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Campaigns worry about last-minute surprise

In Sadr City, Stalking the Enemy Lair -WP

Thomas Friedman returns...

The Corporation

anyone have the link to showings for Going Upriver?

Turn it to NBC: Right now on is media screw ups in the news.

"Jennings and Brokaw come to Rather's Defense"

Seems GOP wants a redo-issues video that tells lies/partial truth on Kerry

Greg Palast on Media Matters

Fresh Scandals (Fannie Mae) Could Thwart Reform Backlash

IMF worried about oil price rises

NO MAN'S LAND; S. Ossetia: a peaceful means of war

Leave Iraq fast:divide in 3 for no civil war, then bring marines home a

State of Emergency in Gaza

(gay basher) Ronald A. Crews criticized on fed'l campaign payments

Any books on the progressive history of the Hill Country?

How do I register my friends to vote in WI??

Ray McGovern, the former CIA analyst, will be at UWGB Weds&Thurs.

E-mail from Jay Inslee on Patriot Act

New ads attack Nethercutt's "extreme" conservative side

Cheney and Lieberman's 2000 Debate on C-Span I right now

Level 3 Volcano alert heightens security at Seatac

Elections Watched by Foreign Observers

pictures of wounded soldiers that bushkkko doesn't want you to see

Watching the Debate now

REAL cool news links page

Are our troops dying for the wrong war?

I thought that taking physical for a president and a potential President

Republicans defeat Patriot Act Ammendment

Can someone tell me how the town hall debate will be different than the ..

Breaking the 1000 post ceiling: don't ask me anything, I'm an idiot.

An American War on Terror

In his impatience, he more frequently sends other people to death

what in the heck is Bob Novak recovering from?

Can someone tell me how the town hall debate will be different than the ..

I talked to my congressman today!!! (D-GA)

New "swift boats and p.o.w.s "for truth"" ad - anyone else see it?

Sunday news show line up. What will you be watching?

In the debates, Bush really sounds like a man who is about to be fired.

Fox News - Post Poll - All Mt. St. Helens/Laci, all the time

"Feingold, Michels take off gloves over Patriot Act"

I was just watching WB 11, New York news for less than 5 minutes...

computer geek help needed

Who's on MTP "Roundtable" Tomorrow?

Reminder: SNL at 11:30 ET

Second viewing of the debate as I'm doing now on TIVO, Chimp even worse

Bush Twins and Kerry Kids

Braving the Streets Her Way---WP article on life of a young Newark lesbian

FAUX News "reporter" KKKarl KKKameron KNOWINGLY lies - DEMAND RESIGNATION!

Unfit for Can Cun

Jeez lady. It ain't the end of the world. You just can't go home until...

More violations of the Geneva Conventions by United States

Neck deep in the big muddy and the damn fool says press on

Can someone please post about the opening skit on SNL for

Don't miss Russert/Dean on CNBC at 10. Full hour of intelligent talk.

Is it true that George W. Bush toured a lot of hurricane sites on the

What's up with the Oil for Food scandal

Bush Jr's Skeleton interesting website you may want to check


Do yourself a favor

Is the Week Magizine conservative?

Newsweek: America is Dodging the Draft Issue

In 1990 Bin Laden: "I want to fight against Saddam, an infidel"

How many times will Bush mention 911 in the up coming debate?

CSpan now! Bush vs. Gore debate 2000 - Town Meeting. Compare

Can anyone see Bush winning the next debate?

Nice photo

Cheney vs. Lieberman Debate, On C-SPAN @ 1:10 AM EST

Know one should doubt there will be a draft if Bush is elected.


Disgusting Anti-Gay Amendments

Dubya the traitor - an unAmerican act; the act of a coward.

Lyndon Larouche has helped me make up my mind............

Do any of you need to induce vomiting?

Just watched video of debate on c-span. Great insight.

Keeping America Scared--GREAT VIDEO!!!

Sunday Talk Shows....guests

Anybody hear that Bob Novak broke his hip last night

pro-bush documentary on christian channel

Closet Kerry Supporters

I just got cursed out in an e-mail from a conservative talk show host

Condi seems to have vanished

Neck deep in the big muddy and the damn fool says press on

Carole Simpson, mod. of 92 Pres THall debate on cspan.

Found a new "Bush Family History" (from Princeton)

How is Kerry going to build a coalition, exactly?

Fahrenheit 9/11 On Bush Lies TV

Rest easy, young folks, Newsweek says no draft.. Just a Democratic rumor.

The Daily Show has the Seymour Hersh clip up....

Who knows where the terms left and right come from

More Swift boat Stuff in my Local Paper

Cellphone and remote microphones were "jammed" before/during debate?

Do you think a 91-year old Dick Nixon would have endorsed Kerry?

The $87 Billion Dollar ANSWER

Help...... i need some response

Check this out , A Sergeant Speaks The Hard Truth

Dean, talking to Tim Russert, called George H.W. Bush a "stand-up guy".

SNL Watch

List of TOP FIVE things we need to get done after Kerry is elected.

England OCT-02-2004-1624g Pet owners fear serial cat killer

Blair : "I feel liberated" : MPs "Go quickly"

CNN Crawl: Post-Debate Newsweek Prez Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 45%

Is there currently a bloodbath in Samarra? Russian news says so...

WP/Milbank: Bush Says Kerry Will Allow Foreign Vetoes

BBC governor under fire for Iraq contracts

Clinton works the phones

The Race Is On! (MSNBC)

How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence (NY Times)

Howard not honest: Latham

WBTV general manager wants Rather suspended(NC Affiliate)

28 People Arrested Outside White House

WP: Influx of Wounded Strains VA

How Cheney's firm routed $132 m to Nigeria via Tottenham lawyer

Cameras revealed a man in pain

Democrats fear October surprise

Jordanian prince requests Bush brain viewing

WP: Changes in Store for Senate Leaders

Report: Feds ordered salmon study rewrite

WP: Poor Face Reduced Rent Aid

Kerry accuses Bush of lying about debate

Why Nader could be the nail in Democrats' coffin

US forces to 'flatten Falluja' before Iraq's first vote

Web site promotes Schwarzenegger for presidet

US hyping Darfur genocide fears

Guantanamo has failed to prevent terror attacks

Bush lashes out after debate loss (gotta love that headline)

Draft rumors persist in face of a military stretched thin

Bush uses France against John Kerry (pathetic)

'DON'T VOTE' billboards anger activists

Debate leads to a shift in strategy (WaPo) "advisors... stunned"

Goss Choice Quit CIA In 1982 Under Fire

Book with new revelations on JFK assassination published in Cuba

I'm watching two hours of LOST

Funny daughter story....

Richard or Johann?

Anyone else at work?

Sing Along: I'm A Lumberjack, and I'm Okay

What type of liqour can you most easily drink gay?

There is a GOP bus parked in front of Second City

We watched Count of Monte Cristo this evening...

What type of liqour can you most easily drink straight?

Liberal_Andy gets to 500 posts! Kerry ahead in polls! Coincidence?

help settle a feud between a friend a me-re:80s saturday morning cartoons

Ben Affleck on Saturday Night Live tonight

Help!! Need current world map that shows all conflict zones - pronto!

Can anyone help me find a link??

I treat women as objects

My dog peed on my husband

Better House-Warming Present?

Breaking the 1000 post ceiling: don't ask me anything, I'm an idiot.

Leave a message for *

Prisoners Break Out in Song -- Literally (yahoo)

Men and Cats are Scum.

I just came home for a 24 hour visit...

Historical rationale for Kerry win


Anyone ever gotten custody of a kid that wasn't a relative? My daughter's

Man disgusted to find bug deep-fried in package of chips


I have 10 GMAIL invites to give out

My 6 year old talks politics.

CAPTION the man on the brink...

One of my students was killed in a car crash last night.

MAD-TV Just Broke Me Up!!

Recommend a PDA

Just got back from my little smart-car cruise

Don't you hate it when Wat_Tyler spells words with that"european" spellin?

Someone who can keep the country together till it's ready for democracy

Anyone else hate dolphins?

Did you ever notice Bush and Cheney look like Pinky and the Brain?

Any Electricians in the House?

if you sponsor a foreign person, are you responsible for their bills?

Took this picture off my back porch an hour ago...

If you sponsor a foreign person, are you responsible for their bulls?

You have to see the Ramones movie!

What do you think of these lyrics?

?Ygolonhcet hceeps esrever Paul is dead - Paul is dead fo raeh reve enoyna

Anyone ever hear of reverse speech technology?

Quasi-political bumpersticker seen at Sooners football game today...

Women are SCUM..I mean...GODDESSES!!!! Yeah, THAT's damn straight.

The Top Ten Reasons to Stay the Hell Away from Florida

the best dog-training tool ever....

If Nader was a superhero, what would his costume look like?

Okay, I need your opinion on elf-punishing

the hole bull hit is bull-hit

*sigh* Anyone having problems with their earthlink/mozilla email?

Scooter, 2 wheel, best ?

DAMMIT! I dropped my laptop today, and it's D-E-A-D.

We saved a life at the SPCA.

I turn 25 on Wednsday.

The answer to all of life's problems is....

CSPAN Running past debates...

ok Dumb Question from the Newbie....

Saturday Night Live

Now it's time for more Democratic CATS!!

NFL team composed of the most criminals?

OK Army navy and Air Force peoples, let's haer some dumb Marine jokes!

I did my first beer bong tonight. Ask Me Anything....

Okay, I need your opinion on self-publishing

the whole bullshit is bullshit

I'm in the 700 club. Ask me anything.

Well I think I narrowly avoided a diabetic coma tonight...

Your Favourite Band.

OK, we've celebrated enough.......

Do the deployed military have the right to vote?

The Death Penalty wedge issue.

It all makes sense: Bush postpones physical because of earpiece implant

The Comfortable Tree VS. The Scared Monkey

What was the last election that saw this much effort during

Buzz words: bush: "petulant child" and "not fit to lead". For Kerry

LA times Poll

Bush's achillies heel - EGO

Kerry Pulls Ahead of Bush in Newsweek Poll

Post-debate pundits favor Kerry, but it's only Act I

Will Nader be a factor?

"Terrorists for Kerry"

Should Edwards say Cheney is trying to USE terrorism to his ADVANTAGE

Effects of Debate #1 on grassroots efforts

More fun with Freepers

The big victim of Debate I: The Mysterious Cloak of Inevitability

who here is planning to take Nov. 3rd off?

Heads up: CSPAN has the 2000 Cheney/Lieberman debate on

Great Debate: Bush wins by not losing

Rapidly approaching state by state voter registration deadlines.

31 voters registered today! Most of them very eager to voice their

Confusing LA Times Poll Has Good News

List of all of Bush's Enron buddies who are in jail

Howard Dean campaigned perfectly for John Kerry for one hour.

Folks , we are in for as nasty a four weeks as

looking for that video link to bush's reaction during the debates

What will happen when Kerry wins and the freepers realize the media lied

Millions believe every word Carl Cameron spews!!!

Excellent point

Chris Matthews is on KNBC LA NBC West on Satellite

If the 2nd Pres debate allows reaction shots from questioners...

So, who won the first Gore/Bush debate four years ago?

How the White House Embraced Disputed Iraqi Arms Intelligence

MAD TV on now....

Read what Bush insiders had to say about their guy's performance

Be sure to read your Sunday funnies.

Kerry the uniter showed restraint during the debate.

Monday October 11th check HBO

Faux advertisers report. Whew just got out before Don King.

Anyone ever compiled a list of Faux advertisers??

I'm calling on all DUer's to join us in boycotting advertisers.

From Philadelphia, home of the soon-to-be

Question about reactions to Bush during debate

Bumper sticker sightings today

Kerry will re-unite our wounded country. One of the BEST reasons to vote

New spot...pass this on!

Will "hard work" be a staple of the Cheney-Edwards debate?

The smell of desperation is heavy in the Air

LMAO!!! DESPERATE Fox News makes another embarassing stumble

Preparations for possible Kerry Q's in Town Hall debate.

Russert to Dean: "You think he can STILL win?"

W vs Gore in 2000 on Cspan

John Kerry is the most "presidential" candidate I've ever seen.

DNC,, and everyone who supports John Kerry

Hijacking Catastrophe, 9/11, Fear & the Selling

Bush "spreads freedom" w/ knife, or is it a shovel?

Just got back from "Going Upriver"

Did anyone else watching the debate get the impression that

What things/people has Bush been good for?

Vote quick in this MSNBC/NEWSWEEK poll!

Read the Kerry mimic of Bushy this morning. It's the kind of purple

Did Bush have difficulty turning on his tears during the debate?

Rummy is the gift that keeps on giving.

SNL - Debate Skit Tonight - Spoof on ShiftySwiftyVetsforTruth

I just got reply from Crossfire, to my debate opinion.

I hope Kerry seizes on the "Bush was tired" argument.

Bush giving tax cut

Kerry/DNC/Dem PACS Need Debate Ads

Work Smart, Play Hard

Edwards is hosting DR. STRANGELOVE on TCM Oct. 7

On Air America now

I'm in Oregon Canvassing & Getting out the VOTE! Met Dean Yesterday!

Any images from the debate out there?

Kerry Gains Lead in Newsweek Poll Following Debate

John Edwards on the Attack

Lots of good stuff happening, let's not get too COCKY!

Will the networks 'break the rules' next debate?

Didn't someone just tell the troops "Quit whining." They said it was hard

Why there's nothing to lose in the VP debate.

Rate this a 5 for Kerry...lets do it DU'ers :-)

William F. Buckley endorses Kerry???

AP: Kerry's New Ad Calls Bush "A Liar"

Debates: Now it really IS Kerry's race to lose

Do people love Shrub because of the American Cowboy image?

From Howard Stern's forum

Maynard & A Perfect Circle: "eMOTIVe" (a MAJOR anti-war, anti-Bush album)

Will Pitt seemed to have the inside dope on the way the debate

Just another rich white guy.

LOL! FAUX proves Freepers are geniuses...again.

Historians,I have a question.

Bush Aides Gave One-Sided View of Iraqi Data -- NYT

"Going Upriver" is the best anti-war movie ever.

QUICK! Name three things good about America today.

What house outcome would give us a majority on Nov 2?

I'm going to say something that'll pi** you off. :ast VP debate was BS.

5 word or less debate headline needed

So, is SNL gonna go after Bush's debate performance?

"Why Media Overestimating Bush lead"-- especially interesting considering

Oklahoma and Alaska President and Senate Numbers

Sunday Morning TV Planner

Everyone say hi to my hubby an newbie, Demtothegrave. Be gentle. LOL

Maybe bush was just ragged out after a long squawk.

Passing the global test - what Kerry said

Simple question: what is the media so afraid of?

John Edwards was fairly warned that campaigns can be absolutely brutal.

Faces of Frustration (DNC video) GREAT STUFF

NYT Debate LTTEs, 9 of 11 are pro-Kerry- *Great stuff*

What states do you think this bounce will matter in?

OMG. It just dawned on me, we could have a deranged lame-duck

Damn... Kerry campaign now saying Bush is "lying"

WP reveals that Bush bad-mouthed Kerry at UN private luncheon

Edwards is already sort of the underdog


Do you want to read an EXCELLENT analysis of the debate?

The Key To The Debate - People Actually Seeing The Debate

Bush's new "Dumb Ass, Don't Tell" policy ...

Just saw "Going Up River" WOW! Very powerful!

Dr. Laura: "Terrorists murdering children to make sure Kerry's elected"

W Is A Defective Product and Rove Is A Moron

Editorial: Disaster States.. part of *s Disaster $$ goes to states not

anyone have the link to showings for Going Upriver?

Newsweek Poll: Kerry 47 Bush 45: The race is on.

"Kerry 1, Bush 0, no doubt about it" (Attention Will Pitt!)

Kerry's shipmate

Doubt over Zarqawi's role as ringleader

Linda McQuaid (Toronto Star): Kerry Strong, Presidential & Bush Petulant

Doubts over elder Bush's WWII story revived by anti-Kerry fight

Eisenhower for Kerry!

LAT: U.S. Policies Stir More Fear Than Confidence (international study)

Comparing W. with Q. - Should we look to Quincy Adams for precedent?

Bush's Criminal Neglect.

L'Etat, C'est George W. (LATimes editorial) ZOWIE!!


LA Weekly - When Might Turns Right: Golly GE, why Big Media is pro-Bush

The Passion of the Bush on dvd Tues (or Bush is scary)

Robert Parry - Bush: Deceptive or Delusional?

Margaret Cho on Michelle Malkin

Help! Where exactly is the Kerry headquarters located in Tampa?

Ideas for local activism in rural areas

Vietnam Vets and family members, a call to action

List of FOX news advertisers Want to kick some RW ass?


Reminder:Orange County (Ca) for Kerry Rally

I just sent this letter to the editor at

Faux not thumping their chests over debate ratings...

A Tepid Mea Culpa from the Big Three

I just sent the following to Leslie on CNN's Late Edition

Rove, laptops and the media

Nortel plans to lay off 3,250 employees

Powell 60% Empty, Mead at 50% - Basin Faces Unprecedented Water Stress

I want to convert my gasoline car to diesel. Any suggestions?

I posted this in GD, but thought it was worthy here, also

Eric Margolis on China - thoughtful column

Another frivolous anti-gun lawsuit shot down.

Thanks for placing my post on DU's front page. I have sent it along

Can someone transfer my thread on French bashing to GD2004 please

Any word yet on my Election Day thread suggestion?

Where did I lose my star?

Israel: Elite soldiers contend razing Palestinian houses is “immoral'

UNRWA demands Israel apologize over Qassam accusation

New streaming station for the 9/11 crowd

The Commission lied

Listened to Keyes yesterday on Radio 890 (chicago freepers)

I voted today... Anyone else vote yet?

Shift to the right - Democrats no longer rule capital region's far corners

Spanish speakers wanted to spend election week in new Mexico

Al Franken broadcasts from Minneapolis Tues...10/3

NOTICE 2 tickets TONIGHT East Lansing Rock the Vote

Absentee Ballot Problem Being Fixed. False Alarm.

Could Kennedy's timing be any worse?

Dayton Daily News endorses Turner

Toledo Blade endorses Weirauch, Konop

US Senate Debate

D/FW - 'Persons of Interest' - Sat. Oct. 16th.

Protest DeLay this Monday -- please join Travis County Democrats

Texas VP Debate Watching Parties?

canvassers: How to Sell an absentee ballot

so who was the surprise political guest on snl?

Yep! Presidentin' is hard work!

*sigh* Anyone having problems with their earthlink/mozilla email?

Should Kleeb abort the baby or not?

DU this poll!

Kerry OUT SMIRKED the Smirk. During the debate, cut a ways revealed

What was the final word on Bushs' "Wings"

employment law question

Trolling for traitors and treason.

Funny how things come around.The Pubs used to laugh at Clinton in the Oral

I hate Bush, but Kerry appears so damn weak!!!

I had a strange dream last night about the draft

Do not let the country get George-W-Bush-Whacked again

Blew away a freeper at work (blue collar counters to repub memes)

Global study finds world no longer looks to US for "leadership, sanctuary"

Did anyone else notice the debate backdrop?

Did Repubs Deny Bush Linked Saddam to 9-11 ?

Just saw promo of Celsius 41.11

NYT: Condi, Cheney, Powell lied about Iraq nukes before the war

Iraq's Failed Transition

Wasn't it Wolfowitz who's admitted that the war broke international laws?

should FDR have come clean about his affliction?

Which Sunday TalkingHead shows are worth watching today??

Post your CEO nominations for 527 group - H.E.A.D

Newsweek & CNN polls have Kerry 47% to bush's 45%!!!!!

Kurt Nimmo: Love him or hate him

Rule of violence (at Guantanamo)

Iran's Threat: Self-Defense

US may run out of guard and reserve troops for war on terrorism: report

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Citadel Communications

Bush behavioral patterns on Friday?

seen a great bumper sticker yesterday while

The War Against Iraq and the Permanent War

CBS...Joe Lockhart on Face The Nation....9:35 CT

Tell me about Ross Perot..

Turn off that TV!!!

Meet The Press .....On now

Spy vs Spy. Espionage, in the past, has always been portrayed as nothing

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/3/2004

Bush Reading My Pet Goat Video

News media has been lying about Bush's "strength" for 4 years. The public

Iraqi Elections and Iraqi Media

Who's calling the shots in Iraq?

Who will win the battle of the Sunday Morning Spin?

If (tick-tick-gaack!) Cheney has his 15th heart attack during the debate--

The BBC has a perfect example of the complete ignorance of Bushbots

He is Starting to Look Like a Skid Row Bum!

Who Is The Democrats On Meet The Press..

Is it possible that the Bush administration has no plans in Iraq other

Not so hidden message in today's Doonesbury.

Why does the most powerful nation on earth allow Israel to dictate its

Cspan broadcast news panel CBS, ABC, NBC (Saturday)

Would you accept winning the House and Senate as a consolation prize?

my letter to the editor got published....

Iraqis Blame U.S. for Massacre of Children (we used kids as shields)

Electoral Votes: bush: 301 Kerry: 237...what does this mean?

Wasn't there a sports commentator that said Donovan McNab was overrated?

Denigrating our allies ...

male & female headless corpses found outside baghdad

Who won the first presidential debate? CNN poll. Vote !!!

Does Al Qaeda care who wins the election?

Are the Bush and Fudd families related??

Here's a sampling of the Florida ballot

British ambassador says "Bush is an al Queada recruiting seargant"

what were the Illinois GOP thinking? "Lone student supports Keyes when...

Loyal Dog

Freepers can be so darned cute..

New poll results! from my son's Sunday School.

Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" now shipping at

Air America

Greg Palast on in 20 minutes!!

some newspapers barring reporters from covering Springsteen

"People getting their hands cut off"

Dean on Wolf/CNN now

Bush visit to FL: "Tales of Abuse From the Press Pool"...scathing critique

WP editors scold Dem readers for debate letters, emails to Post

Sisters slam Bush debate performance: Support their ad

Faux News Retracts 2nd Story-Communists for Kerry

Cheney has gravitas.

David Griffin speaking in Santa Rosa CA today

Notice to DNC: Keep Dodd off the talk shows

w was just seconds from a major melt down in round 1, what would it take..

HELP...can anyone find me Pat Buchanan's criticisms of Iraq war?

Crawford newspaper editor says he has no regrets about the endorsement

Who has done the most evil by trying to take advantage of 9/11?

7th Grader, Learning Disabled, response to the debate....

The Global Test: an essay

Bush contradiction

Now the Bush Ppl are Saying Kerry Cheated in the Debate

Children are being murdered

The diary of a Freeper on DU, although a short one. (and how to catch one)

Bush Admits Debate Error

Goons at the Polls

Get your RED-HOT October Surprises , here folks..Get 'em while they're HOT

Freepers: "OMG, it's a vast Left-Wing Conspiracy against Bush!"

How is Gerry Ferraro?

Raw Story tease...CBS was set up!

Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings defend Dan Rather.

It is impossible for Bush to make a credible impression in the next two

Her Relatives Were Killed Bcause They Were Terrorists?!?

Do you think AWOL is wondering if God has abandoned him?

"Fuck Bush" bumpersticker riles co-worker..... on Military draft rumors

Very , very interesting take on why the Irqi invasion was illegal.

When was last time bin Ladin did a video?

Bloody Price Of Oil

Video store in my town is already renting Fahrenheit 9/11.

It was a Cheney/CIA job (tubegate)

Anyone seen any Farenheit 911 ads?

Incredible Interactive Map of Iraq Attacks

We need to reclaim the term PROPAGANDA.


Jon Stewert's America (The Book) | NYT Book Review

Went to get my anti-depressant prescription refilled ...

Why Are Republicans SO SCARED To Be Citizens of the WORLD?

A Question about Rush Limbaugh

When does Shrub and Co produce Osama Bin Laden?

Well, I volunteered with my local Dem headquarters today

If Card whispers in Chimpy's ear during the 2nd debate...

Are they going to re-televise the 1st debate ala full split screen again?

FYI for those who missed the debate or wants to see them again :)

Kerry schools Bush cartoon

New Michael Moore book released Tuesday!

Anyone familiar with Cal Thomas? Insights??

Speaking of Drudge's desparation...

No. 3 CIA Pick Was Caught Shoplifting-US Paper

They will carry over the "flip flop" label to domestic issues

Here is a statement from Dean's book on GWB.

Help with article- faith-based discrimination

Charley Rose repeat tonight with Howard Dean at 8 on Dish Network


Watching the 2000 Gore\* debate...

I'm convinced they wanted to invade even before 9/11

Anyone see The McLaughlin Group?

W's era described in a single phrase or sentence in 2050 A.D,

Everyone see this?

F 9/11 goes on sale tomm

From John Ashcroft's Home Town Paper. . .

Get You're Dirt !!! - Get Your Ever-Lovin Red-Hot Dirt, Right Here !!!

LA Times' Ron Brownstein - Media whore #864

Abu Ghraib video, Ironic, Anti-Bush

Can someone help me understand something re the draft?

Rice: the end of the decade?

Who believes * got up at dawn to go to church?

Hey Canadians love Kerry!

With Dignitude and Justicery for All

Is anybody else watching the 2000 Bush-Gore debate on C-Span?

DU this Amazon Review

A glimmer of hope for U.S.- Iran rift


2nd Debate Format?

We need an ACTION PLAN

Was Bush wearing an earpiece? What do you think

Stiffening the backbone of whiny, hand-wringing liberals

"Influx of Wounded Soldiers strains VA"- good article from WP, MSNBC

DO NOT READ THIS THREAD! Secret Bush DRAFT agenda doc!

Peter Paul and Mary

I find it highly disturbing that more human beings are being killed in

How can one get a sound bite to the Kerry people?

Kerry and Health Care: Canadians do you get good Medicine?

Is the war on Iraq winnable?

Pentagon Helps Security Moms Prepare Toddlers for Future as "War-Fighters"

Why does Charles Rangel want a draft?

So the chimp steals a line from Martin Luther King

'20/20': A First Family Soap Opera haters...don't look.

Bush; Keeping America scared; great video

Would I be put on the fast track to receiving Canadian citizenship....

Australians hold anti-war rallies

Police say unmanned U.S. plane crashes in southern Pakistan

In Sadr City, Stalking the Enemy Lair -WP

Kerry Pulls Ahead of Bush in Newsweek Poll

Guantanamo has 'failed to prevent terror attacks'

Guantanamo has 'failed to prevent terror attacks'

Halliburton routed 132 million dollars to Nigeria via London lawyer

"Kerry 1, Bush 0, no doubt about it" (Attention Will Pitt!)

LAT: U.S. Policies Stir More Fear Than Confidence (international study)

OAS president accused of accepting cash for contract

NYT/AP:Bush Trumpets Signing of Tax Cut Extension(lies re. Kerry position)

Kerry's shipmate

Kerry Ad Says Bush Lost Debate, Then Lied

Poll: Bush Lead Vanishes After Debate

"Should CEOs back Candidates?"

Who's sick of the French bashing?

'Boycott The Boss' Ad To Air

Iraq's New Police: Scared, but at Least Employed

Polls: Kerry won debate

Drought aid colors S.D. senate race

Irish Demand Action to Halt Plutonium Shipments

Saddam trial hampered by violence in Iraq

A test for the Gallup poll?

950+ Reported Killed in Political Violence in Afghanistan this year

Desperate Drudge now claiming Kerry cheated in Debate

John Kerry Violated Debate Rules

Kerry takes 8 point lead in NJ in post debate poll

King's Widow Turns Focus on Voting Rights

Moonies knee-deep in faith-based funding Pushing celibacy, marriage counse

Afghanistan death toll in 2004 up to 957

Iraq parties join forces to avert defeat

Rice defends Bush statements criticizing France (even more pathetic)

U.S. Patriot Act Raises Canadian Privacy Fears

U.S., Iraqi Forces Take Charge in Samarra

Kerry Accuses Bush of Avoiding the Truth on Iraq

Military mothers, wives mobilize on front lines of presidential race

U.S., Iraqi Forces Mop Up in Samarra

CNN Gallop poll

Bush campaign on defensive amid new questions on Iraq pre-war intelligence

Fox New Channel admits reporter posted fake story about Kerry (RATE IT UP)

LaosNam Thuen II Dam Attacked James Wolfensohn Fuels Genocide, War Crimes

Nader to Hit Swing States; Kerry Improves

MergerTalk: Is Halliburton's KBR Unit a Tough Sell?

Iran Rebuffs Kerry Nuclear Proposal

"Major screw-up": Boot-camp virus runs rampant (Seattle Times)

Thousands march to mark anniversary of Mexico's Tlatelolco massacre

Rice Defends Characterization of Saddam

U.S.-Led Forces Tighten Grip, Draw Complaints

Democrats Continue To Gain Ground On GOP (PA) - Times Herald

Video of terrorist hiding rocket-launcher in UN vehicle!

Dean aiming to remake Democratic Party with Dean Dozens

Cheney Presses Hussein-Qaeda Link - Boston Globe

IMF, G-7 Seek `Bold' Changes to Protect Growth Amid Threats ..($50 oil)

Bush camp denies new report on prewar Iraq intelligence

Global stocks of nuke bomb material growing-survey

Iraq police find 2 bodies, possibly Westerners

Poll puts Bush, Kerry about even. Results Indicate gain for Senator....

Bush, Kerry on Issue of Minimum Wage

Update: St. Helens Eruption 'Imminent' (new tremor Sunday am)

NYT: Congress Moves to Protect Federal Whistleblowers (WH opposes)

"The Passion of the Bush"

John Fogarty on UNC TV NOW!!!!___n/t

What happens when the Drudge Report goes offline ( contest)

October means King Diamond and MERCYFUL FATE

I'm naked, I'm half-drunk, and I'm voting for Kerry RIGHT NOW!

man, the things I do for the Kerry campaign geeesh...

DU Statistics

Anyone else addicted to Geschlecht?

Anyone else addicted to cocaine?

What HIGH SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES have the best drama queens?

Why do feet smell & noses run?

are you really that dumb?

Is anyone else addicted to voting for John Kerry?

I turn 35 tomorrow. Ask me anything and get me out of the 700 Club!

Anyone Else Addicted To Google Image Searches?

Whats this I hear about Nader and air ducts

20 questions.... why am I Famous ?

An exerpt of an email from my father about Kerry.

What HIGH SCHOOL & UNIVERSITY jocks are the best at beating up drama geeks

See how well you know me

Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice

anyone else addicted to acid

What HIGH SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES have the best drama programs?

Help - can someone please post the site with passes to online newspapers

Drug Side Effects: Baldo Hits It On The Head

Any DU'ers with any Native American ancestry for Kerry/Edwards?

Has anyone heard from Mari? I hope she and her family are well.

Blatent effort to hit 100 in a day....

Tech Question USB port vs. IEEE1394 port

Am I demented? Seriously...

New Slogan For */Cheney

Fun things to do with someone doing acid for the first time-

What are your favorite crackpot recipes?

Well, Frankie Lee and Judas Priest,

"Would you like a ding-dong? No, not mine-I mean a chocolate ding-dong!"

SNL: "An Evening at Camp David"

here's a fun thing to do

you forgot Poland!

Hey geeks...

While fluffy and cute posting with a kittie on your lap is hazardous

I swear for just a second there, I smelled bacon cooking....

Resistance is futile...

"Whatever's going on in the rest of the world, if it's wars or kidnappings

Leko and Kramnik draw game six of world championship match

Happy Birthday SRV!

I cooked Spam & eggs yesterday for breakfast...

I'm blasting the Fast Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack...

You got a lotta nerve

SNL--Rovian Comedy

True or False poll

Where can I report an e-mail scam?

Could you score 100% on the purity test?

AAR stations in Philly and NYC?

I've gone too long without an RPG for my Gameboy SP...

Dylan on Dylan -- first volume of his memoirs about to hit bookstores.

Upset? Go here to feel better...

OH NO! My credit card was stolen!

!!!!!!!!!! Check out today's ( Oct.3 ) Boondocks Comic !!!!!!!!!!

Northern football fans versus Southern football fans.

Mt. St. Helens.....Smokin !!!

Damnit I got a headache from the loud noise from the dance last night

Is it not pointless? Seriously...

i saved my guy james show

What?? No Browns / Redskins thread?

How is your relationship with your parents?

Gonna VOTE! Mayor and city legislatures election in Brazil today

This is the coolest website ever. Check it out.


In football, why don't they penalize the Networks...

Jeez, Myron Cope sounds like shit................

Cookin' with Kitten......................

Fearless World Series Prediction

Hallie Berry as an actress

Edgar Martinez' last game is today

Halle Berry as an "actress"

Sylvester gave us a scare recently...

Button Fly vs. Zipper Fly

The only thing Kerry forgot to do after the debates

Uh....I can't access Wellstone Action!'s site...can you guys?

Capt'n Jack's WOMEN ARE GOOD thread!

- - - - - - delete - - - - - -

Let me finish, ok?!!!

Midnight run to Ottawa, trivia tournament, and midnight run back to T.O.

Dolphins are the scum of the earth!!!!!!

My Son the Senator

Anyone here not suffering from an LD and just really dumb?

So I just found out I've been talking to ministers, old people...

Question to Pink Floyd fans re: One Of These Days

With which part of the anatomy shall I insult you today?

Anne RICE Bites Her Critical Fans

ZeeDub's Lame-ASS NFL Picks: Week 4

Cincinnati vs Pittsburg game thread

Woo hoo!!!! New Tom Waits cd!

NY Giants fans...send some good karma here...

same old Redskins

National Embarrassmints

Why do the networks show the NFL coaches reading their clipboards?

I'm in the 9000 club. Kiss my hairy butt!

A plastic bag with feet just woke me!

what are currently your two favourite cd's/albums?

New slogans for Bush Campaign


Music you listen to for fun only

Pats v. Bills game thread

((Boston DUers) protest a a pro-life rally tomorrow!

Don't click on this, Pictures didn't come out.

Did anyone ever post on the MSNBC political forums


Am I sending mexed missages?

Anyone getting the "Web site not responding" message?

Ben Affleck's "John 04 John" shirt....I want one.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) score = 5

They printed my letter!

Repeat after me

I'm going to do the groceries, anybody need anything?

What are your favorite crackpipe recipes?

anyone know of any good ringtone websites

Y'all gotta see this

The Best & Worst Years of Your Life

Am I nasty for not using shelf paper?

NEWYAWKER99 HAS DONE IT!!!! 80,000 POSTS!!!!!!!!

Is Bob Novak Going to Get a Lawyer? Broken Hip Commentary:

What was the first car you owned?

I am Swedish, ask me anything

Anyone see the movie "Going Upriver"?

How do YOU mex missages?

The Traffic is Stuck


OMG Early Lynne Cheney video found! Drudge, developing

Another baseball endorsement

I need some recommendations for a new electric shaver


Just how hard do I need to be smacked in the head?


Tell me when will you be mine?

If Town Clears Out, It Must Be Squirrel Season

How attractive do you find John Kerry and John Edwards?

Bush supports abortion!

Autographed basketball

anybody use Gmail? is it easy enough for my grandma?

I'm learning to drive soon - automatic or a stick shift?

Try to count the number of black dots

OMG, "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" CD set rawks!

Are you polling when you should be doing something important?

Oh, so NOW the cubs decide to win one??


How do I get rid of that STUPID yahoo toolbar

How many legs does this elephant have?

Which movie character best embodies what you'd like to be as an American?

If someone smokes, is it ok to call them a slave of the Tobacco Industry?

The PERFECT Halloween costume:

Posthumous props to some great liberals

I endorse the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL

If your life was a movie, it would be

It's offical: sus and my cat Abbott are having an affair

Ok chat this evening

The Dog is mad at me now because I left him out for an hour...

How bad is your memory?

I hate allergies....

I'm attention starved - ask me anything

What was the first car you ever threw up in?

If your life was a movie, what song would play over the end credits?

4 majorly HOT BABES gittin' down & dirty to some Rock'n'Roll

Thinking about resealing my driveway...some questions....

City driving peeves?

Is anyone else LD or Learning Disabled?

Went to get my anti-depressant prescription refilled ...

Skull Vs Bones

Since the A's did not make the playoffs this year, I endorse the Red Sox

We Spent $300 At JCPenney Today - And SAVED $350!

John Edwards to be on Turner Classic Movies!

This has been a month for old cameras...

Hummingbirds suck

Am I on everyone's fucking ignore list?

Favorite Character Actor/Actress of Hollywood's "Golden Era"

only I will reply to my thread asking others to help me-no one else help

This is the cover of a real book. I kid you not.

I'm Bored As Hell----Ask Me Anything About Food!

DU chat now!

Help Getting Indexed on Google

Sunday Lovin' with the Zomby

Left wing bias in cable news...

What are your favorite crockpot recipes?

SOmebody went through my garbage

Anyone else addicted to google news searches

I am Polish, ask me anything

dubya debate talking pictures thread

NEED help/PC Prob

Cable internet question

How many of drudge's readers know that he is a homosexual?

Patriots: 18 wins in a row

Religion for Cats?

How many people here troll Freeperville??

Should loud-talking cell phone users be arrested?

What is the most Republican food?

Important message from Gabriela (my 3yo)


Do you remember your FIRST post on DU?

Letterman idea about Cheney

----My 1000th post and small donation.---




"Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn" to be canceled.

"It's hard work!" in about 30 seconds...MP3

Why doesn't John Kerry level with the American people . . .

Who are the 30 nations in the coalition of the whatever it is?

Kerry Gains in Newsweek, LA Times Polls After Debate (Update4)

Tonight's SNL - Esp. Weekend Update

Does anyone have the exact quote where Kerry showed he was consistant?

Edwards needs to turn it into the case against Haliburton

Is it just me...

campaign slogan idea

Was hoping Ben Affleck would have worn a K-E t-shirt on SNL but

New Pro-Kerry Zingers for today. Anyone got one?

Are we ahead in the House/Senate Races?

MSNBC - Genext Poll

September Jobs Report Question

I see the Nader apologists have adopted a new tactic

Moonies knee-deep in faith-based funding (bushie's healthy marriage plan)

Kerry to Putz "Lead, Follow or get out of the way."

The funnies on My Stolen Nation.

Review from villagevoice of Going UpRiver

Karl Rove likely behind laptop theft Polls...pre- and post- debate

KFNX-AM Radio, Phoenix: Republicans for Kerry

The "Incumbent 50% Rule" will screw Bush

Bush The Serial Exaggerator (or liar) -let's fight fire with fire!

Bloody Price Of Oil

It really must be hard work now that I think about it...

2000 Debate repeats on C-SPAN now

Gore/Bush town hall debate on CSPAN now

Gerry Rubin(?) is fasting until Nadar gives it up.

If they elect him, this time it will be the American people's fault

Kerry vs. Bush: target West Virginia evangelical bases

Kerry-Bunnypants debate video?

Kerry's performance Thursday shifted the focus for future debates

Someone explain to me...

God! If only Gore had us back in 2000!

has bush refused a physical until after the election? someone posted that

Wis. Woman's obit endorses Kerry

Maybe Chimpy should go back on COKE........

Tim Russert " polls...shows John Kerry taking the lead."

Kerry precision arguments inflicted a death by a thousand cuts on George W

MSNBC historian-whoever wins the first debate usually wins the election

Supreme Court - We should be hammering this!

How many have noticed that the Freepers site is down?

Wash Journal Caller: Bush hunched over because wearing bulletproof vest?

MTP-Newsweek poll Kerry 49-W 46% (choke on it Russert)

Some thoughts on the Edwards-Cheney debate

Reminder - Debate to re-air 9:00amCentral time on C-SPAN

proof that Nader doesn't take the election seriously!

Debate 2: Kerry Get's 'Folksy'

30 DAYS to change the world

The important subtext during the debate was

Electronic Voting Machines??

ABC's This Week has all right wing pundits on

here's a fun thing to do

Republicans Haven't Won A National (Presidential) Election Since 1988

Two Faced pic

Debate #2 on domestic will Kerry counter

Ron Brownstein on MTP is such a pain in the ass

Faces of Frustration (New DNC Video)

NRA spokesbigot just called JK a liar on Faux News

U.S. Election Security Faces Tricky Balancing Act

I don't usually call for emails from DUers,but this fine Lady deserves one

Wash.Post condemns DU Activists in editorial

please carry my state, please carry my state, please carry my state...

my local paper - Seattle PI

Wife's report from registering to vote

Westley - I'll post it for you - too important to ignore

Rove should never let Bush suffer through another debate with Kerry.

How do you convince the "my vote doesn't matter" crowd?

They pulled Condi out of moth balls - they realize that their

This is what folks are going to see Tuesday at the debates.

Toronto Star: "..practically hear them (Freepers) crying to their mommies"

Kate O’Beirne is the ultimate female media whore. Never have I heard

Democratic governor in Utah? Strange but true. Race tied!

check in from around the country - how many local ads feature *?

Hey, I've got the solution to Bush's problems for the next debate: Botox!

New Newsweek sampling poll Kerry is up 47% to 45%

Here's a Meme: "If It's Such Hard Work...

Kitty Kelley's "The Family" #1 NY Times Best Seller

How Much Lipstick Can You Put on This Pig?

Can't get away from David Brooks

Talking Points for challenging Evangelical Bush Supporters

New media whore/repub talking point: The Global Test

Why Bush's hateful angry antics cost him the election and debate

Honest Complaint about the Kerry Campaign

Best three TV ADS of the year

McGlaughlin Group, aaaah

Debate Phenomenon - Democrats INVENT Web Organization - LTTE's

Check in if you are pissed that Condi lied to you

Why Can't The Press Just Admit Kerry Destroyed Bush?

I can't understand why there is no interest here in the VP debate?

Rightwingnuts are total idiotic HYPOCRITES; and of that there is NO DOUBT.

Campaign and another media bias

Another day, another Fox News"Editors note"...Whoops

A flyer appropriate after all the lying this morning

this has worked to sway undecided

Condosleazy Rice is Lying her guts out

So sad this cartoon is so true about Bush

Fox News Sunday

Condi Rice nailed on Late Edition...

What Resources to Use to Convert a Right Winger

More about Condi Rice

This is all too hard for people to admit

I can't find

Good comeback lines for Kerry to use in the next debate?

closet Kerry voters

Is Anybody Watching Meet The Press?

Speaking of Condi

Freidman - Rumsfeld Doctrine is: "Just enough troops to lose."

CHENEY'S CRONIES.....great read from "The Nation" re:EDWARDS

what the whores will say after Cheney Edwards debate

So let's make bets on Rove's Tuesday tactical release.

Report from tabling in heavily repub area yesterday (Sat)....

Brand new CNN/USAToday/Gallup Poll

It was like an episode of HBO's The Wire

75 % of Al-Qaeda have been caught or Killed???

Kerry could win big; no I'm not being overconfident

A Biblical admonition about the war in Iraq...

John Warner on Blitzer CNN...whining about Lockhart calling Allawi

Wolf: 75% equals how much? Answer by the liar Rice: 10’s to 100’s

DU this poll QUICK

Scientists discover the missing link

Bush's debate performance is a lot like the Dean "scream"

Bush perpetrates fraud; Kerry must expose it

Kerry support is strong in this most crucial and Repugnant area!

I bet a lot of conservatives wish we had used a "global test" on Iraq.


On the "global test"-

Holy Crap! New KERRY AD says Bush is LYING

Great line from If it's such hard work to be president...

Who Is THIS Wolf Blitzer On TODAY?

Any thoughts on today's NYT article on faulty pre-war intelligence?

Kerry ad-Stem Cell research and making decisions based on facts & science

The spin machine at work.

Gimme just one F*** You from Cheney in the debate and you can call

Newspaper Endorsements could provide a huge boost to Kerry

CNN tonight : The First Patient

Elizabeth Edwards: Bush threatens safety

First time Bush has been on the "defensive" in a long time...

U.S. deficit threatens whole world economy. I can't remember who said

DU this Wolf Blitzer Poll

Thank You Howard Dean!

Howard Dean's gonna be on Letterman Monday night

This administration has nothing to fear except the end of fear itself!!!!

Something strange going on in this little town in central Florida

That Rice Bitch Got her Time Alone with Wolf Blitzer Campaigns worry about last-minute surprise

Post from Thursday night, re: global test

CNN coming up at 2.EST...bios of Edwards and Cheney

Iowa Electronic Market futures show dramatic moves in favor of Kerry.

CSpan has been showing past debates all weekend

Katrina VanderHeuvel on Wolf

If shrub would just admitt his mistakes to the American people,

Kerry wins global test flap and wins it big!

Taking back the Senate: The South shall rise again

OK, it's been over 48 hours. I think it's safe to say Kerry trounced Bush!

When are Dems gonna run Bush flip flop ads...if ever??

I want to nominate another conservative idiot.

China and the "Global Test"


Funny 20 questions

Bush & intelligence failures - Saddam's Nukes, Bin Laden's Strikes

Michael J. Fox to appear with Kerry in New Hampshire Monday!

please delete, sorry for the dupe

SNL Debate Parody -- good? lackluster?

ABC News Now: Kerry Live Town Hall In Ohio

Bush's Draft Comment...

Thousands of Fla. Voters May Be Refused (they think they are reg.)

Kerry Event Online on CNN

A Repub told me the Draft Board denied Kerry's request for a deferment.

Is this an attempt to dissuade Muslims from voting in AZ?

So Bush Fancies Himself A Cowboy

The Bush Doctrine: Evidence, We Don't Need No Stinking Evidence...

Kerry photo gallery, thank you boston globe

"Kerry cheated" -- Don't you love the smell of FREEPER/ROVE FLOP SWEAT?


Kerry used a secret anti-Bush disrupter pen ....

Big fan of Katrina Vanden Heuvel

LTTE Rebuttal: I Need the Bush 'Do Not Serve Overseas' Form

Important Strategy for Remaining Debates

Bush, like those fellas in a bar, continues to repeat himself no end.

Is CNN running Crowley's Kerry hitpiece "Born to Run" tonight???

Kerry's secret laser pen caused Bush* to purse his thin lips

Repubs want Cheney to carry Bush's water in his debate with Edwards...

Reality Check: George Bush (DU this poll!)

"Going Upriver" = $303,000 in Weekend Box Office

Wolfs Poll: 96% think Kerry won debate!!!

More on the Earpiece at the debate, a NEW theory

Who do you think would do the best animation/video for this song?

Alright, WTF is WITH these idiots who want an "average joe" in the WH?!

If Kerry Wins The Next Two Debates He's President....

Repuke rag, Dallas Morning News, is living in La La Land

DU This On Conservative Perspective. Folks get them on their own base.

WaPo: Influx of Wounded Strains VA (show this to any vets for *)

Just saw a new Bush ad here about "flip-flopping"....

JOE LOCKHART, what a great spokesman for our side!!!

If Kerry wins the next debate, it's in the bag BUT....

Bwahahaha -- we sure didn't see Al Gore making a bunch of lame excuses

Like Mushrooms on Cow Patties After a Good Rain


it was a kerry radar jammer! *'s transmission was cut short...

good news on the senate race front

In the Edwards/cheney debate


Is Kerry strong on energy policy? Or compromised?

* was a crappy debater and speaker in 2000 as well

Question for people from red states

I just printed up some flyers.

Do You Think Howard Dean Is Happy NOT To Be the Nominee?

Text of letter sent to Congress RE: Iraq War

Kerry cheated in the debate

The Terrorists are on Bush's side

Has you seen this scary article yet on Florida election fraud?

W took amyl nitrate poppers out of his pocket during the debate.

"Republicans likely to retain congress"

Rice: Saddam Posed Nuclear Threat to US

Living in the Dark Ages

I wish Going UpRiver was on television before the election...

My latest letter to the editor, re: Ann Coulter

The American People have a Responsibility to choose their best

Bush campaign on defensive amid new questions on prewar Iraq intelligence

Jersey bounce for Kerry - 8 point lead

Shrubbie Lookin' Mighty Sour In This Shot

UH OH!! Serious problems with Obama revealed...

DU this poll on Wolf Blitzer Reports.

He's screwed every way he goes.

New Freeper Theory: Rove Bought off by JK--Sabotaged GW ! Oy vey!

L.A. Times poll?

CNN October Suprise Poll

What I'd love to hear...

Question about the House of Representatives

Cheney's secret energy meetings should be big issue for debates

Is there a video of Kerry making fun of Bush? (The Elmer Fudd thing...)

Lets bring the Power of DU to Drudge!!!!

Please, Karl, tell me it isn't slipping away!

bush keeps saying this is a "global effort"

Rasmussen Poll: Ohio Bush 48% Kerry 47%

Does W actually believe his own crap?

Mixed Messages on Debate #2 ???

Kerry! When discussing industrialized nations with national health care

Gallup Poll: 49% Bush 49% Kerry, 1% Nader

New Gallup Poll: 49 - 49 (LV)


Does the Gallup poll come out in like five minutes?

MSRNC strikes again

Question after question after question for Edwards on Cheney lies:

Why don't we just let Bush use crib notes next time?

CSPAN Caller - * Was Hunched Over At The Podium - Had Bullet Proof Vest On

Help me!

New Hampshire turning away Kerry wellwishers tonight!

Watch the video again, BUSH pulls something out of his jacket too!!!

Celsius 41.11 - think it's a POC?

WP Unfriendly Fire - explains SBVLiars re Hoffman - Kerry looks good

"If one debate can cause an 8%-10% swing in voters, then there is no hope

CNN Gallop poll

Republicans: Dubya can win if we can just avoid the facts

Condoliza Rice: "Wolf, let me finish" - Late Edition

Kerry can deliver the crushing blow if he does this.......

Really great bumper sticker I saw today


The "Pen" Dust Up Makes Drudge and Rightwing Blogs Look Desperate

I met a democrat who was (WAS) actually voting for Bush

New investigation uncovers more racism, voter intimidation and

New investigation uncovers more racism, voter intimidation and

It looks like Free Republic has imploded

Gallup Has Race Tied- I'll Bet There's A Meltdown At Free Republic!

THIS is how deluded Freepers are

Rasmussen Reports Battleground for 10/3

Support Wes Clark's Band of Sisters

We need to create some controversy about "Going Up River" so people will

Then and now - Condi

Kerry had unfair advantage in debates

I feel

Michigan Ballot Problem being fixed. What a relief.

Turn on C-SPAN started at 6pm Edwards Friday Rally

The Part of the Iraq debate they surely want to ignore.

What kind of President would John Kerry be?

Delusion allows for the sucking of the Pub BS. The Stepford Sheep

in the second debate gore was "too agreeable" same script this time?

Caption: So what did Kerry say to Bush

CNN Presents John Edwards on right now

Help with my dad!

Bush's Fear of Flying

Gallup guy on AAR: we ask more GOP-ers because party ID changes daily

Local Talk Show--Man makes excuses for Bush LMAO!

Dean- "MORAL Leadership" Will Present Evidence To Argue For War


Bush suckup Chip Bok may be losing his ability to suck up

The GOP answers to Fahrenheit 9/11 - weird

How to vote multiple times on most polls..

Hope she didn't spit on my food...

I Think I Figured Out How Bush's Handlers Get Him To Remember Stuff

Osama bin Laden pool (not poll!)

I have been asked to be a "poll counter" for the election...advice?

So,what do you think about early voting?

This morning Blue Lemur had a picture showing

Now, the gloves can truly come off.

Faux is in overtime desperation mode now.

DU this Poll - it's being freeped at this very moment

KKKarl Rove to use Barney tactics

Very interesting and important sidebar to the latest Newsweek poll

"Let me finish" The new mantra of the Republican party.

GOP tool Ralph Nader vows to campaign in swing states as Kerry improves

What did Kerry have in his pocket?

How can one counter the "it was a draw" editorials?

My best friend hasn't voted in 32 years; she registered on Friday!

Freeper Fun! or... Fun with Freepers! Read my Post!

OMG!!! Kerry SPANKED bush's ASS in the debate! So enough

The Clenis Effect. Kerry=Clinton.

Some interesting historical poll data.

Time Magazine calls debate a "draw" neocon spin

A Retarded Freeper Said Clinton Lost His First Debate....

If the freepers are so worried about cheating.....

How will CNN spin their new poll?

John Edwards Should Ask "Limp" Dick Cheney About His Sex Life

Gallup to release new poll tonight (Your predictions)

new bumpersticker idea or just print it and put it in your window

White House withheld 1971 "proportional font" memo from Feb. document dump

"Cheat Sheet Gate"! Bush had prepared notes...

HA HA HA...Drudge video shows Bush opening a sheet of paper at podium

I have the CONDOLEEZZA cable channel!


Wait a minute, I thought 9/11 changed everything?

Bush Blows it! Exposes Earpiece in Debate

Bush Lied in the Debate about Iraqi Force Numbers

It's Insulting Bush Couldn't Be Bothered Preparing For The Debate

Help Lobby Soros to Fund UPRIVER campaign: The Best Antidote to RW Smears

Condi with George Stephenopolis this morning.....

What should Kerry say to get Bush to lose it again in second debate??

Crawford News email. We can run an ad........

Stop talking about the "Kerry cheated" nonsense!

Bush Pulls In Front in Ohio Poll

Oklahoma Debate on MTP

Let's say a little prayer.

Arizona Daily Star endorses Kerry (Tucson)

Any Reports From The A.C.T. Tour?


A picture of Bush reading notes in the debate..SHARE it with everybody!

Freepers think Kerry cheated in the debate by using notecards

Bob Novak is making a deal out of a Kerry aide being convicted for mansla-

SNL Debate skit was hilarious

Fun with a Fundie in the laundry room today.

Things Kerry might have pulled from his pocket to make Bush lose

When will Limbaugh/Hannity start jumping ship?

Drudge: Kerry cheated in the debate

Missy couldn't be reached for comment


If guys like Blitzer are turning on Condi, does this mean they smell blood

How will Kerry perform in the next debate?

Two question's from me

The REAL Story: Bush Job Approval - Newsweek:46 (-2) ; CNN/Gallup:50 (-2)

Daily Kos did story on Bush earpiece last he has used them before

theory about TEAM AMERICA (War on Terror puppet movie)

Condi lying again on the Today Show

Lame Duck President can do a lot of harm in two months

Swing state people? Need a free bumper sticker?

Wolf Blitzer online debate poll

yay! schadenfreude!

Still trust Rasmussen? No discernible debate effect? WTF?

Kerry's post-debate ad: "He’s Lost, He’s Desperate."

why don't dems make an issue out of the earpiece?


WOW! Last night at the Va. State Fair

Kerry's French-made Secret Debating Decoder Pen

Norah O'Donnell, MSNBC, says Bush may call off second debate..

Carl Cameron is on Fox reporting on Kerry Still!?

Can anyone say EARPIECE? it sounded like mexed missages

Let's list all the freeper excuses for * in one place

You control the mic. to W's ear piece next debate. What do you say?

Kerry 'misspoke' when he said the words "Global Test" ...

this odd thought just came to me about Nader

Let's give our pal John Edwards a couple of tips for Tuesday night.

Did the Mighty Bush Empire fuck up when Rasputin Rove came into Picture??

What ailment will Bush come down with before the next debate?

What's The Best Name For THE BUSH DOCTRINE?

Chris Matthews show...Townhall debate in jeopardy!

If we don't regain the House, it's the fault of CA DP leaders

Doesn't John Kerry Look FANTASTIC ****PICTURES****

"I'll take 'Modern Meltdowns' for 500, Jim." (dubya debate quote pics)

Spoiled rich frat boys were busy last night stealing Kerry signs

Excellent cheap solution for protecting Kerry-Edwards yard sign

Got this from the Crawford Paper - Paypal info