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Archives: September 17, 2003

The Toothless Poodles

FLASH - Rumsfeld says No link between Iraq & Sept 11

David Broder weighs in on the Fox debate hecklers

Ten Years Later: The World is Upside Down

The passionate centrist

Foreign Policy Candidate

Seeking honesty in U.S. policy - by Amb Joseph Wilson


Whore of the Day: The Miami Herald

FOX taking Dem bashing to a new level?

Atwood On Booker Short List

How did I miss this? Jonathan Demme's remaking THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE

He Just Doesn't Get It, Does He?

More Conservative Gender Sterotyping this time at Newsmax


Great SUV design:off the shelf, safer, cost $3000 more but gets 35.3 mpg

Iowans get it!

It was a personal judgement--- right or wrong

US Threatens with More Cuts

Hamas Denounces Bank Account Lockdown

Orthodox groups look to new session to get pro-religious bills through Con

Jordan Recants on Freezing Hamas Accounts

the war on terror is doing nothing but produce more terror

Israel backs off on killing Arafat

US vetoes UN draft against Israeli plans to remove Arafat

The Decision to Murder Arafat

Sizing up the Wesley Clark effect

GOP Poll

I was accused of telling tales on a poster. Here is proof I wasn't

Wesley Clark - will he outflank the field?

Whoever posted the Pelosi letter to Dean the other day......

Edwards C-Span now

Poll: Many Iowa Democrates Undecided

The passionate centrist

Dean's Book (Nov.)... Think we can pre-order it up like Franken's book?

Only a TRUE Republican idiot, would question Wesley Clark

Dean Campaign Announces Major Endorsement

Kucinich on Collapse of Trade Talks

Kucitizens, and especially DU's own wheresthemind

Who do you support in the North Carolina Senate race?

Kucinich speaks against recall, Prop. 54, tax cuts and heavy defense spend

Revised Patriot Act Will Make It Illegal To Read Patriot Act

Anyone want to guess on Breaux & Zell's media vote?

I want to apologize to newsguyatl and the Moderaters.

Some returning troops butt heads with boss

'Voting Clark makes Osama's bony fingers tremble with joy'

Anybody know about GIA, an MIT student's response to TIP?

Compassionate Conservatism at work in Minnesota

NY Times Columnist Sees Gloom in America's Future--re Krugman

I'm a liberal who wants to beat Bush in 2004....


FLASH - Rumsfeld Sees No Link Between Iraq, 9-11

This is what Democracy looks like

While we attack each other, GOP is trashing Clark

Here's the video for the NewsHour Diebold Voting Machine piece

My apologies to Dean and his supporters, I lost it, I don't want our party

Will the Bush cause the PUBs to lose the HOUSE and SENATE??

Does anyone have byrd's remarks on the media from yesterday?

Repubs must be scared to death of Clark...

How long until Mike Malloy, Peter Werbe, Randi Rhodes, and Guy James...

These morans sound like they're fighting a goddamn crusade...

Al Franken to attend Dean fundraiser in NYC this weekend

Clark quote on 9/11

PBS Flashpoints: Talking about right-wing media bias right now.

Traditional ally of Senator Kennedy claims same-sex marriage will...

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (297 dead. Does that sound right?)

Does anybody think that the woman in the moran pic is writing...

is there even a remote possibility Clark will announce he's not running?

General Clark is just the man to investigate the WMD hoax, 9-11 and Enron

UK Indymedia poster heil bush

Divide and conqure

Are The Russkies Gonna Help Out The Chimp?

Diebold executive to keep lower profile

Is Dean really an anti-war candidate?

Drudge joins in the clark-smearing

Are Democrats soft on Crime?

Tammy Faye on Larry King Live...loooks like a fucking circus clown.

Another example of the Media changing its tune...

AHHHH: having mike malloy back is like crack

PNAC Madness Takes Over White House

1939 Berlin Diary. Compare to today in Bush's PNAC USA.

Deleted message

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: "Bush setting world on fire"

Who is the dem candidate for mayor in Houston?

What are Karl Rove's Educational qualifications?

Rumfeld aide quote sounds exactly like the third reich

Quit spelling moron as moran

"US never been so isolated globally, literally never, since 1945."

FBI Lied to Clinton about Iraqi Assassination Attempt on Bush Sr.

Clark supporters - Please! be polite and not such ass

Iraq Watch on now C-SPAN

I'm so proud of our little unelected bastard President....

Something Very Interesting Clark Said

Former Clinton Advisor on FAUX: "Bush is a successful president."

Paula Zhan talking about Clark (CNN)

The Dodd Digest September 2003, What a great Senator

Aaron Brown redeems himself... sort of.

Rep. Dreier: K. Harris has offered to help w/CA recall election?

King Geroge Re Declares War on The Enviroment

Why I won't be voting for ANY of the Dem candidates

I have a question

Bizarre story just heard on local tv news

C-Span now. Delahunt on live about old man Bush selling WMD's to Iraq

Bush is like a bad contractor who fucks up the job but claims everything

"US becoming a colonial power" - Wesley Clark

What really happens inside those $2K/head fundraisers

A DU pool? When will the GOP dump Bush to save the party?

As a Clark supporter all this Clark bashing may be good. . .

Larry Hagman! Calls Bush a Fascist (re-post)

Bush is out of control

BusinessWeek: Lies Told about Casualties of the First Gulf War

Bush's Justice Dept filed brief to stop NYC Peace March in Feb

"Gassing his own people?"

Al Franken and Whoopi to join Dean at Avalon Club fundraiser

Clark reminds me of R. Lee Ermey (Gny. Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket)

what Dean is called by hate radio hosts

Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi?

Jon Stewart nails Daryl Issa

I'm jealous of your government sites...

Before Clinton was the last President to propose a balanced budget to Cong

It must be that proverbial "cold day in hell". I just listened to the

Clark Bashers: Read this article and get out your cry towels

Dean Campaign Announces Major Endorsement

Get a free PC/software! (MS court settlement)

I am actually enjoying this insanity..

Scott McClellan Is Pathetic

Vets To Top US Military Commanders: REMEMBER NUREMBERG

LOOK: Arafat assassination scheduled for Q1 of 2004.

Isn't Wesley Clark...

Condi Rice on "Nightline" now-11:30 PM EDT.

Gray Davis

hey! enough with all these CHEAP SHOTS against Cheney...

How many WTC towers did we have when Clinton left office?

Deleted message

We're GONNA WIN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! We're gonna win!!!

Just got a call from the ACLU

What should be the prevailing message for '04?

Anyone else see Thomas Freidman on Charlie Rose tonight?

Do you remember what Michael Corleone asked Hyman Roth...

PM slams rich nations for collapse of WTO talks

John Reid Edwards officially announced his candidacy today.

Should we abolish state borders and just be one unified country?

Has the media forgiven Bush for lying to them or are they still pissed?

Sham Coulter just called Clark a "Faux patriot"

Does anyone have a link to that pic of * bumping his head exiting

I Think HIGH HOLY HELL is About to Break Loose

From Michael Moore: "You Suck BUSH"

Dean on environment. No wonder he sealed his records

BBV: Diebold Election Systems Election Manual For Staff

Condie Rice DENIES IRAQ 9/11 LINK!!!

Did Rove Blow a Spook's Cover?

I kant beleive dose Roving morans. What a bunch of lieing loosers...

Wanna know the BIGGEST Conspiracy of all?


Why didn't Al Gore challenge voter purging in Florida? Answer inside.

I fear the decline in civil society

How's this for a bumper sticker?

Caller to Bernie Ward's show: "Iraq dumped WMD's in the river"

Connecting the Dots in the Bush/PNAC administration!

Recall AND BBV: a"curious "coincidence

Who would like to see Guy James land a gig on i.e. America Radio?

Congress Seeks ($40 B) Tax Cuts for Manufacturers

On this Issue, Allies Are on the Opposite Side...

Bush Assassination Plot In Philippines

Man Gets Prison for Claim Son Died on 9-11


Tandy Sworn in As First Female DEA Chief

WP: Diplomats Say U.N. Pact Still Is Feasible

Charges likely against 3 from Merrill Lynch

Isabel: Warnings Likely at 11 PM

U.S. vetoes Arafat vote in U.N.

Feds to Create Single Terror 'Watch List'

Janklow Returns to Capitol One Month After Fatal Crash

Daschle the Latest Democrat to Criticize Cheney-Halliburton Connection

Federal Budget Disaster Seen, Won’t Be Heard

Emergency Landing at Phx Airport, possible explosive.

Iraqis' Bitterness Is Called Bigger Threat Than Terror

U. S. Congress Democrats: Bush Should Fire Iraq Advisers

Rice's letter answers criticism from Cuban-American legislators

Bush Orders Merger of Anti-Terror Lists

House gives preliminary approval to redistricting map

Iraq's external debt at $70-120 bil: Treasury official

US veto gives Israel 'licence to kill'

Aides Back Cheney on Lack of Halliburton Ties

Million Chinese sign anti-Japan petition online

Hackers Pass Out New Software for Attacks

State Democrats to lose leader (Texas)

Blair on Iraq rack as spy chief breaks cover

Moore Proposes Moving Ten Commandments Monument to U.S. Capitol

Hans Blix: Iraq Destroyed WMD 10 Years Ago

Iraqi Weapons in Syria. Gertz via Drudge

Official: Syria Seeking Banned Weapons (our next war)

Condoleezza Rice: U.S. Never Said Saddam Was Behind 9/11

U.S. tops in school spending, but not in scores

An Undiplomatic Display (Photos in W.H. replaced with pics of *)

Found Him!!!!

anyone design bumper stickers?

The real Freeper Lounge (not very interesting)

Anybody know of Lit. Agents dealing in humor/satire...

Bush in a tank top, thong and flip flops?

CAP ALERT NEEDS YOUR $1500!!!!!!!!!

Caption Poppy and Babs

On second thought, don't ask me anything. I feel nauseous.

twinkies up 2 nil right now.

Dirty joke.

"The Dems don't really want to win in '04, so Hillary can win in '08."

WIll somebody honk my horn? My Wang is 2 feet long and is detachable!

Thinking 'bout riding out the storm


Help me get rid of Global Finder.

Wesley Clark Turned Me into a Newt!!!!

Does anybody have the Monday Night Cowboy/Giants game on tape?

CSPAN NOW--Hoeffel and other "Iraq Watch" Dems back at it,

1970's News Headlines

I've been beating up on FReepers in my U.S. History class

Slow news day in Chicago we starve all the teachers, and recruit more Marines...

Just watched "Curse of the Bambino" on HBO. It was bittersweet.

Does Martin Scorsese kick ass, or what?!

Condom failed? Dean poked a hole in it.


ahhhh ...john stewart rocks

South Park with Saddam & Satan on Comedy Central now

I gave 2 freepers hell in my English Class today

The OC

Max Cady is out and looking for some payback

Flyer for Young Dems recruitment meeting

How to burn an hour twenty-two

I want to hear some conspiracy stories!

I busted two kids for smoking in the bathroom today

Condi Rice on Nightline

"Dads & Daughters" vs thongs

Howard Dean ate my baby!!!

Don't laugh.

I am going to be an election judge this Nov, any advice would be

Caption Chimp & Baby!

After 28 months on DU, I just bookmarked my first thread.


Not to be insincere; why is ABC treating John Ritter like a family member?

Topic of today's lunchtime argument...

Greatest R&B album ever?

I, Lynne Sin am giving up my unhealthy eating habits - I need help!

Which of these musicians have you ever wanted to be?

Detroit Shock WNBA CHAMPS!

Any DUers Getting Ready To Evacuate For Isabel ???

Which pic looks the best? Warning, I've been out to trip-out city lately.

Bay area Duers make $10 an hour fighting the recall....

Who the hell is NameRemoved?

Just a little update on my injuries...


Need some good name suggestions for my cockatiel !!!

I spent $547.42, today. Ask me anything. Sigh... n/t

When corrections need correcting

AMB: Joseph Wilson- White house is in full retreat from IRAQ REALITY

Wesley Clark: The New Anti-War Candidate?

Steve Bell Cartoon - Stop That Buck!

Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors - Focus on Jerusalem

If you like laughing

The Scourge of Militarism

ReSelect Campaign of * Has Astroturf site for Letters to Editors

Asteroid about to hit the earth-Tom the Dancing bug

The fallout from Cheney's performance on last Sunday's MTP accelerates

Clark: TomPaine, Guardian, Independent, Village Voice, BBC, Salon and

Abbott Gleason: The hard road to fascism (history repeats?)

Opus Saves The World - The goofysweet penguin from "Bloom County" returns

RJR Plans to Slash 2,600 Jobs in $1B Cost-Cutting Effort

Today's DU editorial has me ROTFL

Morford on the ABC News Jessica Lynch "get"

Shadia Drury: Saving America (re: Leo Strauss)

Senate OKs Bush's Nuclear Ambitions

*Cartoon* Benson on CA Recall Decision

Scottie & Me

The Terrible Truth About Iraq

Afghan villages ask for more than U.S. troops can deliver

US economic folly should worry us all

Victory is ours since Bush know Vietnam lessons

Bush would use mini-nukes, prof warns

Maybe the rich should join the struggle

The Latest Bush Gang Whoppers

Bush's Worst Nightmare

Falwell's Hannity Love Fest

My letter from the CA Secretary of State on the recall

What Must Be Done to Complete a Great Victory

This guy is just a huge d*ck. (Fill in the * with your favorite vowel...)

Gag me!

Ashcleft visiting Louisville

Congress Declares War Against Disabled Veterans

A Tax-Cut Victim - NYTimes Editorial - bashes bush* and repukes

The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus

The End of the Republic?

Saying 'no' to the War In Iraq

The worst president in history (Metro Times Detroit)

NYT Ed - Oprah, Arnold and Equal Time

Truth: Too little of it on Iraq (Mpls Star-Tribune)

Seattle Clark-DU'ers: Clark annoucement celebration at Gordon Biersch

Chicago Deanies! Early risers wanted.

Alexander Cockburn ( in Austin, TX 9/19

Nationwide Meetup Idea: END THE STUPOR TUESDAY!

Petition to fire Rumsfeld at

Yo! Joiseyites! Meetups

DK supporters check in...sharing an idea

Austin, TX DUers - Bill of Rights Defense Fax Action

CNN just got hoaxed on the Tenn. hostages

FM Radio Freepers = Milwaukee Lazer 103 (Bob and Brian)

Once again Ann Coulter proves her incompetence and cowardice

Did anyone else hear Al Franken thrash Ann Coulter on KMOX today???

Aussies to beat the Bush !!

Voting machines and UN

Starhawk's Cancun Journals

Unexplained military vaccination deaths...tinfoil hat?

A lament for lost tomatoes

Can God Create An Object So Large And Heavy That Even HE Can't Lift It?

Nov. 8, 2003: Hamonic Concordance ?

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/17/2003

(Toronto) "Globe and Mail" poll on gay marriage...

Path is opening for women who seek political offices

I haven't seen anything Posted re: Clark's position on Civil Unions

Read my representatives letter back to me

Don't let bigots draw the lines

The abortion debate

Sierra Club 1/2p H2O pollution cleanup ad in Milw Journal today!

Two million hectares of Russian forest lost

Will Frankenfood Save the Planet?

Homelessness becomes `Big Issue' in Japan

Boycott threatens start of parliament in Phnom Penh

MND keeps quiet on reported military hot line with U.S.

Hong Kong's `cubicle kids' highlight growing poverty

Poor's Hopes Take Root Under Chavez

Why so many of SA's rapists walk free

Cops arrest protesting journos - Zimbabewe

History timeline of Population control

The Scummy Ties of Immunity Sponsor

Gun Makers Lose AWB Challenge

Henry County man charged in murder at Springville boat ramp

Marylanders Get it!

Kick Ass! Clarks supports assault gun ban!

Another Day, Another Murder-Suicide

Woman killed when argument turns to gunfire in E. Houston

Guns save innocent lives

Why censor my question?

Can we do something about defeatist posts?

Is it wrong for me

What is the thread with the most number of responses?

Does DU-2 have Polling archives? And, is there anyone who could pull


Under U.S. pressure, Israel postpones meeting on West Bank fence

Report: Saudi donations make up half of Hamas's budget

North Korea slams Israel over Arafat

Nasrallah: Prisoner swap negotiations with Israel ente

An outcome too terrible to imagine

PA official: Hamas signaling willingness to observe truce

Hundreds Attend “Jewish Underground” Thanksgiving Event

Preparing for a post-road map struggle against apartheid (one state )

Fear, beer and hummus

Palestinian donates $10,000 to save dialysis patients

How Far Gone Is Sharon?

Gov't okays 2004 budget with deep new cut in welfare

Armed Gangs Battle for Control of Nablus

Flow of Saudis' Cash to Hamas Is Scrutinized

Arafat Offers New Truce Plan to Israelis

Does the US veto show its approval for Arafat's removal?

Arafat: Willing to Die a Martyr

Hamas denies receiving donations from Saudi Arabia

Victims of Arab Terror and Jewish Cravenness

Reasons to discriminate, part three

Muslim Bashing in the US Media

Baruch Kimmerling: From Barak To The Road Map

Israeli settlers convicted in bomb plot

When the Law of the Jungle Prevails

Were 35 USAF Bases Within Range On 911?

Ed Gillespie's Beef With The Candidates

In Iowa, Gephardt Struggles to Keep a Key Constituency

Edwards upstaged on his big day

New California Field Poll Results

Clark's Rise to the Top-- WP article

Dean helps (Vermont) state Senate Dems

Dean vs. Bush on the environment

$35 buys you the Clinton Cook Book! :-)

I want to thank George W. Bush sincerely

Commentary: Dean, Gephardt abandoning Bill Clinton’s economic legacy

Rush Limbaugh Smears Wesley Clark

Dean Reacts To Clark's Decision To Run

Bill Clinton To Be DNC Delegate

New official Clark campaign site

Hilarious Dean hit piece: Dean isn't the right man -- Lieberman is

Dean for President...

Is Wesley Clark Truly An Anti-War Candidate?

Statement by Dean on Bush Admin's Opinion of Iraq link to Al-Qaeda

Al Franken a Guest at NY Dean Rally?

Has Kucinich made any statements on Clark's entry??

Clark: position on school vouchers?

Donna Brazile - what's she smoking?

Fun new Flash Animation at

Dean plans to storm Kerry Turf

Dean, Gephardt abandoning Bill Clinton's Economic Legacy

Clark picks up quick endorsements

Anyone Notice Clark Tried To Upstage The Kerry And Edwards Announcements?

PA Dem Party Chairman deny's Crystle to speak at Dem convention

John Edwards calls Bush a crook-coddling pinko

"Steal this message"

AP: NH poll shows race tightening is funny

Is Clark Even a Real Democrat?

Three Things That Concern Me About Dean

Dean tries to raise $40 mill in 3rd qtr

This is why Dean will be our next president

Clark And The Democratic Debates

Dean Has the Bat, Now Kerry Has the Hammer

I am now thinking Clark/Hillary Arkansas, and Florida, am I the only one?

How many people has Clark killed?


Did anyone else think Edwards looked and sounded damn good yesterday?

" They hate us for our freedom. "

WashPost/ABC Poll: Bush Get Abysmal Raatings on ever issue

(((((((( to track Bush lies ))))))))

MUST WATCH C-span video. Rumsfeld's press briefing 9/16/03

Arnold on Howard Stern now

Indiana Dem. Candidates "suspend" campaigning "out of respect"...

Are Freepers really too LIberal???

Bush's approval rating is 12% below his dad's at the same time in 1991!

Powell LIED About Ansar Al Islam 'Poisons Factory'

LAT: Why Bush admin left known terrorist camp untouched?

Converted Pub votes for unknown Dem!!!

Favorite Dean Quote.

Insult to injury Diebold now safeguarding .........

What are they doing with 87 billion?

How many Republicans ran for President in '96?

James K Galbraith: "Like Bush, Napoleon came to power in a coup"

How to kick the crap out of Bush next year -- a fun Village Voice piece

Rare stash of Nazi propaganda films mirror Bush's US today


Fisk: We Were Set Up for a War against Saddam

Colin Powell is a LIAR

Must See Pelosi & Murtha on C-SPAN

Edwards Announcement C-Span now

NPR: Powell's caught lying about site photos

Bernie Ward on Bushies changing their stories -- streaming now

Something to take our minds off of the candidate flamewars

BBV: Diebold Protects Foundation of US Democracy. No joke?

Just 48 wealthy TX families paid >50% campaign costs GOP key races

British call Bush "the Third Reich of our times"

US ranks 17th, behind Slovenia on press freedom


Reservists had to borrow night vision goggles for dangerous mission

Today's Daily show...

Tons and tons of WMD could be in a room this size.

Emergency Action Alert - Stop the Nukes Bill Now!!!

Anyone in St. Louis going to see Al Franken?

Some Iraqis still like Saddam....and now Osama bin Laden also.

Rummy press conference...

Dean vs. Clark

Favorite * admin quote...?

Letter to Clark from Michael Moore

Bush has created an Islamic "revolution"...

How LOW Can Interest Rates Go?? Zero? Negative 0.25 Percent?

I will never understand why, when rich people rip us off, they pay a fine

Wesley Clark's new, official website:

Relevant to BBV? MTSU students forced to recast ballots

Fox crawler: Clark gets his hair cut every two weeks.

Kovic:"Powell is a detriment to democracy.. a danger to our Constitution"

Israel and winger Xtian supporters agree - no preaching gospel in Israel.

Wasn’t Maryland supposed to issue the SAIC Diebold analysis last week?


Did the issue of whether or not Saddam gassed the Kurds in 1988...

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/17/2003

New Dem Candidate Gallup Poll

F-16's Narrowly Misses Commercial Airliner -St. Louis

Clark on CNN now 7:12 am Wed

The left is more creative. This came to me while playing my XBOX site hacked?

freeper proud to hate

Clark Jumped In, So I Kept My Promise and Doubled My Pledge

216th Anniversary of the US Constitution

I need help

Ok tinfoil hat time

Whats Wrong With This *letter to Congress????

MSNBC just had a photo of Clark and Hillary (like a Campaign Photo) as I

Did anybody see the Daily Show in the CA recall last night?

Show your support -- people love to talk!

Just a reminder that Karl Rove

BBV: Vadem brought this up last night

Question for Clark Supporters...

I Am Officially Dropping My Support For John Kerry

A man in my office has a son who was wounded

BBV: Just Spoke with Kathy Rogers again....

Help please: Did the Raygun Administration stop Congress from....

Tinfoil hat worn at jaunty angle as I ask: threats to dems

Everyone please read this.....

MUST WATCH NOW (11:48 Central) C-SPAN - Rep Jim McDermott

Suspect in Gettysburg explosives case is ex-Army intelligence analyst

CNN Clark getting ready to announce! n/t

Wesley Clark's "High Noon" Moment (Katrina's Editor's Cut)

'A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation..'

The Oldest Conspiracy in the World (Bush/Saudi connections)

FreeRepublic labeled a hate group by Fresno CA Human Relations Commission

need links/articles about military and vet dissatisfaction

A pick-me-up for anyone bummed Bush's ratings aren't lower

MSNBC has a Repuke and Dem strategist on

MSCD-SOS endorses David Horowitz

questionW: new day, new questions

A break from Pres Pol --Partisan gap seems wider than ever

Why is Tawana Brawley so easily dismissed on DU?

Clark's 100 Year Vision

need links/articles re: Cheney-Halliburton-Iraq scandal

So, who read Time magazine this week?

Democracy now discussing a possible felony charge against Karl Rove

Organ Donor Flight Grounded so AWOL can land for Fundraiser

"CNN, Half the News, All the Time" "CNN: You dont Need to Know"

Thom Hartmann on Wesley Clark -- streaming now

Clark announcement on Fox

Boondocks: 'AWOL' Bush Action Figure

Speech Reaction

what clark did to edwards, isn't this EXACTLY what we want?????

Need help: Republicans who now question the Iraq war

HEADLINE: The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged

DAMN - The DEMs candidates are ALL GREAT !!

New badass DNC blog...

What shape will Clark's campaign take?

Lap Dance Ban in L.A.!!??!! What the helll?

BBV: bring BBV to the attention of the unwashed masses

Help - I need a source for the Republicans

Does anyone have a list of issues Clinton "Co-opted" from the pukes?

I think Kucinich will have to back Clark

Mystery pneumonia toll may be much higher

Which is a better ticket: Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean?

why did the latte/coffee tax fail?

Does Clark have his website up yet?

Revised Patriot Act Will Make It Illegal To Read Patriot Act

Is Clark better than Bush? Dean? Edwards? Kucinich? Sharpton? Anybody?

Living in the Bush SLIME WARP! * The Horror, The Horror!

Is every candidate either a ROVE or a DLC plant?

Maybe I'm crazy - but do we have a MAJOR scandal brewing???

Regarding: Al Qaeda+Iraq, Condoleezza Rice lied, again. And here is proof.

Caption this photo...

they are going to revise the Citizenship Oath

Church sign: "World War 3 began on 9-11-01"

12 Questions for the Sept 24th Gubernatorial Debate.

Prediction: If Clark Ends Up On Dem Ticket

Video Games Simulate Waco, Columbine, 9/11

Clark needs to distance himself from the Clintons....

So, newsguyatl, what's the big scoop?

Did anybody notice......

A website about Iraq that you may want to check out

Truth Is Stranger Than Satire: From The Onion Vault

Someone on cable said 11 US presidents were Generals. Is that true?


I heard on NPR this morning that Clark was an ECONOMICS professor

Interesting staged propaganda photo of Bush

Okay, need help again re: vs. neo-con blather

Lockheed Martin Launches Attack on Freedom of Speech!

Give 'em Hell General

How to beat Tom DeLay at his own game.

First, we had the "Democratic Wing" we have the "Wes Wing"

"Fire the Democratic Deserters!"

These two persuaded me not to vote for Clark or Dean. (Maybe bomb)

Barf Alert; Hayworth on CNN

I'm not a Clark supporter but man....people are jackals

Future Questions: Repugs & Bush Admin.

Clark's clean slate is a bonus.

Librarians Respond to Ashcroft, "Shush."

Dick Cheney Questioned

EXCELLENT example of Stock Market selling out America

Who, in your opinion, are the best liberal/democratic columnists?

WP: lies about the number of jobs lost

announcement to be made at 4 pm EST?

Clark's Pre-Announcement to His Supporters Happens in About 2.5 Hours

Clark vs. Dean- Who could help Democrats downticket?

Did You Know That Lieberman was a "Wed. Morning Club" Speaker?

Wesley Clark: The New Anti-War Candidate?

Clark is "Obe One Knobi".

Universal HC Coverage: What is Clark's position on this issue?

JD Hayworth--one scared asshole

Hmmm .... Good news for Clark Supporters

Packaging the team.

MSNBC: Obsessed with Hillary

Buzzflash Viewership Compared with FAUX, CNN & MSNBC.....Good News?

The Return of the Killer Ds (you won't believe this)

Sen. Dodd Proposes 87 Bill Attached To A Demand That Administration Reciev

We're entering the most dangerous period

Well It's true, Cheney is out

Wesley Clark Joins Democratic Race For White

Wesley Clark Joins Democratic Race For White House (Gay issues profile)

New scientific study shows monkeys have more morality than shrub

Is there any difference between Clark and Dean on the economy?

Inside POliticals: Let the Clark Smearing Begin?

Arnold on Larry King today, what questions does he need to

The Cost Of War

So who drops out? And when?

Well, it's about 1630 EDT, haven't seen any "announcements"...

Rep. Rangel (D-NY-15) to endorse Gen. Clark. plus some polling information

Bill Clinton was in my neighborhood last night.

I saw something AWESOME today, made me happy

Bush looks at pretty pictures of Isabel

Cheney scandal STILL has legs... Daschle now talking about it

Help. I WANT To Like Clark But I DO NOT Know Much About Him.

Crossfire 9/17/03 - Clark makes it official

Anyone remember this? (Re: Newt and Susan Smith)

Kicking Ass - DNC Blog...

This New 2nd Vice-President Proposal: Bush-Cheney-Powell

Support Sheila Jackson Lee

I think it is wonderful

McClintock (R- CA) on C-SPAN Wash Journal tomorrow AM

Gen Clark on Aaron Brown TOnight

everyone who is going to give $$$ to clark, tell us why

Carrot and stick: Homeland Security funds to cash-strapped states???

Clark will win every state except UT ID WY TX MS AL SC

Criticism of Dean coming from Vermont is NOT from Democrats

Excellent Discussion About Wes Clark on NPR, Neil Conan's "Talk of Nation"

unsubstatiated report that Cheney is off the ticket!

Great Week for Dems: Recall stalls, Bush #s, Cheney suit and CLARK!

Did Rove Blow a Spook's Cover?

My vision of a Howard Dean cabinet.

This is f'n crazy.

Here is the real deal on Clark running for president

I call on all DUers to vote for whomever the Democrats nominate

When's the next Dem debate? (Go Clark!)

Who's got numbers of civilians dead in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Carville rouses audience of Democrats

MSNBC Clark interview with Holt coming up next eom

Beady eye alert: By-election campaign underway (britain)

It's time to re-instate the 5-sentence/valid topic rule for GD

Alabama and Southern DU'ers. If someone can help this freeper please do

Does Dean send bumperstickers to donors? (not bashing just asking)

It's Citizenship Day for all you good citizens

according to W: Up is now down. Black is White. War is Peace

Clever Novak tries to split dems.

Whats Clarks position on the 2nd Amendment?

Welcome to the Battle, General.

CNN just got hoaxed on the Tenn. hostages

Study Finds Religion Affects Wealth Accumulation

Ann Coulter Is On MSNBC To Discuss 04 Race

"President Bush is a monkey's butt" sign shown on TV at ballgame

Is the UN Gonna Help the Chimp? How 'Bout the Russkies?

Can someone give me the personal histories of FAUX News personalities?

Petition to fire Rumsfeld at MoveOn

Why I'm not voting for Clark

Dick Cheney, RIP

New CBS Poll On Iraq

If I won the primary,

Lou Dobbs is such a hack!!!

Clark is NOT the dems only hope!

Rove wants Dean?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on MSNBC

Hurricane Update: DC/ MD

Is it me, or did NBC, CBS, ABC just call Cheney a Liar?

I am now opposed to same-sex marriages...

Josh Marshall's Talking Points?

If you haven't seen "An American Requiem," it's chilling. Link...

3 said it---so, are the Repuke Moron Minions Getting It YET!!!!

Who else here has no REAL legislative representation?

The Lying Liars Lies are beginning to catch up to them

I call on DUers to vote how they see fit.

Clinton's legacy - chicken enchiladas

NY Times Columnist Sees Gloom in America's Future - Krugman

Oprah's fans get on her case about Schwarenegger

The Magnificent Robert Byrd's Paean to The Constitution

Freepers NOT talking about bush* denying 9-11 and Saddam

Counter Freep this TIME poll

time for a toon - worth the trip

Don't bring me down.....don't bring me down.

Only a General can beat Bush, therefore he must be supported

Hungry troops

BBV: Good article re Recall and BBV

Christian DUers: How do you feel about prayer in school?

Why I changed my mind about the espresso tax (Seattle).

Foster resignation/Uranium claim/Blair (ex-CIA guy's comment on Dem. Now)

CNN_Did anyone see the exchange between John King and bush just now

A Blistering Must Read-MplsStarTribune Exposes Cheney's Lies

How many US soldiers have died in Kosovo?

Clinton says no more partisanship - I say off with their heads.

The Truth About Clark & Reagan

Ronnie Musgrove, A fine Democratic Governor of Mississippi, BUT

Does Wesley Clark skip breakfast in the mornings?

Clark: Is this true?

if you like political forums

The Constitution is 216 years old today

Dean will be his VP.

Wes Clark Voted For Reagan-Big Deal- Robert Kennedy Voted For Ike.....

BBV: Some info for the activists

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT on Charlie Rose Show tonight on PBS

From C-SPAN: 33% of American Soldiers who died in Iraq were Hispanic/Black

Kucinich and Clark, fundamental differences

Why do pundits feel that Dean will alienate swing voters?

Even ESPN's TMQ has donated $$ to Dean! Also, Dean has own B&J Ice Cream

Where does this theory come from.....

Look at this! What's up with the Chimp and all these fascist salutes???

CollegeDudeNews: The Spinning In Reverse Edition

Latest news on the privatization of air controllers, still needs work.


DU this poll, keep it from being freeped! Taking Aim at 2004

Give me info on your candidate

WH denials of 9/11/Saddam connection: A Clark setup by Rove?

bumper sticker: "I, too, got a Diebold cease and desist!"

An untintended consequence of NON stop BBV.

The Dems Are Killing Themselves by Trashing Dean!

The question is NOT if Dean (or others) are electable, but if Dumbo is!

Dumping CHENEY--the perfect Rove solution

Jimmy Carter says Howard Dean exactly right on Mid-East.

How about a future Wolfowitz-Perle ticket in '08?

Why do you listen to and repeat the insults from the Right?

TRANSCRIPT of Clark on NPR re: NAFTA and the Economy

My take on Cheney

Confessions of a reformed Deaniac

So, what are the top 10 reasons Shrub looked like shit today?

BushCo Iraq-9/11 link in old news items--can we collect here?

Is Clark a Set-Up to clear the way for Kerry? Are we Being DUPED by Clark?

Gen Clark on Hardball

"...and the Home of the Brave" (Caution: Rant)

100 Year Vision. . . I'm in F****** Love.

Boycott JetBlue (I used to like them - but I like my privacy more)

John Kerry's Jewish roots

Latest contender for president comes from long line of rabbis

So let me get this straight

who will be the first candidate to publicly attack Clark?

Is General Clark a Protestant?

Why is the BFEE all of the suden denying any link between Iraq and 9-11?

Black Caucus statement saying NO to 87 billion, asking for resignation of

Dems drop 16 words ("NO LONGER AN ISSUE") for 12 words

is down?

"There are some who would say that Wes Clark peaks today. Does he?"

Rumormill Clark to get 30-40 US Congressional endorsements

Roll call vote on FCC Media Ownership bill: some questions.

The Dem/Green dilemma. Neverending? You bet!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark supports vouchers? Voted for Reagan?

U.D. of Human Rights: too liberal?

Democratic Hall of Fame (weekly nominations)

What do you think of next Sect'y of State - William Jefferson Clinton

Dean for President

When is Clark going fry B*sh's ass w/that phone call re 9/11-SH link?

A disturbing trend re: LIHOP

The supreme insult : "French". Even for the Democrats ?

Sharpton: Government has obligation to remedy discrimination

In Iowa, Gephardt Struggles to Keep a Key Constituency

Hillary to be Clark's National Co-chair? (Fox 3:08PM ET)

Group aims to honor O'Bannon's mission

A Fast Climber Who Has Made Some Enemies (Clark)

Blix: Iraq destroyed WMD 10 years ago

SENATE WATCH-9/17/2003 (#1)

HOUSE WATCH-9/17/2003 (#1)

Car Blast Kills One Outside Copenhagen Hospital

Recall energizes Demos nationally (anger good thing)

Court may reconsider ruling delaying California's polls for governor

Gilligan apologises to Hutton inquiry

Arrest in Holmes -- Suspect in custody in cornfield killing

Rebels deny kidnappings - Columbia

Report: Without resources, Afghanistan on 'road to hell'

Liberal Democrats give Dean lead in Field Poll (California)

Steve Forbes slams IMF, urges stable Chinese yuan

U.S. vetoes Arafat vote in U.N.

(Albanian) Soldier killed, 11 Iraqis hurt

Progress declares event at N.C. nuke due hurricane

House Democrats will try to force vote on media ownership

Jobs Slashed, Housing Strong

White House Has No Opinion On Grasso's Pay Package

Administration Creates Center for Master Terror "Watch List" {NYT}

A New Showcase for Historic Words (Con, Bill of Rights & Declaration BACK!

Time Warner Set To Drop AOL Name

Recording Industry Subpoenas Threaten Consumer Privacy and Safety; SBC

Court lifts ban on Kohl Stasi files

Israel Postpones Decision on Barrier (Yep, money talks!)

Bush told to treat Europeans 'like adults'

Myers: U.S. Reassessing Balkan Troop Commitment (Translation:...

Iraq not nuclear threat - scientist

Scientists conceive SUV that could get 36 m.p.g.

Spanish Court Indicts Osama

Criminal case filed in scandal

Enron prosecutors strike deal with Merrill Lynch

Despite call for reform, Saudis slow to deliver

U.S. commander in Iraq says troops facing revenge attacks (3 New on Wed)

Stem cells grown into sperm cells

U.S. Faces 'Ball of Fire' in Falluja -Iraqi Cleric

Colombian Rebel Group Denies Kidnapping

Democrats challenge Cheney's claim of severed ties to Halliburton

Nepal says kills 35 in raid on Maoist camp

Saddam Purportedly Heard On New Tape

Top Bush officials amend war claims

Cheney Seeking Supreme Court Review of Energy Panel Case

Bush Leads Challengers in Election Poll

Clark To See Who Salutes W.H. Bid

American soldier dies in Iraq of 'non-hostile gunshot wound'

Pentagon urged to divert troops from Balkans

House Passes Ban on Internet Access Tax

MSNBC: Senate Approves Ban on Late Term Abortion

US - We aren't holding US or UK troops (in Iraq)

U.S. Vetoes Resolution Demanding U.N. Protection for Yasser Arafat

Court to decide on reach of copyright subpoenas

CNN Replaces the Head of U.S. Operation

GOP Threatens to Shun Medicare Compromise

Palestinians Impute U.S. Veto on Arafat

House, Senate Work on Pension Plan Relief

W.House distances from Cheney on Iraq-9/11 link


Amtrak Workers Plan Strike to Protest Lack of Financing

Head of Congress watchdog warns on US budget deficit

Need storm plywood??? It is in Iraq.

I-77: For latte lovers, a tax too far (Seattle latte tax loses)

US-led exercise a prelude to nuclear war, says N Korea

Deficit, Iraq May Be Issues in '04 Race - Yahoo News

Large Hurricane Isabel Closing in on the Coast

Clinton's legacy - chicken enchiladas

Bush's Worst Nightmare

Arafat Offers New Truce Plan to Israelis

Governor (Romney) gets behind Patriot Act provisions

Bush 'in over his head,' Democrats' poll finds

Record Shows Clark Cheered Iraq War as "Right Call"

Rumsfeld: U.S. Must Not Retreat When 'Nose Bloodied'

Republican critics hit memo to Rendell (D Gov. Pa.) on agency jobs

I-75: Pot measure backed by money, political support (appears to pass!!)

Postcard from Baghdad (bad times for women)

Bill Gates Gives $51 Million to New York Schools

NYSE calls emergency meeting

House Dems demand hearings on EPA air quality assurances after Sept. 11

House Dems Demand EPA Hearings on Sept. 11 (Air quality)

Sources: Ashcroft to declassify some Patriot Act records

Arafat: Willing to Die a Martyr

Iraqis frustrated with progress of U.S. reconstruction effort

House Panel Seeks $1.8B to Ensure Fair Vote

Russia gives US hands-off warning

Ashcroft to Release Data Showing # times Government Sought Library Records

Rumsfeld cautions against pulling back military when "nose bloodied"

S Korean minister quits in US row

Wednesday Isabel LBN Thread: Up to 90,000 Urged to Evacuate

Democrats: Alaska Drilling Would Doom Energy Bill

Feminist Groups Press Ahead With Anti-Bush Efforts Despite Slights

U.S.: Iraq Soldiers Won't Be in Combat

Bush Distances from Cheney on Saddam-9/11 Link

Flow of Saudi Cash to Hamas Is Under Scrutiny by U.S.

White House Prepares for Hurricane

Hamas denies receiving donations from Saudi Arabia

After 22 Years in Prison, 1960s Radical Kathy Boudin Set Free

U.N. Says 'Ozone Hole' Hits Record Size

Cheney Says Pre-emption Needed to Thwart Terrorism

Federal Gov Closed in DC tomorrow!

Clark says his career 'has pointed to' presidency (1 PM EDT announcement)

Syria, Libya listed as 'Rogue States'.

Clinton Speaks Out on Recall, Presidential Race (GREAT QUOTE!!)

MSNBC Breaking: Hostage standoff in Tennesee

A chilling message to Muslims

Swedish watchdog slams 'pro-war biased' Oprah

R.J. Reynolds to cut 40% of workforce

507th weapon records gone (Jessica Lynch Unit)

White House denies tying Iraq to September 11 attacks

Bush Names Cheney as linking 9/11 to Saddam -- CNN

Shrub claims Iraq ties to Al Qaida, reply to CNN's John King but admits

Attempt to Simplify Citizenship Oath Thwarted by Complaints

Grasso has resigned (NYSE)

AP: Bush: No Proof of Saddam Role in 9-11

US soldiers kill teenager, wound four in flashpoint Iraqi town

Gilligan admits to 'slip of the tongue'

Oil services firm paid Cheney as VP

The Baghavad-Gita - Updated for Urban Youth (Offensive Language)


Anyone for an AIM chat?

Help for Right-Wingitis

Idiot husband gets owned... haha!

GWB's Hotmail Inbox

The sun rises in the _______ and sets in the ________

Inventive use for maxipads.. Christmas is just around the corner...

...As we graduate......


Any Girls Against Boys fans here?

Arnold in Japan

United States of Whatever

Ant City

Freaky eyes...

Wieners are winners in annual race

Jam Bands?

Some Clark pictures you HAVEN'T seen....

Damn deceptive marketing

Good (Wednesday) Morning DU!

Compare any nation.. create your own graphs & maps...

My roommate is running for president, ask me anything

Create your own city!

I saw the Big Dog in Seattle last night, ask me anything

Jam fans of DU, unite!

News Tickers... Love Em Or Hate Em?

HELP! Bush is coming!

Superhero Frees Cars from the Clamp (Wearing Baby-Blue Spandex)

I like downloading music.

Would someone teach Dr. Rice how to sit in a chair...

Quinnipiac Poll is out of touch...

Frodo has failed

Anyone know of an inexpensive place to stay in Venice?

How Many People Have You Introduced To DU ?

Should I drive today?

I'm in the 800 club - ask me anything

I hate Crystal Reports 9. Ask me anything.

I need help

Tihs is so cool

Something to take our minds off of the candidate flamewars

Web Hosting Advice?

Spank the secretary..

Does Gray Davis remind anyone else of....

Bob Dylan or The Beatles? poll

I am master of my domain, ask me anything

I just spanked the monkey, ask me anything!

Any experience with Carmax?

Lap Dance Ban in L.A.!!??!! What the helll?

Report from the eye of the storm...

Bubba's Brownies

Checking in

Keanu Reeves is on Sharon Osbourne's Talk show and...

Walmart Rally

Grotto closed last night. Coffee and doughnuts for all comers.

OK - A Hummer followed me to work today

Hey, Bartcop ran one of my cartoons!

Another late entry into the Democratic field??

I wonder who has the best record in baseball?

That 70's Jedi

Are the KIA car people repukes?

The Gun's & Dope Party Candidate for CA Govenor

Do You Ever Give Money To 'Homeless & Hungry' Beggars

BREAKING: A copy of the first draft of bush*'s 2005 inauguration speech

Well It's true, Cheney is out

You liberals are all the same!

The impossible is possible at zombo com

I'm going to ride out the hurricane. Ask me anything!!

This is your brain on Drudge

A typical Stinking New York Jet Fan!

Trademark Overkill... Where Does It End?

Bush Calls on NASA to Put Man on Sun by 2010

George W. Bush Writes Book

What is 'landfall'? RE Isabelle? Is landfall the eye hitting the land

IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm already OFF tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does Secretary Powell feel about General Clark?

Dagnabbed kids!

Best Beastie Boys album?

Uuuhhh yeah what I meant to say was uhhh ...I need a CAPTION!

Did anybody see the today show this morning?

Where is WillPitt?? I miss him, there is so much going on lately,

Real Time Isabel Images

Its time for the AnthraxxAnn joke thread!!

Came home to find my building is "for sale"...

70-year-old grandmother suing Eminem for copyright infringement

Seeking Contributions to "Kuisine for Students, Campaign Staff & Interns"

What should I put in my reduction sauce?

Went into the GD for a little while...

I wrote a letter to the editor criticizing the war,

help--need a john ashcroft voodoo doll

Has global warning changed your micro-climate?

today's new hate radio advertisers 9/17/2003

McDonald's to Launch Adult Happy Meals

I saw a bush-cheney '04 bumper sticker on a car---outside Boston!

Lennon and Jagger footage found

NC'linians! Breezes are kickin' and Easley says Patriot Act was Big Help!

Jewish Buddhism/"Karmic" Relief

Reminder: The Daily Show replay about to start

Don't worry about cheney, he's always been the sacrificial lamb...

We Got Kicked Outta Outer Banks By the County Sheriff! Ask me nuttin'

Oldest genitals found.

I posted about Nutella and my computer crashed.

The Martyred Mongrel of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Thank You fellow DU'ers "I got an A on my Math Exam"

Please correct my English on any thread that I make a mistake

Oldest gentiles found.

Cheney look-alike blames Saddam Hussein™ for everything

Al Sharpton's Jewish roots

Who else here has no REAL legislative representation?

I'm so lonely I'll date a woman!

In my next life

My Cat Can't Stop Peeing On My Freeper Sister

Your favorite liberal/Democratic websites/blogs?

What did Giuliani do to earn sainthood?

Anbody know much about the industrial area of Venice called The Mestre?

I'm gone for ONE DAY, and you children are talking about peeing.

inverted peace symbol: what does this represent?

Who's your favorite computer generated tv character?

What's with all these PEEING threads?

My sympathies to new DU members...

Quick question.

GD!!! The Pretenders first album circa 1980...

Dad *laughed* when he heard my nickname for Condoleeza Rice!

I TOTALLY OUTLIVED JESUS! (tell me this was written by Underpants!)

Favorite Ethel Merman Song

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO...................

Lewis & Clark, or Clark & Lewis?

Los Angeles Bans Lap Dancing in Strip Clubs

Caption this photo...

Something Interesting

Judging Amy

Finish This Sentence: "I Like DVD's Better Than Video Tapes Because..."

Hey LynneSin - you owe me a sig line!

I Once Dated this CA Candidate for Gov. Don't ask me much!!!

Yeah yeah yeah I haven't time for this I need a CAPTION

Peas, carrots, broccoli, okra, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus...

Crowe to Gibson: "I think he's got to get off the glue. ... "

Must see West Wing tonight (Bravo and NBC)

is it a bird? is it a plane? No, it's ANGLE GRINDER MAN!

Animals are filthy, disease carrying rant on the subject

OMIGAWD! I think I'm in LOVE!!!

I'm close to 700 Posts--Is the 700 Club for real?

Japanese music question..Who did that song "Bonsai! Kimi ni aitte yokatta"

Drummers that sing

Free Tommy Chong!


Isabel Intensity at Landfall- (non-jpeg thread)

Any Janus investors here?

The Cat that Deep-Fried the Canary of all CAPTIONS!!! (Juicy one!)

Who will replace Cheney?


What's your "our song?"

Whoever donated to DU in my name.....

Hurricane Isabel

How Often Do You Donate Blood?

I don't get it

Alabama and Southern DU'ers. If someone can help this freeper please do

Can't afford your own camel??? Try the simulator

Al Lewis(Grandpa Munster), 93, recovering from coma/amputation

animal rescue website needs your help (FREE!)

General Discussion Haiku thread

Favorite Desi Arnaz song


Ode to the Lounge

My Sisters Cat PEES on walls and anything in her path

Week 5 College Football Pool