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Archives: September 22, 2003

Bush wonders where Americans got 'kooky' ideas (humor)

Gephardt's 'Medi-scare' campaign

Clintons Anoint Clark (Safire)

NYC Conference this Tuesday: Ethical Revolution and the World Crisis

Friedman of the Times declares war on France

Arthur Kellermann, the CDC, and Gun control...

It is my opinion that the following post was removed...

Boy, the new crop of mods on GD

What to do if a new DUer has an offensive screen name?

Very, very strange

Palestinian girl tells E. J'lem police she planned to stab officer

Dean's blog down for maintenance … real-time chat up in the meantime

Dean, Driven by the Grass Roots| WP

Edwards story in Des Moines Register

Kerry wins praise in NH

Mississippi Governor's race

The only poll we should worry about now: Bush Vs. Unnamed Dem

Dean vs Bush = 4 more years of Bush.

BG: A back condition wins Dean a Vietnam-era draft deferment

Arthur Kellermann, the CDC, and Gun control...

Must watch Emmy awards right now! Jon Stewart! 8:20 ET


Book alert

I know how to save $86 billion!

prayer: tomorrow's "latest" from Iraq will contain no casualties

Question for campaign junkies, is it to late for Bush to be primaried?

Need help finding campaign speeches by Bush 41.

Anyone have a link to a transcript/video of Democratic debate?

The Nation: Bush at the UN--More Misleading To Come?

Bush: Kennedy's Comments About War in Iraq 'Uncivil'

Where do our candidates stand on Cheney's energy bill?

West Coast DU'ers: Are you watching 60 minutes?

Saw Gephardt tonight, surprised how much I liked him.

Are Bush and Rove running scared ?

Recall---------Wingnut Talking Point

The "liberal" 3-judge panel in San Francisco is worst in the nation....

Who are Halliburton's competitors?

Is Dean the Crypto-Republican Candidate?

Married Veteran Seeks Hot, Steamy...

BBV: "The Republican Principle of Openness to the Public"

Who would vote for Hilary Clinton in the primaries (if she ran)?

Inflation-adjusted wages are below what they were 35 years ago

Are Bush's Numbers Falling in the Right Places??

The Media "Leonards" - a new meme

Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over...

DUer ALERT - URGENTLY IMPORTANT - How to Support Ted Kennedy!!

Human Shield Faces Jail

I am not impressed with the use of the term "meme"

BFEE Body Count? The Producer of that 60 Minutes Halliburton segment

Clark as "Plan B" for the oligarches' oil conquest agenda

Dirty politics in AZ? (Unexpected Dean Y1 deferrment story)

Gore could put an end to all this infighting, you know.

State Department Transfers List of Suspects {WP}

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Latest Iraq Attacks

Another French kiss-off for Blair

Civil trial begins today for foreign torture suspect

Bush* Open to U.N. Oversight of Iraq Election

NYT: Chirac Urges a Transfer of Power

Republicans Set to Spell Out Plan for Drilling in Refuge

WP: Revealing Letters From Reagan

Ashcroft .... at War Memorial Mon a.m.(heads up Milwaukee!)

Anyone watching the Emmys on the east coast? Any updates?

Who was or is your second favorite NFL team?

Wayne Brady is funnier than Jon Stewart

Favorite Black Crowes B-Side?

Insult! Larry King REPEATING Arnold interview now.....

PIRCH98 Question...

Hypothetical ... Would you vote to convict?


I ALMOST saw Dean yesterday

new Hannity sponsors

I'm WIRELESS! Ask me anything...

Anyone else find those Nextel Commericial damn irritating??!!!

Who said it

The Catch 22 of Sleep

My favorite Dem candidate

New Personal Best....26 miles in 2 Hours 4 Minutes...

Wayne Brady wins over Jon Stewart ?

Nevermind, I answered my own question. nt

I need the Badger and Weeee! Url's

East Coast DU'ers--what show won best comedy emmy?

Back to reality: A's destroy Mariners 12-0

DU monitor not finding anything worth monitoring since July 23

Regime changing

Just finished Al Franken's book...

How to get rid of cockroaches - wow, it really works

Giants Win! But can't we all agree that Fassel has to go???

Dolphins v. Bills - What a sloppy game

Okay, What next? The Dog Poop Calendar, no kidding

Look who got busted

Gosh Seahawk fans

The new Outkast album/Allman Bros Rerelease

If Women Ruled the World

I'm watching MST3000 video with the movie "Angels Revenge"

Listen up

Public Service Announcement

Those 40 something dudes from Motley Crue look kinda pathetic

Why was Mark Twain in Carnivale? (HBO's Carnivale Thread)

EMMYS THREAD (spoilers)

Why is life Hell

Give up TV..

Favorite Stephen King novel/movie?

If repugs can be summed up in one succinct phrase, what would it be?

DUers Unpatriotic ...

Ali or Jun?

Did anybody see the "Carrie" remake from a couple of years ago?

Spells and Belles: The dirty dealings at Louis XIV's court


Favorite curse? (explicit, don't click if easily offended)

WellstoneDemocrat, where are you?

Anyone heard from Ladyhawk?

1 week... Cat still missing... List of what we have done so far

Deadly Mistake Typifies Shaky Line U.S. Walks

Stumbling Into War

AlJazeera: Clinton undermines Bush gang over Iraq

Why Iraqis can't govern themselves

Center for Public Integrity: Harmful Error Investigating Local Prosecutors

French Fried Friedman -- by Greg Palast

Shimon Peres turns 80 - lots of pics of Bill Clinton!!

Shimon Peres turns 80 - lots of pics of Bill Clinton!!

Herbert: Caught in the Credit Card Vise

It's TGIF for the White House when it has bad news

Globe: Bush calls Kennedy's criticism "uncivil"

The Democratic Party: A disappointing alternative

That Kipling poem referenced at buzzflash

Maui Kiteboards may be banned near airport

The deceptive advocacy of Stephen Moore

How the World Can Aid Iraq Without Helping Bush*

Iraq is not Vietnam (

Diebold Secures the Founding Documents of America's History

Just tell people what is healthier

Democrats' dilemma

Detained chaplain may have been whistle-blower

US Dollar Set to Weaken

Report on Peace Day House Party for Kucinich:

moveon media corps action of the day 9/22/03-RE: SH 911 connection

Action today (Sept. 22)- Oppose Claude A. Allen

Bay Area DUers, reminder for this SUNDAY!!!

You are invited! Vince's Congressional kick-off/fundraiser Oct. 4

Frank Rich is an Anti-Catholic Bigot.

When will media report that 911 no shot down was because Bush sat still

I would have slapped Judy Woodruff...

Limbaugh: "Dems aiding terrorists"

What are the Differences btwn Neo-Cons and Conservatives?

The Neo-Cons major Strength/Achilles Heel

Republicans For Dean

Republicans for Clark Web Site

Conservatives against Bush web Site

Astrologers: Clark-Clinton?

Physicians can't check on patients after referrals

Have a great night folks

did anyone subject themselves to the Emmys last night

The Mom Thread.

"The Da Vinci Code"-Dan Brown (discussion/spoiler)

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/22/2003

Law Schools Sue Sue Military Over Anti-Gay Policy

Avis puts gay partners in driver’s seat

Protest Greets Ex-Gay Incursion Into Canada

Sin Caused Isabel?

SKED analysis shows A. Greedspans' fear - Do NOT ask me what SKED analysis

B.C. forest workers' union serves strike notice

Some NAFTA facts

anyone here knowledgeable about South American economics?

In case you missed it - Krugman: The Tax-Cut Con

Build Green for Health and Safety

Bush Covers Up Climate Research - Observer

Galileo Makes Final Plunge Into Jupiter

ReplayTV inventor aims at living rooms

Disturbing - Bush's Plan to Privatize National Parks Jobs

Ford Delays Hybrid Escape Launch Yet Again

Canadian Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up (Ellsmere Island)

Personality disorders/mental illnesses: cats to blame?

Stumbling Into War

China's Hippies Find Their Berkeley

Network Rail to cut billions in spending - UK

Military families Speak Out.........web site link

Iraq: There never was an exit strategy.

Imelda behind bars next year? - Philippines

'Take it or leave it, (white) farmer' - Zimbabwe

Jody, why won't the gun lobby ever take their cause to the Supreme Court?

Accidental Shooting Claims Another Utah Child

Oakland Cop Shoots At Celebrity Pit Bull

MSNBC - KHQ-TV reporting shootings at Lewis and Clark Highschool..

This post in the media section should be removed

Curious about how a poster

Wouldn't a thread

Cost of war

I finally understand something about my bookmarks.

One State: Preparing for a Post Road-Map Struggle Against Apartheid

IDF Troops kill Hamas leader in Hebron

Hamas returns to Syrian base

Israel embarks on US diplomatic offensive

Souls of the Fallen

Clinton Says U.S. Should Not Dominate Iraq

The most powerful in the Middle East: IDF stronger than ever


Here' my 911 explanation theory: agree? disagree?

Wow check out this RFK Jr. quote as reported by AP

WP: Dean, Driven by the Grass Roots

The Daily Mislead

Clark Collects a Large Sum in a Short Time

Dean to use full page ad in Advocate promoting the National Coming Out Day

Clinton versus Bush = 4 more years of Bush

Clark leading Polls -- already?!?

LynneSin vs. Bush - 4 more years of LynneSin bitching

Gore 2000 Posters???

NY: Giuliani would beat both Sens. Schumer and Clinton

Can Kerry Skate?

Saturday night (live) with Howard Dean| The Note

Biden likely to support Clark or Kerry

Standing room only for Dennis at star-studded Studio City this evening.

Very worrying article on Clark

Cook Political Report-Top House Pickups

Gallup Poll shows Clark and Kerry narrowly ahead of Bush

Meet Clark in NY on Monday.

Hey liberal nurse!

Clark, the PNAC candidate - NOT

Anyone here ever plan to vote for Kevin Shelley again?

A meteoric rise in Vermont politics

Arrows and olive branches

Dean Touts Spending on US infrastructure

Standing room only and overflow crowd at Kucinich'sVenice Peace Day event

How do you explain this away?

If I start a thread bashing a candidate can I get over 100 replies???

I need help finding the individual votes on the war resolution!

Will the main issue in 2004 be: "How Can We Get Out of Iraq?"

Dick Gephardt is a DICK

Freeper battle over Schwarzenegger/McClintock choice

Has Bush proven that America really is a "Great Satan"?

I just wish I could get healthcare as good as my dogs receive from the vet

stop the hatchet jobs!! lets see some solidarity

Anti-Europe Smear Campaign Timeline

A question for others that live on a military post/base

CNN Headline: "CNN/Money: NYSE interim chairman excepts $1 salery"

A little report on Ramstein and Landstuhl, Germany

"Bill Moyers NOW" moved to 1pm ET on Sundays by my local PBS.

Can you name one foreign country that outsources its jobs to the USA?

Truth about Iraq war comes in slivers

If you have Kids - make sure they read this book - Great Book

Clark on Energy

"I would have been a Republican” Clark said, if Rove called me

OK so I am really nervous

My Theory On Elections

Barf...this year's Christmas gift? Bush aviator hero action figure at...

Clark will mend foreign relations

The "blame the French" theme is now set to music!

What scares Karl Rove?

check out safire in ny times

I will now prove to you why Bush will LOSE...

I need a Dean link from September 02.

For Sale: Iraq

Families of Reserve Unit (Kansas City) Website petition to bring them home

What's up with CSpan? No Washington Journal today?

Why a Consumption Tax is the Best?

Does anyone notice the Republicans trying to take the high road?

Josh Green Is Discussing Wes Clark On C-Span

Kucinich, Maloney, and Sanders hammer Cheney on Iraq lies

What is the exact source of the Patriot Act?

Please explain again : How did we know the names of hijackers so quickly?

Why don't we have a nationwide simultaneous primary?

Vince McMahon Is On C-Span Trying To Get People To Register To Vote

Republicans for Dean and Libertarians for Dean...

Bush denounced as 'evil f**k' at Kerry fundraiser (Newsmax)

"I'd bet John Kerry would like to be imploding the way Howard Dean is."

Can Anybody Beat Bush?

Sick to death of media whores...

Lying/Perjury vs Fraud/Deceit

Talking About Clark On CSPAN right now.

White House ambushed by criticism from America's military community

Bush meets another of Bin Ladens demands.

Will Dean Vote for Shrub if he doesn't get the nomination?

Drudge scraping bottom for Clark tidbits

Rove Photo OP: Bush heads to Hurricane Zone

DU: Favorite Dean Quote Thread

new ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh advertisers Week 3 Bush Wrote Congress that 9/11 Justified Invading Iraq!!

Bashing Kennedy...

Bashing -Revisited


Proposal: Let's all use the word "Fascist" more often, because

An excerpt from Clark's book from Newsweek/

Shimon Peres turns 80 - lots of pics of Bill Clinton!!

Addicted To The Bash!

has a foreign government ever endorsed a US presidential candidate?

Fellow Deanieboppers, we need to lighten up!

Powell Jr. shocked public doesn't get his care-taking of their interest.

World's Oldest genitals found

Will Dean and Kucinich supporters vote for Nader

Politics: The Water Walker (Wesley Clark)

The Haliburton/Iraq Connection

What is the Problem with Drummond Oil Co.?

"Eliminating the Right to Overtime Pay",

Please help vet this consolidated Bush resume

"I once believed that I served for a cause"...

"The mean streets of Baghdad"

Why is there so much footage of Chaplain James Yee?

Clark makes the neocons over at FR upset! PNAC alert!

Campaign 2004: Clark’s Charge

The I 'raqi factor

I'm a Clark fan, so this isn't a bash...

Great Examination of Specific Bush Lies

Well, I'm off to see my neighborhood healer!

Just Who Are The "Likely Voters" Anyway?

Is the Electronic Voting Machine "glitch" a republican conspiracy?

trend in Meetup signups

The Bush "Haters"

Gore/Lieberman Posters?

Be sure and don't eat fried cat!

Chicks to break with country scene

Deleted message

Now that Clark is the frontrunner

this should be printed in every newspaper in america - every one

will Clark vote for Bush if he doesn't get the nomination?

Just read

Bush's idea of Nuclear Non-proliferation.

Clark is part of the Clintons' diabolical plan to seize power

Bush to UN: No concessions on Iraq

This Get's me So P.O.'ed

Kurtz on Clark

Draft Perot!

NeoCons really need to lighten up!

Bush Dynasty Taking the GOP Reigns in MO

The Moral Development of W?? (interesting read)

is/was Clark a lobbyist?

How the dems could get military support...big time..

This Just in: Normie Coleman and Timmy Pawlenty have been

Kick A$$ caller on CSPAN

William River Pitt on the Patriot Act

Words of Wisdom from Media Whores Online

MSNBC poll: Should Pres. Bush give in to France?

Once again, Chirac leads, Bush has a tantrum

Bush to Eliminate Overtime Pay

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/22/2003

Bush: "Our Long National Nighmare of Peace & Prosperity Is Finally Over"

Quiz: Who said...

Al Franken just spoke at work and signed my book

Can anyone get me a transcript of Biden belittling Tony Snow?

Are you a liberal for idealistic reason or cynical/selfish reasons?

Is it me or is there almost NO MENTION of the youth vote?

Turn on CNN -- New poll numbers

If anyone is interested, Court TV has the Recall Hearings

Want a good laugh? Go to Clark's web sitemap,

Laugher Of The Week

Anybody watch Bremer on CNN?

MN Gov. Pawlenty's revamped DOT in hot water over real estate scams

Can we Democrats be your next province?

Clark/Dean or Dean/Clark.... doesn't matter to me

Did Cspan show Clinton's Visit to Kosovo?

Non-DMCA countries may save USA voters

crossfire about to discuss new polling

BBV: Diebold's CEO's vow to aid GOP makes News Of The Weird!

What took him so long?

Freepers react to NY poll on Rudy

Snafu casts shadow on electronic voting(drip, drip...)

Test this tinfoil theory out!

Bush said, "I can't believe I just shat myself."

Rummy Shakes Saddam's hand

Cartoon: Joel Pett on the wealth gap

What do people think about Clark's naming....

Conservatives are TERRIFIED....

538 Electoral votes. Bush "selected" in FL by 537

CNN's Inside Politics - New Poll: Bush at 50%

Janklow couldn't be more sorry?????

Good News All of our candidates can defeat Bush per poll

UN Members: Don't boo Bush! You'll only build Bush up!

Man, does it feel good to support Kucinich.

Apology/explanation to all who thought I was condescending yesterday

Bush won’t offer Iraq

Utterly pathetic -- Repubs trying to spin poor poll numbers

"To the Reagan Democrats: Welcome Home!" (Wesley Clark for Prez)

Crossifre: Polls Don't Matter..Bush is Fine!

SD Rep. kills guy running stop sign, gets his name wrong in "apology"

The Hysterical Right

Do Repubs really want to win next election ?

A terrorist threat

Quick warning to Kerry supporters!

Gallup... that's GALLUP... has Bush at 50% (47% disapproval)!

Dem Rep Marshall (GA) blames media for soldiers dying

How to avoid dupe threads...

Just a friendly reminder - For those who bash in [CANDIDATE] threads..

AdBusters TV Spot Ran Crossfire Today? FOX, etal wouldn't air

Dancing with DElusion, Bush goes to the UN Bash

Even if you dont agree with/support Clark

Where exactly are all of these Dean bashers???????????????????????????????

J Lo and Ben wed

Wow, security is high in NYC

2004: The Nightmare Scenario for Dems

Will Clark cowtow to the Corporate interest??

The DLC on "The Bush-Hate Debate"

British Ministry of Defence Schooled Kelly for Committee

What If Clark Does Poorly In Debates?

Clark, Kerry, Edwards supporters need to actively unite to stifle Dean

Craig Crawford of "Hotline" says that Bush's BIG Speech "didn't do the

If Saddam had Bush's example to follow 13 years ago,

Is the planning of a campaign effort indicative of

My Impartial Take On The Iraq War Vote

Listen up Bozos! The world is better off without George W. Bush!

Kennedy at the Aquarium--SMOKIN!

MSNBC now: Rangel v. Scaife toad over Clark

BBV - ES&S steals control of IEEE voting Mach standards board

What files does Bush have on Clark?

Please allow me to introduce myself....

Paul Krugman dicing with Buchanuts right now

I wanna kiss John King!!!

If the campaigns were smart, they would hire their own bashers

CBS News: What if: No International Troops?

Ann Richards to speak in West Hollywood CA about the recall, everyone

New poll on CNN during Crossfire.

Border Control Chief Calls for Calif. Driver's Licenses to Be Banned as Ai

I won’t be voting for Diane Feinstein next time

Would it have been easier to go into Baghdad after the First Gulf War ?

"packages to our troops" Is this still happening ???

Take the Blitzer poll, please 9/22

Are their any DU'ers who were affected by Hurricane Isabel? Anyone?

A Reason for Hope – David Podvin praises Howard Dean (to put it mildly)

Dixie Chicks calling it quits??

Listen up Bozos! The world is better off without Saddam Hussein !

Crystle Campaign Unveils “Chuck” Wagon (Senate PA '04 Dem)

Mounting concerns... Clark, Hillary, and my (admittedly) cynical mind...

Clark beats Bush in latest USA Today poll

This one begs for a caption

Question about Media Coverage of the Iraqi Enemy

Maybe Kucinich has a chance! After all!

r.e.m. - satire of cable news in new video

Which 9-11 Video/DVD Out There is The Most Informative

WhoCountsTheVotes' latest Dean-bashing/Dean fundraiser thread

TvNewsLies Radio Show Starts at NOON (eastern time)

Quick question: is ABC's Jake Tapper Salon's Jake Tapper?

Rhodes Scholars Vs. Skull & Bones

Has any Democrat invited the Dixie Chicks to the 2004 Convention yet?

Which Candidate Will Be The First To Go Negative On Wes Clark?

Ok, All You Dean Supporters

How the World Can Aid Iraq Without Helping Bush...

Who's Your Number One Choice For Vice President

Does anyone know what the highest Gallup DISAPPROVAL rating...

Most "handled" Democratic politician

George W. Bush wants my help

Tell Blumberg's wife, orphaned kids or parents "it was worth it".....

Does anyone think it's possible media is bringing Bush down in 03

More real life stories about the 'turning of the tide' =post here

The OTHER Swing Vote

Clark Never Called Karl

Clark's Biggest Advantage

John Pilger: The Big Lie

Reminder to CMT and other Dean folks

Lets check the support of our candidates

Charlie Rangel on Buchanan and Press

PBS News Hour - Code Pink vs. Richard Perle

OK, enough about Clark, Kerry, and Dean. Got another candidate?

Lieberman attacks Clark--he's the first!

Why no draft?

Will Bush insult U.N. ? Or ...

Lou Dobbs and Bill Schneider had their "Lib Dem" night on CNN!

a challenge to all DUers

Dean supporters need to set an example of tolerance for Edwards supporters

Heads UP: PBS NewsHour Tonight -- Must See TV

My anti-Bush tshirt got me an extra background check at the airport.

US 101st Tackles Arab Tribes Helping Guerrillas Reach Iraq from Syria

Are some RINOs better than DINOs?

Hackworth RETRACTS "Perfumed Prince", is "very impressed".

BBV - somebody needs to inform Jerry Brown

How can Clark be leading when he said he was a republican...

"A Conversation With The President" thread (FOX, 8 p.m. EST)

Latest Pro-bush AstroTurf letters

"I would have been a Republican"

"Can we Democrats be your next province?"

Desperate attempts to stifle people and their candidates are STUPID

Democrats Suck, Here Is Why...

I admit it--Gen. Clark is now the front runner for nomination

George looks really bad today - did you see him?

Which Candidate Will Best Serve As Captain Of The Titanic?

Dean Supporters Please Unite to Break Fundraising Goals

Dean Supporters: Latest Poll indicates Dean is electable

Carol Mosley-Braun is declaring her candidacy

Dumbest Dean story you'll ever read

Chicks to break with country scene

The Invasion of Syria and Iran

How loudly win the UN 'boo' smirk's speech Tues am ?

Ugh! Clark and Mladic? Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed.

New from the Department of Porcine Cosmetics: Defiant Groveling

Eric Alterman: Reagan a pathological liar or a moron?


Military Vets - Dumb ? of the day about Humvees in Iraq

"West Wing" to change.............

Coco Cola's chainsaw murders in Columbia

Why I think the BFEE did steal the 2000 election.

education policy comes down to this:

Lieberman supporters, check in:

Is North Korea (DPRK) really evil?

Another Dean flip flop (switches sports teams)

Which Dean supporters want to leave DU if the bashing continues?

2004: oust Bush by redefining Democrat agenda

Does Canada have a major bigoted party like the GOP?

Hardball: Are the Clintons Sabotaging '04?

"you won't have old George to kick around anymore"

What's right/wrong with centrists and centrism?


Justice Criticizes Mandatory Sentences (Breyer)

Lebanese Troops Clash With Hezbollah

Family members of deployed reservists, guardsmen voice concerns (KC)

BBC reports explosion near UN headquarters in Baghdad..

Head of Group Backing Right to Abortion to Step Down

Russia Takes Back Uranium From Romania

Wolfowitz Stands Fast Amid the Antiwarriors

US forces under mortar fire in Baaquba: witnesses

Bomb Kills 2 at U.N. Compound in Baghdad (dupe)

U.S. Turns Away Refugees in High Numbers

BYERS BACK - He's set to get Hoon's job - UK

France lifts veto threat on Iraq

An Army of Detractors Follows in Clark's Wake

HOUSE WATCH-9/22/2003 (Pro Forma Session)

SENATE WATCH-9/22/2003 (#1)

Bush Open To U.N. Oversight of Iraq Election

From Uruguay to Kenya, farmers face ruin, unable to profit as rich nations

Triumphant Liberal Democrats order push into Blair's heartlands

Recall Fever Spreads and Hits Wisconsin

Soft Economy Aids Army Recruiting Effort (NYTimes front page)

Turkey set to sign delayed loan deal

Faux News: Janklow Blabbers about his fatal accident

Iranian agent charged in Canadian's death

Sen. Clinton Bashes Bush Administration

Zoellick: U.S. to Push Trade Reform (Bashes Developing Countries)

Boston's new voting machines face first citywide test

Opium crop clouds Afghan recovery

9/11 Planner Tells of Plot's Origins

Justice Breyer Criticizes Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, Saying It's Unfair

Court Challenge Launched Today Over Calif. Partner Law

Survey: States Cutting Medicaid Benefits

One year later, Bush will sing softer tune at UN

Hambali admits plan to hit embassies, planes

Time Mag.: Payback Time for Lott?

Ralph Reed: GOP Gains on the Line in '04

Bush to Inspect Hurricane Damage in Va.

Braun to Announce White House Candidacy

Car explodes outside Mosul police station

The Trouble With Wes [Drudge-linked... Clark wore criminal's cap for photo

Recall Fever Spreads and Hits Wisconsin

Blast near U.N. headquarters in Baghdad

US denies Indonesia access to Hambali

Indian activist asks federal court to grant parole hearing (Peltier)

Unrepentant Bush to challenge UN anew (Goodness, does this man...

Libyan families ask compensation for U.S. bombing

Bremer Opposes Early Sovereignty for Iraq (He Will Use Veto Vs Council)

Russia to produce oil from Arctic shelf and transport it to US and Canada

New voting technology questioned as tamper-prone (drip, drip)

Chicks to break with country scene

Dean, Driven by the Grass Roots; Bottom-Up Strategy May …

US grants Turkey 8.5 bln dollar loan to aid economy after Iraq war

Blast kills 2 at Iraq’s U.N. compound

Soft Economy Aids Army Recruiting Effort

Bush picks Khalizad as ambassador to Afghanistan

State Plans to Challenge Bush Pollution Rules (Illinois)

High school shooting downtown Spokane

Schwarzenegger's Risky Defense: He Stretched Truth

Group proposes big changes to presidential public financing system



Rules for Religion-Run Programs Finished (Faith-Based Is Back)

Justice Not Prosecuting Ex-Bush Official

Gay Marriage Opposition--Poll: Most Americans Are Against Same-Sex Marriag

Clark Wears Campaign Medals From Two Fronts

Bush's strength wanes, poll says

Sen. Coleman Tackles Recording Industry

Tobacco Headed for the Dump - $661,000,000

Bush's Achilles heel: Fed is truly concerned about jobless recovery...

States won't subsidize grid

Searching for Saddam's sarin (videotape proves no weapons program)

Pentagon to pay millions for Scots’ robot soldiers

Janklow Speaks--First Time Since Accident

CA Recall Agument:"This is the most strongest case berfore this circus"

Iraqi council turns to U.S. Congress for more self-rule

$US87 billion enough to restore Iraq stability: Bremer

Court Considers Oct. 7 California Recall Date

Inquiry Into Cadet Assaults Blames Air Force Leadership

GOP picks Bush uncle to lead campaign in Missouri

Justice Breyer Decries Minimum Sentences

Ashcroft Reducing Plea Bargain Discretion

Syria May Send Peacekeepers to Iraq

Dutchman to head Nato:

Bremer Warns Senators of Terrorism Risks of Iraq Denied Rebuilding Funds

Bush Plans Unyielding Stance on Iraq War in Address to U.N. (More Info)

Iran Displays Missile Capable of Hitting Israel or US Bases

Ashcroft Reducing Plea Bargain Discretion

Over 1 million without power after Isabel

Economic security key to reducing terrorism: PM CA

Car Bomb kills Iraqi officer, wounds 19

Dollar Sinks Broadly After G7 Statement

Bush Paper Details Iraq Spending Plan

Bill to boost veterans' benefits puts Nevada Republicans in difficult posi

MSNBC reporting Saddam is negotiating for safe passage

McClintock takes aim at Wilson, Schwarzenegger

GOP Puts Arctic Oil in Draft Energy Bill

Gulf War vets risk paralyzing disease (ALS - Lou Gehrig's)

Clark Tied With President Bush in Poll

new CNN poll numbers -- * sinking

Kelly naming would 'fuck Gilligan' - Campbell

U.S. Rejects French Plan to Hasten Iraqi Sovereignty

Prince Harry passes Army test

White House Moves to Advance 'Faith-Based' Aid

Arctic ice shelf breakup reported (was solid for 3,000 years) MSNBC

Reagan had 'evil sex' angst

Sources: Muslim chaplain's arrest prompts U.S. probe

New poll: By 2-1 margin, New Yorkers want Rudy back

NO Alert Issued on 9-11 (by FCC) as Bush Didn't Order One

Washington may cancel 2004 presidential primary

Clinton Foe Klayman to Launch Senate Bid

NY Times: The Dalai Lama Looks to a World Beyond War

A big TRIFECTA for Minnesota!

I've got the power!

Favorite Hoyt Axton cover song?

more Hannity sponsors to dehannitize

Anonymous Lyrics

MEN: Why do we women bother!

Did Letterman win an Emmy?

Is this idea too radical? (regarding corporations)

new ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh advertisers Week 3

Wireless HotSpots in Pennsylvania?

Depressing poem generator

Only Republican I ever vote for

I Have To Admit. I Am A M. Albright Fan. She Is One Smart Woman

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Chicago Cardinals 1947 NFL CHAMPS! Where was your team in 1947? HAHAHAHA

Annoying kittens.........

"Lulu" (The Pet Kangaroo) Saves Farmer's Life


Marijuana crops up due to wet, warm weather

Hurricane Dubya.... bwaaa-haa-haaa

Arizona 20 Green Bay 13

Bush approval rate at 25% in poll of

MEN: Why do we women bother!

Has anyone read this one:

CBS correspondent Is an Atheist

Meet Clark in NY on Monday.

Yippee! A toast to my 400th post!

Easy Racial Exercise

new Sean Hannity book

So begins hell week.....

Why are these letters arranged like this?

MSNBC Ent. Writer is crazy! Debra Messing deserved to win!

Good-bye for Now! Heading off to Rome in a minute!

I hate layoffs

I shaved my beard and moustache off yesterday.

Franken / O'Reilly link... Help

I LYNNESIN, Will now bash all 10 Democratic Nominations

The David Blaine Assassination Game

separated at birth?

Third time a charm?

Good (Monday) Morning DU!


how do you put pictures with your posts?

Will Dean Vote for Shrub if he doesn't get the nomination?


Completely lame recipe request

Where can I get a Wesley Clark shirt/button?

Once Upon A Time In Mexico was great... I just really loved it..

So I was driving down the road this morning....

Favorite Norman Mailer Book?

wear more clothes and try writing decent songs.

What would you do if you found a lost cell phone?

The Da Vinci Code

A call to action for a caption!!!

I am depressed beyond belief

My friend builds the fastest cars in Canada--ask me anything!

I know you are but what am I?

Who or what do you want to poop on?

REALLY stupid ad!


"Pentagon: Operation Sitting Duck a Success"

Anyone see Masked and Anonymous yet?

Bill Hicks videos

Bush/Cheney '04 Online Store

Can we start bitching about the Emmy's now?

would you have a 3-way if...

The human Mind...this is amazing, and fun

DU serious login problems:

Trivia - what is this scary bit of narration from?

Has anyone ever seen the Disney movie "Mulan"?

World's Oldest genitals found

Chicks to break with country scene

Will Pitt wore a DU shirt in NH on 9/20

Tracking your age through sports

can you tell if a band sucks by looking at them?

I just blew up a new, $4000 engine--ask me anything!

Which Nationality Has The Best Food?

Punch Card Ballots Being Replaced In California

woo hoo! Bartcop posted my letter today!

Why are these numbers arranged like this?

Question about this new "Swen" Virus/Worm

Are you a smoker?

Hurricane Isabel Picture....WOW!!!

Calling all techies and the like

Anyone else absolutely LOVE the movie "Joy Ride"?

Just turned 51,so don't ask me Chit

To those who like reggae...

The Human Mind...It's amazing! (No, not that same reprint...)

To whomever called the police on me:

What should I do about my lawn?

"Doctor and the Medics", boy did they suck!

Will Pitt in Chapel Hill, NC this Thursday (9/26)....

Take Note If You Are A Canadian

Mountain bikers..lemme here from ya

What does it mean when a man is well hung?

The First Family

Can we start bitching about the misuse of apostrophe's now?

6.5 earthquake with 5.? aftershock in Dominican Republic ...

Crayola changing its colors?!

The Croaking Crone of all CAPTIONS!!

I was just interviewed while on Television!

Shocking events that let you know you're old

Coroner: Death at Spector Home a Homicide

Haha! Anyone having a birthday?

C-Span now...a hoot!

Suggestion: If you find a lost cell phone, leave it on

Kelly naming would 'fuck Gilligan' [actual headline]

Anyone know a GLADYS KRAVITZ ???

Anyone in retail? Does this make you feel old?

Congrats to gracious Oregon Duck fans - very nice to your Wolverine guests

Favorite Joey "Pants" Pantoliano

It's 5pm EST - I have 45 mins - need talking points - Patriot Act

The winner of the Week 5 College Football Pool is.......

CNN's John King looks exceptionally delicious today!

Marraige Seminar (funny)

Dubya caught in a bedroom moment

Self-obsessed and pamered recovered alcoholics get 2 birthdays

What's your oldest piece of sporting equipment that you still use

I have to do dishes...for the love of Pete PLEASE ask me anything!

"Why Hast Thou Forsaken Baby Jesus?"

hey anyone heard from johnkleeb?

watch Freepers heads explode (catch it before it goes bye bye)

Can you believe this poll?

MN sends right-wing sleazebag blowhard to NC.

Dog Lovers...this is something my friend sent me...

Still sick, still bored. Anyone want to sit up with a sick friend?

What is/are your all time favorite movie line/lines?

Just in time for Christmas.

The Cryonic Cyber-Dog of all CAPTIONS!!

Pete & Paul ..what a lovely couple

I hate office politics

Is it too much to ask to find gold in the backyard?

Somehow You Meet Bush* and he offers his hand (photo-op). You.....

A little rant about duplicate stories in different forums

The Sexual Politics of Neil la Butte

9 to 10 inches of rain in Nashville today

hey, I got a raise!

What do you MEAN, GW wants to adopt me???

Photo Caption this bullfighter

In a marathon - what is the percentage of walker/runners?

Getting the "children" used to one another: Need Pet Advice

Late Charges (funny)

Is it just me or does it seem that the disruptor-types rose humongously...

new Hannity sponsors 9/22

The Duck-Kicking Hoofer of all CAPTIONS!!

any Boston/MA/New England Duers going to the Dean rally

There's a man standing outside my window

Last night's emmys

My partner is going to be on Wanda At Large!!!

I had a company hearing test today

when did wingnuts take over country music?

How Many Generations Has Your Family Lived in America?

Bruno taken to psychiatric hospital - UK HW boxing champ. Next Bush...

I have a fever and it's affecting my brain...Ask me anything!

computer problems, grrrrr

Should I order the Laugh-in Sock-it-to-me collection?

The Slightly Hung Cretin of all CAPTIONS

I'm going slightly mad

I just tore a wart out of my forehead ask me anything...

Five Worst Sitcoms

Outerbanks has a new inlet

Hot Damn! The Daily Show Wins Two Emmys!

I OWE MY LIFE TO DU (Ladyhawk I will help you)

Richard Dawkins endorses the term "brights" for rationalists


Drinking in a bar this afternoon with the American Legion bartender

I scared the crap out of a 2nd grader today

Best Bill Murray Movie

Five best sitcoms.

We want the funk

Are you a neoconservative? Take this quiz to find out.

Bathroom etiquette: PRE-pee handwashing? WTF???

Which of the top 10 teams have the best chance of winning the NC

Oldest genital fossils found in Scotland - No Joke

Jobs to India + Indians to the US - another thought.....

God, cats can be such brats....

Name Our Band Poll.

OK Central Floridians... Time to get the Will Pitt tour down here!

Good Vibes Needed!

Sports Fans, Especially the Ladies

What about Bob?

Any DUers running in the Boulder Backroads Marathon this weekend?

Never...Ever let my son near your car

J Lo and Ben wed

Britney Spears Cover Shot


Eugene DUers ... sign in here!

3 Feet of Feces Dug Up in Home of 130 Cats !

Kurt Cobain is NOT a hero...

Freep Falling ... now with DICK

OSX users

Heads up North Carolina DUers!!