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Archives: October 7, 2004

Dogs Eat Iraqi Dead In Samarra

Beaten Afghan Brides -Kristof

'Fahrenheit 9/11' draws applause at campus showing

just sent this letter to the denver post

The joy of watching American common sense rear its head

Rewriting History: In his debate with John Edwards, Dick Cheney ...

The Unfeeling President

Westmoreland County Cookbook Sale - Sales benefit Democrats

Is the Media Frightened?

Kerry most likely gonna be on the o reilly factor. Youre thoughts?

Is anyone recording the CBC Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney?

List of online debate polls: making it tougher for the freepers?

Skinner, I Hope You Guys Are Taking Notes.

Honest question?

Donation question

Hopsicker Cointelpro 9/11 part 2

Poll: Could 9/11 have been prevented?

PE: Prop. 70 spurs rift in GOP

A look at fund-raising and spending on Calif. propositions

House Democrats say Schwarzenegger hasn't delivered federal funds

Proposition 68 backers end campaign, pursue lawsuit

Just saw Outfoxed, and Franken better run!

Did you see Soros' two page ad in the Star Trib today?

I just donated $75 to Teresa Daly, Democratic

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Westmoreland County Cookbook

How many famous Pennsylvanians can YOU name?

Alan Pogue and Israa in Austin Sunday 10/10/04

DeLay's downward spiral

Hey Tom, Strike Three!

Dallas: wow, it's raining like crazy!

Anyone else having trouble accessing Yahell message boards

I watched more Faux News last night than in my entire life!

Jimmy Buffett for Prez (after Kerry) LOL.....wrote "margaritaville in 6

another 'is poor widdle rush being treated unfairly" poll

Hannity reneges on college students; lies to them and costs them big bucks

Check out Florida Election Ballot

Please direct me to PNAC document

Debate Strategy

So, in view of todays news regarding WMD's in Iraq, someone

Any relation to "Bush"... ?

Another poll to DU

Rush Limbaugh seems to be putting the pounds back on since his

The scariest vehicle in recorded history. Bar none.

1.7 million new jobs? Bush just said that many new jobs had been created

Did Edwards sandbag Cheney?

DU a health risk?

Stay Away from Northern Kentucky this weekend

If we could pass a law.... (said local teens)

About "The Reagans"

I admit, I lurk. . .

Question: Why is todays WMD report not big news on DU?

These are crazy times...

What The Hell Happened To NBC News ???

Conflicts Of Interest

Read This and Curse DICK Cheney

Troll under the bridge, Cheney. Jon Stewart on now!

VP debate reminded me of George Bailey and Old Man Potter!

Statement by Ralph Nader before the Skull and Bones HQ

EDWARDS WINS!!! - Olbermann

You can try out Florida's new ballot

Anyone know if Chris Rock was ever a guest on the DAily Show?

F9/11 Number One on Amazon, but on CNN

Ohio family angry at Bush* over soldiers death.

Some good looking women in the Al Franken audience.

Need help compiling a list of the great white collar crimes of our times.

Will chimp do another do over after the debate with Kerry this Friday?

I flicked off Dick for all of us today

Jingoist Marine Mom called C-SPAN with results of

wow Mike Malloy keeps giving shout outs to us on Air America

O'Reilly Poll, "Has his coverage favored one candidate over the other?"

WMDs: "Wait Until Charlie Gets Back"

Allawi's history

I just watched Fahrenheit 9/11 again.

BBV - Sutter County CA - Sample Ballot Errors (yawn!)

Allawi agrees to abide by Arab League Policy, refuses to recognize Israel

Gossip about Dirty Old Man Cheney from my cousin ...

Bob Graham on Tavis Smiley

I feel a little (maybe) happy tonight.

Murder on eBay- Author looking for a murder victim for next novel

Inexplicable bumper sticker I saw today.

Jay Leno has 2 perfect Bush voters on.


BBV - Hillsborough County Criticized

Tweety at it again

KKKarl Dines with Brit HUME, O'Beirne, KRAUTHAMMER, & Geo.WILL

Roger Waters interview: George Bush is obviously a deeply frightened man

CNN article about Cheney's dot- com slip

60 Minutes -- Good report on life in Bagdad -- Iraquis banned by google

Can someone post some good links to fun dem. sites?

Gee... could that be, oh I don't know.... Halliburton?!

Please DU this poll

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney - on CBC Fifth Estate

CBC - Fifth Estate Unauthorized Biography of Cheney


Njghtline 10/6: The Wounded (60% have brain injuries)

don't forget potential felon limbaugh is now an OFFICIAL bush advisor

Jay Leno makes me sick...What a whore

Dr. Phil Show with Teresa and John Kerry AWESOME!

Is This True? O'Reilly To Dick Morris, "Get Help" Re Hillary Obsession?

Would you rather see Shrub win this time?

Michael Moore ill with pneumonia 10/06/04

if any of you care to take the time, go to

Perle's Head About to Spin Off!

Are neoconservatives dumb?

Business school professors to Bush: You policies stink

Any Brecksville, Ohio DUers? Mayor Hruby is a Bush tool.

From Howard Dean: Sign the petition: No draft

I think MSNBC is getting ready to dump Dennis 'GOP Cabana Boy' Miller

Just got this e-mail from a Canadian I met last weekend.

To those who called the debate a Tie, explain how.

When will Bush lose it... Publicly...

Poll: World Thinks Potential Terrorist Attack Greater If Bush Wins

The World Currently Blames Bush, But If He Wins-- Blame Goes to Americans

So when are we going to begin mandatory drug tests on each administration?

Cheney's Record as President of the Senate

Ann Coulter must be a very unhappy person.

Lying is a privilege

Woman gets year's probation for slapping boyfriend who beat her badly.

Anyone catch the Throne Speach n/t

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney - on CBC Fifth Estate

Hey, you spotted dick munching imperialists! We want our sub money back!

World Guide Tips Aim to Improve U.S. Image

Block on Cuban Scholars Sparks Protest

Australia:Huge Iraq grain contract confirmed

Oil Tanker Shares Sail to Record as OPEC Taps Gush

Bush Running Out of Time on Comptroller Replacement

Ethics panel rebukes DeLay second time in a week

Absentee Voting Awareness (Thune's nephew committed ELECTION FRAUD)

Hurricanes Reveal Hidden Beachside Bombs

Edwards responds, says president is 'out of touch with reality'

Senate Approves Intelligence Reorganization Legislation

WP: Report's Release Comes at Bad Time for Bush

NYT: Kerry and Religion: Pressure Builds for Public Discussions

The Unraveling of a Terror Case Spun From Thinnest Threads -NYT

King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia abdicates

To Torture or Not? -Bush backs ‘rendering’ suspects—then backs off -NwsWk

Nuclear facilities of Iran

Official: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq

Saddam Sowed Confusion About Iraq's Arsenal as a Tactic of War

WP: U.S. 'Almost All Wrong' on Weapons

WP: DeLay Draws Third Rebuke

Insults fly as debate gets personal

WP: War's Rationales Are Undermined One More Time

eBay executive to work with Homeland Security

Polls declare different victors in VP debate

WP:Both Sides Critical At Fannie Hearing, CEO denounces Regulator's report

Killer flu recreated in the lab

Terror detainee claims torture

Newsview: Retooled Bush Speech Has Zingers

WP: Swift Boat Veterans Float Nader Some Money

The Invisible Injury, Troops Returning From Iraq With Brain Trauma -ABC

Sharon aide's revelation about Gaza plan will embarrass Bush

Civil Servant Bonus Bill Passes House

Moore responds to Republicans

My F 911 DVD came today

has anyone read anything about Backlash from

Any word yet from DoNotRefill?

"And you don't stop: 30 years of hip hop" documentary on VH1 tonight.

Mac whizzes I need help here.....

I'm having Orville Reddenbacher brand Popcorn tomorrow. Help!

Oh Ladies, anyone else use The Firm DVDs?

LOST is on

Does this require a supreme bitch-out?

I bowled like chimp debates tonight...:-(

'Hunting of the President'

aaahh Sean Hannity cancels appearance in St Louis

cheese whizzes i need help here

Share your Mexican recipes!

Kids must be our hope for the future with regard to LGBT rights!

So the Dark Tower series concluded pretty well, I thought.

Greatest World Series Moment.

Soft Claws. Anyone use them on their cats?

Betty Bowers nails it!

I having been doing battle on my local politics forum and just want to say

Favorite Movie Theaters!

Tulsa area DUers....

Couldn't find remote/decided not to watch T.V.

Does anyone here have lucid dreams?

We're going to the 10th inning at Yankee Stadium

So it appears I'm becoming friends with my drunken barber

So, I saw the Pixies last weekend...


I think I failed another test today.

Anyone see "The Bravery" piece in Rolling Stone this week (New Hot Band)

Bob Scheaffer on Daily Show-How cute is he!?

Good Idea

Two pictures of my puppies!!!!!

Anyone want to curl my toe hairs?

Anyone Know anything about Autumn Olive?

Am I the only person with alopecia areata?

Daily Show time!

I am convicnced all cats are now communist

This is my last "hard work" Thread!

Hi there, Lounge People!

Any DU'ers from Downey, CA? What should I expect?

Any one know where I can buy a Dick Cheney mask?

Name a neat word

In DU Lounge I prefer...

"Jaws The Revenge" Dear, Sweet, Jeebus...

Frankenstein is a deceptive bastard!

Where will you be spending your time at DU on November 2?

Alabama Wild Man

Post the dirtiest song lyrics you know...

haha I think a lot of people learned from the debate...

My bat FINALLY took a SH*T!!!

Dating advise from Foamy the Squirrel.

Rules of Marriage

A friend of mine is having a!

REMIND me.....

CBC (Canadian Bradcasting)-Unauthorised bio of 'The Dick' cheney

After Kerry wins I hope this guy goes to see Bush at the White House

My cat FINALLY took a SH*T!!!

Remember the video for "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring?

nini is at work!

great band on conan tonight

Help Me Choose My Outfit!

I'm on a bus on a psychedelic trip...

just bought f 9/11 at wal-mart

I don't get the whole "mine is bigger" sports stuff

Name your appetizer for Friday nights debate

Just saw one of the oddest/creepiest things --

Now that I have Windows XP SP2

californians.. ever get flocks of Parrots??

Ok Yankee haters, explain why you hate them

Are high school cheer leaders supposed to be sexy?

Going to Europe!! Need help/advice!!

Check it out: "The Goldwaters Sing Folk Songs to Bug the Liberals!"

So,,, when President Kerry is sworn in.. doesn't * have to be there?

Best Post-1977 Independent Record Label.

Worst Post-1977 Independent Label:

Post your sixth grade memories here!

My poor cat Sting has a condition called feline tooth resorption

We Haven't Done a "Looney Tunes" Thread In a Long Time

Does anyone else trip out over one word or phrase

Cardinals are whoring for *....

The Sad Saga of Yankees-Haters

Best music to be stoned to?

If the VP debate had been 30 to 45 minutes longer

Start making records of the comments of Bush's propogandists now

CBC's "unauthorized" biography of Cheney -- omg

Gone from Afghanistan 7/28/04 after 24 years: Doctors Without Borders

When are we going to see the indictments in the Valerie Plame affair?

Do you think the Media knows it was played today?

Yet another *-Cheney lie: The upcoming Afghan elections

Any sites with video archives of debates?

Wonder what it will be like to vote in's a link to Diebald

If we win is there anything you all will miss about Dubya and Dick?

Was Cheney in Gainesville today??

On the "Senator Gone" crack from Cheney ...

My primary candidate lost; damn I'm happy.

Should Kerry IGNORE BUSH And Start Attacking CHENEY????


Bush's silly smirks and sighs,

Imagine if Cheney came to the debate street wise and pimpen it

Who is Landon Howell??

How many DU'ers are there?

KERRY CAMPAIGN: Harvard Business School profs' open letter to Bush!

Anti-Fem Org. Founded By Lynne Cheney Picked To Teach Iraqi Women Politics

Who's got the best Kung Fu? Is it DU?

Anyone have a link to that fake commecial with the mom in the park?

Wm. Saletan in Slate: Edwards Kicked Darth Vader's BUTT

Link to list of active online polls

For shame, Skinner. Removing a perfectly good propaganda arrow..

Upcoming Debate

How HUGE will the Iraqi Veterans Memorial be?

Will Pitt - 'Truthout Overview' nightly audio.

Remember when Bill Clinton had heart problems and on Fox News,

Kerry should use the full names for A.Q. Khan and OBGYN when speaking. Let

Chris Moeller Joins Artists For Kerry Edwards

mushroom clouds > stockpiles of wmds > banned weapons > wmd programs > ?

Has anyone seen the Wall Street Journal Polls?

HEY! Where's the Posted around here?

Bush sound bites (HELP!)

Trippi: "I guess I have to go to some special “fair and balanced” school"

I'm trying to figure out Tom Coburn (senate candidate in Oklahoma)

New Campaign - We're 2-0.

Trade war erupts over aircraft

Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Twice in a Week

Black women should be SCREAMING about Cheney today!

This is cute: Freepers upsite because Chris Heinz is a member

What is FarenHYPE 911 ?

Little Moonbeam's Political Analysis

Edwards' wife delivers tough security message in Charlotte

Did Chris Matthews change his view on the debates tonight?

Diplomacy is hard to explain

a good line for kerry?

Please Vote in this Poll!

New K/E ad. Shows *, sound is background Four more years.

We just got our new Kerry-Edwards sign

New Bush debate and "sovereignty" audio clips posted on ""

Email in my Box: TX NG Training for Martial Law

Is the GOP trying to bugger the vote in FLORIDA?

Pat Buchanan hosting Scarborough Country

Have you graded the candidates? CNN lets you

Elizabeth Edwards.....Secret Weapon?

Have you all seen this electorial map:

Is Cheney in the Senate on most Tuesdays?

Anyone have a link to dirty old man Chain-knee checking out Cate's ass?

Hit this poll

Cheney's top 10 lies?

Photo of Cheney not spending any time with Edwards prior to debate. . .

Cheyne made my niece cry! - It's so nice to finally have one of these go our way!!

My cousin who is running for Congress I told y'all about (article below)

Be warned! This is what Bush is wearing to the debate Friday

Yipes! Yet another CBC documentary coming: "The World According to Bush"

Volunteer with "America Coming Together,"

VP Debate Polls: a conspiracy?

DU this poll

CNN polls an attempt to get web hits??

Another Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

The Bush Bin Laden Flip/Flop

Another Edwards-Dick poll to DU

Tour de Colorado... interesting observations

The GOP is Coming Unglued!

I still say they should have had a Dance-Off in addition to the debates

When Bush & Cheney Say, "Quit Demeaning Our Allies", Kerry Can Hit Back:

Edwards didn't challenge Dick on his never met him remark because

Unthinkable Question: ...But just how sure are we OSAMA attacked us?

Isn't it about time for the Print Endorsements?

Can you spray your Kerry-Edwards signs with this stuff?

Now's the time for K/E to hit Bush...

Is the media frightened?

Bush said "I'm a compassionate conservative" today.

Daily show...on NOW...covering the veep debate

Bush Campaign ad for black women to be paid to cheer at GOP events

My top 5 cable news Bush Whores

Zogby results from

International Criminal Court

How to talk to a conservative, 1

An INTERESTING thing happens when you vote in the Pundit Scorecard on CNN!

Edwards: Cheney won't forget THIS encounter!

Question: Will Bush* be on his 'Game' Friday Night???

Stepford Laura on Jay Leno right now

Kerry Campaign Responds to Desperate Attacks with New Ad Recapping Debates

Edwards will be on "Regis and Kelly" Tommorrow Also

Duplicate post. sorry.

LOL! Sharpton on CNN

The other day, Undercoverduer made mention of a bit of ...

A call for the UN to Liberate us from the Bush Administration

George Bush's mixed message.

Perle's on Charlie Rose.Puke.

Did anyone notice "What's The Frequency, Karl?" (Bush Channels Rove)

Blistering attack of Cheney this morning on Democracy Now

The Repubs are building up anxiety like Mt St. Helens building up steam..

Bush needs Botox injections and a back brace

The repugs are probably wishing the could dump * and keep Cheney

Republican vote fraud in South Dakota

Bwaaaa! Freepers hope "eye blinks" spell a win for AWOL

Best analysis Ive seen of cheney/edwards debate is here at

Is Kerry going on the factor with O"Reilly??

I thought the debate was a draw, but...

Beautiful photo portraits of the Kerrys from Richard Avedon

Just saw "Going UpRiver"

So Shrub or the RNC never used the Flight Suit Video in a campaign Ad?

Don't You Wish The Wives Could Debate?

Why did George W Bush not listen to his father?? Did he disrespect him?

More video proof of * earphone: when kerry says "global test"

Mother Jones Poll

Poll watch

Howie Fineman nailed it on Olbermann: It's BushCo slime vs. the truth

Gwen Ifill Wants to Talk to You

What would it take for the media to say "There's something wrong with *" NEEDS you............

Olberman is kicking Deadeye Dick's lying ass!!

Wouldn't it be cool if Bush is asked about loyalty oaths Fri?

AFL-CIO protests at B/C headquarters today over Overtime law

We just saw John Edwards

Cheney's most obvious,and checkable lie.

what a surpise, my signs disappeared in the night......

CNN Quick Poll Wiping: Clean Your "Cookies"

I want John Kerry to give me a belated birthday present.

Show Yer Love For John Eddy!

Public Citzen Fiunds 3 MORE Cheney Lies From Debate

Bush/Cheney's New & Improved Campaign Slogan-

Keep the heat on Tom DeLay


Dirty Dick and his Dirty Deeds - CBC Documentary

BEST SIGN that Shrub is going down, and they accepted the ...

Ohio now 'Weak Kerry', pushes Kerry's EC number to 280! ?

Have The Powers That Be Decided It's Time For Shrub To Go?

the mulligan speech - beyond pathetic

The Andrea Mitchell Cheney-put-Edwards-in-his-place thing.

This makes me SOOOOOO angry!!!

Why OB/GYNs ??????

David Brooks: If Bush Is That Bad Again On Friday He Loses Election

60 Minutes getting ready to Bust Bush on Iraq

NC Board of Elections announces record number of new registrations.

The Arab World Chamber of Commerce ENDORSES Bush!!!

Not trying to bait, but isn't there some irony in this photo?...

Join the Kerry Phone Corp. Help get 1,00,0000 canvassers on the streets!

new Missouri Survey USA poll Kerry 47 *Chimp 49

I'm REALLY worried about Friday!

The Revolution Starts....Now

Bush crowd "seemed pumped on peyote"...

Bwahaha! Hannity the crybaby! (From ABC's "The Note")

Cute freepers turning against Fox

"My opponent saw the same intelligence I did."

Swift Boat Vets Float Nader Some Money- Ugh!

EXCELLENT Talking Point: You CANNOT be PRO-LIFE and also be PRO-WAR

Al Franken gives an exellent speech, says to VOLUNTEER.

What the hell is with those RED states in the middle?

A line Kerry should use in the Friday debate

Am I a bit too aggressive with getting people to vote?

OK seriously if I were a hard-core old-style Repub right now

We're Famous! WorldNetDaily attacks Dems and DU for skewing online polls

[PINR] Oct. 07, 2004: Why the U.S. Supports Israel

FBI Audit Leaves Vital Questions Unanswered - by Sibel Edmonds

Switching Stories(The administration's story is falling apart)

Al Qaeda Rising

Dowd:: Getting Junior's Goat (Kerry put * on the Couch by invoking Poppy)

Joe Conason: Clueless Bush distorts Kerry's 'global test'

CounterBias: A brief history of presidential debates

Politics no joke to Margaret Cho

NYT editorial: The Verdict Is In

Looking for votes, finding America (Inspiring Salon Piece)

More voter registration fraud in Florida

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Crimes Against Nature

The lesser Evil (My letter to the editor)

Oliphant : How many more debates? Eloquent.

Why Dick Cheney Lied

American Liberals impressed with Chavez reforms

You Call That a Major Policy Address? Did CNN and MSNBC get hoodwinked ?

Now I've heard it all! Saddam was MORE dangerous than they thought ???

A Cautionary Reminder About the Debates

An agonizing choice (note the author)

Friedman: The Battle of the Pump (* Leaves No Mullah Behind)

Howard Fineman: Recovering Media Whore?

LATimes ED:Is He a Dope?

Proof that the idiots are voting for Bush

Running Toward Fascism: Newspaper Workers Threatened By Bush Supporters.

Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?

Ted Rall - A Laughably Fake Election in Afghanistan

MultiplyYourVote.Net! Go there and send Bush Packing!

New Friday Fight Night Debate Menu: need main dish ideas


(DETROIT) Anti-Bush Film Festival! TONIGHT!


Million Door march this weekend

Call today- $5 billion trade fix includes $80B of unnecessary Taxcuts

Your Will: add Air America Radio to your last testament

When will the media adopt the proper term for skewing polls?

Media reported Bush post Iraq WMD lies-with new report, will they remember

Iraq-What is the use?

PBS to air Frontline profile of Bush and Kerry. Remember Gore?

Deed to O'Reilly's house in Levittown, Long Island

New Economics Handouts/Ads Available for Download from BigPath

Bank of America to Cut 4,500 More Jobs

Bush has CEA "estimate" Jan 05 payroll jobs revision as + 288,000

from MoveOn-a $5 billion trade fix includes $80B of unnecessary Taxcuts

Oil: China gobbles, India not. Why?

Exxon Boosts GHG Emissions - Now Bigger Than Those Of Norway - Guardian

Death Toll In Haiti From Jeanne Passes 3,000 - Reuters

Warming Signs Accumulate - Thinner Glaciers, Saltier Oceans - CSM

Cover-Up on Clean Air -(New York Times Editorial)

Iraq's Oil

Howard Woos Green Vote - Keep Logging Old Growth Indefinitely In Tasmania

The Politicization Of Science in the Bush Administration

What are the forecasts for Winter 2005?

Israel trails Jordan, Slovakia in academic broadband networking

'Legalise sex trade'

WHY did Bremer DO IT?

Ex-Raider sought in Siegfried & Roy shooting

Anybody going to Gunstock?

Sinple, stupid ballistics question that's been bugging me.

.50 BMG PISTOL...should this be banned?

No one shot, murdered in Chicago on Monday......

point out the errors in this protest warrior's shooting technique.

Skinner please help on CNN poll erased


Would it be possible to get up a donation site to give money to buy and

DU is fabulously laid out.

DU mentioned in Article

If I want to read previous messages of a member, how do I do the search?

Hey, you Rabblerouser

Skinner, Crawford Texas Newspaper

Million Door march this weekend

Eight Palestinians killed in Gaza; two Qassams hit Sderot

Two would-be female suicide bombers arrested

Dozens of Israelis wounded in explosion at Hilton in Sinai

"Flight 93" survived the Pennsylvania crash

WaPo: Conspiracy Theories Abound On The Internet

Osama did NOT do 9-11, or we'd be hunting him down relentlessly

USC/CAL fans/Support Kerry ESPN

A Year Later : New Gov, Same Budget problem

Help needed to register my friend in San Francisco

Has anybody in San Francisco gotten their absentee ballot yet?

Senator Edwards in MN Sunday 10/10??

John Kline: I ain't done shit.


(DETROIT) Anti-Bush Film Festival! TONIGHT!

Edwards in Saginaw 10-9

SW Ohio people; after the debate go to to post comments

Fulton Co. is colluding with Blackwell to supress the vote: email response

Kerry takes PA lead, 49-43

Howard Dean is going to be in Lawrenceville (Pgh) tonight!

Harrisburg ad


D/FW - Take Back Democracy Film Festival - Oct. 14th + 15th

Austin DU Gathering October 22-24

DU Texas RenFest weekend November 13, 14

Any news 'bout Bush in Wausau?

GOP Bailing on Nethercutt

Sanctions Worked. Weapons Inspectors Worked. That is the bottom line.

Bernie Ward on NOW-He'll be on Fox news tomorrow-about the pigman Limbaugh

Hi, I'm your CEO!

Didn't get enough Malloy..."The Lion of the Left" is set to roar...

I used to get angry, now I just laugh....

was that Jesse Ventura doing the "operation truth" comercial on AAR?

A Plea for Help

Anybody have a link to Rumsfeld doing the bunny dance?

To share with young, uncertain voters!

Re-acquaint yourself with Lynne Cheney!

A Post I Made In A Conservitive Forum Tonght

That was the best "Real Time" I've seen in a long time.

66% of Americans favor working within the UN, even when UN opposes us.

Bush's snap "comeback" speech in Wilkes Barre, slightly condensed!

I'm relieved that Clark didn't get the nomination.

Oil surges above $52..... Enjoy your "tax cuts", America!

Don't forget Kerry is on BET Thursday night. Half hr. interview

MAJOR FIND! Cheney's secret location!

Help Write Shrub's Resignation Letter

good morning everyone!

Hers & His: Politics makes strange bedfellows

Is oil strike three for the U.S. economy?

need a transcript to bush'* campaign speech from yesterday in Wilkes Barre

Remember exactly 2 years ago? Lets Re-Visit Shrub in Cincinati

OBL stands down for Bush win

Is DU slow for others or is it just my computer?

Oil over $50 a barrel.... spells a big problem ....where is AWOL on this?

Do you trust touchscreen voting?

Let's play "Spot the Inappropriate Costume"

I had to reply to this LTTE in my local paper today.

John Edwards on "Regis & Kelly": coming up in a few minutes...

I spoke to Christian volunteer about "Faith based Initiatives"

C-Span NOW..."US Oil Supply" is gonna be a hard winter for us $$$$

And last night Tweety went on and on...

I've got to give it to Special Report...

Nobel Prize in Literature 2004 to Elfriede Jelinek

mr. bush, have you ever been 1 paycheck from skid row?

1st week of October has come & gone........whew......

DeLay is a stupid piece of shit.

Has Osama been captured? The first Bush-Kerry debate may reveal the truth.

AAR - the story of - used to be educational website

Campaign Commercials

Chipper's Eye View: Who's Really Getting Welfare+An Open Letter shows dramatic change since yesterday.

Why doesn't Air America broadcast Bernie Ward and Ray Taliaferro?

What's up with the Afghan elections?

Anyone seen Richard Butler- the Bush pro-war puppet???

Can someone please explain to me

Can Kerry hammer Bush on these Oil prices??

Did anyone else just hear Jesse Ventura on AAR???

Hypothesis: Bushists were victims of their own hype on Iraq

Anyone want to tell Howard Stern not to leave public airways??

Does anyone have a link to a major archeological find in the US west

What's up with

Hannity Ducks Debate with Moore - Blames Fear of Plane

1065 dead. Over 7500 wounded. They lied.

Documentary on election 2000 starting Monday on LinkTV

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD ON FIRE with first day sales!!!

Excellent new reference book

If Bush starts crying during the debate tomorrow..

Judge to Decide Judith MILLER's Fate (Jail?) Today

I saw exerts of the chimp* in Wilkes Barre yesterday

Does the GOP believe in International law or any International

Good old "knuckle-dragger"......just have to admire the guy

New "Security Mom for Kerry" flyer at BigPath:

Notice on "Alerts"

Why doesn't Fox News just say "We're the news channel for conservatives"

Stupid Hoax Tort reform email - Stella Award

Insurance Cost

Frank Rich on AAR 10:30 am to discuss DVD on Bush as/ God instrument

Sig Heil! (caption me, please)

Am I the only one who thinks Lynn Cheney is a disgusting human being?

Florida State University Wingnut Sidewalk Chalkmongers strike again!

HEad's up. New Bush talking Point. It's Saddam's fault he didn't have WMD

bush signs anti-draft measure.....DON'T BELIEVE IT!

Tom DeLay's photo should be:

So, Shrubco says that it's enough that Sadam wanted WMD's?

Man, what John Gotti and Pablo Escobar did combined

Do They Think We Are That Stupid????

John and Elizabeth on the View

Firefight inside the greenzone in Bagdad now on CNN

30 yr CIA Vet on radio.......

Baghdad attack now on CNN site

GOP Convention in a nutshell video link

Who is Limbaugh's lawyer?

Operation Desert Fox 1998

FOX: How can we report this without inflaming political passion over here?

Looking for votes, finding America

Hot air, steam, seismic activity!!

Lucky Ducky Wins Again! (or, Does He???)

Swing state libraries need F911 DVDs-donate one today!

Yet another justification...

Great news, my Uncle and his wife once lifelong Republicans

Not-Jenna attended Yale "naked party" that led to rape

How can you "win the peace" when half of the Iraqi police are corrupt?

Fahrenheit 9/11. Sales Rank (DVD): 1

I finally figured out why has such a basic layout.

This site says F/911 has 'Heavy Nudity/Sex' in it! WTF?!

I never thought of what the Iraqi's thought of us not finding WMD's

Franken on AA Radio

Subject: When is a Bribe Not a Bribe?

Did Laura Bush Have a Face Lift?


Gore and the Electoral College

All this back and forth over whether Cheney or Edwards won the debate...

Laura Bush confesses....Warning Adults Only!

Can Retired Military be "Called Up"?

Baghdad is secure, nothing to see here, move along .... (graphics)

DON'T FORGET: Bill O'Reilly is on The Daily Show tonight!!!

Bush: "There's one terrible pilot" (Dec. 4, 2001, his reaction to 9/11)

Doesn't eveyone remember the REAL justification for war?

McNealy: Microsoft needs Sun to beat IBM and Red Hat

Kerry and Religion: Pressure Builds for Public Discussions

So here's todays spin...

New film - WMD - Looks very good. Check out the trailer...

Precision munitions do not exist to make "surgical strikes"

If you're not tuned to a news station you're missing a huge story. 12:20PM

Ad Nags: The Blog of Adam Nagourney?

List all Republican code words and phrases--with English translations

We received our Georgia absentee ballots yesterday.

So tis freeper is talking to my brother and I at my grandmother's wake

The Impossible Will Take a Little While

Saddam was "gaming the system"!? He said he had no WMD, and he was right

Osama did NOT do 9-11, or we'd be hunting him down relentlessly

DU a poll at CNBC Now

Kerry and Bush RELATED??!!

Jumped Ship - Iraq related resignations (looong list)

Transcript of Cheney's bio from CBC broadcast yesterday.

How does * get away with still calling himself a "compasionate con.?"

libraries, schools no longer getting hi-speed internet or phones (really)

how can republicans be so ignorant?

It's 2:57pm EST, do you know who Scott Robinson is kicking?

DU another profoundly asinine CNN poll

Please DU this local poll for me !

Another strong reason to boot Bush: Ashcroft's DOJ is a DISGRACE!

I just received a "Voter Guide" in an email!!!!

What do you think the drinking age in the U.S. should be, if any?

From mushroom clouds to maybe...

I know what's the October surprise...

1067 dead as of today. How many more, Bush?

RANT: I hate the phrase security mom as much as I hated soccer mom or more

When will the media give the real reasons the US invaded Iraq?

What was the name of the mother

Bush - English Major?

Here are copies of George Bush's notes from the first debate!

France was ready to send 15,000 troops to Iraq! Yet another Bush scandal

This is a dynamite article from the WP

have you seen this crap?

Flags lowered longer for Reagan than victims of 9/11

I was "push-polled" on Kerry tonight

I Have Dragons To Slay...

BBV - county clerk 'not happy' about replacing lever machines

Is there info on what governors have presided over the most executions?

From The Desk of America's Best Christian Betty Bowers:.......

Will I Be a Better Man Tomorrow?

Protect this Democrat from the Freepers on the attack

When is Utah gonna

NEVER FORGET - Bush Sought ‘Way’ To Invade Iraq? (60 Min. Jan'04)

Rather, Jennings & Brokaw on NPR "Fresh Air"...try to catch it if u can,

When Kerry becomes Prez, first 2 fired bush/cheney,. Next?

hundreds of coffins placed in front of White House.....(PHOTOS)


Bush The Bubble Boy

Win or lose, a * Presidential Library is inevitable, right?

TAXES: The $145 Billion Abomination

What Did Coulter Mean

Democracy...a fragile thing ...must be nurtured...Dean at UCONN

Is bush* mentally ill?

Is War Profiteering an actual Crime?

Support your fellow KERRY-EDWARDS bumpersticker folks

The Right Wing's Drive for 'Tort Reform'

BBV - PA passes statewide recount bill

Cheney Says Sun Rising in the East Justifies Iraq War

Let's call Ann Coulter....... She's on Radio America at 5:00

$40,000 Library Mural Misspells Names - Welcome to the Bush Era

John Snow: we will be able to fight this war and climb out of the deficit

It's the GREAT BUMPKIN, Charlie Brown!!!! (photo)

October Surprise for Bush & FBI? Sibel Edmonds hints forthcoming scandal

things you have to believe to be a republican today

Saddam really wanted WMDs to protect Iraq from Iran/Kuwait/Israel not

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Extra Scenes from DVD now Online

Hesiod explains Bush foreign (read: WAR) policy to FReepers

Is the "Green Zone" becoming America's "Dien Bien Phu"?

US occupation of Iraq vs. Chinese occupation of Tibet.

The Culture of Insignificance.

The Randi Rhodes web poll - you gotta love it !

Animal Soldiers

Last day to send e-mail to ask them to stop the snowmobiles in Yellowstone

Scott Ritter Coming up on CNN - Now!

Is anyone else getting Malloy on Sirius/Air America right now?

Media is now saying that the blasts in Egypt look like coordinated

Even the Bush Administration shows the Iraq war was wrong

Solutions for debt crisis go far beyond tinkering

Million Door march this weekend

Tim Ryan brings it on

A flu shot ordeal.

stupid Wolf poll needs our help

A hypothetical question for you

Did you hear about the mom that shaved her head for an anti-Bush tattoo?

WMD's? WMD's? We don't need no stinking WMD's! >>Rose Garden PIX<<

I don't think it would be a good idea for Kerry to appear on

If the world could vote ,

"This is the sound of an AK-47 being fired at you."

Dean on Hardball, Anderson Cooper, and Capital Report tonight.

Not sure

DU this poll;

OMG! I'm finally watching 9/11...already in tears

The army got another 18 yr old..

Caption THIS:

I like my new job, but it's just as well I spend 90% of my day on the road

If Ann Coutler got stuck in a pool drain, she'd get a labotomy!

Does Dean have a place in the Kerry administration?

What is

I was just polled

Little exchange at work just now

Are they really going to reinstate a Draft

Scott Ritter really socked it to the Bush cover of Saddam "intentions"

Cloned Kitties! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

TAke the Quiz: How much do you know about President Bush and Sen. Kerry?

Don't forget the Rumsfeld factor in the troop shortages.

Is Bill O'Reilly biased?

How could Saddam ever had nukes because

Even David Kay Says Bush is in "Denial" Over iraq WMD!

Opponents want Schieffer replaced as moderator in 3rd debate!

Bloody Battles, High Casualties In Iraq Go Unreported In Mainstream Press

Do you believe Bush will be defeated by Kerry?

A quick recap of the Bush Administration

Wrong war

I just saw Ken Mehlman for the first time.

Bombs on Egyptian Border with Israel? And Bomb in Sheraton/Green Zone?

Vaccine shortage = WMD

Attention DU'ers in the Texoma, Texas, Oklahoma area.

Atrocious Reep Parable from Freeperland: Please dissect!

Sub-tabloid reporting style: MSNBC on Martha Stewart's sentence

If an unarmed Saddam is taken out, are we safer?

I just received a letter from stranger urging me to vote for Kerry.

Rosie O'Donnell on Randi

I'll get tarred & feathered for this, but I LOVE $50+/bbl oil!

AT&T to cut 7,000 jobs! We're turning the corner!!

Fallout From `Naked Party' Bush daughter.........?

Who watched 60 Minutes last night?

Freepers found WMDs...

CNN poll

A smart move for al Sadr...

Serious problems in Leon County, FL, 1500 FAMU voters registered as GOP

To all the Nader supporters out there

Results Of The 2004 Smartest State Award

I don't know if I can hold it together........................

blue states and red states, education levels

Bush's Bad Attitude

BBV - vote while you wait for your flight !

If You Need a Shot of Truth with a Belly-Laff Chaser

Why is Randi kissing Rosie's fat a*? O Donnell kissed W's!

The jobs figures.. Can we "assume" that the guardsmen and reservists

Since W has been schooled to control has face tomorrow, how will he look?

BET Network Now: Speak Now: John Kerry (Special) Democratic presidential h

CNN says Report says Saddam loved "Old Man and the Sea" the

What's the ideology of your U.S. Representative?

Quick, go vote now!

Denver Morning News Program -- F911 website for "truth"

The world is safer!!!

Where do you get your research information from?


My God. The perfect storm. It's actually happening

Understanding Saddam

Mt. St. Helens Steamin Again !!!

So, when the CBS documents were proven to be faked...

Josh Marshall - Does * Have Doctor Issues?

U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror | Bush strategy is to stoke public fears

Lou Dobbs just said all Republicans including Tom Delay declined

Judith Miller ordered jailed!

Check out this video of a Democrat in action

In no means do I support Saddam, or any of the things he did to his people

Do you want to eliminate the electoral college?

Who picked up F9/11 yesterday? How abt that extra footage?

TODAY in Iraq, 10/7/04: MORE news photos you need to see....and share

What if Neither candidate scores 270 votes?

Did anyone else have a 2 page George Soros ad in their

Homeland Security Dept. orders halt to sidewalk voter registration -NYT

I just got a letter from the RNC

My 10 year old son has lost his medicaid

AP Headline: Bush Wins the Election

Take Bill O'Reilly's Poll: Is he Biased ?

Oregon Ballot Measure 36: LOL, someone has a sense of humor!

BBV - temporary paper shortage, ink marks, homemade ballots etc.

Without WMD, exactly what is Hussein going to be prosecuted for?

John Kerry film (going upriver) can now be downloaded!

Canadian High School students smoke more Pot than any other

Toronto or Torahntah?

Anyone who missed Jack Straw breaking new bounds in the Science of Logic .

Congress Recognizes Ala. Church Bombing

Edwards' Wife Delivers Tough Security Talk (World changed?: "Well, duh.")

'No entry' for Blair in top UK hotel

White House to Retract Pentagon Nomination (Martin)

Self-Proclaimed Nev. Aryan Leader Indicted

CIA Activities in Chile to Be Investigated

Saddam Told Interrogators of Iran Fixation

Bill Extends Veterans' Health Benefits

Changes Proposed in Gift Rules for Judges (AKA The Cheney/Scalia Overhaul)

FBI Audit Leaves Vital Questions Unanswered - by Sibel Edmonds

Fallujah Group Comes to Table

Dozens killed in Pakistan blasts

U.S. Set to Aid Brazil Drug (Plane) Shootdown Plan - Officials

Italy Transports 360 Migrants to Libya

U.S. Report: Iraq Didn't Have WMDs

Bush Expects Upward Revision to Jobs Data

FBI to get help on Election Day plots

Kerry training hard at suburban hotel (RMN, nice pic of Teresa)

LAT: UC Employees Dig Deeper for Bush, Kerry [Kerry, really]

Kerry receives three-star support

dupe - sorry :(

House Ethics Panel Warns DeLay Again

Bomb discovered at Green Zone restaurant (inside "safe" zone)

More Women Now Covering Up In Iraq

Justice Eyes Intellectual Property Theft (Crackdown Like Terror/Drug Wars)

Londoner on terror charge

Web blunder boosts Bush bashers

Court martial over hoax pictures

FBI versus Librarians

Jobless claims fell to 335,000

WP: Timing of (WMD) Report Called Inspector's Decision (bad for Bushies)

US alleges Habib trained 9/11 hijackers

Russia Rejects Nuclear Criticism (From U.S.)

Weapons Rules Eased At Dulles and National

AP Suit Produces More Bush Guard Records

Bush Holds Narrow Two-Point Lead on Kerry(Zogby 3-day tracking)

Pair Under Inquiry May Face Tribal Action

Terror Judge Worries Legal Experts

Election advice for US

Charges Dropped In Antiwar March

Afghan Government: Drug Smugglers Likely Behind Assassination Attempt

Frank Rich on AAR 10:30 am to discuss DVD on Bush as/ God instrument

Portland 'Mobbed' by Election Activists Using New Tactics

Bush Attacks Kerry in Fund-Raising Letter (Kerry = "more dangerous world")

Report: University campaign donations surge, most go to Kerry

Washington Post: Weapons Rules Eased At Dulles and National

Negotiators Approve Big Tax Cuts for Business

Austrian Novelist Jelinek Wins Nobel Prize

U.S. gets election advice from outsiders

Rumsfeld: Al Qaeda comments 'misunderstood'

Aristide supporters threaten to behead foreigners

US soldier killed near Fallujah

Poll: Obama holds 45-point lead over Keyes

NYT: (House and Senate) Negotiators Approve Big Tax Cuts for Business

New York's AG headed to Florida to stump for Kerry

Canadian sailor dies after being airlifted from stricken sub ...

Panel: Smith misled public

Student Test Scores Faltering, Falling in Major States, New Government Dat

Edwards Courts Voting Bloc on Daytime TV

Explosions Heard at Baghdad Hotels (Sheraton, Palestine, CNN now)

Unisys to shed 1,400 workers

German Spy Chief Says Bin Laden Is Alive

Commemorative Ronald Reagan Stamp Planned

House OKs Bill Imposing 'Spyware' Fines

Iraq in talks with rebels as suicide bomb kills 16

New Swing State Polling from America Coming Together


Judith Miller declared in contempt; may go to jail!


CNN reported John Kerry will be releasing/making a statement on the WMD

Bush - English Major?

Lawmakers, GOP Clash on 9/11 Legislation

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Crimes Against Nature

LAT: St. Louis Catholics Debate Political Directive (from Archbishop)


Wrath runs high in Iraq toward US WMD report

AP: Kerry: Bush, Cheney in Denial About Iraq

CNN: Dumbya now in the Rose Garden.

Frost ad says he supported Bush when Sessions wouldn't

Bloody Battles, High Casualties In Iraq Go Unreported In Mainstream Press

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 7 October

Are Your Voting Systems Ready for November 2nd? "The Long Shadow of 2000"

Actor (Michael J.) Fox Films Campaign Ad for Kerry

Funds to Rebuild Iraq Are Drifting Away From Target

Oil Bonanza to Boost Venezuela's Economy for at Least 2 yrs

dupe - sorry :(

Oil Sets New $53 High on Winter Worries, Nigeria

Bank of America to layoff 4,500 employees

CNN Reporting large explosiong at Hilton hotel in Egypt


mod's please delete, already up.

Lull on Mount St. Helens may not last for long | Seattle Times

Scott Ritter coming up on Wolf (CNN) 3-5 mins.

Bombardier to cut 2,000 jobs (Montreal airplane manufacturer)

half of small canadian town is convicted on Pot charges

Parmalat to sue Bank of America | BBC

Wrath runs high in Iraq toward US WMD report

Bush, Kerry on Issue of Drug Importation

An agonizing choice (note the author)

Explosion heard in Afghan capital

Liberals could fall in evening confidence vote (Canada) | Globe and Mail

23 People Killed by Explosion in Hotel in Egyptian-Israeli Border Town

9 / 11 Families Push for Reform in D.C.

Authorities hunt keg of potent chemical that fell from truck in North Dako

U.S. Warplanes Target Iraq Roadside Bombs (heedless of civilians)

Reports: Other Drugs May Raise Heart Risks (Celebrex)

Explosion heard in Afghan capital (very loud) | BBC Breaking

National GOP group cancels $1 million in Nethercutt ads | Seattle Times

Bush, Iraq in the spotlight for second debate - AFP

No WMD's - bush* & repukes want us to "move on" to "future"

AT&T to cut 20% of staff, take $12.5B in charges ....7000 Jobs(CBS.MW)

Reuters plans to triple its staff in India

Congress Moves to Close SUV Tax Loophole

Exxon's greenhouse gas levels rise as profits soar

Report Cites Major Security Lapses At Newark Airport

U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror Threat

India won't sign weapons treaty, PM says (too many loopholes)

Five binge-drinking deaths 'just the tip of the iceberg'

Approval Rating For Bush Below 50%, Poll Finds (Florida)

PAC memo links DeLay to fundraiser

Unisys plans to cut 1,400 workers

Taiwan Says U.S. Ties to Suffer if Arms Deal Fails

200 American nukes said to be in Western Europe

Al-Sadr aide released

U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror Threat

Dems' Complaint Calls GOP Mailing Illegal - AP

Reporter (NYT's Miller) Held in Contempt in CIA Probe

Stocks Fall on Poor Retail Sales, Oil

County prosecutors in Michigan reject request to charge Michael Moore

Australia's Howard Stresses Economic Record in `Even' Election

North Korean hackers sabotage computer networks of South Korea

Iraqis may sue US over invasion

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombings # 1066 & # 1067

Limbaugh livid after court OKs data grab

AP Poll: Kerry Holds Small Lead Over Bush

Nader raps Bush, Kerry over Yale society membership

Democrats Fume Hollywood Not in Tax Bill

France moves US plutonium south

Mrs. Bush to Teresa Heinz Kerry: Don't Wear Blue

One Dead After Car Explosion In New Jersey

Study: Stem cells emit healing molecules

Some blame 'bubble' for poor Bush debating

Good news from Iraq: Al-Sadr’s Mehdi Army offers truce

Bush administration in denial about lack of Iraq WMD: Kay (HOLY CRAP!!)

Bush, Cheney Concede Saddam Had No WMDs

Blast at hotel in Red Sea resort

Sistani wants followers to vote

Nader Says He Can't Win Single State

Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War (AP)

Bush twin chose skin over Skull & Bones

Bush Defends Iraq Invasion Despite Report -13 minutes ago

1 In 6 Chronically Ill Adults Skip Rx Drugs Due To Cost

'Sen. Gone' is a dig from Moore (NC) paper

Kerry blasts Powell over Castro remark

Ethics Rebuke to DeLay Prompts Democratic Calls for Ouster

Free after 17yrs on death row

Pope to publish his 'last testament'

Indymedia Server Raided by FBI

What's better than winning the Special Olympics?

Oh my God ! I've got the Ovaltine shakes!

Oh My God! I've got teh Hippie, Hippie, Shakes!

tra la la tra lala tra lalala

who here has heard Sublime's "Lincoln Highway dub" song?

Anybody heard Koma and Bones?

Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry

I'm curious. What threads bring in the most trolls and disruptors?

Shrub's pick in baseball??

Are "Thunder Sticks" necessary at a ballgame?

In defense of the New York Yankees.

Sox take an 8-3 lead in the 9th.

for the cat lovers...

pizza commercial with Miss Piggy

What is your favorite lemonade?

I have a car question

i'd like to know if you all watch or listen to Democracy Now!

can anyone recommend houseplants that don't need much light...

I ate parakeet heads

Irate prostitute's bed

High-rate yuppie man dead

My mate, Alistair, fled

My gate welded by Jed

Ornate platypus led

First Mate got drunk and bled

Cut-rate magazine read

Ablate rastafarian's dred

Romans wacked out on lead

Olly and Dawn, they did shred

Innate porcupine wed

Jess Tate: Chester is dead.

First-rate pussycat wed

I hate copycat threads

Forrest Gump has finally run amok

Apostate Mormons misled

wishing you a highly entertaining HALLOWEEN......!!

Atkins didn't like bread

To any lurking freepers out there - can you please call Faux news...

Giant Ape Found In Africa

Is anybody else having trouble with this site?

Man Dies While Trying To Get Into Exotic Dancer's Home

mo' spin zone

Let's head back to Tennessee Jed

ForrestGump is a self-copycatting buckethead

This Week in Troglodyte History...

Greek Community Debates Merits Of Strippers

Woman Busted Trying to Enter Court Pot

CAPTION the confusing upside down world of M

Oh well *~Hhhhhhhi~* there let's all have a CAPTION..... mm'kay?

Please don't dominate the rap Jack

Police Chief Accused Of Smoking Seized Marijuana On Duty

My filling fell out again.

Life lesson learned last night

What is the best open source word processing program?

Geek community debates merits of Stripers

Matzo-ball soup question: Hard or Soft?

POLL: Ladies - Would you Spoon with Karl Rove...

1st lounge post. Going to see Laurie Anderson tonight!

Gleek community debates merits of Stryper

Austrian writer wins Nobel prize

Only for the truly hard-core midnight mutants out there

Iraq's Tourism Chief Working Hard To Discourage Tourism

Shy flower causes stink in Sydney

So, It's Game 7 Of The World Series - Clemens vs. Shilling At Fenway......

$40,000 Ceramic Mural At Library Has Numerous Misspellings

My Furry "Alarm Clock"

"I Am Eating My Husband's Soul" Watches the Debate

Ever google: Bush lies???

Puppy pads are the best thing ever!

What's up, nerds?

Today's Foxtrot

Sometimes, don't you just feel like killing something? Like......

Johnny Kelley (60 time Boston Marathoner) has died at 97

"Hey, everybody! We're all gonna get laid!"

"John Kerry's Bloodcurdling Agenda For America!"

Catastrophic success

I apologize if this has been posted...but this is incredible, IMO.

red sox won!

Canada In Legal Fight To Deport Flying Squirrel

Best toothpaste EVER?

This soy Taco (meat) tastes

Rupert Everett just BEGGED America to change their administration!

The "two faced" graphic scares my dog

Oklahoma To Drop "Cow Manure Tossing" From Tourism Brochure

Accused Murderer Freed From Jail After He Was Elected Mayor Of Town

People Who Hate People Party, come together!

Well this IS good news.....Nobel Peace Prize

Gary Busey, George Bush, Ferretts. What?????

ARRG! I'm having a Nic fit! I need help!

Anyone remember Necco Wafers?

Joke: young Republican in a Hummer vs. old man on a moped

Shouldn't fundies be burning "The Davinci Code" instead of reading it?

CHANGING QUESTION: do Sirius or XM carry MLB games?

CAT STEVENS aka Yusuf Islam

you know how Dubya got his nick name?

How much to replace a roof?

I bet Fox News is pissed

Smart computer people - I have a question

ok people, I need help, A cheap ISP

DU Movie fanatics, I need a favor!

I had a dream last night that Skinner yelled at me.

good stuff today at

My dog may be a freeper

From New Jack City, "I want to shoot you so bad my (blank)'s (blank)"

Cold Rainy Day with Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch...

OK guys, Astronomy Picture of the day has

For new people here at DU - Our Gallery

Please help me pick a digital walkman!

Atttention: parents of high schoolers. Please read this.

Republicans, Out of Ideas, Ask Prosecutors to Arrest Michael Moore

Eating Raul - Forgotten B Film or Cult Classic

I got this idea from a Freeper: What music do like to get stoned to

Kerry is going to kick bush's ass big time in the debate.

How come WE don't have a hand signal for Kerry?

Just wanted everyone to know that Redwitch...

Any DUers living the "Cordislim™ Lifestlyle"

The Game Show Host of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

I love my FedEx guy!

Should I apologize?

Its been 6 months without a single Simpsons episode - Death is nigh

How do you tell a repub puppy from a Democratic puppy

There are awesome WTC shots in the film Pope of Greenwich Village. It's

There is some hope then...

Oh, the night. Is my world. City light. Painted girl

Does this really work?

Let us now praise "Beany and Cecil"

Why is "6" angry at "7?"

Man claims he's jesus. Walks off boat onto water. Drowns.

Am I wrong to find this funny?

Most ill-advised change of musical style (80's post-success edition)

Anyone have experience with this"tivo for radio" device?

Reflections on evening spent with Drunk Barber

Did Laura Bush Have a Face Lift?

new website/new season Austin City Limits

separated at birth

Can we have a "Banana Splits" appreciation thread?

The Cabinet Meeting of all CAPTIONS!!!

If you don't have the radio on now you're missing something huge!!!

Britney Spears: Beyond the Valley of White Trash


"Darth Vader Mugs Pizza Man"

To be fair, it's not the Yankees that caused the Orioles to suck

Psssst-- wanna see my woody?

Gefilte fish question. Red or white horseraddish?

who had that fabulous

Think I'll check in with the Christian Powerlifters...Oh MY!!!!

Bob Dylan for Nobel Prize?

Dick Cheney Can't Find His Yellow Cake Oven

Sex in a Bar Bathroom -- Is It Legal? (Italy, Yahoo)

Britney Spears: Real or Fake

Confess: Favorite nostalgia Sci-Fi TV show?

Firefighters, Teaching Safety, Set Off Blaze (Arkansas, Yahoo)

Why did Bush go to Yale? List your answers here is what I think

Who would put up posters that insult their own employees??????

My car was vandalized last night

Jimi Hendrix vs Ravi Shankar

I just emailed Fox to tell them their baseball commentator is an imbecile

"Pliant and dissolvable pills for literal men"

Let's get a list of all the celebs you know who are supporting Kerry

Best novel you've read lately?

The Moldy Oldie of all CAPTIONS!!!

Wanna see my package?

Found This Tribute To Rodney With Some Of His One Liners - Enjoy

The "Make 'em stop pickin' on me, Mommy!" of all CAPTIONS

Help needed to register my friend in San Francisco!

Here's exactly what our troops need to get out of Iraq...

I need some Big Help...Fellow/Sister DU'ers.

The silicon chip inside her head

Laura Bush confesses....Warning Adults Only!

POLL: Would you do Ann Coulter? If so, how far would you go?

Is my mouth moving? Then please STFU!!!

Any sociology grad students out there?

What TV shows do you regularly watch?

Anyone see the "Fifth Estate" show on Cheney last night?

I wanna be...

Two Kerry signs gone from my yard

Looking for the names of rock formations of the 80's from your area.

I can't drive...

Brother-in-law won't watch my copy of FAHRENHEIT 9/11

Unbelievable! A character on my soap actually had an abortion.

Wilco concert was great tonight....

What frikkin' PLANET is this nitwit on??!!??

Aloha from NYC!


people pronouncing the word "important" as IMPORDANT

"strong explosions"

Boycott Columbia House

Can we have a "Rocky and Bullwinkle" appreciation thread?

Damned Energy Efficient Windows!

I will kiss you all

I will chill you all.

I will pill you all.

Save a horse:

I will dill you all..

I will bill you all.

I will fill you all

I will drill you all.

Post lines from your favorite instrumental here!

I just missed out on an interesting conversation cause of some clod

Little story...

I will grill you all.

Check this out: the guy tells them he's a troll and then they 're

Pictures of me

I will mill you all (A Haiku)

I will thrill you all

Did you know?

For the next 30mins: Ask DU Dick Cheney anything!!!!

Kerry on BET 8pm ET? was posted a few days ago, so I'm

Republicans keep better yards, but Democrats are better at passing

Friday Night Lights the movie

I can't find my Happy Cake Oven!


Which is the true weed?

The boys...

Often at work there is a coffee stir on the floor of the bathroom stall

I will Spill you all!

YYEEEHHHAAA! the letters have begun! After the initial Vietnam guy

I will Bill you all!

Got my Christians for Kerry Button! Ask me anything.

Shooting your boss in the back with a rubber band = awesome.

Favorite RW insult?

I have a job interview!!!!!


Support Your Candidate! Vote- Nov 2......good email...pass it on :)

WHO IS volunteering to work on election day as POLL WORKER?

Any Clinic fans here?

Guess what I just retrieved out of my mail box?

Who would have thought....I have glasses...maybe I might need to use them?

Refrigerator/freezer question

The COO of my company gave me a ticket to see whore

Cloned Kitties! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Any Michael Moorcock fans? (The Last Elric Book is coming soon)

Farscape --- Best Sci-Fi Ever? Discuss.

'Wicked Good Outcome' - ESPN says Red Sox will win World Series.

I have a confession of a personal nature to make. I am a fake.

I will answer any political question you ask with a Bushism.

The Birthday Hotties for 7 October

I'm hungry - what's for dinner?

I will thrill you all!

"If you're not ready to marry me, then..."

surgery went OK

Top 10 freeper bookmarks

Take this poll:!!!

Choir/band folks: What's the most embarrassing song you've performed?

Yikes! I'm going to be a tutor!

Republicans keep better yards? WTF?

Need help with the title of an old movie.

I'm SERIOUSLY Thinking Of Growing Out My Hair

Official Democratic Underground / Myspace profile post thread!

WMD new developments from Yahoo News:

Sifl and Olly , they did shred

Happy 53rd Birthday John Cougar Mellencamp!!!!!!

Gossipy political news for your entertainment:

Why does this penis have teeth??

Anyone know what do do here re:eBay?

My 2 yr old son has an amazing knack for hiding stuff.

What's it all about...Alfie?

Bagels and Lox time - what do you like on it?

who eats of Olive Garden?

Just took this picture of Erin

Mother Of 4 Shaves Head, Has Anti Bush Tattoo On Her Skull

Got a new table saw last night and

I will kill you all

witness fundie guilt over masturbation

I've never had a flu shot in my life...

I just discovered Rabindranath Tagore. Tell me something

FAvorite Bloom County character

I'm going to a major college football game tonight and you're NOT!

A Poem by daughter for an English assignment........

Who are you going to be for Halloween?

Some new pics of my Basset Hound pups w/ eyes beginning to open!


Calling all Hawaiian DUers! Help! Need suggestions and tips

I just donated blood! Ask me anything.

Envy my threadjacking skills - a DOUBLE HEIST

Looking for the names of smaller rock venues of the 80's from your area.

Which Bush will show up at Fridays debate?

Is Alan Keyes running the worst campaign in history?

Summary of Bush/Kerry debate. Must Read.

Folks, I gotta vent. First, Thanks DU for your guidance

Where is the fact check/lie list on Cheney from debate?

Kerry pulls ahead (in PA by 7 points poll by Scaife's TribReview)

I wish Edwards would have pointed one fact out

Newsweek: Cheney Is A Lying POS

New DNC ad

Need link to 5 min. Bush making faces in 1st debate please

What happened to "Marriage Protection Week"?

Which George W. Bush will show up for Friday's debate?

Bush will lose the election this Friday

American Research Group has Kerry by 3; Bush job approval at 45%

overheard this at the market today: edwards won b/c he looks

Is it true the Voices For Change Concert in Miami was cancelled? They said

Is voter registration legal or illegal on federal property?

Soros not responsible for domain


Candidate Endorsements

Is oil strike three for the U.S. economy?

Cheney error sends Net users off track

WooHoo! I Am On The Payroll!

Ohio hit with * anti Kerry ads


Florida Presidential Ballot

TIME Mag: SILENCE of the LAMBS. a pic of Bushies A Team during the DeFlate

A reasonable person could call the VP debate a draw BUT...

Next time they say Kerry is bad for American security . . .

Man, will Bush be like, totally ready for this debate Friday. I'm scared

Debunk this e-mail?

Pittsburghers: did you see the story about the * signs?

Will there B3?

Link to New Economics Handouts at BigPath ( 4 New Ones)

Was Edwards taking it for the home team?

Use this one word to win ANY argument with a repub

Link to the Video of the VP debate?

Republicans afraid of a drum-banger. Was Parlock in PA yesterday?

New cspan Hotline Elec. college scoreboard

Coalition of the Conquered-(I don't remember seeing Iraq on the roster)

"B/C Farm and Ranch Team"

I hope the John Kerry of the Iraqi War is on active duty now

New Poll to DU....Colorado...RMN...please help...

Great bumper sticker

what's going on with CNN's poLLs?

Arianna Huffington: pull the plug on the media's obsession with polls

Are Kerry's phones Bugged??????????

Anyone hear Imus diss Olbermann?

Prevailing Storylines of the Debates

OK...I admit it...I believe Cheney won the debate

RNC Makes Anti-Tweety Ad

Anyone still has questions about Tues. Night? Read EarlG's article

Nice photo from Kerry Web Site featuring JK & Marty McFly

A republican coworkers logic....

DU this poll, but vote Peroutka not Kerry: Worldnetdaily!

Zogby: 52% negative on Bush job performance, 50% say "no" to re-selection

Will bush pardon limbaugh

How is the Right spinning the 2001 photo of Cheney meeting Edwards?

Watched the Debate in Seoul with some military friends and I'm happy

Bush.Cheney Mother of all Challenges::Protecting the BIG LIE

WSJ blasts Iraqi policy. Who has this letter?

Even the "bid" contract procedure was rigged in Halliburton's favor:

Kerry has golden opportunity every time Bush accuses him

Iowa has a felon on a ballot, Repug

Cheney abandons "imminent threat" test for "track record" test?

OK, what's with this bumping-the-job numbers crap (OC?)

NYT's calls Bush's Same Old Sh't "Retooled," "Scathing Critique"

The "Just Enough Electoral Votes" Formula

U.S. gets election advice from outsiders

What a hoot- Cheney's coming in

Election 2004 the choice is clear:

Remember *Here's Your Sign* -that song/joke about letting

Zogby: Kerry Ahead In Battleground States

October surprise

Some great new ads today from John Kerry. Link below.

John Edwards to hold town hall meeting in Bayonne,NJ

A gentle GD2004 reminder...

The Day Dick Cheney Was Silenced

Ann Coulter calls for VIOLENCE against liberals on TV program

WBAL (NBC Baltimore) just went away during Regis & Kelly!

I Don't Trust Charlie-Boy in Friday Night's Debate

Guess we're doing pretty good on, eh?

Are communications devices banned in the debates?

Nobel laureate Stiglitz weighs in.

Blast this article to MSNBC-They just reported Bush with 7pt Florida lead

NRDC to air hard hitting ad by Robert Redford on Bush public land giveaway

Edwards coming on Regis in central time in a few minutes

Bush's problems will continue next week - From this coming Sunday's NYT

Debate #2: Kill The Compassionate Conservative Meme.

Media readying us for October Surprise...Usama

Some Latest Zogby Results spells Good News

Ways to protect our yard signs

BUSH Blunder: Desperate Ad "Electing Kerry would be Dangerous for America"

NEW IDEA!! MULTIPLY YOUR VOTE and send Bush Packing!

Newly registered voters WILL decide this election and the majority of

* on the trail Blasting Kerry . . . Oct can't be an August replay

How Bush* can "fix" the Friday debate in his favor

Zogby and Rasmussen Agree on Kerry Post-debate Bounce

will *'s latest attack stick ?

Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?

Yesterday Slater71 mentioned the crawl on MSNBC

so what were the poll numbers like at this time in....

The October uprise is... WON'T be the capture of UBL

Elect Kerry. Eject Bush. There is my new slogan.

Why this dim-witted spawn of Satan can not win.

IMUS does it again....and it's NOT an accident....

Fuck All You GD2004 Losers

"This is a very small man in a very large office."

Excerpts from Biography of "Dick" Cheney - Iran Boycott

Friday Bush's CEA will "guess" payroll to 4/04 up extra 288K -Media

Bush/Cheney policy of: "No Mullah Left Behind"....

Don't "misunderestimate" Bush this Friday

Edwards on THE VIEW in a couple of minutes

Should it even matter ?

column on GOP control of the media


Two Face site has sound now! Bush's voice with Bush's mistakes...

What is the Bush October Surprise?

Bush misses another physical

You're Forgetting the Hidden Hammer in Friday's Debate........

What Replaces VNS?

What is Kerry's position on White Collar Crime?

Gallup "determines" who the "handpicked" audience is for St Louis...happy?

Kerry can get George Dubya's goat with his Oedipal complex....

Web Links for your Conservative/Pug Friends

The "Global Test" Thing

A tune to hum while you watch the debate

Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War

How much did this administration have to do with disarming Libya?

Idea for Kerry at tomorrow's debate

New term in the political lexicon: fluffer

Will OPRAH have on the two candidates again this year?

Kerry is working hard preparing for the debate. Why isn't Bush?

Are any Gore voters voting for Bush?

Deleted message

Rupert Everett on The View

Can I go to the Town Hall Debate?

tackling a concern about friday's debate

The Hidden cost for the War....

remember way back when in August...and early Sept

Charlie Gibson may decide the election

the smoking tubes

MSNBC Question

People! People! Let’s drop the “low expectations” for Bush mantra!!!

Michael J. Fox Ad

CNN Yanked Poll That Was

Graphically speaking, ZOGBY rocks!

latest Zogby Battleground - Kerry well ahead

Has Andrea Mitchell apologized re VP debate?

Was Drew Carey a Bush supporter? Now he says "why vote?"

A perfect question for the next dabate.

Bob Schieffer on Daily Show last night said he had not yet

kerry's vote to war worked, the way HE said it should work

A question? Should Kerry direct his responses to the audience at debate or

Turn on CNN

Vote--- but AFTER the debate!

The most undignified reelection campaign by an incumbent President. EVER.

Wingers Praise Cheney for "Intellect," "Composure," "Being Informed"

Factcheck.ORG - thank you Darth Vader

New Poll: Obama leads Keyes 64% - 20% in Illinois

New State polls rolling in, Kerry lead showing in electoral counts

CNN actually talking about breaking news?

In VP debate Cheney said Edwards was mistaken about the $200billion

The "Hannitization of Stupidity"

DU CNBC Powerpoll: In light of no WMD, Was war justified? Email comments!

Is Clinton going to make a comeback?

Let's list all the ways in which Kerry is a wimp

So, I'm watching the post debate coverage and this Swiftvet ad comes on

Did The Bush Administration say Bagdad was secure???

Help Needed!

Plan on Kerry losing tomorrow night.

Served or not - anyone have the original link for this?

Telling voter groups

How to talk to a conservative, 2


White House 'All Wrong' on Iraq | Ctr for American Progress briefing

Notice how all the polls have tightened up ?

I'm not sure the town-hall debate is conducive to an attack-style strategy

Sign theft - who else got theirs stolen?

What Kerry can expect from Bush ?

How Kerry should answer questions about his vote against first Gulf War

Bush is a master debater. We should watch....

Rupert Everett just pleaded: "CHANGE YOUR ADMINISTRATION!"

AWOL: "You can't win a war if you don't believe in fighting"

SICKENING: Freeper thread on 9/11 families supporting Kerry / Edwards

Kerry Must Do The Unexpected

Irony, sweet bloody irony. ..

Swift Boat Veterans for Nader

Cheney presiding over the senate?

Who's this CRAZY man talking on my TV?

God damn it. Can we get the bloggers on this, please?

So they are spinning their bad decisions hoping no one will read the

Kerry meets press, live video at 2:30 EST, Thursday

Tribute to Democracy - Nov 2 National Vote Holiday

Great page for you to visit

new polls show Kerry up in Florida, Ohio

K. Rove: you cooking up yer crow yet?

What's going on with the Plame Affair? Are we ever going to know

Repuke Drew Carey NOT Voting on Nov. 2nd

Pa could set state record of registered voters...8 million!!!!

Who's moderating the debate this Friday?

Questions for Friday -- Are they screened...not screened, or WHAT ??

New PA Poll Kerry 49 Bush 43 LV, Kerry 48 Bush 41 RV

John Edwards on "Regis & Kelly": coming up in a few minutes...

If I'm ever in trouble, I want Cheney to testify as an expert.

Good response to a Bush claim of "a compassionate act"?

New Florida Poll: Bush 48% Kerry 44%

Did Barbara Walters REALLY tell Edwards he couldn't talk about politics?!?

Explore this idea...

Will Kerry EVER mention BCCI?

"Improve the White House Intelligence Network

Half a million passports for Iraqis? The US has opened up the flood-gate

October Surpise

Are the American people ready to cry "Uncle" yet ?

Boxing VP Debate

Here is a fact: More Americans have been killed by Iraqi since Saddam

Dean to attend Kerry/Edwards rally tonight in PA.

"George Bush says we can wait. I say lives are at stake and...

Shape of earth....views differ

WH Missing the Coalition of the Willing list?

Oh yes,there is definitely an intelligence problem in our government

Kerry on the draft?

Who IS Charlie Gibson?

"The next day president Reagan died, all other news stopped."

Oh for the love of LOL..."Bush Throws Down The Gauntlet"

Edwards coming up on The View in a bit with his wife...

The Media's Crystal Ball.

DU Poll at CNBC Now


Tom Brokaw's defense of the Smear Vet coverage was idiotic.

Fox: "Bush Tries Out New Jokes" in Wilkes-Barre, Pa campaign speech

How many viewers did yest. Bush speech have? And considering it was just

Wagering odds on potential Town Hall dirty tricks now showing a Kerry win....

A Potential Debate Trap...

New Poll: Obama leads Keyes 3000,000,000 to 10 in Illinois

Please mention this to all the undecideds you know....

Kerry will win tomorrow. (Plan on it)

Kerry on CNN now.


Itchy voting finger?

What would happen if BushCo would admit Iraq War was a mistake?

How Bush Did Video

Mission Accomplished? "Projectiles whizzed toward Sheraton Baghdad Hotel"

"Last two people on the Planet to see the truth"

New DRAFT Flyers: "Ready to Take a Bullet for Halliburton?"

Cheney used "Senator Gone" so Bush's 'permanent vacation' is FAIR GAME

I Can't Believe this A.P. Headline in N.Y.Times.....Unbelievable!!

For a Human Update on this immoral, un-American war...

AP/Ipsos: LV Kerry 50% Bush 46%; RV Bush 47% Kerry 47%

What is Kerry saying now?

Where are the * supporters on CNN?

 One year in Iraq (warning..graphic images)

Kerry is really rockin' the * Dim Son. Go Big John!!!

Yet Another Lie from Cheney (sorry if this is a repost)


MSNBC: "Both sides spinning the weapons report to their advantage"

DU CNN for Fact check Kudos


We are all paying for this Bush ad:

Checkout all of the Kerry signs behind Judy on CNN

Did our soldiers die in vain in Iraq? Kerry must be able to answer this

Turn on CNN NOW Witch defends aWol but get answers

Ah, the memories...

Can you DU this dippy Alaska radio station poll for me?

Help--Need Link Cheney Video Where He Checks Out Edwards' Daughter's Ass

"I don't think I'm a Republican"

HEY......We're outraged about this speech yesterday, RIGHT ?????

Right on schedule...terror! fear!

Can anyone help? Need voting record.

Kerry on CNN live, right now

CNN Womans Pub Dr. said if she wants better ins vote Dem.

CNN's Jean Meserve just showed that the shrub lied...

Damn!!! John Kerry is really taking it to the chimp!

Here's Rove's next piece of slime......

New "Security Mom for Kerry" flyer at BigPath:

Bush SERIOUSLY f**ked up by pissing off the Intel Community

This is our time.

Tomorrow's debate: will they have the three lights on the lecterns again?

foxnews reporter goes way off message

Cheney: CIA Report Backs Iraq War Plan - LAT

Ugh! The use of sexually violent imagery around here...

I know why * is not practicing for debates.

Turn on CNN NOW Witch defends aWol but get answers

Something strange in my neighborhood, Bush signs taken down

How do you like your October Surprise?

Anybody Watching CNN? Catch the SIGNS? GO KERRY!

The lawyer for "" was on AAR, and explained

Green Party VP Candidate Suggested Voting For Kerry In Swing States

Poll needs DU help.

How the media will spin Friday in favor of *


Kerry Bush Tied in Colarado

MSNBC asking for opinions on "No WMD" report.

Judge Holds Judith Miller in Contempt

Why Am I not surprised...

CNN/Gallup Colorado Poll Kerry 49% Bush 49% LV

Anyone have a link to the SNL debate?

going out on a limb: my election prediction: 72% Kerry popular vote....


Kerry Leads in Latest Ipsos Cook Poll Kerry 50% Bush 46%

Fox showing their bias again

Have to share something cool with you all.

Please post news links re: Kerry's press conference here

Our Domestic Enemies-Bush/Cheney-must be arrested and tried for sedition.

my theory: Mulligan speech ONLY meant to reboost shrub's confidence....

Rich:"Why Did James Baker Turn Bush into Nixon?"(live by Fox, die by Fox)

Kerry and Theresa on Dr. Phil. Final nail in Bush coffin!

Has * even read the War Powers Act ...

Who won tomorrow's debate? (Are newly registered voters the Ewoks?)

Projected Final Electoral Vote

VOTE in this poll

Do you FEEL the ENERGY???

Any DUers in position to stand behind cable whores' "studios"?

O'Reilly on Daily Show tonight...don't forget

"let me finish". gwb says this during press conference (F9/11 extra)


Jr's brain will explode Friday

Edwards to Chimp/Cheney: Earth is not flat

WP Editorial Page = WHORE!

AP Poll: Kerry Holds Small Lead Over Bush (50-46)

Aides admit Bush stoking fears of terrorism for political gain

I tried to call a radio talk show earlier to defend Kerry.

Higher Voter Registration Could Affect Election

CNN: Did you just see that 5th Grade Teacher say she was voting

A Bush selloff at the Iowa Political futures

Donna Brazille (sp?) is doing a good job on CNN right now

Notice how AWOL-Cheney's Saddam comments land with a thud?

Paul and Tucker just went "crowd surfing"...


Terror scare for security moms

Iraq on the verge of becoming 'Beacon of Democracy'

Help with a debate project

well I got my Move-on voter list

Kerry/Edwards Lead In Florida! - Ulam Statistical Center (sorry if dupe!)

AP Poll: Kerry 50, Bush 46

DU'ers might want to use this software to help during the election

Begala and Lil' Tuck just ended Crossfire by crowdsurfing!!

Great Book for the final month of the campaign!! Post Books here!

CNN: New ARG Poll shows Kerry taking the lead in OH and PA!

DU This Please - MSRNC QOD

Have you ever met either John Kerry or George W. Bush?

Why US invaded Iraq?

Is taking the House really far-fetched?

Million Door march this weekend

Dept. of Homeland Hysteria

DU this poll about WMD's...come on gang, this is in Kerry's hometown!

New Terralert: This Time with a Catch

What Kerry should say when * attacks him as a "tax and spend liberal"

New numbers from Wisconson

Pro-Kerry group confronts author of 'Unfit For Command'

Bushies: "Don't Confuse Me With The Facts".

powerful ad for Kerry, by mom of soldier killed

A tale of campaign signs

RW local CBS TV just reported AP poll, JK-50 to GW 46

What should John Kerry wear tomorrow?

Who's going to watch the Mission of George W. Bush on CNN this Sunday?

New anti-Kerry ad

Oh No! My Pet Goat ate my Loyalty Oath! What should I do?

My stockbroker's voting for Kerry! First time Democratic voter!

Searching for evidence of Bush/Pentagon/Zarqawi links

How did media cover Jim Wright ethics vs. Tom Delay?

Manipulation!:Kerry's final theme/push against the Bush barrage of spin ?

Will Bush avoid the obstacles that made him so tired last week?

Desperate freeper seeks information

Teresa Heinz Kerry's rally in Eugene, Oregon

Actor Michael J. Fox appears in a new commercial :The ad

OMG - iraq like 'spring cleaning' - DrPhil discussion board fun read

So will Bush suddenly have an excuse to cancel the debate

Does your state have problems with its voting and/or registration systems?

Arab Americans Endorse Kerry

D*mn it Kerry Reframe the Issue

Must see video Rep Tim Ryan vent about BushCO

My lawn sign didn't last 12 hours. I am beyond pissed.

Take CNN Quiz: How much do you know about President Bush and Sen. Kerry

Cheney lied about sanctions on Iran (VP Debate)

Bush Says It's Kerry Misleading Americans

Notice anything different about Bush's ads?

OK, don't tell me the media isn't turning around a little

a dumbass Republican just blamed *'s jobs record on...

Howard Dean on Hardball now eom

Limbo 2004: The Presidential Campaign

"This election is becoming a referendum on the war."

Deleted message

TERROR ALERT!! Your Kid's School

What Presidents have you met?

Where else can I see the twofaces ad??

Geez. why now?

uh-oh, here it comes: Bush: the Ter'rists are coming after your CHILDREN

Ken Mehlman is fuckin' scary

Howard Dean On MSNBC now.

CNN: Gallup has Colorado at 49-49!!

Who's already voted

LOL! The rethugs are shameless!

Dean is on fire on Anderson Cooper!

Bush/Cheney claiming corruption in the UN Oil-For-Food was reason for war?

Bush touts his tax reductions. How should Kerry respond?

Anyone else get their Absent Voter Ballot yet?

AP Poll: Kerry Holds Small Lead Over Bush

Look at all the kids supporting Kerry on Hardball

Dean is coming up on CNBC about 7:45 on Capital Report.

"You're lying the the American People again Mr President..."


Kerry, Kerry, Kerry, that’s all the media ask about. Why no questions on

Why isn't torture

What happens when wingers realize Pres. Kerry has the Patriot Act??

The 7 Minute Lie

26 Days To Go To Clean House! Dems up 49%-45% in latest generic poll!

Jon Stewart coming on in five minutes on "Comedy Central"

Guess who the "Guest" is on TDS tonight

Lawrence Kudlow is saying everything is just jim dandy with the economy.

Will the Dope Debate With His Voice Mate AGAIN ? !

Upcoming events.. Will Bush get small bounce?

Bush supporters wave Bright Yellow "W"s at rallys

Is Kerry really going to hold a press conference once a month if he wins?

Humm this could be a whistle blower what can Du'ers find out? any truth?

Amazon ? Did you pre-order your F9/11 from them? do you have it yet?

Tomorrow, Repugs will be consuming massive doses of TUMS

I was "push-polled" on Kerry tonight

New Presidential Polls FL, OH, PA, NM, NJ, NH

New adjustment to tomorrow's jobs numbers?

This Coulter Quote On Edwards.... Is It True?

MSNBC poll- Kerry needs votes

(Didn't Know I Was) UnAmerican. You should see this.

Freepers turning against O'Reilly

Why we will retake the Senate.

Do you believe Saddam Hussein intended to produce weapons of mass destruct

Some Dems believed that Saddam had WMD's ... But Bush said he had NUKES!

BUSH:... Kerry saw the same intelligence I did....STOP IT NOW !!!.

State University Bans Anti-Bush Flyer

OMG - Saw for the 1st time one of those awful Swift Boat Vets 4 Bush ads!

Kerry needs to bring out the real Bush again

Oh, gag. santorum is on my screen.

Kerry takes lead in newspaper endorsements.

"Treasure of the Iraq Oil Fields" by GW Bush

"Unfit Commander" -- have you seen this?

Dick Morris: Bush’s debate handicap: He simply knew too much

Response to Repukes: Here's an ENLISTMENT FORM

Cheney vs. Reality video......a MUST see.

DU this Lou Dobbs Poll

looking back --- remember 2002 -- Bush said he had proof!

National Terror Day

Great BBV article in November's POPULAR MECHANICS

Scott Ritter coming up on Wolfie

The Kerry/Edwards Campaign needs our help......please help if you can

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/7

Does Kerry know about the ear piece that * is going to wear at the debate?

On Tweety, what did Ginsburg say he expected from the Jobs number

The Infamous $87 Billion Vote - More Explanation

WE.ARE.GONNA.WIN. I'd like to hear why.

Bush is so obviously contemptuous of Kerry

No WMD's - bush* & repukes want us to "move on" to "future"

It's Ohio, stupid.

Did you hear the story about the guy that stole the Kerry sign...

Tweeety Dropped The Robert F Kennedy Question

Why is Nancy Pelosi doing such a weak job?

Swiftboat liars give money to Nader

Florida Democrats added 61,208 to the rolls in August

Hey people! Costco has F911 for $18.10

Cheney's wife is a ^&^%$%^& ho'

Nader calls Edwards a "sniveling coward"

And now we have POW (or wives/widows of POW) for truth?

Kerry needs your help in this msnbc poll

Check out the FLORIDA Touch-Screen Voting Machine -- online

Holy Mother of God!! David Kay (YES THAT DAVID KAY!) Slaughters Bushco!!!!

Why Did KE04 agree to a debate with Charlie Gibson?

I just grounded my 10 year old for two weeks because

"He sticks to his guns, but his aim is so far off...

George Bush Will Not Beat Kerry In Tomorrow's Debate...

Chris Matthews Declares "Enough!"

Video of Cheney checking out Edwards daughter

Kerry said he'd appear on "The O'Reilly Factor"

Newsweek: Bush is beginning to sound desperate

Central Florida tv is getting deluged with Kerry/Moveon/DNC ads

Can you take Nov 2 OFF and GOTV?

Friday's Debate Might Not be the Slam Dunk We Think It Will Be

F9/11 sold 2 million DVD copies on first day of release.

Btitt Hume just did a story about crazed Democrats

The President got a spanking

Actor Fox Films Campaign Ad for Kerry

Bush, Cheney Concede Saddam Had No WMDs

Bush calls his first term "among the most consequential and successful...

Tweety: WSJ Poll has Kerry leading in 13 of 16 battleground states

PA for Kerry! Electoral votes now 280 for JK?

Iraqis, we're sorry

Do the Fundies know that Born Again Bush doesn't go to church?

So whatever happened to "Dem_Strategist?"

TPM: BushCo caught bribing DOE officials for favorable Iraq conclusions???

Latest Zogby Polls Show Some Swing States Swinging Back

Hannity really outdid himself this time!!!

Senator Edwards had "over" 99.5% voting record in the first 4 years!!!

Hillarious response from Edwards on Cheney

This was a day of personal vindication for me; I feel like I want to vomit

PRINT THIS OUT and put it in your pocket

John Kerry On BET Tonight 8:00 pm ET.

CBC's unauthorized biography of Dick Cheney **video online here**

LATimes Asks: "IS HE A DOPE?"

[Going UpRiver]Download full movie free and legal {SPREAD WORD}