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Archives: September 13, 2003

Spinsanity: Pundits won't stop spinning Clark's phone call.

Salon: Excerpt from Tucker Carlson's Book

Michael Moore to Wesley Clark: Run!

Wesley Clark's "High Noon" Moment

The Partnership for American Families

Austin, TX protest Monday noon Sept. 15 @ State Capitol !

Arnold S. will be on Larry King next Wednesday...(9/17) it seems

Weird CNN moment 11:28PM EST

Astrologers - any charts, indications of the next attack in the US?

The 'OK' [but fictional] Economy

Is scientific knowledge necessary to vote?

The cheap way to the stars - by escalator

How Should UN Be Reformed?

Getting rid of Arafat

Hijacked planeflight paths and the military/air bases that they flew over.

Paula Zahn: Do the Dems have only one hope for '04? shows Gore on CNN now

Graham: Be wary of hackers involved with election tampering

Wow, just when you think the attacks can't get more vicious and trivial

Governor Dean's Response to Latest Attack

Kerry can't beat Dean honestly, so...

ENDORSEMENT: Bluestateguy will support General Clark (if he runs)

Great Television tonight, the big "M's" are on...

Funny thing I learned on Bill Moyers just now...

Enough with the stupid rumors and conspiracies!

Flash bomb, fake terrorist accent 9/11 ceremony

Target rich environment

What? No military garb for * today?

Greg Palast on RadioLeft -- streaming now -- link

Nevadans trying to recall Gov. Kenny Guinn (R)

Joe Conason's Journal: Leaked Republican poll: Voters think America's on

URGENT: Need Patriot Act Links: What It Does, Who It Effects

Being a bitch pays off! I've got proof!

Houston, we've got a problem.... and she looks to be fat and windy

Watch this and your stomach will turn

Will Dean back off on his "repealing middle class tax cuts" position?

Paul Krugman on Bill Maher tonight on HBO

What are they really after?

Let's Hear It For Rich People (Well, At Least George Soros)

Chilean President Ricardo Lagos: Will he be the next Allende?

Did the BFEE Murder John Ritter?

Are the Democratic power brokers going to let Clark get in race?

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - By The Associated Press

Did anyone else notice the eerie Rumsfeld quote on 911

I think a commission should be formed to approach Bush....

Oh yeah, did I mention that Dennis Miller is a dick?

Ed Koch: Bush Haters Should be 'Horsewhipped'

THREAT-CON: um, yellow. i think.

George Bush, The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Dean's response to being called "Gingrich" by Gephardt.

A comment was made in this thread about the gov. election in FL

First Austin, TX soldier killed in Iraq

New Right Spin: Dem Candidates Bashing Bush Incites Our Enemies

The Latest In Bush 2004 Bumper Stickers

What so great about Wesley Clark?

Minnesota Poll: Bush Approval Rating at 49%

Graham to campaign with Gray Davis

Graham: Bush has left us unprepared for Hurricane Isabel

Are the Democratic power brokers going to let Clark get in race?

BBV - Here's a little somethin' on "no printers' in Florida

Nancy Pellosi

Reminder: Paul Krugman on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

WOW! look at this Bush/Hitler sign from Calgary.....

Michelle Malkin: GOP hate-monger: Watch me tear her latest work of crap up

Dave Barry weighs iin on the Presidential race

Bush's Freudian Slip Today. Amazing!!

Bush's Fiscal Morality Gap

Michigan Militia being called up to fight federal agents?

When Christians and Pagans clash

Krugman Rocks! MUST READ!!!

"Neocons inciting yet another war"!!!

OCTOBER 25 - International March on Washington DC

Question about media coverage of war

Howard Zinn and the Dilemma of the Democratic Party.

Iran Deplores Assassination of Swedish FM

US hostage in Colombia says would die in rescue

Court reinstates gay doctor's case against Air Force

Muslim Soldier, Fearing Hell, Refuses Iraq Tour

No Apologies from the U.S.

We have no nukes: N Korea

U.S.-French Rift Reopened as Powell Arrives for Talks (NYT)

Powell Rejects French Timetable for Iraq

Iran's nuclear deadline

U.S. Brief Asks That Ashcroft Not Testify

Iraq WMD search: Coming up short......

Clashes At World Trade Meeting

Wearing Out and Adding Up (Cost of equipment maintenance/Iraq)

Beatles suing Apple over iTunes

Halliburton contracts worth two billion dollars (Teapot Dome)

Dean, Pelosi Find Agreement on Israel

Hagen wants Clinton to head NATO

As Factory Jobs Disappear, Workers Have Few Options

NYT: Democrats Find Some Traction on Capitol Hill

How Do I Get A Dem Radio Talk Show or Strategy Gig???

Any Pixies Fans Here?

Bumper Stickers You'd Like to See on the Road

THREAT-CON: um, yellow. i think.

Was in a building today struck by lightning ask me any thing


Help me manage my 401k

Maynard Ferguson is coming to my school!

Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie!

Cheesy movies you're ashamed to admit you love?

just noticed something

i've lost my taste for violent action movies..

Hey guys, I need a Patriot Act link for a friend

Did the BFEE Murder John Ritter?

I'm on two antibiotics, have a runny nose/cold/cough, ask me anything

E-Bay Scam??? Need some help here.

ALL TEXAS DEMS.....get out and vote AGAINST Prop.12

What is your favorite ethnic foods??

Any Def Poetry Jam Fans out there? It's on now -- HBO (12 EDT)

My Cat Is Abusive


John Ritter's co-star Katey Sagal's father also died on set.Hit by heli-

Identify that Line--(foreign and old movie edition)

Campaign Slogans

Michael Moore asks Wesley Clark to take the plunge!

What next concert should I go to? POLL

Dr. Phil bugs the s**t out of me!

I've been exiled to East Texas

Cell phones

WOO-HOO! For my 2000th post, you are all invited to waffle!

This Betsy Hart chick is a sputtering moron (Real Time With Bill Maher)

Does anyone here volunteer for a charity?

Ashland, Kentucky? Or Holiday in Cambodia?

anyone got the link for the blaster patch

Ohio Crop Circle Confirms Endorsement of Kucinich!

Public Nudity

Jesus and Mary Chain reincarnated!

Post your ugly bug pic!

GRR! Prescription Drug Rant

Found: Male dog named HOWDY. in WV near Huntsville.

Any advice for luring out a skittish kitty?

Salon: Tucker Carlson Interview

Excellent anti-patriot act editorial

"Bill of Rights a nasty obstacle in war on terrorism "

Neocon 101

Firing Up The Liberal Spin Machine

The Anti-Bush Campaign

Morford: Is Terrorism and Bush Making You Sick?

Doolittle-What Saddam Was Really Hiding

Fisk : A mystery the US is in no hurry to resolve

Scheer: Bush won't acknowledge this errors and show some humility

Pakistan: The Iraqi cauldron

FBI: Under the Gun over Security

Bush Insists U.S. Has Clear Iraq Strategy

What Should We Do About Terrorism? Editorials by Harry Browne.

Bernie Sanders; How to defeat a party that represents 1% of the electorate

MSNBC Host (Scarborough) Gets Bitten by His "Rat"

'Hitchens as Model Apostate'

Ethnic Cleansing in Connecticut

If Not Dean, Who?

Why is NYT Gina Kolada making fun of the elderly and Medicare?

Al Franken book tour, Cambridge, MA, Sep 29th

democratic underground meetup DU UNITE!

New England DUers! 9/20 Greg Palast / Amy Goodman!

Rolling Thunder, Manchester, NH (SEP 20) Hightower, GrannyD, WillPitt

Ralph Nader & Dennis Kucinich in Washington This Thursday!

Richard Melon Scaife and ElRushbo vs.Randi Rhodes

Movies for Democrats weekend edition (9/13-9/14)

Question to Astrologers: Pope's health

question for EU member citizens, esp. Belgian

A Mars question AND a weather question.

Government harrassment of peace protestors.

Bridging the gap

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/13/2003

Ohio to correct 'crazy history'; State to re-ratify 14th Amendment

Pastors seek healing for 1930 lynching

Read my letter to my State Rep

A Week with Richebächer in Cannes

Burundian rebels refuse to deal with Zuma

Fisk--'Meet the New Iraqi Strongman: Paul Bremer'

Arroyo 'pushing Senate to end husband's probe'

Music May Mask Pain Of Childbirth...(Surrrrrrrre,,,)

Report: Nearly half of Australia is too fat

GOP Broke Laws Overriding CCW Veto

Anyone familiar with "The Probability Broach" by L. Neil Smith?

"Self defense" an inalienable right and RKBA is an exercise of that right

Just saw Bowling for Columbine

OK, Who Deleted MY Posts?

Is there a way to block someone from sending you private messages?

Did someone donate for me?

Is the DU 1 database fixed yet?

How about some outlaw Avatars?

Can't edit posts that have been moved

No success like failure

Defiant Israel lashes out

Eyes wide open

Three 'ready-to-use' explosive belts discovered in E. Jerusalem

Arafat condemns Israeli government's decision to expel him

On 10th Anniversary of Oslo Accords, Arafat Call for Return to Peace Talks

Arafat Emerges From Compound a Second Time

Israel, Palestine, anti-religion DU'ers...I'm so confused now

Moderate Muslim Canadian Cleric Thrown in Florida Jail for 16 Hours

Terrorist Nuclear Threat

NY Times: Dean gets applause lines from HBO show

Just another speculative Clark thread (Boston Globe re: Knoxville)

The following is a list of positive things Bush has accomplished in 3 yrs

A little Doonesbury humor

Fellow Democrats Pile on Dean

South Carolina Senate Race Question

Family Ties Boost and Burden New Alaska Senator

NC: Senate Race Expected To Be Far Different From 2002

Are the "Friends of Bill" hoping to become the "Drafters of Clark?"

Lieberman to Lose State Dem's Endorsement to Kerry

LATimes Ron Brownstein article: Gephardt Assails Dean Record on Medicare

Does anyone have links to a stream of the CBC Debate?

Will Dean supporters abandon the Democratic Party if Kerry is the nominee?

They're replaying Clinton's speech from the Steak Fry in '92

Bill Clinton at Steak Fry

Lieberman to Lose State Dem's Endorsement to Kerry

Kentucky's next governor could foreshadow Bush's future (and latest polls)

If Dean Renounces His Promises To Sharon, The Subject Will Be Closed

Katrina vanden Heuvel on Wesley Clark

The Big Dog Clinton Lays it Down in Iowa

Carville and Begala Blog for Howard Dean

They are soldiers!

Kerry rally in Phoenix draws 150 hispanic leaders and LUINA members

Steak Fry C-Span 1

If the CA recall fails do we still get to see the gov. election results?

Our Dean table/voter registration table at Giant a big success

Great article on the need of the Democratic Party to reach out to children

ATTN GEORGIANS: Dean in Atlanta, Monday, September 15th

Howard Dean's grandmother asked Bush's grandmother to be her bridesmaid

A preview of the right on Dean

Dean is a dishonest, lying politician

Ohio Crop Circle Confirms Endorsement of Kucinich!

The only way Repukes can win....

A thought to annoy you Bush 2000 vs. Bush 2004 vs. Arnold

Did you know?

The American people

I declare the NGR (no "gotcha" rule)

My First Run for Office!

Please give me the scoop on this Kerry comment...

Dem vs. Dem is good!

Lieberman Hails Signing of Bipartisan Iraq Resolution -- October 16, 2002

a partial list of those endorsing dean so far

Sen. Joseph Lieberman Speaks On Clinton -- Sept. 3, 1998

every candidate sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name the only Democrat who. . .

ok, now I really don't get it.

I am an American

Remember Rove's dream...


Reifenstal, Teller and Thurmond

I hereby swear off DU until after the primaries are over.

Turnip Truck Democrats

Boards are suffering. Here's a fix

Where have the "adults" gone?

Will Dean speak out against the disenfranchisement of Blacks in MI?

Rall: Counting the military ballots in Florida

Homeland insecurity to revise terra-lert coding

Whistle-ass posters

Bush directs Rossi to buy kids a pooch (whore alert)

Did anyone catch the Salem Pax interview on NPR tonight?

What percentage of the population is amoral?

The Chutzpah of Republicans

Was there a debate yesterday in CA? I saw Davis and Ahnold on CSPAN2

Clark is not a Career politician or a lawyer--Is this a bad thing?

Would Fairness Doctrine apply to Internet and how?

A discussion on the economy .....we are not being told the truth

It just hit me--they WANT chaos in Iraq

I'm"Very very happy"

I am pretty new here.... I need answers

Did I HEAR RIGHT??? Patriot Act II is called THE VICTORY ACT???

I was going to post an article I thought was important.

East Coast/Fla DUers: Isabel at Category 4

Need a link re critical iraq war site.

I think Asskroft got the wrong memo!!!!!!!!!!

NYT: Clark Sharks and Dirty Dean Tricks

A better use for our $87b:excellent Jeffrey Sachs article

The political temperature for today...

American policy in Iraq: Have Thugs, will travel (hiring the Mukhabarat)


Is this the 1st time "guerillas" used in Iraq media?

Mrs Blair's dodgy masseuse: Whitehall security confiscates pass

Michael Moore's E-Mail

If isabel hits florida and the national guard troops are in iraq ....

The Zogby Bush re-elect...extrapolated

Science Suffers Security Complex

Colin Powell strongly against "muddy" U.S. presence in Middle East (1983)

43* quotes/Washington Post

Mexicans to get Social Security--Please inform me.

Woo or no Woo, I don't think Bush has a prayer of getting UN cooperation.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

CA Recall may be halted by Federal Court Ruling


I like Tucker Carlson

A Buried Story? Burton: Bustamante may give CA back to Mexico

Did Arnold violate immigration laws when he came to the US?

Good Morning Texas Go vote against 12

BBV:The Voting-Machine Industrial Complex

Is Washington Journal Host Peter a right winger?

Recall The Commander In Chief Act

Indy DU'ers: BBV machines to be displayed in Johnson Cnty

No Matter Your Candidate: In Defense of 2 Objectives

CT DU'ers: Griswold enters BBV age

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride - Beginning Sept. 20

BUSH "Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over"

Limits of the Liberal Critique: Antiwar vs Antiwar-Lite

Chomsky on the Iraq War Propaganda

Liar, liar

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/13/2003

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself

Watching the state of Fl. crumble

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

MSNBC says non-paying jobs are catching on...

A letter from a friend regarding Selection 2004

Dean doesn't give a damn about Clark!

Clark picks up two key future endorsements...

Would you call Bush an empty suit or an empty flight suit?

The following is a transcript of President Bush's weekly radio address:

Govenor Rick Perry calls special session for Sept. 15th.

Eli Lilly/Poppy/Autism/ - protecting their rears

Will Rove release the Kay report on the day Clark announces?

When we get a nominee - all candidates should give $ to the nom

Clark fears Dean

Nobody Questioned Darth Rums on "100 Newspapers in Iraq"

Democrats against Dean

I fear Bush

Please Give Me the Scoop on This Dean Comment

If Clark joins the race now, my own opinion of him will likely be:

Remember ELF and the SUV vandalism?

Could the Greens and Progressive Dems merge to form a 3rd party?

Howard Dean sounds pro-terrorism


E-Voting segment on CNN now....

"mandated to wear a gauze bag with 2 oz. of actual Ground Zero dust"

25 Censored stories the Media didn't want us to know about

Check out the Picture from space of Iraqi oil pipline fire

Do you believe economy will recover if Bush gets elected in '04?

Israel, Palestine, anti-religion DU'ers...I'm so confused now

Unbelievably Awesome Internet Art: Dean Video

CNN and MSNBC Plugging Arnold's appearance on Oprah (ABC)

The right wing propoganda machine is at full throttle!

So Ya Don't Like This Thread?

MI DUers heads up: New bill to kill mourning doves

Are French suggestions unrealistic ?Are French suggestions unrealistic ?...


Stamp Foot, Pout and Say: I Won't Vote For (Candidate Name)

Debunking the Miniter book

Let me be clear, the vote I will give to the President is for one reason

ATTN Alabama DUer's -- Howard Dean in Huntsville on Monday

Does Anyone Know Where I can Find the Text of the Bush Speech?

Mobile home space rents to be $850.00 mo. Is this happening near you?

Attention Santa Cruz area DU'ers. Hightower speaking tonight!

Newest Newsweek poll: Good and not-so-good news

Petition: Tax the Rich to Pay for Iraq!

Looks like Junior has everything under control in Iraq now

another great thing about the south

the dems in congress are just going to give whistle-ass his 87B,

The Fairness Doctrine/Media Deregulation

A Huge Warning for Clark Supporters

Jobs: Better to be a white felon than black

How to stop terrorist Bush government?

Evidence for Iraq 9-11 link

How one man defied logic and intelligence to take us to war

Yahoo- Protestor photo at cheney protest

Soldiers being told to Pay own way home????

Some "training." A translator calls in "sick" and 8 people have to die

I'm a retired member of one of the unions

BBV:Joe W. Forehand Chairman and CEO Accenture

Dean fears Clark

My dream

Dean v. Gephardt -for anyone who still cares.

Jeers to the Bush White House

I voted today in the TX constitutional amendment election

Trust Us -- Don't Test Us...

9/11 Truth Movement Takes off in New York City

Clark's Brilliant Announcement Strategy

Anyone remember what it was like to be an admired and respected

Newsweek Poll: Bush down to 52% and majority oppose $$ for Iraq

Proof Dean is electable

Be sure to catch "the Guy James Show" at 3pm EST!!!!!!

The Rethuglican 2002 mid-term "sweep" is a regurgitated myth...

THE VIETNAMIZATION OF IRAQ By Richard Reeves (We are leaving soon)

Hurricane Isabel: How Bush could lose North Carolina in 2004

Liberman reminds me of Dan Qyale

Gov. O'Bannon Dead: I'm now monitoring the Freerepublic

If Arnold gets elected should we start our OWN recall movement?

Did you watch CSPAN? What was the Scarborough article?

What’s the deal with Chimp’s teeth?

Finally, I have made up my mind

Cheney Protest and My Hair Make Front Page of Raleigh, NC Newpaper!

Is the USA headed for economic collapse?

Presidential Term Limit is America's DUMBEST Law

I hope you're sitting down...deferring the tax cut to upper 1% would

I am no longer a Democrat.

"The Paranoia Show" - unsettling stills from upcoming/upsetting film

MUST READ: "The Stench, Two Years On" - Farrell says it all

Harkin Steak Fry on CSPAN1: 5:45pm est. NOW!

Query: The DaVinci Code

Yesterday Chris Matthews said to Jim Cramer, "We are monetizing debt."

Rating Clinton

Carville and Begala on Dean's blog from the Harkin steak fry!

Once Upon a Time, the world Liked the USA

Did anyone here actually SPEND their tax refund??

Is it true that Dems don't want to ask any more question on Iraq intel?

The Bush Presidency will completely derail when

Why support Clark?

Freepers in deep denial

OK Listen up all DUers! I have a concern that I must get off my chest.

Is Nationalism Progressive?

BBV - Problems in Brazil with Diebold (known as Procomp)

Time for a COMPLETE-FULL-SCALE Democratic Filibuster! SHUT CONGRESS DOWN!

Howard Zinn NEW COLUMN ** Excellent **

If Arianna and Camejo really believed in Democracy

Global Warming comes to Hawaii


Starhawk's Cancun Journals

Democrats Call Republican Plan a War on Vets

Wing Nut Sends me 10 Page Threatening Letter

Gary Hart, posted one more time

Dem Speechs of a Lifetime! Harken Steak Fries/Dem Cands/Clinton/MORE!

The Death Train of the WTO: Fair Trade is War

BBV - A call to arms, step ONE

Attn California BBV's- State Meeting on Voting Machines

Why is Sharpton race-bating the internet issue?

9/11 Victims ask same questions as Will Pitt

Race vs. Poverty

Israel Says It Will "remove" Arafat Whenever It Chooses

Resolutions about peace activist stir Council controversy

9/11 Truth Movement Takes off in New York City

Michael Moore asks Wesley Clark to take the plunge!

NYT: Bush Seeks $2.1 Billion More for Iraqi Oil Industry

Seething Iraqi town buries guards shot by Americans

Iraqi guerrillas fight for independence

US pays sheikh to protect pipelines, then arrests him

Michael Moore's E-Mail

NYC: Free Breakfast Now Available To All City School Kids

Judge impound Yonkers ballots (another impound of ballot boxes this week!)

Colin Powell to Visit Iraq, Kuwait

U.S. Offers Condolences for Iraq Shooting

US remorse over Iraq deaths blunder

The following is a transcript of President Bush's weekly radio address:

Electricity Supply Drops Eyed in Blackout

The Anti-Bush Campaign

Arafat Tells Supporters They Will Go to Jerusalem as Martyrs

U.S. Sees Some Iraq Contact With al-Qaida

Congress rebuffs Bush, gives labor rare victories

UN powers stall on Iraq future.BBC Breaking news

Iraqi Ex-Policemen Protest in Nasiriyah, One Dead

King Meets With Family Over Black Man's Hanging in Belle Glade

Groups Decide Not to Press Suit Over Pennsylvania Ten Commandments Display

ABC News Smuggles Uranium Into US- Twice

British Muslims condemn extremists

NYC man sentenced for cheating immigrants

E-Voting segment on CNN now....

New Tape Not What It Seems Sources: Old Footage, spliced audio

US Democrats search for candidate who can defeat Bush .BBC

Indiana Gov. Frank O'Bannon Dies at 73

Bush Cites Progress Against Terror, Despite Alert .

Iraq toll tops '91 - Total now 294 after two U.S. soldiers killed

51 percent oppose Bush request for more Iraq money: poll

U.S. Seeks Expansion of Terror Subpoenas

N.C. Judge Says He Expects to Be Asked to Step Down Over Ethnic Jokes He E

Burning Oil Cloud Above Northern Iraq

WP: IMF Arrests Improper, Police Found (DC police WRONG!!)

Military to Investigate Leave Granted to Missouri Republican Lawmaker

Kabul Stories: It was an idyllic, peaceful night - then, boom!

Revered Muslim cleric held in U.S.

Embattled Governor Davis finds solace in opinion poll

Blackwell petitioning to end hike of sales tax

France, U.S. Remain at Odds at U.N. Meeting

Dizzying Dive to Red Ink Poses Stark Choices for Washington

Dizzying Dive to Red Ink Poses Stark Choices for Washington

Bush Seeks $2.1 Billion More for Iraqi Oil Industry

Democrats Call Republican Plan a War on Vets

FOX News- Governor O'Bannon Dies

Arcata (Calif.) ... says Bush, not Davis, needs to be ousted

The cheap way to the stars - by escalator

61 Killed by Typhoon Maemi

Smiling From the Womb

US and Britain isolated as Iraq angrily buries its dead

U.S. Faces Big Illegal Immigrant Problem

U.S. Commander Prefers to See Saddam Dead

California man arrested in SUV arsons

US data hit Bush's hopes

AFL-CIO President, Union Workers Arrested at Rally for Yale Strikers

Schwarzenegger, Under Pressure From Rival, Tries to Woo Conservatives

Calif. Dems Vote to Endorse Bustamante (Davis and Bustamante shake hands)

The Persuit of Steven Hatfill

What is funny to you?

this is one lounge I can stay till I want to leave...

Bush Jokes

What famous person do you like but found out......

OK.. Best sex scene in a (non-porn) film..?

Please! Enough of 'enough' threads!

Poll question: Favorite John Carpenter Film? (Part 2) The modern Years

I'm in the "Red Carpet Club" at SFO - ask me anything

Movie you'd like to see a sequel to?

Brithten me stupid european up about California...

OK. Whoever has a 4th gen DirecTV receiver -- help

new Savage Weiner advertisers

hit enter twice.. please delete :(

Simon & Garfunkel coming up on Letterman NOW . . . n/t

Favorite Childhood Memory

In the velvet darkness,

Hello fellow Americans. My name is Fred, and I'm running for President

medical question - who knows anything about soma?

"dead like me"

I hereby swear off DU until after the primaries are over.

BWAA-HAAA-HAAAA Bogus Bush Bucks

Am I the only person that's heard of Verbena?

Hey. I listened to Michael Medved today and he told me

I saw "Cabin Fever" yesterday... ask me anything...

Another post a sentence thread

We just had an AWESOME vegan cherry tart...Quick, ask me something...

Mr.Roper Blocks Jack Tripper At Heaven's Gate

Best David Lynch Film?

Preparation for hurricanes in Florida -- are YOU ready??


The Weekend Edition of Movies for Democrats

Thanks for the advice on the Springsteen albums

The Machines have arrived...

What should my 1000th post be about?

I'm volunteering to call dems to get out the vote on the anit-recall

I'm an Air Force brat, ask me anything

Damn. Jesse Ventura was obnoxious.

good hurricane site for us weather novices

Anyone here going to the Pittsburgh gathering???

Iraq: America's Rape Baby

Hate to sound morbid, but

Who You Gonna Call....Ghostbusters!

I Have A Feeling That Polls Are Getting Tired Of Polls.

I need to (if not apologize) at least try to understand.....

Attitude about war?

"Training Day" - The Movie, online now on Iranian TV with arabic subtitles

What Presidential candidate would famous fictional characters endorse?

"You DAMN RIGHT I'm somebody!" Ask me anything.

Hrmm.... how do drugstores do it?

Photography experts...

Clark picks up two key future endorsements...

Clark picks up two key future endorsements...

Who is making preparations for Hurricane Isabell?

Red Dwarf, that oddball of a cool British sitcom:

Most disturbing sequence in a film?

AWD you are the man.

computer help

What would you tell Herbert Hoover?

My sister was fired for having too many kids

SpyBot - Search & Destroy | anyone know about this ???

Best Movie Car Chase(s) Ever.

Some Real California Gubernatorial Candidates

Could the WISHBONE OFFENSE work in the NFL?

Mea Culpa: Isabel is my fault.

In your opinion...

According to caller on CSPAN: Why Beer is worse than pot....

Which Holly do you prefer?

What I'm Doing For My Birthday (Today!)

So Ya Don't Like This Thread?

Songs to recomend to young DUers

Indiana Gov. Frank O'Bannon dead

What's the old maxim... Once the genie is out, how d'you put him back in


I am so pissed right now I'm shaking

Anyone else hate winmx?

Best story from scouts or guides (inspired by another thread)

Did you know that Bob Hope is in Hell?

another great thing about the south

Has there been a poll in Minnesota asking:

Once again OSU's pitiful offense gets bailed out by their

making a compilation

New spider species discovered....

Where will Hurricane Isabel make landfall?


Best Psychobilly/Rockabilly Revival Record?

I'm in Australia - Ask me anything

Coach McKissick wins his 500th game as head coach (SC)

I just clipped 60 kitty claws...ask me anything:)

what are the primary colors?

"Lucifer's Hammer" and "footfall" anyone read them?

Notre Dame v.s. Michigan game thread(kick this)

The Knightly Muffin of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Phonological Flatulence of all CAPTIONS!!!


I have learned my lesson

Who will join me in Austin for the start of Rove's new Session for Texas? 3 yr old tells off * on TV

Post a Formula 1 spoiler as a thread title and I'll slap your momma!

More Talented Band: Rage Against The Machine or Audioslave?

California two:

Is there anyone more obnoxious than me here?

I screwed up!!!!!!

Have you made a "bugout kit"?

We hear you're leaving, that's OK

flama, are you out there???

Truly odd helpful hints from 'em here!

Two Al Franken short videos

Favorite Robyn Hitchcock Song

The ring came off my pudding can!

September 13 College Football Thread

my tummy hurts ask me anything

Favorite John Denver Song.....

Anyone from Norfolk, VA?

Supernatural Superstition Super-Poll

I want Jim Tressell to be the next Miami Dolphin coach!!!

Are DUers superstitious or anti-science?

Best Drug Song?

I'm not making this up (NASA Pic O' The Day)

Where's a good place to have a weblog?

Who fears who worse?

My first hummingbird shot....what kind of h'bird is it?

Dealing with balding.



New Dave Matthews video - Gravedigger

HELP!!!!!!!!!No takers when I asked politely so now I am going to whine!!!

Your Atkins stories appreciated!

For the person who donated on my behalf...

whats a steak fry?

I'm feeling pretty down...

Advice for dealing with moving away from my childhood home?

God the Longhorns are chocking dogs!

Aventura--the paradise out of reach