek fix tonight!!!

Young Frankenstein

I think I found a DU mascott! According to freeps anyway...

Interesting thing about the Star Wars prequels

Kerry on 'Cheers'

I'm totally what's a boner dude?

Did anyone else just have ESPN go dead?

Food for the debate (snacks)

Do you think Millie Small had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Indian Summer.

Do you think Rodney Dangerfield had something to do with Biggies murder?

Do you think Mrs. Paul's had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Boy, 11, Upset About Being Bullied, Takes Family Car on Long Odyssey

Do you think Biggie Fries was the reason Biggie Fries became Biggie Fries?

Do you think Eightballs had something to do with Sixpack's murder?

Do you think Biggie Rat had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Company Sued for Not Paying Bathroom Attendants is on our side!

Do you think Biggie Fries had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Do you think biggie fries are food?

Do you think biggie fries are good?

I'm old - what's a wedgie?

Do you think John Smallberries had something to do with Tupac's Murder

Kitten so cute it could kill!

Do you think Ru Paul had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Spike TV doing women in prison marathon to honor Martha Stewart

St. Paul woman admits biting off part of boyfriend's tongue

Do you think Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls were artistic geniuses?

Do you think Monty Hall had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Name a song that mentions or refers to pot or getting stoned:

Hi! I can post at home!

Time to play Celebrities Dead or Alive

Chilling, Beautiful video of John Lennon's "Imagine"

Do you think Biggie Fries will be the reason the Red Sox Choke?


For the record...

Are there ads on DU now???

Why can't we talk about masturbation here?!

Everyone should be downloading this god-damned song

And now for something totally different...

Jack Daniels for TSias

Scientists imagine Lennon at 64

Anyone have a portable XM or Sirius receiver?

Ahhhh...Autumn in Wisconsin!

How Many Icons (Shortcuts) Are On Your 'Desktop' Right Now?

Ahhhh...Autumn in California!

I'm from Monroeville, What's a thicket?

Ahhh....Autumn in Hell

eating while driving

Ever get those thoughts while driving

Why do attachments get deleted in my e-mail?

Dick Cheney is Mr. Potter!

My younger sister's cat had kittens today!

Sad times for SoCal baseball

I need link about Bush twin's attendance at "Naked Parties"

Ahhhh...crap...Autumn in Detroit.

Bush mystery box turns out to be big pimple. Yuck.

hey bloggers ? multilingual?

Time to play Celebrities Alive or Dead

What should I name my production company?

Linux Desktop shootout

You know who you are......

Ahhhhh - Autumn on Uranus.

DU has too many clicks.

Rush just lost another supplier

Now here's a psychiatrist with a problem...

My smilies are inactive-----Help----------

I lost the link to see the pix of DUers. Can someone send it to me?

You know what haunted house movies need more of? UFOs.

Is anyone else addicted to Green Day's new album "American Idiot?"

Team America: World Police, do you intend to see it in the theaters?

The Madness of King George

Since when is Halloween for kids?

New game: Name That Medication!

DU has too many cliques

Millie says, "Hi!"


What kind of music do liberals like best?

ahhhhh-the stupiter of Jupiter

New season of Star Trek starts tonight

Kicks just keep getting harder to find!

I just realized that...It's my birthday!

Happy thanks giving weekend all!

Band that represents the 80s best

Akiyoshi's illusion pages

DU has too many tricks.

Pimpafy yourself.

I need some help - My husband and I got invited to a halloween party

Any red river shootout fans out there???

DU has too many pricks.

The Pentagon non-plane conspiracy

City to Correct Einstein Misspelling

Ah...autumn in Wisconsin...

Best Movie Al Capone?

Teen Arrested For Sexual Assault After Giving Ex-Girlfriend A Wedgie

With the debate tonight... don't count on that being the stupidest

Ahhhhh-autumn in southern Georgia

Right Wing Email making the rounds....

Maybe there's something to that whole Red Sox curse thing after all

Michael Moore, and David Cross on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight!

DU has too many quips

Ladies & Gentleman I Give You The Spazmatics

Assuming That Bush* Did Indeed Have A Radio Receiver...

Well, it's Friday and payday and the BAR IS OPEN!!!

I want opinions on something please. :)

Thank You Chicago DUers from RationalRose

How many Bush officials does it take to change a lightbulb?

The official somebody please find the Elephant/Phallus hat

Wish me luck, I'm off to Vancouver for thanksgiving and

Rate my kitty

Free 2 Rocks Glasses, Mini Manhattan Shaker or Flask from Knob Creek (21+

Other people's pets photos

They left something out of this "party brownies" recipe

My House is at War! BoSox vs. Kerry/Edwards...and "DIVORCE" might

Best Pre-DSOTM Pink Floyd Album

DU has too many kicks

My drunk brother is better than your drunk brother

Is your picture in the DU gallery?

Ya'all want to help me name a song?

What is unusual about these cats?


Dead show withdrawl symptoms


I retract my earlier post. THIS is today's stupidest photo of Bush

Please keep your cats indoors! My horrific tale will convince you to!!!!

West Coast College Football Showdown #1 (#1 USC vs #7 Cal) Who Wins?

AHHH!!!! Bantha!!!!

Austrian doctors confused by patients from Yorkshire!

Ahhhh...Autumn in Seattle!

Happy Birthday Dennis Kucinich !!

Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola in E- Flat, Mozart

Artist Refuses To Fix Misspellings In Library Art

you can't do that on television! . . .


Time to barbecue Bevo once again......

I'm in LOVE with a married!

I'm an American. whats a wicket?

Wow, "Thunder Road" is the Top Song of All Time

What do you guys think of McCain

It's that time again - How many people do you have on ignore?

Do you think Biggie Smalls had something to do with Tupac's murder?

Freeper actually sent me an anti bush joke thats moderately funny

Proof our culture is doomed, the sign on my local Starbucks this morning.

Tomorrow Night

Debating Kerry's Vietnam years with RWers (yeah, I know why bother, but)

THESE ADS are So Good!!! - Check them out - Someone Needs to Run Them!

Go see "Going Upriver". Theater list and trailer here:

local paper needs debunking on Edwards claim

WABC Radio: Will Bush smear Kerry with UN Food for Oil Bribery Charges?

ROTFLMAO * said Jesus was his hero in 2000

vote in this KIRO poll: "Who Will Win The Second Presidential Debate?"

The "Let Me Finish" Drinking Game

Our county had Politics in the Park tonight. Some good news.

Anyone watching Charlie Rose?

3 Howard Dean questions

LOL Freeper Alert! Shrub's Wearing A Bullet Proof Vest

Thousands line up for Bush tickets in Colorado Springs....

Bushist tax cuts spur profits, deepen deficit

U.S. New and World Report Poll

Faux work overtime for Bushco

Desperate men do desperate acts....

US Jobs report due out tomorrow

good news

Hardball poll

Bush, Cheney Left Off Mo. County Ballots

I want Bush & Ridge arrested...

DFA surprises a candidate with a donation. This is very nice!

Anybody have Debate Bingo for tomorrow night?

Awesome link...

Out here in the rural West, people like their politics simple

Why is it when Kerry Leads by 4 points, its a 'small' lead?

AP Story Today: Bush wins election, Republicans keep House/Senate

MSNBC Poll - Who's your choice for president?

OK, we are all too smart.

I can't wait to see Dubya* get his ass handed to him again tomorrow night

Give a listen to W's cool jazz song: "Hard Work"

10/7: Election Model Graphics: Kerry's march to victory

What kind of questions for Kerry do you expect tomorrow?

Is this the October surprise?

Cartoon pretty much sums up the situation

"E.R." brought the Iraq war home tonight, on NBC.

new #'s at

Electoral Vote Predictor October 8: Kerry 280 - Bush 239

So Martha Stewart is going to jail today

At the risk of sounding totally superficial......

Here's the rules for tonight...Seems to me to favor Bush

WP, Mike Allen: Bush isolation from people, press, now almost total

A letter to my Father.

Damn! I thought all the mystery bulge stuff was about this!

You guys do realize that Bush will be Shrill as Hell tonight.


Some Bad News About Yesterday's New Voter Registrations in NC

National Budget Simulation

New JibJab animation: "Good to be in D.C."

DU Poll!

What lines will Bush try in debate #2?

Why is Imus "freaking" about having Charlie Gibson as moderator?

Afghanistan a Success?

Will Bush try to use Egypt attacks for political advantage tonight?

What Kerry needs to say tonight...

Analysis of VP debate fibs....

Krugman: "I first used the word 'Orwellian'....

Latest Zogby Poll -10-8- Chimp 45.9% -Kerry 45.2%

Employment numbers even worse...

Jib Jab at it again! Funny political stuff.

Only 96,000 jobs in September - Lower than expected

I hate...I hate...the idea of crowing about the new job numbers.

MSNBC poll help!

If Bush doesn't right his ship... it's GAME OVER

My Absentee Ballot Instructions are FUCKED UP!!! Gilpin County Colorado

George W. Bush:The poster boy for low expectaions,

CNN: New Jobs Report is Good News for the USA!

Gallup Organization selected the "uncommitted" voters..

CNN Heidi Collins trying to spin that 96,000 a good thing

Town Hall "debate" favors bush*

It's not the bad job numbers -- It's corporate dominance ruining our world

Jobs shillfest falls flat.

Kerry campaign is knocking on 1,000,000 doors this weekend

Will Dubya's head explode tonight?

October surprise to be rolled out in an hour?

I just saw Going Upriver.

It's medication time.

Need help quick: Does anyone know how to do a screen capture

Bush Handlers Have Shot Their Boy's Butt Off (poetic justice)

Quick, I need a link for Bush's draft

"the SAME intelligence" "the SAME intelligence"..............?

Great line from Atrios: ALL YOUR JOB ARE BELONG TO BUSH.

I want one person to ask...

Which Bush will show up tonight?

Kerry Should Take The High Road Tonight....

Rejoice, Bush is History

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/8/2004

I can't believe it - I think Kerry is winning the expectations game again.

I need to get an idea to Senator Kerry for tonight! Debate question answe

I thought Cheney said the bombings in Isreal had decreased because Saddam

So much for that strong jobs report Bush was counting on...

Drudge not reporting bad jobs number. Hee. Hee.

OK....If you want a laugh. This came in my e-mail from

GOP terrorists linked to Al Qaeda

Saw whore Tim Russert last night

Debate rule: No French Words

We have a winner! Kerry in the lead on electoral-votes!

Kerry will win the debates, but I can't stop thinking of "computer voting"

The Orange County Register...(for Bush & Kerry's current

It's much worse than they want to admit

Are Winners More Nervous or Losers More Nervous??

New MSNBC Poll to hit.

Elaine're full of yourself and

How can anybody trust Republican Attack Ads?

What time is the debate on tonight?

Fire in the campaign hole: "September Job Growth Weaker Than Expected"

Why are all the debates in Red states?

IF you are in St Louis today....Help needed to welcome KERRY

Now, if * and the freepers blame the hurricanes for the bad job report ...

DU Poll!

Everything they know now, they wouldn't do anything differently.

Hoeffel gaining ground on Specter in Pennsylvania

Where's the best place to contribute money for the 2004 election?

Can anyone find a transcript of Kerry's speech

Do you think Kerry surrogates scan this board....

British Hostage Killed

Saw Going Up River last night... amazing.

Anyone have pics of bush bulge?(suspect device in DB8)

Economist Poll - Kerry 47 **** 46

What are Kerry's achievements after 20 years in the Senate?

Support Our Troops - (made in Taiwan)

NPR Dianne Rheem show, woman just called in to say disinformation


For KERRY Campaign: GWB Practice Debate Questions

A Look at How Cheney Opposed Head Start, MLK Day, Mandela Release

How do they calculate the unemployment percentage?

Will they change bush* "psycho-medications" for THIS debate (PHOTOS)?

We now own the national security issue. Here's where we can go with it.

Help! I need info on a Bush draft! (possible Kerry voter!)

So if the Saddaam threat doesn't begin until sanctions are lifted?

New Bush ads are deceptive

Is Tonight the Last "Safe" Night for the American People/Kerry??

Local news last night reported Kerry up 50:46 in last Ipsos-Reed poll,

Freepers discussing Salon's story on the earpiece

Cheney Admits Going On Camping Trip with Edwards--hilarious!

Please go to NPR and listen to Rheem now!

The Unsung Truth About the War -Boston Globe

LAT: Bush Giving Up on Washington State?

John Kerry has EARNED my vote...

Bremer must have got a fat "paycheck" last night.

Tom Delay Quote On Dems & Liberals

Kerry needs to bring out Bush's "meanspiritedness", too!

This is how they keep their power in Mississippi

Relax everyone - NO WAY Kerry loses tonight

Iraqis Want U.S. Out of Green Zone

And the hits just keep on coming...

Good news in the polls!

the 7 minute update...

New SurveyUSA polls, Kerry +10 in Michigan, +1 in Iowa looks beautiful this morning, doesn't it?

Electoral Vote - is it a coincidence?

Freepers plan Jacksonville protest tonight

George Bush did cut my taxes

Should Kerry do what Gore did in that debate in 2000?

Talking point for Kerry *within* the job report.

I need an idea for a Billboard rental or Signs

Most new jobs this month SERVICE ORIENTED

What's wrong w/ this picture?

Don Evans Secretary of commerce "spinster" at work on Cavuto

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said...

Bush "earpiece"......soooooo

I have the great misfortune of having to look at

Answer to the Job Number Spin - Storms Can NOT be Blamed!!

"Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again"

Why the Chimp is Doomed Tonight

The 96,000 jobs will be revised

Jobs report - another nail in the coffin?

Don't let 'em get away... all 300,000

I guess we'll be hearing about the "Household Income Survey" tonight

Kenneth Bigley's murder

Is There Any Chance That The Environment Will Come Up In These Debates?

Inside A College Wingnut: Asshole Alert

Kerry: "You Are A Liar, Mr. President..."

Freeper -This isn't the end of the world, but its just about the end of W

Some people live in their own little world. . .

Does anyone have a link to 2000 latest pre-election poll

NPR: Intimidation of voters at Bush campaign rallies and speeches

CNNservative: Highlighting Fear/Security Moms

Baby step reform for EC - Take away states' 2 freebie Senate votes

CNN/Money: September Job Growth Weaker, Misses Economists Forecasts

Another despicable Bush ad.

I think you guys are setting yourselves up for disappointment.

Dick Durbin giving great speech on Senate floor

AP news alert: Labor Dept say payrolls increased by 96,000 overall in Sept

The Democratic fact checkers are the key to Kerry winning tonight

What will the jobs numbers be?

Now Would Be a Good Time

96 K new jobs. Nahnananah. Nanananahhh. Hey Chimpy goodbye.

Can Bush's earpiece be jammed?

DU this CNBC poll on the jobs report and tonight's debate - send comments

CNN says 300,000 new jobs created in headline

Caption This!

Deleted message

WARNING: do not watch CNN and CNBC right now!

CONTACT info for CNN: If they continue to "spin" the job numbers --

It happened this week. I had my Kerry will be President dream.

Kerry has to be absolutely Pathetic tonight to lose

CNBC watch: econo-spin / jobs

They're spinnging like crazy on CNBC..................

Kerry First Line: Are you coming to the 3rd debate?

Debate Day Group Therapy: A List!

Bush's Saturn Return Is Exact During Debate

Did Kerry Sabotage Bush During the Handshake?

Sunday in the Park without Oct. 10 event.

I need an idea for a Billboard rental or Signs

If you missed Kerry on Black Entertainment TV

Tonight's Debate: Bush on a Tightrope

Seven Lies Cheney Told During the 2004 Vice Presidential Debate

Conservative paper editorial -- "Bush: No Thinking Allowed"

Job Numbers Worse Than Expected......-CNBC

Prediction: Bush is going into this debate thinking he'll win or draw.

For What Did We Die, Mr. Bush?

A great case for George W. Bush

If I hear any more RW spin about the "Global Test", I'm gonna PUKE

any news on Michael Moore's pneumonia?

Edwards on Meet the Press Sunday-Also Sen Debate Colorado

WSJ: Jobs Report is a Problem

How should Kerry respond to "You voted against the first Gulf War" charge?

Has Bush Lost The Eye Of The Tiger?

Voter Registration Deadlines

Score! Job growth only 96k much weaker than expected

How Is The Debate STRUCTURED Tonight? I Know It's Town Hall Style, But

Voter registration process causes concern

Will Bush and Kerry be sitting or standing in the debate tonight?

Not quite sure Kerry should actually say this, but...

Buzzflash 2004 voters guide. Share the Bush lies

They want you to believe that if Kerry is elected, then.....

COUNTER-SPIN ALERT: Don't let anyone blame Hurricanes for job numbers

96K Jobs Created in September; Unemployment at 5.4%

TomClash's Talking Points on the Jobs Numbers

Why is this debate on Friday night?

Mary Beth Cahill is a political mastermind!

Dumbya to tone down facial expressions, I hope he tries really hard

"Mr President, have you thought of a mistake you've made yet?"

Can we have a Freeper live update here tonight?

How much can President Kerry reverse with executive orders??

Bush Vows Debate Comeback

What would happen if one of the questions to Bush was a direct

President Kerry needs to do this the very first thing

Is Kerry ready to bring it?

For those being optimistic

Limpballs actually claiming that the report proves that chimp did NOT lie.

For me, this is the most interesting debate of my lifetime...

This woman would feel safer with JK in the Whitehouse

Have You Noticed How Bad News Is Spun As "How Will This Affect Bush"

Do we throw down the FLA gauntlet NOW? Duval, Palm Beach stink like 2000.

my worries about this vanilla flavored debate

Did you see the AP poll? Kerry 50-

Here's the screen shot of the MSNBC 300,000 job report.

MSNBC: Only 96,000 jobs last month.

If you could ask the Chimp one question what would it be? is working again.

TINFOIL HAT ALERT: The "earpiece" and the explanation.

What policy speech?

Bush Countdown Clock?

* will hurl zingers, reliving debate 1. Armed w/new facts, JK will weave

Bin Laden pool - when will he 'caught'?

USA Today: Kerry knows town hall format well

Herbert and Krugman today: must reads.

The media really really really want Bush to win tonight

Post Your Powerful DU Good Vibes To John Kerry HERE!

Questions were pre-prepared and screened. Bush Must Have Them Already,

Prediction #2: Bush will make "killer" joke about his facial expressions.

Bernie Ward just said on his show that he predicts a Bush win

Deleted message

Everything that Bush can say against Kerry's record has been dealt with

Poll: What will Karl Rove & Co. do in the final weeks?

Debate preview: Kerry knows town hall format well

Choose Abstinence, NO BUSH NO DICK

Click the Banner!!

Europeans lament a 'changed' America

Fun with the Voters Pamphlet

Too early for election predictions? (Make 'em here anyway)

fox news - keeping america uninformed

Kerry's Line Tonight Should Be "You Can't Borrow Your Way to Prosperity"

Another * townhall meeting to consider as he speaks to voters tonite

What a long strange campaign it's been!

Truth, Freedom, and the American Way!

Tinfoil Hat: What's up with all the fake web news stories?

Debate May Cause Tie-Break, New Reuters/Zogby Poll Reveals

Virginia DUers

Book Burning? & Lyne Cheney

Here's your October Surprise: Terror Alerts + Schools + Election Day

Stock Market still "predicting" Bush Loss

Crawford newspaper ideas. Update

ASSAULT WEAPONS and COLUMBINE are Kerry's response to "school terror"

Will the media let Kerry win tonight?

An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI?

Was it really * looking dopey or the issues that turned it around?

Another Debate Line for Kerry

Every DU'er needs to dig up information on Margie Schoedinger

Did anyone see the(C-SPAN) Democratic leadership press conference. . . .

Who will win the debate tonight, and how will the media call it?

Bush's Hot Button: Being compared to his father

Any chance we can get a live FreeRepublic update tonight?

Where Did the List of On line Polls Go ?

Computer disc found in Iraq contained floor plans, other data on schools i

Here is a Line I'd like Kerry to use

October/Nov Surprise - Afganistan Election Day - Homeland Security

How come Democratic Underground does not have a chatroom?

Question for DUers with wireless transmitter/mic experience

Paranoia strikes deep: question about absentee ballot

Prayer thread for God to help Kerry kick AWOL's ass again

The word is "presidential"..

New Time poll 45-45 Kerry more likable

Today's poor jobs report should seal it for Kerry.

October Surprise: SwiftVets secret video of Kerry ?

Bush rose colored glasses

Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando (overtime)

Star Trib: An Objective letter to the Editor (True Humor)

Bush is DELIBERATELY wrecking the Volunteer Army so he can call DRAFT!!

I am starting to panic

Main Stream media....

Where can I hear the debate or AAR in West PA and East OH.

USAToday: Bush might have an edge in St. Louis

Jobs Report A Problem For Bush

DU "hearts" OHIO

96,000? Only 96,000? ONLY 96,000?!?!

I need your help regarding FIRING Tom Delay

The Great Communicator in action tonight

Kerry should avoid the "soft" approach of not responding to attacks!

okay been out of the loop today...what was the WH response to

Why did the Chimperor telegraph all of his new material?

Important Debate Announcement

Ann-thing Coulter coming to Tucson.

Limbaugh said this was the first time he had been angry in this campaign..

Edwards: Bush 'At War' With Working Class

Red line to be drawn down middle of stage at debate tonight

time to blast bush on flip flops since its the last place where..

Everyone should be prepared for * to win the debate tonight.

not a US citizen? . . . vote anyhow! . . .

I can't help it. I'm going to stay gleeful and confident about John Kerry

How "off" have polls been in the past?

Um, guys? We seem to have forgotten that * has the advantage AGAIN of

Comparing Bush to his daddy really gets him -- and it should.

You think * will use the term "hard werk" tonight?

What will the Devil say to Bush when he arrives in Hell? your thoughts

Will Charlie Gibson ask any questions tonight?

Saw a unique bumper sticker today: "Election 2004 - Count all 9 votes"

I'll say it again...

Kerry leading in OH, PA, WI, and AR and CO are tied!!!

LMAO..Wingnutz are breathing a sigh of relief that Bush saved

I really think Bush will "win" tonight...

Freepers pray for a debate comeback....

Let's drop the assumption that they had NO PLAN for Iraq

Bill Maher's lineup tonight.....

What do we do about the fake turrrr alerts???

are we all doing the post debate thing again?

More info on AP Poll Bush Approval Rating at 46%

Question re Bush campaign asking for social security numbers

Times new poll likability Kerry 75% and shrub 65% WTF.

is Russert insane?

Our Foreign Friends: Will American Policies Be Different Under Kerry?

This F9/11 thing is STILL helping us, and will be a factor in November.

New Bush* commercial in WI

"Bush watched tapes of 1st debate, aides sought to avoid repeat of scowls"

Kerry actually LOST the first debate.

All you doom and gloom whiners were wrong last week too.

Bush WILL come out firing fast with both barrels in the debate tonight...

Kerry should use "hard work" to bludgeon * to death tonight.

Kerry should bust out a cigarette and light up

Got this cute story from a friend in Maine:

Hey, Mr. Gullible! Keep the Army, but Write ME a Check for $350K!

Olbermann to do live, real-time blog on Debate tonight

Jeb's appealing to the Florida voters...

Two memes that must be spread.

Has this enhanced version of the wire on bush's back been posted?

Campaign Security Screening Crowds for Doubters (BUSH IS A WIMP!!)

What station should I tape???

Debate agreement fine print - audience tonight is NOT "undecided voters"

John Kerry and John Edwards reclaim the Electoral Advantage

Can Limbaugh be any more disgusting than this?

Just got this e-mail from WBAY :

I PRAY that Gallup STACKS this debate with Bush lovers...

In 2000 The Press Ridiculed Gore For Having...

Bush is a masterful, god-like debater who until last week never lost

Breaking news creates perfect storm on stem cell issue!!

AP is psychic they're at it again

This is the MOST important debate - we need to MOBILIZE

UNIMAGINABLE! Radical, War Protestor, #1 Liberal Could be PREZ!

Oldie but Goodie meme: The Bush Warchest

Will it be to Kerry's advantage if swing voters watch tonight's debate?

Will Tom Delay be discussed tonight?

any other big sites pick up earpeice story yet?

Once again, (and/or AP) jumps the gun

I like this pic of Kerry and kids!

Kerry Will Win Tonight:

What should Kerry say tonight in the second presidential debate?

Something Being Hard Work Does Not Excuse Failing To Get The Job Done!!!

You want a poll to DU?


I just got a reply from the Kerry Campaign

Is there a video anywhere of the Kerry Dr. Phil appearance? I missed it !

My predictions for the town hall

Freeper cubemate came in talking about "school CD" looks scared

Winning the debate

What if Nader Got Out of the Race, would...

Psst. They haven't told Bush he's going to lose yet. On the QT, OK?

Get Tom DeLay OUT! Send money to his opponent. tell your buds

Should Bush Have Attacked Himself On March 19, 2003?

New Time/CNN Poll Kerry 45% Bush 45% Nader 1%

Bush's debate note from first debate.

What can possibly beat "that's hard work"??

What if Kerry mentions "My Pet Goat" ??????

What happens if * wins?

Just on MSNBC

is anyone listening to Sen. Dole lie on CSPAN now?

Kerry should mention the "LOYALTY OATH" tonight!

How republicans see debates

New web site:

Just Spotted This: Netscape: Poll: Youth Tie Bush, Draft Reinstatement

This is how Kerry can win

Kerry's four magic words tonight to win it all

If Kerry only had the nerve.

Why bin Laden will NOT be the October Surprise

gator university.. they really are that dumb?

During the debate, should Kerry point at * and say

Is any mass distribution of "Going Upriver" DVD going on, or planned?

Wapo Tracking poll in 7 minutes.


Watch it...pass it on...Get it on the air...don't pass this one....

Anybody know???

interesting statistics from 2000

My debate fantasy

Kerry's hidden advantage in the Polls

What word or phrase will Chimp repeat ad nauseum tonight?

Zogby 3day Tracking: **** 46, Kerry 45

Democrat Leading in Governors Race in New Hampshire

*Flash* --Stick Removed From Bush Ass To Fit Spyware!...

When will the military learn the diff between a wedding and a war zone?

I've figured out what the mysterious box really is!

Bush is a child

The DNC SHOULD capitalize off the yellow "W"'s

Kerry has to work this line in somewhere

Last Ditch Republican Tactics/Ads

If John Kerry is listening or reading.......

"Bush is too powerful to be removed"

OMFG. How delusional can these bozos get? New Coburn (OK Senate

This race turned when Brazille was pulled from the cameras.

Is this story a joke?

"Mission misunderestimated" -- great sign on CNN

Someone has taken the Global Test!

Cheney Misleads on Small Business Taxes

Just reported on MSNBC

What time does debate start?

Heritage Foundation - Framing the Economic Debate

Florida Ballot

"Senator Gone" newspaper was really small newspaper?

If Rove releases some photo-shopped picture of Kerry pissing on the flag

Just so he doesn't step into a trap....

I saw a clip of Kerry talking at anews conference today


"It's hard work" - Bush's wishful thinking (MP3)

The Bush family had closer ties to OBL than Saddam

Will the Redsox winning the world series help Kerry?

* comes to the deabte and 'removes all doubt '

Bush gets a shot of truth serium.

Should Kerry shake Bush's hand?

for a good...

Sen. Byrd is on CSpan ripping bush* over the report of no WMD

Good joke

New polls: Kerry leading in Iowa and well ahead in Michigan & Illinois

Will Bush's change of persona in second debate backfire on him ?

Osama might be in Saudi Arabia

CD found in Iraq on US Schools is like "mint Passport" found in 911 rubble

Heads up! Keith is going to have the Bush back bulge

Please explain to me why they get the questions for the debate beforehand

Kerry's Rasmussen Battleground Numbers Improve

Bush officials "sought to find bright spots" in September job report

For Skinner and the Administration,

New Kerry Jobs ad

F-911 to be shown on PPV night before election

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 280 Bush 239

"Poll: Kerry Beats Bush in Addressing Disability Issues"

* will do better tonight, but he'll still get pimp-slapped by Kerry.

Olberman is on now. Going to talk about the box on Bush's back

Bremer lies about his comments with a second set of comments!

Nailing down "Kerry's Vote" once and for all...

LAT Columnist calls * Worst President EVER!

Joe Lockhart vs. Matthew Dowd: no contest.

Oye, thanks, but no thanks Mr. LaRouche.

Bush says the 96K Sept. jobs = "proof his tax cuts have bolstered job mkt"

tonight,could Kerry give * a hearty slap on the back

Terror Alert is BOGUS - READ

Zogby: "It's still Kerry's to lose."

Oklahoma DUers, just in case you aren't registered to vote, 6 hours left!

Ohio vote supressor Blackwell on Lou Dobbs next

Olbermann on now for the next hour

Even the gods

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Kerry"

Bill Clinton should do a radio ad.

New Terra Alert: If you vote for Kerry, your children will DIE.

The new JibJab animation is just incredibly stupid

Is the new Jib Jab animation homophobic?

i'm not voting cuz its boring

WE NEED a DAISY commercial! one with bush

Time For Bush To Get Another Ass Kicking...

Drop Oct. Surprise just before debate

Bush won't bedazzle them with his brilliance but he will baffle them with

Kerry needs to seal this thing up and work on getting people to give him..

Friday nite debate=fewer viewers=more voters buy into spin???

HELP!! What's the website where you look up debate parties by zip code?

Can anyone clarify? Is tonight *all* subjects, and the 3rd is Domestic

Folks...bush has tooo much to concentrate to be good tonight

Please help raise $18,000 in 2 days to reach Nader voters in Swing States.

I love the Shrillblog!

Watch debate online?!

What does Kerry need? Exposure. What does Bush fear? Exposure

Bush vs. Bush... hmmmmm.

Too late to start with the Expectations Game: should've started last week!

The Joe Lockhart Appreciation Thread

Local Conservative Radio still trying to spin us as ABB

Anybody else concerned about Kerry's voice ?

Link to AP/WBAY Bush Election Story?

Let me be the first to say - Kerry kicked Bush's ass bigtime tonight

ACK! When is the debate

Bush is practicing his smile for tonight

Randi just said Rove will be on Fox tonight

bush: reformer with results!

Deleted message

Would love to hear a question re Bush's '00 quote on Gas prices

Debate Pool

Why Bush the Bubble Boy may not break out of his bubble tonight...

Tweety bows again: Partisan Ginsberg unoppposed on 'Hardball' panel

Did they lie about the unemployment numbers today....

US Officials Say No Terror Threat Linked To Disk W/School Data- OOPS!

CBS playing up school terror BIGTIME!

unemployment rate question

George Soros took out a 2 page ad in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Brokaw just said the $53 a barrel for the price of oil is costing average

Another bush supporter bites the dust..........

This is TOO Funny!

Freepers already in meltdown mod before debate[Depression really high]

Is Bush Finished After Tonight?

Kos coming up on Olberman now! (MSNBC) Heads up !

There’s a plane flying around downtown Milwaukee challenging Moore

The media is NOT right wing

Do the candidates get the questions in advance?


Chimp's posture cracks me up -- why does he stand like this?

GW Bush's email to me

Olbermann Hardblogger: Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Lets all say a prayer for Kerry 15 minutes prior to debate

What superstitious ritual will you perform tonight before the debate

Anyone fasting for Kerry??

Rant - I am so sick of watching these whiny women trash Kerry

Should I take F 9/11 to my fundie neighbor's "video party" tomorrow

It all depends on the audience's questions tonight

Is Kerry trying to psych W out?

Will Bush* make a joke tonight about his facial expressions?

Jib Jab has a new one

This could be the election-turner tonight

Hardball panel spinning now...

Missoura?????? Anyone from Missouri you know say that?

For George Bush- "It's Tricky"

Remember tonight. Don't feed the trolls.

I wish that when people say:

Oh man this is good[MUST SEE]

I will pay good money for a pair of those rose colored glasses.

Bush Relaxes, Kerry Practices For Tonight's Debate

I have a question about the $87 billion ??? Someone refresh my memory.

Finally got our Kerry/Edwards signs. Will have to hook them up and get

Saw A Yard Today With a KE04 sign and a BC04 sign

All DUers: We must aggressively get out their after the debate and get....

LOL - Freepers new strategy to counter online Kerry votes tonight

This will be the LAST debate!

Post-Debate Spin: Which channel(s) will you watch?

What the hell is wrong with Joe Trippi?

Why *is* this election so important to Republicans???

Blackwell to break tie on precinct voting policy

CBS News just poked Bush about his "town hall meetings"

Hello, this is GOD speaking. I'm an Independent.

An answer to the "tort reform" question

AP:"U.S. Said to Develop Strategy for Iraq."

Will the Redsox winning the world series help Kerry?

Cheney Once Pushed to Lift Iran Sanctions

David Gregory Says Chimpy Has Five Points To Make Against Kerry...

How Kerry can win the debate and the presidency.

Tonight the Chimp-in-Charge will make fun of himself...

Bush is NOT likable..I'm sick of Paul Begala saying he is

Damn...Terry Mac is actually doing a pretty good job...

Please email a pundit to judge tonight's debate on substance.

China Invades USA - Breaking news....

Brokaw and Russert say Kerry is desperate to find uncommitted voters?!

Well, the VOODOO DOLL worked at the last debate ... so ...

Earpiece, flak jacket, back brace -- another possibility?

Don't forget to hit the polls tonight after the debate.

Is the media setting up Republican spin?

Debate "Hi Bob"...Put Yours Here

I am visualizing Bush falling on his ass as he misses the stool....

"Is anybody AFRAID to see F9/11?"

Would you like to join the First International Internet Union ?

bulge in Bush's back was a wireless mic transmitter

Is charley Gibson more democrat or republican

Bush's "Earpiece": It's a Flak Jacket (Think about it)

message from James Carville

CNN Carlos Watson: Bush only needs one good line...

kerry campaign says NOTHING about bush earpiece and.

Civilian Labor Force Drops by 2 Million Since July!

I have a bad feeling about tonight (was listening to Left, Right &Center)

One of the best speeches against Bush, ever...

Freepers preparing for debate spin[Just a heads up to all DU'ers]

ONLY watch C-Span for Debate tonight

Do You Get Nervous Before The Debates?

Dumb post, but when does the debate air on the networks?

Our own prayer thread for George W Bush this evening

GOP got my name and address

All mothers should be required to work

Paris Hilton models a "Vote or Die!" t-shirt !

Sign up for Citizens' Debate Scorecard

W is for WONKAVISION ... (toons & editorial)

Can somebody explain Indiana to me?