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Archives: October 25, 2004

Bush policies against terror fail to cover home base

The case for Kerry

Salon: How John Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal

WP: Four . . . More . . . Years? The Left Contemplates the Unthinkable

Who Loses the Most at Marsh? Its Workers. (depressing article)

If Le Carré Could Vote by John le Carré

Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Guardian-Americans living on borrowed time

She Died For Neoconservative Schemes: please read preamble

"My little 'precious'"

Hi Skinner, EarlG, Elad and the Mods!

i haven't seen an article from the 'crisis papers' author in a while.

did anything ever result from your breaking news of Bush's air force claim

i tried to alert the administrators of a thread i thought was bogus

Please explain

i know you get asked this all the time, but....*sigh*

is there any way i could get a link to the original threads from sept. 11?

Typos in Top 10?

Are all archived threads really completely inaccessable

Jews As Cannon Fodder For Zionists

Bush's Very first Pres. Decision Directive Gutted Clinton's Very Last

What if 9/11 had happened to California?

PLEASE don't fall for the Vreeland Fraud (progressive debunking resource)

UH OH !!!: Vreeland Evidentiary LINKS to Halliburton

DCCC is here!

Kennedy and his continuing attacks on Wetterling

Anyone know why Minnesota doesn't have early voting?

Remember Senator Wellstone Oct 25th

Breaking Poll: Kennedy Leads Wetterling 52/34

Northern OHIO is going to Kerry the Buckeye State....

Misc. Ohio stories. . .

Need K-E bumpersticker and sign in Austin

Corpus Christi Caller Times endorses Kerry!

State Journal endorses *

What does "nt" mean after some posts I see?

George W. Bush: Screwing Us For Generations!

* falsely claims Kerry puts America in danger. How does Bush explain this?

Seen in Belize this past week

Check out "Needlenose: Visualize Winning".....

Must see TV, for those of you in later time zones. Don't miss 60 Minutes.

Strange Coincidence: Hendrick and Wellstone Died in Same Model Plane

Ron Reagan Jr's thoughts on the bushies

WTF is Katie Couric's friggin damage!?

"Forbidden Films about John Kerry" is on LinkTV -- part of a series

Steve Chapman, conservative Chicago Tribune columnist, abandons Bunnypants

Gold already up over 4 bux, And dollar is balancing on diving board.

Larry King is whoring himself again...

Andy Rooney Is Right.

did anyone else hear,

It all comes down to this

Here's the video of our Times Square protest - Called "Warnography"

Just got home from Edwards rally in Lima Ohio..

The real truth about the wolf commercial

i'm watching "dirty harry" on spike tv

I thought we'd win in 2002, I think we'll win now

Is anyone else feeling strangely fatalistic?

60 Minutes Wednesday doing story on Diebold

What's are these Abu Grahib diaries I keep hearing about?

US May Crumble BRIC by BRIC--Times of India/New WMW

Maybe they're right...

So, Sloppy Matt PUDGE Was Going to Break Something Tonight? n/t

who here visits sites like PrisonPlanet or Vox?

Who is/What is Link TV??

Why I left my church

A Memo From Elizabeth Edwards

So let me understand this, Katie Couric will interview Kerry

Info on the difference in the Democrat and republican ideologies

Old Testament question re: Amos- What's up with all of the Socialist talk?

top 10 reasons to give * the boot - Iraq Nuclear Verification Office

Has The Implosion Begun

Who Can Hardly Wait To Hear From BIG DAWG

BBC World is dicking with their feed tonight.

I might hate Peggy Noonan more than other Repukes.....

UH OH !!!: Vreeland Evidentiary LINKS to Halliburton

"just because we can blow something up...

PLEASE don't fall for the Vreeland Fraud (progressive debunking resource)

Shrub = Junior Birdman

Ok, Seriously, I have a question . . .

Need link to UK Guardian column (or mirror site)

Church in Ohio regging voters and driving them to polls

OK DUers, do you truly want a fair and balanced media

what are the chances of us getting the house and senate

A Question for Pennsylvania from Oregon...

What do you guys think of the death penalty?

Now THAT'S an echo chamber

I for one am glad that Kerry talked to the UN, hopefully the UN will back

I have a weird question. Are inland areas always more conservative?

Looted explosives: A major blow to Bush?

My Kerry/Edwards sign was stolen out of my yard

What if 9/11 had happened to California?

This is too funny, the ex-head repuke in Union Co. NC threatened the gov.!

Mental Health Emergency USA NOV 3rd. WE have to plan

I'm a VERY openminded gay guy but this is just TMI....

Howard Zinn on with Peter Werbe at 1am EDT -- streaming

Elizabeth Edwards town hall meeting - CSPAN rerun on NOW

Help with FREEPer email!!!!

Four more years (NOOOOOOO!!!! Home town paper endorses BUSH!!!!)

Is Stanley Hilton For Real?

WHO convinced Bush that God speaks through him?

Do you think BIG Democrats ever troll our pages for ideas?

Hype and Glory, USA Today. Critique of voter tactics and attack ads.

To all Newspapers Endorsing Bush:

NPR & LATimes: EPA Rules Manipulated to Benefit Halliburton

My letter to CNN, CNN International, CNN Headline News,

Why I never voted in 2000

Why is Alaska so pro-Bush?

Professors to present case for Wellstone political assassination.

Michael Moore: How Do We Thank Him

I'm So Depressed.....

WTF does RimJob do with all of the donations recieved?

Analysis-Global warming seen as security threat

Um... Any Marketeers Awake ??? - Asia\Pacific Taking A Major Dive !!!

Sen. Levin investigating Pentagons "Office of Special Plans"...Fieth

Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Just got back from President Kerry rally in Boca @ FAU!

which fundamentalist do you most love to hate?

Democrats are grown-ups.. Republicans are (spoiled)children

Some Background on the Looting of Nuclear Sites in Iraq

Today, I caught the new John Sayles film, SILVER CITY.

Parts of a prayer distributed after Mass today at our church!

I can't WAIT to hear Bush talk about "Al Kaka" tomorrow

Idea for new Bumpersticker:

Iraq Vet. go dore to dore in IA.

Greed as a moral wrong and what to do about it

New Ad with Bush laughing about Iraq War, no-wmd.

Peak Oil on Coast to Coast with Art Bell , 2am EST Mon.


Order "Going Upriver" by overnight express, so you can lend

Got a website? Help people find where to vote.

2004 Presidential Endorsements

TPM: 350tons of high explosives looted under occupation, used for carbombs

AP: Hamas executes Palestinian man, says he worked closely with Israel

Whistle-Blower's Claims About Deals for Halliburton Subsidiary Probed

Elizabeth Edwards on C-SPAN right now...f-ing brilliant townhall

NY Times set to break huge "explosives/terrorists" story

NYT at 10:14 pm est: Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq - NY Times

Authorities probe possible sniper shootings along Missouri freeway stretch

WP: Four . . . More . . . Years? The Left Contemplates the Unthinkable

Iraqi Pipelines Hit Again as Oil Losses Grow--Daily Star, Lebanon

North Koreans Try to Enter South Korean Building in Beijing; Three Succeed

French (Jewish group) Drop Anti-Semitism Awareness Plan

WP: Democrats Struggle in Campaigns to Retake House

Slow Pace of Pentagon's Courts Set Off Friction at White House -NYT

Wash Times: Security Council members deny meeting Kerry (Oct Surprise)

Kerry campaign announces final ad strategy.........../

Orange County Poll Workers Complain About Harassment

WP: Abu Ghraib Guards Kept a Log Of Prison Conditions, Practices

Carter Says Bush Exploited Sept. 11 Attacks

Dollar Hits Multi-Month Lows Vs Euro, Yen

Six on Pitcairn Island convicted of abuse

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq -NYT, front page


What did 0 say to 8?

The ZombyWoof must apologize to MrsG for nasty anti-Packer talk thread.

American Dreams tonight

Anyone watching Tina Brown's Journal on CNBC?

JAMES TAYLOR does the anthem!!!!!

Schilling Is Bleeding Into His Sock Again

Who needs Zogby

I know everyone is waiting for a baseball thread, so here it is.......

I need to get new tires-any advice on good deals?

Is this an American thing or is it just on TV?

So what songs will the freepers/bushites be playing on Nov. 3?

Which pop music sensation do you prefer?

HELP! My husband has an ear worm!

Who's watching CNN?

I voted early on Friday.

I have this morbid curiosity to what will happen if Bush wins

SURVIVOR chicks are posing in Playboy

I'm Going Out On A Limb And Saying Boston Wins This In 4 Games

Game 2 World Series AIM Chat, c'mon in

Thread #1 Terry Francona just spit

i love cats

Alright, Guys. I'm going in for the Apple Pie

Anyone need some Butt Paste?

Lie Girls - Video

neil young listenin' here...

Big Dawg looking great!

For those of you still undecided, perhaps an alternative

There Is STRIFE Within The TRIAD! There is trouble with the trees.....

Anyone watching The Surreal Life right now?

Hey, Six Ft. Under fans, if you think Keith is fine...

"DSO Exploit "what on earth is it?

Which World Series are you watching?

Great Halloween pics!

What kind of wine does one serve with cat?

i'm watching "dirty harry" on spike tv

over 300 and time for some good old A cappella!!!

Wow!!! Donna Summer is awesome!!

I'm not leaving.

Here's the difference between Jimmy Carter and Bunnypants

You Forgot Poland!

Progressives, like myself, are not the norm in the US Military

Theme Song To "The Venture Brothers"

Now I'm at 299... how about one question...

I love disparate steak-knives

I love thespian hand-jives

I love "temperate high-fives"

soulseek question..

The simple things in life: 'Red Stew' recipe! :-)


Check out this movie trailer - The Machinist (Christian Bale)

The Indian Food Thread

keep your chins up- kerry landslide

Jimmy Fallon

Ay, my roommate's mean

i love distraught houseflies

Look at this comparison!

Shame on me. I broke into the Holloween candy.

Bwap bop bop....bop be bop...bwap bop bop...bop be bop...

Total Lunar Eclipse to Grace World Series Game 4

You Forgot Poulan!

Red Sox win game 2, 6-2

Boston Red Sox Win Game 2

self delete, pictures wouldn't copy.

I love destitute housewives

I love "Desperate Housewives"

I want to tell you all a story, about a Harper Valley widowed wife.

Ha Ha, Cardinals LOSE AGAIN!!!

at 299 now, will answer the best question posted for #300

I schlepped in the desert ... and God, do my feet hurt!

The New IDIOTS are up

I am full of love for DU

Could someone link me to the MORAN picture?

This is just a random thought, but

I've been walking all day. My feet feel GREAT!

Let's build one of the shortest threads in DU History! Nobody check in....

"You know, the Nazis had pieces of flair that they made the Jews wear".

I need a hit of Crack

I ain't gloatin'--the Red Sox did what they really needed to do...

OMG! I think I'd puke if this happened to me!

To those of the Hendrick Team and the Iraqi Nat'l Guard killed today:

I got my car broken into

AW..................AIN'T I SWEET ???

Hilarious caption!

Hoop fans, John Starks just called the prayer of a shot by Marbury


Booo! What costumes will Republicans be wearing this Halloween?

Escape from Neverland.

Ya'all need to vote for Michael Myers over Jason (Michael Clone) Voorhees!

Strange and disturbing game.

Well I love that dirty waterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

I congratulate the Red Sox, but remember 1986...

Sexual Aid (Adults Only!)

LOL...this animation is hilarious

Thanks to all

Linux speared by trio of security holes

Possibly the shittiest person alive today

Haven't watched much TV this fall season....

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

what's the best way to defrost a mouse?

Kitten picture thread (to piss off those sick of kitten picture threads)

Cold out these days.. favourite cold weather, early morning driving tunes?

Help . Can anyone tell me whats happenend to my monitor ?

JFK planned Military invasion of Alabama

What Is The Most Frequently Misspelled Word On DU?

Political Affiliations of the Simpsons

OK. John Kerry has to win now.

The Red Sox are, apparently, historically bizarre

Pretty good weekend for New England sports

We went to the Houston Renaissance Festival today

It's time for Freeper Photos!!

Anyone seen The Forgotten? (SPOILERS!)

Mary Kay Letorneau on CNN now

DId everyone have a good weekend?

I'm telling on you!

Enjoy Every Sandwich

Post Your Memories of Paul and Sheila Wellstone Here

I saw "The Grudge" today

Has the last four years made a political junkie out of you?

US & Iraqi deaths under occupation caused by Bush's carelessness

Voted straight dem ticket today. Pissed off at my cousin though!

Give Bush a Brain

Washington Post Tracking Poll - Bush 49, Kerry 48 (Kerry up 2 pts)

Hey...... Elizabeth Edwards

Fear and the Polls

"Up in the air!", Junior Birdman

Clinton says choice between Kerry and Bush is 'profound'

About the polls: explain something to me...

At this point, should we ignore the polls?!

Fundie Alert

Marthasville Record (MO) Oct. 21, 2004

I am the Coordinator for GOTV in my town on election day and

"BUSy Packing 04 " How do you like my new slogan for *

New Hawii Poll: * 43%, Kerry 43%

Anyone help with Zogby's state tracking poll methodology?

Roundup of latest polls

My Polling Place dot com

You know what's pissing me off most about Bushites...

Tracking polls: Prof. Abramowitz says ignore them

Time to Run a Bush Flip-Flop Ad

Voters have already decided all they have to do is vote.

Will Bush base his civilian life out of Crawford?

I just saw the wolves ad - what was all the chatter about? It was LAME.

DU this poll Now

A little bit of Schadenfreude

LOL! : Chain-Knee tries to put an end to the reports of doom and gloom

Elizabeth Edwards on CSPAN - ON NOW

I Read Something Funny In The New York Times About The Wolf Commercial

what's up with Hawaii?


HELP- Need to dispute freeper

Team America:World Police has ugly GOP bias

DID * have a plan?

Voted today in Dallas

Big Anti-Kerry Scoop Is A Dud!!

What is going to dominate the headlines on Monday?

Places I Would Send President Clinton...

AP: Kerry Ridicules Bush On "Up In Air" Remark On Terrorism

Spoke w/my aunts and my grandmother today...all very devout Catholics

Anyone else notice MSNBC's attempt to scare fundamentalist

D*--NYTimes-front page explosives story Monday!

"Nader Voters Favor Kerry Over Bush by 3-to-1 Margin"

What do you think about this one?

Could NYT/Nelson Report spur retractions of endorsements?


Ad idea for the last week

How to ignore North Korea. How to stir up a hornets nest.

Just got the Flu Shot Shortage email from my BOSS!

Obama on CNN now!!

John Kerry, the real thing - ( Des Moines Register Editorial)

Bush "easier if dictator" commercial ... why not being used?

A fly on the wall at the Crawford ranch...

What Kerry should say about protecting the US from terrorism

Here's the video of our Times Square protest - Called "Warnography"

Two new Kerry Ads!!

Iraq removed from list of countries subject to special foreign TAX CREDIT

America is now Safer from Wolves

What are you looking forward to if Kerry wins the election?

Bush-Cheney-Rove to replace the Bald Eagle as the symbol of America?

phone bank numbers from Mich

Kerry camp reveals final ad strategy.....positive in nature....

How to stir up a hornets nest in time for the election.

A GREAT idea from my wife

My GOP Father-in Law told me today

Sunday's Meet the Press, Is russert back?

As Voter Rolls Bulge in Florida, Democrats Keep Edge

Josh Marshall breaks the real story for Monday

Media Bias - The View from Left and Right

Help on ideas for my post election party!

Do you trust any polls at this point?

Q: What if Britain decided to pull out of Iraq?

Can someone quickly find me Kerry's quote during the debate

electoral map link needed

How much do the Repubs value the lives of the GIs in Iraq ??

Abu Gharib Diary Story

The newspaper I work for endorsed Shrub

What is up with this rumor of a Kerry Story in the WashTimes???

Monday: Kerry in Dover, NH

Snow has been on the road a LOT lately, check it out...

A sneak peek at the new Florida electronic voting machines! :)

So whatever happened to Cheney doing business with the enemy?

Shortage of Kerry/Edwards Signs in Delaware

I'm so happy tonight , freedom is on the march!

Why is the World Series so close to the election?


This story is big if true.

Great Photo Of Kerry & John Lennon; Couple of Cool Dudes

Bush regime is imploding / RICO lawsuit against BushCheney by WTC hero

DAvid Boise on CNBC Tina Brown... good show talking FL /nevermind

Time magazine: 51% Bush, 46% Kerry?

Anyone attend the Kerry rally today at FAU? (n/t)

Zogby's Numbers when you apply the encumbent rule! Take a look

Do you really think the Repubs would have the gall to try and steal .....

what argument will foxnews and their ilk use to question the legitimacy

Any big new polls coming out in the morn?

why the hell is the Katie Couric interview not showing in some areas?

i've been gone all day, what was the Washington times big story

The most BEAUTIFUL thing I've seen in a LONG time

b/c signs in Central Texas are far less than 4 years ago. K/E signs are

Freepers Promoting Kerry/Edwards Sign Theft

"Fuck Bush is trendy in Japan"

Bush's Days Numbered?

Two Stories To Doom Bush In Final Week?

Run to the roundhouse Bush...they can't corner ya there.

I have learned so much here..and starting to put it to use..

This may be a repost: Kerry widely favored abroad, polls show


The Media is ALL OVER the "Up In The Air" Gaffe

Inbred Freepers Trying To Come To Grips With "Explosive" October Surprise!

Red Sox win game 2, 6-2

Deleted By Poster Already Done:

Anyone want to help get out the vote in Hawaii?

Another unofficial sign of a KERRY LANDSLIDE

How do Bush's crowds compare with Kerry's?

Rate this Yahoo photo highly!

Skinner and all Democratic Underground can you find this soundbite?

Monday: Dean in NJ at 2:30; Dean/Franken in NYC for rally at XL 6:30

Why give that ridiculous UN story legs?


Quinnipiac polling called today.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses John Kerry. A GREAT endorsement!!!

My novice pictures of Las Cruces Rally on 10/23

Badnarik has an ad on Fox

My views - some may say ramblings

Here's the October Surprise from the NY Times

WTF! Orlando Sentinel last endorsed a Dem (LBJ) in the '64 Landslide!

Try the virtual Florida voting machine ...

Illinois Democrat Wins Kenyan Hearts, in a Landslide

Who else gets absolutely furious about this ?

Though Republicans have criticised Kerrys claims of Black Voter

Elizabeth Edwards on C-SPAN right now...f-ing brilliant townhall

Just got home from Michael Moore at Kent State University

i am really nervous Kerry will get less than 320 electoral votes

The salient thing for me about the NYT revelation

Idiot local TV anchor says Clinton will overshadow Kerry tomorrow

i think Rasmussen will have Kerry ahead tommorrow (mon)

Prewar intelligence predicted Iraqi insurgency USA TODAY article

Missing explosives = LIHOP. They were warned. yet did nothing.

Has anybody heard what % of the new registrants are fundies?

I smell a MOAB ad campaign coming from the Kerry campaign

A truckload of endorsements


Do any states reveal their early-voting numbers before Nov. 2?

PEEPS- We're missing another BIG story here...

Time to out a Freeper[They love to leave trails for us]

Freepers panicking now over UN Arms Expert story (that blows Cheney's

Direct words from a Cheney campaign speech two months ago

Lots of new polls, lots of good news (NH, NJ, FL, ME, NV, MI)

That damn liberal media!

Wes Clark must hit the news shows & harp on signif. of missing explosives

Recommended closer for the Kerry campaign -short and sweet!

Did Gray Davis endorse Bush?

Hey! It's NOT over yet!! We need to work, not gloat!

The Final Nail in Bush's Coffin

Security Council members deny meeting Kerry

Black Churches - - White Churches

Donkey Rising: Bush's Battleground Blues (continued)

Ipsos-AP - the new voters favor Kerry

Kerry up two one day down 7 the next, yeah right!

Latest Arkansas poll - tie at 48% each - Kerry improves

Seattle Times endorses Kerry

"Going Upriver" - Watch It to Get Enthusiastic About Kerry

NYT article about explosives is up already

LINK TV Repeat at 1am "Stolen Honor" With "Going Up River"

Kerry Turns the Scriptures on *

"Appreciating America" article - MUST READ!

What happens in Florida and Ohio if people are still waiting in

Lead Story on ABC NEWS: Gibson says Bush aides "very worried"

Dead silence from my GOP relatives

If your local paper has endorsed Bush, kindly go to your DU State Forum

Elizabeth Edwards -------> 12:30 EST -----> TOWN HALL MEETING

Depressed Freepers have lost faith.

Cheney predicts Election Results Will 52% Bush, 47% Kerry

Synagogue political b'fast with Murphy in PA

the pledge to resist an illegitimate reelection


Pool: What Will the Final Kerry % Be?

52% Kerry 42% Bush ILLINOIS poll!! ABC poll

New 'Gate' named for al-Qaqaa?

Can someone help me find attendance estimate..

Demand the media report on these missing explosives. WE DESERVE THE TRUTH

Faulty Polling: Polls and Voter Registration are Opposed Realities

Looted 380 tons of explosives; sorry silly freepers, they AREN'T WMD

U.N. Arms Expert warning had bad premise.

I was talking with a repub today...they don't know kids have been tortured

Welcome! Bush Farewell Tour! (pics)

Swelling Evangelical members story on CNN.

LINK TV Now Showing "Stolen Honor" With "Going Up River" to Follow

Is Ohio the next Florida?

I just voted in a presidential poll that requires an e-mail address

Zogby is going to cream us tomorrow.

How Devastating is the New York Times October Surprise for Bush?

Was it Sinclair that banned the Dixie Chicks

IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? Big Anti-Kerry Scoop is a DUD! (Updated 11:30pm)

Here are links to past articles about looting of Iraqi Nuclear Sites > > >

How John Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal

So, Americans will die, but that's OK cause med's are unprofitable?

How can Mn, Wi, and Iowa be so close?

The * in Ebony: SHUFFLED through THOSE Children

Sen. Graham disputes Franks- Iraq DID compromise Afghan war (NYT LTTE)

Hello, I'm New Here

good piece on hypocrisy in media and the Bill of Rights

Contractors in Iraq Make Costs Balloon

Herbert: For Bush, Bad News Is Bad News

Bill First's Long Record of Corporate Vices

Federal Taxing and Spending Benefit Some (Red) States,.........

New Yorker: The Choice (endorses Kerry)


Is there an activist in the house? You bet (Wellstone Tribute)

An Open Letter to George W. Bush - Donna Marsh O'Connor

So, Did Saddam Hussein Try to Kill Bush's Dad?

Uncle Osama

WSJ-Questions Mount Over Failure to Hit Zarqawi's Camp(before 3/03)

The American Conservative says Kerry's the One!


'Celsius' rant is tepid and insipid (Movie Review)

Strange Headlines

21 Reasons to Elect Kerry - 21 Editorials - Phila. Inquirer

MISOGYNY (Laura vs. Theresa) (pic of Stepford Laura - LOL)

NYT: Kerry hits shrub on one of his "Great Blunders" (missing explosives)

Weiner: Seismic Shifts for Both Parties on November 2

"Justice DeLayed " for Tom, investigations could unravel it all.

Should Sinclair Management Be Liable to its Shareholders?

Vote For Me, Suckers

If only all Bush supporters could read this!

John Kline, fellow GOP jagoffs stall naming VA center for Wellstone!

Oregon Police Fire On Bystanders ...

Bush’s War Against the Military

Austin Red State Blues Benefit Concert Tuesday Oct.26

We protected oil, but not the explosives. Get the word out

DU this Poll!

Has anyone heard about "Voices of Iraq?"

Big Eddie Schulz debating Ran Coulter on Deborah Norville TONIGHT

kerry on hardball .. coming up.. reminder eom....

Help needed: Letterman spanking CNN mpeg

EU lifts sanctions against US

Question on existing house sales vs new home starts

How George Bush lost the sun . . . (US solar power lag) . . .

Where do the buffalo roam? New Hampshire, of course.

Bid to end Mubarak's rule

China set for 1.5bn population

Tunisia's democratic future 'still bleak'

Human Rights and Democracy in the Arab World (repost)

Security Scholars for a Sensible Foreign Policy

6 Pitcairn Islanders found guilty of sex crimes.

When a post gets deleted, is a tombstoned profile standard?

where should I put an article regarding

Imflammatory ...locking (really?)

Hope this is the right place for this ?

Delete - problem's gone

Why was my Anne Wolfe post pulled?

why is this post left to continue

I had a post locked in the Ohio forums.

You seem to be having a problem with posts disappearing.

Is it alright to call someone an

RE: Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper

Search for a separate peace

Hamas executes collaborator in first admission they exist

Palestinian policeman killed

Kerry offers hope for an Israel made more dangerous by Bush

Pushing withdrawal, PM says Israel cannot win by the sword alone

Gaza terror groups thought to have anti-aircraft missiles

Israel settlers row at crisis point

What Is Red Mercury? (For those followng the Vreeland story) (

Mission Accomplished? - Or Christian Reconstructionist Conspiracy?

Kerry at Twin Cities on 26th and Rochester on 27th *Red alert*

Michigan Ave Dems?

beat bush in the burbs

Jones Keeps His Hopes Up (losing big time to Senator Boxer)

Did anyone else receive a mailer from rnc ?

Notoriously conservative LA Daily News endorses Kerry

Anybody got any insights on these judges?

I came across this in the Latest Breaking News forum

I met Elizabeth Edwards and shook her hand!

3 state Republicans block Wellstone honor

Town Hall with Elizabeth Edwards

Who else thinks this Vreeland story is bullshit?

Just left Kerry rally!

Plain Dealer Newspaper Endorsement Update

Interesting - Issue 66 in Richfield Ohio - to allow firefighters and

DU meetup before/after Election Protection training Monday in Columbus?

Ugh! * is going to be in my backyard on Wednesday...

Flying anti-abortion banner

Centre Daily Times endorses Kerry

Question re: John Heinz III Center in Wilkes-Barre

anyone see these Lois Murphy attack ads?

Thank you Philadelphians!

Anyone get to the rally?

Some political writers appearing at Texas Book Festival 10/28-10/31

Austin protests craven, idiotic endorsement of *

Austin: What's with the petition to recall Wynn and McCracken???

Furious George Sign-went to the PO in Granbury, TX (sw of FW)

Travis County Early Turnout Breaks 100,000 (18.5%)

Went to pick up signs and bumper stickers today in Austin,

Dallas co. EV turnout ~15% already. My precinct ROCKS.

Austin: Red State Blues Benefit Concert Tuesday Oct 26

Appleton Post Crescent endorses Bush

Gen. Clark coming to Wausau

Spokane's Spokesman-Review endorses the Bush Monkey.

Anyone have a link for W doing the words for U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday?

Final countdown to the October Surprise

Can we take much more catastrophic success?

Minnesota senator closes Washington office, citing terrorist threat...

RE Air America- Of interest if you're into Usenet

FSTV show on MEDIA now.. eom

Any non-religious people out there curious about religion?

Thank goodness!!! The Buffalo News endorses John Kerry!!!

Fact check please: fairness doctrine

Here is the non-event that the freepers said would be released today

Gary Hart: 'We said September 11 was going to happen.

Senator Biden for Secretary of State?

"Fuzzy Math" by george w bush

For 9th Circuit, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Counties that have voted Democratic every election since 1960

How George Bush lost the sun . . . ( US solar power lag) . . .

Why do right-wing celebrities bash celebrities getting political?

Absolutely disgusting gerrymandering in FL - only 1 competitive house race

Peak Oil on Coast to Coast AM Right now!!!!

Since the Repukes supported Nader..

The Draft

Is this the new

Back off The Plain Dealer per K/E Ohio

BREAKING: 190 lbs. of Bullshit Missing from Crawford, TX!

Jimmy Carter says:

I think during this last week of campaigning, we need to bring up

Good Lord, Imus needs to take some Prozac!!! If I wasn't waiting

Former Presidents

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican

Rumsfeld - It would be a crime to damage the oil fields

DU Complimented by Freepers!

The New York Times story about missing explosives

Bush about to openly snarl on interview with CharieGibson. He can't

can someone help?


RE: The missing explosives, could it be possible that the US was

IMUS played a part of "I'm Takin' My Country Back" !!!

"Schwarzenegger Shows Eco-Friendly Hummer"

Your favourite foreign newspapers.

did anyone post video of the jon stewart appearances on.....

katie the whore

"America is under attack"

A question about the housing bubble.

I voted in Johnson Co. Kansas, Kerry will WIN!

America is now safer from wolves

Light dawns on my marble Plame indictments

Black Monday

First Bush worshipper admitted to UK armed forces

Republicans and their obsession with "fraud"..

It's like this in the FOX/Bush world

What is the dumbest Freeper talking point/controversy this campaign?


What happened to the Schmucktober Surprise... Kerry/Security Council?

Anyone have the "Bush's Resume" email?

"George Dub-ya Bush, The Phony Fighter Pilot" --complete book online

I'm not worried about whether Kerry will win.

One more military vote for Kerry!

Imus is as ASS!!!!!!!!

A little political humor for my fellow DUer's

Stanley Greenberg just said there's a group called "secular warriors"

We don't stand a chance. We've all been divided and conquered.

What Time Does Kerry And Big DAWG

I was just watching the Cheney interview

Mission Accomplished? - Or Christian Reconstructionist Conspiracy?

Billboard on I-95 in Connecticut

Kerry in a landslide screw their pro-bush polls

Is everyone crazy? Bush ALREADY FAILED to protect us!!!

So al Qaeda WAS in Iraq? Is this the story from the explosives?

Question For DUers Out West: Why New Mexico??

Iraqi oil money can't cover reconstruction despite U.S. predictions

MSNBC analysis of high gas prices.."Oh man, will it ever end"?

Bubble Boy's push to keep outside advisers out was a catastrophic success

Can you watch the Kerry/Clinton rally online?

Scientists Against Bush

Defending Professor Joeseph Massad, Columbia U.

The Hollywood "List" and demonizing of the word "Liberal"

Here is the DeLay Party that Dean mentioned just now on Unfiltered.

Huge plume of black smoke billowing up in eastern Baghdad.

Yahoo Propaganda: Homepage has picture of Bu$h standing in front

The mess this administration has created.

What's with this Cheney comment on NBC?

Does Bush wear height enhancing shoes? (picture)

IEDs and car bombs killing and maiming our troops and Iraqi civilians,


After the incompentence of bush for the missing explosives

NPR reporter shows "liberal bias" by telling the truth

Bush Announces Retirement "Dream job" --

John Kerry's swift boat #44 and he WILL be 44th President of the U.S.!!!!

Here is an interesting idea, profitless capitalism.....

Iraqi Oil Protected from Day one....

Ralph Nader is beginning

One of the well guarded secrets of our economy is the sheer

Truth or Arab Propaganda?

Calling all Fair Trade Entrepreneurs

TIN FOIL HAT ALERT: Is Cheney making promises?

Missing Limbs . . .

The myths that we continue to swallow each day.

MikeG willing to replace Rehnquist. Pass it on. And I'm Librul.

Is Edwin Starr's "War" just as important now as ever?

If Dick Cheney is standing in a forest...

Hello DU

Some questions concerning our soldiers to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld:

Bush's Community Service at Project P.U.L.L. (smirk lied and bribed)

Has Lynndie England had her baby yet?

Iraq veterans open up on mishandling of war

Would the radical right assisnate JFK...again?

Beat Rove at his own game. Explosives !!!!

does chris mattews

Latest Bush Government Sham (Re Flu Shots)

sounds like Franken is about to drop his dittohead 'friend'

if bush steals the election again, how long before we have WW III?

anyone else having problems with AAR streaming today?

EXCLUSIVE: How firm, skirting regulations, spun fear of anthrax into gold

KOTV Tulsa poll on "marriage" amendment

People need to be reminded of Bush's "Bring it on" comment

C-Span 1.. 90 minutes with Elizabeth Edwards is replaying 7AM PST 10/25

I agree with Jon Stewart 100%

Missing Explosives already a non-story

WIERD STORY:What does a kool-aid-drunk repuke do when her world collapses?

Dumb All Over!

Screw CNN and Fox....Kerry is on

Does Bush know what WMD stands for?

Ashley Simpson

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Low-income kids told to wait for flu shot

Please DU a small town MO poll on who you plan to vote for

Rehnquist cancer is Bush ploy for recess appointment

Uh oh. New Gallup doesn't look good.

No surrender!

"stuff you can buy anywhere"

Ungaurded explosives: Another LIHOP?

Attention: Librarycard (Kerry endorsement update)



Bill for Iraq = State by State

Why is C-span showing Dumbass Darrell Waltrip stumpin for *?n/t

Imagine if Saddam DID have WMD's...

How do you recognize a Dominionist activist?

Kerry honored at communist museum?

Nearly 400 tons of explosives neglected???

News Media Objectivity: How much corporate in newsroom ?

Evidence why Bush should be impeached.

Quick DUers I need help, need a link to Colin Powell admitting no WMDs

We invaded Iraq from the SOUTH

Question: How do people take "Faith Based Parks Initiative" seriously?

General Mills' Position Regarding Sinclair Broadcast Group

Not important, just odd: Bush-Cheney website is down

Let's consider our priorities, shall we? (over 380 tons of explosive)

modern civility lesson

Why can't most Americans see that we'd be doing the same thing the Iraqis

Bush: Senator Kerry reads the daily headlines to use in attacks.

Rehnquist story is a throw off !!! Get off the topic !!! They are trying

What kind of Asshat says "Bring 'em On" then lets " 'em" steal explosives?

When Clinton was president, we were called Clintonites.

Lou Dobbs: UBS reports Cons. Conf. DOWN fourth straight month

Gay Marriage and Conservatives

Who knew Bush was afraid of crowds!

Al Gore Urges All Florida Voters To Vote Early

Dog Poop Smeared on Kerry-Edwards Sign in Colorado

Jon Stewart - 60 Minutes

bubbie is back!

CNN showing Bush live...again...

Big Dog / Kerry rally on CSPAN 1 at ten pm tonight!

Just when you think Bush supporters can't be any dumber....

USSC Question: Does naming a sitting justice as Chief Justice require

Tattoo Question

Can't watch Clinton/Kerry rally...can someone post here what's going on?

Bush - not Saddam - ended up giving high explosives to terrorists.

Do you see a pattern here?

1 (866) MY-VOTE1 A Good Number to Remember!

Issues with Yahoo message boards

Why are you still watching cnn?

Bush: Gaslighting America with terror

He's getting REDDER

Today's score: Palestinians 3,498, Israelis 956....low score wins

Hannity Lecturing on How Voter Fraud Jeopardizes Our Democracy

Do you live within your means?

Awesome political videos!!!

has anyone considered that laura bush

Hispanic DU'ers

What was the closing song on F-9-11?

Holy Cow! Ed Schultz & Ann Coulter on Deb Norville tonight.

Whom to believe: DiRita Or a Pentagon Official & a European Diplomat?

Need help debunking

Looking for: Woman in park ad....Bush is just an idiot...

WOW!! - clinton looks terrific

Out-of-state roofers can't afford FL insurance...up to 2 years for repair.

Are the stolen explosives OUR October surprise? CNN is even giving it

Where did the Al-Qaaqa explosives come from?

anyone got a link to

dKos-Interesting video of Katherine Harris getting friendly w/ Renzi

Which right-wing ass-hat do you most despise?

Clinton and Kerry tore it up today!!!!

Is it possible Bush/Dick PURPOSELY let the 350 tons explosives loose

Welcome To My Town AirAmerica Radio

Josh Marshall busts BushCo (re 380 tons of weapons grade explosives)!

W´s legacy - he´ll be to blame for the next 760,000 bombings worldwide

Quick Question about Kerry/Edwards, Can someone help?

The New Republic Endorses Kerry!

If they couldn't secure the Al QaQaa explosives, why not blow them up?

You won't believe how NPR is reporting the missing explosives.

Amazing Facts I learned from republican posters on Yahoo boards.

Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" is on fire - sold out

Schwarzenegger is trying to rewrite history!

As you go to the polls, how are you going to celebrate election night?

Its not JUST the 350 tons of high explosive.

Lou Dobbs; "I Love The Guardian"!!! Regarding the inflamitory * story!

This should clear some things up.

"We have this administration's

Sundance to re-broadcast the Washington DC concert....BRUCE!

Judge Tosses Fla. E-Voting Paper Trail Suit

Double-agent Chalabi disappears from mainstream press...

Kerry wins. Lame-duck Bush goes ballistic??

andrea mitchell is a whore

It's Time To Define Liberalism

Telephone Hell

Today...A mad liberal,a mad winger,an Iraqi vet and ME !

Bush is a "Post Turtle"....

Is a person’s religion political fair game?

self deleted

Watch this it will make you happy

CNN is in serious denial.

Lima rally Edwards pics

Did MSNBC cancel Keith's Countdown?

cooper 360 cnn what is it?

Celsius 41.11 Box Office Numbers

While I won't leave should * be re-selected, I'm struggling with . . .

Does anyone know if the explosive devices

What is a 'Neo-Con' and why are they dangerous?

Whitehouse Responds To Bulgegate With Bush Molesting Suicide Victim Pic

Here They Are Folks, Getting Ready to Hijack The Election

Hillary Clinton-It Takes a Village

Paul Wellstone memorial/memories thread

How much is gas in your area?

Can You FEEL IT!

Bill OReilly "almost Kerry" interview?!

The Ultimate Goal of the Fundamentalists-chilling!!

Salon: How John Kerry Exposed the Contra-Cocaine Scandal

Cheney's "Terra" Attack Threat: Where do you think it will be?

How do you want to see Bush LEAVE the White House when Kerry wins?

I need help locating a news story

Ramen noodles, packages of underwear given to slackers who pledge to vote

Has Bush ever come out and said he's an alcoholic?

If we had had DU or another similar group in 1988

Have you heard the latest "explanation" for unemployment??

remember get your passports before feb.

Just talked to a friend who spent the last 3 weeks in Europe . . .

Oh Barf! Hallmark Channel ad for Shrub...

*MORE** than 100,000 in Philly

I Voted Absentee Today in Ohio ATTN DU Lawyers or Election Officials

Why is it that our corporate CEOs even those with lousy track records

TV Alert: Bill Maher repeat from friday is coming up at 8 on HBO 2

Suggestions for Supreme Court Appointees under a Kerry Administration?

CBC is at it again

According to Freepers the missing explosives story is a "Yawner"

a new member "insultedveteran" is ww2 vet. he would like to know who else

The Democratic Underground and the ideology of its members

Shepherd Smith Hit a Girl?

a poll to vote in.... for anyone to vote in... on free republic....

Any pictures of Ann Coulter getting "pied"

Help finding Michael Moore quote

I can't vote for Kerry because he believes in late-term abortions

How long does it take to cart off 350 tons of explosives?

Sundance Channel to rebroadcast "Vote for Change" concert

Watch the new Eminem video:

More reading on Dominionism & Bush.

Silly question on the 180 document release request thing.

Has any major news network said ANYTHING about Paul Wellstone today???

BBC Programme "Power of Nightmares". Update - you need to see this

9/11 Mom's Open Prostest letter to George Bush

Those yellow ribbons on vehicles

Paul Wellstone died two years ago today

Kos: DeLay suing Dean

Leaving the country is NOT an act of cowardice.

Bush's WAR Against The Military

What is your concept of a perfect voting machine?

NYC-Area DUers! | The Question W Revue on Election Eve!

BBV: Votergate- The Documentary, A Special Edition

National Geographic asks: "Was Darwin Wrong?"

"Blindfolds For Bush! (and Freedom Plugs too)" | a TOONanza!

Stop the C.R.A.P.

Ralph drops the writ, but who gives a fuck?

White House for Sale: Channel 4, Monday 25th October, 8pm

Al Gore Urges All Blacks To Vote At Florida Rally

NYT,pg1:Gore, Kerry Unite in Search for Black Votes(Bush gain since 2000?)

Kerry Ridicules Bush on Terrorism Remark

NYT,pg1: Administration Officials Split Over Stalled Military Tribunals

Captain gets reprieve: Army captain from Manhattan

WP:Electronic Voting Raises New Issues:Security, Recount Questions Persist

Clinton returns for Kerry (Presidential Campaign) after heart op

U.S. Is Said to Urge Its Iraqi Allies to Unite for Election

Peace talks on Fallujah reach deadlock

Car bomb kills one person in Iraqi city Mosul

Suicide bomber attacks US convoy in western Iraq

Australia targeted for first time in Iraq car bomb

Abu Ghraib Guards Kept a Log Of Prison Conditions, Practices

U.S. Is Said to Urge Iraqi Allies to Unite for Election

France says Iraq conference must include all political forces

Expert says Iraqi elections will be on time

Arabs No Longer Want 'Devil They Know' in White House

Exercise Might Protect Against Parkinson's Disease

Stocks Fall on Rising Oil, Weak Dollar

WP: Grass-Roots Politics With Click of a Mouse

Australian soldiers targeted as violence leaves 11 dead in Iraq

Soldier who sued not required to report for duty

How the devil do you get a Satanist in the Navy?

New Yorker magazine breaks with tradition, endorses Kerry

Oil Scales New High as Norway Strike Hits

U.S. army has denied most compensation claims by Iraqis, report says

3 (Black, Female) Workers Cry 'Racism' At Homeland Security (NY Office)

Ohio Apartment Fire Kills Seven Children

Fears voiced about election irregularities

US casino giants 'offered secret tax deals by Labour'



BREAKING: Chief Justice Rhenquist is in the hospital with a serious...

Rasmussen: Kerry leads for 1st time since August. K48% B46%

Schwarzenegger is trying to rewrite history!

Chief Justice Has Thyroid Cancer

Bush Revamps Speech Amid Tight Race (doubts creeping in?)

Daily Endorsement Tally: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains

Fla. Univ. Students Pay Author for Speech

Report: Iraq Government Breaks Off Falluja Talks

Is Pinochet fit to stand trial?Psychiatrists disagree..

Kerry Praises Poland as a U.S. Bridge to Europe

The Creaky Coalition - Allies getting balky about following America's lead

NYT: Illinois Governor (Blagojevich, Dem.) Seeks (Flu) Vaccine Abroad

U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

(Amer. Foreign Service Assoc. )Union Calls for Better Security Overseas

Tribal leader killed in Mosul car bomb

Estonian soldier killed in Baghdad roadside bomb

Bush has 5 pt lead on Kerry (LV) Gallup (to the right)

Financial Times Backs Kerry, Bashes 'Radical' Bush

Bush remains worried about pre-election attacks

AWOL at some event in Iowa live on CNN now

7 Bush Cousins Launch Pro-Kerry Web Site

Kerry up 2 pts in today's Rasmussen! Kerry 48.4% bush 46.4%

Al Gore Urges All Florida Voters To Vote Early

Cheney continues talk of Kerry doomsday

Blast hits Iraq oil pipeline

LAT: Recasting Wilderness as Open for Business(wilderness protection dead)

Whistle-Blower Asks for Halliburton Investigation

Polls, polls, polls my head is spinning........

Clerics threaten election boycott

Bush: I'm Best Candidate to Protect U.S.

US Faces OMINOUS FISCAL Picture With Huge Deficit (Chic. Tribune)

Castor, Martinez fates tied to top of the ticket

U.S. Stocks Fall as Kimberly-Clark Drops; Utility Shares Gain

Clinton: Bush Trying to Scare Voters

Breakfast with Laura Bush

Two Private Planes Violate Bush Air Space

E&P: A Calm Day in the Wake of 'Super Sunday' (Kerry gains more)

Pentagon says its unclear if explosives disappeared after Iraq site fell u

Colorado Voter Initiative Could Decide U.S. Election

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

Shift in voting trends

Lawyer blasts Huntsman in Utah appearance for Texas pollution

Vatican lays out social issues in handbook

Wes Clark on Faux

Transgender candidate a front-runner

Fewer voting errors likely this November

Teachers sue to make Texas stand firm on class size

11 states tied up in Ayers-like lawsuits (school desegregation)

Illinois Gov. Wants to Import European Flu Vaccine

Cancer Dominates N.C. Senate Campaign

The New Republic Endorses Kerry!

Recovering Clinton Lauds 'Comeback' Kerry

Preventive war needs proof of coming attack-Vatican

WaPost: Kerry 49 Bush 48!

Pro-Israeli groups pressure Columbia University

Coors' open wallet

Rehnquist hospitalized!

Returning soldiers wade into new battle: jobs

Mainline churches pressure Israel

Iraq mujahidin may face death penalty

Legal pressure may be silencing news sources

AP: Glitch Forces GOP to Withdraw Challenges

New Yorker magazine breaks with tradition and endorses Kerry

Please delete, sorry

Forces besiege pro-Aristide groups

(MA)Republican Governor Irked by Terror Warnings

U.S. strategy on al-Qaida not paying off

Rehnquist Has Cancer, Will Keep Working

Foreclosures in Calif. expected to rise

Whistleblower Asks for Halliburton Investigation

Senators Demand Information on IRS Issue

Poll: Bush wins points on foreign policy

Kerry demands answers about missing explosives

Kerry Accuses Bush of Incompetence

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 25 October

Yahoo/ Fewer voting errors likely this November

Train Carrying Explosive Liquid Derails (in Detroit)

Cheney Attacks Kerry on National Security

A Look at Explosives Missing in Iraq

Bunning Tries to Avoid Late Collapse

Kemet 2Q Loss Narrows, Announces Layoffs (850 jobs)

Harsh parents raise aggressive kids, study finds

Transcript from McClellan's press gaggle today. The missing explosives

Timeline on Missing Explosives in Iraq

Financial Times backs Kerry, bashes 'radical' Bush

Fear itself: Most people can get along just fine without a flu shot (??)

Judge Dismisses Touch-Screen Voting Suit

Companies Can Claim Foreign-Made Products Are 'Made in USA' if Prop 64 Pas

Chief Justice Renquist in hospital

Bush says Kerry would "cut and run" from Iraq (attacks Clinton too)

There has been an explosion in Baghdad,

WSJ: Questions Mount Over Failure To Hit Zarqawi's Camp

AP: Pentagon official says explosives were intact in March 2003

Bush On Homosexuality And Same Sex Marriage

White House plays down loss of explosives in Iraq

US wants The Hague terminated

Ga. Court Throws Out Hate Crimes Law

Iowa Secretary of State Asked To Resign (D)

Minneapolis police kill boy who appeared to have gun

NTSB to Rule on Cause of Flight 587 Crash

Record voting predicted in Montana on Nov. 2

Sometimes you want to go. Where everybody knows your name.

This Is Not America

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

HEYYYY Matcom it's almost that time again

I'm about to open my chocolate

Has AL GORE gained weight?

I've said it before and I'll say it again now......

Oh no! Google has been put in a mirror.

intorducing . . . The Ditty Bops . . .

Best carved pumpkin I've seen this year so far..

Private conversation?

We're caught in a crossfire people...

What does it mean when you meow at cats and they meow back?

(UK) Navy approves first ever Satanist

A good trick never does the same magician twice.

I just checked out FREEPTARDVILLE for the first time

Please find the most insane posts at FR and put them here

Crazy Amazon customer reviews

I can't sleep! Someone sing me a lullaby, or a betime story.

Has MTV been taken over by freepers?

I'm super

What's this SHIT about Bill Bennett bursting Rush's anal cyst

Pardon me, but what's all this SHIT about Shrubbie McAWOL being elected?

I knew EarlG was cool and all but who woulda thought

Do you remember being young and idealist? Remember making a difference?

I just got paid. Ask me anything.

Cats would kill us if they could

Home PCs not as protected as owners think

QUIZ time - who are these guys?

77% winning percentage

Pardon me, but what's this SHIT about Bush and Cheney being gay lovers???

ABCs of Red Sox Nation: Classic in the classroom

Wild Pigs Threaten Golfers

Man Tries To Swap Stolen LDS Book For A Used Car

Dirty commie squirrel

Monk's insect powder sparks anthrax scare

Prisoners Get Striptease

I work the 6pm - 6am shift. Ask me anything.

Man runs backwards for 3 hrs, 30 mins to do "something meaningful"

What is the max I can contribute to an IRA for tax year 2004?

Linux under threat from security update

William Shatner/Ben Folds/Joe Jackson's "Common People" - BRILLIANT!

'property' is the most beautiful word.

What a good surprise !!

Skydiver Killed After Parachute Gets Caught In Tail Of Plane

I don't want to see the figure skater hit the ice with her face ever again

Man accidently stabs himself while slaughtering animals

what percent of the voting population do "trekies" make up

i am soooooooo sick

good laugh from CSPAN Washington Journal

The French are influencing the US vote!!!

amusing license plate

Manic Street Preachers hit #2 on UK charts with 'The Love of Richard Nixon

From a Repub friend --- Warning.......

Renee Zellweger needed 8 takes to get same sex kiss scene right

i love driving the beat bush mobile

Shaun of the Dead was fantastic!

Did anyone watch the show about the super volcano in Yellowstone?

Which 8 of these classical period composers are the most significant?

Franken on Stern show today

Homer Simpson Favorite on Which TV Character should be US President

Who are these 39 idiots who think Ashlee Simpson wasn't lip-syncing?

I just went over 7,500 posts

Who here thinks Fox should drop off the face of the Earth?

Freeper or Serial Killer? you decide...

Brits back Homer Simpson for US President.

I tried Viagra on Friday night...

Ghost story?


20 questions.... why is October 25th an important day to me

I watch the Passion of the Christ last night

Help me out - Joke: how do you lose 400 tons of explosives?

Post what you think is the dumbest DU name

Solar show sets

Lunar Eclipse to overshadow Game 4 of the World Series

So I'm watching "The Curse of Frankenstein" and thinking to myself...

A new birth control pill for men has been developed

Post what you think is the best DU name

I hab a orrible code!

Should I vote late?

Lunar show looms

Tell me Bush isn't drinking again!

The Hiddy-Hiddy-Ho of all CAPTIONS!!!

Police use 'magic' to read faces of liars

OK.. who dares me to start a kitten thread in GD Campaign 2004?

Salesman named Kerry Edwards says he's still an undecided voter

Today's Soup to Nutz strip, what a riot

Goin to see he UConn Huskies (Men) play Bryant College 11/11 - IT BEGINS!!

IS a fuji finpix 2650 digital camera any good?

Kittie Pic!!!!


Flying V

look at these beautiful kittens for adoption

WOW! Redskins undefeated TWO WEEKS in a row!!!

FOR MY 500TH POST - Well, nothing really important

Sign of the apocalypse: 18 year-old girl driving H2 Hummer.

I'm back ........ what did I miss???

Should I vote early?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Who's the man behind the hand behind


I'm so sleepy

I have a coupon to Border's, tell me what book to buy.

Pablo Picasso would have been 123 yrs.old TODAY if he hadn't died

hee-hee.... type in www.rightwingnuts.... and see where it takes you....

Pixy stix, chex mix, cut-up zucchini and oyster crackers

5 free gmail accounts for Monday


My Beef w/ Clear Channel - Morning Sedition or Unfiltered?

Missing explosives? Not to worry. Intrepid freeptards are on the case.

Adios Cuban Sandwich - El Presidenté of all sandwiches

Flamewar attempt: Abolishing the DH is not very progressive!

Worst "guitar-face" thread.

What the hell would Bush* be doing if he did not have any connections?

Excellent Novel: The Children's War

I love pachouly - are you surprised?

Mission Accomplished?

Breaking: Al Qaeda can be tamed with dog biscuits.

The Juan Pablo Montoya Appreciation Thread

Gilligan's Island was highly improbable!

Junk food you're never going to give up.

Bush: I'm the best candidiasis to infect the U.S.

"What happens when Dick Cheney takes Viagra?"

Ex-Fla. Shock Jock "Bubba the Love Sponge" Runs for Sheriff Post

COMPUTER HELP! Need To Transfer Brochure Graphics Into PDF just added winterwear and needs your help!

Okay, so what happened with Ashlee Simpson on SNL this weekend?

Stupid Limp Bizkit playing in the car yesterday driving me batshit today

The Inigo Montoya appreciation thread


Brains in a dish acts as autopilot, living computer! WTF?!?

Can't wait to see "Ray" this Friday.

mmmmm Urinal Cake

I have a question for iPod owners

17 years.... a science teacher I recently met has had the same twinkie

I just died.

Michael Moore quote on Kerry:

Nintendo Says 'Touching Is Good' in Sexed-Up DS Ads

Ashlee Simpson to Sing Live Again Tonight

Man is elected homecoming queen at Minnesota university

special K

Three Precious Souls were lost today, in one respect, you

"Walhalla" by Gouryella

I predict big lines for the new Felate Me Elmo™ this x-mas!

"Claustrophobic thread?"

don't open this either.

Can you believe the power of White Sports Writers?

Britons Want Homer Simpson as U.S. President

Big Brother and the Holding Company vs Full Tilt Boogie

FUCK! The new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record is extraordinary!

My chair just died.

Nat'l League rules are going to hurt the Sox--why I'm freaking out.

Nothin shakin' on Shakedown Street - it used to be the heart of town.

Commercial music... is it really worth getting upset over?

8 Days left! Are you optimistic?

I can't believe there aren't more foosball posts here today!

Worst on-screen death? First of many Halloween Week threads.

Movie Morals

Thinking about doing a raw-food diet to cleanse my body-any advice?

Happy 25th Birthday Bloom County!!!

The worst Femullets of all time thread

New chewing gum for hunters conceals smell of human breath: U.S. inventor

Quicksilver Messenger Service ?

Is it me, or have some people on DU been MIA?

8 Shopping Days until the election!

Help DS1 hit 20,000 posts right now! Less than 200 to go....

How do you hide 350 tonnes of high explosive?

For Loungers who don't go to LBN or GD2004 - A little political eye candy

Civ2 Players

What will the history books say about President Kerry?

Favorite edible member of the Lily family

My Adidas walked the sand of a foreign land. With mike in hand I cold took

Does anyone have video of the "Hardball" skit from SNL last weekend?

Have you seen this abomination of a flash movie?

Florida Gators FIRE Ron Zook

Beavis and Bush

Who else is getting the Dawn of the Dead DVD tommorrow?

Who had more skills - Turbo or Ozone

Dammit, DU, stop being so damned entertaining...I'm trying to work, here!

Best/Worst SNL "unplanned event" ever?

Just got my copy of National Geographic and the map inside was breath-

My inbox is overflowing

seems I've been surfing DU a lot today

Hello, I'm Tom Delay and I'm crazy about NUTS!

POLL: Who's the baddest?

Oh great! We get a live-action AKIRA, but look who the director is.....

Im finally off today, and I need your HELP

How many of you have increased your Falafel intake...

I can't believe there aren't more football posts here today!

I think I just got threatened by a fortune cookie.

Liberal radio still failing! (AAR now on in Seattle)

Leave computer on all the time/Turn it off after each use

The Lie Girls for Bush. (For the 2 people that haven't seen this)

Poll about polls

What happens on January 20, 2013?

Behold... SUPERMAN!!!

Doctor Piglet! Doctor Winston! Practise your art.

National Anthem

Whee! Earthquake!

Bushie complains - Button seller lack a button saying "Bush will win"

On Turner Classic Movies Tonight

This is the mother of all speeding tickets

Hotmail help

I just started a raw foodist meet up group, want to join

The Tony Montana appreciation thread.

Are you a nut segregationist?

Wow, Carol Cassidy is a screaming nut job...

'Travel Sick' on Comedy Central

1800th post! Yeah!

180 returns 9-11 DVD to library. Steps in poop.

I can't believe there aren't more falafel posts here today!

Name the al-Qaqaa scandal!

13 minutes until I can order from Zaynas

Tattoo Question


I've got moxie!

Y'all know who started the "Darwin Awards" right?

Will DU get boring if Kerry wins?


Sometimes I feel I've got to run away...

Help: Top Ten Reasons Bush lost 380 tons of explosives in Iraq?

What are Bush and Kerry's astrological information?

What are Bush and Kerry's astrological information?

DU Gynecology Thread: "Show Your Love" Edition

Has anyone seen Richard Thompson's 1000 Years of Popular Music show?

You people are very naughty!

Question about a coupe racist slurs

We are going to carve a jack o lantern tonight.

Freedom means freedom fries for everyone

BEGONE, AOL!! Get thee off of my computer!! I now have DSL!!

Paging DoNotRefill, paging DoNot Refill!

Someone had some fun with heavy metal and two cats.

don't open this

Phones See Through Bikinis

We Are Going to Carve a Yak-o-Lantern Tonight

DUers want to know. Did the skink eat, and how did you thaw the mouse?

I just took an workplace discrimination/harrassment online class.

Just hooked my 82 year old mother's new Toshiba laptop and so far

This should clear some things up.

Just hooked my 82 year old mother

OK I've decided that I want a 3-toed Sloth as pet. I'd also go with

Question for you young folks: What before-your-time bands do you like?

Why does Sludge have such a nice picture of JK and THK as his top photo?

Who else is getting the "Elmo Goes to a Porn Shop" DVD tommorrow?

you got that money you owe me?

Help..I did a search for this but could not find any reference

The Free Republic endorses Kerry!

Has there ever been a thread where posters responded

I am decluttering, and just threw out a FALAFEL

Sundance "changes its tune" (sorry couldn't resist). WILL REBROADCAST

I met Howard Dean crossing 7th Avenue.

Why does Quicktime hate me for my freedoms?

I found a great site to refute fundies claims against evolution

Who else is getting the new Grand Theft Auto game tonight?

Confess... your true identity.

My bro-in-law is leaving my baby sister for another woman, after 18 yrs

What is this 'felate' thing you speak of, Chavez?

Do you keep the money when you are overpaid by a checker?

"I was cured, alright"

Funny Mock Bush Ads

I can't get that hideous song "We Built This City" out of my head!


Camera compatibility question - US vs UK

Very amusing Coulter remarks by James Woolcott

Do you feel obligated to pose for your children's collage?

Do you feel obligated to write prose for your children's montage?

Don't look now but I think Chimpy had a "Monica moment."

Who likes Mind Benders?

whatever you do people, do NOT catch this cold!

My father-in-law in Pakistan has died

HELP NEEDED IN OFFICE WAR! Post your best and funniest Anti-Bush pictures!

How old is too old to go trick or treating?

Who has ever heard of the RUNAWAYS UK?

I think i just ate dog food!

Which is your favorite cereal?

Which 'health' food would you rather buy?

RandomKoolzip and ChavezSpeakstheTruth will make your genitals shrivel.

Who put the cat tongue streaks on the butter?

How often do you talk to your parents?

Mixed Nuts - you reach first for

I Voted Today - And Get This

My child is making a bomb for the Science Fair.

Question for you old folks: What contemporary bands do you like?

When does CSpan repeat Clinton in Philly???


Best cartoon sound? Stewie's footprints!

Disgustng story about B.C.'s Provincial government - yet again.


"The Day the Earth Caught Fire"

I'm a wedding planner. Ask me anything!

Arrrrrrghhh!!! Welcome to Pottersville!!!

Sopranos appreciation thread. ( ! )

Girl, you know it's true.

Are you a war president, or a peace president?

planning to buy a digital camera? Great review site....

Mmmmm forbidden donut

There's a reason they're called Sacagawea *dollars*

Jeb Bush is Catholic!!! And he's a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus

Newbies, what prompted you to come to DU and how did you find out about it

okay, open this... please

Are you looking at my bum?

What's your favorite slur for Canadians?

Do you feel obligated to pay for your children's college?

Dr. Strangelove fans: that guy who's riding the bomb at the end...

I Need To Get A New Computer. Give Me The Specs

The New Little Altar Boy of all CAPTIONS!!!

Mixed Nuts - What Gets Eaten LAST?

Anyone play Ubisoft's "The political machine"??

Today is exactly 13 years since I moved to the US


Man Utd 2, Arsenal 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee Simpson's dad says her gaffe was caused by acid reflux

Name the al-Qaqaa scandal! (ie losing tons of explosives)

Vote in the straw poll....

"Claustrophobic dread"?

Anybody heard from God, Bush N Cheney this afternoon

I'm sitting in SQL class and about to be handed back a test I took.

Bigger PERVERT: Marv Albert OR Bill 0'Reilly?

The Ashlee Simpson Video. (For the 2 people that haven't seen this)

In honor of Halloween

My dog's got a major rumbly tummy....

Chavezspeaksthetruth will make your children throw furniture!

The quote of the day....

Articles like this make me hate American "Survivor? Count me in!!" culture

What does your community look like?

Are you now, or have you ever been a LONG HAIRED HIPPIE FREAK?

ATTN: November and December babies!!

I just got some dumb schmuck to eat dog food.


Help! need link for the video of Bush and Co. singing Mighty Mouse!

Here cursey, cursey, cursey

Ask me anything: I'll respond with a slogan!

Please let down your guard long enough to consider this

DU Poetry Slam: "Show Your Love" Edition

Al Gore Urges All Blacks To Vote At Florida Rally

When is Obama on CSPAN again? PST

Former Repub governor (NH) breaks ranks and endorses Dem...

question for anyone who knows about polling places

Shaath to BBC: Bush Re-election Doesn't 'Look Very Promising'

Ohioans don't like getting voting advice from Brits!

What time is the Kerry rally with Clinton on Monday?

Report: 7-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped in Iraq [Children are now hostages]

OK...who hacked the Washington Times site?

Guys. This is it. The home stretch...

Are there any Exit Polls of early voters? nt


When the polls close, 2 November.

Kent State: Michael Moore rocks the house!

What's this SHIT about Bill Bennett bursting Rush's anal cyst

Just out of curiousity...why is it not likely that

Less noise being heard about polling disruptions?

Pardon me, but what's this SHIT about Bush and Cheney being gay lovers???

Don't write off New York just yet in the electoral count (Newsday Article)

A Good Magician Never Does The Same Trick Twice

Ahhhh She-demon Harris is on C-SPAN

Why Kerry turning down softball Fox interview?

a new member "insultedveteran" is ww2 vet. he would like to know who else

What key state papers have not yet made an endorsement?


AP: Bush Revamps Speech, Keeps Theme Same

Here comes the train: NYT Story on missing weapons cache.

Revenge of the North?

The Supreme Court reaches an intellectual impasse over Election Laws

NYT, Herbert: With news all bad, GOP strategy is voter suppression

Please accept my apology

OMG! Check out this Kerry pic (w/adorable baby)!

OBAMA Wins Hearts of KENYANS

CNN finally shows pic of Kerry smiling

Good news from North Carolina

Ward Research List Hawaii as a tie??????????

Awesome written quote from Joe Lockart on CNN re the missing explosives.

Great video parody of Florida voting machines

bushCartel; gross criminal negligence.


Donkey Rising: Bush's Battleground Blues

Geriatric Imus attacking Clinton as "horrible human being..."

Those weapons aren't missing, they're just on a long week-end furlough

A buddy of mine and myself will be on AAR show today

Hey Wisconsonites

How thoughtful! FR has thread on Elizabeth Edwards and DU!

Here's A Site To BookMark For The Final Days Of Election 04....

The letter sent to IAEA by Iraq's Minister regarding the missing materials

Interesting weekend - canvassing

Howard on with Imus now.

CBS The Early Show

Just saw the Ashely Story commerical - They are sick people

Is the 'up in the air' comment connected with al-Qaqaa.

Pay no attention to ANY poll - that INCLUDES Zogby!

When is the Clinton/Kerry rally in Philly today?

what percent of the voting population do "trekies" make up

My expat friend in the UK says he didn't get his absentee ballot.

Poetic Justice : Hannity and FauxNews help bring chimp daddy down!

Hotline (C-SPAN) Electoral Vote Scoreboard!!

Melissa Flemming - IAEA Spokesman on CNN now!!

This, THIS, is the October Suprise?

CSPAN-Kerry 243 EC -Bush 234 EC Votes In Hotline Poll

Anybody else having a hard time streaming AAR?

Howard Dean coming up on Imus.

Every surrogate should be on message: Missing Explosives

8 days out polls means nothing. It's all about turn out now.

So...things are lookin' good!

Anyone see a CT poll that has * at 49 and Kerry at 48?

the people who run the electoral college counter are nuts

Great morning for Kerry guys...

Need a morning chuckle? Chimp twins on C-SPAN 2 now.

OMG--Inarticulate drunken tramp on C-Span

New Zogby poll

NH POLL: Kerry 50 / Chimp 41

C-Span Asshat Says Kerry Got His Discharge In 2001

Rove can't spin this story in any way that's good for Bush...

Why the NYT missing weapons story = a Kerry landslide

Seeking Out Monsters - *'s Scary Foreign Policy

The War Bin Laden Wanted - Iraq

Here in Downtown Philadelphia at 6 A.M.:

Did Duelfer cover up the missing explosives in his report?

Howard Dean Is On CNN

CNN=Crappy News Network...

This is going to be a Lonnnnggg Week! Always is.

I'm out of here and is on my way to the PHILLY RALLY.

Fox runs with the October Surprise!!! FRONT PAGE!

Anybody know what websites will carry live video of the Kerry rally today?

Two comics, in today's paper, make fun of Nader supporters


"Eight More Days!!"

Did anyone here see Clinton on GMA

760,000 Lockerbies. That's all you need to tell anyone about today.

Well, the missing explosives story is getting lots of coverage.

Kerry on FOX

To all lurking Freepers.

I Thought Kerry's Bible Talk Would Annoy Me, But Just The Opposite

People on Kerry board said KERRY is about to give speech

Is there a DU Meet-UP AREA at the PHILLY RALLY ???

Kerry Trounces Bush in Newspapers Endorsements

How motivated are people like you?

what time are Clinton and Kerry appearing together ?

Without the Internet, Bush would be winning in a landslide...

Even The Pakistanis Want John Kerry in the WH!

Just heard on CNN that the kids have voted for Bush

Pathetic Novak column -- don't they have anything stronger?

LIMBOsevic's Dem Lawyer Ready with Election Filings in FL

re: explosives story - how many airliners are operating on the planet?

College Republican live at Washington Post forum, 10/25, 10 am ET (NOW)

Hey, anyone see Jim Bunning in that Scenicruiser?!?

Zogby: Bush 48, Kerry 45

One pound of these missing explosives could bring down a plane...

Bush owes the families of our dead troops and Iraqis an apology,

Roadside presidential poll brings a show of hands, fingers-Denver

New Englanders, JK's speech is still live on NECN

To hear president speak [Bush is providing us with VOTES]

Why are the Repugs Worried?: Bush is losing PA, OH, and FL

Boy the Repukes Got...

Amazing site this morning.

Insane Republican report

Things to post in forums that attract conservatives

Bush campaigns today with Rudi "Cashin' in on 9/11" Giuliani

"Wolf" exchange between myself and a snotty co-worker.

Newspaper endorsements may be a prelude to the Nov 2 results

Rumsfeld April 12, 2003: "Extent of looting exaggerated"

fasten your seatbelts....we're coming in for a landing (PHOTO)

Am I to understand that we will lose at least one of WI, MN, IA and NM?

Kerry: "I'm not going to take a second seat to anybody....

I wish everyone got the news the way I do

9/11 on *'s Watch: will JK say this ?

Bush to the National Guard on "backdoor draft" in GMA interview...tough!

CNN: Kerry live in NH

Remember Dean's volunteer PAC - Truth and Hope?

bush lets 350 TONS of high explosives fall into hands of terrorists

John Ashcroft vs Monty Python

Orlando's Fabulous "Drag To The Polls"

Bush: I'm best candidate to protect U.S. 400 tonnes explosives missing?

"Politics Part of English 101?" Faux news cries bias in the classroom

Miami local radio: Jeb considering posting National Guard at polls

OR: Put wife's ballot through mailslot today. The bin underneath

NYT's Herbert: Bad News Bad News Bad News for Bush

FPC NH Poll - KERRY 50% bush 41% - Evidence of GOP defections

What I learned this weekend....


delete please... DUPE

Albany County, NY GOP Elections Official Purges 22,000 from voter rolls

Someone PLZ give me some up-beat news relating to this campaign!

* looks like he's going to start crying

Ghostly secret haunts Kerry's Idaho idyll

I'm giving away F 9/11 videos to Undecideds that I polled

My respect for the print media has increased

Who "leaked" this explosives story?

New Yorker Mag breaks 80-year tradition, endorses Kerry

Vote for Change concert to be re-aired!!

New Yorker Mag breaks 80-year tradition, endorses Kerry

Hawai'i Poll: Bush, Kerry in dead heat (I cant belive it)

Lines for Flu Vaccine: Potent Image for TV Ad?

It's going to be nice having a First Couple who can actually drink...

Is anyone even surprised anymore with Iraq

Might bush* have taken the day off at the pig farm because

Heavy in-person absentee balloting in Greenville SC.: BALLOT WARNING!

Pulling the one thread that would unravel Bush*

Geez! Could everyone please get the explosives story straight?

Vaccine shortage: Bush fails to protect US from biological threat.

Kerry talked about the explosives during the debates

Is the Big Dog going to Arkansas?

Britons Want Homer Simpson as U.S. President

This isn't a presidency, it's a forgery

Memphis is going to carry Tennessee

Let's Look at the Bush Foreign Policy/National Security Record

We were tricked by George W. Bush [Wolves fight back]

Newspaper Endorsements: Have any Gore endorsers switched to *?

Is it too late to run new ads? A few ideas here...

Did Fox/Hannity actually air the quote/interview...

For Bush, Bad News Is Bad News-NYT

FL Rethug plot uncovered by resourceful DUers

Is the Iraqi Explosives story finally the last nail in Bush's coffin?

Summing up the Bush Administration: Dunces with wolves

"Soviets Might Be Around if Kerry Had Led" - Cheney

Bush/Cheney signs covered with Asses of Evil bumper stickers

Breaking! Reinquist Hospitalized for Thyroid Cancer

look at these beautiful kittens for adoption

How are you feeling about the election today?

Why? Why did 9/11 happen on Bush's watch and not Clinton's ?

Kerry on with Curic now.

'Bush backers can't help it: They can't see real world'

Confused about "WMD" vs "conventional" etc?

DNC Press Release: McAuliffe: Bush Must Explain failure to strike Zarqawi

In fact it's Cheney who misunderstands

Suggestion for the Kerry Campaign: Send me to Hawaii

Financial Times endorses Kerry

Send this to everyone you know, including Republicans

If Bush wants to resign over letting the terrorists killing our troops

** Link found between Iraq and 9/11 **

Calling opihimoimoi ! What's going on in Hawaii ?

Differing polls. Rasmussen has Kerry leading 48% - Bush 46 %

Remember Nat'l Celibacy Day...

Polls 4 years ago today

Big Dog's reported schedule

Seymour Hersh: "Oh man... If he's reelected, we're really in trouble."

The Nation Endorses Kerry

Downtown Philly at Noon

Does anyone know the emergency procedures for the Supreme Court?

Google update...438 al-Qaqaa stories!!!

Is this Bogus?

Early Voter Harassment Complaints Continue In Orange County

If Kerry won New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Colorado, he could win without

Kerry Leads in Rasmussen Poll


Crying WOLF is fun until the wolf bites you in the ass! (My new pic)

*ucker Carlson's Desperation

"You still see the utter pure panick by the people on the left, folks!"

Washington Times Story Debunked/Explained

will Rehnquist's cancer trump Clinton's return? (the timing STINKS)

Thank you DU...

Wall St finally admits Kerry may win, with 122 EVs up for grabs

Kerry has closed the deal

Okay. I've got Job #1 for the media after kerry get's elected....

Kerry 277, Bush 261 electoral votes

Should Kerry minimize fear factor by dumping the color-coded alerts ?

What do you think is the best strategy for Supreme court issue?

Florida Sun-Sentinal reporter replies to complaint. INCREDIBLE!

DeLay Whines About "Vindictive Campaign"

Polls in 2000 wrong by 5 to 8 points

GREAT PHOTO - Kerry's America

Bush on CNN Live

Bush has NOT made a campaign issue of the Supreme Court, thus

What was Clinton's approval numbers when he left office?

Kerry's Newspaper Endorsement Page

* on CNN right now, look to his right

"Henny Penny,The Sky Is Falling."

so, I finally watched that Bush campaign wolf commercial.

I voted!

Question: Bush recently said he'd have opportunity to appoint a justice

Beat Rove at his own game.

Anybody have any idea the time of BC speech in Phily?

Best photo of the campaign.

NBC-"HOPING he (Bill) can generate some MUCH NEEDED excitement here"

Kerry-Edwards Supporter Videotapes Campaign Sign Thief

We have TWO october suprises (so far)... they have NONE!

How the Salazar - Coors race looking?

MSN NBC showing the rally but they suck

Help clear this up- an e-mail being passed around

Anyone else wish they were in Philly right now?

I wish Chris Matthews would

Jim Hightower just on AAR. Says polls are BS and Kerry by a LANDSLIDE

If Rehnquist retires before Jan 20, 2005, can we trust Dems to fillibuster

Yahoo Stolen Weapons Story: Vote this one a "5"

Condi Should Lose Her Job NOW!!!!

Danny Devito And Rita Perlman Called Me

Anyone streaming Kerry/Clinton on Windows Media?

CNN showing MASSIVE crowd for Kerry/Clinton rally

Bush in Deep al Qa Qaa.

Programmers lay easter eggs out for Kerry supporters at FL Times-Union

Bush just said "The thirty nations in Iraq" That's a flat lie.

Is C-SPAN going to cover Clinton's appearance live?

To prove something to my Mom - Got a list of JFK endorsing papers, anyone?

Anyone using Webcast?

Can you write words like "fuck" when writing to MSNBC???

Freepers are trying to spread this[Yet they screw up and give us something

MSNBC NY --- I got no pic, just audio... anyone else?

Street: "The last duly elected President of the U.S..."

Chimp's Halloween Costume?

President Boo

Going to my first rally Pro-Kerry !

Clinton will bump explosives story off the front pages

ROFLMAO - Bush Campaign still courting California

My response to the conservative "Voting Guide" that was forwarded to me:

Where the HELL is Kerry/Clinton??

Can we add Clintons Comeback as our October Surprise?

CBS feed is buffering- where else can I stream windows media?

Wolves armed with Stolen Explosives!!

Idiotic Faren-hype 911 ads...they ain't workin'

Hey Rove

Fox plays its version of "hardball" with Bush/Cheney

Tell me if I've got this right.

Philly loves Kerry. This is a huge crowd. We are doing well.

The Big Dawg rocks

Stop Blocking Clinton

Vote for the Person Who Wants You to Think and Hope

Now if only we can get Gore, Clinton, and Kerry in the same stage

About the "Top Gun" crap!!!

The Big Dawg looks GREAT!!!!

Kerry is a WINNER, according to audio analysis!

When will the cable news stop fearing the BFEE and become objective ?

Bug eyed Linda Vester talked over Bill's first words

YES KERRY IS HITTING BUSH HARD on missing stock pile

Oh have you heard

Kerry speaking......."Bush has failed to deliver

I need the whores to be talking over I needa hole in the head

Even Tweety sounds excited at Clinton!

I think Tweety just forgot about Codpiece McFlightSuit.

The OFF NEWS thread

What's the matter with tipp?

ahahhaha "hundreds of people" , talking over Kerry

What do the '8' signs mean in Philly?

"Hundreds and hundreds"? Is CNN on crack?

so, when the chimp loses

e-mail MSNBC and tell the whores to shut up! we wanna hear kerry's message

Clinton looks great!!!

What a shock: CNN and Fox News Cut Coverage of the Philly Rally

Bill Clinton is passing the torch to John Kerry ! A historic moment !

Kerry OWNS Pennsylvania now

BBV: Paper "Parallel" votes possible for audit later on?

Why is MSNBC showing Kerry and talking about Shrub

North Carolina still in play?

F_king outrageous MSNBC cuts J. Harwood's comments on Clinton w/test tone

CNN: "hundreds and hundreds at the rally"

Clinton Is A Rock Star

NPR/Fox Williams says internal polls show JK leading in FL, OH, PA

Link to CBS Live Feed

C-SPAN tonight 10pm to show tape of Kerry/Clinton in Philly this afternoon

Apparently CNN is not to the right enough for some

Tweety is excited

CNN cuts Kerry off...big suprise!

I need the whores to be talking over I needa hole in the head

"You better vote for the fella who wants you to think and hope"

The Big Dog just SAVAGED Bush's* mangy wolves

What is up with the dem's on stage with Kerry right now?

"News" networks, my ass. They cut off Kerry's speech.

Anyone who wants to stream Clinton/Kerry event:

LIVE STREAM of Kerry/Clinton rally right here

Hey Tweety!.....Shut the fuck up!

"Bush has behaved like a caricature of ... a right-wing president"


Read David Corn About Bush's Failures to Secure Weapons in May!!!

I wish I could get a look at that crowd....but its great to listen to

To be fair to Philadelphia, bush will bring

Voting machines: Can the crooks steal it again?

Just registered a 70-year old who has never voted before

DUers do not deserve to have our guy Kerry win.


Why have I never seen full-shot photos of these supposedly huge crowds

BushCo knew where the Weapons of Mass Explosives were stored before the

Cough! Splutter! Gasp! CNN says "hundreds and hundreds"

The Godfather, media whores and the Kerry campaign

Did the media have a copy of Kerry's speech beforehand?

Can we use RICO? Networks are in collusion with BushCo

What's up with the new Gallup poll??

OMIGOD. I just saw the Robert Acosta ad...

so any estimate on how big the crowd was at the Philly rally?

AP reporting Rhenquist in Hospital with thyroid cancer, Game over?

Oh No! look at this vote counting ploy

Does Bill Clinton look up to all this to you ? He looks really thin to

Who are the musical guests in Philly?

Bad news for shrub from his "base".

Important Questions: "If Dick Cheney..."

I hope CNN


Buck up people! We are on the homestretch!

Cancer Dominates N.C. Senate Campaign

Not a US citizen... can I donate?

Big Dawg headed for Florida?

Bush Is A Poor Example For Employees

The 6th Circuit's Provisional Ballot Ruling: Worst of All Possible Worlds

"If this isn't good for my heart, I don't know what is!"

Why the heck are they showing all of Chimps speech? CNN and MSN NBC

Any plan to send Clinton home to Arkansas?

If I had the money for it, and if my candidate lost,

CNN is all over this missing explosives story.

Let me get this right. The Bush goes into Iraq

Who has link to "suspicious media glitch during dem. speakers" thread?

DU POLL (Would be huge triumph)

Football Fans for Truth

Kerry up 2% in Rasmussen?

I was in a Repug area today and guess what!

Some films where Kerry inspires. - watch to keep you going

From Now On Every Time Their Is An American Kid Blown Up We Can Thank Bush

17,000 for Kerry in Las Cruces. That is impressive.

Just met Gen. Wes Clark!!

Good Omen?

Ann Coulter couldn't dominate... hung up on radio show!

Anyone watching MSNBC?

You know, when Kerry wins

Oh, this is a hoot. MSNBC interview with young "undecideds."

Response from FCC re: my complaint about Sinclair Broadcasting

John Edwards, Vanessa & Alex Kerry on Larry King Tonight

New question in this week's Zogby Interactive Poll: Already voted?

C-SPAN now - dueling pollsters!

Everything you need to know about media whores - it's about them

Can Bush* "Run Out the Clock" With Legal Challenges If He Loses Nov 2nd?

new poll - Kerry gaining edge in BG states

bush* travels with adulterer rudi guilano and his mistress judith (PHOTO)

The Next President of The United States!

Kerry Campaign Rallies and Events: A combination of open and closed

Does anyone know.....

This IAEA story is going to SLAM Bush!

Coors' Donation to Own Campaign Draws Ire

Is the Chimp wearing eyebrow makeup?

Do you reckon Chalabi could have sold the 380 tons of explosives?


Kerry looks CONFIDENT, Bush looks SCARED

Feeling blue? Revisit the DNC 2004 here!

Sigh ... Anybody watching these airheads on MSNBC being interviewed ?

First-time voters most likely to be aged 18 to 29, prefer Kerry to Bush

News Flash: Scott Mclellan's Ironic Gaffe

Pentagon - The explosives were there so we didn't secure them

Great Pics from today

Mafia Soldiers Support Bush-Cheney (The Smoking Gun)

All factions on DU really need to pull together this week

Kerry looks like a winner!

A great day for Kerry

So.....when is the big Bush/ Gerald Ford rally?


White House Spin on the Explosives - Attack Kerry!

All of our October Surprises came from Bush.

CNN doing a good job with the explosives story I think.

Excellent Kerry-Big Dog photo on MSNBC front's a "keeper"

A useful psychological twist

Did you hear what Clinton said?

Is anyone NOT feeling confident going into this last week?

How the hell do you walk off with 350 metric tons of anything?

We better hold Kerry to murdering CNNMSNBCFOX in their sleep once he wins.

WHOA! "No Casualties" ad playing on CNN

I sent off my absentee ballot

How come its taking them so long to get a clue on the likely voter

The Big Dog's Greatest Legacy

New Gallup Poll #s 51-46 LV Bush, 49-47 RV Bush

Why the Iraq explosives story is so bad for Bush--hurt by their own lies!

Oh, dear God, I pray that America will loosen itself . . .

Are the tons of missing explosives getting play in the media?

2 questions about supporters at Bush events -

Patti LaBelle is there to "draw African Americans to the event"..

Zogby: Arizona, NH "could produce late surprises"

Question about weekend polls:

Zogby 10/25: Chimp up 3, "race still far from over"

MSRNC is shockingly lax in the IAEA story

Rasmussen FINALLY agrees with The Election Model!

RATE THIS YAHOO STORY...describes explosives...freakes have been on it!

Fully safe U.S. uncertain - Chicago Tribune

Warning! Election chief warns of absentee voter scam in Florida.

How many at Kerry Clinton rally?

2 more of my letters published

So I had to put up a 4th Kerry sign this weekend

List of people and or organizations going to prison after Kerry takes over

Anybody Have The Party I D Breakdown For The Gallup Poll

It's 4 AM here, and I am so outraged I can not get to sleep.

The DU jellybean game-How many "HUNDREDS" would you say?

Here is how I think Kerry should start on the deficit.

Guys, new Gallup poll is actually pretty decent!

Message to Rove

"Why not use Clinton in another state other than Pa.?"

Bush's Unbelievably @#$! Stupid Zarqawi Laugh Line

WE'RE GONNA WIN thread for Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry leads in Florida per WoofWoof..

Need help, Don't understand

Rudy Guiliani = Star Power?

Don't worry about the polls.

MSRNC ONLY mentions Zogby if * is ahead...

Posed this last can FL polls be right?????

Does Zogby have * up 47 to 42 in the latest Ohio poll?

We need to see Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Kerry, and Clinton on the same stage

Kerry leads AWOL by 7 points in latest Gallup

Give Bush a Brain!

Kos has a pretty good picture of the House Races

My first original post

Sundance replaying "Vote for Change" concert Oct. 30th

Tired of polls: What the stars foretell for Bush, Kerry

Tell Your Friends in Blue States: We're Fighting for the Popular Vote.

When the Nader factor shakes out, what % will he be left with?

Bush administration trying to spin explosives as no big deal....

So THIS is the trick the "Clintonistas" have been planning!

Have one last donation of $120.00 I want to make-WHERE? MoveOn, DNC, Ohio

WTF!! Idaho Statesman endorses Kerry (had been for Bush in '00)

New CNN Gallup * 51% Kerry 46% Likely Voters

Rasmussen Has Kerry Ahead by 2 Points

Rehnquist is in the HOSPITAL with CANCER!!!


DU this Poll and scare the crap out of the freepers!

DU the MSNBC poll - Bush has slight advantage!

New poll: Kerry up 9pts in NH!!!!!!

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Statement on Bush Failure to Secure Explosives

Bob Barr on CNN "Kerry was smart to bring Clinton out to speak."

No Rasmussen, No Zogby, No Gallup, No CNN/USA, No WaPo, no Harris, No

There needs to be an explosion of editorials, i.e. lost explosives!


From the BUSH website (edit--regarding missing explosives)

Judy WoofWoof just said Clinton will go to Arkansas!

Race tightens

Is there a transcript to the Clinton speech yet?

Hour wait to vote in Sarasota today

Fun with Gallup

How many of you loathe Rudy Guilliani ?

Need link - Kerry & BCCI

MoveOn's College flyers/posters?

How old is Rudy's wife?? 17?

No, THIS IS the nail in Bush's coffin - and others!

who is this brunette bushbot on CNN?


A contrast in character...notice how Bush pauses for his crowd to boo

Is this the NAIL in Bush's coffin?

I finally understand Bush's reason for war now.

Al Gore Campaigns For Kerry: Urges All To Vote Early

Help - freepers going off on Kerry lying

How do you think the major pundits view the electon at this point?

Just saw Edie Falco in the MOB against Bush ad...

Jennifer Millerwise, Republican Spinmistress on CNN.

How do you think the major pundits view the electon at this point?

You won't believe this Crashcart Quote, from WaPO

Kerry months ahead on ammo dumps!

After Kerry wins, should we reform the polling companies?

The Repukes alleged "October Surprise" rebuttal

CNN Whoring its own Sorry Poll

"Today's Gallup Poll Based on Even Larger GOP Bias Amongst Likely Voters"

It is time everyone admitted the obvious: Zogby's not all that

Wanna make a bet about how sick the media will be Nov 2

Internals from Gallup:

Look At Gallup's Numbers On 10-28-00

Who was looking for that Katherine Harris flirting vid?

Need some LTTE critiques

Stock Market Indicator Update: Bush converges with the loser's line

Where is the media coverage? (Philly Rally)


Great Ads for Kerry from the DU poster running

Maybe a silly question, but why isn't Kerry doing Oprah? Wouldn't it help

WOW!! Look at this!!!!!!!!!

I used my Magnifying Glass and counted 109,338 people at the Philly rally!

St. Petersburg Area DUers: Join Max Cleland tomorrow for lunch and debate

LIVE CNN broadcast of Bush in Iowa

Republicans crying 'Wolf' -- Here is the answer

Gallup's Numbers are again skewed...

From what you've seen or read, how do you think most pundits see the race?

They're Sweating:

Polls, polls, polls my head is spinning........

Wacko Walker back on Crossfire.

Anyone know of an electoral map you can play with

WP Tracking Poll 10/25 - Kerry 49% * 48%

What were the Washington Post numbers

What were the Washington Post numbers

My Republican 'Christian' brother may likely vote for Kerry!

What were the Washington Post numbers

ABC/WAPO has K 49 - * 48

WP Tracking Poll 10/25 - Kerry 49% * 48%


Is the Pro Bush bias as bad on Broadcast Networks?

Will Big Dog hit Arizona too when he travels to the SW????

Gallup over samples EVEN MORE repubs this week...

So OK, OK we made a little mistake on those explosives.

Central FL DUers; drivers for Kerry voters needed ASAP!

Help brief the cuberats on the breaking explosives story

Who would appoint Rehnquist's replacement if he retired today?

Zogby Tracking Poll - Colorado

Kerry 50 * 48 in Florida - Survey USA poll heard on WFLA

What were the Washington Post numbers

Make Shrub POUT.... vote him OUT

This asshole Hannity just said..........

Kerry asked Clinton what he shares with Bush

I hope Kerry let's the missing weapons story play all alone

Kerry takes lead in Washington Post tracking poll

Rasmussen has Florida tied

Are the missing explosives the October Surprise?

Finally the ballot is casted (hehe)

Men doubt `no-draft' talk - Male Gender Gap could narrow for Kerry

I saw my duty, and I did it. I voted today.

Jon Stewart 60 Minutes Video

Proof that Zogby's state tracking polls are kind of shitty (so far).

We may sweep the big trifeca - Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Is the explosives story getting play on cable news?

BASEBALL has been very, very good to Gee Duhbya.

In my "wildest dreams" I never thought I'd be cheering for the . . .

The Polling Solution

Rasmussen: Florida 48-48

EXPLOSIVE Spin | Today's Flavor of Kool-Ade

WaPo is out: Kerry up 49-48

need help with letter to the editor

"Kerry in the Lead?" by Scott Rasmussen

Kerry leads 48-46 in rasmussen tracking poll nt

What are you going to do on Victory Over Bush Day? (VB Day)

"Well, There Were All These Arab Guys Going In And Out W/ Trucks

Where should they send courageous and selfless Clinton?

Clinton's speech wasn't long, was it?

Boy was MY FACE RED when I heard we let all those explosives disappear!

Bush and his Boo Monkeys - all together now - BOOO

Regarding Clinton: We will learn his value in a few days

Help with questions about Laura Bush posted on another board.

Did any admin official inform senate committees re: missing explosives?

Hey, whats going on?? Drudge actually has a very nice

Anyone catch Rasmussen today?

The Last DULY ELECTED president............

What if the outcome of the election depends on how Wilkes-Barre, PA votes?

DU this story on Yahoo, about Bush cousins for Kerry, front page

Philly Fire Marshall: 80,000-100,000 people at the rally reported by MSNBC

LTTE to WaPo re: Kerry endorsement: All but 1 in favor

Have you voted yet?

Bush Relatives for Kerry!!!

The New Yorker backs Kerry:its first political endorsement in 80yr history

Clinton will campaign in New Mexico, Arkansas and Nevada

Assembled endorsements. Gift for all us hard-working DUers. Attached.

It's almost over, folks. 8 days and the nightmare's over.


Kerry has MOMENTUM

Desperate Republicans: Dispatched Henry Kissinger to Defend Bush on

lol! Repubs are freaking out everywhere!!!!

Quiz: What's missing from CNNs explaination of "How to read poll results"

Andrea Mitchell is an asshole

More important than any marginal lead (+1) in the Wapo poll

Kudos to "Film Strip International" for this one...

Media are trying to paint Clinton's return as irresponsible

CNN: "an equal 48% characterized the president as a uniter and a divider"

For those who doubt which way the undecideds will go:

ABC/WaPost may show a 2 point lead for Kerry today say's a little birdie

Kerry interview with Tweety on Hardball tonight.

Is it possible for Al Gore to serve with Kerry staff?

A great way to end the campaign.

Are the oil fields safe though? Please God tell me the oil is ok!!!!!!!!!!

Wow the SNL Hardball spoof was hilarious.

In a sleepy fog, I heard Chuck Todd say this morning that Kerry is up by 4

The folks in Harrisburg love Elizabeth Edwards.

TO DO: Tell 10 people about 866-OUR-VOTE (voter supression hotline).

Nooo Bill Clinton For Speaker of the House

Is it possible that God isn't with THEM? Just asking...

HEADS UP: Timeline on missing Iraq explosives (important!)

Ad on AAR Frankenstien doing Monster Mash remake about Shrub. LOL

OMG - just saw the Operation Truth commercial

You mean our incompetent white house is helping the terrorists?

Brace Yourselves for another Bush/Rove "stunt" ...It's Coming

Gore: "We don't won't the SC to pick the next president and we don't want

They are truly desparate over at www.georgewbush

Why did Cheney predict 52-47 for Bush?

Mother in law makes a last ditch attempt to sway me, LOL!

Kissinger on CNN turning one last trick!

Kerry Ahead of Bush by One Point -ABC Poll

'Rumsfeld's War' on Frontline on Tuesday

Why is CNN calling these "conventional weapons" and showing old bomb pics?

Political expert predicts Kerry victory over Bush

Lockhart just BLASTED Bush.

Three stories heard on NPR during a 10-minute drive in the car

I've decided to swear of CNN for campaign news. I will rely on DU only

7 Bush Cousins Launch Pro-Kerry Web Site

When you think Freepers can't get any dumber they make a post like this

How did Clinton *look* today?

DU CNBC "Power Poll" and email your concise comments for TV

How's this idea for a Kerry ad?

The "Selling" of the warm and fuzzy folksy President who distorts Kerrys

This girl is crying on Hannity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just heard a humorous ad for Tony Knowles of Alaska about Bush*

Are you doing something POLITICAL for Halloween, like........

GO LOU DOBBS called explosives.. "mildly a lapse of judgement"

We need to truthsquad shrub quoting Kerry on Tora Bora.

What do my Fellow DU'ers think about the current downturn

Excellent interview of John Kerry in the current Rolling Stone.

Shrub's Margin Shrank in the Gallup Poll Even though they OVERSAMPLED MORE

Clinton lost afterschool programs under Bush

WTF! Hawaii for *?

What's the 'proper' spelling: Big Dog or Big Dawg?

Do Bush's 40+ trips to PA reek of desperation?

Nooner said she was pounding Florida.

More MSNBC crap

HELP: We need a list of all the Bush teams lies about the 380 tons of

Just Got An E-Mail from Joe Lockhart

CNN confirms: Clinton to campaign in New Mexico, Nevada and Arkansas

Dobbs says Gallup gives * a 5-point lead among LV

CBS Leading off with the missing explosives in Iraq

Drink up the Kool-Aid, kiddies!

voted today, and told judge i was voting for him

Shrub is in Deep Qaqaa

I use to think Iraq was about Neo-Con wet dreams, but now I'm back to Oil!

C-Span has two Colorado local talk guys on live

Cliff's Notes on the Explosives Issue Please?

Ldotters on the missing 380 tons (funny)

Florida BBV video (humorous, but maybe too true)

"Winning" at the polls

I need to defend Kerry's record on the war in a debate. Will you help?

Local Philly news reports Kerry-Clinton crowd at 80,000-100,000

Too many fingers in the dike

Who is this Dan Caplis asshole on CSPAN?


10/25 Zogby battleground track

Peggy Noonan desperately trying to spin the missing explosives.

Kerry on HARDBALL tonight

Cong. Matsui (CA) says Kerry will go up by 1 point in tomorrows WP Poll

Omigod another Poll Florida: Kerry 50 % Bush 48 %


what should the OH, FL voters do when accosted at the polls?

Neither Bush nor Kerry visited Rochester (NY)...Nader stopped in this

What A Bunch Of Asshats At The Gallup Organization...

I will be worried if Rove & Co don't try an October Surprise....

Voter Turnout Numbers by State, 1988-2000

BIG DOG Coming Up LIVE on CNN (Miami Rally)

How much of a chance does Kerry have of winning?

Morrison on DeLay: "District 22 is lacking a servant right now."

Darn..Clinton was live in Miami on CNN

CNN reporting on the missing explosives is very good.

ABC/WAPO has K 49 - * 48

South Carolina Senate Debate on C-Span- who's winning?

NYT: Bush had higher IQ than Kerry

Florida Gallup 51 - 43 Bush. Bullshit. Reported on Anderson Cooper. NT

Kremlin Expressing Support for Bush

Kerry Playing SERIOUS Hardball??

Anybody else get this reply from General Mills re: Sinclair?

Is Tweety having all Dems tonight, or have I had too many beers?

If Bush wins, I think we take back the house and senate in 06 and impeach

Big Dawg live in Florida on CNN!!

Live Tenenbaum/DeMint South Carolina senate debate now on CSPAN

Pimpbot.....get in touch with me via email....I can't DU email you

%%##)**!!##$$$ Jeb Bush

Maine Now Firmly in Kerry Camp--Portland Press Herald

What happened to Zogby? He's lost his mind

Kerry LANDSLIDE - Prediction update:

In wonder how the Bush Campaign is going to blame

NFL names Gen. Shinseki all-time pre-emptive Monday Morning Quarterback

Florida is rigged, you say. But isn't Ohio, also?

Anyone get this from the FCC when complaining about Sinclair?

HEADS UP: Tonight.....if you get LINK TV channel.

Slap the Smirking Chimp

CNBC showing the Kerry interview with Couric.

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/25 (Little Change)

This is most excellent!

Nicolle Devenish: Talk about 380 tons of explosives is "pessimistic"

The Canoodle...Katherine funny!

Bush campaign criticizes Kerry for using "headlines" against Bush

I'm sick of people talking about how Babs can't take criticism of *

I wish Big Dawg could seek a third term....

Has Kerry made any effort to reach out to fundies?

Tweety Softball Interview

George Soros... I wasn't going to post this ...but.. what the hell.

LA Daily News (GOP paper) Endorses Kerry! ("Time to Reunite")

Fox "All-Stars" blaming Al Qaqaa story on disgruntled bureaucrats...

WTF is a "Security Mom" Anyway?

Dropped off my Mail In ballot in Denver Today...

When Clinton was president, we were called Clintonites.

Clinton/Kerry appearance in Philly. (Warning: Really Large Images)

HUGE turnout for Kerry in Warren, MI tonight folks!!!

Can someone scan and post the LAT cartoon showing the location

Bush incapable of lying...

New Yorker magazine breaks with tradition, endorses Kerry

Do you APPRECIATE AMERICA ? Check this out!

Rush/hannity/etal are "fearing" voter problems

Should our side bring up 9/11 on *'s watch ?

Hey Gallup- How Come Your Florida Numbers Are 8-10 Points Different Than

Bill Clinton for Chief Justice

Just got back from the Kerry rally in Philly!! UPDATED W/PICS

OK, since when is HI and WA in play?

TV news reporting very heavy early voter turnout in GA

Kyra Phillips: "Hundreds and hundreds of people

Ok. I have to say it. I like John Kerry just as much as the Big Dawg

Swing staters: What's the weather going to be like in your state on 11/2?

Poll: Presidential Race Too Close To Call In Arkansas

Kerry Press Release: Failure to Secure Explosives Makes World Less Safe

Some figures I worked out from early Iowa voting numbers. Spirit lifting.

Kerry Press Release: Lockhart Statement on Reports of Missing Explosives

Tom Delay to sue Howard Dean?

First Ever Country Song for DEMOCRATS


Mathews seemed convinced/relieved at the end of the interview.

The Left Coaster Further Bruises Gallup's Hiney

DU this poll

Anyone have a good link for congressional race data?

Zogby state numbers being released on site

DU these polls: South Carolina Senate

ABC News: Kerry 49%, Bush 48%

Well, well, well - here are Gallup's internals - bias galore!!!

Kerry the FIRST lawmaker to go after terrorists and those who funded them.

Why can't anyone seem to understand the al Qaaqaa explosives story?

Richard Dryfuss on Randi Rhodes right now just said....

Fellow DU'ers, I never felt...

Zogby numbers in depth - Kerry should start overtaking shrub shortly

Thank you Lou speaking to Bill Sneider about today's CNN poll

Lemme tell you a tale of what bush has wrought just in my neighborhood

John F. Kerry LOOKS Like a PRESIDENT! ****PICS****

I hold in my hands my birthright as an American - MY BALLOT!

Kerry should use this message - If BushCo guarded the explosives like

Masochist TWEETY/KERRY thread.. check it out!

Needed: Democrats in Palm Beach County, FL

Poll: 'Wrong Track' Sentiment Boosts Kerry

National number for reporting voter fraud:

Dick "Toe-sucker" Morris question: At what point after leaving the

Any news about the Cleveland Plain Dealer's endorsement?

Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Free Speech TV) showtimes.

What to do if a poll challenger hassles you or someone else

Bill and John in PA! A presidential duo! *PICS*

Which professional athletes, retired and current, support Kerry?

FUCKIN-A! My precinct just DOUBLED 2000 turnout!

Any Other Pessimists Out There

even Andy Griffith is on board!

GOP Nominee in 2008

Are you allowed to wear your campaign gear to your polling place?

HOLY SHIT - Bush approves of CIVIL UNIONS!!

Creatively firghting back :)

Air America Radio has saved the party and the election !

When will the DNC put a REAL candidate up against Chris Cox??

I caught a Kerry slasher in Seattle, on Broadway

OH OH Bush.... this story leaking out again too !!!

CNN now reduced to quoting a children's poll that shows * winning

I want to donate $ for the cause, need advice

A lady called in BAWLING, afraid Bush was going to lose on Sean Hannity!

Was "Stolen Honor" a reunion of the Willie Horton gang?

Why Is Dubya Crying?

Has everyone seen this?