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Archives: September 10, 2003

Salem Pax: "How I became the profane pervert Arab blogger"

There were 13 letters to the editor today, 8 of them bashed * and Repukes

Guardian Unltd: World's poor take on the West in Cancun

The case for liberalism: A defense of the future against the past

Salon: "I know God will hate me for this, but God is unfair."

9/11 "aftermath" screenings-video available for Dem events- fight Showtime

Why is Cook spinning that Bush is better off than Zogby's 45%?

My local Clear Channel Station slammed Rush and the right tonight.

Names of Contributors for/against CA recall -

Howard Coble's bigoted remarks.

"Finding it Harder to Make Ends Meet"

30 Glocks stolen in Australia

Shouldn't we do the same?

FL Police switch to bigger, more powerful handguns

A question for the extreme RKBA crowd

How much did DU raise??

A proposal for candidate threads

At least 6 dead in suicide attack in Jerusalem cafe

Received an email message from Ramsey Clark

Dennis Kucinich on Fox 8-9:30 PM EST Debate Tonight!

Trouble for Dean in Oklahoma?

Al Franken on Daily Show now!

Two Senators Leaving Votes Behind

Lieberman's attacks in the debate failed


"Tidal Wave Tuesday"- Lieberman campaign surging along

How much did DU raise??

today's new hate radio advertisers

Deleted message

FOX got what it wanted, they let the Psycho Larouchies & Greens in


Did Kucinich just argue that profit should be taken out...

British Minister Exposes Neo-Con Fraud Behind 9/11 and Iraq Occupation

Ah, the irony.....

Democratic Debate on Fox (Thread #2)

Who was that a**hole?

This debate was ruined

LaRouche for President!

The one thing I like about having this many candidates is.....

DEM Debate Thread 4

Why doesn't Soros buy a TV station with his money?

"Do You think the President deliberately misled...

HAHAHAHAHA You Expect ME to Watch FAUX Moderate a DEBATE???

When did DU come online?

Who is this Larouche guy?

What gives with Geph, Kucinich, Graham, etc

Dean: "I'm disappointed in Joe."


Did they use a dinner bell to keep time in the debate...

Forced to Post ---Bush Protest in Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Explain Lyndon LaRouche to me.

Gephardt's Analogies

anyone else still watching....

I would never support Sharpton, but...

One Bright and Shining moment on Fox News

Postponed or Cancelled Elections ?

anyone got a list of how the vote went on the Cuban travel amendments?

Alabama Ballot Initiative/Tax Referendum Results?

Should Karl Rove and Roger Ailes be included in the next FOX debate?

health care and education - how about

Anyone know when the debate is repeated? C-Span?

Disgusting Display of Free Speech in NYC Yesterday

GREAT JOB Dems! Now for the post debate show

You think FOX/GOP ops are recreating image of chaos ala Chicago '68?


Elijah Cummings follow up interview on FOX -- re: Dean!

Hume "Lieberman seemed to get the least enthusiastic response"

Oooh, what a little $87 billion can do....

GAK! The after-debate Faux commentary! MY EARS!

Will the Faux debate be re-aired?

What a concept... RW pundits to rip apart a debate after the fact...

Blix, Iraq's Weapons Declaration May Have Been True

DC Vouchers Passed by 1 vote..30 minutes ago

Should LaRouche be included in the next debate?

I am sooooooo confused now...

Did Bush declare the end to "combat" or to "major combat"

I think Lieberman did well tonight, wanna make somethin' of it?

Thoughts on the candidates post-debate.

Spin City w/ candidate & camp interviews on FOX now

Lieberman is on a roll!


ok now i wanna know who knows exactly what the hecklers were saying?

FOX to host ANOTHER debate ?

"Me and Al" "when Al and i toured the country" "Al and I told you"

Question For Graham Supporters

I hate FOX

Lyndon LaRouche, a Short Bio (a bit out-of-date, but good)

If the meek inherit the earth

Debates: Not enough attacks on Bush for me

Paleocon blames dems for Bush's War

"Born in the USA" .... oh puleeeeeeze

"You Decide 2004"

Did the debate look as disastrous as it sounded on the radio?

Oh my God - Lieberman is sounding like a Democrat

it's a set up!!!!

Please read and give you opinion

The Long Long List - the names of the dead

I thought the debate was excellent

If Dean nominee: Gep might make a good running mate for him

LBN thread (Rep Sen's son commits suicide) link below made me think

Wow you people here are so upbeat...

On Fox debate

The only real loser tonight: Joe Lieberman

car bombing N Iraq kills & wounds "several" Americans - Sept 9

Bush's Attention Deficit Disorder

Warts or pimples?

Two quick questions about the debate

Why Joe Lieberman Will Be President

Why the fuck isn't anyone on DU saying this??

The key takeaway from tonight....we have lost our media

Daily Show with Al Franken On Now

Is this New York Times headline racist?

It's Tuesday night. Watch c-span NOW!

Whistle ass is an official internet trend

command presence...

"Love Your Country - Impeach Bush" at city council meeting on W Impeach

Who gets the latino vote? (Univision Presidential Poll)

Should the Dems cancel the next FOX debate?

It's simply not comprehensible...

Dean is Gathering Speed!

Kerry made an excellent point

ashkkcroft meets Democracy

CAPS will ban millions of people from flying - won't stop terrorists

An email from Michael Meacher

Fucking fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck

A Democratic Presidential debate on Fox News is brilliant strategy

Why Rove/FOX didn't plan the disruptors

How Arnold's gonna fix California

Nightline: Topic Is Iraq (again)

Democrats were outfoxed by FOX and the Repubs...

Dean's choice of "Jaspora" as his favorite song

favorite song: imagine

WoooHoooo!! Dem Sharpton outfoxes FOX planted one-percenter!!!!

Who are electing Republicans to office

Okay, who won the debate?

Anyone have the stomach to watch post-debate coverage on FOX?

Which candidates gave honest answers to the favorite song question?

Did You Hear About Clinton's Bash at Their Home/Bills' Clark Remarks?

Dean Is Losing His Fire

Who won the debate tonight?

Kerry says: "Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean" off mike.

Terrible outing by Kerry tonight


On Kucinich, tell the truth

Hey, SIXTY MINUTES producers, we know you are reading this....

Thoughts on the FOX Dem. Debate.

Buying of the President 2004 Report on Kerry: Center for Public Integrity

US Marines Getting Malaria in Liberia

Boy is among 3 killed by Israel

Judge allows 9-11 lawsuits

Three teens shot near school in California's San Fernando Valley

Three shot near Los Angeles high school

9/11 Families Slow to Seek Compensation

Al Franken on Daily Show now!

Google News Lead: Turning Tragedy Into War (AlterNet)

House Passes Amendments to Ease Cuba Embargo !


U.S. Army Extends Tour of Reserves in Iraq. ABC

WP Milbank: Bush Backers Fear Iraq's Political Effect

Argentina Defaults on $3 Billion IMF Debt

Who Aided (9/11) Hijackers Still a Mystery

Both sides claim win in Monsanto vs Italy GMO case

RIAA Settles Piracy Suit With 12-Year-Old For $2,000

AP: Democrats Rip Bush on Terror War, Economy

Protesters greet President Bush in Fort Lauderdale

Alabama voters deal resounding defeat to record tax hike

Some appropriate song lyrics, off the top of my head.......

Great Joe Lieberman Slam on "The Onion"

I can't believe I'm watching FoxNews... (Debate Thread)

Who's got the post-debate coverage (besides Faux)

I am now a Deputy Voter Registrar

i just turned off FAUX!!! Clense me with ANYTHING!!

Anyone here use Propecia? I'm thinking about giving it a try...

Woo-Hoo! My AFP teacher is a lefty!

Al Fraken & Janeane on SciFi Channel now

If you've read Franken's book, you'll know what I'm talking about

"You're living proof that a sordid and unhealthy sexual relationship.....

What happened to Night train's last poll

Favorite BEN E. KING record?

I'll have you know i am NEITHER drunk nor NEKKID this evening!

Nickel Creek on right now...

NightTrain - STOP IT!!!

Jon Stewart has returned! And is slamming Bush mercilessly (n/t)

High Weirdness

What happened to NightTrain's last poll?

Are there any casualty figures for the Iraqis we conscripted?

And the award for most inappropriately named military spokesman goes to...

Denial of service attack on the RIAA thugs?

I loved Franken's idea for the Dem Candidate's ad

Rate, these pastries?

Drrrrrum rolllll: Best Name of an elderly man in a News Story ...

World Record, 3.1 Million Arrested For Downloading Woman's C Drive

Rate these pastries!

Got a call from some Republican group

On FOX, people who look and sing like big stars

Rate THESE pastries.

The police have called my house three times...

$177 for good seats for "The Eagles": would you go?

Poll for Lurkers: How Many of You Are Out There?

Rate these pasties!

Might have another new DU'r

How fast was the very first modem you owned?

Brits unimpressed by David Blaine's "stunts" - pelt him with eggs....

What drugs are you on?

I need help please

Anyone here have a straw bale house

Man Ships Self to Texas!

does anyone know of a decent windows xp ftp program

Should DU have a flame room?

Is Bill Romanowski the

Tuesday night Grotto - back and bouncy

You know what, the Chimperor BETTER be impeached...

What annoys you about being famous?

Arrrgggghhhhh!!! My daughter asked me if she could join the Civil Air

Calle Ocho in Little Havana

Drrrrrrrrrum rrrrrrollllll: It's time once again to end every sentence

Best description of bush without using foul language under 10 words.

This cock really likes me........

Can we discuss the Titanic?

NYT: Paying the Bills for Iraq

Samudra sentenced to death

some of us have taken our pResident too literally, and that's our fault.

Welcome: this way for cluster bombs

Poindexter: Finding the Face of Terror in Data (NY Times OP-ED)

Debra Saunders (San Francisco Chronicle): Arnold Live

How Bush blew it after 9/11- Miscalculating Sept. 11ís aftermath

Recall God And Fake Orgasms, Screw the whiny CA politicos -- Morford

The new politics of national tragedy

Is the Neocon Agenda for Pax Americana Losing Steam?

WP Op-Ed: Stuck Like Lyndon

Neo-cons have hijacked US foreign policy

Affirmative action for right wing faculty!

Terry Neal: "The $87 Billion Question"

Joe Conason (NY Observer): Skewed Priorities Make Us Less Safe

Tribute to 9-11 and Civil Liberties - Benson Arizona Republic (cartoon)

Joe Lieberman, will you please go now?

Finally, Politics with Soul: Kucinich Lights Up Presidential Race

Condi Goes Shopping

How U.S. opposition to international court jeopardizes U.S. troops

National Review: Bushís Challenge

Article in the Guardian about U.S. involvement in the Chilean coup in 1973

Saudi police say Barbie dolls a threat to morality

Rush Limbaugh Speaks! On The War

Pakistan: Op-ed: Donít reinforce failure in Iraq (a must read !)

Parry: Bush's New War Lies

A less innocent US moves on

You can't make a deal with the Dead

Is Sharon trying to incite suicide bombings?

Money for war, but not much else


The Scourge of Militarism - Rome and America

A failed Israeli society is collapsing

What You Think You Know About Sept. 11...But Don't (Slate)

9/11 Widow Reviews "That's My Bush! The Movie"

Cleveland Voter Registration Kick-off rally

Petition: Not One More Dime

It's been two years and STILL Bush has failed to avenge 9/11


Vote to Impeach

Chris Matthews proves his incompetence once again on Iraq.

12 Stepping Texan

FCC: Stern's raunchy radio show is a news program

Police Helicopter Tapes UFO

Movies for Democrats: 9/11 and 9/12

Seth? Can anyone help me out here?

Full Moon on the 10th

How many languages do you speak?

Sharpton: Black Voters Tired Of Being Democratic Party's Mistress

Nine Democrats take stage, with black vote up for grabs

Hip-hop promoter puts energies toward politics

Candidates must woo minorities

Sharpton to Disrupters: "You're going to respect us on this stage"

'He Looked Gay, I Thought I'd Get AIDS'

When mutual funds cheat

Canada charges the Earth to fly, agency says

PG&E Poised to Emerge From Bankruptcy

Calling any Swedish Duers. EURO Currency Vote.

End of the Credit Line?

Grow the economy in a overcapacity world

WTO a sham, says eminent trade economist

"Lock Box" works if Gov will repay bonds owned by SS via FIT Tax Increase

A jobless recovery can't go on for long

Drug issues

Pakistan and U.S. to Strike Major Arms-for-soldiers Deal

HOLY SHIT! OH Police get M-16s!

New Gun Safety Law On Davis' Desk

Ken Starr and The Gun Industry--Perfect Together!

Burglars steal million dollar sapphire - UK

(Missouri) House overrides abortion, concealed guns veto

I have to ask's an example for why we need the 4 or 5 Sentence Rule!

Whadya mean I haven't donated?

How far do we allow a poster to make specious allegations before

What happened to my star?

Could a "last donated" note be added to the profile?

emailing articles to a friend

Gazans celebrate after suicide bombs; Qureia slams attacks

AP News Alert /Gaza City

Hamas Threatens to Hit Israeli Homes in New Tactic


Israeli Missile Hits Home of Hamas Leader (Mahmoud al-Zahar) in Gaza

Lieberman and Dean Spar Over Israel

Police in India arrest over 100 anti-Sharon demonstrators

Father, daughter buried together on her wedding day

Israeli official: Response to bombings will be 'harsh and swift'

Senior Hamas official survives IAF airstrike in Gaza City

Questions Grow on Pakistan's Commitment to Fight Taliban

Anyone Concerned About A Terrorist Attack Tomorrow?

Is this an important piece of evidence accidentally let slip?


Operation PEARL on 9/11?

Democrats Are Playing NRA Roulette

Behind The Scenes In Baltimore

The Edwards acceptance speech. Who will be giving it?

Get ready to axe Bush (Opinion)

Democrat Debate Schedule from USA Today

The Baltimore Debate |Slate

Has Dick Morris completely lost it?


O'Malley's overwhelming victory hints at statewide potential

Kerry Calls for Support for Families Struggling with Health Care Costs

John Kerry Pledges to Support Middle Class Families, Not Raise Their Taxes

Buchanan Continues To Distort Kerry's Immigration Policy

Kerry Seeks Shift Amid War Funds Request

Anybody got an "in" at the Gephardt campaign?

CO. Dems coming to NM to support Tex. Dems....

Hawkish Stance On Iraq May Cost Lieberman

I can no longer support Gary Coleman

Debate, Bush attacks heating up: influence of Dean?

Gun Control Group Commends Kerry

Information resources for the California Recall Election

A healthcare system that our people deserve...heads in the basket.

Fineman: Campaign will be a colossal brawl

Dennis Hopper and Quicy Jones endorse Kerry

Lets PLEASE make peace as dems


Dean's tears into DeLay on voucher vote

The Top 6 House Races of 2004.- My FINAL U.S. House post!

How reliable/useful are Zogby Polls?

What idiot let Fox host these debates?

Reason #1787 to Vote for Carol Moseley Braun: Patriotism

Dean attracts new faces to politics -- most of them white

Dean wins straw poll at TN Democratic picnic

South Dakota-What's Happening

Glickman rules out Senate run against Brownback

Kerry's stellar record on gun control

CA - Most voters oppose driver license law

Why is the phrase even handed offensive?

Update on Louisiana Governors Race

Edwards criticizes Dean for divisive race remark

Spam Dean Spam!

Shoshanna Johnson

FOX debate rebroadcast about to start (Tues midnight)

How can we get an article to "get in the ring" at Yahoo???

Dennis Miller on Jay Leno tonight.

it's people like these that are gonna get Dean elected

Atrios: Has Wolfie abandoned online polls?

this was good from dean

Will Bush go easy on "outsourcing" to get troops from India?

Frank Rich: Arnold Better Than Bush (essay planned for Sunday NYT)

Dean wasn't shouted down by LaRouche fan(atic)s

I am on hold on Bernie Ward

A David Horowitz fan

I'm watching the replay on Faux

Might have another new DU'r

what will they offer Mcclintock ?

DemNow Link please - of anti-war solider who lost his life

I found this on

"distraction and consensual amusement"

Lord Knows we don't want to disrupt DU'ers...


Slate article on the debate

honestly, just let LaRouche come to one debate

here 'tis, folks . . . your NEW $20 bill . . .

Biggest Block of Rep Voters

NO Sex Scandals !!!!!!!

Why GWB Can't Win

CIA Man Alan Foley Quits (involved w/uranium in Niger situation)

End of the Credit Line?

Anybody see Al Franken on the Daily Show?

Counterfeiters Won't Care About The New $20 Bill... Right?

Hillary's Book in Spanish

Here's another way to look at 87 billion dollars...

Should I vote Democratic? If so why?

FOX NEWS is not a "news" network....

If he doesn't get his $87 billion...

George Soros launches Iraq Revenue Watch

Republicans for Dean

Senator Tom Harkin to Cspan Caller challenges "free trade" in ad directed at WTO

Michael Posner on NPR 11AM Eastern

Was an American soldier killed in Iraq yesterday? I saw nothing on the

Blood Money

Stephen Funk story on Democracy Now .

Do you think Clark will run for President?

Poindexter: Strip-searching all 300 million of you requires advanced tech.

Whatever's happened to Florida's Bill McBride?

Lieberman - The Darling of FAUX News

The best Democratic government

BBC NEWS: Is US winning its war on terror?

Chimpy and Soldier's Funerals

So did Dubya and his neo-con advisors bow to the UN to soften

Snopes cites Free Republic in debunking Shrub email resume

CNN: Pentagon "Backs off" Drone Claim

NYTimes editorial "Presidential Character"--did you SEE this???

Alabam-- you've got a wheel on the road and a wheel in the ditch.

qWagmire Cubed: Coalition language barrier

"Almost schizoid"

Boston Globe Editorial: Money for war, but not much else

Sean you ingorant slut.

Hillary Potter and the Senate Chamber of Secrets

Nicholson tape played on Imus?

UK paper slams Defence chief Hoon for misleading MPs

And the carnage resumes..... death toll starts anew

Senate vote on worker overtime pay is on CSPAN2 now.

Clark to decide by end of next week

I shouldn't have to ask but am I the only one who thinks....

Better pray that Lieberman is out before the New York primary

Why is it GOP loves Walmart but hates single payer health care?

Sullivan: Killing Americans Diverts Terrorists' Attention from Israel

The military vote....

W Post story on the debate

Who else besides me refuses to fly because of the ridiculous color codes?

Reminder: Watch the Daily Show replay today

CNN On-line Polls (10 Sept)

could Cruz Bustamante help Lieberman in CA ?

Another Poll (IBD) has Bush's Approval at 52%.

The "Well Adjusted" & "Normal" Were NOT Listening Last Night...

Am I correct in thinking the Northern part of IRAQ run by the Kurds

Powerful Chinese Union Talks Shop with Wal-Mart

The REAL reason electronic vote stealing is here is because

Question for people who keep tabs on the candidates better than I do

Kucinich, the election, and Meyers-Briggs

Lost since Feb '01: 15% of Manufctng Jobs, 25% of electronics manufg jobs

If I really thought he/she had ANY chance of winning, I'd vote for...

What was that debate all about.

Oh, goodie, Tom DeLay on Scarborough tonight...

It's funny to see so many Repugs cross party lines this morning.....

From Pat Oliphant

Don't look now Miller just oted with the rest of the DEMS!

What will we do with all the monkeys?

Condi didn't know Iraqi people were deprived?!

Where are the Dem/Actor candidates?

The rerouted Bush in Jax because of Protestors :)


Kerry Would Be A Terrific President

Howard Stern Endorses Dean

Faux news seemed dissapointed the Dems didn't 'attack' one another...

Do the touch screen voting machines run on battery or electric power?

Friends/family say farewell to Vegas soldier killed in Kuwait

Field Poll: Cruz maintains 5-point lead even without Ueberroth

If you can, please listen to today's "Democracy Now"

Bustamante Is Not Abandoning "No On Recall" (It's a GOP lie!)

email [email protected] "Do you feel safer?"

Help! Need info to use against Freeper.

Time for single payer? Health care costs soar for third year.

Moseley Braun

Is Rummy's statement abt criticism of Bush giving aid to the enemy

Dang it. No, double dang it.

"Those arenít missiles; theyíre cobalt jackets." COBALT

30 years later, Chileans reexamine life, death of leader Allende

Hark! Hear Ye! The Governor Speaketh Because He Can (Jeb)

victems of weapons of mass media destruction?

What do you all think of Lieberman's Medikids plan?

You'd better sit down for this one: Zogby Poll's most recent numbers on *

Howard Stern Panders to Sexist Thinking and Encourages a

Paul Krugman is on Fresh Air today. Everyone should listen

"It's not a Bush problem, it's a Republican problem"

Dean wins straw poll at Democratic picnic in Tennessee

Senator Harkin needs your help right now with funding for Cancer research.

The PNAC's WH puppet is a Miserable Failure

How is your State doing?

Democracynow interviews 9-11 survivors-Peaceful Tomorrows

The Dem Party must launch a frontal attack on the battlefield of truth

i don't think i'm emotionaly ready for tomorrow

Ha! Help Wanted Ad Asks: Bushwacked?

Davis will remain Gov, so it seems..... the tide is coming back to shore..

Why are American forces sick with pneumonia in Iraq? Cigaretts smoke ?

Is Vietnam equal to what happened in Nazi Germany? Have we owned our shame

I'm pretty new here, but I have a question.

Dean on Israel-Palestine

AL tax reform defeated

(findlaw) how U.S. opposition to international court

Big Brother Ashcroft poster

Meet the next governor of Maryland and future POTUS

Clark appears to be winning the primary for Vice President, but. . .

Ahnold is Rove Lite

Does Disagreeing with the war help the enemy?

For no more I'll go waltzing Matilda

Anyone see Biden on Charlie Rose last night??

Rummy getting all choked up on CNN/ Protestor breaks in!

Slate: The Baltimore Debate, Field goal for Kerry, touchdown for Dean

Bush to declare tomorrow national holliday?

Did Lieberman really say this?!?

Britain warned US to expect September 11 (2001) al-Qaeda hijackings

Project for my more objective minded DU'ers.

Did Bush Policy BRING IT ON on 911? Quick Flash movie ad

The perfumed prince and other political tales (Clarke/Kerry/Lieb)

Paul Krugman on "Radio Times"

How is this possible?

Anybody got an "in" at the Gephardt campaign?

"Mothers, if you want your sons home, bring them home now...

Gephart SPANKS the president on Greta

Last salute to Glasgow soldier killed in Iraq

Proposed Kerry "Deal" with Will Pitt. Weigh In Please!!!

What? No one is watching Bush push for more police powers? 3:20 pm et

George Clooney: "I'm a Democrat. I'm an old liberal."

James Howard Kunstler on Howard Dean

Poll: More Say War Boosts Terror Risk

On Bloomberg Asking Cheney to Stay Away Tomorrow...

Is the breaking news about Bin Laden good or bad for Bush?

Did you hear the Rumsfeld heckler?

Randi Rhodes predicts bin Laden will be "captured" tomorrow...

Is Dennis Kucinich the closest thing to a modern-day Thomas Jefferson

A bit of information about Alaska and it's Dividend Checks

Freep this email poll!!

WWIII: Technically, How Many Nations Would Have To Be At War

Best VP candidates

500,000 Troops Needed for Iraq - US Army - 480,000

Gore Ogles Cable in Vivendi Stable as His Media Buy

Where can I find a transcript of shrubies speach? The most recent lie i me

How long do we let a crazy man stand at the podium?

Can anyone describe the difference between a liberal and a progressive?

meet Emma Goldman (1869-1940)

Weird news from Holland

What is Lyndon LaRouche's favorite song?

Hannity...your disgraced...?

Preview of 2004- U.S. House

Another day, another "pile on Dean" extravaganza.

Caption Donnie

So what do we do now if a quorum is reached for Texas Gov's 3rd Special

Dean not so good on the Environment

Gaps dog U.S. efforts on security - can't people make the tax connection?

The video WAS the Terror

Pakistan: Op-ed: Donít reinforce failure in Iraq (a must read !)

30 minutes of the Faux morning zoo crew...

Howard Dean has "The Right Stuff" to be President

If same sex marriages received a special tax break

My interview With William R. Pitt

I called AP to ask about donations to Brianna LaHara (RIAA lawsuit)

Did anyone see the protestors screaming at Rummy on CNN?

Text of the Chimp's 9-7 speech: Words of Mindless Drivel (WMDs)

Presidential Candidates Forum (From Monday..I think 1st showing) 6:09PM ET

Can you handle people making fun of your candidate?

If the bushistas are going to redefine haphazard bands of men who...


Guess who voted with the Repubs AGAIN?

Maria, Maria, Maria. Get a grip, girlfriend

Any DUers In California Plan To Vote For...

How the hell are we going to balance the budget?

American Social Hygiene Posters, ca. 1910-1970

Why didn't Dennis Miller and Ahnold serve in Vietnam?

Month-long vacation for Bush, two weeks a year for our soldiers in combat

Is this the next VP?

Jesus Would Send All These Right-Wing Pseudo-Christians Straight to Hell

Please -- I'm not a retard -- but just who is Lyndon LaRouche??

Terry Holt: Wes Clark is boring

With all the different posts ,for and against,...what would our IDEAL

I've got to find something better to do

Rumsfeld says it is not our job to reconstruct Iraq

Latest from the administration of mass deception-- 87 billion to be hidden

Al Franken on daily Show last night ~ Anyone see him?

Poll workers forget to pull memory cards from Diebold machines in Toledo

Anyone read "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush"?

Jon Carroll article......

Does anyone believe this?

Bush is bombing on his Homeland Security speech to the FBI.

Is the THOMAS site partially down?

Do you support the military response "to terrorism", post 9-11?

I applied for "Queer Eye..."

I'm off to see the Wizard, I've seen reality. Reality is that most

ABC News on the Bin Laden Tape

Michael Powell coming up on Buchanan and Press

Did Rumsfield really say "911 was a blessing in disguise"

What's the alert level color right now?

A rocking web ad about Florida's stolen election

Can we organize a 9-11 focused ?W for tomorrow's (9/11) Wash. Journal

Rich man's war, poor man's fight

Recieved in email: About Canada

Overtime Bill BLOCKED!

ATTN BBV Activists: new mirror site for test files now up

BLOODY HANDS!!!! (pics)

I hope McClintock drops out of the recall election

New "George Bush Show" episode - hilarious!

HardBall: Insiders Aren't Happy w/ Bin Laden Efforts

reminder DAILY SHOW with Al Franken now- CST

Story Wars II

What's the difference between a Rockefeller Republican and ...

Kissinger - A Wanted War Criminal

Reactionaries, funny as can be. Al Sharpton is the most sensible of all

Hugh Kaufman on CNBC.

From Flyboy To Flypaper

Dean has asked for bush* to swallow his pride and call on Bill Clinton

The Hecklers

The Daily Show: Official candidate nicknames

It took a hard dose of reality, but I have to live with these folks. Dig?

bin Laden will NEVER be taken alive.....

Need help on socialism...

Tom Ashbrook (NPR) Jeffrey Sachs says Get out of Iraq

Cheney Not Welcome at Ground Zero? Has to Appear at a Church?

BBV: Please help....edit this

You might be a Republican if.... (for those who haven't seen it before)

"BRING EM ON !" Commercial # 2 in the Series - please pass this around

Bush claims weakness attracts terrorist attacks

Tomorrow is the 11th and why is the threat advisory still yellow?

Is it just me or does Wolfowitz look like he's aged a lifetime recently?

Dean is not hiding the fact he is a centrist

Texas Dems - How do I vote? RE: Prop 12

Racial issues, general talking point

Why do African American NFL players put up with Rush? I have had

Kristin Breitweiser's comments about last night's * love-fest on Showtime

As a progressive, I've grown to despise Dem bashers

What did you do on 9/11/02?

New Bin Laden tapes on the eve of 9-11~

Paul Krugman was on NPR Fresh Air today

Okay..came on board for Dean: Dean says: "Bush should have looked at Syria

The real reason * and Cheney won't be in NY on 9/11

Are Democrats Tougher on Bush or Dean?

I have this sick, sick feeling that the 2004 election will be stolen...

Bush and non-alcoholic beer

How can any thinking person actually believe the official story of 911?

Is America an Oligarchy first and foremost?

This Morning's Schadenfreude Moment Brought To You By: The Carrier Landing

How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust

Bush Inc. and Corporate Friends

Question about the unwatchability of TV news

"16 Words" Scandal: Buried and Forgotten. Why?

The Boss speaks in Beantown.....Go Bruce !!!....

hey rumsfuck...i m talkin to you!!

Rumsfeld on Newshour with Jim Lerher....

Has Dean peaked?

In Alabama "Black voters help defeat Amendment One"

A Tale Of Two Septembers

Another day, another "Pile on Dean" extravaganza.

I have this sick, sick feeling that the 2004 election will be stolen...

What is "racism"? Really, I'm confused.


Were you 100% sure there were no WMDs or al Qaeda in Iraq circa October?

Dean: A good record on environment in Vt. and Good Plan for Nation

Wow! I just got back from Freerepublic

Dennis Kucinich on Diane Rehm show now

Favorite Song - What a stupid ass question

Dean coming up on Blitzer; starting now.

Nancy Pelosi is helping to cirulate a letter to discount Dean?

Dean: My Enthusiasm is Waning

Why Didn't Ben Franklin Sign the Delecaration?

Edwards Critical of Dean Over Race Remark

Please indulge me in answering a question, about Oct.25 Anti-War rallies

As a progressive, I've grown to despise Bush enabler DEMs

"Vanity Fair" the new anti Bush magazine!!!!!!

A Progressive case for Howard Dean by a student activist

BBV: Drip...drip....drip..drip..drip.drip.drip.dripdripdripdrip

Department of Peace?

HEADS UP -- Krugman on Fresh Air NOW!!! (2pm CDT Wed 9/10)

Skull and Bones information.....

Bay Area Duers- want to see AFTERMATH tomorrow?

My interview with John Forbes Kerry

A Compliment to My Fellow DUers

BBV: from Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee!

Governor Howard Dean

Let's talk about Social Security


Lingering questions about anthrax attacks of 2001.

NOW Endorsed The Wrong Candidate

Why exactly was Dean wrong with his Israel/Palestine remark?

Atlantic and Gulf seaboard residents: Hurricane Isabel

Harvey Milk High's Critics Fail to See Reality of Queer Students' Lives

As a progressive, I have grown to despise Clinton....

How can Dean be anti-Jew when he has a Jewish wife?

On Fox debate

car bomb in N Iraq wounds "several" Americans - late Sept 9

Fighting Terror With Limited Funds

Colombian president leaves activists in fear

Mystery illness hits B.C. firefighters

Part-Time Soldiers, Full-Time Woes

Iraq probe challenges culture of secrecy

Bali mastermind Samudra sentenced to death

US soldier killed in Iraq attack

Singapore Reports a SARS Case at Odds With W.H.O. Definition

"It may be a measure...

Cheney's Carpetbaggers:

Son of Oregon Sen. Smith (R) takes own life

Gun attack on British embassy (Tehran)

Arms and the men in suits, selling bombs, guns - and euphemisms

Doubts Grow About War with Iraq (Poll - Bush 44 to 52 on Iraq)

Smoking Cited in Iraq Pneumonia Cases

Who Aided Hijackers Is Still Mystery (dupe)

NYSE Discloses Additional Pay for Grasso

Straw admits he wanted 'killer' words in dossier

HOUSE WATCH-9/10/2003 (#1) (credit transactions)


The Hill: Jones expected to challenge Sen. Boxer

ITN'S TERRY: SHOCK NEW EVIDENCE - killed by U.S. helicopter

N.C Politics..Senate Hopefull Has GOP Support

Feith-Based Initiative (Bush Admin Iraq Man has firm involved w/ Iraq?)

Bomb Rocks North Iraq; Ambush Kills U.S. Soldier

Senate turns attention to Cuba

Kin React to Reservists Staying in Iraq

Gay men said seeking HIV

France and Germany seek full UN control over Iraq

Iraq Shi'ites want own militia to defend holy city

Howard Stern Endorses Dean

Four Afghanistan aid workers killed

Utah soldiers in Iraq want jobs that use their skills

Union Awaits Clark's Decision on Run

Edward Teller, 'Father of H-Bomb,' Dies

Anti-terrorism laws used on peace protesters - UK

Two U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Union awaits Clark's decision on run

Iraqi prison messages end agony of silence

Voting machines in Dade may get printed backup

Lieberman Wants New Iraq Administrator

Lieberman Takes on Front-Runner Dean

Employees Paying Ever-Bigger Share for Health Care

Some voters left in limbo

FCC Makes Exception To Rules So Howard Stern Can Promote Arnold Candidacy

Bustamante Goes Left to Take On Schwarzenegger (LA Times)

Bush making 9/11 pitch for new laws

Bush Plans to Tout Security Improvements ( this is too much

FCC Says Shock-Jock Stern Qualifies as Newsman (Ahnuld gets airtime)

Hamas Threatens to Hit Israeli Homes in New Tactic

Supermassive Black Hole Sings for Its Supper (BHs Make Sound Waves)

US Cargo Companies Lag Behind in Security Efforts

Lieberman wants new Iraq administrator

'Leak' puts Hoon in firing line

Electronic vote not up to speed

The Pinochet files (declassified US documents reveal US role in coup)

Bloomberg asks vice president not to come to main 9-11 ceremony

Car bomb hits U.S. Iraq headquarters

Pentagon targets Latinos and Mexicans to man the front lines in war on ter

Bush to Urge New Anti-Terror Measures (expand death penalty)

Temporary Drug Discount Card Put Forward

Breaking MSNBC: Bin Laden Tape on Al Jazeera (Bin Laden Shown)

Fred Phelps and his group to protest at University of Southern Mississippi

Ok How does this happen?

Iran faces nuke deadline

France, Germany Seek to Downgrade U.S. Role in Iraq

Bush reforms not making the grade

Overtime issue splits Bush, Teamsters

Same-sex marriage opponent to join Liberal race

N.Y. Times and ABC Plan News Helix for '04 Campaign (Times goes to TV)


Santa Cruz Urges Probe into Bush Impeachment

US has no idea when troops will pull out of Iraq

Police in India arrest over 100 anti-Sharon demonstrators

Texas calls third special session for redistricting

Hold the Presses: Ben/Jennnifer wedding postponed


A 12-year-old!!!! settles music swap lawsuit

GAO Refutes Bush Over Meat Labeling

Glitches cloud city primary, Machines are impounded; Cozean leads

Military Families Call on Congress to Pull Troops Out of Iraq

Lastest Poll: Recall leading 62-37%, Arnold 39%, Cruz 29%, Tom 16%

Bush Rating at Two Year Low

Bush Touts Education Funding; Critics Disagree

Bustamante gives up 'no on recall' angle

Bush Slaps New Sanctions on N.Korea, Myanmar, Cuba

Indiana Governor Shows Improvement from Stroke

Father of Sept. 11 Victim Publishes Poems

New York, 2 Years After the Terrorist Attacks

Greens, Free Marketers Clash Over Development of Third World

White House Questions College Housing Aid

U.S. official postpones Mideast visit plans (Armitage)

Qaeda Leader Urges Fighters to Bury U.S. in Iraq

U.S. Is Revising Food Pyramid to Slim Waistlines

Four aid workers killed by suspected Taliban in Afghanistan; aid work halt

Swedish Foreign Minister Stabbed, Undergoing Surgery

At Debate, Democrats Clash Over Mideast -NYT

Sex Service for Handicapped Suspended

What You Think You Know About Sept. 11...But Don't (Slate)

Bush 'open for suggestions' on Iraq resolution

CNBC: More Evidence Bush Administration may have LIED about NYC air...

Senate Blocks Changes in Student Aid Rules

Hecklers Interrupt Democrats' TV Debate (LaRouche spokeswoman comments)

Senate blocks Bush proposal to change overtime-pay rules

Rx Depot Ordered to Close Stores

Teen who died pled for help in writing,Was in acute pain 3 days in lockup

WTC Ruins Spewed Toxins for Weeks

Senate Votes to Block Overtime Changes

FBI Probes How Man Shipped Self to Texas

'Godfather' Enters Georgia Senate Race

Terror detainees must wait: Rumsfeld

Ground zero air quality was 'brutal' for months

Bush Vows to Stay on Offensive Against Al Qaeda

Former Enron Treasurer Sent to Prison

Clinton to start campaign swing for Davis Sunday

Cheney Asked to Skip Main 9-11 Ceremony

Kennedy Matriarch Backs Republican Schwarzenegger - Yahoo

Senators Grill Wolfowitz on Iraq Request

Ex-Enron treasurer pleads guilty (5 year sentence)

White House Won't Back Down on Arctic Oil Drilling

N. Korea Has New, Accurate Missile-U.S. Officials

Priest resigns, cites gay bishop as reason

House Republicans Blast Iraq Policy Critics

Bush urges allies "not get caught up in past bickering" over Iraq

rumsfeld being heckled!

Number of U.S. Troops in Iraq Is 116,000

Study Finds WTC Fires Spewed Toxic Gases for Weeks

Swedish Polls Toll Death Knell for Euro Vote

Catholic bishops support marriage amendment

WTO head urges removal of trade barriers

Poll: U.S. Muslims Increase Political Activity Since 9/11; Dean Tops Bush

BREAKING al-jazeera just aired new VID of bin laden

US has failed in Iraq, says Fischer

Border Breach? (ABC News smuggles in Depleted Uranium)

At least six U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq in the last 24 hours

Rumsfeld Heckled, Deflects Question on Resigning-Yahoo Article

Texas 10 Arrive Home

SENATE WATCH-9/10/2003 (#1)

Bush Asks To Extend State Of Emergency For Another Yr

Security Over Privacy? (ABC: Jennings interview with Ashcroft)

S. Korean Man Kills Himself at WTO Protests

BBV: Possible flaw triggers electronic voting concerns

Sources: Union to wait on endorsement

Conservative Christians Call For Boycott Of Gay TV Sponsors

In Mideast, Some Find Barbie Threatening

interpet these lyrics

Wild Sexual Pleasures AWAIT you....

Ashcroft: using double, stricken with imageophobiaanaluptightus.

Pat Buchanan

Quiz Time: Before NYPD

Does anyone have Molly Ivins email

a simple diversion . . .

12:30 am CST! Ask each other anything you want



Good (Wednesday) Morning To ALL Of DU!

Computer question (shaking screen)

Ancient Aviators

Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists in the Universe

Hey! I just passed 6,000 posts

Another great Doonesbury!

Finally, some good news.

Fun with Homonyms

Where Should I Move?

What are we happy about/thankful for today?

All the giant flags are going up

Travelin' Soldier

Owch! Owch! Owch! Owch!

Ever dream you were late for work??

Ohio State - 2002 National Champions, now and forever

Hunter Thompson lays the SMACK down on Bush

Is it possible to watch TV

Happy Birthday Fay Wray!!!!!!

A movie every political person should see.

Help! Need info to use against Freeper.

Arnold's new advisor!

qWagmire, 'Nam comparisons, Unemployment: Tunes Time!

Come! We Are Ready For The Floor Show!

Bush drinking video?

Let me very clear about this e-mail business.

The Thursday-Friday edition of Movies for Democrats

I want a buttonhole camera!

pls help me id this movie

Internet worm disparages Tony Blair, attacks Web site

Dang it. No, double dang it.

To those of you who smoke and want to quit...

My boss just loaned me Franken's book.... ask me anything!

here 'tis, folks . . . your NEW $20 bill . . .

For Free: Back Issues of The Nation, Mother Jones, The Progressive & more

Keeping up with LynneSin - Sending a digital curse

I'm Listening to the New Dandy Warhols CD

I'm pretty new here, but I have a question.

Stress reduction

First dentist trip in 15 years

Naked Male Statue Stirs Jamaican Art Debate

What's your comfort food?


Get yer Bad Fortune Cookies here

"Bill Clinton took all us trucker's radar detectors away..."

Positive/Happy Fortune Cookies

Can't Contain Myself...Cubs announce plans for playoff ticket sale

General Discussion *twitch* General Discussion *shudder twitch*

I'm pretty new here, but I have a question.

Smoking passes in High School

Here's why I love DU

The Diaper Fetish of all CAPTIONS!!!!


bin Laden will NEVER be taken alive.....

Whistle-ass kicks back

Derf: Osama will be around a few more years

I just heard myself and my SO on Randi Rhodes!

As a progressive, I've grown to despise George W. Bush

anyopne been watching

Hold the Presses: Ben/Jennnifer wedding postponed

Did You Watch The Debate? Or Something Else?

Who watches Special Victims Unit?

CAPTIONs misty water colored CAPTIONs of the way we were

Some Random Thoughts on a Fine Wednesday afternoon.

Clinton responsible for 12-year olds going to jail? Help.

Keepin' the Nation Strong, the Gals Quiet

The Party of Personal Responsibility of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

You might want to do this M$oft patch right now

NYT: Detroit Tigers may become history's worst...

Is Joe Lieberman reading my mail??

OMG, I don't know how I'll go on: The wedding's been postponed!

I have a huge American flag that's dusty

Bow down to me, mere mortals!

Uncanny resemblance??? ...

Buy the sky, and sell the sky

Maurice Clarett suspended one year

How many hats do you wear at work

Favorite Dem candidate conspiracy theory that is true

My editor may've lost my indie film from his harddrive. Ask me anything.

Congrats to Aristus on 3000 posts!

Boycott the RIAA

I applied for "Queer Eye..."

I've got to find something better to do


What the hell is this? I may never look at my bunny suit the same again

The Dream Thread

Let's get rid of Spy ware

Hey, Condi! Pull my finger!

Link to some Anti- Bush cartoons please..

Please explain this bumper sticker: Too close for missiles;

I'm a delusional liar..ask me anything about the Dem candidates

today's new hate radio advertisers 9-10-2003

DU chat just AIM me

What are your favorite Bush pics of...

Save the midwives!

Question about the recent wave of viruses and how to get rid of them

Lucy Lawless Joins Tarzan

DU needs a jobs page.

Man Buys groceries with a $200 Bush bill...Gets change...Oy Gevalt...

My God in heaven, what a beautiful album

As an oppressive, I've come to despise crushing people under my boot.

As a suggestive,

Bush/Cheney 2004 Slogans

Lets answer this

Does anyone watch Reno 911 on Comedy Central??

Who is your fave character in "Lord of the Rings"? Book/movie?

My Mother? Has A Cousin? Who's Brother? Heard That Kerry?

Here, I brought you a new toy.


Top of the 3rd, cubs up 3-0

The Red Sox in '03 --- Could it be????

Pardon me, I just HAVE to rant!

Any veteran punks notice CBGB's is suddenly "En Vogue"?

hey folks make sure you keep a firewall runnning!

I just read all the "how did you hear about 9/11" posts

This Is Something We Don't Want To Talk About But I Think We Should.

If you could ask God one question that he/she will reveal all there is...

What are your plans for tomorrow?

My mother is singing her "Swan Song"

Favorite "TLC" Program

Worst Movie of All Time? Tell Walter Scott It's DC 9/11!

Any mandolin players?

Any fans of A&E's "City Confidential" on board?

Mine was a 1979 AMC Pacer; the "luxury" model. 'Fess up to yours!

Who is your favorite historical figure?

Let's play 'genius or jackass'

Caption the crybaby

My right-wing friend is now bashing * -- ask me anything!

Can you pass 8th grade math?

What song remakes are better than the original?

What are your plans, if any, for observing the anniversary of 9/11?

After Two Years of "Semi-Employment" I just got a new job! Ask me anything

Antique Road Show: American or British?

I've become Totally Apathetic. Why?

I Just Realized Yesterday was My 2nd Anniversary as an Evil DU-er

Great WTC video

When can I put out my halloween decorations? I have

As a digressive, I have grown to despise staying on topic

I will be quitting smoking as of tomorrow!

Final Cut Express ...editing software Question?

Open message to those coming to the Austin gathering Sept. 14

My interview With William R. Pitt

What naughty activities did you participate in when you were High School?

''Hogan's Heroes'' actor Larry Hovis dies at 67 (Sgt Carter)

American Social Hygiene Posters, ca. 1910-1970

Favorite Sofboys Song - did I miss the memo?

Shaved Pussies

What great event happened on the date of your birth?

Is this the town for me?

The Vote's in the mail!

CORAROSE! The Kid's History Paper on YOUR suggested topic!

What was your graduating class from High School?