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Archives: October 31, 2004

Common Dreams: Kerry Wins

Outsource US elections to India?

Ellen Goodman: A Post-Bush Mind-Set

Goodman: A Post-Bush Mind-Set

Osama Has Bush Over A Barrel

Friedman: The Apparent Heir (Weird way of endorsing Kerry)

He said Bush, she said Kerry, just mix in a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t

The Last Will And Testament Of The United States

The Homecoming

Frank Rich (NYT): Decision 2004: Fear Fatigue vs. Sheer Fatigue

Will religion be the next workplace issue? Faith at Work

Dowd: Will Osama Help W.?

URGENT!! Beware of an overvoting trap that will cost your vote!

help call voters MOVEON

Question about

Ben Laden feeds the strategic campaign on FEAR of neocons.

I just cancelled my cable TV today

Bulk modulus of biodiesel (BD) described as cause of increase in BD NOx.

Why doesn't Washington State in the "State and Country Forums" have a...

this is about the same website bntg is writing

You might want to take a look at this website

Bush behind 911, Bush behind latest Osama tape...

Obama may turn out to be the first Black Senator with clout

CA Dem Party: Yes on 72 (email)

Prop 66. Just learned that the Prison Guard Union is being warned

Join us in Davis November 2

I just hugged Max Cleland

Rep Mark Kennedy is asked to pull ad implying AARP support

Just saw a kinder, gentler Mark Kennedy ad

So I just got a call

Did a transcript of Patrice Battaglia's fiasco on KSTP ever get posted?

A Big Day in the 12th

Kerry 'shrine' in Oakwood, Ohio -- MontCo DUers will love this!

PA OCT-30-2004 Serial Killer Seeking to Skip Sentencing

How's the rain going to effect the election?

Texas early voting turnout

Has anyone heard this? Electronic voting defaults to * ?

URGENT!! An Overvoting trap will cost a Kerry vote

Now up: Jef Hall debates Tom Petri

Milwaukee voter fraud

My husband just put up a bunch of signs

KOMO News/Seattle P-I Poll: A.G. Race Extremely Close

I am sick and tired of * saying "Give me another 4 more years and we will

America is scaring the hell out of the rest of the world.

ANOTHER weapons site unguarded, looted in Iraq

Let's give everything to win

Revealed: The true identity of "Assam the American"

He ain't my brother,he's heavy.

There is an excellent analysis of polling trends in the seven or eight

It's hard work being a fucking dolt.

Will "Outfoxed" Piss me off?

Fox just showed a rally of * in Orlando...playing Springsteen

One whole hour of CNN southern baptist shit. Where's fairness doctrine?

Fuck me. Scientest,ambassadors,talented celebrities back Kerry.

I honor my relatives that died in previous war. Bush twists any critisism


I am heteoro sexual but I consider homosexuals as my brothers and sisters.

Is our children learning?

Star-studded MoveOn rally in Philly! (Jessica Lange! Al Franken! More!)

Oops - Wrong Forum - please delete

Republicans Endorsing Kerry

ifilm ...a gift

Something I noticed about the touchscreen voting machines

Thoughts from Ohio

No Bushes in Pottstown, PA

The decline of IQ and rise of GOP-stupid people love Bush

MARK my words: DeLAY's Political Career is TOAST.

Real Time repeat is on NOW!!!!

i agree with walter cronkite

Ohio Lawmakers Call for Secretary of State Blackwell to Resign

Bush supporter photo

Hey Skinner... how about an "I think I voted" icon?

What will Bushco do between 11/2 and 1/20/05 if Kerry wins

Is America a dying nation?

I got my sister and her hubby to pledge their vote to Kerry

Sinclair running a prayer program advocating *

The Queen is Green

Michael Corleone on the subject of insurgents

My 100th post - and it's good news.

Activism Alert


Ann Coulter right now on Real Time

Reminder...SNL tonight. Eminem's the musical guest.

You know what pisses me off.? Us being nice.


which channel is the best to watch the election returns on? C-span?

I am a catholic.

Terror Drills on Election Day In your State?

Great Picture at White Rose Society

Good, bad, up, down, what the hell is your take on this????

Ga. Voter Arrested for Wearing Costume

REMINDER: For your friends who are worried about switching horses

Wal-Mart Cans Carlin Book (cover parodies "The Last Supper")

What was that on Sundance just now with Dean, Matthews, Cynthia Nixon

Live Kerry-Edwards Chat (lots of us from DU on there!). Come on by!


Saturday's Non Sequitur toon looks at military recruiting

Two dozen national parks are threatened by repeal of the roadless rule

Just heard the rebroadcast of The Dick's

FU*K SNL Watch Clinton on C-SPAN

I am expending EXTRAORDINARY amounts of time on DU behind this election.

OBL on SNL too funny eom

8 more military die in *'s illegal war

Damn Eminem didn't waste any time, he unleashed it! Wow!

In twenty years or so, what will W tell his grand kids? His old friends

Every presidential candidate is anti-war except Bush

I absolutely, completely, wholeheartedly adore John Kerry.

Jon Stewart

Eminem is doing "Mosh" on SNL!


Case you hadn't noticed yet, Billmon's BACK

Eminem just grabbed his moment in history. He put his butt on the line

Anyone that has not yet looked at this site must!!

i really hope eliot spitzer is kerry's AG, if only because of this quote:

Hello, Eminem was using and echo effect and his own voice as the chorus

Well, It's Bible Belt Halloween or PI Halloween. This country's nuts!

Southern Baptist fuckers on CNN now.

Get off DU and go watch SNL.....that's an order!

OK FREEPS YOU ARE BUSTED ! Can't be nice Duers

Lets talk about all the people not voting for Bush

Did you all hear what Kerry's ex-girlfriend said about him?

Republican believe Iraq is a MESS!!

They stole our John Kerry Sign.

I can't wait for tomorrow! Mike Moore in Boca!!!!

8 marines died today.

PA Taxpayers spend $100,000 for Santorum's kids in VA Cyber School

Photographic proof of Schwarzenegger GROPING! Arnold can be sued in GB!

Is * the worst president ever?

Question; can the lying, stinking piece of pig poop pardon

Bush is Methodist.

When did they steal America away from you?

80% of the U.S. Constitution is derived from the Bible

College Republicans getting in trouble for bilking senior citizens

ENGLAND OCT-31-2004 Serial killer clue to student's murder

Britons Prefer Kerry to Bush for World Safety

Top Officer Objected to Halliburton Deal

U.S. Policies on North Korea Criticized (by China & S Korea )

Woman Can Pursue Schwarzenegger Complaint

Part of September 11 Commission Report Has Not Been Released: Report

Labor Department Memo Suggests Bush to Win Election

Bin Laden tape: Kerry Urges Against Partisan Feelings


kerry campaign claims race stable on final weekend.....for kerry..

(10/30/04) Glance at Lawsuits and Voting Problems

Hurricanes displace Florida voters

Pakistan "gives Al-Qaeda refuge" ("OBL is being given safe haven")

Voters willfully wait to vote early

Transcript of Greenberg, Devine, Donilon, Lockhart Call

WCPX in Chicago area (Hammond) is playing "Stolen Honor".

Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places

strib: Minnesota Poll: Kerry takes 49%-41% lead over Bush

our local news station is leading with

WP: In '04, GOP Is a Target Missed


Woman shocked by claim on Web site that she was slain in Iraq

WP: The Choice: Different Instincts About Leadership

Cherie Blair lambasts Bush over human rights

Sparks couple take vote battle to state high court

WP: Expatriates Feeling the Urge to Return and Campaign

Minnesota Poll: Kerry takes 49%-41% lead over Bush

Queen Elizabeth intervenes in heated debate - U.S. and global warming

Witnesses: Iraqi forces fired on civilians, leaving dozens dead or injured

In Iraq, U.S. Officials Cite Obstacles to Victory -Sunday NYT

Wall St. Wants a Quick, Clean Election

WP: U.S. Hopes To Divide Insurgency

Embattled Texas Republican DeLay Running Hard

Bush: Voters must answer "who do you trust?"

Kerry most popular in state's (CA) coastal areas

Sneaky Spyware Becomes Internet Scourge

AP: More than 1.8 million cast their ballots early in Florida

Do you consider my username underscorephobic?

M GO BLUE!!!'s almost Samhain already?

WS - Game 5 Predictions

Bush Goes For A Jog (Bush Joke)'s almost Glenn Danzig day!

Some funny things seen in different places

Just bought a new car (finally)...ask me anything

trick or treat-ers just showed up

superdish users

Hey! You!! Mr. Derek Jeter!!!

New "Mojo" mag has Johnny Cash cover story & free 15-song "Tribute" CD

Is it just my PC or does Real Player and AOL SUCK ?!?!?

My Kitty Has Become a BAD BAD CAT!

playing ray charles on air america Kerry Washington on now

hey patriots fans...

bush stinks - Kerry thinks! bwahahahahahah

A note from my neighbor's brother in Ohio.

I went to our office Halloween party as Conan the Barbarian

Watching "The Hunting of the President:"


Wanna see a movie and can't decide which one... suggestions?

Tuesday is national abstinence day NO DICK!! OR BUSH!!

Fenway on the Hudson?

I just rented and watched "Wonderland" and "Elephant"

Should my 1,000th post be made in the Lounge?

STUPIDEST thing you ever got while trick or treating....

Oh, G-Mail, how you suck tonight.

I'll be right back...I'm going to go put on my fat pants.

Dear God, stale ass tastes so BAAD!

Ok, seriously, help a girl out...

Wanna be a member? Wanna be a member?

I am TRYING to stay away from the Halloween candy!!

The ultimate Halloween horror can be found here:

Dear God, bass ale tastes so BAAAD...

Favorite cast member of THE WHITE SHADOW

Psycho is coming on TCM right now (10;15pmEST).

Anyone else having trouble with the spellcheck?

You know, if you google "Bush must go!"....


Favorite Sweathog

Screw all of y'all, I'm setting my clock forward.

I have a couple questions regarding Mozilla Firefox:


NFL: Most Dominating Defense Ever...

I wore my black hoodie while precinct walking today--ask me anything!

My daughter is dressing up as a Bush Supporter for Halloween

Has LynneSin showed her fanny yet?

Seeking advice on an antisocial kittycat

My 700th post! Now, would someone please tell me…

GOt me a big Halloween party tonight....

Anyone been to Silver City New Mexico?

Holy cow, UNC just beat Miami?

Halloween candy..... ugh.

There has been 22 new registered DU members

Post your favorite fart story

I am so frikken' annoyed

I love the new Google page.. Cool!

It's Halloween, but the big kid in the middle of this pic freaks me out...

I just had to stop watching because "The Passion" is too bloody

New 404 messages

Does anyone have a download of Springsteen doing WAR?

The flattening of underwear with pleasure...

Chefs 'n' cooks: Have you tried Maldon salt from England?

Hey Messrs Bush and Blair

Did you ever turn your clock ahead and really screw up time?

All 3 florida teams lost today--UF, FSU, and Miami. An omen

I'm about to debate a Freeper...

Any Methodists in the lounge, I have a question.

It's mischief night tonight...

Should I have some Powers Whiskey, or stick with beer? If so, two , three?

TELL ME you're not sick of this entire family. Go on, I triple-dog dare ya

Any Sims 2 fans here?

For John Kerrys about to Rock!!!! WE SALUTE YOU!!!!

Bush is Trying to Trick Reality Into Abiding by His Delusions

Two years later, rapper's killer still at large

Did I ever mention that I hate Mickey Death's?

Who wants to have a Toby Kieth throw down on 11/3?

How long do these SNL dry spells usually last? 2 years? nt

Not sure if I am in the correct place

I resent you calling

Made a big mistake at the Mediterranean restaurant tonite...


For those named John Kerry about to rock!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!

November 2nd is National Celibacy Day...

Bummer, Eminem is lip syncing to a track just like the Simpson girl.

Having ethnic!!

In Detroit, Tonight is DEVIL'S NIGHT

Interesting, odd B&W silhouette photo of Kerry from Reuters

Hey.. This is my 500th post.

That guy is no Adam Sandler.

All Soul's Night....

I just shaved off my hair. Ask me anything.

Mosh lyrics...

I just saw Michael Moore in Columbus, ask me anything...

DVD Problems: A DVD will play on my laptop but not the DVD player

The Greatest Michigan/Michigan St. Game ever... Not on TV. I am PO'd

Is eminem going to do MOSH for real for his second song?

where can I host mp3s and movies gratis

OK, who shut down FR??

SNL time

please send to all who can't make up their minds/new link

This is the first time I've ever heard Eminem's Mosh, WOW!!!!!!!

I don't care what ANYONE says

the " * pledge"

Anyone who has a problem with Em on SNL, try this for me

Fuck SNL!

Woohoo! Post #400!

Non-Election thread- what do use/want to use you PC(s) for?

Is there a reason why we still use Daylight Savings Time?

What does 'QED' mean?

You do you think is a singer or group that is/are highly underrated?

WWWWHHHHHHEEEEEE!!!! I saw Al Franken speak tonight in Philly

My Halloween confession

If you bought candy for Halloween...

I'm 52% Tortured Artist....Take the test

I Am The Only One Who Doesn't Like The Eminem 'Mosh' Song, Apparently.

Triangle area DUers... anyone out there???

Wanna read the rantings of Freeper Fundies???

Are any DU men going to be our pull toys this year?

Can anyone explain The Red and Green Show to me(PBS)

Popular Freeper Colleges

Heads are about to explode over at the

Visit my blog, "MoveLeft Media."

Remember the "DNC Graveyard"? Well, he added a Kerry tombstone.

DU is a feature on this Right Wing website

55,000 DUers!

A Fark thread just for HEYHEy

Good Gawd A'Mighty! Freeper Trolls and CU'ers have been making fun

Don't forget, at 2 am, turn your clocks back an hour. Then, at 2 am,


omg help....i suffering writers block and i have to e-mail this

Download F911 free, here:

New Talking Point Needed for OBL Tape... Here is One

The difference between Bush and Kerry rallies

The Bush Administration Unveils Secret Method to Kill OBL

There Is NO WAY Kerry Will Lose The Popular Vote!

Ick. Is everyone getting a huge Vote Republican ad on Yahoo?



NBC News reading from Karl's script

Do you think a lot of people thought Osama was dead?

Republicans Urge Minorities To Get Out And Vote On Nov.3

Kerry still polls well on National Security even if it's below Bush*

"Election Minute" on *FOX*

Britons Prefer Kerry to Bush for World Safety

Repuke scum Kasich : OBL tape has "stopped the bleeding" of Bush campaign!

OSU / Moritz College of Law - Election Law Website (with daily updates)

What is going to be the best channel to watch election returns?

Endorsement Tally: Kerry 186, * 151

What has America learned in the last week?

Well, something positive if Bush pulls it out...(sick humor)...

Rising Kerry: up 3 more points on msnbc poll

I was out at a huge event today. No one even breathed a word re: OBL tape

AP: White House electoral race nearly tied

Election Scenarios Game:

Just thought of all these very helpful to Bush talking points.

bush and osama - if you can't beat'em, join'em

Breaking News: Bush writes bin Laden thank you note for "little gift"

Bush takes a six-point lead after new bin Laden tape

Some interesting new numbers from SUSA

Springfield (MO) News-Leader Chooses Kerry

Only two democrats ever won the paper endorsement race

Determined to vote

electoral college lottery

What new Newspaper Endorsements are due out tomorrow?

The "BIG GUY" called today

Is the RNC completely disorganized or really on the ball?

"Revealed: Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry"

OBL Alive and well = Bush's incompetence on the war against terrorist

LOL! My co-worker told me his Repuke friend thinks Bush'll win big

LINK TV beginning @ 7pm eastern Nov 2nd will cover elections

Freepers in total meltdown over OBL tape blowback

Here's how wrong the polls were in 2000

I'm going in...WISH ME LUCK...

What polls were partly taken after Usama tape?

"Protect your right to vote"

Election '04: a referendum on the intelligence or stupidity of america

Better That Osama Is Making Videos There Than Fighting Us Here


Kerry & wife on Larry King, CNN, LIve NOW

John and Theresa on Larry King now. 9:32

Verbal exchange at McDonald's

Repeat after me:

Has the state of Minnesota moved off this planet or just the

Campaign Ads down to a trickle today in New Mexico??? Almost 0 for Bush

Richard Dreyfus on CSPAN

Attn: Southern NM--WES CLARK in Las Cruces tomorrow (Sunday) at

PHOTO: Bush boys today, winking & smirking in Florida

New theme song for Repubs

Don't Tie up your phone listening to Laura's Message!

The GOP's own Nader nightmare

How do you guys get the LAtimes EV tracker picture here?

Setting the stage for a Monday night surprise

Will Osama Help W.? Mo Dowd chimes in, and nails it.

Do you think a lot of people thought Osama was dead?

CNN Live phone topic: Do you think OBL is Trying to Inluence...

C span Piers Morgan opening can O Whoop ass on *

Hey all you "Activist/Involved" Kerry-Edwards "Campaign Canvassers and

I thought Cheney was going to Hawaii this weekend?

Anyone watching C-Span - Oxford debate Norquist vs Dreyfuss

Faux news and Rita Cosby

Is Sinclair sneaking in the Kerry smear film this weekend?

If you are a Democrat in a Big Republican district

At Least "Mo the Ho" Dowd gets her pre-election column right...

John Kerry's on Univision now on tape

Kerry 61%,Chimp 39% in MTV "Pre-election"

"Security Measures" at AZ school polling places?

Am watching CNN softening OBL message . . .

Bush's Ultimate Failure to Haunt Him on Election Eve

Washington Redskins home football games and the election...

Minnesota Poll: Kerry opens a lead

Fox is reporting shrub ordered 4 acres be given to Florida church

Just saw a "Vote or Die" sign at the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game n/t

By ten points, 46-36 percent voters say OBL tape helps Kerry...

Top Bush campaign official giddy over bin Laden tape

Thomas Friedman endorses Kerry... kinda...

I'm seeing a lot more Democrat/Kerry commercials here in El Paso

Advice to President Kerry from Paul Krugman

Transcript - Greg Thielman on NOW with Bill Moyer - Last night

Fun While It Lasted: Just Got Kicked Off Not-So-Free-Republic

Kerry has lead in Dade, poll says

Prof. Sam Wang Predicts Kerry Will Get Over 300 Electoral Votes

Special on John Kerry on MSNBC Right NOW!

C-span 2 now, Dem debating Swift boat vet O'Niell...

I got my very strict christian sister and her husband to watch F9/11 just

Poll shows Hispanic voters clearly favor Kerry

C-SPAN Big Dog Now. n/t

College GOP group fundraising may be ripping off seniors

official Kerry campaign says race is stable with kerry looking great.....

Camille Paglia's voting for Kerry---BLECH!

Help, need info fast. The food for oil "scandal" what are the facts?

Any idea how the crowd sizes have been the last 2 days? CNN seems to be

EXACT quote of Walter Cronkite re: Rove, OBL

F 9/11 How is it doing at the rental stores this week?

Salon: In Appleton, "Kerry made the point many were waiting to hear"

umm - yahoo! has a vote repub**c*n ad on its home page...

GA Voter Arrested for Wearing Costume

Republicans Endorsing Kerry

Jews likely to vote for Kerry

What would happen if Bush catches Bin Laden AFTER he loses the election?

If Laura Bush calls you, don't hang up

How many Repugs have you won over by showing them F911?

The "BIG GUY" called today

Swing state mania

Susan Estrich on FAUX was talking about voter turnout.....

The Big Dog Kicking Ass On C-SPAN

Good omen in the McDonalds today.

Bin Laden Video = Mission UN-Accomplished (funny picture!)

Kerry Wins

Found out there was a Repub spy at our poll worker meeting 2 weeks ago!

Dupe nothing to see here.

Interesting Reactions In Tulsa Today

FR is saying that Stolen Honor is being televised in it's entirety

AP: Democrats said their private surveys... momentum for the president

Edwards as Bush's VP? Gov't in Exile?!


What does the kid Bush* hugged in the ad think of "OBL is a little gift"?

President Clinton in Santa Fe.

For Bush, Too Late for Honesty

Wow, a bumper sticker I hadn't seen before . . .

Report From My Sister

mason dixon at it again - never saw a Bush lead it didnt like

Has anyone heard if Eminem is on SNL tonight?

Eminem is perfroming Mosh now

Report from my sister

I need a new quote that rips shrub a good one.....

Nader...please go AWAY

why hasn`t Kerry mentioned the

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jon Stewart...

send to all undecideds/new link

LOL, Cartoon McCain sketch on SNL....

it's too late now for anymore bush* surprises....

I've sworn off all pundit shows, pre-election. Could someone watch

So, John McCain thinks OBL vid is "very helpful to the president"...

Billmon's BACK!

I'm just obsessed with this 58,000 missing ballots thing

Stopping the spin ad


Brand New Mason Dixon polls

How many newspapers endorsed Gore, Bush, in 2000?

New Concorde NH poll: Kerry - 49, AWOL - 46

where's there a great democratic chatroom????

Anyone Know Where Kerry Will Be Tomorrow?

Santa Fe was religious and physical experience for the Big Dog....

El Paso, TX and Austin, TX early voting figures! Wow!

PHOTOS....Pants-on-Fire mobile still on the road to VICTORY....

Bush Is Completely Wrong On Terrorism

"Enemy of the People??"

The Case for Treason Against Dick Cheney

Is anyone reminded of the Sicilian from "The Princess Bride"...?

Who's going to Tampa to see Kerry Sunday?

John Stewart's Comments on the Missing Explosives - video clip

The Big Dog with Teresa

Chimpy on "Sabado Gigante"-El no habla espanol??

Albuquerque Journal endorses the Shithead *

Eminem's 'Mosh' video disses Bush - MSNBC

Anyone see the Wolf Ad lately? It's stopped here in New Mexico

Exit polling, reliable or not?

Heidi II: Miami station cuts from Michigan/Mich St OT for Stolen Honor

And Ohio???

SNL skit slams Teresa

Which state will be the biggest surpriseTuesday night ?

C-SPAN now 12:00 Eastern - Oxford Union Debate - Should Shrub Be Elected?

DU this poll - does OBL tape help Bush or hurt him

SNL McCain Toon---mercilessly skewers Chimp! n/t

Has anyone here voted on the Ohio butterfly ballot?

Kerry leads 52 - 41 among early voters in IOWA



John Kerry 'shrine' near Dayton, Ohio.

PLEASE DU CBS POLL !!! Did OBL tape help or hurt Bush?

Repubs think OBL is "A GIFT". Have we gotten the message out?

Salon: 60 Minutes Blockbuster Sunday Night – al-Qaqaa

Holy shit, Eminem is doing Mosh on SNL right NOW!

The unbelievable truth: "Tucker Carlson calls it for Kerry"

New (10/30) ARG Polls: NM and NH

Lawnchairs for the voting lines! Placeholders, too!

Usama Bump for Bush Vanished by Saturday Night. ABC Poll

The Way It Oughtta Be!! (Hey, We Can Dream, Can't We??)

Driving around playing Mosh really loud with Kerry yardsigns on both

Ok, seriously, help a girl out...

Debka (?) Bin Laden Spotted

Paid Republican canvassers stealing Kerry signs and

I just realized something people have not talked about. 18-25

Tom Ridge says OBL tape may mean new attack imminent.

New Iowa poll; 48% Kerry 45% Bush...looking GOOD!

If it's a Deadlock, Edwards could be Dubya's VP!!!

McCain is a sad little rat has Kerry up by 1 - 10/30

PHOTO: The next President enjoys a beer in Iowa

Have you all volunteered?

Cronkite says Karl Rove was behind bin Laden tape

Scary image of * on CNN page...

Have you ever seen the Dems so united? I mean, seriously...

Chimp's * last minute campaign song--please advise! (Needs new one!)

Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places [He is making us proud]

Cuomo kicking ass on Fox right now...

WHOA! Minneapolis Star Tribune poll: Kerry - 49 AWOL - 41

Tom Friedman's Backhanded Kerry Endorsement Column

Justice Dept Suppressing Bush Lies and Possibly LIHOP

Third Debate Affirms First Two: Keyes Wins Again (not The Onion)

The one undeniably excellent thing about Indiana

Novak called Dems "Scumbags" on Capital Gang!!!! Shields had to...

My fearless predictions for Tuesday

Charlotte NC rocks -- look at the cool PIC.

STATE-BY-STATE PREDICTIONS -- Add your input here!

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes

The bigger the lie, the more they believe it

William Gibson--author of Neuromancer--on OBL tapes

St. Paul Pioneer Press endorses Bush

A "Republican Trap"

To Bush, courts don't matter

Hilarious Bush Cartoon by Steve Bell

Cartoon: The Chimp Pimp & His Higher Father

Dent, Driscoll both getting outside money

More on the War

Will Hutton (London Observer): And the winner is . . . US conservatism

Alaskans, wake up to Bush (great article)

Stupid People Love Bush

Reading Into John Kerry and George W. Bush

Vampires reveal the West's secret longings

Kerry, Bush mix messages on immigration

Al From and Bruce Reed: The case for John Kerry

Osama Tape: Mystery of the missing minutes

The Case for Kerry (Guardian UK leader)

Newsweek: Hell To Pay

Expats doing GOTV in FL need YOUR Help

Why We Must Boycott The Miami Dolphins

How you can help single mothers on election day

Is VoteWatch operational?

Has ANY media shown the ENTIRE OBL tape? I'm sure I can get it here on

Good Polling Techniques Apply to Questioning Politicians

Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?

Our children's debt

Powell must apologize for remarks

Has there been a glitch in the server again

Uh-uh, thread updating gone kerblooie

Someone accidentally banned?

Just a quick note of thanks. You may ignore my email

At the risk of being called more names....

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You can't be serious

Many would really appreciate this avatar, could it be uploaded?

Now how could anyone hate us here at DU? (re: BNTG thread)

Spring Ahead For Kerry, Fall Back From Daylight Savings Time...


Home Page Photos

Bug 140350 and 0

Will you be FALLING BACK soon,

Why was this thread locked?

Why was my thread locked?

Countdown clock?

I jokingly posted this in another forum ...

How do I find out who the current moderators are for a forum?

question re: most appropriate place to repost this email.

Just wanted to warn you, the site has been very slow all day

If the election ends up as we all hope...a question.

I had a thread in the lounge, but I can't access it through "My Posts"

Hold On a moment, Mr/Ms Moderator

France urges Israel to grant Arafat free movement

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 9/11 Attacks

Bush Timeline - Can We Afford a Second Term???

On Tuesday We Will Know the % of Real RW Crazy-Assed Nutjobs in IL

great news from julie hamos, state senator from north shore.

Public Safety is a BIG problem for SF D1 Supervisor Candidate Lillian Sing

Lillian Sing Has a BIG Problem With Public Safety, Take II

Anyone know anything about the SF Board of Sup candidates? n/t

California governor to receive public service award in Texas

Signs stolen - But I got them back!

How would you compare Iowa to other key states?


weather report for Tuesday

Just renewed my driver's license, will this be a problem on Tues?


Macomb County Parents..Volunteers


Does Ohio need yet another lawyer?

A San Franciscan in Franklin County, Ohio

Kerry in Dayton at the Shiloh Church......

Kerry is in Dayton, Ohio.....He's going to church.

Are there any DU'ers from Cleveland

I finally saw Kerry last night

Oh State Where I Grew Up

Cincinnatians! A skywriter is writing "Kerry" in the eastern sky!

Today's Edwards Rally

Dallas precinct chairs: Get your early voters list here!

Rally for Richard Morrison with Congressman Bell

So what's going on at SMU tomorrow for the resident's visit?

Is Rudy Guliani running for office in Dallas?

Honestly,'s it going to turn out?

Austin: Final GOTV Rally Monday Nov. 1

Frost v. Sessions (Cong.Dist. 32) - anyone have idea who's likely to win?

Green Bay Paper has endorsed minibrain.

Max Cleland

The repigs are desperate for Wisconsin

Hey ClassWarrior, Great to meet you today!

What's up with Nethercutt's "blooper" ad?

Question about absentee ballots.

Remember this about the * Inaugural Ball?

It's 2:00 AM... No, wait. It's 1:00 AM

Pre "Mosh"; Paris' "what would you do"? (for our newer DUers)

It's 2:00 AM... No, wait. It's 1:00 AM

Jon Stewart and Daily Show on C-Span2 right now...

anyone else see Bill Maher on Friday?

Fascinating Debate on C-Span

Pre "Mosh"; Paris' "what would you do"? (for our newer DUers)

I met a guy today that works for Homeland Security

So what other performers on the record have called * a monster, a coward

YES, he had his own voice pre-recorded, NO he wasn't lip synching

The Lone Star Iconclast say's

dentist NCLB analogy

Gonorrhea lecthim (new STD pronounced "gonna re-elect him" - hysterical!!!

Letting down the Guard

On Nov. 21, 1864 President Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter

Iran-Iraq War, approx 9 yrs 350,000 killed: mostly combattants

The moment JK gets enough electoral votes and is called as the winner...

Wow, I was temp banned...don't know what

Rate this BS article a 1

Because he's leaving us soon..let's pay tribute to the Bumbler

Bushbots really are cult members.

Ann Coulter on Bill Maher tonight "Did you want George Buxh to.....

What other performer on the record has called * a monster, a coward

I have this email about Jane Fonda and need to get the facts.

Which "Red State" could be a surprise win for Kerry?

That newsweek poll that has * 50 Kerry 44 also has * approval

Here is a NCLB in an analogy easy to understand

Hey computer folks out there! Is there a way to get Mosh to those on

October Bin Laden....

So there I was, proudly wearing my Red Sox hat

Survey USA: NJ - * 42 Kerry 54. NV - * 49 Kerry 49 (Oct 30th)

GOP candidate admits flashing children...

Has anyone else noticed?

South Park: Douche and Turd is reruning @ 4am ET (3am CT) on Comedy Cenral

Has Bush ever had 70,000 show up for a rally??

Political coffee cups at 7-Eleven - DU this coffee!

"Speak Loudly and Carry a Whiffle Bat"

The 37,000 voters the Republicans plan

A George Bush Soliloquy ( with apologies to William S.)

VISUALIZE WHIRLED PEAS. Or better yet, visualize this...

False alarm apparently about and evil Repubs

Dang I missed how well those Iraqi security forces performed today

Today's NYT Magazine story: Faith at work

One of the best things about Kerry's victory

John's buying...who wants a beer??

In 1992, Clinton got 370 EV to Poppy's 168

Wes Clark coming up on Today show (NBC) this morning


at 1:50 P.M. on Sat. Oct. 30th, Brenda Snipes'SOE office delivered 2,500

Cronkite doesn't put Rove above

Bet you'll never be able to look at Harry Dean Stanton again without ...

MAD humor: "Didn't I rape you in Vietnam?"


Much as dislike Tom Friedman, in one of his op-ed pieces he stumbled on to

On Religion

on the repub 4 kerry site

I'll be doing visibility today with my daughter

Albany (NY) Times Union endorses Kerry

Does anyone have a link to FH911 that's free right now? n/t

I'm pretty sure my local paper in PA (Daily Local News) will endorse *.

check the correct time

Who Do You Want to Have a Beer With??

Freepers heads are exploding over new Fox Poll!!

Many younger Cuban-Americans splitting with parents on politics

Want to Change The Media? On Nov. 3rd, start emulating success.

I found the perfect antidote for PEAS (pre-election anxiety syndrome)..

It's Sunday morning, anyone care to wager just how many...

Females on Fox

Obvious, transparent, doubtless lying

Do Bush and Ridge ever talk to each other?

The republicans hate us for our freedom

Fahrenheit 9/11

'The Religious Right is neither.' (quote from a movie last night...)

If there is a large turnout

How soon do you think that the Fallujah invasion is "clocked" to ..

Need comments on my LTTE re: bin Laden video

Critics go unheard on superintendents "immoral" pregnancy

8pm ET tonight LINK TV..Forbidden Flims About GWBush

US Election Tensions Overflow in Mexico Expat Town

My LTTE published in today's Tulsa World

Media Myth: Bush NEVER said he wanted Bin Laden "Dead or Alive"!

So Just How and Where Did Those 8 Marines Die on Saturday?

A new anti bush song. Listen and download for free

It is not who votes but who counts the votes--- Uncle Joe Stalin.

John Kerry V. Bill Clinton

A Ken Lay Pardon

The most ridiculous reason to vote for *

OMG! I had not heard of this until this month's issue of Progressive . .

Dumb Reep neighbors thread.

Mr. Bin Laden, what's that mysterious BULGE on your back?.....

Libertarian Paradise

The Republican Party is totalitarian.

It is time we got rid of the electoral college

Stolen Honor on now

Guiliani logic on MTP

Sorry, I posted my LBN article in the wrong forum. Please excuse. n/t

Is it legal for my boss to do this?

I don't get this "logic" from McCain (on Schieffer)

Enimen's Mosh link please. QT.

Caught a glimpse of Russert doing the electoral votes tally.

Why Universal Health Insurance, like Social Security, is good for

Made another donation to Richard Morrison


That RW POS Ben Stein is on CBS pouring out praises on *

Sept. 8th, 2004: Bushs claims about 3/4 captured/killed Al-Q = [email protected]

Is it true that sixty minutes will broadcast the al-Qaqaa story Sunday?

60 Minutes "blockbuster" scheduled for this evening

AHHHH i need your support!!!!!!!!

OMG CSPAN2 on margaret Sanger -- Eugenicist

Fox's Cavuto Reported That OBL Wore a Kerry Button on Video.

Tucker carlson just said Kerry will win on tweety

Has Anyone Seen the Goldie Hawn AD for Badnarik?....

It's official : Bush is toast

Local GOP publishes phone # in paper

Better get used to hearing "Praise God" everywhere

"God Bless the Whole World - No Exceptions"

"Freedom (Live)"

Is This how Bin Laden Escaped?

Warning, permanent magnets, and touch screen computers...

When Kerry wins they will say it was because of OBL tape

I'm downloading "Going Upriver" as we speak...any preliminary thoughts?

Is the Plame story EVER going to make a ripple in this election?

Jon Stewart and the rest of the crew on C-Span 2 NOW!! n/t

GNN Exclusive: Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000

I have an idea for a Halloween costume...


Interesting pair of bumper stickers

Need Help with this CNN poll....

ballot question re: child custody

Colin Powell says insurgents are winning in Iraq -Newsweek

That Osama tape skit at the opening of SNL was hilarious

Its my 100th Post on DU, ask me anything!!!

(956) 25-BUSH

Tice helps Bush*, Giants are hammering Vikings, 17 - 0


CLINTON CONVENTION ALERT TODAY: Possible change of venue???

Jon Stewart on C-Span 2 now - 2 p.m. ET! n/t

Believe your eyes. Vote with your heart. Elect John Kerry. (BigPath)

Judge Orders Heinz Lawsuit Records Unsealed BY MONDAY

before the big rush, i just wanna say, fuck you mr. bush....

DUers: Let's just all chill out.

On now!! McChesney interviews Iran Contra reporter Robert Parry

Fact help here?

Osama as Senior Statesman for the Middle East


Cordry: That's OK, I watch CNN for comedy...

NYT: Will Osama Help W.?

Voter Suppression Alive And Well

"Uncertainty Looms Over U.S. Leaving Iraq"

Has there ever been an election with this much emotion?

Bush will still be 'president' for a little while after kerry wins.

Sideshow Bob = Bush

What republicans want is.... Kerry 283 / Bush 246

MULTIPLE X5 OHIO POLLS needs to be DU'd--who are you voting for?

Website with recent examples of GOP voter disenfranchisment?

Anyone been to the (sad) Free Republic Site recently?

Kerry is taking Pennsylvania ----- Cousin switches from Red to Blue!!!

this vote suppression shit is pissing me off.

Sick 'em kitty!! (shrub is attacked by a cat)

Today's example of right-wing cognitive dissonance, from Central PA...

where can you see the whole video?

Something is not right on the DU board

Do you regret that Dean wasn't nominated?

Quick People!!!! Kerry Speaking on MSNBC..

Green Bat Packers are WINNING!!! Buh Bye Chimp!

"Kerry to Ban Footballs" - the word on the street from Ohio...

Bush promises to rid Cuba of "tyrant" Castro.

I just did some canvassing in Tamarac, FL (Broward)

Could the Persian Gulf become a deathtrap for the US fleet?

PACKERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOP demands IDs of 37,000 in city

Was it right wing propaganda day on the Sunday talk shows?

Clintons speech after The Hunting of The President, link?

Blair's wife supports Supreme Court on dealing a blow to Bush Gitmo policy

closeness of polls means one thing: expect BBV theft on tuesday

Super picture of Bush & Cheney

My Halloween pumpkin...

Is anyone watching Douglas Brinkley on C-SPAN 2

Bush Ghost Writer Shows Truth About Father & Son

PAX Paid Programming .. easy to miss and skip over !

Do you suppose that if I bitch-slapped Rudy Guiliani juuuust right....

Was 9/11 an anomaly or can it happen again?

Why is Tony Blair sending an adviser here to consult with John Kerry??

Goldman Sachs& Microsoft gave more to dems ( other contributors)

The Weather On Election Day

CBS rundown of polls-- interesting

Odds on presidential Kerry 5/4 Bush 4/7

What happens if the polls close and there's still hundreds in line? n/t

thiings off the radar

It is John Kerry's destiny to become President of the United States

Welp, some ASSHOLE REPUKE stole my Peace Flag!

I Love The Canadians

There may be something to the Redskins loss

ARG Poll: Kerry ahead in OR, WI, FL, OH, and PA!!!

Breaking : Election Day Changes!

How accurate were the polls in theIowa Primary?

LA TIMES: Now after Bill Moyers

I still think that jobs and the economy are our most important issues.

This American Life was supposed to be on at 1:00 on NPR

I stubbed my toe. Damned Repukes!

IF you get FSTV / good * Expose playing now eom

REWIND TO LATE 2002: What would you have done RE Iraq?

A little inspiration from Thomas Paine

He's wearing that damned blue-checkered shirt AGAIN..

Who Else Is Concerned About This Election's Outcome?

PETA calls for international boycott of Australian wool.

Does anyone have a useful email address for the Kerry Campaign?

DU has a post on a new deal signed by China and Iran for oil and

What's with Rassmussen?

Why should we vote for Kerry over Nader?

NBC Evening News...heads up West Coast

Maybe a dumb question, but just what the hell is a "likely voter"?


Colin Powell: "The U.S. is losing in Iraq"

David Cobb blew me away on cspan the other day.

Bush's Harvard prof speaks out - * was a "spoiled, loutish, liar"

Pew: * 48 Kerry 45 among likely voters.

Home Stretch (6 PM EST)...If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts...

should BushCo be prosecuted under a Kerry administration? . . .

Chileans File War Crimes Suit Against George W. Bush


Jesus is voting for Bush! "Holy Land"? WTF!?

Progress Report for my PNAC site...

Even Republicans Fear Bush

"Stolen Honor" is on now in Cleveland

What the F#CK is the "Wichita Eagle"?? Newly emerged rightwingrag..posing

Flashback- Deal to hand over Osama bin Laden rejected by Bush

SERIOUS QUESTION: Should President Kerry investigate BushCo corruption?

I need to share a personal victory and joy - husband's voting for Kerry!

Canadian "paranoid political thriller" debuts tonight

How do people feel about dems using language to manipulate?

Bin Laden Video. Real or Fake

Anyone see CNN special on faith?

Knight Ridder reporters verify Kerry's assertions about Tora Bora

Osama Bin Laden video is a fake.

How will a Bush loss affect "Christian" faith?

Russert: Is it appropriate for John Kerry to criticize Bush...

"Va. Vegan CEO Offers Meat-Free Cafeteria"

Anybody else believe Kerry will pull our troops out of Iraq NOW?

75% of al Quaida killed captured= 3 guys out of 4?

Silly String may be banned in LA. But you can buy an AK47 though.


Is Kevin Costner brain dead?

What was Kevin Costner trying to say on "Real Time w/ Bill Maher?

"If NAACP/Kerry registered you, it's illegal to vote" RNC flyer in Ohio

How does this long time Feminist quote make you feel?

OK, so we're under attack.

Which is the most right-wing province?

One Stop voting ends with records smashed...

Governor of Texas Snubs the U.N.

NY Times: Voters, Their Minds Made Up, Say bin Laden Changes Nothing

Kerry Has One-Point Lead on Bush - Reuters Poll

Poll Shows Bush Moving Ahead of Kerry.....BullSh*t

U.S. troops ready attack on insurgents in Fallujah

Bush, Kerry leadership instincts differ radically

U.S. Extends Duty in Iraq for 6,500 Troops

Nearly 2 Million Vote Early in Florida

Man Living in Cave on Los Alamos Lab Land

Japan Will Stay in Iraq Despite Beheading

Al-Jazeera video: three U.N. staff held hostage in Afghanistan

Houston Chronicle : Voting: It's back

Iraqi Policeman Tested (shooting civilians!)

Newsweek: Hell To Pay

Thousands of Germans Protest Neo-Nazis

Religious violence rocks Liberia's capital

Miami Herald: Nationally, Hispanics favor Kerry by wide margin

DMR: Kerry edges ahead in Iowa with boost from early voters

Mrs. Blair Bashes Bush on Cuba Detentions (Mmm the screw has turned


Rights Group Warned U.S. of Munitions Cache

WaPo/ABC Tracking - Kerry 48 Bush 48 (Sunday, 31rst)

Bush continues to push for state's coveted votes

WI: Republicans demand to see 37,000 ID's of new voters (cheating!)

Clemency proving elusive for Florida's ex-cons

Ukraine May Tip to the West or to the Past in Voting

China Signs Biggest Oil &Gas Deal with Iran

U.S. Deploys Satellite Jamming System

Edwards Stresses Empathy in Final Election Push

Cherie Blair (British PM's wife) lambasts Bush over human rights

Florida Senate race could help presidential candidates

More Students Involved in This Year's Races

In American health care, drug shortages are chronic

Bush Seeks Limit to Suits Over Voting Rights


A Look at Some Top Weapons Sites in Iraq


El Paso Poised to Back Kerry

Explosion at hotel in Tikrit kills at least 15, hospital officials say

Uncertainty Looms Over U.S. Leaving Iraq

Halliburton Wins $400 Mln Contracts in Oman to Boost Oil Output

Pentagon granted authority to pay, equip foreign forces

2nd Site With U.N.-Sealed Arms Was Looted, Inspectors Report

Thune campaign flyer upsets Lakota people

Sri Lanka, Spain, Guatemala, Moroccco troops land in Haiti

Bush wins boost from terror tape

British judge OKs lawsuit by TV host who says Schwarzenegger groped her

Columbus Dispatch: Eight Votes Apart (Kerry gains 7%,leads Oh. poll)

Voters: Newly registered pose new variables

Weapons Remain Unaccounted for in Iraq

Politicizing The Bin Laden Tape

Tampa Tribune: Number Of EPA Suits Drops Under Bush

Italy probes WWII allegations against US troops

GREEN BAY PACKERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AP: Bush Has Slight Electoral Lead....(very slight)

Why is Tony Blair sending an adviser here to consult with John Kerry??

Rebels vow to use chemical weapons (Fallujah!)

Arafat said to have lost mental capacity

Double Registrations In Ohio, Fla.

Candidates Compete in Venezuela Elections

Rocket Hits Hotel in North Iraq, Kills 15

High Tides Put Venice Sites Under Water

Russia sends election chief to monitor US vote

Special Forces Enter CIA Territory With a New Weapon

A dead heat in Florida

Votes From the Dead to Count in Election

U.S. Short at Least 500,000 Poll Workers

US Military Deaths in Iraq - At least 1,120 members of US military are dead

1,120 Americans Dead in Iraq

"Thompson: Bin Laden wants Kerry elected"

At Denuded Weapons Site, a New Menacing Presence

Oregon medical pot measure draws fire

Iraq's Patience Running Out in Fallujah

MoD denies gagging soldiers' wives

Paper ballots waiting at polls in San Diego County

No justification for insurgency in Iraq: Powell

AP: Bin Laden is trying to appeal to young Arabs, experts say

Fla. Fixes Voting Machines, Recount Rules (fixes?)

Schilling goes to bat for Bush in 3 states

Clemency proving elusive for Florida's ex-cons

Allawi Warns of Low Patience on Fallujah

Army Officer Backs Racism, Sexism Charge (by Halliburton accuser)

Suicide car bomber kills U.S. soldier in Iraq # 1122

Weapons Remain Unaccounted for in Iraq

Kerry best pick to lead nation (Montgomery, Ala. paper)

Kerry's man tells PM: mind your manners

Navajos could be swing factor in Ariz., N.M.

Teacher's use of "Fahrenheit 9/11" upsets some Republicans

Poll Worker Shortage May Hamper Voting

Arafat possibly poisoned: doctors

Campaigning Bush tackles tree snakes, noxious weeds(signs 41 laws Sat)

Ducks May Transmit Bird Flu To Humans Raising Pandemic Fears

Many Unable to Cast Their Ballots (Ukraine)..names missing on voter rolls

Kerry vows early outreach to Congress if he's elected

Ohio Court Limits 'Challengers' at Polling Stations

Fl U.S. Senate Race: Castor holds lead in poll for second day

Hawking to lead anti-war protest on election day

Anti-war views turn to activism Peace group leads march in suburbs

Attacks Kill Nine Marines In Iraq

E&P: Knight Ridder Returns to Tora Bora, Concludes Many Terrorists Escaped

Revealed: Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry

Cheney: Kerry Took Poll on Bin Laden Tape

In exulting Bush throngs just a little bit of anxiety

Office Depot Plans to Cut 900 Jobs

Young Mobile Voters Pick Kerry Over Bush, 55% to 40% (CELL PHONE POLL!!)

Cheney: Kerry Turned Back on U.S. Troops

Tabare Vazquez has been elected in Uruguay.

Final Weekend Endorsements Send Powerful Message to Voters: Elect...Kerry

Kerry in Manchester today ( joined by Red Sox Owners!)

Bush promises to rid Cuba of 'tyrant' Castro

Washington Redskins outcome correlates with election winners

Report Sounds Alarm on Pace of Arctic Climate Change

GOP demands IDs of 37,000 in city


Hot Dem babe poll: Chelsea, Vanessa, Karenna, and Caroline!

Are you a hot woman?

Packers vs Redskins

Packers win it`s over!!

Reaction in Freeperland to the Redskin (Bush) loss

Packers vs Redskins

I baked Kerry cookies and he didn't eat any, I'm reconsidering my vote

I just came home from a Halloween party dressed as

John Kerry is going to kick ass

Now on the SOUL EXPRESS WEBSITE: Tons of '60s and '70s record label scans!

YES, he had his own voice pre-recorded, NO he wasn't lip synching

hey cool! anyone notice that all the posts are getting renumbered now that

Now on my SOUL EXPRESS WEBSITE: Dozens of 60s and 70s record label scans!

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween BOO

Scariest Pumpkin? I win.

and its almost 1:00 again - wheeeeeeee

GET OUT NOW! The calls are coming from inside your house!

The great part about a Columbo movie is

Watching the threads creep back up reminds me of The Langoliers.

DST -- let's do the time warp again!!!

Halloween fun with downloads....

I am going back in time tonight.

Having my midnight snack. Laughing Cow Cheese!

send to undecideds

DU Redskin fans?

What little things make you fell good about humanity?

Well, that was fun. Server glitch or not, it's a pain being banned :)

A word of caution, for those who venture out on Halloween.......

mac osx/itunes help...

Just spent 6 hours going door-to-door for Kerry. Ask me anythting

What's with all the lip syncing posts?

Spyware sucks.

Rapid-action zygodactyl!

If I ever met the man who invented spyware...

Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care?

Anybody have a site for funny printable cards?

I'll copycat your thread if you'll copycat mine

Anybody know a site for funny printable B-Day cards?

I just asked myself anything, and I had no idea what I was talking about

OK I'm a little bit hammered but...

Did anyone see the crazy Green Party Lady on Jon Stewart BookTV?

Police struggle to stop naked street lovers

An ignorant co-worker

Fuck yeah! Daylight Savings Time!

My final tardy, tawdry cheap shot at Bill O'Reilly's sexuality.

Early Sunday Morning fantasy football question


OK by the time you're done reading this, who even wants the porn?

I'll thread your copycat if you mine my tappy cop.

Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?

Sunday Quiz - who is this guy?

Good partry..but...

The Animatrix....

Official Official Bad Poetry Thread #1

Halloween stories.

Who is the LEAST talented?


Save Yourselves, Foolish Mortals!

Wild Willy O'Reilly Montage

Is it Daylight Saving Time?

Damn! I coulda' slept another hour!

Daylight Saving Time was created by and for

Frankenstein says: "booosh BAAAAAAD!"

Guess this film (super double bonus round):

are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

Need a great costume idea that is cheap? This is great

Ike NewKirk

Another completley pointless and uttery random poll...

Well, the headline says it all, doesn't it?

DU needs to set its server clock back...

Curt Schilling not liked by the players on the Red Sox

Is it just me, Or is DU awfully slow this morning?

You guys have a good day, ok?

Some son of a bitch

Whats the 'in' music download software right now?

Whats your favorite Ashcroft & Key's Song ?

am i the only one who doesn't like smashpos, apparently?

Who is your favorite Marx Brother?

Am I the only one who doesn't like M*A*S*H, apparently?

any HALLOWEEN BABIES here besides me?

Monday, I start my new job..

Al Green Vs Marvin Gaye

Good morning and Happy Halloween all you evilDUers!

Express Your Democratic Hatred for High School Football!!!

Am I crazy?

Animated "Animal Farm" to be released 11/2 on DVD...oh, the irony...

Dupe....sorry Midori.......

Upcoming Simpsons episodes

HEyHEY just for you

Steve Earle "Live From Austin" Concert DVD coming on Tuesday

Why do my cats start spontaneously coughing up hairballs....

Play the "Give Bush A Brain Game!"

I'll post on your thread if you'll post on mine

Most people don't understand.

How many pieces of candy

How old is your sourdough starter?

Merry Samhain Pagan DUers!

I miss the Matcom "Dumbass" thread

I am upset...........

Popular Freeper College Majors

So wheres today's official pumpkin thread?


Help me write love (sort of) poems to Misunderestimator

DU house of horrors! (Ride thru version) Bwahahahahaaaaa

is 10:00 am too early to start drinking Vodka?

Best way to carve THIS on a pumpkin?

What time is Candy Crowley passing out tonight?

I Saw 'Ray' Last Night

Ehhhhhhhhh....... No... More... Biscuits n' gravy.

Today's morning talkshow whorefest can mean only one thing...

Lets build the shortest thread in DU history. Everyone on DU ignore this.

How many lightbulbs does it take...oops!

I finally get what you Mozilla Firefox raves were ravin' about! Woo-hoo!

our foster Greyhound has a "FOREVER-HOME"

The Warning

Ben Stein & Henry Kissinger separated at birth?

I'm in love with Misunderestimator. She has the Spider Sense.

Kerry Making Final Campaign Swing

Oh goody. It's that time of the year when the sun sets at 4:45 PM...

Best Bob Dylan Album



Okay, they tried to charge me $25.00 for a pumpkin

OMFG!!! Roger Daltry is selling 'LEGENDS of Classic Rock'

Vikings fans -- What's up with Mike Tice at * rally?

Are any DU men going to be our boy toys this year?

To Be Fair, Eminiem Lip-Synched Too Last Night

And me without a camera

Did anyone else watch the "100 Scariest Moments" shows on Bravo?

When Bush Loses, Will He Drop His Pants???

I'll post on my thread if you'll post on yours

I have an idea for all the men who post "hot men" posts and polls.

attention Elvis Costello fans

What time are you passing out tonight?

Post your favorite hot astronomy pics here

Putin's got money on Green Bay. arab bank acct money on Redskins

The local PBS station showed Henry V last night

Official Packers-Redskins Thread

Are You a "Rockist?"

Thanks for making my night "mlle_chatte"

Get your Packers v Redskins discussion here! OFFICIAL!

Post pictures of your favorite hot men in this thread

Anyone have some compazine or dramamine I can have?

Will the banks be open on election day?

I'm sorry, peoples. I have to vote for W; his wife's a lime popsicle!

Its my 100th Post on DU, ask me anything!!!

3-0 Green Bay!!!

The OFFICIAL - "What makes a thread OFFICIAL" - thread

Busch is out of the race!!!

10-0 Packers

Hey Freeper Trolls!

DU Degenerate Gamblers:

Priest Holmes - AMAZING

Do we really want the Packers to beat the Redskins today????

New GOTV Kerry Rally Song

Did you hear about the undecided voter who died of thirst?

Dog for President

Seven Green Bay - Redskins threads

Some fascist bastard stole my road signs

Halloween used to be the day that all of us dressed up as Freeper Trolls

Daily Show cast/writers panel at New York public library on C-Span now

Any "As Time Goes By" fans here?

I'm in the middle of the most ridiculous phone survey - seriously

Hot pastrami

Hi freeper trolls, ... Trick or Treat?


Help me out, Is it good or bad if Packers win? (Bo don't know sports)


And now, a link specifically to disturb Mr. qnr:

This just heard on AAR: The Supreme Court has mandated that

What is with all the newbs multi-posting?

Kitty Kelly and Michael Moore back to back on C-Span 2 tonight

Any computer techies here? Cause I sure need help.

The Lions and the Packers - So Far, So Good

Tice helps Bush*, Giants are hammering Vikings, 17 - 0

La de da....La de Da

What candy are you passing out tonight?

I think Leslie Stahl is SEXY!

Its Halloween! Any Sweeny Todd Fans?

What's up with my VIKINGS ??

Anyone ever play Call of Ktulu?

Soda anyone?


Anybody carving anti-W pumpkins for tonight?

Let's all dress up like calico cats and go trick or treating ....

HA! The one you thought was IconCat was really a Republican Op!

I wonder what the video for "Land of Confusion" by Genesis would look like


I am SO pissed!!! DVD: Unprecedented (2000 Election)

Eight is enough.


that loud chewing thing is happening again

Anyone ever play Call of Cthulhu?

The upstanding Christian resident of the US

Those &%$#@!!! ads for "Nanny 911"

Did you hear the bad news about the Packer's Redskin's game ?

I have officially given up on the Vikings...go to L.A.

When John Kerry wins this election...

Is this too far over the relationship line

Anyone else experiencing slowness on DU today?

Raptured Appendix

NY Giants 27 Vikings 0: Maybe MN Coach Mike Tice Should...

DU just went cursive on me

Someone step on Curt Schilling's foot accidentally. OK?


Caption he who is in pain

Is Farve throwing the game for Bush?

This packers/skins game had better not be a portent to tuesday.

Game Over, Baby

Green Bat Packers are WINNING!!! Buh Bye Chimp!

Touchdown Packers!!

Hail to the Redskins? I am so conflicted.


Touchdown Green Bay!!! 26-14...1:44 left!!

Sounds that really bother you

Green Bay Pulls Away 28-14 late in the 4th Qt.--just like John Kerry!

Does anyone have a link to Old DU?

packers just lost nm

Packers beating the Redskins, 17-7 at the half


This is the first time ever that I and all Minnesota Democrats....

NOOOO we have a Redskin recount!

Ruptured Appendix

Need help Unfreeping a poll


Pop vs. Soda

GB interception!!! Packers going to win!!

Green Bay WINS!! 28-14!!

BREAKING! David Kirkus scores first NFL Touchdown.

For those cheering on the Packers

To all mods!

The Sports Gods have Spoken: Kerry will WIN!

Happy Birthday to Darth Kitten's Mom........

Attn fellow Vikings fans: Don't fret!!!

Beanie or Toque?

I've been vindicated!

PACKERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was seriously nervous/anxious during the Packers game.

Just when I thought Hummer ads couldn't get dumber...

Attention Packers fans:

GREEN BAY PACKERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Packers 27 - 14!!!!!!!!!!

Packers win on FOX

X-File fans

The curse of Lombardi for the repugs...yeeeesssss!!!

I think I know why the Vikings lost today...

WTF? Official is CERTIFYING the game for Redskins now!!!

My Dogs are Killing Me!

Lets build the shortest thread in DU history. Post here if you like me.

I'm Proud of My Redskins

Let's make a "Haloween" CD...

Freepers throwing tantrum over the 'Skins game

Sack or bag?

They're showing the Charger- Raider game instead of the Pats-Steelers.

Bushman Al Michaels can't crow about the Green Bay/Washington game tomorro

Will the Patriots streak end today.


Big Ben just threw a long TD pass against the Pats. Hoo-Hah!!

Breaking : Election Day Changes!

Jesus, can we get a 'sports only' forum?!?!

Any election night parties in central NY region?


Freepers knocking each other out trying to debunk the "redskins" result

Australia's capital battles drought-crazed kangaroos and poison moths

I saw an old woman at church today without a bra on....

Packers - Redskins Game Thread


I sent my fundie mom F 9/11; she says she'll watch it! Prayers

How many Bushites does it take...

Hey, how come it's getting dark out already?

It was a dark and stormy night and suddenly . . ..


Is this right? The Steelers are pimpslapping the Pats?

Equally DU popular as the Packers, Vijay Singh wins tournament #9

chargers just scored, and there was a STOP BUSH sign in the endzone!

Have the Redskins played yet??

Deleted message...a lame ass post.

Favorite Vowel

Great Night For Trick Or Treating!


'Republicans Urge Minorities Get Out And Vote on Nov. 3"

hey Gothic_Sponge

Parents: would you dress a 7-year-old as the Grim Reaper?

I never expected so much hostility from this group.

Hey folks! Please have a listen to my Bush song!

Does anyone have advice on travelling to Peru?

Best Mp3 for a not too techie savvy twenty something male

I can't wait until this election is over.... It makes me sad.

Please recommend me good 60s girl bands

Hey, if your kids get any of that peanut-butter chewy candy wrapped...



Freeper reaction to Redskin (Bush) loss

I don't like little kids. Flame away.

How Tall Do You Think Bush REALLY Is?

MrsGrumpy is a happy girl!!!

You got PUNKD

"Behold, the Power of Cheese(heads)" election gloat thread!

Some non-political fun....

I just updated my Yahoo album

My cat fell out the window today.

Jimmie Johnson wins one for Hendrick motorsports!!

Should I adopt this kitty?

I have an idea for all the men who post "hot women" posts and polls.

Any "Keeping up Appearances" fans?

Happy Reformation Day!

Well Wishes From Tokyo

Sing Along!

I'm sick and I'm mad.

Sing along, Part II

I am an introvert. No one likes my kind. It sucks. Ask me anything.

I am Bisexual. No one likes my kind. It sucks. Ask me anything.

Two Ghost Stories: Army of Clones & The Case of the Missing Explosives


which video has the biggest impact on this election?

Weapon of Mass Seduction=my galpal

I'm a 33 yr old homo and have had sex with a woman. Don't ask me anything.

The casting couch is now open


YES, he had his own voice pre-recorded, NO he wasn't lip synching

When friends turn out to be non-friends

Repuke Celebrities

Che Guevara - Terrorist, Selfish Ideologue or Freedom Fighter?

"Kerry" racing greyhound "Slingshot Doogie" wins.

Hey, everybody. Tell my mom to register to DU

Really Hot Men!

I Think Skinner Should Tell Us All A DU Bedtime Story !!!

Vote for Kerry, or I'll kick this dog!

Tuesday is national abstinence day NO DICK!! OR BUSH!!

November 2nd is National Celibacy Day...

Another great line Kerry can't use

GOP Legal strategy ( and donations in kind) exposed!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you see Capitol Gang? Kerry must use the message

Don Francisco entrevista a Bush y Kerry (Sábado Gigante) 2004.10.30

any dentists???NCLB to explain to bush lovers the idiot meaning of


My parents saw Clinton in Santa Fe today...and shared some thoughts.

What will the weather be like in the swing states Nov.2?

*'s Leadership on Display ! Must see video with SOUND !

Kerry: Bush Blew It On Bin Laden

What will the weather be like in the swing states Nov.2?

Would anybody know where to get a recent presidential poll from Indiana?

I can't wait until Tuesday. I want Kerry to do a Bush throwdown.

Touch screens only used for EARLY voting in TX?

People of Faith - a Kerry Edwards ad

I know why the turnout is so high for early voting.

Jon Stewart C-Span 2 n/t

My Heroes of 2004

Is the new swiftboat ad running in your area? Fuggin' pukes...

Can Dems 86ed from chimp rallies sue?

DU This Poll! "Is Michael Moore Good For America?" On a FREEPER Site!

"Latins for Republicans — it's like roaches for Raid."

send to undicideds

Michael Moore will have cameras at polls ...watching for intimidation.

C-SPAN: Kerry live in Dayton, OH...Sunday at 10am Eastern

Halloween fun with downloads....

What's your EC prediction? (here's mine)

For Your Dining Pleasure: Repugnican Angst On A Silver Platter

DU Redskin fans?

for those that are not understanding *'s f__up NCLB....

Dying man's last act: Casts a vote

Keep in mind that Nader is not on ballot in NC, VA, PA. That will help!

DU this poll.

Guys, I'm more confident today than I ever have been!

Now THIS Is How It Oughtta Be!! (We Can Dream, Can't We??)

I can't wait to email this NEWSWEEK douche bag Wednesday

Expose !! Bush is not a Republican !

Barbara Bush and McCulloughin (pic)

Self delete

Anyone see CNN special on faith?

Mn. GOP fined $4,000 for knowingly publishing false statement..

How are you all doing the screen shot of the LA Times map??

So last night someone posted a scoop about Zogby's numbers....

What if Kerry paid a surprise visit to Austin, TX tomorrow or Monday ??



Call **everybody** you know to go to the polls as early as possible Tuesda

A Few *Pics* from Raleigh's rally...

Heads Up. Mark Crispin Miller on C-SPAN now. Bush bash book.

The Ultimate Pollster says KERRY WILL WIN!

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 9/11 Attacks

Newsweek latest poll has Bush ahead of Kerry 50-44!

"Polls Show Bush Moving Ahead Of Kerry" O.K. WTF

November Surprise?:

Florida and Ohio Weather: Election Day

ABC News forums are decidedly intelligent

For those who like polls...good news in Iowa and MN

There is no disgrace in an enemy suffering ill at an enemy’s hand

Any chance in peeling off an elector from Nebraska?

"Im worried about this", "im worried about that", " im concerned" - STFU

Watch **Going Upriver - The Long War of John Kerry**

The Bush Presidency is Evil Beyond Belief - and Judgment is Nigh

A word from Stanley Greenberg on the state of the race -

Forget the polls, people. Kerry will win on November 2

For those getting worried with the new polls: Check out 2000 "accuracy"

Ultimate in Freeper Stupidity

Folks, it's tme to grow a pair.

bush* and the confetti cannon --- (have a chuckle)

EC Trackers: Kerry Blowout Or Just A Win?

GO TO KGO NOW!..on air state by state electoral predictions

New Jersey locked (Kerry 54- Ass Monkey 42), Nevada tied at 49

Mark Shields: GW Bush has produced more gay weddings than manuf. Jobs

Help please! Let's DU the Sunday Morning Talk Shows

I'm confused -- what polling news is so worrying?

I had a dream -- true story. Please share if you think it will help.

Osama's Surprise, by Tom Engelhardt,TomDispatch

Wisconsin: When even Mason-Dixon has Kerry ahead, it has to be good.

Massachusetts Turnpike homemade overpass signs: FIRE BUSH, CURSE #2

Was NBC-TV taking a subtle swipe at B/C on its Sat. evening lineup?

Link from Howard Stern site: " Karl Rove: America's Mullah"

It's Sunday Morning - time to DU an Ohio Poll

Is it time top play offense? i.e. Bin Laden still at large?

Washinton Post Sunday Poll out early 48-48 Bush down 1

Wes Clark on CNN Now n/t

Mosh the Vote

Call for help w/ Endorsement Tally.

Media Blackout on another BEHEADING in Iraq- a Japanese citizen

Heads Up - Wes Clark up next on CNN 7:10 AM

Reuters: CHRONOLOGY-Journalists killed in Iraq

Does anyone have pics of Clinton in Santa Fe?

Ohio poll: Can someone show me one today with Kerry ahead?

* predicted to lose El Paso, Texas again

Goodman: Forget "pre-9/11 mindset" -- get ready for "post-Bush mindset"

Bye Bye Bush group out of Yellow Springs, Ohio--an inspiration to us all!

Help, Kerry in Manchester NH

Mosh is our anthem! Thank you Eminem, this song is the one.

WAPOL POll 48-48 LV 48 Kerry 48 The Evil One 47 RV

What will Pres Kerry have to work with

Download tickets for Kerry rally in Manchester NH today at:

Would the owners of the Redskins football team have them lose the game on

AP says electoral college is vitually tied (DUH). Given what's left

What's your gut instinct?

Do we know how American Muslims are voting.....

"You're an A-Hole"... will it be #1 Top Song

Is there a download of Eminem's "Mosh" from SNL last night?

"Anything that makes people nervous" is good for Bush

CSPAN Hotline has Kerry making huge gains last night

These things I know are true...

Another Disappointing Sports Figure

ZOGBY 48-48 White House Race a Dead Heat - Reuters Poll

Betrayed by the Daily News

Giving Florida to Bush because the fix is in

Local Freeper gets caught Plagiarizing NRA Lies

What Cheney said 1 week ago about Osama

Any numbers on how many people have already voted nationwide? n/t

Wes Clark coming up on Faux n Friends

Sen. Kerry tells Peter Jennings he thinks it is moving in his direction.

Predictions please.................

Link to text and audio of John Kerry's radio address yesterday.

I don't give a friggin' rip about polls.

Big Arctic Perils Seen in Warming, Survey Finds

Anyone watching MTV?

Chief at my husband's command said

Deleted message

Sorry, dupe because of software glitch

Minnesota Poll: Kerry takes 49%-41% lead over Bush

What kind of political party relies on people NOT voting

Is LA Times going to endorse any candidate for president?

Daily News Endorses Bush - Let em have it!

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch poll 50-50, pay no attention

Help Save America...

The Trend Is Not Bush's Friend

America’s new radicals (very inspirational)

Positive Visualization / Point Of Focus for Tuesday (Large Image)

MTP- We Send A Medal Of Honor Winner- The Pukes Send A Draft Dodger...

Kerry LEADS * in FOX 2 way poll 47 46 NT

Wesley Clark on MSNBC

An Alan Keyes radio spot...LOL!

If you're like me and wondering why MTP isn't on yet...

Curt Schilling not liked by the players on the Red Sox

Stolen Honor on PAX in NYC

Fox News Poll - Freeper Meltdown/Disbelief =]

Freakers on Polls

The missing explosives only represents 1/1000th

That Cook guy is basically saying that Bush

Whose ad campaign is better where you are?


Eminem on SNL last night did Mosh

Has Anybody Been Doing Reconnaissance At Freak Republic Today?

Some wonderful news from New Mexico

Ghouliani on MTP

Deleted message

OMG: Baltimore Sun: KERRY!

Bush has managed to destroy another General's credibility

OHIO Poll Needs Help

PA - Absentee ballot deadline extended to Nov. 10 (sorry if dupe)

New WaPo/ABC Tracking - Kerry 48 Bush 48 (Sunday, 31rst)

No MTP for me - reached the point where i just can't watch it anymore

Donkey Rising: Democracy Corps: Kerry 48-47, Undecideds Lean Kerry 2:1

George Orwell described Bush so well in 1984 it's spooky

Was anybody able to make any sense at all of what Rudy said to Timbo

Zogby's numbers today?

Great Maureen Dowd Quote On The Bush Campaign's (NY Times 10/31)

How is Russert doing with Guiliani?

Ohio:Kerry surged from a 7 percentage-point deficit into a tie with Bush"

MSNBC's Chris Jansing Reports: Red Sox owners and GM endorse Kerry !

My GOD NBC/WSJ pollster on MTP is openly preaching for the Repubs

Hey Chris Matthews, tell us again how the OBL tape will help Bush

Did Bin Laden hurt Bush?

3 Nov 2004 - Start of the Second American Civil War ?

Reuters: "Wall St. Wants a Quick, Clean Election"

Voters claim abuse of electoral rolls

How Neurotic am I? Have put together "voting pack" for husband...

FreeperFear: "I pray God gives America what we need in a leader"

Tim Russert said Republicans feel they must be up by 3 in Ohio to win!

Greenberg poll: Bin Laden fallout: "Bush dropped the ball" has slight edge

GOTV report from OH

Kerry post-Osama uptick explained by Karl Rove (not a gag)

NEW Iowa poll: Kerry 48% - Bush 45%

What's the latest on the House races

AP says "Electorial College Virtual Dead Heat" (7 mins ago)

131,000 New Voters Registered - On LONG ISLAND alone! (40% Dem - 25% GOP)

Woo hoo! Fox poll - Kerry 46% Bush 46% LV

Russert is trying his best to destroy Kerry on MTP

CT 2nd district - Dem Sullivan picks up big endorsement

I feel like a six-year old child waiting for Christmas

The media have been nervous about turnout since Iowa caucus

Vote for Change concert on Sundance tonight

NYT - The backward logic of the Bushies - Dowd

Take that, Schilling! Agassi: I wish everyone would vote for JK

Daily Kos: Biggest poll "lead" Bush currently has: 2%, and that's FOX.

Two Ghost Stories: Army of Clones & The Case of the Missing Explosives

My Repub family member was freakin' yesterday

Anchorage Daily News (Alaska's largest paper) endorses KERRY !!

Is it my imagination or is BBC World All Republicans All the Time today?

Relax -The Trend Is Our Friend.....Polls Look Great

If a Rethug "challenges" my vote in Ohio, I swear I will fucking drop them

Ann Arbor News Half-Ass Bush Endorsement

I know why the turnout is so high for early voting.

Land's End Founder Blasts ****

Stolen Honor running as infomercial

"Stolen Honor " on PAXTV as NEWSMAX infommercial...

Republican pollster doesnt disacgree that..


Election 2004 is going to belong to "The Unlikely Voter"

Rasicot just said...

Wow, Real Voices is POWERFUL

Our Richmond Va. GOTV call center-~10,000 people contacted yesterday

With A Long History of Fumbleitis, Bush Fumbles on..... He just don't

Ladies & Gentlemen the next POTUS Appleton WI 10/30 (pix)

Bill Clinton Stumps for Kerry in New Mexico

Express Your Democratic Hatred for High School Football!!!

WSJ Poll: What do you think it will it really take to win the presidency?

Giuliani on Meet The Press: A Giant, Spewing Talking Point

Betcha GALLUP comes out with some number with

"Bow Tie Boy" Carlson call it for Kerry on Chris Matthews...

Nice Peter Hart gives FL and OH to Kerry

9-11: Happened on Chimp's Watch, Time to Say this ???????

Caller on C-Span just said that US troops are under Iraqi authority

Protesters blame Post owner for paper's Bush endorsement

On Faux, Karen Hughes just told Wallace we had our best troops

My stupid paper is endorsing Bush

kerry has taken a significant lead in the electoral college...but...

Kerry interview on ABC's This Week now.

Report from Ohio (By Mrs. DB)

Is WaPo now tracking twice a day? K-48 B-48

Home Stretch (11 EST)...If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts...

Osama didn't walk out of Tora Bora

desperation takes hold of Bush campaign

Kerry- 283, Bush- 246

So I'm forcing myself to watch Meet the Press

Kerry Tied In Fox Three Way And Up By One In Two Way-Among RVS Up By 2

Large turnout = Kerry win - Eleanor Cliff

GOP House Likely? Significance of the House?

THIS Is How I Think It Will End Up....

newest endorsement tallies

Florida Voting... Some Comic Relief

He's Baaaaack!

Bush campaign TP today = Dean campaign TP in Iowa

Polls:Zogby, Gallup, others.......Who called you or were you called?

I Just Saw The Most Disgusting Ad

Defend our democracy by buying Land's End!

Rudy Giuliani makes me physically ILL

Nightmare in Clermont County, Ohio - a suburb of Cincinnati

EV puts Kerry back on top 283-246

Latest Newspaper endorsement for Kerry

Really...I cannot stand MSNBC anymore! Read this..

18 LATEST National Polls Current Avg: Kerry 46.89 Bush 46.83

Go Pack.....

Nevada tied: 49-49

Is this new news or did I miss something the past few days?

Stop freaking out about the spin! They can't tell us what to think!

Yale paper backs Kerry!

Why do republiars rely on foreign owned media?

The network whorefest is UNBELIEVABLE today

New Gallup Poll: Bush 83-17 Kerry

Kerry ahead by 6 in OH - outside MOE!

weather for Northern Virginia on Tuesday, Nov.2nd.....73 Degrees cloudy

What I find ironic

Laura Bush is redecorating the Lincoln Bedroom......with gilded CROWNS

Only REAL journalists would dare ask Rudy Giuliani ONE simple question:

How many chickenhawks can you fit onto a Presidential pinhead?

If you were Karl Rove, after the paper shredding,

Are there any SMS/email election result services?

I hope that a number of Black voters wake up by Tuesday..........

Read here for some happy stuff

Coburn (R-OK) endorsed by right wing extremest racists...

Turnout is the key!

Go to Media List and POUND RUSSERT with EMAILS! Shut it DOWN!

Who's gonna watch the Redskins JUST because of the election?

What will Shrub say in his concession speech, assuming he gives one?

Bush: I am determined to stay in POWER

Stupid People Love Bush

Orlando's Channel 6 again showing the anti-Kerry 30 minute paid ad!!!

alright folks... right here right now... we need to make a list...

Campbell Brown just reenforced my dislike/distrust of her. She said Bush

Leslie Stahl Bitchslaps Whorrie Kurtz!

Did the LA Times choose not to endorse a presidential candidate?

Stop Cruelty to Medical Marijuana Patients - my email to WI Naderites

entire race swinging to " the closer"!

I Really Don't Get Much Feed Back on OBL Tape


I will be working Nov. 2 ugh. What time will we know results?

What time will we know the results Nov 2? eom

3 of the top 4 pollsters from 2000 have Kerry leading or tied

Crowd cheers Chelsea Clinton's political debut (St Pete Times writer

The cable news networks insult the intelligence of the American people

OBL wants Bush to win because he feels safer with Chimpy's incompetence.

(More) Republicans for Kerry, Wisconsin edition

Eminem's Mosh -- POWERFUL!!

HAHAHA!!! Chris Heinz more or less calls Dumbya a 'cokehead'

Matthews just sitting there

Taking one for the team...

Lesson: Do not taunt a Sleeping Giant...

As much as I hate to say this, ignore Zogby's state polls now. Here is why

Peter Jennings tells Kerry himself that bush* is miles ahead on terrorism

good sign, my longtime rethug friend is voting Dem

Why is Bush skipping his annual physical ?

Heinz Son Calls Bush a Coke Head! lol

Just got an email from repub business associate encouraging Kerry support

Fox Pollster: "tape...has clearly not helped him hold off Sen. Kerry"

The Rudy Guiliani Show... or was that supposed to be Meet the Press?!

What happened to FR "NAVYCHIEF"'s big bombshell today????

Would anyone care to predict the turnout? What percentage?

How big of a win will it take for the other side not to holler "foul"?

self delete


DU this poll before the Freeps get to it

OBL effect: Fox News now has Kerry over AWOL by 1

Bush seeks Kerry's jugular in exchange over bin Laden

It's not the $ spent in Iraq that is the problem, it's the lack or results

MSNBC Poll - Who would you vote for? VOTE NOW (It's being Freeped)

TV Alert: Betty Castor being interviewed on WCEU (PBS - Daytona)

Important Note : Bush did not mention the Osama tape on Saturday

Election Day Weather

"For the Lack of a Shoe, the Horse was lost" Bush will lose his bid for


OBL effect: Kerry +2, AWOL -2 in WaPo tracking. (48-48)

What's a good sig line for a Kerry win?


Giuliani still claiming that Kerry slanders our military.

Rasmussen: B-48.1 K-47.1 (B-48.8 K-48.2 with leaners)

Some of You people are Nuts. I just watched Chris Matthews via Tivo

three. days. left.

must read electoral-vote analysis

Deleted message

Still no mention of a new Gallup poll on Wolf

Vikings fans -- What's up with Mike Tice at * rally?

Hot Dem babe poll: Chelsea, Vanessa, Karenna, and Caroline!

MSNBC media whores in FULL affect!!

Gotta Admit it - I'm a little worried about Ohio

Russert allows 9-11 Whore Guiliani to grandstand on Meet The Press

"For the Lack of a Shoe, the Horse was lost" Bush will lose his bid for

Today in NH, Kerry will be joined by owner & manger of Sox and they

equal time and media

Hail to the Redskins? I am so conflicted.

Anyone Have A Link with...

Does Anyone Know Where to Find Kerry's Stance On...

Bin Laden's classroom critique [Glad Bush gave him the extra time]

Watch the Sunday morning televangelists for a good laugh today


Email from my brother in Hamilton County Ohio (cincy)

smirk loses cool at rally when confetti cannon goes off

U.S. commanders were warned on al-Qaeda's escape


Kerry, * schedules down the stretch

Jewish wife, Catholic husband neighbors. Both voting for Kerry because...

Cherie Blair lambasts Bush over human rights

WHat did the HAVA actually do?

Cherie Blair lambasts Bush over human rights

Martin Sheen and John Glenn in an Ohio ad

has zogby backed off his kerry pick

Take a look at the final 2 polls of each organization in 2000

And yet another on-line poll (outta Ohio)

Will it be God's fault or will when Kerry wins?

Photoshopped bush crowd before and after "correction"

If this race is so close, then why the closely cropped * campaign shots?

When was the Eminem MOSH video first released?

Bush's non-action on abortion...

Post Your Predictions

TIPP poll shows Chimp leading by 5%

CLOSERs ask for the JOB (votes) - * asks everyday, everyone, + 10 friends

D-Day and the Presidential Election

Bob Stein on CBS Sunday Morning

60 Minutes tonight: lack of armor for our troops.

Bin Laden Tape Once Again Proves Media Whores Wrong

Slate's 'Electoral Scorecard' Shows Kerry 272 EV, Yosemite Shrub 266 EV

CNN /Wolfman or The Election Model: Who do you believe?

When Kerry wins on Tuesday should Faux News be banned

Remove this Post. Dupe.

Did the guy out himself yet?

It will be God's doing when Kerry wins!

Rasmussen Internals and Some Weekly State Numbers (All Good)

Today's Boondocks describes the real Bush base

Ben Stein is a pandering relic

Why is MSNBC showing Bush's ENTIRE speech?!?

Kerry 286 Bush 252 How I got there......

Where will the party be Nov 3rd?

The ever hateful Thomas Sowell

Can you buy the Kerry soundtrack anywhere? brand new numbers


About those cell phone users that are never polled - Zogby says...

Should Kerry be camping in OHIO - next 48 hrs? has a link to the Election Model.

Faux News: What a turnaround!

Things are getting interesting - Bush losing some Evangelical support?

Gore & Alex Kerry went to Hawaii - crowds, pics

Since is is going to rain in Ohio on Tuesday

John Kerry in Tampa tonight...can't wait

Kerry and Bush on Sabado Gigante last night

Caption this Bush/Kerry photo

It looks like the documentry..Stolen Honor may be the October Suprise

In 2000, the WINNER was behind in 39 of 41 election week polls by 2-8 pts

Here's the Critical Message

Turn on AAR NOW!!! Pre-election show with fresh polls & Zogby

Repubs just called me.....

Tucker Carlson Just Picked Kerry to Win by 2 %

I'm very optimistic about a Kerry win, but

EVERY state is a swing state this year...

in your face

Will Bush flip America off when he loses? the one-finger victory salute

Frist on This Weak: "blaming our troops"

Sorry wrong place ignore

nearly fell off chair hearing Kerry might make McCain Sec. of Def.

Want to Get-Out-the-Vote?

Kerry Aide Nearly Kicks Fox Producer off Plane

Anybody have TIPPs numbers for today?

Where Reps are challenging voters, are snacks/portapotties a good idea?

Kerry will win Ohio AND Florida.

Putin's got money on Green Bay. arab bank acct money on Redskins

Local Fox affiliate shows "Unfit to Lead" narrated by John Oneal

My priest all but said VOTE KERRY today

Kerry only needs to win Ohio OR Florida

Bush could lose Kansas...READ ON

3-0 Green Bay!!!

10-0 Packers

Do we really want the Packers to beat the Redskins today????

Livid Repubs Questioned Rice About Lost Ammo in June!!!

Thompson: Bin Laden wants Kerry elected

Anyone voting at the Knights of Columbus hall in Newport News? Worried

Inside Politics saying that

In what way does the Republican Party stand for the "average" American?

Are you concerned about violence at polls?

Giuliani for Sec. State?

IMHO, all the polls are whacked

How is British TV Covering Election Night?

new numbers from SUSA

Hey Mods! When I change my user name on Wed. morning ..

Current map very closely resembles my scenario.

CLINTON CONVENTION ALERT TODAY: Possible change of venue???

For Kerry To Win, Redskins MUST Fall To Green Bay

Has Bush ever had 70,000 show up for a rally??

My letter to the editor, after seeing a 1/2 dozen "Bush can protect us"

Tax exempt status of Churchs

With surely record voters at polls, which benefit democrats..

What is your take on early voting?

I have Dish TV and their vote tally is Kerry 50; Bush 48. You have to pay...

Wes fans... light your candles for the Packers!

Salida Colorado newspaper SWITCHES endorsement to Salazar

How does Kerry win 323 EV? Count the ways.

Home Stretch (2 PM EST)...If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts...

Shrubco appointees sweating their jobs.

No raise in terror level threat?


If Laura Bush calls me one more time!!!

Did any morning news program mention how innaccurate the 2000 polls were?

Pissed my mother-in-law off this morning! Felt good!

Honor Troops' Sacrifice and Vote

'Yes, I failed to protect this country on 9/11 but I will protect us....

Rasmussen , Zogby trend toward Bush. FOX trends toward Kerry.

Trick or Treat...

here's a motivator for DEMS in the RAIN! sung to "Its Raining Men"

Just for fun - post the pundit and pollster picks from Sunday talk

I believe the election will be settled on Tuesday night.

How early on Tuesday will we see predictions on the Internets?

Do you think Air America is making a difference?

Wonder what happened to David Gergen?

Bush campaign brings hundreds of young people to hold signs in FL

How is the broadcast

Sean's Electoral College Projection IV.

A Massachusetts Liberal once said this...

The Military Bush-bot officer next door just accused me of being pro-OBL!

It'll take a year for Kerry to undo all the crap Bush did in office!

Favorite new political Halloween mask?

Just saw Kerry's "Never" ad in Michigan

Jon Stewart on C-SPAN 2 NOW. At NYC library. Heads up!

Please remind any pro-choice Republicans or undecided voters you know

Just Walked Out of Church... !!!

Any news on the Freetards "October surprise" yet?

"Votes From the Dead to Count in Election"

Bush has lost 5 points in FOX poll in 2 days!

What's the worse that can happen with a little more than 48+ hours?

Yard Sign stolen in Jersey

Move On's "Bush just doesn't get it" ad is playing in PA

Young Mobile Voters Pick Kerry Over Bush

"John Kerry will do anything to win this election.."

Kurt Schilling shilling

"GOP Holds Edge in Keeping Senate Majority"

Anyone have a link for the Senate Races?

If you know a closet Kerry supporter that is a Republican post it here

Election fraud conversation with a repub

"Spending Soars in 11 Gubernatorial Races"

When Bush* is Defeated, Which Loser Will Throw the Biggest Tantrum?

"If it were up to Kerry, those explosives would be under Saddam's control"

Fucking MSNBC is doing it again!

David Shuster's blog

Three Latest Tracking Polls , Kerry and Bush Equal

So do we love again?

Tucker Carlson "Only Pissed Off People Will Wait In Line 4 Hrs To Vote"

Freepers getting excited about the TIPP poll, which

yard signs and san diego

"News Outlets Weigh Pre-Election Coverage"

In these final hours...

Visualize Kerry Winning

George W. Bush Will You Please Go Now!

OK--who else caught THIS wicked CNN trick?

When Bush Loses, Will He Drop His Pretenses???

Oklahoma Senate Debate from Wed. on C-SPAN right now

Hallowen: Boycot it:stay strong, no colds,flu,tummyache,sleep loss

Sample Right- Wing Voter Suppression Letter

It might be a really good idea to encourage Democrats and Independents

Kerry/Bush* Tied at 48 in Nevada - Survey USA 10-30 poll

If early voting is any indication, Tuesday will be a disaster..

Kerry speaking at Shiloh Baptist Church - C-SPAN

Hero of the day ---- Patti Bryant of Broward County FL!

My final election day prediction - Kerry 279 Bush 259

FCC Stope Free GOP Ads in Fresno

Kerry rally live on ABC News Now

"Fox TV News Reporting Indian Intelligence has Sighted Ben Laden"

In regards to polls, what happens to the missing 8% ?

Latest State Polls, Kerry leads in IA, MI, MN, OHIO TIED

The most important election of our lives (if you are a Dem)

I found Eminem's "Mosh" performance from SNL. Can anyone host?

Zogby on CNN now

Is anyone else having difficulty holding together? I'm a pretty

LOL...bush* will go back to Crawford for election day....HAHAHAHA

Unfortunately, just gave up on NH Kerry Rally

Another fine mess

GIANT RATS wearing "Bush is a Rat" signs at Bush's Ohio Rally on Thursday

Can we take back the senate? Status? How about DeLay??

Why do we vote on a weekday, thereby decreasing turnout?

Bush said "We've reached the peak and can see the valley below..."

Self Deleted


"You can steal my sign, but you can't take my vote."

Kerry in NH

Faux Newz - 10/30 - Kerry Up by Two...

My soon-to-be sister-in-law voted for Kerry!!!

Idea for increasing voter turn-out

Did you hear the bad news about the Packer's Redskin's game ?

Packers beating the Redskins, 17-7 at the half

Suggestion--Find Message Boards-Post pro-Kerry-Edwards Messages

MONDAY.....What do you hope Kerry would do ?

Hey Steve Schmidt...FCUK THE HELL OFF

It's all good folks.......but GOTV!!!

Kerry just said Mr. President I'm ready to relieve you of that hardwork

NY Giants 27 Vikings 0: Maybe MN Coach Mike Tice Should...

Focus Narrowing as Close Contest Nears Finish Line

Joshua Marshall says a public poll coming out today Bush 48 -Kerry 45 LV.

What the fuck is wrong with the international media???

The Big Ten Edge -- Battleground States Poll Composite


PA Gov Ed Rendell: Osama Trying To Help Bush

ACK! Touchdown Redskins!!!!

20 to 14..still Packers


This is so Funny. Here at DU we think The Sunday Morning Talk Shows

WTF Favre is throwing interceptions. 2 in a row. NT

I want Pickles Bush to stop calling my house! But, something else..

Pendulum swings to Kerry landslide

Brett Favre - Two INTs in a row?!!? WTF???

Does anyone think Zogby

If my ultra-lefty neighborhood is any indication Nader will be no factor

Two hard core republicans voting for Kerry

I feel Kerry looked at me funny through the TV. Help me get over my hurt.

packers just lost nm

Beneath contempt: L Cheney reaching into the next generation to tar Kerry

NYT: Voters say bi Laden changes nothing

Why Kerry didn't want your cookies.

Zogby: There is a 15% Kerry preference among cellphone only users.

GB interception!!! Packers going to win!!

Kerry looking presidential in NH

This packers/skins game had better not be a portent to tuesday.

AAR: McAuliffe: in Ohio RNC sent flyers to blacks: "If registered by NAACP

Touchdown Green Bay!!! 26-14...1:44 left!!

Packers 27 - 14!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the hats FL poll watchers will be wearing. Cool, uh?

MTP-Senator Bob Kerrey running on all cylinders.

OMG, I was WRONG! The Real Result is!! Kerry 347 Shrub 191

Proposal: classify election disruption as sex offense, register offenders.

Green Bay Pulls Away 28-14 late in the 4th Qt.--just like John Kerry!

A look at the Diebold Software guy is 'coming out' tomorrow. Guess who it is!

I baked Kerry cookies and he didn't eat any, I'm reconsidering my vote

Green Bay WINS!! 28-14!!

ha!ha! "Stolen Honor" airing angers sports fans: in Florida latest....

Redskins Lose!

Fast I NEED YOUR HELP>>> I need you to call the right people

It's over. Say BUH BYE to the idiot-in-chief!!!!!

Freeper meltdown over redskins loosing

Please DU this Oklahoma poll (sorry if dupe - can't find it)

In a close race it's not trivial that every male in Wisconsin has spent

Green Bay 28, Washington 14! Bush loses the election!

Have the Redskins played yet??

I'm off to the Manchester, NH rally!!!!!

New Orleans: Free Rides to the Polls

According to Zogby on Air America

If anyone doesn't know their polling place...

GOP literature drop at Catholic church

More Republican emails now posted in dead letter office

Is ARG a reliable poll? Because * has caught up and it's a tie...

Republicans praying for rain

Someone cited that Independents in OH are leaning Kerry?

Any Oklahomans here? How is Carson's chances looking?

Election Protection Card

When Kerry wins, I am going to........(what will you do)?

President Kerry Needs to Diffuse the Media...

So After We Win, Are We Still 'Underground?'

Red Sox Owners and Management Endorse Kerry

Breathe deeply and relax. Kerry will win.

Green Bay Press-Gazette endorses the shrub

Jocktard Peyton Manning - $2000 to *

I Figured Out The Kerry Burning A Flag" Lie...

AP: Fla. Fixes Voting Machines, Recount Rules (uh-huh)

I am nervous about the next 48 hours.

Edwards Rally in PA on ABC News Now

I'm so fucking anxious I dont know how

WTF? Bow-tie boy just "reported" Chimp has an IQ 4 pts higher than JK...

Geraldo kicking ass on Fox!! Holy Shit!

Hey! You! Curt Schilling! FLIP-FLOPPER!!!!!!!

These bast'rds never learn. Boycott Teach them a big lesson

Packers win! - dont move this to the lounge, it is election related

How are you feeling about Ohio and Florida?

Boneheaded Bros

Make up your damn mind, Scarborough

I need a Kerry photo

Best TV Election Day Coverage?

I am switching off Cable News. At this point, it can only CLOUD THE MIND.

CNN and Newsweek Poll

Are there any plans for Kerry to do what Gore did in the 24 hours...

I'm posting this MSNBC Bush front page item without comment...

Hold On a moment, Mr/Ms Moderator

Polls from the last weekend of the 2000 election...?

It's obvious: Kerry's going to win this thing

MJS: GOP demands IDs of 37,000 in city - isn't this blackmail?

Oh yeah.....................Electoral Vote Predictor: K: 283; B: 246

Tucker calls it for Kerry

George Bush is alQueda's Best Recruiter

Pew Poll Bush 48-45 Among Likely Voters Kerry 46-45 Among RVs

Which Republicans would you want to serve in a Kerry cabinet?

So..are they hitting Fallujah tonight/tomorrow? Is that the Nov.surprise?

Dish Network 60 Users: MSNBC and FOX now available...

Rebels vow to use chemical weapons

Any Dems being robust?

BUSH: "Stand With Me And We Will Honor Marriage And Family!"

Bizarre Wingnut Photo

Swift Vets again

AZ Republic Poll: Who do you plan to vote for on Tuesday?

RAIN - The 'Hanging Chad' of 2004

Don't fall for the Rove BS that all the polls are moving to Bush

Pollsters that got it wrong in 2000 are repeating it in 2004

To the Right: Beware an Enraged Left

Kerry at the Dayton, Ohio Church.......

Asia Times: Kerry is right about the Tora Bora debacle

Kerry and Majette in Georgia?


LOL...Rendell on Fox..

You know what? I'm not the least bit anxious about Tuesday.

The big MO. Kerry leading by 2 in new Fox News poll

Tuesday is for Gore, Wellstone, Cleland, Clinton,


Legal controversy over dead absentee voters if we need a recount

Fox poll has it tied, 46-46 likely, Kerry AHEAD 47-45 reg'd!!!

We should take a cue from the Serbs if Bush and Co. cheats.

It's OFFICIAL!! Lynn Cheney is the GOP Hypocrite of the Year

This is probably silly of me, but I'm feeling good about Tuesday!

Now the interesting question: When Kerry wins will the * admin....

Arkansas "Banana Republic" Gov. Huckster on Faux now

Our Opponents Say That WE'RE NOT OFFERING People A Choice...

Voter rights issues on c-span. Looks to be pretty interesting.

Mrs Cheney Links Kerry, Scary Costume

Big decision time

Now MSNBC is talking non-stop about the Newsweek poll

Holding the pollsters responsible

bring out "Sore Loserman" signs after Bushies try to claim voter fraud

Kerry just sealed the deal with his speech today

Has Anybody seen any recent polls on Senate Races?

Newsmax stretches... tears muscle reaching for spin

Tucker Carlson: only losers would stay 3 hours in line to vote.

PA Governor Rendell: OBL wants his top al Qaeda recruiter (Bush*) to win

Who won the Independent vote in 2000?

*'s best case scenario...

I'm shocked! Jeff Foxworthy is NOT on board

Frank Luntz making me feel better?

Freepers knocking each other out trying to debunk the "redskins" result

A Freeper Troll Sent Me An Instant Message Last Night...SCARY.

WCPO 9 (ABC) in Cincinnati, OH showed Stolen Honor Last Night

Who do you think is winning the spin today?


Got Dish Network/DirecTV? Looking for election coverage?

History repeats: Pew had AWOL up 3 at same point in 2000. Gore won.

250,000 tons of munitions remain unaccounted for in Iraq

ABC Sunday Night News covering Get Out The Vote...focusing on Kerry

Best link to do the Math on the diff. states and fit your own win scenario

What will the weather be like in the swing states Nov.2?

What will you plan to do if Kerry wins?

Media should be ashamed for ignoring the 8 marines

Fast and Furious

Zogby Tracking Numbers Are Out...

CBS Poll this time in 2000: AWOL was ahead of the WINNER Gore (46 - 42)

Republicans and this "They're gay, your gay, your mother

An inspiring story from Florida - please read!

Republicans for Kerry?

Statisticians--does the early voting percentages help predict Tuesday?

This election is truly a barometer for the direction of our nation...

Is it over by now?

Pundit Predictions: 20 Pundits make predictions

Republican Editors Don't Stand By their Man in 2004

You guys are missing Kerry on c-span in NH.

The most delicious part of the Kerry win????

Surges in voter turnout

DU trick or treat fun

Do any swing staters think it will be a landslide for Kerry?

NBC/WSJ poll Bush 48 Kerry 47

Japanese Hostage

The Republican Party just left a flyer on my car in the church parking lot

Just got back from poll observation training and boy am I pumped.

NBC poll Nov 2 2000: Gore 44 AWOL 47

European Cartoon (OMG, Hilarious)

We have put up with the smirk, the cockwalk, the ignorance, the arrogance


What If The Polls Are Wrong?

PEW poll. Kerry 46 Bush 45 RV. Bush 48 Kerry 45 LV

The first four words out of President Kerry's mouth should be:

Where is the October surprise???

Some local PAX station near me appears to be showing Stolen Honor

I'm PUMPED! A trip to WalMart today solidified my belief!!

Repub negative ad hotline--please call them

Well, Dad is going to take down that Jim Bunning sign!

If I Told You There Was A 48% Chance You Were Going To Die Tomorrow

Tony Blair sends secret team to patch up with Kerry just in case

Browkaw doing a Chimpy interview

Tim Russert talking Polls on NBC News

WooHoo! President Kerry just scheduled another Orlando event!

New NBC Poll *48% Kerry 47% Nader 1%

Observation about showing ID to poll workers...from eastern Okla:


Making phone calls to swing states.

#[email protected]@!!! My Kerry sign was stolen! What were those ideas for how to ...

Remember only 4 polls out of 43 got it right in 2000

Who believes in election omens? Have any to share?

This has been a valuable lesson to all Americans

My electoral map prediction

"Mr. President I'm ready to relieve you of all that hard work" says Kerry

MSNBC: GOP pollster says newly registered voters favor Kerry....62 - 29!

President Kerry's OH speech on Cspan!

Could Rove Have Manipulated the Timing of the OBL Tape?

Last day of early voting sees long lines (Denver)

Interesting Ben Laden Tape theory [Tinfoil hat though, but interesting]

Comfirmation from my fellow DUer's


Bush Sounds/Looks Like An Emptying Gasbag.

CBS 60 Minutes canceled? Ca Ca-gate? Anyone have the story?

Do you think Air America is making a difference?

Swollen, Sweaty & Stupid --->

Who will you be happier about beating Nov 2 ---- AWOL or....O'NEILL?

This Looks Like Election Eve 1976

When Bush* is Defeated, Which Loser Will Throw the Biggest Tantrum?

Please explain Louisiana to me.

Bush panders to Catholics this morning attending Mass in Florida.

Kerry wins; so which media whores jump the RW ship by

NBC/Wall Street poll....Bush 48%...Kerry 47%...Nader 1%

Sighthounds for Kerry (pic)

The weather conditions on election day, Tuesday.......

Exxon Mobil Profit Surges 56% in 3rd Quarter!

Oh, let's just forgive the Republicans.

Do any Swing staters here think it could be a landslide for Kerry?

Attempts to suppress the vote in Bergen County, NJ

Turnout Turnout Turnout

Iowa Early Voters Polled: KERRY 52%, SMIRK 41%

Floridians and Ohioans, talk about your states

Events near you to GET OUT THE VOTE.

We Need MORE Poll Threads Going Here Cause Everyone Knows

The way I see it, Kerry absolutely needs Ohio.... What's going on there?

Question: Which Battleground States Are Using Which BBV Machines?

"Hey, wait! You're not my granddaughter! You''re...REAL! AAARGH!"

The truth about the cell phone effect

Kerry - Is this NOT a man of "faith"? Feel good pics from this morning -

How Long Until Polls Close in a State Until Results are Called?

What time do the polls close?


Electoral College procedure compared to the past?

Outside the Bush-Arnold rally in Ohio, Republicans railed at demonstrators

With a kerry win, who's face will you be happy is gone?

PHOTOS: cheney forces his grandaughters to perform POLICALLY

Has anyone seen a poll targeted to Republicans asking whether

What will be the very 1st thing you do the moment Kerry is declared winner

Freepers go bonkers over FOX poll...start ripping each other apart!!

bush + laura attended Mass today? They're not even Catholic!

Iowa Poll Early Voters: Kerry 52%, Bush 41%! 5% Not Voting For President

Michael Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places in FL and OH

CBS News poll Bush 49 Kerry 46 LV

What will Bush spend the most time doing in his final two months?

Any upsets expected in individual states?

Just found out my good friend voted for W (absentee ballot)

When Kerry Wins, Who will face criminal charges?

A 70yr old Bushie just flipped the bird at my 13yr old daughter!

I Am Wearing My KERRY/EDWARDS T-Shirt Tomorrow...Why Aren't YOU?

Kerry will be on C-SPAN soon just heads up

After 2 weeks of early voting, still huge crowds....Polk Co,

Bush has stabbed America in the Back, in the Throat, and in the Heart.

Time to speak it into existance now thru Tuesday: Repeat after me -

Chimp: 1st candidate in history not to reach out to undecided voters?

Ed Koch - take that Fockers Party membership away if it hasnt already

Bush is a Kennedy-style Democrat, Kerry an old-school Republican, so...

How low can Timmy go? (language warning ... NC17)

Kerry by a landslide!

Who doesn't agree this would be a knockout idea for Kerry....and WHY

Colin Powell: US is losing Iraq war

There has to be more than a few Bush Appointees who are PISSED OFF

Land's End repub founder takes out full-page anti-Bush ad in WI

Luntz on poll average:AWOL two points lower than he was this point in 2000

Kerry won mock election at my daughter's school-- but guess what state?

A good sign: My step-father is voting for Kerry.

What will you do if Kerry loses?

Cincinnatians! A skywriter is writing "Kerry" in the eastern sky!