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Archives: October 16, 2004

Bush thinks you are all idiots.

Whoa - Naomi Klein's Article Forces Carlyle Pulls Out of Iraq Debt Recover

Krugman: Block the Vote

Where did the middle go? How polarized politics and a radical GOP have p

AlterNet:Republican Dirty Tricks,Sproul and Associates

Revolt in the ranks in Iraq:Army platoon that refused

American Heritage Mag. – Reagan Overrated President

E. J. Dionner Jr. : Just call him a liberal, and you'll win

Being the president means never asking for directions

Any good U.S. based ethical consumer sites? updated corp. boycotts, etc.

Bush Focus Group movie -- pass it on!


I am on a 56k connection and would like to d/l video of xfire..

Question about Wingnut Talk Shows

Malloy just mentioned us

NOW w Bill Moyers (10/15/04) - Who votes and who doesn't? MORE

Happy Ramadan friends... may your hunger pangs be slight

US to rate its allies on their treatment of Jews

Surprising Publication of CIA Insider's Critique of US Terror Tactics

Absentee voters!

For N.Ca--bay area

Did you hear? W has declared war on Massachusetts!

Teresa Daly is on the air

Great news for Mason, OH ; Kerry Edwards headquarters

Max Cleland campaigns for Hoeffel

A question for Dallasites about early voting.

Grothman voters for Kerry?

Most effective way for me to spend last days before election?

Report from the Sheboygan Kerry rally

Help me with the referendums, folks!

Proof the pen is mightier than the sword

Moveon.pac commercial

Inner-city school being sold to military

ad claims kerry 'most liberal ever'

What is Falafel

A great quote :)

Photo: Mary Cheney "Selfish Hedonist" and Lesbian partner

Another Iraq casualty milestone will be upon us by Monday/Tuesday perhaps:

Should voter registration fraud be treason?

Pro-Life Support for Kerry -- FEEDBACK REQUESTED

CNN Poll: Mary

Deborah Norville to report on O'Reilly story

Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us?

McCain thinks Chelsea is ugly but he looooooves Jenna.....

The Story to Knock Mary Cheney off the Front Page. Rank it.

Right now, do you remember what O'Reilly and Rush were saying about

Anyone concerned........

Police Fire on Crowd of Bush Protesters

Dateline: O'Reilly

You’re Not Stupid: Get the Truth: A Brief on the Bush Presidency

Olbermann is on!! MSNBC

Frog March, anyone?

It's official: I'm going to puke!

Looks like Kerry and Teresa paid more than some claimed in taxes.

this is too funny

Judith Miller on MSNBC talking about going to jail

A self-identified "Rational Reagan Republican" I talk to said this about *

I Love Stomping Freepers Everyday

HEY! I've found the October Surprise..... B2O

Watching Dr. Helen Caldicott speak on Free Speech TV right now...

SCREW YOUR POLLS AND SHUT UP - with no apologies to anyone

Pat Buchanan and Terry Jeffries Now on Scarborough Country

Wanna see what happens when you think of voting for Bush????

James Wolcott on Deborah Norville tonight discussing Loofahgate...

Turn on ABC 20/20 -- Expose on the Saudi Royal Family

GOP Theft of Our Election Is Under Way.

Bill Moyers/ Kevin Phillips talking about Sinclair

How is "diebold" pronounced?

Wasn't there an FTC complaint filed..

Sinclair Broadcast downgraded

How Come "Hardball"-Tweety Doesn't "Do" Enron OR O'Lielly Stories?

hey! You forgot Armenia...oh never mind

They ran a swiftboat ad here. Un fucking believable.

1,049 federal rights depend on marital status

Rerun of Crossfire?

How come Bush is able to find many people to do his bidding when it

Pennsylvanian Men Pissed Off At Bush Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Has this been discussed?

What can we at DU do to organize support for the troops refusing orders?

During the Korean War, the U.S. had a resolution passed by the

Michael Moore offers F9/11 to Sinclair Broadcasting FOR FREE!

Pirates and Emperors . . .

Rating Anti-Bush Films

Michael Moore on Leno, offer to Sinclair BGI

Updated "Plan B" if Bush wins or steals

Michael Moore offers F911 to Sinclair for free

Radio listener numbers/ratings question

so what precisely is the difference between . . .

Is there a good scientific explanation for the big bang?


Michael Moore on Leno coming up

Check out this video of the Idiot in Chief

What did Ralph Nader say on lou Dobbs tonight?

Conan's going to TOWN on O'Reilly tonight....

Letterman drills * pretty good!

Friday night Malloy

Spent $10 for "Fortunate Son".........

Bill Moyers: A Little Patriotic Sacrifice

Bush losing the military vote????

Is our action at Abu Ghraib the cause of so many beheadings?

I am really worried about O'Reilly.

watching F 9/11 for third time now

Teacher could lose job for showing F9/11

Rate this Yahoo Story - it's a doozy. 400,000 outsourced jobs

It's 1916, Again

Jon Stewart and Harvey Pekar (American Splendor)

It's 1933 and we're in in the Weimar

Bush's box...another theory.

Is the depletion of oil resources faster and more catastrophic than


This Fallujah Incursion Is Really Genocide - Are You Proud???

The only thing shocking about O'Really's sex scandal is....

Please direct me to the place where I can see Jon Stewart

Did Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter ever publicly call anyone a "slimeball?"

I think Bush lied about getting a flu shot.

Does data collection like this concern you about privacy?

seen a big suv in cincinnati

Bush Imperializes Lincoln Bedroom with Huge Golden Crown

Reagan: Overrated. FDR: Underrated. American Heritage Magazine.

Did You Inherit YOUR Parents' Political Beliefs?

I am an example of what is wrong according to Jon Stewart,..

Call to Action DUers! Support our Troops

Which Republican idea would you enthusiastically support?

Anyone know what kind of crowds Nader is getting?

Iraq War Veterans form Operation Truth group. You must see this!

Is this tax idea of mine a good or bad idea

O'Reilly Sex Charges on CNN

Aaron BROWN's Leading with O'LIELLY Trashing the Plaintiff n/t

RevMoon owns land above Guarani aquifer, largest supply of fresh water.

Toons: George W. Bush, Beloved Clown

I have a question for 'believers', of any flavor - it's a bit complex but,

Could we send flowers and thanks to Jon Stewart?

RNC chairman calls for gag order on military draft discussion...

Steel & Glass: The October Plame Surprise!

AP: "Oregon Police Fire on Crowd of Protesters"

DA clears anti-Bush protesters

Kerry-Edwards Response to Bush Radio Address: Bush's 'Straightforward' Rhe

'Ranked-Choice Voting' Debuts in Calif.

WP: Crucial Florida Vote May Hinge On Burgeoning Latino Population

Backward Drawings May Have Doomed Genesis

Roger Stone tied to dirty tricks in Pa.

Pay Pal payment processing service drops gay sites

Under siege since 9/11, Arab vote shifts to Kerry

Review finds More Bush Military Records (Friday Night Surprise?)

Review Finds More Bush Military Records

WP/Kurtz: Kerry Team Demands Equal Time

Guerriero attacks Bush and Cheney for "feigning outrage"

Iraq Unit Refuses Risky Mission

Combat hospital shocked into action (harrowing story of Green Zone attack)

Company Backs Off Plan To Air Moore's Movie

Kerry under fire but Vietnamese to rescue

Promotion on the way for US head of Abu Ghraib jail (Ricardo Sanchez)

Moore offers F 9/11 free to Sinclair Broadcasting

Marie Franklin died

Pentagon uses depleted uranium shells in its raid against Iraq

Kerry Addresses Remark on Cheney Daughter

During Abu Ghraib prison scandal

Rep. fears "radical homosexual agenda"

WP: Scowcroft Is Critical of Bush

WP: Bush Lawyer Anticipates Delay in Tally

US to lose more than 400,000 jobs this year

Republican Guerriero accuses GOP of 'attacking gays'

Let`s think about our children`s future

Iraq Contractor Accused of Offshore Shell Game

Poll Shows Disapproval of Cheney Daughter Reference

Bush campaign voices worry about military vote

WP: Thousands Rally on the Mall To Protest Same-Sex Marriage

Michael Moore Just Offered his Movie to Sinclair For Free!!

Bush Considering Tougher Syria Sanctions-Officials

Republican Dirty Tricks (Nathan Sproul, Gordon James ties to B/C)

Florida Sets Touch-Screen Recounts Rule

WP: For the Candidates, Vietnam Choices Linger

Calif. Woman Dies After Wait for Flu Shot

U.S. Acquiesces in European Plan for Talks With Iran

Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN's 'Crossfire' Show

Photo: Mary Cheney "Selfish Hedonist" and Lesbian partner

alright, who did the raindance in Bosotn tonight?

can someone tell me how to order a ppv football game from

Lily Tomlin cracks joke about Bush at a theatrical performance

Ever been snubbed at a prog/left funtion ?

Nyah, nyah, nyah

Really stupid question...a thread long ago...

Opionions on flyers of Bush supporting neighbors

I had an funny experience with a freeper and a sales clerk the other

Commercials you hate

Fuzzy Math?

Does your cat smell?

one of the best bumper stickers ever on the way home from work today

Hahahaha...Bobby Muller just told Hannity that "he doesnt know shit"

It's up. The story to knock Mary Cheney off the front page. Rank it.

Refinanced- bank made a mistake in dispursement of funds???

"Crumb Museum," Ray Charles, Old Love, My Dad and me.............

Ever read the full lyrics to "This Land is Your Land?"

The quote that perfectly sums up how I feel tonight:

Die Hard With A Vengence

Happy Ramadan friends... may your hunger pangs be slight

Viagra's "Wild Thing" guy with the blue horns.....

The Avengers now on BBCA

The old bird had some fun this afternoon!

And here is the main difference between me and CAPTION...

Ick. I tried to watch "DC 9/11". With DVD commentary -- double ick.

Why English teachers retire early:

All I am saying is, give peace a chance.

Welcome home for the holiday, thanks to *'s war...

This is pretty cool. I would like to see * do this...

Ah, the Bombay Sapphire dry DUtini!

response from Hil about Sinclair letter I sent

question about VoIP

What places(towns, countries) do you want to visit?

Ok I hardly get pissed easily but someone explain this to me

Greenspan is amazed to hear that some people CAPTION

McCain thinks Chelsea is ugly but he looooooves Jenna.....

I think I dig Susan Estrich

What crappy movie is your Fox affiliate showing instead of the ALCS?

One of the worst bumper stickers ever at work today

Thinking about LASIK...need input

checking out my new sig line...

You are a splendid butterfly, it is your wings that make you beautiful

Embarasing thing happened today

Do you ever take food or beverage to bed when you retire for the evening?

This is what Georgie Really Wanted to do - Pic Inside

It's okay, see I am touching your daddy there... can I CAPTION

More typical freeper types.... let's see.

Oh man....these words SO don't go together.

Embarasing thing happened today

Don't you just HATE dickhead Freepers?

Zomby's LiveJournal: Day 1 in the Cryogenic Freezer Tube

If a trick-or-treater shows up at your doorstep dressed as "Evil Kerry"...

Massachusetts DUers!!!! I Salute You....

Okay, this is not too biased, is it?

My life is going great!

classic lyrics or what?

Get your motor runnin.

What movie should I watch?

Here's to the P-51 pilots.....

Anybody seen Brooklyn the musical???? Reviews? Pans? Picks? Help???

Jon Stewart and Michael Moore are GODS

~*~*~*~*~*~ OH MY GOD my first kick-ass poll! ~*~*~*~*~*~


Sometimes I always get tired of working.

I'm lonely. Talk to me.

I need to lose weight. What's the best diet?

What's best nostalgia CD to you? Any age group, here. When you want to

This needs it's own thread, I fear...

I guess wood is passe now... he now wields steel... CAPTION

Do you suppose these two are married?

Water, B-A-D!!!!!! Beware the dreaded "Frankenfish"

So is Team America worth seeing or not?

I have my first "first date" in 15 years on Sunday.

Wanna be scared?

what is your pet name for your significant other?

One of the worst bumper stickers ever at work today v.metoo

I'm going to Wal-Mart tomorrow. What should I get?

It looks like I got the job!

Wow.... George Bush is a cop-killer, it now appears!

I have a broken tooth trying to fall out

Oh Shit In a big way

Docudrama story about religious right . . .

Kerry interview on CNN ...Heads up, folks.

Why is anyone on Kerry's Team talking to Howard Fineman (Slimeman)?

so the choice is clear

This is really interesting!!!! Good news for Kerry!

Bush's New England Campaign Chief Resigns

Is Kerry wins, how will the Saudi Empire respond?

I think today is the day that CNN surpassed Fox in whoredom!

Ideal Cemocratic Nominee?

Take a second to vote in a mock election

John Kerry will NEVER be the Rock Star that George Bush is!

So...Tweety/Todd say Women visit Doctors and pay Doctor Bills and Men

Outrageous Poll that Needs DU'd

MSNBC Poll = Diebold Lite. Schmuck with an agenda and database access.

Who was that guy talking to Tweety

Have Scary Election Scenarios Increased?

Here is why Internet polls sometimes favor Kerry big and other times Bush

Japan denies endorsing bush

"Bush's Brain" Should be Aired to Balance Sinclair

NY Times EV has K at 221, B at 213, with 104 In Balance

Kerry explains Mary Cheney remark

Ralph Nader will be on the Countdown Wassup? Seems to have frozen out new polls with JK

Cheney Vows To Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected

Doctor watching debate thinks * may have had a stroke

I know that this was mentioned in the KY forum Bunning/Mongiardo Db8

New Poll Has Kerry Up By 4 points in Florida

Deborah Norville to report on O'Reilly story

bush* health plan leads to rationing

The Republican Senators and Congressmen are getting a little nervous...

Bush AWOL As 250 World Leaders Reaffirm Women's Rights

If You want Bush to win, DO NOT hang up this DRAFT FLYER!

Didnt Bob Woodward say in his book that

Olberman talking about Oreilley..

CNN is primary promoter of *the* story

AP-NV--Voter Fraud TOPS

Bush Camp Keeps Cheney Out of Ore. Booklet

Moore's Pre-Election TV Special (F9/11) Nixed

here is cnn link showing ohio for kerry...............

Any Duers rap? Need musical talent for a song

It has gone too far

Deleted message

I won't link to the bastard, but Drudge is "reporting" that WaPo says...

I like these guys at The Economist

John Kerry is a cunning politician

Expect an uptick in tomorrows Zogby and Rasmussen polls for Kerry

Wireless Phones and Polling : What it all may mean

Campaign idea - letters with a personal touch...

Another Republican Idiot.....

Iraq War Veterans form Operation Truth group. You must see this!

I like these guys at ARG...

Bush: "This economy is moving forward

Bush crap about lawyers causing the flu vaccine shortage

Have You Detected Any Politicians Jumping Ship????

Oops! It's Oct. in an election year - Rove's sniper(s) emerge again.

The infotainment industry has one goal...f*ckin' with your mind

Idea - Kerry should offer bush a fourth debate

John McCain is now worried Kerry will WIN!

Jon Stewart Rips Tucker Carlson & Crossfire A New One

Andrew Sullivan blogs on the Mary Cheney flap

I lost the orig. thread - BUT this is MUST SEE

Bunning/Mongiardo Debate - Telepromptergate - CSPAN2 coming up

I love de-freeping polls!

Did anyone see McCain in the LIFE magazine newspaper inserts? LOOKS BAD!

Anybody see Shields & Brooks on the Newshour tonight.?

Ugh, Aaron Brown Newsnight: Candy Crowley

Bush is stuck on the 46% floor. He may get to 47%. That's it.

An open letter to conservatives

What's best nostalgia CD to you? Any age group, here. When you want to

NOW tonight-the destroyed Nevada forms,single women vote,Kevin Phil-

Rather tonight--he brought up the Plame case

Anyone have a link to the new Wash/post Florida poll?

Report from the Kerry stop in Sheboygan

This election would be more fun if it weren't so important

The October Surprise - can anyone tell me the history?

TEN BUCK SAYS I won't turn up at a Cheney speaking engagement and ask him

For Nov. 2nd have you?

Uncommitted Voters Pick Kerry

You know, of course, that thousands of voters in Nevada are screwed

Who will win the Turnout War and Why?

Is there a webpage like, but without

Will Kerry get more votes than Gore did in 2000 ?

New Zogby poll shows Bush with 4-point lead??

This Fallujah Incursion Is Really Genocide - Are You Proud???

Moore's Pre-Election (F - 911) TV Special Nixed

Democracy in Afghanistan, Iraq? O.K. - Here in America? (Nevada) NOPE

Sinclair Equal Time Offer is a Trap!!!!!

When you register do you get a receipt?????

I take my completed absentee ballot to the Post Office tomorrow.

Reading This Will Make You Love Kerry Much, Much More

John Kerry turned out to be the right Democratic choice.

GOP chief goes to ACLU for help in yard sign case .(This is not a joke)

Please donate if you can!!

Ok a simple observation

What's Bush's Approval Rating now?

I'm tired of de-freeping polls.

John Ashcroft: Supreme Court Justice in 2006 (if...)

"...Like She's Some Retarded Monster They Keep Chained In the Attic!"

Catch Bill Moyers "Now" is you can; Sinclair, voter purges,

Sorry to start another thread on it, but Jon Stewart is my new hero :)

New ad needs your help; Soldier lost his hand because of Bush's lies

Just Returned From Kerry Rally in Appleton, WI

Are the swiftboat vets a joke? finally?

Daily Kos: Another video to watch.

Pat Buchanon pisses me off.

Michael Moore just challenged Sinclair on Jay Leno to air F 9/11!

Michael Moore on NOW!

Get out the vote NOW don't wait: Tell the process in your state!

For a GOPer perspective I talked politics with my dad

Michael Moore's on Leno tonite i think

Kerry is Seabiscuit and Bush is War Admiral! Go Biscuit!!

AP: Review Finds More Bush Military Records

The real story behind the Cheneys' anger.....

Sinclair Broadcasting: advertisers, ex-advertisers, efforts to stop them,

John Stewart, "Dick" the bow-tie boy... here's your video!

Flu as an election issue?

I'm seeing Republicans speak up for gay people and their families

stats on Kerry and Catholic support - from Star Tribune (MN)

I was ABB until tonight.

Is there an IGNORE WORD (poll) function here?

WaPo - New Poll Shows FL Tied

Greg Palast is talking to Mike Malloy on AAR

Ralph Nader ... Do you think he might hurt Bush this time?

is there a clip of Franken on CNN today? nt

Why has the press not asked dubbya ....

How is Dashle doing in SD senate race...any numbers? nt

Is John McCain dying?

I am a little worried about the following. Please set me straight!

My roommate is from Iraq (long)

Bill Maher thread

Is Bush's health declining? Take a look at this! Wow!

Come on Tweety!!!


I want to hibernate until this is over.....(sleep until its over).........

I think South Carolina is going to have the biggest surprise......

Why is Drudge embargoing Kerry / Mary Cheney stories?

Deleted message

We can't let up on CNN now; the first blows have hit;

Finally, Compassionate Conservativism surfaces... to defend lesbians!!!!

CNN electoral map: Ohio & New Hampshire switch to Kerry

I am outing myself as a Dem in my neigborhood more.

If Bush is on drugs, what is Nader on?

Since Sinclair has offered KE04 equal time, what should they choose?

CNN poll: Is Mary Cheney's homosexuality a fair campaign issue?


The Draft Alert flyer; print and distribute

Will new Iraq offensive help Bush?

Ruy Teixeira explains disparity between Zogby and WaPo polls

Just got back from the Kerry rally in Appleton, WI

MM just offered F911 movie to Sinclair for FREE!!

Moore offers F9/11 for FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Candy "creepy" Crawley interviewing JK: Level of whoredom?

Updated "Plan B" if Bush wins or steals..

"Fahrenhype 9/11 is not a political movie" My response from

AP Wire, November 3, 2004:

Ralph Nader is a hairy-necked fuckwad

Is John Kerry the right choice only if he wins? I think yes no matter what

The Story to knock Mary Cheney off the front page.

I tell you freaks: pr0n is like, #1 superstar wedge issue.

The problem with Franken and Stweart 'Calling out the media' on CNN

The Kerry Cabinet!!

Website for Sinclair Broadcasting?

Did Anyone Notice Jon Stewart's Hands Shaking?

Reminder: BushCo October Surprise of 1980 was documented by Robert Parry.

PHOTOs: Jenna bush* with John McCain on the Campaign Trail

Let's donate and volunteer to help Get Out The Vote!

My Analysis of this Election

Please volunteer this weekend to GET OUT THE VOTE.

I think we could win with this picture alone!

I gave my life to this election. Are you ready for November 3rd?

China to Turn over Bin Laden?? Is THIS Rove's "Electoral Bomb"

Talking of Cheney's daughter speaks about Kerry

Hatred, fear reign after 'liberation' Violence, anarchy cutting too close

Putin covers his bets

Salon (from 8/2000): Gays blast Lynne Cheney's denial about her daughter

The War Bin Laden Wanted

Bush Media Endgame


(Minneapolis) Star Tribune endorses Kerry

When TV stations mislead---WI Cap Times...

No Suprise Here - Rocky Mt. News Endorses *

An American Scapegoat in London

Scowcroft Blasts Bush Diplomacy

Outrage that Rings False (Kerry's Mary Cheney comment)

Analysis: Reports Of Rampant Corruption In New Iraqi Institutions

Tough refugee rules create agony for parents

As Oprah Slaps Bush; With 30 states poised to smack down women's ...

Exhausted, some collapsing, one dying:desperate for vaccine

U.S. professor discovers 'truth wizards': study

Bush Like Me: Undercover With the GOP

It's time for Bush to get worried

Report says rebuilding efforts lacked plan

NYTimes: Without a Doubt

Attention, DU High School students and teachers!

US Cellular - not good enough

Let the media know Americans agree with Jon Stewart

Is that automated email thing such a good idea?

EMAIL/PHONE the Sinclair Top Ten Advertisers list.....

Interesting Sinclair article

They're getting the protests ready for after the stolen election..must see

Help conduct the nation's first citizen's precinct/county vote audit

Start a "buy up the media licenses campaign"

Good Column By Thomas Friedman

The Brownshirting of America - article by former Reaganite

CNN - The most trusted name in news

Who reads the Daily Howler?

California judge increases Bank of America damages to $284 million US

LAT - Border Net has Become a Noose

A new life form? Mimivirus -- the Bradford Bug

Corrosion resistant alloys for biologically derived fuel oils: Energy and

Based on the current Sinclair boycott results, I see great value

Is it possible to merge duplicates in LBN rather than locking one thread?

Cartoons thread sticky?

Is there a way to post answers to Sinclair letters?

How does someone post a 1000+ times as a freeper troll?

Green party locked?

I would like a second opinion

Duplicate posts

Isn't that automatic Sinclair emailer going to appear to be spam?

My Post was locked..

Israeli offensive ends; 109 Palestinians dead

Palestinians Pick Up Pieces After Israeli Offensive

Israeli cleared for shooting schoolgirl

9 Hamas fugitives arrested in Hebron

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

Keyes' appearance draws mix of fans, curious to forum

Obama in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn - DUPAGE RALLY - OCT 27TH

Yard Sign Blitz for Mike Byron (49th CD)

Shriver defends museum revamp

San Luis Obispo Democrats in the 22nd congressional district..

Voter intimidation in Iowa/Bush campaign and SS involved

Edwards coming to Iron Range Tuesday 19th

My time calling into the heart of the Seventh District

Democrats File Federal Lawsuit:Blackwell Trying To Stymie New Voters

Hey Buckeyes!!! Are you aware of this? WH got CNN to keep Ohio

The state Dem Party HAS filed a lawsuit against

Democrats air calls to police by(paranoiac?)GOP legislator on internets

LaRosa's Pulling Ads from WSTR (Cincinnati)

Kerry Rally at Dayton's Fifth Third Field Tuesday - Ticket Info

PA Dist 171 - Rich Rogers Literature Drop

STOLEN HONOR Premiere in Abington - John O' Neill COMING TO PA!

Texas DU'ers -- need help please Need everyone on ballot

How is Martin Frost polling?

Help turn Wisconsin spoiling it for Bush!

I had a good time at the Kerry Rally in Appleton

I got to meet Senator Feingold yesterday!!

GOP writing off Michels

Wisconsin voters

Are we going to win Wisconsin or not?

I-892 backer fights loan-sharking allegations

Latest Ross - Riechert polls?

Rossi most likely first GOP Governor to be elected in WA in 20 years

Charlie Rose tonight....clips of interviews with Chris 1992

Do You See A Pattern Here?

The US mainstream media are bigger whores than Matt Drudge?

Can we send loofahs and Falafel to O'Reilly?

A little Illinois motor voter info please.

CNN Headline News on NY National Guard

Please someone explain to me why so many are still wanting

Ask Us (CTV News, Friday Feature) - re: drug prices in the USA

Jon Stewart and E.L. Doctorow's Book of Daniel

The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup. Bad or Good? Your call.

If Peak Oil is a reality, does it really matter whom we elect?

Hey 527s!!! Run the damn My Pet Goat ad already, would ya?

The Choice:2004 (Frontline special about Bush/Kerry)

Excellent USA Today article about Mary Cheney (don't hit me)-read it

C'mon folks. It's time for another wave of letters to Sinclair advertisers

Is Alan Colmes a Freeper Mole?

Who agree that Bush can't win without cheating.

Hosting Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

911 Commission defense dissected

NCR Column - interesting read.

Tim Ryan video

Why have we been unable to demonize the word 'conservative?'

Reserve Unit refuses orders in Iraq /faulty equipment cited.

Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN's 'Crossfire' Show

Some parenting advice, please: kids and words

Police officer who suffocated a 20 year old

Some pretty good movies

You guys, you KNOW they are going to cheat.

Bush's Babies

What is MISSING from the $7.4 Trillion in debt ?(remember this)

F911 broadcast question.

Liberal Conspiracy Theories / Conservative Conspiracy Theories

The making of the terror myth

I just E-mailed Jon Stewart via Comedy Central

Kerry will need us more than ever on Nov 3 when

Glad to See TinyURL Back Up Again

What are the Freeptards saying about the Iraq mutiny situation?

Did you know George Soros has a blog and email addy?

"how old are you?" ..."35". "and you're wearing a bow tie."

Not a Word about O'LIELLY on Faux-n-Fiends, But

Today it's flu vaccine. Tomorrow it'll be oil.

good one

What MODERN-DAY tyrants does Bush remind you of?

Up now on C-Span2 -- Rep Lewis, D-GA "Walking With The Wind"

Win or lose, we have work to do........

At start of Ramadan, Bush praises Muslims for compassion, peace

"We apologize for citizens of the USA"

Was the President's vow not to get a flu shot noble or reckless?

I just E-mailed CNN and told them I agreed with Jon Stewart totally


Salon: Revolt in the ranks in Iraq

How many members of the Bush Admin are needed

Rove Testifies in Probe of Leak of CIA Worker's Name

Isn't Chiron Co. an outsourcing company?

Did Jon Stewart ruin his career with the Crossfire performance?

What have the freepers been saying about Jon Stewert and Crossfire?

Saw TEAM AMERICA Last night. Nothing infering don't vote. is back online. No explanation of where it went

Question re: Supreme Court Nomination

Candy Crowley is just a worthless hack

What should scare us all is the unquestioning obedience the

Why is War-Torn Iraq Giving $190,000 to Toys-R-Us?

Worldwide Newspaper Polls Show U.S. Fails Globe's Test

Jon Stewart is like Jesus

Mary Cheney is a Lesbian.

You know the best thing about the Sinclair controvery is

40 already and it's only the 16th

Anti-Kerry LTTE and my response

5 more killed today

What ever happened to creepy daddy with torn Bush posters?

Joy Sticking the War

Wouldn't an Osama capture still work under this scenario?

self-sustaining, pollution-free hydrogen-powered truck-blt. by HS class

SBV for Lies gave $8k to Nader yesterday???

I'd Get Behind A Rep That Broke Up Monopolies

Did Tucker Carlson ruin his career with his Crossfire performance?

Boycott Sinclair, Email Advertisers if you haven't already done so

Loews trying to get ANTI-MOORE film to show in its theaters.

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers

Looking for Jon Stewart's 9/11 commentary clip

Bush Needs a Terrorist Attack to Win

Shall we conspiracy theorize for a moment?

Discontent rife in U.S. military ranks...

Once Upon a Time.. A Fascist Plot to overthrow FDR by BIG Business

Reuters: Comedy Central Darling Jon Stewart Backs Kerry

Don't get your hopes up pResident..

Evangelical Christianity is a cult...

A sad thing is that there is no politician to speak out about Fallujah.

Help Me Understand Stolen Honor

Bogus polls mask landslide in the making

Detroit Free Press on Iraq: 'Blunders, ignored warnings"

2 away from 1100 KIA. icasulties is back up

Amazon reviewers having O'Reilly fun

anyone see cnn kerry/crowley clip this a.m.? please, just gotta know!

Sen. Dayton flees Capitol b/c terror threat

Kerry Will Win

MORE Bush Military records found

BUSH got a flu shot!

Pics from Dem rally in Santa Monica yesterday.

i can't wait till winter is over so we can see how little flu shots do.

CNN says two U.S soldiers were killed, a Marine and an Iraqi

The every man (woman) for him/her self society.

Maher, Franken and Stewart--what do they all have in common?

Anyone remember 1980?

Republican Wet Dream

Well, I was just POLLED ... Bush* v. Kerry!.

Kerry's playing way too cleanly...

Should Fox News place the Pervert O'Reilly on unpaid leave

Remember to sign the no draft petition...before the RNC gags it.

What is the biggest threat: Activist Judges, or Activist President ?

My letter to editor...feel free to use if you want

26 US Troops Killed in the last 5 Days!

Detroit Kerry office...

Wake up DUer's: Gore's 48% is Kerry's FLOOR not his ceilling!

Hatred, fear reign after 'liberation'

A Rovian propaganda piece in Stars and Stripes on troop "satisfaction"

Is the Sincair company part of Murdocks empire ???

Just Read Kerry's 1971 Testimony

WHY Bush didn't get flu shot REVEALED!

The first FACE of the order defying platoon in Iraq 'Murka will see

8 of 9 docs who said to lower cholesterol level profit from drug companies

Another link to see Jon bitch slap the crossfire boys

Just got my Voter Registration Notice in the mail! Woohoo!

"I wish it were as big as Laura's."

November 2nd is National Celibacy Day.

Michael Moore at UNLV

How many people hear have been asked if they have seen f911 this weak.

A Tribute to The Justice League

Fox trying to fire Bill O'Reilly accuser

Help: How does one evade the war tax?

Yes, your vote does count!

Maybe Osama is telling the truth for once...

Does anybody have the Jon Stewart Crossfire video?

The thing I have always hated about being a woman in this society is

Poll: Troops, families question Iraq strategy

Jon Stewart Hands Vote To Kerry

1100 dead US Soldiers in Iraq. This is Bush's fault.

Small Business and Democrats

Official "Guy James Show" thread---please keep kicked!

know anyone who chooses to vote based on who's ahead in Polls?

The automatic goodwill that this country enjoyed from the people of the

What did Bush say to Kerry at the last

Update on my latest song parody

any reverb out there about Jon Stewarts Crossfire yesterday?

Carol Lin "Kerry shot his wad", Tucker Carlson "Kerry's buttboy"

What ever happened with Torturegate?

My latest rant

Auburn soldier is killed in Iraq - he mourned mom a year ago

The Brief Against Bush

23% Sales Tax

Alert Faux News Watch on now... will they dare broach O'Reilly?

Just contacted

The flu vaccine shortage...another George Bush mess! EXCELLENT commericial

Mary Cheney thing

Reservist calls Mom at home for help in Iraq

Al Hunt on Capital Gang says connex between Carlton Sherwood and RevMoon.

O'Reilly: "I've now become a gossip guy after 30 years of a clean record"

The making of the terror myth

Monica Lewinsky - was she planted by the Neocons?

What ever happened to "Spy in the pentagon?"

Importing Less Expensive Drugs Not Seen as Cure for U.S. Woes

Congressman Tim Ryan letting them have it--BIG TIME!

I need help .

BitTorrent of Stewart Crossfire video -- Come and get it

Its the liberals fault

I have a question, if every Democarat in America refused to

I'm calling for a petition requiring smirk to have physical before Nov. 2

Do you think the Bush camp is in desperation at this point?

Zogby says 14% of the Democrats are supporting bush?

WORLD PREMIERE of Stolen Honor in PA Tuesday

Why all the hysteria over flu shot shortage

"Take Our Airways Back": By Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

Cheney Vows To Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected

KMart Halloween Costume - Orange Jumpsuit

great video on all the assholes in this administration

A song lyric that only *now* really registers


Colorado wildlands will be auctioned off to the oil/gas industry

Bush: "I made it very plain we will not have an all-volunteer army."

FAIR Action Alert: FBI Shutdown of Indymedia Threatens Free Speech

I Wish I Was A Canadian.

Do you think * is sane?

Christian DUers - Is Homosexuality A Sin?

Flu vaccine shortage a ploy to reduce voter turnout.

The Brownshirting of America

ever wanted to slap the smirk off of chimpy;s face???here is your chance

Homeland Security Chairman Bankrolled Terror!

Anyone else think the automated Sinclair mailer is a bad idea?

JON STEWART!!! CNN Crossfire Transcript. Stewart Kerry's "Butt-Boy???"

It is my belief that FDR's New Deal made it possible for our

Iraqis infants in mass grave/Cheney's Halliburton

Either the polls are screwed, or the U.S. is full of idiots!

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of October 13-15

Suskind: "Without a Doubt" Chilling critique of Bush.

My 72 Year old Mom is now a Jon Stewart Fan!

Health care debate boosts Sen. Kerry in Florida polls

Please forgive my secularness

Newpaper Headline - November 3, 2004

Team America: World Police

If you could pick the President?


Why are you Canandians trying to kill our old people?

Florida National Guard troops may return to airport duty (election)

Reuters Poll: Bush Opens Four-Point Lead on Kerry

Canada can't cover U.S. flu-vaccine needs

AP Poll: National Security Captivates U.S.

Israeli offensive ends; 109 Palestinians dead

Talking of Cheney's daughter speaks about Kerry

Court Order Could Force Reluctant FEC to Regulate Internet

Dow's decline may point to Kerry win

"Protect our civil liberties" Message considered "Obscene"

Germany arrests 'al-Qaeda backer'

Palestinians Pick Up Pieces After Israeli Offensive

Bush triumphalism masks mission unaccomplished in Afghanistan - analysts

Bush's logging initiative draws fire in Oregon

RIGHTS-ARGENTINA: Landmark Ruling Awards Damages for Political Exile

Two US soldiers killed on patrol in Afghanistan

Charges dropped in anti-Bush (#41) thong protest

Blasts hit churches, hotel, hospital, in Baghdad

'Six killed' in Afghan violence (2nd attack)

Need A Flu Shot? Head North (WA State)

Anti-War Americans Sending Photos to Iraq

Bush Camp Keeps Cheney Out of Ore. Booklet

Rep. Fears 'Radical Homosexual Agenda'

Indian Outsourcing Firms See End to U.S. Rhetoric

dupe - sorry :(

Report on 9/11 in line for book award

Pentagon investigates 'mutiny' over safety

Police arrest Cabinet Office temp

Iraq audit can't find billions

Anti-War Americans Sending Photos to Iraq

Marshall Is atoll sues US for nuclear damages

Pfizer warns of risks from its pain killer (Bextra)

Gaddafi asks US to leave Iraq

Ex-CIA officer blasts premise for Iraq war

Poll shows military has doubts

Armenia May Not Send Troops to Iraq

U.N. Says Sudan Death Toll Reaches 70,000

Red Army choir performs for Pope

Gulf War syndrome 'does exist'

Robinson, Geldof, Bono call on Ahern over aid

Insecurity Threatens Aid Operations In Haiti Amidst Large-Scale Relief Ope

Affghanistan: Bush's 'success' masks facts

Kerry Talks Stem Cells in Radio Address

Mesa dad killed in Afghan fighting

From Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia, via Guantánamo

Saudi charity coupons used for terror funds

UN Security Council seats go to Argentina, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Tanzani

Kerry: Bush will draft soldiers

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan (and three wounded)

Fox moves to fire (O'Reilly's) accuser

Kerry cruises GOP counties in the midwest

African Union sends first soldiers to quell Sudan violence

Poll shows military has Iraq doubts

AP: Memo Warned About Medicare Cards

Poverty Forces Turks to Drive in Iraq

(Tom) DeLay won't debate opponent

New York House candidate threatened wife with shotguns: Divorce papers

Tory warning over Iraq troop move

Dementia diagnosis for Pinochet

Iran to shun Europe nuclear deal

Kerry to reverse stem cell policy

Car Bombs Kill Five U.S. Troops in Iraq

Pope Marks 26th Anniversary, Confounds Soothsayers

Senior House Repulican (sic) in Re-Election War

Car Bomb Kills Four U.S. Troops in Iraq

Poll Shows Military Has Iraq Doubts

Anti-War Americans Sending Photos to Iraq

G-8 discuss Iran nuclear tensions

Survey finds U.S. military upbeat on Bush

U.S. professor discovers 'truth wizards': study

Bloody Tactics Dismay Fallujah Residents

It's time for Bush to get worried

Zarqawi orders disruption of Iraq fuel imports

Broad Use Cited of Harsh Tactics at Base in Cuba -NYT

Fallujah Seeks Peace Talks if Attacks End

A Guns-for-Dollars Swap in a Militant Stronghold Misses Its Target

Michael Moore at UNLV last night

US warplanes bomb Falluja

Bush, Kerry Both Employ Fear to Get the Job Done

Globe and Mail: Canada shuts out vaccine seekers

Hannaford reverses decision to pull ads (Maine re:Sinclair)

Italian minister: Coalition can be cut

Iraq audit can't find billions

Tough refugee rules create agony for parents

Two U.S. Army helicopters crash in Baghdad

Jon Stewart Hands Vote To Kerry

U.S. Military Faults Lack of Troops in Iraq -Poll

Kerry Trolls GOP Strongholds in Midwest

Annan rejects Iraq oil bribe claim

Money-Rich Advocacy Groups Look Far Beyond Election Day

Liberal Christians mobilize to counteract the religious right

Blunders, ignored warnings mire effort to rebuild Iraq

NYT: With Few Suppliers of Flu Shots, Shortage Was Long in Making

Crude oil touches $55 U.S. a barrel

Haiti mob violence overwhelms peace force

An American scapegoat in London....I fear for my safety

Blair 'Secretly Ok'd Star Wars Missiles in Britain'

Cheney firm uses UK to dodge Iran ban

Clash of the Titans Prospect of a big trade war between US and EU

Debates Over, Campaigns Turn to Turnout

Newsweek/MSNBC - Too Close to Call

Babies with thre parents ahead

Edwards Warns Floridians of GOP 'Tricks'

I-95 closed both ways White Marsh, Maryland, 50 vehicle accident

2 Miss. soldiers among 5 reassigned (Platoon that refused orders)

Bush Uses Radio Address to Pan Kerry

Kerry Unfit to Lead Amid 'Great Threats', Bush Says

Is Spitzer Preparing Marsh, Act II?

Time Mag Poll: Presidential Race Deadlocked

Court: Terror War Can't Curtail Liberties

Iran rejects any deal to end uranium enrichment

California Governor Fights Indian Casino Expansion

Grim statistic reached -- 1100 military fatalities

US had few post war plans

US envoy flags up a snub for Madrid

CS Monitor: Washington insiders expose own agencies

Consulting firm sues accuser (Sproul says employee ripped up reg. forms)

Bush signs global anti-Semitism law

Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice

Two US choppers down in Baghdad

WashPo daily tracking.... Bush +1, Kerry -2..... 50-47....

Che Guevara's daughter voices Cuban fears that Bush has country in his sig

Michael Moore Considers Legal Action Against Cable Company

Lord Lucan murder case reopened

Bush stumbles on military draft

World wants Bush out: Kerry

Absentee ballots fail to arrive; back-up alternative offered

I just had my first post removed.

I wants go see a movie tomorrow.........which one?

Should Mr, Moonbeam and I get divorced to protest the fact that

Biz Markie freestying over Bush and Kerry clips

I was at Big Trees State Park at dusk yesterday.

Mo Rocca on Carson Daly, now

Message from DU to jchild: save your $$$

I wish there was a smilie for " flipping the bird " .

dammit! i'm an original! sheryl crow says so!!!

Funniest political video in a while...

My cat dented my leg

Let's pretend we are all VIRGINS...........

Presidential Blink Count

I like my vodka like I like to engage in sexual intercourse

It's been awhile since this has been posted: Kissing Hank's Ass

Drunk poll!

Bad news...remember that cat I tried to rescue?

what a legacy, huh?

Bush with the best gams

Please tell me you guys have been watching Late Night w/ Conan...

Late night drunk question of the millenium: is it worth the trouble

Cat power...

Should I feel guilty?

the craziest conspiracy theory yet...subliminals in Bush ads

Something is running around on my roof AGAIN!

Anyone ever heard the Pink Floyd song "Dogs"?

what time/day is the next BoSox v Yankees game?

Death to me and death to you

WOO HOO! I closed the deal on my new home today!!

Outsourcing in my sleep...Was it a bad dream, a vision or

5:00 AM. Are you up late, or are you up early?

I have a problem, I just contributed to the DNC online

I just ordered tap shoes online

Anyone else got the hots for Jon Stewart today?

Terraist raid on flu vaccine ????

Screw the Beatles

Is this a new "Roger of Fox" trick??

thought I'd wake up at 3:52 AM and post for no reason

Hey, MrBenchley!!!

Wild thing,

Ma' Ponnent

Keane: A-Ha reborn, or actually quite good?

Mexican wrath over Wal-Mart store

I need a man's opinion

Cat answers...

Yet another Flip-Off-the-Ol'-Vote of all CAPTIONs!!!

Bush twins endorse the sultry soap taking over from Friends

Finish this phrase: 'Viva Bush, ________________'

First Limbaugh, now O'Reilly...perhaps Santorum next??? What a great idea.

Is Pink Floyd's "Animals" a metaphor for America today?

Pets' Pet Peeves

The Green Party -- a REAL alternative!

I met Velma D last night and met Orange County Dems this morning!

My furnace reeks of mildew.

Best Pink Floyd album.

What's the puppet sex scene like in Team America?

(College Football) Wyoming WILL beat BYU today

oh F*CK - don't let me go back into GD2004 please?

Any DUers work or know anybody in the Funeral Business

anybody else been BLACK LISTED ?

Today's my first marching band competition!!!

Sox, Yankees fans have much in common

vinnievin777 IS A THESPIAN

am going to make this totally *tasteless* post . . .

Mary Cheney is a Lesbian

The GOP Designed Florida Ballot !

I'd get behind a Dem who wants to poke my eyes out with a stick.

This is a new grimace from chimpy

I'm dating the funniest woman alive.

Sleepwalking woman had sex with strangers

Playing in the bank, when we separated our checking accounts:

Packrats: Recycle Your Clutter Online

Kerry IS unfit to lead this nation

Please check out this site

Anyone else falafel about what happened to O'Reilly?

For all of us Lord of the Rings fans!!!

My Stupid, Stupid Friend. (Halloween Candy)

Missouri scores! Whoo-hoo!


Kramnik and Leko draw game 13; final game of title match Monday

If Kerry wins;

Why do over half of the Chevy surburbans on the road have B/C

Finish this sentence: People Who Make Adware/Spyware Should....

Cat questions...

WHY Bush didn't get flu shot REVEALED!

Report: Trainer says on tape he gave Bonds steroids

I hate the smell of PineSol

Does DU have bumper stickers anymore?

Should I have my ass kicked, or kissed? You decide!

Cow Leads Officers On 'Hoof'-Chase

Sig advice

What do you think of Interpol Antics?

Netflix Faces a Scary Plotline

TEAM AMERICA - Your Verdict??

any Chuck Prophet fans out there? going to see him tonite

geez, I'm a wreck.

When Kerry Takes Office I 'm Going Shopping!

Hey, guess what? This is my 3,999th post

Putting corn on the cob on the charcoal long?

I hated, HATED, "Team America: World Police"

OK, here I am at work on a Saturday

My neighbor's bonfire is still burning.

Hurt Hawks

Hudson Hawks

Lady Hawks

Tony Hawks

Hawk hawk!

New Book

Sci-fi Hawk!

Paths of Glory,a Great Anti-War Film Coming on TCM Now!

Speaking of Hawks...Hawkpack...if you're on this website now

#15 (5-0) Arizona State vs #1 (5-0) Southern California Game Thread

Studebaker Hawk

computer question


Henry Hawk

Howard Hawks

oh pee one zero, oh pee one zero...


Iowa Hawks

"Homegrown Democrat" By Garrison Keillor - anyone read this yet?

First nomination for 2005 Congressional Medal of Douchebaggery

Ah....VH1 Classics....I love this channel....

I just saw Napoleon Dynamite.

Most Understandable Oriental Fetish?

Sigh....I need escape...

Anybody watching the Shop At Home Network?

Monkey hawks

Which Euphemism Best describes what O'Reilly was doing on the phone?

Any advice for a 13 year old boy's Halloween costume?

Recommend a new TV/TV substitute, please....

What would you rather do?


Has anyone tried Time Warner digital phone service?

LOOK!! ZombyWoof Is Gonna Learn To Play GOLF!!!

Why didn't you guys tell me to save my money?


yet another spyware question...

Zomby's LiveJournal: Day 2 in the Cryogenic Freezing Tube

Ryan Newman shatters track record.. sweet!

OSU Finally gets a win

I'm going to Carnegie Hall tonight and you're not!

best make redneck name?

Are you taking psychiatric medication?

Staying USA here: Are Democrats Ford, Chevy or Dodge people?

ever wanted to slap the shit out of bush???here is your chance

The In-Fall-a-Young-Man's-Thoughts-Turn-to-AWOL of all CAPTIONS!!!

You might be a political junkie...

Well darn... seems to me we've got a lot of newcomer naysayers

The Red Sox Are Still A Better Team Than The Yankees

We've had limericks, it's O'Reilly haiku time



Night Hawks

Golden Retrievers

"I wish it were as big as Laura's."

Anyone have the link to the site that allows you to get DU

Am i the only person getting extremely depressed as the election nears?

I have a question about friendship. I probably know the answer,

Where would you rather be?


CAPTION the "shepherd" in chief


Ask 7th Sephiroth

Bob Boudelang Has Sex With a Falafel This Week...

The Blistered Shade of all CAPTIONS!!!

Girls Soccer Game Gets Political


God forbid Dumbya buys this election, too...will you:

What song are you currently listening to?

Please, anyone with a link to Jon Stewart for MAC

Clyde Prestowitz: The conservative case for Kerry (K/E blog)

Remember When W Said He Was A Uniter Not A Divider...

Shouldn't O'Reilly be investigated by a grand jury?

R.I.P. one last time, Christopher Reeve, or how I hate those bastards:

Can't we have a REAL betting contest on the election

Florida Sets Touch-Screen Recount Rule

Karel discussing Mary Cheney on KGO

Bill M on HBO now ...

WaPo likely to give a "tepid endorsement" to

CNN survey: Kerry picks up Ohio, New Hampshire

Full Request of Ballots Printed in Milwaukee

Do you think the war in Afghanistan was a "just" war ?

HOLY SH*T! I just realized something......PROP 36 CO

USA Today, Bush records - a question

Liberal Christians Mobilize to React to Religious Right

I didn't know that Kerry talked about the draft on the campaign trail

Inside Karl Rove's evil brain

Morrison vs. Delay poll

"America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses" . . .they're the best! (Sinclair)

Hey FREEPERS! This'll shock you.

Deleted Due To Reading Problems

By what percentage would Gore have won FL if it was fair?

Where can I view the Crossfire Jon Stewart video?

Its Official Mary Cheney is upset with JK for "outing" her

Blankley on McLaughlin: Kerry's Lesbian comment equals Ford's Poland

I think it's time for the My Pet Goat ads to run

JK's outroving Rove & here's why. Both the Dem. "cry voter-fraud"

I am a GOP Teamleader...

Iraw Mutiny Story Getting Legs

Where's your outrage, America? Where's the shame?

Who Cares What Andrea Greenspan Thinks!

Sinclair Broadcasting has NOT offered free time to

Did you think this was just a very bad dream?

How do things look on the ground in Ohio?

Teresa Releases Tax Info

bush has ANOTHER premature mission accomplished. After 3 YEARS!

Alternate Site for JON STEWART SMACKDOWN of CNN!

The October Surprise is . . .

Kerry makes gains in Florida - Takes 4pt. lead in Insider Advantage poll

In Demand Pay per View refuses to show F 9/11.

Sinclair boycott makes it onto Common Dreams

How polls are taken

who really cares about Mary Cheney?

Oregon Police Fire on Crowd of Protesters

Gutless Brit. Labour MPs would be partly responsible for a * win

Sinclair Mailer posted on Freep site

Bend it like Kerry

Latest Polling Update from the Party: Kerry (275) Bush (212)

Good news for disenfranchised in FL

No change in Zogby this morning

Hit 'em where it hurts!

What should be Kerry's main strategy from now to election day ?

Is that another boil on chimp`s face?

Incredible how FRIGHTENED to death bushCartel are re bush's HUGE lie!!!

I need a link to a list of sinclair advertisers....

WaPo Florida Poll - Kerry 48% Bush 48% LV

Michigan Poll Kerry 48% *43%

The CIA wildcard

Rasmussen tracking tightens up again Kerry 46% Bush 48%

CNN: Pollsters Can't Survey Cell Phone Only Users

Is the president REQUIRED to take a physical?

Almost 1,100 KIA already

Kerry's lead strong (4-9%) in the battleground states

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Bush has double digit

Nice picture of Mary Cheney and her partner at the RNC

Freeper 'leaks' Sinclair smear piece to Usenet newsgroup

* has lied and flip-flopped BIG-TIME during the debates

I talked to my Mother in Florida last night...................

any news on Sinclair? More ad losses, stock prices, etc?

MSNBC's debate coverage skewed far right

Host a screening of "Going Upriver" event free DVD and packet planner

Does everyone realize that it's all about turnout now?

Please critique my letter to Howard Fineman. Thanks!

GOP Hypocrite of the Week: The Republican National Politburo (AKA, RNC)

Bush, Cheney in MI & OR blame Kerry, The Clenis, everyone but themselves

If you are near a SWING state and you are either red or blue...PLEASE

How can Kerry 'Have NO record' and 'Have a 20 year history of being the

The Athletic Candidates

Just because you are white doesn't mean you can't

You know the US is fucked up when I can't turn on TV/radio without hearing

Has everyone seen the "you forgot poland" web page?

Poll Shows Military Has Iraq Doubts

"Management chooses politics over shareholders"

So will Poppy call Brent Scowcroft a scumbag too now?

One sunny day at the White House... 2005

Pious Cheneys: Get OVER IT

2nd week in a row, Bush "Radio Address" is an anti-Kerry campaign ad

Flu Vaccine Shortage May be Bush's Undoing!

Repug's new mantra to undecided - Don't Vote

I smell something fishy going on with the GOP

Rasmussen will show an uptick for Kerry, Bush lead cut to 48-46

Wing nut LTTE: The flu vaccine shortage is proof that Kerry's plan is bad

Several threads here on DU have raised questions about *'s health....

Frank Luntz: each debate suggests a rather bleak outlook for ...Bush

Swift Boat Vets and Terrorism should be Kerry's focus in home stretch

If McCain was subbed for Cheney

Is DU on other "internets" too?

The fuckers in Florida are disenfranchising Blacks again!

MTV:: Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN's 'Crossfire' Show

New Newsweek Poll Kerry 46% Bush 48% Nader 1% Undecided 5%

did anyone else get this from the GOP?

John Kerry to Bush: Hope is on its way to knock you out (photo)

thanks to sofa king for this GREAT photoshopping.....funny.....

Has anybody here actually seen Stolen Honor?

Something we all can do

The Crossfire live audience LOVED Jon Stewart's appearance. Sorry Tucker

The Latinos for Kerry momentum

Rasmussen: Daschle-Thune SDak Sen Race Tied @ 49%

Scary thought...Nov 3 until January 20

One vote in Colorado effectively went to Kerry this morning.

Poll shows military has Iraq doubts

Has anyone written Jon Stewart to thank him?

Did Bush get a flu shot? Did Cheney get a flu shot?

Imagine seeing you here: when Kerry met Lennon

These Zogby polls are suspicious. has new numbers up

Krikey!!! Now what's this about Al Franken and Leslie Blitzer???

Go hear General McPeak

Listening to AAR Franken replay: George Soros coming up

The Bush Crime Family Tree

Flu vaccine maker Chiron is a US COMPANY not English as bush* stated

Pukes find "civil liberties" shirts "obscene" at Bush rally

Do I Have To Expose Another Outlier Poll

Last night Tucker Carlson said that not voting is an honorable thing!!!!

Today's Kerry Comments on Stem Cell

One Bush appointment to the Supreme Court and our democracy is gone.

One commerical to stick it to SBVT...

I love the SC Dean Dozen candidates...enthusiasm, creativity.

Nader's flip-flop: "Mr. Kerry would not make a good president anyway"

What are Kerry's plans to answer charges after Sinclair smear?

Should or will Kerry pull a "Stewart" on CNN, Press

Friend went from bush column to no-vote now will vote for Kerry.

What is Kerry's strategy the rest of the way?

Zobgy's tracking numbers???

More bad news for Bush - Rasmussen's "Investor's" tracking poll

NEWSWEEK POLL: Chimp 48 / Kerry 46 (RV)

Ownership Society: Pipe Dream

Star Tribune endorses Kerry

Hawaii will be the Nations deciding 4 EC Votes? Opi's predicting has issue

Kerry's EV's Nov 3 will STUN (uncounted 1st time voters in polls)

Early Voting Campout!!

Molly Ivins Says "Stop Being So Goosey"

polls exactly like 2000

Have you decided who you're going to vote for? BorK? Poll needs help.

Kerry up in FLORIDA, latest poll

Boozers & losers for Bush/Cheney 04

Up date from the FLY on the Wall.. BushCo in a tizzy over defections

Senate seat in KY winnable for the Democratic Contender

NY Times Buries Story on Karl Rove Testimony

Kerry's Milwaukee Editorial Board Meeting May Be Moot

Bush has let Rove and handlers run him ragged....

Attempt to suppress voter turnout in Milwaukee is defeated

'Iconoclast' Traffic Soars After 'Doonesbury' Mention

Kerry ahead in BG states by 10%

Will be back up by Nov 2? hmmmmm

Canvassing this Weekend? GOT FLYERS? Lots new in Activism/Events...

Bush's Biggest Bad Taste Moment from Debate #3

Definitive Party ID Link...Why Many Polls Are Dead Wrong

FL Sec. of State issued new recount rules late yesterday. Trust machines.

I watched the Obama/Keyes debate last night on cspan

Pro Gay, Pro Choice, Pro 2nd amendant

Should we have a dedicated Sinclair activism area? Cast your vote..

If John Stewart wasted a great opportunity, then why the huge buzz?

Haha - Check out partisan breakdown of latest Newsweek poll

Bush in FL "to reach out to discerning Democrats and independents"

Do not give the Mary Cheney story anymore legs. It's a non-issue.

Abortion defines the Democrat party..

I'd get behind a Democrat who wanted to make unions illegal

I'd get behind a Democrat who was really a conservative Republican

I'd get behind a Dem who wanted to make Christian the official US religion

Some observations re: Iowa

I'd get behind a Dem who wanted to allow warantless searches and seizures

I'd get behind a Dem who wants to poke my eyes out with a stick.

Tannenbaum/DeMint - SC senate race, is on now on C_SPAN

Doesn't seem like things are trending our way in the final weeks

I'd get behind an anti-abortion Democratic president.

I'd get behind a republican who trolled DU pretending to be Dem

Evangelical Christianity is a cult...

Bush's Threat to Veto the Money for Our Troops in Iraq

How Do We Get Out?

I'd get behind a Dem who wanted to impose fascism.

My question for Dick Cheney: Did your wife CHOOSE to be a heartless bitch

Great Teresa HK Interview with

Individual gw* endorsements [Innovators for Bush-Cheney]

PLEASE - Listen to this!!! Audio available on line.

How many people think there are going to be fist fights at the polls?

Smoketown Six (anti-Bush protesters) cleared of charges!! Woo hoo!

I'd Get Behind A Dem Who Would Give Every American A $1,000,000,00

MSNBC _ Only Russia and Isreal support * - WORLD says KERRY, PLEASE!!!

Abortion defines the Republican party

Small Business Owner seeting and South may not be so Bush safe !

Bush in freefall on Tradesports - Kerry moving on up

NV Judge re: shredded registration - Republican not nonpartisan

Check out the Sinclair "Top 10" list. Let's work on them!

My email to Sinclair Advertisers

It's time for Bush to Get Worried!

Hmmm? - CNN: Bush speaking at a sports arena that's only half full in Fla.

10,000 people stand in the cold to see Kerry in Appleton, WI

In 2004, Americans are too spoiled

Polling is Bullshit.

If you were the Democratic Presidential candidate


Like A Black Fly In Your Chardonnay ,Post Your GWB Irony Here!

What's with the proliferation of "I'd get behind" threads ?

We need media reform !

Michael Moore to sue TV channel for not airing 'Fahrenheit 9/11':

Is it mean that I am losing patience with the 'undecided' group?

I am concerned about an Electoral Tie

OK, my weekly dont let them get you down thread

keep fighting! this thing ain't over

Kerry: If Bush is elected he could renew the draft

How many administration Officials hate bush?

"Hell Froze Over" ...way to go, CNN!!! Political Play of the Week

Boycott "Election Coverage" by Media on NOV 2

If anyone's worried about that Newsweek poll...

The far right vs. the far left with regard to working with "the system"...

Al Gore to charge Bush with failed presidency

What's this about the WH asking CNN not to show Kerry winning in Ohio?

A lesson on third party history. If Nader is only polling 1% now...

Hilarious.....but scary, fake Florida "ballot"

Just a note - I voted.

Election lawyers in overdrive: "Colorado could be even worse than Florida"

Making calls for the Kerry campaign is actually fun.

is George W Bush Gray Davis?

Battleground states

Newsweek poll: first time voters favor Kerry 57-36

the homestretch has begun, and Kerry in great position! What a diff !

check out the results of this poll Fox News is running

How many in the current admin do you think will vote against B*?

get yellow ribbon magnets at Michaels!

Print out my as you please with it...

Folks, hit the DRAFT issue HARD

Calif. Walmarts & prop. 72 (health care)

Bush Done in New Hampshire, Oregon?

I was going to absentee-vote until * sent me a flyer TO absentee-vote

Non-Americans please weigh in on Sinclair Multinational Advertisers

10/16 Time Poll: Presidential Race Deadlocked

November the Third: When the real fight begins.

question about Illinois absentee voting

Obscure "Dred Scott" reference exposed to be "pro-life" code word

fundie friend watched f911

The next pundit that praises * goes on my kick his ass if I ever see list.

The Electoral Vote Predictor Is Online !


Going canvassing today. Could use some help!

Do you know any "undecideds?"

Does anyone have a link to a video of the Nightline show on Vietnam?

Comfortable emailing kids team lists, school lists, for Kerry?

New Newsweek Poll has Bush 50, Kerry 44 among likely voters

Fresno Bee endorses Kerry

CNN survey: Kerry picks up Ohio, New Hampshire

Put it together: CP + AA + NV = Useless Polls

Why should Canada bail out the US health care system?

Why Aren't People In Mass. Insulted By GWB's Remarks??

Who runs Sinclair Broadcasting?

Bush looking especially macho today

Going Upriver Movie - Transcript Available?

The probability of the Dim Son winning...

Did I Go Too Far?

Is gaycheneygate a diversion from lumpgate or plamegate (i.e.

Newsweek: Bush 48, Kerry 47 among registered voters, Bush Job Approval 47

NYT - Liberal Christians Mobilize to React to Religious Right

When are we going to have polls other than the stupid Newsweek poll?

P.M. Mahathir's Advice To American Muslims

Faux Moos; misinforming 80% of their (small) viewership

Why to be wary of polls: the lessons of 2000

Who is ineligible to take polls

‘Votergasm’ to lure the young

The Army Desertions - What Impact will they have on the election?

Why doesn't this get more play?

There is a book called "The New Soldier,"

Fox News is NOT #1 in viewership and that's FACT.

Sad milestone reached -- 1100 service men & women dead

TOAST: Bush Polling 3% BELOW his Lousy Approval Ratings

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kerry's EV job not that difficult, in fact *excellent*

How many lies will be revealed after John Kerry takes office?

Another factor uncounted by polls...

John McCain on TCM I can't believe what he's saying

Where has James Carville been?

AOL has started sending transcripts of Bush speeches at rallies

Amazing Republican Jackass

If Kerry Wins (Don't Want To Jinx Anything Here). . . .What Should He Do

Latest Zogby poll: Bush in lead

Kerry Leads in Wisconsin 48-47, Claims Rasmussen

Bush Turned His Back on Middle Class, Kerry Says

Interesting quiz for Catholic voters

Mary's Silence On Lesbian Squabble

TimeWarner breaks contract with Moore to show Fahrenheit 9-11 !!!

How nervous will you be on Nov. 2?

Current polling on Colorado's Amendment 36 (The one that will split ..)

I think Mike Gallagher is a right wing spin artist and 2-faced.

Who's more enthusiastic Kerry supporters or Bush supporters

Charlie Cook: If election were today, Bush would be in trouble

Floridians: Get out the EARLY VOTE!!!

Speaking of Great Anti-Bush Songs...

NEWSEEEK POLL: Kerry leads Bush by 11 among independents

Is anyone seeing any DSCC ads in their states?

Why Do I Watch CNN?

Dred Scott ref in 2nd debate code message to anti-abortion supporters

Repukes causing "brain freeze"

Newsweek poll: Bush ahead?!?!?!?

People who drive cars with "W 04" bumper stickers....

Bush stumbles on military draft

FauxNews gestapos fire Bull O'lielly accuser

Keep in mind - Rove believes chimp needs four point edge to win

how can we "thank" Nader once the election is over?

Jeb Bush ignored advice to 'pull the plug' on voter purge

Free Kerry posters to print out via Michael

Please help with Capital One - Sinclair advertiser

News Flash: Some DUer's take new poll at face value

CNN Kerry/Crowley interview tonight

The 'Flu' ad is a knockout!

The Washington Post Poll Comes Out At Five

Is exit poll system, which is check on election integrity, running again?

So if the * admin cannot properly plan for our flu vaccine needs

Do our elections come down to who packages/markets their candidate

about that immigration question from the debates...

Tell the news to stop hurting America!

So I'm depressed - Sinclair is going to get away with this aren't they?

I'm curious: I can't watch Fox- do they run any Kerry ads on Fox "News"

AP: Six GIs Killed In Iraq Bombings, Crashes

Washington Post daily tracking poll

Why is 'tax and spend' a bad thing when we're encouraged to consume?

PBS Frontline: Bush/Kerry parallel biographies. Better than F911!

Who do you most want to see out on the trail stumping with John and John?

Who has gotten an invitation to the Kerry inaguration?

We donated to DNC today...

Rove believes Bush needs to be up 4 in late polls in order to win

8 Toss Up States, May Decide This Election. AP Newswire

Excellent resource for State/National polls and then some.

Novakula is Back! Risen from the dead, on Capitol Gang

WaPo on the Mary Cheney affair - poll

My Final Ending Fantasy...

Why would intelligent people follow a religious fanatic ?

Actors & Recording Artists & Others for gw*

FreeRepulsives are attacking Sinclair advertisers who pull out...

It's late in the game and the Bush base is wavering....

The Age Of Karl Rove

If they run out of ballots and people can't vote, what can the people do?

Would a Gore/Kerry Ticket Have Won in 2000?

Voters aged 30-49 favor Bush - Who are these people?

Al Zarqawi: The October Surprise

"I don't like John Kerry. He's not a Christian"

The GWB is a PAB flyer (easily offendeds don't look)

Imagine Bush in the Rose Garden Saying with a Grin "WE GOT 'EM" (Osama)

More on Country Music Against Bush

Did Mary Cheney Orchestrate GOP Outrage?

Are soldiers entitled to refuse a mission for which they feel ill-equipped

Check out this Poll. Must See! Guaranteed Cheer Up! Amazing!

FL Dean Dozen gets endorsement of Tampa Tribune. Elections Supervisor

Is there any chance the polling is being set up? Too close to call so it

If neither candidate ends up having 270 votes, who becomes prez?

Are you afraid to publicly support Kerry where you live?

How much truth is there to the Bush ads on Kerry's health care plan?

Final stretch Kerry/Edwards campaign ideas: post 'em if you got 'em.

Heard Nader say he would do joint Kerry appearances - Good idea?

The FLU.....Kerry just blasting the message today.

Conversation with a wanna be neo-con

Zogby Must Have Got The Rove Memo

Now is the time to run the Tim Ryan speech in every swing state

Kentucky Nurse Forced To Leave U.S.A. Due To Homeland Security

The search for yard signs

Christopher Hitchens is getting his ass kicked on CNBC

I just got back from canvassing

Divisions in America

My Republican Friend Sent Me This E-mail. "Kerry Will Win!"

I'm pissed off and Let's be honest for once.

Kerry cabinet

Tucker Carlson Speaks out about Jon Stewart

Scott Ritter: "I knew I was right all along ..."

Nov3rd Pledge of Action to Stop A Stolen Election

PLEASE read this article and pass it along! Please! I'm begging here

Frank Luntz (Repub Pollster) says bush in trouble

Sunday Morning TV Planner

State-by-state presidential voting trends since 1988

Kudos to PassingFair for converting a Naderite today!!!! Canvassing for

THATS IT!! Then end of Bush's campaign - new Kerry FLU ad

Column: Turnout, 'undecided' voters will put Kerry on top

New Poll Shows Bush Lead Over Kerry Narrows In Georgia

Lieberman: The Next Zell Miller?

Kerry Winning MEN's Vote, Losing WOMEN's (WTF?)

The thing Jon Stewart says that he likes about Bush.


ever wanted to slap the shit out a bush? here is yoru chance...

What if they steal the election again

Who here has been polled? By which organization?

Deleted message

Jon Stewart = today's Jesus, rattling the moneychangers

***Now is the time to redouble our efforts against Sincair!!! ***

I need the worst picture of Bush you can find (not Photoshop'd)

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/16 (All Good News)

"Without a Doubt" -Sun NYT Mag (we were so, so right. he's nuts)

To disabled/chronically ill DUers: 11 things we can do

ROLL CALL: How is Kerry doing in your State?

Last 3 nights in a row, my Kerry Signs are being ripped off my Property!

Hurt Sinclair: All it takes from this new site is TWO SECONDS