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Archives: September 15, 2003

GOP unity in Congress frays

Newsweek: Irag - The Lebanon Scenario

"The Tax-Cut Con" (Paul Krugman)

Jobs for activists - from

Sorry I have to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone read "Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting?"

Hurricane Isabel - a blog of sorts

Does the AWB really have chance at getting renewed?

Last chance to correct the record? KKK incident

why does a thread get locked?


Double posts are back . . .

Another image posting question...elad?

U.S. Rejects Israeli Threats Against Arafat

The end of Zionism

Some reservists ponder quitting as service time grows

Quotes from Edwards on I/P

Dean's Failure to Woo N.H. Firefighters May Cost Him Endorsement

Am I a total neophyte or do we love Carville again after K Street?

Kerry backs tax cut freeze to defray Iraq costs

Howard Dean and the power of TV ads

Jim Jordan's Letter to Joe Trippi on Kerry's blog

Worked a campaign table for Dean at Community Day today . . .

Connecticut senator launches ``Operation: Liebermania'' in NH

Edwards...Up to the Challenge

The Tortoise Is Stirring

Why did the Dean campaign say he came up with the Trent Lott line himself?

WP: NH firefighters, IAFF set to endorse Kerry

Newdow: Scalia Should Recuse Himself., Grant Cert.? Sept 29th

I've been gone. Who/what/when is ABB?

What's your terrorism risk?

Oh, man; line from Clinton's Steak Fry speech

Billionaire philanthropist 'George Soros' blasts Bush again !!!!

K Street Thread - HBO - 1035 PM EST

Dubya on CSPAN

Father of slain soldier speaks out against war

barf alert: new RNC ad

Does a C-grade indicate job performance APPROVAL?

seeking perspectives on Clark's Q3 fundraising potential


Conan 10th anniversary special on

The Quiet American

The Progressive Caucus and the DSA

Cracks appear in Bush's armor

Bustamante or Arianna?

Get ready for a new argument why the economy isn't better

None of the Dem Presidential Candidates Are Acceptable


Where is the national convention going to be held?

'Open Society' Advocate George Soros Funds Plan to Block Bush

How rich are you?

BBV: Former Congresswoman McKinney Heats Up The GA BBV battle...

Wow, check out this Freeper thread re Patriot Act and Ashcroft

Mon Dieu, Cowboy

Tom The Dancing bug slices and dices

Att: Clark Supporters......."GET READY"

Sometimes you just have to laugh at PETA. I think they mean well, but....

The Flick "Patton", George C Scott, Last 4 words: "All Glory is Fleeting"

Illegal Immigration

There Really is NO Hope - And Here's a Reason Why

Lieberman gets standing ovation @ NH townhall

Anyone else read article in last weeks Newsweek written by John Mc Cain

Liberal authors triumphant as US bookshelves lean left--Boston GLobe

First Ammendment Zones: Is it time for a serious public challenge?

Profiles in Imperialism: The US goes to war and makes Nicaragua a utopia

Out of Left Field (An article on Howard Dean from "LA Weekly"}

Remember when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was blown up?

Anyone know why GHWBush is in Russia visiting Putin?

Dean's response to Kerry's one-on-one debate idea

Boycott paid music, RIAA suing innocent families

Has Phil Hendrie become a right wing nut?

NOVA - how the towers fell on 10 p.m. MDT

What Is Clark's Health Care Plan? Economic Recovery?

Turn on the History channel. We didn't have to A Bomb Japan.

Breaking: WTO vs. Poor People---->Poor People WIN!!

I'm on KABC & WABC NOW... (Radio)

Hurricane Isabel Targets Washington DC & NYC This Thursday

Americans are objects of hatred in Falluja's mosques

Bush's fiscal policies draw conservative fire

Observer: New figures reveal the true number of GIs wounded (1500+)

One paratrooper killed, three injured in Iraq ambush (Falluja)

Tom Ridge: Excerpts From A Monitor Breakfast On Homeland Security

Bad debt sows green dreams

GOP Unity In Congress Frays

(Iraq) Council Leaders Pressing for Power

Hamas Leader: EU Blacklist a Big Mistake

Strike exposes poverty behind scenes at Yale

Young acts, talks like candidate for U.S. Senate

Great Divide Sinks World Trade Reform

Illinois May Buy Canadian Drugs

Official Says Administration Was Outfoxed on Outsourcing

Iraqis fearful of aiding U.S. Some pay with life for cooperating

New Efforts Surface To Raise Minimum Wage

WP: Bush Team Stands Firm on Iraq Policy

Southeast Economy Staggering

WP: Clinton Accuses GOP of 'Power Grab'

White House Admits To Iraq Mistakes

U.S. expected to abstain from UN vote on deportation of Arafat

Skepticism about the Official Explanation of 9-11 Spreads

Putin Greets Bush Sr. to Bolster U.S. Visit

ABC/WashPost: Dean Leads in NATIONAL Poll

It's a bird, it's a Blaine... no, it's a helicopter with a cheeseburger

Lucky me! I adopted a pregnant dog!

Athletic Supporters, Sign In Here!

How I spent my weekend - naked!

What is Golden Key International Honor Society?

Q for biologists re the breeding out of animal instincts

Why does a topic "get locked."

That was funny

I'm going to be ill, Rick Santorum is on 'K Street'

I just accidentally sent porn to my girlfriend's mom. Ask me anything.

Cell phone questions

Attn: Pro Football fans (DU week 2 Review)

Maurice Clarett's next horrible decision?

A question for East Coasters

Richard Pryor live in concert is on at 11:45 p.m. on Encore channel

Jack Black - Like Meatloaf, only funny on purpose

Mountains, bears, bonfires, and (finally) DSL! DemoTex reports from NC.

Hey! Anyone know where my TV clicker went?

Bands of which you really like ONE song, hate all the others.

Sunday night confessions

Can't we all just get along?

My Bush is a Bozo!

Ben & Jen no more?!? What hope is there for the rest of us?

Cat's griping at me. Ask the demonspawn anything.

Mr. Johnny Cash on Larry King live!


Sunday Night Sacrilege in the Grotto!

Will Miami (FL) go undefeated this year?

Any evil DUers catch HBO's Carnivale?

Pittsburgh Gathering

Dr. Phil is 6'4" and TWO-FORTY???? WAAAAAH!!!

Vikings are kicking Bear ass

Rate your dog in friendliness with strangers

Big Kitty Karma needed, STAT!

Cost of war is our burden, not our kids

Frank Rich: Top Gun vs. Total Recall

'Open Society' Advocate George Soros Funds Plan To Block Bush

San Jose Mercury News editorial: "Rummy's brilliant idea" (Iraq tourism)

Richard Cohen : Amateurs and Zealots

'Miracle'--School Fakery

Living in a Diminished Republic

PNAC tops list in Most Censored Stories of 2002

Breslin: Fascism In The Name Of Security

Liberal authors triumphant as US bookshelves lean left

Hunter S. Thompson: Soured on the sweet science

outsourcing war

White House Just Says No To Affordable Drugs

Hard Times Mean Schools Must Make Tough Cuts

Blue Movies Proliferate in Post-Saddam Iraq

Book: "The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush"

David Whoreowitz reviews Franken's "Lies..." (He doesn't like it!)

CNN: What makes the Bush-haters so mad? - First, it was how he got the job

John Pilger: Iraq's Epic Suffering Is Made Invisible

the Berman Letter--respond

Great new site tracks Bush lies for use in notes to media

ACTION ALERT: Write your papers and expose how Bush is against veterans!!

Bay Area DUer's: Jaysunb is coming this way 9/20

new ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh sponsors Week 2

Amanpour on press responsibility

Joe Conason is the greatest

Al Franken Talk Show

Media mogul has nice-guy image (Head of Emmis Communications)

From Cozy ~

The Out of Towner ~

"Okay, Mrs. Jones"

Trying to lighten up the daily routine, Carlos ~

Gay Superheroes

Statistics Question(s?)

Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders ~

Colorado group allowed to sue for antigay ads

Diversity flourishes in gay, lesbian couples

California lawmakers pass DP benefits bill

The Carlyle Group's Actelis Network makes GSA Schedule

The Allergy Epidemic - Children

Samar (Philippines) Environment Irreversibly Damaged

Forest Fires Return To Portugal - 11% Of Forests Destroyed In 2003

Kenyan official assassinated in Nairobi

(CHECHNYA) Blast wrecks Russian security building

Are U.S. actions in Afghanistan and Iraq war crimes?

Jerry Falwell and the unholy alliance with Big Pharmaceutical

Students for Academic Freedom

Schools grapple with stringent No Child Left Behind Act

Big and Blue in the USA

Murder - Swedish Style

Man beaten is charged with 2deg murder

Shall-issue carry/ownership permit

RKBA or not, in 2A

emailing articles to a friend

login page - focus

EI's Ali Abunimah speaks on Democracy Now!

Kill Arafat?

Reservist mom foils stabbing

Israel's Ambassador accuses UN of hypocrisy over Arafat

Shalom says killing Arafat is not Israeli gov't policy


Police probe Gush Shalom visit to Arafat's Muqata

Don't touch Yasser Arafat

CNN: US cuts loan guarantees to Israel

Palestinian children arrested after breaking through Gaza fence

Palestinian Envoy Walks Out of U.N. Talks

'I'm prepared to kill Jews wherever they are' Palestinian schoolgirl

I cannot find one Palestinian child bomber

Gush Shalom activist Uri Avnery to act as human shield for Arafat

A picture from the front...

Kay report on WMD's should NOT be used as an interruption

Al Sharpton: exposing the lies of the powerful

Dibgy gets it - martketing is the key right now

Ballinger:Bush must act on economy

Lieberman kicked off his "Liebermania" blitz Sunday

Did Bush get a bump in the polls after 9/11 this year?

Bush's popularity on the wane in Jersey

Need to speak to a Dean person ....

Dean, Gephardt Tied in Iowa - Undecideds Hold the Key

Kerry on CBS Early Show now!

The "Davis should resign" misconception is still alive

Campaign for Mental Health Reform commendsJohn Kerry is online!

Mentos - making policy for California

Kerry Says He's No Dukakis

Dean Leads in New Mexico

Edwards's career tied to jury award debate

Like Moyers and Nader, Kerry Taps Into Community and Civic Responsibility

Kerry Surprise Endorsements LIVE on Tuesday at 8:45PM on Kerry blog

Hammering home that it's Dean's Mouth

Edwards raises more grassroots support in NH

Candidate Challenges Kucinich (OH-10th District)

Donating strategies?

Edwards Having A Strong Month With TNR

Carville "bush lied" bet on Crossfire

Veteran Uncle

Dean Endorses Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Open Democratic House Seats

Edwards gaining ground in South Carolina

Miami Herald trashing all our candidates. It'll make you BOIL.

Lieberman Another Enron Lackey

Wouldn't Clark do better running as an independent?

What Is The Single Best Quality of Your Candidate?

AZ-1: Paul Babbit (D-Flagstaff) considering run against repuke Renzi

Rivals respond to Kerry's one-on-one debate challenge

A "Million voices for Kucinich"

Kerry Communications Director Resigns

NYTimes:The Ex-extemporaneous Howard Dean

I hope this guy is wrong

Drafting the General: Clark Candidacy Stirs Supporters

Lieberman Whitewashes Ties To Apocalyptic Fundamentalist Group

Karen McCarthy and Jim Moran: Primary Challenges

Big Endorsement Announcements Planned this week for Kerry

Dean sure sounds like a Repub when talking about Medicare & SS

Kerry: Close Corporate Loopholes To Pay For Middle-Class Tax Cut

Wow!! This is an eye-opener. And our media plays it to the hilt!

(WP) another BIG LIE: from Treasury Secretary John Snow

Prediction: Lieberman will criticize HBO & Howard Dean tomorrow

US Book Sales Turn Left!!

The Presidential Breathalyzer

my favorite top 10 idiot

Has anyone ever suggested an organized, well-publicized boycott


new ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh sponsors Week 2

Anyone ever seen a UFO?

Cherie's 'guru': kiss n tell or kiss of death?

What is the "victory" that Kerry, Dean et al envision?

British election question.

Fake Presidents, Fakier Presidents: Propaganda Precedence

Republicans have been out voted by Democrats since 1988!

how did the song downloaders get busted?

JFK biographer: Bush should take history lesson from JFK

Why aren't the Bush gals in Iraq?

Why All The Monitoring Of Free Republic ?????

Tax the rich! Sign the Petition

Who's President , anyway?? GHW Bush just won't "go away"..

Republicans Worry About Bush Poll Numbers

Bush is only a symptom of the "Republican Conservative Movement"

CSPAN Monday AM ó head of Repug Party

Question: What do you "Think Tank" associate with?

Tax Wealthy To Pay For Iraq War

I'm tired of sitting helplessly by while elections are stolen...

Cartoon says it all, really

Empty Resume Item that Gives GOP Tacticians Inordinate Comfort

Conservatives finally waking up

Bush gives the GOP Salute!

C-Span now. Democratic senator Tim Johnson.

check out this pic...Clinton...lucky bush*

Some good LTTE in my local paper.

has the Bush Administration left us unprepared for ISABEL?

Godís wrath on Washington DC due to Chimpís contempt for righteousness.

Athletic supporters please sign in

Storm's path remains scarred after 75 years..1928 hurricane

Freepers are talking about Clark: they've officially lost their minds.

My LTTE was published!

"Make Your Voice Heard" check out this site and take actions

Howard Dean, Mad as Hell!

Bush in Deleware "Cunty" (lol, sic) Tonight!

Questions for Rand Beers. Heads up, Will.

A Simple Truth

WTO talks collapse

Harkin Steak Fry replay on C-Span NOW!!!

Kill Arafat?

Add to the cost of war . . hurricane Isabel

Anyone else notice 'Iraq:Things are Looking Up' stories lately?

High Tech Heroin

$87 billion ó double the amount designated for homeland security

Going to see Dean at a "Town Hall Meeting" in an hour. What should I ask?

Bush in Drexel Hill, PA this evening

Local university campus invites MAnn Coulter to speak

What if we had a real press?

DUers.. A Question re "Bring 'Em On"....

The "latest" rationalization for invading Iraq.

ISABEL/civil preparedness??? (are states ready?)

Help! Where is the $87b table?

Contact these fine folks...

"President George "Top Gun" Bush deserter"

Bring on the negative ads.

Press muzzled during war......duh!

Thesis: 1990's economic boom derived from Carter's energy policy

Wall Street on a Weekend

Here's what Hurricane Fran did to NC in 1996: Only 115-125 mph.!

A reporter asking 9-11 questions will be discussing a recent article on

the bloody hands bushgang hires another creep

Schools failing! "Yes, Our plan is working!"

Letter from a Father of Son(Alex) in Iraq to Randi Rhodes

Do developing nations have an "ace in the hole"??? (WTO meltdown)

Cost of Troops

WTF - if your State voted for * you will come home sooner.

CodePink alert on Arnold's appearance on Oprah today

California Recall Question...

The Rot at the Core of Our Democracy

"And yes, we can make gentle the life of this world. "

Did Cheeney's interview make anyone else sick?

Looking for plywood? - try looking in Iraq

Will Iowa Republicans Spoil the Democratic Caucus?

RAWA photo gallery (Afghanistan) show Bush's failure to-date

Kerry Supporter challenges Dean's assertion

Should be LBN, but I'm PISSED! Re: Powell & gassed Kurds

holy crapola CA Recall postponed!...


Using the Administration's criteria is there any country that doesn't have

How to become a superpower

Tonight's Charlie Rose Show is NYT's THOMAS FRIEDMAN

40% of Americans have family member or close friends lose their jobs..

watching Florida crumble -- (Fl. Elections Commission)

The latest from Dr. Thompson launches new website!

One Nation, Under Fear

Court of appeals in Ca. has.........

Am I reading this recall decision too cynically?

The RNC and Bush Campaign Need Not Look Further Than DU

"Paul and Sheila Wellstone World Music Day"

George Bush Sr In Russia On Carlyle Business

How's this for a commercial idea?

Worked the Dean Booth at CT Pride Festival this weekend..ask me anything

Back to the Grim Reality

In world of politics, a song can say so much

Dean statement on the 40th Anniversary of the Birmingham Church Bombing

No Nat'l Guard left in USA for hurricanes like Isabel

Yikes, my small town paper editorial going after me!

I think Mike Malloy returns tonight...

Is the CA Dem Primary now huge?

Was the patriot act written by the PNAC?

Peace bumper stickers

Judge Gives Teen Cell Phone Privileges (over Father's objection)

"Now we're even"

New segment on Tavis Smiley: two listeners invited to talk about news

Interesting alternative "plan" by errant Dem to halt TX redistricting

347 Coalition military deaths, & counting..... 2 per day

Breaking the Myths about Liberals

I'm overseas, military, from CA. If I don't receive my ballot ....

to RIAA: How you like me NOW?!?!?

Bill Clinton live on CNN now (2:50 EST)

Kerry communications's aid Chris Lehane

should post containing the word " bash" be allowed at DU?

The delay of the recall in CA is a good thing me-thinks!

Looking for list of anti-* button phrases

Has the Calif. recall been postponed - CNN n/t

what's wrong with the people of Kentucky?

Should posts bashing Democratic candidates be allowed on DU?

Spanking the wrong Monkey !!!!

Known sex offenders serve in military, records show

Florida and the $150,000 to oust 3 judges

North-American Social Forum?

Chinese invasion of Taiwan

Wingnut Talking Point du jour

What are some Repug talking points for this court decision?

Doonesbury on Ahnold

Clark on the 19th?

11 AM Isabel Update

Freepers debate the war. Really.

HAHA -- Appeals court decision upstages Arhnuld's

U.N.: Iraq's Nuke Program A Mess - CBS

Would the BFEE try to kill Clark if he runs prior to the Dem convention?

Coming up on CNN now: Words of praise for CLARK

How the patriot act is being abused (A MUST READ)

Gillespie & Mcaulfife on Crossfire

will pitt just did a wonderful interview on kpft in houston...

Repugs Acting Like the Aggrieved Party

Wolf is running a punch-card poll right now

Can anyone justify opposition to the FIRST Gulf War? Gephardt supporters?

Amb. Joe Wilson on MSNBC

MUST WATCH: Senator Byrd talking about TV news on C-SPAN 2 NOW 4:30 p.m.

Can somebody fill me in on Joe Scarborough...

oh, oh, just thought of a good protest chant

remember Armey & Barr joined the i know why.


Ohio DU gathering yesterday: Anyone have info on discussions?

Sad picture on the front page of my local paper

Edwards Will Announce Candidacy on 'Daily Show' (tonight)

I am sick and tired of jealous repugs!

I'm an idiot! The TX redistricting fight isn't about party, it's PERSONAL.

I cannot find one Palestinian child bomber

Have you noticed the word "freedom" said repeatedly lately?

Unfreep this poll, Is the U.S. on the right track for combating terrorism?

DU on the radio!

My gratitude to the Democrats today.

Four states sue EPA over pesticide residue levels in food

Locking Threads and the Big Fat Lockers That Lock Them...

BBV on News Hour

The nationalization of the CA Postponement.

David Issa -California's Number one Repuke

Would Rove/Bush* kill a USSC Justice to force a turnover?

Just cause she's married to Carville don't get her off the hook!

Liberal authors triumphant as US bookshelves lean left

Edwards getting extended coverage on ATC on NPR right now.

Vegas gives key to the city to ex-POW Shoshana Johnson

bad omen for Bush, Isabel is coming to his doorstep

Why did the Bali Nightclub bombings occur?

American troops forced to buy own wartime gear

Proof that George W. Bush is an idiot (or close to it)

ABC News covering the Kay Report (Iraqi WMDs)

WMD Link?

We need to remind people - This misAdministration actually put

cartoon on 9/11 widows and freeper/wingnut hypocrisy. Skewers GWB

Despite anger at Bush Adm. Muslims aren't giving up on Republicans

Two Years on: the Score

Edwards on Daily Show tonight

Language of the California Recall Decision Today (A Link)

Newest Texas Congressional Redistricting Maps

Hollings Defending US against Media Deregulation on C-Span! Vote!

If you don't love your government...

A Field Guide to General Discussion Arguments.

TechTV presents all views of RIAA subpoenas 8 PM tonight.

IMPORTANT ISI documents released

Isabel and Clinton

President Carter says "even-handed" to Bush re I/P peace

Is our children learning? Man passes $200 bill with Smirky on it...

How can we put pressure on Diane Sawyers.....

Something BIG is Going On in California beyond Recall.....

Someone tell me what K street is.

Heads UP: NewsHour sched to do Electronic Voting Story today!

A message to Republicans

Tucker's Latest Meme PROVES Repigs Are Idiots

Come back, Bill! All is forgiven!

glenn beck is a liar

Big Snapple? Selling the City, Drink by Drink

Israeli Ambassador: "You Call It QUOTE UN QUOTE Assination of Arrafat"

Conanson on Hardball - get ready to Rumble

Faux News...Kerry trashing Dean like Repugs did Al Gore....Lying!

DU this poll, Was appeals court right to block the recall vote?

A plea to my fellow Clark Bars.

Fresno Mayor trying to suspend city's human rights commission

Meet the newest DINO: Harold Ford, Jr.

What if candidates posted on DU?

Nader, Nader, Nader, Nader, Nader!

Wounded Troops Billed For Hospital Meals

WOW...the news hour is talking about touch screen voting and possible

Fellow Missourians - Write your legislators!

An idea for a poster concerning Hummers...

Bev Harris: You made RollingStone

Is this the housing bubble going to burst

Al Franken on Cnn now - 6:47 pm edt

Gore attends Johnny Cash's funeral

BBV, AADP Opposition to Voter Verified Paper Ballots

Arnold lies to Oprah!

Schwarzenegger: "A pump is better than 'cumming'"

Clark summons political team to Arkansas

Is Atkins Diet changing Economy ? (I kid you not)

What's the #1 reason you will support a candidate? (Pick one in this poll)

Laura Ingram & Sean Hannity Are Bitching About the "Hollywood Elites"

TBTM Radio #10: 'Plummeting Polls For Bush'

Why you dislike Zell Miller

Arianna (Opportunist): Interview with SJ Mercury News -

Clark on 911

I'm getting uneasy with the prospect of Dean as the nominee

academic freedom and something you can do

Why has Edwards been counted out so early?

Does anyone here suspect that Nader is a tool of the GOP?

Dean Knows DU! (Just back from the "Town Meeting")

Using The Socratic Method To Discover The True Nature of A Nader

I have to get this off my chest....

We face NOTHING YET: The White Rose Society

I got treated like a criminal at the doctors office today

The Failure of Liberalism (LONG)

Black Box: I'm taking on VoteHere Jim Adler on radio live

DU this poll, The Cost of Peace

Nader should apologize, not run again

BBV: Impact of CA recall ruling?

Questions for the Nader-obsessed...

BBV - Rep. Jan Schakowsky asks for help with ACTION ITEMS for Congress.

If you've NEVER served as a moderator before, DU needs your help!

HURRICANE ISABEL: The official DU thread ver.2 AKA "DUCK & COVER"

ALL NE OHIO MEMBERS - organizing a get-together

Bush to Push for ĎPost-warí Role for US in Philippines

Trust Is Trading in Short Supply

US Fed set to hold rates steady as job losses rise

Kidnappers Prosper in Iraq

Terror Laws Used Vs. Common Crimes

Dean's Next Frontier: The Conference Call

US Autoworkers Strike Deal With Chrysler

Will He or Won't He? Texas Legislators Wonder if Key Member Shows Up

Strike exposes poverty behind scenes at Yale

Iraq Council Leaders Pressing For Power

EPA Study Recommends Tightening Clinton-Era Airborne Soot Standards

Arrest made in Williams' sister killing...BBC

HOUSE WATCH-9/15/2003 (Pro Forma Session)

SENATE WATCH-9/15/2003 (#1) (D&E abortion)

Hoon and Campbell recalled to Hutton enquiry

WP: Next Year's Senate Races Giving Both Parties Reason To Worry

Illinois set to buy drugs from Canada

U.S. Troops Arrest Suspected Saddam Loyalists Thought to Be Bankrolling

Iran Says It Will Cooperate With U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Agency

Newer HIV Drug Protects Babies Better Against Virus

Bill Would Modify Pension Plan Rules

Alaska senators back Democrats' overtime effort

BREAKING - Blast destroys Russian security HQ

WP: Illinois May Buy Canadian Drugs

NYT: Crackdown May Send Music Traders Into Software Underground

Police Chief Killed in Iraqi Hotspot Town

GOP Joins Dems, Vets Against Benefit Cuts (some are smarter than * on this

Suspect Arrested in Killing of Sister of Tennis Stars Venus, Serena

Why Bush escaped an Iraq row

Spitzer...Now, Mutual Funds Feel the Heat of Scandal

US Soldier Killed in Baghdad Attack -US Military (9/15 AM)

Cheney Defends Iraq Stance

NYT: Beijing Sends In The Masses To Make Tibet More Chinese

80 former Fijian soldiers head to Iraq (Help is on the way!!!)

Shots fired at British Embassy building in Iran

U.S. cuts its hopes for help in Iraq

MI6 chief defends dossier claim

CNN: What makes the Bush-haters so mad? - First, it was how he got the job

Bush's Bad Poll Numbers Worry Republicans

China Puts Soldiers on North Korea Border

AP: Gunmen assassinate Khaldiya police chief

Taliban chief killed

U.S. Creates Unfair Trade Practices Team

Exclusive interview with Iraqi guerrillas

Fire roars through prison in Saudi Arabia, 67 inmates killed

Powell, in Baghdad, Suggests That Critics 'Hold Their Fire'

Rebound? Firms Aren't Buying It

Canada's Gay Marriage Debate Coming to a Head

Kerry Communications Director Resigns

Kerry Communications Director Resigns

Guinn recall leaders call Nevada DMV action illegal

White House Selects Cybersecurity Chief


Senior US lawmaker vows to make WTO obstructors pay

Doubts Drag Bush Back Down to Earth

US military linguist denies Dr Kelly 'romance'

WP: Among Episcopalians, Grief Over Gay Bishop

Cleric's Militia Sees U.S. as Enemy

U.S.: World Must Learn from N.Korea Nuke Crisis

Environmental Issues Bring Bush To Michigan

Security concern delays payment of US reward to Uday, Qusay informant

Blow to world economy as trade talks collapse

NATO Ponders Expanding Afghan Mission

Shots near British embassy staff compound in Iran

(Korean) Liberals, Conservatives Clash Head on Again Over Troop Dispatch

Middle Class Barely Treads Water

China puts army on Korea border

Senate Democrats Target Bush Nuclear Bomb Plans

Head of U.S. news quits at CNN

Green Groups Blast Bush in Wyoming Forest Road Case

Schwarzenegger Discusses Sex, Politics on 'Oprah'

Edwards joins effort to block Bush's choice for EPA chief

Washington's 'Blanket' Primary Rejected

Carter Prods Bush on Mideast Peace Plan

Assertive Hill Tests Bush Veto

Indefinite delay on weapons report

IAEA to debate Israel's nuclear program

Taliban threaten mutilation for Afghans who shave or listen to music

Calf. Recall Backer Denounces Court Decision to Delay Election

Students protest teachersí brief suspension (re: 9-11)

Hatch alarms right over anti-terror act

Mich. Labor Leaders, Workers Rally to Expose Admin's 'No New Jobs" Record

Whitmire gives Texas Senate a quorum for third special session

Recall decision...going to the SC.

CNN's Top War Correspondent Slams Iraq War Coverage

Protesters Greet Vice President

NorthWestern Corp. (electric utility) files for bankruptcy

Powell: 'We are not occupiers' in Iraq

Muslims in the US forced to spy on other Muslims

Killings of Shiite Clerics Set Holy City of Najaf on Edge

Hurricane worry sparks gasoline price rally

Schwarzenegger Woos'Oprah' Viewers

President Bush Lauds America's Historically Black Colleges and Universitie

Kerry Communications Director Resigns

Job Losses Have Homeowners Late On Mortgage Payments


Clark summons political team to Arkansas as supporters brace for race

Democrats bask in glow of Clinton.....(great pic)

Gaffe casts doubts on electronic voting

10 hostages killed in Colombia

Wal-Mart: Government Stops Union Election

White House aide's father alleges LBJ arranged John Kennedy's murder

Amanpour: CNN Practiced Self-Censorship

What is the good of a national church that will not bless the nation's ser

White House: Americans must sacrifice for Iraq

Powell visits Halabja to remind world of Saddam regime's brutality

Kerry Assails Dean by Name Over Tax Cuts

Bush, in Michigan, Defends Pollution Plan

Bush Stakes All On September 11

Federal appeals court delays California gubernatorial recall election.

Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims missile

Monday Isabel LBN Thread: Isabel May Hit U.S. This Week

Gallup Poll 9/15: Clark Surges Ahead to 10%

I'm stuck in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, ask me anything, but quickly

Howard Dean solitaire game

I've been practicing the Himber Coin Vanish... Ask me anything...

Viagra, OK?

Meatwad got tripped out on industrial adhesive on Aqua Teen tonite.

RIAA pushes for ban on computers, Internet, electricity

What is this rash on my ankles? Is there a doctor in the house?

new Hannity sponsors

It's the FREE TOMMY CHONG Chant Along!

When Animals Attack! Back From the Hospital

Where's Tinoire?

Beatles sue Apple over iTunes

This fall's TV shows

The Psychic Chicken Network

7,000 pound pig sculpture carved out of soap

Widespread Panic...

MR Secret, 'President SNEER' is here today DICK Cheney!

Anybody tried Net Zero Hi Speed?

Most important political issue to you (of these listed)

Due to lack of funds, students must pledge to televised flag

Athletic supporters please sign in

Mobiles 'make you senile'

If boxing is fixed, what about the NFL?

Good (Monday) Morning DU!

As A Child... Did You Understand The "Pledge Of Allegiance"?

My cat can be bribed

Bush/Cheney '04 bumber stickers-grade school - but some are cute!

I had to email the tv station

Emusic appreciation post...

Does my chart annoy you?

My mom finally cancelled her Tribune Review subscription!

New line on my resume FIREFIGHTER (what is wrong with people today?)

Maurice Clarret...

I watched a lot of Johnny Cash shows over the weekend

Jammed With A Celeb On Friday Night

CAPTION the hithchikers guide to qWagmires

I have absolutely nothing to say

Woman's stomach pains caused by forceps left in her for six years

Official looking envelope but from a car dealer!

Dubya admits drug abuse, exclusive interview..

What does "fried steak" taste like?

Got a compliment on my DU tee shirt yesterday

If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, what would you be???

What area of the country are you in?

Jordan's King Abdullah Speaks Better English Than Bush...

Results of the Ben Affleck / J. Lo poll.

I hope Arnie looks like this AFTER the recall....

More celeb sightings

Am I the only one who wants to puke over Madonna's children's book?

"Enn-velope" or "Ahn-velope"?

Moving into a new computer, and need some help

Anybody watch Carnivale last night?

Will Pat Robertson be able to pray away this hurricane?

I get to vote in March instead of October on the recall Ask Me Anything

If you've NEVER served as a moderator before, DU needs your help!

Last night's Sex and the City question

ahem. Latest AP Poll shows...

Help! I'm too old for college

Damn! I hate cold sores! Any advice?

pssst entertain me i am stuck in a BORING training meeting

have a "sound bite"

Do you play any musical instruments?

ICQ Newsletter SPAM!

What's the Alternative to Church?

Kids Talking in Movie Theaters and Why Conservatism Is Popular

Any fox experts here? - the 4-legged kind, that is.

Good bye everyone!

I live in VA do you prepare for hurricanes?

The winner of the Week 4 College Football pool is.........................

You guys are so BAD!!!!!

Thank god, thank the Universe, my son wont be deployed

New Music Recommendation threads - Post your fav new artists here

Anyone else receive DU snail mail opened and then taped?

Is seltzer water harmful?

I'm unemployed--no prospects right now--should I go to Europe?

Look at title of "related slide show" at Yahoo

Anybody in SE PA get caught in the flood waters today?

LunaBush's Jokes Your Brother-in-Law Sends You Thread

Effing Hate E-Mail

The new Nation cover is snazzy

I Saw A Woman Today Who Had A Howard Dean Pin On Today.

Anyone going to the Red Sox game tonight? I am- in my Yankees shirt!

R. Kelly Says He Feels Like Osama Bin Laden

((Alert)) this clip will make you say OMFG ((Alert)) 4/4/01

If Harold Bloom is such a genius, how come his opinions are so idiotic?

new Hannity sponsors 9/15

Hello, Bullwinkle Fans!

Help!! I've got the mold!!

Where's Matcom? I Think We Need to Open the Bar....

Another week, another shot at Bush from Hunter Thompson

Food safety and cooking info

The Happy Heli of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Adult Swim Fans: Nooooo! Capt Murphy passed away

The Sick Lil' Muffin of all CAPTIONS!!!

For the Record: I quit watching the NFL because of Rush Limbaugh

For my 1000th post, ask me anything.

The disstress signal of CAPTIONS

OK, so I ended up in the emergency room yesterday...

Here's the recent projected path of Isabel - where will she hit?

Bush beats Clinton by more than 2:1

What's the Longest You've Gone Without DU

So I listened to Neil Boortz for the first time ever this weekend.

Ignore works great, ask me anything or ...don't

Philippe Petit's signature on the WTC

new ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh sponsors Week 2

WD-40... is 50!! And the secret's out!

Celebs you liked until you found out they were Repugs/right wingers

You've got 30 minutes to evacuate - what are you taking with you

Get your very own George In The Box!

Philly Area, South Jersey, Northern DE folks check in - hope you're all ok

Who benefits the most from the postponement of the CA recall vote??

Any Karaoke singers on DU? What's your best tune?

OK. Explain what the hell is the different between each Christian practice

Men of DU : Time to step up!

Poll: Do you care about the Ben Affleck/J. Lo relationship?


I need something to preform for speech team

NC DU'ers: Are any of you "inland folks" Raleigh/Durham making exit plans?

Which Would You Like To Post FIRST In LBN as "Breaking News"?

I finally saw 'To Kill a Mockingbird"...

Blogs Wanted

Albums you're looking forward to this fall

Help me write a college essay!

Hey, together 2 years and my girlfriend still loves me! Can ya believe it?

Which of the top 10 teams have the best chance of winning the NC

What happened to MoPaul?

had a bad day at work (coworker got canned) shut up and leave me alone!

Being the opposite sex

Caption (or Photoshop) the Marlboro Man

Exactly how many reporters do you need to cover a HURRICANE?

Anyone ever seen a UFO?

Playboy looking for WALMART LADIES to strip

Where's GinaMaria?

Celebs you didn't really like until you found out they are Democrats

What's the alternative to sex?

A DAY IN THE LOUNGE - Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad 9/15/03

Seattle DUers Check in please

Super cool psycho-linguistic discovery:

Wanted to say thanks for the get together in Austin yesterday to meet

Inside The Freeper Lounge