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Archives: August 23, 2003

It's official - Saddam was not an imminent threat

George b...'s Transatlantic Crisis

Chancellor Schröder moves toward a German military mission in Iraq

If You're A Dean Supporter And Going To The DC March On Sat Please Read

DU'ers Help Seattle Anti-Bush Demonstrators!

Protesting Mountain Removal (!) in TN.

Anybody have a Ragdoll cat?

Tell this 20-year-old why anyone would need more than one credit card.

BBC: French Obstacle to Iraq Force Plans

Paul Giella's "AMAZING" Blackout Adventure

Are the words: "Testosterone"and PMS" used in replies considered by Admins


noticing problems

Israel´s struggle against terror: A chronology of deadly attacks

For all the WTC conspiracy theorists out there....

Imagine Dean is President: Do we invade Iraq?

New Dean campaign song

Check out my new Dean merchandise

Go look at CNN on the Fox ruling lost

Beautiful, totally gratuitous slam on Ann Coulter slips by Scarborough

BBV: RESEARCH files on ITAA Board of Directors

Social Immobility - the truth about the American economy

How many Judge Moore supporters have you challenged today?

if there is a draft can people just get drugged up before their physical?

Three dollar plus Gas....and the RECALL

Most outrageous right wing lie of the last two decades?

How about this presidential election?

Is there anything that money cannot buy ?

Who Saw Joe Conason Make a Fool Out of Steve Malzberg Last Night?

NOW w/Bill Moyers back this week!

Explain the meaning of the Bush mantra: "They hate us for our freedoms..."

Bill Maher THread: Margret Cho will be on

When is Schwarzennegar going to be outed?

Flavia Colgan Shines While Ann Coulter Looks Even More Pathetic than Usual

FreeRepublic Defense Force comes to aid of judge Moore

Is the Brett Hut US soldier in Iraq letter home to parents legit?

For all the WTC conspiracy theorists out there....

dem Ben Affleck in studio at sox game (UPN38), with Remy+Sean

He struts, he puffs,

If you need to smile.....

Rush has changed his tune on Arnold......why?

The gang that couldn't shoot straight...

Has anybody had this problem?

Have You Noticed GOP Threatening Dems Regarding Terror/War, etc?

O'Reilly didn't mention the lawsuit

Carville-Matalin politics will play as 'real-time fiction'

I got an email from Bill Clinton

The Republicans as cannibals

Osama bin Laden speaks...

Hey masochists.. Coulter on Scarborough tonite

Wesley Clark rally scheduled tomorrow in Little Rock ...

lights out on dennis kucinich

Whatever lie will work……..tell it.

September is when this Admin. introduces “New Products”…

Who is the Talk Show Host McIntyre?

New Fox Slogan - FOX News: "Wholly Without Merit"

BBV: My notes on the meeting of between the ITAA and the BBV Yakuza

The Woman who stood up to Judge Roy Moore

Tinfoil Hat Alert! Viruses Everywhere! Frontrunning Dems $$$'s /Internet?

I hate that I'm nervous about flying in a week

Remember Bush's air quality report for New York after 9/11?It was all lies

Canada's new marijuana law will hurt U.S. problem: official

Poll Shows Recall Support Narrow as GOP Moves to Push Some Out of Race

WP: Alabama Judge Relents on Monument

Sobig.F Worm Believed to Start at Web Porn Site

Survey shows some 12,000 dead in European heat wave

Bush's Pollution Charter

DU'er maxanne is going to burn in hell, post farewell messages

Whole "LOTTO" Trouble!

Update from my minister about the Harry Potter letters to the editor...

I no longer eat after 6PM, ask me anything!

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives

tomorrow, i fly for the IJAAF


Hey, Chuckup, are you planning anther psychic session in the lounge?

Regarding my "Schoolhouse Rock" polls...

"Casablanca" is on HBO Signature

Whoops, Hollywood turning on Ahh-Nold

I wanted SOOOO bad to do this sometimes....

New babies

I had a crazy dream last night

New Line Re-Releasing First Two Lord of the Rings Movies (W/X-tra footage)

DUers in medical field-question about a pulmonary problem I'm having.

Beatles-lore required to enter UK

Just last week, I could fill up my pickup with $15 (regular)


X11: Apple's secret formula X11:Apple's secret formula

Tonight, I boycotted a Freeper-owned business

"Roger & Me" or "Bowling for COlumbine" - which ought I watch first?

Does G-d have a sense of humor?

Does NYC really never sleep? Doesn’t that make them cranky?

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 3)

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 4)

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 2)

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 1)

WHo plays the best hollywood loser?

My Marinara sucked again!

Superfreak.... does he say "caucasians sing"?

Last day at old job....up next, first day at new job!

Favorite "Bad" Filmmaker

Here's a poser for ya

I just saw The Quiet American. Wow. Wotta movie!

My letter to ET(entertainment tonite) re: Arnold

Any Ventures fans out there?

Brain teaser for smart asses

local televangelist sez I'm going to burn in hell

I picked the lock and am opening the Grotto to the masses

This is pissing me off!

I step outside and look up at that night sky filled with light...

Witness: Message board break down of rightwing nutcase.

I am curious

OK, last poll from me ever, is it "Tow the Line" or "Toe the Line"?

Did you know that the 1915 Model T got 25-30 mpg?

Duce Staley ends holdout.

Who else hates the commercials?

SweetZombieJesus, HOW ARE YOU??? (kick this!)

What has happened to the US Army in Iraq? B. Cloughley

Couple weeks old, but I don't think it's a dupe

The "Alabama Commandments" as told to Cousin Elroy

Good cartoon by Mitchell

***Abandoned property ***

Knoxville Tenn News: War foes were right

Court Orders Woman In Wheelchair Removed From Ten Commandments Monument

White House swayed EPA after 9/11

hope in Seattle: Letters to the editor( excellent reading)

Subversion of democracy

Peter Lee: 'That giant sucking sound' (Outstanding read!!--)

Newsweek on torture: "We Have Ways of Making You Talk" worth reading

Faux's Hubris Is Their Own Undoing

Failed Tests

Bush has more important things to do.

Wesley Clark: The Guy Who Almost Started World War III

Coulter: Gore/Davis Best Argument For Friendly Fire

Don't Let FirstEnergy Restart the Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant

Protest Ashcroft in Boise 8/25

Correction: Boise was last Monday - the cretin is going to be in SLC 8/25

What are YOU doing to register voters???

I want to make anti-Bush videos! What software do I need?

August 26 St.Louis/St. Paul protest Bush

Active War propaganda in part of Europe


How much of the History Channel is Propaganda?

Is patriarchy instinctive?

Why do you have some "good" days and some "bad" days ?

Black Labor's Role In Transforming The Urban Landscape

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speech, I HAVE A DREAM

Bobby Bonds Dies At Age 57 After Long Illness

Congressman John Lewis. Living History of The Civil Rights Movement.

I'm torn right now...

THE BLACK COMMENTATOR - Ward Connerly Cartoon

"I Have A Dream"

Watchdog orders Freddie Mac chief to go

Worldcom's Ebbers' character, business methods sowed seeds of disaster.

THE WHITE HOUSE LIED! NYC Air Quality After 9-11 Not Safe

I don't understand. If Iraq is part of the war on terrorism...

High-Ranking Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

3 traders tortured, murdered - Fiji

Nigeria planning to launch military satellite

I'd rather carry lever action .44 mags or .30/30s

Canadian Provinces won't prosecute Firearms Act offenders

Judge Roy Moore is to the religious issue as Scary Brady is to RKBA.

NYC Toughens Tough Gun Laws

Is it possible for ALL candidate threads to be in

Could you please clarify rule of dup post

Seems like a newbie FAQ, but I haven't found it there...

No Bob Marley icon?

When should I send an article, and when should I just post a thread?

Navigation bug

Israel Vows to Target Militant Leaders

Israel Paralyzes ‘Roadmap’ Peace Plan, Kills Truce

Do or die for Abbas...

Children's author faces Jewish wrath

Victory is the only option

Palestinian leaders seek new cease-fire, which Israel may be asked to sign

The philosophers of chaos reap a whirlwind

Mombasa hotel bombing suspect out on bail - Kenya

Inside story of the hunt for Bin Laden

High-Ranking Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

Did Neo-Cons Gone Wild Make a Propaganda Spectacle of the WTC?

WT7 Collapse Caught on Video ---------------------------MPEG PART 2

Dean: Wall Street Journal Commentary (8/22/03)

The Charisma Tour: The Graham family

Dean shifts gears as status changes

And another thing...

Bush coming to laud Barbour

Crosby, Nash and Dean

Are the casualties being forgotten?

Bill Simon to DROP OUT CA recall race. CNN Reporting.

Will Clark throw the election to Gephardt?

What about the Congress?

ANY PICS of Washington & Portland protests?

Questions for Dean supporters

Just Imagine Shakira as President...

Check out this website if you want to know more about Kucinich...

You knew, you weren't duped

Breakdown of the candidates on the main issues


Is Mona Charen insane? Or just drugged?

Capital Gang - L.A. Times poll will show Bustamante 35% to Arnold 22%

Bush takes his August vacation in Plausible Denial. Hello Bifecta..

The source of Dean's foreign policy credentials

What would U.S. be like if King, the Kennedys weren't assassinated?

Judge Denny Chin (Fox v. Franken) is Clinton appointee

Schumer Faults Bush for Massive Blackout ....

Voter registration for the masses!

C Span is showing the Rally in DC

They kill the "peacemakers" don't they?

Heads Up DC DU'ers: Dean on TV tonight

Fox sues Al Franken and loses: Result: Book sales thru the roof, Hahahaha

Who thinks DU should ban the bizarre 9-11 conspiracy theory threads

OFFICIAL! Guy James Show starting NOW!!!!! 3pm Saturday....

Have another bite of this tasty shit sandwich: Government by the Wealthy

Just finished the Franken book...

HUNTS POINT, WASH- Protesters Greet The President With Chorus of Boos

remember Bushco reports on Uday stealing from Iraqis

New L A Times Poll

The Christian (sic) Coalition just explained why we need a Constitution...

If someone asked you to sign a petition against same-sex marriage....

The MOTHERLOAD poll: Newsweek: Bush: Drip, drip, drip: Dems on rise

Death Toll 08/20 - 08/23/03

After watching clark this week, i sent another donation to dean

The next Dem President should go to the UN and 'repent'

Would Dean announce Clark as his running mate before primaries start?

A Wisconsin baby needs help

michelle malkin gives franken more publicity

Two of the (many) reasons we need Dennis in the WH

Please help me name one person that Bush*

And the war comes home: first Monterey, CA area native killed in Iraq.

Why did one Gore elector abstain from voting?

September 11, 2004

Environmental terrorists

Drudge leading with......

Simple Simon drops out, backs Aww-no'd

Stupid is as stupid does - Sean Hannity

Jeb privatizes & schools may lose internet access!

Always remember

UK Scientist's Death Probe Makes Evidence Public - Its all on the web now

faux news at 3pm saturday.... lol



Says it all, really

Bush Radio Address: Al-Qaeda's at war with the UN..

Question for Clark supporters

favorite part of franken's book?

Cardinal Stafford Speaks On "Liberal-Nietzchean Culture"

Whada-ya-say we get all the Fallwells and Osamas....

WIRED NEWS: Patriot Act II Resurrected?

need contact info for helen thomas

What if Lieberman wins the nomination?

radocal cheerleading

The list of those who might attack U.S. and U.N. in Iraq is long

Pledges to General Clark Top $700,000!

Lets have some fun: List Bush's Lies

Sylvia. Mwahahaha....priceless

Ha ha ha ha ha, Thank you Faux News, Al Franken #1 on Amazon

TNT is playing the terminator, Is this ok?

Shamelessly whoring a 9 year old

US Forces Dead=273; Iraqi Civilians Kiled=6,113; .... WMD=0

Why do the 10 Commandments have to be removed from the building?

Reminder : Guy James Show at 3 PM ET - Tune/ Call in

Simon's name must remain on the ballot

Good or Bad ?: All the conservatives should drop out and leave Arnold..

CSpan's coverage of the DC King Rally - 3 PM

First Harry Potter Supported Libertarianism, Now This One Says Liberalism

What Can Anyone Tell Me About Sojourners?

Random thoughts- 8/23

IRAQ - What do we do now?


"shameful displays of intellectual dishonesty"

A Prayer in Alabama

CHENEY learned about FEAR from Master Nixon

Bush takes credit for increase in salmon production in WA

US troops shot two young Iraqi's for loitering and breaking curfew

Instead of photo ops onboard aircraft carriers

The Linda Tripp Defense Fund?

"The Big Dance" and the fall of Bush*

Curious how Attorney General Bill Pryor

Panama: the forgotten Bush invasion

ashcrap at it again..

21st Century Slaves

What Is the Most Important Quality for a Judge to Have?

The UN bombing in Iraq had impact

Remember when Bu$h promised


Who watched Hardball last night?

Link: Davis finds silver lining as rival rises

Weapons of the feeble.

Some clues to 2004 election strategy, thanks to CA race?

Help! Need some info/input/resources about 'competition'

Who are you gonna believe ? Me or your lying eyes ?

In Franken's new book.....

"shoot-down" plane policy resumes

Just another lie, White House swayed EPA after 9/11

UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello's last words: LETS ROLL!

Judge Chin inquires if “Bush and Cheney affiliated with Fox News…?”

Have you ever wished you could contact an Iraqi personally

White House & EPA lied about post 9/11 air quality

Flame My Local Radio Wingnut, Not Me

"Who will help me SNIFF the Bread" said Henny Penny...

The Propaganda War in the U.S. Army

Space Supporters....We Should Show Support To Brazil Right Now

Is Jihad Unspun a CIA creation?

did anyone see rash lintball in wsj?

Anyone remember "QBVII" by Leon Uris?

Canadian TV alert: Inside Gitmo

Anniversary of the March on Washington...Could it have happened today?

Look at how the former New York police commissioner gets around Baghdad

Daily U.S. casualties 8/23/2003

EPA lies about White House role in WTC air quality coverup

Buying more war airplanes to bomb cities.

Questions from past follow Janklow into the House

Bush's Military In Iraq??

Dean's Good Ol' American Horse Sense.

Lieberman calls Dean "unelectable"

who wrote the 10 Commandments?

Why is the FBI in Iraq?

Winning the Independent voters: First, lets do away with a myth..

has Holy Joe issued a statement about the 10 Commandments yet?

interesting: Moses, The 10 Commandments and Supreme Court building

Would You Be More Likely To Vote For ...

new Savage Weiner sponsors


Exposing the real George W (let's do it for Sally!)

Stop the Florida-tion of the 2004 election

Did you know that the 1915 Model T got 25-30 mpg?

Did Neo-Cons Gone Wild Make a Propaganda Spectacle of the WTC?

I step outside and look up at that night sky filled with light...

Was BlackHawk Down really Clinton's fault?

DU -- Part of the Beloved Community

How about John Lewis for VP?

Toward a Critique of Libertarian Property Rights

The monumental mess in Alabama, is tied to the Christian Identity movement

Should Iraq be partitioned into 3 countries ?

Doctor Dean for the death penalty

Scarborough's comment on Kerry

"Will Democrats Put Blacks on Ice in ’04?": A New View from Northstar

Does Al Franken ridicule Jesus in his book?

If the Dems in Congress had voted for the war our troops wouldn't be dying

Kerry To Announce The Same Day As Clark?

Check out this website if you want to know more about Kucinich...

Of the nine presidential candidates...

Who is going to win the D.C. Primary?


South Jersey Gas Prices? UP 26 cents in 8 Days!

Patriotapalooza tour showcases Patriot Act, eroding civil rights

Why get the imitation when you can have the real thing?

Ned more proof that the US used uraniam-laced bombs in Afghanistan

Dean in writing in the Friday Wall Street Journal op-ed page

(Completed) BBC poll on world's opinion of America

Tony "The Poodle" is going down - will The Chimp soon follow?

These heroes will NOT give up the fight: Kristen B. and the WTC widows

interesting proposed law I read

DemActivist given official permission to hack Georgia voting machines

Do Conservatives Honestly HATE Us? Should I Bother To HATE Them Back?

9/11 widows - astounding article

Bush pal Sun Myung Moon -- what you should know

BBV: Tampering risk doesn't alter ballot plans (NY)

Miss. high court: Fetus a 'person'

Decker talking about making return to N.C. GOP (NC Majority At Stake)

Vets Upset Over Medical Care Funding

GOP Simon quits Cali Recall race

Top Contributors to Candidates in the Recall Election

Salon: Franken bests Fox

Calif. Recall Support Waning, Poll Says

Three boys held at Guantanamo Bay expected to be released soon

Fox's Bid to Block Franken Book Is Denied (AP)

Hamas Calls Bush 'Islam's Biggest Enemy'

Army chief denies report of attack against Bulgarian soldiers in Iraq

Air traffic controllers, Bush administration at odds over jobs

Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush

U.S. Taps Media Chief for Iraq

Democrat blasts Republicans over blackout

Planes Intercepted Near Bush's Air Space

Dean Seeks Bush Wake-Up Call on 'Sleepless' Tour

Fresh fighting breaks out in Liberia

9/11 Phone Transcripts Ordered Released

Voucher program gets new scrutiny (Florida)

Fugitive Texas Democrats Helped by Web Drive (MoveOn gives $1M)

Pedophile Priest Geoghan killed in prison

U.S. Protests Mexico's Effort at U.N. to Protect Aid Employees

Dean Promotes Himself Like a Rock Star

GOP senator is 'distraught' over Demos, state politics| Texas

Houston faces own biblical battle

Revealed: how ministers tried to gag David Kelly [Independent]

Liberians report fresh fighting, thousands flee

Nugent Sues Town Over Canceled Concert

The Propaganda War in the U.S. Army

20 die in Russian copter smash - governor and top aides on board

Blair Aides Shaped Iraq Dossier

Davis winning the race for money

Bush's Energy Policy Stalled

GOP-led team finds new target in California recall election

Court upholds Edison bailout

U.S. forces kill two during ethnic clashes in Iraq (Kurds and Turkmen)

Soviet Union's past remains buried

General Clark sits on the fence again, beats around the Bush - CNN

Action hero's the silent type

WMD: Australia accused of hype

Afghans say they retake some areas from Taliban

Britons flee Baghdad embassy

Sanctions Harden Iraqis Attitude to U.N.

Many Venezuelans Keep Faith in Their President Despite Hardships

U.S. Wants Foreign Leaders' Laundered Assets

Federal Probes Target Lucent Technologies (Saudi Arabia & Bribery)

Redfern promises fight over new congressional districts (OH Redistricting)

Bush, GOP right have squandered war on terror, Braun says

Hutton documents published !!

Christian Churches Should Stop Using the Cross, Group Says

Blasts, Gunfire Rock Iraqi City of Kirkuk

Concerts to Honor Slain Reporter Pearl

U.S. Plans to Restore Iraq's Electricity (By End Of Sept)

Hamas Calls Bush 'Islam's Biggest Enemy' [Bush freezes assets]

Bush's Polution Charter

Venezuelan gov't defies court over Cuban doctors

Russia to go ahead with nuke plant in Iran

Bush: World Must Thwart Bombers' Totalitarian Aim

U.S. Defense sec Rumsfeld: There is a significant terrorist threat Latin A

Faux reporting Bill Simon drops out of Calif. race

Christian Coalition of AL. Responds to Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspension

Hamas Calls Bush'Islam's Biggest Enemy'

Momentum Forces Dean to Shift to Higher Gear (DEAN & CLARK TALKING!)

Writer's campaign manager bows out (Huffington)

Nearly Half of Americans Wouldn't Vote for Bush Again

New Book Says LBJ Killed JFK

Lack of Support (for 10 Commandments) Stuns Visitors

When Is Enough Enough? (New Newsweek Poll re: Iraq)

Schröder: No German troops to Iraq

Yesterday Bush approved 9 recess appointments - including Pipes

Net virus set for 9/11 blitz [The Sun UK]

20,000(+) flee Kelowna (BC, Canada) homes (due to forest fire)

'Half a million troops needed to bring Iraq under control'

Bush made deal with Musharraf not to catch Bin-Laden

AJC: Dare accepted on electronic voting machines

British soldiers killed in Basra

Crackdown to end leisure trips (to Cuba)

BBV: E-vote vendors may form a team

Thousands gather in Venezuela's capital to support president facing ouster

Bobby Bonds dies (Barry's father)

Six Groups Said to Be Monitored in U.S. for Possible Qaeda Links

Favorite Classic Reggae or Ska Tunes

ebay 2947397960 sells a recall vote

Am I heading into soccer momhood? I need to get a new



Totalitarian CAPTION Vision

CAPTION Tarmac the nonMagnificent

From Freeper Central, it is the Libral voice of Missouri, filling..

"You're pretty. But not, like, Victoria's Secret pretty."

Just finished 1st week of law school!

Gladiator is way overrated

Okay... Wait... You Mean...

Just saw "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Wayne's World" for the first time

Question for the UK DUers

We could use a Pitt stop

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World (audio adaptation)

Support DemActivist and the effort to crack the GA voting software

Mainstream Movies Are Becoming More Like Porno Movies


HEY!! I just realized....

Air shows. Like them? Or not?

Hey! I just made ninety bucks for half an hour of work! Ask me how!

I just broke into the 100+ club! Don't ask anything important!!!!

To Brit DUers-is the band Steadman any good?

Who hates "Schoolhouse Rock"? Where liberals are allowed to FLAME

full time college back in gear! No more easy stuff!

Who here sticks to GENUINE ink cartridges rather than doing the refill bit

Has Will Pitt been around since he was slammed

The Soft Parade

I've been around here for awhile, but have never bothered to ask.....

Hey Guys!

Important news you NEED to know

THE ALL NEW "WHo plays the best loser in hollywood" thread!

I'm thinking of completely changing my career path

As if you needed another reason to want to have sex with Linda Carter

Yet another "Ten Commandment" ruling in Alabama

Why aren't there more science fiction movies?

What's my religion?

I like SUV's and really don't care what you think

Bought all my business attire!

My computer keeps kicking off with message, NT Authority System

This is the ultimate vanity post!

And for my 600th post....

Going to the AZ Dems statewide meeting today!

Who here drives a Japanese sedan?

With Last Kiss, Widow Dies at Spouses Coffin...

Feces Occurs - how's about a little karma?

Me, Big Dawg, and Tipper Share A Birthday! I always get lost in

Goodbye everyone...

ADVICE NEEDED: "Pop-Up" Tent Camper Trailers

Radio Auto Commercials 'Small-Print' Babble... WHY DO THEY BOTHER?

Anyone else see Peter, Paul, and Mary last night?

tech/windows question for people who aren't tech-morons like me

I just got home from seeing Drive By Truckers. Ask me anything!

"Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street ..."

Tow Yard Complaint

"You're Zen. But Not ZenLefty Zen."

Libel and slander

tech/windows question for people who aren't tech-morons like me

Any Neil Finn or Crowded House fans?

Pigasus nominated for presidential contender

Best Buy service...anybody else have problems with it?

I had a dream: Dennis Miller punched me!

Anyone remember The Lone Gunmen?

They blindfolded me and took me to the fossil room for my 50th birthday

What are you NOT going to do today?

Just bought the best political record

just keeps on lying and lying and lying

Coded Message

Erasure appreciation thread

I got a big ass gnat flying around my monitor

From Usenet: RWer's proof of a liberal media

Starbucks's marketing of bottled Frappucino:

Anyone know how to find the source of a streaming video in Media Player 9?

Do you think Stacy`s mom has ~really~ got it going on?


Please, please tell me what these terms MEAN?

I have a pint of gin in me; ask me anything

What the hell is this on Discovery Channel right now?

excellent streaming radio

Yo - Seattle! This is Florida calling - we have your weather!

Who thinks DU should ban threads that talk about cats?