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Archives: August 19, 2003

Who's a leftist now? It depends on where you stand

Paul Newman Is Still HUD

Paul Krugman (NYT): The Road to Ruin

Guardian: American voters have two choices: Bush or Bush-lite

So, about Garofalo on Crossfire...

Personal Bankruptcies Continue to Surge - NY Times

Is the stock market experiencing another bubble?

Would You Eat A Cloned Cow?

Israel's Red Flag on Iran

Poor children are being destroyed in a manufactured crisis in education.

Palestinian cameraman Mazen Dana killed in Baghdad

Abbas agrees Arafat's undermining him

The Pentagon Thread Part 2

Clark campaign admits to eating spam


Poll shows gay rights backlash

Who Is The Best Candidate For The Mid-East Peace Process?

Why are all the French dying, it is not that hot?

Is Voteclark really Ann Coulter ?

Political hate and love fest in Seattle this weekend!

Palast on Malloy Right Now

1-week Anniversary of Sweet Tea Democrats: Bush Losing Support in South

They've gone totally, absolutely, insane.....

Jim Hightower on Daily Show NOW!

Gen. Clark is ok in my book...and yes I'm a Dean guy

Are those terrorist training camp videos a hoax?

Clark on MSGOP Now!

CIA REPORT..Global Trends 2015

Is Your State Next???

Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism (Book

Dean Vs. Clark: Someone do a poll on the two.

Dean vs. Bush

DeLay: Texas Dems violating Texas Constitution to Support US Constitution

Bush: No 2004 coup for you; Gray Davis is a GREAT governor..

California, the fate of this nation may be in your hands..

Help my campaign webpage???

Malloy starting NOW -- 8 p.m. Monday -- Palast on in second hour

DU Fundraising Drive

OMG! California's next Governor (Quicktime Movie)

Olbermann goes after FOX again

Mazen Dana, picture of a real hero

Heee's Baack!! Pete Wilson: CA's Electric Price Gouger-in-Chief

Dear Beloved DU,

To DUers who aren't big Clark fans, here's a way to end some Clark threads

Black Box: Gov Perdue Orders Inquiry Into BBV in Georgia!!!

New Edwards ad up in S. Carolina; It's incredible!! Here's link

Bush approval graph updated today at pollkatz

I'm tired of all the Texas slamming around here

Something has gone badly wrong with DU.

Al Franken's book coming out early

CA's - Can you explain Warren Buffet's property taxes?

If Clark enters the race, Dean will lose support

A foreigner's view on Wesley Clark (long)

Death Toll 08/14 - 08/18/03

Jim Hightower on Daily Show

Does DU need more structure?

A take of the ten commandments

Blackout 2003- MIHOP or just one of those wacky things that happen

Dean vs. Kucinich vs. Clark

It's sad how jealous Ann Coulter is of the great JFK

marxism 2003

Just saw the light about the blackout


Freepers HATE Clark!!

What Would You Do(WWYD)??

So, did we or didn't we?

Draft Gore... would we fight more or less if he were in the race?

So are we heading for a Clark-Dean fight for the nomination?

To anyone who questions whether or not Clark is a Democrat read this

Click here. Now. Read this. All of it. And then pray that God is just....

About the candidate bashing threads.

Try to catch "War Photography" C-span2 tonight

"Republicans for Dean" blog

about that "should we have dropped the A-Bomb" discussion.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore: George Wallace in a robe

Clark V Dean

Black Box: Happy little visitors to and .org include:

Do you have friends who are Republicans?

WP: Ex-Prisoners Allege Rights Abuses by US Military

BBC - - Russia plans Mars nuclear station

FirstEnergy linked to the worst blackout in America loses power

Gov. Locke (Wa.) lashes Bush on environment, energy, education

Judge to Decide by Midweek on Bid to Delay Recall

Washington: Powder not anthrax

TV Looks to Low-Key 9/11 (ABC to examine war on terrorism)

Janklow's driving record scrutinized after crash (12 tickets/4 years)

Bush* Revises Views on "Combat" in Iraq

Rumsfeld Rebuffs Criticism on Postwar Iraq

Lieberman Rejects Strategy of Running to the Left

Gov Perdue Calls For BBV Inquiry In Georgia

FCC (Powell!) to Probe Media Ownership Concentration

Bush* Tries to Deflect Blackout Criticism

Iraq Victory Fails to Oil World Economy

Icelandic Whalers Make First Kill

Bush signs bill to defer student loan payments for active-duty troops

Jail(ed) Britons reject Saudi '£1m hush money offer'...

Missing Texas Senators Ask Mercy For Staff

Ridge Tells Governors They Passed First Test But Must Do More

US Soldiers thought camera was a grenade launcher

Saudis in Iraq 'preparing for a holy war'...

Justice Dept clears the Oct 7 election. (MSNBC)

BBC newsnight reports on high degree of sophistication of Iraqi sabotage

WP: For Right, a Wrong Direction – Many in Calif. Wary Of Schwarzenegger

Bush Sees U.S. Marines Out of Liberia by Oct. 1

Iran Warns Israel on Nuclear Reactors

fighting, fighting, everywhere.....

An accent joke

HEY, Knock it off!

1956: My 100-Plus Favorite Records

How do you find out who someone is by their ISP number?

Hey, I spent $25 on a Bocephus baseball hat for my husband...just so

Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I. Ask me anything.

This was a rough day.

Skinny Dipping

2 JOKES - Rated R

Raw Is Bore: It's like a clown car wreck, I can't look away

I like conforming to Lounge posting fads. Ask me anything.

I just donated to DU for the first time and I feel PUMPED UP!!!

No hablo español. Pregúnteme cualquier cosa.

Anyone ever have to take the drug Depakote before?

I have a serious question

I like to rebel against Lounge posting fads. Stuff your fucking questions

I missed seeing Dean at the YD convention! Wah!

Yup, Comcast is not alone - you'll love who's sniffing me now!

Michael Franti & Spearhead. DAMN!

I'm the Sun God. Screw that Jesus feller!

Allllright!!! I hit 1,714 posts!!!

Dropping the God Bomb 2.0 chapters 1 and 2. Flame me with anything!

Hey Vampires! Check this out.

I'm a bachelor for the next 3 nights... ask me anything

I am the reincarnation of Cleopatra - Asp me anything

So this guy asks his wife what she wants for her birthday ...

I just read one of MATCOM'S threads. Ass me anything.

Even more rodent humor!

I'm on the road again, folks

Who's your favorite artist?

I'd like to introduce everyone to our newest family member!

can someone explain "goth" to this old fart.

What's your "Dealbreaker" when it comes to new relationships

poll: how many bands in my record collection have you heard of?

A Blonde GUY Joke

Weird cat behavior......

Texans suck!

Best Bowie album?

I just recovered from Shark Week on The Discovery Channel, as me anything!

Tell me your juvenile system in your state

Congrats patdem!!! 2428 posts

Best Motorhead LP:

Who was Jack the Ripper?

What would your mom think? RANT

I'm watching "Fear Factor", please ask me why!!!

Best "Guitar" Album

What's More Likely To Really Exist?

?Anything Me Ask, Dyslexic Am I

I spent $98,000 on a new car to compensate for my penis & bragged about it

I just bought S. Africa vs England World Cup Tickets...Ask me about rugby

Yah! We get HBO now so i can watch Bill Maher

OK... an oldie but a goodie. Pig joke....

What's Your Bedtime?

Scrambled eggs and cottage cheese

Poll: Insulting names for Republicans

I am the walrus. Ask me anything!

I am a dirty old man

Are you guilty of DUUI?

Stupid Cali Goes Ballistic Arnold Is Atrocius...

I created a new thread to parody one I obviously haven't read.

Why is there so much smoking intolerance in the "dealbreaker" thread?

This Futurama episode contains the funniest thing ever

Leaving for the UAE Wednesday-- Ask me Anything

Good Job DUers!! six days left and over half the goal met!!

Whats scarier about the modern right? the social policy, or the economics?

More Kipling; this dedicated to veterans

Salon: Conason's "Big Lies" – 2nd Installment

Doctor: Pentagon slow in vaccine death

Questions that Alastair Campbell must answer

Wash Post lies for Lieberman

Woman Topples Domino Record

Arms and The Man (Victor Bout - The World's Largest Arms Dealer)

Cashing in on the blackout

Larry Sabato-Tyranny of the Mob Rules in California

"Bush Good, Saddam Bad"

Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis

Bush's energy policy means keeping the public in the dark

UN Headquarters Bombing in Iraq Exposes US News Media Bias

Feel The Power of Mark Morford

Paul Newman following FAUX lead

Why Was the Blackout So Widespread?

Guessing game...

Gas Prices Tell a Tale

Swedish army to go 9-to-5

The Untold Story of the Civilian Death Toll in Iraq

The Real Target - Iraq, Newsweek

Molly Ivins: The All-American Blame Game

Liberals (unlike us?)

The Bankruptcy of America.

Nader on Physicians for a National Health Program & Cable De-regulation

American Fascism- GREAT READ

The Groping Governor

New Poll, Lets Vote!

Willie Nelson Tickets On Sale Now!

Dean's Stop Ashcroft Petition


Make Bush Waste Money Idea

You can help Al Franken win his lawsuit

Protest Ashcroft in Milwaukee - 8/21

Freedom Communications pulled into family fight. (Libertarian)

CNN's Identity Crisis ( or....what to do with Paula Zahn)

Shaking the Foundations - Corporate media realigns itself

We Want Joe Conason!!!

Why is there no coverage of Janklow's accident that killed a man.

Rummy's War

Marital Bliss Ends At Reception

Fern and Exotic plant show: LA Arboretum.

Colonial Williamsburg to Lay off Costumed Workers

Friends In The MiddleAge Club

Majority Of Americans Favor Ban On Gay Marriage


Movie To Rewrite Gay History

Vivendi mulls three bids: sources

Push For Safer Power Windows

Grizzly to be delisted in CONUS

Latin America's Glaciers Disappearing Fast

Bushmeat Trade Wiping Out Burundi's Hippos

Baghdad Clerics Decry a U.S. 'War Against Islam'

Outcry over lavish Mugabe pension - Zimbabwe

'What Kermit Roosevelt Didn't Say'

Sonia predicts early fall of NDA govt - India

‘I Saw Many Dying’ - most significant blow yet... U.N. Iraq

CounterPunch Diary: Judy Miller's War

"Myth and denial in the War on Terrorism" by William Blum

Fatigue, pain, sinusitis link

Inhalers may worsen asthma

Does this amount to a police assault vehicle aka tank?

Teen Boredom Breeds Drug Use

Tiny bank's gun giveaway quick draw for customers

Crossbows, samurai swords to be banned in Victoria

I kinda miss that feature where

Could someone update the fund drive numbers?

Was my "I'm richer than you, eat cake" thread removed?

Any chance of an Irish flag avatar?

I'm confused

Question About Membership

Could you please enforce LBN rules?

Is there a history of DU

Why was this thread locked?


Maybe you should have made the pie higher

Fair and balanced moderating...

Do Administrators Pocket Any of the Money Donated to DU?

I'd love to see this smilie added to our table

The Wall in Palestine: Security as Pretense for Dispossession

Israel's wall hems in livelihoods — and dreams

What Right?: Israel & the U.S. bear blame for current state of affairs.

The war that never ends

Breaking .........Another Blast in Jeruselum ...

Thousands of Palestinians Hit by Jerusalem Segregation Wall

The news media and the second intifada

Road Map obscured by blood

Israeli police forced Palestinian boy to swallow chemical

Fatalities reported in explosion on bus in central Jerusalem

Israel orders owners to hand over 'Jerusalem fence' land

More US Lawmakers Visiting Israel This Summer Than Ever Before

Explosion heard in Jerusalem

Re:Today's Jerusalem Bombing and Our support for Palestinians ....

"9/11 joke" project

Are those terrorist training camp videos a hoax?

Andrew Young may run for Zell Miller's seat


Fisette Drops Bid Against Moran

Sign Dean's Petition to Stop Ashcroft


We will never beat the rethugs by trying to be like them...

This is NOT a Dean bash, but......

Things are looking good in NH


All Nine Candidates on the Death Penalty

Edwards faces tough call

Dean for governor

Dean in the lead...

Tell us why you think your candidate is the best choice for the nomination

Why is Dean getting so much $$$ from AOL Time Warner ???

Kucinich on Blackout. And: Willie/Ani DiFranco in Concert

August ARG numbers -- Dean 28% / Kerry 21% / Gephardt 10%

I think a Kucinich/Moseley-Braun team would be the ticket!

Kucinich's Dept. of Peace Bill, HR 1673, now w/50 Co-Sponsors!

Edwards: Part/3 Making of A Candidate

The New South (Politically)

Does the Vermont News Bureau have a website?

Is Dean actually qualified to be President?

I just donated to DU for the first time and I feel PUMPED UP!!!

OOPS! Bowtie Bozo caught making a stupid face while supposed off camera!

Inez Tenenbaum

Judgment at Nuremberg

The Democrats 11th Commandment: No attacking fellow Dems

Target and Motive for Baghdad UN Attack: Congressional Delegation

It’s Partisan Hatred That Keeps Bush Afloat

Lt. Governor - California

The War over the National Guard

In one-month Dean jumps 9-points in NH now leads state in ARG Poll

Is the President hitting the sauce again?

Wow, Jamie Rubin on CNN

he was on the 12th hole!

Jeneane on Crossfire on now!!! CNN

Zsa Zsa Saddam - a ploy of our military psy ops

Tom Clancy remark about secret off-budget black-ops

German rightwinger loses job in scandal (smears mayor /gay)

Let's look at the upside of the situation.

I swore I would never listen to Tom Friedman again....but

Freepers wish Clinton a Happy Bday (sick stuff!)

Today's UN Bombing - A Signal? BE AWARE

From a Clark supporter, just saw on MSNBC a great Dean

"If you can't find something to do, I'll find something for you!"

......As the World Burns..........

Hardball on Iraq bombings

Hm. ABC Eve news played the video clip of * "bring 'em on"...right after

ABC News raises the possibility of more troops being sent to Iraq (Draft)

British press reports Schwarzenegger’s groping and affair - recently even,

smirkboy continued his golf game after terror attack??

We need Energy Unions now! (Dean, Clark, and SUVs)

I'm removing my tinfoil hat for this one, because...

To The Media: How Can You Have A Terrorist Attack In A War Zone?

Freepers REJOICE after hearing UN bombing.

The Bush Regime is back to "normal"

A Day In the Life of W (pictoral)

Paul Newman Blasts Fox News!

Iraq is the USA's "West Bank"

wth was that? For those watching CNN

did shrubco dupe both UN and our Congressional reps??

Why am I reading stories about Iraq and I'm thinking "Vietnam"

Any one see Ed Ansner on H&C last night

Wesley Clark, lifelong Democrat or another Ross Perot?

Vietnam 2 Pre-Flight Check List. But Iraq is much worse

In N Dallas ? Meet Ann Richards at 7pm TONIGHT ! (Aug 19)

The definition of LIBERTY

Change in electoral votes because of 2000 Census

Michael Moore coming up on MSNBC - Buchanan *& Press 8/19

Does bombing the UN mean we can "take to the streets," again?

1000 Vets had warned Bush: "Gulf war will be worse than Vietnam"

Tin foil hats on.....The UN bombing...

KS Governor restores state hotline for child abuse (was "privatized")

Aaron Brown replied to my email!

WIENER"Savage" Back on NYC Radio

What is happening to the Iraqi oil? Is bu$hco/Exxon... stealing it?

What ages are we here at DU?

"The world is better off now that Sadaam is gone ..."

Civility: A how-to guide.

Is it just me?

ok just heard on Faux that it was "large amount of C4 explosive"

Just finished "Big Lies" today....y'all will dig it...

Whitey's House "fixes" it's web page.

I think Syria bombed the UN.

Has the distinction between the two partys become social instead of ideal?

Hey, it's not all bad news in Iraq!

Arroyo's hubby (First Gentleman) accused of money laundering campaign $$

Take off your tinfoil hat and come on in

So what's the difference?, or, The ravings of a simpleton...

Is it really so bad?

Who gains the most from the UN bombing in Iraq?

Four Myths, 30 Million Potential Votes

Black Box: Diebold stock beginning to falter?

Why comparing Iraq to Vietnam is dangerous

Did anybody see Paul Newman PIMP SLAP FAUX re: Franken

Violence begets violence.....

Newsweek: Why Iraq is (could be) worse than Vietnam

New State unemployment figures out: Oregon highest, S.Dakota lowest

Nukes - A Bad Idea in Vietnam, an Even Worse Idea Today

Using the term "Homicide Bomber"

Here is link to actually download RAW video to hard drive

The greatest foreign policy lies.. and how can we work against them??

At times, quips cloud Kerry's message

Iraq has only become a real threat since the US invaded.

PNAC Clearinghouse

Asscroft LIVE on C-Span Now...

Nothing but Lies

The US continues to have terrible intelligence (even w/Bush excluded)

Since Al stole Faux's trademarket phrase, I have come up with a new one.

john edward's strategy compares to bill clinton

The Manilla mutiny, Michael Meiring, and the Baghdad bombing

here's what bush REALLY digs.....

SCO claims against Linux shown to be bogus

UN Hit in Baghdad!


US Congress Persons in Iraq?

Anyone want to watch Ashcroft spew?

Are the Clark supporters evoking distaste for a Clark candidate?

Repeat: Clark vs Scarborough

Taking the "Christian" out of Bush...

Franken Book Coming Out Friday??

Protest Ashcroft in Cleveland!!!

Sergio Vieira de Mello

Did Bush *really* do this?

Dark Age of Bush related to closeness of planet Mars?

Texas House Democrats Could be Next to Flee

When is Jay Leno going to invite Gray Davis on the Tonight Show?

Most women want a husband to provide security, comfort, etc

Drudge: George Bush depicted as Jesus in upcoming GQ

Expect more attacks like the one we saw today.

Kucinich: Power to the People

Depleted Uranium...

Bu$h DID say "Bring 'em on"

The bushgang's Poppies

Why Support Howard Dean?--Lets list a few reasons

Wolfie Poll: Is Iraq becoming a Quagmire for the U.S.?

FirstEnergy Corp's hole in reactor, blackout specialist, Bush top donor

Bob Graham on CNN

Tin Foil Hat: Malloy off the air THURSDAY due to Detroit power outage

Ellesberg- Like Vietnam, Iraq Occupation started with lies

Must see joke...Bush on the economy

Is the Democratic Party a Party of Diversity ?

Today's CNN Polls

Friendly Reminder: Be Alert for Disrupters

Breaking .........Another Blast in Jeruselum ...

CNN: Bush Not Speaking LIve

Anyone listening to Thom

How many rounds of golf did Bush get in before giving press conference?

Punishment Without Trial even for children. "justice' by Occupying army

What Raed in Baghdad has to say about the blast (blog)....

military casualties August 19, 1967

'Zsa Zsa Saddam' to Taunt Iraqi Regime Loyalists

In 50 years will it matter more that

New 'Good' Worm Attempts To Repair Security On Infected Systems

What does it mean to be ... "Progressive?"

FYI: New worm virus reported (W32/Nachi.A)

Poll: Preference for Democratic presidential nominee

Okay, here's the scenario(revised):

I hope Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz & the PNAC Cabal

Quote Of The Day:

Clairification of 'shared goals' ... as per user DU agreement

CNN: Kofi Annan (sp)

The state we find ourselves in ...

Criminally incompetent

Hey Underpants!

Compare & Contrast. . .* on vacation/U.N. Baghdad Blast--photos

Bush gives Universal Health Care in Irag/Turns back on 44 mil. Americans

I must vent or explode

Deleted message

What do you want? What are your goals?

Iraq war question....

Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison (on CNN)

ANWR in the Stalled Energy Bill - Shrub Gets Whatever He Wants

The downside of Unity

Can We Stop Trashing ALL The Democratic Candidates !

Okay, Dubya's cutting his golf game short

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Blackout

Bush says "Bring 'em on." We say "BRING THEM HOME NOW!"

Workers Fear More Work, Less Pay Under Proposed Overtime Changes

Rummy's numbers on NPR match Dean's on MTP

Proof that Howard Dean rocks!

Everything's OK.... GW is gonna reassure right after his golf game...

DNA sparks a computer revolution

LATimes: Superpowers That Turn Bully Risk Self-destruction

we should all pay attention to John . . .

The Gropeinator

United Nations official just on condemning attack on UN building in Iraq

how did Savage Weiner start his hate radio career in San Fran?

Bad taste? Pornography? CNN just showed pictures of Iraqi casualties.

happy birthday, bill clinton

Bush was called twice (about the bombing)

US Troops Provoke Anger, Fear in Afghan Villages

Lieberman & DLC - if you want to bear the brunt of my sarcastic retorts

Rocket or Car Bomb?!?!? From witness:

The attack wasn't that bad luckily

Happy Birthday Mr.President....

Bustamante will beat Arnold -- easily.

Blech Lieberman makes me sick to my stomach

If Clark Enters, Can He Beat the Almost Certain Spin from the Right?

Here's the Election Slate: TIME TO VOTE.

Baghdad UN Building bombed and Bush is playing golf!

Why have there been fewer casualties in Iraq the last couple of weeks ?

Exactly HOW STUPID is George? A classic example:

Kucinich on CNBC yesterday (I think it was CNBC).....

New name for the chimp* ( George W. Since )

Took 110 Days for Bush to Admit Still Combat in Iraq

have you gotten any replys from any hate radio sponsors?

I'm sick of Clarkies blasting Deanies


Interesting article about 9/11 and arms deals Has Been Invaded by Freepers !

Printer-Friendly URL's. --- A Big "Thank You" And A "Tip-O'-The-Hat"...

was Mazen Dana filming something forbidden when he was killed?

Question for GLBT DUer's about "marriage"

did the u.s. help saddam and co. escape......again?

Which do you prefer? Land Mines or Cluster Bombs?

Power to the People .. Kucinich's story about electric company's ..

Can we have some peace here

From the Wilderness Beyond Bush

are hate radio listeners insecure?

I just heard on the radio that *Bush said (today?) that . . .

It is August 19th do you know where your copy of Bowling for Columbine is?

Anyone see conection w/ Blackouts and AZ gas crunch?

If you can stand Scarborough, Wes Clark is coming on at 1:30 AM EST 8/19

these Divorce lawyers are advertising during Limpbaugh and Weiner

Curiousity killed the cat

Peace Summit thread

another long time Savage Weiner Sponsor

can someone remind me how to capture a screen shot?

new Savage Weiner sponsors NatureSeal

Clark RULES!!!

I'm taking a break until after the primary--a little too contentious here

Clark has the stigmata!


Dean fans dont need to post Dean RULES***, he just does.

WitchBitch Rules!

Dean Rules!!

The volunteer army and the wicked military adventure(Stan Goff)

How many here think this UN bombing was a BFEE hit?

Any other DUers bothered by phrases like "pimp-slap," "bitch-slap," etc.?

OK, Not A BFEE Hit (Maybe) Let's List The BFEE 'Convenient' Deaths Then...

Blues For Peace.

Please Sign the Petition to Stop Ashcroft

Loss of votes for *??

To all my leftist brothers and sisters

United against Bush?!

Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold

Best Way to Convince Others?

Transgender kid gets insults screamed at him while mourning friend’s deat

Missing the forest for one BIG tree

Futures Shock

GEORGIA DUers - - and EVERYONE -- help turn up the heat on BBV

Diebold issued a press release and is picked up by Yahoo News

Bombing the UN "HQ" in Iraq could bring in the forces of Light!

Deleted message

HAPPY BIRTHDAY President Clinton!

Enough of the Catholic bashing! NOW!

gaze upon the face of our fearless leader....if you dare

Go Vietnam Vets!!!

Check out this poll's results on CNN

Which Democrat would you vote for?

Group Claims 300 U.S. Soldiers Killed Every Month In Iraq

HELP WANTED.....The Demise of the Middle Class (NYT Magazine)


MUST READ: Trippi on the Open Source Presidential Campaign

Give me your hired, your whores, your befuddled asses yearning to freep

Good Book on PNAC?

Who has some thoughts and/or background on Bustamonte?

It's time for another Bush/Nazis thread

Reuters Cameraman Killed For Filming U.S. Graves: Brother


Janklow failed to stop, prosecutor says

Virginia To Try 26 For Sodomy Despite Supreme Court

Dean jumps into lead among Democrats in New Hampshire

Eagles Battle Giant Gerbils

Gunman, Woman Dead in Ohio Plant Shooting

Interdiction of Drug Planes in Colombia to Resume (Shootdowns)

Bush Campaign Reaching Out to Bloggers


Hunting the Viarsa (vessel) - dramatic international hunt

Close Call For Sen. Maria Cantwell

Sergio Viera De Mello has died

Congress Delegation in Iraq During Blast

No 10 knew: Iraq no threat (UK Guardian)

A Candidate Who Confounds, Charms and Reaps Publicity (Arianna H.)

Texas House Democrats Could be Next to Flee

Bush Confident Congress Will Now Expedite Energy Bill

(Rep. Kucinich) petitions to revoke FirstEnergy's Ohio operating license

Explosion Strikes Bus in Jerusalem

Bush Does Not Rule Out Corporate Tax Cuts

Parkinson's Gene Therapy Study Begins

Panel to Hear Submissions on Alleged Coalition War Crimes in Iraq

US admits cameraman was shot dead at close range

Sen. McCain: More Troops Needed to Tackle Iraq

Edwards bashes Bush on jobs, civil liberties

At least 15 die in U.N. HQ Blast in Iraq

Fox-Franken lawsuit arguments scheduled (Friday)

Nigerian pleads guilty in $2m bank scam

Colo. Declares W. Nile Emergency

Bush is on vacation playing golf but he is right on top of the explosion

WP: Bush Blames Attack on 'Enemies of the Civilized World'

Nettled for not voting

Victims From 1st Gulf War Seek to Make Companies Pay for Chemical Contamin

UN claims broad role in Iraq, chides US on safety

Davis to acknowledge faults, slam GOP

Iowans Not Buying Twinkie Defense (Lieberman)

Workers Fear More Work, Less Pay Under Proposed Overtime Changes

Bankruptcies Nationwide Reach 12-Month Record Of 1.65 Million

Ohio Utility Cited in Blackout Has Had a Troubled Summer

Recall loss could mean housecleaning

AP News Alert -- Sergio Vieira de Mello, U.N. coordinator in Iraq

Man drove an hour with body in windshield

Cameraman's Death Brings Demand For Public Inquiry

Suicide bus bombing

Iraq has only become a real threat since the US invaded.

The Mutiny in Manila, Michael Meiring and the Baghdad bombing

John Ashcroft To Visit Philadelphia

Peter Bergen-Baghdad bombing work of Al Qaeda

Bush Revises Views On 'Combat' in Iraq

Dean attacks Bush during Tucson rally

Bush revises assessment: War in Iraq not over ?

Afghans Mark Independence; 9 Cops Killed


Army Says Car Bomb Is Cause; Number of Injured is Unknown (Iraq)

Bush grants permanent legal immunity to US corporations looting Iraqi oil

Saddam Hussein's vice president captured

Lawmaker to Push Bill to Sanction Syria

Rep. Ford, from Baghdad, says America must remain steady despite bombing

At Least Fifteen Dead in UN HQ Blast in Iraq

Asscroft LIVE on C-Span Now...

‘Bolder’ Taliban steps up attacks

Prayers at board meetings to end (FL--Manatee County School Board)

De Mello has died. Cnn no link

CNN International: Aid workers attacked in Afghanistan

Explosion Heard at UN Headquarters in Baghdad CNN Reporting

Bush's energy policy means keeping the public in the dark

California campaign speeds up as major candidates speak

Blair Aide Warned Against Saying Iraq Was Imminent Threat

Consumer Group Asks Bush To Suspend Power Deregulation

Thousands of Palestinians Hit by Jerusalem Segregation Wall

Explosion AT the UN headquarters in Baghdad

U.S. Taps Media Chief for Iraq (We report it, you decide!)

Regaining of vote by thousands of felons said to aid Democrats

US Troops Provoke Anger, Fear in Afghan Villages

Poll shows Blair losing voters' trust

US escalates GM food row with Europe

Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis

Spanish Heatwave Claims Over 1,000

Lesotho needs urgent help to feed thousands

Schwab Target Of Bomb Scare

Utility Officers Gave to Bush (FirstEnergy - Big Time)

Mexico files complaints

SD Congressman's Speeding Ticket History

Campbell stands firm on 45-minute claim

Bush Hopeful Energy Bill Can Be Reworked

US Troops Fire at Iraqi Ambulance During Gunbattle

Battle looms over petroleum products bill - SA

'It was punishment without trial' - Iraq

Software Exec Eyes Arlen Specter's Senate Seat

China blocks foreign software use in gov't

Ten Policemen Killed In Worsening Afghan Violence

Chrétien prepares pivotal speech - sway caucus, country on same sex

Zimbabwe orders UN to hand over food

Grenade Attack Wounds Two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq [Aug. 19]

Storm drives cargo ship ashore in Table Bay - SA

Saddam Hussein's Vice President Captured

Three Asian Banks Sign Historic Agreement

Disaster Plans Get New Scrutiny After Blackout

China Readies Super ID Card.....A Worry To Some

Graham running hard, but lagging so far behind

Iran Must Not Yield to U.S. Atomic Pressure -Khamenei

China Mine Blast Kills at least 17.....again

Blair's office "substantially" altered Iraq dossier, British probe learns

**Un Sanctions to be Lifted From Libya?**

WP: Staff Chief Cautioned Blair Aides on Dossier

Bustamante Presents His Budget Plan

30% of black men in US will go to jail

Dogs Are Smart

Let's Bash Wisconsin!

What's the Craziest Thing You Really Believe?

Progressive Community Radio: Does your community have a station?

Don't see "Free Range"

So what happens if we get to 500 and there's four days left?

I just cracked my head REALLY HARD on a ceramic towel bar..Whaaaa!

I'm looking for a husband. Quit asking me so many damn questions, and

Do some of your friends constantly get on your nerves?

I just rearranged all the rightwing books at Barnes & Noble

Spike Lee at it again, the man named Sue

I'm baaaack!!!

A Sign that the End Times are near?

There's something about weathermen...

Courtesy... and my new resolutions. Any one else care to join me?

Favorite author?

Another cat thread...What's the most endearing thing your cat does?

I wanna buy Chicago on DVD!


Need a little help here...

Am I the only one at DU who doesn't really care about how much money......


Can you spare a CAPTION my "brother"?

The Crappy Golf Day of all CAPTIONS!!!! (Be advised!)

BFEE Buddies


Help me! I'm addicted!


306 individual donations in less then 1 day

care package for my friend in the 82d Airborne Division, Iraq?

This GD dog!!!

I have a question, answer me anything.

Man Trapped in Elevator, Decapitated

I like my women like I like my coffee....

Am I the ONLY one that thinks $98,000 for a vehicle is for fools only?

Where's Dr. Fate?

How do you make Couch Covers?

How about this for dinner...

What's your favorite gourmet ice cream?

Happy Birthday Tipper Gore

Say Happy Birthday to the Big Dog, he's 57 today!!!

CHICAGO on DVD today - prescient and relevant

What's your PREFERRED O/S system

Hooray DU!

fun with blasphemy- are Jesus and Lucifer the same person?

Did i mention i HATE yahoo politics

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Left or Right handed

Just watched the movie "Phone Booth"

I should stop posting in GD






Dee-Ess-Fucking Ell

Hey! Look What I Found (and wish I hadn't)

Screw the Lounge. We need a Grotto.

Cyclical History

Just ask the kids over there killing?

I just bought a new motorcycle, and I can SMOKE Dookus' Jag!

I know everything. Ask me anything!

My Echidna Can Beats Anyone's Yak!


Kittens are in the house!

Just heard Dan Bern's, "TALKIN' Al KIDA BLUES", on the way home!

LF IS BLUE! Cheer up need!

Scary, scary stuff at Bartcop (not for the squeamish)


Has anyone else noticed a massive surge in email viruses today?

Malnutrition depression?

whine... molly ivins speaking engagement cancelled

Laugh your ass off video!

What I want in a lover, thanks for asking!

New Penis Grown on Boy's Arm

Okay, gas was $1.56 this morning. Left work to discover gas is now $1.74!

I'm going to see Palast and Hightower in NYC. Don't ask me anything.

WELCOME TO THE 700 CLUB............

Hi! I'm a moran...Sig line question

Franken is STILL cracking me up!

180 had a great day today!

I just saw Jim Hightower for the first time on Daily Show. Wow!

"just ask the kids that are over there killing and being shot at."&CAPTION



Another computer moran right to clear scrolls

Quitters Check In Here!!! (Quitter Wannabes ... Get Inspired Here!)

Dance your ass off video!

I drive a 9 yr. old Geo Prism that just passed an emissions test today!

help...i need the lyrics to a song

I drive a 12 yr old Honda...please don't bite me

I Drive a 2002 Chevy S10 - Please Don't Bite My Yak

What does it take to get sterilized in this society?

Here, borrow my soapbox and have yourself a rant

Why I Love Democratic Underground...

I just switched to Mac's Safari browser!

With this post....

WELCOME TO THE 500 CLUB.......................

Marital bliss ends at reception

Kipling for the Religious Riech

Jesus H. CAPTIONS!!!!!!!

UN is Hit in Baghdad!!!!!

aarrgggh! is there a good fix for malfunctioning mouse?

I don't quite know WHAT to make of this...

This just in from the wire...

Who Was Jack Tripper?

Any Kevin Costner fans?

What band originally sang the song, "One Tin Soldier"?

I might have to see Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber

I just saw "Bowling for Columbine" for the first time.

"Sheeeeee's heeeere..." (Warning: Scare the crap out of you picture!)

Envy me, I'm goin' to Dalton

Any "Manchild" fans out there?

the UN guy dead in Iraq- was he the one

Goodbye 700 club

"American Movie" Fans. Unite.

Is Your Cat Intuitive?

Hunter keeps the digs in...

Calling all techies - viral e-mail questions


"Once Upon A Time In Mexico"... I cannot WAIT until this movie

At What Age Does A Man's Waistline Creep Up To His Nipples?

Chris Rock turns down offer to emcee Oscars

Between my Dad and I we know EVERYTHING!!! Go ahead, ask me anything.

I hate you all!

Happy birthday Ogden Nash


OK, let's try this again. *Anyone* in the Northeast want two female cats?

Naked Man Nabbed for Seeking Shower in Car Wash

Anyone play Battlefield 1942?

Bring back the view numbers please

Si j’étais riche…

why me ? 1000 yrs old yet bad luck parking

Amaya and me, aren't we cute? Ask us anything!

Need a quick computer network/virus question answered

George W. Bush has NO Elvis in him... is HE the evil anti-Elvis

coalminersdaughter, where are you?????

I Just Changed My Last Name To Lieberman. Ask Me Anything!

New Jersey Senator Ready to Bid for NBA's Nets

The Farting Preacher-Funniest... Movie... Ever...

I also don't care how much money a person makes,

i just did six minutes on a treadmill in Arizona ask me anything...

Bizzaro world is alive and well here on EARTH

Making Beds in the morning: Do you or don't you?

"W" as Veruca Salt

I just spent my rent money on a $300 car

listen to this: aaron brown a pompous moron

This is the war that never ends

Funny story about DU

Re: Pitt's dinner and dookus' car

Uh, heh. Heh-heh. Heh-heh-heh...

Post good wishes ONLY to Will Pitt and new lady friend

I spent $20 on a hooker. She bit me, and I didn't like it.

can someone remind me how to capture a screen shot?

Anyone doing the South

where imac os 10 store temporary files, incoming internet video stream?

Capybaras are the BEST giant rodent EVER

Happy Birthday, Gene Roddenberry

Can anyone help me debunk this?

Ethics of giving to charity (RE: Flamefests in the Lounge)

Question, Who's the Gov, and who's the Lt. Gov... :)

Housework kills-Be forwarned

my objection to homosexuality

Off work till friday! ask me about the ministry of silly walks!

The White House Call Girls

I just spent 25 cents on a gumball....ask me anything.

Happy Birthday to Bill Clinton AND...

Thickening agent for marinara sauce?

"It's A Small World After All" (OR "Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head...")

I just got my new dAnn Coaltar Action Figure, ask me sumpin!

Vote on these movies

Terminator 3

Attention WillBowden! Have I Got a Guy For You!

I'm looking for someone...

I love you guys


Home page: "Enter Fair and Balanced Discussion Board"

So did anyone buy or burn that Junior Senior album?

Comedy Central NOW!

Parents or OCP's of autistic kids

WitchBitch Rules!

Ignorance killed the cat. Curiosity was framed.

I'm in Musical Ecstasy Listening to Dire Straits "Communique"

Anyone else receive this weird message from MSN Messenger?

What does third base feel like?

Women I Loveya But I Don't Like Women Who Have Tattoos On Their

Why am I still un-Decided on a candidate?


According to Proleteriat, Kuhana, VoteClark...

Do Clark supporters support VoteClark's ridiculous notions?

Accepted the republican nomination... Ask me anything...

Do they have Dentists in the Emergency Room at the Hospital?

What ages are we here at DU?

No sex, you're a dad now

Greatest Wierd Head Trip Movie

Need training advice from experienced cyclists