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Archives: September 21, 2003

"The Modified Vertical Stroke -- A Modest Proposal for the Pentagon"

In Washington, the spinning keeps on coming

AP: 10/02 Clark supports congressional resolution

Clarks Entry Frightens GOP - Cynthia Tucker

Friedman of the Times declares war on France

NYT: Clark said he would support IWR in Oct. 02 according to AP

A Spirit Called Me: Browser Bug sent this from DU-1 Archives/Freedom!!!!

Col. Football Roundup - Sep 20 - "Fucking Holiday" edition

Arizona State

history club: the wars of the roses

Ecological disaster looms if Russia sells forests

Kashmir rebels increase military might

Indonesia to buy 2 subs as well as other warships

Humanitarian disaster facing Aceh, human rights group says

Coast guard traps 20 Chinese women - Taiwan

It's official: You can no longer fail your (British) exams

Some tough questions about gun control and the Patriot Act

not a question, but just "GD is OK"

Gimme some news, Admins!

Why was MY post removed?

The Prime Minister of Chaos

Impossible Routine

Symposium: Leftist Anti-Semitism

The Death of Rachel Corrie

Palestinian journalist argues for one state

Mother Jones Smears Rachel Corrie!!!

"I Will Survive" Dean-style

Pictures from the Virtual Avalon fundraiser for Howard Dean...

I saw Howard Dean today...he liked my DU shirt!

President Dean...

Has Trippi Lost It?

What are YOU doing for your candidate offline?

Kucinich had a large presence in the Walk For Hope

U.S. soldier kills rare bengal tiger in after hours zoo party

We've got $87 Billion + for war but zippo for National Healthcare...

Why isn't there a major investigation of Rove and Novak?

T. McAuliffe needs to stop saying that the 2004 election will be close

If Clark is elected....(or any other Democrat)

clark supporters! buy this domain name before the freepers do!

If your candidate were to drop out how much would their endorsement mean

Must just drive the Repugs crazy trying to figure out which Dem to attack

Somebody give me...

Frank Rich/Alterman replay on CSPAN 2 NOW (10PM ET)

For those of you with AOL--go to their Ted Kennedy Poll

Aol Poll on Iraq War

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 301 killed & 1275 wounded

So did the School of the Americas ever work together with the Stasi?

Why that Newsweek poll is so great ...

Funny Story

Friedman on CNBC being...well, Freidman (10:35pm et)

please help me find the bush* resume from an earlier post

what if all the candidates are robots

Dueling quotes (swiped from Bartcop) This would be funny if it weren't

well, just to show just how strong Isabel was...

Clark isn't part of any conspiracy

Why do northeast turtleneck liberals with their $7.00 lattes lurk on DU

Clinton wrecked the White House before he left!!!

How Right Wing books become Best Sellers

I just got back from working @ Dean's NYC fundraiser – ask me anything has been registered by Dean's official campaign photog

Interesting piece on the BBV gang of thugs

Can Clark be a set up by the Repubicans ?

Thomas Friedman on CNBC Now!

On NPR this am

u s army does it again!

I confess, Clark is worrying me!

How dose Clark stand up to my "ten points of fight?"

Vote for Bush* because God is on his side (so who could oppose him?)

The Clarke Vs bush Debate (cartoon)

MUST READ: Bush at Fort Stewart

Confrontation over Pristina airport (Problem for Clark?)

Nominating a "northeastern liberal" for president == suicide for the Dems

Link to Clark's Iowa Speech?

CATO calls the Bush Admin. "the dumb and the dumbest"

US scientists find no evidence of Iraqi germ manufacturing

Army Islamic Chaplain Detained in Probe

What good friends left behind

London Observer (Sunday): Blair gets the cold shoulder at Berlin summit

Shootings by jumpy GIs erode good will

Shinseki criticizes U.S. fight in Mideast

WP: A Bloody Attack and a Shot at Martyrdom

Iraqi Council Member 'critically' wounded

They are called 'The Searchers'. But what are they looking for?

Eight (Afghan) civilians killed in U.S. strike on Taliban

Steel again poses problem for Bush

NYT: Twists & Turns of Recall Have Voters Feeling Fatigue

At Memorial in Bosnia, Clinton Helps Mourn 7,000

Bush questioning hard-line Iraq policies

Government 'to back GM crops'

London Observer (Sunday): Bush covers up climate research

NYT: A Change of Tone: Pitfalls Emerge in Iraq

Chirac says no to Blair’s plea to bury Iraq hatchet


Poll shows Clark competitive; Dean attacks Bush and sets $5 million fund-r

Saddam in Talks with US?

Has anyone here ever taken the GRE math subject test?

Is there a freeware/shareware replacement for PC Anywhere?

I've just discovered I'm pyschic

I also have a dumb question

NIU just beat Alabama!!

Geaux Tigers!

Twins fans! The magic number is 4!!!

I wish we had a Smiley for a rolling tumbleweed


Anyone see the movie Underworld?

Vancouver DUers...What's your take on "W 12th Ave, Vancouver West, BC"

So I just watched Meatloaf on Fox....

Miss Wisconsin is a semi-finalist!

I walked in on my husband waxing his telescope. Ask me anything!

Anyone here from BETHESDA, MARYLAND?

Howard Dean disco dancing with Whoopi Goldberg

Question: What is the most powerful PC a person could buy?

Snowflake, the albino guerilla of Barcelona, is dying of skin cancer

Was RealTime w/ Bill Maher worth it last night?

Psychiatrists in MN, covered by HealthPartners?

Are you now or have you ever been a communist?

what if all the candidates are robots

Why didn't the Bush Crime Cabal want Shoshanna Johnson as the hero?

Any Bad Haircut Stories?

Spank or Be Spanked?

This is my 200th post-ask me anything. Or else Clark will eat your pet!


from out of the darkness of Isabel, Zech Marquis returns!

I had a great Bush bashing afternoon with a bunch of folks

Will the MAC take the Big East's automatic BCS bid?

Eeeeew.....Faux just promo'd....A CONVERSATION WITH THE PRESIDENT

Check out what my friends did!

E. J. Dionne Jr : Should Our Leaders Be Amateurs?

The Spouse: The General's Own MP (Newsweek - Gert Clark)

J Spencer : Conservatism made simple

UK Observer profiles Wesley Clark

Michael Wolff: Bush is Toast - but for a toaster

Shrub can't bully big countries, so he bullies small countries instead.

Steve Chapman: Truths about Iraq Bush isn't telling

Margolis: Bush's tame U.S. media may yet have teeth

Archaeology is opening the lid on American massacres

They tell loud lies, then whisper apologies

Americans deserve honesty from Bush, Salem OR Statesman

Boots on the ground, family at home-NYTimes op-ed piece

A look at the U.S.-British claims that Iraq tried to acquire uranium

Australian news: Doomsayers on Iraq ignore the full story

Is Wesley Clark Hillary's stalking horse?

Worst fears on Clark and policy making coming true.

Max Cleland editorial: Mistakes of Vietnam repeated with Iraq

Have Iraqi Media Criticized the occupation?

Thomas Friedman (New York Times): Worried Optimism

Students turned away from FL comm. colleges, Jeb sits on 948 million.

The Moral Development of George W. Bush

The Iraq War and the AEI

Wesley Clark for President? Another Con Job from the Neo-Cons

"TOUGH GUY" by Sandeep Kaushik

Frank Rich - The Greatest Story Ever Sold

A telethon to "Help Chris Matthews Remove His Head From His Ass"

Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

For people who sew - question about QUILTING

The Sorrow and The Pity

Court recognises same-sex unions - SA

Unemployment much worse than statistics report

Here’s the Real Grasso Scandal

Australia says no to sheep stranded on ship - 57,000

No relief in sight for SA's HIV positive

what are your opinions on the book "Dereliction of Duty"

Iran Cleric's Warning

30 Dead In Ugandan Cattle Raids

Japan set to deploy drone fighter planes from 2004

PRC denies drugs hub accusation

An American's trip to IRAN

Is Pakistan a Friend or Foe?

Scholars warn against Communist menace - in Taiwan

This Guy’s Gone Wild

I'm surprised more of you aren't up in GD

Right to Bear Arms - Protection Against Tyranny?

Skinner, I have been trying to get your attention

may i ask why this thread was moved to the lounge?

Admins: What to do if you think a poster here was previously banned


to the mod that deleted post #3

Can a mod unscrew my expired subject line, please?

Boy is this minor-- but strange

Prominent Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza Strip resigns

Tel Aviv demo demands Israel withdraw from Palestinian territories


Is a compromise possible?

The war game (David Hirst's account of the Arab-Israeli conflict)

Hamas says will not join new Palestinian cabinet

Sharon’s Preemptive Zeal

Israeli wall will compound economic woes

Socialist candidate in California recall addresses students on Iraq war

$50 For Dean!!!!!

General Clark and Anybody But Dean ( Clark/Hillary ticket?)

Dean campaign: The bat is BACK

Iowans' support for Bush tumbles

Edwards on Face the Nation

I love the way Dean cleverly taunts Bush

Damned D.C. insiders

Holy shit! $30,541 in one hour!

Dean's Very Early Bat Results: $20K in One Hour

What Your Candidate Needs To Do To Beat Bush

Sen. Edwards Teams Up With Davis

California's other elections

Kucinich's New Hampshire staff resigns, replaced by staff from national HQ

Question about petitions for getting on ballots...if you have signed

Is Kucinich going to put up a light bulb on his site?

Anyone here for Senator Graham???

My Dean Conversation at the local ice cream shop

How Howard Dean made my and all gays and lesbians lives better

What I wish KERRY Would Say About Iraq

The BAT is up!

Color Kerry Green

Thank-you brave & patriotic Diebold-ers who exposed scam:

5 bats are up at Dean's site – looking to raise $5 million in 10 days

I heard about a website called: "Conservatives Against Bush"

Mother Jones Smears Rachel Corrie!!!

Time to put our money where our mouth is

Rick Santorum is to gays what Denis Fahey was to Jews, discuss.


Help: need a site that lists Ann Culters Treason errors

Experts say delay of Cali recall will be overturned within days

Transcript: Democratic Radio Response | Everyone read this?

Newsweek poll for 9/18-19/03

Ted Kennedy's rant was perfect timing...

Clark the subject on CSPAN - Washington Journal next (7:47 AM)

The cost of someone else's clear conscience

How will president Clark, Dean or Kerry deal with a Repuke Congress??

A New Wacko Link To Enjoy

I have "solved" the economic crisis

A must read. Bush covers up climate research

AOL poll: Bush war a fraud-47%

Will Americans' alarm at Bush* horrible government revive after Isabel?

Was poppy Bush trying to buy Russia when he visited there?

Question about petitions for getting on ballots...if you have signed

The Life Of Bryan. A MUST READ!

I heard yesterday that the Dominos Pizza CEO paid for Paul Hill's defense

Diebold...Meet the (Russian) Press... I loved the cartoon

60 minutes tonight: awarding the billions of dollars in contracts to rebui

Why are Americans so willing to give their children's lifes

OMG, Biden is destroying Tony Snow (not Brit Hume) right now

Bush to address the UN Tuesday...

Another convert

Anyone notice a surge of interest in the Beatles?

A minor point: Bush isn’t willing to pay the price for freedom.

First Dennis Miller,now Rush Limbaugh, why are these guys

In the end, it's Dean.

The McLaughlin group on Clark

Are we in negotiations with Saddam Hussein?

Clark's appeal.... what is it? WHY is it?

So if conservatives call the cold war "WW3"

Bush opposition: From 10 critical steady state

Ron Brownstein (LA Times): Bush is Guilty of "Premature Exaltation"

MOTHERS AGAINST BUSH::"MAB" is slowly being formed across America

So...they have the Iraqui Minister of Defense...

We Need a "Real" President

The talk show line-up for Sunday..... (Albright with Russert on MTP)

What we stand to gain by losing Bush.

Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Where are the protest marches?

Kerry To Announce Bold New Initiative

At a Pro-Clark meeting, Clark's son said today....

"everyday untrue statements made by US & British leaders"

albright now on russert in NYC

Kerry's "hammer" ?

I need a Rumsfeld quote

DUers: You miss the OVERALL..we need a DEM, any DEM, in the WH..

If you have time today, listen to Michael Parenti

Is anyone besides me angry at ABC's This Week Reagan love fest?

Edwards on face the nation, CBS

CIA Warned Pentagon of Guerrilla Tactics - Bush Ignored

Sen John Kerry: "US Needs Regime Change" . April 2003

your daily dose of Iraqi humor from the jokemeisters in the UK

Clark not "popular" with the military because of his progressiveness?

Reagan's 1000s of letters = He must've been in on Iran Contra

Why Dean Can Beat Bush

Why are they asking Madeline Albright's advice?

Bay Area DU'ers -- WJC on the Indian show on broadcast TV

ALLLRIGHT!!!!!Fatboy picked my Jets

A New Civil War?

Must read - Lunch with Wesley Clark

Bush is just a patsy.

Question re: school vouchers.

Newsweek poll!

Does this nation deserve another term of George W Bush ?

Good ole MS-RNC, they never fail to remain in form

All this Clark publicity

How many jobs can you create

Could Iman Cpt. Peter Yee be another Daniel Ellsworth???

Vote in this poll! "Is bush a one term President"?

Bob Novak and William Sapphire prove how scared the GOP is of Clark

So the media loves to point out annual double-digit increases every year

You too, can have a bat!

e-mails/documents show bushgang hiding global warming reports

Clark in race assures no candidate will get majority at convention...

Bush steps up fight against European safety testing

how many other papers carried this? electronic voting (Bev also mentioned)

Clark will grace Newsweek's Cover in next issue

The "great news coming this fall"post

Worried about mad-cow? what about swine AIDS?

Edwards on MTP - Did anyone catch it?

Dean brings out the bat -- FIVE of them!

ON-line Newsweek Poll

did the jacket throwing video of bush ever appear?

Buy the audio book of Al Franken's "Liars"!!!

One BIG reason * might not be able to win the next election

Weird: Anthrax Killer, bin Laden and Saddam - Still At Large

A Crying Shame

Bush said "Bring 'em on"

Warning re Repugs, & a call for DU to get back to what it does best

CLARK Supporters: Inspired by Mary Steenburgen, Wes Clark Jr. and His Wife

Another (Edwards) well-known Democrat stumps for Davis

Would a Gore/Clark ticket be the strongest possible?

BushCo to have a bad week (9-21-2003 - 9-28-2003)

Flash----Bush threatens retaliation for EU chemical testing.

Interesting post from a hard-right repub regarding Clark and B....

Make sure you tune in on Monday! TvNewsLies Radio....

Josh Marshall's response this morning to criticizing Dean

Rove & Limbaugh must be delighted how well they are scamming Dem

Is the Saddam surrender news true?

Has anyone seen or read anything............

When pundits call Sen. John Kerry 'French Looking', they mean

The California Conspiracy

Lieberman/Harkin Forum on NOW (CSPAN SUN - 3PM ET)

one fraud oil stooge band

PNAC puppet (Wizard of Whimsy)

Clinton says Clark has "a sack full of guts"

Ann Coulter supports the murdureous tyrant Augusto Pinochet

brutal PNAC world domination thug caught with blood on his hands

Woman on CSPAN theorises Bush is drinking... NYQUIL!

Iraq to Open Most of Economy to Investors

Anybody see Andrew Sulllivan on Chris Matthews show this AM ?

100,000 piece order for auto-injectors of anti-germ warfare serum

Oh, No, not ANOTHER one!

aside from "misunderestimated" and "hopefuller" are there any other words

Power of eminent domain is in the new energy policy.

MSNBC : Poll Results look Great!

Candidates: Power-lust vs. servant

Questions for Cheney, from Kucinich & Sanders on TomPaine

Was the WORST Dem President better than ANY Repuke?

Sunday Pundit Pap

Sept 13, 2001 - The Day Bush let 140 Saudis Escape USA

Rangel: Clark "can save this goddam nation from self-destruction"

Anyone who has not read Paul Krugman’s “the Great Unraveling”

Dean offers Bill Clinton position in his potential administration?

A really good article about Howard Dean..."Tough Guy"

We might do well not to overlook efforts for re-taking the Congress

Why did Bushit* name the day "Patriot Day"?

Why Dean can't beat Bush

Analogy for democrat politics

Looks like Ashcroft did not tell truth about libraries and Patriot Act.

Did I miss something?

Help: Are there any sources that show Bush used to do Coke?

Awright, who put up that "Howard Dean '04" banner

Has anyone done research on the "Third Way?"

All Military Credit Cards processed through Texas Bank

87 bil for Iraq but we can't afford printers for Electronic Vote Machines

Right to Bear Arms - Protection Against Tyranny?

Violent video games

BBV-RE: alteration of Audit Log in Access. Incredible emails.

Dateline tonight: O'Reilly on Franken row

I want to donate $$$ to the Clark campaign but...

Is Bush In "Freep Fall"?

BBV Election Systems & Software VP tell Miami NO TS with paper trail

I'm trying to maintain a policy of not responding to Clark flamers.

You may think this is candidate bashing but I don't care!

Dateline interviews Bill O'Reilly

"FRAUD" Is the Word for 2004

GA 2002 fiasco: Heavy turnout,despite rain; low votes, despite machines

Do any othrer DUer's think they may be getting manipulated?

BBV: Study recommending California recall delay was funded by... Sequoia

Leno: This is funny: 49.9% pick Davis; 1% pick Arnold and Arnold Wins

Karl Rove screwed the pooch in making an enemy of Wesley Clark

Sal316 questions Kyl on CNN's Late Edition.

What I Like About Each & Every Candidate: The Positive Thread

Clark Favors Raising the $87K Wage Cap on Social Security Taxes!

L. Jean Lewis named DoD Inspector General's Chief of Staff

Clark's 100 year vision is nothing but platitudes.

Have you heard about the DRAFT letters being sent out recently?

Question about California Recall Law

Why aren't the Democratic presidential candidates fighting back?

"oooching" help...anyone have a link to this article..about bush*s used

TBTM Radio #11: 'The Lies Come Home To Roost'

Is belief in Iraq's involvement in 911 the fault of the media or Bush?

What's more important: issues or winning?

Can WE sue Diebold???

Republicans are....

BBV: Diebold is Exonerated!

One of the 3 Top Dems makes it to the WH, selects Clinton as Sec Of State?

Latest "Bring em ON" Ad series - watch them all, give feedback

Archeology: Uncovers homeland US massacres

Blair looks like Shit!

Clark: "I would've been a Republican if Karl Rove had called"

Want to thank Christiane Amanpour

Deleted message

Texan lashes out at Bush in speech

US Soldier, We Are Facing Death In Iraq For No Reason

Q: John Kerry has wanted to be president since an early age- Good or Bad?-

propagander: "DC 9/11: Time of Crisis" -incredible altar of neocon worship

BBV: Want to help? Report a felony today.

BBV: The question of ethics and morality at Diebold

Quick warning to Dean supporters

A Challenge to GD-DUers

Ahmanson: bagman for Christian Reconstructionist movement

YES! DIEBOLD knew:16,022 Al Gore Volusia Cty votes disappeared!

Kissinger & BCCI spells BUSH & 9-11

To Diebold: Can you 100% guarantee ZERO machine malfunctions?

Eureka! Is this a fool-proof way to DEMAND a voter-verified paper trail?

BBV: Now You Can Search Diebold memos: RIGHT HERE - GlobalFreePress

OK guys. Give it a fugging break already

The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire

Thomas Friedman on CNBC Now!

Bush covers up climate research

Democrats Decry 'Pattern' of Republican Abuses

U.N. creates peacekeeping operation for Liberia

Grand Canyon chopper crash kills 7

White House is ambushed by criticism from America's military community

Iraq to open to foreign investors

Judge dismisses shareholder lawsuit against Kmart

Iraq to Allow Foreign Owners Outside Oil

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

Energy Bill's Tax Breaks -Could Add $19 Billion to Deficit in Next Decade

Afghans capture three Pakistani soldiers

Globalization Hits Germany's Oktoberfest

More Flooding Possible in Isabel's Wake

Half Of Michigan Voters Don't Want Bush Re-Elected (sic)

Kashmir bomb causes death and chaos

Saddam Hussein's defense minister surrenders to U.S. troops

Saddam still in Iraq: Chalabi

CNN Breaking News - John S. Reese selected interim SEC chief

Croatia Town, Peers Shun Orphan With HIV

Terrorists planned 9/11 a long time ago.

Data, Confessions to Test Stocks

Christians feel vulnerable in post-Saddam Iraq

Poll: Most Americans Disapprove of Bush's Iraq Policy

Egyptian tortured to death

Big Brother is watching you - and documenting (on eBay)

Housing Plan for Top Aides in Afghanistan Draws Rebuke

Cheney re-emerges as political force

Taliban Commander Said to Hold Meeting

Iraqi oil export hopes run into security nightmare

Community powderkeg ready to explode in Kirkuk despite official cool

Next stop for cyberworld: The Grid

Clinton Says U.S. Should Not Dominate Iraq

Tories promise to halve TV licence (britain)

White House Hails Relations With Bulgaria

NASA's Galileo Heads For It's Grand Finale Plunge Into Jupiter

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq attack-U.S. military

Bloody attack and shot at martyrdom - Insurgents are not Saddam supporters

Martin Poised to Become Next Canadian PM

With Respect, a State Pauses (Even Its Politicians) (O'Bannon)

Iowans' support for Bush tumbles!

Forty killed as train hits bus in Pakistan

Taliban holds anti-US pow-wow

McGovern Likes Democratic Contenders

Bush questioning hard-line Iraq policies

Iraq to Allow Full Foreign Ownership Outside Oil

Recall Candidates See Sprint to the Finish; New Poll Shows Davis Gaining

Friday's missile attack on the Casa Militar could have been cataclysmic


Senators: Delay top tax cuts to pay for rebuilding Iraq, Afghanistan

Security line in lake by Romney property annoys locals

Texas Democrats Scorn Senator Who Returned

Mark Crispin Miller: ELECTION THEFT 2000! A NEW BOMBSHELL!

Blix Slams U.S. on Handling of Iraq War

Democrat Biden Urges U.S. to 'Box' the French

Israel scoffs at UN resolution: Israel and US against it

CBS: 60 Minutes 7 p.m. ET tonite... Cheney/Halliburton Exposé

Fla. Episcopal Diocese Rejects Gay Bishop

"Terrorist Says 9/11 Plot Began in '96."

Afghan, Pakistani presidents to visit Canada

Democrats still talk conspiracy talk

US- backed Iraq leadership to sell-off state assets

FCC POWELL SETS STAGE FOR EXIT ..another one...bye bye....

CNN BREAKING: Mortar Attack Kills Two US Soldiers in Iraq

Bush Lashes Back at Kennedy's Criticism

U.S. Military Denies Report of Saddam Exile Offer

Campaign 2004: Clark’s Charge ....I would have been a Republican

U.S. Drug Crop Duster Crashes in Colombia

Bush to Tell U.N. He Made 'Right Decision' on Iraq

Colonel Angus

Does anyone here know what happened to "Trivia" at yahoo games?

Who here has read No Logo by Naomi Klein?

Though this is ultimately New York's decision maybe

I still love Black Sabbath

Happy "Adopt a Bunny or Rabbit" Month

Sec of Treasury, Snow can be bought...cheaply???

Have you ever committed a crime?

Isabel graphic with * reference..too funny

what Kmart in Denver did the Columbine shooters get the bullets from?

Who is the "model" in the Bob Boudelang photo?

2003 International Coastal Cleanup: Ask me anything.

NOT a vanity plate

I'm not a sports fan, but I'm starting to like ESPN Classics -King /Riggs

BITCH...take it as a compliment, not a "sexist slur"

US v Sweden Women's Soccer

Oh God, no. No, no, no, no, no! I can't believe they're going to try it!

Any Comic Fans? Anyone read JLA #83


This is from "Today in Rotten History"

has anyone on DU heard from someone in Herndon, VA?

Poll: What day will the Red Sox be eliminated from the play-offs?

Arnold says "Forget Cali, I'm running for president as a Democrat". -fft

Guess what freepers call Dennis Kucinich!

Attention Clark supporters...

Anyone notice a surge of interest in the Beatles?

Caption the Schwarzenegger wanna be

Caption W in his next life

Red Haired Cats (Do they pick fights)

Some strange questioning going on at DU (What's up with that?)

I was nearly back-end crunched by a grumpy Republican

The hypocrisy and inconsistency of TV censorship

More Freeper talk re:Cheney

I just saw this hot "fox" running down the street

"Star Trek", in all 500 incarnations, states Earth is united.

Bears on trampolines....

Homer Simpson's Question finally answered

ALLLRIGHT!!!!!Fatboy picked my Jets

Who ELSE here is STINKY??

Blogs versus the Message Boards?? Is one better than the other??

Does anyone make a diabetic cakemix?

The man and his dog

So today I pissed off a cop...

Concerning "Fundie" religions ,

Here we go again, Bengals trail 7-0 to the Steelers

Karl Rove screwed the pooch in making an enemy of Wesley Clark

Anyone else see Lost in Translation?

Toodle ooo for now

What should I get pierced next?

The concert last night.

Each morning, the President reads ONE report first. It's called...

The Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love ?

I hate hate. Hate it.

Ann Coulter supports the murdureous tyrant Augusto Pinochet

Auditory Cheesecake

Went on a spending binge at the record shop...

Tanned toned fit Swedish women in shorts

What happened to Daunte Culpepper? This is killing me!

Ever Wonder ... Flash


And so, for my 700th post

The Patriots are about to beat the Jets

Small rant many may not care don't click here unless you may.

What's with all the public back scratching I'm seeing?

anyone on friendster?

Looks like the Twins magic # will soon be 2.


A CD No DUer should be without! Sonic Jihad

The power went back on at 12:30am this morning...

Why are more cable channels making their own programming?

Is Khalid telling the truth?

"Liquid Sky" gone from Netflix... sigh.

It's almost time for Moran hunting in Texas...

My AFP paper is finally finished!

Computer problem

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO.................

Use this symbol: $ ? Then pay big $ to someone...

We starve, look at one another short of breath...........

This is Post #997! Should I stop at 1000--I leave for Rome tomorrow...

I won a dinner with Mark Garegos and his wife

In the realm of minor injury..

Can anyone Identify the song from the H2 commercial

Tired of the bashing and flaming on GD

Florida Jobs

We will never see shrub impeached....

A joke for you vets.

Red Sox Win! Is it possible? Could this be the year--finally?

Speaking of MC's "Prey"

Here's a little present.


Which 60s show would you rather prefer to watch:

Jitterbug becomes a great gramma

"Twenty One" marathon on now

What is the longest you've ever been without

By Golly, If I was younger I would.............

Encouragement for the Mrs.

This cowboy must be a "durn Lib'rul!"

My Bears cannot lose today.

Redskins already beating themselves

You know how when you get a phleghm bubble in your throat

I JUST JUST JUST NOW got my electric back....ask me ANYTHING!

Browns beat the FortyNiners LOL!!

YES!! My Browns beat San Fran!!!!!

My wife keeps watching "Trading Spaces."

D'oh! It's SUNDAY!

strange censoring on Discovery Channel

Fun Computer Commercials

Stupid Seahawks.

What's your favorite punk band?

What Is Your Favorite Movie With Denzel Washington

Well, Whaddaya Know... I Cracked the 5K Barrier !!!

I'm listening to the Allman Bro's...

So help me, I heard them play the "Enterprise" theme at Petsmart

Bill O'Reilly to be on Dateline (NBC).

Here's a question that'll make me look dumb

I bought 3 bicycles today and I'm no longer a 53AAAA...Don't Ask...

I've seen so many cheesy "kid going to college" ads latley

Bless poor Howard Dean, he's toast

Why is the Muslim world stuck in some kind of dark age

who cuts their own hair?

Save America from badger, mushroom, snake

For Amusement Value Only:

Goddammit! how the hell are the detroit lions up seven on the

Was it Elad, Earl G or Skinner who was on C-Spans phone line

a fundie superhero

Is anyone else having a problem with Asian ladybugs?

Which candidate is ahead in bumper stickers in your town???

What Song is Looping in Your Mind Right Now?

What is the meaning of life?

WOW!! What a scam e-mail I just got..

Sig line change: what's the Bush Misadministration's credibility gap now?

Happy birthday to LibertyChick!

Any MacPurists using OSX 10.2 and Safari ? OS X Tips ?

Strange, I put on the Sounds of Silence cd I got for my birthday today

SY [email protected]@@ (the one letter.key off thread)

MIA... where is Armstead?

This is Post #1000! Time for me to say something profound!

My Grandma died lastnight

50th anniversary help needed.

I saw the Ducks beat Michigan yesterday, ask me anything!

Favorite Mystery Writer

What Is Your Favorite Spike Lee Film

Who's Your Favorite Rap Band Or Artist

Why does my dial-up keep disconnecting

Biblical marriage now!


My grandma died.

Has anybody here read 'Prey' by Michael Critchton?

Who else gets PISSED re customer service in INDIA??

When will the Braves choke

Should I have let a shirtless man come to my aid?