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Archives: August 26, 2003

The face of Afghanistan's resistance

The US left picking up the pieces

Greg Palast-Black-Out at the Times

Bush may yet fall victim to the electors' revenge

And Al Franken thought HE had it bad.....................

"Bushwacked" by Uri Dowbenko

Salon: Lenny Bruce Died for Our Sins

Krugman: Dust and Deception (NYC stiffed by Repugs)

George Monbiot (London Guardian): Beware the bluewash

How about a good old fashion Texas BBQ for Labor Day!!!

Hannraty's subtle propaganda

Chris Matthews proves once again, that he is a Republican coward

Should I raise my kids in an organized religion?

Serial GossipMonger Afoot

Hey Admins, can my mom start an account using my email address?

Grant me martyrdom but not yet: Hamas leaders go underground

A corruption of intelligence?

Moseley Braun at Equality Day Luncheon

Pre-emptive strikes: "Clinton's been off the job since

Dale Brown Reconsidering Run for Senate

Kucinich: U.N. Should Take Over Peace Keeping in Iraq

how many of you, like me, are waiting to contribute...

Edwards wants to require health analysis for EPA changes

Eric Alterman: Meeting Candidate KERRY

Bill Maher for president

Kerry in tomorrow's NYTimes

Kerry receives 'F' from NRA Dean gets 'A'

A Progressive Case for Dean? Not Yet, Kucinich Is Still Our Man

Class-size jeremiad

the solution to security in Iraq

Why Do We Love "Whistle Ass?"

Reminder: Al Franken on CNN w/ Paula Zahn coming up NOW!

Petition drive seeks to teach lawmakers a school lesson

Aussies tell US no more troops for Bush's Iraq Oil Grab

I'm so sick of the anti-Propoganda propoganda

Florida's Education Commissioner Horne in the news...

I thought we were past all of this "blame the communists" shit

CTA says no to recall, yes to Bustamonte

Does the Democratic Party need to restructure..?

Big Shiite (peaceful) demonstration ...U.S. death toll stands at 276

Scouting donations bypass United Way (gay) ban

8 firefighters from Oregon killed in wreck near Vale

Big Shiite demonstration outside coalition headquarters, U.S. death toll s

US May Drop Bid for New UN Resolution

I'm no particular fan of "Ah-nuld", but some of the things people say

Dean Draws Overflow Crowd in Washington

Never trust the US: Pro-US Afghan commanders land at Guantanamo

US attacked over UN resolution (BBC)

Iraq: Turkish Troops Not Welcome

Japan Bars N. Korean Ship From Leaving

Pipeline as "a serious blow to Turkish-Israeli relations."

Gul: It is Impossible to Accept What Has Happened in Kerkuk

US Urges Patience on Iraq, Shi'ites Angry Over Bomb

Liberia's Blah Urges Peacekeepers to Halt Killings

Party Favor - Howard Dean rallies the faithful in Virginia.

WP: GAO Cites Corporate Shaping of Energy Plan

Candidates encroach on Bush Democratic hopefuls boldly hit Texas to stump

Not Up to Code? Embellishing the Flag, Then the Web Site

S.Korean Navy Fires Shots After N.Korean Incursion

Interest rate rises to take heat out of house sales

CBS: Aid Agencies Retreat From Iraq

WP: Patience on Iraq Policies Urged

U.S. May Drop Bid for New U.N. Resolution

WP: U.S. Postwar Deaths Now Equal Iraq War Fatalities

U.S. Opposes Resolution on Protecting U.N. Staff and Humanitarian Workers

Bush 'Compassion' Agenda: An '04 Liability?

Absent (Texas) Dems want assurances of no arrests

NYT: Top US Expert on North Korea Steps Down...

Schwarzenegger Jabs at Bustamante, Invokes Reagan

GOP Renews Hope for Alaska Oil Drilling

CNN: Bush says he's 'not a gadget guy'

Anyone seen the new Italian Job movie?

Describe your workplace

When do you consider summer over?

Attention: Texas DUers and all other interested parties.

So what have you been listening to lately?

What Animal are you?

Ok, here I go, first post on DU ...

Hey everyone, a big thank you from my mom

What bugs bug you the most?

I'm five posts shy of 1000--ask me five things!

Which bugs you more, the pro-clock or the anti-clock propaganda?

How Was The World Created?

Favorite UK Slang/Cuss words

Gay Myths (seeking help from my queer brothers and sisters)

Favorite singer-songwriter ever

This one is for the queers

Turkmen are not minority

Byrd in WP: "Unprepared for Peace in Iraq"

San Francisco Chronicle: Dueling op/ed pieces on the Recall

This piece is a must read, Monbiot truly understands Bush!

Would the 'real' Ten Commandments please step forward?

Bombay Blasts: Should India send her troops to Iraq?

Coming to a store near you: GI George - Toronto Star

PNAC Neo-Con Agenda and Evidence of Pentagon Frame-Up

Baghdad: The hand of Mossad?

Modesto Bee editorial: "We're not buying lame excuses for high gas prices"

Bush 'Compassion' Agenda: A Liability in '04 (for non-performance)

Local cartoonist has hand in Franken's right-wing roast - Funny Review

New York Magazine: "This Isn't War" (Clinton Slams DLC?)

Rove's New Wedges

Excuses for high gas prices: proposed letter to the editor

Will Hutton: Alone, the US will fail

Plaid Adder's "Futures Shock"

Kingdom, Russia to Expand Oil Cooperation

Soldiers in Iraq feel forgetten by US - A scribe's salute to the troops

Molly Ivins: Use your noggin

“We send our best guy to Iraq and he comes home in a box”

MEMRI: Inquiry and Analysis Series - No. 146 August 26, 2003

Dill: "software bugs, and malicious code" require voter verifiable audit t

Bush may yet fall victim to the electors' revenge

Arianna in SF Wed! Big Speech At Noon

Howard Dean Rally in Chicago Today 8/26

Hightower in NH - Sept. 20

new hate radio sponsors

reporting “just the facts” — as they are presented by the government

Today's winner for best logic in a news story...

Liberty Media exits Vivendi auction

GAO Cites Corporate Shaping of Energy Plan

Ann Coulter is a Stupid Bitch

Post your recipes here! To benefit Dem 2004 candidate

Old Tunes for Us MiddleAgers

Spooky and intriguing thing I heard as a kid

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/25/2003

Corporate America more pro-gay than ever

Christian Right Toughens Stand On Gays--"Civil Unions As 'Evil' As Gay Mar

Men get probation in antigay egg-throwing

Judge Orders Boston to Hire Four White Firefighters

More churches withhold funds to protest Robinson

What happened to the "Questions for Gays" thread?

Machines will make criminal of every (British) driver

Leader of House Judiciary Committee opposes marriage amendment

North Carolina still enforcing sodomy law

Median house prices and incomes revisited

Question for economics policy wonks

The Baltic Sea Gets Slimed

2004 Toyota Prius preview

Acquittals in cases of communal violence in India

US occupation force in Iraq recruiting former Iraqi secret police

Inside story of the hunt for Bin Laden (Iraqwar.Ru)

Republicans call for investigation into condom claims

Shhhhh! Quiet It's Lunch Time! So Much For The "Silent" Lunch.

Business owner fatally shoots intruder

Another Cop's gun stolen

CRIME: Keep 'em guessing (Opinion piece)

No criminal charges in shotgun home defense

Little Rock Citizens Say Criminals Don't Obey Gun Laws

Altamonte Police Cruiser Stolen; Shotgun Missing

Guns will make us powerful;

And yet another cop's gun stolen.

Defense of self, family is a personal duty

All cops are your friend....

All gun owners are willing to get their families killed

False "Banned" message

can people change their username?

multiple posts problem

I'm gonna post this in GD, but thought you'd like it!

The Press in conflict / A return to the `intifada routine'

Bystander killed, 26 wounded in Israeli missile strike

Harry Potter - a closet Jew?

Israelis Snatch Palestinian Gunmen From Hospital Beds

Bystander killed in failed IAF assassination attempt in Gaza

Judge, prosecutor and hangman

UN Senior Officials Condemn Israel’s Extra-judicial Assassination

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/25/2003

About the Dean vs. Kucinich on social security.

Edwards on Jobs...

Liberal Oasis: How Dean Can Drop Public Financing And

Democrat Wesley Clark Criticized as Advocate of 'Nation Building'

How much of the money sent to DraftClark2004 will reach Clark?

Don't fear a battle over Civil Unions


Hartford Courant -- Why Joe Lieberman Will Never Be President

Moseley-Braun WILL NOT endorse Kerry. She is announcing Sept 22.

Dean is moderate on gays?

pics or posters of john kerry

Dean expects to raise 10 mil+. How does this impact....

WA-2: Auditor challenges Larsen

ABC s The Note

CSPAN tonight, 9:30pm EDT...carries Gov. Howard Dean live

Dean to air political ads in Six States

Kerry tells veterans that Bush has ignored lessons of Vietnam

A tale of 2 Dem Prez Campaigns

NYT- Dean Readies Ad Blitz More Than Year Ahead of Election

MO: Maxwell won't seek re-election as lieutenant governor :-(

The Bat....$900,000 and counting...

Holy Cow! Democrat Dean Shocked by Campaign Crowds

Edwards quizzed about Senate

To those who oppose Dean due to his position on guns

Rep. Major Owens Endorses Howard Dean

Inspriation (me on Kucinich basically feel free to add your comments)

You gotta believe...

NOW endoresment for Moseley Braun official

drug laws versus gun laws

Kerry Meet Up Thursday To Prepare Hellacious Bush Ass-Whomping

FL Dems are rippin each other......Penelas accused of hurting Gore.

If the supporters of Kucinich in a given county are mostly Greens,

Oppositional agitprop at DU, never would have believed it.

Anyone wonder if DU bored moderation can be hacked?

Agitprop disruption on DU...never would have believed it..

Disturbing thought I had about Bush's foreign policy

Crossfire question

If Buddhism were a political party what would be its platform?

If Pat Buchanan runs again, he'll hurt a Bush a lot more

Just 2 weeks to go before 9/11 anniversary and they STILL.....

Lieberman, on FOX, says Dems Don't Deserve to Win if They Go Too Far Left

Repuke Email on Social Security

Question About the Deficit

Right-winger: Clark commanded at Waco. Is this true?

Who else just LOVES the term "Whistle-Ass"

Just a little photo to make everyone feel just a little bit better

Sources: Clark led 7th Cav to annihilation at Little Big Horn

HOLY CRAP!!! I just watched Faux News and....

For those who claim to believe in democracy but defend Diebold..

9/11 Poll: What really happened?

"Then we'll have another war" (we've been lied to!)

Turkmen representative on Iraqi council wants Kirkuk police disarmed

Iraqi Shi'ites Vow Revenge For Bomb Attack

Iraqis say they are in the dark over rebuilding plans

US Soldiers Storm Northern Iraqi Town Hunting for Gangster in Bid to Boo

Foreign subs detected near Russian Pacific military exercises

Two peacekeepers killed in Ivory Coast

277th US soldier killed in Iraq today 8/26/03

Rwanda opposition rejects poll

Military exercise turns deadly - Russia

Report Says Limited Cooperation Thwarts a Full Review of Cheney's

Postwar Iraq Toll Exceeds Combat Deaths

Cuban from Connecticut brings Senate campaign to S. Florida (Republican)

Mexico Challenges U.S. on Protection of UN Workers

Mexico Challenges U.S. on Protection of UN Workers(Internat'l Crim. Court)

CBO sees $480 billion U.S. deficit in fiscal 2004

Israelis Snatch Palestinian Gunmen From Hospital Beds

25 killed in highway robberies - Nigeria

Reuters: Announcement of Record Budget Shortfall Expected

Countdown to execution of anti-abortion killer

One U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq

NATO Could Take Iraq Role

Political analysis | Graham's stance on war risks harm at home

Postwar U.S. Iraq Deaths Exceed Toll During War

Couple Is Accused of Keeping Their 5-Year-Old Sons in Makeshift Cages

WP: Homeowners Getting Refinancing Surprise

Shuttle disaster report due

India Braces for Backlash as Bomb Victims Cremated

Study says Texas passes up millions for children's insurance

Iran nukes still a concern - IAEA

Now a player, Dean raises campaign goals

Corporations Oppose Bush Forest Proposal

US military to expand Guantanamo Bay camp

The BBC is brave to spell out the motives behind Murdoch's attacks

Boy's Death at Church Ruled a Homicide

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower

Under Fire, Bush to Address Doubts on Iraq Policy

Armed men threaten to kill members of Iraqi Governing Council: TV

US Checking Possibility of Pumping Oil from Northern Iraq to Haifa,....

Palestinians: 2 dead, 20 hurt in IAF missile strike in Gaza

Dean Sucks Up to Cuban Americans, Flip Flops on Embargo

Arms-Grade Uranium Reported at Iran Plant

Civilians flee as Liberian town falls to rebels


Colombian Air Force Chief Quits (Firing on Civilians in 98)

Israel launches missle(s) into the Gaza strip

Ex-PoW finds safety back inside barbed wire

New UN resolution on Iraq jeopardized by fierce resistance: US officials

Mexico challenges U.S. on protection of UN workers

AWOL on cable news channels now 8/26 4:00 PM EST

Commuter plane crashes off Cape Cod

Israel kills bystander in Gaza strike on militants

Oxfam pulls foreign workers out of Iraq (International aid workers)

GAO Cites Corporate Shaping of Energy Plan

Increase of hotspots up deployment chances(Stars N' Stripes-good info)

AFL-CIO endorses Bustamante in case Davis recalled

U.S. Exhausts Seized Iraqi Assets, May Seek More Aid

Iran ready to sign additional protocol of IAEA agreement

Bush To Attend Fund-Raisers, Address American Legion

US Airways Express Plane Crashes Into Water Off Cape Cod

U.S. Exhausts Seized Iraqi Assets, May Seek More Aid

Venezuela's Chavez Endorses Creation of Election Agency

Canada Signs Historic Land Deal With Dogrib Indians

Commandments Monument Backers File Suit

US forced onto the defensive over mounting toll in Iraq

Report: U.S suspects Iraqi WMD in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley

US Blocks UN Res to Protect Aid Workers in Iraq/UN Workers

US 'can send troops to Iraq in a minute'

'Sealand's grounding was a horrible mistake'

Clark Backers Raise $1 Million

Dean's Bush-bashing talk energizes Austin crowd

Aug 26: Statement of the Texas 11 (Texas Dems)

(Schwarzenegger) Candidate says he'd govern as an independent

Killer Confesses He Hates Gays, Prosecutor Refuses Hate-Crime Charge

FBI, Ashcroft Sued in Anthrax Probe (Steve Hatfill)

Victims' remains to be stored in World Trade Centre memorial

Under Fire, Bush Vows 'No Retreat' from Iraq

Guardian: Tories would close BBC website

Church Leader Vows To Drive Gay Decadence From Big Easy

Texas Legislature adjourns special session


Carmakers out to prove their metal GM, Ford to offer armored vehicles

Pilots Want More Guns in Cockpits Faster (TSA Dragging Feet)

36 Kids Killed in Hot Cars This Year

Clark Alleges White House Pushed CNN to Fire Him

Report on Shuttle disaster out. NASA culture to blame

Saudis Challenge US on Claims About Iraq

US should set disarming example: Elbaradei

Dean expects $10 million quarter

New GI death in Iraq sets grim mark

NYT: Bush, Speaking to Veterans, Says Iraq May Not Be Last Strike

Dewhurst can change Senate's 2\3 rule, Justice Department says (Tex Fight)

Clark beats Bush 49 to 40 percent in poll

Bush Has Not Attended Even One Funeral Of A U.S. Soldier Killed In Iraq

Dallas Police Chief Fired

Rumsfeld says all is going well in Iraq

Dean Leans Toward Supporting Cuban Embargo (WTF????)

Democratic contender Dean alters Cuba stand

U.S. Job Losses Blamed on China's Currency

Need some help with the DU Gallery

Applebee`s : Ryan`s Steakhouse : Culvers : Bennigans

ISS Transits the Sun (COOL film)

I am ashamed to admit that today I saw the worst movie EVER

It's *not* the economy, stupid!

Best opening lines of a novel?

Allergy sufferers - question for you

Any Arizona and Utah residents here?

Is it 'slutty' for a woman to wear a dark bra and a light shirt?

Spock sings about Lord Of The Rings (video)

Looking for the SWAT hand signals

I Feel Alright

Any Exchange 2000 gurus here?

Let's talk about ghosts.

Whistle-ass has a new flag pin

Question for Canadians: What are your national holidays?

I think Dean has passed Lieberman as the most hated candidate on DU.


Help, please. Magpies in the trees.

Who is your Harry Potter female match?

Gas prices too high?

Heaven's Gate cult video online?

Congrats DU! Over 25,000 current registered members!

Who wants a ride in my new car??

Howl! Coffee Coyote has 500 Posts!!!!!!!!

How many in Houston?

A little taste of New York in Dallas today

Are media outlets just plain dumb, or did they actually miss this boobie?

Appropriate article sources

Free Republic Irony at its finest!!!!

A RANT: The world does not owe you anything!!

What does Michael Moore think of Kazaa...

With Which LotR Female Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

MIT: Every lecture, every handout, every quiz. All online. For free.

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

Songs that actually made you cry

Howard Dean does not drink alcohol!

My computer died

Anybody have a baby bike trailer???

Who's going to the Dean rally in Bryant Park tonight?

Hi everyone - update on my pathetic life

DU My Poll, Please:


Major pet peeve: Inconsiderate lotto players

Need your help!

Apparently, Will Pitt is a nice guy.

Al Franken on Crossfire...

Donate for search option

Christian fundies beat autistic child to death

Rush's new car ????

It's mine. My own. My preciousssssssssssssssssss...

Hey man like don't bogart that CAPTION!

Where are they: Alison Stewart from WNN

HELP! I need United Way office fundrasing ideas!

Then you take your thumb off the CAPTION and clear the tube

The Stuttering Ringmaster of all CAPTIONS!!!

In 2 weeks, I'll be officially homeless. Ask me anything.

NOVEL DONE!!!!!!!!!

rememer the Cadillac Cimarron

Maybe a little too heavy for the lounge but ...

A warm DU welcome to UnbrainwashedYouth!

aaaaaaw...what a cutie :)

What Is the Best Painkiller On The Market?

I've seen Arnold's penis

Ignore this poll

Am I right, or am I wrong?

Bookmark Exchange: Post your favorites here

Jackie Kennedy

I Just Shot a Hole in One!

Any DUers frequent

Where are Osama & Sadaam's other hands?

Tom Green vs. Jackass

the MC Escher of all dam CAPTIONS

checking in from law school

Doesn't look like CGI,

Besides Bush, who is your least favorite Bushist?

Jesus H. Ashcroft concert transcript

Any nurse fiction fans out there?

Sex Scenes on British TV Increasing

RBNYC I hope that you are alright

The Mullet - Unique Fashion Statement or Worst Haircut Ever?

Favorite Bloom County Character

Best free show

What is the most extreme film you've seen? (not faces of death...fiction)

Dell Patents "Reboot and See If That Fixes It"

BatBoy the MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sex Threads in the DU Lounge increasing.

DU needs more cat threads.....

Welcome to our newest DU member!

I'm on the DU front page! Ask me anything.

New born kittens... runt at risk... advice needed

Anybody from Illinois

Understanding Engineers

Re: More Cat Threads

WOW What a change in weather!

Favorite hardcore song title

Wedding Guest Bites Off Man's Finger

What's With DUers And Dental Problems?

DUPoll: The most influential sports figure in history

Wouldn't it be wonderful poetic justice...

The dubya dolly action figure comes with a full set!

Positive public school story

Important Q re NSMA's b-day!

Greatest Debut Album?

Who has a T-Shirt with this on it?

Bored? Tired of playing Solitaire? Try JUMBLE online!

I am at college now.

I showed my solidarity with the 'Anyone But Bush' movement.

Just started "Main Street" by Sinclair Lewis.

Ask me anything...I've been here since June 2001...and I can't sleep

Update on Nancy Skinner Senate campaign...

how much control do musicians have over their music?

Ten Weeks and back to #2: Hillary is still selling em like hotcakes

What's the strangest thing you've been told for why you are gay?


For our New Members

Caption the ticklish prick

Cat allergies

TAKE THE TEST: Where do you stand politically?

HEY!! GOPISEVIL!!! I GOT TICKETS TO THE TPC Deutsche Bank Championship!!!

The REAL DU Demographic Map!

Make your voice heard! Vote in this poll!

OMG, somebody responded to my ad!

Which of these words is the funniest-sounding?

Ann Coulter spontaneously combusts

I'm a Christian and a Progressive - You have a problem with that?

S. Florida Question

On the morality of eating meat...

oooh! I just made Blackberry Jelly for the first time

what country are you?

How about a banner ad for Al's book on the homepage?

What's the dumbest thing somebody's said to you lately?


Offer an opinion: Is this verbal abuse...?

What time is your ALARM set for?

Where the Hell does this judge live?

You Know What Sucks About "Lord Of The Rings" ...

Queer Birth Order Poll: I am a...

SEX: Are you FOR it, or against it?

Best anti war song

Strange band names

A Democrat has arrived in Florida

Irony: naming an airport after a man who fired


Cat Thread: How do I eliminate strays?

Say hello to our new puppy!