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Archives: August 8, 2003

''Why States Seek to Acquire Nuclear Weapons''

Masters of deceit

Mother channels her grief into action after gay son's death

Curiouser and Curiouser - Iraq

Josh Marshall calls Darrell Issa "execrable opportunist"

French historian predicts the American Empire will fail

An article from the Observer Dispatch on our Dean MeetUp last night!

Conason's Journal: Why Repugs cry treason when lefty celebs get political

"My alma mater is a moral cesspool" (neo-cons at the U of Chicago)

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi problem

Protest Delay and redistricting in Houston and Austin 8/8, 8/9

Seattle Bush Protest August 22/23 - Official Website

Al Gore C-SPAN 9:30 PM ET Thursday

Out of town for a few days.

I think this post needs to be removed

Okay--I know why my reply was deleted, although I think it

Which is better for the load on the DU site?

How do you establish which is original, which is dupe thread?

I just went to my bookmarks and my whole "General Discussion"

German publisher drops book supporting Palestinian terrorism

A bit of help about napalm

I'm considering posting an outright lie about your candidate...

Dean Versus Bush poll

Dean: "I know John (Kerry) he doesn't stand up for Civil Rights."

AFL-CIO sets October meeting to decide on endorsement

Dean shares No. 2 spot in Democratic race, poll shows

Pew Poll 43-38 Bush v. Dem interesting Demographic on subgroups

Kerry fights back

DU Democratic Primary

Some good things about our Presidential candidates

Why not take a YEAR off, you AWOL scumbag?

I just thought of a good theme song for the Dems

How members of DU can defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger! (foolproof plan)

What do you think about this site?

Pride and passion, very different from realities and pragmatism.

THe Daily Show: On Arnold

US tried to get some of Milosevic's troops from Serbia for Iraq. No luck

Bill Clinton for SCOTUS

Proof that the Defense Department is skewing casualty figures

The California election is already a disaster before it starts.

Who did Ann's EYES??? A warning for blondes everywhere

You've got to check this out! New Edwards ads are amazing.

Democracy in America is dead

Bush at 53 percent in Pew poll!

Jeezus Christ!! I feel sick.

Ooops, Completely Stupid Moment....CA is Screwed!

Clinton, Gore and others are working on Bush

C-span Changes Schedule: Gore Repeat at 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. est!

My response to a disgusting, Repub mailing

Will democracy survive the Bush administration?

Ann Coulter called Dean "John Dean"! ....TWICE......LOL

Scientist and Son-in-law identify "cutting charges" in WTC demolition

Sleeping With The Devil by Robert Baer

Gore: Love that drama

Deleted message

Mike Malloy on now -- Topic is today's Gore speech.

What about a Clark/Gore ticket?

Interesting artifact re: Clinton "gutting" the military

Can you believe it...Larry King is skewering Ann Coulter

Alright People. Wake up to Realpolitik.

Is it possible that there might be a locked convention ?

Wow, a ready made GWB voodoo doll !

Perot planning return in 2004? Book deal circulating suggests maybe...

So what happened with Ann Coulter on Larry King???

Any leaks from Issa's campaign/Riordan Campaign

Dean, Gore and the Democrat primaries. As I see it unfolding:

AP has pulled all the coverage of Gore's speech

'a condom stuffed full of walnuts' (Ca Recall/Arnold)

New blog: Lists felonies done by reTHUGlicans...take a look

Does Ah-nold have a, um, 'zipper problem?'

What I will be saying on the first day of class

New Poll for 2004 election

If Gore Hadn't Depedended Too Much On His Advisors, could he have beaten *

dean on c-span now - 8:07PM!!!

Thread Lockings

Davis needs to fast track election reform *before* the recall vote, IMO

would you vote for Arnold?(Poll)

The California recall needs to be a referendum about BUSH

An interesting take from my house on why Gore gave this speech now...

Is there going to be any debates in Cal recall election? .....

Did Lieberman cost Gore NH?

1998 Illinois governor's election

Dems may take CA recall to the supreme court.

Aren't the People of CA smart enough NOT to elect Ahnold?

Coming Sunday: AP rips apart Powell's U.N. speech

The Word "Marriage" Should Remain Heterosexual

To all anti-Dean DU posters...may I please make a single, diffident point?

Quick question... Can you pray in public schools?

Poll: Which of the following statements do you perceive as bashing

Condi plays the race card

Wolfowitz lets slip-Iraq not behind ties to al-quaeda

Bush May Consider Stumping for Schwarzenegger in Calif. Election

Bush Approval Slips in Pew Poll

Can Arnold run a state economy?  

Dissident Returns to Cuba to Challenge Castro's Rule

Liberian Fighters in Frenzy of Rape - WARNING - Harrowing article

Behind Fame, Actor's Policies Are a Mystery

Bush* Misuses Science, Report Says

Liberals Form Fund to Defeat President*

Law firm sets sights on Halliburton (Talks about Cheney as defendant)

America abandons 'iron fist'

Bush* Team Kept Airing Iraq Allegation

Two killed, one dead, five wounded soldiers, at least 10 civilians killed

Briton Jailed in Ehiopa for Child Sex Abuse

Episcopalians recognize gay unions

Swiss trains collide, 64 hurt

Niger may sue over uranium slur

Rivals Say Halliburton Dominates Iraq Oil Work

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi problem

Eleven Abducted Congolese Aid Workers Confirmed Killed

Episcopal church delegates vote to recognize same-sex unions

Curiouser and Curiouser

The Mope-Rock Top 100 - What are the best break-up songs?

Is there a gay equivalent to the phrase "Uncle Tom"?

the 5 sentence rule in GD.

White people can't dance

My mom has breast cancer

Who donates old clothes, dishes, etc

Bubble Tea

HOT!!!! MOIST!!!!!! AND READY !!!!!!!!!!!

Have sympathy for me!

After 5 years of occasionally playing lotto, we finally won

Xbox owners: madden 2004, or NFL fever 2004?

why do certain people tip less the accepted 15-20% norm?

Darrell Issa goner: Caption this.

1966: My 100 Favorite Records

Letterman just made me laugh

I have a zipper problem.

Thread disappeared.

HELLOOOOOOOOO, San Francisco!!!

How do you do it?


Lowering the bar......a candidate's appearance

Well, at least I found my cell phone

Why were we so complacent December 12th, 2000

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the

Nightline - California Recall

Why? How?

Another amazing thing that happened the night of RBNYC's accident

Gross! Gross! Gross!

Is Gary Coleman a Democrat?

Going to Vegas for a week

I dance like a white boy, but rock is dead-time to move on

Can anyone recommend a good sewing machine

How I being mentioned in a Fark photoshop???

Give Me Five Sentences That Sum Up

Considering traditional building... Cob and/or Straw Bale

CSPAN schedule change...Gore on NOW 9:30 pm EDT and will be

So I had my little test at the hospital today...

Look out North Carolina here comes the Bleedinghearts!

Check 'John Dean' Nixon era

has any one posted

Pretty Good

Ahnold on the campaign trail.

Age of consent chart.

ABC censors are nuts!

I was re-reading "How They Stole Morality"

has any one posted

"Idle Thoughts On The Road To Understanding" -- Charley Reese



Terminator 4: Voting Day

A poll to participate in

Depends on What You Mean by 'Have' -- Steve Martin mocks Bush

Too many Johns, too few Turkish toilets

Dems vs. GOP: Best Weapons Are the Facts

NYT ED: Muscle Beach Politics "Schwarzenegger.. sounded.. mindless"

Salt of the Earth - Krugman flays Shrub on the environment

(Ga) Revenue slump worsens

Arnold or Bush?

Pay no attention to the people behind the curtain...

"neo-con" on Diane Rheams show

Economy chugs ahead slowly (deceptive)

Career officer does eye-opening stint inside Pentagon (PNAC)

"Cheney's Wisdom" on gay marriage

Walter Pincus: Bush Team Kept Airing Iraq Allegation

Steve Martin on WMDs: "Depends on What 'Have' Means"...

Arnold never repudiated ex-Nazi politician

Jim Hoagland's Conservative Delusions Continue

Blair's lust for power goes on | Times of India

The Gridiron

Iraq-al Qaeda links weak, say former Bush officials

Even on the run, Hussein has Iraqis under his 'spell'

bush* versus Dean cartoon by Benson (Arizona Republic)

As chemicals incinerated, emotions also cook

Click to see President Bush Protect the Homeland!

Using Catholicism - GOP Is Exploiting Religion

The Emperor Has No Evidence

Readers on outsourcing U.S. jobs - Practical Futurist weblog

Billionaire funds group to unite Dems, oust Bush, expects +$75M

Slate's Chatterbox Whopper of the Week: Howard Dean

Citizen Gore: Bush is dishonest | Seattle Post-Intelligencer

BBC (Friday): California's continuing crisis

"Stripes" letters, July 27 - Aug. 2: A litmus for troop morale (it's low)

Forum on Voting Machines to Be Held in Philadelphia - Sept 7th

PA: Specter undecided on OT rules!

Kucinich meetup report.

NION Chicago Forum on Bush Doctrine of Endless War - Sat, August 9, 1-5pm

Seeking People Who Are Interested In Taking On The Religious Right

What kind of group is ACT - Americans Coming Together? Soros

When is a lie not a lie?

AnShell Media

Anybody see O'Reilly's "Gay Day" clips last night?

I hereby predict that the media will skewer Ahhnold


Who else lied about WMD's?

Bush AWOL site updated

All hat, no cattle, continued

Severe projection in Freeperville

Fun with a little Mozart.

Astrologers: Why aren't Bush's ratings lower?

U.S. drug boycott threat called 'ridiculous'

Drought, locusts drive more nails in farmers' coffins - Canada

Ford To Recall 2 Million Vehicles

Bombardier sells part of financing portfolio to GE

Six Clicks Of Separation - Internet

Judge: FirstEnergy broke pollution law at coal-fired plant

We told them so!

Atlantic's Sudden Temperature Dive A Midsummer Mystery

Bush Misuses Science

Freezing Point In Swiss Alps 1,200 Meters Higher Than Average

Scientists probe death of 17 whales

The Australian media and terrorism “expert” Dr Rohan Gunaratna

'Bush associate to head Iraqi business efforts'

US occupation forces attack Iraqi journalists

Baghdad bombing targets Jordan

Can you get free health insurance in Vermont?

Gun policy shot down

Regarding the GD Archive

here's an odd request

What's with the sudden rash of

DU problems between 6:00 am and 8:00am EST every day

I have many bookmarks missing

FYI Elad

"Forums" link on Links page references DU 1.0 archive

I'm not entirely sure

Search results bug; the "Memory Hole" leaks a bit.

Treasury: Government debt balloons to 103 percent GDP

Truce Shaky after Israelis Kill Hamas Man

12 HRS AGO: ADL Rebukes Knesset Law

A call to violence: A right-wing US lawmaker urges Israel to ignore...

New Flight 93 Theory - Families Dispute It

Health Care and Taxes

Kerry: "I will support Bush instead of Howard"

Dean: "Your momma is fat and ugly."

CA: Several tribes operating CA casinos may pump $10 million to Bustamante

Clark is Rove's worst nightmare

'Howard the Younger off to help Bush win election'

Another Lie about Howard Dean and what he said with links to disprove it

Washington Times Article about Vermont Taxes

Lowest Approval Rating since 9/11

ATTN: Kerry Supporters

What will happen to CA,?

Lieberman's statement on Al Gore's Aug. 7 speech

Now the big question: What does Schwarzenegger know? | Sac Bee

Terminator 3 reference just now occurred to me

No Senate bid for McCracken (R-IL) | Chicago Sun Times

MEET-UP in Miami, FL

What are the Governor recall rules in Florida?

NM Re-redistricting?

Dean Meetup Figues

Where does Dean stand on these issues....

First Kucinich meetup in Orange County

Anyone interested in a massive protest at the California Supreme Court?

LA: GOP Candidates Promise Unity in Runoff

CA Duers--RECALL to arms

Graham: Gore defeated Bush I & II

Possible Cabinets in the next Dem. Admin.

Remember when Lieberman dissed Gore last year at the DLC convention

SC Senate: Who will be our candidate?

Kerry verus Dean on-line supporters

Jim Bunning and Ben Nighthorse Campbell: Where are the candidates?

Sullivan on Dean

Clark Favors End to Gay Ban in Military

Freshman Van Hollen (D-MD08) faces Republican thrust in 2004

Kerry did BUY DNC Small Donor List

Experts Question Kerry's 'First Prize' in Health Care Plans

Kerry, Dean, the War, the Vote - Let's set some things straight

Some interesting meetup statistics

In answer to Deandroid whiners, note first that IRAQ SUPPORT

A police state doesn't come all at once, it comes piece by piece...

for those of you who were troubled by Kucinich's forum

Will Repukes Help Nominate Dean?

Looking for a little research.....

ATTN: Kerry Supporters

Does the Left hate George Bush more than it hates murder?(DU is mentioned)

Coulter's phoney book sales totals exposed

Boston church offers to settle suits

Both Diebold web sites go down

CA DUers--recall news

Lou Dobbs poll : should marijuana be decriminalized?

CNN Poll: Should Marriage be defined as Man and Woman?

The Progressive Case For Dean

Here is simple strategy to defeat Repubs in recall election.

Sleeping with the Devil book on Saudi Arabia

Other state budget deficits

I talked with Howard Dean today on the election machine issue!

The Democrats Are Headed For Extinction

Interesting take on the Saudi 911 connection.....

BBV: a thought regarding c-span exposure

Is Ah-nold a homophobe?

So what's the verdict on Edwards' television ads?

California DUers....Jim Brulte and Karl Rove?

When Walter Pincus talks, best you sit up and listen

Who do you think will vote for Arnold?

Cruz Bustamante is Calif State Campaign Chair for Joe Lieberman

The Truth Is Out There - Bush's White House Clearly Involved in Recall.

ChimpCo now considers poor people national security threats!

About Arnold's girly problem.

Considering the many budget deficits in other states, how does this

Is Arnold qualified to be governor? MSNBC poll

Washington Post Op-Ed endorses Edwards healthcare plan

LA Times-front page article on E-version re:Immunity for Iraq Oil Dealings


Deleted message

Does name shielding 'protect' rape victim?

When Extremist Rule

Even Repubs call Arnold a liar!

Billionaire commits $10 million to defeat Bush

Which way does Larry King lean?


Is Bustamante Best For California and America?

Who would support Arnold as a Dem?

Nancy Skinner on Malloy Show Tonight

Memo to Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi and Brown -- TIME TO LEAD

A Hate-America Superhero? (too funny!)

Why can't we recall Bush???

Is there anything left that matters?

Arnold announces, Issa jumps out....Hmmmmm....

How to improve democracy in the USA?

I Oppose This Republican Putsch Dressed Up As A Recall Election

I got a big kick out of seeing Darrel Issa cry like a spoiled brat

Davis and CA marks of VRWC

Researchers: John Evans, Wisconsin - Republican or Democrat?

According to Aschroft, the two most dangerous things in America are


Photo - Tombstone of Soldiers killed since 5/1

'Nonpartisan' Salt Lake race favors Demos, Rocky

here's a thought re: the Big Tent and Dem unity

Question for North Cal Du'ers.

Beware of the Diversion Arnold is Creating-----Bad for Us

Why did Rove and Co. select Arnold as the Repub to beat?

What is in the works ?

The Democrats Big Lie (A hilarious piece by a known PNAC'er)

So, what do you think Maria Shriver is thinking right now?

Joe Lieberman just doesn't get it ...

new hannity sponsor UPS Store

Will the nerve gas reach Atlanta tomorrow? Will CNN cover it then?

Is it Bush or Davis?


Gore speech fuels campaign talk

"I just can’t figure out what the hell it is we are here for.”

Proof that BushCo used Niger Doc reference before and after SOTU speech!

I Think My Friend May Be Turning Into A Rabid Freeper!

Screw "Bring 'em on!" Military families say "Bring them home!"

AL Gore Talk on IE Radio Right now

Are Bill Simon and Peter Uberoth running?

I Wonder if Gore is Being Quietly Recruited???

LIMBAUGH: Hear Me Now and Believe Me Later, Schwarzenegger No Reagan...

Who will Arnold split the vote from more?

Must See...Kucinich Audios and Videos

Anybody Favor Repealing the two-term limit?

Bush for Arnold????? I am Shocked!!!

Meet Ups -- is anyone in DU going to them?

Needed: Website address for changing voter registration

Media Not Reporting Military Deaths!

Governor Moonbeam

Should Davis Resign to stop the Republicans ?

Baby's First Rant: Schwartzenegger...

Administration Lie of the Day

Nazi or Sympathizer? You Decide.

Can someone translate this document for me?

Does Adultery affect ability to govern?

Tweety Shows Who He Is (No Surprise)

Who is working for Arnold?

MEET-UP in Miami, FL

We want the truth about Iraq

A question for CA Gov. Candidates

Possible future endorsements of importance

Suggestions/discussion on books related to the Mexican War & the New Deal

What if Davis resigned? - Calif recall off?

What happened to that Yahoo headline?

What happens if Davis resigns?

Need your help (especially if you are a diehard CLINTON fan)

I'm feeling good about the CA governorship right now

Dissenting Threads are Being Locked!

Pfizer Pharmaceutics threatens to stop shipping drugs


I think Arnie is a neocon puppet boy

welcome home Army 3rd ID...

what if Arnold Schwarzenegger turns out to be a flaming liberal

Military vaccine cover-up claimed

Did Gore Actually Say the Bush 'Misled' The American People?

How will 'moderate' Arnold deal with Rove?

A Look at Some of the Leading Declared Candidates

Book recommendations - The New Deal & The Mexican War

bush press conference coming up MSNBC 12:30 central

Seattle DU'ers: Scott Ritter on Dave Ross show NOW (Kiro-710)

Gore as VP in 2004?

Arnold: "I was always fascinated by people in control of other people."

Are we ready for war with North Korea, pentagon thinks so!

there's too many narcs up in here

We should write-in Gore

Flash animation: Florida 2000, K Harris, based on Palast's work

One thing good about the Schwarznegger

Defense Department funding brain-machine work

Sources: Anal intercourse rumor untrue

New Fiore cartoon - National Parks privatization ????

Schwarzenegger: The Premiere Magazine article and other dirt. Fair game?

Law firm sets sights on Halliburton

If Gore Hadn't Depended Too Much On His Advisors, could he have beaten *

What was up with Britney Murphy on Letterman?

U.S. military recruiters' new pitch is aimed at the parents

One way for sure Dems could win the recall and give Bill Clinton a job

10,000 new voters cast ballots to impeach GWBush

Pick Your Dream Cabinet: Any Democratic President

The Dems Have Already Lost The White House in 2004

The latest tactic: Iraq = post-war Germany. More historical ignorance..!

Drudge has nude Arnold pics on his site!

Here is an example of Iraqi children dancing and cheering

Need DU help digging dirt on Arnold Shwarzenegger

Rice Charms Black Journalists With Her Spin

Katherine Harris booed in her district, fliers from AARP confiscated.

Bad polling numbers for Bush - what should he do?

If Grey Davis had reregulated the Power industry he wouldn't be in trouble

Can somebody explain to me how Gray Davis is repsonible for energy fiasco?

And the Winner of the 2003 Judas Escariot Award goes to

Irony at Guantanamo

Is John Garamendi a Completely Clueless Cretin?

53% dissatisfied with direction of country

Was Daryl IIsa realling balling like a baby?

Bush's Approval Lowest Since 9/11

Look at this answer from Arnold on ABC morning show.

Question about Aah-nold's campaign

Let's Defeat Arnold Because He's Incompetent Not Because He's Evil

Oversexed Arnold Schwartzenegger Gets a Handful of British Talk Show Hosts

SURVEY: Who will get your vote in the 2004 presidential election?

WP mis-quoted Gore....let's write and get this corrected.....

Bush Losing Ground: Reelect down to 43% (poll)

what if a Dem CA gov. candidate had nude photos from his past?

If they can recall Davis legally

If they can recall Davis for a $30 billion deficit . . .

Does anyone really believe Arnold will be a successful governor?

Bush Administration Paralyzed Over Iran

You Must See This (

What do you do (Industry) for money/survival/job?

A winning approach for Gray Davis

Dumb campaign finance question.

The CA Recall and CALPERS


Bob Hope Is In Hell

Father of dead soldier claims Army coverup

Did Bush watch Gore's speech today ?

My rant against the new lock rules

Got Road Raged by a Freeper this A.M.

Question about recall re: resignation.

Dean and ethnicity?

what do ya'll think is the most liberal..

watching Arrrnuld on MSNBC

"neo-con" on Diane Rheams show

C-Span's Wash. Journal: Brian says only "Wash. Times" has Gore's speech

Arnold on the Today show...

Is Peter Ueberroth running?

Republicans simply cannot govern...

Cheney raises cash, Billings, MT pays

Update on US Deaths in Iraq

My friend needs help!

Is Arnold the only viable CA candidate?

CNN POLL: Should Al Gore change his mind and seek the Democratic presiden

i thought gays were smarter than to want legal marriage

Please visit the "Ask the Admins" forum.

Arnold or Bush?

If Clark enters the race as a democrat...

R-Null Sez, "Elect me now, Recall me later!"

The Repug response to Gore's speech

The Ultimate Answer as to “Why don’t we stand behind Bush.”

* won't get Cal in 2004

is/was Arnold pro war?

Harold Ford, Jr. (TN): Tell me more about this guy....

Ben Franklin on War

Davis could win if

Did CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN drop the ball FAUX to televise CBC Dem. Pres debates

Did you see this? Combat feeding center on CSPAN?

Why CA Dems sleep easy tonight

Can the Fab 5 pay a visit to Dean?

* is the first president

why isn't Arnold running as an independent?

Left Coast - Gore on

Would a Gore Endorsement make a difference?

If Gray Davis were to resign..

Does anyone here read Znet regularly?


I got Freeper hate mail!!

Politics of the Gaze: Medical Exams of Public Officials

So what happened to the Novak/CIA/treason story?

I predict Issa will run for senate

You guys do know that Issa dropped out this morning?

Global population MUST be reduced by billions for PNAC's hiers

Stop raping freedom

Draft Gore office opening in NH

Why was the order to shoot the planes down so wrong on 9/11?

Here is my problem with this whole recall election

Story on Iraqi boy who lost limbs (gets US Army hat for souviner)

My blog is kicking @$$!

ARNOLD was smoking a joint!!!

Wasn't Kerry Gore's #2 Choice In 2000?

The Trust Factor...(from March 2003)

An unexpected down point in Dean's Arnolds Park speech

Some questions about Gore please chime in.....

Seeking Resources on Coulter's Treason

Dick Morris: Gore testing waters for possible run

Does the religion of a politician matter?

Army looking at whether the anthrax vaccine is causing pneumonia deaths

George Bush, the Big Bad Butch!

A few words about the temporary General Discussion guidelines.

How long until Noelle Bush is back in rehab?

Ok, so it's February, 2005 and (insert Dem name here) has won

To Clark supporters: CRANK IT UP!!!!!!

Just watched Will Pitt on channel 50 (Santa Rosa)

Channel One--Television in the schools

Will Gay Rights Sink the CA GOP?

I hope everyone caught this aspect of Gore kicking arse

Does Anti-Gay Always Equal Homophobic?

How does the middle class afford its lifestyle?

Lieberman campaign's Mark Penn says

eBay wrote me back about John Steins' "Most Wanted" deck of cards.

Pew Poll: 67% favor repealing Bush tax cuts to provide Health Insurance

Diebold reverses their reversal

Someone requested an mp3 version of Al Gore's NYU speech. Here you go :-)

Gov. Bush's Daughter Released From Drug Rehab

Is Dean the next JFK?

" PHONY TO THE CORE: " (the real poop on the smirk ranch)

Lock More Threads---Lose More Posters

Gallup: Dean Continues Slow but Steady Progress Among Democrats

I need a few researchers for my campaign!

Democrats need to find their center. Can Clark do it?

How can we make sure people vote? (and vote democrat)


Flame me if you must but this Arnold bashing is really annoying...

Dean Is NOT Progressive, Would Be WORSE Than Clinton

Thinkin About Voting Larry Flynt October 7th -- Somebody Talk Me Out Of It

Black Box: Appeal to President Carter

I support this recall election

Deleted message

NYTimes article illustrates dangers of computers

Boycott K-B Toys (Barf Alert)

Six US soldiers wounded, at least two Iraqis killed by US fire

Japan Ponders Building Nuclear Arsenal


Texas- Redistricting battle gets uglier as lawsuits are filed

U.S. buying Russian rifles for new Iraqi police, army

Gov. Bush's daughter released from drug rehab

Jakarta Police Name Marriott Suicide Bomber

Billionaire Soros commits $10 million to defeat Bush

New Website to Track Bush Donations

Bush Says Schwarzenegger Would Be 'Good Governor'

Secret Talks With Iranian Arms Dealer (Pentagon hardliners)

Bush Claims Iraq 'Is More Secure'

U.S. military recruiters' new pitch is aimed at the parents

$401B Federal Budget Deficit Projected

Schwarzenegger Criticizes School System

Latinos unite behind mystery man Bustamante (El Terminator IV?)

(JEB's) Florida schools fail to meet new federal test standards

Wal-Mart Ordered to Turn Over Time Sheets; ..Overtime Abuse

Riordan takes himself out of running for Calif. governor

Bush Dismisses Criticism on Iraq as 'Pure Politics'

Wounded Iraqi Boy Expected to Lead Independent Life

US scours airports for missile threat

Feds: Moussaoui Aimed to Hit White House

Bush says democratic accusations about the war are pure politics

Leo Terrell quits the NAACP?

Move U.N. to Toronto: Canadian MP

State (Montana) moves to halt Canadian drugs by mail | Missoulian

Travelers change course after U.S. requires visas for layovers

The unreported cost of war: at least 827 American wounded

US experts debate 'mini-nukes'

Va. 'Jihad' Suspects: 11 Men, Two Views

Bush appoints supporter to run Iraqi corporate sector

Democrats push Edwards for decision

Kerry Retreats on Medical Marijuana

India cans Coke, Pepsi

Billionaire (George Soros) Commits $10M to Defeat Bush

MSNBC: Schwarzenegger: ‘I’m a uniter’

Bush Down To 53 % Approval Again - Latest Pew Poll

California Democratic delegation monitors recall

Judge Chides NYPD Over Interrogations

Lawmaker (Markey) Wants Smaller Cargo Screened

Ehrlich Orders Study of Electronic Voting Systems (MD)

How neo-cons influence the Pentagon ...

Boston Archdiocese Offers $55M to Settle


Bush's Combatant Policy Attacked at Legal Talks

Follow up: Cola firms launch India legal fight

Military Families, Veterans Demand End to Occupation of Iraq

Bush protests could attract hundreds (Tucson)

(Aust.) PM (Howard) ignites death penalty furore | Sydney Morning Herald

Iraq Begins a Tally of Its War Dead

South African Government backs Aids drugs | BBC

KB TOYS must be boycotted

Lawsuits Mount Against Freddie Mac

India Fizzes With Cola Controversy (pesticides)

'British Spy chiefs prepare new dossier'

Rockies targeted for gas drilling | Denver Post

FDA Warns Bristol-Myers on Pravachol Ads

US troops told 'tread softly'

Archbishop of Canterbury Acts to Prevent Rift on Gay Bishop | NY Times

U.S. Soldier Killed in Western Baghdad, 56 Now Killed in Action

Whites, blacks see Bryant case differently

Air Force Drops Charges Against Officer Accused of Raping Academy Cadet

EU regrets US action at WTO over GM (genetically modified) foods

Perot gears up

Drug gangs in New York City, Seattle dismantled, authorities say | Sea P-I

California Accounts for Half of U.S. Job Loss | Los Angeles Times

Noelle Bush out of drug program | DUPE

Rivals Say Halliburton Dominates Iraq Oil Work

(St Louis) City schools face Day One showdown | Post-Dispatch

Wasn't bullied, Rocky insists (LDS Plaza easement, downton SLC)

3 Russian aircraft downed

Allen's Vulcan is becoming major player in Seattle politics | Seattle P-I

Black Journalists Embrace Editor Who Resigned | Los Angeles Times

ZDnet/CNet: High burnout dims Indian call centers

Foes pump up for fight vs Arnold

Bush team kept airing Iraq Allegation

Public schools in S.F. becoming more segregated | S F Chronicle

Reuters: (Private) Sites to pick up terrorism futures market

Judge rejects request to stop chemical weapons incineration (Alabama)

Printing errors keep strong-mayor proposal off Tacoma ballot | Sea Times

Pincus in WP: Bush kept airing Iraq Allegation (after "knew" false)

Ashcroft Wants List of Lenient Federal Judges

new Bush/ Niger article

California agency warns of risks in tapping ocean for water

More Than 200 Sailors Become Citizens

Nato set to launch operation in Afghanistan

Montreal to lose grand prix - Big U.S. Tobacco

New Security Woes for E-Vote Firm

West Nile Virus Cases Triple in One Week

Howard the Younger off to help Bush win election

Ex gay leader has sex with men without telling he's HIV+

Bush Authorizes $26 Million for Palestinian Refugees

Bush's Popularity Poll skyrockets on

Bush team united Iraq front unravels

Davis More Vulnerable in Calif. Recall

US army snipers kill two men in Iraq market

Employment picture worsens - Canada

Judge: Exclude confessions of two hijackers (Cubans)

Arms Plan for Iraqi Forces Is Questioned (Waste more taxpayer money)

Judge Criticizes Police Methods of Questioning War Protesters

Khartoum stalling - rebels - Sudan

Warlord quits peace talks - Somalia

Red Cross slams crisis in Liberia

Tsvangirai treason charges upheld - Zimbabwe

Canadian released from Saudi jail

Battle-scarred Baghdad quarter wants US troops out

Toll from Jordan Embassy Bomb in Iraq Now 17 Dead

Oil firm immunity a concern in Iraq

Bangladesh & Namibia Pledge Liberia Troops.

Suit challenges (Gov) Napolitano's anti-bias hiring edict

(Gov)Napolitano travels to address union

WP: Military Warns Soldiers Against Public Criticism

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi problem (Support of Kurt Waldheim)

Claims military involved in Jakarta blast

more Americans have died since the Abe Lincoln landing....

Flight 93 Families Dispute FBI's Theory

US fire kills six Iraqis in Tikrit: hospital chief

Mel Gibson Screens Crucifixion Film

Democrats worry as young blacks drift from party

U.S. Indicts Porn Sellers, Vowing Extensive Attack

Ex-POW Lynch to Tell Story in Book (thought She had Amnesia)

Katherine Harris Booed at Bradenton Town Hall Meeting

Scientists to monitor increasingly active Yellowstone | Missoulian

Self-Protection Tips

Catwoman and I can dance and do math at the same time!

Your favorite port in a storm...

1965: My 100+ Favorite Records

I'm over 2000 posts!

I was robbed at gunpoint last night, I'm still shaking.

In light of all the who's your favorite poster for one reason or another

Take the Hitler/Robertson/Luther quote quiz!


What can you tell me about NW. Washington state?

Your first computer language

Moving to Washington DC

I have recall fatigue

Semi-amazing story about a rat!

"IN ????? WE TRUST"

OK, OK. I admit it. I'm a man, and I use the shower poof.

soup and coffee

Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush, Tony Blair -- fashion models

Women can't do math

Is There Any Actual *PROOF* That Jesus Christ Actually Existed?

Is this collage/poster "too much", re: Ahnold?

What my son WON'T be getting for Channuka! Hide the children!

The Injustice League of America Rides again!

*WHEW* no Beer Drought In Germany

Your favorite Port.

Poll: Who's the SCARIEST NeoCon?

Hopefully more than a few newspaper editors will receive THIS letter!

All Along the Watchtower ...yr favorite verision.

The International Hacker Open Air Gathering is in progress

My platform as future Governor of California

Not "ready for primetime" coochie shot

Great Math article!

the nuts and bolts of math

The duck by the dock, the cheezies, and me.....a true story.

If no Dems or Greens run who would you vote for before voting for Bush?

Help me refine my shrub flash caricature

CAPTION the numbskulls!

Need help...have new kitten and he scares me

I inherited a pet box turtle. I set up a nice habitat for him

How DinoBoy spent most of his summer :-)

guitar solos that mimic the vocal melody

Who has the most useless Lounge posts?

Catwoman Can't Do The "White Man's Overbite" Dance


Matcom is a deadbeat dad!!!!!!!

Novell ditches Netware in favor of Linux, where do I want to go today?


Sold American!

Anybody heard from Alien Girl these past few days?

HA!!! Coulter "fans"--check out the Collage Machine results

CONGRATULATIONS NEWYAWKER99! 45,000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want your man to do housework....

Poke Fun If You Want... But I Often Buy Clothes At Thrift Stores

I saved a Turtle from certain death a minute ago

I've been away from DU for over a month

Funny definitions

Has anyone seen the new Tim Leary Video? (spoiler)

The Progressive Case for Dean

Baptist Lies for the Queer Guys - New Betty Bowers

Purple people can't yak!

Is this hypocritical?

Welcome to DU's newest member -- billJclinton


Great new NOFX song on Punk O Rama volume 8

A funny quip

Should it be DEMMAN or DEM dramaqueen MAN

Lack of Supplies - - - Help!

Bring on the flame throwers- I know I am gonna get flamed.

Who DIDN'T go away to college?

For nini

My son brought Jennifer Lopez to the company picnic

So when is this Will Pitt book coming out officially?

Uh-oh looks like Congress got "tombstoned" -what's wrong with this report?

Paying Bills online-safe?

Great Poll at IMDB: What Arnold movie best sums up his political message

Best solo

Bully Sticks!


eMac owners....a little feedback please

Hey! My Wife Just Got Offered A Teaching Position

I hate being with my parents!And my sis!

HOLY SHIT! Marty Beckerman emailed me!

Letterman pokes fun at Ah-Nold!

What's the best type of coffee?

Word Detective slams Clear Channel

Calif Govnr musclegirlyman

Talk radio for Democrats

Well, I called it- J-LO and Ben are "still on"

WTF? I'm being spammed by

I almost got fuc**ing hit walking to go get lunch

New Fiore cartoon - National Parks privatization ????

From the MOMENT Arnold decided to run .....

Arnold pics

Does David Brock have a new book coming out

Action movies need to have someone in peril

I'm stayin' in the Lounge for a while

Green people can't get elected to office

on the other hand, highest tip you've ever given


Bored this weekend? Best Reggae Festival this weekend in Wilmington DE!!!

Replay of Coulter on King

That gives me a great bumper sticker idea....

If you can't spell "fascist" properly(it has an "S")

Seperated at evolution: John Ashcroft and an Owl

Super Hero Alert: Sub Mariner and Superman...

Am I a wuss?

SI's Preseason TOP 25 College Football teams (looks familiar)

So I dyed my hair blonde today...

c-span Michael Boyd aviation consultant...he's good!

My Girlfriend is in love with Stuart Townsend

Dixie Chicks likely to be the top grossing country act this year

Wolf poll: Would you vote for Arnold? 2 to 1 against!

Turkish Officials Swap Toilets for Prostitutes

honk... if you think

ColdFusion Developer Job in San Ramon, CA

Quiz: Slasher or Slashdotter?

This looks like a place to hang out....

Bush Goes Down!

A poll to participate in


US foreign policy explained to a child

E-mail indicating man gay used as evidence in NC murder trial

Bush legalizes illegality

Black people can't add

Are there any travel agents here in DU

a political question too short for GD

he he funny

C-SPAN now --- The Al Gore speech --- Superb!

ARNOLD for Governor!!!

Kentucky Rain

should this be captioned?

A Day in the Life of W 08/07/03

Checking out my new sig line...

the Danish group junior senior -- any thoughts?

Gore speech replay on CSPAN 1 now will be on at 12:30 am ET

Matcom's ASS is the FINEST on the Internet!

DU bassplayers: Any of you play through SWR amps?

Your favorite storm...