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Archives: August 5, 2003

Montreal passes Vancouver as immigrant destination

'Some things are true even if George Bush believes them'

‘Rasputin’ at Downing Street ‘Rasputin’ at Downing Street

Italians Keep Face by Faking Holidays

The many voices of US foreign policy

Paul Krugman (NYT): Everything Is Political

Howard Dean on Larry King mp3

The conservative Bishops in the Episcopal....

Automakers Press Objection to Maine's Mercury Switch Law

Brain atlas seeks to define normalcy

GD's down - who watched Larry King tonight (re: Kay Bailey)

GD is gone...gone i tell you was it Raptured?

I think it's valid to make requests of the Du community

Do you just need money?

Should there be a limit...

Security alert pop up.

How does one send an "alert" when there isn't a post to alert?

Israel halts plans to return W. Bank land

Campaign Planned Against Israeli Wall

Palestinians Offer Truce Extension, Israel Says No

Israel Waits on Doing More Withdrawals (+wall info within)

U.S. May Reduce Aid to Get Israel to Halt Barrier

Howard Dean - The "Warm and Fuzzy" Candidate

How many rounds of "Talking Points" has Dean survived?

Lieberman Continues Lead in South Carolina

What's next in South Carolina?


SPAM candidates hit CA Recall

Is using animals and babies in campaigns animal and child abuse?

This is interesting....

I think Biden should run.

A laugh from a quoted moran in Akron

The only candidate seen represented at the Phish IT festival:

Al Gore to give a major Iraq policy speech Thursday in NY

does a Jew really have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming President?

Ok, Dean is on fire....

who plans to vote for larry flynt as governor of california?

Critique Dean's performance on Larry King.

"Dark Cloud" next (11PM) on World Link & "War Game" replay at 4 AM

The American People Are Rather Pissed Off

Great quote! "Donald Rumsfeld is such a liar..

Why the Powell backtrack?

"Bush has better chance of re-election than ANY president in history"

Do we really need fifty threads on the same subject?

The Magically Missing 14%

So any new converts to the Dean Machine after Larry King Tonight?

Kellyanne Conway

No Dean on Larry King Thread?

How good is Dean's nonstick coating?

Lieberman is a snivelling political coward

Dean blinks too much.

Some of Army's Civilian Contractors Are No-Shows in Iraq

Deleted message

Where do I send my check? Al Gore stay home, Dean is now my man!

Anybody hear me on Malloy talking about Pollsters?

Name the Songs You'd Want The Democratic Team to Use While Campaigning

Larry Flynt's Day of Prayer

Who should have been Al Gore's running mate?

HAHA...Bob Graham said "Osama Bin Forgotten" on LK.......

US AFTER 9/11: None the Wiser

Lieberman's attack on liberals

There is a Cancer within the Democratic Party

Have Any Soldiers Died in the Past Few Days?

My new Bumper sticker ----- Bush/Cheney 2004: Four More Wars!! (Free)

What happened to all of the Saddam doubles?

Are you guys seeing this nonsense on Hannity & Colmes???

so the Powell story is a neo-con plant, to weaken Powell?!

Larry King caller gets AWOL question on re: TX Air Nat Gd

How many freedoms have we granted the Iraqis?

Question about the CA ballot

Do we really need fifty threads on the same subject?

Larry Flynt Has A Plan To Save CA And He's Running For Governor

Okay, the Lounge is down now. What will we do 'til it's

Have any WMD been found in the last three days?

Freepers scared of Gephardt's unions, outsourcing issue, and defense

I Think All of This Dean Coverage Is Good

Help Boost Those Ratings Tonight!!

"The Political Wilderness"....

Without a paper trail

NPR this morning discussed PNAC's long lust for Iraq

Is it reasonable to ask DUers to limit the # of threads they start in GD?

Why We Need to Work Together

The Barnes Review....SERIOUS tinfoil! Help?

Just what is "fringe" about:

The RNC Is Allegedly Spending A Lot of Time in Vermont This Summer

Come Campaign Time, How Should Democrats Spend Their Money?

How pointless and forgettable are Scotty's pressers?

What do your republican friends think fascism looks like?...

Caption time! Target: Holy Joe

Dean needs to lighten up a bit...

U.S. Critical Mass Approaching

I Thought Dean and Graham Were Great on "Larry King Live"

Voting Company Reverses Stand: Flawed software WAS used

Blair's press spokesman fuels Kelly controversy (update)

Australia PM says gay marriage bad for human survival (et tu Howie)

More attacks.

Outlets Dish Out the News to Hungry Iraqis

Vatican May OK Biotech Crops

Iraqis storm police station after firefight with US soldiers

Bush's oil move backfires

Fort Bragg soldier killed in Iraq was due home Aug 9, family says

Cries of coup as Azerbaijani MPs vote for president's son to be heir appar

Drudge: Gore to give major Iraq policy address Thurs. in NY

Campaign Financing Reshaped

THIS JUST IN! DU Adminstrators work overtime to FIX problems!

Outlets Dish Out the News to Hungry Iraqis

Philippine Rebel Leader Dead, Peace Talks Intact

Hunt For Canine Killer Continues

U.S. Wants to Interview Saudi Man on 9/11 (al-Bayoumi)

Man jailed for threatening Bush with mail containing brown powder

Howard Dean the First Choice of Gay Pride Attendees, Task Force Poll Shows

Howard Dean Tops Task Force Presidential Candidates Poll

Kelly 'smear' row continues

Britain bakes, Europe burns. Is this proof of global warming?

Check out the Bush / Sharon photoshopping on Fark

I Thought Dean and Graham Were Great on "Larry King Live"

Tah Dah! Stephanie & I got a marriage license today.

Questions about porn and relationships

The Honda Element

Didn't think I could think I could be shocked any more... But

Oops. * At bat

I feel like a sell-out....

Is anyone surprised...

So, I'm building this guitar...

All the other Lounge threads SUCK! Come look at this one.

Which political website must you see every day?

Who is planning on being in Austin on the 9th to protest redistricting?

We have a saying back home: God created Wisconsin

My new Bumper sticker ----- Bush/Cheney 2004: Four More Wars!! (Free)

FLCL is on tonight??? Fooly Cooly???

What IS it with George W. and bald guys?

Come're not supposed to call people freepers or trolls

DR. HOWARD DEAN on the cover of TIME!

Man, is she pissed off!

Fire Engulfs Jim Beam Warehouse

Anybody notice the simularity between the Repubs and the Freedom Party?

Oh my God, I'm getting hot over Shirley McClaine

U.S. Critical Mass Approaching...

Who wants an RC cola and a moonpie?????

What kind of drink are you?

who else was at SARS-stock?

Silverware in the Dishwasher

Hillary to be on Leno tonight


Can any one recommend Arthur Koestler

Where is the DU gallery?

Zhou Hai

Outsourcing firm hires chimps

General Discussion is GONE !!!

Coulter spewing on Scarborough MSNBC

Who wants a Royal Crown Moon and a Piccolo? (Pie Cola)

Move over Carly, Karl wants to do a number 2

gotta love it.

how many flag ties does Ken Adelman own?

Virtual BubbleWrap, best thing since virtual sliced bread.

Monday's Child


What is it, with all these "sex and Star Trek" polls!

Bill and I don't need socks!

I Thought Dean and Graham Were Great on "Larry King Live"

Only the UN can give Iraq security and sovereignty

GOP Senators Fled Texas in 1993 Vote Back

Dean a wrench in Big Labor's plans/Star-Ledger, NJ

Who is your favorite Conservative?

Krugman: Everything Is Political

Civilian deaths stoke Iraqis' resentment Bitterness may widen resistance

U.S. Critical Mass Approaching

The terrorists are winning, Mr Blair

From pride to pauper - Zimbabwe’s education system

Andrew Sullivan Praises Kerry?

Blood on Our Hands? (The dropping of the Atomic bombs)

Yepsen: Poll is big uh-oh for Gephardt (DesMoines Register)

TNR Grades Dean on Gay Marriage...

Treasury Dept. to Refuse Senate a List of Saudi Suspects

On the Two Democratic Parties

Hey Pagan Elite!!!

Be careful who sees you reading this story--the FBI may come knocking

Tintin in Iraq

The Bastards-Some Of Army's Civilian Contractors Are No-Shows In Iraq

It’s Time to Open Up - End the Guantanamo Bay Secrecy

Persuaders or Partisans

Radio Daze (Why Conservative Talk Radio Works)

Earth to Lieberman: Get Real

Dean under the microscope (Des Moines Register Op Ed)

U S News--"The Dr. Is In -- In Your Face!"

John Nichols: Democrats see Mr. Right as Mr. Wrong

Bumbling Bush may have given Osama an open goal

For Democrats, Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong (The Nation)

Molly Ivins: The excavation of deception

Bush's 5-pound weight gain 'is all muscle,' White House says

The Jesus blame battle - Altercation:

Hunter S. Thompson: The nation's capital

Bush's oil move backfires

A Hastings Law Professor and former Ca SC Justice agrees with me RE: DAVIS

Blair does not understand history

Greens, grow up and vote Democratic

here are some links you might enjoy

Voting Machine update...

NYC volunteers wanted - Thursday gore Spech @ NYU // Draft Gore

Investigate US Motive for Invading Iraq! (petition)

Two thumbs up for two left feet - Broadway

Stewart, ‘Daily Show’ at top of their game/ (Hillary on Aug. 14)

President criticizes self while emulating Dennis Kucinich

Daily U.S. Casualties

Here She Comes

Need a link- the US troops taking hostages story.

I Hate Republicans, because they’re greedy, stupid, short-sighted fucks

Gnawing the ideogram of nothingness

We need a real debate over gay marriage

Free Trade Reaches Haiti, Destroys Lives

Planned Job cut announcements up 43%-jobless recovery continues

ECONOMY COMING BACK: Dow drops 150 pts, 43% increase in planned layoffs


Jobless Recovery?

IRS to Ask Low-Income Families for Proof

An Environmental Version of the Hippocratic Oath

Project begins for revival of (part of) the Aral Sea

It’s prime time for the Red Planet - in 60,000

Patagonian Temperatures Warmest In 400 Years - Glacial Melt Accelerating

Five reported killed in Jakarta hotel blast....

Chinese dissident jailed

Bomb Rips Through Indonesia Hotel, Kills 14

Let's get busy on lobbying for screening colonoscopy coverage.

3 More D.C. Homicides Add to Deadly Week

NYRA Racing Officials Meet With Prosecutors

The truth about polygraphs

Texas close behind N.J. for dangerous schools

Good thing anti's never misrepresent themselves, unlike john lott!

Or, how about one from NYC? 6 Shot During Weekend

Another DC story: Gangs Suspected In Latest Shooting

Will there be a way

General Discussion Forum

How to get to the gallery?

Helloooooo mods.......

Can I say something like

Can people's avatars be changed to tombstones?

security alert.

welcome to DU!!!

How about pegging 1 thread for each candidate in Politics

Deleted Messages

Which DB does this site use and how many indices do the GD...

The July Peace Index: Support for the fence, and for the hudna

Press in Conflict / Railing at the fence - it's a palpable success

Israel says agents break up possible Palestinian

It is time now to invade Israel

Sharon-Abbas meeting canceled as sides trade barbs

A fence to make good neighbors

.. Sharon is now threatened by investigations

U.S. Lawmakers Tour Israel on Peace Trip

Counterpunch: Orientalism 25 Years Later

ADL criticizes law denying citizenship to Palestinians who marry Israelis

Bush Authorizes $26 Million for Palestinian Refugees

Bush’s WMD Flimflams

Compare and Contrast - Kerry v. Dean on Today Show

Kerry, Poindexter, North, Noriega, Reagan, Bush, Weld

What is the point of Meet Ups??

This Is Post #1000!!!

Dean's Son Resolves Vt. Burglary Charge

Ga: Andrew Young may run for Senate in '04!!!

Best Possible Democratic Pres/VP Tickets in 2004

PA Democrat announces U.S. Senate bid (Specter's Seat)

"The Peace Candidate" video

Dean on the Today Show

Kerry/Dean or Dean/Kerry

All in favor of having an issues/record thread for each candidate pegged

Are the anti-Kerry brigade actually pawns of Nixon and the GOP?

Election law violation in MD...

:Teamsters' local backs Kerry; Health care union to air ads in :

Anyone concerned if the DNC/DLC tries to nominate Lieberman?

Labor sources: Steelworkers to endorse Gephardt

Chicago Teamsters' local backs Kerry

Senator Bob Graham's Workday # 390

Dean polls higher in Iowa union households.

I turned on CNBC and there is Dean

On Sunday...Dean Meetup was at 70,000...

When you think about it, Larry King really scored a coup last night . . .

Primary election day in Mississippi...

Panetta for CA Gov.

Another thing Dean does well in the age of the media ho: self-labeling

What do you think of this idea:

Kucinich on C-SPAN

Lieberman: A Study in Illogic

Kerry Wrote The Book On Fighting Terrorism

Kerry Rings True On Southern Values of Honor, Duty, and Service

What's your opinion on the Green Party?


Family Values or Valueing Families?

Even a Faux news poll says that defense isn't the biggest issue.

Grey Davis Should Resign

Booze Bash Brew-haha : Cops once called to ex-ABCC boss' home

So all the people who think Gore didn't fight, think Davis should quit

Did anyone see the screeching Scarborough tonight screech about Dean?

Will Vermont hurt Dean?

all these 'tapes' have GOT to be phony

I'm starting to give up hope...

Can we lose in 04 if we win Florida?

US forces arrest 56 Sit-In protesters

Tomorrow Evening on C-SPAN -- all nine candidates !

((((AUDIO)))) of When Democracy Failed - The Warnings ((Listen))

Can Bush win if Ken Lay is not in jail?

I cannot stand the midwest, it's killing me.

Nixon was framed

anyone catch Ambassador Wilson on C-Span last night?

Dean seems to get to decide what a democrat being a democrat is

Haven't seen before - What is your sexual orientation?

Democrats should unite behind Davis, and not be self-serving opportunist

What the hell is Lieberman's strategy?

PUKE! Wolfowitz on Charlie Rose: Iraqis throwing flowers to the US

Help for Pakistan's acid attack victims

When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

The Gay Marriage Trap

Dean says he will support the Democrat who wins the nomination...

Your thoughts on - CANDIDATE BASHING!

A haiku for the next POTUS

new Savage Weiner sponsor Verbal Advantage

I did an amazing thing today--

New Dean Convert....

An Ode to Dennis Kucinich

Vets (and friends of vets): Read this and get mad

Multiculturalism at its finest

how did Savage Weiner turn from a hippie quack doctor to a hate radio host

When are the first primaries?

How many candidates will be on the ballot in CA

Could you live without your music?

Mickey Mouse could beat George W Bush because...

An Excellent Point Someone Made About Howard Dean

did talk radio or hate radio save the AM band?

A View From The Road.....

tell Cocoon Nutrition to stop supporting Savage Weiner!!!!!!


Polls on support for the war taken before the war.

Alexander Haig has a funny memory!!!!!!!!!

So Witch Magazine Should I Buy With Howard Dean On The Cover. Time

Who is Robert David Steele?

Marriage Is a SACRED Institution... really, it is... REALLY!

Anyone in NYC going to the Gore/MoveOn Speech Thursday?

Remember the outsider, Jimmy Carter ?

Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and scapegoating.

Gov't Won't Release Terror Financing List

With Howard Dean, I See Hope

Arianna is running?

Dean: A great Moderate leader.

What's up with this massive search for Saddam???

Rat [email protected] Liebermen has no chance!

Who are your "Heroes of Peace"?

Joseph Wilson and Panel

This Time It's Personal: Me, Gay Marriage, and Canada

Caller on Larry King gets in AWOL question

Need Help: Gay and Lesbian Hiring Discrimination Law

Hold me...I've discovered Kenneth Copeland...I'm scared!

Calling TruthIsAll, DemActivist,Punpirate,gbwarming,Bev Harris

Is a 3rd party vote "thrown away"? Different perspective.

OKAY! I've HAD IT! DU Traditionalists (if there are any) I'm Venting!

20 minutes of my life wasted, talking to Jennifer in Utah Elections Office

Let Iraqis Decide What to Privatize

REMINDER: All 9 candidates on CSPAN @ 8pm Eastern

Clinton is criticized by Repubs for working deals with North Korea & today

Letter From US Sgt Major To Senator Warner......what a read.

Will there be any Personal scandles regarding Bush in '04??

What does "CIC" mean?

Do you think Washington DC'rs get nervous when bush leaves town?

I Don't Want Clark to Run as a Republican

Something interesting I saw re: 2002 GA Gov race

Deaths from "pneumonia" in Iraq spread

Haliburton worker, American Civilian, killed in Iraq

Lieberman will not be the nominee, says Bill Press.

Why *exactly* did Gore say he was dropping out?

petition to recall Tom the exterminator DeLay !!!!!

The Democratic Weaselship Council

Newsweek on Dean:

Puzzles online. It's a sickness.

At the risk of posting too many vanity posts in GD, LOL

Another BBV article in WIRED: "Voting Suit Gains Momentum"

What if Clark ran for POTUS as a Repug? Think of the possibilities!!

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Tues --- Subject: Dean's Use of the Internet

DeM. hackers set to rig voting machine counts.

WHAT?! Ann Coulter outsells Hillary says Sean Hannity!Can't we call him on

Can anyone "prove" that PNAC is real?

I just finished Roger & Me

anti-American sentiment rising worldwide, Bush wants PR campaign

My respect for Episcopalians, including the opposition to Robinson...

Henry Waxman asking the tough questions

Liberal bias #344. Fatwell as "expert" on gay rights.

today's new Hannity spnsors

We lost momentum .... what happened....Ambass. CIA wife & task force.....

Look how someone wants to stop the recall!

In Case You Missed It: a Stunningly Great Assessment of Bush's Adm. By PK

English is my second language...

My GOD, how did I miss ...?!? FOX poll: Bush re-elect (OOPS! read down)

NYMEX crude oil is at $32.20 a barrel

Rev. Falwell: "Gene Robinson is not a man of God."

Is Lou Dobbs the only one to cover story on Alabama Chemical Weapons Burn?

DU this poll, President Bush's performance in handling economy

Barak Obama

Planned layoffs surge in July, report says

Patriot Act monitors your bank account?

Violence in pursuit of political ends is Evil

omg...Center for Cultural Conservatism...the new white sheeters?

Another angry white male convert (in Texas, no doubt)

Lieberman the DLC and the direction of the party

Hmm. Still not excited by any one candidate. (rambling)

Now they are saying the gay Bishop involved in porn/inapp. touching!

Will a $700 billion deficit wake America up?

Why I will always have a soft spot for Bob Dole

Questions for the economists

Will there be a replacement for VNS in 2004?

quote -"The generals love napalm" - commander of Marine Air Group 11

Duyba's 04 campaign slogan???

Who thinks this presidential season will be a Dem lovefest?

GOP Tricks Can Defeat Us...

This may seem "odd"--have we considered the Buchanan factor???

New Kerry Convert...

Too Funny...Old Falwell Quote On Science Fiction

So all the people who think Gore didn't fight, think Davis should quit

CNN commercial "Is Howard Dean too Powerful?"

If Graham is the candidate, can he take Florida?

Is al-Qaida a figment of someone's imagination?

Why is being anti-war a political liability?

Will Issa "try again" and attempt to recall Larry Flynt???

Democrats must stop taking "the high road"

One good argument for gay marriage.....

Is there such a thing as a "perfect" candidate?

Economic Armageddon?

A class act...

Dean, Newsweek and Live Talk

Death marches at double in Iraq but US public unaware

In '97 Cheney/Rummy suggested U.S. needed a catastrophic new Pearl Harbor

Voting Company Reverses Stand:Flawed software WAS used in Georgia

Why are Republicans the cause of all the worlds problems

Elections in India/Elections in California

Last election was decided by the Supreme Court

Wounded much higher than the official figures -- Guardian

Mommy, what is Quid Pro Quo?

Damn, Savage was making sense last night!

More information about Ann Coulter than you need to know

Muslim Comedienne Triumphs with Veiled Humor

Cognitive Dissonance with Media & DLC Types

Personal Life Attacks

Rummy is coming on...MSBSRNC Pentagon briefing

What happened to our pre-war intelligence?

Gay Priest charged has been cleared - Vote on this afternoon

Here is the Justice Policy Institute Study

Conservative Mangement Style vs. Liberal Management Style

Need help on 991/Hussein Connection to respond to a freeper

Tale of car buying

I will be SO PROUD of GW when he gets Saddam!!

Pol Pot's soldiers escape justice for genocide

JFK's epic Solomons swim -just TRY to picture Bush

Former Spy And Intelligence Reform Author Cheers Howard Dean's Larry King

Does anyone click sig line links here?

Does anyone else wonder why Shrub was cutting Air Marshalls while...

I am conflicted....

Who do they think they are, Democrats?

Does Leiberman REALLY believe this approach is best?

Do widows get less benefits from non-combat deaths?

CO Gov. Owens / Dems out of touch race-based admissions

Good news! There is aRLC (to our DLC)

Stars and Stripes Fly over Caspian Sea

Enlightened Imperialism

Joe Wilson on C-SPAN now

Anyone know the significance of the symbol on this guy's shirt?

a really lovely judge (not)

Wow, lots of leg room in this forum

“How the U.S. has mishandled the post-Sept. 11 detention process"

Walter Reed Hospital Overflowing?

Deleted message

Pumping Gas with Fritz Hollings

Remember the crown prince of Qatar on 60 Minutes? No more crown prince

Free Trade reaches Haiti, destroys lives.

Should the Assault Weapons Ban be renewed?

Is a 3rd party vote "thrown away"? Different perspective.

WInning Strategy - Bush too conservative for America

How many Doctors have been Presidents of USA?

observe the vulgar disheveled demeanor of Bush

The Republican Cancer of America is growing to critical Mass


Dean on Today

Al From: "The DLC has saved the Demo Party once...."

A child's questions about Iraq

Pat Robertson On War Tactics

Why no DNA test results on Saddams sons?

I wonder how many other people have noticed this connection?

Why do you like Dean when he says stuff like this?

Leon Panetta returns to the fray

Warning: This is not flame bait! Re: Clark....

A Stunningly Accurate Portryal of the Bush Administration by Paul Krugman

Johns Hopkins computer scientists weigh in on electronic black box voting.

Kerry Is Still Going To Win The Nomination (like it or not Dean folks)

'Marriage' has always been about property and entitlement.


In Defense of Terrorist Futures

Remind me never to read Orson Scott Card again

REPOST: Vets and friends of Vets -- read this and get mad

Winning Strategy - Bush to conservative for America

Holy Crap! Wingnuts Converting to Catholicism

A child's questions about Iraq

If a child can figure it out......

Is anybody here at DU anti-gay marriage?

Howard Dean's smile


August in Texas re: Shrubs' obsession with vacationing here

Kerry and Dean would be likely to lose in 2004

Charlie Daniels Is A Big Fat Reactionary

Anyone hear word on today's Episcopal vote yet?

To get started off on the right foot....

Larry Flynt ad parodies are fantastic

What's libertarianism exactly about?

Let's revisit the "R" situation, shall we?

How Do You Think This Dean Statement Will Play in the Southland??

Evolution vs. Creationism

NYT Editorial: Blood On Our Hands

Author of 'Shrub' memo resigns (Canadian Govt)

Dean says Democrats moving 'too far to the right'

Rumsfeld Cautious On Increasing Size of U.S. Military

GOP Senators Fled Texas in 1993 Vote

Dean: I Have Best Chance to Oust Bush

Judge orders Ten Commandments removed from courthouse

Ebay bans Dawson artist's controversial (anti-Bush deck of) 'cards'

U.S. Puts $1.14 Billion Price Tag on Restoring Iraqi Oil

Blast outside Marriot hotel in Indonesia kills four, radio says

Army to Delay Ala. Chemical Weapons Burn

Planned layoffs surge in July, report says

Voter Reward backers add retroactivity clause

US Troops Doling Out Vigilante Justice To Iraq Civilians

Bush Picks an Ex-Marine as Chief of Selective Service

US Treasury rejects senators' Saudi information demand

Officials confirm we used Napalm-like firebombs in Iraq

U.S. contractor is killed in Iraq

Poll Shows Gov. Bush's Popularity Drops Amid Malpractice Fight

Arabs snub US over Iraq troops

French teens welcomed in Philadelphia about-face

Private Military Companies Pursue the Peace Dividend

Scoop: Bev Harris: Voting Company Reverses Stand

Bush Letter to Congress on New ATOMAL Agreement Parties

Treasury losses widen, sale 'Dismal'

U.S. contractors more wary after Iraq death

Activists Target War Profiteers and "Corporate Looters" of Iraq

Dem Candidates Join in Support for Davis (All Nine)

INDO Paper: US Embassy Cancels 5 hrs before blast

Dean's Son Resolves Vt. Burglary Charge

Stocks Slide on Rising Interest Rates

Watchdog Reveals Effort to Gag Anti-Bush Causes

Taliban Are Resurfacing in Chaotic Afghanistan

Voters to decide key state, South Mississippi races (today)

Petition for Writ of Mandate Grey Davis v. Shelley

Sen. Levin, D-Mich.: Oil in Reserve Kept Prices High

Man arrested over tennis rival's death

Iraqi Shiite voices rise against U.S.

Hollings Set to Retire, Swipes at Bush

Lieberman rips Bush in attempt to woo Cubans

Treasury Rejects Senators' Saudi Demand (backs WH secrecy)

Gephardt Adds to Growing Union Support

Episcopal Church Ends Probe of Gay Bishop-Elect

Electronic voting may pose risks

IRS Program to Target Low-Income Earners

Polls force Democrats to think the unthinkable (Recall)

.. Sharon is now threatened by investigations

Chief of Staff Calls for Army Increase

Bishop Cleared of Allegations


Albright: Clinton invited N. Korean leader to D.C.

Atchison Casting, 12 Subsidiaries File Bankruptcy (1,300 More Jobs)

Putin warns of "chaos" if unilateralism becomes the norm in international

Job cut announcements up 43%

Iraqis Deny al-Qaida Fighting U.S. Troops (US propaganda)

ow Important Progrms tonight for those interested

USA's new money-saving export: White-collar jobs...

Democrats yet to fight redistricting suit’s move (Colo.)

State, local voting officials confident of machine security


Bar Bombed in Bali Reopens

Lieberman Advocates Smaller Government


Gays Ask U.N. For Equal Rights

Wash Post: Gore to give Anti-War Speech at NYU

In Google we trust

US Accused of Intimidation in Iraq Uranium Flap (Joe Wilson)

Larry Flynt announces bid for Calif. governor

'We don't feel like heroes anymore'

Iraqis (and US officers) Deny al-Qaida Fighting U.S. Troops

God Forbid - Marilyn Manson Coming to Seoul

Death marches at double in Iraq but US public unaware

U.N.: Iraq Needs $5 Billion from Donors for 2004

Former Spy And Intelligence Reform Author Cheers Howard Dean's Larry King

Reuters to shift core unit to India

Law of the road crumbles in Baghdad

Gov. Bush's approval rating slips

American Civilian Is Killed in Iraq

13 die in car bombing near Jakarta hotel...WHERE'S OSAMA!?!?!?!?

Arab Group Won't Recognize Iraqi Council

Chiluba's $29m headache - Zambia - Pat Robertson's Christian model

Willie Nelson is On the Road Again for Kucinich in Iowa

Aids tests for 25 000 teachers - SA

Guerrillas Wound Two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Attack

Labor Groups Buoy Davis

Eight thousand petty criminals to get early parole - SA

Egypt seeks to control imams' sermons

Taylor will be 'gone by Monday'

How To Sell A War

MDC denies dropping case against Mugabe - Zimbabwe

GOP-based group admits to election violation

New shopping mall popular - with criminals - SA

US Aids researcher mugged on way to talk - SA

Top Durban lawyer rides to Zuma's rescue - multi-billion arms deal bribe

Coca-Cola, Pepsi selling pesticide-laced soft drinks in India: claim

SA govt under fire over ineffectual Aids policies

Japan: N Korea is top threat

Suspect was cleared by police (Gitmo detainee)

Lawmakers fault State of the Union claim about emission cuts

U.S. accused of intimidation in Iraq uranium flap (MSNBC)

Two different attacks

7 Wounded in SE (DC) In Drive-by Attack

Iraqi Shiite voices rise against U.S.

Japan: N Korea is top threat

S. Dakota governor retracts honor for G. Gordon Liddy

Dem announces U.S. Senate bid; sets up costly Pa. primary

[Alabama 10Commandments] Moore: Federal court lacks authority

Breakfast before the Austin rally on Saturday...

Help, Need MORE help on my screenplay!

Right-Wing Musicians?

Hey everyone. I just got out of prison

Sexiest Newsperson

I've lost 125 pounds Leno to get 'Queer Eye' makeover

What songs/musical pieces send shivers down your spine?

Who is the Sexiest Woman in Politics??

Who is the hottest guy on the forum?

job advice?


1968: My 100 Favorite Records

"Harbinger of Gloom" Posting again "Traditional Vs. Virtual Colonoscopies"

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow's it or hate it?

Are like Bush lovers the oddest thing

spot the Republican #2

Who do they think they are, Democrats?

I need directions PLEASE!

Canceresque Conservatives are threatening America

Puzzles online. It's a sickness.

secrets! Please Post!

Tell Me Why Your State Is Better Than My State?

Tribute to Character Assassin on 4000 posts (belatedly)

Car Experts - Synthetic or Regular Motor Oil?

Will Pitt was in my dream last night.......

Scariest Documentary - HBO's America Undercover - Crank: Made in America

The Odd Couple of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Who said it, who did it? #2

Please welcome our newest member -- "I Love Bush"

Ex-Nirvana Members Follow Different Paths

Hey! Keep those CAPTIONS where I can see 'em

Happy Birthday Mom Moose

A major diffence between Liberals and Conservatives....

Oohh boy, big Job interview is tommorow!

Okay...I want to hear crazy wedding stories!

Are there any good Germans in politics

Flame me if you wish but GW is not that bad.

RENO 911... Possibly The Funniest TV Show This Summer

Are You As Ticklish As I Am?

Just tried surfing for the first time

I hearby nominate ronnykmarshall for California governor...

Anyone else have mutant mosquitoes this year?

The thug-life of all CAPTIONS!!

President criticizes self while emulating Dennis Kucinich


Are you smart?

Hypnotoad For President 2004

The official Krispy Kreme Vs. Dunkin Donuts poll

Why Should GD Have All The Fun? I Declare A Lounge FLAME WAR!


"Stupid White Men" - out since 2/2002 and #23 on the bestseller list

I saw the most AMAZING booty today

Are We "Earthlings" Or What?

Hooray For Me!

Police Hunt Naked Hiker

Britons not fat enough, Krispy Kreme at Harrods

So to all you Buckeye fans... How is Maurice Clarett doing?

my fingernail is growing back nicely

Did they hose this place down with WD-40?

Fmr. Pres. Carter to be Tried for Peace Crimes

Any california folks here running for governor?

I sold my house! I sold my house! It closed today

I'm in NO mood!

I am getting thin

How long should a TV series remain on the air?

Clowns In My Coffee, Hold Me Closer Tony Danza, And Other Misheard Lyrics

Here's a little word game for ya


My 1,000 post

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This...

Dean drops out of race, endorses Trafficant

Shouldn't fiscal conservative Republicans love Larry Flynt as a candidate?

My New Bumper Sticker

Small engine repair and hypertestosteronism

Not Another W.W.J.D. bumpersticker...

With Sen. Fritz Holling's Likely Retirement Can Dems. Keep the Seat in SC?

Help me battle the Evil Empire

Boston DU Gathering on 8/16

Mini-Me set to marry 6 footer

The 20 Worst Figures In American History

Do Brides blush anymore?

Life truly, truly, truly stinks and my shrink can't even help me

Hey Californians! Let's all run for GOV!!!!!

Geometry help... 3d rectangle

If much to in a hurry!!!

God Forbid - Marilyn Manson Coming to Seoul

Help. I'm at work and I can't keep my eyes open.

Potential Onion headline...

that new Adult Swim show Blue Gender is pretty great

So what Anime are you watching right now

Small Geocities Derby

So when do I get to sue? (just kidding?)

Advertising/Publishing/Design Professionals, Sign In Please!

Has anyone here ever read

Larry Flint calls for Day of Prayer!! ( LMAO!!)

Do film companies remember pre- 1970's?

I'll admit it. I am a liberal who hates America.

Scorsese & DiCaprio to tackle the sci-fi epic series HYPERION?!?!?!?

Tale of car buying

just popped in to show off my shiny new star

Least Romantic Movie Moment - What's your favorite?

Need Help:My Dog died a year ago today & need help w/an inscription

Sigur Ros / Godspeed You Black Emporer.....any fans?

Who said it, who did it? #1

Flamebait in the night..exchanging lances

So where is the gallery these days?

My car has A/C again - ALL HAIL THE GREAT GOD FREON!

Nasty Decision to make possibly coming.....


Dave Lettermen is the KING of Late Night!

Thread for songs lyrics so bad, George W. could have written 'em...

Just... disturbing. (Warning: possible freakout pic)

"Hot Child in the City": How the hell was this sung by a GUY?!?!?!

Would you steal a grape? (Annoying commentary on NPR)

Hope you laugh at this Bush joke

OMG!!! Norm Coleman of all people says something almost intelligible...

any python programmers out here?

OH GOD NO!!! The Humanity!!!!! Oh Lord why must you torment me?

Latest Government Job Postings

If interested, new "Passion" footage...

Linux OKed for Use on Mission Critical Computers

Why a good Priest covers their face at sensistive moments (joke)

Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Campaign Slogans

You have not experienced hell and frustration.....

FReeps mentioned in Newsweek

Mid-Morning Dan

You have no scars on your face and you cannot handle pressure

New Dean Slogan...Kick their Ass

So is Gigli the Ishtar of this generation?

Most hateful TV character in prime time

My midlife crisis officially starts in 2 minutes

J-Lo's Ass to Secede From The Union - ROFLMAO!!!

Soundgarden / Audioslave / Chris Cornell lovefest thread

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

Baby Got Pat(ois)

Anyone read "Sleeping With the Devil"

The Scarlet Pimpernel smites the Savage Weiner

Turn to Headline News NOW!

Introducing Bush Administration "Sweet Deals Trail Mix"

Saw the movie "WhaleRider" - AMAZING!!!

Favorite People (not what you may think)

Why would ALGoreSupportCenter have a link to Bush/Cheney

I saw two freepers today

It's the freakin middle of the night & my a/c is broken. Ask me anything!

I'm Getting Messenger Spam

Any John Fahey fans here?

Favorite repetitive GD thread theme

Anyone ever see 'The Honeymoon Killers'?

1969: My 100 Favorite Records

Pray for Bill O'Reilly Tues Aug 5 12:45 pm

Masters of the Obvious

I Just Bought A Tricolour Lapel Pin