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Archives: September 9, 2003

A Deadbeat President Hawks His Dead- end War

NYT Ed: Presidential Character

We should listen to experts who oppose war

Krugman: Other People's Sacrifice

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): The myth of localism

CNN = “Contains No News”

The Beltway Bigot

Bugpower, the energy of the future

Owner of Gun Used in Murder Fined - UK

News you can use

Please explain to me why you deleted my post?

I can see

Please lock my thread.

Prospective Palestinian Premier Says U.S. Must Press Israel

MSNBC - Dershowitz Issues $10,000 challenge to Chomsky, Said or anyone

Abu Ala: Not So Moderate

Brawl interrupts presidential debate

Dean's FULL comments on Bush's Speech

I got invited to a fundraiser.....for MYSELF!!!

Paul Krugman on Charlie Rose tonight at 12am on PBS

5 of 7 D.C. councilmembers to endorse Dean tomorrow

Council Members Support Dean for President (Washington, DC)

I'm racist...

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

No point in Repubs attacking the Dem front runner

The Daily Show -- reruns again this week?

"Bookeeping of mass destruction"

Cynthia McKinney headlines 9/11 Film Forum

my take on Clark's strategy

What about Saudi Arabia????

See How They Distract You?

Donate to Bush or else, drug companies told staff

Posting Pictures?

Bush visit brings black copters over Oregon and a hell of a forest fire

Anti-Americanism.....from foreign posters, seconded by Americans.

This is the Dean Collective.

Was Jackie Mason always on the dark side?

an idle thought or speculation ... Bush said that some action taken due

Nice article on Kucinich

what would happen is bush did not get the 87bil?

Hey!! I found a link for the video of my cable thing tonight

Will Pitt was on NECN tonight, Tape is already up.

Jennings slobbering all over Smirk

Arianna or Cruz ?

I attened a forum with Joe Klein as speaker tonight...

I don't know how to express my disgust for this man's putrid ignorance...

Bush speech writing program!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

Holy Cow! You should see the main page of right now

Deleted message

New CA Gov. Field Poll coming out tomorrow (inside)

Deleted message

83 billion a year - for how many years??

more finger pointing...Clinton/Gore and 9/11

leading articles on turn anti-bush


Mr. Bush and members of Congress: I propose a trade

Come spit nails with me...

How do you feel about Kerry vs Dean on the War?

can i get the lowdown on some of these people..

Federal Court Dismisses Judicial Watch Lawsuit Against Halliburton

If Bush is re elected in 2004

So, God forbid, if there was another turrist attack in a few days

You have GOT to hear this! RE: Rove/Tex 11

David Obey on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM...


Where's the Clark Address

DC 9-11, Made In Canada

Do a "Diebold voting demo"...from the Norfolk Va website...interesting.

Another fabulous name for *

Got this e-mail today...Its really comprehensive!

Guardian UK - Responses to Meacher's Article fingering Bush


Why is Dean held accountable for every thing he says about the . . .

ComerPerro and Liberal_Guerilla make hate mail!

TWO-THIRDS (of al qaeda) | sez who ???

Will the tutu Dems fall into the Rove trap again and give Bush his $87bn?

Where to escape from the propaganda?

Why in the hell are there little or no liberals as radio and TV shows?

Joe Klein dissing Dean


Anyone watching MSNBC?

MA DUers not having to work in the AM

FBI arrests 'stupid' Blaster.B suspect

Taiwan Financing Nicaraguan Troops in Iraq

Cheney & Rumsfeld directly involved in CIA's Anthrax coverup

Who's worse

Dean's wife doesn't look like a first lady.

My crystal ball says:

Just got my first Ahnold direct-mail propaganda

Bush is asking for $80 billion to rebuild Iraq...


Dean's middle east comments from washington post...

What bothers you the most about the speech ?

OMFG! OMFG! Have you seen this POS!!??

Guy James in for Mike Malloy tonite at 9pm keep kicked

George Soros on CNBC now 9:03pm EST....bashing bush*!!

Several Hundred Protest Bush Visit In Nashville Today

Bogus news story making right-wing rounds

SEIU Eyes Dean, Gephardt, Kerry

Fellow Clark Supporters! BIG Meetup, And Some Hearsay Info!

no more money to HALLIBURTON.

IRAQ: The One Thing EVERYONE Keeps Overlooking

Need a laugh?

Rolling the stone up the hill

The day I knew I was just an ordinary Democrat, and that ain't a bad thing

Analysis: Insiders slam Bush's speech

What if Clark says no and Dean immediately states that he's a poss. VP.

In praise of the Christian Science Monitor

Lewis Lapham Calls * a Kindergarten Teacher

Clark Message (To DraftMovement) Online Now

When is it safe to say that Bush is history?

The 1001 Names of George W. Bush


Democratic Debate Tomorrow - will Fox News cover it?

Some DUers don't know the "truth" about Lieberman?

CNN = “Contains No News”

Is worldnetdaily a news source to the average DUer...

It's Happening! Oct. 25, Mass Demo..DC

New to DU? Here's your =======> Intro to PNAC

BBV: My evening with Kathy Rodgers of the GA SoS office

like plants need water, children need love

Newt Gingrich endorses Joe Lieberman

Two US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan,

Straw Implicated in the Naming of Kelly

Colombian President Calls Human Rights Groups Mouthpieces for Terrorists

Schwarzenegger's First Girlfriend Pens Memoir

FBI arrests 'stupid' Blaster.B suspect

Britain Pledges Troops, Others Hesitate on Iraq

Just say 'no' to $87 billion Iraq request

US soldiers injured in fresh attack

Deficit nears level of early 1990s

WP: Spy Agencies Warned of Iraqi Resistance (Pincus)

Ex-KKK leader endorses Bustamante

White House Says Iraq Funds Request Still Falls Short (Need 55B more)

Scientology's court defeat keeps web hyperlinks legal

12 Marines Contract Malaria in Liberia

Bush request scribbled in red ink (CNN)

California Crowd Hostile to Schwarzenegger's Wife

A Macho Candidate for Governor, and His Achilles' Heel: Women

Poll: Support for Calif. Recall Slipping

Homemade Bombs Bedevil Troops

Lawmakers Slowly Plan for the Worst (Doomsday Plan)

Rumsfeld Is Muted On Weapons Hunt

Bush* Changes Strategy with $87 Billion Gamble

US Treasuries slide as fears of new debt resurface

Republicans Back Off Judicial Filibuster Plan (for 'health' reasons)

Jeb's Job Could Affect Brother George's Presidential Run

WP: Reserve Tours Are Extended (Army orders 1-yr. stay)

What's worse: cockroaches or blowing up your apartment?

Am I the only one who thinks Kucinich is a cutie pie?

Geez it's not a football - it's the Second Coming!!!!!

International conference call advice?

Yee Haa My Employer was in the Top 10 Idiots

The social relevance of Ryan Phillipe?

Cheers to the one who introduced "Stump" as *'s new nickname!

What do you guys think of Instapundit?

New agers.....a rant

An apology to DU new agers

Warren Zevon : Inside/Out

I"ve seen the pro overtime ad on TV three times tonight

A commercial endorsement we'd like to see

Saw an outrageous Laura Bush bumper sticker today

BARF! Britney "singing" the MNF theme song?!

Ever seen a post and started to reply but thought better of it?

My first exposure to Warren Zevon:

Who are the oldest members of your family voting for in 2004?

Vote for :

Anybody Else Watching "The OC" on Fox?

Am I imaging things or didn't Tom Tupa QB at one point?

I used to have a bad habit of going to the and .....


Ya Gotta admit, DUer's are MUCH more entertaining than Freepers!

Why are hard single men so good to find?

Paradise Hotel is On!

Screw the RIAA thread #2


Tell me someone else just heard Peter Griffin rip Bush just now.

How many neocons does it take to screw in a light bulb?

When they say "size 42" for men's shirts/vests/coats, what do they mean?

They asked me how I knew my true love was true...

Why are good single men so hard to find?

Holy shit, this Sketch Pad show on HBO is terrible

How do you access DU?

The Doesn't Matter Bitch About It Thread

You know you're a redneck when........

Letterman joke

Can anybody direct me to an outlet which sells vests?

8pm central time..aaaaaaaa-choooo!...

What kind of women appels to men who are a Democrat and/or Liberal men

anyone out there doubt that the Vikings can

First year in College DUErs......

Anyone like NIN?

Please lord, poke my eyes out

In the interest of harmony

If this is a free country, how come everything's for sale?

Once for your favourite Kick-ass tune.

Anyone here think Rove has the hots for Bush?

Did you ever wonder about the irony of

Why is Laura Bush referred to as "Pickles"?

Why are there so many Johnsons in the NFL?

Am I the only man who hates the NFL?

Is GD Getting More And More Like Visting Camelot In 'The Holy Grail' ???

Fairly savage Bush graphic reposted from Underpants' caption thread

Nude Police Officer's Calendar----- X-Rated

Most punk rock show ever?

Finally got my DU bumpersticker!

125 Things Never to Say During Sex (adults only)

Grand Reopening of THE GROTTO!

Who else thinks Mary Tyler Moore was the hottest babe on TV

Dave Lettermen just gave an awesome tribute to Warren Zevon

If America had to choose a new National Anthem, what would you pick?

What's YOUR nickname and WHY?

Candidate flame fest!

Why Is It So Hard To Find Women That Seem Human?

And the Eagles get crushed

is DU anti-KG?

Most hated conspiracy theory?

Little DU html help???

Waiting for biopsy results again...

Outsourcing War - inside look at Brown & Root

Col Hackworth: Déjà vu All over Again (AWOL drinking from LBJ Well in TX)

NPR's The Connection radio Interview: A General in the Wings

U.S. Troops Want Rumsfeld to Send Them Home

Bush won't change

Wash. Post's David Ignatius: Gen. Clark's Critique 9/9/03

When will Congress ask the right questions?

The looming clash of the generations

British Hawks, European Doves Fight Over Arms

William Pfaff: Would a UN occupation be any better?

Al-Qaeda Is Already Here

AS DUBYA SINKS, AL & HILL SCHEME - Toesucker Morris chimes in

U.S. troops as victims in our own war

Editor & Publisher: "Will press roll over again on new WMD report?"

Strange Attractors, White House Bawds Breed New Terror

Senator Byrd: "The Rising Cost of America's International Arrogance"

'Another Vietnam' may turn out to be compliment

9/9 Seattle-PI Letter to Ed. Writers come out swinging against bush/Iraq

Sex, Lies, and a Complicit Media (Arnold gets a pass from media)

Two years, still no answers (Bush exploiting 9/11)

The Many Paths to Hell

President should be called 'Jimmy' (Scaife Newspaper Columnist)

Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going (from today's Washington Post)

more on CA recall

Du'er Photoshop fun

All Quiet on the Central Front

flashback - Is the Deficit Really So Bad?

What Americans Know

Scheer: He Must Admit the Error of His Ways

Bob Boedelang alive and living in CO

‘Why Middle Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke’

The Legacy of 9-11 - Academia's response

Molly Ivins: How dumb do they think we are?

Thousands of US Troops Evacuated from Iraq for Unexplained Medical Reasons

Saving Private Bush - LeFigaro

NY Times: Presidential Character

Buchanan: The Imperial Retreat Begins

Stars N' Stripes Letters from Iraq Theater

Will robots fight the next war?


Dean's ignorant stand on trade

Vote of Trust: A BBV article about VoteHere

Just Do It!

TODAY 5:30, Richmond, CA -- March, Rally & Nonviolent Direct Action

Cheney coming to NC, Fri. 9-12

Please start an online petition for a paper audit trail for voting!

9-11 Protest at Ground Zero

Bill Moyers, 9/5/03

Cle Presentation: "How Bureaucrats Use Terrorism to Keep You Clueless"

Brit Hume moderates the democratic debate?

today's new hate radio advertisers

The moon has made it's orbit back to where it was when blackout occurred..

The concert, the anticipation, the excitement.

Is Gary Hart psychic or what?

Shameless self-advertisement

Looking for DU'ers who are photoshoppers or are interested

Comic Books-- The CIA, The United Fruit Company, Saddam, And Halliburton

CARTOONS! The "Giant Meteor From Space" Edition

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/9/2003

Try to catch AIDS story rears its ugly head again

Question re Dem candidates: antitrust

Branching Out - Soros to Lend

How to pay for the war, per Joe Biden

Rhine Hits Record Low Water Levels

ROFLMAO! Ah-nold Talks About Converting His Hummer to Hydrogen

AEC urged to complete radioactive-rebar probe - Taiwan

This shell game being played(Wolf,Perle,Cheney etc.)

Birds of a feather: Racist leaders meet in India

Annan Wants Security Council to Grow to Better Reflect World

Sukarnoputri too busy to meet with Howard

Creepy-crawlies on TV bug most Cambodians

'Rats' slur writer is facing Muslim race case

What Americans Know

Medicare Prescription Drug likely to be killed by GOP - who'll blame Dems

Once upon a time, politicians courted sportsmen.

Hunting With Bows - A question for Superfly & whoever else....

The ban must stand

Deleted posts in a thread I started......


Remove the Lounge from the Latest Threads listing?

Can I dupe a thread in another forum?

What Is The Address To The DU1 Archive?

About deleting posts...

I would Like To Request The Addition Of A Technology Forum.

What do you think about a photoshop forum? Sorry for putting it on GD

I take it we got a little silly with the "Veterans Against ..." jokes?

Was my post removed?

Are you going to post the 9/11 threads on Thursday?


Can we get a checkbox to allow replying without kicking?

CNN Breaking - New Explosion Heard in Central Israel-TelAviv

Bus Explosion near Army Base outside Tel Aviv

Two years after 9/11, anti-Semitic theories are still going strong

An open letter to Ian Buruma, By Bret Stephens

Qureia condemns attack, says sides must try to end violence

A History of Zionist Terrorism

Betrayal At Camp David...

Hamas issues SOS to the Arab world

At least seven killed, 15 wounded in Tzrifin suicide bombing

In the twilight of a kingdom (Sharon)

BREAKING: Explosion at Israeli army base


UN calls for pressure to force Israel to bring down separation wall

Israel Threatens Militants Abroad

9-11 Protest at Ground Zero

Interesting 9/11 story on the Comfort Inn manager (So. Portand, ME)

Two years after 9/11, anti-Semitic theories are still going strong

Molten steel under the WTC debris

I need the help of a bookmarker

Salon: Dean's Army Goes Offline

Dean Courts Union President

Where Bustamante gains his advantage in recall: Field poll by subgroups

Do you remeber during the 2001 Bush Campain?

Rand Beers to Host Foreign Policy Chat Wednesday


Bush Argues For Kerry's Tax Cut

Check Out The GOP Recruitment Video Attacking The Dem Candidates

Maryland Officials Endorse Gov. Howard Dean

Dean on taxes: middle class ogre or untrustworthy flip flopper?

What's your candidate reading?

Kerry Cuts Into Dean's Lead in N.H. Poll

New Kerry TV ads up in Iowa and NH

Dean pulls no punches at College Park, MD rally draws 3,700

Funny conversation from the other day

Governor Dean Lauds Health Registry, Urges Care for First Responders

Buchanan & Press Transcript - John Kerry conversation

Republicans for Dean!

Where's the beef, Kerry?

Funny kind of wake up call

What's up with Howard Dean?

Hardball Transcript - John Kerry conversation about Iraq

Veterans Against Clark

Dean's In Favor Of Full Voting Rights For D.C.

Simple stupidity...or willful ignorance?

Survey of what Americans want in a President. Dennis got 68%

Should Gary Hart be considered as a candidate for US Senate of CO?

Rivals Criticize Dean For Mideast Comment

Senior Fellow at Cato Institute Writes "The Appeal of Howard Dean"

Kerry Touts Impressive Senate Record

Is DU Anti-Israel

MSNBC - Dershowitz Issues $10,000 challenge to Chomsky, Said or anyone

How do you access DU?

America, This is Only a Test.

I'll regret this, but: Who the hell is Wesley Clark and why should I care?

Iraqi reconstruction is a sure winning issue for Dems . . .

A picture

The Little Rock Moron cheese sandwich

If you support the Democrats, bump this post

Donate or else, drug companies told staff

Is there any way to find out how many copies have been sold

DU flashback - DUers thoughts on Howard Dean in July of '02.

Left Coasters -- Fareed Zakaria hosts Charlie Rose Show on PBS

will there be tax incentives for Co's taking part in Iraq's rebuilding?

Four Fun Questions for Rummy!

Court axes Halliburton case

Do any WAR PROFITEERING ACTS still survive? We need to INVOKE them. NOW.

Bernie Ward in a near rant over Bush speech -- link to streaming

CNN: $$ from donor countries will not ever pay back U.S. treasury

In just three short months...

FLASHBACK: Bush's Inaugural Address

Just ONE day later: $87 billion not enough, sez White House

Rice: Iraq Trained Al-Qaeda in Chem. and Bio Weapons?

Bushco: a determined, intentional, methodical destruction of U.S.

Does anyone here write Polish??

If the Next President is a Democrat and a MAJOR investigation....

2 Would you vote for this candidate?

Bremer Describes a 7-Step Process of Political Evolution in Iraq

$87B is the price for peace........ WTF?

3 Would you vote for this candidate?

Alabama voters go to the polls Tues. to vote on the Riley tax reform

"President Pixiewings"

Leni Reifenstahl Died

RNC Chair Gillespie Challenges McAuliffeTo Substantiate Attacks

Bush won't change

What's the Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism?

Has anybody seen Wes Clark give a speech in person?

* and the (credit card) Republicans are Pouring Sand Down a Rat Hole.

Bush is sticking it to America...

Is Wesley Clark running?

LMAO! Reid (NV) threatens to block all of Bush’s nonmilitary nominees!

In 14 months America will make a critical decision, what will it choose?

Josh Marshal, (TPM) Is [email protected] dead on!

Ramsey Clark responds to *'s TV address.

CSPAN question 8:40 EST Tues. -- Should Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz resign?

Bush won't change

Comic Books-- The CIA, The United Fruit Company, Saddam, And Halliburton

WP: Spy Agencies Warned of Iraqi Resistance

Living outside their Means - Republicans at work

Did anyone see Imus

Deleted message

Memo to Gephardt

Cover of Michael Moore's new book!

"It's only a small percentage of the GDP..."

COG and the end of an elected Congress. Clancy Novel brought to life?

Just What Are The Clinton's Up To?

Bush Fundraising Jobs go overseas...

More people are becoming aware of the PNAC and the truth about Iraq war.

Inside Iraq - alternative views from some fine writers

Dean is right about the Middle East

Don Evans on c-span this morning.

The Private Schools are Uniting in Florida:

As our soldiers are attacked the locals chant "Burn, burn, you infidels."

Who's ahead nationally? Lieberman or Dean?

What needs to be said about Iraq.....

High Commissioner of Stickball

Ashcroft Stop In NYC; 'Crass Politicking' Says People For the American Way

Bush support slipping...

I need examples of how the Patriot Act has compromised liberties!

I emailed the Austin American Statesman about Diebold electronic

This is Dennis Miller's payoff for licking Bush's shoes???

Oliphant: "The Texas Panhandler"

Photos from NC Protest in Durham against Asscroft last Weekend.

Are the PNACers just anti-American ? IS PNAC pure fascism ?

times are a changin'

Good Leadership::: Max DuPree, Bass and Stoges, John Kennth

Irony of ironies: Defense industry holds arms fair gala on Sept. 11

Boy,do we live in one sick fricking country. I tell you I can't believe it

PNAC getting outed in Al Jazeerah today (Will Pitt's book mentioned)

Fliers to Be Rated for Risk Level

It's time to hold the BFEE accountable for the Iraq quagmire

„Clinton lied“ – How does US Media portray Bush?

CSPAN Reminder: Obey -- 9:30 AM ET & Wolfowtiz/Meyers on Hill at 10 AM ET

How did Clark do on Hardball last night?

Ted Rall - kicks smirk a la LBJ's Vietnam horror

Robert Redford on NPR

The Guardian: PNAC! LIHOP! (Holy Crap!)

Have the Pundit's caught the "and Elsewhere" loophole in the 9/7 Speech?

Iraq and the "War on Terra"

They switched away from the hearing to the House live

on 911 the US will host an Arms Fair and tax payers will foot the bill

Are any of the DU faithful protesting Ashcroft in Boston today?

Dean's army goes offline

WOW! Clark Hardball Appearance Now Available on

New job for the Big Dawg!!!!!

here's an interesting question about Iraq . . .

how many people wrote legislators?

Senator Byrd, "Congress is not an ATM"

Response from Va Beach Voter Registrar's office to my email...

Bill Clinton (aka Da Big Dawg) calls Gen. Clark a "star" of the Dem Party

Oil Pipeline Blown Up in Northern Iraq by Saboteurs (Monday Sept 8)

MWO: A Clark/Kerry or Kerry/Clark ticket would be Unbeatable...

C-Span heads up, Biden speech on foreign Policy at 1PM, ET.

Report: Boston - Anti-Ashrcroft Demo

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/9/2003

Stop the Presses: Howie Kurtz says Howard Dean is the real deal

John Kerry made an excellent point...

Easily, Bush is the worst fuck-up ever to sit in the Oval Office

? regarding "No Fly" lists and "Color-coded" passengers

Reminder: ACLU is suing the Justice Dept. re "Patriot" Act, needs support

Wolfowitz & Myers In Front Of Senate Armed Service Cmte. On C-SPAN now

PBS American Experience on the Towers----the only mention of Bush

It's becoming a joke

WTF? 30,000 Iraqi Casualties?

Hey kids! Al Franken watch:

You think Clark is vetting himself?

Here's a question for you

Did y'all see Dick Morris column on Gore and Hillary?

America wonders why Bush has made US so universally disliked

Off color but you got to laugh!

Washington Times gives free advertisement

What a crock of field poll on CA REcall

Greg Palast visits the Thom Hartmann Show at 2pm EDT

Uncka Dick is coming to Raleigh, NC on Friday....

WOW! . . . Newsweek does it AGAIN!! . . .

A basic flaw in the Administration's argument re: Iraq

Senate Watch -- CSPAN-2 (Dascle Bashing OT rules!)

UN calls for pressure to force Israel to bring down separation wall

They closed Wall Street for Ashcroft! Only ID holders could go in!

GMA: Children NEED religion biologically!

want to contact the people who made/acted in,etc. in Smirk's movie?

Bush Is the definition of FAILURE

Biden on C=Span2

question regarding BBV

Pesky Student Blasts TX Repukes in Resignation Letter

To break my no FOX pledge, or not?

26th Marine Expeditionary Unit has malaria

Kerry sides with Lieberman against Dean on Middle East Comment

Razorblades in new shoes?!

Ueberroth dropping out of CA governor's race !

It's official - Houston, Texas has gone toxic

Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi

holy crippers! Pukes fer Dean!

US liberals have joined with the neo-cons on Iraq

Anyone hear Delahunt et al on "freedom"

Bush Comes To Chicago Sept. 30--Chicagolanders Unite!

Did one of the Texas Dems cave in?

Kerry pledges to Support Middle Class Families, Not Raise Their Taxes

Kerry coming up on C-Span2.

Ashcroft in Buffalo [continuing coverage]

The Case of the Diebold FTP Site

Blatant hypocrisy on Faux, regarding Ahnold and Dean

WorldNetDaily Claims Mel Gibson Threatened Frank Rich

Debunk The Argument: "Deficits As A Percentage of GDP...

Will, when will your next book be in the stores?

What happened to Krugman on Charlie Rose last night?

How much is $87 Billion? (5 questions)

Hey GOPisEVIL - Your ass is MINE!!!!!

Bush's chosen man to destroy the poor, seniors, women and child programs.

Is Karl Rove the devil?

BBV: Feh, I tried.....

Help! My former employer is hampering my search for new work

From the Desk of $hrub: Patriot Day

Need input and more links to add

Check it out -- some GOOD free advertising for DU!

Senators ready to vote to increase deficit !

I think many forget something or don't know about casualties during a war?

CA Poll coming down to a simpler choice

I'd like to make a suggestion for the board

No Poll on Wolf Blitzer?

Showtime response to my letter re: DC 9/11 film

Al Franken is on WPR

Judy Woodruff is trying to badger McClintock into quitting on CNN

DU Parents : Patriot's day at YOUR schools?

I see it as down to 3, but what about the vp's?

Encouragement from The Nation

Kerry's Cowardice May Cost Us the Election

What ever happened to Atta's passport?

Can we now call the Republican Party the Republic Party?

Chimp hocks a lugie on Letterman show

dixie chicks bash arnold

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes?

Neo-Con Disaster Education World-Wide: Truth is On Our Side!

Please DU This Poll!

Governors make up the Presidential winners lately

RNC's take on Dean ~ They say he is disagreeable

Homeland Security Dept. is in total disarray. (WP/MSNBC)

If I were a Senator, would I vote for the $87 billion for Iraq?

Started my day by listening

Why is it necessary for Bush to raise hundreds of millions of dollars?

Biden on C-Span2 now

Is Bush's coup de grace of the New Deal going to be the hand-over of gov't


Quote of the Day!

'Fair and Balanced,' revisited (fun with Google)

IE Radio America has been turned to disinformation.

Bombs, bombs, bombs

"Million Manufacturers March"

AL Martin Speaks

Ueberroth OUT- Will McClintock follow? I say NO

Felt like Photoshopping Ann just cause I hate her.

Byrd on C-span2 now - woooo!

ELECTION WATCH: AL Quest. 1-Gov. Riley's Tax Package (suprisingly, good)

Bush's speech "a document of helplessness."

Is there any chance of a Gore run?

10 Questions For Kofi Annan

Email I Received: "Don't Buy New Pepsi Can"

An apt graphic...

GW Bush quote

Are we "Anti-Americanist" ?

Wolfowitz and the Werewolves: Question for WWII vets

Democratic Debate???

Senator Harkin on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM..

Arnulds ex girlfriend to spill more beans

Is Clark's first name "General?"

Supporters of ABAWD are bad people

87,000,000,000 vs 87 Billion

Liberal radio on it's way?

photos of massive anti-war London protest the NYT ignored last yr

So will the federal dollars start flowing into CA if Arnold gets elected?

Remember when bush* got a new TX driver's license?

Iraq proposes to buy electricity from Iran, Syria (our $$$$'s ?)

One last point to the Lieberman apologists

what's wrong with kids buying CDs with swearing in them anyway?

What do you think the Unemployment rate will be in Oct 2004?

Where to Buy Anti-Bush Stuff?

Has the nation over-reacted to 9/11?

The real reason why Bush* named Sept 11 "Patriots' Day"

Leni Riefenstahl Dead at 101

One event ... many reasons why Dean will win

If the Iraqi's sabotaging pipelines and shooting US soldiers ...

CBS News: White House is Trying to Link Iraq/911

Kerry and Wal Mart (and houses...)

Odd combining of celebrity crime stories - cousin of kobe... tied to

Supporters of 'ABL' (Anybody But Lieberman) Are Bad People

In tonight's debate, will anyone take a definitive stand against $87B?

I just got back from the Boston Anti-Ashcroft/Anti-Patriot-Act Rally!

People at work with 9/11 screensavers or posters....

Bush Administration really hammered on NBC news tonight...

Perot causing Clinton to win...can someone explain this?

The age of counter-enlightenment

BBV: I called Ms Kathy Rogers just moments ago.....

Reasons to vote for anyone but Chimp.

Impeach George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney...

"Homeland Security" - a fraud and a joke.

Ted Rall 'toon. Will curl your eyebrows

Is Kerry setting up his next "excuse"?

Are We Helping Fox News?

Senior Fellow at Cato Institute Writes "The Appeal of Howard Dean"

General Clark Meets with Leaders for First Time

Fox Debate: Please Keep Us Updated at the DU.

Where is Perot in all this anyway?

Liberal non-fiction titles dominating NYTimes bestseller list

Don Evans ~ Nixon-Bush-Cheney Adimn Commerce Sec...

Clark: Pro-FAIR Trade, Anti-Job Outsourcing

Texas: Prop 12: More ethics problems for Repukes

Frank Luntz is actually talking up the John Birch Society..MSNBC

why in GOD'S name are we allowing

Damn It!!! A Female Clarence Thomas?

A look at Anti-War Scientists, DARPA and more

Shrub...McCain a traitor...?

One thing that $87 billion could buy.

$87,000,000,000 In Perspective...

"California deficit, BAD." "Federal deficit, NO WORRIES."

What ever happened to the Lawyer in Maine that exposed Bush's DUI

Did Bush intend on invading Iraq before 9/11 ?

Have you ever voted for a republican in your life?

Here it is folks: The pollkatz graph with the new Zogby approval data


Is the rest of the USA finally waking up?

Would you vote for this candidate?

Guy James in for Mike Malloy tonite 9pm. Please kick!!!

Hehehe This is FUN!

Is homelessness on the rise?

HELP! My friends all think I'm crazy..."Soylent Green is Peeeeeeee-pull!"



Have You Asked A Repuke Today?

Deep sigh.

General Education Discussion

In tonight's debate, will Lieberman attack Dean?

Dennis Kucinich to be interviewed on NPR's Diane Rehm Show this Wednesday

Bush Is Assured a Second Term Unless ...

Blitzer (CNN) Shows Asscroft Protestors in NYC and Reports that "he has

Michael Ledeen Is Someone to Be Aware Of (PNAC, AEI)

BBV: Florida ... acknowledged as the most comprehensive and rigorous in

"Crazy Horse is smiling"

What the Dems should be demanding in exchange for the 87 billion

This'll make you stop watching CNN.....

I find Dean's position on taxes and the budget frightening.

Is It Not Treason Bush let Saudis fly yet Not Americans after 9-11 ?

How would you describe the Cato Institute?

Supporters of 'ABB' (Anyone But Bush) Are Bad People

Clinton: Clark is a Star.

Anybody familiar with "time traveller" John Titor?

Here is Our Real Enemy

If you're BIG enough, and your f**kup is even BIGGER, U can get away with

If you support Clark bump this post.

Time for a few simple facts:

America can't compete with other nations

RIVERBEND's blog: Send it to everyone you know....

Dean: Is he SMART enough to be your President?

Cheney in NC Friday - Fat Cat Alert

Myths and religion

Several Members Of DC Council Ready To Back Howard Dean

US Pilot OK After Jet Crash In South Korea

Gallup: Public Little Concerned About Patriot Act

'Republican extremism' runs rampant, Texas Democrats say

Israel and India join forces

Vaccine gives smokers a shot at kicking habit

Steel from World Trade Center to be Used in Navy Ship

Baghdad blast injures two US soldiers

GAO: Radioactive Devices Poorly Tracked

EEOC Restructuring Is Debated (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

New Passport Rules Are Put Off by U.S.

US soldiers hurt in Iraq blast

Plans for Terror Inquiries Still Fall Short, Report Says (Justice Report)

Blix: Iraq may have told truth

Report says Iraqi nukes found in disarray

BBC to review news reporting

Arms Dealer Arrested in Plot to Kill Cartel Kingpen

'It's been a loss of a lifetime' (Manager of hotel where Atta stayed 9/10

Former senator extradited to U.S. - From Columbia

Beijing promises to battle against Falun Gong `until the end'

US losing hearts and minds in Afghanistan

Greenpeace obtains smoking-gun memo: White House/Exxon link

McDonald refused to report 45-min claim

Bush to Announce Education Initiative in Florida (at an elementary school)

Bush won't change

Iraq Takes Seat At Arab League Meeting

Amid Iraq Policy Shift, Refusal to Admit Change Is a Constant (Milbank)

Report: U.S. Army Extends Tour of Reserves in Iraq

Kelly emails open fresh mystery

Who to trust: Polls or Alabama preachers?

Congress Seeks Details of Iraq Operations

Vivendi-NBC deal could mean media merger wave has crested

DaimlerChrysler plans huge expansion in China

Fighting flares in Liberia

Jimmy Carter Nudges China Toward More Democracy

$87 billion sought will fall short of rebuilding needs

Dean Courts Union President

New $20 Bills to Become Available in October

Israeli army chief Yaalon reveals al Qaeda tried to recruit Saudi Air Forc

Sen. Clinton Says No to '04, But Playfulness Hints at Yes

Robert Redford on NPR

Total Price of War in Iraq: over $1 TRILLION (Gen. Barry McCaffrey)

Exiled Texas Dems Returning Home

BREAKING: Explosion at Israeli army base

California could lose fire ant battle (budget cuts)

Fact Sheet: Budget Request For War Funding

Wesley Clark To Speak In Iowa City

Air Travelers May Be Assigned Color Codes

Was It Worth It? (ABC Poll 54% say war worth fighting)

U.S. may not be able to sustain Iraq troop levels

AFA employee arrested on child porn charge

Documents Reveal US Government Campaign to Undermine EU Chemicals Policy

Poll: More Say War Boosts Terror Risk

Over 55's in U.S. win jobs race

Schwarzenegger Trails Democrat in Latest Poll

Bush plan to streamline forest rules nears completion

Ueberroth drops out of California recall race

Five U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Iraq Attacks

Ind. Governor in Coma After Major Stroke

National Guard, Reserve See Duty Extended

US Senate Democrats Claim Votes To Beat Overtime Plan


Spy Agencies Warned of Iraq Resistance

Robert Byrd speaking on the Senate floor now- CSPAN2

CNN bomb in Iraq 4 p.m. EDT 9/10

California crowd hostile to Schwarzenegger's wife

CNN: Second Explosion in Israel

Governors, premiers blast Washington for backing down on emissions

Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Pop-Up Ads

Microsoft patch fails, security firm says

Protests Mar Opening of Expanded Harvey Milk School

At least seven killed, 14 wounded in Tzrifin suicide bombing

Replacing Edwards..Waiting over for Senate hopefuls

CNN reporting car bombing in Erbil, is this yet ANOTHER new one?

Health Premiums, Not Terror Worry Public

Senate Watch-9/9/2003 (#1)

U.S. - ISRAEL - INDIA : Strategic Axis?

Kirkuk without water after sabotage blast on Iraqi power line

Nuke Plant Guarantees Out of Energy Bill

CNN Breaking - "Huge explosion" in Western Jerusalem...

UEBERROTH to DROP OUT of ca recall race

Blix: Saddam Hussein told the truth

Air Force launches top secret satellite

Democrats face off in second fall debate (Morgan State University)

"Homeland Security" - a fraud and a joke.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY/ATimes--New WMW (info on AlQaeda "link")

Gateway eliminating 650 jobs in Sioux Falls

U.S. Clears Way for $8.5 Billion in Loans to Turkey

Democrats Seek Iraq Operations Details

Inspector general says Justice needs to fix alien detention problems ...

U.S. threatens to sue Rx Depot over Canadian drugs

White House Defends Rumsfeld Amid Iraq Criticism

Support for Bush down, chiefly because of economy: polls

Indiana Governor Suffers Brain Damage from Stroke

U.S. Marines Plan to Leave Najaf This Week

Israel vows to react as seven die in bombing

Iraq-Terrorism Link Continues to Be Problematic

Arms Fair Policing Criticised - They're using anti-terrorism laws

US soldier killed in attack on tanker convoy

Bush Presses on with Medicare Despite Iraq Costs

Troubles in Iraq Dim Rumsfeld's Star, but He Fights Back

Officials in Pensacola resisted effort to clean radioactive water

Blunt Says Missouri Has No Authority To Force Workers To Pay Fees (union)

Lobbyist Curbs Role Over Tie To Rep. Blunt

Howard Dean Gets D.C. Council Support

Dixie Chicks Blast Schwarzenegger

Car bomb kills and wounds "large number" in Kurdish city: report

No U.S. Casualties in Iraq for 7 Days

Group Assails Schools on U.S. History

Boston Globe: Bush aides admit Iraq missteps

Democrats: Iraq Request Shows Unrealistic Prewar Planning

Dems to return to Texas

Alabama governor unveils Capitol display including Ten Commandments

Lawmakers welcome extensions for guard, reserve troops in Iraq (Zell/Saxby

Inslee won't run for governor (WA)

US Republican Party denies it's outsourcing to India

Nato members wary of role beyond Kabul

Brushed Off by the World, Bush Calls India for Help

Warren Buffett Minimizes Role In Schwarzenegger Campaign

Texas Governor Calls 3rd Special Session

'Living condom' could block HIV

Protesters Vow To Derail WTO Meetings

Drink Deal Makes New York the Big Snapple (juice for schools)

Murdoch Predicts Veto on FCC Bill

Simon and Garfunkel Reunite

Air Travelers May Be Assigned Color Codes

'US attracted al-Qaeda to Iraq'

Pentagon targets Latinos and Mexicans to man the front lines in war on ter

Democrat Dean attracts few faces of color

Son of Oregon Sen. Smith (R) Takes Own Life

film maker leni riefenstahl dies..

Remarks by the President at Bush-Cheney 2004 Reception

Al-Qaeda 'stronger than ever'

War on terrorism may find few supporters, Annan says

Film maker Leni Riefenstahl dies

12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading

Boston TV-5: Protesters Greet Ashcroft On Patriot Act

Per C-Span, Rep. Flakes Amendment to allow travel to Cuba Passed!!!!

Promise Keepers Head Stepping Down

NBC: Combat/Danger pay to be cut to all NOT in Iraq


Rivals Criticize Dean For Mideast Comment

Germans Lapping Up 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Bush Lands on 2nd Attempt After Aborted Try

Iraq, half-trillion-dollar deficit will be drag on US economy

HOUSE WATCH-9/9/2003 (#1) (Cuba travel, BBV today)

Bush blasts 'bigotry of low expectations'

"I'm only a Republican because I was in the Military"

Adult Swim is the living end

I'm fully clothed and totally sober! Ask me anything!

Words of wisdom from a locked thread

Favorite song by THE MARVELETTES?

job listing: Network Administrator

Anyone want to protest Ted Nugent?

Upon whom do you wish bad cess?

What daytime talkshows do you like most?

What is General Discussion Forum

I Bet Bushes Clone Themselves

Yay! I'm not being shocked anymore!

Haha! Family Guy rakes on GWB


Do DUers just have the wrong friends

Posting and listening

bwaaa-haa-haaa kudos to steve bell

How did Dwight David Eisenhower get the nickname Ike?

I Cannot Lie. I Miss Ashleigh Banfield. Msnbc Should Let Her Out Of Her

Thought on cell phones, SUVs and traffic accidents

"...The claims are entirely without legal merit" - Spade Vs Wham-O

So my college son was making an Art Film and the Cops

WOOHOO! Free ADSL in my temp Victoria Digs!!

Need DU Help: Homework as in Daughter-History Class

Best French "insult" I've ever heard

I'm on the market for a computer

favourite instrumental! The name Hillary sinks in popularity after '92

Baby bunnies in the park

Howard Dean plays guitar!

I lost myself....I found myself again.

Dean on Paula Zahn

Inmate falls through courthouse ceiling in escape attempt

Some good laughs at the cable networks expense...

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

Ribbon-cutting held for new toilet

Paging CatWoman :-)

So..according to Doonesbury

New media Tuesday!

new Savage Weiner advertisers

DC 9/11

Favorite MARY WELLS tune?

Lost Luggage Found After 24 Years

And now....It's a TV show THE MULLETS (upn thursday @9:30)

Has Tom Ridge taken over the Treasury Department?

"They hate us because of our freedoms"

I still love chocolate milk

I just submitted my app. for the Ed Program at my Univ...ask me anything

So whats the difference between buying used copies of music

Opus is back! (Apologies if this is a dupe)

I Just Posted a Thread In the DU Lounge - Ask Me Anything.

Some REALLY Fun Facts!

Shameless Plug of my Sad Photoshop Skills

Heh, anyone see O'Reilly go after Coulter?

I have spent the equivalent of 133.44 days on DU

Who else has a cold today?

Man Mails Self Home to Parents

What was my historic 700th post you ask?

Dang, I just done passed 2500 post and didn't know it

Best Reason to Buy the NY Times

Wooo hooo!

Ladies, what is the worst looking piece of clothing you've seen on QVC?

Who was our last deadbeat President?

Silliness reigns supreme in Politics/Campaigns

Guess what I am getting for my birthday???

Ever had a premonition come true? A REAL one... a vision, you saw it

Do You Have A Passport?

Which of Jack Sparrow's Quotes Are You???

Veterans Against Lying Liars! * A Fair And Balanced Porking!

Hello and Welcome to WarMax your no hassle imperialist superpower

Test - Ignore

I'm going to CHINA!!!! ASK ME ANYTHING! and did I get a DEAL!

Do you still download MP3s? Or did the RIAA scare you off?

Boston DUers give Ashcroft a warm welcome, ask me anything...

Attention Bald Men... THIS MUST STOP NOW!

talking heads releasing cd/dvd box set

Draft Daschle!

"The" Onion Lovers, Don't Cry

Clarett gone from Ohio State??

Virus/Worm alert

What am I missing here?

Dog owners, any experience with whip worm????

Whatever happened to UKFilmCritic?

Another bathroom question....

I am so pissed about XP

Hey GOPisEVIL - Your ass is MINE!!!!!

Finally a bumper sticker I can be proud of. Where to print?

My Crackpot Flame War Theory

TECHIES-Meet George the helpdesk technician (it's real)

AWOL Dropped His Doggy!

To All You Gruntled Miami Dolphins Fans


Check out the updated polling graph on pollkatz

Nice dish from Food Network's Rachael Ray

Ueberroth drops out: "My name just wasn't silly enough"

I just talked to a co-worker who was at the UMiami/Fla game

Do not click on this post.....

Evil DU'ers~ How much is YOUR soul worth????

Every time Dean gets attacked tonight Ann Coulter photoshop contest

Don't Look at the Man Behind the Curtain of all CAPTIONS!!!

Why not forget about politics for a half hour or two...

You must be this tall to CAPTION

"We've got war for sale!" Damn this song nails it...

CAPTION W "reaching for a star"

A caption a day keeps the doctor away

The Roadkill Roadmap of all CAPTIONS!!!

CAPTION Our Little Public Speaker!!!

Who will be the second banana on the ticket?

Interesting literary fact.

A Zone Alarm/Kazaa question

U know how some folks make pilgrimages to Morrison or Hendrix grave??.....

File sharers beware, RIAA wnats to see you in court

RIAA Offers Amnesty, Buggery

To all you disgruntled Miami Dolphin fans

The Werewolf Rockstar of all CAPTIONS!!!


Now that's one fat cat!

Is an open casket at a funeral common?

Just bought the new Franken book yesterday

Simon and Garfunkel Reunite

Anyone know if Randi Rhodes repeats her show throughout the day?


I just realized something about my campaign....

For any Rockabilly fans at DU: Favorite song by JACK SCOTT?

Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider"

Just saw on the news, farmer upset about how much it costs to plant fields

I'm looking for a DSL or cable modem server...

Should I help raise my neighbor's kid?

Most annoying commercials?

Spanish-speaking DUers, I need your advice.

I'm way behind on this, but want to start copying CDs,

Take the Death Test!

Saginaw residents?

Caption the bush bros.

If W. had to choose a new national anthem, what would it be?

Do you feel safer knowing your pilot may have a gun? (Not a poll)

How Much ass does KRS-1 Kick?

I saw a special on the history of the twin towers last night - interesting

today's new hate radio advertisers


How much is your SOUL worth?

Who will watch new George Clooney political reality show "K-Street?"

As A Child... This Movie Frightened The Bejeebus Out Of Me

Will debt consolidation companies re-consolidate?

Would you pay, say, $40.00 to see Merle Haggard and Jim Hightower?

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's

What's your least favorite kid's cartoon of all time?

How Old Is Your Old House?

Freepers upset over cheerleader uniform ban in school

Your Best Pickup-Lines That Work...

You know what I love about newyawker99?

Daily Doonesbury - Hee Hee!

How would you describe your sex life?

Week 1 DU Fantasy Football Smack Talk

How do you explain Campaign Finance Reform to someone...

Isabel from space (NOAA)

How did you find out about the 9/11/01 attacks?

Who's the worse music artist - Britney Spears or Hilary Duff?

Michigan DUers: It's that time again...

Please do not post things that annoy

What is your favorite foreign film and why?

Show Boat - please, young people, especiallly, read this