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Archives: October 1, 2004

WSJ: As Debates Begin, Kerry's Key Task: Wooing Waverers

BuzzFlash Declares Kerry the Winner of Round One

Salon: The Operative (Robert Novak)

Cartoon: Fear Works

WSJ's Christopher Buckley: Sir, the Light Is On . . .

Don't let your voice be cut out.-here's email list to use to stop GOP spin

Crawford, TX newspaper dumps Bush, endorses John Kerry for President.

Stupid Fucking CNN Can't Even Spell

Who's the Saint who will have a Quicktime version of the debate

Debates bad: panel discussion instead, much better

NPR: First spin question devoid of any substance

Why are some of my previously Ignored people now showing

Skinner or whoever - I want out

SKINNER: Trun of images to speed things up please

Anybody know of an Orlando area Bar that would have the debate on...

Schwarzenegger signs foie gras bill

* got waxed!!!

The Canton rally was soooooo much fun

Crawford paper hit by Repubes

I-892: a game of chance we should walk away from

Where can I stream video of the debate? CSPAN?

Impatient George

AP already posted a debate report in past tense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My prayers are with Kerry tonight..

our life is becoming one big info-mercial

A thought to help us get through tonight and the next few weeks...

20 more minutes till show time, do you know who Scott Robinson is kicking?

set being designed for TV broadcast of draft lottery?

Tom Brokaw: Kerry must be "demonstrably better" than Bush

I'm watching Charlie Rose interview John Stewart and it was cut off

Crawford, Tx newspaper hit by Repubes

A father's agony: Why this war must end now

John Zogby--The Race Is Still Kerry’s To Lose

Did you just see that on CNN? Blue=negative and Red=positive?

Well, it's time to learn the fate of the Republic.

"And he changed his mind. The bush campaign has a word for this."

"Of course, we're going after Saddam Hussein, er, I mean Osama Bin Laden."

The debate tonight is a (Pick your poison)

Kerry incredibly strong and cool

Bush is Whiney and Defensive Hahahahahaaha!

It Begins.... The Debate Section Two. Carry over

kerry hit it

Freeper reaction to the ownage, er, debate?

"Which is worse?"

the UN is in Iraq? only like 5 people

This Race is Over

Bush looks like a spoiled brat.

Stay on the offensive Kerry. Beat him up!!!! Straight talk to back talk

BUSH is toast!!!! He has to attack Kerry's character

Nail him on his service as he praises the service of others Damnit!

who looks more like a leader you could depend on???

here's a fun game...count the number of' verbs in * speech..

Bush supports "torture provisions" Reps added to bill

Uh, don't forget Poland.......

Bush is just making scribbles with his sharpie

"The only way to protect our homeland is to stay on the OFFFENSE" *

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Can anyone tell me what bush has said other than "we need to get these

John Kerry RULES, Yes

Is it just me, or does it seem as if W is falling apart the longer the

It's Hardwork being a idiot

(dupe, please delete)

Never wanted to commit troops Michael Moore has some footage that

President Kerry, Let me say this

OMG The splitscreen

JK awesome

I think Kerry just smirked!

My God! The Smirking Fart is DRUGGED to the eyeballs!



Welp, he finally said it

Holy shit! DeGaull and the debates.....

Everytime Shrub talks about Saddam Hussein "disarming" I scream

Iranian Moo-lah's LOL

You CANNOT win a war on terror.

is "mullah" pronounced moo-lah? nt



UNOFFICIAL debate thread Number Two.... Carrying over from...

There are NOT, NOT 100,000 Iraqi troops prepared


My LTTE regarding the debates

Chimp is going down in flames!

Did Chimp just say "Iranian MOOLAHs" TWICE?!?!?!?

OK, my doubts are GONE

Shrubs drinking so much water

Kerry - wrong answer.

Oh one hand, I'm glad to see * failing..on the other

Is this guy just rambling or what

Fox gives Kerry the O.J. treatment- CAMERA'S ARE NOT MATCHED! party chicken basket.

Mixed Messages

I think somebody must be jamming the signal to *'s earbud...

NBC... Look at the podium... why is Kerry's much lower than Bush's?

It's official. The * doctrine states that Kerry is bad because he can

Bush leans on podium; Kerry standing erect! Goofus vs. Gallant!

Bush will be pissing in that glass before the 90 minutes is up...

BAWHAHA,this isn't even close.....

Mixed messages

Is it too early to ask if there will be a 2nd debate? nt

I gotta watch Faux for commentary after this ass-kicking is over...

Whoever at FOX decided to show split screen will lose their job..


Bush ran...RAN away from Kerry after handshake.

Bush, falling on his freakin' ass

Two Faced

Is this guy even listening when Kerry is talking?

OMG -the last 30 secs Lehrer


Welp, folks. Kerry 1 - Bush goose egg, in this best of 3.

Bush Calls Iraqi People "Ungrateful" (satire)

"disagree in a way that is effective" WTF is he talking about????

Blinkin' like Nixon...

Freepers freaking - Bush Rambling

* Blinked 260 + times during his closing statement . . .

SLAM DUNK for Kerry !! No surprise here though....

I thought Kerry was suppose to be a sweater

Damn...I can only watch one post-debate spin-session...

Kerry kick dumbass's ass YEEEEE HAWWWWW!

Look at it this way....

The DU server is kicking ass! The FR server keeps timing out!

It begins.... I'll monitor CBS... Let's get down and COMMENT!

Thanks Skinner

10:31 EDT - It's SPIN TIME!

Look at it this way....

Tweety: I was shocked by what I saw tonight

Even Jim Leher knows that Kerry won!

Alright going in to Fox

Kerry did an absolutely incredible job

First words outta Tweety's mouth after the debate



CNN sounding like they think Kerry won!

You know what? I kind of feel sorry for Bush...


HOLY SHIT!!!! Scarborough just said this was Kerry's BEST performance EVER

DU this poll

We have to stay on top of this

Don't forget to watch C-SPAN's post debate coverage

Kerry Brought up N. Koreas Nukes!

Chris Mathews is trying to destroy another Democratic candidate.

CSPAN Callers - Same girl has been on 3 times now! Even I can tell...

GET to voting on the polls now--look at the CNN poll first--HA !! nt

Can one of you brave Duers go to freepville and tell us what they're

Another Bush whore revealed

Anyone having trouble getting on

Watch C-SPAN's post debate coverage

Billy Pilgrim's Congratulate Senator Kerry thread or let us know why not.

Tweety is doing his damndest to

Best line of the debate

Polls and Surveys - vote!

Whoever was working the camera on CSPAN needs an ass kicking!

dupe post

Media scrambling to find a message

MSNBC just gave the victory to Kerry....

Karen looks demented

after watching the debate in split screen on c-span

Let's all watch different after-debate analyses, I'm doing ABC

FR Presidential Debate Analysis-- For your enjoyment...

GREAT post debate ads on USAtoday

I'm so happy I could cry. LOL We got our momentum back! (I hope)

did you (however briefly) support the president after september 11th?

CNN Online poll -92% think lkerry won the debate!

Just WHO the FUCK runs this place?

What's up with I want to DU their poll, but it must be bogged

Wasn't "National Security" suppoed to be bush's strong point ?

Dupe- Mods please delete

Bawhahah, AOL poll shows Bush the winner tonight.....

Did you hear the APPLAUSE for Kerry after the chimp left the stage???

Kerry talks like me

Vote in Florida - doesn't matter where you live. Vote twice. (LINK)

How can anyone be undecided at this point?

Daily show thread

Kerry was flat, Bush seemed wacked out

McAuliffe: go to these sites to DU the polls


McCain is going down on Bush on CNN.

Serious psychology question: the blinking eyes

DU This Poll

Every time I hear * say DUTY I drink a shot

PLEASE DU these 2 local poll re debates...I need help!


Vladamur. Vlaa-duh-duh-mur. UhVladuhmur.

Question by question analysis of September 30, 2004 Debate

Hey, Where Are All The "Kerry Shoulda" Threads Tonight?

I have no TV currently, but the debate is going good you say? :) :) :) :)

The Kerry strategy "convicted" Bush* as a lying incompetent

AOL poll needs your attention!!!

Holbrooke kicking ass on Faux

one woman's debate critique (bush)

Don't forget to donate to John Kerry before midnight!

Expect a terra threat tomorrow?

Does anybody have screen shots?

New TP: If * Can't Think On His Feet During A Debate

I thought Bush was supposed to be a champion debater...

The AOL link above(in the DU post debate) doesn't ALLOW a Kerry vote

I am actually impressed with MSRNC tonight

MSNBC Poll Link

A knucklehead's (Vancouverite) view on the debate....

Do you think we'll see a terror alert in the next few days?

Just went down to the Iraqi-immigrant owned convenience store...

Karen Hughes has a python around her neck!

Debate helped me decided what to have for dinner tomorrow night!



Hard Work!!!!!!!

David Shuster on Buzz words...

CBS slight advantage to Kerry,PBS calls is a draw,NBC all the undecideds

vote in time magazine's poll now!

It's Official!!!! The Citizens of Bryan, College Station, TX . . .

Atrios debate IRC chat

Since Kerry won the debate, what will tomorrow's headlines say?

Here's Another One to DU HARD!!!!

Debate Transcript Here

MSN Money poll- kerry up-but only slightly-vote now!

fact check: Korea, sanctions or not?

Anyone have a transcript link yet?

CNN/Gallup just released gives debate to Kerry 53% to 37% for Bush

DeNiro as Jake Lamotta as Geo. Bush: "You never knocked me down, Ray."

So...where was that Kerry "Orange" that was all the rage a few days ago?

Malloy: At the end of the debate when the little rabbit Bush came out from

live Daily Show coming up in 5 minutes

Bush just got SPANKED.... poll (dick 'toesucker' morris' site) bush 60, kerry 40

cnn poll - kerry down to 79%

Bush Team Prepares Net Assault

CNN - "technical glitches" on every Dem pundit

Fox guys were madddddd!...

We're lucky * is so stupid, but I have to ask...WTF is wrong with him???

Hey Freeepers

WooHoo, my activist niece started a Gay/Straight Alliance at her

Kerry won from the git go.

vote in this poll-sinclair broadcasting(the evil clearchannel of local tv)

MSNBC Poll - Kerry 70%!

Heart Warming Story

Karen Hughes.. This ONE picture says it all...She KNEW he was toast

A New Hurricane Has Just Hit Miami Florida!!

I'm so looking forward to college tomorrow.

Franken on Leno NOW in Central Time Zone

killin' it!

I honestly think this rethugs look like idiots as they continue to spin..

Hilarious! RNC attack on Kerry: flip flop on podium lights!

"Mr. Kerry, I know Al Gore..."

So, will Bush somehow escape from the next two debates?


What are the other debates covering?

Giuliani. Whore.


freepers and ldotters blaming leher for bush imploding tonight

It's time for the Repugs to be honest with themselves they have a complete

DNC hitting news sites hard with KERRY WON ads.

Freeper guy gone mad!!! So has Drudge!!!

help me out-did Bush declare war illegally?

Insurgents aiding in re-conctruction of Iraq..

drudge's front page attempt to save dumbya's performance

if only helen thomas could moderate...

"Hard work"/"mixed messages"

Want to work for WSJ in Iraq? Shrub says it's pretty nice there these days

Bush has another catastrophic victory.

I Heart Mike Malloy!

If this was a fight

Bush on the campaign trail tomorrow....Caption away DU'ers

So I guess the CNN spin on this is....


don't forget to write to your newspaper tomorrow!

John Kerry uses quote from my book "The Religion of Bush" Thank you !

So Bush is "loving" the widows of the Iraq war...

What was Your favorite Zinger????

Hahahhahhaha..Bush looked like a small, small man

Help me out with this one-did Bush invade..

LOVED when Kerry said BUsh should have worked on Iran

On being a decisive leader and why Bush's talking point is wrong...

anyone catch Pearl Jam on Letterman?

More live post debate coverage on C-SPAN now!

Thursday night and it's time for Mike Malloy

The question will be not if Kerry won the debate, he clearly did

Great debate for our side but,

You know listening to Pillboy gives me a headache....

OMG! Look at the CNN homepage poll and continue to vote!

Tuesday is the VP debate???

I hate the pundit class. I really hate them. THey are the enablers of

How many people will still be 'holding their nose'..........

Why is Leherer allowing Fuck Face to break the rules

Bush is up shit creek

So when do we hear what the viewership tonight was ?

CNN...Aaron Brown show...The debate was a DRAW!!!

I see the valley below, and it's a valley of peace

Seriously: Could the debate have gone ANY BETTER than it did tonight?

Was it just me or were there lots of long pauses???

OMG!!!! Craig Crawford just said...

NO importance to the issues: flabbergasted with daughters on a leash

What was that thing (scab?) above Bush's left eye??

Who are the Nazi whores on WLS Chicago and WLAC Nashville

So did the fact that Fox was manning the cameras..........

Does Bush now have a new asshole to keep Rove company?

Debates made me think of the Bob Dylan song...

Kerry mentioned the fourteen military bases

Soooo, What do you think Bar and Poppy are doing right now?

Anybody Catch JON STEWART?

Andrea....."Wonder whether America will "buy it"..

Tag-line/catchphrase of the night: "You forgot Poland"

how did Gore do in the debates in 2000?


Babs Bush right now is saying ...

Booster seat for Bush?

I think one of b*'s mistakes tonight was ...

Out-sourcing the war to Afganistan......

Honestly, objectively rank Kerry's performance against the Chimperor.

How come Kerry wont call this war what it IS?

Split Screen Kicked Ass!

Enough, already of "we broke it, we bought it"

"You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can"

AP photos are up.. Some verrrry odd ones

List ALL Online Polls Here - Let's Get It On!!! Keep it kicked

Is there anyone here actually AGAINST the Iraq War?


Watch Giuliani's eyes when he talks.


Bush's fake empathy

George is but a booger in Uncle Sam's nose

Joel Klein: To win, Bush must "be himself" -- people like him

What Free Republic Is Saying About The Debates

Conservatives fall to FOURTH in Hartlepool byelection

FEC: Bush, Kerry Can Use Recount Funds

Boredom Alert cancels (p)Residential Debates in Florida.

Spanish PM calls for UN mediation in Iraq

Documents reveal plans for Iraq war (Aust)

C-Span has debates on Split Screen

Baghdad: deaf for taking sweets from American troops

Senators Slam Republican Party for Bible Pamphlet

Arabs pump in more oil dollars at home

New CIA Director Makes Changes at Top (Neocon Oilman IRI Member New #3)


MSNBC Poll Link

So it's now Adam and Steve after all


Lawmakers ask for WTO charge against China

Lehrer Stacks Deck Against Bush (Newsmax spinning like mad why Bush lost!)

FBI Ordered to release John Lennon files

John Kerry uses quote from my book "The Religion of Bush" Thank you !

Bush, Kerry Clash on Iraq in Debate

US releases 180 prisoners

SKINNER: Turn off images to speed things up please. NT

Former Pitcairn islanders tell of rape as a way of life

Hundreds Protest Near Kerry-Bush Debate

Lawson (Software) Meets Lowered Targets, Plans Layoff (MN) (100 jobs)

BBC: Kerry, Bush clash over Iraq war (debate review)

Absentee ballots a mess

WP: Party Critics Urge Blair to Stand Up to Bush ('Jeeves' approach)

Newsview: Four More Years, or Change?

Surpeme Court Job Invigorates Rehnquist

WP: GMU Disinvites Moore

RFK Children Object to Hotel Preservation

WP: Russian Cabinet Backs Pact on Climate Change

Witnesses claim U-S troops fired on a car killing seven Iraqis

Ethics Panel Admonishes House Leader DeLay

Nuclear proliferation the big threat

NYT: Its Recruitment Goals Pressing, the Army Will Ease Some Standards

Kerry beats US marine latrines

My daughters kick ass!

OMG, I actually convinced a freeper that Row Boat Vets is true!!

What is the best way to watch the debate.

Master Debater!

"Dick's a Killer" -- * sings

You know this joint needs? MORE COWBELL!!

It's a nice dream, but it isn't going to happen!

AGHH! I'm trying to get to Clery's in Boston! Help me get there!!!!

Wow I am proud of my brother

Who remembers Crash Davis and Susan Sarandicoot?

Will Bush* fart on stage and blame it on Kerry?

Who remembers Crash Bandicoot?

OK guys time for the Bush Severe Gastro-Intestinal Problems Vibe Thread

Michael Moore Hates America

Jill Arrington is HOT!

The Drooling Debater of all CAPTIONS!!!


Nation States Playas...

Fear and Loathing in Montreal

Seems Triumph doesn't much care for Fatt Sludge!

I have no messages in my inbox!

Where did the avatars go??

Back up buzzer system ..thank god.

I am taking notes. Am I a total dork?

BOSTON: Going to Clery's to watch the debate? Don't bother.

Bush looks SUNKIST orange!!!!!


Repeating Bob Shrums stump speech, if you call it that.



Does anybody see that

Plugging ears to life...Nyahhh Nyahh Nyahhh.....go away life....go away...

Orange Chimpy

How do you jam a surgically implanted earpiece 15' away? eom

OMG Kerry is so calm and collected!!!

first time watching the CBC..

I'm going to sleep.

Bush looks like he's clawing at quicksand to stay alive

Anyone noticing the sneaky camera work? Bobbing Kerry up and down.

Jim Lehrer turned me off so much with his "I" ask the questions.."I" do

Argh-porn spam with subject line "did you see debate"

Virtual Debate party in AIM! Toga-Toga-Toga!

Game OVER!!!!!!

Tonight I am at peace with the world

Damn! If you took a drink every time * did during this debate

Bush sounds like a lying kid trying to lie to his parents .

why do they need put JK's podium so much lower than *'s

Wanna see some scary (yet funny) shit????

There it is!!! "NU-cu-lar"

Name dropping.

This debate is what happens

wtf is * talking about????

Just heard a female voice speaking softly almost inaudible

How many glasses of water does bush have?

Post your alcoholic beverages of choice for the debates

buffering... 7%... buffering... 30%

look at the fuckin furrows on *'s forehead

Boy bikes vs. girl bikes. What's the reasoning there?

Tell John Kerry: Don't send Tex-Mex messages to the Murican people!

Just bopped over to freeperville...DU interface kicks ass over FR

Will the media declare **** the winner tomorrow?

Front page photo at the Globe and Mail *CAPTION* the handshake

900 Posts!!!!


my lord we're all so ANONYMOUS this evening

He was a hard-headed man. He was brutally handsome.

bush* is bombing already

Who am I?

Donating to the DNC in honor of JFK win

Made this to celebrate.... enjoy it

Kerry is ahead on the latrine walls in Iraq

The debate is going so well, I'll smoke a cuban cigar in celebration.

Its the beginning of the end guys

Teresa and Laura had the same outfit on!!!!!

Are you guys hearing this??

I watched the President debate some guy tonight

george W bush - Consistent - ly Wrong

What's a Transshipment?

Pheeew, just saw the list of media jerk-offs in GD2004

Daily Show time!

OMG --I got so nervous during the debate I got into the rum...

I got some celebrating to do and I'm fresh out of beer

Will Pitt responding while drunk in a thread in GD2004

Is there a mercy rule in debates?

"That's what won for him in 2000." Jon Stewart

Oops! I'm into the Bushmills!!!

Chat tonight to celebrate

whats the verdict, my friends?

Peggy "Looney" Noonan has Thelma (Scooby Doo) glasses on...

Daily Show LMAO at undecided voters !

Those on the right are saying things like

Some wonderful new DUers seen in GD:C

Didn't know mooning the Lounge was considered 'sex'

HOLY [email protected]!! 700 WLW JUST CONCEDED TO KERRY!!!!!

My baby is sick.....

What did Bush say in the "Moment of Zen" clip?

An hour and a half and not ONE question on the NHL lockout!

Wow! The FOX commentators seem to think that Kerry did the better job!

I got BINGO during the debate!!!!

Kerry won! Kerry won!

The Debate: No Surrender

Today is my birthday.

so...anything worthwhile on tv tonight?

Professor vs. Cowboy

Y'all - I am so happy right now I want to hug everyone of you!!!!

3 Cheers For John Kerry a True Statesman!

OK, so that's sad. That's just incredibly f*cking sad.

HAPPY F.Y. 2005 EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

Hey! Hey you MOOLAHS!

Bush knows how the world works

What the Cheney was THAT??!!??

Watch Jimmy Kimmel

Time to get ill

He's a very stupid leader...

Will someone please tranquilize Karen Hughes ?

Bill Schneider breaks out the crayons

Kim Chong Ill hardwork terra Jon Chung Illin hardwork

The debate on my BRONCO site is evenly split

The Ramsey & LynneSin rallying cry: DON'T FORGET POLAND!!!!!!!!!1

Big time alert!

All the DU drunks check in here

he did NOT say multi-prong

Who's this singer on Letterman, and what song is he doing?

Is there a proctolagist in the house?

Hey Bostonians! We bailed on Clery's

The stupid new * commercial

Let's write our own post-debate punditry

Freepers are watching some other debate

Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead!


Sealab 2021: Cheerleader Hesh!

CAPTION... "Don't Hurt me!"

Daily Show closeup on Kerry's notepad: "I am SO crushing him"

It's the spanakopita I made tonight. That's why Kerry is winning

Best after debate reporting

DAMNED Virus on my 'puter...

Is this a good look for Dustin Hoffman?

This picture says it all...

AL East Champs, Baby!!

So what is Shrub actually writing?

Suggestions on a care package to Japan?

CAPTION... McCain and the Bush Daughters



In case you didn't see this

Deer Traps People Inside Restaurant

Well...."Hero" is a good movie if you can read subtitles and watch complex

Selecting a mortgage lender

Bye, yall...

So how long before scrub...

Poland asks for rescinding order on Bush

Freeper's idea of spin....haha

If Candidate Does Not Receive 270 Electoral Votes

Godspeed, John Kerry! eom

Breaking: Bush Shits His Pants LIVE; National Press Calls It Perfume

Why is the chimp putting off his physical until AFTER the elections?

Screw the rules!

Scientists Hit Campaign Trail for Kerry

Picture this, Kerry wins the debate out right, and then a few hours later

Proof Allawi LIED to our Congress

CNN sprinkling their debate coverage with BAD NEWS from Iraq.

I just have to say that I don't know if I can stomach the debate 2nite

The debates are for the undecideds...

Split Screen for Debates on C-Span

Think there may be a dem spy in the * camp

Where have you gone, George McGovern?

So which network will you watching the debate on?

Geez, Farhenkopf, co-chairman of debate *It's better than nothing*

Debate Time?

Kerry's never let us down before. He won't now.

Air America (Majority Report) will be covering the debate!

Wow this debate is really hyped

The media has turned debate into a ZOO

I hope MSNBC's Campbell Brown packed her knee-pads.

Just heard that C-span will have split screen so we can see

Hey folks: This is not the only debate

C-SPAN to use split-screen throughout the debate!

Paula 'Glam News Queen' Zahn whoring her ass off.

Tad Devine AWESOME with Matthews

DNC video Bush vs Reality

Going UpRiver: The Long War of John Kerry. October 1st[Tomorrow]

We made $10 Million! Raised to $12 mill!

How can we overcome Bush's strong leadershit?

The Likable-and-Respectful Trap: Kerry Must Avoid it.

Watch this at some time tonight

Don't EVEN think about not watching tonight!!!

Thirty minutes to go....AND...I...WANT...BLOOD!!!!!

Audience instructions on CSPAN now 8:35pm est

When Kerry and * shake hands tonight,

Frank Luntz Has Been Canned; Ye Ha

Would Eisenhower be a Democrat today?

40 kids killed in Iraq today, so Smirk can forget saying it's going well.

Dem takes Lead in US Senate race in SC!

"These people want to kill us"

A debate? Definitely not, says TV pioneer


Please stop describing female TV personalities

Join Atrios debate chat on IRC!

Official Debate Good Karma Thread

Watch debate with sound off and listen to airamerica instead

Just Gave The Kerry Campaign A $50 Good Luck Present!

Dear John - beat him as if our lives depended on it

OK Creepy Candy Crawley ...did she cover Gore? Is she the bad luck witch?

Contribute-to-Kerry-before-the-deadline tally - currently $6025

Want to vomit? Read this Freeper prayer for Bush tonight

No cable - best network for debate watching?

The single most important thing to tell 3rd party leaning antiwar voters

To John Kerry and other democrats

Is anyone keeping score of Bush's lies tonight?

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Important Do You Believe This Debate Is Tonight?

A Flashback from Gil Scott-Heron: B Movie

So What do you think Teresa said?

Everyone go to the ARG Poll site after the debate

?Mr. Bush* how will you sleep tonight when 35 children died in Iraq today?

LOOK AT BUSH'S TEETH DURING THE DEBATE! (They've been whitened.)

Will anyone be keeping score of Bush's lies tonight?

Hire AL Sharpton now


Binary Poll-Will The Winner Of Tonight's Debate Be The Next President?

A Defining Moment

Bush already sweating hours before debate


Anyone else hoping their primary posts don't come back to haunt them?

REMINDER: Kerry/Edwards Rapid Response Blog

I smell a conspiracy -- C-SPAN coming in fuzzy in Central Florida

Supplement: LIVE CHAT on

did you hear the laundry list of lehrer's demands during the debate?

ABC has a fact checking group.

Streaming on CSPAN. The stage looks very dark to me.


All day in my head, I was seeing them postioned in reverse...

I thought Comedy Central was going to cover the debate.I can't find it

Prediction: Bush wins the popular vote and Kerry wins the EV

Please everyone watch C-span, boycott others...

Chimpy is STONED again.


OMG, * got in 9-11 less than 30 seconds into his rebuttal.

Look at the split screen Bush is lifted up so he will be taller

Kerry is looking and sounding EXACTLY like a President should

Kerry really whiffed that question -- too many figures

"Pre-September *10th* mentality?!?"

We're facing a... a..... a.......

"Saddam, uh, I mean, Bin LAden..."

Of course we're after Saddam Hussein, uh, I mean bin Laden


Who thinks that * is just doodling on his notepad?

Kerry point out that there was no WMD's

The Debate is on split-screen on CSPAN -- you see both Bush & Kerry

People like Al Queda which we are



Big slip up with President Bush

"There is no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe..."


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KERRY USED "OUTSOURCING" about going after OBL

Anybody watching on CNNfn; with the brainwaves?

Kerry just dinged him

Bush is bloodied and beaten after Round 3.

Iraqis fighting "voceriferously"?! * shouldn't use big words he doesn't

Iraqis fighting "voceriferously"?! * shouldn't use big words he doesn't

Will Kerry respond to Bush's flip-flop accusation by saying


Chimpy tight-jawed, gulping a lot when JK speaks.

Bush's face is getting redder by the minute

"it's like a huge tax gap and...anyway"

Bush just fucked up.

President George Bush* the SMARTASS.


"Tax Gap?"

Poor Chimpy -- he's sporting a black eye

"and he outsourced that job too"

Bringin up Bin Laden

Who is this ORANGE MONKEY on the set?

OMG !!! - I Just Figured Out The rePukes Mistake !!!


Bush Being Pummelled

How can anyone vote for this chimp?? n/t

Bush sounding like Cartman! It's myyyee JJOB!

Bush sounding like Cartman! It's myyyee JJOB!


Bush sounding like Cartman! It's myyyee JJOB!

Bush is fucking up

Here's some spin you will hear from the Republicans:

"Of course we think every day about protecting America. uh...."

mueller? isnt he gone form FBI?

"I meet with the head of the FBI when I'm in Washington..."

Bush is just Squirming to have a tantrum .. how dare Kerry say that..!!!!

Kerry has Bush on the defensive

Bush choking already


I am so embarrassed to live in a country

You know, if * had scheduled regular press conferences during his term...

wow, shrub keeps changing subjects mid-response

Bush looks like Ned Beatty in Deliverance

HERE WE GO!!! Kerry talking about the oil ministry!!!

Bush is gonna cry by the end of this debate

Does anybody else

Kerry is taking Bush to the cleaners

My message to the troops " Help is on the Way"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"That's not what "Commander in Chiefs" does" hahahahahaha

Wooohooooo! He brought up 41!!!!

lol, another * gaffe!

We didn't guard the nuclear facilities...

Why doesn't Kerry point out that Bush threatened to VETO the $87 bill.?

cspan, kerry farther distance than bush

Two words: Poised and articulate.

Shrub keeps just replaying his TV ads

Kerry is taking Bush to the cleaners

Look at Bush's face

Whoa! Did Kerry say he was in Vietnam?


YES!!! Kerry mentioning Halliburton!!!

Did he fall again???

bush* is losing it. OMG, this guy looks so weak and vapid. Kerry is

Kerry is the alpha male

Ouch. Bushit* just slammed Kerry

Kerry just won this debate


Faux News cameras tinting Bush (de-graying his hair!)

Who does Shrub keep looking at? There is one person in the audience


Only thing missing on Bush are the BALL BEARINGS

Bush looks like a runt standing on phone books

How the hell did this clown ever get into the White House?

Working late on the West Coast. How's the debate compared to Gore's?

Butthead is up against Kerry

* is sounding just like his daughters at the convention

We won the war too fast?

Invading Mexico in response to Pearl Harbor

Did the b word say we had a 'rapid victory' regarding Iraq???????


Is Bush doing all the talking? I've flipped onthe debate for several


Kerry has a stronger, more robust voice.


Kerry just PWNED Bush with his own father

Goldberg applauds Bush for saying "vociferously"

How does the CNN/FN graph thang work?

WHAT!? "the american people decide. I decide"

Splitscreen: Bush is ORANGE compared to Kerry

Anyone else's nerves on edge?

Osama Bin Laden Dudn't git to decide. I dew.

Bush just used a talking point in the wrong place.

Remember: Foreign policy debate WAS Shrub's strong point.

Kerry is the great overacheiver

The AMERICAN PEOPLE decided how to defend this country?!

The AMERICAN PEOPLE decided how to defend this country?!

What are Freepers saying??? I wanna know!!!

I wish Kerry would look into the camera.. just ONCE!

If 'b' drinks anymore water, he's gonna wet himself!

BA,M!!!! "The only bldg that was guarded was the Oil Ministry"

BWHAHAHAHAHA -- He can't even talk now

Has anyone told DUMBYA his "opponents" name????

He said, "Doody" ! LOL.

the "it's hard work" count

It does not matter the news will say Bush know that.

How many times...


Did the debates start over or is


Did he just say "it's hard to, you know, love her as best I can..."

Does Bush's behavior tonight remind anyone else of Perot in 92....

Love her as best as I can???

Let Me Finish!

It's Hard!! It's Hard Work!!

"Did I mention that it's hard work, but we're making progress?"

The President Is Not Getting The Job Done


Freepers have AOL poll tied up

* said "doody." LOL.

Oops! my tv froze

LOL -- Now the asshole isn't even making sense

notice how * keeps interupting the moderator to say more?

Bush Jumping in to replace the loving of Missy Johnson's husband


Halfway through the debate and Bush is calling on Laura


Does he have the earpiece "going" sure seems like it !

there's the smirk again!!

Love her as best as I can???



When the hell will Kerry answer Bush's "wrong war, wrong place.."

Oh I'm so worried, JK is kicking ass, I'm scared

Bush breaks the rules


I would hate to be the family dog or Laura tonight

"oh, I care about the dead troops, yes I do..."

Notice the difference between Kerry and * during their non speaking times

AM I losing my mind or is * talking in cricles????

I am so happy right now. YES YES YES!!!


Kerry is getting shorter and further away



"wrong war, wrong time etc."

"Hard work"

So, he wants to be free, now.

How many freakin' times can one man say "hard work" in 90 minutes

Allawi "courageous and brave"?????

Look at the posture.

RNC TALKING POINTS ARE DISASTERS, according to brainwaves. nt

"It's hard work" and "How can you lead by saying the wrong war, the wrong

Kerry's overriding theme tonight "I can do better"

Allawi "courageous and brave"?????

Is Lehrer going to call him on repeating the same thing over and over?

Kerry is smiling and Bush is whining

what are freepers saying about bush? debate?

ur right cspan has closeup of W and but who r they fooling?

Don't be surprised if Bush and Rove cancel remaining debates

So, look at who has the biggest microphone???

Why is Kerry getting all the moderator questions?

How many times has * said"It's gonna be HARD" re: Iraq?


How many times did Shrubbypants* suggest Kerry can only flip-flop?


The President says he is leading, but nobody is following him

Some new polling info:

How Many times has Moronya repeated

* is DESPERATE, trying to cvince everyone!

Kerry seems bored with Bush's answers! n/t

b* PLEADING with his answers...

wrong place...wrong time

how many times has * interrupted the moderator so far?

I want a nickel for every time McMoron says 'hard work'...

Bush is so full of Bullshit

He's Not Gonna Make it 90 Minutes

Didn't they have the same debate teacher at Yale

Say it, John!!! No Saddam-9/11 connection!!!

I see A Moving Van @ the WH folks, BushCo is done!

Kerry looks like a big ol' pretzel to me. Choke, chimpy, choke!!

Folks, Kerry is just now getting warmed up.

9! NINE! 9 on the brainwaves!

I see A Moving Van @ the WH folks, BushCo is done!

Kerry is NOT explaining his $87 billlion or why he voted based on false

"More Resolutions Wouldn't Have Made Saddam Disarm"

Game Over

Kerry telling the truth to the Nation

Say it Say it please John!!!

Heh! How long has it been since * smirked in self-satisfaction instead

Best George Bush Quote From Debate

Again, my observation...Kerry's mike is bigger than Bush's.

hard work hard work hard work hard work

WTF??? every time bush speaks, we get a split-screen, BUT

Saddam disarm? Disarm what. WTF?

After he loved her

Is Iraq the ONLY subject?

MELTDOWN; LIVE on any major media outlet.

Hello President Kerry!!!


Did Bush just do a double double-take?

The Churchill line was great...

Bush: "I Kick ASS, Yeehaw, Next!!"

How will the media spin this??

God my heart is about to beat out of my chest...

Kerry looks very Presidential tonight.

Every time the moderator changes the time, notice the reactions?

Did you see that look in Kerry's face?

President Kerry, I thank you

Kerry is soaring now.

Kerry gives me comfort and security. He will answer Bush down to his level

haha, bush's circular logic is HILARIOUS

Now that you're all here and I have your attention... Drink Pepsi Cola


"Senator Kerry: I knew Al Gore, and you're no Al Gore!"

AM I losing my mind or is * talking in cricles????

what is this fucking rambling

Kerry Press Release: Bush vs. Reality

Did they do the light thing just to eff with KKKarl? If so...BRILLIANT!

"I never wanted to commit troops..."



Don't forget...CSPAN will be taking your calls!

Oh gawd!!! Monkey Pants just tripped over the word "Peninsula"

He looks like Alfred E. Newman

The ties....

iranian moolahs?????

is the jig up?

Not even the pundits can spin this one for the Chimp


Notice whenever the moderator asks the questions their reactions?


Somebody needs to take the blood off Chimpy's upper eye area

You can't say "Nuclear" - That really scares me...

The Rove Spin

"O-oh of course I knew Osama attacked us"




Cut me Mick!

GLOBAL TEST???? Please Kerry, repair the damage

You can't say "Nuclear", that really scares me,

The freepers are FREAKING OUT!

Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa!!!!

Are the republicans wondering how they vted or this guy! nt

"We're going to win this war in Iraq!"

deGaulle waves him off and says:

Moolahs! ,,,,PeninSHOEla! ,,,,Nucular....all in one answer!

Osama bin Laden is the debate word du jour per Kerry, YES!

What the fuck is a moo-law?

The "Mooolahs?" Who are they? Are they like the "Oompa-Loompas?"

OK, I feel better now. Kerry is getting better and better.

John Kerry blew me out of bed!!!!

Bush, Tourrette's Syndrome, anyone catch that twitch

you CAN'T spin this into a win for bush, no freekin' way

Kerry is ON and Bush is off his rocker

Make sure to play this while Bush speaks

Bush is working this chimp act overtime

Freepers are PO'd that the debate label is covering Kerry's

how's it right now to your expectations?

Good! Shrubbie is jumping ahead to a new talking point- Criminal Court

Moo-lah is slang for money, right?


How did this Idiot ever become President!!!!

It's Rainman against Kerry

Ummm... Darfour? Never heard of it...


"Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" BUSH has said that SIX times now!!!

Arrrrghghgg! Hit Back John. . Stop pulling punches. Pleeze!!!!!

Theresa will be over on Monday to measure for curtains . . .

"Saddam Hussein didn't attack us. bin Laden attacked us. "

You can't lead if you send mexed missages! n/t


The poor widdle Boy Bush is about to CRY...he knows he is bombing

Stop sending "mexed missages" JK!!

What the hell is a mexed missage?

Why can't this guy say MIXED MESSAGES?

From here on Kerry's Meme: All Bush has is excuses

"You cannot lead if you send Mexicans...."

Hey shrub, d-d-d-d-did I stutter mutherfucker?


Mr. President -- if you know how the world works, how did you screw up

Wait A Minute!!! OMG!!!

This is like watching Evander Holyfield box Steve Urkel!

Okay, that's vodka, not water. "Mexed Misshages?"

Anyone else loosing video on CSPAN? nt

Bush: "I believe you can shift tactics..."

Mixshed meshages

MAXED- MISSAGES!!!! Vitameatavegamin!!!!!

Win The Peace

"Kerry changes his mind"....."we will shift tactics"

Am I biased or is Kerry KICKING ASS!!!!

Have Ya Noticed Kerry' s Finger ???

Let's sum it up: Kerry strong, Bush defensive

did * really drink from an empty glass?

Bush: "I believe you can shift tactics..."


so how's Karl Rove feeling right now?

Bush: "Jim, I'd like to invoke the 10-run rule."

Nuclear materials ..................BINGO!!!!!

I think it is demeaning

Woo hoo!He said it! It doesn't matter if you're consistent if you're wrong

Check out the different microphone sizes between them...

The Sword of Damocles - Why Kerry is different from Bush


Notice how * reacted when Kerry said "nuclear proliferation"?

OH. MY. GOD. I did NOT think it was possible to fall MORE in love with


For once, I like what Bush is saying. Sadly, this will be the soundbite

What an embarassment for the media, especially CNN.

Certain and be WRONG

Fly on the Wall!

Lybia disarmed because of what Clinton started and Blair finished.

Protect America in the long WORM!?

"I should keep 'em on a leash"

Wow, they actually talked to each other.

Has any president done worse in a debate than shrub is doing tonight?

Shit - I'm worried people will feel sorry for Shrub

Kerry is going to drop a bombshell on * before Nov. 2

My letter to the networks

My estimate of * and Kerry's IQs.

kim kim il kim chung il

Mr. President, it's the last question - BROAD SMILE

"it's hard for me to love (the war widow) the best that I can..."

Bush's Emphasis on Mixed Signals

"I've never wilted in my life. I've never wavered in my life."

George??? "Nukular Purfilteration"...



Everyone was right....* is a master debater!!!!

I have a good relation with Vladimir?

Stick a fork in Bush...he's done. At least as far as this debated goes.

AOL poll has chimp winning debates. Go vote if you have AOL.

Just how many glasses of water does Chimpy have?!?!?

The freepers are FREAKING OUT!

JFK Is Kicking His Fucking Ass!!!!!!


Bush as Petulant Midget

The giant sucking sound? The wind being sucked out of Repuke sails.


What Happened To The Debates???????????


I've got a good relation with Vladumuur


Does anyone still think there will be a 2nd and 3rd debate?

Vladimir Putin is not exactly someone...

The fence-sitters are gonna fall over to the left after tonight.

This man STUMBLES over the word and the concept: DEMOCRACY

Kerry is hammering him - but one BIG lingering doubt?

Have you noticed the camera angle?

Do you trust a guy that blinks 5 times a second?

Just think the world is watching this idiot. What must they think of us?

reminds me of the Kennedy Nixon debate

Holy crap! He just landed half a dozen punches....

* just tried to dodge the North Korea question again

DU."rs THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Please subscribe!!!

DU."rs THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Please subscribe!!!

What books has Bu$h written, in past 10 yrs.?

Nuclear Proliferation. My god, he's right.

Did Bush take a giant bite out of a lemon?

EWWWW, creepy guy...I have a good relation with Vladimer

Is Bush making sense!

I am going to see JK in Kissimmee tomorrow...this is going to be so sweet

Please DU this Kerry/Bush debate poll.

Bush will need to pee (he's drinking a lot of water)

Nice shot by Kerry about Russia and the media..

Kerry did a good job of explaining his Iraq war position tonight

The Future Belongs To Freedom, Not to Fear

"He's like the Jamaican Bobsled Team...

I actually almost feel sorry for Bush, he is being manhandled so badly

Bush has cotton mouth I wonder what kind of drugs he is on?

God, I was hoping that Kerry went last. Then my kid sister said

Bush looks weird!

At least CNN has an honest poll question. . .

I'M not talkin about LEAVING


How THE FUCK could somebody be undecided after tonight?!

YES! He got the "future belongs to freedom, not fear" line in!

Freeper Admin - "Why is everyone sounding so defeated?"

oh god here Bush goes in his delusional world

YESSSSSSSS nukes in Korea happened on Bush's watch

Now that was Shock and Awe. Not hit the email trail and follow thru.

Kerry to bush*.........EAT MY DUST!

It was "hard work" listening to Bush. His closing is more pitiful than

Bush just lost his first debate

TO PRESIDENT-ELECT KERRY..................

Whooo hooooo let's get reading to watch the spin on this one n/t

And n ow the faux spin

Damn JK lost that coin toss

And there's the checkered flag!


Listen to that shit!!!

Did anyone count how many times chimp blinked his eyes?

Anyone care to comment on their ties?

Bush was just handed his ass!!!

The whores better call it for Kerry - there's no rational way to spin it

Is Pickles drunk or just extra medicated tonight?

Oh I'm a pretty calm guy

Contact your local media outlets now!

You know, I wasn't going to do it --

Lehrer did a great job, I think...

Timmy the Whore - No knockout tonight

What we have seen is not the end, but is the beginning of the

Greenfield commenting on discontent on "the conservative blog"

You think this debate was fun? Wait for the Economy debate!

"No new words - SAME ONES" ---------CSPAN Caller (for JK) n/t

Waterworks scorecard!

JE on NBC !!!!!

Edwards on NBC NOW!

great point on CSPAN. 3 glasses of water for *, 1 sip for Kerry.

OK...I just saw the CSPAN Internet Feed

"Everybody Matters" George Invokes BIG BIRD !!! HAAAAAA

Slouch and Sneer

Fucking DAVID BROOKS doing the after thingy on PBS

Kerry WON hands down and any media whore

Kerry OWNED * in this round

At times I thought Dubya's blank stare would last for minutes....

JE on NBC!!!

The up and down podiums - kerry filmed farther, looked smaller

Scarborough declares Kerry the winner


CALL 202 737 0002

This is from an Air Force guy - Missile Defense won't fucking work

Scarborough says Kerry won!!!

slouched and sneered

He started with God, and ended on God

uhhhhhh......(blank stare)

Just like that memorable scene from Deliverence, "Squeal like a pig!"

Bush was on the defensive, but...

Is Matthews on the BC04 payroll?

Tonight marked the beginning of the end

Poll : Go vote. Bush 53 Kerry 44

So... I've Got PBS On Caption Stream, And Am Listening To Malloy, Et. Al..

WHERE IS THE POST?????????????????

Who is David Brooks?/

Scarboro: Kerry won.

Kerry must really have practiced...

Tweety is saying Kerry was not clear and consistent.

Media Verdict: flabberghasted afraid to say the truth

I was worried tonight. I worried if Kerry blew it it could all be over.

Edwards on NBC NOW!

WOO HOO!! What a freaking massacre!


Kerry made a big mistake on respect Bush.

Andrea Mitchell forgot to switch her pre-debate index cards...

Post Debate Spin THREAD #1

Congratulations Rudolph

I just can't stop smiling

Has anyone gotten an e-mail yet from the Kerry/Edwards campaign with


FauxNews RW cabal of commentators reeling

Mike Malloy just called the debate a Kerry slamdunk!

OMFG! Scarb just said that NO ONE could call this for Bush!!! Kerry won!

sorry to be crude, but we just witnessed an historic ass-kicking!

Scarborough: Best Kerry performance ever, Bush got lost

Spin - We'll wait for the polls in 72 hrs. effin whores! n/t

N. Korea---a BIG BIG problem for Bush

Boy, what would Frank Luntz be doing now if he were on MSRNC?

How will press in other countries report this debate?

Scarbourgh just gave the debate to Kerry

There was a 2-second delay in the CNN broadcast.

BUSH Had THE Line Of The Night!!!

I am so fucking happy right now!!!


"Bush held his own"

Wesley K Clark on CNN! n/t

CNN: Gen Tommy Franks calls OBL as a "dot on a piece of paper"

* calling world leaders by first names

"John Kerry Looked Presidential"

They're spinning Bush ON cnn..

Kerry simply destroyed Chimpy tonight. 2 more debates on the way!

Here comes the spin!

Kerry made a big mistake

Kerry Won!!!!!

* calling world leaders by first names

The official first post-debate Conspiracy Theory:

Interesting thing I noticed about CSPAN callers just now

Tommy Franks is full of shit

C-Span: "I so enjoyed listening to a man with a brain again!"

Andrea Mitchell is really bending over to kiss Bush's butt.

Bush was a "depressed toad sucking a lemon" in the debate n/t

What are the ABC, NBC, and CBS

MSNBC Poll Online

MSNBC Poll Link

Ethics Committee blasts Tom DeLay

Shlurry. Bush's words were very shlurry.

TWO C-Span Bush Supporters have said "Presidentg Kerry said..."

MSNBC poll for president - Kerry at 74% right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tweety - Kerry still unclear on his position over Iraq

NBC after the break: "Fact check" about what they said

MSNBC Poll Link

three C-span callers for Bush

"President Kerry" a Bush supporter just said...

I thought it was a draw: Let the flames begin

Honestly, why do they left the spin masters talk on TV afterwords?

Kerry kicked ass on CBS poll of noncommitteds 44% to 24 or something.

NBC: Karen Hughes models Martian fashions

Kerry wins big time!

44% think Kerry won the debate. 26% say Bush.

Bush Has Never Lost a Debate

I actually almost feel sorry for Bush, he is being manhandled so badly

omfg: bush "tried to put a leash on" his kids!?!?!


Kerry: Sadaam was a threat

Line of the Night

Dear Kerry naysayers - ANY QUESTIONS???

MSNBC poll Kerry:71%, Bush 29%

MSNBC Poll: Kerry won by 73%

CBS - Kerry scored better

There Are TWO More Debates to Come


MSNBC poll for president - Kerry at 73% right now ... Vote here!

First online poll I've found

A Kerry slam dunk!

CBS interview with uncommitted voters coming up (10:45 PM)

President Kerry

"I'm so glad to hear a man with a brain again!"


Kerry Won it. Will Dems talkers close the deal or piss it away

The big difference

I Just got out of class! HOW DID OUR GUY DO?!?!?

ABC Poll-- 45% say Kerry won!!! 36% Shrub

Quick note on their water glasses.................

Rove is on C-Span

"The debate changed the way (X) amount of people I know are going to vote"

Bush still can't say Kerry's name!

"thank God we got a good Christian man as president" - on CSPAN

uh, err, um count:

DU this MSNBC poll!!

Phone call on C-SPAN just now - *very* telling

Expect an onslaught.

Votes Needed NOW at AOL Online Poll!

Phone call on C-SPAN just now - *very* telling

Fox declares Kerry winner.

Help DU! I missed the debate! Where can I catch it next

Who saw the audience (on the left side as you watched) at

My two loving sisters that don't pay attention to politics called me

Help DU! I missed the debate! Anywhere I can see it soon.

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

I'd be embarrassed as hell to be a Republican right now.

CBS Flash Survey

TWO C-Span Bush Supporters have said "Presidentg Kerry said..."

NBC undecideds focus group: 100% Kerry win tonight

Karl Rove is now thinking I need to get another scandal started

Bush FLOPPED... Again. And even his spinners CAN'T FLIP THAT!

Fellow On ABC said chimpy Looked ANGRY!

Bottom line from my debate watching party in Las Vegas

To Comedy Central

Here come CNN "undecided" bullshit..

Bush Has Never Lost a Debate

two words

CSPAN Bush loonie thread!

Let's kick it for Kerry

This needs captioned!! Pickles meets Heinz

Jackson: Kerry TKOs Bush In First Debate

NC Senate Poll - Bad News

Is Brokaw drunk?

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

Bush was like a "depressed toad sucking lemons" during the debate n/t

Cnn in Ohio with undecided voters

Kerry: Sadaam was a threat

Kerry wins ABC survey!

I'm suspicious, why would a Bush supporter say Kerry won?

Ahh, but Novakula isn't impressed.

Blitzer/CNN screws over Kerry campaign

Here's another poll for you to DU

CNN Online poll

Here's the analysis I posted a few hours BEFORE the debate

Next Debate....will be tougher for Kerry. How do we make the media whores

The Liberation of Paris must have felt like this. Help is on the way!!!

Time for Tom Ridge's next "terra" alert

Bush defeated him self

He did it! By George, he did it! (pun INTENDED)

CBS Undecided: 44% say Kerry Won the Debate!

I thought Kerry did great but he missed the jugular on the 87 billion

b*sh agrees we need to "Shift Tactics!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Reminder if you've got spare $$$

Kerry should have pointed out Bush flip-flops more forcefully!

DU This Poll NOW!!!!

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

OK, I'm beside myself!!! Too fuckin' good to be true -

Two well-placed DNC ads on home page

Kerry should have pointed out Bush flip-flops more forcefully!

So who was on the other end of *'s earpiece?

Even the Pro-Gunners say Kerry Won!!!

I feel like crying, this is what we've so desperately hoped for

Time for Tom Ridge's next "terra" alert

First Impression's "Kerry Won Huge"... as time goes by "AWOL held his own"

Anyone notice how CBS/NBC/ABC are giving both sides equal...

Kerry wins in both ABC and CBS surveys/polls

Kerry Was Forceful And Presidential...

new nickname for bush ----------> "Humpty Dumpty"....


so what will Rove say as soon as he meets *?

Debate repeat on CSPAN now!

Time for Tom Ridge's next "terra" alert

I swear, after the nation has seen Kerry shine like he did tonight ...

CBS saying...

Ann Richards is coming up on Larry King

New Bushism?

Admin: Tombstone anyone who says Bush won!

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

Oops! ABC accidentally posts post-debate story before debate

Fellow On ABC said chimpy Looked ANGRY

Bush looked like he was on something...


Daily Show live on the debate now n/t

Don't you think Rove is bitch slapping * right now?

Flame me now: Kerry blew his big chance

Debate rerun on CSPAN now!

Fox Poll ??? I've Tried, But Can Only Hold My Breath For So Long !!!

Time for Tom Ridge's next terra alert

I can only find the CNN and AOL Poll... where is Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC?

Expect Ashcroft or Ridge to make big announcement tomorrow,

OT: Andrea Mitchell has a big nose.

MSNBC Focus Group: Kerry won debate 6-0, FOX pundits Kerry 4-0

"So maybe they think we are after their oil."

I say now, unequivocally, that Chris Matthews should be on Fox.

Larry King on now CNN -

Line from a friend tonight - LOL!

Hunting Forums Say Kerry Won!!!

Anyone watching Jon Stewart on Debate!!

I bet Rush says Bush won ! U know he will! U know it!

It's hard work not sending mixed messages

CNN poll

FOX is spinning out of control with Karen Hughes.

Innoculation Hallelujah!!


Daily Show on

Caption this photo - Pickles meets Heinz


GREAT Caller quote:

Were there times during *'s speech you knew what he was going to say?

Tweety actually looks lost for words and

According to CBS Quick Poll of Undecideds - Kerry Kicked A**!!!

Clark on Jon Stewart now!


New Meme: BUSH looked angry

If Bush was this bad on National Security


PREDICTION: Bush pulls out of next two debates...

Remember the pre-debate talk?

Kerry did better than I thought he would

How soon before the Indumbent declares a Terror Alert?

General Wesley Clark is on The Daily Show

Let's list Bush* GAFFES

A funny thing happened on the way to the Truth

David "Fucking" Brooks says it was a "tie."

Anyone catch the pathetic attempt to shift focus with breaking news?

Anyone watching William Weld on CNN?

Wes Clark on the Daily Show????

So who was on the other end of *'s earpiece?

John Stewart--"Kerry looked like someone you would want to vote for"

Blitzer/CNN screws over Kerry campaign

This needs captioned - Pickles meets Heinz

I peeked into freeperville.

This just in...

Remember folks, the media and the polls said Gore won too

I think Kerry just won the election.

Who do you think won the first U.S. presidential debate?

No way to hide the facts...

Remember DU'ers!

did you see the Daily Show with the comments from the correspondants?

Post Debate Poll up

Flame me now: Kerry blew his big chance

C-Span viewers, check in

Kerry knocked him out! Bamb!

New nickname for bush after tonight: "Blinky".

Fred Barnes [FAUX] praises Kerry!!!!

Who got their asses handed to them on a platter tonight?

The Daily show is KILLING *

Debate redux thread: Bush: "I know how the world works"

Tomorrow's Headlines Just In!

Bush has been reading other people's lines for so long that he believes

Undecided Voter=Idiots

Am I crazy - or did *'s face get really red about half way through?

Skinner, Ron Brownstein @ LA times still not working

It's official: 50% of AOL users smoke crack while watching a debate.

Bush slouched and sneered as Kerry spoke!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Norton Smith sucks


DU this local Iowa poll

Bush* actually did worse than I thought he would....

Chris Jansing is kicking Ralph Reed's butt!

Debate poll for you Pennsylvania posters

I'm drunk as a skunk and fixin' to run through

Kerry removed ALL DOUBT about Iraq as a FAILURE. Mission Accomplished!

Just remember, folks....

"I will hunt down and KILL the terrorists"- Kerry

Be careful.. saying Kerry won lowers *expectations even more for next one!

October surprise eliminated - Bush sank himself hopelessly!

The Federal Election Commission Should Investigate Immediately

Anyone catch Bush not supporting the Hague world court?

No Freakin' Contest

Make W's notes public

Kerry won the debate!

This was Kerry's debate...!

When the debate was over

Transcript yet?

anyone know of a transcript for tonight?

Listen To Lionel Tonight

Wasn't this supposed to be Bush's topic too?

CNN Can't Spell "Foreign" On Their Web Site (URL Inside)

WSJ poll: Bush 32% Kerry 61% tie 7%


Contribute Now!

Rudy Giuliani sounds desperate. He sounds like an idiot.

DU this poll on the debate!

October surprise eliminated - Bush sank himself hopelessly!

This explains it all: "Kerry had the questions beforehand"


So who thinks this makes it more likely...

We're facing a group of folks?

"A lot of them get their trophy wives on Yahoo."


Larry King is such a bitch..

Another poll --- from WaPo (registration needed)

Face it Freepers, your man was ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY

Faux just said

The one job I wouldn't want tonight...

Fuck you, Rudy

LOL! Ralph Reed and Karen Hughes are both flaming orange!

I have just gotten a lot more respect for John.

Did anyone see the Post CNN coverage

what the hell is wrong with karen hughes

Freeper poll doesn't look good for Bush :)

I think a corner was turned tonight...

Guiliani just said that Saddam himself is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Anyone notice how Kerry used back-door DRAFT...

DU this TIME Poll - the freepers obviously have gotten ahold of it!

DU my hometown paper's poll, please?

DNC instructions post-debate: polls, call in shows, emails

Tweety now kissing Karen Hughes's ass

Bush FLOPPED... Again. And even his spinners CAN'T FLIP THAT!

They MUST FIND BIN LADEN before the election now

Hey, Scarborough - if Missouri doesn't have ports & subways -

KNTV in SF Poll

Good time to donate or signup to volunteer for "Ameircans Coming Together"

C-Span replaying debate with split screen

A Canadian's perspective

Scarborough now pimping for Bush campaign

Why does Dubya look orange?

So is this 'The Closer" we hear so much about?

Kerry won big, PLUS a big bonus

CNN Poll....JFK kickin' shrub butt.....

Did anyone notice the camera angle during the debate?


Guiliani on TDS what an asshole!


GRRRRRRR Brian Williams

Jon Stewart getting in Giuliani's face ...

Bush knows


Holy Crap!!!... even Freepers are saying Kerry won the debate...

comparing debates: how did Gore and Bush do in the 2000 debates?

Karen Hughes is a sound bite. They all have the same script. Blah Blah

Did anybody win bingo

Denver Channel 7: Kerry=66%

Freeper's say

Larry King's guests (except the partisan Weld) all say Kerry won.

Did you notice how TINY Bush* looked? LMAO

Why doesen't Kerry use Bush's own words to beat him over the head:

NOW the REAL debate begins


Man, I love Wesley Clark. And he nailed it when he said that democrats

Anyone see the new anti-Kerry ad re: can you trust him?

Was Chimpy wearing an earpiece>

From now on, it's "bush*"

They are STILL pushing the "flipflop"(TM) nonsense ...

CNN Poll: 92% say KERRY WINS

Post Debate Spin: POST your observations here!

God, what is wrong with Andrea Mitchell???

MSNBC!!! WES CLARK on NOW!!!! n/t

Novak spinning madly!!

What have you done so far since the debates?


Can you say Nuclear? Sure you can!

Anyone catch that "leash" comment by bushie, and out of turn?

Wow. Kerry must be a chronic and compulsive masterbater

My Buchanan loving brother just called. SWITCHED TO KERRY

Tweety is a C--ks----r

ABC Nightline Debate Recap

KSBW in Monterey Poll

Karl Rove! You need to hire this guy! He can even debate Kerry!

A free Iraq...

Did anyone else think it was weird that Bush called Putin "Vladmir"?

The Professor vs Gilligan

Things I wish Kerry would have said

Repeat this to the Freepers:

This freeper is watching the Baghdad Bob Network...

Someone on DU should post assignments every day!

Folks, we finally have a candidate!

How many times did Bush blink?

KRON in SF Poll - Bush at 0%

Poll. My hometown paper.

Did all the networks show the split screen?

Freepers are gaining ground in MSNBC poll

I had trouble getting through to I kept recieving error

Bush was blinking so much I thought that it was Morse Code

Should Kerry have complimented Laura Bush when "w" didn't


I am suddenly in a great mood and I don't know why.

Kerry could of destroyed Bush completely in this debate

So after repeating his line 50 times tonight,

Wow, just saw an anti-Kerry ad

Jonah Goldberg just gave the debate to Kerry

According to the media who won?

So, lets have a DU poll on the outcome of the debate...

Gergen: Bush seemed like "didn't want to be there" -- that's ARROGANCE

So will we go to Orange alert or straight to Red?

So how tall is Bush supposedly?

Any bets on that they will try to duck out of the other two debates?

"It is vital we not confuse the warriors with the war"

My uncle died and had to go to his rosary

CNN/Gallup flash phone poll: 53-37 KERRY win tonight

incompetent FOX cameramen !!?!?

Why did shrubya's "quiet moments" and "deer in headlight" pauses increase

Kerry didn't break a sweat and STILL creamed W. /

I just got my email from the Kerry team

To Arms! A Swing State Poll!

Ms. magazine has already closed it's poll. everyone should write.

Imagine the Kerry Speeches & Rallies starting Manana!

Bush looked like a Crank Yanker muppet!

I've never watched Hannity and Colmes before

Got to Campaign Underground and blast swing state polls

George Bush is a half-wit

Stark County Ohio (undecided voter) MSNBC

There's one thing NO ONE can spin

Kerry's doing fine in these polls without our help:)

How long will it be, before the power-hungry media figures out

beware the retroactive 'low expectations' Bush's spinners will...

Can someone please kill Chris Matthews?

Am I biased cause I thought Kerry

LA Times poll... 9.9% say Bush


Scarface: New * ad coming out tomorrow about debate

Did you guys hear Bush try to interrupt

The Revolution Starts.......................

Those bush expressions 2night? I see them at work every day at

Shrub's H2O Intake

Jim Baker will be fired

The Narrative is Taking Shape

Now what will all the "close election/come down to the debates" media

I just saw the most despicable Bush ad.

Okay, I was wrong...I guess Kerry pulled it off

Official K/E Blog has lots on Bush's mixed messages

WP with the debate text, who has the video? nt

Kerry won no doubt but....don't...

DU this poll

After tonight, will the four undecided voters please stand up...

Orlando Online Polls - Highly Repug Area - Vote Now!

"Bush looked angry"

ABC says Kerry won new support....we will see!

What did * call the president of North Korea?

What's a MOOLAH and why are they in Iran??

John McCain has officially stepped into Whoredom

I Missed The Debate. Who Won?

Great points from Kos

Spread the word! John Kerry is the first person to beat Bush at a debate!

All the polls are showing Kerry by landslide, but not commentators.

In the following debates, shrubya will have some toxin in his palm during

EXCUSE ME Dick Morris Oh yea Bush won alright f-ing freak of nature!

I'll tell you why the twit was whining like a little boy

Is this the best the RNC can do?

Post-debate talking points are up on the DNC website, people.

How could anyone in their right mind feel safe with gw*?

Favorite * gaffe

Why was bush allowed to break the rules SO many times!?!

Reagan-Mondale debates...

Kerry kicked Bush's ASS, and the media still gives Bush a free pass.

IMHO, fox camera people FUCKED *

Another poll to vote in: WGN Radio Chicago

Tonight put Kerry in the "winning zone" so beware--Karl Rove ain't happy

Watching the split-screen replay on C-Span with the sound off


Im SO glad Kerry didnt attack Bush alot!... let me explain.

Rove shoots himself in foot with cutaway ban rule...

Bush called terrorists "folks". Big mistake

DU this poll....

A message from history: Another unelected Republican president

Tweety signed of; now MSNBC has totally gone to Kerry

Fineman - * had 35 minutes of material for a 90 minute debate

All Colin Quinn can talk about is Kerry's fake tan.

Freepers probably getting carpal tunnel keeping those cookies deleted...

Chatty Cathy! "Steadfast Leadership"....

Did someone forget to change Bushies Batteries? "Uh, Uuuh, uh.

Scarborough (MSNBC) just said...


I supported Dean in the primaries, but I was so PROUD of John Kerry

Olbermann blogs on the debate

This was the debate to worry about

Will you call radio shows?

FAUX's debate coverage is far more balanced than CNN's

Tonight John Kerry was resolute and stayed the course

40 million Americans saw that debate. No spin can change the truth.

Too much "poll focus" ... what are the key talking points ??

CBS News - Kerry 92.17% !!!

Amazing - Alabama Woman on CSPAN said that Kerry "Had No Iraq Plan"

Deleted message

We are over the hump! Bush has nothing but potholes ahead!

I've watched every debate since Carter /Ford and this was

We must embrase the mourning freeper

JUST got my letter from the Kerry Campaign!

More Presidential Looking

I bet you Howard Dean is screaming in excitement for Kerry right now.

Style versus Substance

What does Bush know about "Hard Work"?

The debate format was not fair to Bush!

earpiece vote....

Freep these polls!

Please read! A non-political board I moderate had this post tonight!

REMEMBER: Gore was declared the winner of the 1st debate, and then,

Franken on Leno Right NOW!!!

Just got back . . . how are we doing in the spin?

Please DU this poll. Thanks!

What did Bush say about not being able to afford homeland security?

When is the terra alert going to be bumped up?


what words best describe kerry's performance tonight?

What was in that hi-ball from which Bush kept drinking tonight?

Thank you Sen. Kerry

What if Kerry had mentioned the rainy season in Darfur?

Scarborough-I seriously think this guy support Kerry

WOW! Bush was SO angry!!!!

And remember folks!... This debate was on NATIONAL SECURITY

"Listen, this is hard work! "

I am so Proud of my Senator - John Kerry!!

Palm Beach Post poll

When you put them side by side.

What can they possibly do to steal this election now?

For 18 mos AFTER 9/11, did * HIMSELF harbor 200 al-Qaeda terrorists

Did he say it was hard work loving the wives of dead soldiers?

i just got off the phone with my lifelong repub father...and he's PISSED.

From KE04

CNN tag Line: "NO knock out punch...No home run"

AOL Debate Poll Results so far

PLEASE... DU this Corpus Christi, TX debate poll...

Bush Sucked A PICKLE!

Will the Terror Alert color change to Red tomorrow?

Boy George has got a short one

Anybody play Bush Debate Bingo?

Drudge spinning like a top!

Faux News has no poll - whaz up with that?

Did anybody see the interview with Edwards following the debate?

I'm really afraid for Kerry's safety

Oh man...this is a BIG TIME momentum shift.

CNN just said that if you scored it like a debate contest

Kerry reminded me of Abe Lincoln!

This is pretty big, Kerry just beat bush on the "Foreign Policy" debate

My quick letter to media regarding debates. Make it better.

WSJ: "Is it just me, or does Bush look more like Alfred E. Neuman"

Jr tried to simulate a teleprompter

Mike Malloy

Bush now has a new ASSHOLE after...

Nightline host seriously bummed out about Kerry's win

The amazing thing to me? Kerry could have done even better.

What was Kerry's comment about "outsourcing" something

One more poll, El Paso Times (Las Cruces, NM)

Reward Good Behavior: Donate NOW!

Bush's performance was like a bad high school essay

Bush looked rather orange, didn't he?

McCain: "The President won tonight"

We haven't won anything

who looked more presidential? NO! who looked more LOSER-like!

Official BUSH Debate photo released!!!!!!

Mike just gave a shout out to democratic underground [AirAmerica]

Wow!! Just got back from Miami Kerry rally.

Interesting survey results on the debate

Kerry had substance AND style

Kerry camp coming out with video of Bush's face during debate. Faux

If any one wants to DU some debate polls....

I'm really afraid for Kerry's safety

Boldness and clarity to describe Bush??

Did Bush lie about spending 35% more to secure Russian nukes?

Remember y'all this was supposed to be the "easy" one for Bush

Will W and company pull out of the remaining debates?

Giuliani is LYING...

Ron Reagan Jr. just ripped


Kerry-Bush debate poll in the Detroit News is up

Oy !!!

Tavis Smiley post debate show and panel are the best I've seen tonight

Bush was "Gore" this time!

What the hell was Bush saying when....

Anyone notice that it was only Bush who called for the extra minute...

The undecided woman on CNN is a moron


Bring Missy on Out

He crushed him

How much difference did the split screens make?...

* Will Opt Out Of The Next Debate Because...

I have a new name for chimp.... Smirky Smurf....:-) n/t


I think Bush beat the Flip-Flop thing into the ground tonight.....

So if everything is "hard work"

Bush is winning in this poll. DU IT NOW!

Oh wait - I'm in a swing state and the swing is in full swing -

Letterman monologue mistake

OMFG -- Al Franken on Leno!!!

"We can't send Mexed Missages -- uh, Mixed Messages."

Pearl Jam just played "Masters of War" on Letterman!!!!

CNN now spinning it as a draw

Kerry is so much better than Gore; and Gore beat W!

Substance in The Debate Show

Why was C-SPAN permitted to have two cameras during debate ?

c-span female caller just said bush is like the father of our country

Kerry is walking a fine line tonight because of the issue (war)

Will the WH make good on its threat to cancel further debates, since the

New meme: Does bush have an anger management problem?

DU this Texas talk radio poll

One of the first news analysis is out. WaPo: Chimp is so toast.

OK who the hell is this Connie Rice on Tavis Smiley? sounds like

Kerry's point that B* has long term objectives in Iraq


Now we know why they hide Bush from the media..

Scarboro declares unequivicably that kerry won the debate.

"Bush not a great debater"

Uploading debate now

I must be getting old. That was the best 90 min. I've spent in ages. LOL

When did the WHOLE SOUTH go from red to pink

Hammer Bush on his style! That is how they attacked Gore.

Star Tribune Poll...get going

Can Karen Huge ever answer a question..

Mike Malloy reading from DU posts tonite

Another post-debate Republican talking point emerging...

Pissy Bush cut away shots should be this debate's Gore sighs

"show us your tits"

One key point--the outsourcing of Osama capture to Afghan Warlords

P Diddy& Russell Simmons choose

Larry King show just said quick Gallup poll K53% *37%


Madeleine Albright is on c-span

MSNBC- Rove on the phone, making calls

Did the "no reaction shot" camera work show how pissed off Bush was?

Aaron McGruder on CNN

Time to worry about NC Senate Race

What isn't being talked about is...

Still, many will vote for Bush, no matter how badly he does

How many Tums do you think Rove consumed tonight?

Ron Reagan is taking Ginsberg apart

DU my hometown TV news station in NC

The Kerry campaign needs to pre-empt the Rethug ads that will come out

Karl Rove being interviewed on CSPAN right now!!!

Ha Ha Ha, freepers are so dumb, they can't even find their

Treblinka Square? TREBLINKA Square?

Greta van Susteren is hack and a whore

Karen Huge is delusional.Saw her on CNN...

Time poll

Bush expected to win next two debates?


Wow...CSPAN post-debate theocrats calling in

If Kerry wins....

"VLADIMURR (sic) and I..."

Howard Fineman says people like Bush's "hedgehog-like stubbornness."

A Knockout for Kerry

What will be the one thing remembered about tonight in 4, 8, 12 years?


My letter to my family...

Burst RW trial balloon attacks fast (collect RW debate attacks here)

Bush Invokes BIG BIRD...."Everybody Matters"

Pure Genius

It ain't over yet, folks. Cheney and Rove won't go down easy.

Wow, CNN poll has Kerry 79%

Joe Scarborough just declared Kerry the winner of the debate!

Why is the punditocracy trying so hard to take the bush side

There was one brief moment when Bush looked like frickin' Gollem....

Lehrer Stacks Deck Against Bush (Newsmax spinning like mad why Bush lost!)

But Is The Media REALLY Telling THE TRUTH???

I swear to God, I have NEVER seen anything like this

The Correct Kerry Response To the Coming "Global Test" RNC Spin

He said it was hard work ELEVEN times. How should we respond?

Winger "art" depicting Bush the Kerry slayer.

Look at my Post: I thought Kerry did badly but apparently I am Wrong

Another post-debate Republical talking point is emerging

The radio had me thinking that "there was no real winner"

Okay, I WASN'T imagining things, bush non-sequitir at the end.

What to do about flipflop statements?

Cheney must be laughing tonight

Digby: Repubs new commercial the phones.

Beware of the Coming Media Spin

What was W's blood alcohol content during the debate?

Did anyone hear dimson say "nuclear"

MORE! Clark AND Edwards pix from Dinger *PIC HEAVY THREAD*

Freepers are delusional

Add another fighter against Bush (read if you like kids getting involved)

I just remembered where I saw that Bush flusterd look before!

It Was a Rout (my report on the debate)

Will's on Malloy!

Lands End staff hoodwinked by Guiliani visit in Wisconsin

Did you get the "leash" comment about his daughters???

Split-screens: Bush's undoing!

So, IF JFK wins - does The Draft live or die?

WHY WAS BUSH SO HOSTILE!!!!??? (We Should Bombard The Media W/ This ?)

My Father, a lifelong Republican is voting for Kerry

How many times

BBV: *** NEW *** Washpost Special Report On E-Voting Is Damned Good

Damn...FOX is being downright HARSH on Bush!!!

There won't be anymore debates

Just got back from the Miami Arena rally...

Predict their next move.

What the hell is wrong with GW?

"They need to make Americans forget what happened tonight"

He's got an earpiece!

Jesus Freaks calling in to Cspan in droves

Karen Hughes...whacha gonna do?

Joe Scarborough, "John Kerry won this debate tonight"


NYC Debate party a great success!

Check the Freep board. They're agreeing, Kerry won.

List of 13 Who-won-the-debate Polls

Damn! I'm impressed. Way to go, John!

We Saw A Very Angry, Unstable, Short, Red-Faced Little Man - PIX

Please DU my local newspaper's debate poll...

Why does John McCain CONTINUE to take up for Bush

What - no foxnews poll?

DU the ARG Pollng site now

I am disappointed at Kerry....

Reality Check: Cheney is going to make mincemeat out of Edwards

Did Kerry say he supports preemptive war?

DAMN!!! My freeper father in law just called!!! They are voting KERRY!!!

Any "not a real debate" complainers wish to recant?


You think Freeperville is delusional.

CNN and Aaron Brown call the debate a draw. Set him straight!

Worst thing for bush to say in a panicky voice (like he did)

a couple more polls

"Blinky" Was Wilted, But Kerry Was Well-Versed

AOL POLL 51%B*sh/49%Kerry: DU this poll

Freeps are freaking over on Freak Republic!

Will Bush cancel one or both of the next debates

The debate was a SHOCK

Gen. Clark, I salute you, sir. You are all over the TV tonight for Kerry.

Kerry won the debate!

free republic took down their poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How ORANGE was Chimpy????

Ah, the "liberal media" / Bush Focus Group


[PINR] Oct. 01, 2004: Bush and Kerry Leadership Styles

`Justices' in US, Taiwan not worthy of the name

The Plame debacle / Prosecutor takes the shoot-the-messenger approach

First blood to Kerry in TV debate

Kerry shows steadiness that eluded Gore (USA TODAY)

Arianna Huffington: God, country, and perpetual fear <--Good Read!!!

Reuters: Focus Group Gives Slight Edge to Kerry

Herbert: Sacrifice and Sabotage (Black Voter Disenfranchisement FL)

Greg Palast: "Mr. Tall and Mr. Small"

My weekly newspaper column is on the debate.... mentions DU

Respected conservatives agree with 'clueless lefties'

Staying on Message - FUNNY TAKE

CBS: Uncommited Voters Give Kerry Nod

Desperately Seeking Fluff: Some pundits want nothing but sound bites.

Kerry Strikes Death Blow To America's Enemies!

Salon: Abject failure means never having to say you're sorry

Salon: Mock Debate

Krugman: America's Lost Respect

I Wanna Be Your Sledgehammer

Paying taxes is obligation and privilege in our society

"Democracy in action" - Saddam declares candidacy

Out of the Question - Is Bush's biggest mistake too awful to admit?

Whores At CBS Call it Draw!

Mark Morford: Does God Hate Florida?

A leader showed up; his name was Kerry

See Bush Debate. See Him Squirm. (Business Week)

Al-Zarqawi, Bush protected him from Pentagon attacks

It Was a Rout by William Rivers Pitt


My Poll Data Sheet: "Kerry w/ Commanding Lead over Bush on Foreign Policy"

Help Kerry in swing states from your computer - liberal echo chamber


Post-Election Rally for Democracy (Nov. 2nd)

Subscribe Campaign for Iconoclast ( Crawford paper that endorsed Kerry)

Help!! Need downloads of Kerry-Bush, CMs, etc.

Drudge is trying his best to spin the debates Bush's way

Media bias poll

People From Michigan help win the spin!

Will media use images from 'Faces of Frustration' Post Debate DNC Video?

Sinclair's Mark Hyman has finally gone over the edge

Novakula breaks hip

Presidential debate #1 - quicktime video & mp3 here

Who had the best debate coverage last night?

Who had the best debate footage/presentation?

Head Up for 20-20 tonight!

AAR/liberal talk radio affiliate and rumor updates - 10/1/04

PMI at 58.5% (Sept down 0.5% from Aug per ISM survey)

The new Pastor Niehmoller

Hurricane Damage To FL Citrus Industry At $3 Billion - Reuters

EPA Inspector General Slams ChimpCo On Coal Power Plant Rules - NYT

Second X Prize flight scheduled for next week

ST Helens smoke and steam off the south side. Gray ash already climbing

US Reiterates Opposition To Kyoto After Putin Agrees - Deutsche Welle

EU cheers Russia's Kyoto move (!!!)

Gulf Red Tide Forecast Service To Begin Friday

Zimbabwe, Namibia to lauch 24-hour news channel

Blood diamonds fund Hezbollah

Bahrainis protest activist's detention

Former jail guard charged with sexual misconduct

WP: D.C. Jail Stay Ends in Death For Quadriplegic Md. Man

Hey all you dungeoneers..I need a favor

Are you sure you can handle election night?

Thanks to the mods and admins

Is DUs' Login System Encrypted?

Hey, Skinner, a letter to the editor idea...

I donated but am denied the search function

Hey: Question about last night's traffic

I have an idea

I don't have photoshop.

"Days of Penitence" : Sharon's name for his latest murder spree

Palestinians shun intifada rallies

Time is running out for two states

Analysis / The Gazan pot is threatening to boil over

Analysis / To withdraw from Gaza, Israel must occupy it

It's The Occupation Stupid!

Israeli push kills 28 in Gaza

IDF releases footage of militants loading rockets into 'UN' car

Teacher shot to death while out jogging

A "Preliminary Rationalization" from the ASCE

Flight 93: another contradiction?

IL SEP-30-2004 Lawyers Try to Link Serial Killer

Did the Dragon Lady? Oops, I Meant Congresswoman

Kerry in Tipton Iowa October 5th

was that a sour-ass-deer-in-the-headlights-look?

What has the star tribune been sniffing this time?

Write Letters to the Editor - Here are mine

Where the hell is Al Franken. I turn on AM950 and got....

guiliani stooged afterwards....

House Ethics Committee publicly admonishes Candice Miller

Is this the real Michigan Absentee Ballot???

OH SEP-30-2004 Sheriff says human remains found in woods

Voters in Montgomery County

Ken Blackwell has probably destroyed his shot at becoming Ohio Gov in 2006

Centre Country Democratic office is very busy today too!

Outrage in Columbia County

This doesn't surprise me

D/FW - Free Screening: 'There's Something About W'

Debate is on Time Warner digital cable 'on-demand'

Bush in Wausau

LTTE alert. I need all of your help.

our mountain

Rock on, John!

The debate is being rebroadcast on cnn (for those of us without

Hell!!! What A President America Have.....

If only Kerry hadn't supported the preemptive strike doctrine


BBV: Quest for paper vote trail heats up (FL & Jimmy Carter comment)

Bernie Ward on KGO radio..... happy happy happy...

Freeper calls into C Span and says...

John Kerry showed his patriotism tonight.

Meanwhile, in the back of the Presidential Limo.....

Write a letter to the editor! Kerry won! Stop the postdebate spin!

Forget Bush. What is Kerry's October surpise gonna be?

Bush and Kerry are in a drag race heading for a cliff

which Dem would you most like to have a beer with (part 2-post debate )

Enough substance on the debate! Who had the nicer suit?

Aaron McGruder of Boondocks on CNN

How the papers see it..

Do any of you know of an alternative medicine link

Hey..I'm salivating about Marc Maron, Al Franken response...

I thought Kerry left one thing out...

When John Kerry wins

You know what my dad said about the untranslated tapes...

Bushhole LIED about Iran sanctions during debate.

Mark my words---

LOL...I love this picture

Some dumbass Rep radio host....

Teresa's and Laura's outfits

Chect out this poll. Too funny, but true!

Bernie Ward has choices for streaming software now

interesting post and thread from Metafilter re: Iraq bombing of kids . . .

I Think I'm In Love With Kerry. Seriously.


"I try to keep them on a leash"

Not a Good Night for the President

Caption This....McLame and the Bush Twins

Couple more photos

So Kerry won the debate.. What will that do to the polls?

WTF was that crap about?

new drudge/rnc attack-kerry exaggerated about nyc subway

Laura Bush Slaps Teresa H Kerry

on bush's Tombstone, it will read: "Killed by Mexed Missages"

heads up people, it's October & Kerry kicked w's ass....heads up

Andrea Mitchell accused Kerry of wanting to give Iran nukes

Even FAUX showed reaction shots!!!

For me what Kerry achieved last night was this.He demolished the

My LTTE - share yours!


Just an FYI...Poland wasn't part of the original invasion force..

Make CNBC's Bushites cry--DU this poll!

"GLOBAL TEST" - Invalidating the Shrub's ridiculous response

New cell phone lets you talk with the dead!

"President Kerry"...yeah, I like the sound of that....

ha ha ha HA HA HAA HAA ha ha ha ha HA HA HAAAA A A A A A bush SUCKED!

which is lower: bush's I.Q. or his new poll numbers?

Happy 80th Birthday President Jimmy Carter!

3 things I took away from the Debate

People, our long national nightmare is about to end.

Who are you going to listen to? Rush or Al?

The books that Texas banned

Kerry FORCED dubya to speak the name which must not be spoken

Hooray for Jeff Greenfield...

Eisenhower's Son is Voting Kerry...YES!!!!!!!!!

things to say to WITHER your right wing co-workers this morning:

"extraordinary rendition" -- outsourcing torture -- this is news to me....

Okay, I'm now convinced of a coverup...

John Edwards will Rip cheney's ass TOO!

Some video highlights of the debate on MSNBC

The polls are now open! Absentee ballot period runs 30-40 days before

Anybody catch the "moo-lahs" comment?

Is the MORON the president or did I get that bassakward

I had something interesting happen yesterday afternoon.

so proud to be a Dem right now

the president was absolutely NIXONIAN in the first debate

I am trying to find the thread from yesterday about the movie

I sometimes wonder about the MO of the Bush clan. They seem to

I've seen no comment on the "100,000 cops" Smirky factoid

Jealous over the OB/GYNs, smirk*

DU this CNN Poll:

The Simpsons' Lesbian Shock (spoiler)

Bush ties to the MERCK Scandal (VIOXX anyone?)

prediction: Bush-Whore Charlie Gibson will try to even up the debates

Did you pick up on the body language of the candidates & their families

Please DU this Texas poll

The Monster at the Door

When Might Turns Right - Golly GE, Why Big Media is Pro-Bush

It's October

Are there any countries that have legalized Gay Marriage?

Oh mr. bush you dropped this on your way out of the debate hall...

Let's Not Get Cocky

We are killing all the people in Iraq. This is terrible!

How to rehab a media whore

good glorious morning du!

Faux did saturate colors - I think Kerry used a make-up trick

Feel free to vote in the poll too y'all!

Was that water in *'s glass?

I have finally started a blog


Was it just me or did moron have a wicked nose whistle last night?

DU this local Pittsburgh poll:

Pictures from the debate....strong Kerry,,, whimpy, weak, annoyed bush

Anyone else hate Chris Jansing?

Thank You next President Kerry !!!!!

Post Debate (Kerry Wins!!!!)Sanity Savers

What ABOUT Poland, Presnit Shifty McBlinky?

My ONLY complaint about Kerry last night.

Pulp Politicians - Flash Video - Very Funny

Reminder: John Stewert on the Daily Show! Replay Now 10:00 AM ET!

How's the view, george? (this is kinda bad - so be warned)

I wonder if some loyal, patriotic Democrat found a way to hack

couric to Edwards: are dems using the draft as a scare tactic?

Turn on AAR

Even the few repukelican friends I have

Weird editing on NPR's debate spin story this morning...

Air America coming to BOSTON & FRAMINGHAM MA on Monday!!!!!

October Surprise-Sibel Edmonds

On a scale of 0-10, Kerry was a 9 and bush was a 1.

Need comments on LTTE regarding the debate!!!

I Think that after last night, the Flip-Flop Dog is just not

I was a Dean supporter, but there is NO WAY Dean would have done THAT good

How much do you want to bet

If Cheney tries his "Kerry cuts defense" schtick again slap him with this:

OMG I just read and now im scared!

in my heavily republican neighborhood

Post a pic of Bush drinking out of empty glass (please)

Unfreep this poll in my local paper:

Criticizing the war and the President's handling of the war is Unamerican

this photo of the chimp sums it all up...................

Congratulations, John Kerry!!! But we must work hard.


Howard Stern is RIPPING into BUSHitler GOOD AND HARD!!!!!!

Freepers: It's Lehrer's Fault !!

Big surprise. Novak gave Kerry a D.

Don't the latest job numbers come out the morning of debate?

Anyone got a high-qual movie of the debate? BitTorrent?

What US parties do you consider to be progressive?

Kerry Debates Bush: Round One............cartoon

About last night

must read...kerry impressed a repub friend of mine

"The Enemy" -- did you notice how reverent that word is to Chimp?

Thunderous Applause for THK & JK after Bushies Left the Stage ...

If you haven't seen "A Mother's Tears" you need to see it now.

Need help with two more local polls...."Question of the Day"

Ok how do yall think the V.P. debates will go???

Bush inherits Rumsfeld gaffe.

ATTENTION Portland, ME area DU'ers!!!! GO TO THIS 2nite!!!

Al Franken is gonna be on fire today!

if you missed the debate... C-SPAN is repeating NOW (11:47am Eastern)

Did the debate clock backfire on Bush?

When do the job numbers come out?

"BUSH WON THE DEBATE!" Press Conference (VIDEO)

Could this Scalia comment get him canned??

Bush was totally unprepared and it showed.

Right now C Span is showing a re-run of last nights debate

Word Salad

Bush's Allentown, PA campaign rally is making me sick

Tell Faux who won the debate:

After Kerry wins...

GMU Disinvites Moore

Interesting (and funny!) website re: Florida

John F. Kerry gets me HOT!

In the same speech where Scalia promoted orgies, he mocked

If you were feeling doubts about Kerry - has he won back your confidence?

Hit Atlanta's Major Newspaper Poll.

As most of you all watched on T.V. I listened to it on the Radio

A tasteless after debate joke (you were warned)

US Troops fed up with Bush afer watching F9/11

Howard Stern just KILLED a bush supporter that called in,

My frustration toward the US & ICC -> an interesting article I've found.

I don't normally waste my time listening to Rushbo's drivel.

I missed something REALLY important in the debate last night

So how are the Republicans in your workplace taking it this morning?

Remember that crazy anti-same sex marraige letter I posted? I got....

Continue to write, email and call the media!! DON'T LET UP!

does anybody have CNN's phone number?

My boss just told me he's voting for Kerry

Distraction Alert

I think things will look better for Bush after the debate about the economy

I'm confused

Phila Inquirer "1st round goes to W."

Another place to check in for internet activism.

Mysterious touchscreen voting machine found

Limbaugh calls Kerry an SOB!

How about them 100,000 trained Iraqis

Cheney in '92: Saddam not worth U.S. casualties.

Kerry Victory and the stock market surge today

Bush doesn't look presidential!!!!!!

Here's some good news for our gay friends.

who feels like SINGING today??

Justice Scalia and orgies...

10 million Afghan's registered to vote?????

Al Franken is on--and its LIVE get it on!!

OMG - Just Had My First . . .

Is this letter I wrote to the Young Democrats at my school too harsh?

Al Franken Show

Help ..DU this poll here in Repuke locked Kansas

Washington Journal on CSpan for Friday, October 1st, 2004

Howard Dean at 3 universities in Oregon today. Starting at 1:00 pm.

Caption this Actual Photo from Inside bush's Ear..........

Lehrer made one mistake last night!

The polls are in and the truth is as plain as the nose on your face

Did anyone else notice that on the split-screen Bush appeared higher...

You Know.... John Kerry Just Oozes Love.....

maybe fighting a war on terror is "too hard"

Al Franken's show (and his comedy bits) are much funnier with an audience

Grover Norquist calls WWII Vets "un-American"

C-Span Freeper Caller's Most PATHETIC Attempt To Excuse *'s

Go Vote on who won the debate

"Nobody TOLD ME to go to the United Nations. I went there myself!"

Add "MOO-lah" to the Bush dyslexicon

Thank you so much John Kerry for coming through in the clutch!

where can i download a complete file of the debate????????

This is what "turning the corner" really means...

Freeper posing as independent

listening to edwards talking live in ohio

I love the pic of Kerry (and little Bush).

never mind

Warning, anyone who starts a Rush/Insannity or AM propaganda

Doompah dee DUMB

Unfreep NY Newsday Poll.


House Defeats Marriage Amendment

Please DU this poll... CNBC power poll

Karen Huge popping up like a Mexican jumping bean....

Q about second debate...

WP's Milbank: DNC made a "terrible mistake" in emailing journos

Please DU this Atlanta POLL.

just when I thought today couldn't get any better

October 1 Lineup for "Real Time" w/ Bill Maher

Keep the spin on our side... compare this debate to the 2000 debate...

Have you seen this yet???

Hundreds Protest Outside Debate ..(oddly..from Fox)

Will someone tell Bush and CNN that the debate ended yesterday?

Wingnutz still attempting to smear Kerry's war record.

If Kerry releases the Reagan and Bush papers

Edwards-Cheney: Democratic meme, Luke Vs Vader

Fox claimed Kerry sez: "I'm a metrosexual" and "I do manicures"

F911 couldn't be coming out on dvd at a better time!

The Grop'nator Showing True Colors

John Kerry won the debates. Will it help him win the election?

Where was coverage of Kerry's Rally this morning?

"Other Priorities" article by David Hackworth on US Troop rapes

Holy high heels, chimp is 3" taller on

he has PERFECTED it

Any other INTJs (Myers Briggs) out there? Yes , it's a real url..(hahahaha

FOX MEWS has reached a new level of stupidity

Well, I guess my position is pretty well known here at work

Georgie was looking for a beer buddy last night...

Party at Antonin Scalia's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good link

Greatness!!! ::: hugs msnbc for the first time in her life::::

Bush won't support our troops, but you can! Call to action to pass TRICARE

Mt. St. Helen's eruption is pre-empting CNN Inside Politics!

Feinstein charges BushCo wrote Allawi's speeches....

Bush's Face Turning Even REDDER Today

OUR honorable Veterans

Presidential Debates Arizona S U in Tempe, Ariz Oct.14 Subject:The Economy

My Prez'dint Has A First Name.....

Faces of frustration - must see!

Republican Base is Fired Up

"Moderators are dems and they gave Kerry the questions and answers

Okay, enough celebrating! When is the next debate?

Prison for 89-Year-Old Peace Activist

Outfoxed - First Viewing

Blow, Mount St. Helen, Blow!!

After Kerrry gets elected, who do you think will be the first...

Does the VP Debate have a general topic like last night's debate?

I now understand ...the thugs were watching ANOTHER debate

Richard Avedon's only campaign donation was to Kerry

Helicopter videos from Mt. St. Helens - spectacular


Get my broker on 3

Robert Fisk on the Presidential Debate & More

Most excellent photo from Mars Global Surveyor


Wis. Man Endorses Kerry in Wife's Obit

"Constantly stay on the offensive"

So, any bets on when the next orange alert is going to be given???

Don't flame me for this, but... (Gore vs Bush in 2000)

Out of the loop much? "Bush not listening to debate critque"

lol! How many glasses of water did W. drink during the debate last nite?!

Why not use that clip of AWOL pretending to look for WMD's

Confused about DNC contribution...please set me straight!

Anyone, notice how Kerry pulled Bush close when they...

So... October Surprise next week, you think?

Nationwide Post-Election Rally for Democracy (Nov. 2nd)

Is the world better off with Saddam gone and if so why/how?

I'm still laughing at littlel bush....

Humans, not increased solar radiation, are more at fault

My kids just cracked me up -- "playing President"

Any doctors in the DU house...or people the know? Breast Cancer

BBV - EFF beats Diebold in court, Diebold to pay damages

DRUDGE: "Bush visit with...victims...contributed to "tired" appearance"

ummm....I can't wait for F-911 on DVD. gonna get some gifts

How long until another pretzel bruise shows up?

Let us not be lulled

You can call me President Bush*

Joe Lockhart da...... MAN ...... n/t

Mississippi headline: Wife says klansman will not appear at fair

CARTOONS: We'll Be Dancing In The Street ... January 20, 2005

Thinking about Bush and how he was doing during the debates...

The GOP spin from an official source - Ken Mehlman

Dean/Bennett debated yesterday.

Support the 9/11 widows who support Kerry with kind words

* needed to go bathroom

RIP Paul Johnson

Fox: "Fair & Heightened 9/30"

Patriotism and religiosity in an of themselves are moral cowardice

I've been arguing all day with people after the debate

Irony + freeper = nonsequitur

Link to a download of the debate?

Pundits: Any Surprises?

My son's teacher from last year has a W sticker on her car

Power Trippi

Presidential Knockout- Having TOO much fun

I tell my winger friends

Whos the bleep ? edited

Bush is a small,

Another One!!!!!!!

FOX News Caught Putting Fabricated Kerry Quotes on Website

Interview with Sibel Edmonds (hint of October Surprise for Bush Admin?)

Damnation. About the only channel I watch (Discovery)

"Fahreneheit 9/11" dvd. Buy and lend to people.

DU This CNN Poll!


Anyone have debate videos?

wanna pull bushie's chain?

Feedback, please! My latest column -

Okay, whats going on here????

Reaction to debates, fresh from the streets of Paris.

Do you think Republicans really vote for Bush* or for the Party

TV media is completely wrong to classify Kerry as an underdog...

Novak Injured in Miami - Getting Hip Replacement

Just watched Jon Stewart make Rudy look like a talking point spewing...

Caption This......Kerry Bush Shaking Hands

Even lower Rovian Tricks....

Profiles In DISCouragement....

Small potatoes

The new terror alerts will begin.............NOW

Hijacking Catastrophe on Link TV tonight & tomorrow

Little Help Please

Chimpy's Debate Performance: It's not fatigue or needing to go potty...

Event in DC Wed. with Dean, Harkin, Corzine, Jackson,Jr., Abercrombie.

Al Franken's "co-host" has got to go.

Bob Novak followers needs to have their heads examined!

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher

"I made myself a promise 6 months ago that I'd stop and Thank You "

Is being held accountable in a World Court a bad thing?

"You Cannot Lead.....if you send Mexed Missages" favorite quote

Medicare Taking Away Medication From Cancer Patients!

John Cory | About War

Why did Charles Rangel sponsor that draft bill?

Talking point? (re: Iraq)

Karl Rove: 'We've Got a Couple of Surprises' for Kerry

'Enduring Bases' in Iraq: US Presence for Decades?

Disappointed Bush supporters.

Want still MORE positive news? Check this story out:

Judith Miller MAY be willing to do jail time (instead of reveal Plame leak

Funny Video "Bushwhacked"

1000 posts, from a child's Point of View.

OMG! "The Passion of the Bush" | you gotta read this Frank Rich review!

Did anyone else notice Bush fumble his "Reagan-esque" line last night?

Where was the Michael Moore visit cancelled? Was it Tampa?

Why does nobody mention that BUSH threatened to VETO the $87 BIL?

I thought Bush did well


Mumbly-Jumbly Fundie Speak: "Mighty Mountain..."

Scalia Comes Out in Favor of Orgies

Being Presnit must REALLY be "Hard work"

* said "hard work" 11 times in last nights debate

Any good facial pictures of an annoyed, angry Bush last night?...

Repost: Crawford newspaper loses $ with endorsement

Dean on Russert, Wolf, Letterman....Sat., Sun., Mon.

I've seen a TV spot that will bring Bush down.

"The Twilight of Democracy Zone" | TOONs!!!

Okay you Kerry dislikers- what do you think now after the debate?

What a cool day BC Duers I got to interview the BCTF pres and the Minster

I got an e-mail from Mel Hurtig

A big thanks to Canadian DU'ers

ENGLAND SEP 30-2004-1326g Met boss makes serial killer vow

Landmark day for people with disabilities in the UK - DDA

UK Tobacco advertising regulations & Silverstone (no, not Alicia)

Go to and enter and post in the poll

Blair faces heart procedure, vows to lead on

A new opening for Kerry (Chicago Tribune)

Kerry bounces back in TV debate (Times UK)

Kerry stays focused, projects strength (Boston Globe)

Kerry shows steadiness that eluded Gore (USA TODAY)

Kerry makes his case (Seattle Post Intel.)


European Commentators Give Kerry Edge in First Debate With Bush

LUKOIL, ConocoPhilips to set up a joint venture in Timano-Pechora (Russia)

FBI ordered to turn over Lennon files

SACRAMENTO Canadian drug bills vetoed by governor...( CA )

Some fence-sitters are now sold (Miami Herald)

FORUM: Hispanic Vote Will Decide Nov. Presidential Election (Miami)

The Dems must convert this victory to mean "Kerry tougher on terror"

Kerry Wins Over Some in Pennsylvania (L.A. Times)

Orgies are the way to ease social tensions, claims US judge

A big score for Kerry (Miami Herald)

Rape a 'way of life' on Pitcairn

Secret file on Lennon to be released

Blairs rocket up property ladder

Kerry scores big (Arizona Republic)

Wachovia closes in on 4,300 job cuts

Kmart might move its headquarters (from Michigan to Atlanta)

Sentence due in Boeing tankers scandal

US court trims Patriot Act's powers

Boeing-Airbus talks fall apart

Ex-Archer PA files for bankruptcy

Trio charged with terror crimes

Internet child sex stalker jailed

Lebanon: Car bomb explodes

Pro-Aristide march turns violent in Haiti

Freed Italian hostage says Iraq rebels "justified"

Kerry takes offensive in TV debate (Canadian Nat'l Post)

Bush is the boy from the movie "Deliverance"

Schwarzenegger terminates anti-offshoring bill

Families of 9/11 victims put politicians on 'report cards' over intelligen

Guardian: First blood to Kerry in TV debate

US job figures in Iraq overstated

Guardian:First Blood to Kerry in TV Debate

Spain approves gay marriage bill (awaiting parliamentary approval) (BBC)

Consumer SentimentDown Slightly(Michigan confirms Conf Bd-worse than expec

Israeli tank fire kills two in Gaza

Freed Italian backs Iraqi resistance

Many killed in US assault on Samarra

PMI at 58.5% (Sept down 0.5% from Aug per ISM survey)

Fresh fighting in Sadr City

Russian region bans foul language

Police-station cache worries U.S. soldiers

Mexico Welcomes Dalai Lama

Rush has lost it !!

At least 90 people killed, 180 wounded as US, insurgents battle in Samarra

Honeywell proposes more job cuts (300 jobs)

"human remains" found in SLC landfill

CNN: Cafferty tells us to "knock if off".

Woman's Obituary: Please Elect John Kerry

Kerry Lands the First Punch (Business Week)

Diebold Loses Key Copyright Case

Justice Scalia: Americans ought to be having more orgies

Sudan agrees to bigger AU force in Darfur

( Kerry Wins 53 - 37) Kerry holds edge over Bush following first debate

Foes Pound each other (Murdoch's Ny Post gives it to Kerry)

Maine to start importation of Rx drugs

Anti-Bush Group Allegedly Jumped Near OSU Campus

PROCUREMENT: Israeli Smart Bomb Order Delayed

(BBV) Reverse DMCA: Copyright Holder Held Liable in Landmark Legal Ruling

Iraqi children prepare for school amid violence -- and corruption

Saks closing 10 retail stores (700 JOBS)

MT St Helen's erupting

'Frustrated' U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Abruptly Resigns

"frustrated" cybersecurity chief abrupty resigns

Oil ends above $50 on Nigeria fears

High school marching band declines invitation to play for Bush

Kerry landed blows, TV pundits declare

Giddy Democrats Celebrate Kerry

U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Abruptly Resigns

Kerry won

Footage shows terrorists using UN-marked vehicle

Saturday Night Live kicks off its 30th season this weekend

Mexico's 'Fire Volcano' Erupts, No Evacuations Yet

Mosque bomb: Death toll rising

Scientific Survey Confirms Humanitarian Disaster in Darfur

Bush Rips Kerry on Iraq Following Debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 1 October

'New al-Qaeda tape' is released

Bush's smirk and Kerry's smile send the wrong message, say experts

French MP: US bombed journalists' convoy

Madison Woman's Obituary: Please Elect John Kerry

Wis. Man Endorses Kerry in Wife's Obit

One 1st Infantry Division Soldier Killed #1058 - Oct 1

Energised Kerry lashes Bush, fires up campaign after debate (yahoo)

WP: Kerry vs. the Format, Bush vs. His Temper

Powell Regrets Saying Iraq Had Weapons Stockpiles

French MP says bid to free Iraq hostages failed under US fire

Republicans Abroad Hasn't Reported Funds

Va. Judge Drops Murder Charges Vs. Sniper

Blair Heart Op Sparks Succession Debate

Judges pronounce Kerry the winner

Letter 'shows Guantanamo torture'

Police hold civil servant in BAE investigation

Ex-Boeing (USAF weapons buyer) official sentenced for conspiracy

Outcry as Putin moves to take control of judiciary

New Windows Patch Proves Tricky

recent TV pix of Mt. St. Helens eruption (no headline possible)

Democratic Camp See Winds of Change Boosting Kerry

Argentina's Kirchner Snubs Fiorina, IMF, for `Appeal'

Russia's military 'on verge of collapse'

Robert Novak Breaks Hip !!!

Mount St. Helens Awakes, Erupting Smoke and Ash

CBS: Uncommitted Voters Give Kerry Nod (43% - 28%)

Children's Curiosity Proved All Too Deadly This Time

Vanderbilt study helps lead to recall of medicine (Vioxx)

U.S., Iraqi Forces Launch Major Assault

Scalia says Orgies Ease Social Tensions!!!

DNC Releases New 'Faces of Frustration' Post Debate Video

Post-Debate Polls Favor Kerry

Venezuela Charges Four Leaders From Sumate With Conspiracy

Illinois county clerk destroys (2002 election) ballots early

Bush and Kerry Get 'Graded' at the Presidential Debates(bush sixth grade)

Activists fear new black voters in NOLA could be denied right to vote

Bush Ridicules Kerry Call for Summit on Iraq

Female viewers not swayed to switch votes, but reassured (Seattle Intel.)

Edwards: Religion Shouldn't Divide Voters

Bush-Kerry Debate Draws 62.5M Viewers

Nader, at debate, wanted to 'leap out onstage in a cape'

Okay, one hand on mouse - other on head

Anybody else listening / watching CSpan at the moment ?

Life in the fast lane. Surly make you loose your mind.

De-Freep this:

In celebration of John Kerry's victory, I'm sleeping in the nude tonight

which Dem would you most like to have a beer with (part 2-post debate )

How 'bout them "moolahs" in Iran

In celebration of Kerry's victory, I'm sleeping with a 'tude. Goodnight.

Goddamn it's hard to do those online polls

Did anyone catch the name of the pianist on Letterman tonight?

What was John Kerry writing on his notes?

Knowing your moolahs and other holy men...

What I wouldn't give to have Will Ferrell show up on SNL's premiere...

Homeopathic shops in Denver

Concert Review: Scissor Sisters

Ooh! The shorty shot Chimpy feared and tried to avoid!

Psychic dogs say it's Bush, by a 15% margin

And now we know, what troubles people about Sen. Kerry

Woman Says Michael Jackson The Father Of UK Twins

Russert NEEDS his "undecided voters"

Kerry is a better debater than God !

How dare you!!!

It's a FINE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh crap

Come bounce with me!!

Just how f$#@ked up is Fox News?

Assailant bites off piece of man's cheek at gas station

My LTTE (Potomac News (NVA))

heeerrrrrreeeeee's Osama

Raymond Carver's boat is for sale on eBay

Republican friend going out of her way to avoid me today

Wait, Bush said 10million folks registered to vote in Afghanistan...

Award Goes To Study Linking Suicide With Listening To Country Music


hot DAMN!!! I'm in a good mood today!

Dog owners are sadists . . .


Size Does Matter

If you like Math, go here:

CONFESS!!!!!! What would you think if I leak into your Medicine Cabinet?

In celebration of Kerry's victory, I'm just gonna goddam sleep

Saw Train live last night.....................

Caption: the stench....

What was up with Karen Hughes' outfit? Daaaaayum!

Worst Idea EVER!

I got SMiLE yesterday.

Um, guys, you forgot Poland this morning...

Are there a lot of physically beautiful women who are lonely not by choice

Alright DU anybodys- Which sport has the least sexiest athletes?

I am getting married 1 year from today - the countdown begins.............

America the book is now mine

Take your vitamins and you too can die prematurely

We're all happy today

I can't get theme from "Goldfinger" out of my head!

I just sent a new book to bush..hope it helps

The "What Just Happened to Me?" CAPTION

Man is accused of adding porn footage to 200 library videos

Somebody must have a pic of the Church Lady

What would it take for freepers to admit Bush is a fool

My dog got punked last night - any tips much appreciated!

Who is the new biggest threat to America's Security?

AP Breaking: Bush Campaign has hired Baghdad Bob as spokesman.

Oh gawd, I feel awful...

Pefect baby gift:

?Anyone need anything?-I have to go home I forgot something this morning

It's Friday and I'm seriously bored at work

EEEW. Why does the lunchroom smell like (don't click if you're squeamish)

What the Cheney is a "Peninchula" ?

San Diego Hate Radio just read my EMAIL!

World's Tallest Woman Get's New Van

Who is Kim Chong Il?

Is this website for real? (inside)

whine...I can't make the faces video work...

The De-Plane De-Tour of all CAPTIONS!!!

Country music can kill you

Who else is excited about the Ansari X prize?

Caption Time!

Now here's a really stupid criminal...

Anybody know where I left Poland?

anyone ever own an ULTIMATE Swiss Army Knife? . . .

Lori Hacking's remains found?

Join the Beware the Beast Man Fan Club!!!!

I swear I'm going to unleash a whole flock of dancing hampsters

Book poll: do you enjoy fiction or non-fiction more?

Watch This It's Hysterical - Pulp Politicians

I had the great, distinguished honor of being...

I just got my copy of "Letters from Jail." Ask me anything!

What do people think about

What should I do?

I bought a copy of Spin to read the Pixies article

HOT! Picture of * immediately after the debate, once he was offstage....

Goals I'm setting for Kerry in the next debate

Anyone ever read the literature from the Communists and/or Marxists?

I need a haircut. What should I get?

Bush "staying the course" in lowering expectations.

My dog got skunked last night - any tips much appreciated!

Frog Has 5 Legs But Its Easy To Explain

The Pres got skunked last night - any tips much appreciated!

Who's your daddy * ?

Driveway washes out; WWII bomb surfaces

W to hire horse whisperer to put leash on daughters.

Hunter shot by McCall

Hunter Shot By Hounds

Who has more talent?

Try to beat Rising Hegemon's CAPTION of Giuliani squirming last night

Jack and Bobby

Who else is staying home sick?

What's cooler?

"Hey. What are you....wearing right now"?

Favorite Dave Clark Five song

Ok, guys, give me a good quote or something to with my new sig pic.

Did anyone else get laid last night?

Minnesota needs your HELP!

Sign number 1222566 that I need glasses

Please help me find the little smiley faces to put on notes

Would you be irritated if someone joined DU under the same screen name?

Who wants a new Hate Mail bag?

Any Tips on ass excersises?

I have terrible gas right now.

"BUSH WON THE DEBATE" Press Conference (VIDEO)

This is NOT a sex thread

No reach-a-round for Georgie as he takes it in the shorts.

That's it. I'm leaving DU.

Inside Politics: Steam from Mt St Helens!!!!! What debate?

Atkins dieters check in here


I have not had sugar for 48 hours.

I have found the smilies lokup table

I really like BLTs & BVDs

How can you convert a Quark document into a PDF file?

A clarification about use of the 'C' word.

Amaaaazing Day

Enlighten the Furrinah, Debate Edition: WHAT'S THIS POLAND THING?

What's the best energy drink??

Ticketmaster sucks rant

I really like B&D and S&M

Farewell, Richard Avedon


sonofa bitch... ive got a nervous eye twitch.

Small rant here.

Best Austria-Hungarian band.

Why is Kerry to me becoming like what Kennedy was for him

You forgot Poland

>BREAKING NEWS: John KERRY On the Growing VOLCANO Threat...

Im having trouble watching the cspan videos...

Remember Poland?

Randi Rhodes Theme Songs

I really like DVDs and MSG

I really like LSD and THC!

new toon -enjoy

Contact EBAY to get this garbage TOSSED!

I really like R&R and M&Ms

new toon -enjoy

The stalker who would'nt go away

this is good bushit!!!

Pinstripe 0.8 for Firefox 1.0PR!!!

Woman Sent Child Porn To Man Posing As NFL Player

For your Friday auditory enjoyment:

Real Time with Bill Maher guests (10/1)

Everyone in Capri loved my Anti-Bush t-shirt!!!!

Two points about the debate that aren't political

[Best of Google Cache]: How To Cost Microsoft Money

Did I miss anything in here today? Give me a recap.

Best Solar Radio LP???

I just answered all sorts of nosy insurance questions. Ask me anything, so

Contact EBAY to get this listing TOSSED!!!

Help with a phone scam please.

Mt St Helens-Thar she Blows!

Any model railroaders here???

Best * AP photo I've seen in sometime...

Even unborn babies have bad days

CAPTION one fine cook

Who else was totally hot for John Kerry after the debate last night?

Best Holy Roman Empire band

Favorite Bushism from the debate


I'm going to win the $101 million Mega Millions jackpot tonight

"I probably protested outside your door"

I went to my first debate party last night :-)

Math problem...

Bush sings "I Cannot Win Debates, I Can't"

Favourite Random Canadian Music act?

East German Communist leader's bunker unearthed in Berlin

Whoo-Hoooo My Kerry sign came today.......

Best Frank Farian Franchise Band

There was a tipsy message (from me) on my answering machine at work today

Bush sings "I Cannot Win Debates, I Can't"

Are there any expert fontographers in the house?

Rove's new requested rules for the next debate

Brigham Young sounds like it has one Hell of a track program.

Scalia and orgies


Scallions and oregano.

Patti Smith is nothing but a middle-aged, hairy-armpit version of Avril.

What is your birth order? And do you fit into your category?


Roubaram-me o relógio

2004 IgNobel awards out

delete - sumpin went horribly wrong

How Big is DU?

What is Kerry going to do about the Volcano?

somewhere in the debate euphoria, i passed 1000 posts

Can you imagine how Dumbyass' daughters felt

The Day After's Boasting Braggart CAPTION

Thinking of running this listing on EBAY but need help

Technically, it's pronounced "gwack-a-moll." The 'e' is silent.

Music you proudly like that isn't cool in indie circles



Your editorial comments welcome here...

Technically, it's pronounced "whack-a-moll." The 'e' is silent

Kitten Pics to Add to the Delightful Day!

I'm so upset with the LOUNGE today - IT'S WAGON TRAIN YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!

Let George know that we all stand with Poland...

Actually Chavez, it's Charlie Parker. YOU FOOL!!!!!

I'm so upset with the DU Lounge today-----it's a COAL TRAIN you fools!!!

Isn't it odd that there's a Care Bear singing Lets Get Physical?

Favorite Band

I'm so upset with the LOUNGE today. IT'S GRAVY TRAIN YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!

Do you have a problem guessing a person's age?

Any USouth Carolina students? What/Where's the University Club?

I'm so upset with the Lounge today - IT'S NIGHT TRAIN YOU FOOLS!!!!!

Cuter than kittens (almost)

Bush was great last night

I am so upset with the Lounge today - IT'S LYLE WAGGONER YOU FOOLS!

Next Year

A photo of an undecided voter!

When the media says (BLANK) about Bush, it really means (BLANK)

When will there be a bumper sticker that says

I'm watching jeopardy. Ask me anything

CONFESS!!!!!! What would I find if I peak into your Medicine Cabinet

Julie catch a rabbit by his hair

Babs Bush has something to tell ya!

famous changed Polish names

Famous changed Gentile names

Is Mr. Scorpio going to open the bar soon?

It was another overcast day today in my region...

Did Bush remind anybody else of this guy last night?

Condi: Oh KKKarl, you're such a little prankster!

My electric bill increased

calling all editorial cartoonists!

Don King Never Forgot Poland

ok, now i am depressed

DoNotRefill, are you out there?

So I was at this orgy at Scalia's

Jestem w ci¹¿y

Okay, last night * looked like...

People and the disabled ... Rant!


Some DUers have a problem

The best freeper debate quote I have heard so far.

how did we not get this into the Lounge


I Like Orgies As Much As The Next Guy, But...




Famous changed Jewish names

Nude robbery victim arrested

Okay - what should George Bush's/Repukes new theme song be?

Debate poll results.

Rate Poland overall

Any other INTJs (Myers Briggs) out there?


WARNING: Vomit-inducing, soul-shatteringly hideous photo of Ann Coulter

Die Another Day

Time to see if things have changed - Greatest Jazz Musician

The NYC Debate party was GREAT

I am so upset with the Lounge today - IT'S COLTRANE YOU FOOLS!!!!!

i was told this was the place to come

Saturday Night Live kicks off its 30th season this weekend

Original Raspberries reunion show

MT St Helen's erupting

The Saga of Gorby - A Chihuahua for the Ages

Almost finished packing: tell me what I have forgotten

Do you think Condi and Colin are invited to Bush/Cheney/Rummy's bbq?

DU On The Mainline...

Running a household deficet, what should I do?


We will never forget...

I hereby rename Mount Saint Helens

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Just saw a car even uglier than the Aztec.

41 says to 40 and the gang.... someday, my boy George will

Best Australasian Band.


HOGS will beat Gators tomorrow!

Schwarzenegger wants an NFL team in L.A.

you won't believe it...BUSH'S* DEBATE NOTES photo'd by journalist!!!

What's Your Theme Song?

I am laughing! I am smiling!

I miss you guys!!!

Good morning from sunny Norway!

Can I hop on your back daddy???

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

A new saying has been born tonight, I've seen it all over the internet:

DU this poll

Pro-Bush supporter finds that Bush won the debate hands down!

They went to bed depressed-WE ARE ENERGIZED

It's now Oct. 1st. Kerry has the momentum.

i just voted at msnbc: almost 583,000 votes, & 70% went to Kerry!

Drudge's talking points.

Bernie Ward: "There was an earthquake in Miami!"

Sucking up to Israel through Pollard will not win it for Kerry... AND

DNC Pundit Quotes and Polls

Dear Karl: How are those loyalty oaths working out?

Dear John Kerry: Don't rock back and forth on your feet

The New York Times weighs in...

Thank you, thank you Fox News.

The thread double posted so I erased this one.

Kerry swayed FOX NEWS to his side. Bush is so TOAST.

Democrats May Gain a US Senate Seat in Colorado; Ken Salazar (D)

Succint talking point--Bush lost on the 3 p's tonight:

PHX Repukes whining on local TV - LOL!

Still awake? Too pumped up to sleep? Listen to the Franken rerun

WH calling on Limbaugh for Help

Must Read (Scary): George W. Bush's Mental Illness'


well, I actually broke down and watched the debate tonight . . .

It's not over!!!

The great thing about this debate - expectations were ultra-low for Bush

Gallup poll: Kerry wins debate 53 - 37

Suggestion for talking to friends about the debate

why McCain is whoring for Bush so much

My letter to the media


Kerry holds edge over Bush following first debate (Gallup Poll with link)

Is it me or are the clearly right-wing screeds avoiding online poll

Remember: In politics, overnight is a lifetime

Bush'ites down to their last card - Bush is a Christian

Kerry Did What He Needed To Do BUT........


Read what the jackass Rove is saying ( I say the hell it is):

Bush* blaming FLORIDA HURRICANE VICTIMS for lousy performance

Freeper afraid of undecideds!

We've at least temporarily taken control of the punditry.

re: GLOBAL TEST (Anti-smear tool kit)

"We looked at the same intelligence"-- info please

I worked late tonight, so I just finished watching it on tape...

In your letters to the editor, point out that Bush spaced out and lost it

Bush used Zarqawi again to make case for Iraq

It was a battle of wits - and Bush was unarmed. nt

question: did shrub have cue cards?

Compile Bush Gaffes Here

Were you surprised that Kerry brought up Osama bin Laden ?


What do you suppose Rove is doing right now? sputtering mad, in any case.

Olbermann: If you didn't know-hard to tell who was the President

Kerry's style was good BECAUSE his substance was good


I'm surprised bush didn't try to bring up 9/11 every answer

Rudy Ghouliani is a turd

Chimp Coming Unhinged- Now That's Entertainment!

John Kerry is an Alpha Male...

I wonder what's happening in the WH tonight?

Stay alert, we must prevent them from turning this into a Bush win.

Kerry Might've Lucked Out this Time- But Bush Will Win The Next Debate

All America ever needed was an opportunity to really get

Even if the Media spins it as a "Draw," Isn't that still...

Hey George, how's that new asshole treatin ya?

"Staying on message is one thing; robotic repetition..."

We're toast: Kerry said subway instead of the Penn station

Foregin Policy and National Security is Bush's TRUMP CARD


I Figured Out *'s Problem Tonight! Seriously.

I noticed a little "mistake" Kerry made tonight what's up with Dubya and all that water?

He's damned if he does---damned if he don't

Some say muslims can't be free??

Bush "I tried to love her the best I can" about Missy the woman who lost

happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy...


Monkey See Monkey Do-The Chimp Started Taking Notes In The last 1/2 Hour

Fave Line: "(Saddam) WAS a threat. That's not the point."

Bush Wins Debate!

Nice handicapping Rove, insisting on foreign policy first

Yoo libruls thin your sooooo smrt

Scary...Freeps are discussing the 'Oct Suprise'

The ULTIMATE BCC Email list to send your thoughts

I Could NOT Be Any Prouder Of John Kerry...

So who drank? I got to excited and busy right before so no need.

China, Mr. Bush?

Next Debate: Domestic Issues/and still have Edwards - Cheney debate

A few comments found on a San Antonio site about the debates...

Our Best Night Since The Last Night of the DNC.

Serious Al Gore/GWB Debate Question....

Bush HAS TO WIN the next debate. He will return to his CHAMPIONSHIP

"talk sense to a fool and he will call you foolish"

I am finally happy to vote for Kerry

Online polls the fr**ptards are trying to influence

Did anyone else notice the weird camera angles/shots?

Proof Dubya Is No Texan

Bush does not believe in himself and knows he sucks as President

Kudos to Lehrer

kos was saying that Kerry's lowered podium helped shrub, b/c

Something Important Happened Tonight

Not only did Bush do poorly, but Kerry did extremely well. His

Bush blew it when he spoke about the International Criminal Court

Aaron Brown - YOU ARE AN IDIOT

MSNBC Question Of The Day: Who Won...(Kerry TROUNCING!!!)

In Reality, Charlie Rose Is The Biggest Bush Shill Out There.

Dammit, Kerry didn't talk about BCCI

'.changing your mind, I believe this administration has a name for that..'

THE DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS! Is It Just Me? Or Is It Apparent To

Be Vigilant- The Whores Are Already Trying Diminish Kerry's Resounding Win

DNC to Kerry supporters

Lots of Great Debate Photos At Getty Images!!!

No one is mentioning my favorite Bush moment

Question about

For George and Karl from Maya

The media I've watched have said Kerry won and other thoughts from Sean.

here's a little comedy to ceberate the victory.

Is Barbara Bush going to be out on the talk shows defending

Wow, new flash at tonight

Chimps little laugh

Vladimir.............I was so embarrassed.

Polls are increasingly useless and Kerry smears Bush in two more debates

OK, if they've really got bin Laden they'll bring him out in a day or two

"I see on the TV screens how hard it is"

Watching again...anyone notice Bush staring straight ahead...

How many time did turd say Um. I hate that stupidity.

Kerry MASTERED Bush At The Hand Shake

"I see on the TV screens how hard it is."

ABC Poll after the debate is full of crap

Counter B*'s "hard work" repetition...

I'm watching again, Kerry threw everything in but the kitchen sink.

CBS Undecided Poll Has Kerry the Clear Winner (Bush is 3rd)


and 184+ comments from mostly Kerry supporters . . .

The genius I see in the debate.

Someone help me

The Importance of Debates?

well- i`ll leave you with this----------

Did you see the phallic nature of the microphones?

Genius Freeper commentary on the DU commenary on the debate

What's worse: the Dean scream, the Gore sighs, or the bush meltdown?

Only sour point of Kerry's performance

I am a little confused in Kerry.

Did any of the talking heads mock or make fun of Bush

Kerry debated the mighty Republican Wurlitzer tonight.

How would you compare Kerry's debate performance to Gore's in 2000?

"There You Go Again"

Here is what i'd love to know

It's the IQ, Stupid . . . Kerry outsmarts Bush in the crucial first debate

Yikes, what a face!

I'm off to Vegas and I'm feeling fine...

Uncommitted Voters Give Kerry Nod - CBS

Kerry vs. Gore

Keith Olbermann calls it for Kerry (MSNBC Hardblogger)

Children Terrified of Bush.

Reminder of 2000 campaign dirty tricks

The propaganda machine is at work

Grade the debate at CNN (not just a poll)

Something else with the debate

Bush thinks Poland took part in the invasion of Iraq!

Did Senator Kerry Finally introduce himself to the American public?

My god! How can anyone say this was a TIE!

Bush -- Left or Right Handed?

All right...Fuck it. If you're not on the Kerry bus after tonight...

"Mr. Rove, did you put that microphone in your own office?"

Getting the votes from the left-doubters

What did we learn from Shrub tonight?

More Freeperism's

Kerry has basically restarted his campaign

Polls say Kerry won debate


Who noticed when they first shook hands, Kerry pulled bush toward him

This was it for me

The next 48 hours are critical . . .

"Tax gap" and national security... er, what?

Polls say Kerry won the debate, and Dow/Nasdaq futures are up

I was on a flight and missed the debate!!!

Ok, biggest spin on the debate.

Holbrooke Is Handing Hannity His ASS In A Handbasket

Here's typical RW spin from the NY Post on the debate.

Prepare for terror alerts and new Smear Boat ads

The Naked Would-be Emporer exposed for all to see

Anyone know who actually owns and runs Gallup these days? I heard

"Kerry kept mentioning Bush's father" - National Review

What I want to hear Edwards say to Cheney

We're looking at another 1992

What was with that weird pursed lips look of Bush's everytime Kerry poll still 77% Kerry

Feelin' Andy Dufresne

Good debate, but missed opportunity.

Bush looked like a kid giving a book report . . .

Nice picture of Kerry on the Front page of USAToday!!

Bush was AWESOME!

I don't remember the Gore debates

The NEW Official Bush Excuse

Kerry favorability rating jumps from 43% to 68%

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

George got spanked because he is a WIMP!

Dick "Toe Sucker" Morris claims * won on 'substance'

Of all the mindless drivel spewed by scrub...

Some pundits saying these debates don't matter...

Turnout will be important in some very red states as well-senate races

Imus "Chimpy will resonate more with the people"

citation for "Taliban no longer is in existence." quote.

The Dems must convert this victory to mean "Kerry tougher on terror"

1:30am PST- Most online polls rate Kerry the winner ca. 85%-15%!!

CNN: 76% say Kerry won the debate.

Post your letters to the editor on Kerry's win in the first debate

Cincinnati Presidential Poll.....

One of CNN's "undecided" voters actually College Repug

a big foreign policy gaffe by scrub that got lots of play here in Asia

What word was * trying to say when he said vociferously

Make this the Memorable Line of the 2004 Presidential Debate

John Edwards called into Imus this morning

U.S. Presidential Debate Facinates World (Guardian)

The only thing we have to fear now is FRAUD

What's your local media saying?

OK, DU, Here's the link for your own copy of the debate...

* got handed his ASS! (Empty glass)

CNN's Jack Cafferty to Kerry supporters: "Knock it off."

"...the president had the hunched shoulders and the peevish, defensive ...

Please go vote in these polls

Holy shit...the reviews for Kerry last night are glowing.

Fun - Today's IWON front page - Kerry's horoscope

Could it have gone any better?

this is the BEST debate pic Focks News could come up with!!!

My childish 2 cents for this morning

Pat Buchanan on Imus "Kerry was flawless"

The Kerry's "back in the game" Meme, is just that, a Meme!

Don't forget the word ANGRY -- everybody was using it here last night...

George Bush, Religious Nut.

My personal favorite debate quote

What is the Spanish-language media saying??

"We're doing hard work in Iraq"

Okay, admit it

For a Good Laugh

The polls are now open! Absentee ballot period runs 30-40 days before

Did Bush Have The "Moolahs" In Iran Mixed Up With The Fabulous Moolah?

What The Media WON'T Remind You Of...

Excellent diary w/talking points at Daily Kos

Sludge Trumpets So-Lame Excuse for Chimp's Pitiful Performance

Maureen Dowd excellent on BBC Breakfast News this morning ...

"john kerry scares me"

Kerry - Now owns the position of BEST Presidential Debater

let's centralize a list of online polls kerry's behind in...

Online Video of Debate

Why was Kerry ignored when he signaled that he wanted a 30-sec rebuttal

DU this CNN report card

I just got here today: WHERE ARE MY ECSTATIC DUERS!?

A few more good reads...

Buchanan: (Kerry) ... almost flawless performance, poised and presidential

Mindless Drivel from Republicans Abroad

Debate suggestions for John Kerry in this thread

MSNBC: "Initial reaction to a debate can change after a few days"

ABC Post Debate Poll: Kerry WINS 45 to 36!

For 18 mos AFTER 9/11, did * HIMSELF harbor 200 al-Qaeda terrorists?

Anyone who is truly "undecided" after last night is

Did the networks have a split screen like C-Span?

Polls have Kerry winning debate. Good START.

Scalia says sexual orgies relieve social tensions.

Commentary: Kerry Wins On Substance and Intangibles in the First Debate

Bush Sets Off Light!

Kerry the best President in American History...


Don't gloat too long, next debate is....

How many smirks did you see?

Call C-Span NOW

If you're running on Foreign Policy and Homeland Securtiy?

Classic -smirking- pic from last night!

AFP: Kerry scores badly needed points in debate

MSNBC Poll on debates: DU it now!!

If Gore was criticized for his facial expressions what about Bush?

Just imagine how Kerry will do in the domestic policy debate.

Kerry camp needs to make the Bush cutaways into Gore sighs

'mullahs' are "MOOOO-lahs" and 'nuclear' still "NU-CU-LAR"

Would you all please DU on the debate for the newspaper?

omg... Look How TINY chimpy* Looks Here....

McCain looks like a dirty old man

C-Span caller said Bush drank out of an empty glass. Did you see that?

This election will be like 2000 - The Democrat will get the most votes.

Now Kerry critics can shut-up that say no one "knows what he's about"

Bushco Ads Coming on Full Force

CNN critic says Kerry looked more presidential!

what is your local media spin

so honestly...

Will The Press Be Fair And Make Political Hay Out Of Bush's Faces

Freepers say "Bush won"

Is Fox too embarrassed to put up a poll to vote on the debate?

It's nice to have Republicans on the defensive for a change.

Ten alarm shill alert!!!!

I'm just waiting for the 'through the looking glass' moment today


Should Kerry campaign use this photo in an ad ??

I am deeply disappointed in Kerry for one thing during the debates

Take this Poll it could use some help

Debate #1: What I Saw

sneak preview

We have to hammer every poll we see

"This is hard work"........George Bush

This is the only poll I've seen with Bush ahead on the debate question

I am going to try and go an entire day

Bush's Al Gore Moment

Bush Flops

Is last night the defining moment of the campaign?

"Just because he says it won't work, doesn't mean it is true."

What went wrong with Bush last night

It must be so embarrassing to be a Republican today --

Kerry took COMMAND of the debate last night

Bush lost the handshake and

Until last night I was Anti-Bush. Last night made me Pro-Kerry

bush's debate lies & bushite

Please help on this NC RoadRunner poll.....though worded badly!!!

OMG...IMUS thinks the CHIMP won the debate!

My letter to local Media:

Official "Bush Excuse For Why He Sucked Last Night" Thread

Half the country is waking up to the fact their president is an idiot

Rove sat up 'til very late this morning trying to figure out an attack ...

Anyone catch this line from AAR this morning?

PICTURE- the Bush crowd watching the debate

DU this Atlanta poll...Bush leading

After last night's debate, I got a new bumper sticker idea...

I Was Expecting the Debate to be Judged a Draw. What Happened?

I am SO SORRY, I didn't MEAN to get locked

After Bush's MELTDOWN, be prepared for 9-11 II

DU this Movie Review poll for Going UpRiver

Is CNN burying the voter debate reaction story?

Comparing this to other debates

Two more polls (Pennsylvania)

Russert said it was a draw. SOMEBODY SLAP HIM!!

Father Kerry vs. Boy George

Bush Must Have Been Reading The Kama Sutra With All His Talk About

From the looks of the posts on freeper sites

Behind the crack-up

"We only guarded the Oil Ministry"

Did you notice how the split screen made Smirky appear as tall

De-Freep This:

My take on the debate.

It's like a football game and the Bush team is ahead by 3 points....

The Democratic National Committee is receiving 5 online donations per sec

We need to shut up about Osama. Now.

dammit . . . "this is hard work" . . . so many bushisms to chose . . .

Post-debate analysis talking point. Why Bush crashed and burned:

Press Gives Kerry Nod

I have a way of neutralizing ANY October surprise! Pass it around!

"He was answering the Senator with his face."

Are there any less than favorable groups supporting Bush?

Are our folks on the a.m. shows, saying debate was NO draw, DOES matter?

DU this Raleigh, NC debate poll


Nuclear Proliferation

Anyone know how much the DNC ended up with yesterday?

After watching the debate last night, I figured out Bush' one accomplish-

forgive me again

I can't wait for the domestic debate thing

Imus: Wasn't Even Close

Watch the Chimp Smirk and Squirm

When are the crazy Rethugs going to stop making excuses for Bush?

A couple of debate questions:

another poll

Edwards will surprise many

Please go vote for this TIME debate poll

A poll I don't see anyone mentioned - San Antonio

Don't expect the first round of polls to show major movement.

looks like the hand-picked crowds backfired

Help with political commentary by guy who didn't watch it!


Classy vs. Clueless: Kerry thanking the audience, the moderator, etc.

Lynn Cullen: "Bush looked like a little robot whose signals

ALL pundits keep saying....

The only scary thing

The Average Joe schtick finally backfired on ole Bushie.


self delete

ANYBODY see Aaron Magruder on Aaron Brown last night (OMFG!!!!!)

Bush reaching for the glass...(bottle?)

Best moment of the campaign so far: W. Clark on TDS, smiling and laughing

Four years ago...

How will they spin Kerry's post-debate bounce?

Hell! Viet Nam was a mistake and so is the Iraqi invasion. Soldiers died

Deer Caught In The Headlights!

What's the next debate about? Domestic?

BBC News Voters' Views on the Debate

Anybody notice Bush could barely contain his hatefulness. Quite honestly

How Will The Next Round Of Polls Look...

HA! Who LOOKS like the winner?

My my, but the cable news is being "objective" today

Kerry Won By Holding His Own On Bush's Strongest Issue

How come CSPAN was able to split screen?

Has Anyone Compared Last Nites Debate to Gore/Bush 2000?

Bush: I look forward to debate on domestic policy

Kerry played both school principal,and Captain Hook.

"Bush looked vapor-locked!"

Now that we have some momentum, let's all do this for Kerry:

John Kerry is a slick debater now??

Get ready for more terra-lert's, or Bin Laden, or big diversion...

Kerry Wins Newsday Panel 14-3-1


Where's The Love...

The WH sends out Dan Bartlett to spin....they must have thought...

Mass Confusion... p.s. Kerry Won.

Bush Performance = Dean Scream

I can't find the "Mexed missages" When did chimp say it?

Bush's scariest moment

Here's a REPUBLICAN review of the debate last night

Dan Bartlett says re: Bush and his facial expressions...

Did Kerry put his life in danger ?

Please Call the Kerry Campaign and Thank Them

Great editorial!

Contact CBS

I throw this electronic message upon the bits and bytes of the internet

Overflow crowd in DeLays district for debate!

Check this CNN article -

How long will it be before CNN,C-span,etc say Bush won - no matter what

"Bush won on substance?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

Slashdot poll on the Debate last night

I hereby do not apologize for saying Kerry should debate. I was right.


MSNBC Spin: Kerry's "non-gaffe debate"

Experts Rate Debate A Draw

Who here thinks Bush is bringing Cheney along for the next debates?

After last night do you think Bush* will have the next two debates?

What the candidates looked like - and how bad Bush looked (NYTimes)

Local RW radio host this morning in CT - "Kerry killed"

Bush Drinking From Empty Glass?

Now we know why bush' peope didn't want reaction shots

could this be Kerry's October surprise? . . .

Where can I access the entire video that I can download...

Have Fun: Boys And Girls..-Bush Unplugged

MSNBC - Kids & Politics

Excessive Blinking Signals Deceptiveness


Debate questions, where can I find a list?

View clips of the debate online

Why I Think The VP Debate Is Now The MOST Important

20 min. of driving - spin from the radio

Debate results: CNN 72% polled say Kerry Won debate. Fox News...

Don't be overconfident about the next debate!

This is the Kerry we saw in Iowa

Who told the truth?

Who's the dictator that runs a national press and fires his foes?

Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you think !

This poll needs de-freeping bad

GOING UPRIVER opens today. America, let's flood the theaters this weekend.

Karl Rove insisted on 32 pgs of rules & Smirk *still* went down in flames!

Bush's calling Putin by first name in debates

hey! vote for my local news poll please!

So Bush would never let another country control decisions

Is anybody else as happy as I am? I had REALLY, REALLY been down in the

Let's document US media insipid, tepid and viscous debate coverage

I can't wait for the Veep debate now!


TPM: CNN Scammed by an "undecided voter"?

OK: I was working and missed it. Any links for debate tape/transcript

Sorry, folks. Bush won.

Who will the Republicans run in '08 against Kerry?

On AAR: Unfiltered, Rachel and Liz theorize.......................

Kerry turned the boat around and pulled us out of the water.

One serious concern from debate last night

Report Card on the Candidates Last night

Let's enjoy our moment but not get cocky or complacent...

Was Bush told that looking annoyed would be a good move?

Did Abu Ghraib come up at all yesterday?

Talking head Dan Bartlett said Kerry is 'deeply conflicted'

The part that left me shaking my head

Hey you in red areas! Get those bumberstickers on and those signs up!!!

"I Will FReep No More Forever"

Rate Bush's Performance.

Greg Palast: "Mr. Tall and Mr. Small"

My Poll Data Sheet: "Kerry w/ Commanding Lead over Bush on Foreign Policy"

The half-mouth droop...anyone know what that's about....

Is George Bush into porn? How many times did he say "hard" and "love"...

Terry Bradshaw, Rep, on Imus "Kerry knew what he wanted to do & he slammed

I feel sorry for Kerry

A simple theory as to why Repub pundits gave Kerry the win

Did Bush have something in his eyes last night?

I'm embarrassed that I don't know the answer to this question, but....

It seemed to me that * couldn't wait for his time to be over.

"I can't believe how many times last night B* (fill in the blank)"

Let's do a worst-case analysis of the Debate

LOL Repukes are saying that Kerry won on STYLE, not substance.

De-Freep a Detroit Michigan poll...

The crazy Rethug paper, Dallas Morning News

Let's be honest: Kerry did NOT the election win last night!

KERRY: "I have no intention of wilting. I've never wilted in my life."

BBC Analysis (Friday): No knockout blow

CNN Press Pundits Scorecard - DU this Poll - * has C from Viewers

The latest BS Rethug spin (unbelievable!): "* was tired."

Letter to a campaign sign thief

Did * actually use a 4- or 5-syllable word? Correctly?

"President George W. Bush scowled, Sen. John Kerry scribbled."

Folks, keep in mind, if Bushco is going to cancel the debates, it MUST

The Right has it WRONG about Lockhart's comment!!! Spread the word!!

Let's take a trip down memory lane to help Kerry

I thought "national security" and "war on terror" were Bush's strong suits

Nice analysis in Salon

And so it begins: the 'we're going to be attacked" crapola

How many undecideds had their heads explode last night?

The only thing Kerry didn't say that I wish he had:

This poll is being freeped as we speak

For just once, you MUST visit Drudge

Does anyone have a picture of Bush drinking out of an empty glass?

Post your debate "Letters to the Editor" here (after you send them)

Poland? Poland? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Another Poll (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Smirk on MSNBC

Orlando online polls

freepers, what will they do now....

For some reason (!?) I decided to look at what Newsmax had to say...

With all that "concern" about Kerry's ill-fated tanning adventure,

My Smirk Detector went off nonstop last night!

Kerry and his 'gangly arms' - one of the pundits said, before the debate,

CBS News Post-debate Poll: Kerry given clear nod among Undecides!!

North Korea - could someone please explain to me why * thinks

Separate the War from the Warrior

LOL - Salon compares Bush performance to his reaction on 9/11!

Kerry getting ready to speak in South Florida ...

Can We Make A List Of Debate Whores?

Faces of frustration - Bush's debate reactions

Calling Bev Harris! I have exciting, nationally important news for you!

This debate was probably the first time in nearly four years that

Bush's earpiece

Ras last pre-debate poll - Bush 48.7-45.3, Tomorrow wiil have 1 day

Kerry Looked ATTENTIVE and BUSY; Bush Looked ANGRY and ANNOYED

NewsLax excuse: Lehrer Stacks Deck Against Bush

Debate Rules: Did * and the Moderator bend them?

anyone here remember nixon's face during the debate with JFK?


Polls currently being freeped

it's like i've taken a wormhole back to Reality.....

Ohio Media polls

Lauer on Today-"We aren't going to use words like 'winner' or 'loser'"

Vote in this poll - it's a big one

Please Help Rebut anti-Kerry letter in my local newspaper!

When Bush* sniffs and turns his head back and sneers, he is pissed.

And remember, Foreign Policy is supposed to be Boosh's STRONG suit...

Nominate a theme song for the debates.

Is the RNC preparing a Kerry vs. Kerry video based on the debate?

Bush: "That's why they're fighting so vociferously."

Is this a REAL photo of Bush and his daughter?

Will the pollsters and pundits use the debate as an excuse

Phillip Robertson of on CNN

I salute Senator Kerry!

Shrub has the nerve to be strutting his stuff right now - MSNBC

Sean Hannity on dimson's performance

Bush* kept whining about hard work.

MSNBC interview with 5 undecideds in Florida.. some good news.

Let Chris Matthews have it--All Du'ers Join In

Your favorite Bush Debate Critique ONE LINERS...

You've seen the debate--now what does the "W" stand for?

Kudos to Jim Lerher, he's really good at moderating these debates

Blackwell's 80-lb paper made the NYT, and they got it right!

Check out this letter at Andrew Sullivan's blog

What do you think is going thru Al Gore's mind right now

It Was a Rout (final, with several changes and link)

Extremely difficult campaign question - please help

New Spin on Bush Lip Biting

Ken Blackwell: WAH WAH WAH: The Democrats are picking on me!

Fox News poll! Punt 'em on their own turf!

Question....Who prepared JK for tonight?

What do you think about the fact that Kerry overwhelmed bushtail

Transcript of the debate available?

My theory.... Rove took Bush off his meds temporarily so as to appear ..

250 debate comments from Bush supporters . . .

FOX News Poll on Debate Winner is back up

Who would have thought Mexico would be mentioned twice.....

Bush's words finally getting to the truth of this war: The PNAC agenda.

Boosh's overuse of the 30 second reply showed weakness...

Faces of Frustration

The 87 Billion Dollar Question:


The Debate Pulled the Teeth of the "October Surprise"

"Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?"

Please help de-feep this poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay time to focus on Cheney-Edwards Tuesday

Bush Wasn't The Only Loser Tonight. Ralph Nader Is Now Irrelevant.

Did Bush forget his meds last night???

Debate #2 PROBLEM - * shows up, he wins

ny daily news poll

How Will The Main Stream Media Respond If * Pulls Out Of The Last Two..

HEY here is my local news poll--LINK ENCLOSED!

Check out some viewer emails to MSNBC

Netscape Community Poll

i`m really pissed about bush

Debate coverage - Canadian style

Senator Bob Graham just called and left a message

How can anyone be undecided at this point?

Bush-hole said 'rum' instead of 'run' last night...

Hell freezes over: The NATIONAL REVIEW says Kerry destroyed Bush

TWO-FACED graphic day 5: an anecdote

Undecideds be damned: Judy Woodruff says polls won't move

SLUDGE shot compared to Reuters

Shut up already, CNN. Bush is no Reagan and Kerry is no Gore.

Blue vs. Red: The Debate Wasn't Exactly a Tie

CNN poll:

This poll needs everyone to hit it

Canadians weigh in on debate winner....

Compare and contrast - before & after

The triumph of lowered expectations

I suspect that during the domestic policy debate, bush will pull wedge

Anybody listening to Rush?

Smart-Kerry forces George to say PRO-LIF-ER-A-SHUN

Media's debate hangover tactic - Let's follow * around all day and

"It's hard work"

The war was a Mistake - now it's a Problem!

AARRGH! My sister is deciding who to vote for based on debates

Another Poll MPLS Star-Tribune NEEDS YOUR HELP

Media spam on now...

LOL! High school band refuses to play for Smirky!

Anecdotal evidence: Expectations mangagement works.

Blast the media: IT WAS NOT A DRAW

DU THIS POLL!! CNN Poll asks you to grade Kerry/Bush!!

ABC News Poll--Kerry Wins Debate

Kerry coming up on MSNBC.

Zogby Poll in my email

What a night...sweet dreams, everybody!

Wonder what pot of shit John O'Neill is stirring up now

Bush Lies During Debate- Listed Here

Kerry missed one important point last night

Thank you Skinner. Those links were great.

Did anyone else think * said "blubber" instead of "love her"?

Here we post all evidence that contradicts the "debate draw" spin.

Here's a great breakdown of what was really said at the debate.

One more poll to vote in

Did Kerry lob a mortar into Bush's Green Zone?

Where's the best website debunking Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?

"Iraqis Hold The US Election In Their Hands"

Direct Letter to the Editor Emails For 26 STATES!

Kerry out performs Bush in Debate, terror alert around the corner?

"Kerry won, but on 'Style over Substance' only"... that's their spin

I found the best anti-bush button!

Thank you, President Kerry!

Foxhounds in my office are spinning it as a draw

They're spinning it as a draw

The most conservative Illinois site has Kerry winning the debate!

Ha! Votemaster at shows his true colors

Did anyone else think that Kerry was holding back last night?

Sri Lankran immigrants I work with all support *

"I didn't make much sense of the president's answers"--typical reaction

anyone else think Bush secretly doesn't WANT to be president anymore?

Did you know that while * was touring the hurricane damage

If Bush really had done well in the debate, the media whores...

Don't miss this damning clip from Moveonpac from last night's debate!

WYFF-TV Greenville, SC, poll. Strong Bu$h country. Kerry way ahead.

dimson's doodles

I just received this from a friend of mine.

I was at a debate Party with our Kerry Rep

Kerry Sweeps Debate Polls

If Kerry did this well last night...

Where's a transcript of last night's debate?

Folks, this was like Michael Jordan throwing 4 touchdowns in a Super Bowl.

Kerry LIVE in Florida. Link on front page of NYT!

Kerry isin Fl. at rally, he is loose, funny and at ease. CNN now

Freepers are up to no good

just wondering..did cable media show bush rally today?

"Global Test"... That comment was a mistake.

"Can't believe they agreed to do these debates"

"Bush entered a 90 minute debate with 30 minutes of material."

B* cites Allawi speech; omits that speech was written by * staff

O'Reilly: "I won't tell you who won...

Is the text of the debate online anywhere??

Waitaminnit!!! Didn't Poland announce that they were withdrawing

Pubs aren't giddy in spin room, while saying how well turd did. MSNBC

MSNBC is about to air their "Truth Report"

Bush : I didn't lose the debate, I won it too fast.

CSPAN Split Screen...Did you...

New Bush Poster...

OK...we got rid of Luntz... Now we've got to get rid of Bill Schneider

Is it that they just don't WANT to hear JK's message

Poland looks forward to troop withdrawals

Any 1 else scared to post observations about last night that would help *?

You know who Kerry reminded me of last night?

Did you like or dislike the debate format.

George Bush admitted in the debate with Kerry last night...

How did Laura and the girls seem to think * did? I saw embarrassment.

Stupid Freeper Bumbersticker

DU this! CNN runs slanted poll and pimps Bush over Kerry

let's try a little role reversal!

The unspoken message I was picking up from Bush's remarks was

Chimp leading only by 1 % point in Faux poll

Over 2 million votes (!!!) now on MSNBC poll

Iraqi southern provinces threatening to break away

WOW! MSNBC debate winner poll:Kerry 63%, Bush 37% with 1,385,423 voting!

Ad proposal: "Hard Work"

I talked to some non-DU Democrats about the debate

Best review of Bush's debate performance from Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.

I can't find this Kerry line ...

Anyone have a debate pic of W hunched over like Nixon?

Bush Can't Pull Out of Next Two Debates Now

Did you notice Bush's pregnant pause last night?

Happy Post-debate Day!

About the leash comment...

Jay Carney/Time on CNN saying

I'm So Glad Kerry Argued for and Got THREE DEBATES

who's the real flip-flopper

What do you think * and Kerry said to each other at the handshake?

CBS News: "Experts Rate Debate a Draw" - wth?!

Philly daily news "But the man smoked President Bush"

My prediction on poll numbers post debate: not much change now....

Already contacted by Zogby this AM

what I heard a Republican say:

"Can I have 30 seconds for a follow-up cartoon?"

Is anyone else here totally sick of the f'ing pussyfooters??

What Were the Best Points Made by KERRY?

Last Night Was Exactly Why I've Been a Kerry Man For 2 Years

See a problem with the Michigan Absentee Ballot???

IMPORTANT: Freepers talking about using scripts on polls

Kerry's "I made a mistake" line did more than end the flip-flop issue

My favorite *Bushisms* from the debate

Bush resigned from the Reserves

Bush* was BIG & BAD in today's speech! (He was reading a script!)

What are *'s parents saying and doing?

Fox News is desperate ... making stuff up about Kerry ....

"I'm George Homer Bush. I mooned for rebuttal"

san diego media polls..

WTF?!?! MN. Poll. Sic 'em.

This was SUPPOSED to be Shrub's STRONGEST Night


CNN/AP: Debate Fact Check missed obvious Bush lies

This might be a little premature, but...

So what ARE the Dems going to do about CNN?

"Maybe they think we want their OIL?

Did anyone else think Bush was having a mental breakdown during debate

I want to give a SHOUTOUT to President Kerry on a great...

Domestic issues: Abortion, school prayer, and gays.

"And that‘s how best it is to keep the peace."

October Surprise: Last night's debate may have determined it.


Rasmussen National 3-Day poll For 10/1 (All Pre-Debate)

Watch out for Cheney - it is time for him to do his job

Up next, K-B domestic policy, and the Luke vs Vader of debates, Edwards-

Today's meme: w is a spoiled little brat.

What to do with the "Global Test" remark?

The lowered expectations bit isn't working this time

Kerry is strong in mind, body, and spirit.

When the "Global test" remark starts getting spun...

Looking forward to Bush being over-handled for 2nd debate

BuzzFlash: Kerry Wins Round 1. Bush, Weasel in Chief, is on the Defensive.

Tony Blair Better Pray That Kerry Wins

Anybody hear the irony when * said

answer to 'is it worth it?'

Kerry the "Closer": It is time for that to become our mantra. Spread it.

We've listed Bush's "Bushisms". Now what were Kerry's best moments?


"We climbed the mighty mountain and I see the valley below,

Does the VP Debate have a general topic like last night's debate?

Don't let them off the hook! That's how they won the 2000 post debate spin

Fantasy Poll- Bush* Versus Fred Flintstone-Who Wins?

Hey Folks What About The $200 Billion Number ?

Poland got a big laugh where I saw the debate.

Fantasy Debate Poll: W vs. Quayle. Who wins?

Compare these two pictures ...

Hey Folks What About The $200 Billion Number ?

Elections in Minnesota

Yellow anti-Bush armbands to show our numbers

NR editor: "Don’t Shoot the Messenger. . .’cause this assessment’s grim."

Keep the spin on our side... compare this debate to the 2000 debate...

This will help immensely in DUing polls that require registration

* Flip/flop:6 months from Get Osama "dead or alive"-its"just not concerned

What was it that * blamed on Clinton?

"I think that saying wrong war, wrong place, wrong time sends a wrong mes-

11 times

Explain Something to Me

received e-mail from former * supporter turned voter-against * turned ....

Bush's "undefeated" streak is over! But more importantly...

Does everybody else feel energized today?

The OFFICIAL Watercooler Thread! THIS Is What Is Important - Post HERE!

Oregon Poll/Blog need help

How many people did this happen to last night?

Did anyone notice that after Bush left the stage last night

Bush: " Now why would we go and attack Mexico when.......

I watched the debate in a bar in Wyoming

Josh Marshal catches Fox News On Line making shit up about JK

There is a way to look at the debate in the "knock out" punch mentality

This is the last weekend to register voters

John Kerry: A REAL Commander in Chief

So a newspaper editor calls me...

Did Kerry miss a perfect opportunity to KO Bush in the first round?

Organized response to the media - excellent

My favorite "undecided" voter's response post-debate - priceless!

* 's iraq security consultants tell rest of the world that he lies

ESPN Poll: Just DU it.

Mt. Saint Helens coming to Bush's rescue!!!!

Rush Disappointed

Anybody get the idea that Bush's debate prep was like a wedding rehearsal?

What the hell is a "mooolah"?

Wingnuts desperately try to defend *'s pathetic performance

The Day After: How do you rate John Kerry's debate performance?

Thread of good stories from Republicans and Indys...

John Kerry= More Presidential than the Stuttering Dunderhead.

Mt. St. Helens will kill the Bush spin.

My favorite part of the debate was when Kerry called Smirk on the

Kerry forgot Poland!!

Please add to my list of GWB* Presidential accomplishments:

Someone explain to me why the "Forgot about Poland" thing is funny

Debate issue: Bush admits doing nothing on Iran nuke proliferation!!

Bush's own words show him unfit for office.

See "Going Upriver," the movie about Kerry, today in major theaters

Bush takes top "Honors" in debate


New diversion, suddenly Lori Hacking's body found in Utah landfill

Bush supporters seem genuinely surprised by his performance.

The GLOBAL TEST..of Credibilty.

Why I will vote for John kerry: John Eisenhower

Debate results CNN: 72 % polled say Kerry won the debate. Fox News says:

The plutonium thing is driving me crazy

The next debates will be like the last moments of "Rocky"

Shrub's * "performance"

"The enemy attacked us" = RACIST statement.

Do you think * had an earpiece?

Charlotte Observer poll

Bad Link

I'm proud of John Kerry

Before and After Debate: Blacks Play Key Role in Kerry Debate Campaign

Rasmussen Weekly Numbers for ILL, Ga, and Iowa (Just Released)

I'm amazed...

Is the Volcano an evil Bush-Rove plan to change the subject?

Another reason the lack of friendly faces hurt Shrubby...

Have I gone nuts? I've got to ask... did you hear "let me finish"?

My sister says yard signs are FLYING out of the Kerry HQ in MD.

Bush from NH on C-SPAN now. n/t

What Kerry was writing when Bush was talking during the debate

Even GOP pollster Frank Luntz's swing voters gave debate to kerry, 16-2!

LOL: Drudge: BUsh blaming pathetic performance on the HURRICANE!

Was that a highball that W had in his podium?

BWAHAHAHA, now the Freepers want Nader in the Debates!

Farenheit DVD now will go through the roof.

Has anyone seen Nielsen ratings for last night?

Pat Leahy, D-Vt Had the Best line of the night

ABC has a point bounce for bush after the debate?

Some advice for John Edwards on his debate with *

Excellent point ("Now things get dangerous")

Night time cube rat needs ONE answer: W W T S

Pitt's Pickin' Bush

Debate conclusions: Kerry wins on both style AND substance


The Bush "love comment" connection -- OB/GYNs and...

C'mon on, i'll make it all better


You Forgot Poland!!

Going Upriver: Great movie

Maybe we should be organizing suicide watches for RW websites.

MSNBC just cited their online poll calling it for Kerry

Just thought you would like to know that CNN's Schneider admitted 10%

the spin begins

The Bush Spinmeister at Work

Iraq Is Lost --From: [Wall Street Journal reporter] Farnaz Fassihi

All the swagger gone like a puff of smoke

Reuters: Dem camp sees winds of change boosting Kerry

October Surprise if Kerry wins the second debate?

How many people here subcribe to the MIHOP or LIHOP theories

Hey Bush spinners, next time run a non-moron.

I just got back from the Edwards Town Hall Meeting in Dayton, Ohio!

People, we really need to stay on Kerry's ass

Guys, whent are the next debate dates?

Dallas Morning News editorial: BUSH WINS BY NOT LOSING

Hatriotism rears it's ugly head - 8 year old vandalized my vehicle.

Is anyone else concerned about Bush's stability?

Favorite Kerry zinger, sound bite, etc., from last night

Made our $1500 goal for Kerry!!

Was last night the beginning of the final unraveling of Bu$h?

9/11 panel: Republicans handling our recommendations improperly

Ohioans . . . GOD this state is comical

Stock market up today...I wonder why...

I think what Kerry meant to say was...

let's talk about Pickles

Today, the media will reveal just how much of a puppet it is.

Barb Bush's "pretty little head comment"

Does anyone have the overnight ratings for the debate?

Caller on Ed Schultz show just said that

How do you think Jim Lehrer did?

New Kerry Slogan

Does this sound like a madman to you?

Speaking in Front of Friendly Audiences Hurt Bush Last Night Big Time

Bush kissed my butt on national TV last

Newt on Hannity spinning the debate

George W. Bush - OOMPALICIOUS!!

Watching GW speak is like watching a drunk man cross an icy street.

Unless they replace W with a robot for the next debate...

Campaign Prediction:

John Edwards on the cover of NOV's Runner's World

Bush won the debate because Kerry looked French!!!

WSJ poll: Kerry 68% Bush 24% , tie 9%

Wis. Man Endorses Kerry in Wife's Obit

I know the 2nd debate topic will be domestic agendas

Crossfire Thread:

CNN Bill Schnider - Spin Spin Spin

I think the 70 degrees temperature request from Kerry

Bush's Iraq War Doctrine: It's Hard

In Bush, a scene out of the Ceausescu horror

a photo just taken in central florida hick town

How soon will they stop talking about the debate?

ALERT - Downside of Kerry's Kickass Performance:

need transcript link

Grrrr Dana Milbank Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

New Debate Ad: Does Bush Inspire Confidence?

For the next debate Rove will probably insist

Blinky lost.


MEXED missages!

Clearly King George is losing it

Could Bush and Rove be using the "rope a dope" ploy?

I think there is some truth that you will not here in the debates.

Congress chastises Bush budget for US Geological Survey

Poll at Mississippi's largest daily has Bush winning debate--HELP!

New Opportunity For Kerry

LTTE I just sent out, see what you think!

Sirius Subscribers Unite- Complain About The Kerry Bashing Promos on 144

We Need an Exit Strategy, Not a Couscous Recipe-Bill Maher

The group that is now saying "looking presidential shouldn't matter"


Gee. I don't hear any Repig talking about an orange tan anymore.

I thought Bush* did very well last night

Rove on *: "That wasn't irritated. I know irritated."

Is Fox News just making s**t up?

don't miss White House Briefing today...

"He has a record of failure to defend, and he's failed to defend it."

Faux News BUSTED spreading homophobic lies about Kerry

Du this poll :toast::

Fox must have gotten a lot of hate mail today...

Is there a museum/monument erected to the Vietcong victory?

DROP the ABB soundbite. The GOP spinmachine uses it AGAINST Kerry.

Thread on Debate Responses to Cheney Attacks

DFA in Flagstaff sponsors Democracy Week-end in downtown Flagstaff

du this poll

"The devil we know"

Check your own registrations. The Republicans are pulling massive frauds

Lockhart Slaps Around Leslie Blitzer

HUGE debate audience, 62.4 million reported by Nielsen

The REAL October surprise

Kerry better be prepared for what Rove may throw at him in the final weeks

What was under the back of Chimpy's suit jacket, last night?

I was wondering where the Kerry/Heinz clan was during the debate

Bush Said He Wanted To LEASH HIS DAUGHTERS!!!

Will Bush declare a Red Alert security status before November 2nd?-PRAVDA

Folks, lets Gore... Bush

DUers, Poll in college town in Mississippi is being freeped. HELP!

Your editorial comments welcome here...

John Kerry is ON FIRE!!! He is really ready to fight!

When does the new jobs report come out?

Does Bush* even know he lost the debate?

Kerry's getting ahead of the next debate

Anticipating a Rovian Dirty trick..the C-SPAN split screen...

Can the Kerry campaign ban a particular reporter?

Faux news poll being freeped... vote!

Karl Rove and His Henchmen Sure Look WORRIED Today!

Cincinnati Enquirer Poll... Bush and Kerry about even..

Kerry was perfect! Of the debate and the media

You know, I think Bush believed he had knocked it out of the park

The Thelma and Louise Administration

Believability, Likability, and Toughness

Novak "accident" a delaying tactic

Why are all the repUGLYcans saying that everyone seen Bush's heart?

Regis Philbin: The camera shots were unfair to Bush. BOO HOO

What is the format for the EDWARDS-CHENEY DEBATE

The Undecided Morons video

Limbaugh and Hannity - Anyone listen today?

Can someone create one of these...

Best way to fu** with Fundies' minds post-debate

how long till the the post-debate TOONS?!?!?!

I hereby apologize for saying Kerry should not debate. I was wrong.

Here in AZ- the anti Kerry ads are increasing

But..but...but....but...but.... (media spin)

General "Caption This" post.

Watching Bush speak is like

We need a constitutional amendment to keep children of

Did Bush DYE his HAIR? - PIX

Bush Fidgeting Video

62.4 MILLION WATCHED the debate CNN reports

USA TODAY - Kerry makes strides to close stature gap

Post your debate analysis on Cincinnati Enquirer


Worried about mail in Registration. Send Certified Mail?

Photo review of the debate (25 photos)

DU this "Tell us what you think" in Cincinnati

If Kerry gets more donations now, can he spend them? I thought

Where are the links to polls showing that Kerry won last night's debate?

Caption THIS!

Help, on a freeper website, the moderator stated "Bush is the better man"

Hey East Coasters - Which Newscast Should We Watch Tonight?

"I think it sends the wrong message..."

Last Night Changed My Vote

FOX Panel Unanimous: Kerry Wins!

Who Watched Brainwave Version Of Debate On CNNfn?

Check out how much Poland cost us

Re-watched the debate today: Kerry looked like a caged tiger.

* wants to be more Reagan than daddy but

It backfired on them !!

I'm ecstatic that Kerry won the debate, but

Bush's arrogance: A couple of years ago, I heard some reporter say that

Bush lost his first debate. Now what?

Those Debate Time-Limit Lights REALLY Flustered Kerry, Didn't They?

A leader showed up; his name was Kerry

Has C-Span changed their editing of the debate?

Kerry on C-SPAN NOW (LIVE)

CBS news tonite....Dan looks chipper

ROFL!! Look at this Yahoo post:

"Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet..."

KERRY..Don't let him get away with the TRUST issue: "You can Trust

What did * say to Jim Lehrer after the debate?


My open letter to the media

Rush has lost it !!

Nice Debate Piece By William Buckley At National Review...

Mark Shields on PBS just called Bush "a belly to belly towel snapper as

GOOD read -- Kerry's as America's better daddy!

"Climbed to the top of the mountain . . saw a valley of peace"

Bush Debate Pics - The Gallery of Smirks

My friend at CNN

Set your VCRs: Sharon Bush on 20/20 tonight.

Post debate, my mom, a school marm is waking up to the media bias! She

I just watched the repeat of last night's "Daily Show."

Great way to support Kerry: See "Going Upriver" this weekend

GOP now in full on spin mode

Remember that Michigan Absentee Ballot I posted?

Rasmussen Battleground Data for 10/1

This comment of mine seems to be "resignating" on Yahoo boards

One Opportunity I Wish Kerry Made Use Of

I Felt Pity For Bush Last Night

Kerry is Great... But Exasperating

Bush-Kerry Debate Draws 62.5 Million Viewers

Did I just see Bu$h trip coming down the platform steps at Pa. rally?

Check out Charlie Rangel's Game

Joe Lockhart: You media people should stop reading Drudge

A close look at Bush's forgotten promises of the 2000 debates

Debate Veterans For Truth

What years was Bush a cheerleader?

Are You Sick of the FRANCE Bashing?

Business Week: "Elmer Befuddled"

Students cheer Kerry, laugh at Bush watching first debate (NJ)

Democrats may gain a US Senate seat in Colorado.

Kerry using a quote from Bush's own father to expose him. Ouch.

Stock Market up after Kerry's strong performance..

Does anyone have clips of the debate?

Kerry response to denigrating allies

SCREW the polls, screw the media, let's concentrate on the next debate!!!!

Last night was so unfair - Kerry obviously didn't get Rove's memo

Just saw Going Up River:John Kerry the long war.

*'s debate NOTEPAD

al-Zarqawi pimped as new Al Qaeda bag man - attack DUers!

So any takers on a bet that they will run out Osama anytime soon?

DU this CNN Poll! "Do you think the (CNN) media was fair post debate"

Do the Armed Forces have contingency plans for confronting the Government

My God! Check the CNN poll!!!

Just spent four hours at Dem HQ in NC. YEEHAWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Ooooh! Oooh! Watch all the freepers freaking out! Calling Kerry "Hitler"

Slip up or Freudian slip? You decide.

The Debate Reviews Are In!

Some people are just too stupid to live

Last Night's Debate Video Online? I want to down load it...

CBS: Dems' Online Coup D'état

Matthews/Hardball slams Kerry with London bookey bit

Here's my letter to many editors

Predictions for debate #2.

to all those doom-and-gloomers

ALERT: Report of voter tampering in FLORIDA !!!!!

Web screenshot shows idiocy of CBS post-debate spin:

The CNN poll just gets better and better!

What was your favorite "WTF?!?!" moment last night?

Wacky Freeper debate quotes

OK, you've slept on it. How are you feeling about last night's debate?

Who here thinks Carl Cameron should be fired?

DU PROJECT: Media Spin vs. Voter Reality

Let's get this story blasted out there. FAUX FABRICATION

My letter to right-wing knuckleheads on Boston sports radio - WEEI

Bush seemed bored, like he was too important to answer. Just like his dad

Fox ADMITS story about "metrosexual" Kerry is FALSE

A Dean supporter changes her attitude.

Next Debate: What Network provides the video? Rules? Split Screen?


Chimpy's Tax Gap Gaffe

DU this Battleground Missouri Poll, please vote, lets do it!

Novak "injured in an accident this morning" and is having a hip replace...

"Mixed Messages" -- Hammer On This !!!

The REAL reason Bush is so testy about Poland?

Carl Cameron: What would Bush do? Deny access! Kerry should, too.

DU this poll (the paper that demanded an apology from Michael Moore)

Here's why I think bush is now officially (unless he steals it) OVER!

College Kids Worried About the Draft

Well don't you Original Kerry Supporters just feel like REAL smarty pants

Kerry Fares Poorly in Afghan Warlord Focus Group

Let's extract all of the BUSHISMs!

Excellent DNC post-debate video "FACES"

Kerry's "winners" last night a new website!!!

Excuses Bush could use for reasons why he sucked in Debate 1

Wait a minute...There was actually a debate last night?!!!

Let's laugh at the silly FReepers trying to freep the MSNBC poll.

WSJ Reporter says all in Iraq is lost

CNN: Cafferty tells us to "knock if off".

Another vague reference today by GW Bush

Elizabeth Edwards says Bush is gripping the steering wheel with his pedal

What exactly is a "Pre-September 10" mentality??

Quote Of The Debate - Debate I

Freeper genius: Kerry purposely made Bush's necktie crooked!

Blitzer: "America's best friend (Tony Blair) enters the hospital"

Missy Johnson, victim of Bush's love

Last night changed my vote.

Crawford paper who endorsed KE04 may go under

There's something wrong with Bush

As a Veteran I am Proud of Senator Kerry

"You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can,.."

"CHRISTIANS **ONLY**!! EMERGENCY!!!" bwahahahaha

Watch this - it's BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL!!!