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Archives: September 20, 2003

Clark went generic-USAToday

Ken Schram Commentary: Disagreeing Doesn't Mean We're Un-American

The global hierarchy of race

The Bush regime's errors cost the lives of thousands and endless misery

9/11/01: Where Was George? - Eric Alterman in The Nation

The accountability trap:

Joe Conason alert - heads up Bay Area DUers!!

anyone here have t-shirt-making info/experience?

What's Hiding In Home Contracts

Way down upon the Suwannee River......the rules are changing.

Vegetarians (Caring About Animals)

African lions on their way to extinction

Italy: Berlusconi intensifies his attacks on the judiciary

What are the gun laws in Kanas City, MO for concealed carry?

Schoolbus Beating Videotaped

Governor Dean WRONG on gun statement

Party position on guns= 2002.

Why could anyone oppose any portion of the Bill OF Rights?

How dealers conduct sales at gun shows.

Why was this post removed from JP?

About the "Calendar" feature

How do you add an avatar?

DUer in crisis, I've alerted but have some questions.

Still a Player (Arafat interview with ABCNEWS)

Arresting Arab Assets

Is This The Bill Clinton Show? - Clark

OK, when will one of the 10 candidates have 1700+ delegates locked in?

Dean, Kerry, and Lieberman neck and neck in Rhode Island

Edwards just posted his first weblog entry. Lets give him a warm welcome!

Gep/Kerry/Dean camp reaction to Clark's shifting postion on Iraq war

Dean has strong support from Vermont's elected Democrats

Dean talks like a pirate better than Clark, Arrr!

Why is bloom kicking all the old Clark threads?

What about a Kimberly-Clark ticket?

So why didn't Will Pitt get a Project Censored Award?

EBay will give up seller/buyer info for any reason, no subpoena.

GD = Rove Porn (are you getting your checks?

Way to go, DU!!!

Zell Miller for President at Freerepublic

Is there anyone like Kucinich but better on TV?

Clark announcement speech/and others at c-span

PLEASE - NEED HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!! World opinion on the US!

What percentage of Americans would say the Iraq war was

On Orwell's, 'Can Socialists Be Happy?'

Wyclef Jean gives props to Howard Dean

More rich people should go broke and become homeless

Many of us on DU are getting Dixie-Chicked

If you need a little detox from the Clark threads,

Tom DeLay lashed out at Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy for his criticism..

New Alerts - Serious........ NOT!! :-)

Malkovich Malkovich

Memory Lane: Ted Kennedy's Speech to the Convention - 1980

Jimmy Carter on Larry King,Carter the most under rated

Bill Moyers NOW 9-11 EPA cover up by President

Death of the 3rd female soldier in Iraq; a gunshot wound to the head.

BBV Go to this thread and review the indicated messages.

AP- Carter Sees Some of Himself in Dean

Inspiration for our times from "Grapes of Wrath"

Get thee to PBS and watch Bill Moyers NOW! -- 9pm CDT, Fri 9/19

Good news from the NYTimes Best Seller List

Military families turning against Bush (The Independent - UK)

Whoever the Dem is that kicks GW's ass next year and becomes prez will

let's make the reopening of a 9/11 investigation a dem primary issue!

Was the Minister of Defense of Iraq paid off by US ?

"We wanted to make contact with the enemy, Russell said. "

Who in their right mind would DEFEND the "Patriot" act?


A serious question (not another candidate bashing thread)

Biggest story everyone ignored this week: GOP wants TWO Veeps

Colbert King cuts Krauthammer's pants off on "Inside Washington" PBS

Are the Saudis Bush's Conduit for "Bribing" Foriegn Ldrs. to Enter Iraq?

I donated to Kucinch - warts & all, he represents ALL of us.

Jeb Bush's Spam Factory

Bush says Saddam not involved in attack upon WTC !

Two groups most obnoxious about Clark (and scared) Deanies and Republicans

Listening to Paul Krugman on NPR's the Connection

Just came back from Clark's U of Iowa Speech!!!

Krugman, in The Guardian, Citing Dean: "I think that's about right."

Has one Republican outright denied what Kennedy said about Bush and Iraq?

Does have a vendetta against Clark?

Guess Who Said It

Didn't Cheney tell his wife that the story has changed about Iraq?

Malloy just called Bush the F*** word!

thom deelai is.....


Another sign that *'s "charm" is wearing off

The question about Clark shouldn't be - What has he done for the.....

Log On, Chat With White House Officials

Pick your President

WTF is this about soliders having to pay for their meals

Oprah censured by Sweden broadcasting watchdog group

I'm telling you my Brothers and Sisters, you better lay your hands on....

please, help me refute this guy's argument

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Christine Todd Whitman (EPA), more...

Washington State to appeal blanket primary ruling

Weekend schedule for C-SPAN Washington Journal...

Democratic Candidate Bashing on Charlie Rose

How many Cadillacs can a Welfare Oueen Buy?

Send Ted Kennedy an email and thank him

One of the most entertaining freeper threads I've read

Death Toll 09/12 - 09/19/03

Can you remember a candidate who wrote a BOOK just before he ran?????

What's your household income?

It's Called Waffling

Can I ask you guys to stop fighting for a few minutes

DUers, remember Gore's Sept. 2002 speech on Iraq and the War on Terror?

Clark on Foreign Policy, OMG, POSITIVE!

Clark's Iowa Speech -- Warning: Pro Clark Thread!

Another Deeply Meaningful Clark Thread

John Kerry responds to chickenhawk Delay over Kennedy attacks


what has Wesley Clark ever done for the Democratic party?

EFF comes out against BBV, demands paper ballot.

Josh Marshall on Clark's war position -sees no inconsistency at all

Americans in Denial about Iraq ( a good read!!!)

The number of American deaths has went down today. How they do that?

Kerry really needs to learn to turn off his microphone after interviews...

Were you FOR or AGAINST the war?

Why are Blue Collar Workers Republicans?

Tapes suggest bin Laden ill or dead

eBay to Feds: "Come and Get What You Want"

In Iraq, Demand Makes Security Growth Industry

"Fossil of 1,545-pound rodent discovered"

DFLers to consider changing date of precinct caucuses

NYT: Experts Say Court Panel Is Less Likely to Delay California Vote

Davis signs law giving domestic partners most marriage rights

Food Tampering Advisory (Washington State)

WP: What the $87 Billion Speech Cost Bush*

Washington Moves Again to Isolate France

Girl Wants To Start Caucasian Club At High School...

Dean talks like a pirate better than Clark, Arrr!

What about a Kimberly-Clark ticket?

Movie previews are so lame, they don't use real music anymore!

GD = Rove Porn (are you getting your checks?

This is Post 900--ask me anything!

What happened to my animated icons?

I survived Isabel

A question about soap operas on Univision.

I'm taking you out for dinner - whatcha hungry for???

King Ralph on TNT now

I failed as a parent...

Dixie Chicks Uninjured In Plane Mishap

I had a little girl ask me where the turds are today

Re-post of an oldie, but goodie... just for kicks.

forget politics, could you date/marry a fan of your sports rival?

Who wants to spank KCDem?

before I go to bed,

I think I did something stupid and need your help.

who pays $7.00 a month to watch Limpbaugh sit on his ass

who thinks there is an actually EIB network?

Anyone up for some Friday night stupid stuff that will make you cry?

GORE speaking NOW on CSPAN. 1.kicking ass....eom

You know what I could really go for right now?


I suffer from multiple personality disorder. Ask my anything. Oh, and me t

Dana Carvey keeps calling Gray Davis Gay Davis

Real Time w/Bill Maher has Tim Robbins

American music... (Stephen Foster was a very prolific writer)

I like pancakes

Twins up 2-0 kc and chisox tied at three.

I'm watching "Jaws" on DVD now--it hasn't withstood the march of time...

I need a new sig line

As requested: View from my house

Clark says he may have eaten a 'Clark Bar'

anyone do pottery here?

Malkovich Malkovich

THIS is what PATRIOTISM looks like!!!

New Alerts - Serious........ NOT!! :-)

Clark denies being member of Lewis and Clark expedition

Drop Dead Hannity

Inspiration for our times from "Grapes of Wrath"

Who wants a spanking?

Rush Limbo declaws his cats

We had another bonfire at the lake tonight (no bears this week!)

What's your favorite comfort food?

Mmmmm.. Monkeys with popsicles

anyone else here a daikaiju fan?

Wild purple barnacles...

Clark Breaks Up Happy Marriage

Flashback - Dean on Iraq war September 4, 2002

An Ill Wind From Factory Farms

Dickey: Pride and Prejudices (Americans in denial about Iraq war)

Get a load of this fascist!

Guardian Unltd: Election defeat piles pressure on Blair

LTE: Cheney's spin wearing thin

Another Day, Another Death-Trap For The US : FIsk

Cronkite on Ashcroft; No one suspects....THE SPANISH INQUISITION!

Al Giordano: Cancún Trade Battle also Turns the Tables on the Drug War

Beautiful Cartoon...

nypost really really a-scared of clark

Black Commentator: What's up with the French? (you've GOT to read this!)

John Pilger: Have we forgotten Afghanistan?

"He likes war.He should go fight in a war for two days..."

"In defence of elderly hippies"

Chris Matthews

New Yorkers! Bush at UN Tuesday Sept. 23!

Protest Bush* in Chicago Sept. 30

Of all life's unwelcome glitches, what I hate most is when my ass itches

Diabetes Support in the MR; Part the First: The free-for-all!

Is Bush Nostradamus's Mabus?

Gov. Davis signs law giving domestic partners most marriage rights

Church Targets 'Fake' Catholics

Clark: "Relook" Don't Ask, Don't Tell

No more email for [email protected]

Trouble at Hanford Nuclear Site (again)

Wine-drinking women are more fertile - report

A terrible find nearby Gikalo village of Chechnya (+a couple others..)

'What good friends left behind'

Burundi mayor assassinated

Curfew in Maldivian capital - Rioting

Gambian editor arrested - by Secret Service

'Black hijackers are just the foot soldiers'

Saskatchewan has 400 West Nile cases

Study shows women's hangovers are worse

'It's never too late to start eating better'

Army bans political activity by Missouri state senator

Saturday: Cry Rape - CBS 48 Hours

Gun Control: White Man's Law

18 Gigs a month is $522?

Are there book reviews on DU?

Humongous Sig lines

Broken Bob

can't check mail in mailbox. I get this message:

Qureia strongly defends Arafat

Jenin under Curfew for 3rd Consecutive Day

Will you attack Gaza now, Ariel? (Jane's)

9 Israelis face deportation-Spy agency suspects they may be foreign agts

IMF: Arafat diverted $900M of public funds to special account

Moroccans jailed for 'terrorism'

9/11/01 - Where Was George?

Clark Bumper Stickers

WP:Dean Faces Uphill Battle in Courting S.C. Blacks

Souring on Clark...

AP Analyzes PAC Money, House Freshman

TNR Primary: Dean Lite? mmm more fresh waffles!!!

Edwards ...will be on CBS's Face The Nation..Sunday morning -11:30

Re: Clark - ABC's The Note:

Skull and Bones is an ultra-weak non-issue

Steering the Democratic Primary Race

First Impressions of the Dem Candidates - a survey

From the Times....Clarks'dismissal by Clinton- what does this mean?

Dean Supporters: Tell your Dean Visibility Day activities


Clark Leads Dems in National Newsweek Poll

Josh Marshall on Dean's Iraq stance


who's gonna raise the 2nd largest amount of money this quarter?

Bush Ebb Tide


A great anti-Bush column from my local paper

I lived and worked in Germany for several years

Why I oppose Liberal Tax Policies.

Just remember to beware of the media

ESPN Right Now: Hazing

Went to GSA club at school today

Did you see Bill Maher?

9/11: Where Was George? - Alterman's latest

O.K....I admit....I hope Smirky gets away with stealing the 2004 vote

Jay Leno today....Bashing Democratic candidates and Clark

Good article on Krugman!

Washington Journal caller "SICK " of politics..not gonna vote

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/20/2003

The Lebanon Scenario Anonymous car bombs, political kidnappings,

The infighting has heated up

Lies on smallpox

Nations with troop's committed to Iraq. ( #'s )

Diebold Buys Australian Security Company Vangren Technology

Supply-side economics don't work

Why are journalists so lazy

That's it! I'm staying out of the lounge...

Bush not welcome in Australia

About restoring dignity to the WH/taking advantage of youth

Bush on the outs with the militaary ...

In desperation, the Republican Party abandons BushCo

Toxic fumes at WTC

Poll question: Are you for or against civil unions...?

Our troops are in Iraq to keep an election from happening

Chimp's approval up slightly, why?

Interesting info about General Michael Jackson

Must See Cartoon!!!

The military votes in Florida permitted Bush to steal election....

Are Americans stiffling dissent, or

Unfreep this disgusting poll!

The Republican "three R's": recount, recall, and re-redistricting

Gen. Clark's Radical Health Care Plan

Need some help finding a PJ O'Rourke article on Kucinich

Senator Leahy on IWR, October 2002. Brilliant.

When is this Clark feeding frenzy going to be over?

Bush 9/11 Admission Gets Little Play


Has anyone else seen the CNN

Guarentee your freedom of Speach in America!

Guess who's scared of Dean.....

We met Meacher in Boston:'Both Wars were planned in advance before 9/11'

How does Clark stand on Bush's welfare for the rich?

Un-freeping my book store.

this picture says it all about Iraq

Bush lies--191--more to come

the bloody hands bushgang gets rid of a black general

Why Aren't More People

Is invading Iraq to get out of Saudi Arabia a flawed argument?

Moscow Times piece on American electronic voting machines

Our military is studying another Hollywood movie for how-to tips

To what extent will rigged voting machines play a role

Tx. repug Senators take away parking priviledges from the Texas 11

why are some in denial about candidates and waffling?

shh..quiet.. we...have no...proof...saddam..planned...9/11

Where is the official "Guy James" thread for Saturday D.U.'ers?

Josh Marshall on Dean's waffling on the war

Lies &LLTTT making me emotional

Clark is great... for Vice President


Media and DU all over waffles, Bush lies ignored.

A Serious Question

Petty Squabbling between Democrats

Bush is No Waffler. Four more years!

Yikes, Clark is really scary!

Who Should Be The Next Chief Justice of SCOTUS?

will everyone show Arnold Swharetasnegger debate ?

Gephardt is still talking about Saddam/nukes connection!

WSWS: Thomas Friedman declares war on France

anyone have an email addy for Alterman?

To All Clark Bashers- READ!

Punch Card Voting...

Angry freeper tries to run me off the road.

BBV: SF Chron censoring LTE & protest suggested election day 10/7

Clark takes lead in new Newsweek poll of democrats, Dean 2nd

Keep repeating.."The candidate is not his supporters and vice versa"

Sometimes, I am amused at repubs delusions

Its Time to Accept the Ugly Truth about 9-11

Deleted message

I Just Took The Gallup Poll...

Newsweek latest poll has Clark ahead!

Arab investors likely to continue pull out from US markets

Anyone planning to run as a Convention Delegate?

It’s Time to Show Howard Dean who's the real Democrat

Happy Birthday to my sister Barbara

We should impeach Bush ONLY if one or more of the following takes place..

meanwhile..bill "the liberator" clinton

I back Clark, but I will not criticize Dean

Why is everybody ignoring Gephardt? I think he can win

This is just too good and it's getting even better...


Where is Bill Clinton? He's in Kosovo!

(allegedly) US in talks with Saddam ...

The Ghost of Reagan: Bush* won't be held accountable

Comments that could be seen as suggesting a connection between Saddam-9/11

Today's Democratic Cabinet Nomination: Attorney General

Sorry, guys. I can't trust Clark.

So when did Clark want to go to War???

There will be no new VP candidate for Bush

Alert - Luntz on MSNBC re: Clark, etc. n/t

Limbaugh says Clark is a myth?

Another Democratic Cabinet Nomination: Secretary of State

Another Democratic Cabinet Nomination: Treasury Secretary

Bush Down, Granholm Up In New Michigan Poll

Rank your five favorite Democratic candidates

Official Guy James Show thread----3pm -please keep kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

What, Praytell, is Freep?

Back in March of this year, David Halberstam said about going to Iraq...

I met Dennis Kucinich today and saw Michael Moore speak.

Bush/Cheney 2004 Campaign Bumperstickers

Pick Your Nomination: Nat'l Endowment for the Arts

"Can [insert candidate here] Beat Bush?"

How Many Folks Know A Conservative Who Is PISSED that * LIED - WMD

Incompetence beyond belief

Attack on Female Iraqi Governing Council Member

Was Nancy Pelosi a babbling idiot on Real Time, or was it my imagination?

Bush overall approval rating has dropped to 51%. Re-Select below 50%

43% of registered voters would vote or lean toward Clark. 47% for Bush

"Bring me the head of a Neocon!" (Alexander Cockburn on PNAC)

Why can't the Republicans just get a smart guy to run in 2004?

What will Bush do when he leaves office in Jan 2005?

Stupid Bush

do you think punch cards are accurate?(Poll) needs freeping

DU this poll, How would you rank the job performance of President Bush?

Do not fear: Lieberman will take on the General.

great Atlantic article: Bush is Screwed!

I heard Howard Dean's voice for the first time yesterday.

Is Wes Clark prepared to be a Presidential candidate?

Wow. I finally got to watch Bowling for Columbine. On DirecTV this week.

How To Stay Out of the Military (Primer on Draft Resistance)

Plan for Iraq - What would a plan look like?

Please vote in our polls; please!

Which group do you trust most to level with you, overall?

I just made Tom Friedman my bitch. MUST READ

Recipies for Humiliation: Freedom Fires w/ Your CROW???

Clark leads all democrats and top democrat agianst (Newsweek Poll)

What states should we target in 04?

Will you ever believe the government or mass media again?

George's Deli

How long before Saudi Arabia is invaded?

IF Dean were nominated--a possible short list for VP

If you lie about a Democratic Canidate, You're gonna get caught!

Democratic Party Loyalists Diverge From Neocon Plan

The real reasons why repukes want "school vouchers"

death threats given to Krugman by Bushites

What is everybody's beef with john kerry?

If Blacks vote in great numbers, progressive Whites win.

Will Isabel Cost Bush? The Money they are Promised....may not come!

Who's going to be Bush's new VP???

Cognitive Dissonance: WHY Americans are in Denial

Check out this new CD called "Sonic Jihad"

Bush's Saudi Connections, a CRUCIAL issue in 2004

"WHAAAA! WHAAAA! 9-11! 9-11! 9-11! WHAAAA! Remember 9-11!"

60 Minutes Tomorrow: Cheney/Halliburton

Just logged into AOHell....

BBV: Question for Techies

Bloody hell! Instant vegetarianism

president clinton highest international poll ratings in history

Bush forgets 9-11 - no ceremony to honor fallen firefighters?

It Was a Blank Check

wonder what the Italians think of our troops trying to kill their envoy?

"He likes war. He should go fight in a war for two days."

Padilla v. Rumsfeld - aka: American Democracy v. Rumsfeld

Why is Howard Dean, the peace candidate, or the anti-war

Clark's ultimate Kosovo Comeback... ZERO US CASUALTIES

I'm Bushwacked! Here's a thousand reasons why...

Progressives need to stand up for Venezuela!!!!

**** Who's headed to D.C. on Oct. 25? Let's pull something together ****

Do you support the guy you like, or the one you think others will like?

Complete online stash of the Diebold memos: RIGHT HERE

More energy bill - action/strategy and a plea for participation

Cuban hijacker gets minimum 20 years for air piracy

Gunman Shoots Doc. In Hospital - LA

Bush calls Japanese leader to petition for help in Iraq

Gore Joins Davis to Urge 'No' Vote in Calif. Recall

Document extends secrecy on Area 51 in southern Nevada

U.S. must trade control for help: Schroeder

Nighttime Blasts Shake Baghdad

Strong quake rocks Tokyo

What the $87 Billion Speech Cost Bush (Dupe...sorry)

Bush* Denies His New Request Is Another Patriot Act

Iraq Council Member Shot, Critically Hurt

Saudi diplomat speaks of U.S. "intellectual arrogance"

U.S. soldier kills tiger in Baghdad

Nine Years After U.S. Military Intervention, Haitians Feel Abandoned by th

Senator presses for service 'equity'

Housekeeper sues Will Smith

Naive scam - or secret CIA counterfeits?

U.S. soldiers fire on car trying to race into Palestine Hotel parking area

Saudi Defends Anti-terror Drive {BBC}

Law Schools Seek to Regain Ability to Bar Military Recruiters

Bush a Frequent Flyer to States That Could Decide 2004 Race

Mop-Up Weekend In Isabel's Wake

Elderly Hospital Gunman Sought

Family: Ohio soldier killed in Iraq ambush

Candidate Clark Flip Flops On Iraq

Baseball Rivalry Deadly For Fan

Blast heard as hundreds of US troops cut off Fallujah

GM Will Close Baltimore Plant in Mid-2005

Governor Wants Quick Election as Appeals Court Agrees to Review Delay

Steel Deal Could Burn Bush


Another Day, Another Death-Trap For The US : FIsk

KSL uncouples 'Coupling'; WB may air risqué series

Friends and occupiers in Mosul

Iraqi Council's Path Diverges From U.S. Plan

"In defence of elderly hippies"

Iraqi minister shot in Baghdad

Isabel Damage Overwhelms Cleanup Crews

Protests Grow Over Year-Long Army Tours

Britain, Germany, France call for fast transfer of power in Iraq

[Wellington] Webb takes job [DNC Vice-Chairman]

Davis Signs Bill Extending Rights To Gay Partners

President Bush signs off on Global Crossing sale

Leaders split over Iraq plan

".. Recall Decision Based on Study Sponsored by Touch-Screen Manufacturer"

White House Iraq View Often at Odds With Others

MA jobless rate highest in 9 years

Soldiers step up patrols in Tikrit

New Recall Poll

Bush to Challenge U.N. for Help in Iraq

Nuclear Workers Complain About Cleanup (Hanford)

Putin Won't Send Russian Troops to Iraq

High Tech Workers Replaced With L-1 Visa Workers.......

Is This The Bill Clinton Show?

Report shows academic gap between girls, boys

Latvians vote to join EU

Ozone hole three times size of US

Venezuela cuts oil shipments to Dominican Republic

Biographies off the 11 Federal Judges Who Will Rehear the Calif. Recall El

Bush steps up fight against European safety testing (cancer vs chemicals)

Islamic chaplain is charged as spy (Guantanamo)

Bush is losing support on right

US bombing kills two Taliban, 10 civilians in southern Afghanistan

Clark Calls Iraq War 'A Major Blunder'

Death penalty foes rap Ashcroft

Fox News: 8:00 P.M Saturday 9/20 - Exclusive Interview with Bush

Venezuelan supplies of crude oil to USA may be in jeopardy


CLARK'S FAST START (Newsweek Poll: Clark Leading!)

Police: Dodgers fan shot, killed by Giants fan

Venezuelan Intel:overwhelming evidence CIA planned to down Chavez plane

Chavez has video of a CIA instructing coupsters in surveillance techniques

U.S. soldier kills tiger in Baghdad

Looking for Votes, Not Love - • Gray Davis’s Numbers Improve

Republican (Coleman) visits Cuba, hardens embargo position


Clark vs. Clerks

16th-century Italian prophet foresaw Bush(gross,vulgar,nasty)

Jeez, Local news

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Now Officially Over in NY

Egad! Where did my Howard Dean shirts go?

Anybody else go swimming during Isabel?

Do your pet's do weird things before or after sporting events?

new Savage Weiner advertisers

Anyone collect vintage & victorian clothing??

16 Horsepower

Isabel is finally here.

aaaaaw.. too cute for words..

Dodger Fan Shot, Killed, By Giants Fan

Davis-Gore "No Recall" rally.

Mary Jane, anyone???

I've become an Oriental Carpet Addict

Why space pirates don't have parrots...

Food.....Here's a great link for recipes..all kinds

Carlin joke... funny or sexist?

Annapolis flooded

Pickles is wearing the tablecloth again!

The ad said "one of a kind"..Thank goodness !!

How long until DH notices there's an extra kitten in the house?

I live on East Peace Street...Where do you live?

Is "Friends" really as stupid as it seems


chocolate cookie recipe?

anyone know a "free" photoeditor?

Best Phillip K. Dick book?

Hey Old and In the Way! What gives?????

What's the funniest political joke you've heard?

HAHAHA! FoxTrot hits a home run!

I'm considering starting a diabetes support board, any interest?

My Euology to Dana Carvey

Movies for Democrats Weekend Alert

Cabin Fever

Darwin Awards

If you had a magic wand,

What are the best books you read for college or high school classes?

Morning Coffee - A pick me up

anyone have experience with Buspar?

Wow, I've been attacked 16 times in half as many minutes

Go Vols!!!!!

KSL uncouples 'Coupling'; WB may air risqué series


Bill Moyers - is he a progressive?

Finally, the Power is back on! (40 hours later)


What's that smell?

Any words you think should be BANNED from the english language?

Is it just me?

Go Bowling Green!

Cthulhu + Japanese fan art = disgustingly cute

Can you get these Chocolate bars in the states?

Something in my freezer really stinks

Guy James is Streaming again and the bar is open!

Who else is going to "Underworld" this weekend?

Rode my Bike E recumbent for the firt time this year..U know what to do

Michigan fans are VERRRRRY quiet right now

Twins up 6-3 magic number will be five after today

German man plans to drive 12 mile twisty mountain road blindfolded

Emmy's - Which TV Show will win for Best Comedy??

Kansas State gets beat by cupcake!

OMG Tennesee didn't choke

Your #1 absolute favorite album of all time?

ooh baby...The NHL season starts soon.....

Darth Kitten..if you're here.....

As a 49er fan, I can honestly say

My pesto sauce is good but....

Where is the best place to buy electronics, like TV, DVD player, etc.


I have never seen a freeper disruptor in the flesh here on DU

Leno to welcome 90 recall candidates Monday

Happy Birthday to my sister Barbara

Anybody know the final in the Wisconsin vs NC game? n/t

Bought a ticket to see REM tonight

It's not just the weather that is cooler in Canada

I'm thinking of becoming a rock star...

Anyone know if IKEA'S leather products are made out of Horse Leather?

I knwo I've asked this before, BUT anyone ever stay in the Venice Mestre?

I nominate this for the best insult I've heard

My friend Panda rocks!! Best compliment ever!!

Notre Dame is losing to Michigan State

CAPTION the lipless warrior king

Lights back on(9PM Friday). Massive trees down...oh it's a hurricane

What are you having for supper tonight?

Sorry DUers

Colk Creek Manor or Cabin Fever


Whoa....I just saw the preview for 60 Minutes tomorrow night........

What's your toothpaste?

Ohio State - 18 wins in a row!

I'm living in 1980s Miami here or something...everyone's doing Coke.

Duck intercept w/5:02 left in the 4th. Wolverines are going down!

Down go the Wolverines, Up go the Buckeyes

Garrison Keillor in NPR

Longest living literary heroes. I say Roland who is

A tiny, tiny little rant:

do you know any liberals with lots of kids? more than 3 at least

Good night, everyone.

It's Time Again! STUPID CUSTOMERS!!!!

How well do you understand American (or your own national) history?

Our power just came back on! Ask me anything!

That's it! I'm staying out of the lounge...

I just repaired my well- first real shower in a week!

Smack Yer Kid a Good One for the Republicans

According to my figures 31, 821 people have me on 'ignore'

Midnight Confessions: This is my desk! What are you working at?

I love British television shows!

Why do people call Laura Pickles?

are your cats indoor or outdoor cats?

confession: I am addicted to "The Country Bears" movie

Great Idea for a Halloween Costume

"Hundreds mourn Hitler's film-maker Riefenstahl"--WTF?

A 5 Step Guide To Teaching Kids Responsible Drinking

How to find the cheapest flight? or just a weenie version of Skateboarding.

If you have a college degree, what was your major?

Who here besides Me is gonna watch the LSU/ Georgia game?

Why do people think Smithers is a Republican?

My Pets: Parrots and Snakes

I own a 1958 Oldsmobile. Ask me anything...

1940's propaganda posters---remixed for today

Not Sure I'll Make It to the New Year - Part 2

What do you do for a living?

Emmy's - Which show will win for Best TV Drama

Mac Users *gloating* Thread

If Dumbo worked at McDonald's AND.....

49ers have 5 super bowls= your team has ? HA HA HA HA

"Adult" candy