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Archives: August 31, 2003

The Infamous 2001 Premiere Article – Arnold the Barbarian

NY Times Front Page Says Dems Worried/Campaign daunting

Dowd: Who's Losing Iraq?

Clark gets the Joseph Wilson treatment

Friedman: Policy Lobotomy Needed (Actually a decent column from Tom)

Sorry, Dr. Rice, postwar Germany was nothing like Iraq.

American History - Books

Bee Problem - Swarming

Question - definition of paragraphs when posting articles

why was my post removed

FLYING HIGH (Sleepless Summer Tour) | The Stranger (Seattle)

As fall political season looms, Dean leads Democratic pack vs. vulnerable

Say something nice about another candidate thread...


I love Senator Kennedy

Can anybody find me the text of Dean's speech at Bryant Park?

Dennis and change, or the DLC?

legal precedence and limited liability companies

Anyone heard from Sweet Jesus Zombie?

English teachers/professors/grammarians...

Judge Hoyt (Enron case) is a nutcase.

Chaos reigns in Iraq...

does anyone know...

After the California Recall Vote - Recall the Recall

Clinton Narrates Wolf-Friendly Peter and the Wolf

Wondered what anyone would bet Shrub or * would say concerning the

Al Franken 1# on New York Times best seller list ...................

Here's a great idea for a Bush AWOL doll; you'll make a fortune.

Question about the Dagger (+) in the NYtimes Best Seller's list

Anybody else watching the Bullsh^t on CNN (Mazar al Sharif)?

Why the USA (or Israel) will not attack Iraq or North Korea

what do you call someone who's been convicted of manslaughter?


"Dean's Cooking with Grease"- D. Brazile

Just watched Bowling For Columbine....

Karl Rove has got to be nervous...

Wesley Clark is progressive by way of the military meritocracy

The greatest Dubya picture ever!!!!!!

Raising the level of Debate and Discussion

Faux Has Been Flogging the BUSTAMANTE/MEChA Thing

On a positive note...

Deleted message

Interesting New Trend With Bush

Just met a Vet I haven't seen in 25 years...

TBTM Radio #8 Live NOW!

Software Engineering methods should be applied to legal practice

Should Green/Nader apologists be considered DINOs?

Newsweek & MSNBC: Bush Action Figure Recalled

Bush pals hired to rewrite Iraqi law

FARC captive (Ingrid Betancourt) makes video appeal to president

From Barrio to Contender for Governor

Arrests Made in Mosque Bombing

Iraqi Council Makes Security Demands

Rehnquist May Be Key for Campaign Finance

Voting Machine Controversy – Diebold CEO committed to delivering Bush vote

Iraqi Shiites mourn slain leader as fresh violence erupts

U.S., Iraqis consider forming large militia-report (Plan-B)

Bombing at Iraqi Shrine Appears Carefully Planned

NYT: Worried Democrats See Daunting '04 Hurdles

Concern Growing as Families Bypass 9/11 Victims' Fund

Officials Probe Bizarre Pa. Bank Robbery (BOMB strapped to body!))

Movie Review: Extreme Prejudice

Question for the DUers who are FOR the recall: (this is not a flame)

Buckeyes, baby....Buckeyes

CBS's "In The News"

Has anybody been to Guildford?

Creed?!?!?! What the heck was I thinking?

Anyone heard from Sweet Jesus Zombie?

A gentle reminder (Picture)

Pick an album!

Alastair Campbell has caught it! He has caught . . .

I am a thread killa

Marriott victimizes young girl and boy

I am SO happy I did not attend services this morning!

So I need feedback on this project I'm thinking of embarking upon

Life kicks me in the kishkas again...

at the county fair ... neoconservatives and cotton candy!

Top 10 reasons why I procrastinate...

I've been to paradise

the latest projects of Don Wildmon

Husky Fans?

Oh no...:(...

Go ahead and hate your neighbor....

Hey, Buckeyes!

"Your Boogers Can Travel Faster Than Some Cars"

† { (o ).(o ) } ASCII ART!!!

9 out of 10 kinky sex perverts agree: the Grotto rocks!

Outdoor Education

English teachers/professors/grammarians...

Slim Pickens is commemorated

Bookends is the best album ever... Flame away!

Are you the Judean People's Front?

For now on her name is Ann Coulter(+)

what kind of dog does * look like?

Firesign Theater

favorite quotes I have many but this is my new favorite

Favorite Beach Boys tune? (Part 2: 1965-1966)

My wife is painting the room while I sit on my butt reading DU...

I just watched Chicago on DVD - this movie won an Oscar???!!!!

O.K. How about bass players and drummers

Follow Up Post: Did anyone ever locate "Lion of the Desert" and watch it?

So is Idlewild any good?

Here's a movie every DUer ought to see:

Mother Theresa...

Tooting my own here -- Protest report featured on IndyMedia

The Princess Diana memorial thread

The OTHER War.. environmental issues

Mr. Bush and the Flag

Condi's Phony History

California's tax myths

Editorial Cartoon: Iraq Update (Ventura Co. Star)

Air pollution equipment company suffers under Bush -- oh, the irony

TIME: Confessions of a Terrorist - (Interrogators used sodium pentathol)

Zubaydah: Pakistan and Saudi Arabia knew about 911 in advance

OMG, new from Eric Blumrich. WATCH THIS!! (Flash)

John Logan: Firms, consultants work to undercut union rights

Bush's Southern Problem (Is the South slipping from their grasp?)

Still Time to Avoid Failure - Can Bush Admit Iraq Mistakes?

Great Horsey cartoon this morning

Clark campaigns for anti-war vote on the BBC

Niman: The New American Coup

Folks, I don't have the balls to do it.

Red Cross Says Blood Supplies Very Low


is anyone watching Cspan Sun morn?

I've been inspired to make a new button

The Rush Limbaugh Victims Letter - Rebuttal Needed

Has anyone here ever attended the New Yorker fest?

Franken on Letterman

Astrologers Say Saturn May Sink Bush in 2004

Astrology Discussion: Looking for an "objective critique" of Richard Nolle

The World Bank and the whistleblower

'Digital rift is slowing global development'

Greespan say's he doesn't know what he's doing, Trust me

(Moqtada) Al Sadr warns Turkey not to send troops to Iraq (+others)

Newsweek Praises Turkey for Its Fight Against Terror (+Kurdish rebuttal)

Do you depend on sound science?

Problems I have with HR 2038

Experts Disagree on Effectiveness of Anti-Gun Tools

An RKBA Victory in Wisconsin

In Tennessee, another RKBA victory

Fearful residents lock, load

A question regarding "Editorials and other Articles" postings:

Question about 'security certificates'

Is running my campaign considered spam?

Why can't I reply on AWD's campaign post

Military Site Certificate Notification popping up on this Post on DU...

where can I ask for help with ,my debate project?

Once The Eventual Nominee Is Chosen

Can someone direct me to the "Meeting Room" archives for DU-2?

I never accused anyone of being a troller

EarlG, leftofthedial: You both lie

the top black line at the top of the forum has "grown"

FYI Got star; still can't search old DU archives

Palestinian schoolgirl shot dead

French ambassador to Israel calls Sharon a punk (UK)

AWD online fundraiser starts Monday at 5pm

Where does Dean stand

Hillary "Absolutely Ruling It Out"

The Line about Bush should be..

Even Bush is trying to be Dean-Lite! You gotta read

Gov. Howard Dean - Walpole, NH pictures...

PA Senate Primary Candidate Posts Trade Position Paper to his Blog

Some freepers are getting nervous about Dean

Attention: all candidates for President of the US

WASHINGTON — By tradition, Labor Day is the political starting gun

Dean's Stump Speech from Seattle...from a Tennessee news site

Cspan's coverage of the Sleepless Summer Tour

Howard Dean reflects on Sleepless Summer Tour

Edwards' Foreign Policy Agenda

Edwards' Foreign Policy Address At CSIS

"The role of government is making life a little more fair."

Gore National Meetup Conference Monday Night!

If Senator Hillary joins the race would you change candidates.

The BEST Economic Program that none of the Candidates are Proposing

Economic Focus Helps Kerry

Dean Defense Forces: Lobbing E-mail at the Enemy

AWD campaign fundraiser starts tomorrow!

New Dean meme? "Dean the Rockstar"

I have no doubt that Kerry possesses courage....

Tomorrow's coverage of Kerry on MTP will focus on what he said

Holy Crap! Dean gets a crowd of 1200 in Walpole, NH!

Kerry on Meet The Press S-W-I-N-G

Why I am not for any candidate as of yet

No MTP thread here? Well there is now....

Did Kerry really say this in 1992? If so, he's a hypocrite.

Howard Dean: the Progressive Anti-War Candidate?

Kerry Rips Bush For Lack Of Leadership

Reason #1601 Why You Should Vote for Carol Moseley Braun

Kerry On Fiscal Discipline

Edwards Speech on Education

Few Democratic Voters are Paying Attention. Lieberman & Gephardt leading.

How do I find out?

Dean rally on C-SPAN right now.

Peace Goups, Unity Reached for National Demo, Oct. 25!

Alastair Campbell has caught it! He has caught . . .

Oh no...:(...

Arnuld flash movie (not for his fans)

The Peace Pretzel says, "Bite Me, Bush!"

Just Bought BOTH Conason's & Franken's Book: Outer Banks Reading!

Your taxpayer's dollars at work: Bush* crushes Iraqi trade union.

Has anyone seen the Sunday Talkie Round-Up Thread?

AL Gov. Bob Riley- A Democrat trapped in a Republican's Body?

Can hackers kill the intenet?

Do you want Hillary Clinton or Al Gore to join the 2004 presidential race?

I have a question about Bustamonte, our potential "default" governor

Want to bet that this year this will be the case

The Rising Voice of the People is Everywhere...not just in the U.S.

Amber Alert - for a child abduction case - They are going to terrify us

wow, rancho de chimpy really was a big-time hog farm

Would you support a Drafted Candidate, if nominated?

Why don't they love us?

Dr. Bob on how good it is in Iraq

Death Toll 08/27 - 08/30/03

A simple question about the Bush "fighter pilot" action figure....

Better Than Segway Stumble: Bush Drops Dog!

Voter Machine Controversy

Candidate Forums---Exhausting, and a Pain in the

The fruits of Dick Cheneys tenure.

Soaked At the Pump

So if Dean Wins the Nomination

So what ya gonna do if you're W?

kerry kicks ass on mtw for the 3rd time

GOP Outsourcing Fundraising

Where is Scott Speicher?

It's Daniel Shorr's 87th birthday today

It Takes A Village

After watching "MTP" and "This Week," I've decided DU is Smarter!

Fucking George Will

The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Exploit the Lord Thy God

What happened to America?: A review of the rise of fascism to power

Hold on to your hats. One thing we know for sure

Quote of the Day

great latin political satire site

Counting the Bodies.... more media deception

Hey AWD - This in your neighborhood?

consider this: disruptors change the subject

Doonesbury does it again: Quagmire

"A vulgar name involving a whistle" - WaPo gets it:

Whistle-ass administration is PERSONALLY responsible for surging gas price

Politicians: Talking heads - does anyone tell the truth?

Typical Conservative Idiocy

George Will wants to split Iraq like Yugoslavia. (on This Week)

The ONLY Reason Bush Is and Remains in Power

Gulf War I vets sue 11 companies and 33 banks

Wolfie's Late Edition Sunday Poll - Looking Good

America falls out of love with Bush - UK graphic

There is no way in hell a CEO is worth what they are being compensated

Whats "REALLY" behind Deans secret sealed records? Answer here!

Chris Matthews can't hide his envy of Dean and Kerry

Told layoff was "totally arbitrary"

Cartoons... for DUers who can't get any decent ones on their newspapers

2 More US soldiers dead: Afghanistan

The Asterisk

Want to know more about Murdoch?

Early Hints of Iraq RETREAT?

Fasten your seatbelts Dean supporters, were in for a long bumpy ride

I thought this deserved it's own posting-Phil Ochs song

Which one will it be Kerry/Dean or Dean/Kerry

Chaos Reigns As Saddam's Plan Unfolds/article re: Iraq bomb/interesting

Why is David Dreier working so hard for Arnold?

Kucinich supports a smaller defense this problematic ?

Trump this argument, we need practice.

I need that freeper picture of the guy carrying the "moran" sign....

Need some!

Sunday is deadline for national Do Not Call Registry (easy & fast)

an essay on Cuba

Administration adding insult to injury

Is cutting overtime pay an attempt to "create" jobs?

Schools chief: Parents have raised worst generation yet

Bush Exudes 'President Casual' (Fox Praises Presidential Testosterone)

Bustamante was pretty hot on Face The Nation

Why do so many pundits think the economy is not going to be

REALLY bizzare PA bank robbery editor on Radio Show tonight!

If Dean wins the primary, how should he campaign in the general?

Janklow accident reports, and more

If only these candidates were running for President...

Right now - CNN, MSNBC: Iraq, Fox: "Pizza Bomber Man" (with graphic video)

Some lies are more equal than others

New book: Losing Bin Laden by Richard Miniter....

this cartoon is RIGHT ON! pass it around!!

Bush's vacation marred...that really upsets me!

It's amazing how things can change in 4 months

Congrats Newsguy! on 1000 Posts! Woohoo

Not secret, but you can't see them...even if you're a Loyola law professor

6:30 PM ET CSPAN -- Road to WH --- DEAN'S "Sleepless Summer Tour"

I need Some help ...I'm a builder.

So why does Bush still have a big likelihood of winning still?

Congratulate Kansas City on its new Domestic Partner Registry f

Blame the Right Wing of the Democratic Party if Bush* 'wins' in 2004

Richer societies have LONGER VACATIONS than poorer ones do.

The Ludlow Massacre

Important question for Dean supporters

The General on the Edge (Newsweek Article About Clark) ad campaign.......

Springsteen plugged Al Franken's book Saturday night

Are there any public numbers on soldier reenlistment?

Why did the terrorists hit the Pentagon ??

CNN spanks Faux (sort of anyway)

Loyalty Day/By the President of the United States of America

Uh Oh. Here Comes Bin Laden Again.

a spot-on This Modern World

Interesting talk with a wingnut neighbor today at the store...

Had Kerry opposed the Iraqi War...

The truth is our leaders will always betray us.

Schwarzenegger chicken shit to debate

The "other" bubble will soon burst..

BBV : Question for researchers

work over time at wallmart ?

Speculation on Bush's 04 Campaign ...

Yahoo! reports a poll that 2/3 of Democrats can't name a candidate

Deleted message

Better "Meet The Press" Performance: Dean or Kerry?

Dean: Kerry weak on defense, wants to raise everyone's taxes.

We are the Nazis, not the good guys in Iraq...

Need your help for a speech tomorrow! "Guy James"

Labor Day Rally at the Richfield City Hall to Protest Bush

John Kerry on Meet the Press NOW!!

which media pundit do you dislike the most?

I don't think we should remain in Iraq

Over 37,000 Civilians Reported Dead in Iraq

Anyone watching 60 Minutes reporting on what caused the Iraq mass graves?

A. Coulter said soldiers in Iraq are "getting their hair mussed."

9/11--Crime or Act of War?

Drudge links to Diebold story!

Since we're having yet another Deanapalooza today on DU...

"Classified" Spending Too?

The voting age

PA Helmet Law is repealed

Best Dean article I've read. Some (pleasant?) surprises.

eugenics has a new philosophy...Genetic Freedom Philosophical

ever think of moving to another country?

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

Chris Matthews is gay. Today gushing about Dean's "muscular arms"

Kerry got nowhere near the central truths about Iraq on MTP today

Deleted message

Has anyone else seen this BULLSHIT?! *grrr*

Invisible Ink -- American calls Canada, asks for asylum (KALW 91.7 -SF)

The Brutal Blunt Truth: The War on Terrorism Is The Race War Some People

BBV: Who owns David Dill's website?

Documents: Boeing lobbied for tanker deal

Bush returns from Texas vacation to deal with Iraq, economy

Ex-Houston Principal Punished Over Data

Khatami Denounces Double-Standard Policy Toward Nuclear Technology

Candidates Tiptoe Into D.C. Primary

Canada Identifies 19 Terror Arrestees

The OTHER War.. environmental issues

Families seek answers about soldiers’ deaths (Army Times)

Iraqis seeking three bomb-laden cars in Najaf

Hundreds of thousands mourn assassinated cleric

U.S. Jets Bomb Taliban Positions Anew

Senators Press Bush to Outline Iraq Costs

EU will continue talking to Arafat, Solana tells Israel

Saudi fighters cross border to kill 'infidels'

Revealed: How Dr David Kelly set out case for war

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Professor charged with killing baby daughter dies in custody

US forces kill six Iraqis near Kirkuk

Feds urge overturn of Calif. air law

Politics Spoil Grammy Party for Cuba's Musicians

Asbestos Bill Struggling on Capitol Hill

Shiites show determined new face at Hakim funeral march

[Straw casts new doubt on WMD hunt] Dr. David Kelly

Bogus Iraqi defectors may have duped Allied spies

Sanctions may follow North Korea's abandonment of talks

War Criminals Hire War Criminals To Hunt Down War Criminals

Slain Iraqi cleric slammed U.S. security policy

FBI Asked to Probe Deadly Iraq Blast

Palestinian schoolgirl shot dead

United Farm Workers Back Bustamante at Rally

Cruise ship forced to skip Nfld. stop

GOP surges in campaign money race

Bush says tax cuts have revived U.S. economy

Schwarzenegger declines to debate

Saudi Crackdown Encourages Iraq Jihad, Clerics Say

Lawyers Group Proposes Reforms for United Nations (HQ Moved From US)

UK inquiry on Iraq to hear from scientist's widow

Janklow had another close call at same intersection as deadly collision

French vision of Iraq future goes beyond U.S. view

Saudi Crackdown Encourages Iraq Jihad, Clerics Say

Dean moves to end the Democratic family feud (with Terry McAuliffe)

Funeral Planned for Last WTC Firefighter

Vacation Over, Bush Will Hit the Road to Talk Jobs

Japan, China, S Korea to jointly develop Windows replacement

US says CO2 is not a pollutant

U.S. drug and immigration probes suffer after vendor stops selling Latin A

US-Iraqi indecision follows blast-Bremer absent; no one seems to have plan

Israeli Defense Minister Threatens Gaza Invasion

Iraqis' Rage at Boiling Point

Flake, Gorbachev to attend meeting on Cuba policy

Few Paying Mind to Democratic Candidates

Dossier 'nothing to do with reality' - weapons chief

CNN Breaking: Two US soldiers killed in fighting in Afghanistan

Kerry, Lieberman Both Take Shots at Dean

Top-secret 9-11 conf. call may shed new light on Bush's shoot-down order

Bush to Mark Labor Day With Union Workers

Diana: Al Fayed 'wants truth'

'Human shields' face heavy penalties

Exclusive: ‘We Were Not Told to Lie’ About 9/11 and Health

Texas gas prices near record high for Labor Day

AFL-CIO Unveils a Union with a Difference

Suspect 'surprised' by effect of net virus

While I Was Out And About On Saturday I Saw A Woman Who Looked

2004 epliogue what happens to so and so

Rodger Waters 'Wall' concert

good news from my vet list

Will Pitt becomes the topic of discussion at local B. Dalton's

Sharon Osbourne and Arianna Huffington never in the same place

Help......I'm stuck in a Peter Gabriel Listening Loop!!!

Anyone know why the posting time is 4 hrs. off?

ih8thegop -2, Will Pitt 6

Firms sending their techies to Hacker's Camp


Under-DUB-ya? spit take warning

my best friends cancer is back

Taking LSAT

I'm back

Just finished watching Chicago, ask me anything...

Are you a masochist? Lookin' for trubble?

Retired union member?

Whew!!!!! Jitterbug was scared

I heard soldiers at a bar tonight..

Revenge or Defense?

Do you chew on your pen?

Defining "Politically Correct"...

Tech Help Plz!...DVD Ripper/Burner for Mac OS X?

Are You Gay

Funny e-mail I got regarding Arnold's big mouth and how it'll cost him

does anyone's cable TV or internet go out during rain?


Scientists highlight fish 'intelligence'

SUV: Stupidly Uncontrolled Vehicle...

Your worst job EVER?

I just saw a great movie, ask twenty questions of anything

Alex Jones: Nutjob, or OK guy?

Here's my naked lady story from work on Wednesday/Thursday

Anyone have the photo of Jr with the flags?

Sunday funnies ain't

Does the "God" in my user name offend anybody here?

Favorite Beach Boys song? (Part 3: 1967-1988)

?????"Where is the Love" Song W/ ???? marks ... on MTV pre show

Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

Open this thread with good humour - please

Cows with Guns

I'm at college!!

I love William Pitt...why is he starting to sound like O'Really

The first post...which asked...are you a DEMOCRAT or a troller has

Go with the flow or fight the good fight?

Bush - He just doesn't get it

Anyone remember soul singer Joe Simon?

I feel so stupid...

What kind of spiders invaded your home?

A cure for brain cancer (ie, having horrible songs stuck in your head)

New name for DU after '04?

NOW we're in big trouble...

AAARRGGHHHH! Red Sox are blowing it again! Against the Yanks!

Can't sleep...

And I thought I couldnt feel any better about DK now I feel better

Who is your favorite Coll. football player that doesn't play on your team?

Taking large objects out of photographs (with pictures!)

How many times do I have to wash this f***ing bath towel b4 I can use it??

Mottled sunshine, Anthony Adverse in Africa and

SLight snag in marinara adventure

Flash Fun For The Kids

Attention: As of today, that is now this, and this is now that

OSU thread - Buckeyes are 2-0 already

Harshest Rejection Ever?

USA DUers...who is your favourite CFL team!!!!!?????

Caption: Dubya Screws the Pooch

Something I wish still was around...

How many here defected from the Republican ranks during the * admin?

Saved by the Bell: high school vs. college

Dear Sexy Knickers,

Mrs. Dash (the salt substitute)

as a Straight Male, I MUST make the following statement.......

Rabbi delivers anti worker pro employer sermon to honor Labor Day

Any car stereo nuts in the Lounge today?

Can hackers kill the intenet?

Woohoo! NY takes BoSox down!

Could Somebody point me to a Forum for Mac, Tech, DVD copying Q&A's


omg I am near 10,000 posts

Any car people here? Hondas in particular?

Is Beer bad for cats?

"I see every movie that (fill in the blank) stars in"

Anyone know what I can do now that I've passed the Sprachpraxispruefung?

OMG, I nearly bought a Star Trek book today!

Favorite song by Jackie Wilson?

Congrats Newsguy! on 1000 Posts! Woohoo

Okay, imagine a new Bond film: What's the WORST name you can think of?

anyone have a worse inbox than me?

Don't miss this rerun on C-Span2 tonight: Franken & O'Reilly

OK, so what was your BEST job?

My latest possible alternative career: Librarian?

Tigers lose 100th, John drops to 0-6

Did y'all know we have new smilies?

Who is the funniest person on DU?

ATTENTION: Central Texas DUers.....

Okay folks round three - me versus marinara sauce

Hi everybody!

Hey guys I'm brand New :)

Yikes.. My son & his fiancee were just in a car accident..

Leaving for vacation....

Best Jazz trio ever?

What would you do if you were Barney the Dog?

The next White House occupant: A Fair and Balanced Poll...

upstate New York DUers please check in