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Archives: October 14, 2004

Tax Cut Lie

Spitzer Halts Sale of "9/11 Silver Coins/Calls it a Fraud! (those coins

Spitzer Halts Sale of "9/11 Silver Coins/Calls it a Fraud! (those coins

Cincinnati Enquirer: GOP judge, why I do not support the incumbent

Aftermath of a Coup The Other Disaster in Haiti

El Mundo, Spain: Osama Bin Laden Is In China

Tony Kushner play benefit in Los Angeles

Watch out! Coulter on CNN n/t

Liberal Talk Radio - a brand new website!

CNN calls Bush on his not being concerned about Osama.....

Rights Group: Human Rights Violations on the Rise in Iran

Mass crackdown on Iranian Journalists

How can you call yourselves democrats...

If you just want self-defense, why not use a taser gun?

If Kerry wins, will we finally aprove the UN gun ban?

I don't like the blue X's.

OK, it happened again, and at the worst possible time...

Are the

Tony Kushner play benefit in Los Angeles

Bad News in Berks County

Kucinich and Dean in town this weekend!!!

Don't forget to write your reviews of Bill O'Reilly's Novel

Texas Oil web.doc? Who's making oil money off of this war?

What will we tell the children?

Senators Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham,Tom Daschle, Patrick Leahy

How do you go to war the "right" way?

HELP! Lost my link to the "moran" picture, anybody got one handy?

Texas Oil research website: How oil money is made from Bush's War.

Voice of the White House (may be Urgent)

Talking about flu shots in the debate.

Bush = Tony Soprano

Kerry should verbally DESTROY Bush tonight.


Pell grants....I don't believe Bush added any..can't be...

Don't forget to join us on irc:// #atrios

That spitbooger on the left corner of *'s lip is really distracting...


activist judges like those that gave me the presidency in 2000

Someone Keep Me Informed Here About the Debates PLEASE :(

Christian Republican CEO Sends Bush Demand Letter

Shrub just admitted Kerry is not a flip flopper

Dummy to Mr Angry to Mr Happy. This guy is crazy.

Shot In The Dark Time Here :

Why tax decreases don't encourage my family to spend:

Got him - not even 5 minutes in!!!


Bob is being pretty fair so far...seems to me.. n/t

The Card thats the soultion to the immigration problem

Check out the Moses complex

If bush blinks fast enough, he might just be able to go back in time.

Rather than raising the minimum wage, how about this:

Reading-The New Civil Right.

is it me?


FOX/O'Reilly LIE about the lawsuit

Olberman blow by blow blog

Bush didn 't say that he is against all Abortions!!!!

just about time for the debates...I'm nervous

Is Bush on Ritalin?

Bush got nothing, NOTHING on race relations in this country...

would you support a Salt Weapon ban?

His faith is personal?

Does it look to you like Smirky colored his hair?

O'Reilly Sexual Harrassment Suit-- Carribean Showers??? etc

Unleashed faithbased initiatives

Bob asking why America is so polarized..well Bob, could it be...THE MEDIA?

john kerry was born to lead

bush has NOTHING on the assault weapons ban

Post your favorite lines/points: (Paraphrasing)

why is it funny that our president is a dumbass?

I fucking hate republicans.

Bush is breaking out - red lumps on forehead

Great "comeback" by Kerry re the strong women question

Kerry just told his biggest lie of the night.

Bush "feels" our prayers. So how come he doesn't drop dead?

Kerry just told his biggest lie of the night.

Bush is dismayed by how partisan Washington D.C. is.

WTF? Why did Schiefer just give Bush that softball question?

Bush is for making sure everyone has a fair shot at gov't contract?

POLLS. Go! nt

FLIP FLOP on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage!

Bush losing the debate already

Goodbye George

Who was it that said Kerry by a landslide?

Bush dodged so many questions, I thought I was watching the Matrix....

When Bob Schieffer asked about the minimum wage and if he is

When Bob Schieffer asked about the minimum wage and if he is

Fundies behind Wolf and company on CNN.

NBC is going to talk to undecided voters (coming up)

Vote at MSNBC

Where Were The Questions On The Environment And Oil Dependence?

what a crappy last question

Fucks Kennedy

Where are the polls?

lotta calls praising bush?? god, hes wraps the lies in chocolate and they

Not enough Freepers to mess up this poll

I said before and I'll say it again Andrea Mitchell is tipsy drunk!

When does C-Span replay the debate?

Is anyone listening to the ridiculous calls to CSPAN?

Kerry actually brought up the fact that women are most of the min wage

Do you think the "Hip-Hop Nation" will actually get out and vote?

here is the true about CBC nad bush!!

CNN Instant Poll: Kerry by 13 points n/t

Larry King just said their poll shows Kerry won tonight!

$7,700 Health Care---Cheap!

Faux News Poll being Freeped. Go!

Bush already had his base motivated in 2000

Flip Flop

Was that spit in the corner of Dubya's mouth??

two major lost opportunities were:

Kerry destroyed Bush tonight

Big Sign Score on CNN post debate coverage


Two things that make me believe PaPa Smirk shit the bed tonite!

So, did Bush have just six answers memorized for tonight?

Anyone know how many user names are on Freeperville?

Kerry just told his biggest lie of the night.

Who's this O'Neil that had a BBQ that * met his wife at.

Need help with research PLEASE!

JK looks completely bemused.

Funny post on the DFA blog:

Who Would Like To See The Scribbler?

media spin here in southern california (papers/radio) is:

It's a West Texas painitin"

How can you tell Kerry won big tonight?

Malloy talking about the *president's No Child Left Behind

Mass Graves Unearthed in Iraq

I got to see Michael Moore last nite at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

GW tells IT guys they don't have enough education.

I just got home from class. How is Kerry doing?

TampaTrib praises Kerry on this an endorsement?

CNN Reporter "The instant polls don't matter"

so what does Mary Cheney say?

This CNN poll needs help, its been FREEPED!!!

I taped it, should i watch it?

Well, I thought it was the most UNsatisfying debate I've ever seen.

Paygo...what was that you said spit wad?

debate transcripts

Article: 'Sinclair's Sins' by David Shuster

Letterman: W bulge NOT a radio receiver. Just his flask.

Tell All the Abortion Freaks You Know About Bush's Position.

bush LIED about Pell grants;


Just what is this "defensive medicine" Bush keeps talking about?

Yep, a square on his back. What an incompetent idiot. He was listening

'Labor' going all out for Kerry in Wisconsin

Guess it's up to me to start tonight's MALLOY THREAD.

Anbody have AAR lost? I was listening and now it's gone!

"I never said that"...about Osama

Another Great Debate Means Another Donation.

O'Reilly's Erotic Meltdown!

Arab Americans angry over Iraq-support for Kerry growing

Sean Hannity needs to be next

OK, what's a rooster lollipop?

The Freepers Amazing Post-Debate On-line Poll Strategy

Unfortunately for me

Bush up by 90% -just opend HIT IT DUER's !

Kerry UNDERSTATES chimp's Osama flip-flop

The Bulge – Latest Installment as per Salon

"20% of taxpayers pay 80% of taxes"

I'm so glad they brought up Cheney's daughter's lesbianism....

Migraine from Hell Tonight


Is he really Pro-Life? When the NRA is supporting him?

Another story (reuters) on Repub voter fraud in OR and NV.....

Find where you vote on November 2, 2004

OK, who was blowing into their mike on BS-RNC?

Rove thinks b*sh is the clear winner

Bush* LIED about the flu vaccine!

Pennsylvania for Kerry...starting to look that way!

Just got a e-mail from PepsiCo. about Sinclair.

Last time we had a Senator elevated to the Presidency was

I don't "GET" this activists judge business......

'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate

A peek behind the curtain in Iraq...

'Maternity homes' again!!!! The Magdelene Laundries!!!!!

I'm damned sick and tired of Junior Jerko equating 'unemployed' to ...

why the f* did Kerry allow Bob Schieffer to moderate

Bush - Americans are too stupid for the work...that's why jobs go overseas

OMG! Kerry knows that the "Recession" is coming and things are going

Why John Kerry Won Tonight

Is there anything to this - are vets having to buy their own prosthetics?

Dumb dumb dumb - bringing up Cheneys daughter

FEMA Disaster Drill Set For Election Day

Afghan boy, 9, discharged from Sick Kids

Woman, 74, attacked while shielding small dog

U.S. tries last-ditch defence of softwood lumber stand

Bush and Kerry Focus on Debate; Running Mates Sharpen Rhetoric [NYT]

Nev. Move to Block Some Dem Voters Fails

Kerry calls treasury secretary 'callous' for jobs remark

The Freepers Cagey On-line Debate Poll Strategy

Bush Overlooks Own Flip-Flop in Debate

Armed ex-soldiers plan to stop Haiti violence

WP- U.S. Stymies Detainee Access Despite Ruling, Lawyers Say

Eighty-Five Nations Endorse U.N. Population Agenda - but Bush Admin

new criminal probe in oregon voter fraud....

New post-debate CBS news poll: 39% Kerry 25 % Bush, 14 point Kerry win

Fire in Basement of Capitol Building

85 nations endorse U.N. population agenda; Bush administration refuses

AP: Six American soldiers die in bombings, suicide attacks; Allawi warns

EU whistleblower in £130m case is fired

(AP NEWS) E-Voting Machine Crash Deepens Concerns

Environment worsened under Bush in many key areas, data show

Crude oil breaks through $54 US barrier on new supply fears

CNN/USA Today/Gallup post-debate poll: Kerry 52% Bush 39%

Bush senior dubs Moore a 'slimeball'

Bush camp: Job losses a "myth"

Lynne Cheney Responds to Kerry's Remarks After Debate, ('Tawdry...trick)

(W.Va.) Where Kerry Is Trying to Avoid Gore's Pitfalls

Stolen Honor' gripes do not threaten WLOS license

"Schilling's availability for postseason is in doubt"

Please no debate updates during the ball game

Do you want to know what my favorite number is right now?

Need a site where I can upload mp3s to share with others.

I saw Hunting of the President today

Step back, think for a second

What percentage of the time

Thai Cops Search for Tongueless Suspect

La. Professor Goes on Rampage in Class (Said he was God)


Let's see..what should I play?

Bill O'Butthead

Anyone listen to Doc & Johnny this morning? [Orlando]

What is your favorite nickname for Bush supporters?

LOST is on

Why does it hurt when you bite foil?

LOL -- Nicky about to break J-Lo's record

Just Got DSL. Internet Connection ZOOOOMS!

Bill's Vibrator! Behold the "October Surprise"!!!!

I flew in an F-15 once...

The Only Song an Old Roadie Ever Needs.

This Red Sox Team Is One of the Best Teams That The Yanks Have Seen

seriously, folks check this out, esp. re: al franken

Last call for the debate-see ya after it's over.

I'm walking down to the corner store. Anyone need anything?

Anyone remember Yertle the Turtle?

Do cats like falafel?

Every time * says he has policies to expand the economy

Is it my t.v., or does Bush look a little terra cotta?

More zeros in GD:2004 than Dubya's old report cards.

Why does it hurt when I pee?

Dinah Mo Humm

My GOD please,never ever make me listen to that chimp ever again

Out of the recession?!?!? Asshole we're still in a recession

Tell Me About Spirit Airlines

Is there an AIM chat going on?

TEH 1000 POST!!!!

Half thought out sentence. n/t

The drinking game should have been

Help me figure out an amortization thing.

i had to work... hows the debate?

Thank you Presidential Debates!!!!

Is anyone watching the NLCS game?

Karen Hughes speaks like Ethel Merman.

Lizards, Call to arms. The PBS poll has been heavily freeped Get to work

"eh eh eh"

I'm following Sox-Yanks on Seems like I'm missing a great game?

DU AIM Debate Chat

Am I the only one getting all these Xs ?


At least * didn't say "Food on your Family" this time

Come on Ladies, You Know You Want O'Reilly

I've been watching TCM all evening. Was anything else on?

I got polled 1 minute after the debates were through! Ask me anything!

Bush's new big word... Litany

Is bush THAT clueless about unemployment?

Who wants a falafel?

Bush makes me drink

Should I change my DU name to

Recommended power supply?

anything similar to Avantgo?

Yankees win 3-1

While watching * in the debates tonight ...

Bored or sleeping off a hang over? I post, you decide:

GW shows us the biggest threat yet

See, I do have a right wing.... pointed right at his CAPTION


I'm up an hour past my bedtime

i hate the debates

Lots of "Johnny Two Times" posting happening tonight.

The DU Server has been drinking!

Why do a lot of my favorite threads get locked?

CARDINALS UP 10-4!!!1!1!!!! 0wn4g3!!!!1!!1!!!!

This is so sick, but SOOO funny...

How many DU members to we estimate there are? n/t

What was your favorite Bush lie of the night?

Bill O'Really! sex allegations... you have GOT to read this!

Look what's on ebay!

I didn't think it was possible, but John Basedow is CREEPIER!

Do not post here this is a negitive thread!

Addison Groove Project - Anyone out there hear of this band?

I need a hug! (Just a rant, ignore me!)

Anyone detect Bush had warmer lighting on him

What the fuck is Schaiffer asking Kerry

Bush won

How about some Post-Debate ZombyLove???

Any DUers go to culinary school?


Name Bill O'Reilly's dildo.

Puppy with troubled past needs new home. Playmate for Romeo?

What's your nickname?

Ever actually gotten "Mid-evil" on someone's ass?

Best post of the night from GD

Did Kiss' "Elder" completely rip off Queen?

Sponge Duck Toy Creates Buzz in Tennessee

"Tell Tony Blair We're Goin' Alone" - mp3 file.

OMG I see something in the back of Kerry's jacket too!

Top Nicknames for Bill O`Reilly Posted Here!

I know we all know it , but Bush is thick

Just found a great site -- "Republican Switchers" (Please read!)

WE want to win these polls by the biggest margin ever.

Please no baseball updates during the debate

Will bush get all pissy tonight and lose it? I love it when he

RNC 72 Hour Plan for last 3 days of campaign this

Met an Illinois resident who is GLADLY voting for Alan Keyes

When Bush loses,

Do we have a single master thread for on-line poll links this round?

Bush* : "terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-t

Report from Tom DeLay's district

Joe Klein's #1 "Do" for JK - "stay presidential"

Republicans Trying To Energize Base


Sinclair lost 2% of its value today!

Democrats hope ground offensive can seal Arizona

Any TV or cable channels play Al Gore debate tapes tonight? Didn't think so

Technote on online poll voting: how to keep them from blocking your vote

Is it possible that * knows beforehand what the debate questions will be?

John Edwards rally in Portland, OR streaming


A Candle for Truth, lighting it again tonight

CNN...sounded like crowd chanting "LIARS! LIARS!"

Here is my worry for me relax!

Prediction on %gain or loss for Bush in groups such as black, military,

Where the heck is our debate media link at the top of the page

I Feel Calm and Confident

No way in hell Kerry wins this debate tonight

Starting with Brokaw, the Hardball panel denies they "went along"

Has Fox News declaired a Bush victory yet?

Bush took out a pen! He's cheating!

Tweety's show is too funny tonight.


In addition to DU, try this live chat on Kerry Support

Albuquerque Tribune Endorses John Kerry

How about we all email Pat Buchanan about Bush's new prochoice position?

Setting the mood - positive energy!

I thought Pickles was supposed to be wearing navy blue tonight?

Everyone say a small prayer for Kerry before the debate

I support Kerry because... (simple)

CNN's Blitzer to Schieffer: "[W]hat do you do if ... John Kerry says somet

I've never felt more that DU is a close knit community until tonight.

JUST IN: Chris Matthews declares Bush winner of the 3rd debate!

I'm watching the debate on CNN and all I see are Bush signs!!!

CBS last ad before the debate

Pre-Debate Group Hug

"Back shot rule" already violated!

The "all-important" Opening Handshake (body language)

C-SPAN Split Screen

Bush pulled a pen out of his pocket!!!!

Check out Chimpy trying so hard NOT to smirk.

Matching outfits? I didnt know this was going to be a Sadie Hawkins debate

NBC washed out pic of Kerry and colored Bush with split screen! n/t

Okay, so he didn't dodge the debate.

Good start for Kerry.

Domestic Debate??????????????????

Now it's the vaccine manufacturers, not OBGYNS, who are afraid of...

Are they wearing the same tie??

First lie

eeew the smirk is back

I'm nervous

Bush's voice is whining in defense. nt

C-Span web site overloaded! HELP!

It's time to get past Iraq now--they've discussed it for the last two

Bush is giving the same speech he gave all week....I heard it already

anyone see how bushie is WIRED

Top Nicknames for Bill O`Reilly Posted Here!

FREEREPULSIVE Debate Poll strategy?

Freedom! Freedom! Smirk! Freedom!

Why are his eyes crooked?



Bush....tell them how you guys paid Chalabi?

Bush's word for tonight: ASSET


LOL -- Smirky is chipering

Bush just lied

MSNBC whores: Every issue tonight favors Bush

BBC election blog. pretty interesting stuff from England

Why does he hissss...



More poisoned medicine blather

Is it Me or Does Bush's Head

Bush is healthy?

He's already lying by saying he never siad he wasn't worried about


The US Military never swore an oath to spread peace and freedom

3/4 terrorists brought to justice?

Bush's first lie

Chimpy going in Big Time for the spasmodic jaw rolls

Hey guys! Nobody get flu shots, okay? Thank you, Mr. Wizard.

Does * look like Alfred E. Newman ??

chimp is orange again tonight - not doing well


Kerry sounds just a tad hoarse.

If you vote Democrat, then don't get a flu shot.

Prior- Tyze

CBS has instant "uncommitted" voter response

whoah what just happened to DU graphics?

Red faced Bush looks like he is about to blow


This is so obviously contrived to favor Bush.


Why did they start the debate with national defense?

They've got *'s meds right tonight. Kerry needs to surprise him. n/t

BEAT HIS ASS, KERRY! Win one for the Tipper!

Kill a few moments before the debate with a test.

Get that quote!

Don't get a flu shot? The man is as crazy as a shithouse rat.

The bastard just blamed the flu vaccine shortage on lawsuits!!!!!

WTF was that aborted media comment


Is there an IRC chat tonight??

Huge lie...Osama. Took 2 seconds on Google

Bush & Kerry dressed as twins

Does Bush realize the "He's voted for tax increases 98 times" IS A LIE!!!

bush thought he was so funny with the kennedy thing

"I never said I wasn't worried about Osama Bin Laden"

Bush's face -- bloated? crooked? something weird about it...

Why doesn't Kerry say--"there you go again Mr. President with that word

pay go?

is the left side of *'s mouth drooping?

Pay go?

He's pausing more and more....

Dear George wipe that spit off the side of your mouth

He's proving he knows NOTHING about Kerry's health plan

Why doesn't Kerry get a chance to respond

canada meds will kill us!!!!!

Does anyone else see the drool at the corners of Bush's mouth? NT

"My budget man?!"

He sent his "budget man" to Congress?

Help for Education? HA! HA! HA!

Ah yes, the "Halls of Congress"

Bush's arrogance is just breathtaking isn't?

The solution: send everyone to community college for 21st century jobs

Wait, I spent $50k for a college degree to help make $50k a year....

Bush has a white spit booger in the left corner of his mouth

What's coming out of Dubya's mouth?

bush drooling?


Kerry is on fire. The chimp is done. Finished.

What;s that shit in the corner of *'s mouth. It's like a spit ball HAHAHA

he IS FOAMING at the mouth. Look at the corner of his mouth

Is he foaming at the mount?

The more * talks the more he buries himself n/t

Who is paying for food, bills,clothes, health care, while your in school

Bush to people who lose their jobs due to corporate outsourcing...

How did Bush turn the outsourcing question into an education question??

Pell Grants? What the F***? Where? When you've CUT Pell Grants??

tony soprano!

And there's the water glass!

First sip of vodka! NT

That Tony Soprano line was great :) n/t


Presidential "Budget Man" looking for work

Uh Oh! He's guzzling from the glass again

He's talking about his sidetrip to Main. . . that held troops up for

Tony Soprano taling to me about law and order!

Great Kerry Quote!

Here goes bu$h*'s dehydration

* is doing better in his reaction shots by imitating JK,

JK is a master of the facts

Is Bush Drooling?

He's blinking about 9 times in 7 seconds does he wear

Kerry on Bush lecturing him about education

Retraining? Retraining people downward? PhDs are out of work!

I wish someone would wipe that shit eating grin off his face

Mic Problems?

Shitty question, Bob. "President has no effect on economy.." BS!


Bush foaming at the mouth...Get your rabies shot

Unintentional Meme !!! - GEORGE CAN'T DO IT !!!


who wants to count how many times he blinks his eyes

bu$h* giggles at Boeing line

This must be the Twilight Zone...

Bu$h Looks Like a Drunk FRAT-BOY


Some "moderator": Bob Shifty's all but attacking Kerry


The spit ball is still there!!!!!!!

Litany of mis-statements rehearsed and rehearsed this line.

Uh-oh. When George W. Bush says "it's a fact"...

pell grants?

somebody get on pell grant research now

Reading the responses is INFINITELY better than enduring the pain

I hope Schieffer asks * to take of his jacket and show his back!

"Whoo!" * really likes the word "litany" tonight! Must be his favorite

More Money? Where? I didn't get any. Oh wait... CHENEY's GOT IT!

Spurious GEORGE

Yeah, George. Talk to those workers.

So far, Bush has been on the defensive THE WHOLE TIME.

WOOOOOOOOOO! Is Bush a Ric Flair fan?

Workers to *: we KNOW what we got from you and its SHIT

Is that Shrub or a bobble-head ? n/t

"a plan is not a litany of complaints"?

the tax cuts asshat just put more burden on the states and our state taxes

Pell Grant Cuts: Bush Freezes Federal College Scholarship, or Pell Grant

What is Physical Sanity?

Link: Pell Grant Cuts

"We're spending your money"

Bush is Drunk or High!!

bush denies saying he said he didn't care much about OBL??????

Bush* is breaking rules again directly addressing Kerry

Is Bush Out of Touch?

Why is Sheiffer whoring for Chimp


Bush is blowing it.......

How many times will Bush repeat the few statistics he can remember?

shrubs sweatin bullets

Why is Bush yelling?


Bush just broke the rules....steamrolled through time that wasnt his!

Bush just broke the rules

Bush is breaking the rules and forcing awkward silence into the debate....

truth on pell grants here

Would someone wipe the corner of *s mouth?

25 minutes in

WHOA...what a question. Homosexuality a choice.

The Far Left Bank of the Main Stream is lovely this time of year.

Oooooooo the homo card!

Who has the link to the White House transcript where Bush says he's

Yeah..we have to tolerate those homos...... n/t

If bu$h* doesn't know if homosexuality is a choice

"lets get back to economic issues:

drooling F*cktard says "Whoooo"

Is homosexuality a choice?

just busted him on pell grants with the FACTS

Why is he Drooling so much???


So far - both are boring

WTF is with the Ted Kennedy cracks?

Is * obcessed with Ted Kennedy or what!?

I have never seen a drowning man smirk

What the hell is citisery? n/t

Bush - 2 blatant lies and one major rule break so far

Start emailing the media with Bush discrepancies..


'We're All God's Children" THANK YOU MR. KERRY

The drooling fuktard says, WHHOOOOO

I honestly don't like the Cheney reference in this question

Blinky's trying not to lose it...the botox has fucked up his mouth but his

Get your BUSH LIED transcript here....from the WHITE HOUSE!

Just curious - why doesn't Kerry just break out the actual 'lib' ranking

Kerry sounds a tad loud on the feed.

KERRY...IS....AWESOME. a gay

Ooh! Ooh! Church question!

Another Asinine Question.....

a culture of life? what the fuck

I will defend the right of Roe V Wade

We're one third into it -- is Bush close to going all whine, all the time?

"Kerry is creaming Bush in the debate."

His answer on stem cells and abortion is good

ladies and gentlemen, HOMER DIMSON FOR PRESIDENT!

Blinky Blinky lawdy hes stinky

The Buy In to the Federal Healh Care Plan is a Bait and Switch?

Bush being angry and sarcastic.

It's turning into a sermon!

Bush looks like he is drunk!!

The Chimp is sweating!!

Let's be honest. Kerry's smoking his ass.

There goes the Protestant vote

Every person matters

Look at this pic from RMN...droopy mouth at that time, too

PELL Grants... The TRUTH Link!

OMFG Promote a culture of Life? Like in Texas on Death Row???

Senator Kerry didn't use my answer.

Did you hear Chimpy say

Kerry should remind people to check the facts at fact

I hate that man's laugh

third lie - chimpy just said kerry passed three bills

"Maternity Homes"?! Make way for American Lebensraum!!!

Is there freedom of speech and thought here or what?

Bush just scared my daughter!!

That laugh is something else. I don't even know what I'd call it. n/t

Why is Bush's face so red?

Tonight's BUSHISMS, post here

Defensive Medicine

No free market in healthcare?

Ifn you die on the operating table

chimp has told two blatant lies and broken the rules at least once


We're seeing the third Bush tonight

Buggy N Horse Days HAHA

I think Kerry's Bible quote threw Bush off a little.

He just lost the Horse and Buggy Vote


NEWSFLASH: Buggy comes before horse

I am looking at a man

a whoop from the audience


talking to the people


Electronic medical records

Bush Debate Bingo :)


Shut up you fool!

God damned stupid fucking abortion issue

Noticing a surge of sub 500 post folks with negative views...hmmmm

If you listen on the radio Bush sounds like he's reading a script

More Bushit...

Kerry SLAMMED Bush on No. of Bills

No record vs Record of Failure

Here Goes Bob on the attack again

Has the shrub's left side of his mouth always dropped

Somebody hooted in the audience

CBS Undecided Voters Loving John Kerry

Bush to Karl: "no mas! no mas!"

Kerry is just totally outclassing Bush tonight, in every way.

wow, kerry is looking into the camera, you think someone's been


The pr*ck REALLY offends me!

BOB SCHIFFER IS NOT OBJECTIVE. PERIOD. See tbetz's post, #4. True!

Mary Cheney is an OUT lesbian. She is public game.

Kerry's is kicking


Is it just me, or does Kerry make Bush look like a used car salesman

Now hes slamming the media

Bush being a Sarcastic Moran


Aborted wise crack!

Looks like "The Smirk" is back...

Now hes slamming the media

Bush* just Slammed the Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He doesn't know what he wants to say . .

WTF was that aborted media comment


Chimp looks like he knows he's not going to get the tough questions.

I knew this would happen if Kerry brought up the media

Kerry is dismantling him.

It's not credible... never mind!!!

The Chimp's smirk is working overtime


"Uh, nevermind..........anyway........." Huh?

Bush takes a shot at "news organizations" aka CBS

who the fuck is the "lewing" report

Kerry has picked up the pace

Oh please, oh PLEASE! Let the chimperor have a meltdown!

Shrub is obviously playing to the crowd

Did Bush say Budget Bomb?!?



George Bush: The "Nevermind" President

"Our healthcare is the envy of the world"

Bush and his fucking heh, heh. Makes me sick.

OK, now Kerry is smokin! At last!

VA funding increaed? A LIE

Kerry's doing awesome with the timing!

4th blatant lie - VA getting good health care?


Bush On Gay Marriage, etc.

the Shrub's worst attempt at humor so far:

Asshole CUT the fucking VA

talk stop talk stop

Asswipe is getting shrill and starting to yell....

Healthcare: Bush criticizes Kerry but what has he DONE?

Blinking and twitching has begun


Did Bush just say Socialcurity?

Ok, people. I'm not kidding. There is something wrong with the President.

THink differently let my billion dollar boys invest it...

Why does bush laugh at inappropriate times? Seriously. Why?


My God, is anyone keeping track of all these lies?

Did Bush just look at his watch?

I figured out why Bush's left lip is droopy...

Bush is nervous and defensive, Kerry is confident and in control!

Is this live?

They dont call him DUHBYA fer nothin!!!

Bush is so HOLLOW on domestic issues

Is there a split screen?

Anybody just see that stupid feigned smile? Must've gotten earpiece order

He's tying the flu shots with tort reform!

Is that drool on the right side of shrubs mouth?


trade adjustment money?

Bob is grilling Kerry and giving Bush a total pass!!!

Ha!!! Kerry called him on changing the subject from jobs! n/t

bush tilting his head=listening to earpiece?

Bush SMILED when Kerry mentions the Washington Post


Nano Second---------------KICK HIS ASS JOHN

What's with these questions?

Litney is shrubs new big word huh?

Use this for Shrub's Mouth Movements

BUSH'S LIE: Video of Bush saying that he's not concerned about Osama

Forget Furious George - Now we have

Lost CBS feed for about 5 secs

Someone link me to a different stream please.

5 blatant lies - make it 6

Bush* is REALLY LYING NOW Tax Relief.

Rove told Bush to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE

Bush lead CRAP

The Tax Cuts went to the Middle Class?

7 blatant lies = recession when he took office = LIE

OMG-- middle class got most of the tax cuts

Why does Bush keep spastically bobbing

Alright researchers -- Olbermann looking for some info

Bush is starting to sound a little pissed now

Did he not say that the recession was a blip last debate?

Bush claims 9/11 cost 1 million jobs and he put on 1.9 million

Freepers think Bush is doing well...

How many outbursts of "BULLSHIT!" are you up to?

Bush is drooling!

"What you said, Bob!" Blink... blink... smirk... sweat.


See him grin when he got over 5 words out in a row?... n/t

Bush is an Assertive LIAR

Dead Man Walking

"Unmanned immigration police"

Bush is so proud of himself that he gives everyone a big ol'


His solution to immigration is to outsource jobs internally

"Let me talk to the workers"

Litany Litany Litany

whoooo...bushy learned a new word...litney

Bush Is Whining Again

Did I just see Bush foaming at the mouth ?

Will we be getting network 'fact checks' on these vote figures?

Would someone please just slap the shit out of him?


NET JOB LOSS: Why doesn't Kerry or Edwards clear up that point about

We need a pinned post for lies/inaccuracies and responses

Where are the unmanned vehicles patrolling the border? WTF?

Didn't Shrub Propose an Amnesty a couple years ago??

Kerry went back to the middle class tax cut lie.

3 debates, 3 Bush faces. Clueless liar, Furious liar and Grinning liar.

Kerry is hitting him with facts, Bush is responding with lies.

My God! I LOVE Kerry!

Borders? You mean that Mexico is in South America?

blatant lie about borders!

Last week, * said Canadian drugs were dangerous

Are Mexicans worth their salt for working at 5.50 an hour?! WTF!!!

If you close your eyes, plug your ears and go: YAH, YAH YAH...Bush wins

Minimum Wage!

My God, Schieffer finally asked Kerry a question that favors him!

HAHAHa what a pun "I'm glad you raised that question."

Oh the Women will Love Kerry NOw!!!!

This is an absolutely SUPERB performance by Kerry.

*'s blinking out of control on minimum wage!!!!

Kerry immerses himself in policy. I swear, he sounds like Clinton.

Slam on "family values"!!

good line kerry

Kerry rocking on minimum wage question. Just rocking!

I'm tired of politicians that talk about family values

JK: "I'm tired of politicians who talk about family values...

Bush* is starting to LOSE IT!!!!

"Talk family values but don't value families?" Oh, SNAP!

Bushthoughts - Goddamn that John Kerry uses a lot of math.

video of Bush saying he's not that concened with capturing UBL

Bush's scowls have returned

we are all Gods Children!!!! RIght On!

Bob is nailing him

Once again he diverts from jobs to talk about education. . .

chimpy forgot his texas accent - he's reverted to whiny


No Child left behind act reallty a jobs act WTF???

NCLB is a "jobs act"

Buggy and Horse days

Bob Schieffer is an old golfing buddy of George W. Bush

Change the subject...

Reference Mitch McConnel's min. wage plan but don't EXPLAIN!?!


NCLB is Bush's answer to everything!

Fuck the minimum wage, eh, George?

Bush is finished

Bush rambling about NCLB when ?? is minimum wage

Ducked Minimum Wage!

i'm irritated that chimpy keeps being allowed to interrupt!

Wait, minimum wage problem being answered by education

Education credibility

Jobs to education again. Kerry needs to kick him in the balls for this.

No Child Left Behind? HA! HA! HA!

I like Kerry's tie better too

NCLB is crap!

OK, time for Kerry to get rough.

And the dipshit launches

No child left behind--guess who gets shuffled through

He doesn't want to talk about jobs and tax cuts.

Shrub wouldnt let Bob FInish question

chimp ducked roe v wade question - snicker

hey schiffer how about making bush answer the question!

Education is what workers really need? How about enough money to

Stepping all over the moderator again

BULLSHIT. The Federalist Society will name Bush's judges.

Roe v Wade

i propose a new color

Pres didn't answer question! Would you overturn Roe v Wade!


I think shrub just fucked his anti-abortion supporters

30 minutes to go.

Uh, Mr President... the question was about minimum wage,

BUSH JUST BLEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is he aware of how insulting he is when he talks about schools?

Go! Kerry Go!

Kerry is hitting on all cylinders now...

Did Kerry say Hell Yes a little while ago?

Whooooeeeee! Kerry just got him on appointing judges!

Olberman's scorecard...

Labels! Labels!

created problems early before its too late

a blatant lie about nclb - geesus chimpy lies and lies and lies

Lots of really educated people now out of work..Does Shrub know that?!

Tax Cut Lie

HAHAHA Nailed it!!!

No Child Left Behind to cost Ohio $1.5 billion - more info here:

John Kerry: Gonna be the Best. President. Ever.

Bush: US workers aren't smart as the foreigners. That's why we lost jobs

You be the judge...said John Kerry.

Is *'s nose into the audience yet?

Looks like Kerry's winning on points at Olberman's live blog

Bush Just Nodded To Someone Talking To Him

The "Family Values but doesn't vaule families" line is Clark's :o)

Kids lost after school programs and the chimp stands there


Ooooh, draft ?

This is what the world thinks is the President of the United States?

I like this backdoor draft question actually.

Kerry is now wiping the floor with him.

Backdoor Draft: A reflection of Bad Judgement

More Foreign Policy in the Domestic Debate, huh?

Evidence that No Child Left Behind is Causing Teacher Layoffs:

Bad judgement

all of * problems are related to his tax cuts


OK, Senator Kerry ... time to mention Bush's daddy.

Iraq: DOuble Special Forces

How are the freepers taking this ass whipping Kerry is dishing out?

No Child Left Behind Act is for the UNEMPLOYED WORKER???

Kerry missed a big opportunity on Roe v. Wade

Hispanic Vote

kerry is pickin it up now

Split screen-podium height-perceived height...

Why is Bob asking defense related questions?

Prediction: Media, feeling pressured, scores it a TIE.

Here it comes: "You forgot Poland"

I don't care what you say -- SOMEONE IS FEEDING HIM THOSE FIGURES!!!

I can't prove it, but Bush had these questions beforehand. He ain't this

Kerry is OWNING ex-pResident AWOL

Insta poll wants to know right now : Who's winning?

Notice how Commander Dookiestain tries to look tough while Kerry speaks

Bush: More of the same will work better

Info on Bush's failed policies:

Whatever he was on just wore off. Can you tell?

Roe v Wade


bush is thinking right now

Boom. "I supported McConell minimum wage." LIE. Here.

I'm so sick of Bush

Kerry Is Doing SO F'N GREAT!!!

What the hell is this Catholic Church question? What a crock.

Bush looks like he's had a stroke - what's with the face?


reminder - do not feed any trolls

Bush Foghorn Leghorn now!!


Back to Iraq..........Smirky's feeling smug now...his comfort zone

HAHAHA! He brought up Global Test

"Global test" Again...

There he goes again "global test"

Now hes slamming the media

Kerry really looks tired this time.

Say it, JK: "That's a flat-out lie"


Global Test: Same old Rhetoric


"the people i talked to, their spirits were high"

Build more coalitions?! The way things are going, any

Liar, Liar, pants on ...

And what happened to the world coalition?

Breaking rules again.....


Ouch. Bush got 'im on the Gulf War I vote

Does this 'liberal from Massachussetts' line work w/ anyone you know?

voted against the use of force...?

Either Bush has put on a lot of weight overnight

Bush* wanted to extend assault weapons ban. BULLSHITTTTT

What does Iraq 1991 have to do with anything?

Bush is nervous as heck....trembling hands

Shrub just confused 2 interesting words

Did Bush just say Kerry would bring us "more of the same"?

DAMN...missed opportunity

The "international world"

Did he just say he believed in backgammon checks for guns? n/t

Did he say he believes in "back gown" checks? Or am I tired?

When is Kerry going to bring up Snows remarks about jobs.

Let's see, he's lost 3 debates, approval below 50%, polling #'s down;

He just belched

Failure of leadership

I'm all out of "BULLSHITS". Can you loan me some?

What's a "backgown" check?

OMG Kerry said SHEERF

go kerry!

No Question, No Doubt! Chimpy' s getting fed lines by wire

CSPAN PRES is much 'Bigger' than Kerry


Kerry just spanked that ass on the assault weapons ban issue

Olbermann is hot tonight, he has me LMAO

Kerry knocks assault weapons ban ? OUT OF THE PARK

55 blinks in a minute

Times running out, still no stem cell questions

Did you notice shrub alost got whiplash several times tonight?

Schieffer got the social wedge issues out of the way early...

anyone tracking all the lies?

Chuckles at mention of minoritys

That is BS on VA

ZING. The NAACP, the Black Caucus.

POW! Kerry gets Bush on assault rifle issue

This Is Kerry's Best Debate Performance. Period. Game, set, match.

If he smirks one more time I'm going to punch my TV!

We oughta have anb aggressive effort to make sure people are educates.....

He's lying again. Anyone have proof he hasn't met CBC?? n/t

There he goes on Education again!

litany of lies - chimpy is recapping the lies

Did he meet with the Black Congressional Caucus?


"I have met with the Black Congressional Caucus???"

He's repeating himself himself himself himself....

Did ya notice both are wearing a RED tie?

Here he goes off topic again

Chaaaaaaaaaaange the subject...

First beneficiary of NCLB:

POW!!! Kerry says Bush refuses to meet w/congressional black caucus

Now the asshole is laughing about the NAACP and the

If education is so affordable George why does college tuition KEEP RISING?

I have decided that "learn to add substract read and write early"

How many freakin' questions has * ignored???? eom

Bush is making his FIRST debate performance seem like a success

That explains it. He met the wrong Caucus

How can Bush talk about govt contracts with a straight face?

Is it just me, am I partial or is Bush

He yaps with God n/t

What is the "enstrepenurial" spirit?

" . . . for the entrepreneurial spirit to be entrepreneurial."

yea he needs all the prayer he can get

whisper to a SCREAM

Oh, srew this! "Tell us how pious you are, Mr. Prezdent."

I'm a prayin' president

Bob is helping Bush milk the fundie vote

Bu$h you better be prayin' ALOT after this debate

Softball "how has your faith affected your decisions" question.

So glad that I am equally an american

Readin' writin' and subtractin'?

But does he pray for us?

Why is *'s podium wider? So we can't see him shuffle nervously?

We've got a serious question for the media here: what happened at 9:09?

I pray for you to lose!!!!

FEEL this you F*****

I wonder: Q: Mr. President, do you still support Missile Defense System?

bidding on contracts? I didn't think Shrub believed in that. n/t

I pray for Bush...


Yikes 'Armies of Compassion' WTF is that?

Bush doing good on religion questions.

"the armies of compassion"

Watch OUT. Bush has"unleashed the armies of compassion"

Bush met the "Black Congressional Congress' about Haiti. Period.

Faith: Plays a big part in my life. I pray alot. It s very personal...and

"Armies of compassion"

Bush met with CBC for ONE hour during first month of term


Bush Prays. He PRAYS People!


DU this AOL poll :

Re: *'s religious diatribe on freedom. Is freedom death? (poll)

Did you hear that?! "Everything is a gift..." Audience: "YEAAAAAH!"

Kerry got a reaction with that last statement.

Ooooo...Kerry is smoking him on the religion question.

Kerry is OUT-GODDING Bush* !

Frankly we have a lot more loving of our neighbor to do

As a Native American, Kerry mentioning our blessing warms my heart!

I want a Goddamned Atheist President in my lifetime !

Audience is loaded with Freepers

The BEST thing happening in this debate - keeping chimporer on DEFENSIVE

10 Minutes To Go! Get ready to hit the Online Polls!

Freepers ALMOST jump at Kerry's "Love your neighbor."

Is Homosexuality a choice? WTF Kind Of ? is That???????????????

Native American blessings...


Does Bush pull this stuff out of his ass? The Louie Report???!!!

Which is worse? The smirking or the snickering?

Kerry is pulling an Edwards!!! Compliments Bush

Why does everyone in the country have to be spiritual?

Rut-roh. Chimpy is starting to lose it

"I Believe In Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself... And Gynecologists Too !!!

Kerry Steals Bush's Thunder on September 11th!

Ha ha..AWOL better worry every time Kerry says "lemme pay him a compliment

Bush* just Slammed the Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many of the 10 commandments is * violating in tonights debate?

Just got's our boy doing???

As a working poor person, my biggest concern is No Child Left Behind.


Kerry clobbered him for the 3rd time!

Daschle just got reelected.

Hee hee, he just complimented him then kicked him in the nuts

He's in full "USED CAR SALESMAN" mode tonight...

OMG, Did Kerry secretly flip off Bush???

Kerry's argument for his healthcare plan is coming across strongly

Bush drugged?


C-SPAN all the way. Are you with me? n/t

Blatant Lie #1: "I don't think I ever said I'm not concerned about Osama


Kick ass! Kerry takes the religion thing, turns it around, and throws it

Great job Kerry!

Size DOES matter.... check out the size of

Campaign Finance Reform...good one JK!!

Kerry is making a brilliant point

Who in the hell asked Shrub about "Biggest Disappointments" ????

Crap. Kerry just misquoted the 'two greatest commandments.

There he goes with Ted Kennedy again!

NCLB is his ONLY card to play-pathetic

John McCain's getting a GOP wedgie tomorrow morning.

MASTERFUL JOHN! wow... im so impressed.

My biggest disappointment in Washington


Wait... is Ted Kennedy bad or good... Bush is sending me mexed missages

Heeeeeeere's the NCLB act AGAIN!


WTF is up with Scheiffer?

Bush just lied about taxes. Said most of his tax-cut went to

Special halliburton..then Bush starts going into lala

Hey, Dipshit... Dems in TEXASSS are good ole boys, just like you

He's going, He's going, He's Going

VA Cuts - Link included

Turn off the sound, and Bush wins

My Only Concern: The 1990 Vote

OMG, he didn't say we were this divided in the 1990s!!! It's the CLENIS!!!

Ohhh, lets pound the podium time!


Laura Bush is a strong woman?? He's proud of his daughters??

Laura is a "Strong Woman?" Since when?

"We're in a period!" (Bush going for the women's vote!)

No environment question.

Pickles is a "strong woman"?!

Bush says - "It was pretty divided in the 2000 election"

Schieffer thinks that gw* is married to a strong woman???

Scheiffer did horable job

Playing to the its Jay Leno

He knew the questions, asshole

he even lied to his wife!

POLLS: Keep on them! The FReepers will be at the top of their game tonight

I thought the audience was supposed to be SILENT

Fuck Schieffer


McCain is mine, no he's mine...


Is Ted Kennedy running for Prez??

It's a shame that Chimpy would rather run against Ted Kennedy


Bush* was drunk at the bar-b-q?

What a piece of shit question

People, That Question Was Fucking Rehearsed!

Classic BBQ with 4 people?

Better Joke!!!

Dubya is married to a strong woman?!

If you switch it off, Bush wins

"She speaks English a lot better than I do."

LOL! * just admitted he can't speak English properly!

Puke! I DO NOT want to know about George and Pickle's love at first sight

"Times Up'

"To stand up straight and not scowl..." Pickles taught him that?

Dear moderator - are we finished asking fluff questions yet?


No questions about the environment Schieffer?

Kerry has a great smile. Makes him look genuine.

No questions on the environment or education? WTF?

Why the HELL

"He doesn't know borders"

Did Bush come up with an AMNESTY plan???

Wonderful! The "marrying up" quote from Kerry

Great Touch. Kerry qouting his MOM!!!!

Oh my gosh he used the Chechen story

At least the minimum wage question is legitimate.

Excellent Answer on citizenship

"Married up" -- Did you see Bush's expression drop? Hahahaha!!!

"She speaks English a lot better than I do."

Integrity Integrity Integrity

What's with Bush's angled chin pose between questions?

So how exactly DO borders work?

******BUSH states we will get flu shots from CANADA

How much Longer?

What is the saturday morning character that gw* reminds me of???


"my mom"'s Babs bushie????

What's with IL Duce pounding on the podium? n/t

Kerry wins on the Mom comment - and marrying up

He should have stayed with talking about his mom

these questions are fucking inane

What about stem cells!!

anyone have the LINK comparing Bush debate now and 10 years ago??


Bush and Cheney were last to give closing statement in every debate

Mr. President

What's with all the damn compliments to the chimp



CSPAN Just made Kerry Bigger at the end

Not A Single Question On Stem-Cell Research?

Education is responsible for everything bad in the world!

The verdict!!

His big pauses are back. He's wired. Can't even memorize his closing...

A PAINTING? What the hell is he talking about?

Why have Kerry and Edwards always spoke last in these debates...

Did Bush have BELL'S PALSY? The internets are abuzz

ROFL! Did he just make up that painter's name?

Kerry's closing statement was masterful

Everything is a WAR reference with this Guy!!

We've been through a lot together these past 3 1/2 year

Who won?

Eek! "Armies of compassion" again. *shudder*

Life has been miserable with me in stay the course

Reformed Schools? HA! How would I know? I'm a TEACHER without a classroom!

Pzzzzzztttt, George - George, the painting

Hat Trick Smackdown Tri-fecta

Kerry has respect and humility

Bush Buried - Kerry Wins Debate Easily

I actually liked Schieffer's performance...

Bush Buried - Kerry Wins Debate Easily

I actually liked Schieffer's performance...

Where the hell is the issue of the enviro in the debate.

He didn't say "God bless America"!

Shrub Says: Thanks Bob for the Sliders!!

Kerry did bad - Bush did worse - Kerry WINS!

I didn't see it, but on the radio Bush did better than the previous...

bush back box was back...WIRED


He's got that lump on his back again

While Kerry and Bush were shaking hands after the debate

Holy Hell! Laura's wearing the draperies!

A list of names Bush never mentioned in the debate,

Kerry AGAIN gets the big Applause

OK. Malloy-time!

Well, I'm calling it a draw. Not what I want but it'll be widely seen so.

Did ya see that? Kerry got a hoot and a holler again!!


Someone must have told the twins not to dress as if

How is that Bush got to make the final closing statement every debate?

PBS poll already freeped

CSPAN2 phone support for Kerry: 202-737-0002

Did Kerry do worse, as good, or better than his first debate???

HIT THE PBS POLL, it's being freeped!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, we are getting a new president!

listen to AAR if you don't want to go nuts afterwards

I never said that (about Osama Bin Laden)

* left the stage first - AGAIN!

He won SO EASILY! Don't let the spin snatch it from Kerry

Kerry was magnificent. Bush was defensive and whiny

Maura Liarson

Is it wrong for me to not want a dumbass for my president

Kerry should have nailed Bush on the Social Security issue

He does have a painting by Tom Lee you know

MSNBC already calling out bushlies

MSNBC already jumped on Bush claiming he never said OBL was not

CBS starting the "it was a draw" spin again. Damn!!

Buchanan "Kerry was at the top of his game"

MSNBC already calling out bushlies

Get on the fox poll people!

Best ass kicking yet

He does have a painting by Tom Lee you know

Get on the fox poll people!

Carlos Watson declares Kerry winner

CNN Carlos Watson gives Kerry the win.

CBS starting the "it was a draw" spin again. Damn!!

Get on the fox poll people!

Freepers clogging the CSPAN phone lines...

PBS is being Freeped! Go vote!!!

Fox's Kristol - A Knockout by Bush

CNN pundit call it for Kerry!!!

PBS being freeped

Carlos Watson declares Kerry winner

gw* clearly had control of the situation....

whoo-hoo! Carlos? just said he thought Kerry would be declared winner.

Carlos on CNN said he thinks Kerry won all three debaes

Kristol says Kerry didn't win any of the questions!

Kristol says Kerry didn't win any of the questions!

Is it wrong for me to not want a dumbass for my president

MSNBC already jumped on Bush claiming he never said OBL was not

Kerry was amazing! Best performance yet!! wow!!

The official big thread of All Bush's Lies

All channels spinning for Bush.

Carlos on CNN said he thinks Kerry won all three debaes

He does have a painting by Tom Lee you know

Britt "butt boy" Hume pointing out that Chimp lied about

Come on talking heads, Bush did not answer the questions!

Britt "butt boy" Hume pointing out that Chimp lied about

Kerru up at MSNBC poll

Where oh WHERE do these wingnuts come from?

OK, have to know....was Bush given the questions beforehand?

Freeper on C-SPAN

AWOL* didn't score ANY points on ANY issue with ANY group



Hit the Fox News Poll

John Edwards is on CBS

bush lied his arse off

PBS Poll has been freeped!! go vote!!!

CNN Bill Schneider just showed the clip about OBL

See this flyer on Bush's Flip Flop on Finding Osama Bin Ladin

Bush lost the middle class tonight

CNN Just Nailed The Chimp On His Osama Lie

Schaiffer has given several 30 sec extentions to Bush.

NO SHIT Family values and dont value families

I can't stand Bush and his sarcasm.

I'm Tired of Politicians That Don't Value Families! YES!


HIT FOXNEWS.COM !!!! freerepulsives are skewing it.

Kerry, punching bag

frist is lying his head off about kerry's record

The only question Kerry didn't answer was about the flu shortage.

So, no stem cell questions at all? what would superman say?

ABC poll says KERRY WON (but sample 38% REPUKE, 31% DEM)

The Cat Carver's waxing on Hairball

So, no stem cell questions at all? what would superman say?

I have to say it. Tis was Kerry's best debate performance yet.

Kerry wins Hemmer's idiotic focus group (11-7)


NBC plays Bush's OBL "contradiction"

CNN Undecideds Panel are basically morans!

Bush Overlooks Own Flip-Flop in Debate


"Kerry 3 for 3" says Carlos Watson on CNN

Carlos Watson CNN: Kerry Won

CNN both people think Kerry WON!!!

Let's list Bush lies here. WITH refutation.

CBS InstaPoll of Undecideds: Kerry Wins

ABC says 42% Kerry 41% Bush...BUT 38% Republicans polled!!

Greenfield and Watson say Kerry won

Freeper call-in fest on CSPAN

NBC Panel of Undecideds--

Did everyone notice the WHITE GOOBER in corner of Bush's mouth?

What questions was Bush answering?

The revelation of OBL lie might be this debate's lasting moment.

Kerry went after the Women's vote tonight

Am I the only one that can never find the ABC News online poll?

CBS poll on undecideds: 39% Kerry; 25% Bush

Funny, Bill Hummer (R-Cabana Boy)

DU this poll bush leading low number of votes

CBS Uncommited Poll shows Kerry won!

At what point will the media realize

DU this poll bush leading low number of votes

Can we demand a pee test? he was on something!!

Funny, Bill Hummer (R-Cabana Boy)

I thought Kerry did really well in addressing issues important...

CBS Kerry won among uncommitted. 39-26

John King says chimp will have to answer for why he lost all three debates

That Bitch Hughes just lied

I seriously have to say, I hate Andrea Mitchell

Kerry slaughtered Bush with undecided voters -- CBS poll


Did anybody catch Bill Frist's Zell Miller imitation on MSNBC?

Unleash the armies of compassion

Karen Hughes on MSNBC: "The president won tonight's debate decisively"

Why was this moderator so lame?

NBC group 3-2-1 Bush

The foaming mouth is the question of the day

There goes stupid Russert again with his fucking white board!!

They were the exact same questions Daniel Shore wrote about on NPR

Bush and the "Smrown"

Is it me, or did the freepmod Schieffer mispronounce Tempe?

Obligatory Keith Oberman "play by play" thread! :D

Cincinnati Enquirer Poll---Repuke Cesspoll...DU it!

The calls to CSPAN are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Novak is such an ass...

A Bushie just slipped: "Former President Bush"

Begala- win for Kerry and is pretty hard on Scheiffer

It's official: Bush LOST ALL THREE DEBATES

Newsday poll

These three issues will dominate post debate (all in KERRY'S favor)

Faux Moos poll; 34% bush...65% KERRY!

Dear Nikita, if you're looking for your shoe

Is the CNN poll showing any results? I voted but it came up with

Hidden poll on MSNBC needs HELP!!!!!


DU This poll needs HELP!!!

I did early voting today....

Did you catch Kerry's first set up?

Do women like a goober drooler even less than a sweater?

Did you catch Kerry's first set up?

CNN undecided panel: 10 for Kerry, 7 for Bush, 7 still undecided

All in all...Kerry benefited from the debates...can't say the same about *

Yahoo poll Kerry 71 bush 29

I just don't get it about "DUing" or "Freeping" polls...

Bwahahahahaha! On MSNBC, Visit!

Why is it that Kerry has to be substantive and * NOT AT ALL?

Dja think he was told to grin like an idiot

We're getting some good Kerry soundbytes tonite

Edwards outed Cheney's daughter during the VP debate.

Bush's lazy lip?

Migrants and Amnesty ...

hahahahahahaha KNOCKOUT Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was it just me or did Bush smirk a lot?

There he goes again!

Did I miss Schieffer asking questions on stem cells and environment?

I think *'s head is gonna start spinning!

as a teacher, I would kick him in the nuts for the NCLB everytime he menti

Why does he keep interrupting the moderator???

So.......have the media called it for the Prince yet?

This is Bush's best performance to date

WTF? Another Draw?? Are people INSANE??

Yay! Olberman gives it to KERRY, 12 rounds to 4 and 19 points to 2

All Kerry had to do tonight...

Pago! Pago! ::snivel:: drool. that's the Bush

Wonkette catches this inexplicable statement:

Salt weapons????

It was a WONK fest!

Saved my last 6 posts before 1000 for KERRY battlegrounds

Anybody wanna re-watch the debate and have a drinking game?

PBS Poll being FREEPED!!!! hit it HARD!

This poll in a swing state has Kerry losing! HELP!

Where are all the Tweety posts?

Dems have beat Bush in 5 of 6 debates.

Why didn't Kerry drop the LIE BOMB...

Faux is showing Bush's OBL lie...woohoo for Colmes

I can't find the CNN POLL

On the last question...did any one else think....

who was responsible for main feed?

BTW Chiron, flu vaccine, is a U.S. company

WoW! Mike is bored by teh debate.


CNN had Kerry winning debate 52-39 in poll

CNN - Kerry won all 3

CNN Poll: Kerry 52 / Chimp 39

CNN scientific poll Kerry 52 Bush 39

It was Man vs Boy.

Bush's smirking: Bush taking the debates as a joke?

Kerry absolutely explodes in first polls on CNN

Any news on Registergate?

Tonight's Debate Transcript Here !!!

CNN and AEI's Bill Schneider says

what makes George tick...?

Kerry: very solid / Bush: vapid buffoon

He was looking pretty chimpy tonight...

He was looking pretty chimpy tonight...

Canned Speeches, Canned Crowds, and now, a CANNED President

Malloy: "Tonight's debate was boring...I see no reason why anyone

What kind of P**** questions were those????

the true about CBC

Bush was not smirking but he did lie and not answer questions. WTF

What was that "WHEW!!!!" about?

Who Would Win The Debate

I could see Kerry's Strategy from the Outset

Does someone have the cut and paste email list

Even CNN's Schneider says Kerry wins..

Bush lied on all channels LIAR is dead.

Comparing the Debates - which debate was best?

the ALMIGHTY won tonight

CNN Poll Kerry 52% Bush 39%

Kerry was great, but the mod missed a lot of issues

I was not that impressed with the debate tonight.

A fellow DUer says Bush was "more controlled" tonight

So which George did we see tonight?

CBS Undecided Voter Poll (Kerry comes on top again...barely)

immature freeps on CNN

Fox poll: Kerry 65%, Bush 35%

AOL poll don't allow this one to slip

bush laughs just like the bad guy in "billy madison"

Ask Yourself This Question: WHO WAS WATCHING TONIGHT?????

Kerry's vote on Desert Storm was also correct.

Hardball Poll 75% Kerry / 25% bush*

MSNBC just showed the online result.

You can talk, but you can't tell the truth

Wes on Faux now 10:32 pm central eom

John Kerry 83% 5479 votes George W. Bush 17% 1114 votes - CNN

Meanwhile back at B/C HQ Bush is getting his butt spanked. LIAR

anybody see mcauliffe on fox just now

Meanwhile back at B/C HQ Bush is getting his butt spanked. LIAR

Why didn't JK jump * over importing Canadian flu vaccine

Phoenix CBS and ABC both showing * post-speech


CNN: Kerry 52% Bush 39% - Congrats President Kerry!! (Gallup)


for shits and giggles...lets have a doubles match...KE and BC

If I was an undecided voter.....

One of the few polls I've seen that needs help....go HERE!

Anybody else find the debate actually pretty boring?

What was Tweety's reaction?

I'm feeling optimistic. "President Kerry" shirts are up.

Fox: Kerry 63% bush 36% MSNBC: Kerry 74% Bush 26% PBS: Kerry 71% n/t

Why does Tweety think Cheney's gay daughter is gross?

Did you all see the "What Makes George Tick" ad on MSNBC right

3 of 5 on panel of independent voters pick Kerry



Now that Chimpy is 0-3, when will ....

DU Denver Post, needs help!

Freepers are very quiet

2 college juniors sue over Diebold voting-machine memos: AND WIN!!!!!

From Begala's blog...

any pics of the transmitter?

Debate Transcript for Reference...

Someone, please link me to that Asshole song....

Gen. Clark next up on MSNBC!!!

If anyone has shown he should be President and is qualified, Kerry


Give me an H

If anyone has shown he should be President and is qualified, Kerry

Did Bush Say He Had The Tommy Lee Video In The White House?

What's up with George's blinking?

I was VERY impressed by Kerry's answers tonight.

Maybe Jon Stewart won't be a rerun tonight, at long last.

How will AWOL* explain LOSING ALL THREE debates?

A letter from a Conservative Christian Republican

this poll needs a lot of help!

Wes Clark coming up on MSNBC with Tweets.

John Edwards on Nightline with Ted NOW on ABC

"The President and the Republicans in Congress..."

give bigskydem an o

Ignore all nay saying threads!!!!

Get out the butter!

Give me another O

Give me an I

oh man Kerry comparing Bush to a Soprano had me on the floor

bush CUT Pell grants; exactly as Kerry said

Which debate did Kerry do best in?

Clark vs. Hannity? What happened?

Wes Clark on MSNBC now!

New CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll to be released at 1130 ET...

Bill Schneider said Kerry won by at least 13 points!

Every answer is education?

finally figured it out: Shrub's wild eyed smirk: Tommy smothers...


Heh, heh, heh. Bush greatly confused some people tonight!

Please give me OHIO on NOV 2

Now that Chimpy lost all 3 debates, the World is a MORE dangerous place

Did any of the pundits mention

For you err DUers who think JK lost, hows it feel to be in the repuke camp

This poll being freeped like hell!

schaeffer has connections to the Bush crime family?

bush racist hater

What's really going to put the nail in Bush's coffin....

The Poor Chimp is simply in over his head

Where were the questions on the Environment and Energy?

George P. Bush coming up on Larry King

Bush won this debate with one group only...

Love this one...Kerry was TOO factual...

Why I'm not ready to say "President Kerry"

NO president in history has ever been elected after LOSING ALL 3 DEBATES

Was Bush trying to whine about "liberal media" bias during the debate?

bush black hater

Annn Coulter vs Jesse Jackson on CNN

How many of you CHOSE your first language? I didn't.

Ann Coulter vs. Jesse Jackson on CNN

OMG: **MUST SEE** pic of the CHIMP in CHIEF

ANy one catch * saying Laura was better at the English language

Drugs from Canada unsafe?

This poll is rigged. Man how low is it when they have to rig polls ?

Coulter vs Jackson this ought to be good

We Beat the MASTER deBATER!!!!!

Bush almost trashed the moderator's employer!! HA!!

Operation Truth Anti-War Ad is powerful

Kerry's Soprano Joke ROCKED! Bush's Jokes BOMBED

This poll is rigged

racist black bush

Clark stood up for Kerry big-time on Hannity, while Hannity showed...

Wow! Check Out This AP Article (Ron Fournier)

new criminal probe in oregon vote fraud....

We should call Bush out on his remarks about media it reflects Sinclair


My favorite moment of the evening.

This Poll Needs Help!

Kerry SLAUGHTERS Bush in CBS poll

One Word: Presidential

I bet when the debate was over....His handlers surrounded him with

Did Anyone else notice * face was about 3 shades of red darker than Kerry

CNN Reporter "The instant polls don't matter"

VOTE in this AZ POLL -- Kerry's already 60%!

DU the CNN Poll!! Its been Freeped!!



I Don't Mean to Rain on the Parade, but..

Karen Hughes on Charlie Rose just commented on her ear piece

CNN's Schneider: Kerry is "clear winner"

My biggest surprise of the debate? No qustion on ENERGY!

1. " You're TOAST you lying little weasel-ass creep."


"Faith without works is dead." -- YES!!!!!!!

Dick Morris just declared Kerry the winner, third debate a DISASTER for *

s**t! From the "Osama" answer, we know George Bush hasn't seen F-9/11!

HOLY CHIT WHAT A SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Reagan yelling at Pat Buchanan

You notice how after the debates

Let Me Get This Straight: GOP Keeping Mary Cheney's Name In The News?

Watch the newspaper endorsements come now starting Sunday.

Did Scarborough just call Ron Reagan gay?

3 of 5 on panel of independent voters pick Kerry -DENVER POST

The Sopranos joke

How are any pundits scoring this one for Shrub? It is a disgrace

Need some funny anti-Bush stuff to entertain my Sis....

How many of you CHOSE your first language? I didn't.

Bush: If you're married (blah blah). If you have kids (blah blah).

One thing you have to admit after debates: the FACTS are on Kerry's side.

LAT: Kerry 95.6%

Cheney's daughter? What about

OMG-- Bush lost bottom line.this was his worst debate and anybody who

Did the pundits comment on any of Bush's lies?

Report from Arizona

In 2000, I was the first to say BUSH IS TOAST on the Internets... hehehe

Did Bush have a gob of dried spit on the corner of his mouth?

Salon noticed Shrub's goober!

Pukes pushing the Mary Cheney thing on MSNBC.

Ldotters: Bush won! (they are so deluded)

Future solution to trashed voter registration

WTF - Everything is NCLB!!!

bwahahah the msnbc after debate panel is nuts

Being LECTURED by the President

Group Maternity Homes or Naughty Girl Segregation?

Kerry 52% Bush 39% according to CNN's real poll

Karl Rove on FOX NEWS now

Man, that Chimp sure can guzzle the water, can't he??

Wes Clark on Pox News!

George the Schizophrenic

what is the Osama lie?

republicans with gays in the family

CNN POLL - NEEDS HELP! Kerry at 29%

so, what does the repub platform say about gays Mr. Bush/Mrs. Cheney??????

Can anyone tell me

Did Bush actually say, "you can't believe everything in...oh, never mind"

Lynne Cheney should stick to writing her salacious novels and STFU!!

Hippy BathDay to me & all Oct 13 DUers; we got a GOOD PREZZIE

Did anybody see the bulge ?

MSNBC panelist: Lynn Cheney is a bad parent for being ASHAMED of daughter

Kathy Griffin just told it like it is on MSNBC

Kathy Griffin on MSNBC

Now what?

pundits going nuts over Kerry bringing up Cheney's daughter

PHOTO: jenna bush* flashes crotch at Presidential Debates

Bush won the election with the last question

Bush was CREEPY.. and I think it turned people off. What do you think?

Bush is a mad little dog isn't he? Goober photo

Bush worries about son, calls Michael Moore ´slimeball´

Has the Yahoo poll been mentioned? sorry if I missed it.....JK way ahead.

Lynn Cheney ashamed of gay daughter. Bashes Kerry for mentioning her

* PLUMMETS on TradeSports

The fact that the pundits think that Kerry bringing up Cheney's daughter's

Why hasn't anyone else said it? JOHN KERRY WON THE PRESIDENCY

I'm offended that people are offended by people being offended by

RESULTS ARE IN! Kerry Wins Third Presidential Debate!

Bald flop sweating Rove trying to salvage his boy on FOX

Response to criticism of Cheney daughter outing

It's so homophobic to be so offended by Kerry mentioning Mary Cheney.

Another story (reuters) on repub voter fraud in OR and NV...

Kerry takes debate in USAToday/CNN/GallupPoll

Cheney fathered a lesbian; Bush was a cheerleader

Chimpy snubbed by the Congressional Black Caucus

Lynn Cheney calls Kerry "not a very good man" for raising Mary

The Spin is going our way. Kerry's got a wave to catch

It looked like after the debate that Pickles went over

Why did Kerry say that Bush hasn't met with the Congressional

Please DU this Poll

DON'T RESPOND TO NEGATIVE POSTS. Let them drop off. (nm)

Ugly scene on MSNBC.

The obvious GOP talking point is gonna be Mary Cheney

Drop the Mary Cheney thing...

My interpretation of something Bush said

Comedian handing them their LUNCH!

Remember that it was Chain-knee himself who made a deal out of daughter's

About the Mary Cheney reference...

Rove Coming up on CNN

As to the debates ... why doesn't Kerry challenge Bush's box...

Dick Cheney thanked Edwards for commenting on gay daughter

So I guess that

Kathy Griffin on MSNBC!!!!!

Is bush THAT clueless about unemployment???

Kerry-Edwards: Reviews Are In: Threepeat for Kerry

Dick Gephardt's daughter is gay. Why didn't Kerry mention her?

Letterman's top ten is about the Bulge!

Were any gays offended by Kerry talking about Cheney's Daughter?

JMM: Bush was "excitable, edgy, ungrounded"

Gen. Clarke: John Kerry was playing hockey while George Bush was..

Bush is desparate Karl Rove is out on Cnn

Was he foaming at the mouth?

Did Scarborough just call Ron Reagan gay?

Dick speaks: Kerry's remark "inappropriate"

Did you hear? Mary Cheney is gay! Oh my God!! Mary is gay!

Salon noticed Shrubby's goober!

Republicans FURIOUS With Kerry Bringing Up CHENEY'S GAY DAUGHTER

Kathy Griffin knew she's getting booted off the panel

The transcript: Kerry's lesbian remark that has Lynn's knickers in a twist

GIVE me an O

the lesbian lure

I thought Kerry missed the message tonight

Why the debates won the election for Kerry

This, to my knowledge, is the first series of debates in recent

DU this poll!!!!

What was with Shrub's mouth? All night he looked like

I want a Kathy Griffin Show. MSNBC put one on....NOW!

Did Bush really say "The literacy level of our children ARE appalling."?

I feel sorry for Senator Kerry

I'm confused about what drugs can come from where

Bush claimed to have met with the Congressional Black Caucus

OMG! Rate this story! "Bush Overlooks Own Flip-Flop in Debate"

Yet again, I've been at school all evening. How did our guy do?

To Redsox Nation: "All your base are belong to us" - Joe Torre


OK. Here we go. Kerry bringing up Cheney's daughter

Another poll we've been ignoring (and losing)

I was disappointed

"Undecided idiots drifting toward Kerry"

Cred Gap, The Prez suffers from Cred Gap Big Time......the Price

LOL.... regarding Mary Cheney....

Bush Blunder On First Question Must Be Made Into A Commercial!

"Bush: everyone is stupid except the well-off" -Great Point from kos

Kerry accepts Mary Cheney while her sleazy mother SHUNS her

Republicans About To Lose 4th Presidential Election In A Row

transcript of Kerry's closing argument, anyone?

Look at those Repukes out there spinning for Bush, against all odds...

New clear image of Bush Bulge from today's debate

This is an important polls and we're losing

My nephew (23) agrees with me that Bush was Drunk or High

Kerry should tell Mary Cheney that he's sorry

CNN Online Poll

Hey Guys! Screw The Mary Cheney Crap And Get Back To Gloating

Drooling smirk, ... that was not fun to watch

Pubs have no resort but use DELUSION and claim big VICTORY

OK... after hearing all 3 debates....

Gen. Wes Clark: Kerry was playing hockey ...

After tonight...My slogan to all who'll listen, from here on out

bush* wants to re-educate me for a new job how the eff do i pay my bills &

back from a kerry gathering at a local restaurant - invaded by freepers

Will Teresa be the first immigrant First Lady?

Where are Dill dO'Reilly's* comments on debate?

CNN America Votes Poll Needs A Lot Of Help!

DU this CNN Poll!! bush* way ahead!!

Biiiiiitch alert! Ann the Man Coulter is on Larry King, w/ Jesse Jackson.

John Kerry has won the election

Bush's religiosity

The "Missing" Debate Footage...

online poll: Bush 98.5%, Kerry 1.5%

Bush's lie in the 3rd debate, proof here, print & distribute!!!!

Keep the momentum going. VOLUNTEER.

I'm OFFENDED That People Are "Offended" by Kerry's Mary Cheney Comment

Another CNN poll has Bush way up.

Dick Morris on Faux says debate was fixed

MSNBC panel says Mary Cheney's "lifestyle" is disgusting

Desperate Freepers: "Kerry Outed Mary Cheney!"

Bush'I'm going to be real positive,while I keep my foot on Kerry's throat'

No candidate has ever won after losing all three debates!

Who the fuck do CNN think they're fooling?

Tweety: Kerry shouldn't have mentioned dirty ugly secret of Mary Cheney

Kerry loves his wife, Bush disrespects his

Bush wired again? - New photos from tonight's debate

LOL! Freepers freak as Kerry is crowned the REAL winner...again!

Huge DU Props to the Best Bush-Foaming-at-the-Mouth PIX | Post Here >>>

CNN: Kerry 56% Bush 44% On ABC it was Kerry 46% Bush 42%

Paygo! Paygo! Paygo!

How can Bush defend his "pro-life"stand in one breath

Next Kerry commercial should be * quote he's unconcerned about OBL

Game. Set. Match. (my debate report, rough)

I don't think Kerry won this debate...

Did anyone else think that Bob Schaefer's last question was a waste?

Bush said he loved his wife and "her" daughters

PHOTO of jenna bush* at the Presidential Debates, with mrs. bush*

Talk proudly about your gay or lesbian family members here!!!!

I wrote the book on gay etiquette. Mentioning Mary Cheney is A-OK.

Approval? ZOGBY 49, CNN 47, AP 46, ARG 45, NWK 45, Econ 44,CBS 43

Will We Need a New 'All the President's Men'?

The Immoderator - The Plaid Adder

posted earlier but astonishing...longtime Mn GOP gov. going for JFK!

Overall, a Convincing Winner

WP/Shales: Round 3: Bush Grins, Spins but Doesn't Win

Correcting a Mistake (WP on juvenile death penalty)

Detailed info here on the failure of No Child Left Behind:

Oh my God...Tom Freidman of the NYT has jumped on the Kerry bandwagon...

The upcoming deluge: a jeremaiad

Reality in Afghanistan not as hopeful as vote (Palm Beach)

Brace Yourselves – Bushco is Politically Co-opting Our Military

TV company off base on 'news event' (Zanesville OH)

Act 3, Wherein Bush Turns That Frown Upside Down

Frank Rich (NYT): Will We Need a New 'All the President's Men'?

American women are in need of some prayer

Tim Grieve (Salon) STRIKE THREE !!!

Agnew with TV Stations: Sinclair Broadcasting Takes On John Kerry

Disarmament is 'mirage'

James Baker's Double Life (Carlyle Scam)

"What if George W Bush Had Been Elected President?"


Nation: Roe = Dred

Marine in Iraq: 'It's worse every day'

Molly Ivins: Creeping fascism at Sinclair

Salon's McGreevy: A theater review of the 3rd debate

Global Eye - Dream Team

The New York Times and the road to war

Tort Reform keeping poor folks out of the courthouse...Houston Chronicle.

Horowitz's campus jihads

WSJ: The Myth of 'Squandered Sympathy' (Crafty European elites at work)

Overall, a Convincing Winner (LA Times)

Nordic Countries Come Out Near the Top in Two Business Surveys

Get ready for another contested election


James Baker's Double Life

Joshua Green: Karl Rove in a Corner (Dirty tricks coming)

Nothin' more dangerous than a cornered RAT............

Who are novelists voting for? (Slate) (4 for Bush, 24 for Kerry)

Friedman: Addicted to 9/11(Even if you hate him - read this one)

Andrew Sullivan on Kerry mentioning Mary Cheney : Something about Mary

You can beat the right-wing in New York State on November 2nd

President Bush: Stop Destruction of Voter Registrations

Did anyone TIVO Kathy Griffin on Scarborough?

Merry Marching Morans Mailing Missives!

Has anyone tried the links written in Doonsbury this week?

Will 'The West Wing' go Republican?

Whore talking point: "Everyone cares more about baseball than debates"

When is the last time the Dow went below 9900?

Ecuador's Glaciers Going Fast - Reuters

Australia Could Become Eco-Superpower - Online "Market Solution" Group

ANTI-ENVIRO - drinking water: Hydraulic fracturing excemption Gets EPA

Is climate change driving African conflicts?

Toyota May Build Hybrids In The United States

New Tack Wins Prisoner's Dilemma

Wood McKenzie - Oil Majors In 3rd Year Of Negative Return On Exploration

Kyoto Accord

Russian mothers want peace

Indonesia: Ambush kills 6 (Irian Jaya)

Beijing's man in Hong Kong falters

Battle of Algiers DVD

Alright, proof Kerry will ban guns, straight from the platform.

If you had to choose just one, what would it be?

Okay, guys - let's bust out the pot

I don't appreciate the way you made everything work great tonight.

Hot Damn! YOu just never know where you'll find the two faces of Bush!

About the spell checker (tongue firmly in cheek, almost)

Skinner, you really should consider getting a playmate for Romeo.

Debate topics sent a pile of Sinclair topics into the archives....

why was my Bill Oreilly post deleted?

Some of the polls are slipping. I have posted several messages but

Any special plans being made for DU on Election night?

Can we make the Sinclair activism page the top banner again now? n/t

CD of the Campaign 2004 Forum?

Do you get tired of hearing compliments? The debates are over...

An offering to the admins.....

Locked but not moved?

Why was this thread locked and can it be unlocked?

Can I get the edited version of "Some Republican's Daughter"

Double Standards That Kill

Where Are The Leaders

Elusive Hamas leader gives himself up

PM: Gaza raid will proceed if there are Israeli casualties

Israel's Sharon is 'too fat' for flak jacket

Was The Pentagon Hit By A Missle?

9/11 - An Inside Job?

October surprise: bin Laden to be captured in China?

Identifications of hijackers by DNA

anyone travelling to Wisconsin, Iowa, or Ohio?

Norhtern California DU'res, is your sky looking weird?

Schwarzenegger's Tightfisted Finance Director Steps Down

Art and Politics (Mike Byron -49th CD Fundraiser) Sat. Oct. 16

I need HELP finding my polling place...

Voters favor bringing back open primary

Dean, Boxer, Hillary, Obama & Red Hot Chili Peppers 10/15

iowa registration crap

Anybody going to des moines tonight?

Air America on WHJJ 920 (Providence) starting 10/15

SOOOO, Mitt is taking his show on the road AGAIN?

Is Marty Meehan going to run for Kerry's seat?

whats this i hear about chechneyians (sp) crossing the mexican border?

Where did this anti-Minnesota Dem site come from?

Anyone else going to one of the DFL Organizing Conventions this weekend?

new name for R's right wing, reich wing or frightwing?

New Kennedy ad directly attacks Wetterling

fraudlent calls ask A2 voters to give up absentee ballots

Cincinnati -- Watch Lou Dobbs Friday Night

Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross to hold Kerry rally in Z-ville

Cleveland-Akron-Youngstown Western PA DUers!!!!!!!!!!!

Governor Howard Dean to address Gettysburg College Oct. 27

Kerry sticker covered up with a Perry sticker

Is the 20+ point spread for real ?

My Kerry/Edwards yard sign was stolen last night.

Early Voting starts Oct. 18th! Anyone going to early vote in person?

My mother on Tuesday night after the Stenholm/neugebeaur

Any Badger football/Kerry fans?

I need some intel on a group that picketed UWSP earlier this week...

PLEASE take State Bar & Grill off Sinclair list!!!

National GOP group cancels ads for Michels

urgent- pants on fire mobile needs drivers

Got spit?

Behind every Bush

Conservative Values

what is the name of the group of Iraq vets against the war?

The Plame outing

DU this CNN poll...

If your job was outsourced

The last time Bush reached out to a black voter he was handing her his

I heard Hannity call Kerry an admitted war criminal tonight. The last

Shales, WP:Round 3: "Bush Grins, Spins but Doesn't Win"

Postponed physical+"Stroke Face"+ language decline+erratic affect=?

CNN will be reporting from Time Square on Nov 2

DU this poll

President John Forbes Kerry

If you were curious about what Hall & Oates thought about the debate..

Was Bush all hopped up on goofballs or what?

Did anybody else notice that scum on the corner of Bush's mouth

Pardon the dupe post on this topic but talk about loss of hope (as in for

A nightmare.

Shrub even wiffs the softball!

I just got home from the Debate Watch Party in Tempe

During tonights debate - I couldn't stop envisioning...

My favorite part of the debate....

McGovern and Dole debate next week in my town

John Rothman in for Ray Taliaferro tonight

Bush vs. Jesus campaign commercial

Oklahoma and Kentucky may both vote Dems for senate

Freepers are the "Rainmen" of the World Wide Web...HILARIOUS THREAD


We must give credit where credit is due, the good news for the bush team

DU this poll on the Ten Commandments

Leading national-security specialists : Iraq gravest error since Vietnam

What's this I hear about Hannity and Clark mixing it up tonight?

Question about polls

What do all these acronyms stand for ?

The Pell Grant Lie! Here is the Proof!

Should Saddam be allowed on the ballot in Iraq?

Great story on ABC right Iraqi vets are being put off

O'Reilly accuser's on Good Morning America on ABC

Military Service and Party Affiliation

Did you see the guy from Roll Call on WJ--C-SPAN get cut off

This debate has finally nailed the coffin shut on the Rove

bush* mentioned Ted Kennedy 3 times in last nights debate.

This Blows! My SECOND Kerry Sign is Stolen!....

Why i've voted for Kerry, why are you?

Trippi on Hardball Blog

At least eight people dead in Green Zone blasts (They are getting closer)

In my dream, last night,

Outrageous Piece at CSM re: Clarence Thomas

The Response of the Congressional Black Cacus

Just got my absentee ballot. So, who to select for president?

Schieffer and the extensions

My Conversation With a Bush Christian Supporter

DU these key online polls: AOL and FOX...Freep alert

Sometimes non political people explain politics better than us junkies!

No Child Left Behind talking points

Is George's Texas drawl becoming more pronounced?

If the charges against O'Reilly are politically motivated, as he claims...


Gee, It's No Longer Called the "Green Zone">>>>>>>

(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican - by Ian Rhett

Saudis Blame U.S. and Its Role in Iraq for Rise of Terror

Was The Pentagon Hit By A Missle?

Funny Newspaper Headline in the Subway: "The O'Raunchy Factor"

Lynne Cheney's "Outrage"

Thank you, everyone, for cheering me up (and thank you, admins!)

Limbaugh's a junkie. O'Reilly a perv. Hannity, your next!

O'Reilly masturbates on phone while talking to female co-worker?

Teachers are NOT on the flu shot short-list.

CBS news anchor here in NY just called Kerry Kennedy!

Response from Consolidated re: Sinclair

Bush wants us to reference the Lewin Group for analysis? ok . . .

CNN/Gallup Poll: Kerry has edge in third debate

Female Fox coworker details lewd behavior of cable TV star

Need Air America alternative stream

Caption Laura and the girls. What are they thinking?:

Is another Ramadan Offensive taking place?

i just got this from one of my son's classmates mother

So, do reckon O'reilly's alleged not making up his mind who he is

Bush's Disconnect from What's Going On In The Country

Did Bush receive the questions in advance?

Fallen Heroes Of Iraq War...

O'Lielly: "This is the worst day of my life."

Al Franken is going to go OFF today.

Looking forward to Al Franken today. (O'Reilly/Faux threat)

The $87 bil vote "flip-flop" WHY NOT REBUKED???

Bush now winning in FOX online poll and it is being freeped like mad!

Mister Pessimistic's pessimistic Flash cartoon...

For fun: if you were a debate moderator...

Beware of creepy freepers ..Anyone asking questions about polling.

"It's good to be in DC"

I saw a K/E sticker on a Mercedes this morning...

Amybody else feeling the SHIFT?

I think the mysterious bulge on Bush's back is a Kevlar vest.

My LTTE - please critique

Like mother like son...Bar' on the stump

Has any president been dealt a tougher hand?

Disturbing email re Dr. Hager appt. Head's up re women's rights.

How many are planning on having to work until 70?

Whoever had the idea to have CNN and MSNBC's debate coverage outside...

Anything new on O'Reilly?

Bush calling Kerry a spending liberal is like

Pugs give up on beating Feingold.

Someone reassure me about my donation to the DNC

Can someone help me with this flu vaccine SNAFU?

Harvard Student Sentenced for Manslaughter

The Dow Jones is taking a DUMP

Mr. Opposite.. new Mark Fiore flash ..very funny

What the fundies really want with Jews...

Study: 1 in 100 Adults Asexual

Has Al Franken said anything about Bill O'Reilly being sued? nt

Our Stupid, Stupid World.

"New" Fox poll being freeped. AT:

Please delete - wrong forum

Has Franken addressed the O'Lielly threat today?

The moderator

The difference between Free Republic and DU can be shown here:

AOL online poll has re-opened

Al Franken just started talking and AAR went dead. Anyone else?

Bush I used the same tired tactics against Clinton in 1992!

What career will you pursue if Bush gets another term?

Another poll...

This election is so crooked people will have to screw the ballots into tho

O'Reilly's "Talking Points Memo" on sexual harassment suit

Story about O liely on CNN in a few mins 7:09 am n/t

Kool-Aide's a hell of a drug.

why did i get an absentee ballot?

Mary Cheney decided to live openly, without shame--I respect her choice

So, according to the shrub, the problem with jobs is not outsourcing...

Let's be brutally honest... "Undecided's" are idiots.

O'Rielly's Talking Points Memo - Turbulent Times

Maine newspaper poll.

Bush resented Kerry getting laughs too.

In case you haven't read the complaint against O'Reilly...

The Three Faces of Bush

Didn't anyone else notice? Split screen had "close up" of Bush while the

Latest update on Nevada Situation (Daily KOS, Relates to GOP Vote fraud!)

Last night's debate, Bush*'s desire to "reduce the number of abortions..."

What Conservative Majority?

community college as a solution

Last night's debate proved beyond a shadow of a doubt Bush's

I will be so glad when Kerry wins, I want to finish my screen play.

I keep hearing about Bush foaming at the debate but I missed it.

Freeper writes open letter to Kerry's children

Does anybody have the link for the Rollingstone article

Pic of Kerry in front of his next airplane.

Homes for unwed mothers question

Who else is grossed out by the thought of Billy O'Lielly

The real bad news?

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of October 12

The Bleach Lounge is open & cleaning your mind of nasty Bill images

The bulge is back!

Is it just me, or are most thinking that the "he's a liberal" doesn't

my new fantasy... new FCC chairman

Was it inappropriate for Kerry to bring up Cheney's lesbian daughter?

Bush gave me a HUGE tax break!

Bush Sucks - funny

9/11 - An Inside Job?

A way to convince people to vote for Kerry?

Bush*'s droopy left half?!?

Some lady just talked about Kerry bring up Cheney's daughter

Tell your grandma that she'll get her social security cut 25% under Bush

Indymedia back up

GW & Laura got reproductive help? Where are the spare Devilled Eggs?

Trade Deficit Soars, Jobless Claims Up

Dildos and Stolen Honor

kind of petty and lame - but where is my free bumper sticker?

What if Bush...


Reminder: The second Fox poll is still open. It is at:

why do most people get so close...

Find ways to oust Sinclair Broadcasting here

Courting Disaster

Al Franken is on with Big Ed

Listen to AAR and Randi's up...!!

I'm rethinking my position on the Death Penalty...

*: "My wife and her daughters"

Cheney is not a good man

Has anyone ever heard Bush quote a passage from the Bible?

Excerpts from Sapphic Novelist Lynne Cheney's Book "Sisters" >>>

Should the Cheneys try and get Bill O'Reilly to try and "Cure" Mary

I just got my e-mail on Nightline tonight...what is this all about???

Worse Is O'LIELLY's Tawdry, Hypocritical POLITICS

God is Donna Brazile a poor TV speaker.

Bush: The Worst Mexican President Ever.....

I would never slap a man that looks like you

If Bush is elected, will he repeal the 21st amendment?

So Kerry won all three debates. Who cares?

According to freeper logic, Lynne and Dick Cheney are shitty parents

Lynne Cheney: Kerry is NOT a good man

One Good Thing about Drudge Report

Wonder if THIS book will now shoot to the top of the charts?

O'Lielly’s accuser coming up in MSNBC. n/t

Another Bush supporter voting for Kerry!

Wheeeeee! 2004 Deficit Hits Record $214 Billion!!!

New Ad: No Flu Shots...what about an attack?

Just for fun....

how about a new name for the chimp...

Michael Moore in Reno

Jobs of the 21 Century

Cheney's daughter is GAY.

It is STILL Clintoin's fault

Abrams dissecting O'Reilly suit on MSNBC now.

Remember how gleeful O'Reilly was in reporting Jesse Jackson's sex life?

Yo Kerry: FOOD PRICES -- big pocketbook issue

Why the rest of the world hates America so much

I just read that 8 more Americans are dead today!

Changes in Bush's Appearance...

Will any pundits from the conservative media

Sean Hannity's Head is About to EXPLODE

Dear DUers - One more debate review - would love your reaction.

God's children

Hilarious Freeper quote regarding the showing of F 9/11 in schools.

the U.S. economic model is unsustainable

O'Reilly in his own Spin Zone!

Keith Olbermann blogs about Bill O'Reilly:

Loofah-Gate!!! Lou Dobbs is talking about O'Lielly

Bush's Health

What The HELL Is Karl Rove CARRYING?

My Stripes newspaper headline stopped traffic in the local German weinbau

Top five things that ruin a right-wingers week. List yours

Local TV Poll needs DUing. They don't believe national polls showing

great Danziger 'toon


Why is she referred to as "Pickles?"

"We pray for you, Senator X"

What do these petitioners want?

Do the Iraqis have a right to "defend themselves?"

Update on the draft petition, new ad, and comments. DFA

Why didn't anyone tell me Ann Coulter was a man?

the 7 o'clock news ... sound familiar ???

Chicago high school students boot the Navy out

I will now be hiding all Mary Cheney, O'Reilly, and Falafel threads.

Vote Bush "not concerned" story a 5.

O'Reilly says lawsuit is a "political attack"

Republicans, Out of Ideas, Ask Prosecutors to Arrest Michael Moore

To the Unemployed--Try community college (smirk) . . .

Question. While I'm retraining at a community college, how am I supposed

Will fundie children rebel, and become another....

Papa Johns Response re:Sinclair

I am 36... this is what I remember...and thats why I am a Democrat.

What do you think the debates would have been like...

ABC is giving a Primetime preview of a wounded vets story.

Another Bush Bulge Possibility: Is Bush Wearing a Defibrillator?

Nixon's Lip and Bush's Palsy

who here has become the most politically active they've ever been?

Does Anybody Think It Was The Word "Lesbian" That Got The Right All...

Is there any way to record AAR?

Isn't is ironic that these homophobic repukes have gay/lesbian children?

Minimum Wage Increase

Sorry I was out of any media for 24 hours. About yesterday's debate advertising on Air America?

How would Al Gore be doing if he were the nominee?

Poppy says Michael Moore is a "Total ass slimeball"

Wesley Clark Joins James Lee Witt Associates

Local letter: Don't be ashamed to take off Bush bumper stickers....

I'm looking for a video or audio of Zell's 1992 address to the DNC

DU Bangor Daily News Debate Poll.

More on the Madness of Jim Bunning (R) Ky

Nightline: Vietnamese witnesses to the Swiftie affair -- possible block...

Neat Article on Fritz Hollings (WP)

Sinclair's market value down $25 million this week! (Boston Herald)

GHWB: Is hurt, and son's presidency has NOT been polarizing

Strange ailment afflicting College Repubes

Argghhh - AAR Streaming Problems - Where Else Can I Listen to RR

PAYGO (The Banana Boy Song) - with apologies to Harry Belafonte

Air America's Stream

Vote on this poll: Who did the best job of moderating the debates?

Anti-Sinclair Petition at needs help!

Fahrenheit 9/11 Shatters Home Video Record

Catholic Bishops are not endorsing Bush

Paging Mr. Phelps...paging Mr. Phelps...

Limbaugh's on drugs. O'Reilly's a sexist bully. Who's next?

GEORGE, it's just NOT funny! |

push for reimposition of FCC attack rules & fairness doctrine re Sinclair

My "tinfoil hat" flu theory

How are middle aged and older people supposed to find

Is homosexuality a choice?

Did any one else get the OOPS tom brokaw feed taped?

Anyone else remember that post yesterday about a surprise attack

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

BBV: Is this a problem county? What cities are in Berks County PA?

Aftermath of a Coup The Other Disaster in Haiti

KY U.S. Sen.Bunning (GOP).....

Markey Blasts Bush bill allowing torture (and Sinclair note)

Mexico Phone Tap Scandal Breaks Out Anew (Leftist Politicians Tapped)

FBI: al-Qaida Operative Used Student Visa (Responsible for Aug Alert)

SEALs Charged With Iraqi Abuse in Court (Abu Ghraib Shower Death Case)

Letterman stomps on Bush :)

Schumer gets NY Post endorsement

NYT: A Crucial Test, But Not Final

Another story (reuters) on Repub voter fraud in OR and NV.....

Several killed by US snipers in Ramadi

Oil Reaches $54 a Barrel on Concern Winter Will Drain Supplies

GM Europe to Cut 12,000 Jobs

'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate

'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate

Kerry stands up to Bush for third straight debate

CNN.....Early poll: Kerry clear winner in debate

Polls showing some loss (URGENT)

AP: Report Finds Lavish Spending at TSA

Jan. date for elections not set in stone: (Bush appointed) Iraqi President

15 Iraqi national guardsmen killed in attack near Syrian border: police

Spain to send troops to Haiti as conflict worsens

Dayton Defends Capitol Hill Office Closure (Cites Frist & Senate Sergeant)

Pro-Aristide Priest Detained in Haiti

Ramadan to Start Friday in Middle East

New Box Office Math Boosts 'Fahrenheit'

Spy Chiefs Say Cooperation Should Begin at the Bottom (Tenet, Hayden) -NYT

Terror group's assets frozen

AP News alert: $54 billion dollar trade deficit recorded for August

Bush Sr brands Moore 'slimeball'

Syrian Canadian's release requested

Tortured terror suspects have mental illnesses, say doctors

Eight reported dead in explosions in central Baghdad

Mt. St. Helens Erupting....(nope just sunrise on steam)

Falluja Negotiator: Iraq Govt.'s Demand Absurd ( no Zarqawi there!)

There's gold in them thar hills but it will cost a fortune to get it out

Goldsmith faces calls to resign over Iraq

Barbara Bush on Medicare and Social Security

Nader tossed off of Penn. Ballot: Court cites Mickey Mouse signature!

Allies oppose U.S. on Afghanistan plan (AP)

"Energized Bush rips Kerry" [A Laughable Washington Times Headline]

Clinton speaks out for Kerry camp

Pakistan Parliament Passes Musharraf Dual - Role Bill

Voter-registration probe has ties to Arizona firm

Summary Box: Implantable Chip (FDA Approved Chips on Wed.)

Texas falcon tracker finds foul environment

Report: Disney dumping Weinsteins


Lynne Cheney Upset With Kerry Over Remark

Oil, China Push U.S. Trade Gap Near Record

First-time jobless claims rise more than expected

Jordan denies 'secret US prison'

Workers Preparing To Rally On Mall

Jobless Claims Up More Than expected (to 352,000 last week)

Iraqi Air Force Set to Receive Additional Aircraft

A world away, Kenyan village rallies for favorite U.S. son


Flu (Vaccine) Scammers Prey on Seniors in Virginia

Truce talks on Iraqi rebel city of Fallujah break down

Mafia 'Butcher' talks his way out of life behind bars

Confusion Over Vote Count in Landmark Afghan Election

Jordan denies 'secret US prison'

Base hit by daily attacks told no GIs available for patrols

Iraq's spy chief accuses Badr militia of killing agents

Two Americans Among Dead in Baghdad Green Zone Blasts

Iraqis Fear More Violence in Muslim Fasting Month

Egypt: No Miracles at Iraq Conference

Nader, on Fewer Ballots, Still Could Sway Key States as in 2000

Car Bomb Explodes Next to U.S. Convoy (kills 1 Iraqi, wounds 8)

White House: Islamic Agency Aids Terror

Russia Says Finished Building Iran Nuclear Plant

15 Iraqis(National Guard) killed in attack near Syrian border

Venezuela 2005 Budget Sees Deficit Narrowing on Oil, New Taxes

Two hostages survive Zarqawi's lair and US attack in Iraq

Eli Lilly to Cut, Shuffle 500+ Jobs

Oil Surges to Record After U.S. Says Distillate Supplies Fell

U.S. Stocks Slide;GM, Insurers, Oil Weigh(Dow down 95, oil up to $54.75)

Important facts about the current state of play on judicial nominations.

$81.6M lavished on GOP confab

Halliburton's Interests Assisted by White House (domestic not Iraq)

Anti-Kerry Vietnam Vets Launch New Ads

Saudis Blame U.S. and Its Role in Iraq for Rise of Terror

Latest update on Nevada Situation (Daily KOS, Relates to GOP Vote fraud!)

Lavish Spending At Recent TSA Meeting...

James Baker's Double Life (Carlyle Scam)

Iran threatens to bar IAEA inspectors

Gore Steps Up Fund-Raising Efforts ("Don't let it happen again")

Marine in Iraq: 'It's worse every day'

85 nations sign U.N. women's rights pledge; U.S. declines

Bush AWOL As 250 World Leaders Reaffirm Women's Rights

Several killed by US snipers in Ramadi

US planes pound Fallujah

Iran accuses EU states of violating human rights

Sure, Country Is Divided, but Bush Country, Too?

Nader appeals Pennsylvania decision ballot decision

Berlusconi under new pressure after EU court opinion

Donors for Iraq Vow to Speed Up Funding

Fallujah Delegation Suspends Peace Talks

U.S. Demands Ukraine Campaign Abuse End

Five killed by US air strikes on Fallujah

Bush Official: Kerry Advantage Temporary

U.K. Paper Urges Letters to Ohio Voters

Republicans Hammer Texas Democrats with New Lines

Italian minister claims Brussels is being run by homosexual majority

Bunning used prompter (Ky senator)

Saudis Blame US and its role in Iraq for Rise of Terror

Carlyle (now) Disavows Plan to Get Kuwait Business

Rendell to put election watchers at polls (PA Dem Gov)

Trade deficit soars as Americans buy Chinese cell phones, toys, TVs

U.S. August Trade Deficit Grows to $54 Bln; Goods Exports Slip

US war planes pound Iraqi city

Diplomats say removal of nuclear equipment from Iraq was well-organized

Bunning used prompter

Time reporter in contempt second time

Obama extends reach beyond Illinois race (Read this about Keyes)

Democratic leader asks for ethics probe

Dow's Decline Points to Possible Kerry Victory

Chinese riot police to be dispatched to Haiti

Customers hound Fox advertisers Restaurants pull Channel 47 ads

U.S. Warplanes Pound Iraq's Fallujah

Bush administration takes emergency steps to avoid debt ceiling

Researchers Identify Drug That Might Block Sexual Transmission of HIV

US Court Upholds Bush Appointment of Abortion Foe

Venezuelan [2002 coup] plotters sentenced to jail

Six to be tried in Pa Bush thong protest

Some 28 U.S. GIs Face Afghan Abuse Cases

Naomi Klein: Reparations in Reverse

WP: First Successful Malaria Vaccine Reported

ABC: Injured Iraq Vets Come Home to Poverty

Undecided voters now firmly ... undecided

US condemns attacks on Green Zone in Iraq

Bloomberg: Bush's Online-Futures Lead Narrows After Last Debate (Update1)

US Sec. of State Powell calls Venezuela 'reliable oil supplier'

Byrd Defends Dayton's Office Closure (Rate this story!)

Shells From Syria Fired at Troops in Iraq

Flu vaccine pricing jumps; Ashcroft launches "probe"

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties # 1085 & # 1086

Coast Guard boards Tiger's honeymoon yacht (afoul Homeland Security)

ABC: What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles?

Oil spill in Commencement Bay (Tacoma, WA)

Kerry Lesbian Remark Angers Cheney (Dick not Lynne)

Bush Says Debates Highlight His Record

Ohio parties may object to some voters

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 14 October

NRA endorses President Bush

Security Review Follows Baghdad Blasts ( Green Zone)

Al Gore to Charge Bush With Failed Presidency

Uncommitted Voters Pick Kerry

GOP Consulting Firm Investigated for Voter Fraud (Oregon..criminal fraud)

Bush Pays Rare Visit to Air Force One's Press Cabin

FCC won't prevent airing of anti-Kerry film, chairman says

US unprepared to handle election fraud: Congress

Four Americans killed IN IRAQ GREEN ZONE

U.S. posts record $413 billion budget deficit in 2004

Lethal mystery of Iraq's suicide bombers

is it safe here? can we talk about something other than mary cheney?

Wow... a photograph of Dolly Madison

Arf arf. Bow wow.

October Surprise

Ohmigosh ... this is my 1000th post ... like, good morning DU!


Does anyone have Asthma?

I've got it! It's NOT a wire, it's a shock device!

Fuck. The Shins RAWK!!!

Anyone see a UFO over Ft. Lauderdale on Sat. night?

For anyone using Foxfire

Prayer or Preyer

How often do you check "My Posts"

Dear insomniacs - I have 3 gmail invites.

There is something running around on my roof.

A nightmare.


Here's a Bachelor tip for multi tasking:

now that things have quieted down a bit . . .

I have been listening to Peter, Paul and Mary...

new Oxyrush advertiser Shoal Creek Valley Development Co

Did anyone notice

Whooooooa, Dude........Finished Two Papers today...

Rev. Day-Bu's "open source" radio show

Kerry eats babies

Bush to Jobless: "They need to go to Hamburger University"

Smokey Bear

Spell Check has one up on me . . .

Can you read or write or add or subtract?

I love this place is that normal ????

No, I don't have a drinking problem. (cartoon)

"Sulu Dance" mp3

i`m glad to hear kerry won the debate...

Hey CSTT!! You thought you was the cool fool...

Is this some sort of dirty trick?

Police on the trail of smelly thief

Ernest T. Bush

Brad Pitt Drives Through LA Rush Hour With "Small Penis Onboard" Sticker

Bush won last night

Hebrew marriage wish

I am an undecided voter! I want attention!

I've been awake since about 3 a.m.

Court Halts Sale of September 11 Coins

Borders or Barnes & Noble?

can't she afford better looking implants???

What's the buzz at Fox News? A: O'Reilly jokes

CAPTION the early Christmas Goose

I saw Ann Coulter on CNN...

Looks like O'Reilly's in some bohohohohother... heehehee

Commiserating Sox fans- here's a nice article

Anyone watch Lost last night? I don't see a thread....

Man With No Pants Pretends To Be Locked Out To Flash Women

Gross: AOL "chat" rooms

The USSS will have to form a bike posse now... CAPTION

Words of support for Bush you never thought you'd hear from a loved one

And All This Time I Had Been Pronouncing "Tempe" As "TEM-pe"

Oy. Thank you very much, Wat_Tyler : Since I was born, they couldn't hold

Who wants to see The Cure and Joy Division for less than two bucks?

After over one year of membership here at DU.

The rectum stretcher (A joke)

British Ban Condom Posters - "Come Online & Play The Sex Organ"

Faux now has a story more juicy then Kobe Bryant

Has anyone noticed the bulge in O'Reilly's pants?

The idea is catching!!!!

Is Skinner a gun owner?

The No-Spindle Zone of all CAPTIONS!!!

For those Red Sox fans out there - it's that time of year again

A Trip To The Doctor's Office

When did we start spelling "lose" and "loser"

Will you PLEASE stop...

Need help: Is there a pretty good french to english translator on the net?

Union Leaders Spent Dues On Booze, Dildos

A priceless look from * to CAPTION please

What can Bush do for work after Jan. 20?

Healthcare comic

CAPTION the lovers again!

"Please tune back during broadcast hours"

Hey CHAVEZ, Yeah, you - did I mention bendy?????

Yesterday's Boondocks...HAHAHA

So, is Bush just turning into a crap Shakespearean Richard III?

So, I just bought this baby for $20. I know it is twice the going

Kerry looking good in CNN's front page pic

Exchange Gurus: Is it possible to create a MAPI profile without Exchange?


CAPTION the star-crossed lovers

Don't Tell Me You Love Me!

Please please please just one more debate I'm gittin' better (CAPTION)

Any immigration/green card experts out there?

Just for variety's sake..... I give you...... CAPTION Rummy

Man Fights Off Repossessor With Chainsaw

12 Bushisms, His greatest hits in video form

Woman Tried To Sell Her Baby For $10

Funny bumper sticker

Study finds long term Cell Phone users get ~400% more brain tumors

Here are some good, real ghost stories from the Travel Channel

for the office foLk - casuaL or formaL?

When is the 3rd Pres. Debate?

What's your favorite kind of steak?

Kerry Mobile

Internet Radio

Bush has the memorable big 3 memes from the debates:

The Top Ten Reasons Trick or Treating is Better Than Sex

I only have eyes for.... CAPTIONS

Ask BUDGETMAN anything

Does Taresa Heinz Kerry still own the Heinz Company?

New exercize program for those over 50

Letterman's Top Ten last night was about THE BULGE!

For the love of Gawd, Plaidder, no more with the shocks!!!


Cartoon Network To Broadcast "George W. Bush: Big Ass Junkie" Documentary

So, Sinclair Broadcasting Group is ABC?

Dude, Anna Nicole is SKINNY now!

Doctor Says Disorder Makes Patients Have Sex During Sleep

If you could have the power to see dead people...would you want to?

Is Heterosexuality a Choice


"Lost" character -- John Locke?

Captions !!

In which of these living environs would you feel most comfortable?

Anyone read Kristen Gore's book?

DU has sucked me in again

So, it's a perfect Southern California day

GET these candy bars AWAY from me!!!!!

Catholic Bishops are not endorsing Bush

Conservative loudmouths

I'll give you a carp tomorrow for a CAPTION today.


Vanity Thread: 999 --> 1,000

You know who I miss? Bertha Venation

Purchase some real protection from terrorists

Rick Nielsen joins Ministry On-Stage (pics)

NEWSFLASH: I just got back from the year 2007 and Kerry did win!

A nice positive song

We just got a new treadmill!

A Debate Denouement in CAPTIONS

Just found a keyring!

Mechanic Pong

I just emailed a freeper and asked him if he wanted me to loofa his back


For anyone who doesn't think we're in a culture war...

Memo to self: Invest in loofah and vibrator manufacturers.

Professor Clarifies His Role In Nude Playboy Photo Shoot At His Home


Okay admit it

And the host of the 2005 Academy Awards is...

is "wigger" offensive?

cheap valium in Baghdad

"The Call of Cthulhu/whatever" is over

Speaking of loofahs

My dog Jessie eats loofahs....

DNC VIDEO: Not Funny

Apparently I am now the local Democratic party office...

Bush as our own derrida-like deconstructionist? Discuss!

OK, be honest, who won the debate last night?

W has inspired me to go back to school-applying to Electoral College


Name your favorite restaurant and favorite ITEM from their menu!

Bill O'Reilly to file sexual harassment suit against Bill O'Reilly

Bush's real agenda: No kid gloves left behind

what's that website that lets you read articles without registering ?

have you seen this?

How does one include pics in message?

The Chimp: Dumb As __________________

New poll: Undecideds

Ok - am I right here? JoseMcGillicutty eats cereal while driving.

My god, it's full of stars!

CatWoman to file sexual harassment suit against Matcom!!!!

Look what happened to my master bathroom!!!

AAARGH...please post a few paragraphs along with the link

Have you ever had a flu vaccination?

new Hannity advertiser Ottawa university

What's your favorite gum?

Bill Parcells: Ben Rothlisberger best rookie QB he has seen since Marino

I'm listening to Camille Saint-Saens right now. Ask me anything!

my tin-foil hat theory on the "internets"...

French ban for speeding Clapton

How come conservative Christians don't recognize 666 when they see it?

Any SYSTEM SHOCK 2 fans?

i'm going to the patriots' game on sunday

Disco Stu: Democrat or Republican?

Were there any good oreilly lines on the Al Franken show today?

Is anyone else having trouble listening to Air America

Chief Clancy Wiggum, Dem or Repub

Is Ned Flanders a Democrat or a Republican?

Games from your childhood.

CAPTION... whoever is the smartest one in this picture

I'm an otolaryngologist from Connecticut. Let's get busy!

Gunman tries to take boy's lunch money

Man used gas pump to scare away would be carjacker

Is Homer Simpson A Democrat Or A Republican?

Mr. Ed: Democrat or Republican?

Ashcroft: Movie piracy supports TERRORISM

Is Moe a Democrat or Republican?

Are Otolaryngologists from Connecticut Democrats or Republicans?

stupidest FReeper thread in a while---real idiocy today

So... Internet Forum sex...

So then O'Rielly takes the FALAFEL and..............

I just got SLAMMED by AOL!

So... text-messaging sex. Has anyone ever done it?

Are Copycat Threads Democratic or Republican?

Any Otolaryngologists from Connecticut here?

This is my 700th post---

I need some help with a Drudge "exclusive"

So....emoticon sex. Has anyone done it?

Someone who insulted me on another site got tombstoned here. Hee. Hee.

WhooHooo we THINK we found a home for "Hobo" the cat


Is kissing ass necessary to succeed in a career?.................

I have to be a jackass here for a moment

Computer Grapics fans: Corel just acquired Jasc ("Paint Shop Pro")

If * Loses, Then Osama bin a Lesbian wins!

What do you call a Bushite on November 3?

Blame eyesroll... she mentioned earworms

NBA ponders alterations to 3-point rules

Ricardo's and Mertz's = Republicans or Democrats ?

Top secret preview of BILL O'REILLY'S NEXT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third grader suspended for taking butter knife in lunch

The Bleach Lounge is open & cleaning your mind of nasty Bill images

Is kicking ass necessary to succeed in a career?

What should I have for dinner?

What'll Ahab Bush's zingers be for the last 3 wks of his sinking campaign?

"She puts the Falafel in the baaaassskkkeeetttttttt"

Mastermind Online

Complimentary Mortgage Calclulator!

So...what's going on today?

Our favorite ski area opens tomorrow

I am really disappointed in the Vanilla Tapes - hard to believe

The "And-She-Knows-How-To-Use-Them" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Klezmer for Kerry in NYC

Civilization players

So... Will Bill O'Reilly's...

Mares eat oats,


Kolchak: The Night Stalker to be remade?

Cheney vows to attack U.S. if Kerry is elected

Who's your favorite Stooge? (Iggy and the Stooges that is)


Mark Cuban, Democrat or Republican?

Cheney: I'm safer now than I was four years ago

Without even reading the caption, I knew who this guy was for

Bush sings about "His little Dick"

A sure sign they're desperate

Falafels: Fiendish Zionist Plot To Destroy America

In preparation for Dia de los Muertos - post your best molé recipes!

"Well then you can just stick your stinkin felafel where


Someone touched me inappropriately with a Falafel today.

Democrat or Republican

I'm logging off now to curl up with my felafel

How do I handle some freepers at my University? has had more content added, check it out

Mmmmmmm.......rat burgers!!!

What's the significance of "Need Some Wood?"

Cheesecake Paradise

There's no place like DU

JoJo vs. KoKo


I've had the hiccups for an hour now, and I can't get rid of them...

See what happens when you play in the cockpit?

Gallup 10/14/04: Bush in landslide

Be gentle with that falafel, now

Write me a story about Falafels & Box Turtles!!!

West Wing to go Repug?

Did Saddam have any connections to the Al Falafel terrorist network?

NOTICE: All Mary Cheney Threads Are About To Be Hidden Forever

OMG! I thought I typed, but


Have you ever tried typing with a 18lb cat sitting on your right arm

Someone touched me inappropriately with a Farfel today.

Would someone please fill me in with the Falafel jokes

Confessions of a political newbie: What's yours?

Goddamn AAR Stream!

So really phone sex

FAUX's new show: O'Reilly F*cked Her....what do you think?

I just made a BIG pot of gravy, ask me anything!

Why are both Bush and Kerry wearing white shirts for these debates?

I think the Kerry campaign sold my email to a bunch of porn spammers

Man on dog bad, Falafel on woman good. Is this how the right thinks?

Top five things that ruin a right-wingers week. List yours.

Whatever did we do before the flu vaccine?

eeek! Chupacabra!

If Nobody from Dead Man met O'rielly he'd say "Stupid Fucking White Man!"

Doctors Say Sleep Disorder Causes People To Have Sex With Strangers


Help! Halloween Costume Ideas Needed!

Has Anyone Seen My Falafel?

How come everytime I open the DU home page I get a popup

I cut a falafel under the covers last night.

So many people are sick...


Well, I voted.

SONG & LINK: "Bush Has Got To Go"

Can I leave my film in my car overnight?

My report from last night's debate in Tempe!! (Pt. 1 LOTS OF PHOTOS)

Freepers are SO BRAVE when they're moving in a vehicle

I have leeks, fresh basil, and catfish that I need to use up today

Tempe Debate Report Pt.2 (PHOTOS)

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, MATCOM!!!!!!! 24,000 Ass Slapping Posts!!!!!!!!!

Ok young 'uns, help me pick out some cool music for our kids

ok, i keep seeing "I love my Wife" bumper stickers

I'm going to look at renting a house

My music theory: if the band name starts with "The", they're good

Professor Goes Nuts In Class - Scrawls "9/11 NOW" On Blackboard

Hey!!! Sometime Yesterday, I Passed 24,000 Posts!!!!

it's my birthday


Explain these shoes

Asexual acceptance? What's the point?

Is it "creamed potatoes" or "mashed potatoes"?

my dad died last night after a short fight with


Favorite Thelonious Monk Compositions...

I think Kerry scored a MAJOR point


I am a freeper

Boner pills and hair loss treatment...

What do these have in common? Saab. Hal. ISO. Richardo.

I'm back... with a NAME THAT KITTY thread!!!!!

Check out this brilliant video

Are YOU a fan of old B & W government/corporate films???

Yes I'm plugging my new song again.

Who's your favorite Stooge? (Three Stooges that is)

My ex came out of the closet last weekend

Has this ever happened to you?

My Red Sox are trailing 0-2, and yet I am eerily calm about it.

Celebrate National Chastity Day November 2nd...

When will Bush announce they have "Found" Osama Bin Laden?

Official Hilarious Freeper Post Thread!

What a small, strange world.

sanctity of hedges/eyesroll's marriage destroyed by activist judges

Is Archie Andrews Gay (Or Bi-Curious)

Favorite TV show as a kid?

Bush praises Stepford Wife for sprechen zie English better than he !!

I am watching the debate on tape

Kathy Griffin question

Anyone watching John McEnroe rip Bush apart on the transmitter issue?

Bernie Ward program coming up! Streaming audio available

Bush Vs. Kerry Is Stark Contrast in Styles

Will Karl Rove twist Mary Cheney's arm tomorrow

Scarborough said Kerry made huge inroads with religious talk

will the Bush "army of compassion" volunteer for Iraq...??

FACT: The GOP is willing to consign Cheney's daughter to 2nd class status

It's Daily Show Time!!

While John Kerry was an altar boy....Spithead was


"Screw Iraq I need a job" sign on MSNBC

The President Believes in "Backgammon Checks"

Andrew Sullivan on Mary: When Kerry cites Bush wife, no one says LOW BLOW

The Last Question Was A Godsend For Kerry

I thought JK missed a good opportunity to take the Louisville Slugger

Was the "Kerry is on the 'Left Bank' comment supposed to be some semi-

Freeps calling C-SPAN tonight are pulling out all the stops!

I missed part of the debate, what Bush moments were there?

CO Prop 36 ....proportionate representation.......

the meme of the night needs to be about osama

It's really very simple.

Watching the debate again...

Tomorrow people go to the gas station and hear about Iraq on the news

Massachusetts DUers: Are your gonna let the Bushipoos piss on your state?

Bush's nonsense response to the outsourcing question

Wish to hell Kerry had addressed the "Massachusetts Liberal" crack

(re: Wired) But which model Cyborg is Bush?

What is up with this CNN poll? Bush Killing Kerry

What if bush's bulge

Did you see Kerry stare right into the camera....WOW !!

Well, I missed it! Any other sources besides CSPAN for internet view?

What kind of drug was Bush on?? I think it was a downer ??

Anyone have any Bush drool screen captures?

DU this poll on the Ten Commandments

I'm taking by $50 bet to the bank

Bush "eloquence" on DOMA: Activist judges are defining the definition

Shocking Vote Fraud on Las Vegas a La GOP

"Can't wait till this election is over so things will get back to normar"

When was Bush foaming/drooling? What part of the debate?

Triumph On MSNBC...

P.S. to the chuckleheads: One can say "Bush did better"...

If you recorded the debate.

Did the buggy and horse era precede the horse and buggy era?

Take part in CNN "Pundits Scorecard"...score 'em A - F on two factors.

Any happen to record Kathy Griffin's MSGOP appearance?

Could * have had a stroke?

What Happened re Niteline story on Kerry Silver Star??

Who was the best moderator?

Ladies and Gentlemen... the fight is JUST beginning...

GOP women here in the rural west concerned about Bush

Just Made Another Contribution to DNC/Kerry Campaign

Addicted to 911

I have not heard it mention yet, but why was Bush copying Kerry's looks?

NPR is playing about 3 minutes of P & VP stump speeches. Today: JRE

lol! Another Bush " I never said or did that thing" moment

paygo, drooling, saying he didn't dismiss Osama, slamming the media...

BEAUTIFUL freeper statement (shows their reasoning skills perfectly)

Last week Canada's Drug/Bad. This week get flu shots from Canada...

Who do you think the GOP

FoxNews: BIG ONE Needs help! n/t

I'm going to the inauguration of President Kerry!

Did Fox run the cameras? Bush's shot made him look bigger than Kerry

I totally loved it when Kerry quoted the Bible all over the place, and

debate yardstick: how Badly Bush will do....

My new George Bush Commercial

One more Dumbya-ass answer...

please hit this poll

Another List Of Polls With Results !!! - Kerry Kickin Ass !!!

Once the hubbub's died down, what are you going to do to maintain momentum

Why wasn't the question asked?

Freepers attack Andrew Sullivan, show their true colors

Repuke big talking point tonight - Kerry is a skilled liar.

please find and post all pics of Bush from this debate

Reality is creeping over America like a blanket of fog......

Deleted message

Reporter guy on CNN with Aaron Brown talked about DEM energy

Did anyone count how many times...

WTF was Bush talking about with outsourcing?

Was Bush "wired" in this debate, too?

Transcript and video of Bush Lie on Osama

AOL News: Poll (Close one)

Any new hump pics?

This is so cool. Our national nightmare is almost over (if we GOTV).

was it just me, or did kerry get screwed out of followup time?

What WAS that with Bush's "class clown" act anyway?

HEY! get the Greta Poll DU'D! it's driving them nuts

Anyone have the video link where Bush says he doesn't care where Osama is?

Think I'll head over to Freeperville to see if their morale

Hem and Haw (Bush and Cheney}

I don't see how anyone could score this debate as a win for Bush


What did you love about Kerry's performance?

If Gore's overall debate performance was a 5, what was Kerry's?

"Kerry's daughter is a big ho"

*: "When I asked Laura to marry me, she said, 'ok, so long as I don't have

Saw Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. give lecture tonight...

Kerry's strength...

Ever-courageous CBS: Experts Rate Bush-Kerry III A Draw

Bush droopy, drooling, suffering from Bell's Palsy?

Most memorable debate moments?


Rudy is a puke...

Remember, if the press whores say it's a tie

21st century jobs?

Does Bush think the unemployed are all uneducated?

LOL remember Bush, the master-debater?

Bush never acknowledged the praise Kerry gave him

Bush NEEDED a HUGE win tonight...

Get ready for another terror alert

How do people of Massachusetts feel about being demonized?

John Kerry. I put my faith in you. I believed in you. You delivered.

OMG Bush Is SO OVER! Let's Gloat.

LAMEST Bush Answer....It's Tough, But I'll Say:

They sure hustled both of them off the stage

This Is The Best I've Ever Seen Bush

How did they do ?...from USA Today

Only a fucking moron would post that JK lost this debate or that it was a

Call me nuts, but was Bush honing the racist vote?

Kerry battle plan includes big push in 7 swing states (and Big Dog)

How come the media is not ALL OVER this Bin Laden gaffe ?

What can/will Bush do in Iraq to stop his own bleeding?

Does anybody know what the list of "21st Century Jobs" are?

Anybody have the footage of Brokaw thinking he was off-air tonight?

Call me crazy but this debate

Rove was busting a vein trying to spin.

Anyone hear Andrea Mitchell immediately express shock

He did not look "Presidential"....

Bush Administration reverses plan to drill Yellowstone/ Please help send W

Biggest missed opportunity for Kerry:

If Kerry doesnt have an ad on TV by tomorrow showing

The "office pool" poll!

Rove comes out of the woodwork

I was shocked that Smirk mentioned 'bait & switch' last night

"I believe that the freedom there(Afghanistan)is a gift from the Almighty"

Bush's solution for unemployed high tech workers

Assault Weapons Ban question was a fabulous moment

Watching the debate was like scoring a boxing match

Karen Hughes should have debated Kerry.

Time for a DU "office pool"...?

it's gonna be a fucking LANDSLIDE!

Are We Looking At The Perfect Storm?

Andrea Mitchell On Imus -- Again, highly critical of Kerry

bush never met with the Congressional Black Caucus

Computer glitch delays routine voter machine test

Here's the follow-up to last week's "Lone Star Iconoclast" editorial....

Hooray, our Billie will be the straw that breaks their back

Funny debate moment re McCain

Local New York News spin

George Bush is into S&M! - bulge mystery solved! (pics!!)

Bizarre solution to trashed voter registrations in Nevada

I What have you learned from your wife and daughters?

Dem Corps Poll (D): Kerry Wins Big and Takes Lead

Bunnypants Signs Are Vanishing In GOOPland

WTF? When shown split-screen, why was Kerry sized a lot smaller than bush?

I'm Furious with the lack of questions on the environment.

Bush has Bell's Palsy imho. Read the symptoms:

I just noticed some slight downturn i three polls: Fox AOl, and

bush's speech about his painting was just regurgitation from 2000

The debates are over! Do you feel confident about the election?

Zogby Has Woody With A One Percent Lead...

The Hoopla over Mary Cheney

Oh My God! Cheneys wife just said

Don't forget to hit Bush about his media line because of Sinclair

Canadian Drug Manufacturers

Trump said that

"Undecided" voters

CNN Undecided Focus Group on now 8:09am

wxia poll - clearly FIXED

I promised I'd post my "10 word answer" after the debates.

Poll update 8 a.m. EDT.

I see a need to go find a single woman and help her to vote.

CSPAN: Subdued Freepers

Cancel The 21st Century Alan Keyes Has Spoken

The Mary Cheney issue has been settled by Andrew Sullivan

No one is showing the Bush lie re quote about not caring about OBL. We

Deleted message

Nader whines about being shunned by celebrities.

George P. Bush

Should Bush apologize for saying that Kerry

These idiots that claim Bush connects with "Joe 6-pack"

One Disappointment From Last Night's Debate...

Anyone have a link to Doonesbury's website of the day?

Don't be shocked if Bush is leading in new Zogby poll

Debate is over but we still need to pressure Sinclair.

Vote Nov 2nd for bush..Nov 3rd for Kerry?

Now the Polls Become Essential and Vital

Tim Russert On The Today Show TWICE Referred To Kerry As "Kennedy"

* sez "neener, neener, neener"

my take on the debate

Jodi Wilgoren go F yourself.

Two Gaffes last night--Bush's is the more serious--but ignored

Bush goon told reporter to "Get the fuck out of here!" (on W's orders?)

The Bait and Switch comment should have been thrown back at

Bush and Minimum Wage (Community Colleges)

Can We Refer To Fence-Sitters As Splinter-Asses From Now On?

Andrew Sullivan defends Kerry on Mary Cheney. Slams Bush policies

I think the "Wire" in the 3rd debate is a trap.....

The expresidents should get together and urge an honest vote

Jeez...let it go! This is inside pool

Anyone else having trouble voting?

The "Sinclair" movie is opening 5 minutes from my house.

My wife said Kerry probably should not have brought up Cheneys daughter

Kerry even winning AOL poll

Did they get the meds right this time? Bush smirked like the Enzyte Man

Three Debates. Three Different Versions Of Bush. Where's TheMedia FRENZY?!

Hall and Oates are with us

Letterman stomps on Bush :)

MSNBC Poll: Kerry 65...Bush 35

DU this poll...

* and the Elderly

CNN Headline News got the results they wanted this time..

How Bush's "mind" "works"

Is this the best support that there was no wire on Bush*?

If the fundies were TOO DUMB not to know about Mary Cheney...

Local DC Fox station had comedy team review Bush's debates

What is * on that causes the drool and sde-to-side jaw grinding?

Tony Soprano on tv this a.m. complaining Kerry compared him to Bush?

If he just hadn't started a war of choice, I'd feel sorry for this guy.

Bubble Boy was flying high on something last night!

What a wacko

The "I would have if only" President tries to defend his RECORD

E-mail from Proctor & Gamble RE: Sinclair Broadcasting

Caption Kerry getting George's goat

So, is there really a lot of talk about Kerry's comments on Mary Cheney?

What was up with the McCain is ALL MINE thing

NY Daily News: Glitter bug at Bush rally

This is news to me, did you know Cheney won vp debate

Kerry was pathetic, only himself to blame if he loses

My 83-year old mom wants to know why Bush is "such a PRISSY FACE"

Bush has a plan to withdraw from Iraq. Kerry doesn't?

The Three Faces of George....Smirking Chimp, Furious George & Nikita

Speculations about what Bush said to Kerry after the debate

Polls showing some loss (URGENT)

Slate's Saletan: "Kerry spoke like a man closing a deal."

Is Paygo a root beer company from Detroit?

I've just thought of the ultimate and secure 21st century job!

I won't be voting on November 2nd!!

Letterman: Top 10 President Bush Explanations For The Bulge In His Jacket

Why was there no outrage when Edwards

Some more media spin. "Bush is glad the debates are over...

Is Bush getting a pass on the Bin Laden lie?

BEST. Freeper. Logic. EVER!!!

I voted for Kerry yesterday...

Deleted message

Did Kerry use the third debate to go after the women vote?

What happened to the "ownership society"?

Missed the debate last night... Can someone summarize?

Does Kerry have a theme?

Bush Leads Kerry By 23 Points...

Two key online polls going down... Help needed now.

Kerry Sounded Like Kennedy Last Night (In A Good, Not Eyerolling Way)

George W. Bush Revising His History On Gays. Supported Sodomy Law

I've just thought of the ultimate and secure 21st century job!

Question For DUs On Debate

Oh my GOD! I think I'm going to go see Edwards today.

Kerry insured a Terror Alert increase - bets when Ridge appears?

I am so f'n sick of my state of Massachusetts...

Kerry is obviously the straight talker

EVERY commercial Kerry runs should show actual footage of bush or kerry

Has anyone else noticed this in the media?

Lynne Cheney says Kerry,"not a good man" and she is right!

SOOO wake up to see that ABC says the debate was a draw

Should we begin to REALLY worry? Is it the 'last days in the bunker'???

50 cents/hr vs $5.00/hr and Immigration

This Film Angers the Liberal Anti-Bush Media

The last incumbent president to lose all debates was

"It's the expectations stupid"

FL panhandle & AL coastal DUers:

During Last Night's Debate... Did You Shout At The TV?

"Inside Info" From the Bush Campaign

TV Ratings - Debate Scored a 36 Share - Baseball 16 Share

Trade Deficit Surges, Jobless Claims Up

Dianne Reem on NPR discussing last night's debate. n/t

3rd debate Bushisms

Possible turning point in the debate/election? The "marrying up" moment

NYT: Cheney reference a "low blow"

4 years later, Florida set for a new fiasco

the best thing about Kerry's "lesbian" comment

Bush* want Mexicans to be allowed to work for less than minimum wage

Did Bush sound like Rush last night?

How long will it take for the mainstream media to question *

Round 3: Bush Grins, Spins but Doesn't Win - WPost - Shales


Now it's REALLY time to ponder the 'October Surprise"

Please DU this poll....

Please DU this Nashville poll

Bush, let me refresh your memory about what you said about Bin Laden

Let's win this one for Skinner: Un freep the FOX. Third down on

Bush lies in 3rd Debate

Did anyone notice these two things last night...

What Bush didn't answer

Pundits who didn't laugh at the "Tony Soprano" line are Bush whores.

CAPTION: The real president and his shadow.

Do we really need a Pro-Vote commercial w/Ted Nugent?


Would it have made more sense to mention Jim Kolbe instead?

It has actually come to this

Mrs. Cheney: how about Jim DeMint, proud gay basher?

i heard after the debate last night on MSNBC..that

In a DC gallery: - The Boy King

In Reality, Last nights debate did not cover the issues:

MIA: Environment

Karl Rove: "The wind's at our back"

* Weak on Illegal Immigration?

Three Post Debate Polls:

The Great Osama Hunter

Bid to purge Dems from Nevada rolls fails (AP)

Bush image on TV larger than Kerry -- How desperate is the Media?

Reaction from teens to the presidential debate

"Bin Laden more worried about us that we are about him"

Clue phone's ringing for you Mrs. Cheney~ Why won't you pick up?

These on line debate polls prove the freepers aren't shit!!

I believe I know why Bush seemed drugged and had spittle...

Swift Boat Idiots are back

Did anybody else think "Nikita Kruschev" when * was pounding

* and the Assault Weapons Ban

Three Post Debate Results:

Iraq the truth from the grunts

Anyone notice that *'s statement on religion had alot to do with *.....

Did anyone else notice at times during the debate......

I can't find polls on the debate. Do people think Kerry won or what?

CNN has video of Republicans admitting to thrashing Dem registration forms

The look of defeat.

When George Jr. said "It sounds like one of those EXAGGERATIONS" do you

I liked when JK brought up JFK particularly on the religious points

Bush wins on substance

Kerry sucked the air out of the room with his statement on faith

Mary Cheney is NOT an issue; lets get back to the issues!

And why is it the Bush's never adopted any children?

PAYGO is an official acronym

Repub "Logic": Americans can compete with cheap foreign labor

Has there been any discussion of "when Bush deflated"?

Who Should John Kerry Apologize To?

Dupe - please delete.

After watching the last one of the debates--

Kerry did much better than I thought (last night)...

"Freedom is a gift from God", Bush said...

It's our expectations stupid!

Is he dumber now than he was 4 years ago?

Jobless claims rise in latest week

Flash movie of voter fraud in FLA last time

DU this poll: Fox News

What are the Armies of Compassion?

This place is a riot today

Dow 9,979.40

"Freedom is on the march" pictures

Alert for NY area Krugman fans...

PAYGO (The Banana Boy Song) - with apologies to Harry Belafonte

Kerry and Iraq

It is vital to recall the Context of the Lesbian "Attack" (Alan Keyes)

Scowcroft on Bush: "Sharon just has him wrapped around his little finger."

DU this poll IF you agree - originally posted by Whistle

DU FindLaw poll on * being wired.

Is the media today making a big deal.....

This may be old, but I just found it today - new flash on RNC

Dick Meyer, CBS, says Kerry doesn't deserve to win because

Dick Cheney Himself Spoke Of His Daughter Being A Lesbian

Kerry-Edwards: Results Are In! Kerry Wins Third Debate

Washington Post Poll Kerry 49 % Buch 48 % Nader 1%

Watch it again. Kerry gets EVEN BETTER the second viewing

2 hilarious LTTEs in the LATimes

Proud Parent Boast

Never thought I'd be posting this....

How is this for a handle for Bush?

DU this Poll


Addicted to 9/11-Thomas Friedman-a must read

LTTE's coming in 10 to 1 in favor of Kerry (Contra Costa Times)10/14/04

All quiet on the western front

What the hell is "paygo?"

Talking about *'s spittle on sports radio

NRSC Concedes to Russ Feingold

Pell Grants and Perkins Loans

Fox deleted it's poll - guess who won

Is the GOP giving up on Wisconsin senate race?

Rethugs slash tires in Central Florida

Local radio Republican morning guys


The best flash I've seen in a while-

Bush wouldn't arrange an "important" meeting with Kerry on stage

shrub and laura both in NJ tomorrow?!

Just a Reminder: Don't forget to watch FRONTLINE.............and


Bush on Atheism

W acting surprised when JK mentioned terrorist crossing the Mexican Border

Kerry will be covered live today addressing AARP--total mistake for W

kos.....says bush pulled kerry aside afer debate

Post-Debate Pundits

Hundreds of Iowa voter forms rejected

John Kerry did not "out" Mary Cheney....

NEW Kerry Ohio Jobs ad - "When is George Bush going to face reality?"

Remember the quote about Bush41, that he's like your first husband?

debate audio?

Oh look! Another RNC press release disguised as journalism!!

Bush's answer if you've lost your job to outsourcing? Community college.

*'s Debate Notes - pretty funny!!

Repug article about Kerry's discharge from Navy

On Flu Vaccine, Kerry missed an opportunity...

(Second) Impressions of Kerry...

John Kerry opened up tonight, and closed the deal with the American people

What was wrong with Kerry's lesbian remark?

Monday morning quaterbacking the debate

Deleted message

Congressional Black Caucus refused to leave w/out meeting w/Bush*!

Could We Lose This Spin War Over the Mary Cheney comment?

Did Bush lie about meeting with the Black Causcus?

Democracy Corps survey: Strong debate win for Kerry

Halliburton's Interests(ANTI-ENVIRO Hydraulic fracturing)Assisted by W H

Nat'l Review Blames the Moderator

OK. Time to call up and email PEPSICO. Continue the Sinclair assault...

Celebrate Kerry's Debate Victory by Making Another Donation!

If you don't think that mentioning Cheney's Gay daughter is a strategy

I'm convinced Bush is ill

What about Poland?

here's a poll to vote for kerry

Mary Cheney comment was a brilliant strategy imho...

*'s religion statement really scared the bejeezus out of me

Freepers are even more dejected than after debate 1


"There's an old poster out west, says I'm not that concerned about him"

How Ralph Nader can win.

Stop Sinclair - Sign this petition.

Misleader: "Fiscal Responsible " Bush has $50 B need met by $137 B Bill

Computer glitch delays routine voter machine test (Palm Beach FL)

Where's Carville??

IRS ASked To Probe Kerry Appearance At Church

100 Mistakes for the President to choose from.

Media complicit in political truth-shading-good read

EXPLOSIVE evidence to blow the Mary Cheney claims out of the water!!

Kerry the Decisive Victor in Third Debate

If Bush thinks there's a choice involved, then when did he make his?

CNN Undecideds Panel goes to Kerry

CNN: Kerry "easily beating President Bush in the third and final debate"

Kerry @ AARP..what time?

"Reaction from teens to the presidential debate" GOTTA SEE

TNR: Kerry won so decisively I don't see many ways for Bush to recover.

Pre-empted CBS stations to show Cheney "ripping up" Kerry.

Why do they show all of Chimpy's stump speeches

Please Help Kansas Democrats!!!! Important House Races!!

Does Bush really think his crowing and posturing is helping him?

Oprah Slaps Bush With 30 states poised to smack down women's rights

news from the breakroom front......

What exactly are "jobs for the 21st century"?

Cool, Calm and Collected

CNN -Kerry Speech

Read the story about * religious inspiration and DU the poll....

Rove needs Bush to win, it aint Bush

A Republican Declares His Independence

Russert: Bush was Gore like

Mark Crispin Miller on Al Franken now...

Latest Bush picture makes back bulge look like a brace or kevlar

Anyone got feel for the likely Nader vote in the 8 Battleground States he

Salt Weapons

Kerry advantage "Temporary" Bushie peeps say.

Repukes know, E -Voting fraud ....

Bush has dementia? Video included

So Bush told JK that he wanted to speak with him after the debate? (KOS)

Kerry pulls ahead in WaPo voters (likely and registered voters)

Could we get comprehensive update on Sinclair backlash?

John Kerry's "Letter to America"

Three debates


FCC not going to act

Doesn't John McCain look happy today?

What is the Debate reaction this morning? Who are they saying won?

Bush was right about spending more on Homeland Security

Caption the Chimp!!

Does anyone know if the press has asked Bush or his press secty about

as an employee - do you want a "smart CEO" ...or a "less intelligent CEO"?

I, John Kerry, apologize to Dick and Lynne Cheney

The $87 bil vote "flip-flop" WHY NOT REBUKED???

A Modest Proposal re: BBV-- Mark, and Save, Your Sample Ballot.

I'm still advocating an infomercial. Or just a simple "thank you."

'Tony Soprano'.... Please List your favorite * nicknames here.

Bush's "culture of life" is crazy given his record on EXECUTIONS in Texas.

what are the freepers saying....

Wanna bet the networks lead with the Mary Cheney story?

DNC's new Bush/Bin Laden video


Holy smokes: Bush-Kerry TIED in ARKANSAS

Gallup Daily Briefing

Funny Jason Alexander video... re outsourcing

Freeper Debate Thread... Heh.

Anyone catch Bush's "Oh Really?" look?

Where can I see and hear or at least read the closing


Mary Cheney is a CRIMINAL.

Preach it, Bro. Bumpers

FL: Group Offers to Drop Lawsuits in Exchange for Paper Ballot Option

Duval County, Florida, no addtl. early voting sites for you!!

AOL online Poll has reopened

McCain to replace Bush.....October Surprise

Let's put this one to bed

New jobs for the 21st century, Bush says he'll increase Pell grants....

How do you find a "culture of life" Sct nominee w/out a 'litmus' test?

Born to be a w-i-l-d

Democrats angry K.C. station to run Kerry film

(Sinclair) Trailer Park Sued, Accused Of Race Discrimination

FCC won't prevent airing of anti-Kerry film, chairman says

DU the poll

Census info. and its effect on this election

Whats up with Mrs. Cheney?

Check out this picture!

Status of Nader on ballots by state.

I'm not with Kerry on this issue....

Yet another response from Sinclair Advertiser

Funny double f**k moment

Did any other DUers attend yesterday's Kerry rally at Tempe Beach Park?

Bush reaction to Kerry's "truth standard" comment

Bush and the Repubs criticize Kerry's healthcare plan....

*'s health and drug theories thread!

fraudlent calls ask Ann Arbor voters to give up absentee ballots

Need transcript of Bush rep saying W does NOT want abortion to be illegal.

MSNBC's current answer to "Who won the debate" (with 2,119,377 votes)

Was the Mary Cheney comment typed on an IBM Selectric?

Bush Official (Racicot): Debates Gave Lift to Kerry

We have to call Bush on this!!!

Clark on Hannity & colmes - anyone have video?

Do alarms go off in anyones head when....

Another FOX online poll is up:

Photo from the end of last night's debate: not a "Viva Bush" moment

Email Smear on Kerry's Military Records!

FCC will not interfere with showing of anti-Kerry film by Sinclair

My earnest proposal...

Deleted message

HUGE shifts for Kerry in Democracy Corps survey, especially battlegrounds

Will Saletan's home run on the third debate...

Dick Cheney: "You saw a man who will do and say anything to get elected"

Elizabeth Edwards: Does Lynne Cheney feel shame about daughter?

Now that the FCC won't intervene, shall we continue free ads for Sinclair?

Just reread Kerry's comments re: Mary Cheney. WHAT'S THE BIG F'ING DEAL?

A simple answer to the "angry" Cheney parents, lol

Another Mary Cheney post - sorry

The media isn't running with the 'lesbian attack', are they?

WP's Terry Neal suckered by Bush operative in on-line chat? I think so.

Did The "Kerry Is A Liberal" Theme Fall On Its Face?

Last night, Bush spoke as if he had an earpiece

no long pauses by * last night

The October suprise is the capture of Dead Man Zarkawi

Do you support a 5% corporate tax cut?

OK, the FCC is a worthless institution...

Today's Newspaper Endorsements

You REALLY have to be stupid to be a bush supporter


Bush and McCain having press conference on AirForce on CNN

Will the GOP trot out a tearful Mary Cheney for the television cameras?

Are they talking about...

New Ad: No Flu Shots??? What about a biological attack?

Judy Woodruff & CNN: Doing it again

Remember to tell people to bring ID when they vote!

Hasn't bush also given up running, golfing, clearing brush, etc???

We need to get Planned Parenthood to push the Dred Scott issue

They are getting desperate, one more contest and they are out of here.

People we can't waste time and energy on cheney lesbians

Judge rules Ohio voters can cast ballots at wrong polling place

From Madison, Wi Cap Times: Discussing Mary Cheney

New poll: Undecideds

Kerry Lesbian Remark Angers Cheney

CNN lied to us again. They are now either

How predictable -- CNN is running with the Mary Cheney story

Kerry is a bad..bad. bad man...

How about a list of the nasty and outrageous comments Lynn Cheney

KerRy ROCKIN Live If you're not watching online streaming from CBS

How come conservative Christians don't recognize 666 when they see it?

Kerry and The CBC

The only way we can counter the Swift Boat movie is with our own DVDs

Interesting thought from a caller on Ed Schultz re: flu vaccine

This major poll still needs help

Here's how I saw last night debate at time (Too much vapidity...)

psssssssst, shhhhhhhhhh By the way, did you know Cheney has a gay daughter

Did anyone else catch W's false statement on Homeland Security


FCC Won't Stop Airing of Anti-Kerry Film

Senator Kerry

Kerry needs to go negative on Bush NOW about Iraq and 9/11

Does anyone have the link to the Bush debates in 1994-2004?--the Senility

Bush cannot win!

Boycott any local/national business which advertises on anti-Kerry program

Exactly, Mr. President

Time to bring up the Leahy Comment (Cheney)

Swiftvets - THIS is the October Surprise?

What's up with Air America Radio's Server Today??

Research question. (Lynne Cheney quote needed... if it exists)

Mentos Commercial Spoof at Center of Senate Race

AP article on FCC Swift Liars movie is biased by omitting key facts

Dick and Lynne face reality: Your daughter is gay, many Americans

Alright, I KNOW we're not supposed to look at the polls but...

Bush Insulted People Who've Lost Their Jobs

my imagination? Tweety cheerleading crowds to vote Bush??

Site predicting US invasion of Iran disappears

RW HYPOCRISY - "Poor Mary Cheney" / DIE in HELL, FAG

Listen live to Randi Rhodes (AAR) here......... up & running !!!!!!!!!!

Where are OUR 527's?????

I agree with the mild stroke theory - * medicated to the max

They're ashamed of their lesbian daughter

John Zogby on the direction of the election:

What we can do specifically to help!

Fascinating....another CNN poll that defies logic

Favorite Bumpersticker/Sign: More trees, less Bush!

Mary Cheney served on the board of the Republican Unity Coalition

Favorite TV show as a kid?

Since the NRA endorsed Bush

Now they are upset?...Kerry mentioned Cheney's daughter...


LOL.. New York Times writes on bush* spittle coming out his mouth

Just rembember whoever is whining is losing.

Toles on The Bulge

Bay Buchanan (wicked witch of west) says Kerry/Edwards have no class

Howard Fineman: Kerry Makes "Nasty Political Point" with Mary Cheney

NRA Endorses Stephanie Herseth for Congress

Ya know...If I had a Gay Daughter, I'd be proud of her.

Fundies are all that can save Bush. How excited are they?

THE ANSWER to this Mary Cheney crap (Urgent)

* to IT workers - go back to school your not educated enough.

"fighting an aggressive war against the idiologues of hate" - GW Bush

There is a God: Bush Drools and Kerry Wins!!!

Bush Exibits Strange Behaviour During Final Debate

Don't worry yourself over this Cheyney Gay thing........his story don't

80 yr olds working their butts off for Kerry/Edwards

Tad Devine is awesome on Crossfire.

Judy Woodward asks whether there's anything Bush wore in all three debates

CNN, October 14, 2000 poll: Bush pulls away


How happy are we that our Bill will be back ?.....I AM !!!!

CNN Pundit: Kerry in "unenviable position" of having momentum

Call to action: Please sign this petition for Milwaukee ballots

Shrub wearing his blue tablecloth shirt again

Ack! The email from Gore? Everyone get it?

Kentucky Republican Senator running for re-election has

should the democrats force the g.o.p. to address the issue

Debates are Over now Bush*

WP: 48% - 48%

Check with your polling place to see if they're prepared!

Air America

Freepers clearly having a hard time with Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney


Dow closes below 9900.

Why haven't the Bush comments on minimum wage and immigration been

Freepers blasted me at work: Does Kerry think he is God?

Kerry in Nevada -- time for the "full Yucca"?

Winona LaDuke is voting her conscience

referring to Mary Cheney

Conservatives Are Griping About Kerry's Mentioning Mary Cheney...

My e-mail To Sean Hannity / Retract your statement !

Kerry Statement on Mary Cheney

Can the media still "Gore" this election? If so, what's the biggest risk?

The Thing In The Attic

One of the worst lies of last night from Bush. No litmus test for judges.

So Dicks outraged about Kerry/Mary but he's not about not finding WMD's?

Hannity Has Latched On To That Fake Colorado Democratic Manual

Imus Is Not A Kerry Supporter -- Every morning he does nothing

If * had won even one debate, what would they be saying now?

Housing Discrimimation Charges against Sinclair VP

Trivia: Who is the LOWEST paid person on the Bush's White House Staff?

Dagnabit, I hate it when does this. Where's my bounce?

I want all the WHORES jailed!

Elizabeth Edwards nails Lynn Cheney on ABC Radio

What happened to that ridiculous special olympics "scandal"

Please try to help Dr. Mongiardo, we could win this seat!

Does anyone out there feel a little bad for *?

Electoral Vote count. based on my "gut". if it's good nuff for Bush....

Using Our Military for Political Ends

MSNBC Video: Republicans admitting to thrashing Dem registration forms

Bush supporters are morans..

God wants me to spread freedom - foreign policy?

Everybody is talking about the weird spittle on W's mouth . Is this it?

Don't fall for the trick

Lesbian mention gets attention away from Bin Laden's comments

•Caption This BUSH PHOTO•

Damn, CNN just said no F-911 Pay Per View

Why didn't the Cheneys spank ALAN KEYES over lesbian remarks?

Mary Cheney media letter. (public domain)

Campaign Ads

94 Reasons to not vote for George W. Bush

Clinton vs Kerry

Counter the Rove Catholic Strategy

BUSH: "Senators (sic) Kerry (sic) Plan Is An Overpriced Albertross (sic)."

I'd really like to see Edwards on "Hardball" tonight. But...

re: Sinclair ---- Pepsi's letter to me, my reply

Anyone think the 1st debate spoiled the rest?

Psst- Hey George- He's not running and he's not hiding.

Why no comments on bush* saying "oh, never mind"?

Rasmussen Battleground Polls Move Toward Kerry, National Away

Excerpts from Lynn Cheney's "Sisters"

Colorado Dems! How should I vote on the Electoral College Amendment?

My unemployment office last year said NO $ left for retraining!

Tampa Area Poll (18-29 yr olds) ...46% Kerry to 40% Bush...with comments

BUSH: "In all due respect...-- oh, nevermind." (What was he trying to do?)

More ways this admin is "winning" the hearts of the military

Kerry-Edwards Rally Live on C-SPAN tonight! 9PM

A picture's worth a thousand words!! Let's just vote based on these....

Josh Marshall is dead right! Now is the time to be vigilant!


I'm sorry about

Best Bumper Sticker I've seen

Article on voters who only have cell phones

The "emotional basis" for the GOP howl about Mary Cheney

Folks forget "close Kerry victory." We're looking at a LANDSLIDE

New meme: Bush may leave ticket for health reasons.

Look at this crap......

Worth a new thread: 328,000 New Registrations in TN!

PHOTO: It Is Not Debatable... Bush Lied, My Son Died

Poor Bush, he was brought down by the format that made him in 2000!

going to see John Edwards sunday night. Can't wait

Dean, Obama, Harkin, Boxer, Hilary, Corzine in Santa Monica Friday

Keyes Fined For 2000 Campaign Finance Violations

Dem's failure to use "lie" bomb....

What in hell are the ARMIES OF COMPASSON??? (pun intended)

Who do I talk to about having my thread locked?

Is Bush Wired - Watch the Debates again.

I just read the best/worst research report. It must have been Karl Rove's

Could I get some serious theories as to why * is postponing physical??

Thank you Skinner...........................

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid....

What Questions Would You Want the Media Be Asking The Cheneys Today?

hidden fox news poll go at it Du'er

AARP conventioneers pick Kerry (in Las Vegas)

Does the GOP really want to be talking about Mary Cheney?

Kerry's getting a big response at the AARP

Incommensurable paradigms

If Bunning quits, could the GOPpers put up a new name?

Please DU this Poll about Sinclair's Airing of Anti-Kerry Film

Get this Mary Cheney discussion behind you Sen. Kerry

Reminder - Edwards on Tweety tonight-7pm EST MSNBC

Did Mary Cheney TELL the KE campaign to talk about her?


KY Senate Race - Bunning Losing Ground Fast

* is having nightmares

Passing it on... Protest Music

NC DU'ers: What's the State of the Bowles-Burr Senate Race?

I never like posting crap from Freeps here. why do others?

Great article regarding Oprah and getting out the vote


Bush Reality are all sucked in....

David Gergen just said race is now Kerry's to lose

What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles?(ABC Web has Nightline story)

I just Voted for John Kerry in Italy

Tweety drooling over the lesbian controversy

9:00 p.m. EDST 10/14-C-Span-LIVE Kerry/Edwards Rally in Iowa

Nightline tonight will back up Kerry's War record

Things Kerry can not change / has not mentioned

Wireless earpiece technology - Was Bush wired?

Bush said he is proud of his record. WTF... What is good about it.

Killer story about Bush and the debate on

51 million saw the debate last night. MORE good news for Kerry.

Gergen just said on Lou Dobbs that Kerry is now the favorite

Edwards on Hardball NOW

My Republican friend was silent during last debate!

AP: Kerry conceding West Virginia

I like William Schnieder of CNN

Folks Please Donate to Erskine Bowles

Is this Mary Cheney thing going to hurt Kerry?

According to CNN, we've just launched a major offensive in Fallujah...

Kerry-Edwards BEATING THE HELL out of critics on Mary Cheney issue!

Kentucky Sen. Bunning admits using TelePrompter during debate

NIGHTLINE sneak peek

It is absolutely imperative the Dems take back Congress

My report on ELIZABETH EDWARDS at town hall meeting-- GREAT SPEAKER!

Some interesting stats point to a decisive Kerry win!

Dear Mr. Bush: What ARE the jobs of the 21st Century?

Sinclair Broadcasting's racist trailer park

Bush supporters are scared. Here's how I can tell.

Check out this new ad from the DNC : Not Funny

What was the name of the PBS documentary ...

regarding the bulge and the earpiece

Latest update on Nevada Situation (Daily KOS, Relates to GOP Regi. fraud!)

bush stumps for KERRY

51.2 million viewers watched the debate

The bus to Crawford – everyone on board? (A Happy Story)

I Want Spittle Pictures!!! Where Are The Bush With Spittle Photos??

The Bulge is there today too! Under the blue check shirt

iowa registration crap

AP: Bush 'Not Concerned' About Bin Laden in '02

A Great Phrase to Use with Co-Workers

Heyy LAAADDYYY!!! got 3 kids and $5/hour job? go to college

Bush, Kerry, and "Body Language" v. "Message"

This lesbian "scandal" shows why you should cut your cable TV

"Mary Cheney's Gay -- So What?" from 2000

If all of the repuke pundits on cable are talking about lesbians

Bush has NEVER gotten or held a REAL JOB for himself- THINK ABOUT IT

Who remembers "Kerry's a closer" ?

There Is NO Lesbian Daughter Controversy. The GOP Is Desperate

I think we're winning, and I'll tell you why.

The "Kerry was toast before the debates" meme

Candidate lauded for attempting to save man's life

Bush: "Meet my new gal, ain't she purty?"

"I think George Bush is going to win in a walk"

o'reilly admits fox news has a stake in the election?

I'm a poll watcher on election day.What are you guys doing?

Lynne Cheney called her daughter a "cheap trick."

Has ANY gay supporter come to Kerry's defense?

HOLY SH*t check this out

Got a call from Quaker (PEPSI) "No national buys planned for Sinclair"

Since the FCC gave green light to Sinclair what shall we do now...

Rush Limbaugh doesn't think Kerry should have "outed" Mary.

Yes another Mary Cheney thread (this one sheds some light)

Bush LIED to America about Bin Laden tonight - DNC HAD an ad out already

Important show about Iraq Vets being kicked to the curb-ABC

Rove and his machine screwed up when they installed the Shrub

Why haven't I seen any criticism of Bush for outsourcing the flu vaccine?

Bush response on last night's debate: "Uh, the voters will decide"

Observations from Bush Country


Harry Reid of Nevada on Big Ed Show

Elizabeth Edwards' GREAT response to Lynne Cheney's Ugly comments

Send a letter to an Ohio voter here: (BE NICE!)

This poll needs some help

Lynne Cheney wrote a book on lesbians, prostitutes, & rape

Deficits Not that Important! Subtle sarcasm in LTTE in my local paper.

Under examination Bush deficit reduction plan falls apart.

Was mentioning Mary Cheney a good idea?

Tucker Carlson is so outraged that Kerry said Cheney's daughter is GAY.

Did anyone have the feeling * had the questions in advance last night?


Holy Moly! Is the bulge a defibrillator?

Bush's reaction to Kerry's married up joke

Will There Be Exit Polling At Paperless Precincts?

Snatching victory from defeat- when Kerry tied AK-47's to Osama

"Outing" of Mary Cheney will start a civil war among Republicans

"Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it's an issue our family is very ...

What Everyone is Saying About the Debates...

Milwaukee being denied enough ballots.

George Bush: "You're unemplyed because you're stupid."

"When I asked Laura to marry me, she said....."


I made Howard Dean laugh today.

RNC Gillespie demands Rock The Vote stop talking about DRAFT!!!

Judd Gregg Blocking the Chris Reeve Paralysis law

HOTDAMN!! Dadcom Comes Through AGAIN!!

Bush Lied in Debate About "meeting" w/ Cong. Black Caucus

Bush Ruthlessly Exploits Kerry's Wife For Political Purpose!

Freeper reaction to Uk Guardian letter campaign

July 2000 USA Today article BURIES the Mary Cheney issue

What a Wonderful World(a song)

Slap George Bush!!!!

Some Republican's Daughter (or, Lynne Cheney Can Bite My Ass)


Why I Hate The Electoral College System...

No child left behind? Mine was, no funding for my kid's problem

Al Franken wants us to donate ot the Ohio Democratic Party

The Cheneys = Hypocrisy personified