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Archives: October 15, 2004

The absolute best Richard Reeves column ever! (Rate it!)

John Kerry: the right man in the right place at the right time

What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles?

Salon: Getting to the bottom of the bulge

The American Global Inquisition

A Sign (Cartoon): What has Bush fundamentalism done for us lately?

Blumenthal: Bush*s Best Is Not Good Enough

“Boycott France”?

Salon: Seeing red in Florida (more dirty tricks suspected)


Pepsi-Cola Company reply re: Sinclair Broadcasting

Protest Makers of "Stolen Honor" Near Phila. on Tuesday Oct.19

Right now: PBS Frontline. *, Kerry, & the Vietnam War.

Spyware problem. I bought McAfee anti-spyware program.....

A question about the homepage pop-up.

I am new to discussion boards, period...

Can we have a sticky post

Lock down account signups for 3 weeks, 1 week prior to Nov. 2?

Explain this about 9/11: Where is the Pod?

Was there a wire under the jacket? Was there a Pod under the Plane?

IL 14th District--Zamora fundraiser this Saturday

Maquoketa Valley Electric (In Iowa) said I sent them SPAM

co worker of mine said Kerry was i did some digging.

List of Minnesota Get-Out-the-Vote Meetings this weekend

Jackson CitPat LTTE re: signs.

Don't forget to vote for ALL the Democratic candidates this election

Wesley Clark in Columbus

Protest Stolen Honor Filmmakers in Abington Tuesday Oct. 19th


Kerry in Appleton

Hey when are you Washington pansies getting a gathering going?

Great! Lakoff will guest blog at DFA on Oct. book.

"Countdown" reviewing the debate errors...

Here's how I wish John Kerry had responded to the 'choice' question.

fun Democratic stuph:

Many Amphibians Threatended Worldwide

University president commanded removal of DU bumper sticker

Party affiliation - public?

Who's This Idiot On AAR Right Now

Olbermann covers the O'Really story at 8:30 Eastern!

coulter and o'reilly are having anchor sex

Anyone else loathe Glenn Reynolds - aka Instapundit?

911 FAmily representatives on C-Span2, now

Don't forget to watch lobotomy fest 2004 on C-SPAN right now

"Racial Suppression of the Vote is a Joke".

What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles?

So.....what comes next?

DU writers please critique my very first LTTE

bill o'reilly looks like he needs a colon cleansing today

Has anyone ever seen repubs SO CONCERNED about gay rights before?

Spill your guts on what you know about the Jeffersonian Republicans!

Whatever happened to "memogate/cybergate"?

So the world is better off without Sadam?

The Wayback Machine

Hey, look everyone - it's wag the dog time!

Media should play the Bush Cheney debate lies............

Over two-dozen GI's face possible prison abuse charges


What party would you have been a member of 200 years ago?

Has anyone ever heard "mag crews"? Dig this.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize !!!!

BBV: Problem County #3 Manatee County Florida...any DU'ers there?

Bumped in to a car today - then I saw the Bush sticker

NEW WORLD MEDIA WATCH for October 15, 2004

Calling all Lie Wizards! Take a good look at GWB.....if you dare!

How do we win our country back?

Deleted by poster

Some Questions for all (Concerning Kerry as President)

For people who claim to hate government, pukes sure do love to control it.

Legal question????

Stupid and ignorance on the far-right are not American-exclusive...

For those of you who enjoyed the "Vote for Change" concert

New John Kerry Interview in the Advocate

Georgie's Face Is Very Different on each side-messing around

Did Mackris' atty quit?

Rich Lowry stepped on his unit

Despite debate statement, no flu vaccine from Canada!!

Has anyone ever heard of "mag crews"?

IIRC, wasn't Massachusetts one of the original 13 colonies?

Reasons I think it will be a landslide for Kerry

The most horrific part of the Mary Cheney

andrea mackris is kinda cute for a repub

Anyone got a photo of Bush with spit on side of mouth? nt

drudge's photo of bush creeps me out

My freeper Mom is taking my little sister to see Team America.

more fun for Democrats

September 11, 1941: foundation stone of the Pentagon laid

Proof: The Very Wealthy are Mentally Ill

Swiftvets scavenger hunt!

Time to remind all GOPers " but he lied"

Question about Iraq casualty reports.

Could the West Wing (TV show) go GOP?

The Seven words you can't say in a progressive forum...

let's make list of all those groups george has disrespected

OK, I have had it with Bush. God does not want people to be free.

My Fahrenheit 9-11 story

So now that we can prove there was a "firefight" O'Neil wants to change

Should I Start Worrying; Vol 4

Bi-Polar Bush Face (Warning, this is creepy)

Repuke Thoughts on Mary Cheney

Anyone besides me hear on CNN headline news

Aaron Brown just said tonight...

So, how about that Valerie Plame thing?


Phil Hendrie's best 'pretend' radio character is...

THURSDAY MALLOY MEETUP better stream link here

Bill Maher's right. Bush Co. are a bunch of whiney little girls.

So what's the best way to improve our childrens' education?

Where is that little nitwit Ross Perot.

Marriage vs. civil unions

Why do DUers call every issue that pops up this month "the Oct. Surprise"?

Give Michael Moore a vote

Bush is right about the tax cuts!!

O'Reilly seXXXing up Anne Coulter interview AFTER LAW SUIT!

Starting to see LOTS of the Swiftsmear books at Half-Priced Books!

Has anyone seen Laura Ingram and Ann Coulter at the same time?

George Butler, director of “Going Upriver..." on Charlie Rose tonight

Where can I find data on people who have gotten tax breaks for hummers?

Sean Hannity and Neut Grinch complaining about Lesbian

BBV: Problem County #2...What towns/cities are in La Paz Co. Arizona?

as a lesbian

Good joke on Leno tonight

Doomed, Unless

Ted Koppel is the SHIT!!!!!!!!

Behind the FBI Crackdown on Indymedia

is there video of Bush saying "i'm not concerned about OBL" around?

"Government run Healthcare....

What is Dick Morris's problem?

When Did You First Choose To Be Gay Or Hetrosexual?

Do we dare hope that the bush family is finished in US politics?

"They're trying to redefine marriage"....

Howard Dean, Jesse Jackson, Bill O'Reilly on Bill Maher tomorrow.

Is anybody watching NIGHTLINE! I think they're outing SVFT.

Frontline: Presidents 2004 on now! PBS

Homeland Security (?) tries to get list of attendees at CA Bar Convention

Is this Coulter-O'Reilly transcript real?

"freeway blogging" - done it?

Hey! You! Lynne Cheney!!! This ain't "cheap and tawdry"???

Stolen Honor 'Documentary' and the man behind the propaganda

WATCH ABC NOW!! Soldiers getting back to Iraq...on Primetime live...

Don't Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Farhrenheit 9/11 DVD release could not have been better timed.

Revisiting Falwell's claim on the GOP....after viewing Frontline.

Friday -- Obama on C-Span2, 8pm EST, ILL Senate race.

ABBA songs predicted USA situation in '04??

Help conduct the nation's first citizen's precinct/county vote audit

John Kerry's first act as POTUS

Age survey

Poll reveals world anger at Bush

Bush Says Debates Highlight His Record

U.S. Accepts Musharraf Decision

Dow Ends Below 10,000 on Insurers, Oil

No Canadian Troops to Iraq: PM--Toronto Star

Homeland adviser mum on ex-employer's financial terror links

Oregon Voter's Pamphlet: Dick Cheney missing.

Ex-DEA agents now private sleuths

Pentagon reviewing Iraqi journalists abuse case

Bush's position on Canadian flu shots vs. prescription drugs "ironic"

Strong earthquake shakes Taiwan’s capital

US arms for Pakistan spell trouble for India

Audit Set of Halliburton No-Bid Iraq Deals (UN Security Council)

Quake Magnitude 6.7 - TAIWAN REGION

WP/Milbank: Bush's Cartoon Of Kerry Failed To Show Up

Jeff City, MO - Plane crash into a home, entire neighbohood evacuated

Auditors Can't Account for Iraq Spent Funds

Canada not prepared to send troops to Iraq, says Martin

Saudi FAA Chief's Nephew Lived With & Funded 9/11 Hijacker

NYT: Chemicals Sickened '91 Gulf War Veterans, Latest Study Finds

Pgh Post Gazette: Sinclair advertisers face boycott over Kerry film

US and Iraqi ground forces move into Fallujah

Schwarzenegger Says Kerry, Bush Evasive in Debate

Amtrak Pays Millions for Others' Fatal Errors (NYTimes)

View of US worsening: poll

Cleanup fights stall new uses for old bases

Crowds dwarf protests at Hawaii Wal-Mart

Nader Emerging as the Threat Democrats Feared

Army pathologist concedes errors in prisoner-abuse case

An excellent column by Dave Cullen at Salon: "John Kerry's lesbian moment"

China fights UN sanctions on Sudan to safeguard oil

Japan denies endorsing Bush in US election

Farewell to the frog

No flu vaccine aid from Canada is likely, as issue becomes political

Auditors Can't Account for Iraq Spent Funds

Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was illegal

Green Zone Blasts Show Insurgent Tenacity

Clinton was right? Serbs admit scale of 1995 Massacre

Should tv show end credits be abolished?

What if...

Which Bush did you prefer from the debates?

XTreme Makeover

Does anyone play DDR Dance Dance Revolution?

Thinking Problem

Man Fights Off Repossessor with Chainsaw

How to Tickle a Pickle!

Is God a Yankees fan?

O'Rielly - The Morton Downey, Jr. of our age.................


So! Tomorrow is the big day - I have my "tour" of the station

OMFG! Kim's Wig Boutique is OVER-Stocked!!!!

Was there a wire under the jacket? Was there a Pod under the Plane?

John Waters Bio on the Biography Channel now! (Denver time)

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey ......All my friends are junkies

Someone close to me is a plaintiff keeping Nader off the ballot in PA

October Surprise: look who they're adding to the ticket


Fox's Animated Scooter

Leko, Kramnik draw Game 12 of title match

ok, i keep seeing yellow ribbon magnets SIDEWAYS

Beatles survivors and widows approve Cirque du Soleil Beatles show

My hallowe'en costume this year-POLAND

it's MXC Thursday on Spike TV!

Progressive Books and DVDs at the Demopedia

Have I gone too far?

unspeakable cretins abound.

I wish i could go on Hannity show!!!!!!!!

Do posts that alter the layout of the Lounge page disturb & anger you?

Life Imitates Art: Snowcrash - L. Bob Rife = Sinclair Broadcasting?

No, seriously. I have no idea what costume to wear.

Have I gone too far

Thanks for the help with the lists on my Entertainment page


Anyone have a degree in "Hamburgerology"?

Would you ever file a drivers' license or car tab renewal form online?

More Sedition

In honor of my favorite bad ST:TOS episode, GHWB

Wow, Walt Disney was a bastard....

Have you SEEN the latest Hummer tv ad???

My music theory: if the band name starts with "Screaming", they're good

Engineers Can't "F" With Me Now!

I have tickets to see Michael Moore.

Schilling won't be pitching. The Curse lives!

who's got that pic of the penguin slapping the other penguin?

If my yard man is unable to work this weekend

these lcs games are quite entertaining..

A Question for worldly DU'ers..


NLCS: Go Cardinals!

Music lovas... What cha listening to now?

screw owl bore

<<<~*~ I LOVE DONNA ~*~>>>

"I'd like to thank the Lord for this football victory"

Sealab 2021: Ride the Stimutacs

Pow R. Toc H.

Ideas to get me fired tomorrow?

Question: Does anyone else's pet run away when you use the bathroom?

Do churches that believe in predestination send out missionaries?

Ramadan Mubarak!

This is my 69th post - ask me anything about sex!

I'm watching "The Nanny" on lifetime.

CAPTION Bush undressing the baby...

An exercise

Tell a funny story here....

Nanner-Nanner, I snuck my whole 300 range past newyawker99 n/t

Help - Bushisms Needed

If you've ever camped alone near a cliff...

Perhaps I will cryogenically freeze myself for 18 days

Arwalden is gay

It's Thursday - what drink will YOU be having?

Someone in the room just did three shots of NyQuil.

Got my "Veteran For Kerry" bumper sticker but how do you attach it

Don't play Scrabble with an eight-year-old

Fuck Owl Bore

On a scale of 1-10, How likely are the Red Sox to win the World Series...

Boyfriend went to bed. I'm bored as hell. Ask me anything!

Create your supergroup here!!!

Superman songs


Attention MAC person

Favorite song by the Buzzcocks

So I was burglarized last night...ever been?

Any Webmasters Here?

Music theory: If the group name is a palindrome, they are good.

I'm going to bed, ask me to have a dirty dream about you.

Dude, Where's My (Flying) Car?

Who plays "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield 1942" online

Miami of Florida is getting pounded by Loisville 24-7 at halftime


I know it's late, but what's your favorite chick flick?

I just flossed my teeth and now I'm depressed!!!!!!!!

Great Kerry pic

You know, my age group had way cooler girls in highschool than

My music theory: if the band name starts with "Starland", they're bad

Give me prank ideas for the camping trip...

Did anyone know that The Osmonds have a new music video out?????


Is Democratic Underground segregated or just divided?

Britain's Prince Harry Cheated on Exam. Who Might it Remind You of?

Jaysus Kee-riced! A HUGE flying cockroach

CAUGHT ON VIDEO!!! Bush training for second debate!!

I'm going to bed. Ask me to give you a prediction.

Oh, oh... Just thought of something.... 1918, flu, war and the Sox

somewhat obscure female-vocalist-led groups you love

Complete this sentence: "When I watch professional wrestling....

What am I GOING TO DO on Nov 2? YOu can help too

What am I DOING on Election Day??? >>>>how bout you?

haha! Olbermann: The "Falafel Factor " up next

Get the Rove article in the Atlantic

Amused by this Bush-Cheney Sign in Meridian, Texas

The Three Debates were Unfair and Biased

the AARP speech - any videos on the net?

Their vote? It’s for Oprah

Bush administration takes emergency steps to avoid debt ceiling

Reuters: Polls show U.S. allies prefer Kerry

Props to a cam site

I'm bouncing off the walls, just got back for seeing

Props to a pro-Kerry cam site!

I need a pic of Bush drooling and left side of mouth drooping

How long will it take for Kerry to clean house?

So ... Lynne Cheney writing soft-core lesbian porn book is OK ...

Frontline's Choice 2004 on tonight

Could the media "fact checks" be the reason voters are still undecided?

Resident Shrub speaking at a mass lobotomy on C-SPAN live in a few Mins.

Six to Be Tried in Pa. Bush Thong Protest

Please, pleeeazzee..PLEAAASEEE let's get Tom DeLay out.

Sue Sinclair?

Who's exploiting Mary? Why, the GOP, of course!

Bush kisses another infant, crowd thrilled beyond all possible description

Commercial idea if anybody has the video clip of Bush from 3/13/02

Does anyone have the video of Brokaw evicerating Bush last night?

Close BEST schools? Girl's school was closed & today she PROTESTED BUSH!

Wow, viewership for debate beat out baseball

Kudos to Keith Olbermann & 'Countdown'

How the F-K did Bush erase Kery's lead? On Olberman

Please post your comments here..NM gets this paper!

Nine often overlooked reasons we need Kerry to win

Why is every debate followed by a "major offensive in Iraq"

Another great new DNC Ad: EXAGGERATION

SINclair--War Profiteers--The lowest form of life

Sinclair still lying on their website - front page.

Bush's Abortion Problem?

I went to see John Edwards in Council Bluffs, IA

Does anyone have a link to this story?

Sign this 'Stop Sinclair' petition

I just saw Rob Reiners new "Mistake" ad for MoveOnPac

Did C-Span bump Kerry for Bush?


DU'ers don't care about Sinclair's racism?

Some Dam Good Shit From Andrew Sullivan

Bush is an idiot and you know it

Salon: "Not terribly surprising," Jon Stewart "officially" endorses Kerry

Bush Crony In Homeland Security Tied To Financial Terrorism

Have you heard the Farenhype 9/11 ad?

Kerry could have said gay; but now it’s juggernaut time.

Bush's earpiece spotted?

Now I'm really pissed off & won't be held accountable for my actions!

Ha--the mystery of *'s back bulge is solved by Andy Borowitz!

James "Freakball" Dobson confirming the homosexual intolerance wedge lives

Kerry/Edwards Rally on CSPAN. *NOW* 10pm est

Was Kerry's comment about Mary Cheney a political ploy or sincere comment

CNN just did a crappy job covering voter fraud in Nevada

Unbelievably great letter from Rock the Vote to Ed Gillespie

Anyone remember "Network":? How about an ad to take on Sinclair & PPV

Kerry v. Kennedy

The pundits overlook Kerry's response, "We are all God's children"

PBS-Kerry and Shrubbie in youth

Please watch ABC now-soldiers

Remember the welfare mom with a Cadillac?

East coast DU'ers, can you do a nightline thread for us WestCoast DU'ers

Country Music Fans - Honky Tonkers for Truth

yet another Republican Fraud attempt--

Rock the Vote tells RNC to go Screw themselves

Trashed Democratic registration cards?

Notice that the repuke lamers can only offer empty rhetorical critiques.

F9/11 PPV deal nixed

Why is John Kerry not talking about his work on BCCI???

Anybody else watching this rally on C-SPAN?

OK, I have had it with Bush. God does not want people to be free.

Unbelievable! CNN voter fraud story disrupted by "technical difficulties"

Foreign Affairs Specialists : An Open Letter to the American People

Did anyone hear George Bush state that John O'Neill

With national polls showing a close race, one of two things will happen

anecdotal evidence thast the anti-sinclair campaign is strong

The truly controversial remark about gays was Bush's

DU - Home of the truth wizards?

Political Humor from the AP

Debate spittle. Has Bush suffered a stroke?

Welcome to the UFS of A

Bush & Govt Run County Health Clinics

Guardian (UK) Angers or Pleases Folks Here in Clark County, Ohio

Stolen Honor 'documentary' to air on Sinclair stations: RW Propaganda

Turn on Frontline NOW.

Let's destroy this young demagogue before he becomes another Ralph Nader

I'm starting to wonder if they're preparing the way for Dick.

Anyone have a list of some of Kerry's best quotes from the debates?


Nader is on Letterman tonite...

Speculate: What will happen to kerry's poll #s after Sinclair..

The Kerry Tidal Wave is on it's way!

Help with my home town poll

Actual News

Great job by Oregon Protesters at chimp rally today!

The Bush Campaign Is Flailing weirdness

Ok, we need this commercial

WTF? Jet Blue just emailed that they don't advertise with Sinclair...

"Hijacking Catastrophe" is a must see for all Americans ....

Top 10 President Bush explanations for the bulge in his jacket

Why no AARP outrage?

ECONOMIST POLL: Kerry 47 / Chimp 45 ; 49% believe bulge was receiver!

My Talking Points: The whining cheneys...scrubbie isn't sure

LOL! Oberman kicks ass tonight!

Nevadans, I hear that Bush and Kerry are polling very closely...

$100 donation vs. Monthly giving. Which sends the stronger message?

Did the Kerry campaign come out with the Osama ad today?

Is Zarqawi connected to Al queda? nt

I STILL haven't recieved my absentee ballot.

John O'Neil is Kerry's Kenneth Starr

What happens if stations do not carry water for Sinclair???

Should Nightline do an updated casualty memorial broadcast??

Repeat of the Iowa Rally on C-SPAN!

Did Koppel just slam CBS?

OMG, a fundie school board member tonight mentioned DRED SCOTT!

Anyone read Vanity Fair? "Prayer isn't working like it used to."

Here's a Yahoo news photo to recommend as a 5

Take back our country before it's too late!

Is Nader a Stalinist?

"Bush's Cartoon Of Kerry Failed To Show Up" (Milbank)

Just saw "Going up River" The long war of John Kerry.

So, is "Stolen Honor" a crappily produced & barely watchable

Is Nader like Michael Jackson?

Bush's position on Canadian flu shots vs. prescription drugs "ironic"

Hersh: Bush Scares the Hell out of Me

Damn damn damn I missed Nightline!

nightline watchers - is it worth the look tonight?

Can anyone post the NIGHTLINE video busting the SWIFT BOAT SCUMBAGS?

Kerry Edwards rally in Des Moines tonite - awesome....

Amazingly Powerful New Anti-War Ad from Vets Group

o'neill interview

Blackwell SMACKDOWN! - Judge orders provisional ballots counted!

All DUers and all MFing freeping rightwingnuts for the LAST TIME!!!

lol!!! Nightline destroys the Swift Boat Liars

Watching public TV, Bush and Kerry bios I think, is anyone

Today's crazy Cheney behavior explained

Please please email Ted Koppel and Nightline and tell them HURRAH!!!

Proof we live in different realities: the freepers think O'Neill did great

Koppel missed this in the Nightline episode.....

John O'Neill is THE STUPIDEST MFer in this country

Okay, when do we see "Swift boat veterans proven liars" on MSNBC or Fox?

Latest I-4 Corridor poll shows Kerry gaining on Bush

Olberman Slaps Down O'Reilly

OMG ... Lynne Cheney is Barbara Bush redux!

Republicans strategist says Bush 'almost flailing'

I truly believe John O'Neill has severe mental problems...

That's it guys... Swift Boat Slander Guys are no longer an issue

Could somebody explain McCain to me?

The L word: Kerry's real crime.

Cnn poll on Kerry Cheney daughter deal

If You Have Not Seen This Commercial, Go Here Now:

DU these AOL polls

Kerry rally on CSPAN now - 10PM

"for gays.. what is most outrageous is the Cheneys' outrage"

Interview with the Lone Star Iconoclast's editor (Crawford, TX newspaper)

Right wing confidence...I see it everywhere. I can't tell if it is a

Salon: The Lincoln Bedroom redecorated "in anticipation of 2nd Bush term"

Social Security: Schieffer was wrong, Kerry was right

Help conduct the nation's first citizen's precinct/county vote audit

New 10/14: Bush aids Saudi FAA Chief's Nephew who lived w/ 9-11 Hijacker..

a message from Al Gore

Debates over, coming down the home stretch.

Lynne Cheney joked about John Kerry's "tan"

Stop Destruction of Voter Registrations : Send the RNC a Message

Bush's Treasury secretary rips off taxpayers for CSX's liability

Milbank: "..Kerry is OK as a vessel..."

Kudos to Keith Olbermann & 'Countdown'

Hateful rumors--intimidation at

Hey Sinclair - Take JetBlue off the Fascist List

Have you boycotted any Sinclair sponsors today?

The OBL Debate gaffe quote: SO BUSTED! print this flyer

WTF? Kerry leads in FOX 50-48, AP/WP 48-46, GALLUP 50-48, AP

Should the media hold off on reporting election results until all polls


Daddy Bush & Jim Baker Smell Defeat & Begin to Huddle to Steal Election.


Nightline NOW!!! Investigated Switie charges

What is wrong with the President? (Long but devastatingly good)

AWESOME ANTI-Bush country song!

Time: What Your Party Knows About You

Herbert: Paralyzed, a Soldier Asks Why

[PINR] Oct. 15, 2004: Europe, Russia and Chechnya

The Lingering Cloud of 9/11 (The WTC Collapse Toxicity Cover Up)

George W. Bush and the Mandate of Heaven

Debate #3.............Laundry Day........

USA TODAY: The looming national benefit crisis

The Last Debate (Thankfully)

Guardian Utd (Friday): Poll reveals world anger at Bush

M. Carlson - She's Here, She's Queer, Get Used to It

Abortion stats since Bush took office

4 great LTTE's in the *gasp* Richmond Times-Dispatch

Anniston Star: Abusing the Airwaves (Sinclair)

Cohen: The President Vanishes

Roger Ailes - NY Daily News does Rove's work today

Peter Lee: "It's Good to be King"

Bush's best is not good enough

Lynne Cheney: Bookburner

Voting Our Conscience, Not Our Religion

"4000 hours!" animation (this is good)

Stolen Honor: Bush League Propaganda

The coming environmental backlash -- and hope for the future

Globalist: It's a tough act, sure, but Bush pulls it off

NYC mass transit facing another steep price hike

LA Times - George Bush, Tax Hiker

LA Times: Making 'Liberal' a Fighting Word Again

CounterBias: "We Know Where The Weapons Are"

Political roots of American insecurity

Political Fiction: "The Siege of Jerusalem"

LA Times - You're on Your Own (flu)

The making of the terror myth (from The Guardian)

Say it loud, asexual and proud

The Oilman (with apologies to E.A. Poe)

Pro-life? Look at the fruits

VOTING.........." BUT I don't like either of them"

Amazingly Powerful New Anti-War Ad from Vets Group -- DONATE!

John Edwards coming to Ohio!!

Hijacking Catastrophe FREE showing at Princeton University 10/15

"Vote for America"............PAID or unpaid........

NM DUers where are you? I am coming out to GOTV in SF and want to know

Peak Oil and post-carbon society

Sac/Bay Area DU'ers

Nightline story not picked up by the rest of the

Jon Stewart was on the best Crossfire EVER! *Quicktime video and mp3 here*

Something forgotten in the Bill O'Reilly sex issue

Peak Oil and post-carbon society

Help me debunk this freeper lie

USA TODAY: The looming national benefit crisis

X-Prize for world's 'Holy Grails'

US Attorney Investigating NYC Lead Tests In Drinking Water

Hope for the future in spite of environmental backlash

Silt, Pollution Will Cripple Yangtze River Within 10 Years- Interfax

How rare are albino squirrels?

Peak Oil and post-carbon society

19 Days Before Election, Jeb Suddenly Wants More Everglades Money

Pressure points . . . (referral post) . . .

Greenpeace Calls For Stepped Up Action to Protect Iraqis from Looted Nucle

Squid catch stuns scientists

global-warming curve might be an artifact of bad PCA algorithm

Korea: "Freedom to speak is too broad"

lunabush's too-late Friday afternoon bad joke thread

There's a wonderful song making the rounds...

I second Vox_Reason request of a lockdown....

What do I need to do to make this show up on my posts.

Why are so many NON-campaign topics allowed in GD:Campaign 2004?

Could we have a separate forum

Does GD04 really need eight threads about

Skinner, a suggestion...

Here's hoping

Rockets Deliver Daily Terror To Residents of Israeli Town

Pentagon Strike Video

Any Sacramento Area DU'ers

Is there an organized opposition to the Gattaca Proposition (69)

Sen. Hillary Clinton in Long Beach TODAY 10/15, 2:30 PM

Any du people in San Luis to Santa Maria area?

Swift boat liars are dead

Heads up: Crews (Satan's Spawn) and McGovern will be on NECN...

i need a new poker crew - who's in?

My neigborhood is looking better

Online Poll- Updated link

Just in: MN GOP Sues Over Election Judges

Went to 'Proposed Service Tax' meeting this Morning

Protest Pickets at Sinclair TV Stations in Ohio

Major Dayton advertiser may never 'spend another dime' on Sinclair

Blackwell's at it again: Ohio Secretary Of State Appeals Judge's Ruling

Ben Konop vs. Oxley - Ohio 4th Congressional District Race

Anybody been contacted for poll monitoring?

GOP garbage coming to Ohio-Important Read

PA Department of State Staff to Monitor Elections

Need exercise in a good cause on Saturday morning?

Reposting this in Texas forum-sign I saw in Meridian, TX yesterday

D/FW Screenings - Fahrenheit 911, Bush's Brain, Outfoxed - Oct. 16 & 17

Sign this petition..not enough ballots in Milwaukee

Can I Have A List of T.V. Channels That Plan To Show

To our Wisconsinite friends:

a message from ACT-Wisconsin, Get-Out-the-Vote organization

Groups with plans to GOTV in Wisconsin Oct 29-Nov 1?

New Voter Project = problems with registration

Roger Breske

Advertisers on Milwaukee WCGV-24 (Sinclair)

Just got back from the Storm rally downtown!

Bush and Kerry: A fake choice

3rd Debate Photo Phunnies

60 year old women (and older) might not be voting for *..Here's why.

Support Pax Christi's New Ad!!! (Being Catholic not required!)

"Justify This" - and other new anti-Bush songs

How credible is this source?

The Puppet Prophet....

Too few ballots in Milwaukee, in order to suppress the vote?

Why are our media so afraid of calling a spade a spade? We at

Farenheit 9/11 pulled by pay-per-view

Cheney Vows to Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected (The Onion)

Knock..Knock..Knock... Cable Guy.....

Who was Poppa Bush screaming about yesterday? I just caught

Plan to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary Spurs Media Merger Critics

The Hidden Business Tax Cut of the Bush HealthCare Plan

Man kidnaps child of rich parents and sends kid back home with

I agree with John Le Carre that this Bush era is one of America's

Attention MAC person

anyone see Robin Williams on Leno?

did anyone see nader on letterman?

Librarians rescue print-run of anti-Bush humor magazine "Raven"

Which of these occupations DESERVES to have a DOUBLING in salary?

Bernie Ward is on KGO streaming

Please tell me the name

love thy neighbor. or not...

Need help: 1) Anti-war families, 2) Cuban GOPer motives

Is he Left Wing, Right Wing, or What?

Eighty-Five Nations Back Population Agenda

Bush position on Canadian flu shots vs. Prescription drugs ironic?

If almost every Democrat household in States where Sinclair is going

I voted Nader in 2000, of the twenty+ 2000 Nader voters I know, only one

So what are these "jobs of the future" Bush talks about?

Will President Kerry be able to turn around the Bush economic trainwreck?

US unprepared to handle election fraud: Congress

good morning du!

C-Span streaming working for anyone?

OK, enough of the poll terror. Here's a reminder of how "accurate" they

Katie Couric needs to get emails for this! Did anyone see this????

If it wasn't so serious it would be funny

This is what a real Attorney General should be doing


look at them!!!

Let us salute one of our great Democratic heroes:Senator Robert Byrd.

Anyone notice Coulter's pantyhose on McEnroe's show tonight?

I got to see Michael Moore last night, live, in person, at USC, WOW!!!!

Saw Outfoxed last night.. damn...

U.S. Government Reaches $7.38 Trillion Debt Limit

Injured Iraq Vets Come Home to Poverty (ABC)

Iraq and Vietnam

CSPAN Taking Calls About O'Reilly Coming Up!

Are repugs maiking a mistake inflating Cheney's gay status?

Friday am on CSPAN — Next up a discussion on O'Reilly

Did Anyone See This on C-Span ThisAM? Voices of Iraq....

Wow! I got my annoying cow-irker to admit that...

Preview of new 2004 Florida ballot HERE!

Go to

Bush Pays Rare Visit to Air Force One Press Cabin

need some constructive criticism

In a major policy speech, Mr.Bush announced today that from

Riot police fire on protesters in Jacksonville, OR!!....

Italian parliament passes law to legalise Berlusconi's villa

Bush opens four point lead--Is it due to racism & homophobia?

",,,a cowardly act the will not go unpunished." ????

AAR Streaming Is Down: Is There A Radio Station...?

Anyone know where I can DL a copy of the 3rd debate

Call Direct TV and demand they show F911

So, PayPerView won't show F 9/11, but Sinclair can show their trash.

Here it is! My revised LTTE!

I figured out the true Cheney complaint!

If allowed to air, how will "Stolen Honor" affect the election?

HERBERT: Paralyzed, a Soldier Asks Why

To Be Provided

world opinion of United States worsens

My Responses From Sinclair Advertisers

Tips for Filling Out Zogby online poll among others

WTF - watching the 3rd debate for the first time ..

Thatcher coup plot/Peter Mandelson link latest

I've noticed an uptick in Violence in Iraq Lately

Hijacking Catastrophe FREE showing at Princeton University 10/15

German BILD says, they will promote Sanchez!!

Announcing Anti-VRC

Fresno is #1

Anyone Know Where I Can Find Good MP3s of Bush's Stupid Comments?

Polls Show Worsening of U.S. Reputation

Chechan terrorists in US over Mexican border?

"Click" to help food shelves, from Campbell's soup (FREE)

A thought back to 9/1/2003 - if only I could post the picture

It used to be that the majority of Americans were for choice?

1092 US Troops Killed. 0 WMD.

Rumor: Zaraqwi is a "ghost"

Interesting Concept, Big Brother Insurance........

DIRECT TV feedback on Fahrenheit 9-11

Jon Stewart on Crossfire today!

Male Bass in Potomac Producing Eggs - but we don't

Cheney gets front page of Lakeland Ledger....Democrat gets one paragraph

Holy Cow, was Dubya's debate hump a Defibrilator?


Tell Me I Didn't Just Pay $2.63/Gallon to Fill Up My Car

O'Reilly: "We believe that the people behind this lawsuit are on the left"

Major General Smedley Butler, an interesting read

Nightline went to Vietnam - asked locals about Kerry on the river

If this is a repeat, disregard. Thanks.

"The mysterious removal of Iraq's mothballed nuclear facilities..."

Yesterday on C-Span, 2:00pm to 4:00pm EDT, a panel discussion...

First Annual O'Reilly Award

F 9/11 has been out for 10 Days. Why haven't we heard video rental #s??

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican...a dose of morning truth

Idiot LTTE's in todays LA Times

Is it not funny how Pukes are telling everyone Vietnam is over?

Anyone have numbers on filibusters?

Olberman is a national treasure

Bill Maher 2nite: Alanis M, Jesse J, Garrison K & Howard D

7 Million Freakin idiots watched the debates on FOX

U.S. Orders Freeze on Zarqawi Network Assets (YA THINK?)

"Sisters" by Lynne Cheney

Victory in Iraq is near...

You're an As*hole....

Excerpts from Lynne Cheney's homoerotic classic "Sisters"

Alan Colmes to be on Franken show

Flu vaccine question.............................

Brian Lamb Taking a Right-Winger Apart on CSPAN!

Jon stewart on crossfire today!!!!!

ICITAP and Abu Ghraib torture (naming names)

Edwards ---- Hardball transcript

GOP chief goes to ACLU for help in yard sign case

Did O'Reilly Chicken Out of Maher's Show?

On "Regis & Kelly," O'Reilly promotes kids book, vows to fight sex charges


Yacht carrying Woods, new bride turned away from port by Coast Guard

A little Freeper racisim to make you shake your head

Quit giving national pollsters credibility they do not deserve!

Colmes defending Hannity

Tenn. senator says I shld be arrested 'smut peddling' --Q for lawyer!!

New Poll

BBV: GBnC on the air right now

3 Great LTTE's in todays Buffalo News.

This proves that Bush lies and it is printed in the Military Times.

Politicians who served and those who did not....

I wonder how many $ figures on bonus checks for CNN anchors if Bush wins??

Anyone have a link to the long Derrida thread....

Does anyone have all the sordid details of what O'Reilly said?

Howard Dean on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight!

DU has been infiltrated by a bunch of fundies today! They are the

Greenspan (Professional SHILL) Not Worried About Energy Prices

Call from the DNC

Candy Cowley - the "bummed out" reporter?

The Election is not Decided Yet

Who will Neo Cons blame if the GOP lose the election?

If Bush Loses Clearly on N3 Do you Think He Would

WTFU DUer's: Gore's 48% is Kerry's FLOOR not his ceiling

Stupid Question Poll: Is O'Reilly Guilty?

"Your papers please...?" (Congress close to creating internal passports)

LOL! GOP media whore Judith Miller waxing poetic about...

If you live in AL, FL, MD, NC, SC, VA or WV go to

Is there a way to post AOL polls with a working link?

The Constitution is a 'Liberal' document!

Remember The Sandy Berger "Pants Stuffing" Scandal?

Olbermann's excellent piece on Boake Carter and Bill O'Reilly

How many are going to cut off family members that vote for *?

WHO warns against 'kitchen killer'

First Bush Campaign Vote Fraud Indictments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talking points for conservatives:

An Open Apology to Mary Cheney

PLEASE DUers - Need help with Bush quote!!!!

An Observation about O'LIELLY and Others

Pentagon Strike Video

Dean on Late Edition Sunday with Wolf Blitzer.

Robert Parry: Kerry's Attacker (Carlton Sherwood) Protected Moon

Kenneth Cole's 'Are you putting us on?' Campaign

Unit of 19 Soldiers Refused to do "Fuel Convoy" Mission - CNN

Just saw "Going Upriver". It confirmed for me what I have long suspected:

Does anyone have a link to somewhere I can download Going Upriver?

Coulter: "Clinton masturbates in the sink." What'll Ann say bout O'Reilly?

The reality behind Carlton Sherwood, and his hit piece "Stolen Honor"

Encountered a freeper lady at the supermarket in SAN FRANCISCO today. commercial on AAR

O'Really's accuser should release a tape, start a real frenzy.

Kerry Campaign Statement on Karl Rove Testifying Before Grand Jury Today:


Billions of Dollars in Iraq Missing/Unaccounted For

Some people think denial is a moral value

I will support an Amendment allowing a Foreign Born President..if..

Why don't we have, like, 50 falafel sandwiches delivered to Fox News?

USAirways wants to cut flight attendant pay to 1982 level

Hip Hop versus Bush - Let the Battle Begin

I realized something today.Bush seems totally unconcerned about

It's Friday, y'all - Randi's on and AAR is streaming!

Ed Gillespie: "Jimmy Carter never spent a dime on stem cell!"

Bush can't even GOVERN his own FACE

let's all send "get well soon" cards to the media & repukes

Sign this petition...not enough ballots in Milwaukee, WI

Have I mentioned Mary Cheney today?? I dont

Who's "outing" hurt more- Mary Cheney or Valerie Plame?

mary cheney mary cheney? mary cheney. mary cheney, mary cheney.

The Seven Deadly Sins of The Conservatives

MSNBC: O'Reilly accuser returned to work, inconsistent with harassment

Who NEEDS a Trial Lawyer Now?

Ran across this very interesting

Name the ONE thing that will give Kerry your vote.

Indymedia Seizures: The Empires Strike Back

Have you heard this? binLaden in China? October surprise?

"Military intelligence" - volunteer vs. draft.......a couple of comments

Action alert!! - everyone buy jon stewart's book!

Lyndie England gets prosectued, Sanchez promoted...

Everyone should bookmark this important website

A Devil's Sabbath: Halloween on Sunday Troubles Some Across the South

WIN (of course) or lose (if there's a Coup II)

Wow! CNN Front page photo! Maimed contractor pic

So our soldiers are being ordered to undertake futile suicide missions.

CNN - coming up. Were the 19 soldiers making a politcal statement?

The Crossfire boys wanted John to give them naked Supreme Court Justices

Should the GOP beg forgiveness from Chelsea Clinton?

something wrong with Kerry's plane?

All this about Mary Chaney makes me sick..and how many times

Can You Afford to Trust Bush & the Republicans on the DRAFT?

20 US Soldiers killed in the last 4 days! Why isn't this Front PageNews?

John Stewart is a WMD! (Weapon of Mediawhore Destruction)

Conquering by Stealth and Deception . . . Yurica Report

Platoon defies order to trnsport fuel.

Tell Me Again There's Nothing WRONG With Him?

Okay, i KNOW someone out there taped CROSSFIRE...

My LTTE about troop casualties

Gosh darn... did Novak miss all the fun at Crossfire today?

the Iraqi civil war

Pressure points . . .

re: *'s refusing physical -

Al Franken and Bob Barr Agreeing?? Alternate Universe??

cnn poll

My CBS owned radio station - Latest Poll

Jon Stewart will spend every book appearance trashing the media. GOOD

Does anyone have an email address for Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart to Tucker Carlson: You are as big a DICK on your show

CourtTV running the Bill O'Reilly loofah stuff

DAMMIT - will xfire be replayed? Does anyone have video??

Jon Stewart just called the crossfire boys Partisan hacks

Jon Stewart deserves a BIG DU thank-you.

I wonder if Bush-Rove's game plan is simply to keep up the charade

Here's a note from an acquaintance. He must be a PNACer!

Al Franken is on CNN with Blitzer...NOW!

Jon Stewart "Fuckin-Ay" thread. Check in here.

I just received a call from the Bush campaign.

Anybody got video of Jon standing up to the Corporate Whores?

playing crossfire clips on AAR right now

Why is there a flu vaccine shortage?

Freepers agree with Jon Stewart! Tucker IS a dick.

Legalizing Torture

Stewart, Sinclair, and taking back the airwaves...

Any links to streaming vid of Jon Stewart bitching out F*@ker Carlson?

Today Jon Stewart lit a match....

Need help w/Sinclair database

Did Bush Cut Funding on Pell Grants?

My knocked over freeway blog got an assist from an unknown good Samaritan!

Bob Barr and Al Franken are picking up Stewart's LEAD!

Will future news show guests be forced to sign loyalty oaths?

"Study: Amphibians Disappearing at 'Stunning' Rate"

New bumpersticker I just ordered from

transcript of John Stewarts appearance on today's Crossfire . . .

Science Matters

US military = global oil-protection service . . .

Post transcript to Jon Stewart Crossfire here, please.

Now, were those depression drugs recalled from the US or Canada?

Bush Re-Elect Would Leave Path Open to Imperial Dreams/ Great Read

CBS on Flu vaccine shortage: Woman says bush admin is telling

I have one vacation day left..

Does Bush have what it takes to be a leader?

"Women in Black" harassed in Lawrence, KS.

Contact Borders corporate hdqs & tell the we want truthful books up front

Freepers running away from O'Reilly as fast as they can....

Koppel...Stewart...Franken...keep the momentum going....

Where is the "third world"?

Unreal...look what they are talking about over at

I finally got my absentee ballot. I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!

TRANSCRIPT of Jon Stewart on Crossfire!! Get it here!!

If you havent bought America The Book, please do

A Blog called Screw Republicans

Do you guys remember a POW who was discovered alive in Viet Nam?

Increase in per barrel price of oil saves Texas oil industry.

Anarchy = radical democracy. Yes!!!! This book rocks!

Reminder: Jon Stewart on Crossfire today. ermm. NOW! n/t

Heads up west coast....CBS Evening News.....Iraq platoon

Heh Heh... published my review of O'Reilly's

Dan Rather reporting army mutiny

Our troops in Iraq take anti-depressants.

Bill Maher tonight

What happened to story about Rep GOTV org throwing away Dem registrations?

O'Reilly, Accuser Wage Air War

Who remembers Kent State?

Question about the draft...

Did you hear what Andrea Mitchell said about Pa.?

Calif. Woman Dies After Wait for Flu Shot

Salon's WAR ROOM on Jon Stewart's SLAPDOWN of CrossTired!

My fascist freeper Aunt says Mike Moore is both a fascist and a Communist.

The article in the Jackson, MS, paper --broke the story about the platoon

Poll reveals world anger at Bush

XFire bittorrent

What is Begala thinking/doing right now?

Real honor cannot be stolen.

Halloween "a day for the good Lord, not for the devil"

You may not talk about Jesus unless you're a Republican. True Story :

more abortions under Bush than under Clinton . . .

Who benefits from a flu vaccine shortage?

I just watched "Going Up River" and it was brilliant

Central Point OR yesterday bush* tried to campare Iraq with Japan

Test Your Knowledge....What's Made in China?

Just got back from 3 hours of ....

Black Ga. man lynched (hung) in White man's yard

AP/Yahoo: Sunday Halloween Irks Some in Bible Belt

Anyone had an employee of somewhere criticize your K/E stuff?

The nightmare of a Bush re-election .How long before disaster?

On Nader: isn't it ironic that the man who devoted his life...

Freep posts his "humorist" column for feedback. LAME-O-RAMA

What percentage of FICA does Bush* want Privatized?

I'm going to be sick.


Has Mary Cheney

Is it appropriate to wear/display partisan political stuff at work?

aww hyprocrocisy thy name is conservative

KRS-One=Sistah Souljah?

Canada: Don't give flu shots to Americans

Michael Moore reads from new book on BookTV, and other good programs

On the topic of flu hysteria - Is it possible to get the shot from your dr

Army mutinies

how the UK does it - voter registration - they wonder about us

I think this is the end of Karl Rove

Rove was talking to the Grand Jury this morning


Jon Stewart: Crossfire "hurting America" - Salon

I Need Some Help Fast (

Terry Mac and Jon Stewart both told CNN (Franken now too)

List Bush's "symptoms"

Dildo Reilly talks about 'Pinheads and Smart Operators' in his kids book

I'm working on a new song parody. Comments/suggestions welcome.

People ARE NOT THAT STUPID! After 4 years of bush's record

THE CHENEY CLAN - with apologies to Sammy Davis Jr.

Did calling the soldiers of Vietnam "Baby Killers" have impact?

My fellow DUers. Why do so many of our fellow

I'm ready to scream!! Fallujah does not deserve this. This assault is

CNN reporting mutiny by unit

Bill O'Reilly

FUCK YOU, Mr. President....

Winona LaDuke = David Duke.........?

Why is Begala a Douche?

A chilling, subtle hint from Kerry in recent PBS doc.

"Voter Munchausen Syndrome" | it's TOON time!

U.S. signals 15% duties on hogs from Canada

Martin wont commit troops to Iraq; will continue 'key role' in Afghanistan

Review Finds More Bush Military Records

LBN; Nevada defrauded voters will NOT be allowed to VOTE!

Jon Stewart: Crossfire "hurting America" - Salon

AP-Moore's Pre-Election TV Special Nixed

Bush, Kerry spar over record U.S. deficit

Guardian: The World Backs Kerry

U.S. planes strike Falluja

Britain's Prince Harry Cheated on Exam. Who Might it Remind You of?

North Branch Contractor Killed In Iraq (Mercenaries)

Four soldiers die in Baghdad, Ramadi attacks # 1087 to # 1090

Polls in 10 Nations Show Views of America Worsening

Government says 2004 deficit was record $413 billion

Shells From Syria Fired at Troops in Iraq

747 crashes at Halifax, Canada, airport, kills 7

Bush Pays Rare Visit to Air Force One Press Cabin

Iranian Nuclear Power Plant Completed

'Bush CIA pick Porter Goss with 1960s CIA hit squad'; Pics Included

Frost airs ad on Sessions, immigrants

Poll reveals world anger at Bush

(Spokane, WA) Firefighters Face Massive Layoffs (up to 70 first responders

Bush, Kerry on way to key state of Florida

McGreevey Attends First Gay Event

UK scientists bring hydrogen cars closer

Company Owner: U.S. Bombing Killed Hostage

Sprint plans up to 700 job cuts, to top Q3 forecast

[Jon] Stewart: [Bob] Novak? No way!

Car Bomb Explodes in Baghdad, Killing One, Injuring at Least 11

Fla. National Guard May Return to Airports (Because of Elections)

Polls in 10 Nations Show Views of America Worsening

Ohio:Protesters plan to picket WSYX, WTTE: Sinclair Stations under Fire

Reuters Poll: Bush Opens Four-Point Lead on Kerry

Wisconsin:Local Restaurants pull Channel 47 ads

Bush plays his deficit shell game

Pro-life? Look at the fruits

Democrats name GOP official in phone jamming(ELECTION FRAUD)

Bankers lose US extradition fight

Riddle of Blair Catholic Communion

AP: Memo Warned About Medicare Cards

Raids 'break up' £20m theft gang

Poll reveals world anger at Bush

Italian parliament passes law to legalise Berlusconi's villa

US agrees to Halliburton inquiry

U.S. Oct. Unniversity of Mich consumer sentiment sinks to 87.5

U.S. Forces Arrest Iraqi Negotiator, Strike Falluja

Abu Hamza could face charges in Britain despite American protests

Norway royal bloodline 'British'

Cheneys Mad After Kerry Mentions Daughter

Edwards coming to town -- Senator, VP candidate to visit Wednesday

German Court Frees Nazi War Crimes Suspect

President plans Mason City (IA) stop

Clerics Threaten Holy War If Fallujah Offensive Continues

Election protests already started

Iran's 'vampire of the desert' faces death penalty after murdering 17 chil

Polls Show Worsening of U.S. Reputation

German BILD says, they will promote Sanchez!!

Keyes receives fine for past violation

Hearing of Zardaris’ property case adjourned

Homeland adviser mum on ex-employer’s financial terror links

Judge: Bin Laden Has No Time for al-Qaida

Fort Worth Hosts Halliburton's Iraq Job Fair

Security under the skin

UPI: ABC to air documentary on Kerry in Vietnam (late night)

(St. Louis) Homeless can't be arrested without cause, judge rules

Platoon defies orders in Iraq

Judge Rules for Democrats in Dispute Over Ohio Voting

Pentagon plans promotion for Sanchez

Maine: WGME loses ads over plan to air anti-Kerry film

U.S. Hits Debt Limit After Senators Put Off Raising Ceiling

Ridge:There 'isn't a day' US border guards don't turn away terror suspects

Heating oil costs hit record averages

U.S. Probes if GIs Refused Iraq Mission

Kerry: Bush plan could lead to Draft

U.S. forces arrest chief Falluja negotiator (Police chief too)

U.S. Army Reserve Platoon Defies Orders in Iraq

U.S., Iraqi forces establish checkpoints in Falluja

Analysis: Reports Of Rampant Corruption In New Iraqi Institutions

Johnson Control targets 350 workers for layoff

Huge insurance scam

Japan Ruling Party Executive Slams Kerry on N.Korea

Poland to Reduce Number of Troops in Iraq

Baghdad sanitation services improve

Platoon Refuses Order - CNN breaking - Barbara Starr -- just now

Globalist: It's a tough act, sure, but Bush pulls it off

Car Bomb Explodes in Baghdad, Killing One

Mary Cheney wasn't onstage at GOP Convention finale?

US agrees to global family planning program after assurances on abortion i

Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was 'illegal'

SD GOP worker who resigned takes position with Bush campaign/Larry Russell

Breaking News that Karl Rove has just concluded testifying in the

Zimbabwe opposition chief acquitted of treason

Male bass producing eggs human harmones suspected cause... MUST READ

Judge Rejects Yellowstone Snowmobile Ban

Iraq's schools lack basics after neglect, war-UN

International Poll Finds Support Ebbing for U.S. Policy

BIG STORY from Iraq

Kerry Says Bush Plan Could Lead to Draft

Senator Wants Justice Review of Snow Investment

US asks Britain to deploy troops in more parts of Iraq: TV

Voters may see 'challengers' at polls (OH)

Kerry cranks up populism, roasts Bush on economy

New warning label ordered for antidepressants

Kerry Says Bush 'Out of Touch' with Americans

Five new faces in UN Security Council

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 15 October

Reuters Poll: Bush Opens Four-Point Lead on Kerry(Reuters/Zogby )

Anyone be checking out Jon Anderson on CrossFire?.....

Injured Iraq Vets Come Home to Poverty

AP/Yahoo: Sunday Halloween Irks Some in Bible Belt

CNN Breaking: Edwards plane abort Takeoff

Workers who left in ballot flap join Bush (relocate to Ohio campaign!)

Ohio Library needs our support

US Airways cleared to cut pay 21 percent

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties # 1091 & 1092

Greenspan Not Worried About Energy Prices

'70,000 Darfur dead' since March

From Vietnam to Iraq: American War Resisters Seek Refuge in Canada

Scripps Survey Research Center: Kerry Leads by 5%

Costa Rica arrest for ex-OAS head (and former President)

Rove testifies in Plame investigation...Today's news!

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell to Lowest Since 2003

U.S. Orders Freeze on Zarqawi Network Assets

Edwards to visit Iron Range

AP: Review Finds More Bush Military Records

BBC: Falluja people flee new attacks


Finding Only Shadows in Hunt for Insurgents (Yusufiya largely abandoned)

Troops take a gamble on Iraqi dinars (U.S. Troops Hoarding)

Pepsi bottling plant ordered to correct polluted runoff

Trio 'to offer Iran nuclear deal'

CMA president warns Canadian doctors about giving flu shots to Americans

Human rights activists protest priest's arrest in Haiti

County's hunger rate high among working poor

CBC: Americans flock to New Brunswick for flu shots

Poland to Reduce Number of Troops in Iraq

Democrats name GOP official in phone jamming

Kerry: Potential great for return of draft

I posted this in Discussion first but should be here as it is just now

Bush's New England Campaign Chief Resigns

Sacked envoy accuses FO of sex slurs

U.S. Hits Debt Limit After Senators Put Off Raising Ceiling

Turkey Revises Policy on Iraq

F911 shown in library. Freepers upset! Poll being Freeped!

US asks Britain to deploy troops in more parts of Iraq: TV

Edwards plane aborted on take off

Kerry Campaign Wants to Rebut Film on TV

Treasury Debt Prices Slip

Kerry maintains support for Plan Colombia

Park Service Sticks With Biblical Explanation For Grand Canyon

AWOL on CNN live right now campaigning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Blair thinking of converting, says Catholic priest

World Press Praises Debater Kerry

Independent Review Finds Bush Records National Guard Officials Misse

Nuclear material taken by experts not looters, say diplomats

Foreign Scientists shun US... Helps other countries

Sinclair Warns of Email Spoof

Bunning's Wild Pitches Tighten Kentucky Senate Race

AP: Memo Warned About Medicare Cards (A Day Before the 1st Debate)

Cheney: Jobs Best Solution for Poverty

Cuban women protest and get results

Foes see danger if Castor wins (Senate seat vacated by Bob Graham,Fla.)

Plaintiff's AttorneyTo O'Reilly: You're "going down"

Vietnam's Christians persecuted as state sees hidden enemy

ABC News - Rove Testifies Before Grand Jury in CIA Leak Investigation

Bush the elder appeals: Reelect son

Study sees 406,000 U.S. jobs shifted overseas in 2004

Police in Riot Gear Fire on (antiBush)Crowd (Use pepper)

Platoon defies orders in Iraq

Endangered species: US programmers

Kerry Attacker Protected Rev. Moon

GO CARDINALS!!! GO BIG RED!! 6-4. back2back HR's

Toilet Paper implementation...

Never forget 8/6!

Never Forget 12-7

Never forget 7-Eleven...

REMEMBER THE ALAMO! (these people sure will)

Click here to do something we've all wanted to do....

What album should Taverner listen to next?

Never forget that strange things are afoot at the circle K

OK... you were right. "Joey" sucks

Will Martha Stewart be able to do her shows while shes on house arrest?

Let's say Lebonese just took over the world.

most AMAZING anti war song ive ever heard.........

They hate me for the shows I love!

Let's say lesbians take over the world

Cure for a Redneck

Why does the popular concept of a drunk voice sound nothing like one?

West Coast Heads Up - O'Neil getting bitch slapped on ABC

Du chat now!

Some Windows error messages we all would like to see!

Anti-Bush Graffiti!

Never forget 7/24

Can't sleep

Is anyone else terrified by Greta Van Sustren?

Dang, I just realized who Bush reminds me of: Tommy Smothers!

Never forget 2/15!...

I have weird sleeping patterns, ask me anything

NEVER forget 2/29!!!

never forget, um, er, oh crap

my stolen Kerry/Edwards signs were returned!!!

Man Robs 11 Year Old At Gun Point For Lunch Money

Man Tried To Steal (LIVE) Electrical Cable - Burned Badly

Its Friday - Payday. The Public Enemy is cranked! BRING THE NOISE!

Favorite punctuation mark

My e-mail to my bosses for National Boss Day

Let's say lesbians just took over the world

Atom. Heart. Mother.

never forget 22/7

In a week filled by bombings, scary pols, & O'Reilly... an honest laugh

Geek humor thread

Kids say the darnedest things

Ugh...... very little sleep tonight!

Man kidnaps child of rich parents and sends kid back home with

Stick this worm in your ear:

I almost forgot 9-11

Dont forget 99-it's 9x11

Why am I supposed to remember 11/9 again?

Variety-O'Reilly to embark on movie career

My car tags are expired and I don't give a big rat's

HMO Policy


The Flu Shot

Resurrected: lost Raphael painting of Christ

Falling turtle damages HK taxi

who's your daddy?

Woo hoo! One unexpected good thing to come out of all this...

Happy Ramadan

The last thing I ever expected to post, well ever.

Gonna buy an album on iTunes - what should I get?

It's Friday, I'm done with classes, I feel like talking to one of the gods

Have you guys seen the new Nelly/Christina Aguilera video?

Ad jammers strike again...

Elijah Muhammad vs Peggy Lee

My 73 year old mom ROCKS!

Sleepwalkers who have 'sex sleep'

GOOD Morning....How ya doing?

Muhammad Ali vs Bruce Lee

G'Morning, DUers! How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Hey Canadian

Take the "No Mary Threads" Pledge...

Philosopher Roll Call!

Chinese character tattoo that says "Crazy Diarrhea"!

Which religion is the most ridiculous?

Hate to post a thread from Freeperville, but this was too good...

No, no, no NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Select few 'can identify liars'

Have you guys seen the "You're an asshole" video?

And the men who hold high places, must be the ones who start

Port replicators for laptops?

Hey Chavez!!!

Favorite Hanna-Barbara Cartoons

Robot Roll Call

Computer Geeks, Norton Ghost Imaging problem.

You're my kind of people (joke)

Dang if I didn't totally forget about 9/11!

Steve Bell Cartoon on those wires....

Democratic Underground

Fuck Owl Bore

AOL Porn Pitch From Bill O'Reilly???

Uncle Bob....the letter I never wrote.

Post in this thread and I will spank you!

Why the hell does anyone pay attention to me?

Boss's Day!?

Welcome to the Factor-for-DU-Kids! Ask me anything!


Anyone know where I can find a downloadable Kerry/Edwards Sticker?

Check out today's George The Second cartoon

Sexiest Mustache?

Well its Friday.Lets see what the Christian Powerlifters are up to..OH MY!

Hi. If any of you are heading in or out of my building today...

Is it wrong to listen Barry White alone?

Not that I'm a DU Freeper-hunter, but I'm always interested

The Prophet Muhammad vs. Robert E. Lee

The Red Sox Will Win Game 3

Mama T's arthritis help

Do you remember me?

Tidbits on the debate debaugles

What does MSM stand for?

The "Now You Know Why They Call Me 'Shrub'" CAPTION

Northeast: Foliage Report?

The Brown Thumb CAPTION

The Meatrix

Now the sun is out! Who is off to the Fair?



should I go to jail or not?

News: Laughing Bank Clerk Humiliates Robber

Gee, will SNL dare spoof O'Reilly like Clinton on his sex scandal?

Cartoon: "Hi I'm George! Hear God talk through me" - Steve Bell

Where can I find a sugar-daddy?

I need encouragement....

'95 Grammy nominee for Polka busted in $4.9 Million swindle

Has anyone ever heard of

What's your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie?

Has the terror alert just been raised?

It's a beautiful day, I'm off work, and my car is dead. Arrrgghh!

Someone on DU lured and seduced the Abominable Snowman!

Howard Dean on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight!

I got nothin'

CAPTION the Bush freak-out.

Who's the Best Match of Actor to Super-Hero Role?

WOOHOO! I'm going to see Michael Moore in Philly next Thursday!!!

that new anti-piracy logo on the back of CDs


What is the latest Mary Cheney/Bill O'Reilly news?

If you know a soldier currently in Iraq, please read this and reply

Dammit! I need a pager break!

Here's the truth: O'Reilly Factor

Seen the fake GIJoe Public Service Announcements? Look!

Damn it!!! I need a kitten break!

I know I won't convert anyone anti-Stern to like Howard, but

Help! I can't get "Hardball"'s theme song outta my head

You analyze me, pretend to despise me

Panic or backlash threads.... which annoys you more?

Pantsless Con Man Pretends To Be Locked Out

Damm It! I need a Chupacabra break!

Do you still find bathroom humor funny?

Falafels: Chickpeas or fava beans

What's your favorite Pauly Shore movie?

Don't You Find this Song Prophetic?

Ding, Ding, Boy for sale, Boy for sale

Laura's Bush - a play

Boston Sports

What's your favorite Steve McQueen Movie?

To those not getting flu shots, two words: CHICKEN SOUP.

I'm going to get an MRI for my knee

My building is overrun by GEEZERS getting flu shots. AAAAAGH!!

It's Friday, Ya Bastards!

On November 2nd, we're going to beat B*sh like...............

Pencil drawing or photo? - Coolest Recipe Site Ever?

A month from now everybody in the US will be

WTF??? - Mayor Daley has leased the Chicago Skyway?

Anyone read Sy Hersh's new book?

if the Redskins win last home game before the election, it means


Howard Stern Vs. Howard Dean........

I just woke up from a 20-hour nap. And I'm a government employee.

Well, the Team America reviews are all over the map

"Amateur Detectives" Catch Man Stealing Bush* Signs

I dislike shrub as much as anyone here, but

I've been keyed for Kerry!!!

What household appliance freaks you out most?

Watching Match Game on GSN, and I have a question...

Creepiest children's song?

Should we pit puppies against kittens in a death match?

I'm going to see Wanda Sykes tomorrow

Funniest thing you've ever done at a concert?


Dammit! I need a poppy break.

If the Redskins win another game this year, it means

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Question

Elliot Smith piece coming up on NPR

The Republican party is a GREAT party

Just made a Plymouth Gin martini and now checking into DU.

Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary, is gay?

Dammit! I need a pussy break.

Bush Psalm

What would you tell to a teenage cousin about Pee Wee Herman?

If you had to move to one of these locations (poll)

Endowments below the belt defined Viking culture

Extreme Makeover -- Home Edition gets on my nerves

I have a new BIG TV and a Cable connection! I'm in heaven!

If you need tires, TireRack is THE place!

Mark Ryden's Blood, Sweat & Tears

Big kitties!!!!

Enough of this politics sh*t. The ALCS resumes tonight.

Dammit! I need a popper break!

Day 2: America Held Hostage.... by LESBIANS!

Is anybody out there? Anybody there?

Update on "Hobo" the cat from the vet

All I want is a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me!

Men More Willing to Sleep with Their Boss?

Has anyone here owned a PT Cruiser?

Favorite Joan Armatrading song

"He's a Lady" next week on TBS. Going to watch it?

Screen classic couples-Bogart/Bacall, Tracy/Hepburn or Taylor/Burton???

Devil pups! Dogs vs machines!

Poke the bunny

The Jesus and Mary Cheney

CNN Poll: Do you think sexual preference is a choice?

Sexual Device or Cooking Utensil?

Anyone have Jon Stewart's email addy?

Who are the hottest political chicks?

Who likes happy hardcore?

Everybody's fighting over in GD2004

What was the funniest Simpsons episode?

If you "blank" you might be a Freeper.

God, I wish I had seen "Crossfire" today.

Hollywood producer blogs dumbest query letters

From Wonkette - Jon Stewart on Crossfire

What Household Pest Intruder Freaks You Out The Most?

Worst Hershey's Miniature Chocolate Bar?

Anyone else thinking about voting for Bush?

Dick Cheney, naked and on a riding mower

Raise your hand if you want to buy WONK a drink!

Men More Willing to Sleep with Their Boss?

The anything goes Friday post

Okay who is jillin

Tucker Carlson is a...

What would you tell to a teenage cousin about Ayn Rand?

I just worked a 20-hour day. And I'm a government employee.

The Air America stream is really starting to piss me off n/t

Can Someone Please Post The O'Reilly Falafel Quote (With Link)

Loofah Veterans For Truth *new PS*

So, last day in the office today, starting work from home Monday

Today I met Dr. Dean, got my absentee ballot and only 17 more days

I'm leaving at 4 to go camping. Don't miss me too much!!

I fucking hate Lenny Kravitz.

I got a free round trip ticket. Where should I go?

Reviews at Amazon for O"Reilly's childrens book

Did you read in the O'Reilly lawsuit that his Penis leans to the right?

There is an advantage to being poor!

Gaaa! Football game then comp for marching band for 10 hrs Saturday!!!!

I may be an election judge!!!!

Retiree Wrecks Police Car with Crutch

Match Game Vs. The Price is Right

Best Steak to Grill?

How do I do a screen capture?

whats your halloween costume

So George Bush walks into a bar...

Cujo! Love him or hate him?

War Planes overhead (Arlington, VA)

Anyone here still play albums?

Kojo - Love him or hate him?

got my first formal evaluation write-up today.

Song question: Why did Billy Joe MacAllister jump off the bridge?

Sunday Halloween Irks Some in Bible Belt

New popemobile a Ferrari

i wonder if this emaiL came from nigeria

(For people in the north) Have you turned on your heat yet?

Bruce Willis is a hypocrite!

Yay! I just got my ballot.

A Cute Story -- my encounter in the video store

Voters offered free striptease

I can't nominate my own thread for the homepage, but it's a good one

Check out the transcript of John Stewart on crossfire

If you can watch Sarah McLachlan's video for World on Fire and not cry...

takin' my country back

My son is pissed at me. He screamed at me...the first time ever...

Sox-Yanks rained out for game 3? MLB to decide at 7:15pm EST

What household intruder freaks you out most?

Before I Leave For The Weekend, I Just Wanted To Complain

What is Falafel

High Schoolers For Bush (Oh, The Stupidity)

Oh man, the President of our paper chain was just here

I will answer every post with lyrics from Elvis Costello. Ask me anything.


Cojo - Love Him or Hate Him?

how do you register a website so it shows up on Google?

Southeastern/MidAtlantic DU'ers. Are Halloween Decorations in

Men's water polo players are hot!

I may be an erection judge!!!!!!

I don't have anything to say, but crave attention

Anyone ever listen to RR scanners???

My life sucks

College DU'ers - I Need Your Help

I think I'm destined to be alone.

Do you ever feel sudden pain?

EWWW! Did you know HOT DOGS are made with lips, testes, eyeballs, etc?

Any former Marines here who've watched "Full Metal Jacket"?

I'm having a sucky day.

Dammit! I need a puppy break!

Tell me something that is sexier than

Norway royal bloodline 'British'

RANT: If you're healthy, don't bitch at me about the flu vaccine! there anybody in there?......

In my next life, I will be one of these:

The only problem with Wednesday night's debate...

I just sold a $74.50 concert ticket for $20, and I couldn't be happier.

Song Parody Fun- Dildo Reilly "Smart Operator"

Who didn't like (or "get") Seinfeld?

Great Joke!

Post in this thread and I will kick your ass!

Republican prayer,

My Bill O'Reilly Limerick

What's the last CD you bought?

Bat Chain Puller

NYC DUers: Come to our Election Night Party

Football - help me with my survivor pick this week

What is the little circle pin Edwards always has on?

O'Neil may have just been hawking books tonight

Who is this psycho on Letterman?

Ugghhh. . . . Freeperville

Anywhere I can see the Iowa Kerry/Edwards rally online

Can someone explain the political significance of the I-4 corridor in FL?

Did Sinclair's ABC affiliates run Nightline tonight?

Kerry/Edwards rally repeat NOW on CSPAN 1:35am Est

Poll reveals world anger at Bush

Bush NEVER made ONE mistake.. ...

West Coast DUers --- Please tape Nightline & post it!!!

Fundies and O'Neill "proof texting"

New Hampshire paper comes out attacking lesbian remark

Have The Hecklers At K/E Rallies Stopped?....

Contact Nightine

Kerry Rally replay on CSPAN1 NOW 12:30 AM cdt

This is how I see the electoral map panning out.

Good News For Voters in OHIO!

GUARDIAN: Poll reveals world anger at Bush

Josh Marshall says all that's left now are Rove's DIRTY TRICKS

Kerry in full closer mode at Iowa rally.

I could've sworn that Energy, Environment, & Education...

I respectfully hope this gives pause

THE WORLD WANTS KERRY !!!! More bad news for slug

Why are there no reports on Bush's health?

In the past 4 days, I met Elizabeth Edwards and Sharon Stone...

Kerry up by 5 in Ohio, AWOL "fading". Kerry ahead in FL (Washington Post)

Same Meds?

A Funny IDebate AD Parody!!

Wow! You guys WERE right. Koppel just bitch-slapped O'Neil!

Ok, now THIS is FUNNY...

Don't you guys want to read this?? ...It's great news !!

* * WOO HOO!!!!!! F9/11, Debates, and PNAC seals the deal!!!!!

Grand Slam Kerry crushes Bush in the third debate (Saletan from Slate)


In defense of Raven

Will Kerry talk about the Nightline Swift Boat expose' now

Who are the Swiftliars? Check it out! LMAO

Dang, I just realized who Bush reminds me of: Tommy Smothers!

Kerry's strategy with bringing up Cheney's daughter:

Absolutely fascinating Charlie Cook Q&A.

Winter Soldiers

Girls Gone Wild, another Sinclair advertiser

Kerry is leading by 396 points in the Dow Jones poll

A Nice Little War to Fill the Coffers

HAHA Bush is visiting New Jersey on Mon!

It's damned EMBARRASSING to be an American now.

Polls should start to break our way now

Must read John Kerry Interview w/ The Des Moines Register w/sound bites

Question for the freeping rightwingnuts.

3 Georges painting to use as you wish or not.

I want swing state polls

The meaning of "Is" -- Its Clinton's Fault

Landslide! Landslide!

Watching Frontline: Choice 2004 even more angering

The Real WMD's = CMW's

Michigan poll: Kerry at 48 percent, Bush at 43, war a mistake

When the FCC can look away while Sinclair proceeds......

"BushWacked"...Humor....Maybe you all have seen it.....


Remember folks, it's Zogby who's saying it's Kerry's to lose.

Contact DirectTV (info inside) and demand they show F911 Polling site

DU this Poll...cnn on wether Kerry was wrong about the Lesbian comment

Polls show little change after debate

AP: Polls Show Worsening of U.S. Reputation

Please no more Cheney or Zogby posts this morning. Neither

Why this Joe Scarborough Quote about the debates is absolutely stupid!

Are you willing to believe that Kerry lost ALL his post debate momentum?

Rightwingnut hero Gen. Franks; SB Liars a buncha "political hyperbole"

Rasmussen poll in OH shows it close with a slight Bush lead

Scripps survey - RV K 50 - B 45 , LV B48 K47

Daughter driving home caught Kerry "parade"..

It's GOTV time.

It's the battlegrounds, stupid

SWEEP! Sweep! Sweep!


MSNBC--Great Clips of Kerry at AARP Convention.

CNN Poll percentages indicative of Nov. 2 outcome?!

It nice to see this place is back to it's negative self again.

CNN Poll

"Missing" Debate footage...

Has any incumbent lost the majority of the debates but won the election?

If Castor and Salazar win their Senate races,will FLA and CO go blue?

Fellow nighthawks. Great Kerry rally on c-span

If you have not seen this review of Debate #1, YOU MUST!

You have the HEADLINE for NYT, WP, USAToday, and WSJ on Monday 11/1

President says "I can't talk or think well"..."Vote for me".. WTF is that?

Does anyone here care that Cheny is STILL angry about Kerry's remarks?

If Mel Martinez is so upset about Betty Castor

Anyone else going to President Kerry's Inauguration parade?

Where is a link about Smirk paying for an abortion in the 70's?

Should DU prevent new registration, one week prior to the election?


Why is everyone so worried about a poll that's statistical TIE?

Was anyone watching CNN this morning

Will Nader be a factor in this year's race?

Has anyone seen this level of distrust for the opposing party?

Interesting 2000 Poll Analysis - Relax and Read This

51 Million watched the final debate . . . .

Zogy Puts Bush at a 4 Point Lead???

Rutherford County Tennessee...WRONG ballot used

WHAT IS UP with Air America today? Is it freeped or not?

zogby says not enough Democrats voting with Kerry


New poll on MSNBC Live vote Who’s your choice for president?

hey ----> LynnTheDem

Kerry Campaign's "20 LiesTo Tempe"...Bush 3rd Debate Lies & Distortions


Zogby Phone Poll 10/14 - Bush 46...Kerry 45

Oooh, now we have the 'sensitive Cheneys'. BS

Straight from the mouth of ROVE -"WATCH ZOGBY"

Kerry's bio and O'Neill's bullshit on Nightline

We need to tell media we LOVE John!

The Big Picture shows Bush in big mental trouble

will pathetic dems cave............again?

ground campaign

Cheneys still mad about daughter mention

VA Poll:Was it inappropriate for Kerry to mention Cheneys lesbian daughter

Don't shoot me for posting another thread about Zogby poll.

John Edwards Coming to Tuscarawas County (Ohio)

United States' Reputation Around World Going Downhill

This year's Florida ballot

Millbank: "Most people know Kerry's statement was crass and unnecessary"

Pretty clear what they are doing

Gotta Love the Firefighters!!!---take note all Union people and get

Lynn Chaney attacks on Kerry over gay daughter, will backfire

Possible Meme: Validating Shame/Validating Hate

" selective outrage" - the medicine for the Cheney B.S.

If we lose

The race is tied: some basic math:

Only someone that considers 'lesbian' an insult would be offended

Will Nightline Report Hit Prime Time Evening News Tomorrow?

Let's count how many times the Zogby poll will be posted in GD2004

Kerry was defending Mary against Bush's "cheap and tawdry"

The Republicans have won the post-debate spin battle


28 good reasons to boot Bush from office

NOT another thread about those poor sick Cheney bastards

Let's start a list here of nasty things said about Teresa H.K.

Radio Nation on Pacifica this morning - John Nichols was

"Sensitive War", "Global Test", "Mary Cheney" -- detect a pattern?

HOW can we trust ANYTHING bush says, when he

DU Latest page: 10 (count 'em) threads about Mary Cheney

GOP campaigners who had to resign over voter fraud in SD reassigned to OH.

I'm Sorry, But It Is The Cheney's Using Their Daughter As A Political Tool (your tax dollars at work)

I have debate withdrawal, what should I do?

Why Bush makes clowns laugh

Is Osama Bin Laden a lesbian, or did he kill 3000 Americans?

Kucinich in Seattle tonight



New ABC News Poll Shows Sen. Kerry Gaining Ground on President Bush

Please please - someone post Zogby AGAIN for the 1000th time!!!

"Opening" a lead means you're about leave it open.

ignorant people for Kerry

Distraction! Distraction! Distraction!

I think the Left needs a Karl Rove type operative to survive.

Not a wire, but a "LifeVest"? For cardiac arrest patients?

Democratic Talking Points - Get on Board

Should DUers continue to drive home Republican talking points?

(WSJ)Republicans admit momentum favoring John Kerry

Mr. President -- When did YOU choose to be straight?

Have a mutual fund/pension? You might be a Sinclair stockholder (m)

Let's flood the media w/email & ask about the Bush LIE on Osama!

I heard the SBVT were completely discredited last night

ABC's "The Note": The Mary Cheney indignation crap doesn't have legs.

white house asked to weaken EPA rules for Haliburton



DailyKos SINCLAIR page looks great...needs more help listing advertisers!

Take the "No Mary Threads" Pledge...

Kerry KO's Bush

It's the media that's perpetuating the lie that Kerry is unlikeable


It's time for the President to apologize to Mary Cheney

Let's pre-emptively neutralize the Sinclair broadcast.

Roger Ebert review of Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11 Fear & Selling...

O'Reilly, Limbaugh, North, Liddy, etc., etc.

Bush opens 4 point lead on Kerry in new Zogby/Reuters poll 48 -44

I Saw On DU That Karl Rove Said To "Watch The Zogby Poll"

Each time the words "Mary Cheney" are spoken or written...

Right wing faith....right wing fools

paralyzed soldier wants clarification from Bush

i know what shouLd be done about mary cheney

Has Charlie Gibson Made A Statement On bu$h's lunge...

new poll: CNN/ USAToday / gallup

Prosthodontists prefer the smirk?

Flashback - 9/1/2003 Richfield Ohio - Bush visits, I make a statement

All this Mary Cheney talk here is homophobic

18 days...Are you ready???

Another example of bush being Out of Touch with the people:

Dick Cheney's legislative accomplishments--both of them

Bush repression at its worst

German BILD says, they will promote Sanchez!!

CNN Poll, Oct. 15, 2000: Bush maintains lead


AP: Persuadable Voters Give Kerry High Marks

honest opinion - Sinclair distraction from real problem...

Has Bush/Cheney/Kerry even mentioned Chrissy Gephardt in public?

WP: Kerry Exceeds Expectations

Police fire on crowd of Bush protesters

Scripps Survey Research Center: Kerry Leads by 5%

Kerry should close the campaign with a 30 minute commercial

Today's Rasmussen Tracking Poll(only open if you care to know)

The media reaction: Ho-hum, just a Kerry sweep

Friend recd this from Pepsi/re: Sinclair

AP: Persuadable Voters Give Kerry High Marks

Kerry Should Say: "Bush Is Alot More Confident When I'm Not In The Room."

Don't even THINK of apologizing over the Mary Cheney flap, GODDAMMIT!!!!!!

The Sinclair boycott is working!!!

O'Neill is a puffy effete liar. Could be Ken Starr's twin brother

Is it true that Winona LaDuke endorsed Kerry?

For the "Fair Game" criticizers

My hubby - not a pol addict like me - has NO IDEA about M.Cheney remark

"Mrs. Cheney, did your daughter Mary choose to be a lesbian?"

How come no one's blaming Bush for the price of gas?

Does the electioneering law apply to clothing items?

I think George W. Bush has a serious heart problem. (Medical, that is)

Who ever posted the nightline video, thank you

Who Loves Ted Koppel & Nightline?

Halliburton profits up 80%. Find way to Republican coffers.

Do you think we'll know the winner on Nov. 3?

I got my Ballot!!! (Texas)

Did anyone catch this during the debates?

Please DU this poll!!

DU This Poll

Great ad idea

SBVT liars KNEW the truth 6 MONTHS AGO

Election Outcome Benchmark (10/15/2004)

Rove's Real October Surprise

Mary Cheney strategy

John Edwards to be in Tallahassee on Sunday night

Our Democratic HQ here says GOP HQ is paying $5 per K/E sign.

WaPo: Edwards a "snake-oil salesman"

Remember Rick Santorums remarks about Gays?

Bush is a September 10th President - Arguments To Use

"Bozos for Bush" does NOT support Bush - so why the ignores?

Help: information needed on Cheney quote

ABC to air documentary on Kerry in Vietnam

Are the Rural Areas Not Feeling the Economic Pain???

Kerry tax cuts: if you make 201k, do you get taxed...

Votes don't add up... What am I missing?

WHO'd EVER believe ONE SOLDIER against the Military and other soldiers???

Can John Kerry cure cancer?- Mark Morford

The news doesn't get any better than this.....BUSH IS OUT OF HERE !

Kerry yard signs are breeding in Pennsylvania

My neighbor's K/E's sign stolen.

Did Education Dept. spend money on smirk campaign?

Lynne Cheney: Do moms of DEAD Amer soldiers ALSO deserve to be indignant?


bin Laden in China? Check this out

Democrats are fired up more than ever.

Some here are buying into the desperate rightwing spin!

Not Sinclair, Not Lesbians, Not Polls, it's VOTER FRAUD STUPID!

Two Kerry Campaign workers JUST knocked on my Door..........

Zogby Poll is out - not good news

Snowmobile ban in national parks overturned

George's Monica?

Mutiny in Iraq - 17 US reserves arrested

How John Kerry should respond to Candy's question about Mary

Olbermann's blog on MSNBC was hilarious "It's about falafel"

Looking for audio snippets from the debates


DUer help needed to write the GWB is a punk ass bitch song

If we DON'T get this to NATIONAL MEDIA these troops will rot in JAIL!!!

Have some fun you fools - ABU ghareff

Nader is just officially stupid.

breaking news: Chris Matthews calls tomorrows debate for Bush

Yesterday was so nice, optimistic and all... then today I log on and...

Freeper pre-Nightline Smack!!!!

If Tom Dachle is defeated.......

Sinclair Email Spoof


HOLY CRAPO!! I Just heard the Next President of the USA on TV!!

stop posting/kicking silly threads like the one about...

Mary Cheney flap - evidence that media still in Bush's hip pocket.

why did the president leave first during the debates?

CNN said Candy will interview Kerry today and it will air on Paula Zahn's

Question about absentee ballots...

NYRB: A Bunch of Pointy Heads, Sittin' Around Talking about the Election

Nader IS a problem

Best description of Kerry

Don't's DUCOMIX day!

Vote on-line in Florida ballot now (joke)!


Watching Polls Is Like Monitoring The Ocean (For All You Nail Biters)

AAR News just said that the Kerrry campaign is demanding equal time

Alan Colmes now on with Al Franken


I rented Farenheit9/11 today and the ENTIRE shelf was empty

This will tick DU'ers off, but I have to ask.....

Wolf Blitzer Is The Most Mundane, Banal Thinker...

Going to see Kerry tonight. Anything I should tell him ?

CNN finally showing images of war on front page..

Kerry warns of draft if bush elected to 2nd term: hammering this again!

I continue to wait for Ralp Nader to drop out.

An image y'all will like.

rock n roll, folks! It's looking good!

Join the MOB

Where is Gerald Ford?

What would it take to convince fundamentalists that Bush is an evil man?

When the rules don't matter


HY-LARIOUS! Drudge links story that actually SUPPORTS Teresa!

Request Info: Homophobia and Nader

Rush's "Who you gonna believe ME or your lying eyes?" moment just now

Fox News: We Suck More Than You Thought

STOP obsessing over obsessing on polls

DID you know this? I didn't!

Heads up - GOP operatives pushing Mary Cheney script on news outlets and

So why was it ok for John Edwards to mention Mary Cheney but not JK?

Kerry ahead in new Ohio University poll

Bush has an unexplained hump on his back, and WHO'S "comical"?

Barons: Economists say Job Market Far Worse/Real Unemployment 9.4%

"If this is what he's proud of, I'd hate to see what he's ashamed of."

Rumor is Rasmussen also has Kerry leading in Florida

Cheney thanked Edwards for his "kind words"

Kerry leading in Florida, PA and Ohio

Several Advertisers Pull Out of Portland, ME Sinclair Station!

Are they covering *'s lie about OBL or is it all Mary Cheney all

Candy Cowley - the "bummed out" reporter?

Frank Luntz-----bleak outlook for the Bush candidacy

Here is your talking point to end the Mary Cheney item NOW!!

Julie Foudy and Amy Wambaugh (US Soccer Team) endorsing KERRY!

GOP: "Democrats are... registering people who are not eligible to vote"

If you do nothing else about Sinclair, take a minute and do this

Dee Dee

Arghhhh! - Zogby poll hand wringers, think 48%

OLB lie

ROVE cranking up Dirty Tricks? despicable is this...

Quit knocking the Zogby poll

Iraqi troops refusal getting legs...

About the polls...anyone know the registered Dem/Rep breakdown?

Inappropriate behavior by a salesperson (Bushite)?

Memes Dont Matter Any More

Stop obsessing over the Zogby poll!

anyone notice bush`s rapid eye blinking?

Boycotts: Our "Civil War?"

Unfreep this poll

Good News about Zogby.

I don't CARE what Rush said...NO BUSH HAS NOT signed Form 180

"may you all burn in hell" from the kerry board

CNN reporting story of reserves refusing "suicide mission".

Links to Kerry newspaper endorsement vs. Bush

Is this true? Any incumbent presidential candidate who polls under 50%

Which right-winger would you most like to see or hear

I remember in 2000

Reducing the election to its essentials: trust, comfort

Has Bush Returned To His Bubble (AKA The Mork Egg)?

Does the media's biased support of Bush remind you of that movie

Listening to Pete Coors ads on the radio here in Colorado...

Republicans Running Scared | Ctr. for American Progress

Just got back from Barack Obama speech

DU this poll PLEASE!!!! RE: Kerry and "the Mary Cheney comment"

Injured Iraq Vets Come Home to Poverty - ABC


more Sinclair advertisers Kelloggs, Hunts/Conagra, Check 'n Go

Dana Millbank on MSNBC spinning the same old tale -

A bit of positive persepective...just in case you need it (TNR)

Victor Ashe, Come Out and Talk To Us!

Are you ready for Rove on November THIRD? A MUST read.

"He's ozone man!! Way out, far out, man!!"

Having an election day party? Here's a suggestion...

tom brokaw OOPS on camera last night


Karl Rove pays visit to Plame grand jury


Who saw Primetime last night?

The Race is on! It's Kerry vs. Bush & the Media

Will these "concerned citizens" be back this Nov.?

STRATEGY THREAD - Know your media - links

Why does Zogby's Tracking Poll of Bush 4 point ahead of Kerry?


Newspaper endorsements thus far

Edwards is costing Kerry arab votes??? (MSNBC)

What was it Pres. Johnson said?

the ultimate Bush campaign nail in the coffin

CNN reporting mutiny by unit

If you don't VOTE..the terrorists have already WON.

Bush Caught in Huge LIE on Live TV - Media Lets Him Off the Hook

Put enough postage on your Absentee Ballot!

What John Kerry Should do re: Mary Cheney

CNN dot com SUCKS as much as CNN TV!

Randi Rhodes is adorable on the phone!

Just saw "How can our prez. learn from mistakes if he can't admit any? ad

Digby nails the Gay Mary Brohaha....

NEW DNC ad: "What's so funny, Mr. President?" SLAMS Bush on healthcare

Urgent: Vets Want to Expose Kerry, Need Your Help

Hurry! Stop Sinclair! Sign the Concerts for Change Petition.

Lynne Cheney needs to give Alan Keyes a call

Three things to ask someone who criticizes Teresa's connections wih Heinz

John Edwards in Annapolis, MD today

The truth is Cheney family uses daughter as political tool. Not Kerry.

If Mary Beth Cahill said that Mary Cheney was a fair game - she was wrong

Bad News for Bush: U.S. Michigan Sentiment Index Fell to 87.5 in October

Should we bring up the issue that abortion rates have risen under Bush?

Mary Cheney: Log Cabin Republicans weigh in

Log Cabin Republican statement on Kerry's Mary lesbian comment

BULLETIN: We now call Florida for Kerry with 90% precincts reporting

Why I dont listen to Lynne Cheney

Ideas for a Democrat October surprise?

CBS Newsbreak with Rather quotes Kerry's draft statement

3500 NEWS STORIES about Mary Cheney?!?!

Hip Hop versus Bush - Let the Battle Begin

Prediction Thread for 10/15! Place your bets!


World Press Praises Debater Kerry (Glowing Reviews)

This was posted on a chatroom by Repuke today

Telephone canvassing story

Terry McAuliffe kicking ass on CNN

Gillespie is really affraid of the "DRAFT"

Sinclair protest in Maryland

LOL - WashTimes says Bush prayer/hug "worthy of religious history"

Great Site Debunking Alleged Kerry Flip-Flops

Why Kerry will win.

prime example of the uninformed

How much coverage is the "phone jamming" scandal getting in NH?


Who is the main bad guy at Sinclair who is pushing this?

Who remembers Kent State?

Sinclair corp doesn't own Bushmills do they?

Is this draft thing getting traction?

Does anyone here know some nat'l jouralists' emails?

HEADS UP! Kerry interview with CC on CNN (IP) coming up! n/t

I do agree with Bush that the only polls that count is the one on Nov 2

no Rove story at


Our own pre-emptive war

Karl Rove is going to testify about outing Valerie Plame

Kerry On 9/11

Hey, hey, my neighbors

Why does the right wing attack falafels? Do they hate Arab Americans

Poll - who benefits the most from spin (cnn)

Should President Kerry pardon GW Bush for perjury in front of Congress?

Jon S. also told Bow-Tie that he "won't be your monkey....."

Poll: Is Karl Rove running a good or bad campaign?

Is Kerry going on O'Reilly's show?

I Missed the Jon Stewart interview!!!!

John Stewart To Tucker Just Now

Message from outside: Americans, take back your country

Bush's New England Campaign Chief Resigns (Jammed Dem. Phones)

Who is jealous of Kerry the most?

My signless WWII vet neighbor receives a sign. (Story inside =)

My kids watch Sinclair Broadcasting all the time!

What did Jon Stewart just call Tucker????

A Kerry/Cheney White House? It could happen!

Reminder: Jon Stewart on Crossfire today. NOW! n/t

Can we innoculate against republican dirty tricks?

Absentee voters - do you take your ballot to the post office to mail?

Short Film on "Eve of Destruction"

Joe Lockhart's Statement On Rove Testifying In Plame Case Today

I sure hoped somebody Tivo'd Crossfire

If i could ask Lyne Cheney a question...

Tucker Carlson is a BIG DICK. I want the t-shirt!

What is the source of the poll showing +7% in Fla? It was

Kerry Press Release: Military Families Speak Out About Bush Failure

Ohio Library needs our support

Message from a very neo-con church:

Idea: Tell CNN how much you love their new "Crossfire" format

Did you hear that On Demand reneged on the Nov. 1 F-911 Payperview?

This lesbian thing may be backfiring on them!

"If he is proud of his record, I would hate to see what he is ashamed of "

Wolf Blitzer suggesting possible Bio Terror attack

I nominate Al Franken and Bob Barr for permanent panelists on CNN

Today Jon Stewart lit a match....

My letter to Sinclair institutional investors

Cheney voted to raise taxes 144 times compared to 98 for Kerry

Heads Up - Franken and Bob Barr on Blitzer

ATTN: Election Attorneys-- can we have Republican Party Charter Pulled?

E-Mail Crossfire.

Response to Mary Cheney Issue

AL FRANKEN on CNN talking about "That' issue

Randi Rhodes on AAR will play cuts from Xfire w/JS

Will Olbermann show Jon Stewart and The Dick?

Sinclair to give Kerry equal time

Mo Dowd's has got her legs straight up in the air again!

Poll. DU. You know the routine.

The best framing for Mary Cheney

The Radical Right has gone into "we're victims" mode.

Listen to CROSSFIRE on Randi Rhodes now

Maybe I'm optomistic...but any links to Jon's or Al's comments yet?

Jon Stewart is a freakin' riot.

DON'T stop obsessing over polls!

Dick Morris predicted that a terrorist attack will change the election.

Good Lord! Wolf Blitzer just uttered the word "Marygate"

Human Rights Campaign Responds to Lynne Cheney remarks

A Fresh Start for America - Kerry at the AARP Nat'l Conference

If anyone's even mildly surprised at Stewart's Crossfire performance...

What does it mean when Bob Barr is the most reasonable man in the GOP?

Boston Globe Slams Sinclair

CNN electoral count: Bush....307, Kerry, 237!!!!

What the hell are "the Armies of Compassion" Some Orwellian gestapo?

CNN Breaking: Edwards' Plane Aborts Takeoff

MSNBC/Bush, Kerry or Nader? Poll

Kudos to Kerry Camp for Latest Ads

What happened to Bob Barr????

Nader - TNR profile

Please give a RUNDOWN of Franken's comments

CNN bias on website


Mary Cheney and her partner Heather Poe attended the RNC together

Lou Dobbs poll - just when I was starting to like him

Pat Buchanan: "He used the cold hard word 'lesbian'

A REAL Fox headline: "Cheney Says Jobs Are Answer to Poverty"

"Takin' My Country Back" ... Great song... Pass it along...

Bob Barr: **NOT** changing his spots.


Jon Stewart, now Al Franken, now ALL OF US should hold media feet to fire.

US ELECTION: McAuliffe Statement on Rove Grand Jury Testimony

"Military poll" just now on local eve news, Chimp 70, Kerry 30...? WTF

Voter Turnout--Historical Perspective

2nd Local Soldier Killed This Week in Iraq

Kerry/Edwards Rally in Iowa last night -- 3 great PICS

Sen. George Mitchell on Bush's hypocrisy on Govt. Health care:

Best response to the Mary Cheney issue

WPost Tracking poll 10/15: Race is still tied

Bob Barr MAKING SENSE On Blitzer With Al Franken?

Why Isn't the Discrediting of O'Neill being Covered?

Graffiti seen in Las Vegas Church parking lot...

Kerry Campaign Wants to Rebut Film on TV


MSNBC poll needs input

John Kerry will be on with Candy cowley tonight on CNN

The Republican manifesto, reduced down to it's lowest common

know anyone still undecided?

Jon Stewart just called Tucker Carlson a DICK

Crossfire Transcript

No Stolen Election Campaign--sign the petition, take the pledge!

Anyone remember these words from Dem_Strategist

Bush Like Me: Ten weeks undercover with grass roots Republicans

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/15 (Mixed News)

my letter to the editor about Bush.

Anyone got a quick debunking of this stupid email?

John Nichols: 'Bush goes MIA'

CBS top story--Mutiny of Soldiers in Iraq

latest poll: Kerry leads in FLORIDA

CNN Pimping Flawed Zogby Poll On Lou Dobbs Now...

what Kerry military records have not been released?

A serious question concerning cable "news"

Here comes Tweety

Bush isn't Concerned With Bin Laden? Bin Laden is Concerned With Us!!

Anyone have a good Bush failure list for me to send to relatives ?

Need LTTE feedback re: Mary Cheney

When are the polls gonna break our way?

Kerry- Great Potential Of Draft With Bush

Send a letter to every house with a bush/cheney sign out front?

WP - Kerry up 53/43 in key battleground states -

Funny video on the election (need high bandwidth)

MSNBC story re "odd" Cheney family behavior on the campaign trail.

Was Bush's face drooping as the result of a Botox shot?

Kerry up 53% to 43% in battleground states

Discussion w/ 3 repugs today...not going with AWOL this time (Florida)...

Man, I had to save a Kerry vote today over a damn wedge issue

Does Zogby release new polls over the weekend?

Help....Need good bush failure list !

Polls are a waste of our time and focus..Wake Up!

Follow The Harris Poll

Chrissy Gephart on CNN to discuss the Mary Cheney issue. Both gay.

WP Tracking Poll 10/15 - Still tied at 48%

Nader wants to appear with Kerry ?????

AP's Ron Fournier at CNN: Politics Gets Meaner as Election Nears.


Umm, let me get this straight--The Dow has been dipping

My vote is no longer an ABB vote, but a vote FOR Kerry

Charlie Cook Coming Up On Hardball

Bob Barr Lists Reasons Conservatives May Vote Against Bush

I will be very cold-hearted towards the American people if they pick Bush

What ever happened to the expose of coordinated voter fraud by Rethugs?!?


Candy Crowley oozes cynical contempt for Kerry on CNN

DU this Sinclair poll on Cheney's daughter

My email to my mother re: Mary Cheney

PBS-Mark Shields say's Bush camp worried

Voter registration and jury duty: why registration may be less than

This'll HURT Bush: On Drudge: US Reserve Unit Jailed/Defiant in Iraq

10/14/04 - This may be the start of a Revolution against the Media!

Fahrenheit 911 will not air on pay-per-view on election eve

How about a "how can you trust them?" ad?

F Zogby... The Washington Post Has The Race Still Tied

FLORIDA voters; vote Monday! Early voting for other states?

Blitzer just suggested soldiers' mutiny a "political statement"

Not the Peabody Awards! (You be the judge)

Does anyone list to Randi on the 1290WJNO webfeed? It's clearchannel...

It's looking good, folks!

Pollsters can't survey cell phone-only users

John Fund (WSJ) on the Democrats' 'count every vote' ploy

Can Democrat talking heads push the media into questioning lies?

what got into Tweedy?

My e-mail to Alan Colmes

"But, I don't know what Kerry's plan is..." STFU. Instructions attached!

I am going to settle the wired question.

Do you think canvassing this late is useful?

It's official: John Kerry "crossed the line" when he named Mary Chaney

Bush (In Denial) Says Debates Highlight His Record

My LTTE about the Cheney's

RNC Ad Calls Kerry 'Most Liberal' Ever

This game is called Six Degrees of Mary Cheney

Hardball..."Republicans giving up on Philly"

"Jon Stewart Hands Vote To Kerry"

Flash: Over TWO DOZEN NEW pages of Bush TANG records just found!

VOTERGATE: The Movie - Details about Electronic Voting

Did you guys just see that anti-Bush, Iraq-War veteran ad on Hardball?

Chances for a Kerry landslide


I saw General Clark speak today..

Judy manages to screw up new poll showing Kerry +7 in FL

CBS/Rather leading with MUTINY....ABC politics...NBC anti-depressants

All those Bush-cheering morons at the Bush rallies

CIA Leak investigation going really slow... Rove frog marched...

Okay, I trust Zogby... and it's showing Bush 48, Kerry 44

CNN stooge just called Bush one of the "3 or 4 greatest politicians....."

OK, who does NOT believe Rove Photoshopped the "Retarded" flyer?

Kerry Press Release: Advisor Statement about Bush Freezing Zarqawi Assets

Bush: Too little, too late for Native Americans

Rove's Grand Jury testimony today (Plame) must be used

here goes al franken on wolf: trying to call out the media

Lockhart Statement on Rove Testifying about Plame "Outing"

Bush: "I'm not concerned about OBL"

Right now, somewhere, a Republican is thinking about your genitals...

Good News! A "Fundie" liked the Kerry sign in my truck.

Kerry Says Bush 'Out Of Touch' With Americans

CNBC: Civil war in the Republican party if Bush is reelected....

Edwards jet aborts takeoff after generator fails

If Bush Hadn't Invaded Iraq, Would We Have These Oil Prices???

The "My Pet Goat" ad we've all been waiting for, right here ! A MUST SEE!

Chrissy Gephardt to the rescue? On Lou Dobbs tonight.

Attaboy McAuliffe!!!!! (re: CNN Lesbitaria Fiesta!!!)

Anyone who feels safer with Bush after watching him under debate pressure

Emotional Investment

McCain: Daughter Says How Could You Support Bush!

Another Excellent Bush/Bin Laden LIE ad from - WATCH IT

Wes Clark campaigning for Kerry and Salazar in Colorado tomorrow.

Dean in Seattle tomorrow with Murray, Cantwell, Gregoire, and others.

Will You Go To Sleep When Kerry Wins?

OK. We MUST fight the SBVT in the media...and we have a chance NOW:

" documents that may prove very damaging at this late date"


Bush Ups Reward for Osama Capture to 500 Trillion Dollars.

What IS it with republicans and SEX scandals???!!

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the election?

Yeah! My Vidio Store Loaning Anti-bush Films (Free)

So no one is talking about all Bush's LIES in the debate

MSNBC new poll up Bush way ahead, lets get on this one!!!!

My crappy day just got a little bit brighter

LOL....needs caption: bush* in Las Vegas...October 14, 2004

I have never heard so much negativity and hate in my life.....

So is John O'Neill completely discredited now?

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican

Breaking News: Bush to Declare War on Massachusetts

Calling the wrong number leads to a visit from the secret service

20 Lies to Tempe - Top Bush Lies and Distortions From the Third Debate

Portland loses ads over Sinclair, Sinclair down 25 million and other News

Is anyone polling voters after they see "THE CHOICE"

NBC Nightly NEWS reports 60,000 kids left alone Parents sent to Iraq

The * is a Punk Ass Bitch song

18 days left. How is everyone doing?

Closing days battleground state strategy: focus on African American GOTV!

Crossfire, with Jon Stewart on now!! eom

Help research next week's column! "Desperation Isn't Pretty"

Paul Begala exposed by Jon Stewart

Three School Teachers Threatened With Arrest at Bush Rally

MoveOn: 'We have a media emergency': Sinclair Broadcast Group

Jon Stewart / Crossfire TRANSCRIPT (clips)

Attention, DU High School students and teachers!

Nightline/O'Neill video here

CNN - Activist accuses GOP of 'attacking gays'