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Archives: September 5, 2003

Between Hammer And Anvil - Moussaoui

'Why America Slept’

The two faces of Rumsfeld

Salon: Doonesbury: Jerked Off the Funny Pages

WE BROKE IT; WE PAY FOR IT - Altercation, Eric The Great

Iranian dates

NC DUers--Protest Ashkkkroft on Saturday, September 6th!

A Setback For Mike Wallace CBS

Who are the 10 most powerful people in the USA?

IRS Can't Do The Math

Spitzer goes after "Mutual Funds/Hedge Funds Engaged in After Hours Trades

Bank America (former Nations Bank) and Bank One....all involved in Hedge

Muslim brands attack!

Drought leaves Russians without potable water

Scientists Face Steamy Mystery

Nurses go on strike in Angolan capital

South African rival for Viagra on the cards?

Bullies' Toll No Bull

I only semi tecno literate. Can u help me out!

Trouble in creating polls

Transfer: A Moral Discourse (Part 3 of 3)

Israel Air Force Planes to Honor the Victims of the Holocaust

Study: 22% Of Israeli Households Go Hungry

Sharon to take Mossad's help to foil Iran's nuclear programme

moved - please delete

Dooley (DINO-CA 20) will not seek reelection

UFB! Another Pay Raise For Congress?

Missed the debate...any reactions??

Sign the petition to reform NCLB

WTF! Hello, Viet Saddam! See Sen. Hutchinson of Texas on CNBC?

Vanity Fair person on Paula Zahn CNN now 8:08 pm est

Audio link to debate - NEED QUICK HELP!

East Coasters: Remember set your vcr's for 10:00 p.m. for Dem Debate!

Janeane Garofalo on MSNBC (On Now)

Are the debates televised ANYWHERE!?

Listen to the debate live at

I am so stoked! Aren't you excited?

How to get Republicans to finance the Dean of Prez campaign. =)

Operation Enduring Stupidity

Quagmire? What WQuagmire?

Okay, this Independent is ready. Where do I go?

Newspapers yank Doonesbury strip

This is the correct link. Doh!!!!

Live debate thread anyone ?

DC 9/11: Triumph of a Bush

Ashcroft’s anti-porn crusade threatens everyone’s free-speech rights

Mike Malloy on NOW!

GW's Bar and Grill

Since Iraq is now a hotbed of terror, should we invade AGAIN ?

Can we please let the "Edwards is running for veep" thing die

Is the debate online?

The Debate - I am so proud!

Battered Wife Syndrome- Does this define America today?

Concerning the debate

Did Sharpton skip the dabate?


Bush's negotiating position with the United Nations

Global Eye -- Strange Attractors

October 25th anti-war rally

State by state delegate selection. Is there a reference?

Ahhh!! The shrub introduced the first NFL game tonight!

The stage managed press ---

Bush will prevent a terrorist attack in spring-summer 04

U.S. Infrastructure Needs Seen at $1.6 Trillion .... (Our GDP is $10Tril)

MSNBC Poll: Do any of the 9 Democratic candidates have a chance

Anyone Else Feel This Way?

US Spcl Forces Sgt Stan Goff On Mike Malloy now Sep 4, 21:45 pm EST

California Recall

JL Won Debate??? WTF???

Just looked at MSNBC's online headlines

CBS News in Germany - "50 coming in per day?"

another drunk disembarkment George?

Kucinich Meetup Tonight

Seen any post-California debate polls?

IF FORCED TO, who would you vote for? Lieberman or Bush?

Democratic debate – Survivor style

PizzaGate: Cheney serves up a cold pie to the GAO...

How do you plan on voting in 2004?

Wesley Clark


T-shirt seen at DC national airport:

Which candidate got the most applause at tonight's debate?

Debate Last 45 Minutes. My observations.

Heads Up: Bogus "News" Source - The World Tribune

Question: is "Hispanic" a pejorative term?

The Stepford Democrats

Did Gephardt Save His Campaign ????

The GOP is as dumb as a box of hammers

Is Al Martin working with Karl Rove?

A photoshop explanation of evolving WMD stories from Maxwell Bush

"Helloooo?" Did Dennis catch Dean again?

Gephardt in the debate

Who performed best in the debate?

Ohio DU posters...are we living in the same state?

Did Tom Tomorrow "out"


Senate Panel Seeks Boeing Tanker Lease Scaleback

The Guerrillas Killing U.S. Troops


Judicial Nominee Estrada Withdraws Name

Pro-Family Leaders Urge Christians to Resist Gay Groundswell

Democrats in Debate Rip Bush on Iraq ... (hot off the press....some press)

Post-War Iraq Costs Soar To $70B

Global Eye -- Strange Attractors

Bali suspect attacks West's leaders

White House Shares Some of Columbia Blame (Bush sqeezed NASA budget)

New Contact Lens Lets Blind See

Links drawn between Afghan military, drug trade

Indonesian deputy's attack on US raises fears of split

NYT: Industry Fights to Put Imprint on Drug Bill

WP: Hill Braces for Iraq Request

Dalai Lama eyes end to 45-year exile

Suicidal Russia

Alarm over security blunder at Sydney airport

Rumsfeld Says Security Improving in Iraq

Ex-Envoy Criticizes Bush's Postwar Policy (Zinni to Officer Corp)

WP: France, Germany Reject U.S. Plan

Report Finds Size Of Government Up Sharply Under Bush


$6 BILLION Seized in Global Drugs Raids

Red faces at US Base as Korean crooks' booze tunnel comes to light

Music Biz to Give File Sharers Amnesty

Rumsfeld Eager for More Iraqis to Keep Peace

From Juno news: Bush maintains that tax cuts will cure economic langour...

Taliban Fighters Take Control in Uruzgan

American infrastructure gets poor grade

Mike Wallace Suffers Head Injury Problems

US power rules broken 444 times

Bush* Says Economy "Is Looking Up"

Janklow Warned for Speeding Before Crash

Rep. Foley Reportedly to Drop Senate Bid

Government to Give Fewer Lie Detector Tests

Advisory: Al Qaeda planning new U.S. attacks (New Fall Season!)

Saudi Warplanes Moved Closer To Israel


Some lost jobs may never return

Johnny Depp Disavows Anti-American Quotes

New Ten Commandments suit dismissed - CNN

Plan to bury CO2 waste under North Sea.....

Push Button Bugle to Play Taps at Military Funerals

Anyone watching Fox? Stupidest moments ever is on.

Its 77 degrees...ask me whatever ya want

Why is it acceptable for pits to be bottomless, but not J-Lo?

Great Tits!

Wow, a republican co-worker pointed out something odd today

Computer advice please!

Ack, Bush on ABC!!!!

The power of Christ is carcinogenic

Are you hard of hearing or deaf or admit to watching TV with captions on?

Cop jailed after voodoo curse backfires

Songs that SHOULD have been on movie soundtracks - suggestions?


Oh, we just had a little earthquake in SF!

I think we were invaded by a freeper at our Dean meetup last night.

EARTHQUAKE! WooHOO that was fun! -=4.1=-

Underatstement of the Week

My A-Hole Boss Just Got Fired! Ask Me Anything

Need Help! Who sings this song?

In need of support

Thinking of sticking a firecracker up your arse? My advice is - don't...

I've had two liver transplants, ask me anything

Greatest era of American sitcomedy (pithy version)

Single DUers: Would there be a market for this business idea I thought of?

Dennis a fifth wheel.Totally expendable.

which Young One is your favorite?

I tore a ligament in my back. Ask me (ouch!) anything.

Tom Petty--The Last that a Great Song, or what???

Debate:Dean was nothing compared to the others!HE SUCKED!

what and should I start a petition to name shrub after (a joke basically)

Favorite song by JERRY "The Iceman" BUTLER?

There was once a man from Nantucket...

Tornado Warning 5 miles from me....floods last night

I just finally got back from a 14 hour day...ask me anything


DU Legend


Drunk man passes out on railroad tracks, gets run over by train, survives

The Doors - The Soft Parade - is this a great album or what?

Minnesota twins - can rot in hell

Britney to follow McDonald's & other shitty US exports to London?

Butterflies are Free, but stitches cost $115 plus...

Mail Fowarding

I smell like chlorine and need a shower...ask me anything. LOL

Favorite song by DIONNE WARWICK?


Food Network's Rachael Ray's new cheesecake

I just had 888 posts. Is 888 MORE evil than 666?

OK, This is a site about mooning, and you rate the people mooning you!

Is the Grotto open?

Favorite song by THE STYLISTICS?

who saw the Latin Grammies? and what did Geo. Lopez call

Is it me, or is the NFL in cahoots with the Republicans and Neo-Cons???

Earthquakes: Reason #1403 why I'm glad to live in Michigan!

My Neighbour's Hummer H2...

That nutty, nutty Reagan!

Anyone change their mind after tonights debate....?

what's a program I can use to rip vinyl to MP3?

Hi, I'm new here!

'fess up, guys - Who donated for me???????

I've lost 15 lbs. in the past two months!!!

Plaidder's Coping Movie Trivia Challenge

Remember that pic of * dropping Barney? went to town on it

10 More things that DUers don't know about you !!

Student claims moving violation: College kid says she was locked in van

Judge Estrada calls it quits

I'm pumped about the debate tonight

Protect the message of protest in SF on the 28th

Arkansas media on Clark; and Clark compared to Clinton

John O'Farrell (Guardian Unltd): Hey, let's call in the UN

Fisk: How Arrogant Was the Path to War

Minneapolis Mayor endorses Dean

Ex-Envoy (Gen. Zinni) Criticizes Bush's Postwar Policy

Has this Christian nation forgotten Jesus' teachings?

All right Boudelang, drop those baboon noses!


Ellis Hennican: Seeking help, wanting control

Guerrilla war sapping troops

Paul Wolfowitz becomes our "Comical Ali" -- Josh Marshall

Missing the Point on Gays- WaPo editorial by ex-senator Alan Simpson-R

Neocons in Wonderland

LiftingJawFromFloor - ltrs to editor smack aWol in major Mississippi paper

Conanson: Bush WH will succeed in driving military away from GOP

Bush grovelling to UN cartoons

God Bless America?

bush*/UN cartoon - Sharks - by Benson (Ariz Republic)

The Guerrillas Killing U.S. Troops by Dan Rather

America, Brought To You by . . .

Krugman: The China Syndrome

The Big Lie Of Jessica Lynch

Has Dean and Kucinich pulled the Democratic Party to the left ?

Peggy Noonan flashback: "The U.S. will protect the U.N. from Saddam"

“Under the Banner of Heaven” book review of Jon Krakauer's latest

Why we need powerful unions

Can't BELIEVE I read this on NewsMax!

Ventura on Bush: "Annals of the Wicked"

Jonah Goldberg Mentions Democratic Underground

Kucinich 9/4 meetup report

Atlanta-Area: Your turn to protest Asscroft (from Move On)

Join Dennis on Peace Day!

Bush to speak at Nashville fund-raiser Monday

Dear Philadephia-area MoveOn member

'Bare Your Bum at Bush'

Leon Harris leaves CNN; moves to WJLA-TV (Local Wash. Station)

(CANADA) Harper claims Chretien stacked the courts

Please help refute "Clinton Actual History" email...

New Heinlein novel

Does anyone on the face of the earth find Mallard Fillmore funny?

DUERS: * leaning on China for help on the economy? World Bank helps?

Swezey's Stores Close in Long Island, New York after 110 years

FTC to probe Gas price hikes

Shopping for Union-made clothes

US recovery is not what it seems

Bernard Kerik , Bush administration's top security adviser in Iraq quits.

Mugabe shuts down UN famine relief offices - Zimbabwe

Washington DC schools and vouchers

Task force slashes crop of marijuana--unbelievable alibis

Guns Making America Safer

Question for anti's re self-defense

Is there any possibility

request of permission

Suggestion for article (or head's up on a submission)

Question about the Gallery.

help.....can i and how do i access my old DU bookmarks and mail?

More than a little curious

Can I get a star?


I'm down on my knees, begging you please, oh pleeeeeeease

I feel really stupid but I can't figure out how to put someone on ignore

Voluntarily Suspending Sigs on posts, on new threads...

A request


Naval commando killed in clash with Palestinians in Nablus

Israelis blow up apartment block after gun battle

Blows to Israel Must Never Go Unanswered

9/11 book: Terror link inside FDNY

Unjust war

At a nearby DEC viewing and straw poll meeting, 3 GOP came.

Check out Dr. Funk on the Kerry blog!!!

What an awesome debate

Dean learned Spanish as a teenager, working on a cattle ranch in Florida

Did I miss the answer

Norwich, CT Meetup had it's best experience to-date on Sep 3, 2003

NBC this morning

Hartford Courant: Sep 4 Caucas

I just watched the debate replay...

Congressman Bob Filner (D-California) endorses Howard Dean

Thanks to everyone who offered info

When will Clark announce?

"It's not time to put a rookie in charge of America's future."

A wonderful night of Republican bitch slapping Live from Albuquerque

New Mexico Lt. Governor Diane D. Denish Endorses John Kerry

DC Vouchers passed: Very Close

Kerry again blasts Judy Woodruff Today-check it out!

State by state delegate selection. Is there a reference?

MSNBC: Dean maintains front-runner status

Bush re-elect at 43% in Wisconsin/ 50% want someone else

Philadelphia Mayoral Race Update

Kerry leads nationwide according to latest CNN poll...

The House Subtext re Mark Foley's withdrawal from the Senate race

Very damaging Slate article on Dean today

Is Dean Losing Momentum?

From ABC's The Note--Another Dean flipflop?

I Really Really Really Like Dean But I Wish He Would Lose The

Wow, 9 Democrats said things I believe! Does a message emerge?

US has it's own Comical Ali . Paul Wolfowitz.

if Dean is nominee he should challenge Bush to debate in Spanish

More People Out of Work - Unemployment Down!

Post-debate Veep Possibility?

This is what drives me nuts about politicians!

Should Dems who gave * a blank check step aside?

99X--Metro Atlanta Area (Radio)

Lieberman strategy-good or bad?

They shoot Republicans don't they....

Is Joe throwing the fight...

Gallup LIES on their website (or they are completely ignorant)

Nightline, focus on the Patriot Act. 11.40pm

oh man, that Daily Show segment was hilarious

Not pleased with the idea of six more debates

WGN radio news cleans up Gephardt's language for him

The press has already decided the election

Ted Koppel vs. Barbara Comstock

Clinton impostors and the switcharoo!

a Fair & Balanced™ patriotic survey

Would you be willing to trade a D.I.N.O. for a R.I.N.O.

I can't wait for this

Go to the lounge. Go there now!

Wrong Turn at Albuquerque: Dean Stumbles at the Democratic Debate

Some thoughts from Senator Boxer on the recall.

Bush dining on a huge portion of crow

Please take this poll re: Texas redistricting

I don't want to see Bush beaten...

My idea for RAMBO IV

Don't forget, Dubya TOLD US the UN was an 'irrelevant debating society"

Debate: Streaming Real Audio Available

Conservatives Against Bush

Bushes are trying to shift blame to the Saudis?

Arnold Campaign Buttons Available NOW (pic)

Gov. Dean goes to the debate....

So Long ESPN

Anyone have the schedule of Ashcroft's PATRIOT tour?

Has anybody found...

Sylvia again: 'profits from knockoffs support terrorists'

Now look what Zell Miller's up to

Holy Joe Should Leave and Go Away, Hey Hey Hey....

Lieberman opens anti-Dean offensive

James Belushi quote on Arnold

bolton under sec ot are an asshole!!!

is Kucinich polling above 3% anywhere ( not included)?

Seattle has it's say regarding the UN and Iraq

Rumsfeld's Address to the Iraqi People! (satire)

Joe Lieberman: Is he desperate or what?

David Horsey does it again.

Wooo! Priceless!

MS Dems going GOP by

Phila's Mayor Race

Another public screwing by the Energy Corps. Thanks Dick

Told You: France and Germany Hold The Cards

Bush and Gulliver's Travels. Check It Out.

Do you want to get Repuke money to support your Prez Candidate?????

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough,

Rumsfeld Lied BIG TIME re 'post war' Iraq compared to Germany

The Rise and Fall of Dumbya! * From Crown Royal to Old Crow!

Ack C-span is down and I want to watch the Debate.

How does the New Republic make money?

Bush to proclaim Sept. 11 "Patriot Day" – I shit you not

How many others see the irony being expressed here (don't give it away)

Arnold S. is ANTI-UNION and anti-Native American

This guy must be a Garafalo fan

What do the following have in common?....

Al Queda planning new US attacks (fear mongering)

New Hampshire and Iowa... THEN Where?

Jonah Goldberg whines, "Bush isn’t like Hitler!" (and gives us a plug).

In response to my "10 Commandments" satire yesterday...

A Political muse or I am flamebait

I'm taking MamaSal to see Dr. Dean today.

I need Graphics HAYULLLLLLLLP!!!

Favorite JAN & DEAN song?

Foley drops out of FL senate race

Why do some people think Dr. Kelly was assassinated?

Did Any News Network Air the Dem Debate? Duh!

Oops! I posted a poll in the wrong forum

A.M. Big News Story--"Bush is a Miserable Failure"--Gephardt

If Dean doesn't collapse, he wins the debates.

Someone explain to me how NAFTA is going to create jobs HERE??

The NFL on the Mall

Question for anyone who has taken a poll

Why Isn't Christine Todd Whitman out-on-bail after ALLREADY

Well I thought it was clever . . .

Charlie Rose's guest (female) said.."Why not leave IRAQ now?"

Big Brother gets younger and SPIES ON AMERICAN CITIZENS

Ret. Marine Gen. Zinni blasts Bush for failed Iraq policy.....

A small suggestion from Tom Tomorrow

Now that we have Homeland Security, should CIA be disbanded?

Exec. Ord. 13315: The Official Looting of Iraq

BLOWBACK, my Anti-CIA/Foriegn Policy rant

Did the resolution passed by Congress granting Bush* authority

BBC NEWS: Bomb expert killed in Iraq

FYI: Important update for Microsoft Office and VBA

Quotes that reminded me INSTANTLY of Dumbya

WTF??? The NFL Bush???? Now its Bush welcoming America to

Anyone watch Tweety the last 2 nights?

CSPAN2 BYRD alert! talking about the OT outrage 12:05

Byrd alert

Clark supporters.....have you seen this?

Saw Dean on BBC news last night & I have a problem.

Work in progress: "Why we pity the Right-Wingers"

A walk down memory lane: "Thank God For the Death Of the UN" (Perle)

Get Arnold ! We know he's a moron but he'll get our ratings up...

Governor Gangbang

Maybe we should drive home this: Clinton gave Bush everything

What did SBC have to do with the attacks on Dean and Kucinich?

Odd question about the Senate quorum

"What you are doing is evil. Leave my office," Crabb said (Texas)

Should we ban all movies, TV sitcoms, Political discourse shows,

Brave Rumsfeld canceled his speech to the troops.He must have got the memo

If Dean wins the nomination and Lieberman endorses Bush...

I think Bush will not be the Republican nominee in 2004.

Curious about welfare figures

Pension funds 400 billion underfunded.

CNBC: Anchor tries to rip Barney Frank a new one over Estrada

Wow! Arnold just said it was great his mother "smacked him"

What if Coulter became a future presidential nominee

FBI issues alert for 4 possible terrorists

Sept. 11, Before and After (Review of *'s propaganda movie on Showtime)

Golden years on $678.00 a month

is there ANY Democrat you wouldn't vote for over *?

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/5/2003

I'm a big supporter of Fair Trade, but I don't agree with Kucinich

Powell had my head spinning with his LIES (Fox & MSNBC)

new CNBC poll (SquawkBack Poll)

It's time for Lieberman to pull out.

The Republican Values Show (Get Your Barf Bags Ready!)

VNS Data From '02 Midterm Votes Released

BBC NEWS: Iraq: Why Bush now wants the UN

Candidates are "Bracing" for a Clark Run

"Circle-flies" have found Smirk ROTFLOL

quote, "Thank God for the death of the UN" - R. Perle, March 2003

Just wondering...why aren't more women lining up in support of

Has Limbaugh admitted that the 'liberal' media is dead?

Has Limbaugh mad any statements suggesting

Troops in Iraq will not make mistake of voting Repug again.

Don't Wait for the Mainstream Media to Call Troops Back Home

Former NYC Police Chief, Bernard Kerik, RESIGNS as Bush's Security Chief

C-Span2 Hillary is RIPPING the WH a new one 11:00 Eastern

Ha ha - Limbots are furious at the head of the RNC

posting on other forums

Support the Troops. Evict the PNAC's White House squatters

Will Rogers on Big Oil, Republicans, Foreign Affairs

Re-examining Medicare --- NYT analysis calls Bush's plan -Deform

Bush's Jobless Recovery

Former NY police chief leaves Baghdad - Job all done. See ya all later

Scottie & Me--White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan

NC DU'ers: Asscroft is coming to Durham tomorrow...

Teach Me About RIGHT and WRONG, Daddy !

Randi Rhodes is playing highlights from last night's debate

Why the "Secret Signing" re: licenses for undocumented?

Forget immigration amnesty, lets talk MP3 amnensty

about this "I" vrs "WE" thing...

Here is why Dean can't win in Nov 04

bush cheney 04

65+ folks could be dropped from retiree health plans under current law.

Have You Forgotten? A poignant reminder from an Iraqi girl

If Clinton's theme song was "Don't Stop...

Reminder about Posting Graphic Images

Fire Heavily Damages Las Vegas Development

Who do you think won the debate?

AFA family values: caught with child Porn

Would Bush sacrifice Cheney to win in 2004?

New spin heard on Scarboro Country

Does anyone know how Rush did last night?

More Bush lies exposed: Economy

What about retaking Congress?

yahoo's Top-Rated Stories...... good for us, bad for bush*

A real soldier goes after the action figure soldier

Count the lies in this article

Faux: Is Dean As Liberal As You Think?

Who is the father of Marie Andrews 2 yr. old?

Attn: Those who have not yet bought "Lies and the Lying Liars (etc)"...

Scrambled and Cracked! SchwarzenEGGer photo here!

Corporel punishment . . .

Enron the economy in time for the election.

Kerry Pulls Ahead In New CNN TIME Poll

Send in the Clowns!......the Court Jesters of Tv News

The Next Big Meme? "Iraq, the dot com war"

here's what Kerry's Iraq vote means to me

Why don't we hear from the Great Bill Bennett on Ah-nold

Tony Blair on CSPAN-1 Now!

Wolf Blitzer poll on California Election

DUPE SORRY Ipsos-Reid: Bush Approval Down to 52%

Does Arnold's latest commercial hurt more than help?

Online Debate Video, Bush Union Jacket Video?

Are you ready for some bad taste? (the selling of the DC Mall)

Ask the White House attorney

Sometimes it's trully about "class".

Bush to give major speech on Sunday night.

9/11 Film Maker (The crappy one) up on MSNBC

Justin Raimundo and Kucinich supporters

When it will once again become patriotic to dissent

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Some good words from Robert Reich about our fight against W

Did anyone see the new CNN poll?

Question for anti-free traders and Dean supporters

GAO's Final Report Reveals that the Cheney Lied To Congress

Dean Supporters - get ready to donate. Delay bashes Dean on CNN

Ashcroft in NC, Protest Tomorrow (Sat. 9-6)

Get a clue, young lady - they are running against him, they'll attack!

Ny Times hacker on the lam...LBN?

huge protest in Norfolk, VA. Ashcroft is visitng here.....

Hilarious review of DC 9/11

Ok, if I liked Lieberman before I'd hate him after the first debate

All this hot air

Joe Conason at

Help my baby sister argue with teacher

Audio link for last night's debate

RNC Video...Get out the Barf bags!

The Debate

DNC calls off DLC to stop attacking Dean

Doesn't "jobless recovery" prove what we've been saying...

Press dogging "DC 9/11" movie...

Bush to Address the nation on Iraq ...Sunday night 8:30 (est)

So the September surprise is coming?


Gephardt To Appear On Buchanan And Press Shortly

Bush down to 52 percent in Ipsos-Reid poll!

Al Franken on Class Warfare

If Children Could Vote...

PROOF the BFEE knows it's going down.

Should we BAN ALL PRO SPORTS including PGA, NFL, ABA, etc

Bush to Address Nation on Iraq Sunday

Cool new game in development! Take A look

Will Dean be on Mt. Rushmore?

But Not For Al Gore Selecting Joe Lieberman As A Running Mate...

O come, O come ye Republican challenger

Baghdad blog: Iraq firm bid $300k to rebuild bridge;US firm bid $50m & won

Bill Press? Being tough? YES! With the author of that puff Bush movie!

OK, say you're helping the Dem nominee prepare to debate Bush...

U.S. Companies Cut Jobs for Seventh Month, Raise Unease About Recovery

Wesley Clark on Bill Mahr Tonight

Does Dean really need to improve his TV appearance?

Wounded deserted at Home. Hospitals crowded understaffed, no news media

questionW: a terrific new graphic contributor!

Somthing Very Funny

For 2000 Gore/Bush watchers of 1st debate only!

Haha....guess which polls Tweety uses tonight?

great link/easy view of front pages of 260 newpapers from 36 countries

Watching as much of "Whore Media" as I could....I'm now a Deanie!

Guy James in for Mike Malloy tonite--Please call -keep kicked

Democrats Seeking Presidency Denounce Bush Iraq Policy

If Republicans think Dean is such a loser

Naomi Klein, Bush's tool kit for mini-empires

I just got home from the Debate...and I talked to Candy Crowley...

* to Address the Nation this Sunday at 8:30 EST

How could ANYONE think Clark entering is a bad thing?

my prediction on Bush speech

My idiot freeper cousin got me thinking today

Dean's Spanish is a major asset. He should use it.

Attacked by a Deanite tonight because I was supporting Kerry

Single Payer Health Care System?

Another gun tragedy. Dad kills son in custody dispute: San Diego

What good would come voting Green?

Help Me pick this apart this facist propaganda - History Forgotten

Can US BRIBE UN Countries?

Dennis...Hello?!?...Vermont HAS a military: VNG, 4000 strong.

Tom DeLay just says: Howard Dean is Temperamentally Unfit to be in the WH!

UN Should DEMAND the Following From the US

RNC Counterconvention Site Just Got Freeped

Is Bush Really A "Miserable Failure"?

I watched the debate...please explain what's so great about Dean

Just wondering...why aren't more women lining up in support of

RED ALERT NEW ENGLAND DUers: Ashcroft is coming to Boston

does anyone recall the date of that Bush photo-op with the fake workers

Dean Needs to Change His Tax Repeal Plan !


Bush thinks he's got a chance in NY '04?

DU: Thanks for raising my... uh, SPIRITS. (Rated: R)

The Note: Is Dean preparing to change his position on tax repeal?

Intelligence leak = Karl Rove? What do you think of this?

Can Brits on DU tell me why there is "Rally Round Brit Flag" for Blair?

Check out the stunning ignorance in my area regarding teacher strikes...

Here is why Dean can win in November, 2004

Black Box: A plea for mirror space -- from "Make My Day"

Mugabe shuts UN offices in move to take over food aid

NY's Rangel Recovers from Knee Surgery

Bermuda prepares for Fabian

Resistance attacks continue in Iraq

Hoon in spotlight over Kelly naming

New worm attacks UK's No 1 (No.10) worm?

Iran - Extended Ex-envoy Arrest in UK "Destructive"

UN Security Council To Hold First Talks On New U.S. Iraq Resolution

U.S. Officials Warn of New Tactics by Al Qaeda

HOUSE WATCH-9/5/2003 (#1)

SENATE WATCH-9/5/2003 (#1)

U.S. Backs Abbas But Rejects Appeal to Drop Arafat Boycott

British Police Uncover Massive Colombian Drugs, Bonds Racket

Survey: Poverty in state on rise (Maine)

Bush Indy Visit Causes Pilot Headaches

Russia Says U.S. Draft on Iraq Needs Serious Work

CNBC starting a new poll, please vote you disapprove of how Bush...

Celibacy Issue Flares Again Within Ranks of U.S. Priesthood (NYT)

U.S. Civilian Worker Fatally Shot in Iraq (Halliburton)

British bomb disposal expert killed in Iraq ambush

Powell & Myers Dismiss Report on Iraq Decision

World Bank Backs China's Cautious Approach to Liberalizing Forex System

Senator Says His Party Out of Touch....

Allies to Search ships for WMD

Bush Offers Six-Point Plan for an Economic Recovery

Ex-Envoy Criticizes Bush's Postwar Policy (Zinni, Bush's ex-Guy in Israel)

White House Slams Door on U.N. Inspections in Iraq

Bush skipping New York 9/11 anniversary memorial

Protesters target Bay Area TV stations

W to skip WTC Rites - Wait till next year

August Jobs Miss Administration's Target;

Protesters Picket Schwarzenegger HQ

Russia, France call for greater UN role in Iraq

(Trent) Lott to offer inside account with planned tell-all book

Senators go national in Texas remap fight

FBI Hunts Four Men Linked to Threats Against U.S.

Wolfowitz: Bombing changed U.N. mood

Schwarzenegger Shrugs Off Issues Criticism

Survey: Millions of drug users, but few get help

British Airways Looking at Anti-Missile Systems

Michael Powell, FCC, seek editorial control of internet?

Employers Unexpectedly Slash Jobs in August

'Hitler' wine rails German minister

Iraq Shi'ites Take Security in Own Hands in Najaf

Taliban's army is recruiting in Pakistan for holy war

Pressure grows to increase Iraq troop numbers(Guardian)

GOP denies Whitmire use of Capitol site

Texas Dems: Bush Is Part of GOP Power Grab

Judges won't halt California recall


U.S. Pressed to Interdict Afghan Drugs (Afghan heroin funding terrorists)

Judges Won't Postpone Calif. Recall Vote - Yahoo Breaking News

Rumsfeld gets hostile reception in Saddam's hometown

Gunmen Wound Three in Attack on Baghdad Mosque

Al Jazeera correspondent in Spain arrested as Al Qaeda member

N.Irish bomb suspect charged with ''terror offences''

Bush to Address Nation on Iraq Sunday

Registry to Track WTC Collapse's Effects(Asbestos, glass particles in air)

Democratic Rivals Focus Attacks On Bush

US may change Iraq resolution

We sticking to Iraq mission, Rumsfeld says

CNN: Official: Disneyland ride derails, injuring 11

EPA Report Opposes Easing of Water Rules (new bush* idea)

ANALYSIS-No quick fix for Bush on Iraq security

Britain sending reinforcements to Iraq this weekend

Bush Acknowledges Economy Needs Work

Bush streamlining or steamrolling NEPA?

bernard kerik stepping down

Bush official on Iraq war justification: WMD "Isn't really the issue"

Dollar Slumps on Weak U.S. Jobs Data (AP)

Conservative Group Hits Teachers Union

France shuns the US over Iraq

Hil says W is breaking his one promise to hubby Bill

VNS Data From '02 Midterm Votes Released

CNN Poll: 29% Definitely Voting for Bush, 41% Definitely Not

U.S. Troops Want Rumsfeld to Send Them Home

FBI Hunts Four Men Linked to Threats Against U.S.

CNBC: Unemployment comes in @ 6.1%, BUT....

White House Says North Korea Must Make First Move

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi says would choose terrorism over tyranny

Powell asks France, Germany for specifics on Iraq

AP News Breaking: Bush to address nation Sunday night at 8

protest says schwarzenegger degrades women

House approves pay raise for lawmakers (CNN)

U.S. Army used media cover in Iraq for own ends

India/US Forces Excercise Near Chinese Border

Graham is just so in your face

Anyone in Atlanta

Who's Moderating Tonight?

So I coughed up this wierd lookin' thing...

Noise pollution

See the story about the tunnel into the US base in Korea?

So if you were to buy something in the DU store, what would it be....

my store closed. it's sad.

Does it get any better than a midget rodeo?

Sexy posters to cut violence.....As in "billboards" not DU's sexy Posters!

Holy Joe vs. me

"'Talking' Chimp Baffles Scientists"...

Mr. Pitt -- you still awake (and conscious) ?

Which is the Corrs best album?

Which country has the longest functioning democracy in the world?

do you get hair rats in your sleep?

I've just found a website that made me feel physically ill......

9/11 made-for-TV movie mostly panned by Chicago Trib critic

Do yal ever have days where you just feel like saying....

May I borrow an anteater, please???

For all you tin-foil hatters...

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow...

Garbage can smoker?

Does Ohio State need Maurice Clarett?

Happy Birthday Raquel Welch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

German brewer offers U.S. military sudsy thank-you

FTC: Identity theft strikes 1 in 8 adults

How Rich are you? - find out for yourself

Man Shot In Groundhog Hunt (Whilst Working On His Tractor)

The Netherlands' Sole Distributor of Cannabis

NEED HELP! There's something I really don't understand....

Singapore-made OS runs Windows, Palm, Linux apps

So Long ESPN

Joe was smokin'!

hooked on this game.

Do you lock your doors? Car, House?

How many unemployed DUers can dance in the head of a pin?

WHo isn't working but should be?

Tricks Westcoast DUers can play on Eastcoast DUers?

Having a star rocks

Need Photo of Brittany from last night

Favorite JAN & DEAN song?

Ran across two quotes that made me instantly think of Dubya

I'm going to my first job interview in what seems like ages

Favorite song by IKE & TINA TURNER?

Favorite "Fawlty Towers" anagram? Mine: "Flowery Twats"

"I need to laugh and when the sun is out

"To SIr with love" Question

How many times do you visit or refresh DU each day?

I am high on Claritin....wwwhhhooooowwwwhhoooo.....

I am listening to Bev Harris on the radio... ask me anything

Bush appoints cadre of anti-terrorism experts to replace Ridge

The Fiery Red Planet of all CAPTIONS!!!

Is rock music dying?


I Truly Dislike Cutesy "Party Games"... What About You?

The screaming Chihuahua of all captions

Bush/Cheney Bumperstickers for '04!

I'm not going into GD for a very long time

Another Reason Why Disco is Evil

Picture Of Some Cute Chicks

Watz more probable Cubs Pennant or Lieberman/Dean ticket?

What's your favorite Ivo Papasov Song?

Any news from SweetZombieJesus since dad passed?

What is your favorite Mrs. Miller cover?

Good thoughts, prayers, karma, (etc) needed

Anybody else getting pinged 1000s of times a day by Earthlink/Mindspring

Umm ... my peeve.

Muslim? Moslem? Which is correct? And...

Favorite Tune by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops?

where the HELL is CATWOMAN!!

I'm Unemployed!

Damn! Look at the size of that weiner!

FLASHTASTIC NEWS! Cub pennant more likely than Lieberman/Dean Ticket!

Motivational Posters For Heavy Drinkers - HISTERICAL!

"Doonesbury": Jerked off the funny pages

cubicle perks

Bump in the Night (town actually calls Ghostbusters--no kidding)

Deadheads, Deanies, Kerryites and Clarkers, et al

OK, Lounge - VelmaD has 950-some posts

Some humor to start your weekend

Vérifiez cet emplacement frais de traduction !

Speaking of music......

Kucinich or Spinach...Please don't hate me Kucinich supporters!

Ashcroft goes to school

Is there anything more dorky in the world than a pepfest?

Most Uninspired Screen Name Poll

Hey Oakland, CA! Any jobs out there?

who here likes martial arts???

why is it OK for Women to wear lacy, frilly panties but Men Can't?

Anyone Else Going To The Indy DU Gathering This Evening

What's your favorite Nashville Bluegrass Band Song?

What a pecker!

Is there anything more dorky in the world than duping your own post?

How many more threads are we going to have about favorite songs...

Bon Soiree, fellow DUers

Computer question..XP Microsoft

Anyone see USA Today entertainment (?) section today?

Orange Alert: *'s poll numbers are dropping

we have some horny women

hey ! it`s "horseshoe`n time"

Diana Ross DUI trial delayed .... AGAIN!

Does anyone else sell on Ebay?

What's your favorite Van Morrison song?

Why is it "Latin" America?

What's your favorite Marvin Gaye song

I will not click that thread

Advice Needed - What would you do in this situation?

Friday Night DU Group Grope

Peter Sellers movie

"Family Guy" To Return?

Should pictures of Presidents always be taken in black'n'white?

OU vs. Bama tomorrow...

why is it ok for Men to pee standing up but not Women?

Novelty Album Jackets

Frank Zappa vs. the Beatles


IF FORCED TO, who would you vote for? Kucinich or Bush?

Priceless: Giving away a billion dollars might be a job for a chimp

Nice beavers!

More evidence that disco sucks....

OK, so what do you think of this recording?

Will someone please explain

!!! I've just hit 10,000 !!!

Favorite song by The Sonics!

RNC Video...Get out the Barf bags!

Caption Bush, courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic

I was just hospitalized for Depression and panic attacks.

My college ISP is doing some REAL strange (illegal??) crap...

Caption this blast from the past!

Favorite song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Bruddah IZ)?

IQ Test (For real)

You guys are never going to guess what I found.

Favorite Jefferson Starship song?

Proof that I am not Zomby Woof's gene splice: Best Prince Album

Anybody else see "The Company of Men"?

Jackass warning after horrific firecracker accident

Sad story about a local business.

Best Multi-Artist compilations;

I Cannot Watch The Chimp... It's Infuriating

The Eyes are the Windows of the Soul

Ryan Adams: What do you think?

The Czech Made A Check On The Cheque

Favorite Drinking Game

Funny-ass Bud Light radio ads!!! (Got this from a Vikings fan site)

The rarest and most prized record in your collect is?

what a dick!!!

Is there anything more dorky in the world than Tucker Carlson?

Where's My Pussy?

OK, favorite names for POOP! (not for the delicate)

Sexiest Male Vocalist of all Time - who is it?

Why is it okay for women to pee sitting down, but not men?

Why is it acceptable for men to be braless, but not women?


Favorite song by THE VENTURES?

The Lying Thread! Lie all you want here!

Sing your favorite commercial jingle!


Why does two women kissing turn men on so much?


kick-ass Polish beer.

How do you pronounce "Diebold"?

What file sharing program do you use for obscure music?

So what is The Beatles White Album worth?

Ann Coulter -- Dominatrix Chic?!

a real Spinmeister [optical trick/painting]


Where's Mike Hunt?

Is there anything more dorky in the world than a pepfest?

How do I slyly let my co-workers know I'm ultra-liberal?

Have you been in a movie?

Favorite classical oratorio?

Hot asses!

I have to brag about my writing success

You know, Pat Robertson isn't so bad...

"Flush the Texas Turd"

college football weekend has arrived again

Hurricane season's heating up

Favorite Peter Sellers Movie!!

favorite euphemisms?

Need help with comeback to Muslim stamp racist e-mail!

Is it time to rename this place Democrats Unemployed? Tell your story here

Poll: Em cmv toua lvrt?

Any John Prine fans here?

Favorite Jack the Ripper suspect?

I'm going camping - ask me...oh, you know how it goes...

Balls,balls,balls....I lose my job next week.

What should we name the baby?

Favorite song by the Velvet Underground!