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Archives: August 25, 2003

FAREWELL AMERICA/The Observer/Guardian

Iraqi female tells of rising fundamentalist repression

God Help America - UK Guardian article

Oli North - Borders Book Signing in Oakbrook, IL Sep, 2 2003 6pm

Kerry to host fundraiser at NYC's Intrepid aircraft carrier with Moby

Anything planned for Bush*'s visit to Minnesota Tuesday?

The Age of Murdoch

Peeyew - just saw a Ford commercial with Toby Keith.

Rush Limbaaaahhh slip ups

Black Amputee Offered White Prosthetics......

Not a playground

Colombian rebels join forces against Uribe

Editorial and Other Articles forum - is there a better way to avoid dupes?

Palestinian Tensions Delay Interior Minister Appointment

Dahlan: Arafat is a dog and liar

Eastman's Pentagon Theory

Dean Meetup rolls through 90,000!

Did anybody see John Edwards on "This Week" this morning?

two more hours left to Vote for a Quote at

The large candidate field is good for the party

15,000 people rally for Gov. Howard Dean in Seattle...

Dean praises Clark -- it's true -- look here!

I like whatching Dean and Kucinich people go at it.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall... The Repubs are ready.....

Who do you despise the most : Mediawhores Poll #2 for 10 more whores

For those who doubt Clark

Deleted message

Kucinich and the PL- PC switch

Which of these news stories interests you the most today?

Autistic Boy dies during "faith healing"

What's the first step in setting up an "American-style" democracy in Iraq

my wishy-washy shifting opinions on the candidates

Deleted message

A good reason why conservative books sell so well.

Clark poll results will be released tomorrow. C-span 1pm EST

Starpass: Sen. Evan Bayh, DLC head, is as bad as Biden..I feel your pain..

Republicans in southwest states

OY VEI, look what FAUX news is up to NOW

How Long Before We Walk Out on the Iraqis???

two more hours left to Vote for a Quote at

excerpt from "Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them"

Does Iraq remind you of "The Ransom of Red Chief?"

watched fox for 30 seconds...

Rush Limbaaaahhh slip ups

Everyone remember Reagan’s “October Surprise” strategy?

Would a parody of Rush Limbaugh work on talk radio ?

Kerry will be hosting a fundraiser at the Interpid with Moby!!

If Clark enters the race, will Lieberman get smart and drop out?

DraftClark to release Zogby poll on C-Span Monday 8/25/00 1PM EST

A little digging.... Accenture - any connection to Alliance Capital Mgt?

What would be your scenario if we were to withdraw from Iraq ?

I forsee nothing but trouble for Bush in the fall

Wesley Clark should not tell the media when he will announce

Getty helped traitors sell oil to Hitler

Is DU funded by DNC, DLC, or any official dem party organs?

There really ARE professional disruptors

Send email supports to Alastair Campbell

Shut Up, Joe Biden, Shut Up..goddamit, goddamit, shut up.I.. give up

kerry is a military man

Widow Fears Pentagon 'Lying' About Pneumonia

A two-day "blackout" should create an oil surplus ...

15,000 people in Seattle for Dean!!!!

If Condi Rice runs for president how would we attack her poltically?

BUSH: "Terrorists hate freedom, they hate progress, they hate Peace."

Let Us All Remember Our Focus

CBC: Horns and Halos tonight

Clark is a "killer" BS...where do you get off??

Bustamente gains momentum with Davis endorsement and Sharpton visit

Any headline predictions for this coming week?

I took 32 votes from Bush today, it feels great!!

Iraq Oil Pipeline to Flow to Israel....... ( a must read)

Do you know anyone

Choamsky on the Democratic party... is he right?

freepers new rant on election 2000 & 2002 -- wahhhhhh!

Gay Sex With Minors

Faith-based Murder of Autistic Boy -- Bush sure has great ideas...


For Pryor, Religious, Legal, Rights in Conflict (Ten Commandments)

U.S. Said to Plan Bigger Afghan Role, Stepping Up Aid

BBC launches public attack on Murdoch 'imperialism'

U.S. wants more Australian troops in Iraq: Report

Diet Panel Nominees Questioned (close ties to food/drug industries)

Orlando Sentinel: 15,000 at Dean Rally in Seattle

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

Chicago Schools: Listing "likely criminal" students...

Ex-Park Service Workers Say Bush Reneges on Promises

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa

Bush administration invites Yasser Arafat to Washington for peace talks

Does anyone else find begging for money tacky?

Happy Birthday Nothingshocksmeanymore!!!

When did you know you were heterosexual?

Help me write the DU novel

Robert Fisk..from Iraq

In the Triangle of Terror

Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush

What Should We Do Now...

Army foresees doubling up tours

"A Weapons Cache We'll Never See" by Scott Ritter NYTimes op/ed

Time to retire the Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Ron Paul: Trust Us, We're the Government

Black Out at the Times by Greg Palast

Japanese teens collect, trade Democratic presidential candidates

"Then we'll have another war" (we've been lied to!)

Underemployment: Truth vs. Myth

Controversial resident registry network starts full operations

Our "Cowboy" President Fails the Barbecue Test

A (sadly) average Joe

It's time to fire Rumsfeld

Kerry Doomed?

Saving face, losing a war

Bush uses crises to push preset agenda

USAToday Book Review:Excerpt from 'Lies' By Al Franken

pics/video...Poor People's March in DC on Saturday 08/23/03

A Grassroots-level Newspaper; please discuss any ideas.

email The Late Show, Daily Show... about whistle ass.

I need help with a letter to the editor please.

The Foward ads heard on tonight's weekly worst of Hannity show

BBC launches public attack on Murdoch 'imperialism'

Smokin' Joe Conason on Crossfire today with Al Franken co-hosting

My letter to N.Y. Times, re: Tom Friedman

One reason why newspapers suck: Low pay

Who saw Crossfire?

Killing the myth of "liberal media"

PNAC Neo-Con Agenda and Evidence of 9/11 Pentagon Frame-Up

WEBMASTERS: DU, Commondream HL available in RDF

I Think D U Should Start A Video Game Thread. A Place To Go To Talk

Chrétien signs historic land deal

Gays Accused Of 'Hijacking' King Memorial

New Job Discrimination Study: Blacks Without Criminal Records Still Lose

Boy Meets Boy Contestant Tossed From Military

Slater Steel posts second-quarter loss

DUer cashes in part of IRA CD

banking with a good conscious

Dean just rang my bell!

Oligopoly Watch

10% Of Portugal's Forests Destroyed By Fire In 2003

Hundreds Of Corpses Lie Unclaimed In French Morgues

The Death Of China's Rivers - Chilling Asia Times Article

European Heatwave Kills 12,000

One dead in clashes in Indonesia's Papua - police

Anti-cancer drugs cut by Medicare (to fund tax cut via Medical Accounts)

Scientists discover how French stay slim

Resident Defends Home Against Fake Officers

Local TV Evening News, Buffalo NY

RKBA Crowd ENDORSED Nutcase Judge Moore

I got a great idea!

Um, where did my star go

How about a weekly "Backbone Award" or "Liberal Heroes" column?

My definition of a disrupter, what is the official DU definition?

so How much did DU make?

DU store

We have a Freeper spamming GD

Couple of bug reports

Posted a thread in GD about John Geoghan

How do you find the old message board?

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

U.S. rejects Israeli request to join visa waiver plan

ISM: No compromise in defense of bomb labs!

Israel to return bodies of two Hezbollah fighters Monday

Avnery on collapse of Hudna/Roadmap

Israel Unveils Tip of Jewish Terror Iceberg, Embedded with Settlers

A Case for Hizbollah

MP Barghouthi again Refuses to Recognize Israel’s Jurisdiction

Israel may "assassinate" peace bid

Israel´s stealthy killers employ mixture of speed, skill and silence

Israel begins building barrier

France to Israel: No evidence Hamas, Islamic Jihad are ''terror groups'

Post your Barbara Olson comments Here

Flight 11

New Vote for a Quote poll up at

Dean interview with Wolf Blitzer - transcript

Kerry to Fault Bush on Iraq, Veterans

When will they stock the shelves with Victory Cigarettes and Vodka?

Houston Chronicle: Candidates encroach on Bush

No re-redistricting in Illinois

N.O.W. to Announce Endorsement of Presidential Candidate for 2004 Race

In Dean, some backers see hope for Texas' ailing Democratic Party

Howard Dean Stops By Seattle On Whirlwind Tour

Beta Test: New Howard Dean Web Site

I stole this from the General Discussion board...

1,000 Attend Spokane Dean Rally

And they're off...

Kerry may tie his shoes!!!!

Kerry speaks to Veteran convention, followed by Rummy and Condi

Chat live with the Democratic candidates at

What kind of dirty tricks do you expect Chimpy & Co to pull?

I'm sorry but is not the end all be all of political campaigns

Good news in Nevada

Great Dean photo!

You know Kucinich keeps on amazing me :)

Read former Georgia Senator Max Cleland's letter endorsing John Kerry here

Kucinich to meet with Canadian political leader

Grassroots campaigning and childish dreams

Carol Moseley Braun may endorse Kerry!!!!!

What happens if Dean fails to raise $1 million by tomorrow night?

AWD campaign announcement!!!!

Sign The Petition To Change Dean's Mind On The Palestinian Occupation

Gibbons won't challenge Reid in Nevada

Hackers steal 13,000 Navy purchasing accounts

possibly another republican candidate for prez?

It's Official - Saddam Was Not An Imminent Threat

What I don't ..and DO...want to know about my president..

The Resurrection of Jane "Jingle Money" Swift:

WP: Defining Dean (On NAFTA, WTO and other issues)

Shi'ite vs Shi'ite ? Trouble ahead for US plans to unite Shiites ?

Did Bremer really say this?

The Gap Grows. Re-elect, 44%; No, 49% (New Poll)

which states allow recalls?

Question about campaign contributions

OK. Explain DU (depleted uranium) to me.

Heroes and politics

Cartoons--The this is my home state edition

Al Franken on Today show

How much is each of us in the US expected to pay for Bush's war?

Dean Losing Support on Left For His Stances on Its Issues

Middle East Timeline

WTF...Sending 28,000 IRAQI's for Police Hungary???

N.M Dems plan for Gen. Clark to participate in 9/4 Presidential Debate

More lies revealed-Iraqi Drones Not For WMD

Employment ad in Sunday's Bakersfield Californian POLITICAL FIELD WORKER

Who else has finished Al Franken's "Lies"?

UK may be subjected to "terror-alert" diversion tactics, too?

What you should know about the GOP who opposed Kosovo & Clark

the NEOCON's want to run Iraq's oil across Jordan to give it to Israel !

Out of power, DuPage GOP struggles

All you need to know about this immoral regime...

Any DUer's going to MN state fair?

SL Trib: Troops wounded in action not listed among casualties

The Foward ads heard on tonight's weekly worst of Hannity show

An interesting twist on Iraq and the UN bombing --

Imagine Clark as "diplomatic" as his supporters

Conservative unity adheres to lies.

Tell me about Wesley Clark

Texas tactics not right for Ohio GOP

How could you ever caption this? What a GREAT photo!

why do we have a "conservatism" room, but no "liberalism" room

QuickTimeVR 360° image of the crowd @ Dean rally in Seattle

Are you convinced that Iraq is better off without Saddam ?

Just found an interesting report to executives pdf file.. who is bna??

To the freepers who said, "Invade Iraq. I want cheap gas!"

My Province is burning

* Registered These Domains in 2000. We should grab them before he does!

Statewide election project delayed

Okay....Khadafi funded a movie from the Arab Perspective..Can you Watch?

Military people vs Bush and his war in Iraq.

Superintendent Who Blocked Gay Group Was Having Affair on School Property

What are our true goals and objectives? Do we really want to win?

Remember those terrifying, death-dealing Iraqii -> -> DRONES?

Buchanan Rips PNAC neoCONs a New One on WorldNetDaily

Pumping ENRON

BBV- Exposing the Belly of the Beast

George "Whistle-Ass" Bush

Poll: Mandatory childhood vaccination.


boycott Florida tourism

Freeper admits "Whistle Ass" has a ring to it & DU gets a mention too

Garrison Keillor visits Sacramento

anyone hearing the poll info on cspan re Clark/Dean/Kerry?

Does An Elected Representative

How serious is this gas shortage?

How we are disinformed.

Re-Defeat Bush in 2004---Great Mediawhores Headline

Al Fraken on CNN tonight: 8pm

Draft Wes Clark now on CSpan. This is wierd, will he run or not?

Wow, do conservatives have to "project" on every issue?

Progressive Review on Clark

Arnold's official website is still "coming soon."

This Board is a Panic.

The things that keep us here

Where We Stand, as a Nation, Today. (optimism re polls and Bush’s status)

Wow, look at the Yahoo Highest Rated Stories!

Threat of Iraqi drones was false

"This Week" being revamped – George Will is out, pretty much

Live on C-Span Zogby poll shows Clark starts fifth if he declares.

how is YOUR candidate on privacy issues? Caps 2?

Hummers, Pâté Get Activists' Goose....

C-SPAN Live coverage of the Founders Draft Wesley Clark

Reason why the 10 Commandments really DO belong in that courthouse

Orlando Sentinel cartoon calls bush "AWOL"--this is HUGE

‘Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them’ - Excerpt\Video\And Laughs !!!

Neil Young's "Greendale" takes on Enron & Chimpy!!

Sick of this Republican Bullshit Spin

But I'm a Cheerleader!

What Will Be The #1 Issue in 2004

Dollar Store Nation

Dont Forget Kids: Al Franken On Crossfire 4:30 EST!

So Dean supporters, are we going to hit a home run?

The Antichrist of North Carolina

"What's good for Business is good for America."

Who put all those bombs in the WTC?

What would it take for the "Great Society" to return?

My New Favorite Button...

Tweety Has Coulter on tonight - Hope Conanson is noting

Pat Buchanan in 2000

Anyone else wondering where the latest USA Today / Gallup poll is?

Dallas Morning News Thoughts on Jessica Lynch Movie

Sometimes the Repubs are so transparent you just have to laugh...

What Happened to the Niger Hoax?

Beat Bush to the PUNCH!

I've Got Ideas for Wesley Clark. Anyone Have His E-mail Address?

We're bombing again.

What You Need To Know About Wesley Clark

Dean supporters - check out Yahoo's top stories page!

Will Bush even bother to push the Pryor nomination anymore?

BBVers - does the name Nathaniel Clark ring a bell?

Interesting info on media coverage, war, Walter Pincus, WaPo, etc

OMFG - Fundamental insanity

Black Box Research Thread: Why the funny hop in Brit Williams' career

Howard Dean on Larry King tonght CNN 9 pm EDT

O.K. the cnn front page headline....what is the story with that?

America bless God - who said this at the March on Washington?

Just heard on MSNBC - Clark to be on Buchanan & Press - Monday 6PM

How do you overturn a court decision?

Democrats have to learn how to talk over Repukes

Clark on Buchanan and Press MSNBC 6pm

too funny - re: WMD from WorldTribune

What if Arnold ran as a Democrat? As an Independent?

"What we have here, really, is fascism - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld...'

What did everyone think about Conason on Hardball..

New Job Discrimination Study: Blacks Without Criminal Records Still Lose

Faux v. Franken: Are We Missing It?

How Close Are George Soros and Wesley Clark?

Neil Bush's company makes F*

Leave no Christian child behind!

Ann Coulter makes death threats again...

Vote on Wolfies Poll

Ve Have Vays of Making You Talk!

Networks reporting heavily on Rumsfeld and Condi VFW speeches.

The Tomb Of My Murdered Friends (about the UN workers killed)

Cheney Stifled Energy Probe, GAO Investigators Say (surprised?)

A new low: Teamsters threaten to picket *dialysis patients*

Gen. Clark to appear on Buchanan & Press today

Carlson's snarky remarks about Wesley Clark and Dean

Why don't Powell/Bush*/Rumfilled ask Israel for troops in Iraq?

I was invited to a Howard Dean Tea Party

Church Expects Clearance in Death

Ed Asner Just Called the DLC "A Bunch of Republicans"

Ok, who else got a Postage Due mailer from Joe Lieberman!

FOOLS!!! I'm sick of whining, union bashing don't need SS out of my check.


U.S. Military Building New Camp at Guantanamo

Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Wounded, 3 Bodyguards Killed in Bomb Attack

12 Afghan soldiers die in Taliban attack

Blasts kill three in southern Russia

Red Cross to reduce staff in Iraq

No Pakistani Troops In Iraq if Arabs Do Not Agree

Spanish Government subsidizes the Foundation of the Dictator Franco.

Soldier death fury (Army Corporal Killed on patrol in a civilian Rover)

Shiites march after bomb attack

Baptism in the Tigris for U.S. Christian soldiers...

US soldier drowns, another killed by gunshot in Iraq

Delayed Troop Movement

Red Cross cuts Iraq operations

Dozens killed in Bombay blasts

On the road for Dean; WA State chairman Berendt gives his endorsement

CNN right now--Bustamante leads Arrnuld 35 to 22 percent!

Stevens says Iraq administrator needs more money, sooner

Former UN chief: bomb was payback for collusion with US

Rajoub in line for new security post (Arafat undercuts Abbas)

US forces attack ITC office in Kirkuk

Kerry Criticizes Bush on Iraq, Treatment of U.S. Veterans

Red Flag On Flame Retardants

Hockey stars accused of rape

Plan to End City (NYC) Primaries Moves Ahead

on edit: Dupe - In Dean, some backers see hope for Texas' ailing...

Peace May Cost More Lives Than Iraq War

Mayor on EPA: Don't Blame Prez (NYC's Bloomberg)

NYT: 3 Senators Say Iraq Needs More U.S. Troops and Money

In Dean, some backers see hope for Texas' ailing Democratic Party

Officials say intelligence, not more troops, needed

Giant Defense Contractor To Offer Partner Benefits

Iraq politics shaped by Shi'ite intrigue

Close encounter, by celestial standards

Florida Senators Criticize Postwar Iraq Policy


Bush aide prods Israel, press ahead with 'road map'

US bombs southeast Afghanistan

Cadence says jobs to move overseas

“It’s the economy, stupid”

Army foresees doubling up tours

Chile: President Lagos questions IMF policies

Iran and Turkey Slam US-led Coalition Over Instability

Peru Signs Trade Accord With South America's Mercosur

Free trade's victims turning against Bush, GOP

"Baghdad blast - A lesson for U.S."

New U.N. Plan for Iraq Meets Resistance

46 Dead In India

Germany says no troops to Iraq, security is coalition's job

Al Qaeda Web Site (Message Board) Claims U.N. Bombing in Baghdad

Rudy Pumped to Stump (for Schwarzenegger)

Deutsch attacks rival Penelas,Dade mayor called liar, friend to the GOP

US limits Cuban diplomats' power to buy, sell cars

Autistic boy dies at faith healing service

US prepared to send more troops to Iraq if commanders ask for them: Rumsfe

Al Qaeda Web Site Claims U.N. Bombing in Baghdad

Internet Trade Secrets Outweigh Free Speech(DVD copy code post)

Bustamante's run excites Latinos

Blair Faces Interrogation Over Iraq Expert's Death

Abercrombie & Fitch Claims 22 Ownership

Suit Filed in Alabama Commandments Fight Back

Notes from Iraq: Soldier morale dips, while fears increase (MUST READ!)

Democrat Dean seeks to challenge Bush on Iraq

Activists Find Home Near Bush* Ranch

Iraq Peace May Cost More Lives Than War

U.S. Gas Prices Make Record Jump

AP: Officials, Hummer owners rally at vandalized dealership

South American leaders move to expose past dictators' misdeeds

Australia will not send more troops to Iraq, PM says

Dean says Bush is asleep on job

Smudge Reporting: Fox News drops lawsuit against Al Franken

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via

Classroom's Costly Lessons Cuts Force Teachers to Forage for Supplies

Arnold Trails, GOP Rivals Refuse to Quit

"State Seeks Its Fair Share" (California getting screwed)

Fox drops lawsuit over Franken book

Cheney Stifled Energy Probe, GAO Investigators Say

Boy (with autism)'s death at church ruled a homicide

U.S. facing $500-billion record deficit - by conservative estimate

Study says Texas passes up millions for children's insurance

Dalai Lama welcome, but...

Six dead as bombs hit Bombay

Ten Commandments monument may be removed early this week

And the nominations for the 2003 Asshole Hall of Shame go to

The winner of the "Guess how high we can go" contest is...

Sob!!! Yes it's a baby starting kindergarten post.

Screw Safari! I'm back on Internet Explorer!

Gentlemen of Du...what knot do you tie your tie with?

Please, stop me from going to IKEA.

If science made it possible to choose penis size, would you?

Interested in Louisiana's wetlands loss problems?? Some stuff I wrote

Help!! My kid has 2 fundie teachers !

music downloaders.. question.

What musical genre do you absolutely hate...

I am SOOO proud of DU'ers---y'all are SO sympathetic :)

Pittsburgh Gathering, Sept 13th

46 and 2

Separated At Birth?? YOU Decide...............