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Archives: September 28, 2003

NYT: C.I.A. Seeks Inquiry Into Naming of an Operative

Woo hoo! Front page WP: Leak of CIA Name Being Investigated

Iraq spells trouble for Bush

Camejo & McClintock Shine, Other Candidates "Get Personal" In Animated Fiv

Warning: Depresssing as hell

2 Servings of Reality, Please

Lonely Campus Voices (David Brooks whines about bias in colleges)

The Bird & The Evil Twin~

Envisat observes resurgent ozone hole

Nuclear Reactors to Propel Rockets into Space; Will Leave Waste Floating

Europe’s moon mission lifts off

Saturday: Tacoma Confidential - Police Chief - 48 Hours

Man stops friend's suicide attempt, shoots self while trying to unload gun

This HTML file worked fine under Internet Explorer, why not at DU?

Thanks for the George Harrison avatar!

How off-topic does something have to be worth alerting for?

Peres at 80: peace can be grasped

Sharon: Roadmap Not Dead Yet

Poll: Kerry bests Dean among registered voters

A DEAN-KERRY Peace Thread

Russ Feingold for VP?

Wow.. I like the new "Wolfo-witicism"

I was at the bookstore and picked up Annthrax's new book...

let's take care of this poll

Toy President

Why does Dipshit* keep saying we're safer now that Saddam is gone?

Deleted message

stole a vote away from ahrnald today.

Correct me if I am wrong:

Say what you will! Clark is Just the "Big Build Up" to the "Big Let Down"

Clark vs. Bush -- Leader vs. Front Man

Who is Al-Qaida backing in '04?

After standing for 6 hrs - I was able to see the Cubs win the NL Central!

BBC ((Thousands stage Iraq demo in Britain ))


My Republican friend liked Dean!

Could Arnold be impeached by the California Legislature if he wins?

Invade this Freeper Blog!

Juan Williams

Edwards on Maher replay in 20 minutes on HBO2 (at 11 PM ET)

Need advice - I told this guy I'd send him some info on the Bush/Cheney

???..National Security Order???

Kuchinich, Gephardt, Sharpton on C-Span (post debate) n/t

Wingnut VooDoo on FRANKEN Going On

Chalk up one more conservative in Hollywood: Chuck Norris.

This felon was an idiot

I am extremely ashamed to admit this, but my grandma thinks Bob Novak

My prediction is that Clark will be the Dem nominee


Wolfowicz back on C-Span n/t

DU this poll! Any regrets over voting for Bush? I know none of us but...

Wolfowitz getting ass handed to him, Cspan now, link here

Another ((Operation Northwood’s)) unearthed from 1957 (Syria )

Why can't Hillary run in 2012?

"Democrats Applaud Bush Choices"

Turn to Fox news now 11:35 p.m

Who counts as senior WH officials?

Media new boogeyman of Iraq

If this WH-CIA scandal crap hits the fan.I have a question.

Have any of you seen this shirt?

Clark: You think you know the rest of the story?

I will be SILENT NO MORE-and neither should you!

The Clark video (comments on W., Rumsfeld, Powell, et al)

Why doesn't Clark just lie?

So some OPEC countries may go Euro? Here's a mind bender. Why don't we?

WTF is the "Delaware Trust Law" a cspan caller mentioned it ..they cut

From another North Korea next?

Could we end up in a constitutional crisis with this CIA/WHouse/DOJ thing?

I have a few questions that I need help with...9/11 & PNAC

Sunday news shows: Sending in the clowns

Saturday Night Candidate Poll

The worst mistake I made in 1992-93.

Did anyone else see Wolfowitz getting thrashed?? (replay at 11:01 tonight)

According to Josh, this CIA-WH story is gonna pop...

My conservative African American neighbor likes Howard Dean.

Al Franken's new book....

What is the PNAC

Freepers at the feed store today. I filled up my deer feeders.

Do you regret voting for George Bush?

Some Thoughts on Dean, Kerry from NH Folks

Republican Campaign Money Frightens Me. -=- How Can Anyone Compete?

Are Bush's "Rape Rooms" really Urban Legends? Google had nothing but

Was There Ever a Sizeable DLC Community on DU?

And Here's Why "God" Can Never Be Taken Out of the Schools.

Here's Why "God" Can Never Be Taken Out of the Courthouse.

Harken Energy demands $57 BILLION from Costa Rican government

DU! Show Yer Love For Teddy Kennedy!

Irresponsible: confessions of an avowed Dean blowhard

RLEASE HELP! Suggestions for anti-Bush protest sign needed

Nuclear Reactors to Propel Rockets into Space; Will Leave Waste Floating

Data Backing Iraq War Called Uncertain, Weak (Sunday WashPost)

Host hit in payback crossfire (Tucker Carlson)

Iran is eager to develop scientific cooperation with Russia

Bush and Putin warn Iranians

WP - Leak of CIA Name Being Investigated

A Vengeful White House? . . . CBS News on CIA handoff to DOJ of Palme Out

Mexico, Church in Dispute Over Probe

Bush, Putin Pledge to Work Together Despite Differences Over Iraq

Study shows net gain from pollution rules

U.S. Uses Terror Law to Pursue Crimes from Drugs to Swindling

10 ways to sex up a dossier

London Observer: 'Battered' Blair vows there's no turning back

US arrests over 1,000 in international crackdown on child sex crimes

General Wesley Clark's Statement on Rise in Poverty

Nigerian Satellite Blasts Into Orbit

Donald O'connor has died

I had the most bizarre dream.

Can someone give me the address for that DU image dump?

So you think you knew Elvis, hmmmmmm?

Will the Braves choke now or later in the playoffs?

Who's watching The Big Chill

Mothra v. Rummy

After standing for 6 hrs - I was able to see the Cubs win the NL Central!

Don't click! Nasty kitty porn inside!

Most annoying file-sharing errors?

Cal beats USC!

I Think That There Are Not To Many Limp Bizkit Fans Here But Saturday

oh oh ..have I been pulling a fashion faus paux

Question for carnivores

Which Comedy Skit Group would you like to see take on another?

Sat. Night and no Grotto??? How odd???

The worst product name ever: Outhouse Springs bottled water

1,000 miles!!!

How much is (of any one specific thing) too much?

Well while he (SBP) is away....

Caption the fool in wonderland

Dave Chapelle is funnier than hell! It's on now 9:15 est.

Ice Ice Baby


Cupcake beats USC

college football saturday

Can a hippopotamus be cute?

MOM! I accidently put you on AIM ignore...

For my 1000 post, I have removed all 16 people from my ignore list

Favorite state quarter

Is "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls the sexiest song ever?!

Here's how to be better than someone else at anything

how often do you masturbate?

Clash Of The Titans: Favorite Sketch Comedy Troupe?


N Korea calls Rumsfeld 'psychopath'

Owning up to deceptions on the Iraq war

Meatbrain offers $1 million for the Butcher of Baghdad

Behold the Lord High Executioner

Newsweek: The Unbuilding of Iraq

NYT: The Failure to Find Iraqi Weapons

Stars and Stripes letters, Sept. 21 - 27

Helen Thomas: Hussein Link Was Sales Job

Time: Operation Oprah (Condi on Oprah, Powell on Letterman, etc.)

Newsweek: What, Me Worry? (Analysis of * Reselection campaign)

Cartoonists nail Clark.

Rumsfeld is Destroying the Army

Time: So, What Went Wrong? (Cover * on Lincoln Mission Not Accomplished)

No wonder America has so many enemies

LATimes-RW quickly moves against Clark

WP: Why the Media Don't Call It as They See It

Oliphant: Debating Democrats avoid Calif. pitfalls

BBC Panorama documentary: The Price of Victory

The surprising benefits of being unemployed

Attention So Cal DUers!!! March/Rally Sun. Sept. 28th in Hollywood

Invitation to Project Censored Awards Ceremony-Oct 4th,San Raphael

AP CEO admits "most media are owned by Republican conservatives"

Brit Hume and Bush

Calling all California DU'ers (recall action)

Temptation and "Cheating:" Diabetes Support #2


Bush and Tecumseh's Curse

Astrologers: The Pied Piper, on Starlight News

Gibson dies at 76

Confederate Soldiers' Funeral Debated

Manulife in huge merger with John Hancock

Why Not Import More Non-OPEC Oil?

Bush to Gut ESA for Circus, Zoo, Trophy Hunting, Aquarium Industries

Rebels clashes leave 23 dead - Ivory Coast

Japan to extend US$3.57b in loans to Libya

Chen says KMT has `democracy phobia' - TW

Cambodia's opposition boycotts new parliament

NZ court asked if just looking is illegal - Child porn

Chiang was Mr. No Democracy - Taiwan

Khomeini kin seeks action on Iran

KMT stifles talent with a host of old cronies - Taiwan

Any of You RKBAers Attend This Meeting?

SCOTUS recognizes RKBA is an element of "civil rights".

4-Yr.-Old Maryland Boy Finds Gun, Kills Sister

Question.. how many bytes equal 10 kb???

Clearly a disruptor in the midst

Is a DU mirror site?

Skinner, can't you 'suggest' that the Clark/Dean et al posts

democratic candidate bashing suggestion

Question about "delicate" topics in the Lounge or MR, mostly

Why was my post against the scumbag Boilermakers Union deleted

A question please.......

I have a teensy suggestion

GD needs to be remaned bash the frontrunner

Maybe DU needs a "Flame Pit" forum

Request for Avatar

2 bombs capable of destroying tank found near Gaza fence

Israel and the Zionist Lobby

36 years, and still counting

Is Israel an issue for you?

Islamic Jihad claims Negohot shooting attack that killed two

Fourth Man Pleads Guilty In Alleged Va. Jihad Group

Dean coming on strong in Ohio among key voting blocs in state

Clark rally yesterday in Dover, NH

KY: Fletcher, Chandler in dead heat (new poll)

Kerry win victory for small businesses

Sioux City Journal: Kerry stresses need to extend health care

Linda Daschle has endorsed Dick Gephardt

Gephardt's "Electoral Strategy"-clueless?

WA-8: Dunn running again, draws Demo challenger

Dean Calls for White House Cooperation in Justice Probe

"Texas Rangers" Hit NH Ready to Knock for Dean

Kerry calls on Bush to repay the $1 million for the aircraft carrier stunt

Iowa Poll: Gephardt,Dean,Kerry,Edwards

IMP. POLL: Posts which are divisive/confrontational of a Dem. cand. are...

Kerry, Lieberman, Edwards and Clinton stand firm against EPA nominee

PA: Ad war resurfaces in U.S. Senate race, Specter plans retaliation

Holy CRAP are my eyes deceiving me?

Dennis to be in Laguna Beach Oct 5

Dean practices the politics of division in fundraising letter.

Candidates Put On Game Face Before Debate

Barnstormin' for Kerry in Iowa. 99 counties in 7 days

Another Major Kerry Endorsement to be announced this Tuesday

DNC hits 500k...still going...

Is DU only for Dean supporters?

Transcript: Dean on CBS's "Face the Nation" (9/28/03)

How about a Dean/Kucinich, Kucinich/Dean ticket?

Dems supporting IRV? Don't hold your breath (unless we elect DK)

THE NEW Democratic

Voting for a potential cabinet member

What Wesley Clark Ate Today: FULL MENU!

Environmental regulations WORK (to the anti-gummint FOOLS)!

Clark says would FIRE Rumsfeld, immediately go to Iraq

DU Action Alert! New Newsweek poll: Only 27% are Dems...

I know we will probably never know

I'm looking for the BookExpo video on C-Span with O'Reilly and Franken!

Wolfowitz video...

Just remember when you look at the polls under the current climate

From California, the Arnold ads are revolting.

Let's have a praise thread for Ted Kennedy!

New Hampshire foray shows Clark strengths, weaknesses

Nate Clay streaming now. Progressive late Saturday night radio.

Who's an Independent?

Let Me Get This Straight On The No-Call List

Bush: 49% Clark: 43% Bush: 52% , Dean: 38%

George Tenet

Freepers dream of Civil War, killing "leftists"

What's your opinion of this?

Liberal Slant is Back!!!

Accountibility Demand forCongress

Can someone explain the CIA(?) scandal to me?

Judgement day (this is funny)

Stephen King supports Howard Dean for president

Poppy Bush on exposing the CIA... quite a timely quote

BBV: By Their Fruit You Shall Know Them...

Wesley Clark Suffers From White Guilt?

Hey, did you guys here about Al Franken's new book?!

Stop talking about Franken's book

The time of the posts

Let this be a lesson to people on DU (re: freepers/disruptors)

Congressman blocks my email with firewall?

Serious Question: Liberals, Conservatives and freedom

Wesley Clark: "humanitarian hawk" and why money raised doesn't matter...

Note: Joseph Wilson on CSPAN...Monday 7:45 ET

Frog Marching Down The Yellowcake Road

What to say?

Whether any of you like it or not...

Why a Republican feels that the California governor post is desirable

if you go to

Mudslinging in a primary.

Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982

This morning on CNN

Bush has once more breached his oath of office.

9/11 - Iraq link, are there recent numbers about who believes this?

I've decided that I think we should pull out of Iraq.

Joe Conason: Clark Prepares For New Combat

Its great that the Wilson CIA outing is making headlines, HOWEVER

Anyone catch Edwards on Faux?

This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America. Pass It On.

Condi on MTP NOW, Gep soon 10:31 EDT

E. Edwards blogs about trip to Dartmouth -- Dean implied in student's Qs

My head's exploding - how can Democrats be only interested

California Patriots for Peace...Pass This On!

Just to refresh our memory...a few of Kissinger's quotes.

Hitchens is coming up on CSpan

Condi Rice lying on MTP

BBV: Time to sign on for election reform

Wolfowitz on C-Span last night,

Medical History of American Presidents

Where The HELL Is Scott Ritter???

Heads up people!

McGaughlan on Gep vs. Dean and other stuff.


Iranian foreign minister just confirmed to George Stephanopoulos

Robert Kennedy talked to MLK about running as his VP...

If this boils down to a Dean vs. Clark race

Dean Sealed his records in VT. What is he hiding?

Wolf Blitzer's history

When the other candidates drop out - who will get their support?

Remember yesterday when I posted that Shrub said again Saddam was

Whistle Ass (Bush) is launching a reselection Blog in October

No More Military Deaths in Iraq after next March!

Does anybody have the Condi quote...

Are we starting to see the beginning of the end?

Democrats' front-runner, newcomer contrast styles

Newsweek CW says AWOL joined Guard to avoid combat

Should We Have A Hispanic On The Ticket In 04

Gephardt up to bat on MTP

Dean blog goal: $15 million--we are at $12,524.485

Is Clark having voted Republican a valid issue for candidates to raise?

9-11 changed it all for many, Iraq changed it all for Clark

Democrat Candidates Make BIG Mistake Attacking Each Other!

Could Clark have beaten Bush in a Repulbican primary challenge?

“It’s a terrible situation that probably could have been avoided”

"Arnold is limiting media and appealing directly to public" WTF????

conservative columnist foams at mouth over Dean's abortion stand

Trott and Bayh on CNN now

"Chavez: Inside the Coup" tonight (Sept 28), CBC Newsworld (Canada)

First Florida, then Texas, and now California.

DeLay: ANWR a ‘Precedent’

Hey Deaniacs. . .

Condi Looks Like She Is About To Cry On MTP Right Now

Bush claimed 9/11 connection in carrier deck speech

Hey, all you ABBers

Hummer tax loophole promotion

Just heard Christopher Hitchens repeat the new spin on Iraq

Ski Anderson on WLS in Chicago (Noon to 3 CT)

For all of you TrueMajority DU'ers or anyone else who's interested!

The End of the Republic? Rome, Militarism, Imperialism, and the US.

Hillary better not ****ing run...

Its important to THINK before voting to go to WAR

Issues of War

What message/info will the R&R soldiers take back with them?

Rice is still claiming Saddam had ties to al-Qaeda?

This Week today: could somebody tell me what was said at the end?

'Singin' in the Rain' Star O'Connor Dies

General Clark says he'd relieve Rumsfeld of his command

I think the General Discussion Forum needs a new name

Candidate Bashing made easy

Kerry, Clark, Edwards, Gephardt tonight

I *Cannot Wait* Until Clinton and Some of the CBC Come Out for Clark's


Powell is spinning and lying on CNN

What ELSE did Dean say on FTN?

what US corp. makes the $50 thou garbage trucks

A short list of Clark's credentials

BBV: ES&S Optech 3P Eagle Optical Scan machines

What the Hell is going on here?

Google hits on WH Spy Betrayal Story 27 @ 08:00 am; 181 @ 2:50 pm

Blair in Dreamworld: Says he wont leave

We Need Your Help

Didn't I read that David Kay's report was "shelved"?


CNN Poll, Must Vote

Novak, right-wing media minion of Bush, went too far...

The hunt for Pepperbelly's Links. The refutation of Clark's own words.

Cnn Poll - About Clark's comments on the Bush Administration.

Bush DID state Iraq ties to September 11. Here's the letter...

Our Coalition needs your help

VA Tech editotial

Dean supports cutting Medicare...

Gephardt's war vote

Now I'm actually worried about Clark.

DU/Unfreep this poll, Is it time for Tony Blair to step down?

Which candidate's supporters are the biggest, most relentless bullies?

clark and dean, dean and clark.. etc..

Great Dean comment on FTN

Larger Americans=Larger Caskets, etc.

need DU this Bush* at DMZ pic authentic and where can i verify?

anti-anyonebutClark roll call

General Discussion Polls, "Clarked": Links

"It's Hillbilly Heaven vs. Park Service" - one weird story

Dean should be ashamed of himself- Face the Nation Appearance

Who's better on "free trade" - Dean or Clark?

Stop slandering the Morans!

Why did Dean want a Republican as a Vice President?

Normal people must help save Wal-Mart from the liberals

There were Democrats who wanted to run Eisenhower in 1948

Who did Clark vote for in 2000?

Do You Agree with This Man's Position on Health Care?

Israel and the Zionist Lobby

Anyone watching Hardball?

Clark Is Not a Republican. No Bush. The GOP? Not in Clark's Future

Clark should have been upfront himself...about his Republican past.

If Clark Supporters Suck So Bad Why Did Bleachers-A Clark Supporter

How many of you who are attacking Clark

What if a supporter of Clark answered a Dean supporter poll

Did Dr. Rice deny being a source?

Clark is an unproven Democrat

Are O'Reilly's ratings starting to fall already?

Dean & Clark supporters doing Rove's dirty work:

Bulk Order Crowd at it again.

WTF is a "committee of continuing existence"!!?? A FL outrage.

Webcast of Paul Krugman's book tour presentation:

let flame threads die

Dean admitted he is a Republican?

What Clark did Saturday night.....

Wasn't the Netherlands considered a paragon of tolerance?

Was Howard Dean ever a Rebublican?

Phew!! Huge weapons stash found in Iraq. Thank god! This war was worth it.

Dean's bat: $12.5 million. Only a little under $2.5 million to reach goal!

So many of you here (and around the nation) are forgetting

Hardball on now (est)

Plame-Novak-WH scandal makes CNN headline news

Anybody notice the number of flamebait threads started by sub-500

If Clark goes out to CA and campaigns against the Terminator and Dems win

Juan Williams holding his own...

Clark supporters: Will you vote for Howard Dean if he gets the nom?

You Conspiracy Theorists are Slacking Off

Deleted message

Dean's attack on Clark a huge mistake

DU this poll, Should Rumsfeld resign???

Dean on Face the Nation 10:30 EST

"Road to the Whitehouse" DNC Event coming up at 6:30

Dean supporters: Has Dean bashing by Clarkies....

Remind Me: How Many Child Tax Credits Did the Bush Tax Cut Give?

Are you anti-bashing Bullshit threads? Check in!

Clark and the Lincoln Day Dinner...

A Plea For A Substantive Discussion

Dean supporters: Will you vote for Wes Clark if he gets the nom?

So, is Bustamente's political career over?

Clinton and unexplained deaths...

This Clark/Dean shit will all blow over.

If Rudy Giuliani became a Democrat would you vote for him as Pres?

Non-Dean/Clark supporters: how do you feel about today's events at DU?

Make a pledge to refute all partisan attacks on this board

In the general election I will....

Could Clark hatred really be unconscious Bush hatred?

Is Israel an issue for you?

Kalifornia...The State of Fools!

Oprah - First Arnold, now Condi

Big skew between Newsweek's latest telephone poll and on-line poll

Should Donald Rumsfeld resign? (Newsweek)


I had an interesting experience last night....

Whle We Are Clubbing Each Other Over The Head Arnold Has Opened A 15% Lead

OMFG!!! Liebrul Elite Judges are Destroying Western Culture!!111!1!!11

So how do we avoid "Flame Wars"???

Rebuilding Iraq

Clark a mere four-star general ...

what if masses of pugs vote for Clark in Dem primaries?

Clark Slam Donation and Visability Challenge

If only we could stack Crossfire audience and ambush Novak!

Fun with graphs and Halliburton

need DU help ...bush*/segway photos (the one with the 4 in sugsession)?

massive power outage sweeps across Italy

Bob Graham and John Edwards - Now for Something Totally Different

ABC saying

"Political Pap" Great this week

Rice knew! Did Bush? (Sunday MTP)

A Bit Of Silver Lineing

Bernie Sanders -- America's Shrinking Middle Class

DLC Spider...Clark on C-Span now! Putting out what he's picked up

Poll: Is Wes Clark a Democrat?

Is H. Dean a liar? No negative posts please...

Is Al Franken on C-Span saying most of our DU candidates are Jews?

Latest on Outing of CIA agent from AP

Dean vs. Clark, A Conspiracy

What if the Plame leak instigator was not Rove, but Bush himself?

"Jesse Helms is Back! And This Time He's Black"

McClellan's non-denial exchange & Condi's

RE: my earlier Dean flame bait thread

Anyone else frustrated that only threads of fighting clark and dean fans

Franken on Cspan...NOT A DUPE...

Heads up for tomorrow morn, Wilson on C-Span, Washington journal

Anti-Dean roll call

DNC Dinner on CSPAN! NOW! (6:45pm east)

Howard Dean is an awesome...

The heck with politicians - Just have actors run -

Spam is NOT Progressive

Clark's remarks in Salon, oft quoted at DU

What would the American response to an NDP federal gov't in Canada be?

OK, so if all these bush people really don't know anything

Oh great, the repugs want to draft the idiot Dennis Miller now?

Is Clark the only Democratic General?

Dean Calls Clark "a good guy"...

Rove & the pig republicans just want us to give up and give them CA

Is Florida DCF drugging children without evaluation?

Dean said Clark advocated going to war in Iraq

Clark admitted he was a Republican and Dean admitted he was a Chickenhawk

Who Was the "Senior Administration Official?" Cited in the Post?

Dean is a Conservative, Clark is a Republican: Vote Kucinich!

Clark supporters: Has Clark bashing by Deanies....

What is the Progressive policy on Republicans?

If Clark was holding an office, would his pro-Bush comments matter less?

Anti-Bush Roll Call

What is Deans stance...

Clark was in Vietnam!!!

A question: Are we concerned with stopping Bush’s agenda or purity?

Dean inlists Republicans, Bush operatives, to help run his campaign...

If DU is now "Clark Territory" and we just ought to "shut up" or "put out"

Arianna, Peter, please drop out.

Is any other country pro-Israel?

The most interesting spin I have ever seen

Gay smear from White House (Link to CIA/Wilson)

Josh Marshall goes after Bush on the Plame story

Bushies used White House phone logs to help attack Clark

Clark was going to run as a Republican...

Clark converts Dean supporters in NH


Dean: Said Clark was a republican until 25 days ago...

ABC News Covering the Wilson story

Great Day for Democracy

Who trusts Scott Ritter?

To lurking journos: Ask Rice the question point blank!

We cannot give in

"The elite" are taking Bush down......

On Party Switching (Clark or whoever)

We're going to see Will Pitt in an hour

Franken and Carlson on CNBC right now

Tonight (9/28/03) on 60 Minutes - In Tulia, Texas: Guilty of being black?

Clark was a Rethuglican until a month ago.....he couldnt run against *...

60 Minutes: abuse of eminent domain

So then we are abou to lose CA

Dean: Is HE trying to pull the wool over our eyes.... or are WE

Remember, the smearing of Durbin is still unresolved

Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free (U S) Press

I don't want a President who decided to run on a whim

Diebold, ES&S, and the Christian Reconstructionists

Is Clark half-Jewish?

Anti-Clark roll call

On Clark.

Hello? Have you read this one? State of FL (Clark) buys Edison Schools?!!!

BBV: Kucinich calls for open-source, VVPT, developed by government

TBTM Radio #12: Tainted Votes, UN Snubs, Reasoned Hate, Frivilous Lawsuits

Votematch: Clark and Dean both scored equally as "moderate Dems"

Why is Karl Rove’s Betrayal of Valerie Palme so Bad?

DU this poll! Americans embarrassed by Bush?

Davis gets 49% of votes, Arnold wins with 25% of vote. Democracy at work?

Dean was a decent democrat until 25 days ago

This is the perfect example of what DU has been lately.

Neutralizing Rove: Bright Light on the King Roach

Women CAN STOP Schwarzenegger Statewide Day of Protest!

I used to invite people here. Not now. Sorry, EarlG, Skinner, and elad.

Hellooooooo.... am I alone - but isn't the REAL plame story being missed?

WTF, Clark Was Planning on Running as a Republican ?!!

Can't you see the Neo cons if Arnold wins?............................

A Great Website Recommendation for Everyone! More useful than bashing.

Just Vote

Schwarzenegger race now owes $2.4 million

Former President Clinton Visits Football Game in Jacksonville

U.S. taxpayers footing bill for cheap Iraqi gasoline (Halliburton again)

CIA Defends Itself on Iraq Intelligence

U.S. Compound in Baghdad Is Hit in Attack - Sept. 27

Pakistan stokes feud with India

Superbomb ignites science dispute

SARS test kit developed in Japan - report

Ignore Muslim anger at your peril, Musharraf warns Bush

Chen says KMT has `democracy phobia'

Review of Environment Rules Finds Benefits Outweigh Costs

Colombia Bomb Attack Kills 10, Injures 48

`New Europe' troops face teething troubles in Iraq

Putin Declines to Pledge Help in Iraq

MoD silenced witness of nerve gas death - UK

US to send fresh troops to Iraq as bomb wounds two, missiles found

Polarization on display at Cuba forums

Bush Administration Is Focus of Inquiry [WP new explosive details]

Critics question Marshall Plan comparison - Iraq

Plame Affair Heating Up (Wash. Post)

Steel Tariffs Unexpectedly Work Against White House

Iran denies US claims on support for Iraq attacks

Rice is still claiming Saddam had ties to al-Qaeda?

Private apple processor shutting down (107 jobs lost)

(Pentagon) Superbomb ignites science dispute

U.S. troops uncover one of their biggest weapons caches in Saddam's hometo

Reluctance to Share Control in Iraq Leaves U.S. on Its Own

Breaing news..New 'al-Qaeda tape' aired

4-Yr.-Old Maryland Boy Finds Gun, Kills Sister

Observer: Party ready to turn on PM (Blair)

Iraq Council Calls for US Forces to Leave Iraq

CIA Denies Any 'Deficiencies' in Iraq Analysis. (VOA Report! )

GOP Lawmakers Put Together Energy Bill

Polly Klaas' legacy looms large. (Must read for all Dean supporters)

Tennis trailblazer Althea Gibson dead at 78

Rice knew! Did Bush?

Uneasy Link For Bush - Iraq policy tied to U.S. economy

US to send fresh troops to Iraq as bombs wound four soldiers

House Probers Conclude Iraq War Data Was Weak

In time of war, National Guard finds recruits, parents reluctant

US eyes Israeli software as training tool for forces in Iraq

Bomb explodes in southwestern Colombia

Clark: Americans 'embarrassed' by Bush

Condi says invasion wasn't preemptive: we have been at

Massive power cut hits Italy

Fears rise about U.S. aims (IHT)

U.S. Patriot Act being used in many nonterrorism cases (NYT)

Al-Qaeda 'funded Marriott attack'

Taliban Kill Seven Bodyguards of Afghan Governor

U.S. taxpayers footing bill for cheap Iraqi gasoline

Ehrlich Seeks Probe Over Ballot Machines

So, What Went Wrong? (Time Cover)

Blair Says He's Proud of Iraq Actions

Ethics panel to scrutinize Md. lobbyist (BBV/SAIC)

Voting machines taking heat

Powell Gives Up Hope for Indian Troops

Schwarzenegger composed, on the message

Military stashes covert millions.......MacDill Florida

U.S. panel gets earful in Jakarta (NYT)

Meteorite wrecks houses in India

Judge Who Nixed "Do Not Call" Registry Is on "Do Not Call" List

Mrs. Bush Heads to Europe to Polish U.S. Image

Clark's Bid Prompts Some Dean Supporters to Reconsider

Novak may become 'subject of a criminal investigation'

Rice 'Knew Nothing' About CIA Agent Leak

Dean Hits Party Insiders for Their Clark Support

Cuban minister makes appeal to end U.S. embargo

$5,000 re-enlistment bonus offered to GIs in terror war, Korea (LOL!)

Went to a Psychic Fair today!

Tiki Bar!!!!!

Did you hear about Molly Ivins new book? She was on stage with Franken....

Monster underwater marathon bid

Searching for a post, help!

Matrix Revolutions: Which "Rage Against the Machine" song will end it?

My dog just told me she's a DLCer - ask me anything.

How many music cd's do you own?

Does everyone in LA just want to play? Any serious shit there?

Who won the Nebraska game today?

I'm too tired to play the "Income Inequality Card" in GD right now.

Will somebody please tell me why they don't like Star Trek Insurrection?

play with the Kitty

Jury Duty!

should i flee the country?

Bush stops threat from terrorist on Islay

Feb 01' video proves White House knew Saddam was not a threat

Condi has her dancin' shoes on (MTP)

Ailes/murdick news question ?

What does my avatar mean to you?

Someone please tell me I am alive!!!

It's EMBARRASSING!! --- I Can't Remember Names To Save My Life...

Free Cat

Who hid my glasses??? poll:Clooney 54% Schwarzenegger 46%

The Cali debate according to !

British eccentricity at its on

There are THREE Georgia Power trucks down the street, should I be worried?

Help! What do I do when a check gets lost in the mail?

What is your favorite snack food?

The paomnnehil pweor of the hmuan mnid.

'Singin' in the Rain' Star O'Connor Dies

Who here has a police scanner?

Mike B and I went to the Detroit Tiger game (42-119) tonight

Aaw.. Smilie the crab.. Such a Happy Happy crab

Moon Pie lovers, this is for you (NSMA):

any florida football fans here? wanna bet on the Noles/Cane game

Are you ready for some football????

This is number 600 woohoo

These are my picks for week 4, what do you think?


Blues fans, "The Blues" on PBS tonight

Your favorite catch phrase for the CA recall campaign?

****WARNING****Potentially Offensive Poll******

Unfreep this poll

I just hit 500 posts! Ask me anything!

Should Doctor Who regenerate into a woman?

Worst songs of the 80's

Any php-nuke experts arround?

I'm Going to London in the Spring

There ARE Patriots in Washington today!!!!!!!!

Cabin Fever

Tigers 9 Minnesota 4 (F)

First it was Underpants, now it is Supply Side Jesus

F1 Fans! US Grand Prix! Can Schumi Do It?

Congratulations to me! Congratulations to me! I went over the 500 mark!

The Browns are going down to the Bengals

My Roommate Bought Dog Food For My Cats!

Bengals won! We beat Cleveland!!

How was your Saturday night?

Has anyone ever tried sour cream on pizza?

Orson Welles' Batman?

Who has got the best sig line?

Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays

What is your kid, grandkid going to be for Halloween ?

Oh nooooo......I've been flamed!!

I am announcing my candidacy for President (of my house and backyard)

Do 'Region 2' DVDs play in the United States?

Whew! Niners are getting SPANKED, 0-28 at half. Couldn't be happier

Bengals beat Browns!

Two commercials I can't stand on TV

The Dick VanDyke it or leave it?

Doonesbury Absolutely Rules on Sunday - Send this to all you know in CA.

Can you be fired for being sick too often?

Cocked and Rocky

I'm "A Talabin"! Ask me anything, infidel dogs!

When people tell you that you need to "get a life", what do they mean?

"Friends" TV show - episode spoilers

When you use your computer, what do you do with your other hand?

Startling revelations about the other candidates!!!!

Now...I rant

Can we have anal sex with polls?

Just how much NERD are you, anyway?

Dante Hall gets a 96 yard KO return for TD!!!!!

Welcome to DU (REALLY NO KIDDING) Andym!!!

So...are there any "lifestyle" people here...

Women's World Cup - USA Beats North Korea 3-0

When should I go back to school?

I watched Bowling for Columbine last nite and WOW!!!

St. Louis whips the Cranberry & Cream

Phew - M's season is over - Moyer wins 21st

Apocolypse? San Diego beating Oakland!

'Singin' in the Rain' Star O'Connor Dies

Al Franken on CSPAN

I like heavy guitar music, and am looking forward to "The Blues" on PBS


I think people masturbate about Dean and Clark while posting in GD

Don't fear the reaper is my favorite Blue Oyster Cult song

Bin Laden hideout found ! Smirk was there (cartoon xxx)

OK--Priorities now folks--who's seen the ROTK trailer online?

Who had the best muscle cars?

NEVER start an answerphone greeting with "Hello!"

The cat is washing my ear--- ask me anything!

Redskins WIN In SPITE of the Booth!

AP College football rankings......

XBox Question

Important question regarding war...

Dukes of Hazzard

Don't blame the pretzel

I just heard Althea Gibson died

Hey female DUers..has anyone started pre menopause before 40?

What do you think is the most unforgettable movie moment?

Damn kids....oops


Anyone Know Anything About Ovarian Cysts?

I'm making fettucini with scallop & shrimp cream sauce - ask me anything

My Father Just Got Back From The Will Pitt Speech!!!

I'm shaving my scrotum tomorrow, ask me anything.

Things We Learn From the Movies:


Bumper Snickers (more funnies)

Even More Bumper Snicker funnies

The SAD story of Mosby the unofficial mascot of Staunton, Va. (VERY sad)

Every team other than the VIkes is irrelevant at this point

Favorite vegetable?

Handy Latin Phrases

Wesley Clark drives a '92 Mazda Miata

Favorite movie soundtrack?

avoid Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Michigan

TIME cover: love it, love it, love it!

Vladimir Putin and Paul Begala look a lot alike, in my opinion. (pictures)

Poll: World's Best Ice Cream!

Anybody missing a kitten?

Bon Voyage of all CAPTIONS

'fess up!

The U.S. Navy answers the question:

George Carlin on the Gulf War

First daily (or so) salute to underappreciated workers! Wait Staff

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Baseball playoffs. First round prediction thread.

Weird Food Combinations you like to eat

Diablo II ? Any body have any input that would help?