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Kinsley: 87 billion excuses, but no apologies

Krugman - Exploiting the Atrocity

PROTEST dick CHENEY in charleston, wv - Mon, Sept 15th

A question for my black brothers and sisters

Question about G21

Allies Line Up with U.S. to Set Iran Nuke Deadline

maybe guns do kill people......NRA

I've hit alert twice - why no response?

an avatar request

Poll of Americans show Israel among top U.S. allies

Annan condemns ‘despicable’ Palestinian suicide attacks

Haaretz: A voice of sanity

Democrat's remarks on Israel may lead Jews to cut funds

Flight 11 hits Tower 1

They Go To Las Vegas: 9/11 Hijackers & Oklahoma City Bombers

Radio debate on state of Dem Party (NH Public Radio)

What are the qualities of an "electable" Presidential candidate?

Democratic candidate Dean asks Wesley Clark to be running mate

Kernan's Political Future

Top five signs you have been spending too much time on the Dean campaign


Dean supports home care for elderly and disabled

The Hill- Sen. Boxer faces likely fight from Jones in 2004

As I become more concerned about BBV, I wonder:

One advantage I see in nominating Clark

A reservist died at Walter Reed on 9/7/03

re-post from early 2003 - pic of parade w Uncle Sam

Talking Points = World War III?

Arnold's Home Repair Scam?

Eat More Dogs, Cambodians Urged

2/26/2003 Rowley letter to FBI director

Dr Krugman diagnosis of Bush: ADD

BBV :Ohio SOS makes his choices.

Bush extended the state of emergency yesterday???

Greg Palast is great........

I Wonder If The Next Democratic Administration Will Be Able To Release...

George W. Bush is out of control by Will Pitt

Will Al Gore be a candidate for President of the U.S. in 2004?

important question for General Clark

HELLO AMERICA!! Where Have our Soldiers Gone?

Pirate Video Blipverts - 9/11 Anthology

If Bush cant get in the high fifties in a Gallup poll, you know he's toast

Whoopi's new show is on NBC right now!!!

HBO 9/11 fixin to come on again 9pm CST

Ashcroft tossing Tommy Chong in Jail for selling Bongs

Alan Murray and Gloria Borger, whores extraordinare

Clark Gets Specific

new service from Google News

BBV is Worldwide.

Group tries to rally anti-gay TV protest

LIHOP speculation in a major metro tabloid? Has the worm finally turned?

The Hill: Gore considering entering race in the fall

"Never Forget?!" shouldn't that be "Try to Forget?"

Support our (p)resident in this time of war, he's doing a great job

PROTESTdick CHENEY in charleston, wv - Mon, Sept 15th

help - q about tv listing of debate

FBI Lied to Clinton about Iraqi Assassination Attempt on BushSr

Profiles in Stupidity (hee hee hee)

9/11 Families Plead: Why no accountability?

TLC in Canada in running 9/11 - The President's story

Poor farmers' mass show of strength

Reviews of Bush Speech! the WORLD news (he sucked)

Osama comes to the aid of Bush every time he gets in trouble..

Replay of 9/11 widows ripping into Bush - MSNBC

If Clark Announces, Can He Participate in Debates?

Re: "a reporter wants to know" (THANKS!)

The more you scream the more they flee.

BBV: Who knows Brent Belesky?

Nice to See Freepers Unite with DU'ers on one issue. Backfire Asscroft

maybe guns do kill people......NRA


Essay test in "international realtions" tomorrow, need ideas

there was this movie on

I just read one of Andrew Sullivan's blog columns.

9-11 widows coming up (hardball replay)


Trust Powell? Better Not.

Do we dare start calling him President Toast?

Letterman tonight

Deleted message

Let's be clear about this BUSH LIE right now!

Osama LOVES Bush... but not for the reasons you think...

US military draft coming

Nightline: Afghanistan war far from over....reports. 10.40 pm CST

Death Toll 09/05 - 09/11/03

Is our current situation worse politically than Vietnam and Watergate?

Clark coming up on MSNBC now

CIA largest budget items: election tampering & news propaganda

Why is the American Media so afraid to tell the truth about 9-11?

My (polite) gripe with one of the Clark arguments

did Ted Olson lie ?

Kill Osama bin Laden, Kill him 50 times over that miserable piece of Crap!


What sort of Laws can be written to prevent another BushCo.?

Clark-smearing - It's starting

Republican Whip Gets Engaged to Tobacco Lobbyist

top ten most influential lefty blogs

Question from - Please take a minute to answer

NEVER FORGET!!: Bush in the aftermath of 9-11 was MIA.

Mystery shrouds Pentagon's extra funds

Clark caught in a lie?

Graham, on 9/11, goes right after Dubya

On 9/11, let us not forget Bush's rallying cries about Osama Bin Laden

Two years later, here's what we lost

Are gays and lesbians minorities?

CNN claims OBL directly acknowledges involvement in 9-11

Upcoming books from/about the candidates

High Tuition Debts and Low Pay Drain Public Interest Law

My son got in trouble at school today for criticizing Smirk!

HEADS UP - (Black Box) Scoop scoops again


Thise catholic Bishops

France cartoon honoring 9/11

Shut the Fuck Up--You Hypocritical Bullshitters!!

CIA weapons expert to quit after uranium scandal

Rumsfeld: No rush to try terror suspects

Report Shows High Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Foster Care Kids (Florida)

Big Bush's Visit Fuels Talk of Big Deals (Russia)

WP: Panel Warned Blair of War Risk

For Patients' Rights, It's a Quiet Fadeaway

Bush and the Americas Split on Terrorism Agenda

There is a dark cabal around Blair

Miami commissioners tentatively adopt protest limits

With pain and nostalgia, Chile remembers coup

Returning from Iraq War Not so Simple for Soldiers

WP: Past Votes Dog Some Candidates

9-11 Monument With Commandments Unveiled in Government Building

Wolfowitz Shifts Rationales on Iraq War

CONGRESSIONAL NOTEBOOK: Job Creation Is GOP's No. 1 Talking Point

New North Korean Missile Could Hit Anywhere in U.S.

A Conservative's Stubborn Stand Worries GOP (McClintock)

Zogby: Gore/Bush in statistical tie; half the people know Gore won!

Check out my beautiful TiTMouse!

Mothers little helper - Funny Video

WOW! SCARY Freeper tagline

Found this sweet, inspiring song, wanted to share it with you

Did you know?

Whoopie's show is on right now 9:30pm

How many fingers am I holding up?

Pics From Nashville Rally Monday

What am I sucking on?

Can someone identify this song.....

Do you think I have the most traditional sig line???

White Stripes fans.....................................

It’s time for the Quickies.

911 Tributes ... Flash

I had beans for dinner. Ask me anything...

Small cocks ****WARNING*****

Hey JOhn Kleeb I saw a Dennis Kucinich bumper sticker today

Sharing my experience tonight. Great story!

I LOVE Whoopi's new show!

I just realized!! I'm out of the 700 Club!

Drunk calls 911 because strippers were laughing at him, jailarity ensues.

How about the Twins? Tied for first in the central.

If the Apocalypse happens tomorrow...

Weapons of Mass Deception

Since GD doesn't appreciate anything but negative bullshit...

Freeper Sex Manual

Movie central and Shrub

I'm alive & back from gallbladder surgery

OK. Let me know if I'm crazy or paranoid

The Death Of Romance: Focus Group Dating

it was a very strange day today

there must be 50 ways to leave your lover

This is quite a place!

If a meteorite slams into the earth

best brit accent by an american actor

How many message board members to change a light bulb

there must be 50 ways to love your lever

got a call to sub teach 11th grade civics at the high school tommorrow

Anybody miss me?

Who here likes ta' eat grits?

I'm an idiot. A total buckethead. A pud. A pogue. An assclown grande.

How horrible a person am I?

Any voting precinct workers here?

Could I just say that I would like to hit

Where the Hell is Short Bus President?

I'm in Love with Iris Dement. ..."Who?" ..Read on. You might too.

I just watched the HBO 9/11 documentary and I finally figured it out!

Promise "Freepers" - Pathetic or Scarey?

Awesome Anti-Bush shirt I bought for my son today!

Putting it away for a rainy day?

Bands You'd Like to See Reunited...

Daily Show is hitting hard

Chris Hitchens on "though crowd"

G.I. George, action president! (Salon)

9/11 + 2 = Politics As Usual

Newsweek: The Saudi-Al Qaeda Connection - New Documents

NYT ED: Dean right, Lieberman wrong

Central Asia - Moscow's cosy Saudi connection (Bushies should note this)

Why Don't We Have Answers to These 9/11 Questions?

What is Howard Dean afraid of?


Dean the New Goldwater

The War In Iraq Is Not Over and Neither Are The Lies To Justify It

Democratic Candidates Who Must REPENT THEIR EVIL WAYS!!!!!

Medea Benjamin back from Baghdad--"Iraqis sense they’ve lost their country

September 11- Two Lost Years

Suspicion falls on Chechens for Iraqi blasts ( and planning more)

Bill Press: " Hey, Buddy, can you spare $87 billion?"

Why politicians cannot be fired?

International Reaction to Bush's Speech on Iraq and Terrorism

Josh Marshall (TPM): On Expelling Arafat

Lieberman's Dangerous Game

Coming Sunday from AP: Is this World War IV?

Is Terrorism Making You Sick?

Andrew Greeley: U.S. no safer than two years ago

Walter Cronkite: Latest Iraq casualty: Our national prestige

Arnie vs. women voters - cartoon by Benson at Arizona Republic

Disaster in the Making - Is Iraq Another Vietnam?

The Genetically Modified Bomb

Arch-conservative won't back Bush

LAST RIGHTS (Moscow Times)

World's Worst Leaders Video

Krugman: The Tax-Cut Con

Paul krugman and Dennis Kucinich in Cambridge, MA NEXT WEEKEND

Al Franken in Austin, TX, Saturday the 13th

"Support our Troops" posters

Whore of the week: Judy Keen, USA Today

The Big Dog on Imus this morning

Cheney to be on Meet the Press for the entire hour

The Shame of California Talk Radio

Rush trying to turn the Fairness Doctrine into his martyrdom

Women's music festival Divafest 7 in Guerneville, Calif., September 12-14

Amputee to suit up for San Jose State next week

Opus the Penguin Back In the Funny Business

Video of the pizza delivery guy getting blown up (warning, graphic)

Christian Bale to be new Batman

for Eloriel (and anyone else who wants to read a time capsule)

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/12/2003

'Colored' signs removed from courthouse

DOMA Passes Key Wisc. Committee

Transgendered woman wins suit to change name

When is Paul Krugman supposed to be on Charlie Rose?

Gephardt's energy plan -- please contribute your comments!

(Energy Meetings) Cheney Denied Delaying Tactic By Appeals Court

World Parks Congress - America A "Basket Case" On Climate Change

Antarctic Ozone Hole May Be Largest Ever

Ah-nold "Created" The Hummer, But He's "All For" The Environment

Will Mount Fuji Ever Blow Its Top?

Zimbabwe's outspoken daily paper is 'illegal'

Terrorists helping Xinjiang militants, China official says

Grenade attack at club solidifies campaign to oust yakuza - Japan

Nepal detains 40 journalists after imposing ban on mass protests

Ishihara unrepentant over bomb barb - Japan

Political donations sink to record low - Japan

Tokyo in a bind over contributions for Iraq

September 11—30 years since the US- backed coup in Chile

Doubts About an Ally

'Mussolini wasn't that bad, says Berlusconi'

Drugs Incapable Of Stemming Spread Of HIV Study Shows

Activists puffing over UCT tobacco bursaries - SA - BAT

College drinking linked to marketing

England OKs recreational marijuana (Wash. Times)

The DEA is comin'

Michigan family promises armed standoff, Militia vows its support

I've got to ask......

Why don't they post DU Gatherings on the front page?

Please remove this thread

Wake up! Bloody pictures all over LBN

This is in the wrong forum with many rules broken.....

Are the rules for I/P different than the rest of DU

Questions on Clark threads....

Our newest freeper, er member

Why not change it to "Late-Breaking POLITICAL News"

Wish upon a star....

What is a dupe and what is not?

woah! re: Moving John Ritter thread.

Are you allowing people to use Javascript in their postings


Still waiting on my DU bumper sticker...

Time stamp

Image posting instructions in FAQ

What is this I hear

The Quick Rise And Fall Of Mahmoud Abbas

Killing for Peace

Israel Says It Will "remove" Arafat Whenever It Chooses

Resolutions about peace activist stir Council controversy

What India should also learn from Israel

'Kill Arafat' Says Jerusalem Post Editorial, As Cabinet Votes To Expel

Israelis say they 'don't take orders' from US

Arafat Tells Supporters They Will Go to Jerusalem as Martyrs

Police storm Temple Mount to disperse stone-throwers

An Israeli border police officer is evacuated by medics

The Air is Thick With Lies

Atta's rental car at Logan?

proven government conspiracies

"A Miserable Failure" Website

Graham at bottom of polls in key states

Hartford Courant Caucus: No Vote (for Lieberman)

Kopycat Kerry?

From Sam Smith of Progressive Review

WP: Past Votes Dog Some Presidential Candidates

Could California Racists Hand Gray Davis A Victory?

Bush Sr./Bush Jr. - A chip off the Old Economic Block

I don't get the reference, here


Which of These States ????

Gephardt, in Iowa, assails Howard Dean's Record

TEXANS, vote or we all die

Next debate?

A letter from Edward M. Kennedy

Dean's SEIU speech on CSPAN

Dean's Moment of Truth

If Edwards is a space alien planning to destroy Earth,

Why does gephardt miss 90% of the votes in the House

Kerry to appear on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday live from Iowa

If Dean's wife didn't think Dean won last debate, who did she think won?

Great house party for Dennis in Santa Ana.

Poll: Kerry again rated at the top nationally among Democrats

Mississippi Governor's Race

Is the Philadelphia Mayor 'looking for Ways to Lose?'

Clinton & Davis Are Going to Church

who is going to join the Clark campaign if and when he announces

No link yet, But Iowa, Political Correspondent most suprised by Edwards

Kerry ahead in Fox poll

Kerry proposes tax cut to help make college affordable for middle class

NYTimes- Dean Learns Pitfalls of a Popular Hopeful

Only one candidate...

2005: The Governor's Races

Dean, Pelosi Find Agreement on Israel

Race for Indiana Governor gets Renewed Attention

John Kerry Statement on Howard Dean's Comments on Hamas "Soldiers"

What would it take for kucinich to win?

Silly Pins And Bad Titles

Daily Show is hitting hard

Chris Hitchens on "though crowd"

Some campaign slogans being considered by Repuglicons

naomi klein: activists must follow the money

Wide Angle program on North Korea

Letter to Terry Goddard re: Diebold Contract


my name......antiflag?

Why do the elderly get free medical care

HELP HELP: I need a link to that PNACesqe 'Defending the Realm'

Nice line from Dean....

The color of the hanging rope

Kucinich would make a great Secretary of Peace

Any updates on the alleged meeting between Condi and Jack Van Impe?

Send a Bushbot the Bill!

Isn't this Ollie North in disguise?

ABC Australia video: CNNNN, "What America Thinks of the World"

union membership pays...a $100 bucks a week!!

Repubs Finally Find a Tax They Can Tolerate

Here's what I want to know

Remember Steven Biko - he died 26 years ago today

Where can I see the Fox debate online?

why is this never talked about in major media interviews...

" attacks that will be more devastating than 9/11 attack"

British Leader Was Told Terrorists Could Gain Arms

Who Said This About Wes Clark?

Reality check: It's 2005 and there's a Dem president...

A Question About the Fox Debate

Brothers and sisters ... do you *believe*?

Blair Medal of Honour: Enron Order of the Golden Gag?

Why did Walter Cronkite initially retire? Was he pushed out?

"The Arabs read a controlled press. What is our excuse? "

NY Times: Tax Cut Splits Democratic Field

2 US soldiers killed, 10 Wounded today

Too many candidates to choose from, how will we ever win

Reminder: watch the Daily Show replay

(Kansas) City approves criteria for domestic partners to get benefits

Schwarzenegger gay porn cameo explained in friendly NYTimes story

Don't Let the PNAC Bastards Revise Pre-War History!

2004 Bush/Cheney campaign slogans

Joe Conason on Democracy Now now!!!! 9:49 AM EDT

Why is the DNC silent on the computer voting issue?

Please delete this thread - wrong forum

Living in 'Apocalyptic Fear' .......Rove re-elect strategery

The US shot up a hospital today too. One reported dead

MrsGrumpy gets off her butt and goes to protest.

Look at these numbers and tell me we don't have a chance....


what we have lost

Is there a thread about that ridiculous movie on Showtime last night?

Bush Position Continues to Deteriorate

Bush*'s scripting of press questions: PRESS ASKED WHY...

Cheney in Raleigh, NC today, come protest! is up and running!

LOL! Check out the latest Fox News poll

Tell us lies but don't try to make us believe them...

What is this I hear

It's time to FULLY police ourselves

A Fabulous TOON! "Queer Eye for the Bush Guys"

Has anyone got a link to Ed Koch's Blitzer comments?

So Fox has Bush at 58%. To "pre-empt" the Freepers who'll say "See!...

FDR In Statistical Dead Heat With Bush

What is Howard Dean afraid of?

Questions for MINITER on My Local Radio Wingnut Show

Convicted Corporations Receive Perks Instead of Punishment (Enron/Worldcom

You know what I hate?

You know what would be fun?

about the Gore Poll Numbers

What does this say for us? Where is reason?

Cool new game in development! Take A look

Kucinich fundraising appeal

While the cabal keeps us focused on fear and loathing...things are going

What a crappy day, So long Jack Tripper (John Ritter)

Dick Morris on Faux: "9/11 is a wound that healed too quickly"

Bush Approval Rating 52% in Gallup!!!

9/11 families: Why no accountability?

pResident declairs 9/11 "Patriot Day"?!

RIAA: Electronic Frontier Foundation petition to US Congress

Zogby poll !!!

Deleted message

Congressional Briefing with Military Families to End U.S. Military

Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders.....

Cynthia Tucker on CNN

C-Span 2pm ET Friedman - Mideast Democracy

What have we accomplished in the last two years?

Singer Johnny Cash just died.

Is America getting the leaders it deserves! I mean come on now...

The "Liberal" media does it again!!!!

OMFG, I'm listening to Alexander Haig insisting that Rumsfilled

9/11 was plotted by Saddham according to...

Sounds Like El Rushbo Is Scared - He's Badmouthing

I have finally figured out Bush's plan to fight terrorism.

US Military "Hoodwinked" by Iraqi Protection Racket

Johnny Cash Dead

Cancun Files: WTO Opens to Tragedy and Protest - Ritual Suicide by Farmer

Which of the November Gubernatorial Races to you most want to win?

Something nice . . about EVERYONE!!!

8 Iraqi Policemen killed/Wounded by Our Troops/ Mistaken for Terrorists.

CNN talking about Bush "Popularity Plunge"

a previous 9/11 -- "What Goes Around"

Is Clark the tenth planet of politics?

CSPAN Friday AM — writer of editorial calling for Arafat's death

Howard Dean's favorite song

Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean?

To Californian's, please sign (if you haven't already) NO on recall...

Is America so stupid that they believe all the terrorists in the world are

Wounded billed for hospital food (for real)

Once upon a time...

Has anyone here checked the message boards at Yahoo

Will The Truth About 911 Ever Come Out?

This manufactured Kerry 'controversy'...

Attention New England DUers: Paul Krugman and Dennis Kucinich in MA

Is Terrorism Making You Sick?

Gen. Clark sketches plan for presidential run

Gore to endorse someone by year end?

approx 17,500 people joined Dean for America in past 24 hours

Have you been swayed to support a new Dem presidential candidate?

Dean releases his mental health reform agenda

BBC Radio 4

Denver Talk-Freeper John Kellett Research - Interview Tonight!

Cheney Gets the Whole Hour on Meet the Press Sun.

Which of Our Candidates Appeals to Men??

With Dems like this....

Limbaugh coming on today's Dan Patrick radio show

Whoda thunk it? Annthrax gets one right!

Bush vs. Science - valuable resource

Cool video. Remembering 9/11

Bush's Brain

Didn't anybody SEE this? "NEW" Osama pictures?

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/12/2003

SEIU Endorses the October 25 march!

Just telemarketed by Rush's new Seattle station

Another moronic U.S. official uses the "noose tightening" metaphor

At long last--updated Peace Pretzel caption contest

He certainly has the salute down.

Must read Conason today (Salon):

Is Pat Roberston the Intellectual Father of Faux?

What a novel way of getting the "coalition of the willing" to join forces

Caption this photo

Check out this "Conservative Site of the Day" - NION, anti-neo-con

Deleted message

Help! Need good link to Florida voter rolls purge

Fed 'strike force' targeting tax reformers?

We continuously talk about Iraq having nothing to do with 9-11 and

Hitler's Propaganda Filmmaker Dies at 101

I just saw where that jack-off elitist Terry McAuliffe...

Two Johns are dead and i'm sad.

Saddam should have read his Muslim passages (email from a friend)

Is Terrorism Making You Sick?

New Poll shows Dean up by 30% over Gephardt...

Novak's article on Bush


A great day to donate...I just donated

Buy a tank of Saudi gas: support terrorism

Poll Shows Davis May Keep Job (Statistical dead heat on recall vote)

David Letterman to Become a Father at 56

A New Iraq Meme

Has anyone heard anything about the new reality show on VH1?

What will DU be like when the Dems take back over?

Kooks on the subway

We lost the war !

Why do you think Mary Matalin quit?

FOX "News" bold faced LIE (3:05 est): "8 Iraqi policemen wounded..."

Dean supporters: do you think he'll soften a bit on the tax cut issue?

I am not a Lieberman supporter...

The Last Stroke Must Have Done A Number on Ed Koch

Let's do this correctly this time: Clark/Dean or Dean Clark?

When someone says 9/11 is Clinton's fault, tell them about this

Interest ing CNN poll of Dem and Dem-leaning voters

For You Newbies That Only Know Me As A Deanie

Just A Small Suggestion

BBV: Oh this is rich.

20 Questions On 9/11 That Have To Be Answered

Bush is here in Houston

U.S. refuses to lift sanctions on Libya because of WMDs?

Bush eating words on war's end

Is GD going to be uninhabitable till the nomination is decided?

Someone please explain: Why the world recognizes "occupation"

CBS News: 26 Soldiers wounded (Plus a Clark Feature)

Great slogan for 2004: "Where are the weapons?! Where are the weapons?"

Passive Aggressive?

Governor Dean Unveils His Vision for Mental Health Care in America

URGENT!!! CA Du'ers help California decriminalize marijuana

I just received the below email:

Wow. A liberterian from MI is actually considering..

Bush speaking to troops in Georgia! Barf Alert....He can't remember 9/11!:

UN involvement in Iraq: Will Russia tip it back to Bush?

Troop Update via Randi Rhodes Show

Wesley Clark will be the next president of the usa

Need a link -- Sorensen

Why George Clooney was at the debate this week

toward winning the meme war with the right

Florida Supremes screwing us over.

Any statistics on the attrition rate in the military...

The Bush Resume: Why All the Criticism ??

Who'll Be the 1st Democrat to Attack Clark? How Long Will it Take?

What was that Bush said a few months ago

left and center - here's the problem

If you do NOTHING else today- go hear Krugman on NPR!

Did anybody catch the NY Post swipe at Clark today?

Right wing biased article on the front of Yahoo news (recall)

Calling sangh0! Ask me about Dean.

MSNBC Hardball Transcript - 9/11 widows - as requested

Fortune's article on Wesley Clark : IMPORTANT to DEBUNK THIS!!


Hardball: Should Hillary Run?

Religion 2003: An Excuse For Bigotry

Who will Clark hurt the most if he enters the race?

Must Read Philly Paper...

if the fairness doctrine comes back

Whoopi Goldberg's new sitcom...Bush waiving at Stevie Wonder?

So a Marine I know just got back from Iraq

MUST READ, GI Billed for food from hospital stay (after being shot)

New GW doll

Sen. John Kerry's military record...

Freep reponse to BBV Issue: Muddying the Waters

Who would you pick for your candidates Press Secretary?

On Military Service

Help me out with this. GD Nuke Free Zone idea

BBV:The Case Against the Diebold AccuVote TS

Think about what will happen to the Republican Party if * loses

Would going on a combat patrol in Nam and seeing action

9/11 Hijacker Video....

Jerusalem Post Reporting that Arafat should be killed? What is this Bush

I saw something on TLC last night that made me think.......

George should have read his bible

Hannity's Bitching & Moaning About The Fairness Doctrine

STFU and Listen

What's wrong with this picture?

BBV: Another interesting article -- have we seen this?

What I have learned about Dean from his Opposition

I've made my decision on who I'm supporting

NBC News: Hunt for WMDs

Dean versus the 'Old Democrats': What more can they throw at him?

I think I am outta here until the first primary is over

Kucinich- Maybe someday?

Davis Will Win This Recall

Is Dean waffling on Iraq????????

"We've forgotten 9/11 too early"

BBV: HOLY COW -- Chris Floyd (Moscow Times) Gets It !

If true this should be a MASSIVE fucking scandal for Bush

Baby Doc Bush* is speaking at another US Military base...only place he is

Dean says Gephardt "attacked" him. Deanies say Edwards 'ran his mouth"

The Emperor's Epistle to Democratic Underground

DHS proposing change to Oath of Allegiance that new citizens must recite.

And the freeper strikes me again!

Kerry's Four-Month Tour

"The Guy James Show" Saturday guest-Greg Palast

Dean responds to Gephardt Attack

Bush responsible for U.S. Spy Plane Secrets seen by China!

BBV - Translating the Diebold memos

The BFEE needs YOUR help. Stop Kerry for them.

Hoo Boy

MICHAEL MOORE Loves Clark, Urges Him To Run

What would happen to the Dem Party if Kucinich wins?

Internal Memos: Diebold Doing End-Runs Around Certification

Did the Democrats fail in their responsibility in the 2000 `election'?

NOW with Bill Moyers is a MUST SEE tonight!

The Greens .... are they at it "again" ??

Hey Freepers. Take a close look at the asshole you're voting for.

Pretty Definitive Accounts of Kerry and Vietnam Service (Pro and Con)

I Met my First Honest-to-God Republican today

CNBC reporting that Israeli security has decided to expell Arafat.

'Kill Arafat' Says Jerusalem Post Editorial, As Cabinet Votes To Expel

Faux News Now HiJacker Tribute in England

MSNBC -- Large Crowd Gathering At Arafat Compound (LIVE 3PM)

Justice Department Subpoenas ChevronTexaco in Bribery Investigation

Lingering Questions About Libya

Pelosi, other House Democrats criticize Dean's Israel comments

Malaysia rejects participation of Iraq interim government in OIC

Democrats Complain of Exclusion from Talks on Energy Bill

Rich and poor clash over farm aid in Cancun

Japan Jails US Marine for Rape

German police say foil far-right anti-Jewish attack

Foreign Views of U.S. Darken Since Sept. 11

17 Palestinians Wounded During Pro-Arafat Demonstration

Bush Says UN Must Help In Iraq - Chirac Says Start Without Us

Nashville: Unopened ballot box discovered

Smoking Killed Five Million Worldwide in 2000

Annan, Aid Agencies Seek Ways to Protect Aid Workers in Iraq

Cancun Day 1, and EU is already accused of backtracking

Mesa police shoot two MORE men

August Retail-Sales Growth Half Of Forecast

UN votes to end Libya's sanctions ..13 yes 2 US&France abstain

TV Star John Ritter Dies of Heart Problem

British PM ignored warnings Iraq war would help terrorists

Taliban Officials Tell of Plans to Grind Down the Americans

Israelis say they 'don't take orders' from US

Wesley Clark Appears Closer to Making a Presidential Run

3 Were Afraid To Tell of Abuse-New details in Mepham investigation

SEC Seeks Info on FirstEnergy Restatement

Nike Settles Commercial Free Speech Case

Floor traders petition to oust Grasso

Court skeptical of Democrats' case (Texas)

Obama, Daley would make formidable political team (Illinois)

French foreign minister: Iraqis should rule themselves in a month

Australia was told: war will fuel terror


Troops' Pneumonia Outbreak Spurs Medical Hunt

Jordanian officer killed in hospital raid in Iraq

Vancouver council OKs residential sex trade

Bush to Laud Troops That Stormed Baghdad

Head of Bank of America funds out

AmeriDebt Sued For Fraud

McCain seeks closer look at tanker deal

GIs mistakenly kill 11 Iraqi officers

REUTERS: Jazeera Airs Tape Said to Be of Sept 11 Hijacker

China baulks at US Iraq plan(w/ France&Germany rejects Colin's "no way")

Heads up Jessica Lynch low down on LINK TV @3pm eastern!

BBV - Security fears grow over electronic voting systems

Settlement in lawsuit over teen's suicide


Hutton silent over Hoon recall

Air Force Academy: No more confidentiality for assault victims

Kennedy Pledges to Defeat School Voucher Bill

Final Approval Hearing Set in California Class Action Suits Against El Pas

16 hours of protest for 8-hr Bush visit (Phillipines/Oct 18)

Price of Plywood at All-Time High as Isabel Nears U.S.

U.S. Seeks Death Penalty for Suspect in 1986 Hijacking of Pan Am Jet

Consumer Sentiment Suddenly Sours

"We are watching you" (400 protest Aschcroft in NC)

'Top Bombay bomber' shot dead

U.S. Military Will Retain "strong and Vibrant" Footprint in Europe Under P

Foley (R-Fla.) drops out of U.S. Senate race

David Letterman to Become a Father at 56

Bush urges allies to help fight chaos in Iraq

Halliburton's Iraq costs $2 bln so far and rising

Gephardt Assails Dean Record on Medicare

UN Sets Nuclear Deadline, Iran Walks Out in Protest

Toothless Watchdog - SEC knew about dicey fund pricing - MSGOP

Ashcroft: Portland case needs secrecy

Fewer Today Believe Bush Will Win in 2004 (Fox Poll 49%)

Complaint Prompts Moving Of 'Ask Arnold' Forum

BBV: Ohio approves voting machines

Wrongly convicted man freed after 18 years

Militants warn of 'volcano of anger' if Arafat is expelled

Canadian troops under fire - Afghanistan

Ministers 'were shown Iraq warning'

Canadian injured in attack on Kabul base

CNN:Wolf just said 50% pro, 47% con, 3% undecided on Cali recall

Watch video Jazeera Airs Tape Said to Be of Sept 11 Hijacker


Little Mermaid's unexpected swim

Senators nix filming for HBO's 'K Street'

Statement from Howard Dean

Recall a Tossup as Successor Race Tightens (Cali 50% Yes-47% No on recall)

White House opposes decision

India opposes Israeli move to expel Arafat .

Bush Plans to Meet Germany's Schroeder at U.N.

C.I.A. Thinks bin Laden Made Tape, Though It's Uncertain When

BREAKING NEWS: Court Rules Against Texas Dems

Gay Program Dropped After Politician Threatens To Cut School's Funding


Key Venezuela Recall Petition Rejected (leftest Chavez beats back US)

Clark rules out vice presidential bid for now {responding to Dean reports}

Florida inmates sue over gassing in state prisons

Iraqi town seethes as US withholds bodies, information in deadly shootings

Three OR Soldiers Attacked In Iraq (Wednesday)

Senate Won't Reveal Part of 9/11 Report

Diebold Internal Mail Confirms U.S. Vote Count Vulnerabilities

Bush to Go Back to U.N. With Iraq Appeal

US not expecting German troops in Iraq force

France and Germany Face Anger Over Deficits as Recession Grips Euro-Zone

TV Sitcom Star John Ritter Dead

HHS Secretary Thompson’s brother charged with sexual assault

IAEA Wants UN Inspectors to Finish Job in Iraq

Blair 'overrode terror warnings'

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Sharpton protests Internet voting; Graham wants ailing

Powell: U.S. Won't Hand Iraq Over to U.N.

Johnny Cash Dead at 71

Hawaii Has Huge Meth Mess

CNN Breaking: 2 US soldiers killed in Iraq raid (6:33 a.m. CST)

No troops to Iraq even if UN asks: India

Arab states press UN council to shield Arafat

Blind Faith Can Be Costly - Texas Baptists

Wolfowitz Retracts al-Qaida, Iraq Claim

L.A. Times poll: Cruz 30% Arnold 25% McClintock 18%

Breyer Says U.S. Could Learn From Israel

Bush's approval rating edges lower (USA Today/CNN/Gallup 52%)

(Military) Wounded billed for hospital food

Greenpeace Stops Ship Carrying Contaminated Corn

I don't have to work Saturday

My horoscope, courtesy of this week's "Onion"

flashing red and blue lights - not scary, but odd

Why did they remove the Gatherings on the front page?

My 1000th post

The Eternal Debate

Was it me, or was the Daily Show a little hard to watch tonight?

Freeper sex jokes - adults only

Married folks...are any of you into women's wrestling?

I'm just going outside for a while.....I may be some time.

Just got back from seeing the B-52's

How does Kevin Costner keep getting work?

memo to Loungers:

Why do you go to General Discussion?

my name......antiflag?

Advice on clipping a dog's nails

A thread locked and a post deleted for the first time. Ask me anything!

The big secret about 'Smallville'

My back hurts worse than yesterday, ask me anything.

Oldie: Hercubush!

WTF, Johnny Cash has now died too!

September 11th in history

Happy Anniversary JFK / Jacqueline Lee Bouvier !!!!!

Come and knock on our door!

Elegant Universe documentary.

I have a fresh cup of carAmel cappuccino-ASK ME ANYTHING!

A more cheerful 2d anniversary is coming up

I am thinking about getting tickets to the ASU-USC game on Oct. 4

Fun site for those who have fond...or maybe even not so fond memories

Your 12 -year- old niece asks for a mix cd for her birthday...

Pats ink Levitra marketing deal (patriots and impotence drug)

Does anybody know the latin name for a cow?

A Good And Happy (FRIDAY) Morning To ALL Of DU!!

A new annoying type of 'business' call...

I hear the train a comin'

An Enlightening Experience

I Was Drunk, Says Man Accused of Huge Bribe

When did you figure out

Man Completes Monkey Nut Protest

I'm takin' off early, and goin' ta Wrigley dis afternoon.

Monkey Nut Nudger Reaches End of a Hard Road

Saw Dar Williams last night on PBS.

Cool new game in development! Take A look

Porno Film Strips Church of Holiness

Woweee.. Krispy Kremes coming to Walmart


Nothing can make feel as happy as a bad memory and no conscience

Need advice on a good pop-up blocker to download...

Mustard plaster...

H&M Just Opened a Store in Chicago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO..................

According to Google, I'm more popular than the god I named myself after

533 lb. halibut pulled from Bering Sea

Anyone else listening to The Dan Patrick Show?

Just stopped by to say hello.

Will Pitt in Austin tomorrow?

I Dress In Black....

Caption the Freeper


Never drive anywhere in Fargo at 3:30 am. (Interesting story inside)


Mr Honor and Dignity in action

Just bought "The Wind"; preparing to cry like a baby

Something I remember about 9-11

At 56, David Letterman to become a father

Bush's Brain

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

One of my favorite John Ritter roles...

Your Favorite Johnny Cash Song, Please?

This freeper pictures just gives me a great laugh everytime!!

I choked on Jeopardy, ask me anything

Who will be the next John to die?

veterinarian rant

Johnny Cash Died

Is this right, I mean, is this politically correct?

X-Men comic fans - you REALLY need to get this month's New X-Men

Daily Show Last Night!

Favorite Serious Music

Sometimes CAPTIONS come out of the clear blue sky

David Letterman to Become a Father at 56

This game requires you to pick your nose

Today (09/12) is George Jones' birthday

Caption W & the WH Intern?

Welcome our newest member!

Has anyone heard anything about the new reality show on VH1?

Favorite Jazz Era

Is Your Everyday "Check-Signing" Signature Legible?

A double standard is better than a single standard...2X better! Discuss.

Favorite John Carpenter Film? (Part 1 -- the early years)

I'm going to be AFK this weekend

IQ Test Anyone?

Time for the gratuitous "Blues Brothers" quote thread....

I am bored, please vote on which flame war I should start in GD

4/4/01 LoneGunman Fox show - Gov plot 2 crash plane in2 World trade center

CAPTION the HAZMAT threat who is pResident

((Holy cow)) I just found video of a PNAC meeting.

Jewel cancels tour because bass player dies

any dildo consultants out there?

I'm the 52,162,565 richest person on earth!

Has anyone started beating off....

Letterman's Bizzare private world

today's new hate radio advertisers 9/12/2003

OK I'm back with the HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND THREAD!!!!!!!!!

NC DU'ers..Are you coming to Cheney Protest 4 p.m. NC Fairgrounds?

C-4 Explosives: $13.25/lb (in bulk)

Damnit, don't take the bathroom stall next to mine!!

The Jimmy-Crack-Corn of all CAPTIONS!!!

I've had it with DU. I'm sticking to the Lounge......

Would you go out with a person who isn't "your type"?

Going Home...

Pizza Hut just dumped that Jeff Gordon guy for something more generic

I worked a 30 hour shift yesterday, ask me anything!

John Ritter died too

What are the different categories of Country Music?

The pre bunker Bush for your CAPTIONing pleasure

Hey gang! The new Chick Tract is out!

Favorite Endora Nickname For Darrin Stephens

help with computer

Am I naughty?

Was Michael Moore is that John Travolta/Lisa Kudrow movie?

Shoot- I'm addicted to DU.

The war for Kentucky - A cure for Indiana’s ills(pre-emptive satire alert)

Most hated Business/IT Jargon

I need advice..teen car trip

Advice on how to choose a new Doctor?

For Sale: One Seabag

Grey Goose or Belvedere? Who's the Best?

"Dean waffles." "Kerry waffles": ENOUGH!


if the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern Heritage and not hate

reactions to your bumper stickers

I have to write a personal statement for Grad school and I hate it!

Anyone know about the EID muslim postage stamp?

Reason number 12893 why I think Dave Barry is cool.

Has anyone EVER seen a good photo of David Letterman's girlfriend ?

Two Johns are dead and i'm sad.

TV Sitcom Star John Ritter Dead

I'm Ford Prefect...Ask me anything!

Which is more important? Sex or Sports

For my 3000th post, a TV sit-com poll!

So, have you ever had Spotted Dick

It's After 4 PM-Is It Time For a Drink?

It's the MBTI poll for extroverts

I've missed out on recent pop why is the White Stripes?

Had surgery yesterday, am high on painkillers, ask or tell me whatever...

Thanks all from the McLargehuges

question about Johnny Cash

I'm starting an anti-religious right group and I need your help

Really neat anagrams, try to top!


Most disturbing ending to a film

Favorite type of music

Unsung Heroes Of Film

I hate you alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got me hooked on "passions"

Why in the holy hell is John Ritter getting more airtime than Johnny Cash?

The Capricious Captain of all CAPTIONS!


What's you most memorable moment from high school?

Photo of me flashing my ass (may offend)

CLWASSIC rock songs played to death on the radio that you STILL LIKE

Your first love

You just finished paying off your vehicle. What do you do next?

The once great state of California

Best Sit Com of all time