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Moore's monument / Attacking the vehicle of freedom

Bush is a Liar

Key US hawk (Perle) admits Iraq blunder

Salon: Baghdad's Shame – Babies dying daily of treatable diseases

Naomi Klein - "Bush's War Goes Global"

Revolution Revisited (Cuba)

How Can Intelligent Citizens Support George W. Bush?

Neil Bush's Girlfriend divorcing husband!! Family Values Alert?

Hardball tonight

So, has Tweety issued his on-air apology to Conason yet?

Enter Dubya's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board

Amendments to block Ten Commandments & Pledge decisions

Soothsayers see doom, gloom in closeness of Mars

A Bissel Yidish...

Just what is the difference...

The tussle over overtime - Oracle

China's investment fever too high

Whats the chance?

PLEASE move all the candidate insult threads

Hi Elad! I've looked for this "bug" report and see no one else

Join KerryCore now and help raise money through your own website

This why kerry will win

President vs. Candidate?

Kerry: Candidate for Commander in Chief

A Reminder To People Who Doubt Kerry's Itch For A Real Campaign Dogfight

On Dean's record

What Dems who supported Bush invasion of Iraq should say...

I don't normally post Freeper threads

Did I hallucinate this ABC story?

America and Iraq: Fatal Attraction (Polls)

How many states are having fiscal problems?

Have you ever wondered...

today's list of hate radio sponsors, more coming later

It's time to raise taxes and embrace tough love

Now We Know What Shock and Awe Was Really About

The cool thing about Dean

Ahhh, I Love the Smell of Burning Repuke Ass in the Morning..............

Finally, a report on Condi, Rummy, and Kerry at the VFW.

Did you know there was a plot to kill Nixon--using a PLANE as a flying

What is running the different campaign websites...

Dean's Gun Law Position Problem!

Does bush love Iraqis more than Americans?

Whoa! BUZZFLASH really hits hard

a REAL class act, that Ahhhnold, i'll tell ya

Which Democratic candidate is most likely to beat W in 2004?

Be prepared Duers

Updated candidate political compass.

Poll:Is Dean really the one that can beat Bush?

I'm fiscally challenged. Would someone PLEASE explain to me why

CBS- hunger in America

Weekly Standard v. Buzzflash ...some very POWERFUL stuff.

The end is near....

PLEASEHELP - need to know what this is called -

Wow! What is going on with Florida elections? The FEC is busy fining.

This guy I met at a party sent this to me today.....

Fox claims a Gallup poll to be released Tomorrow shows 59% * approval

Let’s play “Name that Drug!”




Does Howard Dean need a massage therapist?

If you're going to post demented anti-candidate screeds...

"A couple of tacos short of a combo plate"--can you top that?

Top Ten Things to Do With Judge Moore's Ten Commandment Rock:

A little inspiration: tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the March on

Waco: Rules Of Engagement ** STARTING NOW encoreTrue

Kucinich taking on the Electronic Vote Rigging Scam?? HOORAY!!

Dennis Kucinich, this liberal won't ever forget what you have given us..

A good idea for Judge Moore's courthouse

Deleted message

So, if you were portfolio manager for Cheney's blind trust,

"Once you start paying taxes, you'll vote Republican" - my nieces teacher

Query...Do you think Michael Moore would do a lecture for

60 minutes on now, Veterans in food lines

Al-Azhar: Iraq council - “illegitimate”

Did I hallucinate this ABC story?

Commandments Removed From Court

Remains 'Belonged to woman' - mother killed by IRA in 1977 found?

Bush Pushes Retroactive Enron Escape Legislation

Iraqi Fisherman Says He Caught Americans

Lawyers Seek Source of Leaks (Wen Ho Lee case)

Cab Drivers to Assist Atlanta Police

U.S. Weighs American-Led U.N. Iraq Force

Bush clears way for $500 million Iraq export plan

SA's 148 rapes a day

More blasts in India

WP: Debate Lingers As Monument Is Removed From View

Schwarzenegger Lays Out Opinions on Abortion, Drugs, Gays, Other Topics

Amid Tensions, Saudi Envoy Meets Bush Father, Cheney

3,000 agents to guard Bush's life

Halliburton's Deals Greater than Thought

All equal under God, but submission for women?

Bush: Fedl Pay Raises Over 2% Would Jeopardize Terror War

Conservatives in Nevada want to recall their Rep. Governor Kenny Guinn

Hey Catpower2000

Tip: Don't steal a car with no brake fluid and get in a high speed chase

New McChicken sandwich advert at mcdonalds

A Bissel Yidish

I think I know the perfect theme song for my workers memorial idea

Okay. It's Official. There's a War on

If anybody watched the trek franchise in the saga's chronological order

Now THAT'S Fractal Art!

Johnny Cash "Hurt" Video--Looking for link

3 days into my new diet!

Is my AP Euro teacher a freeper?

phew I thought I would never get back online

A Call For Help!

I want to go to SXSW in March. What do I do?

ok red sox fans..

My geology professor is a deadringer for DICK CHENEY!

At what age did you lose your virginity?

Oh no. Now she tells me she's allergic to my cat

I need to know if I'm being screwed

I don't normally post Freeper threads

Anthem for a Whistle Ass

I'm a horrible hippie! (organic vegetables)

Now she wants my cat and furniture gone

Favorite Ambient/mellow instrumental groups or cds?

Another trek movie, says Michael Dorn?

The Grotto - Hump Day edition

If you could pick any person throughout US history be prez in 2004....

Favorite Skinner

If I held my arms open................................

Are you registered to vote?

Being Black at Bob Jones U

Who do you pick for the Prez? Take a quiz.

Herbert: The Kids Left Behind (by Whistle-Ass)

Falwell: The Commandments Are Removed. What Now?

First the decision, then the dossier

No Child Left Behind?

Charles Kennedy: The court of public opinion will judge Tony Blair

Schwarzenegger's Sex Talk

Republican Chickenhawk Quagmire

NEED YOUR HELP! What repubs said when troops in the field.

Naomi Klein: A deadly franchise

Moore's Law: The immorality of the Ten Commandments. (Hitchens)

Arnold Not Only Has a Bone In His Head

Falwell: The Commandments Are Removed. What Now

Hilarous New Mark Fiore Cartoon (Flash)

Wash Post: editorial: New Plan for Iraq

(Cuba)Revolution revisited-(sucessful combat poverty, disease, illiteracy)

Revolution revisited(Cuba)

How George W. Bush won the 2004 presidential election

Our military hospitals so full, they're putting the wounded in hotels

" To understand how rapidly the situation(economic) is deteriorating,..."

Clintonesque Dean seizes the moment

Dean takes presidential campaigns into new era

Richard Perle: UN Administration of Iraq is a "bad idea"

Quite an editorial!

Poll:World Net Daily 44% say Bush handling conflict well

The Public's Outrage and Against Bush Adminstratios 9/11 Cover-up Grows

Molly Ivins: Bush's labor play

Troubletown: Liberal Talk Radio Would Need to be Entertaining!

Ann Coulter's Latest

Kucinich campaigns Pittsburgh for health care reform

A frantically spinning White House

Fox Insiders Consider Franken Lawsuit a "Public Relations Train Wreck"

Activists to commemorate I Have a Dream speech in Kings hometown stuck at 970,000


The lunatics have taken over the asylum - African media, well documented

USA Today, brought to you by Faux News

Just Say NO - survival tactic for the left

Al Franken. Taking on the right-wing media

new Hannity sponsors

The horns of a dilemma--help!


August 27th (My B-Day) Came and Went and I'm Okay!

Liberals and progressives

So Am I Leo or Cancer?

fun with numbers

Lesbian Singer Janis Ian Weds

ABC examines 'I Have a Dream' speech

Suit Keeps Heat On UPS

letter on children's swimsuits

Text of 'I Have a Dream' speech

On religion

Schwarzenegger won't back gay marriage

Halliburton, Bechtel Win More Iraq Deals

IMF warns US on deficit

Strong Dollar?

NO increase in Jobs or Profits - But GDP grew 3.1% per Reuters

George Bush: Deficit Reducer? (BIRNBAUM ON WASHINGTON )

Are we working smarter — or harder? darker side of U.S. productivity

Brutal tragedy ends storied tale

Judge Limits Navy's Use Of Sonar

Secret of silk may have been solved

High-seas chase raises profile of endangered fish

Linux gains ground on aging Unix

Bush Under Fire for CO2 Climate Threat Downgrade

Sugar venture not so sweet - Kruger National Park

I told you so, says Richard Calland - political funding sources - SA

They just don't learn - Iran - great report!

Zimbabwe's fuel price up by 500%

Assassins-to-be detained in Côte d'Ivoire

Uncovering the truth - Buenos Aires torture and murder

Mugabe palace hints at plans to stay - Zimbabwe

Clinic Helps Youngsters Get to Class

Canada's drugs `dangerous' .....U.S. agency warns California

Added Benefits To Mammograms

The Other Side Of The Safe-Sex Message

Exchange Students Abused In U.S.

Colleges tackle music piracy

School policy regarding child/doctor appointment absences. (Q & Rant)

Schwarzenegger supports closing gun-show loophole in California

The Amazingly Dishonest Professor Amar

No star. I know you are busy but it has been a week. I used a credit

My message was deleted

You have a code problem on the main page

Press release--copyright issues

Is there someway to set up a section that keeps items that should be

Athiest/Religion threads should be treated like I/P threads

So what's the offical respected way to talk about religion?

Will Being Angry get you banned?

Post graphic...

Threads are SO much prettier, organized and easy to review!


Hamas dismisses Arafat call to declare new ceasefire

Arafat upstages Abbas the road map just died. What happens now to...

Israeli Army Unit Enters Gaza After Rocket Strike

PNA security forces act to prevent military actions: official

The False Holocaust - The Greatest Lies Funded By The Zionists.

Palestinians Freeze Islamic Charity Funds.

Hamas Rocket Hits Major Israeli City for First Time

Israeli helicopter destroys donkey cart

Office equipment prolonged 9/11 fire

Why is the Iraqi Resistence called "terrorists?"

The Democrats' war.... or Why you can't be BushLite...

Help get into the KerryCore Hall of Fame

Georgia DINOs Ponder the Senate race.

What if bush allows the UN to fully handle the Iraq mess?

Hartford Courant: August 28, 2003 Caucus -- SLEEPLESS BY THE NUMBERS

Dean Was A Triangulator Before Clinton

Looking like Dean has some pretty strong labor support

Iowa Labor Activists to Run Ads for Dean

Dean and Cuba - asking for information

GOP incumbent in Pa in tight race with Dem

Dean's Statement on......the March on Washington

NWPC: Proud Endorsement of Braun

Texas Democratic Party To Sponsor 2003 Campaign Camp Training Program

The conservatives are getting mighty scared of Dean...the war is ON! lol

Another Hillary article

Why we all should help get AWD elected!!!!

The case against the case against the case for Dean...

Kerry's Official Announcement

A Heaping Smorgasbord of Democrats

Kucinich changes focus of campaign from Iowa to NH

Liberal Oasis: Can Anyone Stop Dean?

Dean working hard for unions and workers rights...

PA Senate Candidate Crystle Blogs on Iraq and Preemptive Military Action

Kerry Nails An Interview On NPR

Kerry Is All Over TV Today (Thu 8/28/03) And Sunday

Costs, Coverage, and Kids: Kerry's Simple And Right Health Care

great Kucinich video

Minorities await Dr. Dean's house call

A very bad reason not to support Dean

Hillary/Clark 2004?

Why Shouldn't I like John Edwards

Clark likely to run

Can We Stop the Madness of Settling for Less?

Bush vacation stats ...

Heard this on the CBC

How reliable is this guy as a source?

Canadian DUers: Counter-Protest this organization on Sept. 7th...

Having argument with mom, Someone help me.

It's a CEO's life.......(and I thought there was only one profession where

Gen. Wesley Clark says the Bush administration pressured CNN to fire him

A thought about polls. . .

Other countries have their own construction companies, so

Survivor Round 3 -- Who'd you vote off the Presidential Election island?

"Join President Bush's Campaign Team!"

Anybody see the clip of Hannity interviewing Arnold....

Ani DiFranco *kinda* endorses Kucinich

Anybody notice this difference between pro and anti gay groups?

Hehe...To go along with El Bushblow and Limbaughts...

Oh look a new story about GOP outsourcing to India

Bush's numbers are in freefall. He has just spent a month...

Blair on the Hot Seat

Why I think Democrats are fooled into Dean Worship

Hope the counting doesn't go this way in 2004!

While Wal-Mart takes over, communities slowly dying

Do you believe such open-ended detentions - POLL

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Howard Dean is a phenomenon...

I finally figured it out. Lefties are DEEP, pukes are shallow, but

The White House Plumbers at the Weekly Standard

sometimes, you just can't find the words to describe human cruelty . . .

Fact or Fiction? (Pentagon Bioengineering)

How might Bush capitalize on 2nd anny of 9/11

Foreclosures double in two Iowa counties since '00

Excuse me, Does anybody know where are WMD?

"Welcome Home Reagan Democrats" and "Republicans for Clark"

Take the test - Are you a Neocon or . . . ?

Compromise saves Daniel Boone Parkway from being renamed for hack GOP Rep.

Capt. Renault Award goes to WashPost

Dean and Cuba - someone clear this up for me

Clark is said to want to join race (NY Times)

Awwww, is widdle Bill O'reilly still upset?

"I HAVE A DREAM" - 40 Years Ago Today

U.S. soldiers wed Iraqi women against orders

Striking Bus Workers in Honolulu Win When Bus Co. Says Won't Cut Benefits

Laura Flanders on CSPAN1 - 08:40

Has the IMF ever commented on U.S. budgetary policy before?

Suicides and Drownings in Ar Ramadi

Can somone provide a synopsis of Dem candidates' positon of issues

BBV Question:

New Iraq to recognize Israel and move oil that way

Democratic Volunteer Opportuntiies in Florida

If GW were a girl.

Survivor Round 4 -- And then there were Six Dem Presidential Candidates

Condorcet Match-up Number Three: Kerry vs Edwards (Dean, Kerry, Edwards)

Condorcet Match-up Number Two: Dean vs Edwards (Dean, Kerry, Edwards)

Fareed Zakaria on CSPAN-1 now

The Inconveniences Of Liberty And Bush's Straussian Ideas

Kerry people

Baby Bush Born in Baghdad...poor thing

I thought Pravada went socially liberal with the fall of the USSR...

Rich Lowry didn't accept Al Franken's challenge to meet in parking lot....

Condorcet Match-up Number One: Dean vs Kerry (Dean, Kerry, Edwards)

CCIA urges the DHS to stop using insecure products

Am Imagining this or is Faux actually giving Bustamante time

WT7 Collapse Caught on Video ---------------------------MPEG PART 2


How much do killed US Soldiers' families get paid?

A scenario and a question

Ar-nuhl: "I haven't lived my life to be a politician"

Are You A Hawk, Owl, Or Dove?

The Bill of Rights

What was God's suggested punishment for not honoring the Sabbath?

Whales win against Navy.

Who Will Be The First "Major" Candidate To Drop Out?

Unwittingly, the media will help Dean if he gets the nomination

3,000 agents to guard Bush's life

CSPAN 9:15am EST Thurs. - Rich Lowry, National Review, Editor vs. TBTM

So let me get this straight...

E-Mail Aaron Brown & Tell Him What Scum he is !

Hilarious foul up on Faux!

Iraqi couple name newborn Baby George Bush

Michael, Stephen and Vorn are dead

Republicans plan to dump billions into economy, pre-election

Political killings or Plane accidents?

Rumsfeld and the Hawks Must Be Pissed (Hah!)

Our Founding Fathers on the issue of America as a Christian Nation

A Sampling of Items in the Republican National Convention Budget

My letter got published, but I'm annoyed by my paper...

Yoshidiot strikes again!

The Govt Had Nothing to Do With Your Wealth, Eh, Cheney--You Freakin Liar?

"It’s like having a blind, brain-damaged parakeet as president."

Against all evidence, some believe Bush to be sincere in his actions....

Asscroft's latest torture chamber (from WP)...the horror is too

Whatever happened to the 'endorsement?'

Robert Anton Wilson is running for Governor of the Republic of California

Yo! Rich Lowry! Byron York! Tucker! -- Jig's UP!

NCCU students have to use hotel's back door

Scientific proof that conservatives are stupid

To those in London stuck in the Tube......................................

I oppose marriage - hetero or gay

Where Do You See Iraq a Year From Now?

Ok, now I am pissed

Feeling entitled?


Who Wants to Make a Killing on the Shopping Channel?

Help debunk the Bullshit

joe lieberman on cspan (march on washington anniversary)

AWOL's Reelect #'s below Poppy's at same time point Gallup Poll

What the Hell ! Story about human shields

Wolf's poll about the 10 commandments -

Stupid is ......

I've just been accused of being "Un-American" . . .

Okay. Have We Reached The Point of No Return.

Save Americorp

So tell me, DUer's

Arnold talks about penis size

"In God We Trust"

Carville back on Crossfire - Hitting hard !

Dean supporters: who's your second choice?

Just heard on radio -

IF these were the only three left on the island, which would you vote off?

Today's anti-Crossfire story: Man dangling in basket under

Senate Recruiting: Huge Democratic Victories, Enormous Republican Defeats

Billion$ for Haliburton, yet US Customs lays off 27 at Mich. borders

Last 25 min's; Black Hawk's flying all over my town.

A little history on US Mottos...Yes there are apparently 2

Received this from my state senator

A must see, Ahnold campaign

The BUSHIT movie on TV, Sept 7th

An attack against the Army's credit cards

Take Action against CAPPS

The Welchia virus: The "Cure" Causes More Trouble Than The Illness

Here is The Martin Lewis/CNN Transcript !

Fascist Malcontents Plan To Attack My Site

new Hannity sponsors

Make your predictions on life in a post-apocalyptic world

Could someone please explain this cartoon to me?

Has anyone else found that the Smirk's smirk is even more annoying?

Mankind soon to move on. War, a violent way to solve things, will soon be


Check out what's airing on ABC in Lubbock Texas...hehehehehe

Diebold caught at NYSE on TVEyes????

Why is Terry McAuliffe trying to destroy the Democratic Party?

Which commandments have the protestors broken?

Bush haters vs. Clinton haters

according the 'anti-voucher' crowd, stupid cartoon

"George Dumbya doesn't have what I call an Agenda!"

C-Span BBC Dr. Kelly

Heavenly Sign: Bush Emasculates Himself at U.N. & Dallas Man De-Pricked

Ted Nugent on race, foreigners... and Hillary

What if Clinton lost in 92?

Finding WMDs

A poll question

DEAN : Buy some shirts that fit!!!

MSNBC's Embeds Are So Lame

Hatred of Bush payback for hatred of Clinton ?

vote republican/ ant and grasshopper/ help me respond to this *#$?

Oklahoma ABC Affil. Poll Shows Bush Should NOT Be Re-elected!

Republicans colorblind?? What a crock!

Note from Sally Baron's daughter

I love Jesus!

My e-mail to mediawhoresonline regarding Al Franken

Miles O'Brien.. "He was a young guy.. That's the END of it?"..(Ahhhnold)

Repuke "Accomplishments" for the 108th Congress

LOUISIANA RESIDENTS: Gubernatorial Debate TONITE, 7:00 pm, PBS

Why should you care about US-Cuba policy during an election campaign?

Al Franken and LIES

Will California be the bellweather for the nation?

why don't we just declare Christianity the official religion of the US

Bush Inspiration?

Memo From the Dick Cheney..

American workers, ....working harder not smarter

"Hot Town, Osama In The City" ... Bush's Vacation Just About Over

Just how nutty are the Freepers? Check this out:

"The sonofabitch lied!!"

How satisfied are you with the candidates we have?

Operation Mockingbird [email protected] C-Span/NBC'sJim Miklaszewski's Speech!

Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

What is Bush's new product after this Labor Day?

Arianna Nader

Public health under attack by Bush admin!!!!!

Schwarzenegger passes first politician's litmus test: caught.....lying!

Is Gene Lyons endorsing Wesley Clark?

Bush's Nightmare: Total Meltdown in Iraq Results in a U.S. Retreat.

WTH??? Martin Luther King Poll.....


At First, Thought "a Democrat" Said It. No, Just a Wingnut

Prediction: The Repugnant Convention does a Buchanan Jackboot

why is no one talking about a progressive war tax?

who's watching Jim Miklaszewski on c-Span?

Crossfire thread, 8/28/03

KERRY on Lou Dobbs - 6pm EST - coming up next

Veterans against Clark now in three states

Here's why they have to wait till September to find the WMDS

the "mysterious" draft Clark folks

Omigod, Hillary may run!

Does Albright still think sanctions were worth it?

Has the left REALLY learned name calling?

Public Outrage Grows over Bush Administrations 9/11 cover-ups.

Did Tom Ridge shitcan his little color-coded terror threat warning system?

My fellow Americans, we welcome the U.N. as partners in the Coalition...

How Microsoft fuels Internet terrorism

Got a letter published on WorldNetDaily

2003 Governors' Races

Granny D says Free trade ain't free at all. And I agree.

Do you think Al-Qaeda would attack Canada?

CNN reporting "major policy shift"

OMG!! Holy Smoking Guns!!! We must BLANKET the planet with this!!

Hillary Clinton to meet with advisters about '04 run

Michelle Malikin

Scapegoat du jour: "planted Iraqi defectors"

Hey! While we were arguing -someone Saved the Whales!!

What is the Status of Exit Polling for 2004 Election?

Rush is terrified of Dean

whats brewing with Bandar,Poppy and Cheney?

Ten Million People without Power in Grid breakdown, London!

Whatever happened to:

The Iraqi Defector that the bush regime doesn't want you to know about...

If your candidate does NOT win the nomination will you

Sally Baron's obituary

DUers, Christians aren't the enemy: a Buddhist rants

Read Stupid White Men! Makes me want to switch to Dean

Haliburton Scores Big Off Iraq - More Than Previously Thought

Hillary Clinton would massacre George Dubya Bush!

I beginning to get very suspicious of the dichotomy: socially liberal and

Baghdad couple names baby "George Bush"

In response to all those Christians out there

How To Start A War In Iraq

DU is being MEMED to Death... / Clark Camp Tactics to Divide & Conquer


Question for anti-SUV people...

Hitchens: the immorality of the Ten Commandments (!!)

TIME TO GET REAL IN IRAQ - Iraqi Resisters are Patriots - By Ted Rall

When they say we are preaching “Class-warfare”

What is the alternative to free trade?

As went Enron, so goes America?

Where did AP get this phrase which is repeated over and over?

I Watched Bowling For Columbine Last Night And Kept Thinking of Dean

Agent Orange Researchers Receive Legion's Top Honor

Religious Coalition Asks People of Faith to Repudiate Anti- Choice Fanatic

U.S. questions pre-war intelligence

UK Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack

Two versions of a boy's death in Baghdad

Pittsburgh Solider Killed by Explosive Device in Iraq

Geo Cronje gets the boot for rugby racism

Iran Ready to Start Talks on Snap Nuke Inspections

NYT: U.S. Now Signals It Might Consider U.N. Force in Iraq

Sharon's son in corruption probe

Aid workers under threat say Iraqis need control

Two US Soldiers KIlled in Iraq: Communal carve-up of ministries agreed

Big Music May Be Watching You

Group files recall papers against Nevada governor

U.K. soldier killed in Basra attack

Hamas Rocket Hits Major Israeli City for First Time

Father 'still waiting for reply'

Jewish groups celebrate outcome (10 C's in Al)

Number of Parents Suffering Long-Term Unemployment Soars

Moore's Law: The immorality of the Ten Commandments. (Hitchens)

Falwell: The Commandments Are Removed. What Now

Poll: 4 of 5 disapprove of moving Commandments

Halliburton cashes in

Report: Nations to Meet Again on N. Korea

Nature, Visitors Taking Toll on Titanic

Bush Slashes Federal Pay Hikes

Social security numbers sold on Web (Ashcroft's SS# and add. for $26)

Blair: I take responsibility for naming of Kelly

GDP is Revised Upward, Boosted by Defense

Wash Times: U.S. miscalculated security for Iraq

Venezuelan, Brazilian Presidents Sign Joint Declaration

Maryland GOP seeks resignation of head of new Hispanic caucus

U.$. Jets Bomb Suspected Taliban Position

CENTCOM: Soldier Dies of non-Combat Causes (Kuwait)

Bodies pile up in Iraq morgue as murder rate soars

Group Launches Recall Effort Nevada Gov.

Poll shows less support for Bush in Maryland

Clark likely to run, says Democratic panel chief (Terry McAuliffe)

Bechtel gets bigger Iraq deal

US troops quit Saudi Arabia

Afghan Constitution Postponed, Elections May Be Too

Lieberman's Bustamante play could pay off in California primary

‘Wargate’ enthralls British public

Taliban guerrillas retake areas of southern Afghan

Blair says would have quit if BBC report true

U.S. Suspects It Received False Iraq Arms Tips

Schroeder, Fischer to stand again in 2006-source

Democrat Proposes Direct Aid to States to Improve the Economy

Amid Tensions, Saudi Envoy Meets Bush Father, Cheney

FBI Probes Lab in Okla. City Bombing

How George W. Bush won the 2004 presidential election

MSNBC: Honoring the 9/11 hijackers

Bush's men tried to gag me, claims Gen Clark

Transcripts Of WTC Attack Emergency Calls To Be Released

Halliburton's Deals Greater Than Thought


Blair denies dossier was case for war

Ohio Senator Sentenced

Jobless Claims Inch Higher in Latest Week

(Dem. Senator Maria) Cantwell calls for wider U.N. role

Homophobia Suspected In Church Fire

Drug use seen on rise in Iraq

France Urges Quick Vote, International Force in Iraq

Wellstone crash victims receive $25 million settlement

Intrigue Around Hillary '04 Options (Smudge)

Missile strike reported in Gaza - Israeli helicopter kills militant

UN Press Takes Aim at U.S. Mission Spokesperson

Employers threaten to leave California

Campaign Shows Bush As Funding Underdog

Baghdad's shame

N. Korea Threatens Nuke Test

Eyewitness says he saw Saddam in Mosul

Verizon Wireless can’t block union ads, demonstrations

Kerry Proposes Direct Aid To States To Help Economy

Iraq Oil Output Up, Sabotage Worries U.S. (1.7B -but reinjected !)

US-N Korea talks hit obstacles

U.S. misled by bogus pre-war intelligence?

US turns ally into enemy {Guardian UK}

The Travel Industry's Push to Unlock Cuba

Baghdad parents name baby boy after Bush

Brazil: Lula condemns U.S. blockade of Cuba

Hispanic Group Criticizes Schwarzenegger - Yahoo News

US, Afghan troops launch fresh hunt for Taliban leader Mullah Omar

17 deaths, countless fears (Fort Carson, CO soldiers in Iraq all since 5/)

Nader calls on congressman to resign after fatal wreck

Arnold's Fundraising Flip Flop

Power outages in London and parts of Britain (FOX NEWS)

Hillary For President (Rumors she's considering run)

General Is Said To Want To Join '04 Race (NYT: Wesley Clark)

Iowa Labor Activists to Run Ads for Dean

US ends funds for African Aids programme

US says Iraq arms plan relied on deceit (What Kay will report?)

NASA Worker Proposed 'Scrub' of Web Site

Bush's chef falls for French TV gag - complains to WH

Bush ends nuclear monitoring program

N. Korea to Declare It Has Nuclear Arms (Tests Planned)

‘Drug trafficking threatens Afghanistan’s reconstruction’

NAACP Files Against Fla. Education Dept.

Recall Election Prompts Review of California's Sacred Prop. 13

Dean, Gephardt Tied for Lead in Iowa Poll

Halliburton scores big off Iraq

Attack Wounds Four U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Russia says N.Korea doesn't want nuclear weapons-Xinhua

Mississippi: Musgrove, Barbour want Mississippi to display monument

Damnit, I need a vacation just to catch up on my reading

Being a Trip (Discordian poetry)

Maybe Clark


AWOL Force Aviator: GWB 1" action figure

Psychedelic Republicans

I Hope It's Directed By A Demo -- A New "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Atom films..Ahhhnold for President of California :)

mental_floss swimsuit edition. See Einstein, Picasso, more...

Faux tried to ban franken's book?

College bookstore ends free beer promotion

Good (ThursdayMorningOneMoreDayToGo) DU!!!!!

CSpan Radio is OUT

Newspaper of Record (TM) discovers Homestar Runner

Guys - It's tool time!

Crazy Carp boarding boats, injuring passengers

Numerical curiosity

CHAINSAWS Seized From Air Passengers!

George Bush is in Bagdhad

Are We Ready for Bodice-Ripper Barbie?

RANT: Another reason to hate Microsoft

The Prisoner for the Sci-Fi Channel – as a reality show? Maybe One Day...

Are you a reel 'Murican or a Libruhl?

Is Gas gouging in full swing where your at??

I am shy anyone else? it really makes me have a hard time socializing

So, Alum Rock, California, how was the ride?

A question for other gardeners

a curiosity: does anyone think Dean's voice helps him?

If GW were a girl.

Is it a sin to not be a fan of religion?

MilwaukeeforDEAN packs 10 tons of food for Hunger Task Force

Toenail fungus - any remedies?

What is your go to sleep music?

Replay of Brian Cox interview on Charlie Rose tonight

Arnold - everyone cannot screw in front of others

Can an Agnostic be a Secular Humanist?

How long has Clouseau been running NASA?????????

Help with the "All Sons Team" in MLB

Any Halloweenies out here...

Great comic

My toes are curling in ecstasy

Negativland: 1 - Clear Channel: 0

Barf alert! 'Baby Bush' Born in Baghdad

CIA Recruiting TV Spy Garner for Promo Video


Oh My God! Al Franken's Live at NOW!! (Since 1:45 pm ET)

Nigerian Scam

DU: 31,000 served!

Jetsons' Rosie comes home


Last few digits or characters of your license plate, or your vanity

Anyone else really crabby today?

Motorcycle License endorsement

Hey, just found an interesting feature of google

So the rhinocerous with an inferiority complex says to the psychiatrist,

Let's hear it for VelmaD! 700 posts!

Kim Jong Il to announce his conversion to Islam...

Carp jumping into boats in Missouri!

TV Antenna

Good novel: Confederacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

the "other" ten commandments thread

It ain't WHAT you say,

Why does this chick keep harrassing me?

Guniea Pig Toenails

Here's what I get for ignoring local news-- Isiah Thomas fired from Pacers

googled "Crackhead Cowboy"

horny what does it mean

More Ten Commandments Humor --- From The Onion !!!

Screw the age...what's the story behind when you lost your virginity?



Thankfully in Britain, UKPert, how you doing over there?

I've leaving for Vancouver this afternoon - any suggestions

I wonder if William Goldman will write a screenplay 20 years from now

Anyone else notice the change in the replies?

How many times have you watched 'Two Towers' since buying it?


Man, I'm So High Right Now....

I hate to be "that guy", but Maria Bartiromo is friggin' gorgeous...

Yay! I just got told I keep my job for a WHOLE extra week.

LBN: Bush-Simpson, '04. Bush Dumps Cheney for O.J. Simpson

Imagine you're Saturn

Holy Hat, Batman! I have 17,000 posts!!!

Best CatWoman?

New Guided by Voices CD, "Earthquake Glue," is amazing!

What Is Your Favorite Holiday?

Imagine you're Southern

What Is Your Record In Predicting Presidential Elections?

Mick Foley fans! (former WWE champ)

Travel advice

It's Raining Like a Sonofabitch Here in Colorado Springs

Looking for list of corporate donations.

This is so much better! Thank you!

Heaven help me, I kind of want that Chimpy (in)action figure

What should LynneSin be drinking tonight???!!!!

The Liberal Media Revealed

Poll: Who is the biggest "ham" actor/tress?

I got a raise!!!

Who am I? (for music buffs)

I Got Done Mowing My Lawn And I Cleaned My Back Sun Room. Ask Me

The untold story

Transcripts of 9/11 WTC Calls Made Public

Lab in 30 min. Ask me anything

Crumptificating Pooballs of Destiny

There is nothing wrong with your television set...

I got 6 of my baby teeth pulled today. Ask me anything.

The guy who plays Warden Hal Moores in Green Mile

Is Tucker Carlson a virgin?

A Man Takes His Wife To A Country Livestock Show........

Favorite classic rock, multi-act concert movie based on performances?

What do you want to bet......

No hypocrisy here, folks....

Best Big Dog Impersonation on SNL

Favourite Antarctic Metal Band

"God Bless America -- And No Place Else!"

I'm a little bit upset with Al Franken

Any members of CHUD posting over here?

Reach Out for the CAPTIONS

If I ask for a hug would someone give me one please

How do you light a camp fire?

CAPTION or Perish!!!

Need help with a domestic Scorpion

How are you?

Japan to the rescue....LOL!

SINNERS!!!!!!!!!!! I am in the 700 CLUB!!!!

31,000 DU-ers ..... WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quality of ARCO Gasoline?

Worst Charleton Heston Performance in a Dramatic Role...

HELP! My gf is playing the soundtrack to "The Pirate Movie"!!

How Sexually Active Are You?

looking more and more like an inside job

I ate 6 babies today, if you must ask

Imagine you're Satan

MLB All Psycho team

Christian "Science" contest winners announced!

Johnny Cash

How big is your ego?

Have you ever missed voting in an election?

Texas Man Wakes Up After Operation, PENIS MISSING!

I hate to be that "CHICK" but Antonio Banderas is HOT.....

There Will Never Be Another Group Like The Starland Vocal Band

There Will Never Be Another Group Like the 1910 Fruitgum Company

There will never be another group like Led Zeppelin

A call to arms (pun intended)


500 Finally

Going to my last night of work tonight....

Poll: Worst movie fiasco ever

A local paper's article on ME!

Do any DUers go Four-Wheelin' ?

It's official! My UltraEvil dog returns!

college football thread

New improved expanded Favorite Singer/Songwriter poll

How sexually attractive are you?

How Intelligent Are You?

First television show you remember?

How Monogamous Are You?

On the topic of enlarging one's penis

Dude! Smell my finger!

Woohoo! I hit 1,000!

Top Ten Alternate Uses for Alabama's 10 Commandments Monument

Bread lines in Western Ohio

The Pentagon Press Briefing I'd like to see!!!