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Archives: October 21, 2004

Bush broke promises about environment

TIME: Arnold vs. the Girly States

National ID cards before election: D. McCullagh

Salon: Suppressing the overseas vote

Salon: Sproul play (RNC-funded firm destroys voter regist. forms)

Our Magical President...How Bush goes beyond the Bible to create his own r

Crazed Bush Supporter Choking a Kerry Supporter

Wolcott on Mary Cheney, Pat Buchanan, and Bob Novak

Blumenthal: America's Hidden Vote

Jarrar fund

Demand Equal Time of Coverage from Media. Kerry Speaks, no coverage.

Project Bioshield - all americans are lab mice from now on......

NRA only supports republicans... or does it?

I'd like to suggest that..

Halloween idea.

I'm not a donor, but probably will be soon but in the meantime

People Keep Starting Baseball Threads in the Lounge

Is my view really so out of line that my thread must be locked?

Bush or Kerry, it's all the same to Sharon

The CA Democratic Party has endorsed Prop 71 so as to save lives

Prop 64: The end of environmental lawsuits.

Don't let Republicans decide Democratic primaries. Oppose 62

City races: Vote for courageous Democrats in non-partisan races

Dangerous proposition will result in DNA discrimination for ins & jobs

Is there a place where I can see a sample ballot?

Minnesota moves into the "strongly Kerry" column

Patty Wetterling must be winning, judging by the nasty ads

Fingerhut Book Signing Thursday

Look what the republicans are doing to Terry Anderson!

Pictures of the Morrison/DeLay debate

Rasmussen Premium Numbers for Wisconsin for 10/20 (Just Released)

Should I lure my teachers out into a first amendment battle?

So i was reading my gov't book today

I am not prone to violence, however....every time I hear

Why did Bush so little to prevent 9/11?

Pro-Kerry movie, "Going Upriver," now in stores.

Olberman just said that Wally World is pulling Jon Stewart's book

C'mon Kerry. Use this vote getter...

WEST wing...

WAL-MART pulls "America" from shelves.

Never Pictured North Korea to Look Like This..

Check out the passage from an article on Rove

Welcome to the last days of the campaign Newbies! Now it gets bloody

Send Paula Zahn KUDOs

Move over Bill O'Reilly: JOHN FUND has finally been deposed!! -even Bush's family turns against him

Experts have been predicting flu vaccine shortage for years

How's this for a double standard?

Okay, let's discuss the notion of what constitutes a "job".....

When Oliver Stone makes a movie about the Bush Regime

The Babe Is helping Kerry,Because he's not at this game.

Doctors under 45, check in and line up in draft order...

Do Not Let Up On Sinclair

I believe this most important thing about....

"Stolen Honor" offers a one-sided attack on Kerry

These people sound just like the one who nail JESUS to the corss.

Don't ya wish our Pres. was as decisive as the one on West Wing?

Heard George Soros speak in Miami tonight

Is that Gary Bussey on AAR?

"Now everybody in America is wearing the blue dress"

Barf alert - today's full page Washington Post ad

How Many Iraqis Are Dying? By One Count, 208 in a Week

Can anybody explain the "general Welfare" clause to me?

Wal-Mart pulls all copies of 'My Pet Goat' off the shelves...

Audio of Al Gore's Monday speech?

Is America going to follow George W. Bush down the road

For those still not used to it: The Daily Show coming up in a few minutes

Anyone heard anything about....

N. Korea trains 500. Readies for cyber-war. Yikes. Evil gamers.

Why do some fear-mongers say Liberals have an alliance with radical Islam?

After Kerry Win - we need to get the media back - we need to

It this stuff legit? If it is, it's amazing.

What's Bush's new name for the Draft?

Kerry won...

Bush Administration To Give Boy Scouts' Access to Schools While Ignoring G

Join the Army...It's just like X-Box...

Oh.. I guess Bush wasn't the worst option for president in 2000...

So is Big Dawg gonna help boost Kerry next week..

and they fucking wonder why no one believes them anymore

bush bots

The new Mud: Kerry should have gotton dishonourable Discharge

What is the Anthrax Vaccine (Cipro) availability...

UFB !!! - Frist Office Used To Administer Flu Shots

Cmon boys. GOT SOX! put 'em away.

WHY the GOP Bush has avoided the Palestinian issue..ASK PAT

From David H. Hackworth site

My email to Mr. A. G. Hevesi, New York Comptroller

Will Nightline even go near the Robertson vs Bush flap?

question: what is o:p (as an html tag) used for

The Sox win

"Going Home": Aaron Brown's 'CNN Newsnight' segment on Jews in Baghdad

When Kerry wins, can we play the Republicans' game...


BoSox win... its gonna be a good year for Massachusetts

Christ, the Lounge tonight is nothing but goddamned baseball threads!

Have y'all seen this?

Sergeant in Abu Ghraib Case Pleads Guilty to 8 Counts

Gather around Truthseekers

I hate to say this but Nader is right on the real issues that affect most

What are you doing to defeat Sinclair's planned attack on Kerry?

Fareed Zakaria was on The Daily Show tonight.

Surveillance camera pics: W robbing a bank

Should Kerry wear a Sox hat at his next rally?

Just saw F9/11...

Any idea where I can get a shirt like this?

Charlie Rose NOW!! O'Neill (won't vote for Bush) quoted.

Will the freepers pray for President Kerry

Beat the Repugs at their own game

OK. Let's settle it. Put both Pat and Bush under oath. Who is lying?

Luntz: "It's time for Bush to get worried" (GOOD POLL NEWS!)

U.S. Jobs Lost to Outsourcing Underestimated

voted Nader in 2000 and aren't sorry about it, but voting Kerry

Republican DIRTY TRICKS on Illinois ballot!!!!

O'Reilly off the hook?

Tried something new tonite, parking lot blogging.

My email to Senator Bob Graham

The Bremer Administration Embezzled $8.8 billion

By the thousands, soldiers 50 and older are being deployed

What this country needs is REAL investigative journalists like . . .

Howard Dean, Bob Dole, debate at Ohio State. Couple of pics.

How do I pay for my meds if we flee to Canada?

Lest we minimize the War on Women, read this alert

GM Seeds & Bremer Decrees Ensure US Control of Iraq Food Supply

Project Bioshield - all americans are lab mice from now on......

What are your thoughts on sex offender registries?

Gotta be a DUPE! Lou Dobbs CREAMED Dennis Miller tonight.

A really good article on American fascism

Ballots w. wrong dates, & with no ovals to fill in: what really happened

Three political questions in search of three astute answers

Is Canada Disappearing

Harper doesn't scare me...

Iraqis opposed to U.S.-backed interim government won't attend conference,

Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President

The John Birkenstock Society

Palm Beach County is out of absentee ballots

Sinclair St. Paul showing Elimidate instead of Stolen Honor

Pentagon Says No Need for a U.S. Draft of Doctors

Butler to Face Iraq Probe Questioning

Drugmakers shift more production outside USA

Judge: Cuba Detainees Must Have Lawyers

New warning on Taj Mahal

NYT: Sergeant in Abu Ghraib Case Pleads Guilty to 8 Counts

Vancouver holds flu shot clinic for desperate Americans

Big 3 Airlines Report Combined $906M Loss

4 US troops killed in Kunar

In about-face, UN accepts possible US protection in Iraq

Islamic leader (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood) calls for Iraq resistance

Australia Won't Offer Money for Release of CARE Chief

US Raids Kill Family of 6 in Rebel-Held Iraqi City (new info - plz read)

Bush, Kerry Open Final Month Even in Cash

(Iraq Sunni) Cleric warns against Iraq assault


Islamic Leader Calls for Iraq Resistance

Lawsuit could disrupt voting in New Jersey

WP: Bush Predicted No Iraq Casualties, Robertson Says

Clinton will rise from sick bed to join campaign (against Hillary's wishes

Kerry to go hunting for conservative votes

Choice Between Bush, Kerry Presents Quandary for Wall Street

Iraq Susceptible to Corruption, Survey Finds (Ya think?)

WP: Kerry's Senior Brigade (in Palm Beach County)

Michael Moore Brings Bush-Bashing to Utah

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 1,103 members of the U.S. military have died

Palm Beach County poll woes

Journo's comments on hostages 'appalling': Downer

South Dakota trying to suppress Native American votes?

U.S. Soldier Drops Suit Over Service Extension

Republican Web sites downed by mystery outage

Cheney Got Flu Shot Despite Shortage

"The World According to Bush" -- a Canadian Documentary will . . .

WP: Surgeries, Side Trips For India's 'Tourists'

Bush Sponsors Battleground Traffic News

BBC: Fidel Castro hurt in fall during speech

Captain of 'Mutinous' Supply Company Relieved of Command

Support shrinking for Bush's anti-terrorism policies: poll

Wal-Mart Nixes Stewart's "America"

Kerry team slams reports VP Cheney had a flu shot

NYT: From Troops, a Few Votes for a Quick Way Home

Police stun 75-year-old

Two out three Axis of Evil Countries agree... Bush For Prez

I have been hearing a lot from the right wing...


Caption the Bible Thumper

Let's get it on!

Is it ironic that MLB relies on Rage Against the Machine for highlights

Heads up: Dave Chappelle on 60 Minutes Wednesday

Bush Error scores a Safety (Caption)

Cards win

See the Amazing Flying Lawnmower!

Another Game 7

Ok, "Lost" fans (abc show), please what happened last week and in the

Why republican/conservatives buy black vibrators

Caption President Wimpy

JIMMMMY EDMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marvin and Jeb Define Creepy (Caption)

I'm sad

Ooh OOh LOST on

When is DeadWood coming back on?

Bullshit, fuck you Yankees!

Water discovered on Mars!!!!!!!! - Photo

WTF no King of Queen tonight this bites

I am Presbyterian, mind your own fuckin' business.........

Gas discovered on Uranus!! - photo

Exclamation point tax suspended for Yanks-Red Sox game posts

I have red eyes. Let me ask you things.


BOOOOOOYAH GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duh Bate - Video

I know a lively fellow, who is really quite unique.

Caption the Falafel Meister

I can't believe that *I* am watching BASEBALL....

Ok what position did you play in baseball

GRAND SLAM, DAMON!! Red Sox Up 6-0 In The Second!!

NYC music-lovin' DUers!

I'm single, ask me anything.

Official Wednesday night Moderator/Administrator appreciation thread

I have blue eyes. Ask me anything.

State Farm Ins says an accident is my worst moment, I say it's my best

Baseball joke...

Are there really that many disgruntled AOL users?

So, is there any sports on TV tonight?

Derek Jeter

ALCholicS game 7 thread 1.

Canada helps Bush out a jam!

Overheard - mother to 4 year old daughter

The freeper and the black condoms

If the Mariners win tonight, I will kiss matcom on the lips!!!

I'm Italian... ask me anything!

The Ghosts are awakening!!!!!

Tell me its not over now!

Idle Thoughts of a Retired Person whose Mind Wanders...

I'm gay. Ask me anything.

So I'm guessing that all these nonsensical thread titles concern baseball.

Red Sox fans - you win - you're better than us- You are our Daddy


How will the Sox manage to blow this lead?

Mike Malloy is on!


I know nothing. Ask me anything.

Ho-Hum.... I am sooooo bored. Anything on TV tonight?

Ministry live on XM48 right now!!!

America! F--- Yeah!

Phone scam?

I don't give a shit about sports. Ask me anything!




I'm a redhead - ask me anything.

who was the most badassed group of Seventies rock?

New changes to Home Depot benefits package for 2005

Help!! I need a bootleg copy of F-911

New rule: if you post about an athlete, you must post a picture

Sox Fans: Would you trade a Kerry win for a WS win? nt

Please!!!!!!!!!someone help me (computer question)

A thank you to Flying J truck stops after bad service and a response

BOSOX fans: What's up with the "burnt molasses"/baby poo looking stuff


Not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, but....

Asshole...short film

Shhh! This game is a sign that Kerry will win

Woo-hoo - I will never be a Wal-mart / Sam's Club customer ever again!!

Fugliest vehicle on the road:

So what are you doing besides hiding baseball threads tonight?

Screen capture of Steinbrenner between innings!

Official West Wing Season 6 Premiere thread #1

Top 25 Best Protest Songs on now - VH1

What is Derek Jeter's political orientation?

BoSox fans. 3 innings left, up by 7. How can your team find a way 2 loose

Anybody know anything about screen printing?

Let y(d)u entertain me

Anyone been to What do the freeps think of the game?

in honor of holloween, i present you with this scary picture:

Pure bliss (picture)

I'm eating a Sinclair-free Burger King Whopper. Ask me anything...

"I'm not prepared to bomb 1/2 the Middle East because it makes us feel


Greg The Bunny on DVD




ALCS game 7 thread. Thread 2

9 to 3 Boston in the bottom of the 8th. This is going to take a screw up

ALCS game 7 thread 3

Does anyone else not give a flying crap about baseball?

So I'm sitting in class right now and my cell phone goes off...

OK. Call me optimistic. I'm predicting a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine.....


My son just may go to the World Series


Ohio is getting out of state campaigners for Kerry

ZombyPoll: Should matcom take tomorrow off??

GO SOX!!!!!!


What kind of whiny, excuse ridden bullshit will Steinbrenner spew

I just wrote this letter to Sinclair (WARNING: Profanity Noahmijo style)

1 out = 2 runs

TV-B-Gone: an invention to love!

Yankee fans getting stupid and UGLY


ONE OUT AWAY!!!!!!!! (NT)!!!!!!

I've come to the conclusion we have a party of ROCK STARS

bush doctirine red sawks thread

Red Sox win in the greatest upset I have ever seen!

Thank you Jimmy Buffett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RED SOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush* phone bank caller ID 000-0000

I don't care a thing about baseball, but....


question: what is o:p (as an html tag) used for

Go Sox!!!!

3 OUTS AWAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History is written.

OK...A Yankee I DO like

1 out = 6 runs

if things go well, i might get to show her my "O" face.

I LOVE seeing all those depressed Yankee fans/players faces!!!

The Lounge is down to 5 minutes on the front page.

All Wild Card World Series?

The Red Sox WIN! The Red Sox win, thhhhhhhheeeeeee Red Sox win!

All Hail Me (I predicted the Red Sox would win earlier today)

It is meant to be..

Wasn't there a baseball game tonight? How'd that come out, anyway?

I just woke up. Who won the pennant?

What happened tonight on West Wing?

All Hail the Red Sox!

I just ignited my last stash (12) of Bottle Rockets! Go Sox!

Anbody know who won the Yankee's-RedSox game tonight?

did the sox win?


Boston: Patriots. Red Sox. Kerry!!!!!!!!

Freecell! 100-game winning streak! Ask me anything!

So, has the "Curse of the Bambino" been lifted?

David Ortiz is a very humble man.

Evil Empire B wins the ALCS

Evil Empire B wins the ALCS

So, when does the AL champs gear go on sale in Boston?

Okay. Now the Cardinals have to win.

Can college students date

Hey, Yankees...Who's YOUR Daddy??

BoSox win... its gonna be a good year for Massachusetts

BoSox win... its gonna be a good year for Massachusetts

Hey where's the sox fan who said Oritz would be ACLS MVP?

Well, the Apocalypse is upon us

Hey Babe.... You can take your curse and cram it!

"All Things Must Pass" is the best non-Beatles album by a Beatle

Damn you fans! It's loud!

HEY MIDORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALCS game 7 thread 4

On a scale from 1 to 10, how drunk is Matcom right now?

But the curse hasn't been broken

Supreme Court rules that Yankees Win ALCS

My Prediction: World Series

go boston!!! first the patriots, now the red sox, and in two weeks-KERRY!

post ripp off more important taste or smell ?

The Sox win is just a small example of how we'll feel in two weeks

tuff crowd Collin Quinn who likes it ?



So has Will Pitt passed out from exhaustion? Shock? Both?

Greatest Comeback EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Buckner

West Virginians!

The Sox win

BOSOX fans, what's the story w/ Lowe?

DU gardeners who have composters or compost piles....

Man, it sucks that Angie Harmon is a repuke.

the almost pedro disaster in the 7th

Her dream come true....took me a while to find the right photo


So who do you like, Lil' Kim or Foxy Brown?

Hey Steinbrenner!

Red Sox fans, which would you prefer?

The second most disturbing image ever:

Take a step back and be thankful we saw that game

I am now an ardent Red Sox fan

Dog wellbeing question: how much would it cost (rough guess)

On behalf of Nightrain I request...

Congratulations to Boston, their long-suffering fans

If you were in a roman bath and had to choose...

A great site for your repug friends, co-workers and family members

If you live in Boston....

Yankees: time to clean house

too funny -

Caption the Bush Whore

"Don't run. We are your friends!" Brrrrzappp!

"The insurgency began/ and you missed it"


Am I the only cubs fan that is kind of sad?

HAVE To Go To Bed. Drunk Tired. Etc...

The ALCS is not the World Series

Tomorrow's Newspapers: Redsox win, President calls Pat Robertson Liar

Finally, my 800th post!! Ask me anything...anything at all

Bostonians - What's the city like right now?

I just removed 307 spyware thingys-ASK ME ANYTHING!

Help TIVO screwed me!!! ABC SHOW LOST

The Boston Red Sox are Kerry-esque...

All Wild Card World Series?

Nature's finest caught on camera

Fresh troll.... shhhhhhhhhh.

Prediction.... Torre will announce his retirement

"My family and I are all VERY conservative..."

Has Kerry picked up in the polls since the win?

type "black people" into google and you get this

Hey EMOPS, here is the most disturbing image I've EVER seen...


What is the curse? Complete baseball ignorant here.

Nice to see a bunch of freakin' hippies beat the shit out of pinstripers.

The Yankee Dynasty: 1996-2004

Yankee fans what would you HAVE prefered

a hearty congratulations to the Red Sox Nation on a historic win . . .

Will Joe Torre Get FIRED Tomorrow?

If you HAD to choose between these 2...

Ok Red Sox - you beat us Yankees - now go win the Series for

Boston is lovin' their Red Sox the best they can...


Yankee fan concession and congratulatory thread.

Just how cool is my new sigline?

Baseball many are there?


Houston versus Boston?

I'm bored... Tell me something interesting about yourself.

I am a gay white 25 year old male/brown hair/hazel eyes. Ask me anything!!

Poll: Best Album Cover Art from 1967 - 1981?

Christ, the Lounge tonight is nothing but goddamned baseball threads!

Who is going to beat the Red Sox in the World Series?

"1918," huh? Okay ... "2004," Yankee fans.

So, how long till The Boss explodes?

Like the Lakers, the Yankee dynasty is dead.

This is my 1,000th post: will someone pat me on the back, please?

Yankee fans, we have to retool for this year.

Why, on earth would they put Pedro in now?


I'm looking for an old Non Sequitur comic

What Is The Best Way To Ask Out A Woman?

HOLY SHIT! Jandek played a live show in Scotland Oct 17th!

Rabrrrrrr's intentional flamefest thread: Go Yanks!! Screw the Red Sox!!

I love tomatoes

Season Premiere of West Wing...

TIGERS VS. DEVIL RAYS!! 2005 ALCS Game 1 Thread 1

The Wrath of Steinbrenner

Long-haired, bearded Boston liberal uncorking a can of whoop ass

I'm normally a Yankees fan, but...

Anderson Cooper - Mamma's boy

Any opinions on aspartame (ie. Nutrasweet)?

I haven't posted in two years until today. Ask me anything.

What's the best software to manage your personal budget??

Who is going to lose against the Red Sox in the World Series?

I'd like to bid a less-than-fond adieu to PAY-ROD and the Yankees

Why do baseball fans come to the DU Lounge to talk about sports?

We want YOU for the DU Trolling Brigade: Do your website proud.

Have you ever been out on a date from Hell?

I'm an English professor, ask me anything.

Interesting Poll @ Princeton

A Decent Republican - Former MI Gov William Milliken

Why has Hardball gone to all bush supporters or repukes for

Who's drawing the bigger crowds in battlegrounds?

Breathe it in boys and girls. :-)

Unfit to Serve

I bought cigars just to vote for Kerry!

Mason Dixon Blew Delaware By Seventeen Points In 00

Now honestly did a Du'er create this Bush is wired website?

Paula Zahn talking about the Robertson quote n/t


The Draft

Bush Family Memebers For Kerry!!

Sample Florida E-ballot online!

New Poll Confirms that DeLay is in Danger -- From Morrison campaign

Even his own family isn't supporting him

Ok I am freaked out to read about this Pat Robertson thing, here's why

I just saw on Oberman

General Mills Bullshit Answer

Laura Bush is a Stepford Apologist for Her Murderous Traitor Husband

Question For You Guys On The Sinclair Replies

Let your Kids vote for President..only 1 1/2 hrs left..

Teresa :: once asked by Repubs to take Sen. Heinz seat?

Heh heh heh heh... Free Republic over confidence...

Sh*t, just found out I have to use a Diebold machine to vote

Bush Hasn't Held A State Dinner At White House Since 9/11

I see no difference between the 2000 and 2004 election


Kelly book reads like a blue print to the 2004 elections

Should Kerry camp ask Maria Shriver to campaign for them?

Clinton to Campaign with Kerry in Pennsylvania

Pat Robertson: Bush has 'blown a major lead' (CNN)

Gallup is asking the wrong question to skew the polls...

Good news in Duval County

I don't know what's wrong with the Chimp, but he's not getting any better

The children have spoken......Kerry won the Nickelodeon poll

Gallup did it again... this time in WI

Red Sox are leading in which poll?

First They Came for the Nurses[THE DRAFT:Selective Service System]

Clinton To Campaign For Kerry In Philly

October Surprise! Our Man Pat Robertson comes through! How weird is this?

Cartoon: Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist ready to rule for bush.

looks like west wing is on..yyyyyaaaahhhhoooooooooo

Bush' Texas Rangers' plot thickens into tax evasion and more

Poll wrapup

Nick Clooney is a real class act -- Anyone here from Kentucky?

Shouldn't a boycott list be pinned somewhere?


Tallahassee showing Kerry Going Upriver at same time as Sinclair

Who are our superstar surrogates?

MSRNC does it again... 3 repubs, 1 Reagan, and 1 non-partisan

Dems Take Issue With $1 In Vitter Campaign Letter

Email I got back from US Cellular On The Sinclair Idiot Attempt

Our Leader

What happened to that major FP speech Kerry was supposed to give today ?

Democratic strategist -Kerrys polling internals say that he will win Ohio

They are now desperate. What will they do?


My email to Hardball


Tweety has TWO SEGMENTS on Teresa / Laura story

Judge Greg Mathis Delivers Verdict on Bush

Olbermann is on fire tonight!

another repub for Kerry

Just flipped over to Hardball & Matthews and his panel are bashing


Help me make a list of top issues to address this week:

Are there not more important issues to address then whether

Sinclair screws over fired reporter

Bush in Lakeland on Saturday. If you want to protest see this.

DFA's first ever ad went on the air at 6 against DeLay.

Does Anyone Know Details Of The Big Dawg-Big John Philly Rally??

Teresa has really screwed up now

To deny Robertson's statement means Bush expected Amer deaths - how many?

Whitehouse Denies Bush Told Robertson No Casualties

"Incomplete or Incorrect Info" May Have Brought Down Bush Web Sites

NYTimes EV Today at K-225, B-213, Swing-100

Here's another way to steal an election...

Disturbing stat for Yahoo News headlines!

RNC now spreading lies through radio traffic reports!!

Chuck Schumer's commercials

Peter Jennings: Media In Glaring Spotlight

Andrea Mitchell --- Uber Whore

Did ANY station carry Kerry fully today?

John Kerry is staying about 5 miles from me tonight!

DU this Robertson/Karen Hughes poll

So how did the undecideds break in 1972?

Salon article on republican dirty tricks

Local progressive newspapers article on the draft

Al Gore: Donate To The DNC Today!

Where's CLARK, Where's DEAN?

Take this poll. Does God support candidates?

Every Voice, Every Vote

I bring you joy.

being a school libriarian is NOT teaching

University of CA Riverside paper runs my Bush-Draft ad next week.....

John Kerry will be in Las Cruces, NM this Saturday at 1:00pm

My "unqualified" prediction: "Largest Voter Turnout in US history"

Let's prepare our flyers for the day after the Sinclair broadcast

Is greedy FLU SHOT GETTER Bill Fucking Frist a practicing physician???

Could Kerry Win the Electoral Vote but Lose the Popular Vote?

"Laura Bush: Bitch or Victim?"

World Reaction to a Kerry win?

Matt Damon: $1M for Kerry to Win

A whore by any other name is still Laura Bush

Yard sign envy or

Ruben Navarrette Jr: Homosexuals shouldn't let Kerry get away with this


Who is "Hoeffel for Senate" and why is his computer trying to connect ...

Important Info about General Mills, SINCLAIR, and GOP

9/11 happened on Bush's watch. What else do we need to know?

Red Sox win!!! Great Karma for Kerry!!!

Hey Shrub! You wanna diss Massachusetts now, asshole?!!!

Republican DIRTY TRICKS on the Illinois ballot!!!! Congressional race.

Jeb Bush doing commercial for Martinez, did anyone see it yet?

Evil Empire B wins the ALCS

The Libertarians are on our side this time

Red Sox win? Kerry win? Is 2004 the year Boston breaks its' "curses"?

If he's up to it, what states would you like Clinton most to stump in?

At Democratic HQ people walk by chanting "BUSH, BUSH"

Which *GORE* State Will Kerry Lose? (MAYBE)

I'm using my 10,000th post....this send special

For One Night, Utah LOVED Michael Moore!

I wonder how many lurking freepers are here at any one time.

Nebraska Can Split Electoral Vote

How bad would Clinton beat Bush?

Tweety tonite said this race is looking a lot like the one in 2000!

Hillary Rodham Clinton Called Me -I Swear....

I received my new voter registration card today...

Early Voting: I didn't get to vote in my city elections.

Who supports John Kerry?


Cheney gets Flu does John Snow and Bill Frist!!!!

California poll: Kerry 58, Bush 40

Reeve's voicemail: Please clarify real story

Christian Broadcasting News says flu vaccine is now key issue

Anyone see these Mason Dixon Polls?

Do you feel that our democracy is in a crisis ?

Where can I find a list of states voting early?

**** URGENT: For Californians *****

Let's Welcome Republicans for Kerry:

Gee whiz. Another almost all Repug panel on MSNBC

Red Sox win- Good omen for Kerry?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Available for downloading

What if there is 'no' winner?

scariest picture you've seen in a loooong time... :

I just want to say, if I were a Senator or Representative right now, I, Predicted Final Result: Kerry 311 Bush 227

Don't you dare under estimate the value Bill Clinton will have.

LINK to mp3 of TODAY's Michael Moore Slacker Uprising . . .

A Reminder To All In "Early Voting" States!

Dana Reeve will intro Kerry tomorrow in OH

From FAIR...Viacom Blocking Independent Political Ads

Toast-Support shrinking for Bush's anti-terrorism policies: poll

karma is a bitch for repug neighbor

did Laura Bush ever apologize to the mother of the dead soldier ?

Thank you Aaron Brown

Sinclair St. Paul showing Elimidate instead of Stolen Honor

O'Reilly offered $60 million for a witness to disappear

New Predictor Map: Kerry 311 Bush 227!!

Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry--Anyone else seen...

Vatican decides that John Kerry is "not a heritic"

KY for KERRY! I'd love to see it...lots of Kerry/Edwards support here!


Voting snafu roundup

Mary Landrieu on Hannity and Colmes

Palm Beach County is out of absentee ballots

The War Prayer, By Mark Twain

Rasmussen Wisconsin Numbers Just Released 10/20 (7:30 PM EDT)

Zogby says bush's Black support is no better now than in 2000

Bush' Texas Rangers' plot thickens into tax evasion and more

We have to win. And if you needed another reason.....

Kerry gets 20,000 at Rally in Pittsburgh

Disgusting Act On Campus

Suskind on Charlie Rose: * will win; will be seen as a great president.

Bush knew there was NO WMD in Iraq

Bush-endorsing papers are making things up as they go. (

Words escape me. Just click here. Now.

We need an army. Will you volunteer, or do we have to draft ya?

Pat Robertson is my new hero

Ohio Republicans resort to the Max Cleland approach on Terry Anderson

List of Celebrity Republicans ( I had no idea !)

Do you have a website? Help people find where they vote.

Contributions being matched for DNC - donate today!

For all US progressives thinking of voting for someone other than Kerry

What's the difference between the Vietnam War and the Iraq War?

Michelle Malkin on Women for Kerry: "You are an embarrassment." FOX

Tom DeLay polling at 47%!!!

Dean and Franken in NYC Monday for anti-DeLay fundraiser.

Robertson said almost the exact same thing on HARDBALL on 6/22!!

United Methodists Calling for Accountable Leadership Petition

D.A. Blyler: Letter to a Young American

WSJ's Wessel: Better Answer to Tough Question on Jobs

Frank Rich: The O'Reilly Factor for Lesbians

"The Unfeeling President" --E.L. Doctorow's character study of Bush

October surprise revealed?

Robert Fisk: Kidnapped -- The Heroine Who Offered Hope for Iraq

Bush will lose this election

Virginian- Pilot endorses Kerry:

Why expats must vote for Kerry

"What would Jefferson do?" An essay on tolerance and secularism

Precision-strike democracy

My newspaper column: "But how's Tin Man doing in Florida?"

E&P: What's Sadly Missing from All Those Presidential Endorsements

Tom Toles made my day!!! and it is still very early.

The One Reason To Vote for Bush

Democrats have fought back and won (about Sinclair)


CounterBias: The Politics of Fear

The Nation: Hi, I'm Mary Cheney and I work for Gay Hating Organizations

E&P - Kerry picks up three more newspaper endorsements

Seattle Weekly: Some newspaper endorsements just don't pass the smell test

One Guy In A Bubble, Washington Post

The New Republic endorses John Kerry for President

Falluja in their sights

German Foreign Minister Fischer: "We Opposed War in Iraq for Good Reasons"

The Unknown Soldiers -- interview with a Dr treating wounded soldiers

Newspapers that endorsed Bush in 2000 refusing to do so this year

Excellent article on Catholic vote for Kerry!

Join to Celebrate Wellstone's Legacy


Fear and Loathing,Campaign 2004

Young voters turning to fake anchor for insight - Jon Stewart

Flu shot shortage poses public health disaster

Has Bush Lost His Reason? -- The Guardian

Anchors Aweigh: The Refs Are Worked (RW influence on network news)

The Power of Nightmares

Remember the Guardian's letter writeing stunt in Clark County, Ohio?

Germany's Der Spiegel starts English Language News Portal

Ed Schultz hits Seattle on Monday

Two media experts: Bob McChesney and Lance Bennett

Chicago Tribune on defensive over Bush endorsement

Doing the Right Thing vs. Money

Another interesting video about Florida Elections from the net.


Putting the brakes on intellectual property rights

USDA/EPA Rule Likely To Boost Ozone-Depleting Methyl Bromide Use

Booming Marble Trade Sucks Up Water In One Of India's Driest States - BBC

13 Dead, 12 Missing As Record 10th Typhoon Hits Japan - Reuters

French Air Team Chooses Less-Polluted Side Of Hong Kong For Performance

Compromise, hell!! (a.k.a. Thank God For Wendell Berry)

This is just scary


125 Scientists, 110 Economists Slam Bush On Roadless Rule Reversal

TV-B-Gone would save millions of tons of greenhouse gases

How many CT's , how many fingers....

AU sends more troops to keep watch in Darfur

Beijing's strategy against Taiwan

Battle royal over Taiwan arms deal

Man trying to kill mouse shoots girlfriend (Pa)

I have a question....

I just broke the law.

Kerry in Camo

Can we have a baseball forum?

sorry if I posted in wrong spot

Is there a mod available for GD2004?

This is news

Hi, guys!

Oh I'm sorry...Democrates are suppossed to care about the first amendment

Please Unlock This Thread.

Freepers and

My LBN thread was locked as a dupe - but it was slightly different

FWIW, here are 4 media blaster emails that seem to be DOA.

Suggestion for a "Campaign Needs" forum

After talks with PM, Shas leader says no to backing pullout

First Qassam hits Sderot since raid; blast near troops in Gaza

A schoolgirl riddled with bullets. And no one is to blame

Hamas fighters are not terrorists

Iraq quote

How many CT's , how many fingers....

Vote Mike Noland-43rd District-Illinois Rep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chicago Sun Times endorses Obama

Candidate angry her name was left out of newspaper ad

the trib has decided to explain

Kerry's Support in State Firms Up

L.A. Times has decided that the environment doesn't need to be protected

Groper says Indians"ripping us off" Show him what you think

Kerry's Support in (CA) State Firms Up

Johnson Cty (IA) Repug Sheriff Candidate-Racial Slur on Tape

MA OCT-21-2004 Enjoying a Visit To Boston (Un)Common

Why Romney’s Republicans are doomed, and why the governor doesn’t care

Senate in Mind, Barney Frank Sharpens Profile

After last nights game...

Anyone here have DirectTV? (Sinclair)

Swift Boat Liars contributor

Encouraging news.

What time does today's rally start?

Went to Edwards rally in Hibbing

Great Great freeway blog on I-94 on Detroit's east side today!

Bush twins tell Miami (Oxford) about Mom and Dad (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Boehner's opponent can't get debate date (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Judge BLASTS Blackwell (DU link)

SOS Blackwell bashes gays--du link

DDN Headline: GOP May Skip Poll Watch

Ohio VERY close, we can do it!

Noon,10/25 Protect The Vote March from Statehouse to Blackwell's office,

Protest oN Monday 10/25/04 Against Blackwell 12:00-3:00 Columbus

NE Ohio...can you refer any good lawyers

Just spent 2 hours with our Board of elections

Can't find online pic, but was this our very own (formerly AWD) Jeff . . .

New Philadelphia Edwards rally report

Kerry or Edwards in OH every day until 11/2

Defeat Issue One resources

I attended a fund raiser for Morrison last night

AA-S endorses Henson, Patterson

Any word as to who the Austin-American Statesman will endorse?

Baxter's wife sends crazed email

Tarrant County needs Poll Watchers- Volunteer!

DeLay to be in Austin on Monday

Suppression of CIA Report on 9-11

Spitzer hero or villain on Cavuto Fox

O'Reilly's book has some good advice for boys

Get this election over--soon!


Malloy ends Wed nite with discussion of Mad Housers

Talking points to an Eisenhower/Lincoln Republican.

Quiz... Time Mag or NewsWeek (if you had to choose)??

I'm watching rerun of Hannity+Colmes. Newt Gingrich...

Does Anyone have a High Res

Did anybody watch Nightline with John Edwards....

National Flu Surveillance Network . . .

Vatican Says Kerry Stance on Abortion Is Not Heresy

Did YOU hear what Susskind thinks Bushit would do in 2nd term?

Civil war in the Republican Party starting on Nov. 3

American Mililtary Draft 2005 - Video

Rev. Pat Robertson stands by his story.

Report: CIA planned to distribute US flags to Iraqis before invasion

Washington Journal On CSpan for Thursday, October 21, 2004

A very important Video about the real terror of America. [[VIDEO]]

Is it possible for us to think of the two party system in the normal way

Reeve's widow to campaign with Kerry

Scary thought.

Our little Laura, was quite the job-hopper...

Mass Emailing Effort re the Pat Robertson Controversy??

What's the name of the site to track donations?

Can someone recommend a good mideast peace org to donate to?

How does American Airlines go from a $1M profit to a $214M loss in 1 year?

The Iraq casualties site is down

J.Kerry like Soccer :)..

With the flu vaccine fiasco and the Canadian drug imports, it is

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - It is REAL and it's coming to your town

Vatican duped by anti-Kerry lawyer

Those damn Dixie Chicks are at it again.

PBS may go under if SCOTUS sides with Congress

Why should we let Cheney off the hook for getting a flu shot?

Arnold Schwarzenegger(sp) will stomp for Bush next week to

I'm thinking the next two weeks=media whoredom up a high notch...

What was Osama's other demand?

Someone did the research. This is great!

Republican Senators BURY Reeve's Paralysis Act 1 DAY after he died...

Fox question for those who watched the StLouis/Hous game last night

Divide and Conquer anyone?

Watch out Ohio, I just got a push poll

Okay. Jimmy Carter on Hardball. What was wrong with what he said?

Are John Kerry and John Edwards getting flu shots?

List of major supporters of the Swift Boat Liars

Happy (one day late) 100th birthday, Tommy Douglas.

Free right-wing John Stossel videos for schools?

New BBC show "Power of Nightmares" - about neoCons/extremism...WATCH IT!

Anyone know why MoveOn ignored my suggestiion to link

If "fear" is the major weapon of terrrorism, who is winning ??

Sorry for the football analogy: We are going to win this election on the

Let us see now.Bush gives all kinds of tax breaks to the wealthy


Whatever happened to the woman kicker from the Repub convention?

who is Craig Crawford

Freepers comment on DU

Mark Morford: Microchip implant is here. Free with every vente latte!

International Citizens' Inquiry Into 9-11 - Videos of Phase 1 Online

Who will Catholics side with?

Parties Allowed to Contact Absentee Voters

"Investigations" that Went Nowhere

A Day In the Life of Joe Republican

Do undecideds usually break for challanger acc. to history?

Hey, Bush--You're an Asshole--Click here for proof

I've just found this site

Hinkley asks for unsupervised leave ... tinfoil anyone ?

Wow, it looks like th DOW is holding the line at 9800!

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

According to Kitty Kellys book....

Asheville NC: 'Stolen Honor' being shown and discussed tonight!

Regarding Bush thinking US would face no casualties in Iraq


Help stop terrorist

Bush is waging an economic war against all Americans. His loyalty

Shorter Suskind: "They´re singing Kumbaya!" just another winger projection

Don't Forget - John Ashcroft lost to a dead man


Bush hometown vs Kerry hometown....

Just think when Kerry wins if the Senate goes our way too.

No Nudes Is Good Nudes: Wal-Mart Refuses 'Daily Show' Book

Does anyone here find Laura Bush attractive?

I need a link re: Republican plans to dispute 2000 Election results

Party animals at TSA spent a HALF MILLIONS DOLLARS on blow-out

Jim Hightower: Who Needs American Workers?

Bio of a freeper larvae (one of our 2nd civil war loving buddies there)

Handy reference list of those who served and those who did not.

What the hell happened to the DOW? It was up 6, now its down 60??

Lets see if we can get this straight

Bush Rejects BET Offer to Address Black Americans (he's too busy)

Italian hostages were mercenaries for the U.S.

Regarding Folks With Low Post Counts.....

Why I must really root for St. Louis today

David Boies on Al Franken now - 10:06 pst

Scary Forecast from 1998 at Project for New American Century




What the %[email protected]& kind of glue is Richard Cohen sniffing?!?

If it had been * the media would have reported this differently:

So how exactly did the flu vaccines get contaminated?

Kerry and Catholic Dogma - letter to KC Star

i need help..list of allies in war in Iraq

List of Right-Wing Supporters 2.0

BBV- Early voting problems surfacing -- Tarrant County, TX


Bushies "Sig Heil" on CNN

PLEASE, I beg of you all: Stop posting threads from freerepublic on DU!

An Administration of Secrecy

CNN nicknames...

who the hell does Scalia think he is?

Anyone hear the disgusting David Drier radio ads in LA?

Help me out here folks ..

Who Owns Those Choppers?

Send Jon Stewart a message.

Send questions to "talk of the nation"

Bush cousins voting for...

Where the hell is Rumsfeld?


Want to start an e-mail campaign against Hannity?

I just sent an e-mail to CNN

A Sox World Series win could bode well for Kerry ...

Is KC Star Discussion Board discriminatory?

My 200th Post Ask me Anything

"Leave it to Bush" - hilarious

General Mills (Sinclair supporter) developed WMDs in early 60s

LTTEs to the Iconoclast (crawford paper) in reponse to Kerry endorsement

This is funny hurry before link is dead

Manufactured Acceptance is what's keeping Bush's numbers up

This big insurance company scandal that Spitzer is going after

Clinton eyeing UN SecGen post?

Dear Wal-Mart

Pick one--what was the dumbest thing Bush said in last debate

Good news

Athletes for Bush.

Did any of our Congresscritters refuse the Flu Shot on Principle?

How long are we going to wait to coin the term, "Kerry Republican"?

Dictators worse than Saddam.

What's up with the McGuire commercial on AAR?

Ed Schultz announces he will be on in Seattle starting Monday!

Okay, trivial curiosity here...

Bush to Baghdad Saturday?

Iraq audit can't find billions

Clinton question on Hardball...Follow Link!

Does anyone have a link to the news article about Kerry killing a goose?

Any person who votes for Bush, I accuse of intellectual laziness

Blocking Stupid Republican Phone Calls

Limbaugh: "Kerry's Liberalism and That Crackpot Wife Of His..."

What ever happened to....................?

I had a dream about the last two big elections of the year.

DU this Indiana poll on the lack of vaccines

Senator Mary Landrieu kicks Sean Hannity's Ass yesterday on

Dump DeLay - Action Plan

Rock The Vote Responds To RNC Letter

Dear Mr. Bush. I am so ashamed of myself.

I think I will start recording

Condi, Ridge and the rest of the Cabinet................................

General Mills still doesn't get it!

Bill Moyers and NOW tomorrow

Tom Delay Subpoeneaed - Buzzflash report.

Response from Gov. Allen (VA) re Sinclair

Is it safe to assume that the Heinz-Kerry apology is another diversion?

SC police use tazer on 75 year old woman

Anyone have the picture of Maureen Dowd from Rolling Stone?

okay the same freep at work

I thought was a conservative Blog

Military vigourously denies reports of civilian deaths from air strikes

Local paper front page calls GOP "liars"!

What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

Whatever Happened to Competitive Elections

Repukes relax Kerry will NEVER take away your guns he knows you

10/21/04 - Requiem for a Reeve: The Stem Cell Debate by jerryman814

Kerry: "Bush would be for the candle makers, against electricity. he'd

Park Service Sticks With Biblical Explanation For Grand Canyon

du'ers! catch me up! a button and register your vote for Kerry

For those who know: Are flu shots really necessary?

Delay served with a subpoena, the first of many, we hope

Bush Administration Lies Come Exposed

I've read so much on DU

Andrea Mackris' father wants to "whup" O'Reilly.

Rightwing spin on the war? Read this and pass along!

Did you order "Going Upriver" from

Brad Pitt bashes Sinclair

Subject: Tricky bastards

The faith based presidency of W.

Something just struck me!

Hey!!! You!!! Condolleezza Rice!!!!

Fave GOP talking points: "They'll say anything to get elected"

I'm getting the impression that Hard Conservatives are Jumping Ship

The rationale given for asking the UK soldiers' help in Baghdad sickens me

Prez Carter on Fresh Air today:voting machines,Florida,Ohio,Zell Miller

My feelings are hurt........

Ohmygod. Could NPR suck more ass? TX'ans have worst credit ratings b/c...

Today, I had to get my blood drawn for a test connected with my

Oprah: "Why I Vote"

Report says Consumption of Resources ..................

Boston Red Sox Win !! It's Astros vs. Sox!! Can you believe that? gearing up for another civil war (and sound excited)

Need help with election fraud

These guys claim they "KNOW" something is going to happen

Debate tonight

Could there be NO "October Surprise"?

Rules to avoid fraud in voting!

Laura Bush says no apology from Teresa is necessary

Transcript to "Stolen Honor"

DON'T VOTE NOV. 2! The terrorists are INTENT on disrupting the election!

Boys, 3 and 5, found dead in chest

Survivor recalls crash, screams as plane hit ground

TaTa Off to listen to Dan Rather like I've been doing

What are the laws regarding teaching creation in Public Schools?

Look at this OHIO line for flu shots....not good for Bush

Is Pat Robertson "sticking to his guns"? What does he have to say now

It's official: bush supporters are hopelessly ignorant.

the coming civil war

Triumph on spin doctors

I just spoke with Hilary Clinton in Delaware County, NY

Have Y'all seen this bumper sticker?

No Yankees Series! Hooray! NO Giuliani Propaganda!

Some people can't be helped.

doesn't the first admendment apply for jury duty ?

A conversation between Neil and O'R.

We'll have to face facts, we have lost Mary Lou Retten's vote.

Rate this story on Yahoo: Ex-Hostage Walks Off-Stage at Ohio Debate

Frederick gets 8 years; Rumsfeld gets 0

Need Big Version of My Avatar, Anyone?

Anyone hear about an elector pledging to vote for Kerry?

this seems so petty to me

Gay Repub Drier back on Tweety...

A pledge to bring down the Right-Wing-Attack-Machine

Is this a flip-flop?

Rigid Conformity Required at Free Republic

TRib tries to explain Bush decision

Poll: College students moving toward Kerry

DUers HELP ME count the recent media diversions....nasty e-mail time!

I'm in love with Garrison Keillor

He's just GROSS. Sweaty and Skeevy. PIX

"Honest Propaganda": How can Dems Improve ????????

Bush relatives for Kerry

Castro breaks arm & knee in fall. CNN does joke piece about it.

Clinton coming to Philadelphia to campaign for Kerry!!!

I'm glad to hear an alternative to AA advertised on AAR.

When Did You First Learn About Bill Clinton?

DeLay office misled DHS in hunt for airborne fleeing Dems

"We will forever be in his DEBT." Paul Begala speaking of Bush.

Discussion: You can/cannot legislate morality.

Pfc James Conner took shrapnel in the face today - yahoo has his picture

Looking for a link--Bush said he'd invade Iraq all over again

Conservative Christian group enraged over Wynonna singing to lesbians!

Aside from questions of right and wrong re: Iraq...

Info about latest MoveOn PAC ad....devastating

Pat Robertson - George Bush Showdown - Vote Now

The Hypocrisy of Southern Flag-Wavers

BBV - Sample Ballot Screwups in Illinois.

Should Kerry Call Publicly For CIA 9/11 Report

"Karen Hughes almost knocked over the cart on the plane"

Who is Karen Hughes to discount Theresa Heinz Kerry's apology?

Boycott General Mills (Sinclair supporter). Here´s a list of their brands

Rush Limbaugh sounding more desperate every day. say at least 8618 members of the U.S. military have died

Um.. How are the "early votes" being stored?? Anyone know??

Military Operations discussion on C-SPAN 2 on now.

the * 'W' is starting to remind me of another symbol everyday...

BBV: Electronic "Poll Books" Are A Big Problem

Know Your Fundamentalists: look at voting bloc that may give Bush 4 more

BBV - 120,000 ballots to be reprinted - North Dakota

BBV - ballots go to clerk's own PO box. Clerk married to candidate.

Q: What's the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

109 dead Italian troops due to DU poisoning

Polls show Bush supporters living in a world of fantasy

All of those who are crushed by the mighty are literally Jesus . . .

Secession: Can we all get along? Should the union split in two?

Question for younger babyboomers. How old were you when you

Why do people hate Castro so much? Still?

Anyone record/download Triumph (last night's Conan) at the last debate?

HS Thompson is damn confident in a Kerry win

"We need to have a permanent campaign" vanden Heuvel quotes Dean.

*** Help to get F9/11 aired on Public Access!!! ***

Here are two people that George W. Bush murdered while Governor of Texas

All Hell has broke loose and Vetwife is going to school tomorrow !


Motherhood is an important responsibility, NOT A JOB!

would anyone here support splitting the US in two?

"Caught In the Flip-Flop Flu" | finally... the TOONs!

CARTOONS: Journeys With George (from the White House ...)

100 "Greatest" Canadians list...

Canadian attitudes toward potential large-scale immigration from U.S.?

The CFL needs to Expand

So who's been to the States then, and where?

Pentagon to Post Write-In Ballot on Web

Kinder Morgan gas pipeline shut down to Phoenix

Qantas Ready for Union Stoush: Dixon

U.S. Claims Taliban Rift Helps Karzai

Mining Royalties: NMA fires back at Edwards

Bush tied to fundraising scams and a lot more!

Rampant corruption could wreck postwar Iraq

Wal-Mart Finds 'Daily Show' Book Racy

U.S. forces deliberately bombed Iraq mosque

Unit Commander in Iraq Relieved of Duty

Baghdad Bus Attacked by Gunmen, Four Killed

Unit Commander in Iraq Relieved of Duty

WP,pg1: Surgeries, Side Trips for 'Medical Tourists'(health care in India)

LATimes: Study Finds the Pill Lowers Health Risks

METROPOLITAN DIGEST: Documentary protest (Kansas City Sinclair tv)

Letter: New York Comptroller Questions Sinclair

Tor Star: Cellucci blames politics for (Canadian) beef ban

Last Week's jobless claims fell to 329,000 in Holiday shorten week

Governor enters fray on al-Arian

NYT,pg1: In Bush's Vision, a Mission to Spread Power of Liberty

Democrats, Republicans allege voter fraud cases

NYT,pg1: Debate Lingers on Dissolving Iraqi Military (US military opposed)

Bush Cousins for Kerry

Bush Vs. Kerry: Tackling the Threat of Nuclear War

Iraq poses 'acceptable risk'

Nigeria slams corruption ranking

WP: Excess Mercury Levels Increasing (affect 1/5 childbearing-age women)

Foreign observers find faults with U.S. election preparedness

Slapped Nigerian senator forgives

(Kinston, NC) Unifi Layoffs (490 jobs)

US aircrafts launch overnight strikes on Fallujah (arrest 2 women)

PNC-Riggs deal looking shakier

WP: It's Gloves Off During Edwards's Speeches

Britain Agrees to U.S. Request for Troop Redeployment

Iraq: More troops considered

Castro 'All in One Piece' After Fall

The fall of Castro

Sunni clerics threaten calling for Iraq vote boycott

Treasury secretary campaigns hard (in battleground states)

Tehran test-fires missile on eve of nuclear arms talks

Dems Take Issue With $1 In Vitter Campaign Letter

Jobless Claims Drop More Than Expected

Know Your Fundamentalists: look at voting bloc that may give Bush 4 more

Dubya's extremely distant cousins

Yucca Mtn. tour underscores Flag challenge

Kerry Looks to Avoid Gore Recount Errors

'I kept my word,' Bush tells crowd (IA)

Poll: Kerry closes Bush lead; race extremely close

Lawmakers Prod CIA for Pre-9/11 Accountability Report

Argentina growing at an annual 9%

Gunmen Ambush Iraqi Airways Employees

Paul H. Nitze, Missile Treaty Negotiator Cold War Strategist, Dies at 97

Ad in Pittsburgh Catholic opposes one-issue voting (priests,nuns,laity)

Russia Lends Nuclear-Powered Submarine to India

Cheney slams Kerry's Senate record

Anti-Gay EU Official Moves To Save Job

Frederick Gets 8 Years in Iraq Abuse Case

Give me back my rights, Milosevic tells appeals court

Emerging China “interferes” with EU-Mercosur talks.

World Living Beyond Its Environmental Means-WWF

E-Voting Struggles Weigh on Diebold Earnings

Poll: Kerry closes Bush lead; race extremely close (Florida)

Danger of nuclear plant discharges underrated

Some Oppose Ala. Segregation Amendment (Roy Moore/Christian Coalition)

(Erie County, NY) Layoffs Loom for (almost 1000) County Workers

Channel One student poll: Bush in a landslide!??

Swimming in oil, Iraqis still made to wait hours at gas stations

Parties Allowed to Contact Absentee Voters

Study: college students support Kerry (Moonie Times)

Annan Backs Stem Cell Studies, Differs with Bush

Edwards: Bush Cabinet Neglects Duties to Campaign

(Ex-Mayor) Giordano (R) says child sex didn't abuse mayoral authority

Older Voters Worry About Iraq as Well as Drug Costs

Honduran Minister Says Al-Qaida Recruiting Central American Gang Members b

Kerry Calls for Investment in Technology

San Francisco Chronicle to announce job cuts today (10% of staff)

Breaking News... DeLay Gets Served!

Castro 'All in One Piece' After Fall

Gotti seeks to silence New York radio host (Curtis Sliwa)


Foreign Observers See Problems in Election

Private Doctors in Frantic Quest for Flu Vaccine

Mortar Rounds Explode in Mosul Near Allawi

Bush Vs. Kerry: Tackling the Threat of Nuclear War

Black Coaltion to Target Drug Policies

US now wants more troops in Iraq

Wal-Mart shelves Jon Stewart's book (pulls it off shelves!)

Both Parties Call on CIA to Issue Report on Agency (9/11 report) - NYT

Progressive Faith Movement Launches First 'GOTV' Campaign

London Times: The Army of God Marching for Bush

Illinois GOP Skips Keyes in Promotion

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 21 October

Florida Supreme Court refuses new hearing in Schiavo

Her dad mad as hell, out to whup O'Reilly

Empress who overcame depression hints at daughter-in-law's duty to do the

Black Ministers support Kerry, state PBA backing Bush (N.J.)

Christopher Reeves' Widow Endorses Kerry

John Kerry's Senior Brigade

Summary: Coalition Troops in Iraq

AP Survey: Few Flu Vaccine Shortages in Europe

W. Virginia Elector Might Leave Bush

Kennedy Delivers Eulogy for Salinger (Moved to France to escape Bush)

Alaska Senator May Lose Seat for GOP

Polls Get Extra Security on Threats

Top Officer in Guantanamo Hearings Dismisses Three Panelists Accused of Po

"Draft" voter registration mailing blamed for year's negative campaigning

Edwards Wonders Who's Minding the Store

Fla. Republicans Accuse Democrats

Secretary-General Says Iraqi Elections in January Still 'technically Possi

Terror-Proofing America's Transit Lines

NYT: Google Takes On Your Desktop ("Google Desktop Search")

CNN: New Poll shows College Students moving toward Kerry, plan on voting..

Volatile Session Ends With Stocks Mixed

FACTBOX-Lawsuits Surround U.S. Election Before It Starts

Kerry: Bush 'Morally Wrong' on Stem Cell Research

Christopher Reeve's widow joins Kerry to promote science, research

Florida Supreme Court Refuses New Hearing Request by Gov. Bush in Right-to

Tom Delay, SERVED!

Leading Economic Indicator Index Declines(4 months down=recession coming?)

Kerry Goes Hunting, Bush Meets Archbishop

NYT: Private Doctors in Frantic Quest for Flu Vaccine (some fly to Canada)

Voters Views of the Presidential Race

Report: Florida No. 3 in nuclear waste

Greek Opposition Cries Foul Over Florida Consulate

Polls Get Extra Security in Light of Terror

A Big Catholic Shift to Kerry?

Bush faces nuclear fallout in Nevada over £60bn mountain of radioactive wa

Coalition Troops in Iraq, by Country, and Countries That Have Withdrawn Fo

Judge: Hatfill can question reporters (Ashcroft Anthrax Case)

Federal Judge: Provisional Ballots in Wrong Precinct Don't Count

Three groups of missing hikers rescued

Powell Seeks to Revive N.Korea Talks on Asia Trip

In Sudan, authorities do little to combat rape as a weapon of war

75% vote for Kerry in international Internet mock election

Ky. Sen. Bunning Says Foe Spreads Rumors

Pilot dies after US chopper crashes in Afghanistan

Bush Attacks Kerry's 'Intrusive' Health Plan

Soldier says Abu Ghraib interrogators told him to stage mock electrocution

Britain Agrees to U.S. Troops Request

Rain, tears fall as family, friends remember Marine killed in Iraq

Rice's speeches break mold by politicizing job, critics say

NYT: rave review of "Stolen Honor"

BPPA breaks tradition, endorses Kerry for president

Charges dropped against woman arrested for talking loudly on cell phone

Largest Newspaper of World's Largest Navy Installation Backs John Kerry!

AT&T and Union Leaders Spar Over Job Cuts, Offshoring ; 7,400 Workers Face

College student dies after being injured following Red Sox game

Muslims Give Kerry Qualified Endorsement

Latest Economic Indicater Index Declines

Cheney Calls Kerry's Hunt a Cover-Up

Police: Democratic office break-in not political (Ohio)

(Indianapolis) ATA Announces Job Cuts (220 jobs)

Hypocrite Watch: Racicot asks Kerry to fight voter fraud

Muslim scholars arrested in Iraq

The Iran Problem Awaiting Bush or Kerry

Voter fatigue sets in

Airman found guilty in Rhein-Main attempted-rape case

Powell: U.S. Would Respect Iraq Election Results if Voting Is Free, Open

Iraq oil recovery effort costing lives

In Iraq, detention center sets new U.S. military standards

Women imprisoned after Manhattan jury rejects `Lord made me do it' defense

Insurgents Infiltrating Iraq (security forces) Have (unlimited) Cash

Al Gore To Campaign For Kerry In Florida This Weekend

Twin Samarra blasts hit US convoy

Tom Delay Subpoenaed for Role in 2003 Texas Redistricting

Frist says colleagues' shots were within guidelines

First Lady Says No Apology Needed

Ex-Hostage Walks Off-Stage at Ohio Debate

America's hidden vote

U.S. Consumers Get Cold Feet as Energy Costs Soar

Pentagon exaggerated risk posed by Iraq: US senator

Limbaugh appeals ruling that supported medical records seizure

Home Taken Away From Man Given 6 Months To Live

Filmmaker sues Sinclair in New York over anti-Kerry documentary

New AP Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 46% LV

Scoop for Local Reporter: Ex-CIA Chief Tenet Calls Iraq War 'Wrong'

Bush Signs Youth Suicide Prevention Law (but does he fund it?)

Reservist says: 'We are not cowards'

I played movie roulette tonight, and lost.

Loser Tag Banned in the White House

Thinking banned in the White House .


Sports and the presidency

Oh boy, a riot! Oregon media is showing Sox celebration ...

Shitty Bum Chewing Gum....

WHEEE!! Courtney Love is coming to town!

Well I heard the news baby. All about your disease.

Maybe the 2004 ALCS was a sign

An open letter to Torre from a Red Sox fan...

mildly interesting

Proof that there is ALWAYS hope...

To Yankee fans - Dealing with Heartbreaking Losses, from an expert

You know the media had some "Red Sox lose again" stories written up...

Getcher morning New York paper... front page here....

Help!!! I am about to lose my insurance!

I've blown off the Baseball playoffs in general...ask me anything.

Boston pops . . . champagne!

I want to go out and rock the cashbah.

Does Kerry need more cowbell?

Boston vs. Houston, World Series

Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done.

I lost my Social Security Card, any help?

The red sox need some cowbell!!!!!

Help. Can someone explain why my Kazaalite all of a sudden won't start?

Mel Gibson Puts Passion Into TV Sitcom

A couple weeks ago, Ron Silver complained that.....

Woman advertises for husband on billboard

What No Cardinals Thread?

Third-Graders Face Felony Charges For Bringing Marijuana To School

Who was the guy who died...

So who wants to get married?



One of the messages from Dali Lami

What a (bleep)-ing sicko!!!

Rabbits take over man's home


Smuggler had $197,000 in stomach

Who here wants more cowbell and why?

to honor the greatest sports "El Foldo" of all time . . .

Red Sox Fans. Will you be changing your lucky underwear?

Have you ever been a date from hell?

I pledge to NEVER say SPANKEES or SPANKS or YANK MES or SPANK MES again...

Help Camper Van Beethoven!!! - Equipment Stolen

Driver fined for forcing pony into hatchback

What's your favorite comedy bit on Morning Sedition?

Check this out " Visualize Winning " - Cool Flash Animation

Red Sox Nation--wow...

How Is NOMAR Feeling Today?

School District Bans Halloween

The curse isn't dead yet

So am I allowed back in the lounge?

We expect ten inches of snow tonight

HAHA!! Matcom's Boston-Based Joke O' The Day!

Man Tries To Shoot Mouse - Hits Girlfriend Instead

My Pink Elephant Has Long Hair & Looks Like Jesus This Morning

Man Buys Pair Of Rabbits - Rabbits F*CK - 73 Rabbits Take Over Man's Home

You should hear the rebroadcast of the local sports radio guys

Wholey Mother Of Gawd

Cool, do you think they'll offer summer, fun saver fares?

I am in harmony with the universe. See for yourself!

Is/Was there a thread about last nights episode of Lost (not baseball)?

yeah cheney and bush are looking out for you

Winning with class-the face of the Boston victory

oops (please delete)

Red Sox Nation: SHOW ME SOME LOVE!!!!

Gen. Custer's squad vs. the 2004 Yankees

Awww pictures of baseball playing Kitties

More Baseball Threads Please!

Any Baseball Fans In Here?

Thanks Matcom...

Yankees fan needs a copy editor

Paul Hamm deemed rightful winner in Olympic Men's All-Around

Gak! My human horn is clogged!

Should Kerry throw out the first pitch at the World Series?

NEWSFLASH! P Diddy gets diarrhoea on stage

Bush Reverses Game 7 Outcome..... "Flip-Flop unacceptable"

Get your lighters out and SING ALONG!

My last baseball thread until the Show starts. This sums it up perfectly.

Husband Wanted

Screw baseball. I think arwalden should become a PACKER fan...

Happy Birthday IH8THEGOP!!!

Debate toon

Could you all send prayers, good karma, positive vibes,

Hairy crabs are a snip at just £14,000

The Official ChavezSpeakstheTruth Apoligizes for Talking Trash Thread

idiocy is...

To put this in perspective--my 85 year old father (Sox fan) wasn't born

Ok kids...... I'll be outta here for a while.

Be my guest: 'stupid' invite to wedding put on eBay

the curse of grady LittLe is dead

joe torre vs "tito" francona

One step closer to the Boston Trifecta

A post for Allen:


A great note from a great Yankee fan

Have you ever seen Bush look dumber than this?

Hey Yankee's

How's Steinbrenner feeling today?

My 29 favorite baseball teams.

Since no one voted for earworms yet in my poll...

As per arwalden, I'm starting a new thread re: PAUL HAMM.

Who else is sick of the "who else is sick of ...." threads???

Living after Midnight. Rocking to the dawn.

Hate to do it...gotta do it...ALL RED SOX FANS, PLEASE CLICK HERE

At last! A non-frustrating earworm!

Who else is sick of all the NON-CAT threads cluttering up the Lounge?

A thought! New York Giants vs. New England Pariots in Super Bowl?

What is your favorite lounge thong type?

heLp pLease - need more articLes Like this

Who else is sick of all the CAT-BALL threads cluttering up the Lounge?

Mouse hunter shoots girlfriend

Oy vey! Vat iz dis?

A moment of silence for the soul crushing anguish of Tim McCarver please

Earworm everyone here remembers fondly!

When the World Series dust clears - will we all be friends again?

Comeback or choke?

How much does it bug kick-ass-bob that hedges' copycat outlived his poll?

Congratulations to all the Red Sox fans here.

Cate Edwards is hot!

The big boss is out of the office today.

ANOTHER stupid-looking chimpy picture

The Yankees are still the winningest team in Baseball history

The real reason the Grumpy bed never gets made (Cat/Dog thread)

Wal-Mart Refuses To Carry Jon Stewart's Book

For my 1000th post...

nevermind its back to baseball threads ALL THE DAMNED TIME!

What is your favorite lounge thread type?

Hip Hop debate. Bush versus Kerry. Cast your vote.

Baseball Euphemisms for Sex

Anybody here going to see Michael Moore in Philadelphia tonight?

hey skygazer.. did you see Unsolved Mysteries yesterday?

My Last Name Is Spelled "Walden" But Pronounced "Loretta"

We're going to The Show. Holy crap. We're going to The Show.

"The Family" book review from The Colorado Colegian.

"Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special" on DVD

Red Sox Fans:

Demostration of New Voting machine

Sports jargon that makes your skin crawl

I’m trying to tell you something about my life

Who else is sick?

This pretty much says it all.

Dean is on AAR now.

there was just a shooting outside (boston)

Paul Hamm Is Very Good Looking

My first name ain't "baby," it's "Janet."

So you think you had a bad day....!

I don't need a whole lots 'a money

Is A-Rod the new 'curse'?

How many DU'ers play on-line chess?

Gambling Question

Bumping Zapp & Roger at work is awesome.

Fan Gobbles Up Last Montreal Expos Hot Dog

Does anyone find Barbara Bush attractive? pic inside

My kitties!

Breaking News!!!!! Brett Favre Not Traded!!! Holy Cow!!

I just realized that I'm the first person in history...

SI: Paul Hamm can keep his Olympic gold medal.

Kill them all kill them all

I'm gonna be living next to a teen group home - now what?

Does anyone here find me attractive?

Wow! Parking in New York is THIS bad?

The "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm okay" of all CAPTIONS!!!!

MLB sucks without Cubs and/or Tigers

Fidel Castro informed of Sawx victory:

These Are Five Written Words

Hey Red Sox Nation - what if you lose the series?

What is the healthiest protein bar?

Name that Bushco Disease or Condition

pumpkin thingy

Why I must really root for St. Louis today

Computers or pillows grow baseball insects and dream Vienna sausage.

Does everyone here find me overreactive?

To All of My Fellow Yankees Fans - Let's Congratulate The Boston Red Sox

George Carlin's Paranoia

Does anyone play MMO/MMORPGs?

What is your favorite lounge thread type?

the big big question


I want a direct MP3/AUX line in on my Honda stereo

congratuLations isotope fans!!

which republican looks the most constipated ?


What Is The Best Way To Throw Out A Woman?

Try this again - Worst beer poll

Okay, so where is Bertha Venation?

The Curse Is Not About Beating The Yankees

How long before Allen's head explodes?

The papers lie there helplessly

A non-velocity-related question about unladen swallows:

What Do You Think of My Blog Icons?

Who Else Is Sick Of All The Anti-Clutter Threads Cluttering Up The Lounge?

My friend is out of surgery & everything went well.

Tolkien Fans: Can you help me with an analogy I'm trying to make

The "Optical Illusion" CAPTION

Check out my front yard Halloween decorations

Wahoo!!!! I just ripped my Labor and Industry midterm a new matcom!!!

All together now... A one, and a two..

I have a 1000 meeting with Steinbrenner.... what do you think he

I just keep reminding myself-UCONN HUSKIES men & women won!!!!!

"Just once, I'd like to hear about a sex scandal...

How Many Goals Did The Boston White Socks Make Last Night?

I'm a frotteur! Ask me anything!

man, i'm freezing...

Cramps fans raise your hands!

Does everyone here find me unattractive?

I saw R.E.M. last night. Ask me anything...

POOTIE TANG fans, check in

The Bambino curse still exists... Don't let em spin it like it's broken.


John Kerry......The Hunter!?

OMG! Whoisalhedges has been tombstoned!

The sky fell dowwwn

Will anyone miss whoisalhedges since he has been tombstoned?

Name something it is ILLEGAL to have in this car in Amsterdam

There are great PICS on DU............

I have a problem with Encarnacion!

Anyone out there an expert on The Who?

My 200th Post Ask me Anything

Owners of Jon Stewart's "America" check in here

At laaast my loooooovvve has come alloooonnng

So, will we be seeing LynneSin's posterior?

The Chimp That Got The Canary CAPTION

ate 3 ozs of shrooms in '86 - was GOD for a day - ask me anything

Naked. I'm completely naked from the...

Why Does Everyone Pronounce Brett Favre's Last Name As "FARV"...?

I have a problem with enthalpy

I speak English! Ask me anything!

Is this halloween costume too sick?

Any cricket fans?

I just scored a ticket for Cards-Astros Game 7 tonight!! Ask me anything

Red Sox fans: Who are you rooting for?

Memo from Phila to Boston: CONGRATS, we love you guys!

Found at Snopes

Does anyone here find Laura Bush attractive?

I gotta loose dongle

12 hours it only took 12 HOURS-Yankees' collapse set to spark off change


Former worker sues over phony robbery

I think too many people were up too late last night.

Aaaaaaa! AAAaaaaaaaahh! AaaaAAAAAA!

Why won't Winamp play the video for my "F911" download?

I'm an anglophobe, ask me anything

George Clinton Set Up Us Da Bomb!!!

Into and out of 700 Club in one day.

Faces of the dead from Bush's war for oil and power...

Tang Fans, Check In!!!

Bbbbbbb! BBBbbbbbbbbii! BbbbBBBBBB!


I'm an English Muffin. Ask me anything!

Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, baby - edgy and dull...

Finally -- a really GOOD GD2004 thread:

Ore. Man's TV Emits Int'l Distress Signal (very strange)

A Non-Baseball Thread --- Man Utd. vs. Arsenal

Favorite Yankee Photos and Headlines

Ween's midwest tour canceled. Get well soon, Gener.

Teacher is accused of smuggling pot into prison via Bible

I am a lumberjack - ask me anything

Wingnuts are such weird creatures. Chuckie Heston

Canadian NDPers -- any election night plans?

Emergency cat thread

Anyone here watch Drew Carey's Green Screen yet?

That Hummer commercial and the boy entering High School!

CAPTION this blue ribbon WINNER

I am giving up going Church

BITE ME U won't have JEB to kick around any more

"ONE WIN AWAY!" (NY Post, 10/01/04) Bwaaaahahahahahahaha...

I'm an anglophone. Ask me anything?

I'm an English Bulldog - ask me anything


two faced art

MSN Homepage: The Biggest Chokes in Sports History

Detroit Tiger trivia question

Predictions. In 20 years, the Bush twins will be...

I just cleared my "ignore" list - ask me anything

The "Memory's-an-Elephant-with-Tiny-Wings" of all CAPTIONS!!!!

One of my Favorite Baseball Jokes.

I'm giving up The Church.

I have a problem with entropy!

Red Sox fans. What is more important?

Favorite name for a ...just read the poll

I'm giving up Charlotte Church

How to save money on cable

Is milk good or bad?

I have a problem with empathy!

I don't feel like my anxiety dominated self and it bothers me

Edwards rally setting up outside my window ask me anything

I have a problem with ennui

Do not take Zinc on an empty stomach

The "Knights in White Flowing Robes" CAPTION

Anyone ever started a thread in the wrong forum?

Anyone here collect SS disability? Question:

I hope all is well with you guys.

du'ers! catch me up!

blah - kid and I are home sick - cheer us up, please!

The Curse of Alfonso Soriano!

Proof that Celebrities shouldn't name their own children

New Signtature Image I Made

how do I ask A Man and a Woman out?

Homophobia for the Holidays?

Wireless watches...

Why is it?

Favorite name for a girl that's also a country


Talk about perspective... some people REALLY have problems.

I speak Engrish - ask me anything

Bought 2 lbs of shrimp today! Anyone have a great Shrimp de Jonge recipe?


What's the "in" way to ask a best man out?

if you've seen this, don't forget it!

"I stand with George W. Bush"

What Godfather character do you most resemble?

College student dies after being injured following Red Sox game

OK - who was the little chimp with the police whistle



Does anyone own a Scion?

A Curse of Their Own?

The "Touched by an Angel" CAPTION

Dammit. My lease signing got postponed. Again.

Fix it or trade it in?

Now heres a way to shut Fox up at airports

This poor little cutie needs a hug

I just got in trouble....I feel so ashamed.....

sarah maclachlan video (link)

DU this poll if Kerry would be booed/cheered at first World Series game.

Okay, I know Repukes are stupid, but WTF???

My feelings are hurt........

Happy 64th birthday to MANFRED MANN!

A-Rod quote indicates why the Yankees lost...

Favorite State Shaped Like New Jersey

George Steinbrenner and A-rod can kiss my Cards-loving, Cuban ass!

Bush* Says "Perscription Drugs"... Bwa ha ha ha

ARRRGGHH!!! It's WAY too early for the C-word yet!!!!

Am I sick for finding this humorous?

Politics and Decorating: My main two interests right now. What are yours?

I LOVE DUers ! ....

2.50 $ a gallon regular in L.A. BEAT THAT !

Does anybody know what happened to Alien Girl?

Favorite State Shaped Like a Rectangle

Boys, 3 and 5, found dead in chest


For his 64th birthday: Favorite MANFRED MANN song?

Favorite Name For A Girl That's Also A State Capital

Favorite name for a girl that's also a fruit

Don't try this at home: a cunning stunt.

Please DU these forums

Germany says yes to harem health coverage

My dogs are soo spoiled

How do you keep cats away from your bird feeders?

When people you don't know call you "Hon" or "dear"

I just voted early for JOHN KERRY and JOHN EDWARDS and it felt GREAT

In preparation for the rising cost of heating bills, I am trying to live

Why the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox could be bad news for George W. Bush

No Yankees Series! Hooray! NO Giuliani Propaganda!

Favorite state shaped like a male member

"Oh, it's so very, very nice to have a penis"

Are we allowed to post political jokes...clean ones?

The Real Reason Why The Yankees Didn't Win

When is O'reilly going to be on the

A post from the prairie... :-)

Thank you DU'ers! My Tinker mastered the stairs today!

UM...I just GOOGLED image searched "lounge lizard" *PIC HEAVY*

Is William Hung done? I'm just askin'.

I wish we could see more of Wanda Sykes

Is William Hung Hung? I'm just askin'

G-Love and Special Sauce............................

Best words that could be euphamisms for private parts, but aren't

Is William Hung?

Is William Hung Done? I'm just askin'

I'm an English Student. Ask me anything!

Basic (free?) checking: Washington Mutual or Wells Fargo?

What in the hell is wrong with you?

Where can I get a coat like the one Kerry wears?

It's raining in Phoenix today

Is this going to be the next Superman?

I love my lesbian DUers

Johnny Damon, Superstar!

Red Sox Won Because I Called Catwoman A Bitch! What should I call her NOW?

Where The &@#! Is CATWOMAN!!!!

Did anyone but me notice that the Yankees lost?

Radio Enigma dot com is about to play my song!! FOOL ME ONCE


Please help a PC idiot figure out if her sound card is properly installed

Does my hair look better with or without me?

Do I look better with or without hair?

Life is demanding without understanding.

F*ck Boca Burger brand

dumb question

Are you happy?

Hey DU'ers, when you go buy a toy for your dog go to Goodwill

Oh man, I just had SOOO much fun!

Please don't think I'm crazy

Why does my magnolia tree have blossoms in late October?

Laser tag banned in Germany.

I'm a huge nerd and/or geek.... ask me anything!

Anyone else surprised that Parker and Stone put Matt Damon

Boston Red Sox Win !! It's Astros vs. Sox!! Can you believe that?


Anyone have a video of "The Slap" from Game 6 of the Sox/Yanks?

Do I look better with or without long hair?

Why are the Yankees hated?

What is the best way to ask out a man?

Halloween Costume ideas needed

Does anyone here find me attractive?

Reasons I want St Louis to win this evening

I'm Gonna See John Kerry On Saturday. Ask Me Anything

What's the best way to ask a man in?

Please Help Keep This Poll De-Freeped

Screw the Repukes! I'm playing Bach's FRENCH Suites right now!

How Do I Ask Twin Nimphomaniac 22 Year Old Women Out?

VOTE! (cute animation)


Is William Dunne hung? I'm just askin'.

political game.. help Kerry beat bush

Fear of insulting witches leads to school cancelling Halloween party

$180 million payroll and the biggest collapse in the history of sports

Just saw 'The Birds' ....eeee

Marvin, the lounge-cat :) urges "Have sex with new voter, withhold from nonvoters"

Allow Me To Be One Of The First To Say...

What nudity in film offends you?


What's your favorite non-Hitchock thriller?

What Political Party should I join?

NEWS from Bertha Venation..................................... (seriously)

You know you're posting too much when

Boston is lovin' their Red Sox the best they can...

Why is the Bush Campaign the one coming up with creative promotion tactics

We are dug in...

Knight Ridder analysis:Bush kept 46 percent of campaign 2000 promises

A contrast in strategy, good for our side

Here is a fun poll.

I will tell the Supeme Court now: KEEP YOUR NOSES OUT OF THIS ELECTION !!

First Sinclair... Now Viacom????

Iraq dropped from terror list! Didn't Bush just say Iraq was the center?!!

Will the Red Sox signal the beginning of the victory march from Boston

May I have a.. HELL YEAH!?

I'd love to see Kerry publicly challenge Bush to a 4th debate and contrast.

edit by poster nt

Bush HID for 24 hrs. after 9/11....Why is he considered strong?

One more thought on the Gore speech from a couple of days ago...

Anthrax Assassin At Large

Clark County, NV (Las Vegas) Early Voting Party Affiliations

You need a whole bag of positive dust sprinkled on you.


Nader's Raiders revolt

LOL... the ignorance of freepers is endlessly amusing

Wasn't it posted that on October 20th something big was going down?

Nightline Edwards on outsourcing

what happened in Nevada?

Bush - The Embodiment of Evil?

Boston vs. Houston, World Series

Is it correct to say Robertson agreed with Falwell about gays...

I hope that the Kerry campaign uses this picture

Contact the media! Get them to run the Robertson story!

Fun facts about ages....

New NYTimes editorial slams B/C for "irresponsible" fear-mongering

I like this article from August 2001, Salon

An optometrist's son from rural NC told me the seniors his dad sees hate *

Pat has been consistent


Bwahahahaha! Edwards' son on Nightline told Ted Koppel that * is dumb!

So Many Lies -- so little TRUTH

Conan O'Brien 10/20/2004 - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Debate

Freedom vaccines on their way. Freepers of course won't want any.

Repug knocks himself out stealing signs LOL

Right Wing Bloggers claim that Kerry Praised Tora Bora Strategy

ACT NOW: Demand the CIA Report!

Where's Today Zogby Poll?

Voter Fraud Scorecard of the day... (link inside)

Mass Email Effort re Pat Robertson Controversy???

Bush and Kerry are cousins?!

Are these anti-Kerry ads for real?

Kerry's Global test 101

Bush in PA again #40

Is Bush taking Saturday off?!

Slap George Silly

My Kerry Ad Idea

Important Diary at Kos - Operation Momentum

Q Poll Fla- Kerry wipes out 51-44 Bush lead 2wks ago to K 47% B 48%

Bush and Kerry are RELATED (sort of)

Letter: New York Comptroller Questions Sinclair

Responces from Sinclair Advertisers

Christopher Reeve's Widow Joins Kerry

57% Dems vs. 50% Repubs--could be a very important stat

Has pop culture gone farther into the gutter under Bush?

Osama bin Laden is in China?

Gail Shister | Kerry wins with voters who've never been wrong: Kids

George Bush: The American Icarus

scrubbie is going to stage a free rally in Davenport, IA

Great Olbermann blog on Kerry's chances for winning--

Boston police union endorses Kerry

Reeve's Widow to Campaign With Kerry (AP)

GOP is all over my TV this morning

Republicans and Democrats agree!!

Oregon: 164,000 ballots received so far, 35,000 from Multnomah County

Condi "national security advisor" -laff- busy playing politics

Ny Times Blasts Administration on Terror Scare Scams

Deaniacs - You have to VOTE

MOST biased poll on

The kids have spoken: Nickelodeon poll: Kids Opt for Kerry !

I attended Richard Morrison fundraiser tonight

Heard a guy from Sinclaire on Fox(just skipping channels) say CBS

Download: Response to Pfizer refusing to pull Sinclair ads. News Release

Touchscreen Voting Follies!!

Stop guessing! We'll know the Oct Surprise when they drop it!

Should Kerry throw out the first pitch at the World Series?

Response from Mattel

Study: Chimpy fulfilled less than half of his 2000 campaign promises

"Operation Street Corner" Swift Boat Vets were in NC at Sinclair Protest!

The media covers non stories like Laura Bush/THK because they need

Bush on GMA on Monday-Charles Gibson has exclusive interview

DU writers - help is needed with an Ohio campaign

TNR (somewhat tepidly) Endorses Kerry


I think the military is suppressing casualty numbers until after 11/2

How much did you pay for gas this week?

Salem (OR) Statesman Journal endorses Kerry

I just put a big yellow "Support Our Troops" magnet on my car

I got this stupid e-mail today.......

The army of God marching for Bush

Bush gets Iran but loses cousins endorsement ....Olberman reported this

Naivete vs. Reality: Media Integrity vs. Money

Disgusting bumper sticker I saw in north Colorado Springs yesterday....

SSG Ivan Frederick jr. Sentenced to 8 years in prison

LA Times CA Poll: Kerry 58% Yosemite George 40%

D.U.ers in D.C. area ... Iraq memorial (with symbolic coffins) Oct. 23

Rally in Pittsburgh!!

GOP leaves Keyes off its team ad (LOL!)

The mother of all interactive election maps -

I Think He Can, I Think He Can

Deleted message

Alabama - voter registration backlog, key resignation

1.7 Million Veterans, No Health Care

Flu shot shortage: The nail in Shrubs Political Coffin

Finally! The Truth About Bush's Bulging Back!

Undecideds at 5-10%. will they decide the election? a lesson from history

American Conservative magazine endorses Kerry

GA Kerry Supporters coming out of the woodwork...

One important point about the polls....

Vote early in Florida!

Teresa comment

What are the latest Texas polling numbers for Bush/Kerry?

Gut check time:

Sex pledges to boost US vote turnout

Yes, YOU CAN VOTE EARLY in EVERY battleground state,

Lawmakers Prod CIA for Pre-9/11 Accountability Report

Scenario for winning without OH or FL

Brand new Florida poll: It's a deadheat

FLORIDA Judge will rule quickly in suit seeking e-vote paper trail

Zogby: African American vote breaking heavily for Kerry...

Ashcroft: "The hand of Providence has been assisted by" his DOJ

Just to make sure - Dean to NJ for Kerry rally

There were at least 5 Kerry commercials during last nights Yanks/Sox game


The Cost of War: A Mother's View

Zogby Kerry 45% Bush 46%

The Bush commercial we really need

WH wants apology from 4 Year old Jack Edwards for calling Bush dumb

Catholic for Kerry takes Action!

Regis Salons response to Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcast is a Done Deal. So, Now What??

Kansas City may be key to win for Democrats

Kerry gaining ground in W.Va.(link)...

Things seem disturbingly quiet. Or is it just me?

How many people would have watched Stolen Honor during baseball playoffs?

Just how desperate are the Repubs ? Check this out !

bbv question: what is the best way for me to vote here in florida?

A couple hundred show up for Kerry rally in Bowling Green Ohio

Poll: Bush narrowly leads in 'red' swing states

EARLY VOTING RULES & TIMETABLES for states & zipcodes 'in play'

Write to this Debra Saunders Repug whore.

Repuks hit yet ANOTHER low exploiting 9-11

Encouraging stories about Republicans for Kerry

Link to Challenge Sinclair Broadcast Group FCC license! Take action now!

Effing MSNBC: Dixie Chicks "brave — or foolhardy" for taking on Sinclair

Moronic LTTE - Help me Respond

I heard on the radio this morning that * has taken the lead in WI

How to choose

Just an observation but

Campaign Craziness - I just want to get back to work!

Chiller Theatre. Times blasts Bush/Cheney fear-mongering. See attached. Springbreak in Fallujah! This'll make the draft an issue

Florida electronic voting..........

North Austin, Williamson County Folks, Need some contact info for up there

Anyone else thinking Kerry is going to win OH and FL?

Bush says Kerry "misunderstands" the war in Iraq...

Now where did I put my tinfoil hat?

I just voted - loooong lines in Collin County Texas

Hurry! Tell CA friends to fax Arnie that they are pissed over trip to OH

Marist Poll- Bush 49- Kerry 48 Nad(i)r 1/ Kerry 50-Bush 43 In Battleground

Interesting comment from letter writer to NYTimes...

DeLay's Dirty Money - Easy way to challenge Delay's tricks

help!! Respondind to privately undecided (former "bushie")

Michelle Malkin says Women for Kerry are an embarrassment

Cheney on Kerry and nukes: "You have to get your mind around that concept"

Odds are out of whack

When Was The Bush's Last Visit To OHIO????

Repuke cited for trespassing outside Bush rally site

Who thinks Osama is dead?

more DRUNK bush* photos...everyday worse.....

Let me know if I am wrong here Re: polling in BG states

Tiger Tiger

Bush is bringing "The Terminator" to Ohio to help him ......

Great Day in the Mornin'...Edwards lays the STOMP.

Dem manners vs. Rep 'manners'

I'm an official poll watcher for 11/2!

Boston themed election party

Funny Bush animation

We Need To Bombard The Media About The 3 Chances Bush Had For Zarqawi

Another new national poll with very interesting internals.

Did anyone read the E.J. Dionne article in the paper Tuesday

Sculptor passes away, leaves instructions to family and friends to vote

"Illinois GOP Skips Keyes in Promotion"

Deleted message

Don't be surprised if Bush has an uptick in today's Rasmussen poll

Karl Rove ran a shadow smear campaign against his own candidate

Help..the MOTH TO THE FLAME theory...Christians..

Kerry Closes Gap To Make Florida Too Close To Call : Quinnipiac

Must win battlegrounds?

Just got this on my site..asked person to document..anyone know about this

I heard two reports that Kerry's internals in OH have him winning


anybody watch that shitty show After hours last night?

George W Bush has created a hardened, divisive nation....

New moveonpac final ad push - contribute here and watch the ad

Are you scared about this election ?

Condi Rice is on the campaign trail stumping for Chimp?

Someone tell Ugly Shrew Karen Hughes to STFU.

TV ads in DC area for Bush

Kerry/Edwards forum action plan

has cheney used his daughter's orientation during the campaign?

is it just me, or does bush remind anyone else of Lonesome Rhodes?

The battle has narrowed down to a very few states...

Credit where credit is do

Remember to add +4 to Kerry in "Likely Voter" polls

U.S. Expatriates Catching Election Fever

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket

Great Article on the Sinclair "documentary"

First Lady Says No Apology Needed

Kerry camp:Sinclair's latest spin one-sided smear poorly disguised as news

As Oprah Slaps Bush

Born-again/evangelicals larger voting bloc than blacks, Hispanics combined

Who are you gonna believe ? George Bush or your own lying eyes??

Du'ers spread this: BET may have just won Kerry all the Black votes

Bush's relatives for KERRY! LMAO!

DU'ERS SUPPORT Micheal Moore he has challenged Sincliar

G.W. here, right now.

New Zogby poll: * 46%, Kerry 45%

Vet: “What was the mission, Dr. Rice? Where is your plan for my friends?"

You're simply NOT going to believe what NBC is doing on Election Night!

First thing Kerry must do as President: ELIMINATE all Dominionists!

DOW Pushing 9800

I drove through some rich, white neighborhoods of central Austin yesterday

Toledo Update

Black box voting talk has died down. WHY?

What Condi Has Been Neglecting During Her Battleground Tour

Tight Florida Poll

Oh My Farking Gob!

Boycott General Mills - Sinclair advertiser

Dick Cheney talking about photo ops:We must hit back hard

Kerry will win Pennsylvania, Florida, AND Ohio

Now that Condi & Co. are getting slammed for campaigning on the job...

Judge BLASTS Blackwell (Ohio SOS) for failing to comply

Just convinced a patient to vote Kerry

Neat interactive map.

Need help ..

Bush follows Ms Reeves and Kerry with cheap jokes on all cable stations

Animation: Bush wins florida

Can Kerry win it all without Ohio or Florida?

CBS stream of Kerry Live now! still running

It's "deteriorates" Not "deteeriates" you numpy.

discussion w/ crazed fundie - "Cleland dropped grenade on himself"

Chicago Tribune "explains" their Bush endorsement...

something you'll never see but should

Has anyone made an election analogy to the World Series?

Zeig Heil to the President Gasman

Watching the Bush Speech That Bumped Kerry Off the Air: Seig Heil!

O'Reilly harassment suit vs. "Those Who Trespass"

Conscience Of A Conservative-Why I Can't Vote For George W. Bush

Prominent Republicans for Kerry

BATTLEGROUND STATE TOUR: Nirvana band mates reunite

Ben Bradlee calls Bush* a liar!

Have I missed something....

To Focus and Feel Good This Weekend, I Am Going To

Bush Supressing 9/11 CIA Report

"Large bloc of swing voters-who still cannot comfortably back John Kerry"

My story from Colorado

I voted today in Virginia - in person absentee ballot

Kerry bags a goose in.............POLAND!

Just heard the chimp speak a truth for a change

2 Southern Baptists in Texas...

Channel One student poll: Bush in a landslide!??

Anyone have contact phone for CNN

CNN is showing the chimp's entire campaign speech!!!!

In this thread, we create post-election headlines for Fox & WashTimes

Fahrenheit For Free (rental) - mm site bottom of article

DU'ers let CNN know how pissed off you are on not showing Kerry Speech

Signing a pro-marijuana petition registers Republicans

Limbaugh: "Kerry Has NEVER Led In This Race"

Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Far Right

Seriously; who's got a screen capture of them seig-heiling...

So how can Republicans fix the vote?

Kerry-Edwards STILL #1, but Bush is trying to come back

Bush going to Crawford - then Iraq? Block that publicity stunt now!

New AP Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 46% LV

KERRY Will Declare Victory Immediately if Outcome in Doubt

Newspaper Threatened for Endorsing Kerry

So some MSNBC dope asks Craig Crawford: "Is this flu shot thing...."

Bush's "speeches" = slightly yelling talking points

If somebody kills people, and says God told him to,

CNN just showed Kerry watching the baseball game

Bush "no casualties" story disappearing into the mist?

Dana Reeves was just amazing

Tampa Tribune Refuses to Endorse Bush

10/21 Marist National Poll - K 47% B 47% RV - 17 Battlegrounds K 50% B 43%

Last-Chance TV Ad from MoveOn Needs Funding!

The Robertson bomb MUST be made into a commercial.

Look at the crowds mm is pulling in - in Utah - a red state

does anyone who thinks for themselves support bush?

virginia is one vote closer to kerry


Marc Racicot all but accused Pat Robertson of lying


Kerrypublicans! (List of prominent Republicans against Bush)

Is Bush mathematically eliminated?

new Survey USA Polls

so did woodruff actually ask about the pat robertson thing?

Double your money to the Democrats

Reeve's Widow to Campaign with Kerry

Preview of new anti-Kerry, and anti-Bush ads on Hardball Friday

Ipsos Cook Poll Kerry 49% Bush 46%

List of Rove/Bush Dirty Tricks? Need list.

Why the media whores for bush: joins the battle against Sinclair

Kerry ahead in Online Gaming Polls

A Pat On The Back To All Pre/Post 11/2 Volunteers!!!

Media is Messing With Your Mind

Warning! Wellstone was killed 11 days before the 2002 election.

And it came to be known as Paragon's Meme: "The $200,000 Question"

CNN reporting new polling...KERRY UP 3 pts!

Visualize winning

Your Democratic Victory Song.....?

A little victory. . . .

CNN Poll: College kids breaking heavily for Kerry, plan to vote!

Novak is such a smug prick

Everyone here has more political foresight than William F. Buckley Jr.

So Dick Cheney's doctor told him he needed a flu shot. Hmmmmm...

These new Mason Dixon poll numbers that show * up

Did anyone get anything back from FCC...I just did !

Nedra Pickler (AP) Skewers Kerry For Hunting

Some strange Kerry pictures on Yahoo! now...

Have you all seen this outsourcing video with Jason Alaxander?

!! Pat Robertson made the same claim in June on MSNBC !!

Just a little note from Hershey, PA

What Is Your Mood Right Now? How's Your Gut?

What qualifies someone to be a pundit?

Rate this "5": AP story "Robertson: Bush Said No Deaths in Iraq"

ABC - The Note

Har, har, i just had a Repug solicitor at the door

Moveon has an ad about the Pat Robertson

If Rove & Bush* can really steal this election then why does

Smirk screeching like a wounded chimp on CNN doesn't win him any converts

OMG..I could grab WOODRUFF

Why do Freepers blame Hillary Clinton for the flu vaccine shortage?


Sadly, this speaks for itself--

Isn't today (21st) the day people expected the "October Suprise"?

Does Kerry have any upcoming interviews? * has GMA, Hannity and

USE MEDIA BLASTER - KKKarl Rove is using them...again... DU Email rally!

Don't tell the Freepers, but

12 Days of Bush

Obama-Keyes tonight?

My son's doctor said I was being kind when I called * a dull normal

We just need to carry the momentum.

The Lone Star Iconoclast endorses John Kerry for president.... to Protest at White House Friday

What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

Do you vote on issues or character?

The October Surprise: Bush flying to Iraq for a photo op?

According to Woodruff, Kerry is losing EVERYWHERE

Did you Know Nickelodeon has pick the last 5 presidents?

Anyone else here working to knock sense into Naderites?

No doubt, we're starting to see some movement

AP Poll - Kerry 49% Bush 46% LV

Have you heard the rumor that Bush is taking oxycontin ?

WV Faithless Elector

Dude gets busted stealing signs from Democrats.

My son has been disenfranchised - Bastards to Protest at White House Friday[

OFFICIAL Judy Woodruff Comment Thread

Poster on Kos is reporting new gallup poll with JK leading OH 50-44(rv)

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) On Why Kids Don't Trust Bush

Is it wrong to waste their time (Republicans)???

Kerry to be speaking on CNN at 1:30 EDT - Dana Reeve to introduce

Full Page Newspaper Ads By


Bill Clinton in Philly Monday morning

Anybody have a screenshot of them 'seig heiling' yet?

Arkansas Times endorses Kerry

I'm sick and tired of the THK doesn't pay enough in taxes...

Has the voting irregularities

W. Virginia Elector Might Leave Bush

Bin Laden & Zarqawi. Bush goes all wobbly, media don't notice

Unbelievable. GMA - Diane Sawyer - Both Lockhart and Matlin are willing

The GOP IS divisible. The wedge is reality vs. faith.

I Repeat: Step Away From Cable TV News

I'm depressed- SINclair stock on the rebound (today +1.13%)

We are wining. Limbaugh and Hannity losing it.

A convenient recantation-SBVT arisen from the grave to denounce John Kerry

Bush has a health plan ??

That picture on eriffle sig should really be front page on DU.

Kerry campaign should make commercial with prominent Republicans for Kerry

Are Democrats from OH and FL border states pouring into there?

WHEN Kerry wins... (and the House/Senate) we need an PUSH for...

NYT Frank Rich on fire! "The O'Reilly Factor for Lesbians"

American "LIBERAL MEDIA" in action.

Chris Heinz campaigning today in Denver, Colorado!

CNN is un-American: attn please, CNN underlings perusing DU

John Kerry is going to the World Series

GOP To Dems On Recount: Quit Being So Cynical !!! - Boston Herald Blog

OK, will you watch the anti-Kerry piece, just to see what they do?

AARRG. Mark Racicot just said Dana Reeve and Bush agree!!

New TV ad features Pat Robertson on Bush and Casulties

Off Topic. Any one see Castro fall on his face? coming up on CNN

Bush 'universally hated', says British spy novelist John Le Carre

Joe Lockhart on Wolf now.

NY Observer outs the Skirt Chasing at Fox and CNN

DeLay office misled DHS in plane hunt -- tapes, transcript

Bush tells us he hears the voice of God,

How many effin' times is Wolfie gonna beat this apology thing to DEATH?

Blaming Edward for vaccine shortage! It's started!!


HEY! Media Blast this!

Did anyone hear Mark Foley's preposterous tale of dem tricks?

Re Campaign Alert: Arizona Republic Poll thursday

Of course Bush wasn't "wired" during the debates

Bush Relatives for Kerry !

The New Republic endorses Kerry

**Pictures from Kerry Rally in Pittsburgh** (image heavy, 56k-watch out)

Is everyone aware Tom DeLay was subpoenaed?

Set your VCRs for the bloodiest smack-down yet. (Wes Clark will rule)

It's Time for a Change

How confident are you that Kerry will win?

Anyone know what the Federal Election Commission ruling was

Maureen Dowd on Imus: If it's really close ...

The Reputhuglicans gave me a gift!



Where has "Joementum Leiberman" been?


George Bush, the Great Underfunder

Poll that will shock the RW Fundies:

Saudis funding insurgents in Iraq

I just got tickets to see John Kerry and Big Dog Bill in Philly on Monday!

If poll is accurate, Kerry may win California by 2.1 million votes

My observations 10/21/04

Comedians on the campaign

Gore to stump for Kerry in Florida - (Clinton too)

CSPAN 2 NOW: New Hampshire senate debate!!!!

Is Arnold going to OH just a fake out? I mean why would he go? He

Cheney says "US cities about to be bombed" and where's Condi?

Please tell me ya'll have read Keillor's book, "Homegrown Democrat"

Al Gore To Campaign For John Kerry In Florida This Weekend


Cheney's Flu shot, he is unfit for the Presidency

My boyfriend voted for Kerry today!

Does "In Your Face" Religion bother you?

Doesn't get much closer than this - MSNBC on line poll

Bush whoring it up live

Nice to see this great photo of JK and Woody, the dog, on home page of WP!

Reminder for those that haven't been for a while --

RW Media flogging Teresa H-K remarks repeatedly

new msnbc/mason dixon polls a joke

Granny D debating Gregg on New Hampshire Channel 9

TX 22nd Poll: DeLay 42%, Morrison 35%

a hopeful plea to CNN's Richard Parsons

Put your money where your mouth is - Buy a Kerry futures contract

The Center Doesn't Hold.

LOL - my wingnut "family values" congressman John Sullivan arrested 4 time

Great War Between Gallup And Dr. Alan Abramowitz

So I heard Sinclair backed down somewhat

The Ass-ociated Press; official blow hole of the Bush campaign

November, 2001: Chimp said terrorists don't have nukes. Why the fears now?

Morrison v. DeLay debate downloadable here.

Watching the Frost (d) vs. Sessions (r) debate

Meredith and Sons responds about Sinclair

Petition to release CIA 9/11 report BEFORE Nov. 2

Kerry is the only one that knows how to carry a shotgun IMHO.

How 'Stolen Honor' Hurts Bush

Why Hasn't MTV Interviewed President Bush?

Im a Chicagoan, in Florida right now... WOW

Another lawsuit for Sinclair: George Butler ("Going Upriver") sues!

35 Reasons not to give up hope - READ UP!!!

I just saw an Obama ad here on the Fox station in Chicago.

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/21

Bandwagon effect -- some thoughts for the home stretch

How much money have you given to help defeat Bush?

PAT ROBERTSON gives Ultimatum to Republicans

Wes Clark will participate in Presstitute Zahn's Ohio Town Hall this eve!

Will the 28 pages withheld from the public version of the 9/11 Commission

So, is this what they mean by "a strong finisher"?

Ernie Banks is a Republican?

Michigan poll numbers are good news

5 bush/cheney yard signs with a spot light on one with a note

just voted...

Tommy Thompson blames Clinton for flu vaccine shortage

Please Use Common Sense in Reading Polls.

Anyone watching Zahn?Suppose to be new Ohio Gallup having K up

Has anyone started petition or email sites for contacting President Kerry

Who is Granny D Haddock?

Does anyone know ANY Gore voter who is voting for AWOL?

Compiling electoral math possibilities - please help

What is the background of STOMP? They are trying to get freepers to join

No Duck-gate threads?

What's your diagnosis?

Stop me if you've heard this one before....(or, a little humor to lighten)

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell savages Bush's "childish" faith

Do you consider yourself a Kerryite or an ABBer?

Question 1: Does High Turnout Favor The Democrat?

EARLY VOTING RULES & TIMETABLES for states & zipcodes 'in play'

Anyone that votes for Shrub is just as guilty as him.

How Come Presidential Candidates Never Go Bowling For Photo Ops?

George Tenet calls Iraq war "wrong"

I early voted today in Taylor Tx.

Obama & Keyes Face-Off on C-span @ 8PM, don't miss

What would you sacrifice for a Kerry win?

Swift Vet Sewer Tactics Reach South Carolina

New poll finds that 'large percentages of Bush supporters' are ignorant

Must see TV ad from Stop

"Bush will continue to attack public education" - Hilary Clinton

October Surprise

The last debate * said something that caught my ear...

New NC Poll - Not very good news

John Kerry (R)? - I guess the hunting garb threw off the Yahoo eds

Tweety's got another idiot on!

Election 2004: "race shaping up to be the most litigious in U.S. history"

WTF...New Nevada poll...

Tweetie... Hardball.. says Kerry is ahead overall....

NBC Nightly News -- WTF??!!

Reducing it to the simplest possible Electoral equation

SBVT debate

WP Tracking Poll 10/21 - * 51% Kerry 45%

What the heck is wrong with the Labor Party--Show no-confidence!

TURNCOATS, shrieked the Chimp! Prominent GOPers will vote for John Kerry

Bush Vs. Kerry: Tackling the Threat of Nuclear War

Is Dick Cheney sick?

Cheney ridiculed Kerry today for wearing "camo." So what else is new?

Info on the latest MoveOn PAC ad....devastating!

Consider Bush's previous opponents - then realize how well Kerry is doing!

I talked to a friend who is a Republican today...

Pictures of Kerry watching the game last night?

Download Fahrenheit 9/11 audio tracks

Right wing Virginian-Pilot endorses Kerry,

right wing Real Clear Politics: Kerry in a landslide

Who's driving/flying/walking etc. to DC if the election is stolen?

Bush off to Bagram this Saturday

GOOD NEWS: Bush Might Gain 2 Million Votes Where He Doesn't Need

TeleResearch....Bush.... Leahy.... Vermont Gubernatorial Election...


Past election polls and the final result in recent elections:

Have you guys seen this? Transcript of "Stolen Honor"

WV Elector Says He May Cast Protest Vote Against Bush

John Kerry and Dana Reeve, widow of Christopher Reeve / Nice Pic

In second grade class: Kerry 26 Bush 2

Hey NBC-Mason Dixon Blew Delaware In 00 By Seventeen Points...

I don't understand why Kerry is not doing better in Wisconsin

Professional Athletes and Olympians for Bush!

Check Poll Results...Dem Strategists Predicting Kerry Win

Insufficient postage on absentee ballots?

How far will you go to wake people up????

An open Letter from George W. Bush

Biden says Bush is Brain Dead and the poor republicans are crying

Let’s play “what-if” with FLORIDA and OHIO...

Know your Media Whores: "the temptation to f_k your staff is overwhelming"

Hmm, maybe the Governator's not so bad after all......

Just returned from spending 2 hours with an Ohio Board of Elections

Why they fight so hard for Ohio and Florida

Heads up Illinois DU'ers and anyone else

Leads in "battlegrounds" proof that Kerry himself best represents Kerry

List of Kerry Newpaper Endorsements

BBV - TX - ES&S iVotronic Machines - Straight Democratic Ticket

Panic setting in among right-wing nuts

I thought DU was an army of outraged Democrats. Now I am not so sure.

Frantic Freepers discussing secession

Newsweek: Red Sox Victory to Aid Kerry

Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004

Study concludes Republican diehards are living in fantasyland

HUGE shift among CATHOLICS for Kerry

"Old Time" Republicans versus "End Times" Republicans.

*** Help to get F9/11 aired on Public Access!!! ***

**CIA Report on 9/11...Sign the Petition**