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Archives: September 6, 2003

Bush's 'good Hispanic' has telling record

The question, however, remains

One-to-One Words of a Blacklistee (Dalton Trumbo–New Off-Broadway play)

National Dean Visibility Day in Northeast CT on Sep 20, 2003

Bush, don't fund Peru rain forest ruin, say celebrities (me too!)

Everyone plan a letter for Sunday night!

I cancelled Showtime. Why don't you?

OMG - Dan Rather just stuck it to Rumsferatu

Award Winning Journalist, Leon Harris, Leaves CNN for WJLA-TV

Black Labor's Role In Transforming The Urban Landscape

The Female Clarence Thomas Cartoon from The Black

Should religious schools have a right to exist?

Qwest: Per-minute charge on local payphone calls?

Dollar Dilemma

Co-ed or single sex high schools?

tell us about when you defended yourself against a lethal attack


Why was my Redd Foxx thread locked?

Some bugs in the archive "Search" function

A government without a head

Column One: The War of Words by Caroline Glick - September 5, 2003

Lots of exciting new content added to

Kerry investigates Rove

Dean Says He Has to Watch His Mouth

Roh roh! does John Kerry

Here is Arkansas' laws on guns

Dean Campaign to Launch Radio Ads in South Carolina Aimed at Black Voters

National Review: Kerry, Tears, and Masculinity

Burlington Free Press

fate of the nation tied to TX Democrats

Death Row Inmate Cleared by DNA Learns Fellow Prisoner Charged With Crime

WMD's found or Saddam capture be announced Sunday night???

So how did Rush do on ESPN?

The blackout....was part of the ploy to get the bill back on the table.

How many times will * mention 9-11 Sunday night?

Bush is unfit to remain in his stolen White House office

Bush has Endangered the American People - He Is Unfit !

Scarboro is MSNBC's Alan Colmes


Ok, * is going to his supposed strength on Sunday night

How will the Right wingers retailate against their failed mis-leaders?

About Bush's Sun. appearance...will there be a Democratic rebuttal??

Hey you Diebold fascists: I have ONE question for you.

I’ll share this Email to O’reilly

WOW Time/CNN Bush 50% Hillary 47%

Can we take Delay's seat?

why don't the networks vet Bush's speech?

The site is up!

To any NY'ers on this board

Why We Know Iraq is Lying - a redux

Weekend schedule for C-SPAN Washington Journal

only 29% want to re-ELECT Bush, but CNN calls him "popular"

A choice: Kill Iraqis who did nothing to you or spend a year in jail?

If Democrats think Bush is such a loser

I just NOW finished watching the first Democratic debate

"Syria - U.S. relations get much more tense" (AP)

WXIN (Fox Indianapolis) Poll on Bush

Republican Fundraiser Highlights 9/11 Attacks

The question remains

rural areas that mainly vote Democratic

Is Lieberman the top Dem in many polls because he's the most recognized?

Were there any James Dobson/Larry King Threads? Replay soon (midnight et)

Now I know the REAL reason for the Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss!

David Obey on CNN NOW

I have been in this forum for about a month and when I first arrived

Predictions for Bush's Speech

Advance copy of Bush's speech.

Well, we've caught one media break at least....

Guy James is taking over for Mike Malloy, tonight, while he is on vacation

Bill Moyers NOW is on NOW! (Friday, 9pm CDT -- PBS)

Screamer Sean Hannity just said "we have peace and prosperity"

Geez - they really ARE criminals!

Fox news O,Reilly-Hannity slipping in ratings

Any Mountain Staters out there?

Is Bush finally resigning on Sunday night?

Seen in Lexington Ky and e-mailed to me

A Win For The Democrats Is So Easy

NC DU'ers ALERT! ASSCROFT Coming to Durham tomorrow! What sign should I

best damn all around knowledge seekers site on the net...enjoy

Why are there no anti-war demonstrations ??

Ten Bush forecast scenarios - which one do you think it will be?

Minister says war on terrorism a smoke screen

You want Critical Mass, I'll give you Critical Mass

A proposal for national health care and how does it compare to Canada’s?

Thoughts on the latest turn in the TX re-redistricting saga

9/5 Bill Maher Thread: Clark and Fraken On!!!


Kerry Is the Candidate Who ...

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - globalization: rich world, poor women

Executive Order 13303 (Or, It's Mine!..all Mine!)

Under what circumstances would you vote FOR Bush?

Abbas Set to Quit, Palestinians Say

Not So "New" After All (Bush*s new manufacturing czar)

Security at Iraq Munitions Sites Is Vulnerable, U.S. Official Says

Hutton Inquiry: Blair government’s lies on Iraqi WMD unravel

Cheney defends U.S. presence in Iraq

Jobs Report Leads Bush* to Defend Reliance on Tax Cuts

No sign of Iraq's WMD

Senior House Democrat Urges Top Defense Hands to Resign

Former Cadet Says She Was Raped in Retaliation for Reporting Crime

Powell Reaches Out to U.N.

Carter Urges 'Combined' Focus on N. Korea

Shiite Militia Deploys Forces

Tax Cut Claims Gain Criticism as Employers Shed More Jobs

Bush Says Can't Count on Iraqi Oil Revenues

Scientists retract ecstasy brain damage study findings


Hussein Link to 9/11 Lingers in Many Minds

Davis Slammed on Calif. Driver's Licenses

Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war

Hey Seattle DU'ers---anyone want a good Ikea Computer Desk?

Economic observation - I need a Job!!!

William Shatner to play US President in Canadian cartoon "Chilly Beach"

Time for me to do something completely radical...

The Oxford Girl...anthemic Brit Folk Rock

So how did Rush do on ESPN?

Do I have the longest subject titles on DU?? I think so. Whaddya think???

A completely random complaint

Life's really a chocolate box- "Inequality Street"

Me and the Cockateil.......A whimsical tale....

Whischkey taiststs good

Rounder at Twenty One.

Hallucinogenic tea likely to gain religious exemption

Stone Cold West Virginia...more Dave Evan....

Live without dead time

Cubs, helped by my non-attendance, win!!!!

The last time I looked, blue was a good color, but

Passing along thanks to DU from a statistics instructor ...

John Mayer - talented prodigy or overearnest frat boy?

This is how I judge people:

This is the best band of all time...

What do you think of this woman?

"be" dubya

Dilbert Alert!

Friday Night Doubletime Grotto!

TCM Alert: Airplane is on! (11:15 EDT)

Record Collectors: What's your Holy Grail?

Prank goes bad on radio show

The Poetry Thread

We need a drinking game for the Bush as Superhero movie

I just bought the first two seasons of Red Dwarf and talked a guy

Spotted a DEAN sticker in Salt Lake City today!

So help me understand gay culture.

My posts are my B-day

Favorite DEEP PURPLE song?


I just got laid! Ask me anything?

Favorite Beer

Who likes silent movies?

funny joke that I've actually never heard before!

OMFG!! NothingShocksMeAnymore JUST SPOKE TO MRS MATCOM!!!!

VelmaD bats 1000!

A serious ?...Why do our schools stink?

I feel so sad

Kinsley: Zeitgeist Surfing (Arnold)

Helen Thomas: Who's counting the dead in Iraq?

Dean whirls into Valley, opens 2004 state office - Arizona Republic

WP: Dull Paean – Showtime's 'DC 9/11' Is A Shameless Bush Booster

Will We Look Like the Soviets When We Leave Iraq?

This war on terrorism is bogus (Guardian)

Don't skip this DU article!: Conan the Populist?

IPS: Unilateralists Plunge Back to Earth

AFL-CIO’s Sweeney voices solidarity with Bush’s wars

Dean and Franken, Fighting the Right

What are the REAL reasons we're in Iraq?

This war on terrorism is bogus (MUST READ)

The Futile Pursuit of Happiness (NYT)

Physicists say SDI won't work as promised.

Arab Times: Bush reaches a turning point in approach to Iraq

Maureen Dowd (NYT): From Swagger to Stagger

Hussein Link to 9/11 Lingers in Many Minds


EVERYONE Help Beat the Recall

Bad Timing Or Inadequate Research?

800 Raging Fires to our North -- Farm for sale

College Football Sat. Sept. 06, 2003 Round up

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/6/2003

Google closes up linkage to SF Indymedia over I/P issue

New book published in controversy over Australian Aboriginal history

Sudan Rebel Chief, Government in 3rd Day of Talks

British army admits brutalising Iraqi civilians

2,581 CCW permits, zero trouble

Suggestion - Allow us to view or search profiles by location

Newest member: Democrank

why was this thread locked?

When I log in from home w/dial up...the archive/ read only screen

Ever consider only letting paying members VOTE in polls?

Can someone please explain to me

I'd like to ignore threads instead of posters

Palestinian PM Abbas submits his resignation

BBC (Saturday): Hamas leader 'hurt in attack'

Abbas has resigned from PLO...what does this portend?

Hamas spiritual leader hurt in Israeli assasination attempt

EU Joins U.S. in Denouncing Hamas as Terrorist Group

Sheriff's deputies learn anti-terror tips in Israel

Israeli helicopters fire missiles in Gaza City strike

PA Chairman Arafat says accepts Prime Minister Abbas resignation

Palestinian PM Abbas submits his resignation

A Costly Friendship

Never-Before-Seen Footage of First Crash

According to the Washington Monthly, Andy Young is running...

Kerry brings message into living rooms

PA-15: Boscola won't run for Toomey's seat (GRR)

Join John Kerry in Baltimore!

Campaign challenges for Kerry

Abbas Resignation Imperils Peace Plan

71 Iowa Labor Leaders Pledge Support for John Kerry


Dean Tops List of Democratic Presidential Contenders- ZOGBY

Here's how I answered a plea for $$ from Daschle

Interesting argument for Kerry's economic plan

Kucinich and Lieberman's attacks on Dean during the debate

Funny Kerry quote from NY Times interview today

No School Board Left Standing -- Statement & Petition by Dean

Moby "endorses" Kerry

Dean stumps for Davis in California

Kucinich's record shows he's an antidote to Bush (Opinion piece)

So I wore this Dean T-shirt to a Yankees game...

Kerry Gaining, Bush Slipping

Marian Wright Edelman, Fritz Hollings support John Kerry.

I finally have my own Dean blog! Check it out

John Kerry Puts the Big Issue protect America?

Breaking: Bush awarded Trifecta Patent # 911911911181818181818.

Any takers? for sale.

help please

New poll: Hillary in statistical tie with Dubya

Bush's speach Sunday

Sad how we get so happy to see truth on the news broadcasts.

Bernie Ward streaming -- Joe Conason visits

Bush, don't fund Peru rain forest ruin, say celebrities (me too!)

Whem the nomination dust settles::::: There will be the DEMs best man put

Joe Conason on Bernie Ward Now 11 pm MT

who's more dangerous: Bush or LaRouche?

NY Times outsources to Holland! Spam in Dutch!

Riley the good Republican governor?

Politics at the Pump-----some signs The People are waking up!

I found out Cheney and Rumsfeld helped pay my tuition

Where is Condi?

A Treasure Trove of CARTOONS!!!

Distant Early Warning. BEWARE Sunday Night and the rest of this week.....

California Double Whammy - A Rove Nightmare??

Bush's tax cuts create jobs

AOL poll on Bush and the economy

Sunday night Bush speech - poll

I may have got a friend to start doubting Rush

US 'Corporate Invasion' Brings No Respite from War

A Call for a Positive Act by Democrats, Liberals and Progressives.

Is it true we pulled all our troops out of Saudi Arabia?

New Ben Sargent cartoon

Have any of them admit to being wrong (Iraq)

Well, Here's What I'm Gonna Do

Rather interview with Rumsfeld -- Must Watch

Please, someone tell me I didn't hear what I thought I heard!

Bremer's absurd and patronizing comments...

The Melting Pot and the GOP's Worst Fear

War on the Bill of Rights (Nat Hentoff)

HELP: Patriot Act & the IT field

the BIG lie: can't we call the media on this one ???? all media

Are both Harkin and Clinton about to support Dean?

DUERS: * leaning on China for help on the economy? World Bank helps?

Do you think Lincoln Chafee will switch parties any time soon?

Timothy Bottoms from "That's My Bush!" is Bush in Showtime movie

This War on Terrorism is Bogus (A Must Read)

We pay a monthly stipend to the IRAQ Army and Ministry personnel.

I have to quit watching Bill Moyers.

What will the next civilization be like?

what the Pentagon told Helen Thomas about the dead

On the road this morn(9/11 victims name)

Some great analysis of Guardian editorial by Meacher

Can I get the Guy James Show in Dade County

September 11, 1973.

question on switching parties mid-term

Did I just hear on CNN

Lest We Forget...

Does Bush realise he has zero respect outside the US?

Netscape poll: would you vote for Ahhh-nold

U.S. Army Used Media Cover in Iraq for Own Ends

Oh Puke......A G.W Bush Branding.....

WHO keeps talking about David Icke on CSPAN??

Arnold against illegal immigrants getting a driv. lisc. : security threat

I subscribed to salon for one month.

Who Killed Montana Power?

Byrd Pummels Bush on Iraq - Again

Ahhhh....Bush must really be in trouble....

DC 911 is on Showtime tomorrow night and * gives a speech

Rather interviewed Rummy in Iraq

hilarious must read Crossfire transcript 9/4 - Carville v. Adelman

Smirk's temper has him on the phone to National Media, Inc

right now on the WE channel, JFK:Reckless Youth

A look at today's headlins

Suggestion for potential DU rule regarding the recall

who paid the 9/11 attackers? "Strange Attractors"

Have you thought about WHY the RWing Hates 'Big Government'?

Its starting

Electronic Voting Machines: Oooof! Here’s proof

Guy James Show

Is this the setup for Sunday night? Susan Schmidt?

Democratic Response to Bush Speech by Sen. Limp Spine

Recall: Georgy Russell

Do you have sympathy for people who enlisted after Nov. 2000?

Abbas has resigned from PLO...what does this portend?

It's Official - O'Reilly Lied About Opposing Death Penalty !

The US asking the UN for help (I may have missed this already but...)

Bush to announce WMD find in Sunday speech.

If this is what war gets us I don't want no part of it

What four languages does Clark speak?

Professional LIAR- Victoria Clarke on cspan2 (NOW)

CNN...Rumsfeld assessment of Iraq ...equated to "the world of Mr Magoo.".

Yahoo being freeped

What happens to a politician's money when (s)he dies?

Please read...very interesting

prayer booths in Barney Allis Plaza in Downtown Kansas City

California Recall

Ten ways for Davis to beat Ahnuld...

Is Viet Nam Happening Again? Marine General Blasts Bush

If there is a problem with the policy, just intensify the propaganda....

Where's the money going in Iraq?

What the hell is going on ?

Whistle Ass Store

Ted Rall nails it again!

list of Thursday's ESPN NFL Pre-game show with Limpbaugh sponsors

I think Dean would make a terrific VP selection.

70% of Americans: Saddam involved in 9/11 !!!!!!!

Is the right protraying the handicapped and the disabled as the new

GOP takes on 'leftist' education - CO Recently Separated Gov. & Horowitz

McGovern vs. Goldwater

Cable news race Sept 4 - drudge report

The media and the lousy job it is doing

A Rovian tactic the Dem must not fall for

Donate or Else, drug company told staff

Time to take the Bush/Reich 101 quiz

Let's try this again: Do you have sympathy for people who enlisted after

Brit HUME, Hosting the 1st of 2 Faux "DemoCRAT" Forums

Here is a summary of Meacher's charges in the article:

Cute, MSNBC! Play a line or two of Dean, smooch up to Arnie.

The End of United States

Shutdown of the net

Why Are They Giving the Bastard a Microphone Tomorrow Night???

Howard Dean on cnn live(cali) kicking Ass

"Hussein Link to 9/11 Lingers in Many Minds" ... well, duh!

If Jeb Bush were somehow to get the Democratic nomination, I would

LIHOP makes it to Yahoo News

Wow I just finished Treason...

CNN hopes retooled Cooper, Zahn shows improve prime-time ratings

What's the latest in Cali?

WP: rates "DC 9/11" movie as 'an insult' & 'primitive propaganda'

Remember this poll about Bush and the Zogby Poll?

Did I just hear..............

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/6/2003

Paul Hill is a Hero

I have an idea

When Halliburton earns who gets paid???

Deadly force self-defense against rape---ok?

What's your opinion of Democrats that voted for the pay increase ?

Few Arabs shedding tears over U.S. losses in Iraq

Today's Yahoo "highest rated" stories gives me hope

Facilities planned that would repair old nukes designed to build new ones

Rumsfeld Blames Iraqis for the Lack of Security Top Stories

Who should Gore of chosen as VP?

Goodbye, Galileo - probe to be flown into Jupiter


The craven coward sets a new record every month

"I have forgotten the delights of a shower," says Iraqi blogger

Is Clark running?

language "Argh!"

Will Blondes vote for Arnold?

wasnt Poppy Bush in PNAC-Carlyle meeting in WH on 9-11 am ?

Scott Ritter's: Frontier Justice

9/9/03 – Broward Protests *’s return to scene of crime

Only 29% Will Definitely Vote FOR Bush, while 41% Will Vote AGAINST

Centcom: TOTAL US wounded Iraq 1,450 . TOTAL DEATHS 339

Papa Bush on Paula Zahn's Show Monday

Novakula has lost it

Bush Admin Is a Fascist State says MLK , Mussolini & Orwell

Anyone worried about Clark's...

Bush I gets a boat, but Freeps still can't let Clinton go

BBV: Additional Co-Sponsors for H.R. 2239 (9/4/2003)

How Democrats can win in the South: Invoke evangelical themes

How would you describe Bush?

A narrowed - down presidential pref. poll

Dean says he has to watch his mouth

Ideas for Posters to Protest Asskkkroft's Boston Visit

Vanity Fair's James Wolcott lacerates MSNBC. Hysterically funny

Official Guy James Show thread----3pm -please keep kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quandry: Who would you choose, Reagan, Bush, or Bush Jr.

Tweety is OVER

dean supporters

Does anyone else think Bush's speech is a sign of desperation?

Black Box; SLO update -- get tomatoes ready!

Working Class Hero


If Jeb Bush were somehow to get the Dem nomination, I think

It is Time for the People of this Country And The Government to ACT.....

Are Americans the stupidest race of people on the earth?

Well now, here's a nifty little problem for Mr Rove (California, racism)

Kristen Breitweiser's ? why Bush sat in classroom on 9/11 is in print!

Ya Know What Clark Has Goin' For Him?

Dean speaks for me!! YET AGAIN

Who do you think will get the republican nomination in 2008?

I Believe

Is raising the age for collecting social security racially biased?

What Barbara Bush thinks of the troops

New Zogby...Bush approval just 45% ...reelect 40%...GREAT NEWS!!!

If Clark throws his hat in the ring

the "but is Dean ELECTABLE?" BS

Which candidate has the best economic platform for workers?

How soon until another Republican declares for President?

Why conservatives want to compel children to say the pledge of allegience

Franken's Book: He's Gotta Be a DUer!

A 9/11 hijacking smoking gun, for your reading pleasure

What do you think of subsidized college tuition for illegal immigrants?

At least two SF Mayoral candidates are replicants!

Let's talk about Skull & Bones again for those who aren't familiar yet.

I am worried about Reagan or Ford dying before the next election.

I need a reminder. Why is Dean so great?

Here's the Meacher story on Yahoo, give it a Kick

Who do you support for the Democratic nomination?

Blair's former Minister Accuses Bush of Treason by 9-11 LIHOP

Is Lieberman truly "religious" or is he a fraud?

Was BushSR the gunman in the 'grassy knoll' ? in '63 The OCTOPUS

LIHOP is no longer just a remote possibility

Free Leonard Peltier?

70% of Americans still believe that Hussein was linked to 9/11

Was the Soviet "threat" exaggerated by the US in the Cold War?

The Gore team choosing Lieberman

Yoko Ono to Repeat Naked Appeal for World Peace

U.S. Must Concede More on Iraq, Says Europe

WP - Rumsfeld Touts U.S. 'Success'

Interior Dept. IG will look into Karl Rove's role on water issues in N.W.

(British) Bomb expert killed in Iraq

US soldier hurt in Mosul grenade attack: witnesses

Abbas Set to Quit, Palestinian Officials Say

Breaking: Rummy speaking from Iraq 9:01 AM CST

Disbanded Militia Group Reappears in Iraq

This war on terrorism is bogus (Guardian)

MP: US Knew About 9/11 Before Attack!!!!

Palestinian PM submits resignation

Spanish intelligence service says no link between Saddam and Al Qaeda: rep

Seven soldiers wounded in Iraq attacks

California Gov. Davis Hammers Bush Over Job Losses

UK wrong to rush into war: Ex-minister (Says France was right all along)

Survey Finds Millions of New U.S. Drug Abusers

U.S. jobs outlook fuzzy

Schwarzenegger Camp Says Actor Bumped as Mexican Parade Leader

Former British environment minister attacks PNAC

US looking at giving security assurances for North Korea

Search for Iraq Weapons Proves Elusive (AP\ABC)

California Gov. Davis Hammers Bush Over Job Losses

Poll Says 7 in 10 believe in Saddam/9-11 Link

Fischer offers Powell Germany's ideas on Iraq

Veterans and Officials Oppose Hospital Cuts (By Bush administration )

US now wants to recruit Saddam's soldiers

Abbas Resignation Imperils Peace Plan

Newsweek: Faulty Armor? (Stryker is flawed - Army's known for months)

Job figures slip furthur in August

Iran offered to swap Al Qaeda prisoners for dissidents exiled to US: repor

Scandal-Scarred Virginia Republicans Select New Leader

Bush to Make U-Turn in Iraq Policy, Says Leading Sen. (Biden) to NFPW

Vietnam vet chooses jail over fine

Previously Banned Militia Patrols Iraqi Holy City - With U.S. Acceptance

Iraq policy 'shambolic' say Tories

Rumsfeld Hails 'Wonderful Start' to New Iraq

Bush Numbers Hit New Low; Dean Tops List of Democratic Presidential Conten

ACLU: Anti-Bush Protesters Exiled to Distant Zones

Dean on Live with Davis NOW (2:20 PM ) CNN (Off now)

Poll: 70% think Hussein, 9/11 linked

Senate may not get to asbestos bill

Ex-President Bush Marks Aircraft Carrier

US Officials: 50 Munitions Sites In Iraq Vulnerable - NYT

Whitmire to show if 3rd session a go

White House Stunned by Abbas' Resignation

Europe's harvest crisis

Senator Clinton to Block Bush EPA Nominee

Rumsfeld hits back at Iraq critics (BBC)

GOP Faces Uprising on Veterans

BREAKING! Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas Resigns

More British troops head to Iraq, Rumsfeld admits US failed over Saddam

Two missiles fired at US military plane in Baghdad

Britain and US will back down over WMDs

Potter tops list of challenged books

Kerry casts himself as ''first'' and ''only'' on key issues

US says security in Iraq up to Iraqis themselves

Asians propose Windows alternative

Need a job?

Timothy Bottoms from "That's My Bush!" is Bush in Showtime movie

One of the most "masculine" men I knew

Ya Hoo!! & this makes 500

College football bliss!!!

Who Did Dimbo Scare Off At Indy Today?

Ok, I've switched to apple martinis....

BEST Bill Maher show ever

I'm Keeping Myself Inside!!!!!!!!!!!

I found my California Gov candidate, a linux fan too.

My weekend is already over...

mmm; nothing so good as a just-ripe peach

I can't believe I made it to 900 posts!!!!!

Trojan or Sheik?

Laugh-in or SNL?

Happy Golden Birthday!!! Polyester is 50 years old!!

So lesbians...

WOW! Someone spanked Ann Coulter(+) in Wilmington OpEd section

Nostaligic for Vinyl

Road rage yesterday!

Should I be ashamed?

Any Anne Hathaway fans in the house?

Squirrel kunudrum (how do you spell kunudrum?)

Favorite JERRY LEE LEWIS tune?

I subscribed to salon for one month.

Newest additions to my family ...

I've been drinking and I have a Jehova's Witnesses joke

You had better get your rocks off today because by 12am you'll be dead!

Mom, do you douche?

Is this an earthquake?? Minnesota never gets earthquakes!!

Empty CD's

Campaign 2004 "make-overs" bwaaa-haaa-haaaa

"Three's Company" was based on "Othello"????????

"Lets Roll", have you have other's saying this??

Did an Elvis impersonation last night.

Need anti-Bush bumper sticker ideas

Favorite CLYDE McPHATTER song?

RED SOX NATION!!!! Do We DARE To Dream????????

Nothing but the worst in a commute tonight

Fill in the blank

Anybody in the L.A. area who has/can work a jigsaw? Do you know somebody?

Send Ashcroft a letter telling him what you think of the Patriot Act


new hate radio sponsors

Anyone remember Shrinky Dinks

Anyone think corn mazes are amazing (or something else altogether?)

Anyone ever watch the movie 1984?

list of Thursday's ESPN NFL Pre-game show with Limpbaugh sponsors

Get your "Bush Bingo" cards here for Sunday night!

May we have a DU Gathering Update from Wisconsin, please?

When do prefer to watch college football?

What Are You Goin' To Do With All That Extra Money?$*$*$*$*$


Help me bloggers!

Do Republicans know or understand the true meaning

BC wins, Sox leading

2003 NL Central Division Champions?

How do you do a poll question?

What would be the longest running emo band ever?

Oh oh my squirrel is a mommy

Lumberjacks are gonna be downed by the Sun Devils tonight!!!!

Here we go, Twins, Here we go!

Your Favorite Character On 'Are You Being Served' Is...

Has anyone ever been told lies about masturbation or sex as a child?

San Diego [email protected] State?

Movies which were not good, but had GREAT soundtracks?

First time in months - it's raining!!!!

Al Franken Acknowledges in his book.

I found out this morning that my friend had died

The Roadkill Sleepwalker of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Ohio State pulls it out against SDSU

How hard is it for a defensive lineman in major college

NDSU beats 1-AA top-ranked MONTANA 25-24 on the road!!!!

Flu Sufferers for Dean

I was just watching "An american tale"

Holy Crap, Bat man! Notre Dame looks like holy crap!

I think I've gotten the message (I hope)

What music should I houseclean to next?

Lottery winner to give 1 MIL to defeat Bush!

world link tv is

I feel so dirty right now


Clark, Dean, Yoko's Ta-ta's and "illegal immigrants"....

OSU: We Aztecs scared you shitless, didn't we?

hey.. buckeye fan. every time you run your mouth..

Let's try "Bush/Liar! Bingo" again...

Goodbye, Galileo - probe to be flown into Jupiter

"Abraxas" is good album for a cloudy afternoon

Favorite FOUR TOPS record?

My favorite musical genre from the 1980s is....

Britney says her mom liked the kiss

To nyrnyr1994 and any other smoking DUers...


Any DU'ers in NC'sRTP/Sheraton/Emperor Drive/Protesting Asscroft Today?

Heads Up, Nash Vegas!

*******MILESTONES******* 9/6/03

Congratulations Lazarus!!! 10,000 posts

Squirrels deserve some respect thread!!!!!!!!!

FARK.COM: John Kerry Photoshop

What did LynneSin do with my Zeppelin on vinyl????

Anyone in Seattle want a FREE Ikea Computer Desk? Great Condition!!!

finally, my 1000th post

OOOHHH Boogers

To read the book "1984" in its entirety


Favorite song by BLONDIE?

Favorite song by FOREIGNER?

CAPTION the Captain of Hypnosis

Steinbrenner threatens to 'clean house' and fire all the managers

What's the worst thing a stranger said to you personally?

Worst thing a relative ever said to you?

PLEASE EXPLAIN: Why Drive With ONLY Parking Lights On? (A Small Rant)

language "Argh!"

Which *The Producers* Quote Best Fits the Bush Presidency?

OK , I planned to give up smoking but screw it

My Imaginary Friend Is Named "Twilight"

Smoking cigarettes

182 in a 55 zone...and drunk