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Archives: October 20, 2004

Ethnic Minorities in the US drop even deeper into poverty

Kidnapped in Iraq: a survivor's story

E&P: Kerry widens lead in newspaper endorsements

9/11's secret in the CIA's back pocket. (La Times)

His Country Needs You

Salon: Not Fit to Air (Stolen Honor)

Salon/Ron Susskind interview: Reality-based reporting (Repugs scared, too)

Guardian to Nader: Time to Step Aside

Slap Bush!!!

WSJ oped: Secret GOP Weapon: The Scots-Irish Vote

Tampa Tribune (Conservative) "Why We Cannot Endorse President Bush..."

anti-Tom DeLay attack ad needs money, and soon

Media ignores fact that Gen. Franks's NYTclaim contradicted by news report

Review of Video documentaries,please


First Step Toward Legal Action Against Sinclair

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., DirecTV Sued Over Latin American Deal

Corn - Ethanol - Hydrogen conversion?

Now here's a dangerous and dumb idea: Small scale hydropower.

no blog posts today?


if terrorists used a mini-nuke, biological or chemical agents in a city..

LTTE campaign to SD, Riverside papers re: Bush endorsements?

California Pollworkers Told to Withhold Information from Voters

Iowa Absentee Ballot Requests Keep Climbing

Wondering how to help but you're not sure who to ask?

What's everyone doing election night?

Fingerhut/Voinovich Debate

NY'er available for help election day

John Edwards Making a Stop in LIMA OHIO on Sunday

Ok, so what's the deal with Justice Position 6?

GOP plays terrorism card in ad against Dave Ross

Lieberman on Sinclair.....

Dirty tricks return to the sunshine state

Electronic Voting Preview (VERY FUNNY VIDEO)

What will happen in the three months of Bush as a lame duck?

Lieberman on Sinclair.....

kerry needs to follow clinton's 92 lead


Ad for F9/11 on Yankees-Red Sox broadcast

got my flu shot....officially, we now have TWO medical systems...

Going after the WRONG MAN should make you WEAK ON TERRORISM, NOT STRONG!

Team Bush declares war on the New York Times

SCENARIO: You are a level 4 elven mage, and orcs have attacked your party.

PBS Nova - Homo sapiens and Neanderthals interbred in the distant past

Cable News telegraphing jealousy of Comedians

Sinclair Sleaze: You have to act NOW!!


Has anyone seen TIME's review of "His Excellency: George Washington?"

Sharpton on the Attack


Listen to this caller gem from the Hannity radio show

CBS Fallen Soldiers segments

Does anyone know of a Left Leaning Political Site for Kids? n/t

General Mills stands with Sinclair!!! Boycott Alert!!

Got "Going Upriver" in .ro and it's choppy. Anyone got .mpeg or .avi? n/t

Like other vainglorious invaders before him,Bush has seriously

I'm preparing myself for when my son may get drafted

bush* catches Kerry cheating?

WHY BUSH LIES.... Bill Fox, novelist and Raliegh NC columnist's tells us..

Wierdest collection of news stories I've ever seen on one TV website

Sinclair shareholders brewing over losses

Interesting Yahoo finance pol -- talking point

Did you ever notice, behind * at the elem. school

To give birth to a boy you need a live-in man

Iran to Adopt Gradual Privatization Program--(guess which sectors)

Hannity is a 1)delusional psychotic,2)prostitute,3)brain dead,4)

Just finished my first tech support shift for!

AOL is pimping the Crossfire Feud -- poll, quiz, message boards

Do you think the News will give up on Bush or go with him to the last sec.

Sherwoods (producer/Stolen Honor) no bid government contract

The Sinclair stock tragedy is only a small taste of things to come....

DU this poll : Who comes across better in the exchanges? Stewart /Tucker?

Repubs against GOP voter fraud

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros, MA vs. TX, Kerry vs. Bush

My letter to Iams - pet owners take note!

More Names: The battle for California

"Bush’s argument is easier to grasp: Kill the bad guys."

O'Reilly says he was just being err "Stupid"! and us guys can relate? WTF

Send a letter to Bush about the flu vaccine crisis. ARA website.

PLEASE Get this Sinclair Flash ad out to as many people as possible

Anyone tape Al Gore's speech on C-span yesterday?

Jon Stewart vs *ucker Carlson story on Yahoo. Please rate it.

Coming up: The Daily Show

Where's "Crisco Kid" Ashcroft these days?

Hey Dick, Lynn, Liz and Mary lookie here at what Buchann has to say

Tuesday Night at The Movies..Enjoy! taking on Fox

"I am an 82-year-old liberal."

The War In Error, or, Chemotherapy v. Surgery

safer with Bush?

The Political Business of Terry McAuliffe

Can someone help me

CIA 9/11 REPORT - everyone should be asking

Gallup uses a sample made of 41% conservatives, 19% liberals

"We will not have an all-volunteer army" screw up by Bush on video yet?

Can someone help me

More people downloaded Jon Stewart on Crossfire than saw it live?

one hell of a twist...Clinton, Dems compared to....NAZIS!!!!!!

The Riot Squad is on the field in Yankee Stadium.

needs caption: a very sick g.w.bush* on the campaign trail today (PHOTO)

link to jon stewart vs tucker carlson?

What is the DU's opinion of Team America: World Police?

"Stolen Honor" shut down in Montgomery County PA.

I fault this president for not knowing what death is.

Bev Harris on Coast2Coast tonight. Should be interesting.

Kerry in the Senate

Well - I just early voted - John Kerry is one more vote to his first term!

NIGHTLINE NOW - reservists who refused bogus refueling mission

Koppel is asking about disobeying orders.

Yankee's game was stopped -- started again but police in riot gear

Most hypocritical demographic group in the world...

BBV: Bev Harris appearing on

We had a flu vaccine crisis last year too.

Yay. New reich wing nutjob on my radio

Please sign this petition re: CIA's secret 9/11 report

Why Kerry will beat the team from Texas but the Red Sox won't

Are we really winning the war on terror?

Q: So do we have enough troops in the military right now...

So smart! Teresa Heinz-Kerry on Cspan discussing the environment tonight

Who do you consider more like Satan: Bush or Cheny?

Californians - what's the deal with this Proposition 62?

Bush endorsed by Iran, Iran sentences 13 yr old grl to death by stoning

Visualize Winning !

Is Jesse Ventura anti-war?

Have I said yet tonight how much... 10/19/04 Malloy

Assuming He Wins -- Will Kerry Pardon The * Administration When They

Iraqi famers forbidden to grow non-genetically modified crops

I went to the local college dem/repuke debate tonight

Very very cool video

ATTENTION - Michael Moore will stream LIVE tomorrow . . .

WHAT IS GOING ON??!!!! AGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Carter on Hardball

FLU-GATE: What did Bush know and when did he know it!

Bush Admin. suppressing CIA 911 report. Notify all media!

Iraq’s nuclear-related equipment goes missing under the US occupation

How bad is Alan Keyes getting beat in Illinois?

A thought for later ... How should President Kerry go about

Question on cabinet appointments

Funny Little Jingle heehee

I Am outraged. My boss(who I thought I was making progress on)

What do you make of this quote?

will du be as fun when kerry is president?

PETITION: Demand release of CIA 9/11 Report

Do any national or state leaders in the governments read DU..

Bill O'Reilly has a daughter

Do we make our laws based on some moral code?

How well did Bush actually handle Sept. 11?

My Flu Vaccine Rant

Col David Hackworths memo to the president elect.

Any Al Gore fans/supporters out there?

Have you ordered the "Going Upriver" dvd?

Is the entire foundation of our post WWII economic prosperity

Mel Gibson---For Kerry?

Sinclair attempting to half ass back down. Keep up the presure

Kid I went to high school with KIA in Iraq

"Why legalize Gay marriage, they don't stay together long enough"

CIA 9/11 Report Being Withheld From Public - Article and Petition Inside

Does this indicate the world's financial leaders will bail on Bush?

Farmers share beef over low prices

Kidnapped in Iraq: a survivor's story

Bush: I would accept Islamic Iraq (just like Iran - so Iran endorses Bush!

Fears grow Black Watch convoy will face ambush by militants

Americans head north for flu shots

L.A. seeks taxes from immigrants

Democratic debate bursting out all over Iraq's university campuses

Former CIA Chief to Teach at Georgetown

WP: Help of Allies Among Three Key Themes

Investigators: Intense Flames Sped Collapse of Tower 2

Novel 'The Line of Beauty' Wins Booker

South Africa Denies Aristide is Behind Haiti Mayhem

WP/Milbank: Bush Defends Himself Against Kerry's Charges

Please sign this petition re: CIA's secret 9/11 report

Commuter plane crashes near Kirksville (Missouri)

Agitation Blamed for Death at Facility

WP: Legal Battle for Presidency Underway

British Forces 'Will be Targeted by Iraqi Insurgents'-- Independent, UK

WSJ: Bush and Kerry Deadlock Among Likely Voters

Senators ask Ashcroft to let phone-jamming suit go forward

Major attack on Iraq guards' HQ

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket (supressed until after election)

WP: No Flu Vaccine Shortage At Capitol

TV stations told to pull plug on anti-Kerry film

Woman Files New Charges Vs. Fox, O'Reilly

Haiti: U.S.lifts 13-Year Arms Embargo

9/11 CIA report being held until after election. Please sign petition

Need Flu Shot? Cross Border To Get Vaccinated

Bush adviser accuses Britain of crossing 'moral boundary' on cloning

Suffering for the good of mother Russia

BET CEO Appeals to Top African Americans in WH (Bush refuses interview )

Episcopal head rejects Anglican appeal

Faulty Intelligence Misled Troops at War's Start -NYT

WP: Democrats to Post Lawyers at Polls

O'Reilly Seeks Tapes in Extortion Case

Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities

Lawmakers got flu shots on medical advice

Ex-Enron chief Ken Lay to face two criminal trials

WP: Anti-Kerry Film Won't Be Aired

NYT: Towns Hand Out Tax Breaks, Then Cry Foul as Jobs Leave

Democrats register more new voters, analysis finds

WP: Rice Hitting the Road to Speak

I've created such a sponsor

HOLY F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What should I eat for dessert?

6060842 or 8675309?

Name some hockey players you saw play back in the day

The rooms were so much colder then.


I had to fling something at a coworker today...

Syllabus for "Commercial Fiction" class

Which is better?

Feminists' guilty pleasures...chauvinistic songs we love but won't admit

What's your favorite number between 455,902 and 5,687,442?

Another reason I hate Washington State

A song for the upcoming election (storm).

YAAAAAYYY!!!!! They're opening a CompUSA and a Pottery Barn in my city!!!

Does "The Biggest Loser" portend the end of Western civilization?

My cousin said he does his dog.

name the apartment building in the background

Time Will Break the World

Favorite Third Eye Blind songs

Lily Tomlin RULES! (link)

Does my thumb smell funny to you???


Are you wearing pants?

The people who create these things can't be serious...

what happened to

Beefcake, Beefcake!

If you were backed into a corner and had to fight your way out,

How come we don't hear about whistleass anymore?

EEEWWWWW!!!!! I got involuntarily infected!!!!

Top this! I dumpster dived for Kerry tonight.

I just voted!!!

Dubya Dance

Who is going to play World Of Warcraft?

Bush Voter Joke

Dallas Cowboys fans warned against showing team colors at polls

who's the better band, Sublime or Phish?

List the single most tragic way Bush increased terrorism


DU aim Chat

I seem to have a problem with bawls

I seem to have a problem with balls

I seem to have a problem with bullsh*t!

Bucs trade McCardell for 2 picks, Dallas trades Bryant to Cle. for Morgan

I seem to have a problem with bills!

Is it wrong to be a gloating Yankee fan when they're losing?

Someone please help me site sources from a textbook.

Get Your Pickle Pins!!!!!

If the Red Sox win tonight, they will win the ALCS title

Who's the schmuck singing crap at the Yanks game?

Sex and video games on G4-Tech TV right now

Five Wildebeests Escape From Ind. Zoo

Who was that schmuck that was warbling in the Yanks ga,e

my name is 7thsephiroth, i'm 20 and i voted n my 1st presidential election

Re: The Sox. Fill me in.

4-1 Red Sox

Here are two more tracks from U2's upcoming album

Red Sox Could Make HISTORY TONIGHT!!

Medical problem...

I wanna dip my balls in it!

Children aren't human. They aren't even animals.

Joey...ever seen a grown man naked?

Red Sox fans: What do you do with Schilling?

Flash poll 8th inning: Leave Schilling in or take him out?

I think 80 posts means I've been here too long today.

Google's Desktop Search (new program)

Republican sign-stealer to sue over low-hung chain

DU this funny poll

Video/Computer People...DVD to DivX

40 Ounces of Fury!!! The Definitive Malt Liquor Taste Test

I got a fever...and the only cure is...

Would prison really help a man like this?!

I seem to have a problem with boils

Dylan song for the day

Hi all the Young Democrats in red areas (And adults too)!!

Hey, I got a TV-related question for you all...

Unless the curse can make something happen..

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros, MA vs. TX, Kerry vs. Bush

what the fuck? Drudge's breaking scandal is that Edwards preens his hair??

Hey whining Red Sox fans - THEY CALLED A-ROD OUT!

Favorite Sublime song?

All our base are belong to the Red Sox

Nick Drake's "Saturday Sun": The greatest song ever?

Wow. New York fans sure did make asses of themselves tonight

But... but... but... this is how I normally run! No I swear! O:)

Holy COW -- RIOT police at a BASEBALL game

Smaller than actuality, in a moment's notice can be eaten and swallowed

When did baseball get so interesting?

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Riot Squad is on the field in Yankee Stadium.

Hey, Kleeb, I got something for ya!

Cops coming out with riot gear at Yankee Stadium!!!

How often to call Mom ?


who'da thunk it? the infield at yankee stadium an armed camp...

SCENARIO: You are a level 4 elven mage, and orcs have attacked your party.

Shitty Bums go WILD!!!!!

John Kerry Wins!

The cops are leaving!!!!

(delete this)

Is this the Red Sox Game & Thread?

It looks like the RNC at Yankee Stadium!!!!


Oh fuck's only a game

Red Sox Make History

Sox vs Yanks thread III

Eminem goes nuclear."F Bush, until they bring our troops home"

Yankees Suck!

So tell me- how do you love my sig?

Boston Sucks

One Thing I Like About Baseball is You Always

Schilling- God Is On The Red Sox's Side!!! Does That Mean

If you're too young to have seen Bobby Orr play - TSN

OK, Who Was the NHL Team That Trailed a Playoff Series 3-0

Shhh, don't wake up the gungeon

The Bank Robber...

Holy mackeral!!!! Schilling was playing with sutures in his foot!

Maybe the reason God lets so many children starve

Chime in if you remember phone number prefixes with letters!

now 5 away from 200 posts, ask me anything!

Well the Red Sox are a shoe in to win the ALCS now!

Most annoying part of watching baseball on Fox

Just so you know - the Yankees will win the series

I'm a Brazilian. I know John Excrement of baseball.

A Big Bronx Cheer for the Yanks

Anybody else have a cat who snores?

Pumpkin pie in the oven

Tomorrow is my birthday - and today showed why I don't care about looks

Best. Concert. Ever.

A-Rod is a typical Repuke: he has to cheat his way on base

Name the wackiest sport you've ever seen

Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah": The greatest song ever?

Please! I hope nobody in DU does Meth.....

Hey Yankees fans!!!!!!!!!!

Who's the Funkiest of the Funky?

I just thought you guys would like to know....

The sox win!

Eat SHIT, A-rod!!!

My new chicken recipe is too good not to share

SOX WIN SOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"brainstorming" freeware?

Before I head off for bed I need to say a couple of things.

Plastic surgery gone too far!

My mom died today,

I'm not even a Baseball fan...and I'm not liking Yankees fans tonight.

Went door-to-door for tonight. Ask me anything!

If you could pick a song to be the 'stoner anthem' what would it be?

Hi there I'm "A-Rod" I slap like a sissy girl

Which is the best for having a great band?

Bit Torrent Site With Radio Downloads?


Red Sox - Yankees

Anybody ever take ZYBAN (Bupropion Hydrochloride)?

Sports Fans - a rebut to sports haters - how many sports do you watch?

I just don't get tapdancing

Boy, did I get stuck with a sucky assignment.

Blotter Acid vs Any Other Drug

Schilling makes me want to puke.

Are there any Red Sox fans old enough to remember their last WS win?

OMG!!! Yankee/ Red Sox and Jon Stewart! Tryin' to watch BOTH at same time

Anyone have a Sirius or XM Plug and Play

FIFA 2004 Fans or Irish Domestic Soccer Fans: I need to know a good team


Could it happen? Boston vs. Houston, MA vs. TX, Kerry vs. Bush

Jim Belushi is hilarious....

It is the Evil Empire vs. the Good Guys

I hate my DVD re-writer

God, a little baseball comes on and you people lose your minds. LOL

My 300 favorite soul records of the 1960s

The ( 3 ) winners......Flu --- Draft -- Privatize

URGENT ACTION NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!

Sinclair execs accused of insider trading

Mark Mellman: Just like 2000, the polls are off

Any exit polling going on in Florida?

great video of Flordia E-Voting

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Race tied at 48 LV

The guy Sinclair Broadcasting fired on Olberman NOW - MSNBC!

Pat Robertson Alert!!! Blow up your t.v.'s. CNN

Bushler concedes defeat?

One hug doesn't make up for ignoring a PDB

My prediction day BEFORE election: polls average 49% Kerry, 48% Bush

video of Russert talking about dead heat

Lieberman (Sinclair) is on Olberman

GOP Lies about Dem Voting Manual - how to stop vote suppression

Anti-Kerry Film Withdrawn From ABINGTON Movie Theater

18 battlegrounds one day later

New poll finds Kerry at over 60% with young voters; * >30%!

Missouri Voter Rolls Likely Inflated

Cheney fixated about a nuclear attack: fear monger extraordinaire

Moony & Swift Liars connection

On CNN--Jimmy Carter now!

10/19 SUSA NJ - 2 wks to election day, Kerry up 8 pts over Bush in NJ

So what is the electronic voting status in Ohio?

I was amazed when I did a search on the 1948 election

Write Nader

Oklahoma Senate Race on CSPAN 2

Election getting down to the wire, donate to help take back Congress!

I keep thinking, way down deep,

Teresa on CSPAN now. Environmental talk. Very engaging

Has anyone seen Mark Crispin Miller's " A Patriot Act"?

USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP Poll Shows Kerry Leading Bush in Oregon

Latest Zogby battleground polls: Big picture looks very good

Oh Gawd - Pat Robertson on Paula Zahn -Bill Maher coming up!

Cool! I just got polled by ABC/Washington Post!

does anyone remember how "close" this pony show was in 2000

new ohio poll survey USA/wkyc tv

PLEASE get this Sinclair Flash ad out to as many people as possible

New Tennessee Poll

Now that we all have fun with O'Reilly, is it worth Kerry's time to go

A voter's final days of voting

You can vote early at this site

Fellow Democrats, it's time to do what you can to help...

Fact Check: How Liberal is John Kerry

After Kerry Wins It Still Won't Be Over...

Anyone else think this flu shot fiasco might be the last straw for the

3 down, one to go!!!

Playing Devil’s Advocate

Anyone seen the Freepers with these bumper stickers

Talking points for Conservative Christian African Americans on gays

God bless you activists ! :-)

Virgina: Dems plan lawyer blitz at polls; GOP says effort is fabrication

Poor Hannity. I almost feel sorry for him.

Reply RE; Sinclair from General Mills

Anyone see that picture of Karl Rove?

Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film

Deleted by poster as already posted:

My theory for why the polls are so close.

What TV station will you watch on election night?

US Cellular - Sinclair, something of a cop-out...

Irony, oh irony: Gillespie's latest message to the faithful

John Kerry is the most liberal person to walk the earth. EVER!

Liz Cheney now opening her trap

MSNBC.....Kerry on Mary...Over the Line?......

Give voters rides from old polling places to new ones...

Important poll! Future voters!

Flu shots galore for congressmembers - That will play well in "Peoria"

Liberal Oasis: Lots of states are possible for Kerry, so volunteer.

Re Sinclair: Any CA State Workers here?

Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film <- Reuters

It's HAMMER time Sen. Kerry...push these stories tommorrow!

Are you ready for the MA vs TX world series

Which states will they try and steal? Fuzzy math rules America.

one of my students told me today that it was against her religio

Does anyone have any accounts of Kerry's daughters' appearances?

Flu France CNN

Administration hiding damning 9/11 CIA report

The video of Cnn's using old poll numbers

Scarface: "Is it over for Kerry?" is the theme; Mann coulter is the meme

Three issues Repubs have no defense against

Does The Media See The Irony In Bush Calling Kerry Consistently Liberal?

Gen. Franks Attacks Kerry's Tora Bora Criticism To Cover His Sorry Ass

Zarqawi, Zarqawi, Zarqawi, Zarqawi, Zarqawi

Beautiful: NY State Comptroller writes to Sinclair CEO

PLEASE get this Sinclair Flash ad out to as many people as possible

Look For Bushco. To Pull An OCT. SURPRISE TOMORROW!

Wanna feel good? Look at the SBGI message board

Network Nattering Nabobs of Negativism 11/2

non-democratic thugs for *!

Do you see comparisons to Carter-Reagan?

Inbreeders Seek to Freep F9/11 Freebie

Kerry up by 49%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck? Drudge's breaking scandal is that Edwards preens his hair??

Kerry should read parts of Al Gore's speech from yesterday.

"Bubbie vs. the GOP" NJDC Flash animation--LOL!! (sorry if dupe)

bush is coming to town...

So, we'll be getting "Freedom Flu" shots from France? is that correct?

does it bother any one else that bush looks like he has no teeth when he

National Arab American Leaders Endorse Kerry/Edwards

Great photo

Old Man Cheney With His Finger on the Button.


Daily Show is on fire tonight

Kerry has beat Gore in total newspaper endorsments

Bush is so far ahead, the repugs can just stay home on election day

New flyers question "four more years?" on the draft and the environment

New ad trumpeting Bush's latest endorsement


Isn't Kerry doing better than Gore was a this point in 2000?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorses *, irate readers fire back!

Is Sinclair going to be airing their program live? If so, I've got a

I just gave $50 to Kerry. First time in my life

MSNBC Newsbreak--Iran is endorsing Bush for President.

Anyone have the video of teary-eyed, lip-quivering Bush on Sept 12?

Sinclair Backs Down!

Historic 84% Turnout Predicted for WA

Things that make you go "Ewwwwwww!!"

If Kerry doesn't become President, freepers will gloat.

Here's George BandarBushLaden's newest endorser !

Aaron Brown is talking about polls right now...

Will you guys DU my site's poll

WHEN do we know?

Question I wish I'd hear more!

We poll needs help

while the Repubs avoid Keyes, Obama is on his way to...

I wish Kerry would have ,..

Anyone have a link to stock exchanges?

Nice country you've got here

If Both Kerry And The Red Sox Win It All

Bass Ackward Right Winger wants Feds to monitor poll places to protect GOP

KERRY Making ADS But Not Running Them?

How Will You Spend Election Night?

New flyers from BigPath - Pass out to folks standing in line for flu shots

Cheney threatens US cities are about to be bombed, Kerry credits Cheney

The Final Nail in the Gallup Poll's Coffin

UnitedHealth - largest health insurer also largest political contributor


The Fox All-Stars on 11/3/04?

Who do you want to see defeated most besides *

AP - IRAN Endorses Bush - Say Democrats Nothing But Trouble


Alaska's Lt. Governor is being hit with charges over pot initiative

US Cellular responds to Sinclair!

"Fear and voting in Las Vegas" - CBC RealVideo clip

Because of DU, I HATE Republicans

Lawrence O'Donnell In For Scarborough!

FYI, e-mail I got from Bev Harris.

Dems Lure Moderate GOP on Stem Cell Issue

God Bless Our Young People! They are working tirelessly.

US Contingency plan--Draft of Medical Workers

DU This Poll: Should Sinclair Air "Stolen Honor"

Bush's privatizing Social Security would cost ***$2 TRILLION***

E-mail this Iowa (Swing State) Sinclair Affiliate!

I just heard this on my local Republican radio as breaking news!

Safe State volunteers; your Anti-Bush travel agency is here!

10/19 SUSA Va. Poll - Kerry bounces back from bad Sept, closes to within 4

Major FL Conservative Paper "Why We Cannot Endorse Bush"

Major Kerry foreign policy speech tomorrow ?

Kerry Rally in Dayton, Ohio....Great crowd.

COMMON CLINTON!!! May Start Campaigning With Kerry Soon

LA Times: Bush Administration Suppresses CIA Report Until AFTER Election

Where is Ted Olsen since resigning as Solicitor General?

Down the memory hole! After 7 mos, NBC story of WH failure to get Zarqawi

needs caption: very SICK bush* on the campaign trail today...

IF ALL blacks, women, and gays voted for kerry and dems

*'s latest campaign point: vote for me because I hugged a girl

MoveOn's anti-Gallup ad for the NYT:

Just came back from a party meeting where guy just returned from Iraq...

Richard Morrison picks up another endorsement

Spread Halloween Cheer by Creating Anti-Bush Jack-o'-Lanterns! ....

California Pollworkers Told to Withhold Information from Voters


"George Bush is the Louis Vuitton of Presidents!" says Michael Gross

So what's Kerry's October surprise ... coming tomorrow?

Repub sign thief gets face full of concrete

OMFG, Olberman played an O'Reilly tape where O'Reilly ADMITTED IT!

If W steals this election can we?

YEOW!!! Tom DeLay attends debate! Gets ass handed to him!

what is up with NPR?!!!

The War In Error | why * is conceptually WRONG

Bush is Jonesin for a high...das is why he is so angry and frustrated

I'm from Ohio and I can't take the pressure


I donated to the Missouri Democratic Party tonight.

A typical bush endorsement

[PINR] Oct. 20, 2004: Instability in World Politics

H. Meyerson: 'President in a bubble'

Faith against reason

Group rallies to take back Flathead GOP

How conservatives use language to dominate politics

Guardian;The five deceptions of Tony Blair

The Eternal Twilight of the Sinclair Mind

Buzzflash interviews Matthew Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive

Film about voting in Florida (LOL)

Agnew with TV Stations: Sinclair Broadcasting Takes On John Kerry and The

Sinclair adjusts...but not really (David Shuster's blog)

Letters to Clark County ;Wednesday October 20, 2004

What's Sadly Missing from All Those Presidential Endorsements

Oil wealth 'can cause corruption'

I Was Just a Nobody

Fired off a letter to the Akron Beacon Journal


Will Pitt - Desperate Measures

9/11 widows

Dying for a Mistake: America (and Kerry) at the Crossroads

As campaign gets dirty, it's Rove's time to shine


First They Came For The Nurses

City Pages (MN): "The John Birkenstock Society"

Blue Cross CEO Babin defends his compensation

For Women who count on men to be jerks

Thanks, folks!

A Brief against Bush.......op-ed by a lawyer

The Plaid Adder: October Surprise

William SafLiar -- Kerry's the Fearmonger.

Robert Kuttner (BG): The art of stealing elections

John Kerry's Rolling Stone Interview

Plain Dealer smashes SOS Blackwell for appealing provisional balloting

Juan Cole: Bush would accept an Islamic Iraq....

NYT: No Jokes or Spin. It's Time (Gasp) to Talk. (J. Stewart v. Xfire)

Ted Rall : America's Last War

Gene Lyons

a view from John Le Carre....

Swing State Poster Project

Please post flyer on car windshields in malls, parking ramps, etc.

EVENT: Free Going Upriver screening tonight (Princeton, NJ)

2 useless Sinclair responses-Ford & Mattel

Yes, a local business pulls their ads from Sinclair (Pittsburgh)

Democrats missed the boat in Alaska?!?

Confusing Iams response re: Sinclair

How EVERY DUer can help Kerry and Castor in Florida!

Petition: Mr. Bush, Release the CIA Report on 9/11 Failures.

Were "journalists" always this f*^king lazy and stupid?

CBC's "Greatest Canadian" ignores history (a rant)

RW fundies target "Desperate Housewives" sponsors

take a break from AAR and listen to S. Hilton interview (9/11 lawsuit)

Is there any email address for Peter Jennings ABC news?

Am I looking at Google "Activism" here? It seems awfully slanted...

Media forgets Bush told Pat Robertson there'd be no Iraq casualities

Sinclair Broadcast Group-Orwell Was Right

Will Rush Limbaugh accept jail time over

Sinclair Broadcasting Group (SBGI) up 15% at $7.19

Yen near 108, Euro under .80, Looney under 1.25.

A FLIGHTY WIND -- Québec style

Pacific Hydro Withdraws $1B From Australia Over Low Renewable Energy Cap

Forest Service Signs Deal To Reintroduce Blight-Resistant Chestnuts

AZ residents: SRP has new solar incentives

30% Of N. American Bird Species In "Significant Decline" - Audubon Society

U.N.: Robot use to surge sevenfold by 2007

Animation - Bears Can't Vote, But You Can

State (MN) Cancels Scientist's Speech On Atrazine & Amphibians

Hong Kong democrats say 'no' to power

The dangers of playing hardball

Lessons learned from India's bandit king

PART I: The enemy beyond


GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 20, 2004

NRA to Take-On Kerry at Press Conference in Youngstown, Ohio, Oct. 21

Canadian Attorneys In The News

Posted place robbed with gun.

how many own guns


Are you getting the feeling that a LOT of folks are registering, getting a

Sports Forum?

Why was my post locked?

A Big Pat On The Back...

A suggestion for the next two weeks.

Hi, why was my post removed?

about a locked thread

Would it be possible to do a DU fundraising thread

I have been having trouble with logging in...I have been on every day

Topic removal?

I am confused about why this thread was locked

Question about Signature

I wrote a while ago stating that I have to login every time I come

Locking Threads

People Keep Starting Religious Threads in the Lounge

`hey! I know you are busy and stuff but I was wondering...

i want to post a NYTimes article, but unsure of where to post it

How nice to get a Mod message that says "Duplicate topic, PLEASE

Fears mount of split in Israeli army

UN demands Syria pulls out of Lebanon?

Sharon risks assassination by extremists, says Peres

It this stuff legit? If it is, it's amazing.

2/18/97: Department of Defense Directive

Flight 93: Too many contradictions

Chicago Tribune LTTEs

Coming to Chicago

Authorities investigate hacking attack at University of California

*** URGENT *** Call the Governor's office - California

go, BoSox, go !!

Do you think that Kerry will get 60% in Massachussetts or not.

Now is the time that we all bow to Curt Schilling.

Patty Wetterling in City Pages

Now we know who's REALLY important

Lib talk show host "Big Ed" Schultz LIVE in Edina (thurs) & St Paul (Fri)

KMWB is showing "Stolen Honor" anti-Kerry movie tonight.

DU bumper sticker sighting!

When and where is Kerry coming on Thursday

Betty McCollum has got to be shaking her head in disbelief

Thousands of new-voter cards in Ohio undeliverable

PD rebukes SOS Blackwell for appealing provisional balloting--du link

My Dayton Rally Trip Report

TV news: Kerry's name removed from mailed ballots near Cincinnati

Senate Race Getting TOO Close?

Coming in from Oregon to help Ohio turn Blue (the Dem kind)!

Lila Lipscomb in Bryn Mawr Sunday Oct 24 -- 7:00 PM

Anyone going to see Michael Moore at Temple?

American Statesman endorses Strama & White

DMN endorsed Frost this morning!

Take Down Tom Delay - Donate to Democracy for America for Ad

What Democrat is Ted Poe running against?

Houston DU Meetup is tonight

Austin: “Going Upriver” Fundraiser @ The Alamo Lake Creek

Dallas county predicted turnout

Visualize Winning

Report on Tom DeLay's first debate in 20 years!

When is John Kerry going to be at UWM

Kruisin for Kerry?

All four of our repig reps took dirty money from Delay's PAC

Sinclair successes - patronize these advertisers please!!

Bev Harris BBV is on Coast to Coast AM right now.

Sinclair given a choice: Either give Kerry equal time or face a lawsuit

just breaking on

An Open Letter to President George W. Bush

Can't find the Zell Miller appreciation thread - HELP !

aSHOCKalypes Now AND AWE the President's Men

So, Did Saddam Hussein Try to Kill Bush's Dad?

Delusions of Empire

politics is too much like sports

Aventis will provide 2.6 million flu vaccines for US in January

How will history judge Bush? (hint: it rhymes with oak)

Good News, Whataburger pulls ads from Sinclair.

One thing Ron Suskind points out in his sunday NYT article stands out:

NYT: Bush vs. the Laureates: How Science Became a Partisan Issue

Theory.... if re-selected, will Cheney resign during first year?

Jim Normnan USA Today poling editor live on CSPAN now...

"Americans Going to Canada for Flu Shots"

Democrat Tony Knowles is leading in Alaska Senate race!!

Stock watch. Serves them all right.

FYI --- Bev Harris (BBV) was on Coast to Coat last night first hour

Sinclair won't air entire show..............(feeling the heat)

Who is Creepier, Tom Delay or Tim LaHaye?

Need some help finding links, please!

I believe that the only real way to think about our current rulers is to

How did the tortures at Abu Ghraib fade from the news?How did

my response to the Edward's hair flap...

Anybody here ever heard of National Youth Leadership Forum?

Here is a petition

The Scaife Murder Mysteries

Clinton on The Hunting of the President

Anyone here doing MoveOn PAC's Leave No Voter Behind?

"Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities"

Sinclair backpedaling on airing "Stolen Honor"

Bush: "We're not going to have any casualties."

What do you think Bush thinks about when he does think?

Brits better than us?

What will be the results of a war on heroin in Afghanistan by US?

Think the Reps will try for another impeachment?

US Wealth Gap Grows for Ethnic Minorities

Schwarzenegger: Bush Has Hurt My Sex Life

Paul Begala and Frank Rich visit Imus today (Wed)

Sinclair trading at $6.66 -- NOT a joke

"New Charges Filed Against Fox, O'Reilly"

has anyone seen this video "hijacking catastrophe":

Thought this was interesting, Top 10 Smartest States

Remember when FOX news slammed Cllinton admin for smearing Paula

I just got call today from a phone solicitor.

U.S. may accept Canadian flu shots as 'experimental drug': FDA

"The Politics of Consumption"

Saw Michael Moore & Eddie V. of Pearl Jam

JFK Carrier News...If anybody is interested

Why do repukes think Clinton caused the recession?

Overtime Pay Changes Could Worsen Nursing Shortage:

Just heard on Howard Sinclair pulled Stolen Honor. Can't find link

What if Sinclair made a deal to air Farenheit 9-11 instead?

Official WH Ornament honors President of "fiercely disputed election"

Intelligence Committee on now

U.S Air Raids In Iraq / Hearts And Minds

Colin Powell to the Rescue--Harley Sorenson's Dream

Was God sending mixed messages on Iraq?

Intelligence Committee on now

"European Social Forum: Another World, But How?"

Wow....pepsico's response to my sinclair letter.....

Georgia poll info

Boycott US Cellular!!

Buffalo News readers let loose on Bush

Economy great if you are a CEO, not so good if you work

Why is Sinclair stock up??? It looks like .63 up...

How come when someone wants to talk about MIHOP, he is

Do you think Bill Clinton is gloating over O'Reilly's sex scandal?

the book burning she cheney- who the hell does she think she is

How much do you save?

HUGE!!! Pat Robertson "warned" Bush about the Iraqi invasion???

Daughter of Soldier Contaminated with DU in Iraq Born with Deformities

Pickles not putting out??

No Flu Vaccine Shortage at Capitol

"Nobody spends more time on his knees than George W. Bush."

GIs Had Unarmored Trucks

Why Bush is STILL Standing

Where's AAR?

Chickenhawk: "enthusiastic about war, provided someone else fights it"

Who are the Democratic friendly companies?

Anyone else having problems with AAR

Coffee Lovers - screw the multinationals. Here's how

Test for legitimate media...Who will run with the Robertson story?

Ed Schultz on Fox!

As if you weren't already appalled....

Woman threatened because of her Anyone but Bush political sign...

Jon Stewart, Jonathan Swift, What other satirists opened a big ol' can !!!

CNN: American Morning workin' for the Prez.

After the election, will the Kerry administration have the courage

Code PTI 961 on Dubya's service record. What does it mean.

Costs are UP for Whirlpool so they will RAISE prices... (inflation alert)

Heard on radio: Stolen honor premier was cancelled last night


For those who can't access AAR stream, go here

Anyone have audio or video of Daily Show?

FLA-la voting. Any gnus from anywhere? Locals? anyone?

Proof that tax breaks work...

Did anyone else just lose the AAR Internet stream?

Cate Edwards Appreciation Thread

GOP preparing to use intelligence reform to smear Democratic candidates

A Portentious quote?

Ann Coulter's Waldenbooks/Amazon.Com Interview

Kids choose Kerry on Nick!

anyone hear of "Donkeys in the Desert" democratic soldiers in Iraq?...

No Flu Vaccine Shortage At Capitol

I'm sure I'm not the first to say it, but FanF*@%ingTastic Column today

What is it with CNN/MSNBC bimbos and Republican shills?

Is anyone here connected with BoycottSBG?

I got a nasty gram from Rudy Baca/CNN/Precursor Grp

Today I am voting-literally-in the shadow of Florida's State Capitol

Anyone know where the stock market was on Bush's first day in office?

Political Compass check-in

Link to debunk a nasty Reeve email:

I just "Stewarted" William Safire

bush and Kerry go ice fishing......

Lower and middleclass Republican mindset

I have some money I want to donate and looking for where I can

“Washington isn’t the problem — democracy is.”

Do your part on election day--sign up for BBV Cleanup Crew

Suskind's "Without a Doubt" was one of the most important things I've read

MIHOP, Karl Schwarz, and the BFEE

Who the hell writes Kerrry's speeches?

Crossfire ratings enjoyed huge boost thanks to Jon Stewart

Howard Zinn coming to City College of NY this Saturday!!!

OMG!!! Yankee/ Red Sox and Jon Stewart! Tryin' to watch BOTH at same time

Just mailed my absentee ballot!

I'm turning Franken off today if all he is going to do is play Bush

Ed Schultz Radio

I think we can get to 50/50 in the Senate, ;

What percentage of Americans are Stuuuuuuuupid?

I just posted this to BBC about the redeployment

Anybody seen the new "Head Count" commercial?

The Voting Machines in Action - Movie

My published Ltte: Palestinian Children Also Endure Violence

saw Going Upriver and noted what Nixon said:

Ecological Economics

Don't look now, but Russia may have to deal with its own coup soon.

HUMOR: Americans Evenly Divided Over Which Poll They Believe

I wonder what Aaron McGruder thinks of Parker & Stone

My own thoughts

If exit polls project Kerry the early winner, will networks do the same?

For any DUers in New Zealand...

Why did Al Franekn change the name of his show?

question about john mccain

Al Franken skit RE: Bill O'Reilly

And you thought the Christian coolaid was wild!

Suing foreign corporations, important I think

DCF official resigns, Jeb's Florida

Bush Lies About Iraq Casualties (of course)

The list of Right-Wing Supporters (Please keep kicked)

Fighting over cancelled Movie..Wait until Riots break of if Bush Wins

Hit this Wisconsin poll!

Cheney: fight terrorism with tax cuts!

Cancel Crossfire?

has Mackris indeed been fired at this point? (Oreilly victim)

Wake Up and Smell the Fascism...

Project for the New American Century

Fascism Rant

Republicans going Democratic!

Pappy blowing chunks

"I think I just got passed on my left" Dean referring to Buchanan

Wolfie's headline is about shrub v Robertson!

Even O'Reilly's lawyer says "shut up!"

"Project for the OLD American Century"

Sinclair affiliate in Minnesota is showing anti-Kerry movie

French Company to supply EXTRA FLU VACCINES!

Is anyone keeping a list of Sinclair advertisers that have pulled

Franken should lose the ditto head

I think David Brock has turned his life around very well....

Help me find a thread!

Can somebody get a screencapture on

Change in the marketplace

Message to Pro-Lifers: How do you feel about the baby after it is born?

I found a picture of Bush with a black family

Do you know of any "virtual campaign" games?

Tucker Cheney....since Tucker and Dick are now interchangible

Halliburton is hiring mercs now.

Hijacking Catastrophe coming on right now!

New Bush joke, just found at another site.....

"Bush Relatives for Kerry" this is a keeper.

I know this is old news...

The Power of Nightmares.

Black Hawk down, 14 US troops killed

Bush in Ocala,Fl Yesterday

Regis Corporation's email response re: Sinclair

So, we will divert attention from the Pat Robertson/Bush statements to

John Kerry and Wikipedia

Seen this yet? (

Caption this photo - What is * describing with that gesture ?

Karl Schwarz a Fraud?

Re abortion, did the rate go up after George assumed office?

Not liberal, not progressive - "reality-based"

Does anyone here in the Southeast part of the country order

If Military Service is political currency, the Republicans are bankrupt >

Things you can do to save America, and the world

Americans Blaming Bush for Economy

BBV in New Jersey?


Love-Making Couple Sparks Police Emergency

Most despised faux "newsperson"?

Fuckface is in Eau Claire today

Sadaam had gold covered AK-47's

Sinclair Bows to Pressure

Is it possible for us to...

the polls are officially bought off: "18 percent of blacks may vote Bush"

Flu flap!! Chiron is NOT a foreign company. Bush lies again and his

I just donated to the Ohio Democratic Party.

So Hardball is going to stay away from the Pat Robertson debacle?

Military Service: Dems v. Repugs.

Teixeira's description of the Gallup poll's methodology, which appears to

Republican Knocks Himself Out While Stealing Kerry Signs

California DUers! INUNDATE the Governor's office with calls & e-mails!!!

John Ashcroft is the bestest little attorney general EVAR! (link)

ok would someone like to tell me

Great talking points on Bush tax cut and economy

Recent memo from Democracy Corps, Stan Greenberg and James Carville

Queensr˙che: Sticking it to Bush

My encounter with a large paper shredding truck

For those that haven't heard these yet - very nicely done! mp3's parodies

FEMA Disaster Drill Set For Election Day

Zarkawi and Goldstein

A local "Alternative" paper printed my Letter to the Editor!

I bought cigars just to vote for Kerry!


My husband's car was KEYED!!!!!

I just gave the DNC $25 more...

I'll be honest..I was insulted by H. Clinton's cookie baking comment

What Does It Matter....What We Would Do Differently?

Look Who Went to A Soldier's Funeral Today. Hint: Not a Repuke....

ESPN runs 9-11 cover up ad!!??

Good luck to all of you reality warriors out there.

Missouri DU'ers - Your Opinion About Fmr. Sen. Danforth?

Does anyone have a quote from ANY republican: there could be a draft?

Decoding the fundie "code," can anyone help with this?

Joe Scarbourough and his DEAD INTERN, Bill O'Reilly with his....

Anyone know how many purple hearts been handed out since 9-11?

GREAT! at W's urging IRS now can use debt collectors

George Bush Appreciation Thread

A Message to Pro-Lifers: What about abortion for victims of rape?

The media is going out its way to NOT report on Pat Robertson vs Bush

This tranquilizer will come in handy - Hubble shots.

Why call it marriage?

WalMart refuses to sell Jon Stewart's book

I'll make this plain. The WH issued a statement: Pat Robertson

Bush relatives "Really, really embarrassed" to be related to the War Chimp!

Mike Ruppert on Flashpoints KPFA 5 pm Pacific time

What would you ask Bush?

What recourse does a voter have

Cool video on voting machines

Sheldon Drobny: Road to Air America Breaking the Right Wing Stranglehold

Michael Moore's taping policy?

O'Lielly does not "believe" he had 'phone sex with Mackris?

Anybody here going to see Michael Moore in Philadelphia tomorrow night?

Does this have Karl Roves finger prints on it?

Freeper co-worker thinks O'Reilly was set up

Just got form letter reply from General Mills (re:Sinclair)

Islam being taught in public shools!

New Republican Meme: Democrats Are Cheating At The Ballot Box

Question about Religion in American Schools:

Judy WoofWoof: Bush 'barnstorming' Kerry 'hopscotching'

White House suppressing CIA report on 9/11 - Rate this story on Yahoo

GENERAL MILLS on the "Top Ten" SINCLAIR list now.....

My 8 year old voted for Kerry. 37 times.

Grand Canyon made by "Noah's flood" according to Bush!!

Harry Shearer can kiss my ass!

$3 donation to DU with purchase of these cool Ts.

Listening to 9/11 Feed from Howard Stern Show

If your hometown newspaper hasn't endorsed Kerry yet

Kerry says he'll discontinue the color-coded terror alerts

Halloween display seen as symbol of hate

Teresa Heinz Kerry has issued an "official" apology to Laura

Spotlight: Forbidden (both) Films About John Kerry on LINK TV...10/22

Does anyone else not care about all this flu hype by the media?

The End of Democracy: Losing America's birthright, the George Bush way

The Civil Rights Record of the Bush Administration

A question for mostly the middle class.

The End of Suburbia DVDs for Soldiers

This is what it's like to be a Canadian

So,what event/person helped to form your political viewpoint?

My husband's parents were both born in the UK

The power of nightmares

FOX News Poll: Should Sinclair air Anti Kerry Movie

RAF base shut over rifle incident (UK)

Report: 1.7 Million Vets Lack Health Care

(Kerry, Bush) Fund-Raisers Traded With Iran, Iraq

US Wounded in Iraq Tops 8,000

Judge says Michigan must count provisional ballots cast in wrong precincts

Think Tank: Iraqi Forces Need 5 Years

Park Service Sticks With Biblical Explanation For Grand Canyon

Bush and Kerry Can At Least Agree on One Thing: Supporting Israel

NYT:Consumer Price Rise Quickens, Giving Fed a Basis to Raise Rates

White House demands total secrecy for US spy budget

Europe nuke deal offers Iran reactor aid: officials

CIA expected Iraqis to wave US flags after invasion

Ex-aide presses case for Bush with Jewish voters (Ari Fleisher)

Clinton May Campaign For Kerry

NYT: Mortgage Debt Not Big Burden, Greenspan Says

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 291 Bush 247

Early Troops Finally Achieve Veteran Status

Bush aide attacks Britain for liberal law on cloning

Schwarzeneggers' intimacy terminated

Lawyer to lead Duval's troubled election office

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

Roger Stone dirty tricks in Pa. confirmed

US soldier admits Iraq jail abuse

LAT: (CA) Voters Favor Scaling Back 3-Strikes Law

Bill Clinton to Join Kerry at Pa. Rally

Phone polls have lost ring of truth: Cellphone users don't get the call

How the Iraqi people feel about our elections

Betty Hill; claimed to have been abducted by aliens; 85

Russian army bullying 'horrific'

Hand To Hand Combat over Anti Kerry Movie

CIA backs away from Al Qaeda tip

Robertson's Statement MUCH bigger than Mary BS: where are the posts????

ABC/AP: CARE Suspends Iraq Operations (after "most high-profile" kidnap)

Diaries of another 'Anne Frank' shed light on camp hell

Kerry: Bush not the leader he claims to be

Fall in Kenyan corruption

Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them

Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them

Denver Post: Voting official denies using slurs

Car bomb strikes US military convoy

Kerry-Specter signs were the work of GOP operative

Care Int'l Suspends Iraq Humanitarian Work

Outside observers of voting rejected

Member of Iraqi National Conciliation Movement assassinated

Denver Post: Voting official denies using slurs

Kerry: Bush Isn't Leader He Claims to Be

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

WP: No Flu Vaccine Shortage at Capitol

Bush Spends Half of $75M Grant in Sept.

GOP Leaders Criticize S.C. Organization

Sinclair Backs Down!!!!

Marijuana 'petition' actually voter registration form (Repug Dirty Trick)

John Kerry's Rolling Stone Interview

Clinton now on the road with kerry

Campaign 2004: Voter registration workers cry foul(PA...Sproul..voter reg)

Kerry Rolling Stone Interview

Voices of US poor and homeless unlikely to be heard in polls

As campaign gets dirty, it's Rove's time to shine

Uranium find in Russian dump

NYT, pg1: U.S. Set to Alter Rules for Banks Lending to Poor

Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them

FCC to Seek Internet - Based Phone Oversight

Explosion in central Baghdad

Shareholders Push Sinclair to Amend Plans

Syria arrests Kuwaitis infiltrating Iraq

Thousands of new-voter cards in Ohio undeliverable

India Orders Probe Into Taj Mahal Tilt

FBI Probes Punctures Found in 2 Airliners

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 20 October

Dow Average Falls to 2-Month Low as JPMorgan, Honeywell Decline

300 Iraqi soldiers abandon unit in Samarra.

WashPo daily tracking... Bush 50 Kerry 47

Poll: Kerry Improves Image Among Voters

Campaign 2004: Voter registration workers cry foul (West PA)

Democrats assail top Bush adviser's (condiliar) speaking tour

US SENATE: Mongiardo closing finance gap in Ky.

Aid Groups in Iraq Face Mounting Obstacles

Biden: Bush 'brain dead' on drug bill

Biden says Bush 'brain dead' on drug bill

As sick and elderly search for flu shots, prisons dole out doses...

AP: Kerry Aims to Avoid Gore Recount Mistakes

City divided by paedophile trial

Cubans in Cuba Calling US Relatives to Vote for Kerry

Ridge, Others Head to Battleground States

Rampant corruption could wreck postwar Iraq, Oil revenues 'vanish into...

CSM: Military Flashes More Steel In Iraq (US directly bombs mosque)

Tribes bristle at Schwarzenegger's campaign rhetoric

Race Tightens Again, Kerry's Image Improves(PEW tied at 45/45 RV, 47/47 LV

AP: Fund-Raisers Trade With Iran, Iraq

Jean-Bertrand Aristide:Haiti's PM a 'killer'

Iraqi government complains U.N. doing too little to help January elections

Fiji Troops May Grow U.N. Presence in Iraq

Indian Country support grows for Kerry campaign

Anti-U.S. Iraqis Not Welcome at Conference

Judge Bars Government From Listening in to Guantanamo Meetings

Bush Administration To Give Boy Scouts' Access to Schools While Ignoring G

Sinclair stock rises after Kerry film dropped (Reuters)

Court Says Whales, Dolphins Cannot Sue Bush

Big Beef About Sinclair's Anti-Kerry Plans (Burger King–Hold Everything)

AP: Clinton to campaign for Kerry in Philly

Iraq abuse charges dismissed

Soldier guilty of Abu Gharib abuse

American Jewish Groups Object to Presbyterians' Meeting With Hezbollah

U.S. to Enforce Rules for Mail to Canada

Sunni clerics urge boycott of Iraq elections in wake of Fallujah siege

Former Venezuelan officer denies involvement in Caracas bombings(in Miami)

Bunning fails to show up for his debate vs. Mongiardo

77% Oppose Draft, Poll Says

Ex-Vatican ambassador slams Schwarzenegger's stem cell stance

Mormon Church Enters Gay Amendment Battle

Lebanese PM and cabinet resign

Strategic Study Faults Handling Of Post-Saddam Iraq

Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President

Actor Brad Pitt to appear for showing of Kerry film

Peace activist, 89, begins jail sentence

ABC hit 'Housewives' losing sponsors

Missouri plane crash kills 8

No casualties? White House disputes Robertson comment

Family of Six Found Dead in Iraqi Home Hit by U.S.

US concedes hunt for Osama bin Laden has gone cold

Schools Dragged Into Oregon Anti-Gay Amendment Campaign

UPI: Army Still Stretched By Iraq

WaPo Tracking Poll: B 50 - K 47

Put to test, 300 Iraqi troops fled

US ambassador blasts Norway again (for not supporting the war)


Iran test fires longer-range missile

First students expelled over French (headscarf) law

Lawmakers request CIA's 9/11 report

Record pay-outs from Carlyle and KKR

Kerry Said to Discontinue Terror Alerts

Edwards Criticizes Rice Over Speeches

Heinz Kerry Sorry for Laura Bush Comment

Bush: Kerry Too Liberal to Be President

(BBV) Problems with e-voting? Blame the humans

The Honolulu Advertiser endorses John Kerry

Southborough man charged in chopsticks beating

Official "Can't Think of Anything That Hasn't Been Said Game Six Thread!"


Moose caught in power lines, hangs 50 ft in the air

I salute Shilling - a legend forever in New England

George W. Bush joke....hope everyone hasn't already heard it

Bush's love for ObGyns

DUers outside of the US - does your nation suck?

What does "on the lam mean"?

Team Canada hockey has the most intense following of any sport...

Prediction: Game 7, A-Rod wins it

See this

George Orwell on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry

My girlfriend's brother in law refused the "Battle of Los Angeles" CD

What sport has the best team names?

only 206 more until my next milestone

The Green, Green Grass of Home

Who will be the first to put up a My Yankee Kitten recipe is too good


My Fellow Yankees Fans, Let The Red Sox Fans Rejoice

The 911 call and how I burned my grilled cheese

As a Chicago Baseball fan, I for one am outraged at the Yankee fans

Yankees = Red Sox

Unbelievable anti-Bush rap song (if you can handle hardcore)

Cat Talk

*, Then and Now: The Debates Video

Who's listening to the Stern show?


What happened to Carlos (jianctio)

Women Had More, Better Orgasms With Female Hormone Patch

Man Tries To Sell His Vote On EBay - Arrested

What is the origin of the term "with bells on"?

Man Arrested After Wife Shows Deputy Moonshine Still, Pot Stash

This is a real cake, a real receipe!

Man Allowed Himself To Be Cooked In Giant Wok

Johnny McGovern is the Gay Pimp

need help: site that allows reading of newspapers without signing up

Want a better Internet? Here's the answer

Sex with prisoner 'not harmful'

Need a new cellphone - any recommendations?

Did you read Fast Food Nation?

Goooood Morning DU!

Ok, I was sort of kidding yesterday about the Boston trifecta...

Oh good. Another TV show is being made into a movie...

Anyone else freaking out??

"Are you going to heaven?"

My friend remarried his ex-wife because she has cancer..(needed insurance)

All this Red Sox/Yankees stuff is a republican plan

whoisalhedges? A scoundrel, a rake and a brigand!

Man (REPUKE) Falls And Knocks Himself Out While Stealing Campaign Signs

Women think I'm great, men feel sorry for me, but regardless:

Dark humour for dark times

So I was never a BoSox or a Yankees fan before this series.

Damn..the winds are blowing in So Cal tonight

We haven't had an animation geek poll for awhile.

Am I the only one on the planet who detests the Doors?

Yankees v. Red Sox . . . which is more significant . . .

Woohoo!!! My upgrade to Reason 2.5 arrived. The music commences at 5pm!

My 23 1/2 favorite Mr. Bungle songs

Delta-9-Tetra Hydro Cannabinoid

Bush & Blair's "Endless Love"

West Wing prediction: Does Donna Moss recover?

Hieronymous Bosch

Show me what democracy looks like!

My interview cancelled, and now I'm bored. Ask me anything and I'll answer

My 0 favorite Al Hedges songs:

Many of town's senior citizens oppose plan to outlaw brothels

My 487 favourite Husker Du and related songs! (includes covers!)

I don't care for baseball and I've never been to Boston

CStheT, Hedges, Beware the Beastman, Eyesroll, Wat_Tyler collab on a song

Couple Stop To Have Sex In Car - Car Plunges Off Of Cliff

Cartoon: Peter Brooks, The Times

MA Red Sox fans & NY Yankees fans have no idea what its like in CT

3 worst cities to be a baseball manager: Boston, NY, Atlanta.

12 Year Old Bring Ahman Green (Packers) To School For Show And Tell

If you have more than 1000 posts..

Colombia's bullet-proof tailor

Betty Hill; claimed to have been abducted by aliens; 85

Love-Making Couple Sparks Police Emergency (yahoo)...

Stop the madness - enough baseball

Toothache 'made lion eat humans'

Who should be abducted by space tourists ?

Win or lose - I wouldn't want to be in the streets in Boston tonight

I'm a Christian and a Democrat

I'm An Athiest And A Democrat

A sports forum for DU?

Experts probe 'tilting' Taj Mahal

My One Favorite Reggae Song of Right Now

Congratulations MATCOM!!!

My Basset Hound pups now eating solid food! Pics!

DU Catholics - do you pray the rosary?

Says it all!!!

Ninja Scroll

I hate Christians!

Should I change my e-mail address?

"Don't sweat it - every man's a needy, blubbering pussy


I love the Yankees!

Who would win in a Christian baseball World Series?

If You've Got Leaving on Your Mind...

I was on Stephanie Miller (AAR) this morning

I HATE Crispins

Please rank in order why you do not have a crush on Joe Scarborough


Funny auction


Please rank in order why you have a crush on Jon Stewart

YESSSSS!!!! Brazilian police nails 50 in fake-bank-email scam!

"Have you ever seen a squonk's tears? Well look at mine..."

Metro Denver A.M. radio preset party!!!


Who would win in a Hindu baseball World Series?

Woman threatened because of her Anyone but Bush political sign...

As I head into oral surgery....

Turn me on dead man...

I should be cleaning my house

Do you masticate?

Lunch break!!!!

Do you bifurcate?

car insurance question

Do you marinate?

What strange rituals will you do on Nov. 2?

Your Mother Should Know

Who likes Louis Anderson?

"I'M OUTRAGED"!!!!!!!!

This would suck....

do you master chief?

Do you flatchulate?

The twins speak out on Shrubbie's drinking

Favorite writing by Edgar Allan Poe

Who is your favorite classicly trained singer?


Who likes Pea Soup Andersen's Pea Soup?

I have a big crush on Keith Olbermann

Do you mediate?

Stop the madness - enough cat threads

I hate Peggy Noonans voice

What was the best part of "The Day After Tomorrow?"

Do you medicate?

Do your pits smell great?

The He-Casts-No-Sideway-Shadow of all CAPTIONS!!

DU drunks - do you pray to the porcelain god?

In case you haven't heard-Burger King pulled ads and Sinclair pulled Film

Do you flagellate?

Computer help needed

Do you mastur...never mind. Too easy.

Oh, how the DNC teases me so...

Check out this CNN crawler from "Headline News"

Oh! That's a "freeper"?

Don't get saucey with me, Bernaise!

You Do The Math Red Sox Fans!

For the love of GOD, Montressor!

Does anyone else dislike Al Franken's guest theme songs?

You might as well know

Who likes Hans Christian Anderson?

How do you get the red wine taste off of your palate?

Message board regular eats, enjoys bagel

OK. Next time there are overly-serious flamewars in the Lounge...

Do you meditate?

Beagles on sox - Ah never mind!

The "Forty-Two Pound Head" CAPTION

Question about Religion in American Schools:

I going to see R.E.M. in 6 hours...

Who likes Ian Anderson?

Check out this picture of a yankee fan taken last night

Got sox

Wanna go to a wedding?

Cop tasers woman, 75, for trespassing at assisted living facility

Will there be a game 8 in the ALCS?

Bagels & Lox - Open-Face or Sandwich Style?

OH PLEASE CAPTION THIS - sorry if it's been around already!

Hey, guys! Whatever happened to Screaming Lord Byron?

The Yankees have much, much, much more to lose tonight than Boston.

And now, for something completely different...

just signed up to be a poll worker!

Oh, yes. That's just delightful.

Are tombstones gender-specific?

Wolfgang Eminemadeus

Who has me on ignore?

I could use some advice about a used car I am looking at

Is Canada hiding Smarites of Mass destruction?

When you eat your Smarties,

Comic book movie fans: "Superman" has been cast..

Hey, whatever happened to oldtime DU poster Name_Removed?

Restaurant Designates No-Cellophane Area

Damn, wife just diagnosed with High Blood Pressure

Are Blue M&M's the Anti-Christ?

Who likes Laurie Anderson?

Restaurant Designates No-Cell-Phone Area

Who has gone Armando?

Pastor's 'bomb' at airport was the Bible

If Adolph Hitler flew in today . . .

Eagles in Jocks- good or bad?

Slap Bush!

Who is your favorite conservative pundit?


Schilling, the tears in my eyes, and the you-gotta-be-shitting-me-o-meter

Republicans Trying To Energize Base- Part 2

Hello? Any NLCS viewers out there?

Is MRsGrumpy smuggling Smarties from Canada?

Let me tell you the story of Right-Hand/Left-Hand

What is you favorite flavor of M&M?

For all you naysayers....M&M's do too have flavors!!!

I Love Big Macs!

Wait for it ..............................We Are The Knights Who Say NI!!!

Does anyone remember me?

Latest Bush Campaign Ad!!! (VIDEO)


Man burys lottery winnings to keep it from creditors

If the Red Sox beat the Astros in the World Series.........

Schilling torches A-Rod for "Stupid Ass Play"

heLp, i've faLLen.... and i can't get up!!

The "No-Draft-Read-My-Lips" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Closet Exhibitionist

The Steer-Spangled Banner of all CAPTIONS!!!

Here is a nice little song.

My family: the latest victim of medical stupidity

This Thread Needs A Better Subject Line... Any Suggestions?

My dogs

i just uploaded a pic on snapfish

Oh! Food Network! Say it ain't so!

anyone use fat burners from GNC or someplace??

Schubert's Seventh Symphony -- cheers or jeers?

Sox fans - simple question

Are you superstitious about where/how you watch sporting events?

Warning!!! graphic story about cats and being a crisis worker

Albert Pujols is a god

Joseph Pujol was a God

who has gone commando

Best Spike Lee Joint

"The Ref" is on Comedy Central now.

Brand new Lexus..............

Who Likes Leroy Anderson?

Who likes Mary and her Son?

What percentage of Americans do you think are Stuuuuuuuupid?

smart people to let thqat post drop to the bowels of the earth

Which World Series is best for Kerry?

DU Men! Do a self exam regularly

Hey Yankee fans - how are you gonna cook your ass after the sox hand it

Sinclair or Sheridan?

Yankee fans . . . it's Mickey Mantle's birthday! . . .

Le Villages de Pujols, the village of the Gods!

How Much Weight Should I Lose Before 2005?

Are you tricky?

A Question About Homeschooling.

DU cooks! I need a *paper thin* mandoline

Which defunct rapper would win a sandwich eating contest?

AdWave Full Page Pop-Up's Inflitrating My Computer

The smearing of a good name:

Visualize Bush's Next Career

Salon gets caption fever

Pasta Fajole is Food of the Gods.

Michael Moore: Sinclair can air F9/11 for free!

Red Sox fans: Finish this quote!

Sylvia Pujoli of NPR is a goddess.

Favorite Pinball Machine(s)

NCLS Game 6 thread

Copycat poll

My sister FINALLY saw F911!

What is the deal with the Bu$h haters here?

What's the deal with all the baseball hater haters here?

Who makes the warmest coats? LLBean?? Lands End??

I'm in a Psycho Mood -- Don't Ask Me Anything Until AFTER the Election nt

Lets see- How many people put on ignore the past 20 minutes

Anyone make turns yet this season?

earthquake in So Cal???

So, how do YOU decode an Ape

Bert vs Ernie

How Sweet It Is!! Sox in the City Tonight

Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) is on board

How Much Weight Should I Lose Before 2005?

Yet another Freeper Story at Snopes

I'm in a Psychic Mood -- Ask Me Anything Until 5:15pm B nt

DU Men this is not her birthday

Yankees Fans - This Is Like The Fall of Rome


I'm in a Psychic Mood -- Ask Me Anything Until 5:15pm A nt

Do they talk baseball on If so do they hate the Sox?

My neighbor, that i cant stand, got her electric cut off,

Kirk vs Picard

Will the Miami Dolphins be the only franchise to.....

Category: Guilty Pleasures; Topic: Cereal

What's with all this persecution of Laura Branigan fans at DU

What would you like to do to Karen Hughes?

Ads that for some reason were pulled...

whats the deal with all the basekeball haters here?

I was dissing the Red Sox the other day to get back at Will Pitt

What's the deal with all the Lars Ulrich haters here?

several requests of sports fan in the lounge

a lot of the newbies who have been lurking tell me I have a reputation

I have a question what do you want more?

I hope the stinking Red Sox Lose!

President Aces Prostate Exam, Reconsiders Gay Unions

What was the worst Red Sox Flameout?

Starting a prayer thread for CO Liberal

What would you like to do to Karen Hughes?

Do you need a date?

Am I the only Yankees fan starting threads - where is the NY love?

hey songwriters, we need Xmas Carols-- Here's my start...

Latest polls have Kerry ahead! No, Bush!

Proof Canada thinks about Hockey - maybe just a bit too much....

If cats required loofah brushing, would O'Reilly want one?

Another sincere request to non-sports fans in the Lounge

Garlic brie and a glass of red wine

Who likes Loni Anderson?

OK Now the serious M&M question: Favorite type:

Hey, where has GOPisEvil been?

ABC drops Miss America, leaving TV future uncertain

My eyes are going bad, I think.

Drummer debunks rumours of band re-uniting...

Is there a baseball game tonight?

Female alert--American Airlines thinks we all live to cook---

Do you suppose FR has a writer called the Plaid Subtractor?

Love-Making Couple Sparks Police Emergency

George's Butcher Shop - A Photo Story


I got on my knee and popped the question, and she said YES!

What are you watching at 9 PM EDT? West Wing or ALCS or both?

What kind of walkman gets the best AM reception?

Who Else Is Sick of All the Pussies Cluttering Up The Lounge ???

Should I ask my wife to refer to me as "BIGGIO"

Am I the only one whose stomach makes noises?

What's the best town for Entertainment For Adults, east of the Miss.?

This guy needs to copyright this response.

Sesame Street jumped the shark when

born again savage - leave me alone

I'm an asshole, ask me anything.

Why does 7/2 = 3? (C++)

Lefthanded Existential Bhuddist Cardinal fan...ask not

Are stitches still make out of catgut?

I am a lapsed Catholic, ask me anything.

20 Dazzling Debuts!

What's your opinion of Monty Python's Flying Circus?

Coming back from a 3 game deficit to win a 7 game series.

Mind if I smoke? Well, do ya, punk?

This Just In--Laura Bush on college tour to "Bore the Vote"...

Hey DU ladies, it's Aragorn's here's a present for you.

Little Richard is the single most important musician of the 20th Century

another game 7? (houston- st louis playing game 6 right now)

anti-war music with a pagan theme.

I'm born agin' - Ask me anything

Did anyone just see the W campaign commercial on the StL-Houston game?

What's your opinion of Jeff Foxworthy?

I am the destroyer of faith...Ask me no questions I'll tell no lies.

James Brown is the single most important musician of the Twentieth Century

Teressa's official apology for saying A-Rod did a "bitchslap"

The next Mrs Brush Limpball????

Major browsers bitten by security bugs

What kind of wine should I buy?

Keep me company while I wait for the pizza guy

I am not naturally evil. Ask me anything!

Well we're five hours away from Stienbrenner's heart attack or stroke

I'll lose interest in this thread in about 15 minutes. So ask nothing,

Sox fans on Mars

I was born Hindu, now Atheist, still LOVE Durga. Ask me Something!

I'm Born OK the first time. Ask me anything!

Mommy Hold Me!

I love BigMcLargeHuge

Official "I'm ____, Ask Me Anything" horse race thread

Who wants a forum specifically for ...ask me anything threads?

A wonderful debate! College Democrats v. College Republicans

Photoshop Challenge....Attention Photoshoppers---MoPaul

Dog Problem...advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Florida Voting! (HYSTERICAL!)

If you want to see something GROSS... come inside...fainth of heart beware

That's It... I've Had It! Goodbye!


John Cleese on Bush

Drug Problem...advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Great Bumper Sticker for today Refuse Sex to Pro Lifers----

For every time you lock the ALCS (DUPE) thread, I shall kill you!

WooHoo!!! Simpsons 5th Season DVD out in December!


Most. Anticipated. Game. Ever.


Zomby's LiveJournal: Day 6 in the Cryogenic Chamber!

Overheard in a hospital elevator today (re: election)


well, I *WAS* really pulling hard for Schilling until now (puke alert)

What is the deal with the baseball haters here?

ALCS game 7 thread. Thread 1

I bought a router that was a bag of dirt (literally)

"Punk-Bitch" - Priceless

NEWSFLASH! Swearing makes men impotent

Most. Fragments. In. A. Row. Ever.

Anyone Remember A "Lionel" On AM Radio? Used To Be On


Fifteen (15) bean soup?

It's The Encourage The Downhearted Volunteer Thread!

OMG!!!! LynneSin just outed nothingshocksmeanymore!!!!!!!!!!

okay naysayers, W&M's DO have flavors! Choose your fav

New DU rule: exclamation points in subject lines now cost $1 each....

Microsoft says we need $100 PCs in order to end piracy

Someone tell this girl she needs a CAPTION

I hope the stinking Yankees Lose!

Oyim Fram Dahnoondah

I am fucking shaking...I just got charged by a freaking water moccasin.

On, gibberish! (Very long, but silly)

JINX BEGONE. *wiggles fingers* Hope it helps. Feel free to join in.

Hey YANQUI BASTARDS! You can't get THESE in the states!

game 7 predictions - post em here

MikeG having effect on Red Sox-Yankees series. Jinx effing over.

Presidential Poll

I think that my ex boyfriend has been wearing my dresses

Which NPR name is the most fun to say?

How green are you?

Favorite Cusine?

A sincere request to non-sports fans in the Lounge

I'm a born-again Pagan, ask me anything

Who Else Is Sick Of All The Cat Threads Cluttering Up the Lounge??

Your first major league ballgame. When and where? What memories?

Aaaah New England----We are the BEST.

Blue-Jay has an interview with a placement agency in Chicago today

[equal time] Internet Explorer most stable browser

I am Catholic, ask me anything

Who Else Is Sick Of All The Religious Threads Cluttering Up the Lounge??

A moment of absolute honesty from DU Yankee fans: Are you worried?

What kind of wine goes with guinea pig I wonder?

I am writing a book, ask me anything about it

The Queen-for-a-Day of all CAPTIONS!!!!

I'm Jewish. Ask me anything.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you in public!

I Had a Root Canal This Morning...Ask Me Anything.

I'm Mormon... ask me anything

Rice Hitting the Road to Speak

Why most Arabs ignore the US presidential election

Pollster says "Ignore the point spread".

Sign the Petition to release the CIA Report that TELLS the TRUTH!!

New ad: Tell the liars to go f*ck themselves


****************FLash************* From the Birds Perch* Many Pub Electors

keep pounding Sinclair....they are still airing filth!

Electoral Map Shows Massive Consolidation Of Kerry Vote

Sinclair Retreats from Anti-Kerry Film!!!!

Catholics Take Note - Bush stooges just tried to dupe the Vatican

HELP! What extremist groups/countries are supporting Bush?

Boston Herald's Rachelle Cohen giggled on c-span

Where's the CIA hiden report story!!!!! Has Kerry mentioned it today?

Economist: K 48, B46, N1 (Oct 18 - 20)

AAR just went off the air... NYC broadcast, not the stream

Things Pres Kerry Should say

W.C. Bush Definitely Looks Drunk Today - PIX

Terra Terra The Sky is Falling.........pic


CNN - Clinton to appear with Kerry

Attention DU High School Students and Teachers! Important!

Can deLay really be brought down?

SINCLAIR'S BAIT & SWITCH! Do not fall for it, it will be even worse.

Where's the video of Cheney looking at

Heads up - Bev Harris on George Noory right now (10pm PDT) n/t

Junior said, ..."won't be any casualties in Iraq" ....See for yourself.

I want the whole anti-Kerry documentary pulled

Clinton to Campaign for Kerry in Philadelphia

Camille Paglia endorses Kerry

Good page for telling people where Kerry stands

MoveOn PAC - Watch the new ad: George Bush: Still Misleading America.

Kerry should pound Bush into the floor on damning ties with corporations

Religion and Politics on Paula Hairdo's re-run

Just got back from the most amazing party for Kerry/Edwards in San Fran!

Evidence bush was thrown out of the TANG?

LATimes Electoral Vote - Kerry 185 - Bush 159

bush's Holy Gut

More on Sinclar Exec Insider Trading

New Scary Health Care letter scams seniors, just like Scary SS letter

Please DU this poll- Do you think Sinclair should broadcast Stolen Honor?

Pandagon: on October 19, 2000 Bush beating Gore by 4 points

Could Bob Dornan be Sinclair's "October Surprise?"

God leads George badly

Can somoeone post the a link on the 2000 polls

Can I get a 'Kerry Excommunicated' debunker link por favor?

Today's meme: George W. Ppppffffbbbtttttt is a drooling, senile old wacko.

DA Campaign Report: Kerry (255) Bush (212)

Kerry: presidency is over Bush's head & mocks "hard work" complaint

Sinclair's "edited" version: A POW Story- Politics, Pressure and The Media

ONLINE PETITION Re: 9/11 CIA investigation.

Ha! I just figured out why Bush keeps saying God talks to him

If we evict the shrub, Rove will:

Why doesnt Kerry have a big tv screen behind him so he can show clips

Kerry 50% The Dumb Guy (Bush*) 47% In New Democracy Corps Poll

LATime article talking about supression of CIA report says

List your October Surprises here (the more outlandish, the better) great new ads and a revised "My Pet Goat" ad too.

I'm George Bush and I approved this supression of the truth

WTF? Celcius 41.11?

What can WE do to get F 9/11 Back on the air?

Are Democrats using the mail to send political ADs!?

I see why many rightwingnuts support bush

Check out this guy's electoral projection - Kerry up w/ 272 EVs

Is CNN's and USA Today's Gallup Poll Racially Biased Too?

In-state Bunning coverage is appallingly slender --

There should be no DU posts on 11/2 until after polls have closed

Good Morning: Kerry leading in Slate and predictions today !

Zogby: 52-38 Kerry Among Newly Registered Voters

Some words of wisdom from Mikey Reagan!

Go Go Ohio Dems!

will Kerry speech be on TV today ?

Der Spiegel: Iranian Ayatollahs endorse Bush

Kerry will win November 2, 2004.

Zogby: Bush and Kerry Still in Dead Heat Today, 10/20/04

13 days to go!

Question about the polls and the media

Will we soon see a flanking manuever?

Good Morning Reality Based Community!

Robertson on CNN

"Everything changed after 9/11" Watch this meme, it'll come back!

Should Daryn Kagan Take A Sabbatical From Covering Election 04?

O'Reily Email

Bush has no reason to fulfill any promise if he gets back in office

What are the chances of either of these before the elction?

It's ridicule time, folks.

Zogby Still Deadlocked 46-46

US Presidential election prediction--Vedic astrology Analysis

6 Electoral college projection links in one spot!

Bush is unfit for Office and the Robertson quote proves it

A Simon and Garfunkel song is appropriate for the scrubbies

Something Is Way Too Quiet in Campaign-ville...............

Roger Stone dirty tricks in Pa. confirmed

Kerry: Mr. President, look behind you. There's no one there.

Massive Southwest Florida protest in the Making for * visit

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 291 Bush 247

Getting people to the Polls in Florida

What Would Crossfire Look Like With 4 Jon Stewarts?

Clearinghouse website for Rethug Voter FRAUD

Five states seem competetive at this point...

"Feds Mum on Pre-Election Terror Threat"

Will Bush Concede today? EV maps and "no Iraq casualities"

I think they should air the anti-Kerry movie!

TDS "Bush being corrected by the crowd" video? Links?

Reuters: Kerry Wins Fans Abroad with Global Warming Plan

"No Casualties" Should Be Huge Media Story

How Strong/Powerful is the Taft Machine in Ohio???

4,000 greet Kerry at Waterloo Airport

My little corner of Republican Hell is plastered with Kerry signs

Jon Stewart on Crossfire - link

Safire the Hack

Stock market "indicator" update - Bush market follows loser's red line

IRAN endorsement of * - Will * get a bounce?

Anybody going to Pittsburgh Kerry rally at 3 today at Carnegie-Mellon?

I hope everybody is skeptical about "ballot pickup" programs

Tinman vs. Scarecrow: Zogby thinks Kerry will win

Things are finally looking rosy for us...So What????

Zogby: Neither Nader nor Rove's 4 Million Fundies are relevant

Interesting Ad on the Accuweather website... a Poll?

Just voted for Kerry today

"No casualties." This is Bush's loser, for sure.

Is there any chance Repubs can lose majority in Nov?

Who'll Let the Dog Out ... WOOF, WOOF, WOOF-WOOF ???!!!

When do we find out which cookie recipe wins???

Heard on NPR that Sinclair is backing off it's original dictate.

Let's be pessimistic for a moment and say bushco wins..

Dirty Money from DeLay.....Demand that your Rep give it back

"Review Finds More Bush Military Records"

If you are a newly registered voter and you have trouble

Zogby: K leads (big) in new reg. - * (barely) leads in early voting

NPR talking about faith of Bush with Dianne Rheem show. n/t

Have you seen this.

Just called the Kerry campaign i.e. the Robertson story, join me

CNN panelist accuses 9/11 widow of lying in Kerry ad

Anyone see the Family Ties "Keetons" on CSPAN last night?

Any word on motivation among black voters in swing states?

Do you know the meaning of PTI 961?

Sinclair Broadcasting not to air anti Kerry show in entirety

I am Very Optimistic Now Except for One Superstitious Thought

Idiot Bush surrogate on CNN says Bush looking for "cure" for flu.

Rate this Yahoo photo a 5!

Its official: Big Dawg to join Kerry in PA Monday

The quote that will end the Bush Presidency, distribute

Kerry Photos from Iowa (Yahoo/AP)

What would polls look like if you took out 25% of non-whites? Answer here:

My brother sent me this letter from Bishop Spong. Good Read!

Anybody got a history of NYT Prez endorsements?

Hotline: Only 6 States Left As Battlegrounds

Sinclair not forcing broadcast of anti-Kerry film

Stick Pins on the Voter FRAUD Map -NOW!

CNN again leads with Bush photo, but he looks desperate.

Kerry: We need a president who can do more than one thing at the same time

What can you do? "Going Upriver" for Indy's and the dumb...

Another poll gives Kerry an edge in Ohio (plus #'s from Fl, NJ, NV,WA,MO)

Chimp already smirking on tv... Kerry coming up right after..

So, is this an endorsement for Kerry, or is * challenging Cheney in Nov?

I am so proud of my democratic nominee Stuart Starky for

Finally...a Hispanic / Latino poster that does NOT scream "Viva Bush"

Robertson: I warned Bush on Iraq casualties

My prediction: Kerry by 9 points.

Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President

TIPP tracking poll: B47-K46 in 3-way

the psychology of bush "no volunteer army" remarks??

Anybody think Kerry is going to reveal something major in today's speech?

10/20 ARG: Kerry and Bush Remain Tied Among Likely Voters in Wisconsin

Kerry is winning among video-game fans!

Letter from U.S. Cellular regarding Sinclair

I voted for Kerry today

Canada's health care system not looking too bad from here...

Dr. Dan strongly endorses John Kerry (Dem nominee in KY Senate)

Don't forget... Bush has made no mistakes...

Cheney and Bush wave goodbye to low oil prices on Jan2001 inauguration day

Before Matt donates $1 mil to JFK, how about a couple hundred first...

Swift Boat Vet Stumps For Kerry

10/19 ARG: Bush and Kerry Remain Tied Among Likely Voters in New Hampshire

Kerry Major Speech on Iraq and Terror in Waterloo, IA

Forget Poll Land!

Chimp's wearing a tie, he looks like an appliance salesman.

Kerry Speech On Live...CBS Website Link inside

NYT: Regarding lack of flu vaccine, lawsuits are NOT the problem!

My letter to Ralph Nader

advice needed from lawyers here

FOX News Poll: Should Sinclair air Anti Kerry Movie

Bush opponents ask: 'Who Would Jesus Bomb?'

TIPP Has It Tied Again...Kerry Moves Up One In The Three Way

Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President

For New Mexico Voters

Kerry Streaming on Cbsnews full speech in IOWA

ARG poll: Kerry, Bush tied at 47 percent in Wisconsin

bush's promises to our troops don't mean squat

TDS: Anyone have link to bush* "No volunteer army/volunteer army/No draft

Candidate Betty Castor forgot her photo ID. Couldn't vote.

Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President

(GOP over the top?)Vote Kerry, get nuked, veep warns: Dem on `wrong side'

I Told You Buchanan Wasn't Our Friend....

Wow! JK: Troops in Iraq are doing their job. Commander-in-Chief is not!

Bunning rolling thru the bluegrass ...

Can't get any streaming of Kerry speech to play

Keys to the Senate in...KENTUCKY?????

Another ridiculous koolaid-drinker email making the rounds...

Bush was too obsessed with Saddam and let Zarqawi go long before the war

Co-worker pointed out something I find hard to believe

Salon: Poll Crazy

Boston Red Sox comeback in the series... and Kerry...

Clinton may be able to do some campaigning for Kerry

Kerry's speech today was very good nm

Dumbya's Relatives are Voting for Kerry!

Aw isn't this purty

Go where it counts most for Election Day

In Bush's Major Speech, Kerry referred to 4100% more than al Qaeda

Just called polled by "CCB Action"

KERRY ON CNN.. heads up!

Why Kerry will win...

The gossip rag's take on the Crossfire show with Jon Stewart

Why Kerry's #1 priority has been to establish himself as a war leader

Nickelodeon kids pick Kerry

A little brevity....

American Can't Drill our way out of this crisis

Deleted message predicts Kerry win: K-311, B-227

Edwards goes after Condi Rice

Jebbie's New Election Ballot!

Shrub got two-weeks' notice last night in Dayton, Ohio.

Went last nite to the most amazing party for Kerry/Edwards in San Fran!

Fundies threaten Judd over show for Lesbians

Which Form of Government are the Neo-cons Advocating?

Report on Tom DeLay's first debate in 20 years!

USA Today polls are done by Gallup/CNN - who knew?

Bush relatives use website to show support for Kerry

Funny photo of Chimp supporters

Please, someone e-mail MSNBC that Kerry won the Nick Jr election. They

Hah! Bush Relatives for Kerry!!

My Republican UPS Guy & I Talked Abortion Today

Rolling Stone Endorses John Kerry for President

Another potential nail in Bush's coffin - CIA director blocks 9-11 Report

World through the eyes of a Chimp

Why I'm Voting for George

Could There Be A Major Terror Alert In The Suburbs For Halloween?

33 Unique Descriptions of Losers, I mean bush

Ras Tracking Poll: 48-47 Bush/Kerry

Demand Congress Push for Release of CIA 9/11 Report

Why Sinclair's retraction is good news for Kerry

Bunning fails to show up for debate

Shareholders Push Sinclair to Amend Plans

Presidential Election and the Stock Market (Dow Jones)

Canned applause added to Bush's appearances?

AWESOME new Kerry ad

Shrub says rich avoid taxes - kinda like they avoid the draft, too?

Amy Goodman talking about Bush's prayer sessions in the WH.

Al Franken is asking us to donate to the Ohio Democratic Party,

BurgerKing - hold the smear or we will hold our ads!

Got lame email from Iams regarding the Kerry movie flap

Kids for Kerry: New poll released

Bull-Moose Neoconservative Republican: Voting for Kerry

Moonies now control millions of Federal "faith-based" tax dollars!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! running ads like mad here

Dean, Buchanan call for new approaches

so how was the speech? was it aired?

Bush's ADD really showing in Minn. speech

Woman arrested after getting past security into event (Cheney)

(Sinclair) Smith Bros. are going into more debt today....

msnrnc& cheneyNN sneaking in clips of the shrub without showing any Kerry

Castor takes the lead in FL!

Very informative polling site ....Mystery Pollster...The Incumbent Rule

Where is Bush's sidekick lately?

Bush Genius "Homeownership at ALL TIME HIGH"

10/20 ARG: Kerry and Bush Remain Tied Among Likely Voters in New Mexico

bush's health

Must Read Donkey Rising: Just How Bad is the latest CBS/NYT poll for Bush?


If Kerry Wins The Electoral College But Loses The Popular Vote?

the scam(s) the bushgang is pulling on our college kids - registration

Will W go quietly?

ABC - Kerry: Bush Isn't Leader He Claims to Be

What is shrubs email address...i want to send him a message

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

Schizophrenic Harris Interactive Poll (for what it's worth!)

Is GW Smirks freudian slip pink?

If Kerry loses (God forbid), we can't complain....

Bush's plan is to capture Zarqawi and convince people he is Osama...

Chimp: yuk yuk yuk... the RICH don't PAY taxes! yuk yuk yuk...

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket

Red, White, and Who: Courting America's Religious Vote

Did the Washington Post endorse for President yet?

Great comic on debate and Zarkawi Oct Surprise

The O'Sexxxxy factor

Line For Kerry: "I'm The Man George Bush Thinks He Is"

Yet another reason not to watch M$NBC or NBC or read Nina Easton of BOGLO

NBC News Networks announce 'DECISION 2004' Election Night Coverage

More from CMU campus, where Kerry is speaking tonight

serious campaign on bush's sanity needs to start

PARODY: Bush in "Planet Of The Apes"

Chimpy Just Said He's Going To Win On November 3rd !

US Supreme Crt questions Repub plan [to control] Congress

So, it's October 20th

First Lady Poll on AOL

October Surprise in Reverse! Bush to Robertson: No casualties

Nader polling at 8%...

Not the main reason, but A reason I want Kerry to win so badly

Throw George W. out of the White House, for America's sake

"what a" rush says...

Great resource

Bush relatives for Kerry

October Surprise?

Kerry memorabilia outselling Bush* memorabilia...

Reporter on MSNBC pissed me off

Something that should be noted about current polls

Kerry Rapid Response Center, "Bush On The Run" on The Draft, Economy

Yesterday Bu$h sent me a mailer exclaiming how much cleaner

Election year media whores: Journalists dating high-placed Repugs

Today Show! Bush beats Kerry 57%-47%-(1% Other) in Kids poll

Missouri DU'ers: if you want to volunteer on election day

Cheney: "Nuclear Terror Threat" - But He Allowed LOOTING of Iraqi Nukes!

Bush & Cheney Hammer Kerry's "Pre-9/11" Mindset

Extremely wonky turnout post for Dallas & my precinct.

Was Stewart Feuding With Carlson Or With Crossfire? (relates to Kerry)

A pair of shoes and an abortion

Suskind: "My Office Is Now the Government in Exile" for Disaffected Repubs

Bill Clinton, John Kerry, South Florida.

Top 35 Trends that say Kerry will take the White House in November

Wow. Republican former Kentucky Senator DESTROYS Bush

Had a dream last night of Kerry winning, trust me Kerry can win

Nickelodeon's vote is featured . . .

Corzine and crew have finally come to help Bowles

Kerry wins Utah with 57% of the vote!

Media pushes Koch/Zell 4BC What about Ike/Milliken 4KE?

Has Rove ever lost an election?

Schultz Pounds Gallagher on Faux

My e-mail today from Bill Clinton / DNC

did Kerry notice the beheadings all followed the Abu Graib abuses?

What's the point of CNN fact checking when they're wrong?

Bush on illegal alien amnesty and permanent residency

Suskind: Bush hints at "quid pro quo" with "someone" on the USSC

bush says kerry doesn't understand terror war

An email to me today

Floridians AND NON-Floridians-how you can turn us BLUE!!!!

Dana Bash on AF1 tells Judy Woodmuff "we're in a bubble."

Statement by five 9/11 widows on Condi's stumping for Bush

Robertson misheard..... "casual ties"....

Has anyone started thinking about POST Kerry Win Bumperstickers?

You know why Bush picked NJ to give his major war on terror speech

What if Kerry wins and Bush* refuses to leave the WH?

Early Voting

Brothers And Sisters In Arms-Marching Orders

I'm Going To See Elizabeth Edwards Tonight In Wausau . . .

We're Not Outraged Enough!!

Judy WoodWhore at it again. . . .

Nevada(early voting) Democrats have 2104 voter advantage.

We need help from big Kerry backers to defeat Sinclair

Record early voting turnout already in Tx. and Fla. bodes well for Dems.

New Zogby is up. Good news.

New "" election model predicts Kerry landslide victory!

What is happening with that injunction? n/t

Great News from Serious Republican Territory-Montgomery County, TX

SINclair tries to stop their stock slide w/PHONY Kerry-video 'compromise'

Anti-Kerry program will be far worse than we expected

NYT, Stanley, on Stewart/"Crossfire": "satisfying surprise attack"

Powerline reveals all! Diabolical plot!

CNN's Bob Franken reports "Cleveland is in Ohio"

Must Read for novice poll sniffers; Learn about The 50% Rule

post election SWAT team -- good news

From NYC, I made someone in Florida vote for Kerry today

Bush's scary religion (from NYT)

Bush: "Kerry can't win war." Kerry: "Mr. President, look behind you."

Turns out my ex-hippy brother will vote for *, so...

Email from US Cellular: RE: Sinclair Broadcasting

Need a download of the first debate for an "undecided"

Have you voted for Kerry yet? Will you vote for Kerry before Election Day?

Response I got from Lowe's re:Sinclair

How are the Senate elections coming along?

Where the Buck Stops....Newsweek article

CNBC just reported another dead heat poll... Pew. (good news)

CNN vs. MSNBC on getting Zarqawi pre-war

Thinking of voting for Nader? Please don't!!

Gotta love this: Stadium vote makes team colors 'electioneering' - Dallas

"KERRY OUT OF RACE?" Did anyone see this Faux graphic ?

It's up to US to push Bush's optimism quote - up to us!

"We were only to register Republicans."

A thousand daggers

Are early voting results supposed to be secret until the polls close?

OK who taught DimSon the word "litany"?????

Someone tell me why I shouldn't be depressed.

Vote paring is a scam - Lets turn the tables.

Who Is Judy Woodruff Voting For On November 2nd?

Pew Research 47-47

Pew Poll: 45-45 Bush/Kerry plus demographics

Eminem's October surprise: download Bush bashing 'Mosh'

Norman Lear said this on CNN this morning.

McCurry Statement on Bush 'Casualties' Comment to Pat Robertson

Take Down Tom Delay - from Democracy for America

Lowe's response re their advertising on Sinclair during STOLEN HONOR


from Bob Harris blog, a must-read

The tipping point is just about....

Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President

Who Is Wolf Blitzer Voting For On November 2nd?

"Hijacking Catastrophe" on right now on Link TV.

My 2 cents - When "undecided" voters decide

"No Casualties" & Condi Campaigning Trump Lesbian Daughters

DU Task: Battleground Chain (Election Reminder) Letters, lets do it.

Paul Begala IS a HACK

Voted for Kerry In Tallahassee, Florida

How many felony convictions will we have RE: fraudulent vote registration

Pew Poll 47-47-1 LV 45-45-1 RV

WHEN will Kerry remind voters that Bush* said terror war "can't be won"???

WP Tracking Poll 10/20 - * 50% Kerry 47%


MSNBC pushing Bush

Meet the New Boss, not anything remotely like the Old Boss.

Rumor has Kerry surge in ABC/Post poll Bush 49-48

Paula Zahn Interview With Pat Robertson - link

Do you FEEL it?!?

Did Pat Robertson lie when he said he warned Bush

Washington Post/ABC Tracking Poll: Bush 50% Kerry 47%

I am voting Sunday at "Drag To The Polls"

Bush gains vs. Kerry Gains in October (pew)

Democracts falling for homophobe Bush rhetoric

Ohio Poll gives Kerry 2 point lead: 311 in Electoral College

Did George W. Bush flirt with a reporter?

RNC and Chimpy's sites are down?

Gas prices may help Kerry more than the media is suggesting


Will the Bush comment "We won't have any casualities" get any media play?

Strangest yardsign/bumpersticker combos...

Has Bush ever said he absolutely wouldn't raise taxes?

What's this about Teresa apologizing to Laura??

BushCo: We admit it, we have a God Complex...

Why hasn't anyone called Bush up on this?

Anyone have any insight on what

Harris: Bush Leads by Eight Points – or Two – Depending on LV Definition

Nader step down: Editorial in the Guardian telling Nader to step aside.

Rate this excellent Kerry photo on yahoo

FIGHT for this folks like someone KICKED your grandma!

Interesting Slate article on Kerry's inability to stick to the script

New media frenzy coming up. (re: THK about Laura Bush) --- Kerry 311 AWOL 227

Why I'm Voting for George

WTF - Fox pro-bush commercial during the ball game?

TV stations told to pull plug on anti-Kerry film

More kids watch TV: Nickolodeon Poll beats Scholasti-mag!

IAMS answers my Sinclair letter

Kerry campaign wants to know if Pat Robertson is telling the truth

Remember Gergen saying race will start to break 10 days before Nov 3

Bush Sponsors Battleground Traffic News

Jebbie playing "dirty pool" w/election... can anyone validate this..?

As a counter to the "W" stickers, how about

Here's a Kerry EV win without Ohio and Florida

Did CNN SCRAP THE Pat Robertson Story???

Need Evidence that combat pay was cut or lowered after "mission accomplish

Deleted message

Am I wearing tin foil or...

Why has Bush skipped Ohio? "His numbers go down when he's there."

Bush campaign sponsoring radio traffic reports

Folks this isn't looking like a "close" Kerry win but a LANDSLIDE

Rush explained why Fl. isn't permitting a recount of BBV.

Guys, Kerry doing 6+% better in battlegrounds vs national

MSNBC now distorting what Robertson said Bush said...

More Voter Suppression in NC

It's my 500th post and I'm giving it to Jon Freedland & Steve Bell . ....

John Gibson on Faux news: Is this guy for real?

Beware of electronic voting machines, Words of warning from a programmer

Remember When The Ass Clowns At CNN Said The Debates Made No Difference...

Karen Hughes does not deny Bush casualties claim Nader wildcard?

plastic wrap and duct tape???

Sinclair Propped For Bush After 911 w/ the Help Of My MD. Governor

Assault weapons legal under Bush. Feel safer, Security Moms?

Rove made a BIG mistake

Dean in NJ on Monday

Kerry has SWAT TEAMS and 10,000 lawyers ready to FIGHT

Support Shrinking for Bush's Anti-Terrorism Policies: poll

Kerry needs to raise the passed opportunities to get Zarqawi

Remember: Bush I pardoned 6 people who could've testifed against him!

Dick Cheney gets a flu shot

Kerry put Bush* on the DEFENSE today. * had to change his speech

Gore / Lieberman 2000!

Republican scam at IUP (PA). Students changed registration to R.

John Shelby Spong, retired Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey loathes bush;

I think Clinton should show up in Ohio when Gov. GropenBooby is there

I came up with a disturbing scenario this morning

"Power Politics" - election simulation game : Has anyone tried it?

The Terrorist Threat is Bogus Because Bush is Still Alive

South Dakota windfall could boost Daschle

Will (or how will) Robertson deny the "casualties" statement?

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/20 (Little Change)

Nickelodean Poll on CNN (News Story)

Teresa shows class

KDKA TV just said est. 20,000 people at Carnegie Mellon U for Kerry.

This "faith versus reality-based" meme is really taking off (Thank God)

Shrub Job Approval Average - Down To 48 And Sinking

More in Robertson interview: "The blessing of heaven on the emperor"

Should I do vote pairing since I am registered to

Pat Robertson- on many news channels lately. Did he say the same, twice?

Ahhnold to campaign in OH for Dimson

Bush Administration Suppresses CIA Report Until AFTER the Election!

Message From Bill Clinton

Dow -1000, Gas & Oil +30%, Heath care +64%, Illegal War Kills - in 4 years

Former POWs Blame Kerry for Captivity

Has anyone seen this video about the FL voting machines?

Take Down Tom DeLay! Tonight!

Pat Robertson knows of lying & the military

How is Kerry doing among the political parties (Dem, Rep, Ind)?

Dems Grab Early Lead in NEVADA

*IF* Bush loses, who will he pardon on his way out? Ken Lay?

Hey, is this thing with Robertson growing legs?

ABC News to talk about the African American vote

Sinclair Adv. ds parada Drinks the Koolaid - My Response

THREE people called off my work today with the flu

As a Kerry supporter this needs to be said Ms Heinz needs to shut the Hell

Remember, Pat warned AWOL that he "would form a third party"

Hey! My state is coming up on Abrams Report!

I got a really good reply from Pepsi on the Sinclair it is.

Gates and Dell support the GOP, I will not buy Dells or Microsoft anymore

Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes..Bush Has Hurt His Sex Life

IAMS Response, RE: Sinclair

My Hubby risked life and limb yesterday to chastize Cheney

Do Not Watch Hardball Tonight!!!

Pat Robertson Then: BUSH IN A LANDSLIDE: Now: Razor Thin Margin

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 291 Bush 247

Bush's Brain now online

Nevada Early voter turnout heavy

It is not just for catholics anymore.....

another lopsided Hardball panel

All right dammit - what happened today? One day outta the loop . . .

No casualties? White House disputes Robertson comment

Request for clarification.

Kerry erases 7pt Bush lead in latest Pew Poll - Kerry 45% Bush 45%

OMG! a W commercial was just on the baseball game (StL-Houston)

Supposing a Kerry win, will mainstream media start kissing Dem ass after?

Gillespie email on Mainstream Media bias

Kerry Leads Latest Econ/YouGov Poll - Kerry 48% Bush 46%(44% APP)

ABC Nightly News ABC poll and Kerry internals shows Kerry with lead in OH

Great pic of Kerry...

Can anyone vouch for

John Kerry's Rolling Stone Interview

CNN: Black Vote is "Trending" Towards Bush*

Should Bush stop telling lies?

KY-Senate: Bunning fails to show up for his debate vs. Mongiardo

Where can I find a list of states with early voting and the dates?

My son's high school is letting out 2 hours early tomorrow for *

Analysis of the campaign (uplifting)

Use this to Attack Sinclair advertisers[Skinner spread this picture]

Another Great Kerry Pic

Pics of Kerry/Edwards Signs + Good Story!

New Mason Dixon Poll - 7 swing states CO,FL,MO,NH,NV,OH ,WV

Mason-Dixon red-swing state polls... mixed signals

EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL on local Cincinnati TV is a political ad

Bush Relatives for Kerry: "Blood is thinner than oil!"

"god" is a comedian, but the joke's on George...

MSNBC: Bush had $37 million for final push

Whatever happened to Kitty Kelley's book The Family?

Go rate the bush*/Robertson story on Yahoo and then sit back and

Faithless Electors (how they will steal the election this time)

17 American Patriots Protest against Sinclair in Raleigh, NC..3 Freeps!

Why Did Pat Robertson Say It?

It's October 20th - when does the Kerry camp unleash *their* Oct. suprise?

I feel like we are going to win this, not like last time

Decoding the fundie "code," can anyone help with this?

george w bush-TAX CHEAT-misreported $15 mil made on baseball team sale

Response from FORD, RE: Sinclair

Let's bump the Robertson story up on Yahoo!

All of this talk about the African American vote having a "shift" to Bush.

exactly how long WAS Laura Bush employed in either job

Hardball planning ahead for the recount battle

Final 2000 Poll Results... compare and contrast

Bush in Iowa on CNN looked visibly DRUNK ! Slurring words

If you are not in a battleground state you are screwed

What are the Yellow Bracelets that Kerry and Edwards wear on left arm?

Should John Kerry tone it down?

Jesse Jackson In Fl and he is watching the voting..Not happy

Snipers used at Bush/Cheney Rally to take out protesters out

Rate THIS version of the Robertson story on Yahoo:

A simply scary quote from a Salon article

Remember Florida

Tweety is so FUCKING stupid he's unwatchable

ONE more

Report from Carnegie-Mellon University campus, where Kerry speaks today

Freeptards imploding over Pat 'Judas' Robertson ! LOL ! >

God Fight! God Fight! God Fight! God Fight!!...........................

McCurry challenge to Bush: Is Pat Robertson telling the truth or not?

Waiting for Pat Robertson to respond to WH calling him "LIAR LIAR"

What was Robertson doing?

1st time!!!More registered Democrats than Republicans....

New polls point to Kerry victory.

Need help on this now. Weird mailing about voting by mail in FL.

Should Teresa tone it down?

Nice Kerry endorsement from my near-local newspaper

Email rec'vd by gw* campaign about Retired Officers

Theory: Bush knew there were no WMDs & therefore didn't expect casualties

SURPRISE! No Flu Vaccine Shortage At Capitol

Kerry wins prophetic kids poll

To President George W. Bush: You’re fired!

Oprah slaps down Bush

I don't get it. Someone please explain.

Idea for Dems in Sinclair areas: Sponsor a free event on "Stolen" night .

Can some summarize the Teresa K and L Bush story for me?

Teresa Heinz Kerry's comment IN CONTEXT: offers $1000 reward for anyone who knows what PTI 961 means

How do we address this 'tax and spend' bullshit?

Anti-Kerry Film Showing Canceled: Watch an enjoy. I was there

Voted today in Arkansas and unbelieveable

Kerry sign getting stolen?

Edwards should follow W around with a pledge for him to sign (not to sue)

Hard Questions vs. Rhetorical, Opinionated Political Hackery

The 'Send this article to everybody you know!!' Thread:

28 October it will no longer be possible to float a check.

Bush uses "pre-9/11 world view" blather to excuse his failures in Iraq War

Question about Bush and the Methodist Church

2001-2004: The Worst Years of Our Lives

Pfizer refuses to pull advertising from Sinclair Broadcasting

Did Pat Robertson drop the "October Suprise" today???

MSNBC Poll--Needs Help

If we win, how many are planning on being "poor winners"?

Tally: Is Your State Early Voting? If so, is it Red or Blue?

Hastert predicts Carson win in Oklahoma senate race

I hate to say it, but we need to give up on the Amish vote.

Statement by John Kerry on Native Hawaiian Self-Determination

GENERAL MILLS on the SINCLAIR "Top Ten" boycott list now...


ultimate celebrity list of Kerry and Bush $$ donors

Kerry sign thief falls, knocks self out, gets bopped by cops

Bush Campaign: John Edwards is Michael Moore-esqe

My analysis: "Undecided" voters are full of crap!!

The Myth of "Bushies Strong Leadership"...the result of a Rove Notion

Robertson's 'No Casualties' Statement Means Something

Please List Republicans who are voting for Kerry

The Un-American Sinclair

URGENT PLEA to Ohio DUers.

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 291 Bush 247

California DUers! BURY the Governor's office with calls & e-mails now!!!

Hannity is sweating bullets!

Karen Hughes said Pat Robertson is lying

VolcanoJen's Excellent Kerry Dayton Rally Adventure, Part Deux (long)

Please DU this poll. Daschle vs. Thune.

Zogby Early Voting: bush* 50% Kerry 48%

message from Bill Clinton: donate to the DNC today, it will be doubled.