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Archives: October 17, 2004

Time: Losing Mosul?

Black Hole

UK Guardian-Steve Bell

Discontent rife in US military ranks

Rex Americana (How India views the US Elections)

Changing times, issues drive young people toward the polls

Airport community aids a marooned traveler

Traffic jam hits two local ports

Guardian: Now It Gets Dirty

Blair's salad days with Murdoch's guru

John Kerry for President - NY Times!

Bush Cheney Entourage

They have awakened a sleeping giant...

$65 for a cup of coffee? What about airport security?

"With Trembling Fingers" by Hal Crowther - Hang on to your hat!

Endorsements for Kerry/Edwards to date - updated 10/16

Has Bush lost his reason? | Andrew Stephen, Observer / Guardian

Clinton rallies CSULB

It Isn't A Presidential Snub By Kerry That Worries Blair

Kids for Change are going on a Bus Tour and could use some help as in $$

Print out this article and leave it for people to read

C-SPAN now has Political Advertising panel discussion..

cnn/segment on soldiers in iraq not going on suicide mission

DU google news get mary off the top stories

Can anyone PLEASE explain what is going on here? I'm stumped...

American Airline's Director of Security at Haiti's Airport Arrested

Please inactivate my membership

PA to hang man for 'collaborating' with Israel

What hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

Chicago DUers: kindly bombard the Trib w/ LTTEs regarding Bush endorsement

60 friendly cats need new homes

What time is Stolen Honor on?

Question for Red Sox Fans

Kerry coming to the Twin Cities on Thursday!

I just wanted to say

Dayton Daily News endorses Kerry

John Kerry will be in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, October 20

John Culberson vs. John Martinez

Outrage as Kerry Bashing Vietnam Vets talk to school

Far-Righteous Rossi

Bahamas Firm Screens Personal Data to Assess Risk

The freepers are going to need a shovel to get MY Kerry sign!


If you could choose between - The allegations against

Headline on Yahoo:Bush Says He's Best Protection From Draft

The freepers are going to need a shovel to get my Kerry sign!

Well, it's all over now...

interesting article stating the election will not be close

What hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

Look what I found on Google - Large Image Warning

Your thoughts please

I am SICK tired of hearing "John Kerry and the Liberals in Congress"

Thoughts from Ohio

"Emperor with NO clothes" Halloween costume

If you had to choose one of the following, which would you choose?

where can i get a yard sign?

PRINT OUT this article. Leave copies at the laundromat.

Could the Flu Vaccine contamination have been terrorism?

Did CNN set up O'Reilly?

NY times endorses John Kerry

What's happened to my yard in Alabama since Kerry/Edwards signs went up...

The role of the mainstream media in the last and the current elections

What should I do??

Those Neocon Israel supporters who have cast their lot with Bush and

Readers' reviews of Dildo Reilly's book

A report from Iraq. (I don't know if this has been posted yet)

What's really going on is that the election is ALREADY over.

What the hell is going on?

Pierre Salinger Dead at 79

they've turned FSU football games into military recruiting events

Is the media facing an unpleasant confrontation with its works?

New Bush Gaffe on Draft: "I JUST VOLUNTEERED YA!"

If Bush is elected I predict the following:

More Bush Lies - How Much He Pay to Get this Run?

Voter registration cards found in car.

Public airwaves need a public voice

Steps to improve future elections - mail your member of congress

Ann "Thrax" Coulter has three new books out! Check it out!

a republican just called me... in the SAME conversation

Bush let the draft slip out

I want my Mommy

The media are destroying America, and it's affecting us all

Halloween on Sunday troubles some Southerners

Steve Gilliard on Bill O'Moron

Ann Coulter interview with CBC Newsworld's Neil MacDonald on at 11 PM

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers

Liberal "Propaganda" Cannot Exist

Court: September 11, 2001...'cannot be the day that liberty perished'.

A friend of mine is finally Leaning Kerry

GLBT DUers: Is christianity a sin?

Let's do a quick straw poll

I think Ralph Nader is going to tell his party to vote for Kerry.

Helpful tip for fans of breaking news

No common ground between lesbians/gays & christians?


Sunday talk show guests

What's wrong with White Rose Society?

I just watched Fahrenheit 911, and my anger is unbearable.

Agnostic/Atheist DUers: Is religion a joke?

regarding drug prices- i have a story to tell

Steve Gilliard to O'Reilly: Too stupid to settle... and FOX is goin' down

Here is my hypothesis as to why "14% of Democrats support Bush".

After November – Proposals for a Kerry Presidency

Dyke: Government 'tried to kill' BBC's Gilligan

In Iraq Chaos, Uphill Struggle to Bring Power -NYT

Blair is 'using our troops to boost Bush'

Iraqi education official gunned down in Kirkuk

WP: Seniors' Concerns Are Medicare, More

WP- Bahamas Firm Screens Personal Data To Assess Risk (CAPPS II)

It Isn't A Presidential Snub By Kerry That Worries Blair

1100 US Deaths

Iraq Casualty Reaches 1100

Groups Question Industry-Paid Doctors

Inmates' abortions an issue for sheriff

USA presents Ukraine ultimatum

Pierre Salinger dies at 79

U.S. Planes Strike Falluja, Zarqawi Arrest Denied (here we go..)

Planning For After The War In Iraq Non-Existent (Bush Is Toast)

Military Families Pan Bush on Iraq

NYT: Broad Use of Harsh Tactics Is Described at Cuba Base

NYT: In Iraq Chaos, Uphill Struggle to Bring Power

Spanish judge says Osama bin Laden neutralised

Kerry gets blame for Haiti unrest

the meeting that could have changed the history of Iraq

Militants ready for onslaught on Fallujah

WP: Clinton Expected to Be At Fewer Kerry Events

WP: Rove Trims Sails but Steers for Victory

U.S. to Quit Inspecting Tobacco

UK:Anti-War March Today Expects 50,000 Turnout

Former Kennedy Aide Pierre Salinger Dies

Filmmaker tells 'slacker friends' to get out, vote

Ky. Hopeful Uses Jesus on Billboard Ad

NYT: John Kerry for President (endorsement)

Halloween on Sunday causes stir across South

Mary's Silence On Lesbian Squabble (She Engineered It)

Kerry Hits Bush On Lack Of Flu Vaccine (New TV Ad Hits Bush As Well)

hocked phlegm

Just watched "Going Upriver" on my computer.

They are an outfit of US war veterans from Iraq opposing the war.

"I Actually THOUGHT About Voting for John Kerry...

I'm voting for Bush

For Saturday Night: "baby got back!"

Anyone ever seen a desperate housewife

preemptive parody thread: "Anyone a desperate housewife" yet?

1000th post......ask me anything?

Anyone desperate BECAUSE of their housewife?

If it's Saturday night, that must mean THE SOUL EXPRESS is on!

Next computer question: burning vcds

Networking question

Man burns down own home after watching "Day After Tomorrow"

Man confronts Bush Says he has copies of ALL of his National Guard records

A question on "The Terminator"

Today is a good day.

Condie Rice Beats Me Every Day!

Prostitutes' soccer team loses to cops

THIS, will make you roll around and laugh.

So this dumb republican knocks on my door....

Ned Beatty is doing a horrible job of Reffin' the UVa-Fla.St. game

Don't mess around with my blue suede shit kickers...

Let's do a queekstraw poll

What Is Your Favorite Hipgnosis Album Cover?

Direct TV freebie weekend question-Bill Maher related

Dog question

I now know wat I want on my tombstone.

What is your favorite food addiction?

I can't stand it - I'm off to buy some hamburger

My Maiden Name Hawk

Should I put up my Kerry yard sign?

Just got home from a BEATLE JUICE concert!

The Palm Beach Post broke my deer!

are the yankees gonna drop a two-oh on the sox tonite?!

You have angered the mighty Bambino! You have torn down his house!

Have you ever enjoyed an Americano?

what happened to teh sux0rs?

Does anyone have any common courtesy whatsoever when they are running late?

Is anyone here an iTunes user?

What happened to the Sex?

Do you know anyone that is still " undecided " ?

Well. I need a life, apparently

I've begun confusing the West Wing with reality. That's bad, right?

I Just Love It When My Dog ...

I am having a problem.

My weimy just took a big whiz on a cop.


A Bush joke! Enjoy and share!

Man, did I score big time!

Please always remember to

Are my DU days over already?

I'm bored. Someone play with me - what's your favorite multi-purpose food?

I'm leaving DU!!!

bushwentawol has 4,000 posts!



What's Your Limit?

Bjork is a godess

I never thought I'd spend Saturday nights in bed....with a good book.

Next on Geraldo: "When Springer Spaniels Attack"

finish the sentence: "Happiness is...."

Help from cooks, need advice on using venison


Wendy has lumps

Should We Get Rid Of The Penny?

Pastor's Rousing Sermon Results in Town Full of Eunuchs

Are these the greatest lyrics ever penned by the hand of man?

Star Trek (original series) thread:

What Happened to the Sox?

Bye DU

Bye DU - I'm done.

really bizarre Bush video clip

PSST! Cheap Books (Politics & Other)

anyone here ever take a percocet 10?

my 14 yr old son's first formal, first tux

Who do you think will be playing in this year's World Series?

"I'm Not Bitter" - Long Post

Anyone seen "Desperate Housewives" yet?

Dumpster kittens

I just got back from taking my daughter & her friend to see "Shark tale"

Republitards put my K-E sign in the back of my Jeep and stuck two B-C...

great day for Wisconsin fans!!!!!!!

What's the point?


Bush has a history of getting it wrong in IRAQ - also wrong about Draft?


AFL-CIO has fliers on how to protect your voting rights (for swing states)


Good side-by-side comparison of Kerry v. Bush on the issues, here:

Al Gore To Charge Bush Admin With Failed Presidency Monday

So when Bush loses, Rove will be available. Who's his monkey then?

"I Actually THOUGHT About Voting for John Kerry...

CA senate race is over...Rep nominee, Jones, worth $50 million reneges...

new Moveon ad on Bush quote

"I'm gonna pray he loses...."

Bush tells Florida: "Best way to avoid the draft is to vote for me."

John Glenn help in Ohio?

I been thinking about the flu vaccine and lawsuits

Karl Rove - Anti Catholic Bigot

Great story on 'Wireless' voters

What is up with all

Need link to Vietnam story/thread

Dayton, Minneapolis papers endorse Kerry

How is the Kerry campaign doing financially?

What about the nasal flu vaccine?

CNN Poll, October 16, 2000: Bush holding onto narrow lead

NYT on Bush campaign's chief tactic: "direct plays to fear and anxiety"

Bush customers are fantastic customers.

Town Hall Meetings

Man says Kerry is a cut above-Mows 71 -ft. KERRY after his sign was stolen

I Think...If You Talked To Mary Cheney's FATHER...

Did anyone else get JUNK MAIL from the SwiftLiars?

Anyone else think Kerry had a missed opportunity during the 3rd debate?

For reference, John Kerry's senate voting record for the past ten years

Does anyone know if Bush tithes 10%? I was just wondering

Kerry RRC on Bush vs. Reality: "I love the strong women around me."

35 million more people watched Kerry/Bush debates than Bush/Gore debates..

The Kerry Ad I want to see Re: The draft

"Blood for oil" a book by Michael Klare

Man confronts Bush Says he has copies of ALL of his National Guard records

Question 4 Bush- Would you do a better job than Kerry at avoiding a draft?

Silly election question re: Electoral Map and Red/Blue

I see three states where * orders recounts

Can anyone identify the photograph? Location, circumstances, etc.?

They don't admit it but they were terribly disappointed with the debates

Kerry Talks Economy, Collects Major Endorsement

CNN running "the Mission of George W. Bush" now

Debate 3 - bush unsure terror war winnable, omits "God bless America"

Hopefully everyone has seen this picture of Edwards

Kerry Hits Hard on Jobs

Hopefully everyone has seen this picture of Edwards

It's time to start throwing-down!!!

What Is The Probability of a Kerry/Edwards Win On Nov. 2nd?

Kondrake: Kerry's debate performance erased image BC04 tried to paint


Are NC Dems being "set up" with all this emphasis on "Swing States?"

U.S. Military Faults Lack of Troops in Iraq -Poll

"Dred Scott" is code for "Pro-Life": From The Nation

Bumper Stickers and Yard Signs

If John Kerry had a daughter who was a lesbian instead of Dick Cheney,

Rumor: Bush was on cocaine in second debate

A mormon from Utah who goes to a conservative college told me

Another exquisite and hilarious one from Michael Kinsley

Yard Sign's (swing state) Get mad or Just LOL

Is everyone else as sick of the W04 stickers as me? Look inside!

did you guys catch Doonesbury's Friday

Should my newly energized friend drive people to polls in VA or NJ?

How solid is PA,...really?

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on the Administration

Deleted message

has anyone you know changed their votes because of Mary Cheney?

Ohioans can't be that... gullible, can they?

The RNC is running scared about allegations of voter fraud

A great tv ad idea with bush and gas prices..............

Fascists of the Republican Party

More W04 parodies: WAR04 & WTF04

Link to Newspaper Endorsements?

Can we get a list of Newspaper endorsements?

Hey you mopey bastidges! Cheer the fsck up!

If Diebold doesn't control an entire state, much more difficult to cheat

Deleted message

Minneapolis Star-Tribune's endorsement of Kerry.

WH speechwriter explained W's odd mouth movements: ANGER

NYT backs Kerry

Two more Kerry endorsements

More Endorsements For Kerry (and Bush)

Tonight I saw Feingold debate his opponent Michels in Eau Claire.

150 million voters in this country, and...

Anyone else heard about GOPUSA's BS ads? "Wrong war, wrong time"

Four Papers that endorsed Bush in 2000 endorse Kerry in 2004

Will this be the week for the October Surprise?

I would rather (fill in the blank) than vote for Bush

When Bush* Returns To Civilian Life...

Did Bush Threaten to Veto $87 Billion if His Base were taxed?

K/E Supporters near Gainesville FL - COME SEE EDWARDS AT 2pm TOMORROW!!!!!

Get this quote about Dumbo's Messianic Complex--Phucking Phrightening!

why do I see so many posts around here asking for info or rebuttals

"At this point, Bush would have to defy history to win reelection"

Nytimes endorses Kerry

In case you get a call to donate to the Fraternal Order of Police...

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD - Extras should be in an immediate theater rerelease!!

WOW did the NYT nail it !!!

breaking: Kerry leads 10 points in battleground state polls

You'll never guess what they're up to now

Bush Supporters Angered Over Fahrenheit 9/11 Viewing at Library

My letter to Crossfire re: Jon Stewart A WAKE UP CALL TO THE MEDIA!!

Another spin on the W04 sticker...(you'll like this one too)

Obfuscation, misdirection, sleight of hand, all covering up the real issue

Kerry addresses 11,000 supporters in Appleton Wisconsin, 10/15/04

Compassionate Conservative Bush my ASS.

Arizona Republic Endorses Bush

What WILL get a Kerry victory in Wisconsin:

Big-Deal devastating MSM news article (re: Iraq Planning)

Was there a SNL debate skit tonight?

Repugs registered lots of AMISH and MENNONITES in Lancaster, PA

The sign on my neighbor's house..

"Lesbian Squabble" orchestrated by Mary Cheney herself?!

OMG! John Kerry IS A LESBIAN!!!

We're gonna fire the shit heard 'round the world...

Look for Rove to go after Teresa Kerry's taxes!

When will we know the outcome of the election?

''The fuel was contaminated for the helicopters,'' - killing our troops.

I was wrong about John Kerry

Guardian: Now It Gets Dirty

Naysayers: Voter dissatisfaction indicates it won't be close

Not in favor of defacing B/C signs, but...

Nader's former running mate says she's voting for Kerry this time

For anyone who is interested...

"Hijacking Catastrophe" NOW AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's the deal with the polls?

So why isn't BUSH manipulating oil/gasoline prices downward??

Lynn Cheney calls Kerry "pig."

Lynne Cheney wrote LESBIAN PORN novel ... and now she has the nerve ...

Will someone PLEASE tell me what the HELL is going on here?

They have awakened a sleeping giant...

Who reads the Daily Howler?

Go with Kerry's agenda over misplaced priorities (Palm Beach Post)

Kerry's gay ploy backfires

Kerry Will Win.

"The Brownshirting of America" Where did these Conservatives come from

DU This Republican Rag; Endorsed Bush in todays paper


The making of the terror myth

Kerry Endorsements - Master List of Links

On health, a clear choice between Bush, Kerry

Moonie Times editorial on energy


Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon Endorses John Kerry

"Waging a War on Hatred" by Media Lens

Vote And Be Damned...Maureen Dowd

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): Yankees are blind to blundering Bush

Civilians bear brunt of American blitzkrieg

Fixin' for a fight:In the GOP, the long knives are out for the neocons

Facts Force (Columbus Dispatch) Writer to Concede Error in Endorsing War

Hidden players brewing coup in Iraq

Karl Rove in a Corner

Newsweek on Kerry's senate record - good article

Kerry finally scores a direct hit

Kerry's gay ploy backfires

Tampa Tribune DOESN'T endorse *

San Diego Union (Right Wing Newspaper) Endorses Bush For President



Che's daughter Fears US has Cuba in it's sights next

LTTE tips? I.e., best day to send to get published on Sunday?

Wisconsin - Need advice on pre-election activism

Direct action you can do now from home.

D.U.ers in D.C. area ... Iraq memorial (with symbolic coffins) Oct. 23

Did anyone notice this trend among mediocre journalists/analysts?

Is it just getting TOO OBVIOUS when FOX, MSGOP, and CNN....

Polling point has a poll on election and objectivity in media

Reliable Sources on Jon Stewart

FOX News Pulls Plug On War In Iraq!

What pundits/talking heads should networks stop using & why?

Excellent Hemp article in my local right-wing paper

Native American Wind Farms - Carbon calculator fun!

Forbidden nuclear card in NE Asia

Turkey and French Secularism

Belarus voting on Lukashenko

Aids may be shrinking SA's population

Beslan: Attackers drug addicts

Russia granted military base in Tajikistan

How Did Darfur Happen?

The admin might want to create a sticky thread for newspaper endorsements

I also think the thread closings in LBN are badly handled

Irresponsible Posting Of Poll Numbers

Would it be possible to have a forum (maybe "Beta Test")

Why were my threads moved and this thread allowed to remain:

Is all news of poll results meant to be in GD04, not LBN?

what kind of coding is and isn't allowed in signature blocks???

So we were having a little fun last night

Why was my thread deleted?

Israeli tail wags American dog

State Department: Palestinians won't prosecute American-killers in Gaza

Eggs In One Basket

Embalming the Peace Process

Leaps of logic

Israel says Gaza incursion was a success

The whole world is against him

KASSAM TRANSPORT, HISTORY OF ABUSE (sub-title of posted art.)

Sharon talks with settlers break down

Israel launches new operation in Gaza Strip

Of settler crimes and media silence

Palestinian Conference at DUKE - Strategies being taught NOW 10-16

IL OCT-16-2004 Peoria body victim of serial killer

Daily Herald (suburban Chicago) endorses...KERRY

Keyes says incest awaits kids of gays

Bay Area activists hit swing states

Bar groups urge California death penalty moratorium

MA Debates: McGovern v Crews; and Markey v Chase v Hall

* was just in Rochester 2 weeks ago, Cheney here last Tues

Pioneer Press endorses Wetterling, slams Kennedy

Star Tribune endorses John Kerry!

No surprise here: GR Press endorses His Idiocy

Proposals 1 and 2

Cleveland DUers contact me, I'm in SW Ohio & I am doing

(Canton) Rep Endorsement: Re-elect Bush; Kerry fails to make case

Person Involved in a Voter Supression Scandal in SD in OH

John Kerry In Pittsburgh on the 20th!

More Info on the STOLEN HONOR Premiere in Abington, PA

Scott Paterno looks dead in the water!!

Can I wear my John Kerry T-Shirt to vote early

Fort Worth Star Telegram endorses Bush....Reluctantly?

Houston Chronicle endorses Richard Morrison District 22

St. Paul Pioneer Press endorses Feingold, two other Dems (no Kerry yet)

Great weekend for football fans in Wisconsin

FYI .... Former President George Bush

dupe sorry nt

Two Weeks till the Rioting Begins...........

Study Shows 130% of Americans - Almost Half -- Don't Understand Statistics

I wear my Kerry-Edwards button with pride....

When will we be able to order are goods directly from China

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

Bush Supporters Angered Over Existence of Libraries.

Sen.Edwards reply to The Cheney Lesbian Issue

How to show support (msg. for both Dems and Repubs)

All you loser Duers still up like me go over to Amazon and read the

Are you guys aware that the Populist Movement of the late 19th century...

Anybody listening to Air America right now? Playing tapes of Bush

i'm talking to my buddy in iraq right now

Link to Jon Stewart Crossfire video Sorry if already posted

i want to wake up from this fucking nightmare

What if dem voters sent a plain ole postcard to their local Dem office

Does anybody knows where I can go on the internets and find out

1101 U.S. Fatalities....

An interview with Iraqi Insurgents...

Great Movies

The incessant din of our media,the continuing economic insecurity

CHIMP Education: GOP Supporter Misspells Cheney's Name On Billboards

Funny bumpersticker i saw yesturday

What the fuck?!?!?

anybody know what the Sunday Talk lineup is going to be?

I think Bush detests being seen doing or saying anything decent

The mutiny of our soldiers tells me that our willingness to kill is

Can you name one country that has mounted the kind of long drawn out

Should newspapers give endorsements?

Sunday Talkshow (Sabbath Gasbags) Guest Lineup

(sigh)..I should have expected it...but it still pains me to see it......

There are two things our media are good at: The manufacture of

Did Kerry's vote "against" the 87 B stop the 87 billion? NO!!!

MSNBC Presidential online Poll- Vote now-needs help


Kerry was correct. It is the coalition of the "bribed."

I just saw the Stewart vs. Carlson match... (on Crossfiiiiire!)

Subaru Response re:Sinclair

Frank Luntz: "Its time for Bush to get worried"

THIS WEEK | In Memorium: 30 Dead in Iraq...

What if the entire War on Terror is fake like everything else about Bush?

my local-the sacramento Bee endorses Kerry

Surprise! Jeb Bush is crooked.

"The President (sic) is very concerned about this."

30 soldiers and marines killed in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan this

"His opponent" and "my opponent" and "the opponent"

Ken "LizardFace" Mehlmann just admitted on MTP...

A Funny Parents Weekend Story

Going Upriver Still Available Online?

How long do you think it will take to know who "won" the whitehouse ?

What is a newspaper endorsement?

FRANK RICH nails it again! | Media and the WH, Sinclair, etc....

NYT Book Review | Sy Hersh's CHAIN OF COMMAND

What happens on tax if Kerry gets in, but Congress is still Republican?

I have a theory, anyone else had these thoughts?

Jeb Bush on That crappy Sunday show with George Steph.

Ron Suskind will be on This Week ABC

Print journalism vs. Broadcast Question

The TRUTH about the NYT "Bush and certainty" article

Senator Kerry, Ask the president* where our money is?

DU THE HELL OUT OF Tom DeLay's campaign office!

Freeper Racist Thread (this is why I don't like Nazi freepers)

"January Surprise"....a horror story

Former security adviser says Afghanistan, Iraq 'a failing venture

Is it time to ask Cheney to release the report on the Energ Task Force he

Eleven Hundred Dead (and invisible)

"miserable failure" on google has Carter in second place

What the Flu Shot Problems Reveals

Echelon, a retrospective, a worry and an update - Texas Memory Systems

HOT! Need link to media emails in a "chain" format for easy emailing

Bob McChesney 2hr special @ 1pm EDT -- BIG name guests

Boycott the Chicago Tribune

Let us conservatively assume we have spent $200 billion in Iraq

For those who are concerned about the flu, BUY THIS! It Works!

Illinois Senate Debate - OBAMA vs KEYES - On CSPAN

JON, HE WAS GOOD! - with apologies to Chuck Berry

Nixon's Reelection- the Horror of the 70's

Air America? Haven't been able to get their server for 2 days.

Whenever I hear "Four more years" being chanted at a Bush rally

Air America Radio - Campaign Countdown 1 - 3 PM

Chinless Enron Ed Gillispie accuses Ron Suskind of

Why Bush should and will win this election-

I have been watching the "news" talk shows today and I am curious

Newsweek: Will Oscar Listen? Fahrenheit 9/11 v. The Passion of Christ

Republicans and the Constitution

Yahoo headline: "Bush Says He's Best Protection From Draft"

30 dead soldiers this week ... this shit is reminding me of Viet Nam.

Peeps, I sent in my GA absentee request form on friday. Am I screwed?

Bill Frist thinks all the worlds problems

Fewer mfrs producing vaccines because of medical liabilities?

Iraqi resistance forces continue advance down Euphrates towards Baghdad

Why aren't College Age Republicans dropping out of college

Fuzzy Math Video

Have you seen "Iron Jawed Angels" ...

Half and Half

Bush Administration Releases Killer Terrorists (Bush Gone Mad!)

Here is your chance: explain to me why I should not be a Lesbian

My faith is who I am. You sexuality is who you are. Then why is it ok...

Here is your chance: explain to me why I should not be a Christian

Who has led us to war and who has protested the con't of war

Will Howard Dean Run For President In The Future?

Here is your chance, explain why I shouldnt try to find common ground?

I have stage 2 breast cancer

John Gimenez: Combatting America's P.H.A.R.A.O.H.

Voter Supression

Singin Them Naked Emperor Blues

Photo of Mary Cheney and Heather Poe

CNN Reliable Sources to discuss Jon Stewart NEXT !!!!!

I HATE watching Wolf Blitz-whore, but I really want to see Dean.

GEEEEZUS! Are you watching the Edwards rally on C-SPAN??

France: Our Oldest Ennemy

Molly Ivins is on CSPAN just kicking ass on Rove and John "lost to a

Is C-SPAN going to cover the million worker march in Washington DC?

Howard Dean coming up next on Leslie Blitzer

Dana MILBANK Articulates the Media Whores' Creed

New Repug attack: "They will say ANYTHING to get elected!! snifsnif.."

"God In Government " Documentary

Bush Has Cuba In His Sights -

Molly Ivins: We cannot wait til we win --

''We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality."

Terry McAuliff On Fire on Blitzer! Made Ed Gillespie look like a fool!

CNN loses their satellite feed with Howard Dean!!!

Psalm 2004


Which is the best personal page to use?

For overseas dems receiving damaged ballots/having other ballot problems

Has anyone surfed those mysterious terrorist websites?

"How will we pay for it?"

IndyMedia seizure may be linked to Diebold court case

The Guantanamoization of America

Kerry Warns of Privatized Social Security

What Should We Care About Down The Stretch?

Cardinals vs Yankees????

Flu Shots -- Lies, facts and a flip-flop

I never knew Bill O'Reilly owned a restaurant in Wisconsin!

Other forums?

Other gays that repukes must hate


yard sign theft

Stephenopolous is a tool

Better news at the crafts fair :D

Molly Ivins on CSPAN 2 now

What are the chances of a huge CIA leak in the next 2 weeks?

Progressive Muslims challenge tradition

My letter to the editor..feel free to use if you want

The 22nd Amendment: A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

Are You Consumed by the Poll Numbers

Is Michael Moore in "ill health?

Bush is two-faced, loves religion, doesn't like Christian Coalition..

Thus Spoke the Prophet Mohammad:.....

Here is a good link about Poll Numbers in the upcoming days

I need you all to send a "thank you" note

Funniest Moveon commercial! Bush plays with ball :)

i was watchin CNN, said Kerry was ahead in OH ONLY because he had more

The WMD "threat"...

Jesus spoke these words, I guess dubya missed church that day...

How do you look at your Republican friends,...who are voting..

Kids 16 and under have a big influence on this election

Another thread in the Forum says that the outsourcing of legal work

"The Million Worker March" - Did Many of You Take The Time...

With Few Suppliers of Flu Shots, Shortage Was Long in Making

Source: "MSNBC via Drudge Report"

Putting 9/11 deaths in perspective

Any business owners?

MOstradamus Predicts............1-20-05

U.S. to Quit Inspecting Tobacco

What do you say to someone with a loved one going or in Iraq?

west coast feed of Press the Meat is on now

Check out this song my dad did...

What if we applied Christ's teachings to the Muslim world?

Coming up top of the hour: Sibel Edmonds, David Ray Griffin listen live!

How Many Days and Coalition Forces

One Way to Help Our Troops This Holiday Season

CBS - 60 Minutes - Tribute to Ray Charles

DU this site at * - 65% - Kerry - 29%

Douglas Brinkley is very impressive

"America's not made for queers!" & other charming neocon rants

I'm upset at some posts here in ref. to little bush's

I just finished reading "You Have the Power"

Molly Ivins: "Liberals & libertarians UNITE!!"

Live Aid coming out on DVD

The old "stem-cell bait 'n switch". Media needs to wake up and call it!!

How do you deal with your Repug parents that are voting for *?

wow!! funniest/scariest GWB audio-spliced parody EVER (inside)

What if it's Satan speaking through Bush

Overseasvoters - didn't get your ballot? You can still vote - pass it on

Sean Penn sure has come a long way since his "Madonna" days

Which of the major constituencies of this admin do you find the most scary

Anyone who thinks that it is business as usual in America anymore

Is this election causing you undue stress? A poll for DU

A little story about a Hummer. (No, the 4-wheel kind)

If Bush wins, I predict he will be impeached within the first 3

Just encountered a repug at a crafts show

O.M.G. - The Guardian: "Sex scandal dogs Fox star ". Must, must read.

Anyone else have a visceral reaction when you see a W04 sticker on an SUV?

Is Guantanamo a concentration camp?

Cspan caller-"Liberals dont read anyway"

my nephew (13yo) says he'll vote for bush...

The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism (USA is not a Democracy)

Looks like from initial reports that the Reservists who refuse the mission

George W. Bush is not Adolph Hitler.

“First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist..."

Please sign this if you already have not

"Hallelujah! Bush Forgives A Pedophile! "

An "open" letter to my pastor...

Elephant ivory trading is beginning again (yes, * is involved)

Is our nation as fucked up as it seems to those of us here in reality?

Seniors urged to sign "pledge" for Bush or lose their Social Security

BBV: Diebold's Business Dealings In King Co., WA

The World According to Bush - tonight (Sunday), Newsworld

The Greatest Canadian

Vandals desecrate Jewish cemetery in Germany

Governments borrowing heavily to cover growing pension shortfalls

National politics in East Texas district

Paper: Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice

Bush Says He's Best Protection From Draft

Clinton To Be At Fewer Kerry Events

Detainees released from infamous Abu Ghraib prison

Students grade debates without using a curve

Karl Rove in a Corner

Polls show worsening of America's reputation

WGME Loses Ads Over Plan to Air Anti-Kerry Film

Critics Blame Kremlin for Cautious Media

Bush's negligence with FLU shot already causing deaths

Implanted medical record chips 'will save lives globally'

St. Petersburg Times (FL) endorses Kerry

Fierce fighting around Iraqi city

Nine Iraqi Police Killed in Ambush South of Baghdad

Racine Marine serving in Iraq killed in explosion

Ken "LizardFace" Mehlmann just admitted on MTP...

Zarqawi claims to have beheaded 11 Iraqi troops

Choice for wildlife post alarms environmentalists

Americans abroad could make difference in close election

12 newspapers endorse Kerry today !!!! (and counting!!)

Miami Herald, Akron Beacon Journal, Dayton Daily News all go to

Report: Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice

Bush Says He's Best Protection From Draft

Pierre Salinger, JFK Aide, Dies at 79

Threat to Bush weighed...

Army Trainers to Become Fighters in Iraq

Falluja clerics call for civil disobedience

The making of the terror myth

Canberra (Australia) rejects UN request

Report: Jeb Bush ignored flawed felon voter list

Britain Denies Using Troops to Boost Bush's Standing

Will We Need a New 'All the President's Men'?

They can't kill him so they're killing us' [Bush's Pro-life Policy]

Venezuelan president threatens to imprison any governor who loses in elect

Mortar shell hits center for turning in weapons in Sadr city

LA times: Election to Be Scrutinized for Irregularities

Why Kerry is the choice | San Francisco Chronicle Endorsement


Russia granted military base in Tajikistan

(FL) Daytona Beach News Journal endorses John Kerry

Caracas mayor pulling out of poll

chi trib endorses bush for president

Gen. Vows Review of Iraq Safety Measures

Houston Chronicle endorses DeLay challenger Morrison

Many Iraqi Intellectuals Seek Exile

Zogby/Reuters Tracking - Sunday - Kerry Trims Bush Lead to 2

Blair to Site US Missiles in UK (!!)

Documents, sources say Bush team had no postwar plan on Iraq

Analysis: 8 states may decide election

Kansas City Star: John Kerry for President

Virginia: Nader State Coordinator Indicted on Elected Fraud Charges

Black burial site's fate stirs emotions in N.H.

Veterans in Harlem Home Cite Violence and Vermin

Kidnappings becoming part of life in Paraguay

Bush Surges Ahead ( 8 pt lead : Gallup )

Tampa newspaper withholds presidential endorsement

Loud Blast Shakes Baghdad, Casualties Feared

Annan: Iraq War Hasn't Made World Safer

(UK) Territorial Army infiltrated by Al-Qaeda

Pentagon: Ex-Detainees Return to Terror

Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states (CBC!!!)

Army: GIs refused mission because of safety concerns

Pentagon Rewards Generals, Corporations Tied to Abu Ghraib Scandal

Australia rejects UN troops request (to Iraq)

EPA not talking to media about Asarco cleanup

Air Force 1 not so fun

Battles rage around besieged Falluja

Kerry for president, Bush hasn't earned a second term | Sacramento Bee

Broken Air Intake Makes West Wing Smoky

Guantanamo Backsliders

New voters surge in 8 states Registration flood could help swing a close e

Demonstrators Gathering at Lincoln Memorial

Govt tried to kill Iraq dossier scribe: former BBC head

Marine returns from Iraq to emotional ruin, suicide

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 1101

British Army wanted in town where bombing and murder are the norm

Massive blaze engulfs at least 5 floors of Caracas govt bldg (Venezuela)

Haiti's Interim Leader Accuses Aristide of Backing Violence

Residents protest delay of anti-Bush movie

Kerry: Bush 'January Surprise' for Social Security

John Kerry is better choice for president (St. Pete Times)

Baghdad car bomb kills Iraqi police

Madrid Attacks May Have Targeted Election, Wiretaps Bolster Theory...

Taliban's sense of humour fails TV test

'Shark Tale' Chews Up 'Team America' at Box Office (Team America Flops)

CNN Survey: Kerry picks up OH, NH (Wow !)

Web Site: Zarqawi Pledges Allegiance to Bin Laden

Vilsack Blames Bush Administration For Flu Vaccine Problems

President Bush To Campaign In New Jersey

Why did Chiron Flu Crisis Affect USA more than England?

E&P: "Daily Endorsement Tally: Kerry Picks up 22 Papers, Owns Huge Lead"

Jeb Bush Rules Out 2008 White House Run

Monument to Mark Paul Wellstone Crash Site

Top Army Commander in Iraq Complained of Poor Supply Situation, Document S

At Cheney's side, controversy Counsel's push for presidential power

I got my John Kerry dogtag today!

Planet Hollywood Worker Reflects On Celebrity Hand Job

Best typo ever & fine new epithet: Repulican

I've figured it out-- the flu vaccine was contaminated with mouse!

What happened when I fell asleep?

They drummed you right out of Hollywood so........

Disregard this

listening to some killer goa/psytrance....ask me anything?

Teresa Heinz Kerry is not your average millionaire

I just watched "Outfoxed" and "Going Upriver" today. Ask me anything!

Things We take For Grantited

Tommorows Boondocks best ever.

Surprise early leader in presidential vote

Inbound bearing 320... Your vector, you are cleared to engaged...

I just voted for Kerry. I have Oregon vote by mail ballot

Any other DU Aggies?


Anyone want a jeep?

My sleep cycle is all farkled up

BORING QUESTION hey it's late........

Good night DU

I am babysitting my Grandparents'...

Brave Americans battle terrorist at * rally

Ran into some Shrub supporters

Yes, * Can!

Who stole my banjo?

Lucy Lucmila has OD'ed on the Koolaid

Oh where have you been my blue eyed son?

Official: Coke takes over parts of the brain that Pepsi can't reach

I fell aseep before the Baseball Game was over...............

everyone in southern california enjoying the rain?

Can't sleep in - ever. It sucks.

In honor of # 5k NOW PLAYING ON 97X

Message from the Gipper..

The votemaster this morning

A funny: Pass Out the Cows

OMG! Kerry has ALREADY STARTED rounding up the guns of freedom loving

Microsoft Forgot Poland!!!!

All you loser Duers still up like me go over to Amazon and read the

Why does the tupperware never dry in the dishwasher?

Kerry kicking some butt!

fried what?

Fucked up car decal I saw today

Which is oogier?

YES!!! West Wing is back this week...Let's hope it's REALLY

I've made no mistakes in my life

What should ZombyWoof's punishment be for not having the coffee ready?

Ha. I just checked and I have a winning Powerball ticket.

I've made so many mistakes in my life


"Kerry Trims Bush"....why do I giggle when I see headlines like this?

Earwormer, Earwormer, worm me an ear.


And just when you think you saw it all regarding *...

Let the river rock you like a cradle

What is your favorite mineral slime?

The Real Lil John

Know your place and CAPTION

Posting Privlage revoked

I'm NOT Going To The Renaissance Festival Today And YOU ARE!

I'm Going To The Renaissance Festival Today And YOUR NOT!

Cheating the system, do I do anything about it?

this post makes me yet another atheist in the 700 club

10 hours later...........

Should I get an iPot?

I'm hungry. Ask me anything.

explain to me why *I* should be a lesbian!

Fundie are the lowest of low.

Should There Be A Entertainment Cap on Entertainers?

I'm about the watch my DVD of F9/11, what preemptive drugs should I take?

Should I get an iPod?

Polls/endorsements; fuggedaboudit; DU classics deserve a

As read on a NASCAR site:

What the hell is wrong with people?

1st time in church for MikeG in eighteen years, ask me anything!

Anyone remember the Beatles Cartoon Show?

explain to me why *I* shouldn't be a thespian!

New Canadian Quarters

I just spent a huge block of time with Ambassador Wilson, Ask me anything!

Lyrics you heard wrong.

Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake

Would you like some champ-egg-en?

The anti-news, for all it matters

Who Will Be on Bush's Pardon List?

Ah, my dear. Care for some sham-PANG-ya?

This was in my local paper, how should I respond???

Anyone in lust with Cate Edwards?

Warning- Vanity fashion post

CNN (yeah I know) just said corps. are outsourcing......

Seriously, is there an up side to Satan worshiping?

Mac users: what's your favorite Usenet newsreader/binary downloader?

Wow, a graduate site that's TOTALLY free!


I'd like to suggest a moment of silence.

Please join in...

Part of my parents' living room ceiling collapsed this morning

Anyone else in lust with John Edwards?

well, the Redskins didn't blow it

When do you decide it's time to buy a new pair of pants?

Seriously, is there an upside to foot worshipping?

explain to me why *I* shouldn't be a lesbian!

Wow! The Bills FINALLY win a game!

Explain to me why I should be a heterosexual

Sucks to be the Seahawks right about now.

Hey Detroit!

If you wish to maintain your sanity, do not go to Costco on Sat afternoon

Explain to me why I should be a metrosexual?

Explain to me why I should be a homosapien.

I hope we have a Red Sox vs. Astros world series

I get this a lot...


Here is your chance, explain why I shouldnt try to find common ground?

Explain to me why I shouldn't become a tyranical leader?

whos motherfuckin bright idea was it to trade Morton Anderson

Maybe I Was Wrong About The Boston Red Sox

Should There Be A Salary Cap on Entertainers?

Explain to me why I should not be sexy.

Rain in San Diego. First since April 17th!

Droopy's NFL question of the week.

Chargers lose 21-20 to Falcons.

Is rainwater supposed to sizzle after pouring it out of a chair?

Oh, Oh! The Patriots streak may end today.

I live in Downtown Denver/Capitol Hill.......

We had a somewhat interesting incident last night

Watched "Monster" last night...

Explain to me why I quit contemplating smoking

Things to do if you ever become evil overlord, part one


Ok, I'm the biggest jerk in the lounge today. Wanna fight?

Hey Red Sox Fans

I am a man of constant sorroooooow

Just returned from camping...

End computer illiteracy in our time!

Explain to me a "mock thread"

explain to me a "sock thread"

Endorse GWB? I'm from Detroit. We don't play that shit.

Explain to me why you think I should care about what you think I should

HEY! just explain why i shd give a rat'sass!

Asked on the campaign board - got no answers


explain to me a "cock thread"

Grrr- Does anybody else hate "EndBad Nights"?

Question about tipping

"Sorry I missed church. I was busy practicing witchcraft and

Seeking Picture: Get A Brian Moran Guy...

Zoup for you

Explain to me why I shouldn't do an explain to me thread

Damn, a nature show is on and I just heard "The rat's cover is blown."

As long as I brought up fashion. Anyone else here shop at Goodwill?

Hooray! Jags beat KC and right-wing pig Dick Vermeil!

Here is your chance: explain to me why I should not retire

Just bought America (the book) $14.19 at Costco

Why does my computer monitor do this?

Cardinals vs Yankees????

The terrorists are in charge, clearly

Have you changed your driving habits since gas has gone up?

That's it. I give up on Liberals

I have no idear whats going on...

Is there a law against decent apartments or something?

Be regional, folks

Explain to me why I should be a CatWoman

Post in this thread, and I'll give you a hug

Explain to me why I should be a Powerslave

Everyone please check out MoPaul's NEW flash "W" at this thread

Be or-not-to-be?, folks.....


Beyatch or Beiotch?

I wish I was stoned

DUers who call Pop/Soda "Coke", what do you call coca-cola?

What is the most 'liberal' car?

Coke? Soda? Pop? What is it?

Hey, My Dad Coached Vinnie Testaverde In Junior High!

Pierre Salinger said...2000 election

explain to me why i should not move in with an SO of 2 mo's

Did anyone see Hero?

Post in this thread and I will call you a wanker.

Yay! The Astros won.....whoever they are!

Dallas-Pittsburgh official thread

What!?! No Astros Victory Thread yet?!?

Paper Jam Paper Jam!!! Arrrghh! I love the My obnoxious boss commercial

Some of you guys are having problems relating to women

You want *MAGIC*? I give you Vinnie Testeverde

What toy did you buy your pet that you regretted?

This Dog For Rent

If we lose this election it will all be my fault

Explain to Me Why I Should Be a Slinkerwink

Taken literally, aren't all babies really aborted fetuses?

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army

How do you get rid of a Hangover?

check out this KFC


and the pittsburgh steelers win!

For DU'ers with internet access at work....

Most Reliable TV News Source in the US

Bush gets pissed

Can somebody explain to me why I shouldn't be _non-sexual_?

That's it. I give up on funerals

Be original, folks

Sucks to be the Red Sox right about now.

Zomby's LiveJournal: Day 3 in the Cryogenic Tube!

That's it. I give up on females.

Explain to me why I shouldn't be _asexual_!!

who has had sex with a republican ?

I am feeling down.

be origami folks

'Stros Fans, CHECK IN HERE!!!

History says that if the Packers win in two weeks, so will Kerry

This is a big cat

Red Sox - Yankees Game 4 Official Thread

Sarahbelle...check your PM

Need techie help saving files!!!



My son just got his first hair cut.

GREAT! $300 in two days for a cat we don't even own

ZeeDub's NFL Picks: Week 6

No, You're All Wrong, ALL SPORTS TEAMS SUCK!!!

Sirius is some serious awsome radio...who would go with XM - clear channel

What non-political book are you reading now?

I don't like like the lady on Al Franken's radio show. Please forgive me.

I have stage 2 breast cancer

Saw Dennis Kucinich yesterday...

Here is your chance: explain to me why I should not be a Lesbian

Here is your chance: explain to me why I should not be a Christian

Attention, DU High School Students and Teachers!

Wimblehack -the tournament to deterine worse campaign journalist -NY press

Nate Clay program is on now!

Teresa should go public with outrage about Lynn Cheney calling

'Do these people live in caves?'

Quiz show the movie reminds me how ethically low the media has fallen

When Bush* Says: "I'm George Bush And I Approved This Message" ...Did He??

More FREE TIME to John O'Neill tomorrow on CSpan 2....Book TV will

Another LTTE about Bush.

Its time for Bush to get worried--Luntz

Bush/Cheney: Malice in Blunderland.

Kerry in Tampa on Monday. Orlando on Tuesday.

"I'm George Bush And I Approved This Message" - Idea for AntiBush ad!!

Maureen Dowd's Opinion Column

Kerry in Orlando on Monday at 4:00 PM at Barnett Park.

In my local paper....

What is ex sen. Bill Bradley up to? Last I heard of him he endorsed Dean.

Lynn Cheney is going to cause a backlash in Kerry's favor

Boston Globe Endorses Kerry

Time For Mary Cheney To Speak

"Decline of American Greatness" --- great article in Wash Monthly

"This guy's never in doubt, but frequently in error."

booted from S.D., GOP registration cheats head for Ohio...

Palm Beach Post Endorses Kerry side-by-side photos of Kerry and Bush

"Castro has done a better job running Cuban than * has running the US"

If Laura loves George, she'll get him out of this nightmare

My LTTE on Bush and the Draft

I posted earlier I was tired...I am re-inspired

"San Francisco Chronicle" Endorses Kerry

Knight/Ridder: "Americans abroad could make difference in close election"

Byron William: 'Bogus polls mask landslide in the making'

Edwards: ``We know they're going to be up to their old tricks . . .

straight from the mouth of * - "we will not have an all-volunteer army."

Yahoo: AP analysis- 8 States May Decide Election (very good news)

Looking for real Journalism....(Koppel/Stewart)

Please help, if you want a weapon to bring down George Bush

Mary's Silence On Lesbian Squabble

Chomsky on C-Span's Book TV @ 0930 today

Ever get into an argument with a wingnut & needed good info to back U up?

Chicago talk host Nate Clay: Kerry will win by 5%, maybe more.

The New York Times endorses Kerry for President!!!!!

Log Cabin Repubs, their take on the Mary Cheney lesbian remark?

Everything you want to know about John Kerry

Minneapolis Star Tribune endorses Kerry

Is anyone still tallying Kerry's newspaper endorsements?

**** URGENT ****

"Florida Today" endorses Kerry.

Only WH can stop Sinclair- need to find/report SCANDAL

What do you suppose the Sunday talk shows will cover?

Bush rejects all volunteer armed services - Listen to it for yourself

State-By-State Election Breakdown

Analysis: 8 States May Decide Election...Good read. Damn I'm Scared

El Paso Times endorses the Fool

Some Good News From SE Ohio

Belo owned Dallas Morning News picks

MTP: Shrum slapping Mehlman around on SS

MTP TV Alert: Tennenbaum-DeMint SC Senate Debate today

Schrum just killing the repub guy on MTP

If we win - do we spend the next 4 years blaming Bush for everything bad?

Palm Beach Post goes for

Why isn't Al Gore stumping for Kerry is Florida?

Newsday NY endorses JK's health plan but

American Deaths in Iraq Now at 1,101.

Great photo on the front page of the Wash Post

NY Daily News has no endorsements/opinions on both sides of the aisle but

Minneapolis Star-Tribune Endorses Kerry for President

Sen. John Kerry for president-Roanoke, VA

I'm tired

Is Zogby Playing With Us? -Woody's Lead Down To A Deuce

Gotta list of?

"Spreading freedom and Democracy throughout the world"

Kerry major endorsement : New York Times

Panatagraph (IL; Sued Michael Moore over F9/11) Endorses Bush*.

Overseas voters who didn't get their ballot can still vote -- pass it on

Wash Post: As Rove Goes So Goes Bush

Great PHOTO....Iowa greets Kerry, as he flies into Des Moines...

San Francisco Chronicle endorses Kerry.

Bunch of endorsements

What will happen to Nader on Nov. 3?

Bush: Mainstream politician or dry river bed of leadership?

This is great from the Village Voice "Fiction Stronger Than Truth"

A strident minority: anti-Bush US troops in Iraq

Washington insiders expose own agencies

I'm kind of proud of myself....

Kerry Trims Bush Lead to 2 Points -Reuters Poll(Zogby)

New Zogby #s .. looking good in all the right places

Have you noticed a common thread in these endorsements?

WTF Even the more left leaning Star Telegram

OK - what do you all make of this - fighter jets last night

MTP - South Carolina has a clear choice

We are coming Back :Reuters Poll: Kerry Trims Bush Lead to 2 Points

What are the chances the St. Paul Pioneer Press will endorse Kerry?

Bush fails to convince this Democratic voter

"And do you consider yourself a man, Ron?"

Zogby Poll: Is this the reason for the skewed results?

Sacramento Bee: Kerry for president

Report: Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice

Electoral Vote predictor, Oct 17: Kerry 253 /Bush 247

Boston Globe Endorses Kerry

Just talked my LLBean phone guy into voting for Kerry

Jon Stewarts video with Carlson and Zell Miller & other videos.

NYT - Kerry Hears Supportive Voices in a Bush Bastion in Ohio

Has the WP endorsed Bush yet?

No Stolen Election Campaign

Do endorsements matter in elections?

Hello all

Edwards urges Floridians to vote early

Draft next? Bush has history getting things wrong in Iraq.

St Petersburg Times Florida........Goes KERRY

The 4TH Bush/Kerry 'Debate' - Untelevised internet exclusive!

Kelly Wallace said Reliable Sources

Group effort needed to list Kerry/Bush endorsements across the country

What's the Deal with the Link to the Newly Discovered Bush NG Records?

Is the media still pushing the Mary Cheney

Rock the vote response on the draft issue.

What papers endorsed Bush in 2000 and are now endorsing Kerry?

My new favorite T-shirt

Bush signs anti-Semitism bill - Haven't seen much of this in the US media

TV Alert: NY Senate Debate on ABC (NY) NOW 10:00am

Faith-Based War Planning

here's a poll i feel decent about: Bush's lead down to 2 points...

Canvassing today? GOT FLYERS?

DeLay stiffs High School Debate Club. Refuses to participate in debate.

Heads up Duval County Florida.......Registrations can be Fixed.......

CNN "Reliable" Sources Will ...

Rassmussen poll for what it's worth: bush 48, kerry 46

You know Bush's lead is extremely shaky when CCCleveland's own

HEADS UP: Kerry-Edwards rally LIVE on C-SPAN 2:15 pm est

Iraq audit can't find billions

God help us - Jeb bush coming up on Stephanopolis

Newsday endorses Kerry health care plan

GREAT news in today's Reuters/Zogby Poll

Beyond November: Democracyfest 2005

DU Help! Scary letter for seniors ties to TimLahaye, therefore Bushboy

Florida Today: Strong Endorsement for Kerry!

I just love it when Kerry smiles! From Saturday: PIX!

Democrats name GOP official in phone jamming

I THINK I heard that CNN's ReliableSources were going to discuss

Good news - horserace has ohio, fla, wi up for grabs.

General Clark will be on CNN Wolf Blitzer today

Just what is the "super amendment" on gay marriage?

Three undecided voters-will they ever choose?

Need help from economists

The Miami Herald recommends: For U.S. president - John Kerry

Houston Chronicle endorses Richard Morrison (over Tom DeLay)

Between now and the election, will Bush be allowed to say...

Ron Suskind on This Week (abc)

AP's Mary Dalrymple GORES Kerry for wearing a jacket

What kind of stupid poll BS is this from ABC?

From pundette on Tweety's panel: "Bush is genuine/authentic".

Texas Freeway Blogger Reports In

Let's be prepared - CNN will report tons of bogus polls from here on

Anyone else voting for any Republicans in November?

AP Wire Story includes racial profile of crowd at Edwards rally

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 253 Bush 247

Denver: Avid hunters may leave Bush camp

Bush and the pedophile...

Goerge W. Bush Resume:

Many people are "weak minded" voters.

Teresa LePore on MSNBC this AM

Bush's Fascist Police in Action, roughing up 5 yr-old (photo)

Does Joss Whedon support Kerry?

Freeps in a panic over latest Zogby

Don Evans - More americans working than ever

EXCELLENT Kerry photos!!

Top Ten Reasons:

It's almost 3:30 a.m. and I'm furious about this endorsement

Bush at Oct. 16 rally "opposed, then favored, then opposed" Military draft

Cspan - catholic students discussing the debates

Holy shit! * can't tell Sweden from Switzerland!

LOL Chicago Tribune out of touch: George W. Bush for president

Contact all of Sinclair's advertisers with just one email

Wesley Clark on CNN now.

Kerry has run a good campaign and has done all expected of him.

Can I geta witness? Watch this speech! PASSION

Famous blacks get out the vote in Florida

How are those of you in "Sinclair states" preparing for attack film?

The Master Thread on Endorsements

For all Poll addicts

Am I the only one that can't see Bush conceding this election?

* has two bases - one is LAHAYE CULT

Surprise, surprise (not). Richmond Times Dispatch endorses Shrub (again).

How do people know that the newest Gallup poll oversampled Republicans?

People are saying the new Gallup poll oversampled Republicans....

Bush fails the Global test....

The latest on the draft...

Making Kerry Win Seem Inevitable Without Seeming Cocky

Bayfield, WI resident recalls Navy service with John Kerry

The Grand Refusal.

Guerrilla Voting - Suppress the Vote?

Rasmussen tracking poll: 48-46 Bush (no change from yesterday)

Did I miss Wes Clark on Wolf Blitzer's Late Edition?

Great new Kerry ads here.


Wolf Blizter and Ed Gillespie are double teaming Terry McAuliffe

Uncovered: The War on Iraq - show this film to a freeper

DU Online Gallup Poll - Kerry currently winning but need more

Bush: "The world will drift to tragedy. This will not happen on my watch"

Dementia - Tenenbaum Debate on MTP

Bill O' Reilly Video Compilation of Perversion

I hate Tony Blakely (or however that jackass spells his name). On the

New Time Poll Has Race Tied

CNN does it again, cuts off Howard Dean

Rudy Giuliani is a lying piece of shit and the Ho's let him do it!

CNN does it again

Will Wolf ask Nader about the election fraud his campaign has committed?

Once again, Gallup is the irresponsible out-lier. Disregard them.

Whenever you see a poll swing by as mush as Gallup did...

Remember CNN on Oct. 29, 2000, "Bush maintains 7-point"

lol! Super Republican Daily Herald endorses Kerry!

CNN is our worst enemy - they are only ones pushing that old story

Gallup Poll, Bush 50% Gore 42%, October 9, 2000

Just announced on CNN -- Bush leads 52-44 among likely voters

I am pretty sure Bush's October surprise..

Something to make you smile!

How convenient - lost the feed to Howard

CNN just "cut off" Howard Dean

there really should be a sub-forum for "POLLS"

OHIO: Akron Beacon Journal -- Kerry for President

New Kerry Campaign Ad

Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice

Bob Barr vs. Zell Miller

Post Election Scenario...

I would love for someone to make a video of CNN...

GOOD NEWS POLL: Kerry holds slight lead in N.H.

Bush's debates notes found!

Illinois Senate Debate - OBAMA vs KEYES - On CSPAN

Opinions of US reputation declining...

Hypocracy re: ask Lynne Cheneyabout her best selling novel (SISTERS)

We need to actively debunk

Now, who would do something like this?

Frustrated marines speaking out

John Kerry has done a great thing for America....

Edwards on CSPAN in Gainesville, FL now

I want a "golden nugget" of a Repub. defection. Not a Barr-dis-endorse.

Bush understands Al Queda because "he is just like them."

Double Choco-ration to anyone who can separate these texts:

Add another one: KC Star endorses Kerry

Medford, OR Mail Tribune endorses Kerry!!!

Likely voter polls usually miss mark. Here is why

where is the Kerry campaign debate ad?

Should We Boycott CNN or all Media Till After The Election?

Turn CNN the [email protected] off already!!

Deleted message

Flu shortage

"Senior Republican" says Bush is "manifestly unfit to be President"

New LOW for Gillespie?

New NYTimes Bush Article - the one with...

Kerry explains Bush: "ignore it, deny it, then try to hide it, and then...

Kerry-Edwards rally live on C-SPAN NOW!

NY Sun endorses Bush. (RW rag)

Did Rove really say that Bush won all three debates?

Zogby: Kerry Gaining Ground

What's with the Kerry/Edwards yellow wristbands?

Should we encourage all Kerry voters to get out extra early to vote...

Do Repubs with power outside the junta want Bush to lose?

How can this idiot be elected in SC

Racial/gender makeup of Swfties vs. all VetNam vets.

Deleted message

My Modest Prediction: What's Yours?

Anybody catch the McLaughlin Group this week?

Voters Dislike Nasty Campaigns

"Bush, 2 point lead, 3rd debate registers w/ voters: Kerry had a good day"

They hate us for our dry drunk.

Swift Boat Vets to Distribute Anti-Kerry Message with Halloween Candy?

Blair is 'Using Our Troops to Boost Bush'

What's going on in Ohio and Florida? Will the election be honest?

going to see the next VP in two hours! Come on out north FL!

Lexington Herald Leader endorses Kerry in Kentucky

Kerry should stop campaigning now, he's eight points behind

AWOL* job approval can't break 50%. He's going down.

Here is Rove's dream voter

Get it through your heads, everybody! Gallup is rigged!

Florida Voters May Cast Ballots Monday

"Cheney Sis Jumps Into Lesbian Fray"

Here's an idea ..... DON'T respond to polls

The crowds tell the story.....

Wanaque, NJ is like Freepertown, USA

This election makes EV vote/Nebraska - Maine split

Okay, so isn't the real explanation for only 5 companies making vaccines

Kerry accuses Bush of ``January surprise'' on Social Security

Is * taking the day off?

This election will not be won by leaks by the CIA, or

Can you see it in his eye?

Democratic headquarters burglarized (ohio mainframe taken)

sound off! who has already sent in absentee ballots? which state?

Let's see...Kerry wins all three debates and bush* goes up in polls

So what happened to the Bush "wearing defibrillator" story? There

Bush lawyer Thomas Josefiak: "It may takes days or weeks after Nov. 2...

What the heck is a *likely* voter and WHY is Bush doing better amongst

I just watched the Jon Stewart/Crossfire thing. Wow. This was a

Bush's campaign speeches - WTF?????

Electoral College Calculator 2004

Texas Freeway Blogger- SUCCESS in Posting the Pictures

D.U.ers in D.C. area ... Iraq memorial (with symbolic coffins) Oct. 23

How did God let George be so wrong about Saddam?

Anyone have link to today's Gallup poll methodology - oversampling?

Interesting that suddenly Lynne "C-word" Cheney

Freaks Unleashed : Chimp and Chain-Knee Cannot Contain The RW Hate Mongers

Becoming Greatly Concerned About Sinclair--live in affliate area

Bill Schneider on CNN trying to rationalize funky poll numbers

%#@$#%!!!!! Someone stole my yard sign last night!!!!!

No Stolen Elections!

Unbelieveable!!! - Late Edition - CNN just cut Dean off!!!

I'm Stunned

Cool picture of President-Elect Kerry

Bush to give a "major speech on terrorism" tomorrow in NJ

Has anybody heard how Kerry is going to reply to this Sinclair smear?

What Bob Schieffer should have asked about sexual orientation

CNN continues to try to suppress the vote.

Go to church the next two Sundays

Ralph Nader according to Sid Blumenthal

Gallup's Swings Are Distorted


Anyone see "Headliners and Legends" about Kerry?

Question : Do you know any undecided Voters ? I for one Don't.

Gallup Has Bush Up By 8-POINTS??? WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

Bush was warned about the flu vaccine shortage??

It's still the economy stupid!

Bush plans "major speech on terrorism for Monday in New Jersey"

Teixeira's Donkey Rising: Gallup vs. Democracy Corps Polling Redux

CNN poll: Bush maintains 7-point lead over Gore. Gallup way wrong again.

The repukes have struck again!

Unbelievable bumpersticker sighting today

staples through your yard signs

Is God mad at George? LTTE help

Is The Tribune Pulling A Sinclair??

Duluth (MN) News-Tribune endorses Kerry!

Anybody watching Jimmy Carter on CBS?

Make another choice of your favorite commentators...

Quick question about voters

How The Eff Can * Brag About The Fabulous New Iraq???

Another broken Bush promise...

Along with draft, Kerry can bring up more wars prospect under Bush 2nd ter

What is impact of Caller ID on polling data?

Don't worry about the polls

Can ANYONE explain?

Use Your Noggin. If A Poll's Been Out......

The new GOP word is out - "Voters Must Take the Responsibility"

Nader tells Olbermann: if his votes empower a Bush win, "It's worth it"

Just sent this email to CNN

ABC/Washington Post Tracking Poll: Bush 50% Kerry 46%

Ask a fundie friend - is a NWO OK if it is evangelical christian?

Gallup has * up 6 pts in MA???????????????????

MICHAEL MOORE to be on C-Span at 5 :04 PM

In Japan, Kerry Preferred Over Bush

Mary Cheney, another view

I love this : RNC Attacks Rock the Vote over the Draft

Rasmussen and Zogby Show Trend Toward Kerry

Any CIA Operatives out there? Please leak devastating news about Dumbo on

Reply to poll in 8 countries: `We don't like Bush'

Only 4 of 17 pollsters got it right in 2000

Kerry signs appearig on my street!

Sign/Bumper Sticker count in SW Colorado

Changes in electoral college allocation from 2000

Who's your favorite political commentator?

Wow, the election workers that committed fraud in SD are working for Bu$h!

New Gallup Poll results: Bush 110%/Kerry -10%

The Choice 2004 on PBS right now EST n/t

If Kerry gets eight years

"Kerry & the Liberals in congress ready to take over your health care"

Bush won the third debate

New CNN Poll

This very well could be another 1948, as far as polls are concerned.

"Politicians...they're all full of crap. Can't trust any of them!"

I think...Kerry should (another "Kerry should") turn to Bush's desperate

Three papers switch from Bush to Kerry, one paper GOP since 1868...

Bunch of new Kerry ads

* and Gore - what was the newspaper endorsement tally in 2000?

Health Issues

Something is up....Bush* took off a day of campaigning to go to WH

Bush's new terror alert color code...

Relaxation and anxiety? I'll take relaxation.

My republican parents in Florida

A great photo for two reasons....

Have you donated to "America Coming Together?"

Is the Washington Post going to endorse Bush?

The newspaper endorsements are different this time.

Why I'm Optimistic About Virginia

Encounter in Walmart.

Who do you think Washington Post will endorse for Prez?

CNN reports that Bush at WH today

Newspaper endorsement roundup

It takes a lot to make me sputter

C-Span right now !!! .....Great.....Kerry Biographer. Glowing report.

Peggy Kerry on CSPAN now

Article today: Clinton recovery slower than expected.

Bush on PBS, 12/28/01: "I don't spend a lot of time looking in the mirror"

Can we get a generic option to Ignore ALL threads with the word POLL?

These new polls are not a surprise,it was predicted yesterday on GMA

Bush's health officially questioned by UK media

How to turn the tables on the polls.

I'm just pissed

Houston Chronicle endorses Morrison over DeLay! Great News.

Kerry drop in polls is to our advantage.

Blair is 'Using Our Troops to Boost Bush' : UK

Tampa Tribune: Why We Cannot Endorse President Bush For Re-Election

Florida paper endorsement count. 7 to 0 to 1

Democrats Gain Edge in Party Identification

So the GOP is now the 'lesbian-sensitive' party??????

WOW ! SW Virginia newspaper endorses KERRY....Virginia goes BLUE !

Mrs. Greenspan on NBC News claiming that

There were more than 537 new voters at Edwards' rally today

Newspaper Polls Reflect Divided Nation = MSNBC - The Spin

CNN Features 3 Newspapers Endorsing Bush & Ignore Kerry (Shocker!)

Flu who?

What did you do this weekend to help the campaign? Check in!

Debate Cartoon from Arizona

The Detroit Free Press Endorses Kerry

I Don't Like That Piece Of Shit Nader Is Back At 2% In Most Polls

Is anyone else surprised by how many papers admit Bush is a total failure?

Here is an action you can take to help your Republican friends who

Whatever happened to that Gainesville visit by Dick(head) Cheney?

"You can't fix it, if you don't believe it's broken"

Shrum dismantled Mehlman on Meet The Press

MSNBC: Kerry: Bush planning ‘January surprise’

what was the "biological contaminent" in flu vaccine?

Frankly, I don't MIND the polls saying we are down a few going into Nov 2.

Kerry abandoning swing states: CRAZY LIKE A FOX?!

Democracy Corps Poll: Kerry 50, Bush 47, Nader 1

Okay, people, time for some OUTRAGE!!

shame on Jim Demint!

Analyzing all the states

I can't get that GOTV ad where the African Americans march to vote

New ad running in Colorado about "healthcare"...

I am trying to think positively about my neighbors

Two words to stop Republicans in their tracks: "Personal Responsibility"

CBC News: Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states

Editor & Publisher: Kerry Has "Huge Lead" in Endorsements

Does Bush ever defend his health care plan?

From what you've seen and read, who is making gains in your state?

Seniors line up outside my store at 4:30 am for flu vaccine. Kerry knows.

WTF! Tweety is stupider than I thought. . .

Democrats are missing opportunity to help Kerry BIG TIME!

Dr. Tim Johnson (ABC) says flu vaccine situation is a FIASCO.

anyone interested in "get your war on" & 1 other great voter shirt?

Before we go crazy about this Gallop poll

The next batch of approval ratings will hint if Bush's poll gain is legit

Troop uprising - $87 billion, (hit them hard)

I say that we are not going to carry CO. Prove me wrong.

PBS FrontLine: The Choice 2004....Torrent and Streaming Video Available

What I've been doing locally

More words of wisdom from Ruy on Gallup's screwy poll numbers.

Philly Suburbs - CHECK IN: Hows it goin?

The Mighty "W" Propaganda Game

Big news. Tampa Tribune refuses to endorse Bush.

Proof that Gallup is off the mark

No Flu shots = dead seniors/sick people = reduction of S.S. rolls....

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/17 (Everything Closes Up)

An online poll with Bush leading

Wow! Thousands turn out today in Pembroke Pines, FL, to see John Kerry!

Every flu shot going into American arms will come from a French company

"Has bush Lost His Reason"? From the Guardian...

Bush campaign knocked on my door today!!!!

Without a Doubt - By RON SUSKIND

FREEPER on FAUX News against Kerry/Nader vote switching...

Bush up by 4 in Colorado - poll out today

Gallup sampled 9% more Repukes than Democrats

Kerry/EDWARDS Rally - Gainesville, FL [PIC HEAVY THREAD]

Rudy looks like he's running for prez in '08. Did Bush concede today?

Get Ready there WILL BE Terror Alerts!!!!!!

A way to help out the Kerry campaign in "close" states.

Here's what our Kerry crowds looked like today-- PICS

Holy Crap! NYT Endorses Kerry with scathing rebuke of Bush

Volunteer to intervene to prevent election fraud!

You OWE Me....Don't You Goddamn Give Up..

Welp- Looks like I'm heading to Florida!

Comparing states re polling place politicking allowed

Swift Boats rejected.

Sinclair's top 10 supporters

Site listing 2000 newspaper endorsements

Are any pro-Dem 527s still advertising in MO, AR, , AZ, WVA and VA?

''if Bush wins, there will be a civil war in the Republican Party"

Why I fight

Deleted message


Aren't we still being WAAAAAY too nice???

There are more Kerry supporters out there than you might think...

Has everyone seen this?

Kerry needs to Put um on Notice! No Voting Fraud Allowed!!

Why we blew it on Mary Cheney (editorial “we”)

Want to Know THE Issue that Can Win This for John Kerry?

Democracy Corps Poll 10/14-10/16 Kerry 50% Bush 47%

In this thread, we list all newspaper endorsements.

"Seig Heil!" the evidence keeps on piling up...*caption, please*

Have you noticed the new repug message: "They will say ANYTHING".

Hey! I've voted for Kerry already! YIPPEEEE!!!

Great Picture!...The Grim Reaper next to Bush/Cheney Sign

Why in the world did the Chicago Tribune endorse Bush?!

Polls do not reflect what is happening on the ground. Not in this town.

READ THIS - Voter dissatisfaction indicates it won't be close

flashback: Chicago Tribune endorses Bush in 2000