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Archives: October 23, 2004

The world has lost Iraq's oil

WSJ: For Its Own Reasons, Singapore Is Getting Rather Gay-Friendly

Derailment blocks fuel supply (to AZ, NV)

An Open Letter to George W. Bush On the 33rd Anniversary of My Daughter's

The American Conservative Magazine Endorses... JOHN KERRY!!!!

Peter Bergen: What really happened at Tora Bora? (Kerry correct)

Pitt. Post Gazette: Rice ... reveals Bush Disconnect

Kristof: God and Sex

WSJ: Some Hunters Plan to Desert Bush

The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration

New peace exhibit photos from mid-America KC, EYES WIDE OPEN (in and outd)

forbidden films on worldlink

this week on NOW with bill moyers

Mike Malloy is best thing on AAR.

CNN warns of Bush "triple threat"

Found dinosaur me fast

Well, it worked! I passed the test and got the job!

This is what you do.

Is it only me??? Or does the font keep changing....

I keep getting pop-ups that shut me down or freeze me up!

It seems you've been hacked.

Someone's found a hack

Will there be any rules about posting exit polls

Pictures of DUers and their animals

Is this the new format, to show the inside of each thread

Wetterling/Daly polls?

My Minneapolis Kerry Rally Photos

Candidate Match game at Columbus Dispatch website

Fingerhut vs. Voinovich debate broadcast schedule

John Kerry coming to Green Bay on Monday 10/25

Heard that Murray creamed Nethercutt in the debate

Is it wrong too....

Guess what's on right now?

Did they kill the CARE hostage, Ms. Hassan???? My mother said

MY response to Edwards hatin on a medical forum..whatta think?

The GOP in 2 minutes

Wonder what The Daily Show will do with "Wolves"?

John Kerry wants to stop you from seeing this film

Interesting Wisconsin Senate Debate on C-SPAN 2 NOW!! Michels vs. Feingold

Keith Olberman could sub for Jon Stewart.

9/11 Commission Report

How popular was the Iraq War in the US before it started? nt

Are the electronic voting machines in more blue states/counties?

O'Reilly class-action suit: Do we have a case?

Will Kerry kick people's asses to the curb?

What happened to the Israels plans for Iranian nukes story

What Song Was That Leading Back into "Majority Report"?

WTF? Sinclair is not showing Stolen Honor but is attacking Dems

What was the source for the Saudi $860 billion in F9/11?

The Ann Coulter pie throw

Conan is really getting under oliely's skin

I voted in Fl for John Kerry today, and I'm not sure I should have.

teresa audio, please help

"You're an Asshole"

State terminates deal for voting machines

Republican's against jesus!! funny ad :)

Bah! I am gonna gain about 5 lbs from nervous eating between now and

Hey, DUers, I need your help! My sister wants to see the whole footage

Another idiotic right-wing bumper sticker

PBS NOW - awesome (10 pm ET)

Wonk? Can anyone get me the footage of the "Wolves" bush ad?

why is iowa a newsworthy swingstate

The Bush message has reached Jesus

What beer is Theresa drinking?

Flu is in Manhattan.

Battle to stop e-voting steps up

How many days will the News spin this Sinclair shit.

Dave Matthews Band Making Amends After Waste-Dumping Incident in Chicago

He's the exact opposite of what a president should be

Demand the Release of the CIA’s 9-11 Report!

The New Cartoon at Working for Change

I just got a "Vote Dukakis" pop-up, NO LIE

Stars and Stripes Story on Women in Combat Units Story

Blacks, Indians, Hispanics Angry About GOP Welfare Ad

The "Beat The Crap Out Of Sinclair" Brainstormer

No National Guard used in Boston during World Series

Sarasota roads were loaded with Kerry supporting college students today

I am so glad that Jon Stewart is one of the biggest stories this week!

Bill Clinton as Secretary General? Bill Maher has a poll

How interesting!

Friday night video fun!

Here Ann, Have some Pie.

Bloomberg Markets mag - No friend of the BFEE.

O.K. I give up

James Woolsey is such an ass!

Dear Senator: Our Election Mess is your Number One priority

PLEASE READ: it's time to remember what's at stake

oh, boy. are you all *ever* swimming upstream... (links)

soldiers taking the fall

Who is taking Kerry signs

Awesome freeper quote:

Clinton - "Leader of the ENTIRE world"

FINALLY saw Farenheit 9-11

New peace exhibit photos from mid-America, EYES WIDE OPEN (in and outdoor)

Late WWII POW Honored in Ark. for Hiding Documents on Prisoners, Atrocitie

Can we haveTrust buster on a global and national scale?

Is Michael now re-eligible for his academy award

Humor: The New Florida Voting Machines

Miami anecdote.

Who would you want with you if you came across a wolf in the woods?

Iraqi Resistance Report for October 19-20

The Bubble Boy Who Cried Wolf Is SOL

Do public Schools in Cali. have the right to random drug tests?

Friday night Malloy thread: here

Did anyone see Jesse Ventura on TV tonight?

Are you afraid of truck commercials? Rove is...

Reagan v. Carter, '80: What was the outlook in the last few days?

GOP fails in effort to move polls in PA Great news !

Comic Insult Dog on Conan Talking to Debate Watchers


Band of Sisters

I should have done a better job with my "free" F-9/11 borrowing plan...

insight into the conservative mind?

In Beslan at a makeshift memorial are thousands of bottles of water

U.S. Begins Tighter Flight School Checks------BEGINS!?!?!?!?!?

If we visualise this enough it WILL happen...

Did you watch it? Contact the FCC. There are specific complaints..

Now Freeps want to boycott Sinclair sponsors

Need help with debate re: Bush-Saud connection and F9/11

So wolves are terrorists now, too?!

Something odd on Faux nextwork here in Texas....

win or lose, what about the bushturd's supporters?

Catholics Campaign To Keep Out Kerry

African-American vote could carry Dems home to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Need help from Researchers...price of oil per barrell

A look at the W. VA situation: Uncommon Sense.The Cult of the Unborn.

Maher's on....

Help people find their polling places.

What do you Americans think of Quebec separtism?

Woo Hoo!! Air America is coming to Seattle!!

Voter party changed without consent in PA

Voters report fake calls

Have you seen THIS?

Seriously, what are we going to do about Iraq America?

jon stewart - sunday 9 pm et cspan

New flyer: "Republicans Cried Wolf" - at home page

"American Conservative" Magazine endorses John Kerry!

NOT mortified by Bush's racist ways? Watch this

O'Lielly to settle suit with payoff if tapes are destroyed.

I was watching this hour has 22 minutes tonight

Wow, the dollar is over $0.81...

Airports await guidelines for private screeners

Iraq Prepares to Negotiate Oil Deals-Officials Say

Top U.S. General ( Myers) Balks at Intelligence Reform

Kerry Campaign Shifts Its Focus to Southwest

U.S. threatens quotas on sock imports from China

Cheney Derides Kerry Over War on Terror

In Crucial Swing State, E-Voting Concerns Complicate Recount Worries

Justice Dept. Weighs in on Ohio Ballots

Canadian charges Halliburton affiliates with fraud

Two Men Arrested for Throwing Pies at Conservative Columnist Ann Coulter D

American (Airlines) outlines layoff plans (1,100 jobs)

LAT: U.S. Job Growth Seen as Uneven in Latest Measure Before Election

NYT: Momentum Builds for U.S. Role in Paying Highest Health Costs

Florida officials worry about double voting

Death Raises Questions About Police Use of Force During Boston Baseball Ce

Kerry Scoffs at Bush's 'Tough' Talk on Terror

World oil price soars to record, 60 dollars seen for NY crude

U.S. forces kill two Iraqi children

Late WWII POW Honored in Ark. for Hiding Documents on Prisoners, Atrocitie

KRT: Bush's volunteer service disputed

LAT: Key States' Ballot Officials Feel Glare of Critical Eyes

Man knocks himself out stealing campaign signs

WP: Beliefs Carved in Stone

Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry

Sinclair Sued by Filmmaker Over Kerry Photos (...."Upriver" director sues)

WP: More College Students Taking Their Vote Seriously

WP: It's Too Late to Change The Minds of Some Voters(Record Absentee)

Officials Fear Iraq's Lure for Muslims in Europe

NYT: Memos Warned of Billing Fraud by Firm in Iraq (Custer Battles)

Teresa Heinz Kerry Invokes Supreme Court to Tout Husband

"American Concervative" Magazine endorses John Kerry

Schwarzenegger unveils hydrogen Hummer, but not how he planned

Stranger Takes Over Ga. Woman's House

Janesville GM plant sets temporary layoffs (4000 workers)

Boston Herald apologizes for graphic photos of woman who died (Red Sox)

Absentee balloting lags in Europe (DOD Military)

Russia ratifies climate treaty

Bush Declares Kerry Can't Keep U.S. Safe

The Case That Kerry Cracked (BCCI and the BFEE)

Black Watch ordered to join US cordon for assault on Fallujah

WP: No Direct Evidence of Plot To Attack Around Elections

NYT: Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State

Sinclairs Airs Anti-Kerry material

(Russian) Central Bank stops supporting dollar

Ahhh. Fall and the Willie Nelson cover of AUTUMN LEAVES

Triumph takes on the media!

Cool fonts...

Latest "reality TV" show.

Can someone help me find out....

Okay, who's the joker that put on the blink tags?


Do some people just like the sound of a word and name their kid that?

Ray Charles tribute on CBS

Got this from a friend of mine (no link; sorry).

OMG. Elizabeth Taylor

we should all pick one day for the next year and send O'Lielly

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser Ticket Solutions

Best Bush bumpersticker/t-shirt EVER!

What's with all the St. Louis Cardinal avatars all of a sudden?

Where can I find my ZIP+4 code?

John Kerry was funny last night!

Well I just finished picking my schedule for next semester...

My Bush article- thoughts?


just finished world's best mixtape

Funny license plate...


Which "Three's Company" Character are you?

What beer is Theresa drinking?

I just turned off my computer so I can't send you an email!

What the Cheney was that on Cartoon Network?

ever been to a fundy haunted house

Well, I'm stuck with your mugs tonight. This better be good.

Anyone up for another DU writing thread?

Any John Crowley fans?

Do ZIP +4 codes truly help mail move faster?

What is hip? Tell me, tell me, if you think you know...

Live BEATALLICA!!! With Mike Portnoy guesting on drums!

Spyware Stormer????

Does anyone here watch 'Family Bonds' on HBO?

You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn....

I'm lethargic; ask me anything!

The "Give Bush a Brain" Game

I'm Catholic, Ask me anything

Does anyone know how to get rid of SMSS.exe?

Anyone else here play NTN trivia?

Bah! I am gonna gain about 5 lbs from nervous eating between now and

I'm a guy, ask me anything!

Which "St. Elmo's Fire"character are you?

Is it true? Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole?

Why is it some people seemingly want to be tormented?

Cool homemade anti-Bush pix

Favorite Baroque Composer

Question for the Ladies...

Hey Guys, Ask Me Anything

Wooohooo!! DU was mentioned on Malloy!!

Who demands bagpipes at their funeral?

Port Moody Duers....check in!

calling on the vast wisdom of DU...

Little Red Riding Hood poll: I'm afraid of wolves. Should I vote?

I saw it beforehere ...a full list of media email addys. Anyone got that?

Kudos to my republican husband

Well, Seeing as how I"ve brought up the Animals a few-Animals thread!

LynzM ROCKS!!!!!! She sent me COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Cult-Anti-Heros of th 80's and 90's?

Anime fan check-in time! (Oct. post)

stupid questions about sigs

Malcolm in the Middle fans

Election Day voting begns in less than 240 hours!

Just passed my test to be an election inspector!

Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty" album

Cars are a pain in the ass.......

What's your favorite non-Phillis Diller?

test only - please ignore

Trot to Boston fans: Act like you've won before

Do you talk to your plants? (2)

Great "old" Sopranos episode on

Embarrassing personal confession

Do you talk to your plants? (4)

Should this Yankee fan root for the Red Sox to help Kerry win?

Magic Rat is on..I demand answers!

RTS Vs. Turn-Based?

Which Breakfast Clubber were you in HS?

The official post-pretty-pictures-of-roaches thread

OK. I just walked by my TV. On NBC, William Shatner and Joe Jackson

What places besides ebay takes paypal

New John Mellencamp Album - (check out this list of songs)

PLEASE READ: it's time to remember what's at stake

Bush has been kidnapped! (joke)

Know what I just did?

Any good releases at the video store.

Just Got Home From an R.E.M. Concert and Have to Share

Anyone else pissed that Phil Ochs didn't get rich and old like Dylan?

Am I the only person who enjoys "Enterprise?'

Another whammy. After 3 weeks of hearing nothing,

Should the 5th amendmant right cover DNA evidence?

Anyone ever get strange cravings?

Do you talk to your plants? (3)

alternative therapy: DU versus drunk dialing my ex

A Sure-Fire Cure for Even the Most Persistent Earworm

Computer CD problems....anyone know anything about this one?

Suggestions needed on how to forget

The official post-pretty-pictures-of-wolves thread

You think God is trying to tell us something?

Somebody crunched my 82-year-old neighbor's Bush-Cheney yard sign

So I Just Saw 'The Grudge'

Now if you're going to get all "culty" about a movie...(Buckaroo Banzai)

Mmmmm....white bean chicken chili

I'm boycotting boycotts!

I watched DU hockey tonight. Skinner almost scored a goal.

Poutine, vinegar on fries and chesterfields - Do we Canucks mystify you?

Which "Asses of Fire" character are you?

Favourite (Rock era) string arranger?

Neverwinter Nights or Doom 3?

What is your "pet name" for O'Reilly's dildo?

How close to the Canadian border do you live???

anyone know of a freeware ".rm" to ".mpg" converter? Or...

Is it a good thing that the guy who came on to me left with another guy?

computer help. please

There at a table dealing stud, sat the dirty mangy dog that named me sue!

PITTSBURGH and area DUers! Let's meetup next Saturday!

Somebody crunched my 82 year old neighbor

Fun with babel fish

I got a real job!! Oh, man...I am so excited!

How many DUers have ever been polled????

Knights of Columbus...give me a full report.

I met Teresa Heinz Kerry tonight!

Duers that should be stand up comedians?

Aren't wolves an endangered species?

US Begins Tighter Flight School Checks (2 Years After 9/11

Big Dawg.. "Secretary General of the UN" ...?

Smuggled BBV video

EXCELLENT talking points/resource for HEALTHCARE issues

Jimmy Carter wouldn't oversee elections in the US...

Support our troops, send them a National Geo subscription!

The Body With A Rasta Beard And A Kerry Endorsement-Didn't See That Coming

Jacksonville Fl Black Churches voting in Busloads

Remember the total collapse of exit polls on the night of 2000 election??

Cell phones -and call screening (new data)

"If they ain't got the WMD boys"- Need DU help to send to Bruce

Bush ripped off Reagan with that wolf commerical

Fact Check: Education, Spending and Terror

Is Rush going to appear with W

Why Think Bush is in TROUBLE

NO terrorism meetings before 9/11. In case you didn't know.

great Kerry commercial

Just saw the new Operation Truth Ad... YOWCH...

I Want, Right Now, to Know What the Hell is Going on in Iowa??

Countdown SNAFU!!!

Stop Talking About the Wolf Ad Already!

Let me get this straight: Bush's mommie


We Wont Be Blindsided This Time.

Get CNN to run the Pat Robertson story!

After the break, Olberman will laugh about Ann Coulter

Bin Laden's exact location is known, says 9-11 panelist

Hate to be pessimistic, but you all are overlooking an important fact.

Sinclair thing will not matter....if your undecided still ur for Bush.

joan of arcadia currently on cbs - definitely anti bush in election theme

Stolen Honor DID NOT air nor did its replacement!! at least here it didn't

Did I Ever Tell You About the "Omen"??

Center for Consumer Freads seen during stolen honor on KSMO 62 Kansas City

So far....2 October suprises neutralized on one day.

Alright guys, let's not be jerks now.

Here is where it stands folks! See you on Nov. 2nd!

When you read an inflammatory thread title that puts Kerry down

Excellent write-up on Utah's Dean Dozen and Dean cousin, Corroon.

What did Sinclair pre-empt in your area

How many people viewing the Sinclair crap will now go out and rent

who wants to go on FreeRepublic and harass the freepers!!!

Had my VCR set and NO Sinclair Boadcast of "Stolen Honor" on my two

Sinclair claims they should have free speech, but John Kerry should not.

Did Crossfire audience laugh at "Wolves" Ad?

Psyched about the election, it's been a looooooooong time

Just got a fundraising phone call from "Outreach Associates".

Two easy steps: 1. GOTV 2. Repeat 1. ad infinitum

As President, can Kerry top Clinton's record?

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence

Looks like a huge crowd for Kerry in NV

What if...

A Disturbing Poll Trend But I think It Will Reverse...

Does anyone know how to post a message on DNC?

This can't be good for Bush - everyday life edition

Stolen Honor airs tonight - post all advertisers here

'George, God Here. . .' President Bush has words with the Almighty'

I am so f*ing pissed! WCBS 880 news radio

So, a friend of mine who watches CNN at the gym every day says...

Desmond Tutu "return your country to be a beacon of freedom"

Wonk? Can anyone get me the footage of the "Wolves" bush ad?

why is iowa a newsworthy swingstate

Illinois Dean Dozen against Henry Hyde has name left off sample ballot.

Write MSNBC And Thank Them For Having Lawrence O'Donnell On The Air

What does this Sinclair deal mean for our boycott? Were they fair enough

Be prepared for Ralph Nader!

Has anybody seen any ads warning about Bush and The Supreme Court?

If you haven't seen this ad yet, take a look!

What do wolves prey on? Sheep. Does * think we're sheep?

My take on the Eagle and the Wolves

The Eagle and the Ostrich vs. those absolutely adorable wolves

I'd like to see Kerry get on a U.S. Navy boat and look warriors in the eye

If you didn't watch the Sinclair Broadcasting Group show...

Iowa & Wisconsin: Odds of going to Bush?

N.H. and Virginia paper endorsements for Kerry: Rate up!

Wonk? Can anyone get me the footage of the "Wolves" bush ad?

Please... does anybody have a link to the Dem commercial where...

Who's on Bill Maher tonite?

It's time to say thank you to the Sinclair advertisers

I'm pretty sure we're going to win the election...but....

Scripps poll: Kerry ahead in key state of Ohio

Some Pollsters Would Have Us Believe

The Good Lieutenant (Going Upriver review)

Can I show you a few pics I've done lately?

Rate the Debates - Just Posted a "TRUTH-OMETER" based on

NOW with Bill Moyers!

Christopher Reeve makes call from the grave for stem cell research

Nader supported the Clinton impeachment

Front page of CNN right now. LOL! Smirk looks like he's gonna cry.

SBVT on Scar..MSNBC again...!

DId * get away with IT, too?

Rove's worst nightmare coming true....

Small states could swing Electoral College


Yale Holds Secret Spot in Bush, Kerry Pasts

Watching the sinclair show in North Carolina...

Kerry should fight * on his own ground: Kerry=safer

Actual Video Demonstration of Florida's New Voting Machine...

Awesome bumper sticker encounter today

Devastating anti-Bush ad to debut tomorrow, saw it on Crossfire

Just saw this on MSNBC.

I thought Kerry was supposed to be doing less well with women than Gore?

"Wolves" is a laughingstock, Obama is campaigning OUTSIDE

The wolves AREN'T coming! No evidence of Election Day terrorist plot: Post

Once Kerry is Elected...

Anti-Choice Shrub Supporter Hurts his campaign in Greensburg PA

Bye Bye Rights...

Wow, nice to see we are finally concerned with flight school....

Lawrence O'Donnell rips John O'Neill a new one: Scarborough Country

AWESOME Bill Maher opener!

Bush/Cheney campaign called my mom...

Bush's volunteer service disputed

This is outrageous...

What does Vegas say about the election?

Bush's Greedy Corporate Pigs versus Kerry's Wolves--Suggestions PLEASE! TU

DU ALERT! RW'ers trying to blame Flu Vaccine shortage on John Edwards!

Kerry Thinks Midwesterners Are Idiots, "Can I Get Me a Hunting License H

Please read this Iran War story stuff and tell me what you think

Any good news?

If there is a 269-269 EC vote tie and we win back the senate....

Why Kerry will win: Democrats own the Battleground (last 3 elections)

Link to wolf ad...

Does anyone have Sinclair? Did they broadcast the show tonight?

Students--you MUST read this--

I see scumbag Parlock took a trip to Cinci last night.

Obama campaigning - in SC

What's/Where's your sign?

"Could AP Rig Election" -- Yahoo Finance. WTF?

VERY UPLIFTING -- watch and smile!!!

devastating op truth add on TV just now on MSNBC

October surprise-Fahrenheit-9/11 clips? Just like the new ad.

No fucking fascist goose stepping Repuke better even LOOK at me crosswise

Do you have to be a resident of a state to by a poll worker in that state?

My email inbox got slimed...

High Early Voter Turnout Tells Me One Thing:

Wow. Bushco. should be afraid. Very afraid.

OHIO Isn't Enough

Everyone is saying that Sinclair was not so bad, why did that guy quit?

Any Freeper who physically threatens me or my family unit better be ready

We need a spoof ad with Barney and Spot hiding on the South Lawn!

planned to canvass this weekend


I gotta say that Theresa is really cute.

"American Conservative" Magazine Endorses John Kerry!

CNN projects very tight race Bush winning EC 277 - 261

Just watched our new "Going Upriver" DVD with my sweetie

DU'ERs remember this number. Keep it with you when you vote!

need m&m new anti bush lyrics.

Damnit! I went and did it, I fell in love with John Kerry.

Texans... Can Tom DeLay be defeated?

LOL! Freeper Inbreds Claim They Were "DUPED" By Sinclair

"The American Conservative": KERRY'S THE ONE!

Can someone educate me about past elections?

Bill Moyers NOW

AP: GOP Voter Drive Accused of Tossing Cards (rate it up)

Theories on why Bush isn't working Ohio very hard

Lawrence O'Donnell - Goes Off!!!!

Tom Werner, co-owner of Red Sox, will campaign with Kerry!!

Lawrence O'Donnel is hot! He has called O'Niel a liar about 200 times

Is it just amazing to you that Bush still has a chance?

I don't trust this early voting!!!!

I just saw the "Wolves" ad! LOL!

Attn, Attn: Sinclair? We won!!!!

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

National Celibacy Day

Saw the Wolf Ad...Why wolves? Why Not Bunnies?

Battle to stop e-voting steps up

This is amazing!

Dumbya to visit Ohio Eight more times!

No sign of Stolen on Freepers board...

Watch out, it's BABCANO, she's gonna blow!

GOP Considers Unseating Feingold a Long Shot

Stanley Greenberg: Dems regain enthusiasm edge - Bush down w/Evangelicals

Important note about Iowa Dem ads....did not know this. Please read.

Sinclair was BALANCED!! Freepers are PISSED!!

Catholics - prepare for the worst

Long time Republican gives up on Bush - AWESOME statement

Tired of looking at bogus polling data? Here's the Truth- in pictures...

**DU's official list of Repukes going to prision when Kerry wins**

So Swift Idiots have an "epilogue" to the Unfit book out...

Bill Maher's Lineup Tonight

reporting from DC: Democratic National Commitee Headquarters

Wow! Is this the October Surprise?

Which state will officially put Kerry over the top?



Biggest boondoggle (doggie?) in political ad history--Scary puppies ad!

What I will do for the Gary Jarmin work

Constructive Criticism for Kerry Supporters: Using Resources Wisely

We have 2500 wolves in NE Minnesota -- my take on the "Wolf ad"

prediction: NOT EVEN CLOSE: kerry 52%; bush 47%; others 1%

Early voting running very strong for Kerry in FLORIDA

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. NYT says Repuke pollworkers plan to INTERROGATE voters

October Surprise: Halloween? Twin Cities? What IS this rumor? (Vreeland)

John Kerry needs our help in the crucial swing states. Help, if you can.

NPR: Bush shows World Trade Center wreckage before his entrance at rallies

Heinz Kerry, in a bottle (Good article from a Pittsburgh columnist)

Newsday: Sinclair show: Heat, little light

Catholics dispute weight of abortion in election

Media Matters Fact Checks Sinclair Show - CONTACT FCC

Wolcott on Ann Coulter Pie Incident

The Last Straw

Security vs. Freedom cartoon

Child soldiers, sex slaves, and cannibalism at gunpoint: the horrors of Ug

How to Convert Your Crazy Republican Friends and Relatives

Ex-ambassador Joe Wilson says Bush Administration has failed

Sunshine satirist:Carl Hiaasen profile in the Guardian (great dig at Bush)

Maine: Another paper dumps Bush for Kerry

Pitts: "'s willingness to acknowledge a painting is forged

Tuscon Citizen: Citizen won't endorse for president

Baltimore Sun: Sinclair softens its tone a notch (not shown locally)

Don't Believe the Polls

Bush Supporters Still Believe Iraq Had WMD or Major Program,

Wolcott kicks Christopher Hitchens arse.

Uh-Oh! the oft Fox quoted Richmond T-D says:

World Series Simulation: Red Sox in Six

The Nation State: Strength in numbers

Nebraska Educators Give "No Child Left Behind" A Failing Grade

"The man's a tool" - v. funny Guardian UK review of Pres. debates

Terrorist definition flyer

Rep. Tim Ryan, (D) Ohio, lets it RIP!

Documentary: The World According to Bush

Forex market bursts to life as dollar cracks

"Cakewalk to Baghdad"

W Sahara: Slim hope for peace

How China missed the window of opportunity

Megawati offers a rude goodbye

After Beslan -- Slow Days in Dagestan

Court overturns Menem dismissal.

Anything a cop can carry to keep the peace....

You ain't fixed yet

How do you we ask to have an item pinned to the top of a thread?

List of Kerry's Endorsements

I am curious as to why this topic and/or source is not considered LBN

It's a battle for the future of Israel

Gaza pullout vote is death knell for Israeli political alignments

Hamas guns down alleged Palestinian collaborator

Anti-hate adverts label Jesus as 'dirty Jew'

Holocaust survivor decries treatment of Palestinians

Can someone post a CLEAR explanation of the Vreeland threat?

Michel Collon ("Humour")

Vreeland Info Thread. Please post any info you have here. Great Links!

My Sources say Vreeland is a "Total Fraud" HOWEVER

Study: No design flaws found in the WTC

Flu vaccine swiped in Merced

There has been confirmation from OC poll workers that cty is violating law

Best local non-partisan races in Orange County to support

Salamander protections rejected

Who is running against "Duke" Cunningham and where do I contribute?

Vote YES on 66

Please Help! Iowa Ballot Sent in The Mail?

Iowa City Press Citizen Endorses Kerry

Parents want gay literature removed

Voters turned away in Ames..

Cool, I just got polled!

Need local guidance on Hi-Speed I-Net access in St Paul

NEW Kerry, Edwards Rallies Next Week!

Question about (Hennepin) county commissioner

Elizabeth Edwards at U of M Dearborn Today !!!!!!!!

Fake UAW mass mailing in Wastenaw County at least

Attended one of two voter challenger training sessions in WashtenawCo

Volunteered at Montco Dem HQ this morning...

You have the right to vote WITHOUT BEING INTIMIDATED!

Ohio GOP Overrules White on Poll Challengers

Fingerhut Blows Out Voinovich in Debate!

Cleveland Plain Dealer pubelisher to endorse Bush tomorrow,over-

Cleveland, Dayton, Akron, Columbus DUers needed!

Ohio Folks - Give advice to visiting Maryland campaigner...

What happens if and when you are challenged?

Ohio voters, bring a cell phone, if possible, when you go to vote

New Muhlenberg College/Morning Call Poll

Edwards in Reading, PA on Tuesday...

any poll numbers on the DeLay race??

Well, today I cast my ballot

HAHA, Sessions is getting OWNED by Frost's ad campaign

Does anyone know anything about Jef Hall? n/t

The Seattle Mariners and their right-wing leanings.

Rossi is going by the old 2000 Bush playbook. Don't be fooled!

The Reallity Of this Election Year

Just saw this quote on the freeper website....


Official "October Crisis" Thread

Anyone notice how the "wolves" looked like puppies and took off ....


Tell Lawrence Odonnell Thanks

The Dao of Step-Dad

Ann Coulter is captured and her real identity is revealed!!!!

If ignorance is bless according to the Bible

This can't be right......(grrrrr)

What ever happened to what's his name

mAnn Coulter's Facepie! - Enjoy

Is CNN Promoting Voting Machines?

Israel mulls options on Iran

Iran backs Bush!

Disenfranchisement of black voters is the last card left in Bush's

Hope Fades With DOW's New Low

There are three kinds of people in the United States.

Don't Believe the Polls

I need a pic of * drooling during the debate.

Unfolding Revelation

You can fool some people all the time and all people some of the time.

Dead Heat Polls result in more Revenue for Media - its about $$$

Seeking a contact at Walter Reed or other Mil Rehab hospital

Because Bush is a cipher, Rove and others had to manufacture a

Liz Cheney on Today Show

Video of Ann Coulter running away from the flying pies coming up on CNN!

Powerful piece by former Episcopal Bishop of Newark NJ

C-Span Airing Conservative Film Makers - NOW

I have a question about the eagle ad.

For a country that has benefited immensely from the scientific

WTF? Oct 27th? Twin Cities? Terror Attacks?

The Times (British) mentions Democratic Underground!

Is there any way to get scripts for the local news?

The Guardian has been freeped; Glenn Reynolds; Voter Suppression.

843 ex-soldiers fail to report for duty

Max Cleland will address John Kerry's plan in Scranton/Peckville, PA today

Another Day of Death and Destruction in Iraq.......

now that the Sinclair thing has passed

Help? need link to PAPI study showing repub ignorance of world affairs

Heading towards the apocalypse

New Newsweek poll. RV tied at 46.

Calling the IRS ......cannot do this under 501..Look at addy below

Somebody explain the opposition to fedealising the electoral process...


Why do most repukes still use AOL?

Powerful ad - "He just doesn't get it "

Vreeland Info Thread. Please post any info you have here. Great Links!

Repub ad guys really stupidly screw themselves? Or double agents?

Subject: iraqi weapons buy-back program (moneymaker for Iraqis)

Unless we win on November 2, Bush's reckless actions in Iraq

Here's a link to the "The World According to Bush" video.

I noticed something ODD while voting yesterday. I think I'll report it.

Julia Thorne question. Can anyone help?

A Caller mentioned DU on Malloy's Show last night!

Four words Republicans find Obscene and Obnoxious

When I read the opinions or what passes for opinions in RW

I just found the gold standard with regards to religion and public policy

Boomchicago of Amsterdam--voting machine

Even if Bush wins, I'll stay in the USA.

AAR stations update! Seattle: yes! Houston: no, not on KBME, LA: no idea!

Can I bring a camera in to my polling place, and to the BBV?

The REAL dirt on Kerry and his Family (humor)

Are Republicans insane?

Who is the last president to use the word "negro?"

OMG! Laura Bush doesn't wear a wig?

A convention to help keep America scared

I Ventured to Free Republic. Hold Me.

holy crap!!! does bush have a failing liver? look at the color of his skin

Wolf ad film crew was tricked

Help! Need citation that higher turnout favors Democrats.

Halloween would be a logical day for a terrorist attack

I just watched a speech by Kucinich on FSTV.

I'm so happy...(guy at my door)

Flu Vaccine Crisis

Republicans Sabotage Democratic Voter Registration

Funny Drudge headline: It's Official, Election is a Zoo

Fraternal Order of Police very anti-Kerry?

Did you think that planes might be used to attack us again?

Maryland Lottery for flu vaccine: over 16,000 trying for 800 FLU SHOTS

Ohio GOP challenges 35,000 on voter rolls

Does the world really hate us ? I doubt it. What they are saying is

I need HELP! College Dems vs College repubs Ole Miss debate

Have a website? Please post this link to help people find where they vote.

Freeper attacked by Freepers

Did Christian Fundamentalist Bush conspire with Saudis on 911 attack?

This guy looks like death on a soda cracker. What is WRONG with him?

Election rides on the 917 vote

Bin Laden is located, says 9/11 panelist

How much money was lost due to Flu illness last year?

Kerry on Guy James today??!!

What is the site that tracks campaign contributions?

More voter fraud in FL

BBV - It happens to THEM too. Bush/Cheney left off the ballot.

BBV - People posing as election officials offer to take absentee ballots

I watched Stolen Honor last night

So , GB signs a $140 billion corporate tax cut,,,quietly, aboard AirFor.1

Iran War Rumor - Make a Sticky until "disproven" ? nt

Perhaps the DNC should use this for a logo...

Why does Bush say the Cheney is the greatest VP ever?

BBV - Germany as a 'Swing State'?

More Wal-Mart Hypocracy

I owe Karl Schwarz an apology (and the DU board)

I Ordered the DVD of 'Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry,'

eom - meaning of ?

what does n/t mean ?

The 2-D's of the Bush Administration.

Fostering invincible ignorance among Americans is the unstated

Political discussion at the workplace

Open Letter To All Americans

I think PBS should run all

Creepy scene in F9/11 Extras - * after 9/11 panel meeting

Would you vote for a man who says.........

Anyone know who owns Google?

we are disguising troops as aid workers - it's bad for real aid workers

Look at this video

reality show "Who wants to be president,"

Re-electing Bush Means Loss of Freedom for Americans

Men Nail Conservative Ann Coulter With Pies

Yes! Yes! Yes! I got my absentee ballot in time to vote!! Question,though.

well, anyone see Sinclair's special? was it on

Opposing politics clash on campus (over Michael Moore)

Could Wolves Ad Speak to More Than This Election?

Michael Feldman just killing Repukes in opening

Freepers mad as hell over watered-down Sinclair Broadcast Special!

Voters turned away in Ames (Iowa)..and other Iowa related election news

Congratulations to Coach Sly Croom and the MSU Bulldogs

I just got back from 2 hours of door to door canvassing.....

I got my flu shot yesterday

Know Your BFEE: How Smirko Got Rich

Who are they trying to kid? Washington Times online requires registration

No Direct Evidence of Plot To Attack Around Elections

" In an age when all the grand ideas have lost their credibility, the

Abortion rates increasing under Bush

What is your Income Bracket?

Wal-Mart Is Selling Fear Packages

BBV - Leon County demands 100-percent perfection

Why., oh Why are people so stupid!

What is wrong with the right side of Nader's face?

Re-visiting a topic on Electoral College

Did anyone see the sinclair broadcast last night?

What happened to Tucker Carlson's PBS show?

Hail Mary... And why John Kerry has nothing to do with it

Jon Stewart Talks TV News on '60 Minutes'

HEADS UP: Jon Stewart On '60 Minutes' tomorrow

Dick Cheney: evil robot from the future?

Swing State Editoral Pages

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning, A Fox News True Believer. LOL

Letter from Iraq

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign....

21 Rationales for War . . .

Another fundie loony tune

Commercial jets contain as much as 3,300 lbs. of depleted uranium

Check this guy out

The Death Toll of the victims of Neo-Conservatives

Margaret Cho: Love is love! ---new ad

Recent Republican Voter Fraud (and accidents)

Check this out! Village Voice upcoming cover art...

Jon Stewart on 60 Minutes

Never, never

Who are new voters? Me and my family for starters

I Voted early today in Palm Bch. Co. and it only took

PollingPoint Poll open -- shall we DU it?

Is John Kerrysmatic?

No US casualties in Iraq recently (thank god) far as we know, but

Does the CBC have something against the Bush administration?

The Danger of Post-Election Amnesia

Is Margaret Carlson Tieboy's (Tucker) Mother?

ok I'll admit it - I hired a freeper

Just saw the best sign EVER

What "traditional values?"

Mental illness and no child left behind - The New Eugenics

George, God here ...

BBV - Hundreds of Absentee Ballots may be 'Lost' - Solano County

Oh. jeeze! Prairie Home Companion is ripping * a new one

Jon Stewart on C-Span tonight

1100+ FLAG-draped coffins: TODAY at the Lincoln Memorial in DC (PHOTOS)

"drooling, twitching, blinking, mouse-faced little cheat"

Good Program Coming Up at 8 a.m. On C-SPAN

For a Good Laugh or at least a chuckle:

Waiting for the October Suprise. Yup.

Here's a poll to DU

Break this code on * TANG records and get $1000 reward

Ignorance is Conservative Bliss

Freeper E-Mail...Need HELP in response

Ames Tribune on early voting problems in Ames

Do Republicans really hate lawyers?

Media Payback Time

Official "Guy James Show" thread--please keep kicked

Bush is Running and Hiding...

Kery in Colorado: wearing a Carhart jacket....

Enjoying it while he can: Bush REALLY likes sleeping in the White House

Ragged Dick mythology.... The beginnings of the Libertarian mindset?

NPR's Terry Gross is in denial about being a "real journalist"

No habla espanol

Why does Bush have an accent?

HOW many are showing up for Kerry Rally events?

I might have broken with the Catholic Church

Video of Ann Coulter dodging pies

Police PHOTOS of American HEROS...they PIED ann coulter....

Pre-election attack on Iran imminent

CEOs do not make good public servants.

Meanwhile, back at PNAC . . .

Should Kerry's Advisors Sign PNAC Statements?

Song: "Takin' my Country Back" Aw, this is nice.

It's October...October Crisis thoughts?

The left clobbered the right and the centre in our last election!

Keeping it simple

xenophobic e-mail I got & my reply to it

World ; UN Declines to Train Iraqis for Saddam Trial

Air pollution worse than admitted, says Greenpeace

WP: U.N. Refuses to Assist Iraqis With War Crimes Trials

Pentagon official distorted intelligence, report says

GOP Voter Drive Accused of Tossing Cards

NYT: Kerry Vows Fight for Equal Pay for Women and a $7 Wage

NYT: A Quiet Struggle for the Conservationist Vote

Sharpton: Young voters key to election

WP: Bush, Kerry Are Vague on Social Security

NYT: In Swing States, Growth of Jobs Has Faltered

U.S. Arrests Senior Al - Zarqawi Leader

No Evidence of U.S. Election Terror Plot -Report

North Korea Calls Powell's Asia Trip a 'sleight of Hand' With U.S. Electio

Heinz Kerry addresses (PA State) NAACP

Former soldiers fail to report for duty Army quietly avoiding AWOL charges

No Evidence of U.S. Election Terror Plot -Report

Kerry Espouses Multitasking in a President

NYT: Plan to Store Anti-Radiation Pills Overdue ("slipped through cracks")

SABC asks to broadcast Thatcher court case

Parties ready to challenge voters (Eastern Ohio)

Part time soldiers injured, but not home yet (16,000)

Banker faces $16m lawsuit

Pre-election attack on Iran imminent

France considers Pinochet trial

Three-Quarters of Votes Counted in Afghan Election, Karzai's Lead Narrows

Neck and Neck -- New Newsweek Numbers Sat 11:14 am est

Militants Say Beheaded Collaborator-Web Site

10/23/04 DOD: Roadside Bomb Wounds Six Soldiers (Western Baghdad)

LAT: Prosecutor's Lips Still Sealed in Probe of Leaked Information (Plame)

Kerry on Fire in Colorado. This guy is burning bush. C-span. n/t

Suicide Attack in Kabul; Vote Counting Nears End

To U.S. Dismay, Iraq Favors Religious Rule

U.S. May Not Push for Ouster of IAEA Chief

WP, pg1, Kurtz: Campaign of a Comedian (Jon Stewart): Real Impact

LAT: Women May Call Election

Health plans preoccupy disabled, seniors (one-issue voters)

LAT: They're Never Too Old to Play Politics

BREAKING: Murdoch son no longer dead

Powell says US on the 'march' to refer Iran to UN Security Council

Bush: Kerry Has 'Election Amnesia' on Iraq

Army officer sues U.S. for deployment

More Than 100 Jewish Graves Desecrated In Berlin

Florida voter rolls up 1.55 million

Fairfax (Virginia) Workers Help Out in Voter Office (50,000 Voters added)

Army officer sues U.S. for deployment

Deaths and damage reported after strong quakes hit Japan

Iraq government resumes Falluja talks

Bush doesn't want Bin Laden

More Bush goon squad tactics in Pa.

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'

Nader Voters Favor Kerry Over Bush by 3-to-1 Margin

Suicide Car Blast Kills 16 Iraq Policemen

Use of Civililian Contractors in War Zones Is at Record Levels

Bush: Kerry Suffers 'Election Amnesia'

Bomb Explodes at US-Iraqi Base Near Ramadi

US Rejects World Calls to Join Russia in Ratifying Kyoto Pact

U.S.: Saddam regime funds financing Iraq insurgency

Innovative Tactics Scoring Against Insurgents North of Baghdad

Iraq Oil Pipeline Blasts Squander Revenue

Jon Stewart on 60 Minutes

Clare Short accuses Blair of misleading Britain

WP: Myers Denies Doubts on Afghan War Plans (allowed fighters' escape)

Pilot Held After Plane Incident Near Bush Event

Columbus Dispatch: GOP Challenges (35,427 Ohio) Voters

Re-Election May Not Bear Bush Promises

NYT: After Terror, a Secret Rewriting of Military Law

In Swing States, Growth of Jobs Has Faltered

Kerry Vows Zealous U.S. Terror Hunt, Recalls Vietnam

Supreme Court Refuses Nader

NYT Enthusiatically Endorses Kerry for President

Early voting brings cries of bullying (by Dems in FL)

22 Dead in Iraq Blasts; Ambush Wounds 6

British officers lobbied US to send (British) troops to danger zone

Emergency team of doctors arrive to attend Arafat

Chaos Inside The Triangle Of Death

Early ballots flood in across US

Deptford woman, 89, heads to jail: Quaker was arrested at anti-war protest

Sox Fan's Death Raises Questions on Force (THE PHOTO)

Iraq's Oil Future Not Looking Bright Despite High Hopes as Source of Recon

Kerry claims Bush let bin Laden walk "out the back door"

Crude Oil Closes Above $55; Tight Winter Supply Is Seen

Zogby,Oct 22, Kerry within 2% !

Soldier, Democratic supporter among those barred entrance

Soviets Might Be Around if Kerry Had Led - Cheney (...)

Oil pipelines attacked

FBI Probes Leads on Election Terror Plot

DeLay blasts 'vindictive' campaign

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Japan

WP: Dems Aim to Organize Union Vote ("If lose job, can't eat your gun.")

Further Abuse at Abu Ghraib Detailed - ACLU forces US to Disclose Records

Military Jet Drops Errant Bomb in PA

Schwarzenegger refuses to apologize for remarks about Indian casinos

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Reacts to Bush-Cheney Political Ad

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Sen. John Kerry For President

Grenade Attack Against Westerners in Kabul

WTC Rescue Hero Sues Bush and Others under RICO Statute

I am using Adobe Photoshop and....

Houstn, Nous Avons une Probleme...

He dropped the gecko!

This is post 6997 for me.... What will 7000 bring?

My 7000th post.... Insightful and full of wisdom and wit,

Lyrics, Hooters: "All You Zombies"

This is my 7003rd post..... What will my 7004th be? Something as stupid

3999 posts, what will my 4000th post be?

Looks like it's time for a new truck

Gary Busey, George Bush, ferrets and...

20 questions!!! Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

Give us a kiss, mum! (picture)

Bedtime, Wiser's has won

Fav Rock Op?

What do you Americans know about "The October Crisis?"

My Perogies are almost done!

Automatic Mix Tape Generator

look at the love and respect in Kerry's eyes for Carolyn..such good energy

Give us a kiss, mum! Part II (picture)

look at what Vanessa does to make dad smile on the stump....i love it

I'm in the 700 club now

22 Gold Gloves

look at this Kerry crowd in Minnisota

The perfect republican woman (picture)

pic Edwards has his kids on the stage with him they play while he speaks

V Voice Interview w/ Remaining Ramones

Bill Simmons (ESPN Page 2 "Sports Guy") sounds like a Dem...

Duers -- Need Help with Real Player

Site moving slowly for you? Turn off sigs and avatars. Worked for me.

Best & worst Sports Journalist ? WHO ?

DU early risers club check in here!

Who's dumber: Men or Women?

Why are there so many songs about rainbows,

Late night true confessions

things that keep you awake at night...

For one week at least, Boston lives up to its name: the Hub

Does this make me a female chauvinist pig?

Does anyone have CALLWAVE on their phone?

National Celibacy Day: Nov. 2

What is your "pet name" for Hannity's dildo?

George talks to GOD... And GOD ain't happy

FASHION POLICE!...calling the fashion police!

What's your "pet name" for your favorite part of your SO

Lookalike artist takes on America

Is there a forum something like DU but of a religious nature? I wish DU

What is your pet name for your you know what

I had a dream last night where Rummy was making me a ham sammich

Behold, my new avatar!


"You can run, but you can't hide."

Diners lured by super guinea pig

Masterpiece unnoticed for 500 years

I love Arabic music!

Jeepers creepers let's piss off some freepers.

Rate this pic I found

What's your favorite Halloween Prank?

I am a pesky left liberal, ask me anything

This bar is dark. But with a flick of my Bic I can tell, You're a Hick.

So I'm Watching 'The Biggest Loser' And Wondering...

What's your favorite politically-oriented drama?

The meaningless 1000 post thread. Say whatever you want to Bush!

Caption This Photo Of Shrub!

Do you do Online Thanking?

1:00 AM, home from work, finally.

Rewards Credit Cards Question


Nobody wants to ask me any questions. That makes me sad

Scary but it could happen

Good Saturday Morning, DU!

I dreamed of * last night

"Silly Bush". - Comments from my 4 year old.

Do you do Online Spanking?

How to scare off the Jehovah's Witnesses

I was away for a little while. Has the October Surprise happened yet?

i have kneepads on...ask me anything.

When LynneSin posts her nekkid butt, should she use props?

Do you believe in, practice, VISUALIZATION? (examples?)

Modern Indian music is some funky shit

Okay, here it is: Cards or Socks?

97 posts away from 7800! Ask me anything!

What Happened to Larry King?

KASHMIR by Bond is da BOMB!!!

well now i am really pissed!!!

Michael Moore's October 20th appearance available online!

Need user opinions, which firewall/antivirus suite do you use?

Do you like "lounge music"?...

What is the radio frequency of Bill O'Reilly's dildo?

Wiki CookBook!

Help...Computer Geeks...

My dog is copulating with shedded hair!!!!! What can I do to

Spirit and Opportunity are still doing well.

Just watched the "Lie Girls" ad! Say, is that number REAL?


Bush Relatives for Kerry.

Does an elderly man in a home have a right to pay for sex?

I'm cottingboy dyslexia...

Personal answers by many prominent people to WHY....

Really cool anti-fear video by Sum 41.

LynzM's cookies are HISTORY

I just ate eggs, sausage links and buttered toast; ask me anything

Do you search for extraterrestrial intelligence?......

My dog is shedding copious amounts of hair!!!!!! What can I do to

To see how humble we all should be, Hubble Heritage makes ...

No looking at Google. Here's your pop quiz - The Seven Ancient Wonders

Pflag: Lesbian marriage commercial could be more positive...

Jeremy Brett was the BEST Sherlock Holmes..EVER!

Puppy training question

We're going to a Halloween party for Dems a week from today and


Which will be the bigger bomb: "The Grudge" or "Surviving Christmas"?

Dish, Cable, or DSL?


OMG! The funniest/meanist Ann Coulter remark yet!

Strange things, confusion - a headache.

My sister had to put her dog to sleep last night. And a comment.

Boston or St. Louis?

what does n/t mean ?

1st SEC Win For The First Black Head Coach In The SEC


Who was voted out this week on Survivor?

That Girl! Forever....

this is spam

No... THIS Is Spam

Do you have any posts without spam?

No, this is SPAM

Is anybody watching the Food Channel? CHEESE!!!

Do you do Online Banking?

eom - meaning of ?

Monty Python Spam

Bush and Kerry go ice-fishing

I just had my puppies.

I just had my puppies deleted.

I must have Demo-dar. I haven't ONCE struck up a conversation

Why is it that when I fix my sound I forget the songs I want

I just had my puppies....

Just had my pupils dilated. Ask me anything!


Cat: It's what's for dinner! (Cat recipes)

is it just me or is paul's boutique one of the best albums of all time?

Seriously, what WOULD you do for a klondike bar?

Just had my pupils dehydrated. Ask me anything if you like, but

Cliche's about history

My new self-portrait came in!

Congratulations to Coach Sly Croom and the MSU Bulldogs

Frivolous poll of the day: eom v n/t

Favourite line from "The Front Page"?

I just masticated my puppies

I want to create a freeper from scratch.

DSL or Broadband? Question.

Documentary on A&E at 4PM on School Bullying/Suicide--and an anecdote

I saw CAKE last night in concert.

What if Unwanted email was named "Sperm" instead of "Spam?"

Attention DU Newbies!!

3 ............ 300 posts AH AH AH AH AH

Lets build the shortest thread in DU history. NOBODY respond to this.


Guess what I did for the first time this week?

Do AMericans use these phrases?

Hell Sucks big time

How much tea is too much tea?

What can you do for a cough?

Vegetarian DUers-Boca Sausage are really pretty good!

Cheney: If Kerry had been Prez, Martians would have won War of the Worlds

this is not spam

6 Billion Intel cut

OK - How many of you were "Raised by Wolves"?

My dog is shedding copulated hair! What do I do?

Since I'm Rooting For the Red Sox, I'll Allow Myself To Gloat About

Help! Need An 80's Halloween Costume Idea

The interactive Mona Lisa . . .

Names for newborn sons: How many would use Adolf, Fredo, or George?

I was driving around Richmond today and along Buford Road (for

Aaaarrrrggghhh!! Gallup poll called me

If not the Hokey Pokey, what IS it all about?

"He's the most powerful man in the world and all he wants

Question about logos in posts

just got a free camera phone, some converse hi-tops and a case of bawls

Bawls Vs. WhoopAss

Local Coverage Just Interviewed Dan Duquette (and I have but three words)

What is your "pet name" for your pet?

"The Biggest Losers".. Am I the only one disgusted by this "show"?

Contemporary Tibetan Painting

The guy at Dunkin Donuts told me he's voting for Kerry!

Critical Name Missing from Ballot

Stupid question how do I post pics on this?

I just got done watching "The Day After Tomorrow". I didn't want to see

Bipartisanship - I'll hug your elephant if you'll kiss my

I'm looking for a Volvo

Cannibalism: Discuss

Are you new to the web?? Want to learn the fancy posting tricks?


A football question.

I'm looking for a Vulva

some of the people all of the time

wheres the official game one thread?

Desktop Computer, or Laptop?

I hope this is a good World Series


Woman attacks reporter during LIVE broadcast!!! VIDEO LINK!

Bad Jokes (warning: bad jokes inside)

Some humans alive today will live up 150!

i want you all to know something

How do you like your Groucho?

Du men- what jobs do you find sexy

Firefox is so much better than Internet Explorer!

A good day in Columbus GA!

Steinbrenner's list of new managers after he fires Torri

i want you all to know something




Things that shouldn't mix:

Do you do Online Boinking?

I'm not an English Professor - ask me anything

An idea for a republican hotline if and when they lose

We are in grave danger of losing Hawaii to Bush!!!!!!

Red Sox Fans Are Mostly Republicans

Fundamental plot flaw in "The Day After Tomorrow" (Spoiler)

Official World Series Game 1 thread

World Series AIM Chat

Are you wearing pants?

Am I the only one who thinks M. Night Shamylan gets a bad rap?

Who feels creative and ready to smack some GOP egos?

Any Texas Aggies here today?

Im I the only one who thinks Joey Jo-Jo Shabadoo gets a bad rap?

Its Gonna Be A Long, Hard Road Baseball Fans

I don't pop my cork for every man I see ...


ZombyWoof's World Series Bar: Where Every Hour Is Happy!

First black SEC coach wins first SEC game in upset

Who is your favorite Match Game Star?

Just had my puppies dilated. Ask me anything.

Well, I object to all this sex on the television!

Shit - it looks like I may be snowed in tonight

DU census. Vote to be counted

I'm home sick tonight. Ask me anything!

World Series Poll

Boy, is Mickey Mantle's family a bunch of a**holes or what?

Tyrone Willingham is Toast!!!!!!!!!!

Ok you'ins with dem dar

College football gameday thread. BCS fiasco again?


Why do many women find firefighters sexy?

Al Gore just called me :)

Kittens are so darned kissable!

Oooo..this one from Bartcop has to have Bush squirming!

Critters in the family!

ADORABLE Kerry with baby pic's.....

Terrorist Alert! Homeland security releases terrorist mugshots!

Congrats Mississippi State fans!

What are the best topics for amiable 'chit-chat' with people you don't

Is Your UPS Driver Sexy?

bush* close encounters of ????...Caption please?

screaming for a caption....O'Lielly

Kerry's kickass barn coat is Timberland

Advantage: Red Sox

Woo Hoo - Bob Boudelang strikes again

Look at this idiot

Dell Sucks big time

JChild is so darn kissable

What is your sign?

This says it all....

Making a list of Great Movies for Democrats to Watch--any suggestions?

What jobs to women find sexy?

saddest song ever?

I thought I was playing Thomas Aquinis

My 100th Post : Ask me anything about Election Administration

Lets build the longest thread in DU history. Everyone on DU check in once.

Your dog hears...."blah....blah....blah.....sit !"

*****New Mexico/El Paso JFK Rally today in Las Cruces*****

Drudge reporting one of Rupert Murdoch's sons killed in auto accident

Hawaii Poll: Bush, Kerry in dead heat - WHATTHEFUCK ?!?!?!?

According To Polls, Wyoming Has Tightened Up Considerably

Partial repost: I declare DU a Hand-Wringing Free Zone!!!

New Rasmussen Tracking Poll (Sat) shows solid Kerry gain

Two CLG Actions to Stop Election Theft 2004!

It's official! Democracy has been canceled!

Last Night, My First Political Dream Ever

The October Surprise make you obsess over an October Surprise

Let's all just step back for a minute

GodBushCheney and others spreading the Twin Cities/Vreeland rumors

How to read mainstream corporate polls

Should this Yankee fan root for the Red Sox to help Kerry win?

BUSH IS SCARY, VOTE FOR KERRY - (This year's Halloween tagline)

No Direct Evidence of Plot To Attack Around Elections

Ad idea for DNC or Kerry Campaign

Jeb's election friend in Tampa is in denial about voting problems.

McCain Disagrees With Bush over Kerry's Understanding of the Iraq War

I Declare DU a Hand-Wringing Free ZONE!!!!

Ok, whens its over and we've won How do I Unload my Brain??

On CSPAN coming on now--interesting: Kerry's Leadership Style

Just finished watching 'Going Up-river'...

Move On. org looking for volunteers now til election!

Great link from an email - visualize winning

Question about polling & early votes . . .

843 Ex-Soldiers Fail to Report for Army Duty

Trust without accountability.

A powerful group of veterans for Kerry filed suit an FCC complaint

Another conservative endorsement for Kerry (Sierra Times)

The best thing about Bush getting reselected....

Laura to Teresa: Enjoy your time in the White House

Ralph Nader needs to be ostracised if he does not drop out!

Remember 1992?

UnFREEP this Yahoo news article on GOP Voter Fraud

Neither Buchanan Nor American Conservative Magazine Endorsed Kerry!

Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election?

US counties hostile toward election monitoring group

Chimpy is spending the weekend in Crawford because

Hey! You! Freeperella!! W's out of soldiers, you may be in combat soon!

Recent Polls: Wisconsin

bush & Cartel's latest BIG LIE

You can RUN, condi...but you can't HIDE

were there NO PICS of Bush's stumble today?

Was that Ann Coulter getting a pie in the face on national TV!?!?!?

Very fun Bush's Brain Game!

WOW!!! Freeping rightwingnuts are DUMBER than we ever thought POSSIBLE!!!

Just curious, before this election did you watch c-span?

Defenders of wildlife slams Bush's wolf ad

scarborough repeat, on now -msnbc

Our Iraq Casualty Count site gets "wreath-blogged"

There Is A Letter On Media Matters

Who does this remind you of?

bushCartel = American Fearwolves

These Swift Boat liars had better hope Kerry does not win

Did the Robertson ad start running ?

Calling all freeping rightwingnuts

There's real worry about cheating in this election

Speaking of "anti-American treason"...what do the freepers call THIS?

Online voting in German Spiegel magazine


Historic ad: "Protect"

edit nt

Harvard Poll: College Students Moving Toward Kerry

Sam The Sham & The Pharohs' "Hey there little Red & Hiding bush"

Great comments re Puppies ad

Heart of Darkness: The Bush cult and American madness

Terrorist definition flyer

Dear America;


Weapons of Mess Destruction attack Ann Coulter

If Kerry feels the need to campaign in MN and MI...

re: repuke pollwatchers.........and provisional ballots.......

B/CWebsite decieves its own supporters!!!

New Mexico: "I voted for Kerry and a check mark for Bush appeared"

Great News! DNC Launches "Disability Votes"

GOP Voter Drive Accused of Tossing Cards

Kerry Leads Bush In Latest Statewide Poll (Michigan)

What are the odds of Zarqawi being caught before the election?

Nader Loses Bid to Get on the Ohio Ballot

CSPAN: Caller admits support for Bush efforts to Christianize Iraq....

Polling Report, Incumbent Races: Closer Than They Appear

Kerry Preemptively Declares Victory in Election 2004

More Unscientific Temperature-Taking. But telling.

Just went Freep trolling and found the funniest accusation

It's official. Corporations have ZERO control over the economy.

The French vs. the Saudis Who Is Worse

Are You Getting More Excited As Nov. 2 Approaches?

Great C-Span Caller!

Checkout this Kerry badass! C'mon freepers, screw with us!

Eminem: Bush 'not my homie'

Select shrub...and the wolves will be at everybody's backdoor!

Liberals = "Big Gov't?" "Big spenders"? Just rightwingnut projectionism

Kerry Jabbing Bush With Multitasking Line

Off the Telepromter /George W. Bush: A Man of His Words?

But Per Bush, Greenspan, The Economy Is Geting Better And

Twit Alert: Saturday is 'Suprise Day'?

Zogby-Bush* 47 Kerry 45

Why Kerry will win

DUPE. DU is playing tricks this morning.

George W Bush -- Nation Builder....

Hope fades with Dow's new low

"Your economic condition determines the very air you breathe...."

Day After Tomorrow

Anyone else getting this "error" message ?? A lot ?

Kerry "playing the role of prophet to Bush’s Pharisee"

Dudes Celsius 41.11 is getting panned by everyone

Can't get enough of w4prez!

Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'/WH insider report

What I Would Run In Place Of The 'Eagles' Ad

Taken Down By Poster Missed It On The Front Page:

I Just Voted -Ask Me Anything...

Kerry's week

My "Shut them Down on Security" Question aka "Quit Being Stupid!"

"You know whats beautiful in the summer ?? ... Botswana ! " ...

100 Facts and 1 Opinion


Ohio DUers I need help, especially Cleveland, Dayton, Akron, Coulmbus

"If you don't show your love for the GREAT LEADER, we'll shoot you."

LMAO - "WOLFPACKS For Truth" -

What is an "Evangelical " ??

The Time poll once again skews the sample: 35% Reps, 35% Dems

NRA responsible for Stolen Honor?

Sticking Zoey Busboom With The Bill

What I'll be Watching For Election Night.

Bush in trouble in Arizona?

Tucson Citizen refuses to endorse either candidate (was Gore in 2000)

Michael Moore in State College, PA and Media Bias

Chief Justice of the United States OKs poll intimidation

Woo! I get to vote against Bush* TWICE!!

What Kerry should be pushing to win true conservatives. . .

One Viewer's Excellent Blow-by-Blow Description of the Sinclair Show

Bangor Daily News endorses Kerry (was Bush in 2000)

Why Would The GOP Want To Be Lenient With Military Absentee Ballots...

MSNBC's "vote watch" phone number..?

Early voting vs. standing in line on election day?

volunteer to be a poll worker!

Deleted message

Zogby, TIPPOnline, And Rasmussen

Is the BULLPEN ready? Standing O for KERRY the Closer

Check out this Bush supporter

where are the surprises?

Gee, last night I saw the "Wolves" ad 2 1/2 times & 10 seconds of "Eagle"

Kerry leads by 1 in Iowa Poll

Why are we losing Iowa> Gore had it in 2000

Kerry Rally Starting shortly CSPAN


Cincinnati Post endorses Chimpy McCokespoon for president

What We're Really Up Against

Who is ahead in Colorado Senate race now?

We're Off To Campaign HQ to Go Door-To-Door

Question: Why did it three years

Ann-hole Coulter pie video

C-SPAN Now ... Kerry Rally in Pueblo, Colorado

OMG! new "pretzel" incident!!

I just saw a Kerry ad paid by FOX!

Why Did Bush Hide The Corporate Tax Bill Signing

Ventura Gives Nod To Kerry

South Dakota tribes announce support for Daschle

Interesting numbers inside the WaPo poll

New Newsweek Poll - K 46 B 46 RV "Bush Lead Evaporated"

10/23 Rasmussen Track - Kerry 47(46) Bush 48(49)

Rasmussen: a big uptick for Kerry (B 48 -- K 46.7)

I know it's a tired analogy -- but watch USC Vs. Washington today

Washington Post: No evidence of terror plot before election

a look at this months polls ( don't read if poll talk bugs you)


Does early voting affect the election-day polls?

So Called Christian Calls C-Span And Attacks Kerry With Obscenities...

NYTimes: Help the Republicans steal another election and earn $100.

Was Saddam Hussein Worth The Lives Of 1,100 American GIs?

The Gimme a break Dept.: Sen. McConnell says press out to get Bunning

Charge the Republican Party with Federal Racketeering

Kerry Rally LIVE on C-Span - 11:35 eastern - GO JK!

Bush has no business running for re-election

I have never seen so much ugliness around me in my entire life...

The issue of faith

Kerry is delivering a message in Spanish (as part of CO stump speech)

Air Show in El Paso Today

If you're missing KERRY in CO today, You're missing the CLOSER

ATTN: El Paso/Las Cruces, NM--Kerry Rally on 2 TV stations this

In the 'every electoral vote counts' scheme of things - WV GOP elector

Kerry going for the Hispanic vote today?

The Rally in Reno was awesome

reagan democrats- will they be back?

My Sources say Vreeland is a "Total Fraud" HOWEVER

Kerry has no business being in Colorado

Will CIA leak 9/11 Report??????

Another Pa. poll with Kerry lead - Kerry 48% Bush 46% RV

New Newsweek Poll *48% Kerry 46% LV

Betty Castor and Jan Schneider are being blasted by ugly ads in FL

Seeking comments on my election prediction

Poli Sci 244 Students from Tuva are laughing at America as many

How much more out of touch with reality can George W. Bush get?

Why Bush will lose

Bush is losing his mind. His latest comments about "global test"

Kerry: "Vote your hopes not your fears"

We know the 'wolf' ad is flawed. What are those flaws?

We should be screaming about Hillsborough Co, FL voting.

Who is coffee for? Bush or Kerry?

FACT: There was ONE President on duty September 11th, 2001

Kerry has at least 1 vote in NY.

Watch Kerry work the crowd. Does he not have a heart of pure gold?

Freepers Furious At Sinclair

Text of pro-Repuke trash being sent to Catholics

If Nader is courting LW voters, why isn't he attacking Bush? (Sorry dupe)

A little encouraging reminder, remember before the debate

It's good that Kerry is shown a point or two behind in the polls

when do we get to stop having to listen to bunnypants speak.

Will Bush cry again on TV 11/3?

Newsweek Poll is much better than it appears-Partisan breakdown inside

Question for Oregon voters.

CA props 68 & 70

electoral college rundown

Just went Freep trolling and found the funniest accusation

Kerry Stomping * Among College Students - Bodes Well For New Gen of Dems

Anyone else getting these annoying calls?

Free Republic to hold 'Thank Pres. Bush/Iraqi Freedom' Rally in DC today

What's the Latest on Obama/Keyes?

It's Too Late to Change The Minds of Some Voters - Record #s Vote Early

Is bush flip flopping?

November 3

One-issue voters, & differences between Kerry and Bush health plans

What percentage of the total vote is cast via early voting?

Irish Echo: Voices of the People!

A movie that could "Un Brainwash" the Bush Pod People

Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State

Prepare for litigation-filled post-election

Kerry is ripping Bush to shreds……………MUST READ!

Can you get to

So here's another Right wing Rasmussen Poll for Oregon

Has aWol run out of money? These stories are rated 4.5+

We Just Voted! 2 Kerry votes in Mineral Wells Tx.

Supporters of President Bush are less knowledgeable

Bush on C=Span Live from Melbourne FL

Wolves, Eagles, Ostriches...What Other Animals Need To Be Recruited?


Took my 7 year old with me to vote yesterday..

Please help - please email contents of this link to Skinner's list

Iowa: Kerry 46, Bush 45

IF...God forbid...we have another Florida situation this election...

Bush is disses B.E.T., Kerry did interview, founder pissed off!!

Bush Just Landed on stage in a helicopter...(picture)

I'm sorry friends, but some of you act like Kerry didn't win all 3 debates

Well, theres One vote for Kerry in Ohio I can guaruntee

Drudge Is A Clown...

Wolfpack for

Does it seem to you that Bush often uses psychological projection in his

Sign: "Hey George! We already voted, and it wasn't for you."

anyone have the link to a Bush checklist meant to scare christians?

Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'....

Question:Can i take my 10 year old to the polls with me

This is an outrage and another blatant attempt by reTHUGlicans...

WTF? Oct 27th? Twin Cities? Terror Attacks?

Anyone attend a GOTV training today?

Anyone else get this email? Who should I forward it to?

Kerry by a LANDSLIDE

What conservatives fear most

Bush says "He can run, but he can't hide" talking about Kerry. Did he say

How the little states add up -- EVs in less than 1% states

GOP will attempt to keep Democratic voters from Voting.

Endorse the Right to Vote campaign

CSPAN : Caller admits support for Bush efforts to Christianize Iraq

Rove's October Surprise: On front page of the WashTimes this coming Monday

Bush-Kerry Election May End in Landslide

Why Wisconsin matters (or "Ohio was last week's this year's Florida")

Mathematically possible to win EC with .00001% of vote

What was that college website (Princeton?) where they projected the EC?

Right Wing Pushing Kerry Exaggeration story for Monday.

Tomorrow's game day - anyone up for some FOOTBALL ACTIVISM??

Dec 2001 transcript Re "Big Story"


Vanessa tossing a baseball to her father on the tarmac in Pueblo, CO today

Man they're getting more desperate as the election nears!

Post election my nomination to head the RNC: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

Poll: Will Judy Woodruff Appear On Monday In A Wolf Outfit?

What is the site that tracks campaign contributions?

What is your general feeling about this election?

Is Nader supposed to be on FL ballots?

A Vast Right-wing Conspiracy wants you to believe the race is tied.

FOUR swing states do not have the death penalty!!

Please take this and copy it to every local forum you can find

Even Head Freepers Admit There's Nothing to the Monday Breaking Story

Florida DU'ers....please make me happy. Katherine Harris...

Lame Campaign Strategy

Former Drunk And Cokehead Says Kerry Is Unfit To Lead...

Turnout will be everything

Kerry and daughter Vanessa playing catch earlier today. 3 PICS.

In Ohio the Bush campaign readies its brownshirt army

High Court Won't Put Nader on Pa. Ballot ...

Take the Pledge?

Democrats for Life poll has been freeped!!

Does anyone have a link to the wolf commercial?

Army to Let Halliburton Keep Iraq Payment

Religious Leaders Ahead in Iraq Poll

2 more Floridians for Kerry

Did you see McAuliffe kick ass on C-span last night ?


TSA probe of whistle-blowers criticized

Something to be familiar with in advance (Kerry transcript re: tora bora)

Kerry exaggeration story not about his days as lawyer.

Schwarzenegger endorses bond for stem cell research

Amazing! Suddenly CNN is doing story on WOLVES!

DNC pumpkins

just polled by "Heritage Alliance" (per caller ID)...

So does anybody know what kind of moron is STILL undecided....

Did W's earpiece disrupt the sound system at the 2/5/04 prayer breakfast?

JK answer to ad, WOLVES: "FUTURE belongs NOT to FEAR, but to FREEDOM!"

Top Ten most influential TV voices this election season

3 Million Voters Eligible Over Seas. What impact will they have?

Cheney just finished having a rally at my high school

* has lost in Ohio and Pa. He's TOAST.

South Carolina Senate Debate - Live on C-SPAN Sat. at 8pm Eastern

PLEASE read this story: GOP tearing up Dem voter reg. forms across country

If Newsweek has it TIED at 46-46, then Kerry is actually LEADING by 50-43!

I Hate To Spoil The Love-In, But The "Eagle" Ad Is Weak

Kerry wants to leave Teresa for John Edwards... can these Nazis go lower?

Oh-oh! I got mail with Jane Fonda & Michael Moore........

The World According to Bush

Come home to Nader disaffiliated Republicans?

Why do I have the feeling they are going to steal it again?

I don't watch much TV. Has anyone seen the Eagle ad broacast?

DailyKos: Are WI, NM, IA replacing OH in Bush electoral strategy?

Karl Rove October surprise already debunked

"FlipperCam"...what a laugh from the RNC

Georgia Kerry Supporters help GOTV

if they're wolves in the forest

Post election litigation - more complications

No Change In WaPo Poll 50-46

Freeper Madness

Grave Silence: September 12, 2001

Changing Tactics: Bush Campaign Tries New Wolf Ad

Kerry on C-SPAN right now colorado rally

Oh SHIT Lawrence O'Donnell kicked some Swift Boat Scumbag LYING ASS

Kerry rally in Pueblo, CO on CSpan now.

Ohio newspaper publishes street addresses of some GOP vote challengers

There are numerous voice overs on Kerry's CO rally! WTF?!

Hillary Clinton stumps for Kerry in South Florida

Sentenced to 8 years, Abu Ghraib Abuser Blames Superiors

Bush's hilarious timing

the dirty tricks have begun: VOTING SCAMS in Florida

We should all be out canvassing & making phone calls etc...

In Ohio, can voters who are illegally disenfranchised sue

AARP -- supports Kerry's positions, Bush refused to fully participate

Why doesn't some reporter with balls report this shit

CNN/HN BASTARDS didn't mention Mellon Scaife on big donor report.

$8 Million Worth Of Distortions

Unions, churches square off (Article on Southeastern OH swing voters)

I'm confused about this ad, but want to give money -- help!

Probably not Kerry's proudest moment - his meeting with Ortega

We must be vigilant everywhere.

We are in grave danger of losing Hawaii to Bush!!!!!!

According to polls, Hawaii has tightened up considerably

Why You Should Ignore The Gallup Poll (and the rest for that matter!)

Supreme Court refuses to put Nader on Pennsylvania ballot

Cheney: If Kerry had been President, my daughter Mary would be

Check this out

"The Election Made Simple"


Study Finds Abortion Rising Under Bush, Linked to Economic Policies

This may be a dumb question (RE: intimidating new voters)..

Here it is : the much-anticipated Monday splash story about Kerry

Will we see the Orange alert this week?

What Newspapers Have Switched to Kerry this Time?

6 Billion Intel cut

My brother saw Kerry in Las Cruces today

Fighters Escort Small Planes Away From Bush Rallies

freeping rightwingnuts are Tora Bora stoopid

Which states and counties

Great shots of Vanessa Kerry and her father today in Colorado!

I just scored VIP passes to the Monday Kerry/Clinton Rally!!

pre-election phoning - is it going overboard

WTF?! ...

Where things *really* stand : big picture, beyond the day-to-day tracking

WAH!!!! I missed Scarborough last night!!!!!

Who turned OFF the Kerry Ads in New Mexico?

Freepers are so lucky - they have hit piece #872 coming out in the WTimes

Josh Marshall has this up from archives - Bush community service

John Kerry and Dick Cheney to be Interviewed on NBC's Today on Monday

Election 2004: State of the Races

UPDATE: Kerry charms crowd in Pueblo

NBC News leads with Madrid train vid; BUT, terror alert HERE false!

Chicago DUers! The Sun-Times endorses . . . .John Kerry!!!

LOL - Want the inside skinny on the Kerry campaign? Ask the Brits

Timely link: visit Campaign Underground for your state now

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/23 (Mixed News)

I hope my vote here in Houston counts, but I'm afraid it won't

Washington Post Endorsement...any bets?

Is there a web site where voting problems can be reported on election day?

BC04/RNC/NRCC internet firm caught red-handed hacking:

Ann Coulter on the Run!

Senator Jim Bunning is officially nuts

Here's an idea to counter the "wolves" ad....

MSNBC Online Poll: Kerry 52% Shrub 46% Nudnik 2%

Who's who behind the scenes in this election?

Chicago Tribute letters to the editor (many pissed they endorsed *)

Chimpy looks cadaveric these days....

Interesting comparison

Solid-blue and solid-red staters: You're winning the popular vote

PROOF Freepers are stupid

CNN ? ??

Suggested LTTE campaign RE: intimidation

A poll you don't hear much about

If Bush & Kerry Were Types Of Music, What Types Would They Be?

history will judge the MEDIA harshly

How Much Would The Dow Have To Drop In A Day To Lead The Nighly News?

Bush is gonna HAVE to try and steal the thunder from Clinton Monday.

SWIFT BOAT LIAR O'NIEL link to video

Michigan DU'ers: Sudden Spike in Bush Support Reported - Keep Working!

10 days - how is everyone feeling?

When will Kerry finally pull ahead (and the Fat Lady sing) in Rasmussen?

THIS is the ad to bring down bush* -- watch it, and then DONATE!!!!!!!!!!

boo hoo -- Frank Luntz worries about November 3 and the hatred!

YESSS!!! Tim Ryan REALLY let's it fly in the house!!! Must see!

Dow Jones at last election = 10, 818. What will it be at this election?

Lines too long to vote in Houston today!

Tucker Carlson: "I'm Not Voting"

Faux News: "$200K a year isn't that much money"

I went to the blog...

Kerry Moving Back To A Slim Lead In Iowa 46 -45

Who's gonna watch "Capitol Gang

WHO THE HELL is Helping John Kerry!? He was ON FIRE in CO.

Warning to Conservatives

Ignorance has its PRICE................STOOOPID Presideeents

Early voting trends in eight Florida counties favor Democrats

Smile!...These are the people that we're causing to go away....

OMG too hysterically FUNNY! It's National Wolf Awareness Week

recordings of O'Donnell - Buchanan - O'Neill fracas

Whois VENEZUELANET.ORG? More of the same out of Arizona

One Incredible Map at

Kerry has a "first pooch" !!

LA Weekly endorses Kerry - last sentence made me cry

Republican challengers in Ohio - be not afraid

Thanks. Do you like my plane?

Clear the media FOG. Want to QUICKLY see how is Kerry is REALLY doing?

I need ideas! I have a list of 140 undecided women, moms, "soccer" moms

Forward Area Analysis Report: My view of the Jarmin scandal

FDR vs GWB ; Fear and the American Presidency.

IT'S NOT JUST a vote to change the face of your country. It's a vote to

Brothers and Sisters these people are evil

Honky Tonkers For Truth

We Just Got A Tip (Breaking Story on Kerry?) Freepers daydreaming...

Dallas County, TX voting experience this morning

How would you compare KERRY right now with GORE?

Be careful about hitting the straight party button!!!!!

Tearing up Dem registration cards not first Sproul & Assoc. dirty trick

Laura Ingraham becoming unhinged

Ohio: Can lawyers get an injunction to stop harrassment

2004 Presidential election, we will know the outcome when?

What states were suprises in 2000? Which states will suprise in 2004?

Report from Nevada: "EARLY VOTING: Democrats grab turnout lead"

Will Clinton put Kerry over the top in the polls next week?

Former workers dispute Bush's pull in Project P.U.L.L.

If they really wanted to scare us, they shoulda used SNAKES

Attention DU High School Students and Teachers! Please Vote!

Some Iowa Early Voting Results (good news)

Guess who is going to head up the Richmond Va GOTV phone bank

Early voting brings cries of bullying

Cleveland PD overrules editorial board - endorses Bush

Pictures From Today's Kerry/Salazar Rally in Pueblo, CO

George Bush and CNP tied to scams and cheating voting machines!