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Archives: September 30, 2003

Lies, mischief and the myth of Western intelligence services

Arrogant US Amb to Venezuela Shapiro says its not a crime to kill a Presid

Salon: War Is Peace (The Bush/Faux News Propaganda Machine)

And if the Bush Administration is serious about protecting this country,

‘You Don’t Have To Be Rich’ - Book

Buzzflash: Author of Bush's Brain has no doubt Rove Involved

Dave Zweifel (Madison Capital Times): High-tech voting must be fraud-free

Milwaukee folk....

A Kinda Dumb Question, I Think

Deficits NOTgoing to go away when the economy recovers -choices needed now

Slow job market will dog IT industry

Bush Policy Could Open (National Wilderness) Land to Oil, Gas Development

Kenyan editors arrested

Bedbugs Make A Comeback

Sunscreen may not prevent cancer

What are the costs of owning a gun?

As a gun owner I would go along with this.

what do these mean - and ?

Just a tip of the cap

Web Site Encourages Bush Challengers

why did Clark say he'd fire Rumsfeld?

MeetUp trend(s) for Dean & Clark

Bush Cartoon

Dean only 340 supporters away from meeting goal of 450,000 by end of Q3

Clark's key to success, don't become the anti-Dean candidate.

Deans tops Kerry, Clark in New Hampshire poll

3rd Bat Down! 450,000+ email addresses!!!

Rumor on cali recall

11 pm bat update: more than $13 million without offline contributions

Kerry Chips Dean's NH Lead Into Single Digits

Dean conference call is on!

Judicial Watch has it's eye on Dean

CSPAN Video: Clark in New Hampshire

Olbermann Covering the Wilson story (MSNBC) Wilson to be on

Wilson on CSPAN now!

Rove's Ah-nuld California Coup will backfire for the failed War Chimp!!!

Bush May Be Feeling It in the "Donations"

Wilson NOT backing down

WIRED NEWS: California County Keeps E-Vote

"The Lies of George W. Bush' - David Corn (The Nation)

Today's WH press briefing on replay C-Span 1 now, 20:00 CDT

Yet another through the looking glass moment: I'm rooting for the CIA

Goldang it ta H-E-double hockey sticks you should read this article.

Feeding Frenzy! The White House Press Corp takes no prisoners!

Has anyone else thought about this?

Anything but Wilson....Fox is talking about everything but....

New! Rove DIDN'T leak to Novak in 1992!

A plea for a "No" vote on the proposed new GD rules

Should astroturfers at DU be required to fully disclose their affiliations


What would happen if a large number of the WH Press Corps

TPM utterly flays the Repuke response to Traitorgate!

Iraq Postwar Insecurity Began in Washington

How many Americans have now died in Iraq? Haven't heard the stats lately

know any non-freepers or any Dems who think Faux is 'fair and balanced?

since many states are not having primaries?


Am I the only one who thinks Novak should NOT be the focus of contempt?

First Ladies-What's everyone's opinion?

Bush disgraced

Dinner, and the bastard (cc collection guy) from m'umbai calls.

Why do people think if Arnold wins that Bush will carry CA?

If the DoJ investigates the Plame affair...

Albright defends Democratic candidate Clark

The fix is in

Chalabi watch, one day we'll be fighting his ass in the desert.

So - Who will play Novak in the movie?

Poor planning at Franken's Cambrige MA event...

could McClintock stay in even though he won't win?

Neocons Gone Wild!

Drudge Report-Novak: "No one from the WH called me to leak this"

REPUG logic: Even though Bush is corrupt, it'll be just like 72

Whoa...CNN reporting on injured soldiers.

Are these quotes real?

Malloy is asking, "What will it take?"

Wash Post Reporter Mike Allen on CNN (Wilson Stuff)

Mike Malloy warming up. Is this the night he loses it?

Freeper: "Deficits into eternity are not a bad thing"

Roy Innis

BIZARRE: CNN gaining ratings by reporting on one of its own columnists?

Who Is Paying Dick Morris to shrill for war against Iran?

Ambassador Wilson is a Bush Sr. appointee. Not a Clinton appointee.

A group is its own worst enemy.

DU, the first Democratic Message Board???

This Is What I Say About Impeachment.

Practicing up -- Dean Statement on Valerie Plame Affair

Phil Hendy's bashing Bush right now.

From A Candidate: Campaigns Don't Work Without Donations

Yellow Journalism and Propaganda

Anybody from Ohio going to the protest march on the 25th?

Rove PERSONALLY denies being the source of the leak

Two things we should do on Social Security

It's official - Hannity is fellating Ahnold on Faux

What has happened to Tony Blair?

Can Bush survive politically without Rove?

with laura bush travelling in europe

Freeper word is that Bustamante is a racist

Hilarious reader's reviews on Bill O'Reilly's new book - they hate him

How accurate are polls about race?

next recall targets?

Are our soldiers only getting one MRE a day and 2 bottles of water?

OMG! Anyone Watch Olbermann Tonight?

An angry Bush trying to plug leaks to media 10/08/01

Predator and Terminator were good movies. Damn!

What will it take for Americans to revolt?

Sign the PFAW Petition: Demand Independent Investigation!

California Polling

Deleted message

Morton Downey Jr. - No respect for being the first Rush Limbaugh

The Republicans think they are above the law.

do you know anyone who was undecided but voted for whoever was higher

New movie is an Oscar shoe in! "Michael Moore Hates America"

How far will Bush's supporters go to protect him?

John Kerry's Enron Hypocrisy

Who will Clark or Dean pick for Federal Reserve after Greenspan?

How much do Repubs value push polls?

Clark/Rubin 2004 -- Dream Ticket -- or Nightmare?

Presidential primary elections CANCELLED in my state, how about yours?

FOX: WH officials said Plame had abused her position to get hubby job

Was the Leak Planned by the White House???

Bush Is Toast.

Jail Novak 5 months like Texas Journalist Vanessa Leggett

The CIA's Interest in Peak Oil

Is Dean's Anger Inappropriate?

Drudge says Joseph Wilson contributed $1000. to John Kerry..

Treasongate and LIHOP

Will I be able to post a topic using the name Weasely Clark after tomorrow

The Most Insidious Traitor: The Turd Blossom Makes the Telescreen!

Bush saving Do Not Call list: good or bad?

Howard Dean

VIDEO for Pilger's "Breaking the Silence" now online

Deleted message

Gov't Hires 2 Criticized Ex-FBI Managers

Homeland Security to Review Visas Issued

ACLU takes aim at record labels

Good grief! Racial politics at its worst

Bush Names Judges for 4th, 8th Circuits

NYT: Extent of Unguarded Munitions in Iraq Is Said to Exceed Estimate

Colombian Rebels Admit to Kidnapping

WP: Pincus: U.S.-British Differences Show Iraq Intelligence Gap

Democrat Disputes Rice on Iraq Claims

Deans tops Kerry, Clark in New Hampshire poll

White House will cooperate but not investigate CIA leak

Politicians (R *and* D in GA) rush to support Ten Commandments rally

Whiff of scandal enlivens capital

A Mountain of Butter, to Sell or Donate?

Dean sets new Guinness World Record: Largest Phone Conference Call (3,557)

Coleman, Dayton in spotlight as energy bill moves forward

Canada anxious about snow melting in Arctic

Marooned on space station, astronauts showed man fit for Mars

Groups Sound Warning on Large Budget Deficits

Connecting The Dots After 9/11 - CBS

Slow job market will dog IT industry

Congress Likely to ADD to War Request

Pentagon Probes Alleged Budget Inflation

A Photo Op: O Say, Can You See the Eiffel Tower?

Anthrax Mailer May Not Have Intended Harm

WP: Rarely Invoked Statute Could Play Role

White House: No Special Prosecutor in CIA Leak Probe (NOFACTS LIED!)

Novak says administration didn't name CIA operative (CNN)

For Latinos, Recall Is a Rare Opportunity (Favor Bustamante)

Insiders' New Firm Consults on Iraq

Bush* Vows Action if Aides Had Role in Leak

2.4 Million more without Health Insurance

Molecule Found in Meat, Milk and Tumors - Study

Not for Yankee fans

Cool star trek movie review website

Can any Anime fans tell me what OVA means?

How can I unclog my dishwasher?

Nevermind the terrorists - beware the rodents - State Department

Best written TV show still producing new (Dramas)

Here's a pic of Tobey MaGuire in his new Spiderman costume

HEyHEY today...

Should AWD stay at DU?

Should I stay at DU?

Cerberus Shoal

THIS is how celebrities should get married - thank you Dave

5 favorite fiction writers. 5 favorite fiction novels

Deep, philosophical question time


Hand signals

In memory of the now departed ZombyWoof: Jesus thinks you're a jerk

Songs you sing while drunk?

Should DW make love to DU? (poll)

Jesus thinks you're a jerk (part deux)

TV program question. Vietnam related.

I just ate my TV

I think John Kleeb decided to try pot

Poll: Lamest Superhero ever

jchild, a little help?

Which Parental Cliche Got You Most Annoyed As A Kid?

Curse of the new Soldier Field in Chicago?

"Dog dropper" enters the vernacular!

ok I am not hyper anymore I promise

Dammit! Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!

Monday Morning at Our House

Okay.. I've finally given-in and bought Family Guy Vol. 1..

AWD is my husband

Any DUer's live in San luis Obispo Co.?

so i go all out and upgrade my computer for half life 2 and doom ]I[ and..

Zinn fans.

Ellen will break your monitor screen to give you tickets

I just gave my puppy a bath.


Washington DUers...please... I need your help

I am really in need of support today/tonight.

Monday night censorship

No Really, What's Going To Happen If The Cubs & Sox Are In The Series?

It's official. Our cat killed our dog.

why did they build a Toliet Bowl in Soldier Field?

umm guys theres something distrubingly wrong with my iPod

Best "Alternative" Comic?

Night Night!!!

Zut allors! Les Francais est tres beau en les chapeaux des tinfoil!

John Madden STOLE Bert Blyleven's idea!!!!!

Oregonians shout out!!!

What could I do for the living

I Love This Movie: PCU

A story WillPitt will enjoy (or with which he can at least sympathize)...

Coolest superhero ever

Who wants some PLAIN WRAP Coffee???

On October 1, I will quit smoking. Welcoming advice from all DUers...

Definitive proof that the French are not of this Earth....

Plunging headlong into prog-rock...

It's SOMEONE'S birthday - spankings in the Grotto!

Good day for grass roots Dems and feminists in Texas today. Plus it

Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone....

I am not stoned nor did I try pot

A "Lady Freedom" Question! (you have been warned!)

I'm drunk and mildly depressed - Simpsons season 3 awaits

I finally got my hands on Al Franken's new book!

Arizonan's Shout out...

Where is BOSSHOG???

WHo's going as what for halloween?

Caption Chirac french kissing the 1st Lady

CAOE: Fixated On The Sideshow - 9/20/2003

Ted Rall - Bush: Why we hate him

FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker

Sheridan : Penalize Rush for illegal use of the mouth

San Jose Mercury News editorial: No . . . and nobody

Naomi Klein (Toronto Globe & Mail): Once strip-mined, twice shy

Oliphant Cartoon: Bush and "Intelligence" and Condi as a Parrot.

Crisis Papers: "Shallow Throat" Tells How Bush Can be Defeated in 2004


Great quote from yesterday's Charley Reese column.

New Wingnut Theory: The French killed JFK

LA Times Editorial - Why the Recall is Wrong

Molly Ivins: These horses look ready to run

US Officer in Iraq calls Cheney a "Lying Bastard"

Boom Times on the Poverty Roll (NYT)


Shadow of wrongdoing falls across the Oval Office (Financial Times)

Oliphant: "Past haunts Dean on Medicare issue"

Krugman: Who's Sordid Now?

How Deep Is CIA Cover? or Why This is Such A BIG DEAL

Robert Scheer - It's Who You Know

Does A Felon Rove The White House?

CIA Leak is big Trouble For Bush - WH Press Briefing from David Corn

Re: "The Thugs Who Control the Darkness", by Sheila Sample

Sacramento Bee editorial: Vote 'No' on recall

The New York Times whitewashes Bush’s lies on Iraq war

A militarist as “peace” candidate (Wesley Clark)

And We Wonder

Penalize Rush for illegal use of the mouth

David Aaronovich (Guardian Unltd): The Conference speech Tony should make

Friday, Oct 3 - Senate votes on Iraq spending

Volunteer for the Oct. 9th debate in Arizona!

Petition to demand independent investigation of CIA leak

Sign this to help protect Malibu Surfrider Beach!

Milwaukee area DUers--Protest * this Friday

enough is Enough is ENOUGH...north TX DU'ers, please read...

Bernie Ward just said it well

Have any letter-writing campaigns really sprung up calling

Buchanan & Press: "Karl Rove Under Fire?"

My letter to MSNBC

Ski Anderson fired from WLS

Exciting new bodice-ripping account of 9/1 Bush visit Richfield Ohio!

Nancy mentioned that Cheney would have a hard time at the end of this

Astrologers: Please help - need advice

other than DU, what's your favorite website

good recruiting cartoon

Attention, Tacoma-area comic book fans!

Pirates Of The Caribbean to be released on video on Dec 2

One of the most beautiful same-sex marriage articles I've ever read...

Gay man set to be executed in NC...

Chileans divided over bill to legalize divorce

Why are no candidates addressing unemployment compensation?

Wal-Mart to Analysts: Don't Raise Outlook

Natural Capitalism

Invasion of the giant crabs (edible kind)

Senior Putin Advisor Puts Kyoto Protocol In Serious Trouble

New science journal uncovered ... and it's free.

Sustainable Development: Prosperity WITHOUT Growth

Tokyo ordered to compensate WWII gas victims

New Oriental denies it cheated on tests - China copy TOEFL, GRE and GMAT

Number of Military Desertions Up Since Bush Took Office...

Generation Ex-Saddam (video)

Cauchon insists on quick passage of pot law - CA

Rwandans go to polls in 'rebirth' elections

Egypt frees Sadat murder plotter

Roh quits ruling party as meeting begins on nukes - Korean President

Pogroms of Chechens in Kabardino-Balkaria

Ayatollah Khomeini's Grandson calls for 'Regime Change' In Iran

Number of Uninsured Rises by 2.4 Million

Arthritis leading cause of pain: report - Canada

Antibiotic use linked to asthma, allergies

Death penalty a common bond between China, US

Judges fighting backs against Ashcroft

Good morning, People!

New Jersey Gets Drowsy Driving Law

GUNS IN THE NEWS - September 30, 2003

How does one go about obtaining a FFL(Federal Firearms License)?

NRA Sells Its Membership List to the GOP

New law bans drug reform rallies

FYI - interesting MIT project on agent-based internet BBs

Just a suggestion

Just a thank you for the new avatars

Search function does not work for donors either?

2 Questions

How Many Responses Before We Can Post a Topic?

(Insignificant) buddy/ignore list question:

Twice today, I have had posts disappear.

was mistake made....a fine dem, friend and lady was tombstoned

Can you put this on the front page as a gathering?

Post numbering question

Thread question

Can we have a "Say Anything" forum

Newbie Comment/Question

Can you add baseball avatars to go with the football ones?

Amnesty Int'l: No One is Safe (in Israel and the O.T.)

Israeli defense chief calls pilots traitors

Ya'alon: Full Yom Kippur War report only in 20 years

Knesset panel: Refusenik letter 'incitement to mutiny'

IDF may sell land to boost defense budget

UN rights expert condemns Israeli fence

Israelis' despair revealed in annual survey

Arabs say world is ignoring Israel's nukes

Parents want U.S. inquiry into death of protester


Israel and the Empire: Interview with Jeff Halper

Israel's population reaches 6.6 million

DEAN House Call mp3

midnight bat update: $13,445,150 raised

Kerry breaks $900,000 barrier (NT)

Edwards answers the questions

Howard Dean just posted on the blog

Congressional Black Caucus, Fox News to Hold Second Debate

Attn AZ DU'ers: Volunteer for the Oct. 9th debate in Arizona!

From ABC's The Note--Gary Hart will endorse John Kerry today LIVE online!

Report on your Dean House Party

daughter campaigns for dad (John Kerry)

WP: Clark's Bid Makes Dean Supporters Reconsider

Kerry's Jubilee

Howard Dean & Bill Clinton

Kerry Pushes for Repeal of Some Tax Cuts

Why Hillary Should Run

Dean's blog must be getting LOTS of hits - it's as slow as Bush today!

TX: GOP strikes Midland deal in remap war (but there is hope)

Dean tops Kerry, Clark in New Hampshire poll

Edwards swings up in SC

REMINDER: Dean will be on the Tonight Show, err tonight! =)

Al Jazeera has poll on Bush Reelection

Iowa Governor Vilsak questions Clark's loyalty to party (DM Register)

This is a short little opinion piece on Clark.....

Ugh: The California "done deal"

Crystle's new website-- Penn primary winners: Crystle vs Hoeffel

Don't read this until you are sure your tinfoil hat is securely fastened

Go IAFF, Check out the New Firefighters for Kerry site. It's awesome.

Dean's Fundraising Featured on CBS Evening News Tonight

Dean Getting Out in Front in South LA

Governor Howard Dean Calls For Honor and Integrity in Investigation of Pla

Batter up!

Arianna Huffington to announce on LARRY KING LIVE *Tonight*

Mayor Street of Philadelphia loses cool at union rally

A Day to Smile from Dennis Kucinich!

Why was Clark dismissed?

Graham admits he may miss money mark

The Note: Gary Hart to endorse Kerry this afternoon

Dean supporters, I need a favor

Dean raised more than $40,000 in the past half hour

Pssst. Dean people: Check the bat!

Past haunts Dean on Medicare issue

If you think Kucinich's positions have merit -- SEND BREAD TODAY!

Excerpt from John Kerry's speech today at Brookings re Rove, Ashcroft..

Kerry Makes Another Big-Issue Mistake

ARG: Edwards leads in SC

CA Recall POSTERS - download and distribute these

WIRED: Clark Wants to Go Faster Than Light

2004 Senate Races to Watch

I am 61

Clark supporters, did you ever notice Dean.....

In 1967 Martin Luther King spoke about the Bush war in Iraq.

reminder 4 all DUers: make sure you're registered to vote in the primaries

Just watched Wilson on C-SPAN

Buzzflash on Rove

DEAN House Call mp3

How is Musgrove as a Governor?

I just found this great web site about FDR and the Depression

David Corn Goes after McClellans Press Conf: NATION

9/30/03 where is new product role out?

I just plugged William/ on Bernie Ward

Who else is going to Dean's Union Station event tomorrow ?

are "presumptive" nominees entitled to Secret Service protection?

LA Times: Plame was an undercover agent

Olbermann's rant coming up MSNBC now

Freaky weird political tract ...

Does Rove have high security clearance?

Has Manitoba gone too far, ban smoking indoors or out? POLL

The real question that begs to be asked.

The Manifesto of the Emperor of America

Many unaware of inaccurate polling

So...Nightline does .....footballl???

Bernie Ward should be real good tonight. Listen now. 10:00pm pacific time.

silver lining in Governor Gang-Bang's high poll numbers?

must read ABC media insider on traitorgaters

Tin foil moment

Ray Talliaferro discussing Treasongate NOW. -- link

Lalo: we've captured the evil, bearded one

Sack and Sargent on the 'patriot' act and asscruft

OOOO a vicious one by Oliphant

Memo To Bremer: Are The Lights On Yet?

Auth: What White House political payback really means...

so where are clark's 30-40 congressional endorsements?

"when values and reality do not match" article

One marker of how desperately we need MAJOR change

CNN poll, on getting a special investigator to look at White House "leak"

Pious Bias Revisisted: Saletan defends himself

Why I have hope

Budget deficit problems discussed by Bob Rubin, Warren Rudman,

I'm listening to Dean's house call and I have a question

Holy cow, check out the right-wing spin on this one.

Missing the point on the economy- Individu

A local story on Touch Screen voting machines today???

It seems like Doonesbury/Trudeau like Clark

So what pop culture pablum will knock the Wilson story off?

BBC: Soros calls for 'regime change' in US

Who Was Smarter --- Nixon or Clinton?

Freeper Watch: Whistling by the graveyard

Who let Saudis flee after 9/11?

CSPAN Tuesday morning - Shelby

"We'll start with the C.I.A.," said an F.B.I. official" - NY Times

Bands Against Bush tour/album!!!!!

Great site if you wanna know more about your candidate...

Crisis Management 101

Will it be Traitorgate or Treasongate? We need to choose NOW.



Hey Ashcroft

White House memo on Plume investigation

Rove Fired For Novak Leak (by GHWB, 1992)

Robert Reich just trashed two Foxites on Fox

How many Crises can Bush handle at once?

Then/Now quotes

Toady is too nice a word for Norm Coleman

2 polls ya may wanna vote on...interesting results so far!

Remember this? Media forgot to tell us....

Powell repeating false claims

Caption Laura-bot and Chirac

Greeting David Horowitz: Operation Choda Boy, part I

Resentful Iraqis Find U.S. Optimism Hard to Share

One Million Dollars for Iraqi War Museum to showcase Saddam's Atrocities??

Rob Nordland just now reporting live from Iraq on MSNBC...

SPECIAL INTEREST SPOTLIGHT highlights money's influence

Has anyone seen a photo of Valerie Plame?

Should all candidate threads go to Politics and Campaigns?

Are there free fire zones in Iraq?

BREAKING:Justice Department launches full investigation into leak

Lieberman vs Dean comparsion

IRAQ ALERT! Please Read this from! 10,000 Calls Needed!

Has anyone examined the USATODAY/Gallup poll.....

Howard Dean up next on B. Lehrer show-WNYC-NPR.

The ACTUAL White House memo to staff re the Investigation.

Just read Novak's column of 9/29/04

So if Lieberman kills and eats a Christian baby we can't start a thread?

Robert NoFacts Should Be Declared an Enemy Combatant

Rove and Ashcroft phone call, circa 8:45 a.m. today:

If the recall is close, we won't know til mid November

White House Memo

Kennedy called the war "fraud" last week. Why no follow-up attacks?

Ref: CIA Agent - I Have Evil Thoughts & ???

Clark is selling his books on his website but, still no issues page?!

MSNBC poll on independent counsel

"National Security" smokescreen, Cheney, Novak, and the 9/11 report

TV News Lies Live Broadcast starting at noon ET

so posts about spineless DEMs are out ? How about Bush asskissers?

"Divide et impera* is PNAC motto. Power at Any Price.

Sen. Shumer (NY) on trying to get Special Council (Wilson)/Plugs Truth Out

Bush/Cheney campaign sends out donor FAQ

What to do if you had really damning evidence against Schwarzenegger?

Deleted message

We must cut jobs at all cost!

MSNBC is hammering the Wilson story... media sharks smell blood?

"I did not leak the name of that woman, Mrs. Wilson...................."

Where are all the US jobs going?

Is the Wilson matter on your front page?

How devastating would a loss in California be to the Republican Party?

A question for the legal authorities here.

Schumer discussing Truthout article on CNN.

Davis take the battle to Arnold.! A California perspective.

Counter Freep Poll

Sanders: American Workers Getting Stiffed

Are we being hypocritical?

Question: What is/was Mrs. Wilson's exact job title?

BFEE Iraq profiteering company: New Bridge Strategies


Dean will retain part of missile defense program

Dean Tax Question

Molly Ivins coming on CNN in a little while (with Wolfie)

Did the Soldiers Stop Dying in Iraq...or Has Everybody Gone to Sleep?

Clark on Missile Defense

What ever happened to Bob Beckel?

Boston Globe: Dean expected to surpass each of his rivals by $10 mil

J.Galbraith : They Lost. They Cheated. They Lied. We Owe them Nothing

E-Mail CNN To Suspend No Facts?

From ABCNote: Cheney staff (Libby) busy denying he leaked

Rove and *Bush will ride this one out.

CNN poll - Who should probe the leak of the CIA operative's name?

Was Outing Plame More Than Mere Spitework?

Movement of WMD without CIA tracking

The WHY of the leak, points to possible LEAKERS!

Democratic Patriots Weekly Nominations...

Molly Ivins coming up next on Wolf's show.

Democratic Hall of Fame Weekly Nominations...

I guess we know why Tenet did not lose his job.

How many conflict of interest charges will it take?

research request - Looking for a state by state budget report

How much is each GI in Iraq costing you as a taxpayer ?

Putin said he was looking forward to Irag being a united state.

Dear Democrats In Congress,

The Bush Scandals will feed off eachother.

Limbaugh Sez "Wilsongate" is a "Non-Story"

I was surprised when looking at Wesley Clarke's stances...

Sen. Schumer on floor now re: leak C-Span2 11:43 ET

Proposed rules to start threads in the General Discussion forum. (#4)

TvNewsLies LIVE right now!

Wilson Affair: Who sets the media’s agenda???

Yo!! Write CNN and tell them to fire Novakula. Here's the link.

now we know why they let the "Independent Council Statute" DIE!!!!

My Deep-South Strategy that will work...

Is Laura Bush a Republican?

All power to the people, like it sez in the Constitution

Nachman on wilsongate: Someone (in the Whitehouse) will pay for this!

Asscroft on CNN...

November 3, 2004 - "Get out of Gore's house!"

Jerry Nachman is a GOP Shill!

Opportunity for proving media is right wing

Rove is a MORON

DUMB QUESTION: Been any DU Polls lately?

Will Pitt's Truthout article mentioned on front page of Dean blog

A must read article in Rolling Stone

"Since you're, the President , can you, like, set a country on fire..."

Anybody catch Ashkkkroft on CNN?

Since it seem like we're headed for Great Depression II...

Bush/Cheney campaign FAQ

Novak the UNpatriot

Blair was on CNNI giving "the speech of his political career"

Truth, stranger than fiction...

David Corn on treason in the White House - Bush doesn't give a shit!

Howard Zinn on Thom Hartmann's radio program

A pleasant surprise in Freeperville. We agree on something!!!

Graham dropping out?

Nancy Pelosi Press Conference at 2pm

Bottom Line : Was the Iraq War necessary ?

Vote NO on the new GD rules!!!

"I don't give a shit. I want you all to stonewall it..."

How Important Is Fundraising?

Ashcroft briefing. Coming up soon on MSNBC.

I give you Governor Musclehead (his most embarrassing picture so far)

Ave age of homeless is 8 yrs in Mass - need to allow kids to work at 6 yrs

Arnie: Eliminate the state's EPA?

Nachman back on MSNBC

Does a Felon Rove the White House? by AmyGoodman, J.Scahill

Nightline Tuesday 9/30/03 - WH leak of CIA operative

Military Covertly recruiting kids in High School. Parents OPT OUT !

What are your thoughts on this bumper sticker?

Iraq watch tonight, special order speech in the house.

Candidates for office, check in, please!

Bad, Bad day for the BFEE in the news

Hannity Sez No One Ever Attacked Robert No-Facts' Truthfulness

David Horowitz at Auraria Campus

When a head rolls...Wilsongate will bust wide open...discuss

put on c-span now...the house is debating "NY Yankees 100th anniv!"

Mopaul: There Are Leaks...and then there are..

If You Can Stomach It, Hannity is Attacking Joe Wilson

Terry Neal DESTROYS Gep's spin on Dean as enemy of Medicare

Is the leaker Andy Card?

Have you seen a sea change in popular opinion?

The most interesting thing I read today about the CIA leak...

bushgang planning to take control of parts of space for military

Thoughts on Dem candidates and 2004

Monkey to Press: I want bananas, and I want it now! or later

Two PNACs in a pod: Why did Clinton bomb Iraq? (Clark/Dean)

Help Me Help Paul Krugman in Regards to Don Luskin (E-Mail)

Republicans Kill Shumer Amendment for Independent Investigation-update

David Horowitz at Auraria Campus

Killing jounalists on purpose - and defending those killings

Limbaugh's Trying to Blame Wilsongate on CLINTON!!!!

new trend in Clark vs. Dean MeetUp signups

Why did I do it?! Listened to Limbaugh... he said WE'RE scandal-oriented!

Pictures and Video of 9/28/03 End The Occupation March in SF

has Dean ever said why he quit medicine?

Has this Ari-Wilson theory been spun already?

Will your job move to India?

Anyone hear of this book?"Bill Clinton- An American Journey?"

In Conversation With Non-Lib-Activist Friends, How Do U Conduct Yourself?

I love Jobless Economic Recoveries!

Private Company Manages Daily Bombing of Korean Village

CONFESSION: I Had a Chance to Push Novak down the Steps in 1976

Wesley Clarks "Waging Modern War"-The Slate Reviews...

OMG: PNAC mentioned BY NAME at top of Yahoo highest rated news!

Okay. How long before the CIA outs BushCo for LIHOP/MIHOPing 9-11??

Freudian slip from El Stupido?....."if a person has violated the law,

Rumor: Arianna to Drop out of the CA Recall?

Ari Fleischer's departure

Hannity Doesn't Like Being Called a Liar


Durbin: "Will Ashcroft ask Rove to take a POLYGRAPH?"

Moral Clarity

WP Journalists: Identify Your Source

Bush/Cheney 04 campaign slogans

Bush's 3/4-Term Report Card

"Treasongate" Arnold, Arianna, Rove, Fox, the ten Dems, etc.

Chimp on the loose in Chicago

Arianna and Peter Camejo should both drop out,

RNC Head Ed Gillespe on Inside Politics (CNN)

Never shop at K*B Toys again - never ever ever (re: Bush doll)

Jay Rockefeller..Making Link between Wilson "outing" / Faulty Intelligence

Fox news blames media for White House treason.

Julian Borger (UK) -- Several Journalists Privately Naming Rove

Have You Written Your ......

Who was worse: Lee Atwater or Karl Rove

KUCINICH: It's the last day of the quarter. SEND MONEY; hold lawyers, guns

This years Darwin awards.

5 candidates want to "modernize" (privatize) Medicare and SS

BBV: SAIC Gets The Sack In Ohio....

Shelby following the party talking points

To any trolling Freepers here.....

Will Marshall, NDOL site, Blast from the Past. Putting down activists.

"Join Arnold" in the Triumph of the Nitwit Will (Adult Content)

E-Mail From Senator Feinstein About Iraq

woo-hoo! "the bat": $14.2 million for Dean, 7 hrs to go

Cal EPA is expendable? WTF is going on in CA?

Best reason DoJ cannot be impartial: they recently defended WH staff

Herr Roverer Going Down

Military Covertly recruiting kids in High School. so Parents Opt Out !


Twins win !

Seattle DU'ers Catch Dori Monson spinning Wilsongate?


Molly Ivins coming up on MSNBC! NOW!

Firm Tied to Bush Consults on Iraq- Not Halliburton or Bechtel

OReilly calls for the President to put a Bullet through Al Franken's Head!

This is a start, could Limpbaugh be next?

CNN Poll on Special Investigator

POPPY Fired Rove For Leaking Info In 1992 Campaign!!!

McClintock Advisor Looks to Bible as Basis for Law

GOP hit machine calling Wilson liberal, Wilson donated 1000 to Bush "99"

The Big Story on Faux

Hell Breaks Loose in DC and Bush Leaves the Country - AGAIN

Kerry supporters -- would appreciate your thoughts on this

Hey, didn't Flush fatass rip Patrick (?) Leahy a new one

Interview with editor of Chicago SunTimes with Wolfie on CNN

Maggie Thatcher Says 'Britain Should Never Have Been Involved' in Iraq War

Sanders: American Workers Stiffed.... Should be Dem Issue.

GAO Report: Pentagon Deserting Our Troops, no health assessments

Will Rove be executed as a traitor?

Darwin Awards

Server shuts down TV NewsLies!

Why did I do it?! Listened to Limbaugh... he said WE'RE scandal-oriented!

David Ensor on CNN: Again, she was a covert officer

MSNBC: Buchanan & Press: Will Talk about the 1992 Rove/Novak Story

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Proposed rules to start threads in the General Discussion forum (REVISED!)

Ron Klain (Clark Manager) on X'Fire....Sliming and Slick...Showed Clark's

CIA Operative Story - How Will It Affect the Media?

All of the President's men (and women), WHICH TWO ARE THE GUILTY ONES?

Soldier, bring you own body armor

Traitorgate (WH leaks): Predictions on End Game???

Note to Dem candidates -- stay out of the way of this scandal

Why does anyone care about the Dean/back deferment crap anyway?

So what's going to be the next distraction?

have y'all seen this website

Nightline Will Have Ambassador Wilson On Tonight 9/30

Did the Traitor in the WH violate the Patriot Act?

ABC/CBS News Thread

Bush Dedicates $290 Million in Emergency Funds to Afghanistan

Have your say on the BBC re: Traitorgate

Norm Coleman is an EVEN BIGGER asshat than before

Amb Wilson on NIGHTLINE tonight

ABC News on increasing number of uninsured

|||||||| Shorter version of "Breaking The Silence" ||||||||

General McCafferty on MSNBC essentially says...

Breaking - Rush Limbaugh says

politicalstrikes 'toon on Bush WH's CIA outing

Traitorgate: The COVER-UP

A contrary view regarding Plame-gate

What would legitimize the California recall?

DC Voucher Plan: Good idea or bad idea?

Writer scolds Gephardt for making Clinton comparisons...

Howard Dean in South LA

Private First Class O'Neill US Army (died 9/29/2003)

Very Important TIMELY Pertinent Article to Read

Matthews: how can the President claim that no-one leaked this info

"career professionals".. the new watchword for repubes

Tweety: "MORE SERIOUS than Watergate"!


Who is the bigger traitor?

Last Day: DU Senate Candidate Needs Your Help

Is this a stupid question RE: Rove

Hey - is this related to AtlDem's October Soo-prize?

Medicare & Social Security: $24 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities

"Join Arnold" - In Which Karl Rove is Added As Bonus - (Adult Content)

Novak & Carville on Crossfire

"Everyone in DC knew Plame was CIA."

Will Ashcroft allow prosecutors to plea bargain in Wilson leak?

Freepers in denial about "Traitorgate"

So, the good people at the John Edwards campaign just called me...

Michael Parenti

Does Clark have mettle for politics?

Smirk at UN photo (untouched. really) :)

Update! TvNewsLies back online!

bush is a major league asshole!

Someone please educate me

Amer. Airlines to charge $1thou each to fly R&R soldier - Balt to Bangor

Time Magazine: Mission Not Accomplished

Doesn’t the Patriot Act give the government authority

If illegal drugs were legal(ized), would you try them?

Hardball talking about the Wilson Story

You cannot "spin" the CIA.

More terrible economic news

Okay...DU'ers fill me in on Ron Klain....Dem Consultant! I can't stand

Number of Wounded Soldiers in Iraq

Want to see how some Conservatives use their brain? Read this!

Looking to make a quick buck out of the Iraq bloodbath - here's how - link

NBC News (TV): White House Accuses The CIA of Leaking the "leak" story

I LOVE DU! Thanks to all of you for keeping me informed and

TRAITORGATE: Awesome Yahoo AP story, with interesting Press Behavior

Why the hell do all scandals have to end in "Gate"?

How Do You Think Bush Will Be Affected By The Wilson Story?

Wolf Blitzer says "Democrats smell blood..."

Who Will Be the First Candidate to Drop Out?

Very poignant column about America in the Daily Telegraph

Tony Blair

The Wilson Story is going NOWHERE. Get used to it. Move on. Get over it.

Check this out on Voting Machines..

More Bush "friends" to do business in Iraq & take YOUR MONEY.

Head of NH firefighters nails Bush "there when the bagpipes are played"

Please tell us why you support your candidate

The most beautiful thing I've read about gay rights since Ed Fallon...

"Do not call" list: The Big Distraction

If Wilson brings down Rove and/or Cheney....

Josh Marshall has posted text of NEW White House letter

I have questions about Wilsongate

If the CIA name flys - is it time to run Kucinich?

CLARK Appearing in LA and on the TONIGHT SHOW, Both Tomorrow!

What would a liberal, democratic military look like?

Past haunts Dean on Medicare issue

Gotta love the conservative rhetoric we get around here

Here we go with the ICF (It's Clinton's Fault) s**t, co-workers said it!

Dean broadcasts from a bunker.

What's the consensus on Dick Gephardt here?


All of Bush's propaganda is backfiring.

Vote on this Wolf blitzer poll.

full page ad NYTimes - "Welcome To Vietnam, Mr President"

The NewsHour (PBS) --great discussion on Revengegate

My understanding of where this Wilson leak thing came from, and why

Rove fired from Bush I administration for leaking to Novak?

In Light of Recent Revelations RE Clark's Praise of Bushies:

Just heard *Bush claiming he wants to find the "leaker".

Vt. Environmentalist: "Dean's attempts to run as environmentalist a Fraud"

ABC: RCC in a dither how to deal with vegged out pope...

ComCast Cable Company is and EVIL DUER!

Clark's Schedule For The Last Day of the Quarter Says It All.

The Iraq war won't end until the profiteers are exposed and humiliated

Drudge counts on the uneducated to not know the difference...(Clark)

I just spent over an hour just getting depressed.

OK, let's see if this works, then..this is about Clark (reasoned, I think)

Rush a racist - new comments from his ESPN gig

Guardian (Audio) Off the record, reporters say it was (Karl Rove)

It was Rove

If Arriana drops out, should the Green candidate also drop out?

"Bigots are not welcome in Colorado": Greeting David Horowitz, part II

Corporate Control Over Major Party Conventions

Proposed rules to start threads in the GD forum (REVISED!) Thread #2

DUers: Let's let Novakula have it!

What is your opinion of the Yucca Mountain issue?

We told ESPN Rush is a racist, now they found out the hard way

OMG!! Bush has set up a group of his friends to advise on buying up Iraq!

Wolf talking about the Leak (CNN)

Why Weapons Containing Depleted Uranium Are Illegal

compromised intel on WMDs.... just what might fly under the radar

Soldiers Can Be Liberal (CLARK)

The end of the consumer economy is approaching... OR

NRA sells (gives?) mailing list to Republican Party!!

Was Outing Plame More Than Mere Spitework?

Iraqi official escapes assassination attempt

Big Increase Seen in People Lacking Health Insurance

Ankara links Iraq force to US action over Kurds

Virginia Republican candidates raise more money than Democrats

New inquiry in Italian banker's death

Troops in Iraq to Get Deals on Flights

Music Download Suit Settlements Announced

US State Department cedes vast control over visa process

U.S. military: Iraqi munitions sites unsecured

Egypt Will Not Send Troops to Iraq-Official


SENATE WATCH-9/30/2003 (#1)

US paid $1m for 'useless intelligence' from Chalabi

US soldier killed, 2 injured in clash w/ suspected Taliban in Afghanistan

Consulting Firm with Bush Ties Set Up in Iraq-NYT

Consulting Firm with Bush Ties Set Up in Iraq-NYT

US Muslim 'broke Libya sanctions'

Arnold Decried for Developer's Donation (EPA violater $100k)

Bush Vows Action if Aides Had Role in Leak

Bush to Discuss Economy in Chicago, Ohio

Most Cubans on floating truck turned down for U.S. visas

Blair Tells Iraq Critics 'I'd Do It Again'

Pennsylvania Democrat To Host Online Petition Drive Protesting L-1 and H-1

FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker

Huffington Weighs Quitting Race, Backing Bustamante

Consumer Confidence Plummets in September

Pentagon Investigates Movement of Funds

Safeco says it will stop selling life insurance (500 laid off)

Air France Makes Offer for KLM Valued at $913 Million

Source - Ford Will Cut 1500 Contractors

U.S. Sept. Consumer Confidence Index Falls to 76.8 From 81.7

FBI Regrets 'Person of Interest' Label - (Hatfill suing AssKKKroft)

Civilian Translator in Custody (3rd Gitmo Arrest)

Appeals Court Denies Vernon Jordan Reimbursement/Lewinsky Investigation

Putin sees pluses to global warming

In Anbar province, Iraqis proud of fighting infidels

Leadership backtracks over Iraq vote (Labour's 2003 Conference)

Actor eases attacks on Indian tribes ( but indicates CUTS to Cal EPA)

George Soros calls for Regime change

Airlines Offer Discounts to R&R Troops

A suicide is planned for concert

Justice Department Launches Full Criminal Investigation

N.Korea Spurns Talks, Rattles Nuclear Saber (No to further talks)

Washington Insiders' New Firm Consults on Contracts in Iraq

WP: Bush Far Outpaces Dean in Donations

Resentful Iraqis Find U.S. Optimism Hard to Share

US troops under heavy attack west of Baghdad, as casualties mount

Bold Brown edges away from Blair (Dropping the "New" from "New Labour"?))

Parents want U.S. inquiry into death of protester

European lawmakers want EU to pressure Washington on Guantanamo

Monkey to Press: I want bananas, and I want it now! or later

Ohio replaces voting machine reviewer

Schumer and Boxer going back and forth on CSPAN2 about Wilson

Huffington considering leaving governor's race (may endorse Bustamente!)

Ice cream firm agrees fat pay-out

Iraqi defectors' weapons claims were 'false' (NO imminent danger)

Attorney General Angers Judges, Setting Up Federal Sentencing Skirmish

was it karl rove??

Civilian Translator in Custody - Guantanamo Translator Arrested

UK poll: Blair lied on Iraq

Iraq constitution process faces struggle

Wolf Blitzer says "Democrats smell blood..."

Jordan Denied Funds in Lewinsky Probe

Interview with Woolsey, former director of CIA

Penn. Dem. to Host Online Petition Drive Protesting L-1 and H-1 Visa Abuse

Girls guilty of terror charges (Morocco)

Dean Raises $14M in Presidential Race

White House Counsel's Memo on Leak Probe

N. Korea Wants U.S. Action Before Talks

North Korea says U.S. forced its nuclear stance

Man arrested as tries to reach Blair

CIA Leak Sees Political Reversal of Roles

Huffington to Address Recall Candidacy Tonight

Reporter's Privilege OK'd in Tripp Case

Seoul may dispatch troops

Energy bill provision may stop suits over water polluted by gas additive


Bush, Dean Sail to New Fund-Raising Records

Army Reserve fears troop exodus

Loop protesters rally against Bush policies

Noted N.H. Republican endorses Democrat Dean

Democrats want a special investigation; GOP sees partisan politics

Durbin in "full attack" mode on CSPAN-2!

Laura Bush Aims to Mend Fences in Europe

White House Not to Declassify More of 9/11 Report

Texas band uses Nazi flag on Jewish new year

Half of Kenya's judges 'corrupt'

Russia, Costa Rica want to keep on smoking at UN

Lone wolf Democrat joins House remap team -Texas

Bush here to raise $3.5 million for campaign - Chicago; September 30, 2003

Bush Wants to 'Know the Truth' About Iraq Leak

Cardinal: Pope ‘is in a very bad way’

Julian Borger Names Karl Rove (Traitorgate)

US forces shoot dead Iraqi child

Cuba: Cuban-Americans will not need permission to travel to Cuba

Vilsack questions Clark loyalty

Consulting Firm with Bush Ties Set Up in Iraq-NYT

Iraq Council May Reinstate Baath Members

In W.Va., many Bush backers balk at $87b to rebuild Iraq

Bush to enter eye of British storm

Admin. Urges High Court on Cheney Records

Labor Woes Cast Doubt on Recovery Hopes (more layoffs)

Two soldiers killed in Baghdad accident

U.S. military policeman killed in Iraq

Multiple attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq

US soldier killed in gun battle in Afghanistan

Muslim cut his daughter's throat for taking a Christian boyfriend

Cheap Cuban medicines fill Miami cabinets

McNabb disregards Rush's idiocy

Nazis killed 200 000 'misfits'

Hee hee!

my friend's radio

A good argument I heard about Japanese players getting ROY

Great line about Freepers!

Abandoned sheepdog pup at Lambert Field.

Why did the Quayle cross the road?

Dick Jauron looks like he is about to cry

Where is Night train?

All the fly North Dakotans SHOUT OUT in the hizz-housssse!!!

Here's what's wrong with the Bears:

Any Pro Photographers on DU have any advice for a student?

new Limpbaugh sponsor

I'm drinking a tumbler of flat champagne-ask me anything!

I bought a 5X8 cargo trailer today. Why?

1 question concerning the "Bare your butt at Bush" campaign in the UK

Drinking game for next Dem Debate

Anybody here a fan of singer/songwriter Steven Delopoulos?

Am I the only one here (who isn't a disruptor)

Tell me about New Mexico.....

Just how lazy do you have to be to buy one of these (adult)

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!


NO. 159 "Expect the Ironic"

Bruce Lee Fans...I hope you have Encore Action (Green Hornet Reruns)

Chicago Baseball...No Joy On The Other Side Of Town

Trailing Fox, ESPN should hurry to kill Rush segments

Nicest LOCAL elected official?

September 30, 1955 - the day Cool died

My weekend: I have pneumonia. And my favourite local band got signed.

Need a laugh?

Yikes, I'm going to be late for work

Return of the King internet trailer!

Help me post Laura Bush and horrible old mommy

I had a dream (last night)!

150lb Mr. Potato Head Statue Returned To Owner

Why am I normal?

Way to go, Will Pitt!!

Survey: Women Over 40 Seek Younger Dates

Who is the most UNfunny comedian today? (Besides Dennis Miller...)

Couple that met at gun show has shotgun wedding

What GOOD Pop Music Bands Are Out There Right Now?

A little encouraging news

Bands Against Bush tour/album!!!!!

Can cats sense impending terrorist attacks??

Living in Ashcrofts Amerika

Favorite Weird Al song?

Let's chip in and get Spector a "jowl-ectomy"

Driving in a rain storm with Hazzards/Flashers on?

Quote of the Day

"We will leave no photo-op behind."

AAAAAAAAAAAA! (Cat-loving folks will want to click here)

My Girlfriend Ate Her Chads!

Woofy calling from Jupiter

Tony Blair needs to be bitch slapped

Michael Jackson Cutting R. Kelly Penned Single

We need to get serious about ESPN & Limbaugh (and a form to contact ESPN)

I Thought Yellow Cake Was Only In A Box. Well I Was Wrong.

My pogies just came in the mail! Ask me anything.

The Twins should beat the Yankees today, 6 to 5.

I'm stopping in at 7-Eleven, can I get you a....

"Oh Jaques. OH JAQUES!"

Bush inaugural theme song

Just failed a Biostatistics test

Please make my neighbors STFU!

My husband says I need a tinfoil g-string!

Let's have a party, invite Repukes, serve yellow cake and toast

Transcript: Bush's Sex Slave Speech to the U.N.

The DU cafe lunch menu, 9/30/03

Gorgeous meteor shower pic

Help..........I've drawn a blank on this movie title, actors's names

Motorcycle storm troopers

Shameless happy birthday to me thread

Molly Ivins coming up on CNN

How does one activate the "ignore" function"

I just made my 1,000th post!

I've Got a Chest Rash - Ask Me Anything!

Is this the best animation, or what??

Okay....this is just plain creeeeeeeeeepy!

Doesn't Jack Black look like......

Phish Phans: Does the song "Wilson" take out a different tone now?

Seattle's Sue Bird replaces Payton on NikeTown wall

Will someone please tell Novak that he is bald!

OUCH!! Vasectomy Delays Train Commuters

My postseason predictions (may be highly unlikely)

Rush's punishment: 50 yard line at an Eagles game

Man fires at son after 'Bama loss

This a SAD day for us old folk

Yankees Suck!

I Am Going To Catch Hell For This But Yankee Stadium Does Not

Any news on Dany Heatley and Dan Snyder

The Chipped-Toast on Beef of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The winner of the Week 6 College Football Pool is.........

Need help from computer folks

new Hate radio sponsors 9/30

Okay, I Think It's Time For Some Red Sox Bashing....


Sports Marketing Group poll: golf 5th most hated sport in America

I have a dumb question....

Why does everybody seem to hate Rush?

What is WRONG with the Bears?

Hey, I'm going to Boston! Where should I go?

Will Pitt's excellent column

The Yankees just lost!

How do you tell your roommate you're leaving?

WHOOO-HOOO sold 2 t-shirts!!!

Which High School Subject Did You Do The Best In?

Twins win !

GM Pat Gillick Leaving Seattle Mariners

I Can't Bash The Red Sox

Osama and Saddams Gay Wedding! Funniest Tabloid pic I've evr seen!

thank god my iPod isnt broken

Help me techies!

I must remind everyone that....

Any Money Bet's on who leaked the WH info?

Does anyone else think the new SportingNews Website sucks

Welcome to Walmart!

Vasectomy delays London commuters

I have found the worst rapper in the UNIVERSE.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO.......................

Vote for your favorite Commies!

How about an old timers room

The DU Buffet: Red Herring and Whirled Peas in a Pork Barrel

Anyone care who wins the Giants Marlins game?

Best 80s hair band or yogurt flavor

Freepers lack Middle East geographic knowledge: think Denial is just a....

The new Google toolbar has an automatic pop-up stopper

"Rubber ducky, you're the one...."

First Halle Berry Catwoman picture...

Rove & Novak ... Rovak? (cartoon)

I just got Wesley Clark's new book - Ask me anything

Underappreciated Workers #3: Postal Workers

I'm gonna hold my breath until those mean ol' Democrats leave me alone.


How excited are you about the Angel season premiere tomorrow night?

BETTER ACTOR: Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr.

I just came up with a nickname for the democratic field

Okay... the Yankee Doodle post inspired me... here ya go

Post your favorite truisms

Conditions in the US are going from bad to worse

Just within the 3rd Quarter Deadline I contributed to...

I just did a presentation on Black Box Voting: Ask me anything!

Pick The Best Emoticon...

SuSE Linux 9 is coming out on Oct 24!!! So two questions:

I became a grandfather for the first time yesterday!

YES! TWINS! Team of Destiny! Yankees Vanquished!

Governor Doyle disenfranchises Wisconsin voters

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. BigMcLargehuge

Anyone have a vacuum-press coffeemaker?

Repubs say the Darndest Things...

Any DUer own a military Jeep?


Remember the Segway was going to be the best thing since sliced bread?

How are the Freepers reacting to TraitorGate?

ONLY In Texas Do They Fry Oreo Cookies!

"War" courtesy of Big Boi must read

"Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go!


I just saw "Lost In Translation", ask me stuff

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

If illegal drugs were legal(ized), would you try them?

best King Crimson album

I was at the best wedding on Sunday

HawkerHurricane’s weekly NFL power ratings.

What's your level of Perfection?

F Troop vs Gilligan's decide!

Best Bobby Sherman Album

So many classic DUers leaving these days....

I really miss Marie

Who Do You Hate Most In The World?


Week 7 College Football Pool

12 year old boy and internet porn.

I survived a head-on collision today

Who is the funniest person on earth?

Underappreciated Workers #4 (Close to Home ed.) The gang in IT!

What do I need to know about Europe?

Think Lulu here should be re-named Lassie?

If somehow you could go back in time, which three

What industry would you abolish?