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Archives: September 26, 2003

Global Eye -- Vanishing Act

How to ruin a great army? See Donald Rumsfeld

Bernie Weiner's PNAC Speech in Houston

Tweety Bird is such a fascist!!!

Questionable Vote (Missouri Senate CCW Veto Override)

Admins, a special welcome to our newest member...

An observation on new members since Rush

Is there any way to know how many registrations since the

Shalom tells UN General Assembly to stop discrediting Israel

So what's the deal with the Oil in Iraq?

Dean Bashing? Who Cares!

Howard Dean Live at the Avalon added to Howard Dean TV!

I just saw a Dean ad on my TV......

How To Handle Frontrunner Clark?

Clark's Vietnamese lesson

Carol Moseley Braun... You Go Girl!

This game is getting old

Final opportunity tonight to whine about bashing

John Kerry Should Heed His Own Advice

Dean's Bat: Swelling Faster

Max Cleland for Vice President

if the Fairness doctrine is put back in place

Governor Davis Town Hall Meeting on KNBC

Reminder: Debate re-broadcast (9 pm Eastern) on MSNBC

new adjective for *

if anyone is interested the debate is being replayed 9:00pm est

Et tu FOX?


anyone hear about this...

Why do our candidates keep namechecking Syria as a "threat"?

MOYERS - Interview w/ Peter Peterson, Fed. Reserve Bank of NY

Two Very Important Questions

Mike Malloy on BBV and BevHarris --- link

NIGHTLINE 9/25/03: Interview with GEN ZINNI

the Sundance Channel is making a documentary about the 2000 election

Are we pushing the Republicans further right?

Bush I appointee rules "Do Not Call" Unconstitutional - Free Speech...

So Clark Didn't Do Well at the Debate?

Congressman Sabo (D-MN) Introduces Same Day Voter Registration Bill

Max Cleland on with Aaron Brown tonight.

Once again Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot by nominating...

A challenge to all lurkers...

Clark's detractor to face questioning

I just watched the movie "The Net". It reminded me of Diebold...and

Debate transcripts?

9/11 as a debate topic!

Why did Tweety have Tammy Faye Baker on last night?

WSJ editorial board debate analysis on CNBC now

As expected, the Dean supporters and their...

Malloy is hot tonight!

ohboy! Bev Harris is Mike Malloy's guest tomorrow night.

The policy which PRETENDS to aspire to PEACE but unerringly generates war

... Why do we care so much about California Governorship?

Clark is a quick study

Bush thinks you are an idiot

Tweety Just Said Lieberman, Kerry, And Gephardt

As much as I dislike Lieberman, I thoroughly enjoyed his remark

Some questions for rush "ass boil" limbaughtomy

When Did Clark Say These Things?

Overextending Reserve and Guard tours is a political disaster

WTF: Liberal Playing Cards?!?!

Are there too many Democrats in the pack...

Do you think Arnold will get the Indian vote?

Enjoy everyone

Genl Zinni on Nightline comparing Iraq to Gulf of Tonkin res. NOW!!!!

Fun talking point to enrage republicans- "Coalition of the Willing"

New Bridge Strategies LLC (Bushies cashing in)

Bush Inc's Tours to sell Patriot Act and Economic Lies

Limpballs promoting Dean and Kerry

Why Wes Clark over Al Gore?

In last nights,When Arnold was asked about

I will say this about Sharpton...

Honestly, who won the debate?

"I LEARN THINGS" says Gray Davis

What the hell has happened the the concept of a political DEBATE?!

Bush may start another war, with Iran

Feedback from a DIEHARD Republican

You gotta love what Al said

Nightline: A conversation with General Anthony Zinni

how did Chimp got a still named after him while still in office

Did Anyone Else Think the Debate Format sucked?

I told you he was smart

My leanings for the nomination.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on MSNBC

BBV: Bev Harris on Mike Malloy at

Good News For Patriotic Republicans!

Anyone here an expert on JAPANESE politics? PM to dissolve parliament

Rush, you Fascist Pigboy, are you trolling at DU tonight?

Diebold and Lauch Faircloth contributions (Christian Reconstructionism)

Clark looks a lot like Bush. Anyone else notice this resemblance?

Report - Cheney still own 433,000 options on Halliburton stock......

Holy Cow!!! I'm BLOWN away!!!!

Anybody Here Graduate From New College in Sarasota, FL?

Clark: The "enemy" of my enemies is NOT my candidate...

Jon Stewart's Daily Show has Jonah Goldberg tonight.

Bush plans to invade 7 countries

heads up - daily show - California Debate

Max Cleland on CNN

Kerry interview with Paula Zahn on CNN (8:30 pm Eastern)


Hey Kerry: The middle class will be paying back that "cut" in state taxes

powell on late night....(nbc)

Boy are we screwed

BBV: Chart: 12 vulnerabilities identified by Rubin, 4 addressed by SAIC

unDu this poll says Arnold won

How many candidates should drop out by Dec. 1

Ever feel like you're banging your head against a FUCKING WALL?

Volunteers Needed... energy deregulation - made easy

Will the voting machines be fair? (WA)

Six killed in Israeli raids

AfghaniScam:Livin' Large Inside Karzai's Reconstruction Bubble

Edward Said, Leading Advocate of Palestinians, Dies at 67

Clark Avoids Criticism, Specifics in First Debate: AP News Analysis

'Bank-robbing minister pleads guilty'

Democracy Receding in Russia

Clash Over Postwar Iraq Rises in Congress

Top U.S. commander predicts more fighting (Sanchez)

Update: California bans all spam e-mail

No, this grandma didn't download 'I'm a Thug'

NYT: Commander Doesn't Expect More Foreign Troops in Iraq

Americans questioning Bush's $87 billion request

Supreme Court to weigh in on libel vs. satire case

Air Force Analysts Feel Vindicated on Iraqi Drones

Powell sees 'convergence' for U.N. resolution

Inspectors in Iran Find Highly Enriched Uranium at an Electrical Plant

Guantanamo Guards Embraced Islam: Algerian MP

WP: In GOP, Concern Over Iraq Price Tag

Blair loyalists urge PM to distance himself from Bush and right wing

Reuters Calls for U.S. Report on Cameraman's Death

NYT: Powell Gives Iraq 6 Months to Write Constitution

new Battleground poll: 39% re-elect for Bush

Powerful EQ Rocks Northern Japan More Than 230 Hurt PowerOutages Reported

Automatic college spots for Texas' top grads under fire

Brazil's Drug Copying Industry

Second Federal Judge Blocks Do-Not-Call Registry

Need advice, fellow DUers.

New England DUers I loved that bambino's curse thing on HBO

Back in Dallas for a few days.

even though it doesn't matter...Twins just went up 4-3 to give

Howard Dean is our Martin Sheen

My computer has been a Virus Festival today

14 RUNS.......18 HITS.......BOSOX ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must have for you pet owners:

Helloooo Liberalllllzzz, Rush Limbaugh Here!!

Who remembers refrigerator alphabet magnets??

Congratulations, Bleachers! MENTIONED ON LIMBALLZ!

Family Dysfunction : Favouritism

'Secondhand Lions' to feature LOTR trailer this weekend!

My response to an anti-Muslim e-mail that someone got on another thread:

Is DU the largest site for people like us?

"I have jes' signed legislation..."

Any March 22 birthdays?...when is your birthday?

Without a Trace

Buffy the Vampire Slayer my tv guilty pleasure

Passport Question

More free time to Arnold on FOX--Hannity is "town halling" him

hey SI subscribers

Anybody buy Family Guy DVD volume 2, season 3 yet?

Great turnout for Young Dems meeting

Who saw the new show Coupling?

Is 1 a prime number?

Flame Me If You Want... But I Cry Every Time I Watch "Steel Magnolias"

Brothers, Sisters, We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

In a crappy mood, go ahead ask me something...


My wiener dog is bigger than Bush's*. WIll he invade my kitchen?

HELP! I'm having a little problem seeing the resemblence, SAVE ME!

Red Sox Clinched!

Wow, I didn't know an ambulance ride was that expensive!

Sad but good story

Momma don't let your babies grow up to be linemen

Shakeydave asks people for New College info & gets called a racist!

Why I love the Sierra Club

Who thinks orange streetlights are creepy?

Help with a mixed drink?

I will never be polite to a telemarketer again


The Unofficial Rush "Hello From The Lounge" thread

I witnessed "turtle love" a short while ago.....

Who here likes Moon Pies?

Cruelty to animals: Where is the line?

Quick! Who was the company that admitted valid voters were purged?

Airplane geeks! What is an 'F-Eleven' Bomber???

Bush Action Doll: Anatomically Correct?

My stepson and his wife are expecting again...

Bears vs. Packers. I made a bet I'm sure to lose...

Rush Limbaugh

My sons band just opened for Maynard Ferguson!

I Hear Bagpipes!

I found Nemo today!

Top ten favorite albums of all time

See Lost in Translation...

Tonight was a good night....

Marijuana... Some reflections

Non-alcoholic drinks suck.

WP: Oil Folly

WP: Remember Chechnya

OK Judge Flooded with Calls from Angry Consumers

General Zinni's Speech to Naval Institute

LAT : GOP Always Falls Down on the Jobs

Karnow - Vietnam's Shadow Lies Across Iraq

Why has the US government imprisoned Captain Yee?

WP: Cheney's Ties to Halliburton

Baghdad safer under Saddam

WP: GOP Concerned over Iraq Price Tag

Salon: Falling Down (Out of Work in Bush*s America)

The Courage of Our Convictions...(one for aussies)


U.S. Poverty Rate Up, Income Down (except Grasso, Cheney}

Bush goes to UN while 74 vote to not fund the UN. I did not know this.

Small state has bigger clout

'Electoral Dysfunction': Latest from Mark Fiore

Vanishing Act

Why are Bush's own actions on 9/11 and his lies about them never discussed

'Falling down': A great piece from Salon today.

MWO: Bush Support in AZ on par with Saddam's in Baghdad (!!!)

Someone in the Clark campaign PLEASE READ THIS!

StarTribune Editorial: WMD / They Appear Not To Exist

A Fair and Balanced cartoon

File this one under Un-#$%@#*&-believable - TPM

U.S. Constitution Under Threat in Climate of Fear

Krauthammer: Ted Kennedy, Losing It

Minnesota DUers: See 'Unprecedented' at the Riverview Theater!

Seattle DUers, going to the March to Miami demonstration Saturday 9/27?

Boston area DUers, Al Fraken in Cambridge Sept. 29

National Enquirer and Star special edition praise Arnold just before 10/7

Is Imus A Right Winger?

Primary Candidate Bias: National Public Radio and the media establishment

Rush Limbuaghs Plan

Limbaugh spreads Clinton Body Count urban Legend 9/26

Newsworld International: "The best channel you can't watch"

What Republicans really believe but won't admit

Dogs 'share 75% of human genes'

Rumsfeld 2003 astrological influences

Need help with 2 Nostradamus Quatrains

Much more Queer Eye, but first, about those salaries...

do straight people have "brunch"

CARTOONS! The "PNAC Playhouse" Edition

Fatal 'no-knock' search trial draws interest

Boys will be girls as sex change bill passed - SA

Amina Lawal won't be stoned

BBC: U.S. Abortion Rule 'Hits Africa Women'

I'm embarrassed to ask a dumb question, but...

A cheaper way to create PDF files - RoboPDF 3.0

Iraqi council member dies from wounds

Crack SA battalion heads for DRC

Bomb blast on Ethiopian train

Gunmen attack school kids - India

'Report-a-mistress' campaign fares well - PI

Position Statement on Current Medicare drug reform

ADAP officials say rapid HIV tests could overwhelm the programs

FYI DUer's and thyriod patients Misinformation on Armour

I'm throwing this out for discussion......

GUNS IN THE NEWS - September 26, 2003

Should the penalty be the same....

Lead poisoning, are you concerned?

Where to post upcoming event ....

I need a clairification...

I'd like to request a thread of mine be removed...

I'm sure there is a logical explanation

How many chars per line in the standard posting window?

why is the death of a pop star not LBN?

Please move my post

I hereby request a Will Rogers avatar...


UN agency protests against Israeli raid on West Bank hospital

Bereaved Father Accuses IDF of Unethical Policies - Toward Israelis

Sharon Affirms Desire to 'Remove' Arafat

Mideast quartet blasts Palestinian attacks, Israeli settlements

What if a Harvard Student Did This? Alan Dershowitz Exposed

remember Rosh Hashanah

I'm a Dean supporter, but.....

Dean on Face the Nation This Sunday

Hartford Courant Caucus: FAMILY AFFAIR (Howard Dean)

Quotes from Debate by Al and Joe

Senator John Kerry Calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation

Dean has double-digit New Hampshire lead over Kerry

Republican campaigner for 2 Bushes backs Dean

ABCNote notes on Debate Issues - RNC plans, Canadiates emails.

The Money Is On the Wall (Dean)

Will the votes for a replacement be counted if Davis isn't recalled?

Democrats spare Clark, go after Dean

Kerry video from CNN Paula Zahn's show on Kerry blog..Great interview!

Dean: 'Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz Must Go' -petition

"Dean Dominates Fundraising Rush"

Postcard from the best doctor in America

Ha Ha Ha! "Women for Arnold"......half are men! Hilarious.

DK supporters...Matthews on TODAY-phone in action alert

Kerry closing the gap in NH, Clark cuts into Dean's independent support

Bashing, flame bait and troll bait here, please

EDWARDS TO APPEAR ON FOX (sorry about the caps -- not mine)

I'm Glad The Other Candidates Are Attacking Dean

Kerry Is The Steady Workhorse of The Race

Dean imitates Kerry, calling for Rummy's resignation

Clark Has Early Lead with Core Dems in New Wisconsin Poll

Dean speaks Spanish in newest ads

My two cents on the debate

Yours truly featured in AP article

Who will come in second in fund raising this quarter? I say Edwards

IL: Half of voters undecided on Senate pick, poll finds

Danziger on Clark

Dean's appeal (for the Dem Cabal)

Clark praised current cabinet and *?

Rob Reiner's letter to Dean supporters.

Dean cribs a page from the G.W. Bush playbook

Dean Joins Kerry in Seeking Rumsfeld Resignation

Kerry has raised nearly $140,000 in one day

Just a third of Arizonans give thumbs up to Bush second term

Dean's allusion of "Bush Lite" - read on

Kucinich at Wall Street debate

Buddy Leach for governor in Louisiana

Howard Dean Should Heed His Own Advice.

Electability is a Red Herring Issue

Dean is known for his temper- for better or worse

Dennis Kucinich helped us get into Iraq

Who should drop out?

Candidate bumper stickers in NH

Anyone else see the Dean ad on MSNBC tonight?

It's actually possible to be this stupid?

As we discuss the Energy Bill:

if ESPN wanted a fan for its pre game show?

Daily Show Goldberg interview.

Whenever I Hear of...Another Death in Iraq

Bush's Faith-Based Czar J.Towey calls hiring smart people "discrimination"

10 Canidates lets get back congress instead.

Wow, $87,000,000,000, that's a lot.

Question about Bush's 80 billion dollar package...

Thinking caps, please: A question re David Kay and WMD

Sorry, but I have to vent re: one of Al Sharpton's comments.

HELP! I'm having a little problem seeing the resemblence, SAVE ME!

Message to Mister Rush Limbaugh: DU Lurker/Dimestore Propaganda Dipshit

Caffeine-76, A Challenge?

BBV: [Tech/Theory] "Electronic Voting" by Ronald Rivest, MIT

how did Chimpy get a school named after him while still in office

BBV: [Tech/Theory] "Authentication for Remote Voting" by Avi Rubin et al.

Ask yourself, if 9-11 and what you now know ...

Bernie Ward has Paul Krugman on NOW!

Would the following canidates please leave the race:

Inside the Ring

BBV: [Tech/Theory] Practical Multi-Candidate Election System

More Job Losses

This is one cool Bush card.

Rush, are you testing the waters for our reaction?

Sick of Bush

Graham in big fund raising trouble

Who'll be the first to bail?

Running mate?

Holy crap

who's going to vote for Arnold?

A political tactic

DIEBOLD: Md. to use 'high-risk' voting machines

They need to call up...more National Guard...are the freepers ready to go?

There won't be a Draft! Here's why

Partial list of military bases to be closed/realigned during BRAC 2005

China bans 'disgusting' TV ads

John Kerry, if you are lurking, please read

Cartoons for the late, late crowd

I also like Dick Gephart

Cartoon: Asscruft's plans for us

What should we call the Bush "tax cut"?

Colin Powell on Letterman tonight. Desperate spin mode. "Iraq is Great!"

The California Debate Interpreted.

Cheney exposed: he still gets paid by Halliburton

BUSH* Was Fucking Destroyed in the Debates-gone, history, out of here

Mosley-Braun hits one out of the park

C-Span now comments on Democratic debate - 8:03 ET

Vaughn Ververs on "Washington Journal": Graham close to dropping out...

What kind of commander invites fire on his own troops?

Just heard Robert Palmer has died.

My "SNL skit" on yesterday's debate

Debate Winner: Edwards

My e-mail from Rob Reiner!! (Dean supporter!)

For the self proclaimed Moderates...

DEBATE replaying on C-Span NOW - 10 Eastern

Deleted message

Outrageous - Read how $20B to be spent in Iraq . (WP Story)

heads up on replay of democratic debate

CSPAN is re-running the debate...

Who thinks the "Conspiracy of Silence" Washinton Times picture...

Powell sets deadline of 6-months for Iraqi Constitution

Our military was very fortunate today

Clark's presence changed the tone of the entire debate..

I'm more bothered by email spam than phone telemarketers

Wow...And I thought the GOP was bad about Clinton...

Has * ever answered a tough question in his life

why has the number of abortions gone down?

Josh Marshall on Clark's Repub dinner speech:

Singer Robert Palmer dies

SAIC gets a Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering award - odd timing?

What did you think of the set of last night's debate? Notice the pink?

Bush* looks a lot like HITLER. Anyone else notice this resemblance?

John Edwards's Green message about shareholder rights.

He ain't my brother, he's heavy

PNAC agenda 2004: Who's next on the list?

Colin Powell/Kofi Annan Press Conference - CNN Now (11:20 am)

Californians: Be very afraid of Chickenegger

Yes, Clark has known the 'PNACers'--a case of guilt by association?

Austin anti-PATRIOT Act resolution - WE WON!!!

My ongoing discussion with my cousin on the failed Alabama tax referendum



Watching C-Span

the next person to shoot an abortion provider

Re: California Recall: I think Cruz Bustamante should withdraw

Deleted message

TV News Lies Live Broadcast Starting Now

I like Wesley Clark. I like Howard Dean.

Mary Landrieu Has Been Kicking Ass On C-Span 2.

The French get revenge

At times I am worried and depressed that we may revisit '72

French card deck names 'most dangerous' U.S. leaders

The GOP wants Dean. Let me explain.

BBV question

BBV - The people respond to puff-piece on Diebold

O'Reilly's book

Hey, Ain't Bush's girls and Nephews about DRAFT AGE? Time to sign up kids!

The war in Iraq is OVER

Which underrated issue should the candidates be talking about more?

I don't believe they really want to find Saddam now

Eight career politicians, an officer and a gentleman...

Reminder: Bill Moyers NOW - In God We Trust - separation of church & state

Here's what I want to happen in Iraq, PERFECT WORLD

Sharpton was awesome last night

Are There Any Medical or Mental Health Professionals Out There??

Clark Has Early Lead with Core Dems in New Wisconsin Poll

NZ broadcaster calls Annan "cheeky Darkie"..Protests erupt

What disturbs me about the "Bush-hating" talk of late...

Hackworth on Clark

I will be voting Clark

Breakdown of time given to Dem candidates...

video link to last nights Austin anti-pat act

Personality tests at work

Is everyone aware singer Robert Palmer died?

Framing a Democratic Agenda

About GOP attacks of "French-Looking Candidate Kerry"

Kennedy speaking on CSP2 NOW (Dupe)

Another General takes on BushCo!

Anyone know who is endorsing Dean today?

Could the deficit reach $1.5 trillion in 2004?!

Let's make a DU state and secede from the U.S. With Gore as our Pres.

here's one of Arnold's business scams

$20 Billion to Rebuild Iraq ??? Dems should just say "NO" ...

The Debate Tonight Clearly Settled One Thing.


Daschle sold out on gun legislation - coward

Conspiracy of Silence...The Bush Rape Story

What if Limbaugh tried to disrupt DU

Why I Didn't Renew My Reader's Digest Subscription...

How to ruin a great army? See Donald Rumsfeld

Arrrgh... when are these lesser candidates gonna drop out?

Clark Ahead in Wisconsin, and several other states

Kent Conrad on CSPAN-2

comic book fans . . . remember this? . . .

Ted Kennedy on CSPAN-2

Regarding Cheney's efforts to deny his Halliburton ties...

CLARK: Video of Speech on Economy in NY

The DNC sucks. Here's why...

FAUX NEWS Participants Overwhelmingly Choose Clark in Poll

Remember "tax and spend" Democrats?

despite all the obvious corruption of the bush admin...

Dixie Chicks, flying high

Did everyone else know that the Muslim Chaplain arrest was 2 months ago?

The Latest Zogby Poll of Iraqis

DIEBOLD executive to keep lower Profile

The winner of the CA debate was...

Each of us know who we want to get the nomination. Who does the GOP want?

Deleted message

Bushism of the day

As if any of us needed another reason to suspect Halliburton/Cheney...

Perplexed by Bush's Travel Plans

Anyone look at the Washington post today?

NPR Science Friday - Voting Machines, ESS, Doug Jones, Rush Holt Right NOW

Iraq: Clusterfuck Shit Pie

I Received A Flyer At Work Asking Me To Help Support The Patriot Act

Why is NAFTA good for the American worker?


Do you currently work for a Democratic PRESIDENTIAL Candidate?

the story about Yee is inconsistent with other secrecy

Offensive GOP t-shirts

I was very disappointed by Kerry last night....

Clark, the video and Republican National FEAR!

Where's the love for John Edwards?

I'm Noticing A Great Thing Tonight!!!!

Limbaugh refers to DU post

Clark supporters "The media" thinks Clark did fine

Limbaugh is still accusing Clintons of murder

How Low Can Bush's Ratings Go?

Senators Not Voting

Casting a part for dreams rather than for reality

Someone in the Clark campaign PLEASE READ THIS!

BBV: "Cyberinsecurity : The Cost of Monopoly" slams MS's black-box code

Any thoughts on a "Misery Index for Campaign 2004?"

Milky Way Eats Up Sagittarius

How strong is your support for your candidate? (Part 2)

Young Republicans hold Affirmative Action Bakesale

Losing battle...

How strong is your support for your candidate? (Part 1)

How strong is your support for your candidate? (Part 1)

How strong is your support for your candidate? (Part 1)

Retired Minister goes on stabbing spree

Levi Strauss (jeans) closes ALL U.S. plants

How strong is your support for your candidate?

Who's the funniest candidate?

Sean Penn was wrong to go to Iraq and Bruce Willis is right...How come??

Enough with the Nixon nostaglia!

You KNOW it's bad when Lieberman

Please do your bit to vote this jingoistic photo off Yahoo

Surprising poll "Did Saddam have anything to do with 9/11"

Sitting down? Bush re-elect in Arizona is only 34%

Should we elect a Republican and pretend he's a Democrat?

I hate to state the obvious, but the media is ignoring Cheney's lies...

Looks like Arizona will easily be a blue state in 2004

Rumsfeld the poet

Clark's sordid fundraising past

PEW Research Center: Bush Reelect Margin Narrows to 45%-43%

GOP theme song in California Gubernatorial race?

US: Iraq for Sale

Cheney Off The Ticket?


Wonder what they're cooking up to stop little hitler's poll free-fall

Does Writing Your Congressperson/Senator REALLY Help?

You know * is in trouble when spam mail starts hawking him

Is there a copy of that Pilger British TV expose around?

Inside Politics just reported

One thing about the dem debate that I noticed. No high tech mention.

Hey, it's 'Talk Like Bill O'Reilly' Day!

Polling News for California ?

Why do Clintons support Clark..?

BBV: NM voting (state education amendment) generates confusing results

Winning over the NASCAR dads

Eminent domain in energy bill.....has it passed yet? Worries me.

Anyone else here besides me still undecided on a candidate?

"Sanctity of Marriage" Resolution in My Hometown

Yahoo!: Signs Show U.S. Underestimated Iraq War (can you say DUH!!!)

Bush/Newsmax using hint of PORN to garner support?

RNC Logic

trade union job vacancies US and UK

French card deck names US leaders as "most dangerous"

Win me over to NASCAR

The real question about Clark is one of credibility in the eyes of Dems

Clarkies note: US policy has always been PNAC-like. Only more so now.

Clark Enters Race, Debates; Anyone Still Undecided?

Holy Joe Slams Clark

I think it is time for an Armageddon:

Does anyone have

Iran next?

Is This Unbelievable Spin from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page?

Some more from the Clark Republican speech:

A Tale of Two Generals: Clark versus Powell

CA (and other interested) DU'ers; Ahnold would like a word with you:

I just got a vomitous e-mail from Newsmax

Dean- a set up for easy victory? or do they really fear him?

presidents & their dogs | new TOONS

ATTENTION KUCITIZENS (and others who care about the TRUTH)

I know this

Were the Greens just sowing seeds in 2000?

"Pooty Poot" and illegal election campaigning in Russia

Hail Freedonia, Now Don't You Cry For Me: In Which Perpetual War is Sold

(Question) How much should our candidates' position on the WAR matter?

Crossfire: Carville Quotes Powell

Government Recalls Segways

Exporting Censorship to Iraq (SAIC)

Lunaville has 309 American dead

The Clark Repub dinner speech in it's entirety

How bogus is this? Corporate Free Speech?!

Should This be Bothersome?

Slips of the tongue from the Warmongers

CNN Video: Letterman throws questions; Powell dodges

Davis challenges Muscle Head, to debate the lies he spewed out…

Anyone have a video, picture, of Rumsfeld/Saddam?


Does The Clark Campaign "Get" the Internet

"I Get a Pain In My Eye When I Drink Coffee"

RECALL: thinking conservatives vote NO

What percentage of homosexuals vote Democratic?

The Last Temptation of Tweety: I thought I saw a sycophant - I did, I did!

"Frasier" Wants to Run for Senate in California

CBS News: HItting on the Economy

Glenn Beck - Puppy Killer

C-SPAN Washington Journal Weekend Schedule

Only Clark showed up to the DNC fundraiser for the non-rich

CNN Presidential poll

Is the Free Press A Fair Press?

Question about DNC funds

Republicans Make us safer somebody please tell me how.

Bwwwwakk Bwaaaaak Arnold the Chicken

This Palast Quote nearly killed me

NBC News: Brokaw SLAPS chimpy

Students for Dean

Kucinich, Maloney and Sanders..Go after Cheney

US soldier killed in Kirkuk , +2 wounded

MUST Read TPM - Iraq Fiefdoms for Sale

Bush Is A PunkAss Chump Forced to Eat Crow at UN

Watching the debate last night...

Wesley Clark: Testimony to Congress House Armed Services Comm.

Was Jonah Goldberg on Meth?

Gray Davis has challenged Arnold to a debate

When is Will Pitt coming to Baltimore?

Dean: Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz must Go!!

Tweety (Disciplined/Reprimanded?) for Interrupting

This is why Clark makes me very nervous

You know you are a threat to power when you come under increasing attack..

Australia: US press covers for Powell's & Bush lies

Went to a local debate (Ontario Election) last night...

A Freeper Vote For Arnold Is Like A Matcom Vote For Lieberman!

Donna Brazile on Hardball: Can Clark Get The Dems Back In The White House?

CNBC talking about WMDs and David Kay

Peak Oil Production--Why we attacked Iraq

Dean is labeled "too liberal" simply because

Clark-fans: Tell us your views on the military-industrial complex..

Where do I get the Real Story on Reagan?

Who's the annoying woman on Hairball?

Interesting take on the NY Debate by

Second lawsuit targets Calfornia's DP law

Brandon Teena killer loses appeal

Wesley Clark: The Rolling Stone Interview

General Clark and Flip Flops

This no-call crap has to be a distraction. Hell Florida already HAS ONE!

Byrd: 'Marshall Plan to Bush Iraqi Plan: No Comparison'

Great Article About * In The New Republic

Today on Crossfire...

Arnold shouting down Arianna

2 different views on the mental state of a arrogant coward

Anti-Bush msg in office e-mail: the tide must be turning!

Bush was smeared on NBC news just now!!!

Bruce Willis Offers $1,000,000,00 For The Capture of Saddam

Latest news on now posted

larry klayman is a lunatic

Who Should Win the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election?

Gender Gap Among DUers re Democratic Candidates Part2

Gender Gap Among DUers re Democratic Candidates

First Lady Being Sent Out To Do Dirty Work

FL pension manager invests in for-profit Edison Schools. Jeb says ok.

I have something to say about Ted Kennedy

Guess I'm in the minority on this Do Not Call thing....

An Open Letter to Mr. Rush Limbaugh

Will we get the Mapplethorpe pictures of Arnold in time?

C-SPAN ALERT: Wes Clark Town Meeting Tonight @ 7:00 pm

"The Wrecking Crew" - A True Crime Story

Two tickets that make sense

Clinton never blamed Bush Sr. for the crappy economy he inherited.

VERY creepy -- Arnold as PRESIDENT, thanks to Orrin Hatch...

BBV - Electronic Voting Violates the Constitution - Important Read***

BBV on Talk of the Nation (NPR) now

CNN/Money: Economy not expected to hurt Bush re-election

Rep. Russ Holt can't get any Repugs to sign up for Voter Machine Reform!

How would you respond to these bigots?

A Heads Up to All DUers

Entire site confiscated

Kerry says T-shirts show GOP's antigay bigotry

CBS Marketwatch "Voting Machine security risks" upcoming segment 9/27-28

What if Bush wins?

Mike Vreeland

Conservatives mad at Borders and Barnes & Noble

I know it's waaay too early for this, but is anyone else drooling

I Give Howard Dean Credit for One Huge Thing

Take Back the Media to do TOP of the HOUR News at IEAMERICA Radio!

"We're teens, we're cute, we're radical to boot!

Couple of things no one ever talks about....

It only makes sense that many here are protecting Clark

Should Hillary enter the race?

Kucinich: 'Clark was part of Iraqi Rebuild plans in July'??!! WTF!?

The debates are conclusive: Clark is a flop

Is there video of last night's debate?

what turned america's cops ugly?

Election Reform Meet-Ups - - Take the BBV message to the streets

WP: Davis Seen as Debate's Winner

Blix book to detail run-up to W-ar

Iran under pressure over uranium 'find'

judge says telemarketing is protected as Free Speach...

Straw outlines Iraq power transfer

UK minister slams US ''axis of evil fantasy''-paper

Mortar Attack on Market Kills Eight Iraqis

Airman detailed to Cuba despite suspicions

Clark advised Congress July: Accept 5 year $245Billion Occupation of Iraq

Bulger appointed as Florida director of new immigration agency

US troops to get 15-day leave from Iraq

In GOP, Concern Over Iraq Price Tag-Some Doubt Need For $20.3 Billion

One soldier killed, 2 wounded in ambush in Northern Iraq (Friday)

Robert Palmer died.

Some Iraq Troops Arrive in Md. for R&R

Freddie Mac Delays Releasing Revised Numbers- Could Exceed $4.5B Error

Powell Asking Europeans to Shun Arafat

Cheney's Ties to Halliburton

Debate Behind Them, Candidates Seek Edge

Germany smashes porn ring

Kodak shares dive 18% (when Kodak asks investors to *gasp* invest)

More Connecticut soldiers could be deployed

CIA recruiting Saddam’s secret police

Muslims in America flee to Canada, fearing deportation

Spain's prime minister visits Miami

French card deck names 'most dangerous' U.S. leaders

CNet: Microsoft critic ("MS threat to Nat. Security") dismissed by @Stake

Pakistani Intelligence Officials Arrest Two With Suspected Al-Qaida Links

Bush, Powell Defend Remark On Iraq's Weapons Capability

CNet: Computer shipments, new orders decline

Levi closing North American plants

Six Convicted of Paying off North Korea to Hold Summit

Recall Spending Tops $50 Million

CNet: Calif. governor signs e-waste bill

China to Launch First Manned Spacecraft {NYT}

Document: Spy suspect probed before arrival in Cuba prison

Brazilian president seeks to keep today's Cuba visit low-key

Recall candidate would make Davis chief of staff

Governor Names Judges to San Francisco and Sutter Superior Courts

Mixed views on new voting machines (San Diego)

Did anyone besides me see a link about al-queda in Virginia?

State Pension Fund Invests in Controversial for-Profit School Company(Fl.)

Bush to Seek Putin's Support on Iraq, Iran

Robert Palmer RIP

Author George Plimpton dies at age 76

Promises of Iraq Aid Lower Than Expected-U.S. Source

US Hopes for Iraq Document in 6 Mons(constitution w/elections 6 mo latter)

U.S. Issues Recall for Segway Scooters

Iraqi leader mourned

Poverty Rate Rises for Second Year in Row

NPR Science Friday - Voting Machines, ESS, Doug Jones, Rush Holt Right NOW

Expectations shrink in hunt for Saddam's weapons

Ex-Centcom Head Questions Iraq War Intelligence

Milky Way Eats Up Sagittarius

Tightest security to protest Bush on 2 day stay with the Queen

Poverty Rises, Income Down, Census Says

2 years in a row, more in poverty

Daschle supports proposal on guns

All Segway Scooters recalled (but Bush still looks dumb)

Columbine Statements Ordered Destroyed


Just a third of Arizonans give thumbs up to Bush second term

US tries to drop charges against 9/11 'conspirator'

Iraq May Have Helped 1993 WTC Bomber ?

Wolfowitz says significant U.S. forces expected to remain in Iraq through

NEWS ALERT: Consumer Product Safety Commission Announces Recall of Segway

Iran Says It Is Not Developing Atomic Weapons and Will 'vigorously Pursue'

Four Iraqi civilians dead from US gunfire: hospital officials

Bush ‘escape train’ under N.Y. hotel

Congress Defunds Controversial 'Total Information' Program

CBS News: Damage Control In Zoo Deaths

Sacramento Kings owners give $100,000 to beat California recall

Yahoo: IBM Files New Claims Against SCO in Linux Case

China may soon launch manned spacecraft

At least 11 Iraqis wounded by US gunfire: witnesses

AP: Dean leads in New Hampshire as Clark grabs third place

CBS Evening News: 1 US Soldier Killed in Iraq

Schwarzenegger gets big boost from former foes

Father of two US soldiers in Iraq: Rumsfeld must resign

Sharpton Praises Kennedy's Stand on Iraq

Venezuela's Chavez Rages at U.S. Over 'Terrorists'

CNET News: Microsoft critic dismissed (FIRED) by @Stake

Cheney still has ties with Haliburton panel concludes

Clark Attacked For GOP Ties

Lieberman slams Clark following debate

Deadly Dose Of Daycare

Rumsfeld defends $87bn war request as 'exit strategy' (ROFLMAO!)

Southern Baptists Report Donations Drop

Kucinich leads move in Congress to curb controversial Patriot Act

2 years in a row, more in poverty

Signs Show U.S. Underestimated Iraq War

SF Chronicle: (Arnold's) Debate barbs put gender gap in the spotlight

134,000 Lost Jobs in August 'Mass Layoffs'

Bush is criticized on Medicare effort

Anti-Illegitimate Births Grants Awarded

Cheney debate rekindles

Bands Rock Against Bush

Playing like a girl is goal for boys


Dean, Kerry call on Rumsfeld to quit

breaking on CNN Davis Challenges Arnold to Debate

Bruce Willis' $1m Saddam bounty

Karzai Tells AP About al-Qaida's Demise

Kerry says T-shirts show GOP's antigay bigotry

Economy grew at better-than-expected 3.3 percent rate

CNBC just reported that CIA has asked that White House be investigated

Iraq Mortar Attack Kills 9, Wounds 15 (non-US)

Janklow pleads NOT GUILTY to charge of Involuntary Manslaughter...

Democrat Dean calls for blunt talk (from Bush) on sex, AIDS

Election Systems & Software Awarded New Mexico Statewide Voter Registratio

Bush Fully Committed to Democratic Transition in Cuba

Condom supply to Africa hit by US abortion policy

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King trailer: See here on Monday:

Bid now on a LimpBalls commemorative:

Has anyone heard the entire new Death Cab For Cutie?

I'm just a few posts away from 300, ask me anything!

Hendrix is on VH1 right now

sometimes it's the little things about the Freepers...

Ben and J. Lo

I was just the victim of a very cruel joke

GEN- xers what's your favourite Abba tune?

do you know anyone who joined the fundy boycott of disney?

Another fun moment with my ABB shirt

Welcome our newest member, please:

Need a giggle? Fark thread on Clark v. Limbaugh

Dixie Chicks response to "news" ...leaving country....(to funny)

New Bush doll... compliments of Wonk

I was watching Sweet Charity on, there was this dancer

2:20 am P.S.T. Anyone out there????

Near perfect Ahh-Nold cartoon.

anyone here ever worked for a telemarketer?

It's going to take me 8 years to get a 5-year degree.

An option (sort of) for folks while the "no-call" list is tied up in court

OK, so I fell alseep watching the debate...

Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU!

I have to confess my guilty pleasure this morning.

Arnold's best "Evil Terminator" look

So when is Jon Stewart

Dr Who to return

Pictures of my kitties

Just heard Robert Palmer has died.

Yeah... Right! (What Nonsense!)

Weird & silly patents

NEVER...EVER send this link to someone at work

Are Your Local Calls 10-Digit Dialing? Or Are You In A 7-Digit Area?

Both my dog AND cat have been skunked this year. (nother rant)

The Dead Resurrected By TVs Tuned To TBN!

I got Simon and Garfunkel tickets!!!

DU gets T'inated

A Republican I can respect!

LOTR:ROTK fans: CNN to show preview clips (10:30 am 9/26)

Its The Haiku Parking Garage! (No Really!)

When did the ABC's "view" ditch the flag

Crack and Blow

Strange Sex In Public Parks "Dogging" Londoners

Hey! Where Is GOPIsEvil? I've Got Some Braggin' To Do


Franken keeps outselling O'Reilly on

Conservative Cookies

Play the Telescope game

What's The Biggest Fish You've Ever Caught?

Miracle!! Dead Chicken Resurrected By Jesus!

You're standing at the sink and something falls in the you...

No, it really doesn't matter at all....

ok - explain it to me

The voodoo robot child of all captions

Let's Get Physical!! Happy Birthday Olivia Newton-John!

Caption not needed, but what the hell

How much is that CAPTION in the window?

YANG's free picks for Monday Night Football

How to traumatize a Freeper for life

What's with the pillows,candles,cushions and throw rugs?

ROFL!!! Tucker Carlson has friends at Freeperland!

A Tribute To Dick Cheney

What does politics make?

The draft of the Iraqi constitution

Chain Of Fool

Where Has Crewleader Been. I Miss Her Bad.

Coffee and doughnuts are now being served in the Grotto parking lot.

Happy Rush Hashanah To All My Jewish Friends

I feel pretty stupid, could use a hug or something...

Ashcroft's Army (song by John McCutcheon, MP3 link)

How strong is your support for your candidate? (Part 2)

How strong is your support for your candidate? (Part 1)


How Is Today Going For You So Far?

Thank you...wherever/whoever you are.

On the eve of the Jewish New Year

Newyawker99 Is At 50,000 Minus 68 Posts!!!!


I'm more bothered by email spam than phone telemarketers

Going out to critical Cubs game today - wish us luck!!! Go Cubs!

Honest to Goodness Screenshot from Yahoo

Thoughts of a Soldier

Laugh Kitty, Laugh

BBV Irony: Diebold Secures The Founding Documents Of America's History

Are you aware it's talk like O'Reilly Day? No? So, Shut Up Already!!!

UPDATE on the Malawi Space Program

What's there to do in Vancouver, B.C.

Baseball playoffs best team play wildcard except

New DUers, TheEnemy??? Welcome


R&R soldiers have to pay their own way?

You have to love the caption of this one

Saving Snollygoster

comic book fans . . . remember this? . . .

welcome to our newest member, wlover...

Our local newspaper has a debate on the design for the state quarter.


Win me over to NASCAR


Die,! Die! Die!! Die!!!

Someone please solve the mystery:

I agree with President Bush

new hate radio advertisers 9/26

Robert Palmer has died.

Need some quick help about Faux News Channel please...

How Much Do You Weigh?

Who's going to win the NL Pennant?

2000+ registrations since yesterday afternoon!

"I Get a Pain In My Eye When I Drink Coffee"

I hate loath and despise the corporate media

The man who is directly responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing

Another question about no carb/low carb diet

What if someone is using my address???

Who's going to win the AL pennant?

If Cubs or Red Sox win the World Series I'll post my naked ass on DU

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 421.

What's your favorite flavor of Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper?

Idiocy still reigns supreme in Texas!

If I may impose on you

What's The Difference Between a Porcupine and a BMW 7 Series Sedan?

Don't look now!!!!

How come there are so many Mini Coopers all of a sudden?


Best Halloween Costume?

The Tampa Bay DevilRays Must Be THRILLED Right Now

If newyawker works at it for the next hour, she'll reach 50,000.

My homework is gay - and I need some gay help for it!

Anyone heard the new BOWIE album?

Which Nation Has The Most Beautiful Women?

Dr. Who is returning to the telly!

Earth, Wind and 'em or leave 'em?

anyone here know anything about wildlife/ducks?

Sexist toy-labeling

All-you-can-eat was too much

Whoo, Hoo! This is my 200th Post!

I'll be unemployed in 2 hours....Ask me anything!

This is one majorly crappy day....

I really need some help: Advice needed

Quick! Check your pockets!

How Deep is Your Love?

Bewitched.....loved it or hated it?

the Autumn White of all CAPTIONS

Okay, what's the BEST Christmas present you ever received?

The Mutant Masher of all CAPTIONS!!!

Here's to the office roller chair

Most Liberal/Progressive car models? I vote Subaru Outback/Legacy!

Anyone else just love Otis Redding?

Why does our society act so two-faced?

Bumper Snickers (attempted Funnies)

car models that you'd never see a bumper sticker for a Dem candidate on?

A potential employer was nasty to me on the phone

Favorite Robert Palmer song


Just Heard a Song I Haven't Heard in YEARS

Do we have anything at all in common with freeps?

The Graceless Lard of all CAPTIONS!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Boston Red Sox

Broken links?

Personality tests at work

Speaking of "Bewitched" check out my "Agnes Moorehead Archives"

HEY PHILLY: 8pm this Saturday - meet Ramsey and Me at Doobies


Worst Christmas gift ever RECEIVED?


new Savage Weiner Sponsors 9/25

know anyone who went to a fundie college?

newyawker99 just hit 50,000 posts!!!!!

CaptionFest : Bush Caught Masturbating

I don't buy levi's anymore

Will artificial intelligence tolerate the human race

My kitty is missing

You know, I was brought up in the church

Wellstone wallpaper?

How Tall Are You?

Any L.A. DUers going to the rally in Hollywood on Sunday???

Austin area DUers...Sept 28 pre-rally get-together

The Bold and the Beautiful

Some highlights from London Fashion Week (try wearing these to work!)

I can't cope tonight...

Writer George Plimpton has died.

Best Breed Of Dog