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Archives: August 30, 2003

NYT Magazine Mario Cuomo Interview: Recall Ballad

America Two Years After 9/11-25 things we now know

Anyone see Greta interview Susan McDougal on Fox News?

Gardening - Trees

Ivory Coast army officers detained over coup

UN takes Del Ponte off war crimes probe

Dubya and gun control.

Time for a tombstone

Another new member

Is there an expiration date for little gold stars?

Is it possible to post without your sig?

Still No star

Propped-up stooge walks a tightrope on road map to nowhere

Recall of Nevada Governor

KERRY's Got a New Website

Bush's Campaign Song...for those that haven't seen it....

AnnThrax Fan

Bush Aerobics...something fun

Did anyone happen to see O'Reilly being a dink last night?

Get your god damn 10 commandments away from me.

Maybe It's Nothing,

Campaignline: Bustamante & Arnold In Dead Heat

Freeper saying Howard Dean seeks cats for pets and kills them - LIES!!!

does anyone know if W has called

Feature piece on Shiite leader al-Hakim killed in the bombing today


Bush's Media Barbecue: No Grilling

How is everyone going to mark the "second year anniversary" of Sept 11????

WTF - right wing night on Bill Maher?

What the hell is Biden doing???????

Fox news logic ridiculed again

Barf!!!! Its (Dennis ) Miller Time on Hannity and Stooge!!!!

North Korean missile found in Alaska?

Help me out!

Honor those who labor unnoticed - Excellent op/ed piece

Creative Writing—or Criminal Act? Kid's fiction leads to inquisition

How many American deaths are worth it to not have Saddam back in power?

Lockheed Martin to Pay $38 Million for Overbilling Air Force

If anyone was piloting one of the first "post Sept 11 2001" airline

Ahmed Chalabi Crash-Course Links

Look at the talent we have here at DU. I started a thread "would you want

Carl Levin says strategic petroleum reserve to blame for high gas prices?

"If my 1st choice doesn't win the nomination, I'll..."

8/29 Real Time Thread

The Civil War in Iraq has started...Duh!

Jeez, Leno is being a real prick...(yes I'm watching for some reason)

Does the local news in your area do this?

Is this liberation? ((sorry folks, i'm angry again))

Does John Kerry deserve to invoke RFK?

Was Castro such a bad guy?

Bush's Campaign Song...for those that haven't seen it....

Voting machine head committed to helping Bush win

HEY! Where's my tax rebate check?

Which GOP President is the most worthless?


Massachusetts congressman adds to call for probe into gas prices

U.N. to Further Reduce Staff in Iraq (90% are leaving)

MI5 'probed BBC report'

NYT: Death and Hesitation in Iraq (Bremer is on vacation!)

CNN Reporting: Fox Cameraman Smuggled 5 Paintings from Saddam Palace Out

Scores of Freed Mink Feed on Farm Animals

Bush*s Media Barbeque: No Grilling

Poll: Public Worry About Iraq Growing, Most Want U.N. to Take Lead Role

Bush broadens global gag rule on abortion, denies aid to some overseas gro

Dean Invites More Scrutiny by Switching Key Stances

Bush Administration: Carbon Dioxide Not a Pollutant


So I ran over a cat in Ulthar today.

Can someone give me the thread...

New Charlie Brown special on at 9 pm EST, ABC

"Bridezilla" arrest video

Favorite song by Fats Domino?

Humorous Whistle-Ass photo collection

Favorite (or most hated) glib-ism

Favorite song by the Dave Clark 5?

Hey Hokie Fans! Are you ready to lose to UCF tomorrow?

I just realized...700posts...anyone care...?

One of lifes little pleasures...

Are you a visual, tactile or verbal person?

Informal poll. Which one's hotter, Britney or Christina?

Anyone feel like chatting? (AIM)

Wanna see the design for my campaign webpage??

Looking for former members of Faux News message board

We are Chickenhawks

The one, the only, the movie Mash is playing on Fox Movie Channel

Is there any way...

Welcome our newest member.....

Spiderman is not gay. Not gay at all. Nothing gay about that guy. Nope.

Nothing makes me puke more than seeing George Walker Bush top right

Who wants to play rock 'n' roll detective?

Ch-ch-ch CHIA!!

Yo MTV , wanna shock us? Try this instead:

I want out of the 700 club, ask me anything..

Bringing out the Magic 8 Ball. Ask me anything.

Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal!

Help me through listening to the Hannity (Dennis Miller) rebroadcast

Police department changes website domain name, pornography ensues.

LF causeing trouble again!!!!!hehe!

Okay. folks, I was never meant to be a capitalist boss. Here is the

Who's the most liberal Brady of the Bunch?

Just bought and watched Bowling for Columbine

Most Under-rated Art Rock Group of All Time

The useless foreign words thread!

Roaches in South Florida

What is your unsung talent?


Waiting for a call from a possible date, how long before I give up?

does anyone else get turned on by that little spanky-dude?

Charging for water at fast food restaurants.

I'm free, Thank God I'm free! 800 posts

Labor Day, from the people who brought you the Weekend

Favorite Beatles album?

Domo arigato - back in the Grotto!

Let's analyze that MTV kiss, shall we?

New license plate: Defeat W

I don't think I can handle this

Anyone else here ever wrestled?

WARNING! Gross-out alert!

Tell me please that Florida will get better

Jokes about Schwarzenegger and California election

I met SocialDemocrat1981 today!

Getting into my PJ's!

Favorite Children's Books of All Time?

Wickedest thing you have ever done on a job?

Democrats Should Immediately Co-Opt the Nash Equlibrium

Salon: Would You Let Your Sister Vote for This Man? (rude, crude, Arnold)

Socialist Equality Party statement on the California recall election

Craig Kilborn: My Couch Is Too Small for 135 Candidates

Rules Change Protects Unethical Judges (Roy Moore)

War Criminals Hire War Criminals To Hunt Down War Criminals

Exploring the roots of radicalism

The Port Authority Transcripts

The Mendacity Index: Which POTUS Told the Biggest Lies?

An open letter to Tom Ridge.

Spouse, two children of soldier dead

Talk-Radio Poison Depends On Listeners

The other CEO's - Corporate Ethics Officers...doing the RIGHT thing.

My Anti-Bill Bennett Letter Got Published!!

William Rivers Pitt: "How to Start a War in Iraq"

WP: King: "I was the skunk at the party."

New issue of Newtopia - "Populism"

Why Tony Blair must resign.

anti-globalization movements: goals and strategies

Petition to save the sacred area of Pipestone from amusement park

IMPORTANT issue concerning Target Corporation and a call to action

TWO, Count 'em TWO... SF\Bay Area Marches !!! 9\28 & 10\25 - Info Here:

if anyone here does listen to hate radio or watch faux news

CNN...What's your stance...?

The Loneliness of Noam Chomsky

Origins of telephone industry terms

Inscription Discovery Links Jerusalem Tomb to Jesus

supressed immunity and child's immunizations question

Movies for Democrats: Weekend edition

Can astrologers here help me?

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/30/2003

Cult of the Shuttle

"Deep Shield" and chemtrails

Cambodian ruling party can't govern alone

Egypt antiwar protesters face sedition trial

Five Indian soldiers wounded in Kashmir gun battle

"Mosque bombing rocks quest for Iraq stability" (+others)

Kurdish party accuses Turkey of shelling border town

U.S. Counter-Insurgency School Targeted (WHISC or SOA)

Occupied Iraq Will Never Know Peace

Dagestan: Controversial Opposition Figure Killed

Turkey’s flirtation with ‘tribes’ (Iraq)

Musharraf's army breaking ranks

Korea: The hexagon of uncertainty

About Cuba

State bounty hunters get to keep guns


Happy Viewing, Gun Huggers

You Damn Gun Huggers

(Aussie) Company, (NJ) Institute (of Tech.) Sign Smart Gun Deal

UK: Gun crime on the rise

I've got a bookmark from 1969

So, all Ann Coulter needs is a good fuck, huh?

Freeper on all morning

I really looked for the answer to my question but I couldn't find it...

I just found two names on my ignore list that I didn't put there

I see our newest member is Scott Huminski

Is this ok?

Yo, Skinner:

Austin gathering date change!

Unable to access archives from May and June of this year.

Is there an expiration date for little gold stars?

Gunmen Kill Settler in West Bank as Israelis Raid Gaza

Recent Israeli strikes against militants in the Gaza Strip

Missile strike kills 2 Hamas militants

Collective Self-Deception: The Most Common Mistakes of Israelis

Eastman Pentagon Thread: Part 2

Howard Dean to visit fan in Millington


Local attorney speaks of Dean

All of 'us'

AP: Dean Moves to Lead Democrats Against Bush

Edwards statement on deficits...

Dean's Freshman year roommate supports him for president.

New Petition...Democrats Against Dean...

Free Fall- TNR on Kerry/Dean

A Kerry poem I wrote

As fall political season looms, Dean leads Democratic pack

What are the candidates waiting for?

Dean – Truth and Consequences

Kennedy: Dean's Hot, Kerry's The One

How Dem Beltway Insiders are using Clark against Dean to Boost Kerry...

What The Candidates Did BEFORE Becoming Politicians

Kerry preps to re-launch run for White House

What do you think your candidate needs to improve?

Is this the next *meme*? Equating Dean with McCarthy?

In Middle Of Road, Lieberman Hits Bumps

Very critical Washington Post article tomorrow about Dean

Kucinich supporters this is the moment no not the video

Schumer Says Dean Needs Foreign Policy Plan

Pennsylvania-The Congressional Lifesaver of 2004?

Dade County

Yahoo's Headlines don't exactly scream "I Heart Chimpy!"

aHahaha!!! Newsmax scrubs Arnold's gay marriage quote.

US workers to lose time and a half for overtime

first, our occupation would "drain the swamp", now they

Google cache of alleged Blaster variant worm author's website

Time and Newsweek

Sherrif proposes fingerprinting people who buy things.

A Powerful Well Written and Lucid Argument. What do you think?

How lethal weapons were made harmless

Question to DU's atheists: what issues are important to you (UPDATED)?

DCF lawyer says he's not an extremist (Ahhh Florida)

Hey, let's recall California

BBC News: World cheap drugs go-ahead

Why did the US so often raise their terrorists?

Is this what happened to Dubya's brain after the pretzel biz?

Which president told the biggest whoppers?

Arnie's hate groups connections (ongoing)

Making signs today - I'll send your message to *

question for supply sergeants: regarding supplies in Iraq...

YEEHAA I was on C-SPAN!!!

"US Occupation", Does anyone really think things can

Wesley Clark will do the following on Bill Maher this Friday:

I want patents that'll provide me unlimited income

if anyone here does listen to hate radio or watch faux news

McCarthyism Watch

Greg Palast: The Grinch That Stole Labor Day (overtime bites the dust)

U.S. funding denied for Bush buddy's natural gas project in Peru

We need to focus on taking Congress then we can impeach the bastards

Uncle Sam wants patriotic Freepers NOW!!!

FBI catches teenage"Worm" hacker, ignores REPUKE voting machine hackers

Arnie's hate groups connections (ongoing)

It's the economy, stupid!

Dem. Presidential hopefuls & the Clintons:" California Here I Come!"

IMPORTANT issue concerning Target Corporation and a call to action

"The Guy James Show" invites you to call in today.

Jeb hires another creep - to run Dept. of Children & Families

Did I piss a few pukes off tonite or what?

Let us pray....

Has anyone seen Capturing the Friedmans?

About Impeaching Georgie Boy! Here's my take on the...

Same trajectory as the USSR?

Like NAFTA? Then you'll love the FTAA!

Have photos of Al Gore and need $$?

Bush's chef falls for French TV gag

DC 9/11 Trailer on Showtime Website

Money Troubles

Is Arnold ready to drop out and give the race to McClintock?

Wounded, Weary And Disappeared

OSP changes name back to Northern Gulf Affairs Office

argh, what to do

I wish I could draw.

To my fellow DUers and our wonderful handsome and/or beautiful mods ...

Theoretical question:

I have some questions that concern kengineer's post on Max/Min wage.

All nine candidates should stay in.

What will it take for Bush to be impeached?

WTF!?! Is this true?

Najaf Bombing: Iraqi Police Deny Foreign Role

At home With Adolph...Hitler that is

What is it with the number 19 and terrorists?

Dirty Industry - Logical but Totally Insane/leaked memo-Laurence Summers

What Dean needs to do in the general election to appeal to swing voters

Handy key to understanding Dem Presidential candidate-inspired anger

Case against 19 terrorists unraveling....How reliable is this source?

Serious Question...

I have an Idea about the Military...

Tom Clancy fans?

Need help constructing list . . .

19 percent of female cadets victims of sexual assault...

Wow! All US Phone Call Records And Billing Done In Israel

O'Dell/Diebold/Ohio - look what O'Dell said

"We work nearly NINE WEEKS per year more than Europeans do"

Lies and liars by Al Franken

C-Span Bush getting off the plane - Did anyone else see this?

Official Guy James Show thread-----please keep kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Hillary won't and shouldn't run

Which Candidate Is The Most Liberal On Economic Issues

Proof that dogs hate Bush!!

Bush's crony capitalism

How many countries have larger minimum wages than our $5.15 an hour?

David Dill & Rebecca Mercuri discussion re: BBV...

Question for the DUers who are FOR the recall: (this is not a flame)

Time to end patent rights and intellectual property rights

Bush radio address: was that really Bush?

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/30/2003

Franken spanks O'Really

Arnold’s Sexual Recall - Jerry Falwell must really love this guy?

"The troops signed on the dotted line. They knew it wouldn't be pretty"

Is Hillary Running or Not?

CA Green candidate Camejo's economic plan

Bush's Labor Day TRIFECTA: Re-Election Concerns? Not for Bush!

Why is an Austrian citizen eligible to run for public office in the US?

Alcohol is a WMD

If Bush were to stay in four more years....

Kerry blew it today playing guitar on MSNBC

* Is At 55% In CBS Poll-I Have A Problem With Gallup

John Kerry on Meet The Press Tomorrow

Did Democratic Party follow DU's strategy in 2002 elections ?

Freeper worried about losing pension

Deleted message

They just cannot get it right to save themselves! Check out CPA logo.

Shevardnadze Allows Americans to Cut off Half Country's Electricity

Letter from Michael Moore on Labor Day!

Bush unelectable by 2004?

Next time, you TIA-bashers, bring YOUR own model into my thread, OK?

Vote On Your Opinion of Liberalism as Defined By This Song & Then Respond

BBV Alert: Great minds needed now

HELP: Here is my Union speech. Please vet for me.

My tomfoolery at the fair (Diebold)

Crazy, Possibly Brilliant PR Idea

Minimum wage AND maximum's about time!

How can this be brought out in political terms?

Breaking: Bush approval ratings on Rebound, because...

Why do we equate money with success?

"The Republicans will never give up their voting machines.."

Should the Cuban embargo be lifted?

How to recognize a fighting democrat when you see one.

It's not about policies anymore

could this be the explanation for chemtrails?

Abortion as a wedge

Ya Say Ya Wanna Revolution??? --- Nor Cal DUers, Get Ready To March !!!

Iraq for sale on Ebay

U.S. Says It Detained Al-Qaida Operative in Iraq

2 Die When Russian Nuclear Submarine Sinks

California businesses announce $10 million trade pact with Cuba

WTO Settles Drug Pact for Poor Nations

Marine General Censured Over Premature Award of Star

Holiday Drivers See Record-High Gas Rates

Afghan soldiers take mountain peaks

Taliban Surrounded as Afghan Clashes Go On

Arnie's hate groups connections (ongoing)

Putin appeals to UN to end violence in Iraq

EU Envoy Warns Iran (about snap inspections)

Al-Qaida link to Iraq blast reported (MSNRC)

Deal Gives Canadian Inuit Large Territory (Calling it Nunatsiavut)

The Port Authority Transcripts

North Korea breaks off nuclear talks

IAEA conference to discuss Israeli nukes for first time

FBI Says Teen Put Worm on Internet (More info in)

Ashcroft to Defend Ban on Some Abortion Protests

Shiite suspends membership of Iraqi council over Najaf outrage

Russia denies N Korean threat of nuclear test

Burma promises free elections

US Decree Strips Thousands of Their Jobs (in Iraq)

Missile strike kills 2 Hamas militants

Trade splits Bush, GOP lawmakers

Russian Nuke Sub Sinks in Barents, 9 Feared Dead

Four Arrested Over Najaf Bombing

Is Hillary Running or Not?

Turks pressing U.S. to combat Kurdish rebels

Case of 19 terrorists unravelling - Canada

(Oregon) Antitax referendum filing starts clock | Oregonian

N Korea raises nuclear stakes

Holiday Drivers See Record-High Gas Rates (Another record for Junior)

Lieberman attacks Leavitt-Norton deal | Salt Lake Tribune

Initials put on Inuit land claim (creates Nunatsiavut territory) | CBC

Burma promises free elections | BBC

Calls for vengeance as Iraq's Shias mourn their dead (UK Independent)

Pakistan plans buying F-16s: Report | Times of India

Uganda seeks Italy support on Sudan (rebel groups) | Monitor (Kampala)

Meet Black Diamond, Woman Fighter In Liberia's War

S. Dakota Rep. Janklow Has No Plans to Resign (After Manslaughter 2 Chgs)

Russia pledges to raise nuclear sub | BBC

Cars and trucks now outnumber drivers

Just in time for Labor Day: Tropical Storm Grace forms in Gulf

Federal regulators seek to clear utilities

Money Flowing Past Loopholes in Recall Race

(Georgia) State flag flap stirs dust in Iraq | Atlanta J-C

Bush faces rising concern over Iraq, deficit (AP)

J. P. Morgan Selected to Run New Trade Bank in Iraq

Saboteurs cut key Iraqi oil pipeline to Turkey as anti-US attacks continue

Nukes will ‘likely’ be found: Ashcroft

Provinces (BC, Alberta, Quebec) file three same-sex notices

Eurofile: Chirac wants to get out of Brussels straitjacket

Bustamante rakes in $500,000 from tribe | S F Chronicle

Schwarzenegger Language-Advocacy Link Is Criticized

Bush Salutes Workers on Labor Day Weekend

Spanish PM Aznar refuses torture extradition

Blair plans new 'Ministry of Truth' for the post-spin era

Hundreds of Slaves Freed in Brazil

Novartis Pulls Lamisil TV Ad After FDA Complaint

Religious Group to Schwarzenegger: 'Come Clean'

Democrats eye Cuban-American vote

Mr. Ordinary Could Eclipse Schwarzenegger in Calif.

Worland WY to allow evolution (and creation) teaching | Billings Gazette

Moussaoui Granted Access to Witnesses

Bush drops Barney

Israel 'would bomb Iran nuclear plant'

Anyone else getting tired of signing those release of info forms whenever

OK I'm sick of bad news..I'm going out

Film Noir...Filmclips online?....Anybody?

Do You Ever Think About DU When You Are Not On This Site. I Do.

Midnight at the oasis

Holy SHIT! I just searched my name on Yahoo and found I've been published!

Most liberal Griffin (Family Guy)

Favorite Replacements Album?????

Pat Benatar's New CD: "Go"

My old HORRIBLE high school football team won 43-6 tonight!!!!

Has anyone here got caught

We people of Hawaii must of been sinning, masticating an all, cuz

Ashcroft's Patriot Act Summer Tour

Dean vs. Bush

Is there a techie in the house that could help me to decipher a computer

I'm a bad girl!

Dark days for political cartoonists

Fever: How high is dangerous?

Most likely to be a Democrat member of Mama's Family?

BREAKING****UNDENIABLE Proof that God exists

Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq

Hey, let's recall California

Snatch Squad: history, culture and power of female genitalia

There's something about the English language...

I've been a bad, bad girl...

9:09 Poetry Thread

College football gets started for real tomorrow!

Any good anti-popup programs?

photography contest - legal issues?

Lizards in Florida

In schneer in schnoff da boggley

German brothel sponsors women's soccer team

Letterman: If It Ain't A Retirement Show, It seems like it

Anyone out there know how to tie dye?

Attn: Western PA DUers...

You Are The King Of The World

Energy Efficiency and saving Energy - How do you do it?

I need to get away from DU

I'm going to Las Vegas!!!!!

Good Morning Ladies And Gents. I Hope You All Have A Safe Holliday.

I'm on holiday!!!!

jiacinto now that you are in Florida better damn well be careful of......

The Blood-Bangle Banner

Favorite TV Channels

roaches, palmetto or water bugs?

Mrs Matcom Should Forever Refer To Matcom As "My-Lord" (with accent)

Free at Last! No more 700 club!

What is up with Illinois new uniforms?

B&W or color?

Movies for Democrats is back!

heard a good one on Arnold

It's Harley Weekend in Milwaukee!!!!!!!!!!

William Rivers Pitt in NC !!!!

blue six

If you could meet one DUer, who would that be?

Got my DU bumpersticker today!!!

Gawd, this is funny!! A Saturday laugh....

Discovery Channel - The Dumbing Down of America

hotels to avoid in Cincinnati

we need something like this for hate radio advertisers

Okay, one thing about the "KISS"


Sometimes I feel like an utter technophobe....HELP!!

GAWD, I love Florida!

Tongihts, "what the fuck was that about?" thread

Mr. Matcom should refer to his wife as

Why there are no baby planes;

ooo new news...I get to talk to a classroom about journalism!

Fun comic

toilet paper poll

Guess who I served this weekend?

jiacinto now that your in florida be careful of

"How many of you are glad Proletariat is gone?"

How often do you check your own profile to see how many posts you have?

Popping Bubble Wrap

argh, what to do

Name that sociologist?

Best Gladys Knight Song

A good name for a new puppy?

Favorite Swedish Pop Group With A Four-Letter Palindrome For Their Name

"Ketchup" or "catsup?"

i'll tell you why i like mick

Hey Mods...Avatar suggestions?

I love U2

In roughly 1/2 Hour The SPANKING #2 Sox vs. Yanks Begins!

Is there anything on the planet (outside of the whitehouse)

Saddam's WMD finally found!

Hi DU!

Religious group tells Schwarzenegger to cu... I mean, ... come clean

Evangelist's 'Miracle Water' Reportedly Contaminated -Fined $200

Yippie, he called back!!!!!!!!

Alright movies!!!! What are some of your new additions?

funny video

New stereo, speakers, and Warren Zevon's "The Wind"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO........................

Favorite Chipmunks song?

Another laughable Article from the uber-bimbo Ann Coulter

French Onion Soup

Which DUers live in small towns?

Just watched the 100 yr Harley Davidson Parade

Barf alert BS (bumper sticker)

If you didn't like Katherine Harris now, watch this!!!! Excellent stuff!

If you were a porn star what would your name be?

I am going to hop in my car with the camera

I'm experimenting with the Opera internet browser...

Charles Dickens is overrated

Madonna And Britney: A Lesbian Rants.

I don't like stereotypical hippies

Where is the old DU?

Favorite Beach Boys tune? (Part 1: 1962-1964)

WilliamPitt 1, GabysPoppy 0

Your Latest Minor Accomplishment?

Video of my cats

Favorite local non-famous brand

So which really did come first

Is there any place to gamble in Miami?

I'm listening to "No New York".--ask me anything.

Are you UNION? Who's who at DU:

Why is it that some RAs suck?

Favorite local non-famous band

Any Dental People on this board?

Favorite Al Green song?

See the show that started it all -- Al spanks O'Really


Bow Down to Washington, they will beat Ohio St.

Favorite Buddy Holly song?

Really, truly bad puns.

CAPTION the economic slump

Let's give some of our DU youngsters some recognition

CAPTION the lipless languid loser

Who wants to meet me at Doobies in Philly for drinks sometime this Sept?

Flame Me If You Must... But I Love "Little House On The Prairie"

Who Is The Most Famous Person Your Hometown Has Ever Produced?