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Archives: August 11, 2003

What language is U.S. speaking in Iraq?

CIA warned administration of postwar guerrilla peril

Gore right to blame Bush

The Council on Foreign Relations The Council on Foreign Relations And the Trilateral Commission

Herbert:The Art of the False Impression (Gore and Arnold)

How the 'Radicals' Can Save the Democrats

My big fat mea culpa (Dean article at Salon)

Amb. Wilson not gonna back down - thinks he knows who outed his wife

Clinton Foundation's Online store.

Suggestion for Californians: Use the old Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" phrase

Need some help finding...

Upcoming LA/Orange County Events

Persecuted Wiccan in small Tx. town calls in the FBI

Besides marriage, what other things are gays denied?

Bank of Canada governor wants a single currency

Who Killed Montana Power?

Smokies Elk Herd Growing

Who’s protecting live organ donors?

Murder, Kidnapping Suspect Kills Daughter, Shoots Self



Israel Without Apology

The Pentagon Thread

I had the pleasure of hearing Jim Hightower speak today!

Message from Joe Trippi

What happens if in '04 we win the WH but not the House?

How many Dean supporters would support a Clark/Dean ticket?

Missed votes...

Anyone seen "Al Quaeda 2.0"?

Powells U.N. intelligence "thick" file has worn thin in Middle America

Concerning bodily and other reactions prior to Sept 11

Is there any place other than the internet where

Nobel Laureate calls * a thief: "What we have here is a form of Looting"


Opinion Thread for the Men of DU...

Larry Thompson deserting Asscroft? and Geraldo's old buddie Chertoff

Dean's grassroots drive sprouts locally

Kerry on C-Span(getting slippery on war vote)

Have all the MA folks heard

green party leaders meet to plan bush re-election

I'm a goddamn liberal...

Dean Supporters: Please lay off the Kucinich bashing

Kucinich, Sharpton and (sorta) Dean.

Who's the most 'liberal' democrat in the race?

Did Arnold actually say he voted for Prop 187?

Bill O'Reilly asked Jenna Jameson for some of her videos after interview

GREAT CARTOON - The Bush show!

I do think Dennis Kucinich could beat GW Bush

Online Journal: 9/11 Joint Inquiry chairmen are in conflict of interest:

2004: What happens if we win the WH but not the House?

Larry Flynt Issues Call to 'Pray' for Death of Bill O'Reilly.

Arnold Campaign Slogan "I Feel Your Ass" SEE THIS PHOTO

OK! My "Seabiscuit" audience had "Dead Silence."....when

Is it a "liberal" thing????

Death Toll 08/09 - 08/10/03

Please DUers, no more gloom and doom - we are WINNING; * is TOAST

Hey..... Somebody tell Dumbya they found the Weaponsofmassdestruction!

Republican yarnspinner, Mc Clintock

Support our troops and make money.

'Human shield' faces $10,000 fine

The most important letter you'll ever sign!

Peter Werbe is on now.

Parents of Young Gymansts Have No Shame

The George W. Bush Action Figure (Get Ready To Puke)

Question concerning those with a Sept 11 birthday (and that is fortunately

Question concerning the Twin Towers

Why all the focus on Arnold Swartzenegger?

Non-White Liberal Internet Dean/Kucinich Progressive Left Dems!

10 Reasons to stop pretending the Most Electable candidate is invisible

Let's Get Rid of the Home-School and Voucher CRAP *NOW*

Sorting out the hawks and doves in the presidential field

Vets for Peace Conference: Will Pitt, Rachel Corrie's parents, real heros

Girl Found in Cooler Died of Malnutrition

Ultimate insult for American programmers as employers seek cheaper labor

Stage Collapses At Godstock

Schwarzenegger's support for Prop. 187 reveals glimpse on issues

WP: Democrats Unlikely to Retake House

Senator: Iraq Assumptions ‘Flawed’ - Repuke Sen.

A U.S. television flop in Iraq

Some Seek Preschool Nuke Evacuation Plans (near power plants)

For Vanity Fair, Bushes are Exception to Royal Rule

Kerry sharpens his message as Democratic race tightens

Honduran soldiers leave for Iraq

Bush aims to be out of reach by time Dems pick candidate (USA Today)

A tiny town shouts 'Whoa!' to Patriot Act

Texas Democrats Solicit Bush's Help in Redistricting Dispute

Chance of a Short Trip Home for Soldiers on Yearlong Tour

Sharpton Admonishes Youth, Blacks to Vote

Police given 'shoot to kill' orders in new terror alert

U.S. Lifestyles Blamed for Obesity Epidemic Sweeping Mexico

Homecoming Blues (Marines returning from war readjust)

Riots Continue Over Fuel Crisis in Iraq's South

US Deputy Attorney General to resign

My big fat mea culpa (Dean article at Salon)

Texas Democrats Solicit Bush*s Help in Redistricting Fight

Mystery pneumonia is being caused by America's weapons of mass destruction

Oil Rich Iraq May Not Aid Iraq That Much

Tory leader calls for Blair apology in row over dead weapons expert

NoBorderCamp attacked by police

CIA 'loots' villa where Saddam's sons died


Lieberman lashes left-wing Democrats

I know who I want in the California Recall!

Protesters march on Livermore lab to oppose ``bunker busters''

4 Soldiers, Reporter Injured In Iraq Attacks

Joe "DINO" Lieberman lashes out at democrats on FOX TV!!!!

Calif. Officials Face Daunting Ballot

Kelly inquiry: The case against No 10

 Middle-class teens turn prostitutes - This Could Be Your Kid

When Good cats go WRONG,....EDITED !!!! More pics

DU Sunday Night...Confessions

Who do I donate to for Democrats?

Does anybody else watch "The Wire"?

What bosses are more likely to be politically prejudicial

If Frank Zappa were alive today, would he run for Governor of CA?

Who do you think...

Quick econ question

came from Tom Paxton's concert in NYC - Lincoln Center outdoors series.

Why is it that after 11p Eastern, all the "fetish" threads re-emerge

I Have The Original Nintendo Game Boy. Any One Know What I Could

Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow

More fun with Kittens

Living Colour to cover AC/DC's "Back In Black" on comeback album

I'm mad at the Cartoon Network

Happy Happy, Joy,Joy

Update on my robbery: Bank indifference and incompetence, crippling fear

So, who's drinking tonight?

Midnight Poetry Thread

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome......

Is anyone else watching "The Restaurant"?

I'm thinking of forming a band, and I have a question...

matt from ten grand just died

Holy crap! (disturbing audio)

Is today a Rebel holiday??

Music stuff: Question about the Mahavishnu Orchestra...

Question about the music group October Project...

I've got a VCR and a tv but......

Rafael Furcal turned an unassisted triple play tonight!

I've been thinking...

Willie Nelson and the Dem 11 Outlaws

U.S. Scientist Discovers Telekinesis Equation

One for the Pagan/New Age crowd.

The Taint of the Greased Palm ( CORRUPTION)

Officials Warn of Turmoil on Election Night (vote count in California)

How the "far left" can save the Democrats

War and Aftermath

The big bang and all that - science rare bird in bestseller lists

GREAT Top Ten List, guys!!

At Least Gore is Still Debating Bush

Samual Dash: Today we face another watergate

Conservatives wrongly seek 'government by tantrum'

NYT Herbert: The Art of the False Impression (Gore, Bush*, media)

Blame Canada!

It's just not right to play the religion card in politics

Ted Rall nails it.

How liberals look from the middle of the road

Europe & America

NCLB: Accountability Sham

WMD Discoveries will be announced in September (Robert Novak)

Commercial and Civic Values at the Neighborhood Level

Business as Usual for Chemical Plants (WP--Gary Hart)

The Republican honesty deficit

The US, Race & War - criticism of Blair + Bush in Guardian

NCLB: Schools find no help in carrots and sticks.

Bush visiting Santa Monica Mtns Friday --- who wants to protest?

MICHIGAN DUers! Help stop Canadian trash from entering our landfills!

Report from the Philly4Dean rally

Austin, Texas Anti-Redistricting Rally - Funniest Photo Ever!

Military Families Gather in Crawford, TX Sat Aug 23rd -"Bring Them Home"

The Schwarzenegger Conspiracy

Is Cokie Roberts turning in her aqua eye shadow and fishnet stockings?

Is it repugnant that America's 2d Harvest & Salvation Army are kissing up

Fried video card... or worse? Calling DU techies!

Yahoo article "Archaeologists Dig Up Caligula's Power-Hungry Past",

College Football is near

Non-violent civil rights protests revived

Beware the Straight Backlash

Where's the harm in gay marriage

Assurers bet on global mood - SA

US appeals WTO condemnation

Boozing to the top

Its a "growth recession!" Bwahaha

What income bracket is your household in?

NASA Funds Online Glacier Database

Maine, Conn. AGs question origin of lawsuit, seek probe

Liberals want to stock fish farms with wild sturgeon

Scandal closes on Sharon

Karabakh Ceasefire Under Strain

Cleric to Indonesians: Don't Fear Terrorist Label

Executions fuel Saudi fury over pardon

Indonesia’s dirty war of repression in Aceh

Betel (nut) a major cancer risk - study

NCLB on the campaign trail.

Older workers get a break - Court rules IBM "cash balance" illegal

Penis psycho?

Monsanto's roundup - safe??

'The real starvation is in Zimbabwe's jails'

“Who's watching the class? Webcams in schools raise privacy issue”

What gun law would have prevented this tragedy?

The RKBA Crowd in Action

What is with the heavy handed tactics

Curious about my DU bumper sticker

Returned Admin email...

OK if I start using racial and ethnic slurs on the board?

So why didn't this qualify as LBN?

Interesting buggy display when a poll is moved...

I can't private message anyone. :(


Israel warns Hezbollah attacks will cause retaliation

Israel threatens Syria over Hizbollah shelling

Rats - mining their own business

German Engineers reject official 9/11 story

Find Out More About John Kerry...

'Candidate Arnold Could Set Calif. Wealth Record'

Sharpton riles some in NAACP

Wasting away in Iraqi-freedomville

The Hartford Courant: The Howard Dean Phenomenon

GA: Nunn Doubts She'll Run For Senate

Kerry courts Salem firefighters' votes

Delaware Sen. Biden Will Not Run for White House

My Big Fat Mea Culpa - Joan Walsh (Salon)

NBC poll: Arnold ahead 31% to 18% over Cruz

Kerry could win!

What is Wesley Clark doing now?

Kerry Reminds Me Of My Friends


NCLB: it is not progressive legislation.

Why Iowa is key to nomination

Kerry copying Dean!?

A story to make you cry

How the 'Radicals' Can Save the Democrats - NY Times op-ed

Meet The Real Gen. Clark: Counterpunch

Edwards is now in second place (to Lieberman) in SC (14% to 10%)

For those interested in Clark

ARNOLD: official thread to strategize on diffusing this takeover!

N.H. voters say Kerry's appeal is his ability to get elected

Bush afraid of losing "motorcycle vote" to Dems

Kucinich Road to the White House link and click 7/27

Hot off the Press: Candidates listing for California

A candidate below the radar

I support this lady for Governor of California

Reminder: Liberal radio segment on FNC

Kucinich supporters - where are you?

Jack Van Impe & Condi Rice???

Art Torres just raised the "Republicans caused the Energy Crisis" issue

Biden Will Not Run in 2004

Let A Thousand Recalls Bloom

GOP kicks Texas Latino Veterans in teeth ... over redistricting.

Ridge - "...the president intuitively realized we are at war."

The DNC's "solution" to the California Recall

"Dean is a threat to Democratic Party" - cartoon

"Arnie the quitter!"

Top Ten Things Overheard During George W. Bush's Vacation

The California Democratic Party is NOT currently supporting Cruz!

You Know, Arnold Could Work to OUR Advantage..............

Do Moderates care about the environment?

Anyone else seen the cost of war website?

California Governor candidate Gary Coleman on MSNBC at 8 pm

Ballot Order in CA

what other 18 states have "recall" laws?

NEEDED: A good pro Clinton site

What percentage of Repubs are pro-choice ?

Amy Goodman interviewing JH Hatfield of "Fortunate Son" fame

NOT going after Bush* is "trickle up" politics; that REALLY doesn't work

First-time airing of Fortunate Son's author by DemocracyNow

Petition letter to Carter: over 1000 signatories

Who's blood is on Robert Novak's hands?

How do we find out which Corporations with offshore headquarters..

Playboy: Carnival in Rio (1992) VHS - out of [email protected] - Why?

Dean supporters: How strong is your support

What were Shrub's qualifications to run for gov of texas???

"Wag the Dog" Coming Up On BRAVO At 5:00 P.M. EDT

Going After Bush* = WRONG Target

Colorado Redistricting Fight

CNN article on 9/11 report, makes Chimpy look bad..

Bushies think Kerry over Dean And would Nader prevent 9-11?

Only an "Issues Offensive" Can Make Schwarzenegger Talk Issues.

CSPAN LIVE: Dem. Presidential Town Hall Meeting 6 PM EST

Iraqi Family Shot Dead by Panicking US Troops

I think all the Dem candidates can hold their own state...except Graham

Herb Brooks killed in car accident

Why is Arnold getting all this press coverage and attention?

Are All The Anti-Kerry Folk Here, Anti-Hillary As Well?

BBV: Heads Up, Diebold goes on Record again, this time at NPR

"Liberal" papers harder on Clinton

Samuel Dash: "Today We Face Another 'Watergate'..."

Former Connecticut lawmaker arrested on ballot fraud charges

If Arnold Wins, This Is What He'll Do In This Order

What are your thoughts on concierge medical services?

this author arrested for smuggling artifacts should be a bigger story

We are falling into the GOP trap with Arnold - yet again

my best friend scored a job with congressman lloyd doggett..

OMG! I get to speak with "The Howards"!!!!!

Running a negative campaign on Arnold's inexperience, will not work

Iraq War Posters

Dean Supporters

Gov. Leavitt of Utah named to replace Christie Whitman at EPA

Chance of a Short Trip Home for Soldiers on Yearlong Tour

Powell Deconstructed, Point by Point, Lie by Lie

we're winning this Palm Springs recall poll

TSA in 'witch hunt', air marshals say.

The "lemon" speaketh from Mount Lemon

Anti-Bush Banners over Freeway in Seattle

Impressed by all the Dean magazine covers last week?

When is Clark supposed to declare whether

What's a Foxymoron?

Anybody know what other states have a Recall option?

Apparently, Most Californians are desperate!

Bush's Armitage drug dealing ties letter & Nguyet Thi O'Rourke

DU being stymied by vanity posts?

Can someone explain the Charles Taylor thing for me...

PBS: Gordin Liddy wanted to kill John Dean & Jeb Magruder

Stop the Evil Empire

Federal Tax Code in court: jury says paying taxes not required

Is there a future for Charles Taylor in the BFEE??

Clark now might have an open spot

Apocalypse Now...or Later? Dr. Rice needs to know!

Why every good Democrat should buy a Dubya Bush Top Gun doll

WOW !!!

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq — and Failed

Chimpy live in Arizona

My thoughts on all the confict here

Twin Cities DUers: Guess who's meddling in our local politics?

Yahoo article "Archaeologists Dig Up Caligula's Power-Hungry Past",

Author of book on Iraq arrested for smuggling.

Meet The Terminator's Political Consultant

Black Box Voting : Wa Post article

Clueless Freepers--You were such fun!

The steroid popping product of Nazi eugenics is a cardboard cutout!

Today's News--- Bush LIHOP, Voting Machines CRAP

How many people have you got on "DU Ignore"?

Was Davis targeted by Bush’s reelection bid?

For a supposed DLC shrill Gephardt has a strong liberal record...

I accused someone of "..acting LIKE A REPUBLICAN" yesterday..

Yesterday's Wash. Post article: a shot across the bow of the Bush Admin.

Lieberman Supporters - Check in

Deleted message

Can we really blame "the media?"

Why We MUST WIN in 2004 (As If You All Can't See it Already)

The Lieberman problem

Deleted message

how the California Recall will temporarily affect Presidential race

Human Rights Watch v Amnesty International

Help please: How many registered Democrats in

Juicy Brazile quote on DLC

Is EITC a negative tax?

Dean soothe my main reservation please

Can anyone fill me in on the 30 MIGs found burried??

Clinton is advising Gray Davis

Ahhhhnold gets a "free pass"...just like Bush

C-SPAN WATCHERS: I need a favor

I Hope I'm Wrong,But Davis is toast!

Is The Recall Just To Stop The Lawsuit?

hey everybody, napalm is back!!!

the stupidification of the american voter

A Disgusting display of self promotion on CNN right now!

The media has really pushed me to the breaking point.

Should California appeal decision on recall to the Supreme Court?

Wasn't it nice of CNN to campaign for Arnold this weekend

Read this and Laugh Out Loud. (Maybe now they'll quit giving * a pass.)

Report: Arnold Lied to Leno Before Show

"BRULTE & ROVE behind the recall"

Headline news last night.

Repugs said - celebrities should keep their mouths shut about politics?

The end of American Empire

slashdot's picking up on voting machines

California to "randomly" select ballot spots for 193 candidates...

Sunday News: Dean Organizing Convention Held in Manchester, NH

Black Youth & the Media (MON Alert -- 8:30 AM ET CSPAN2) Aaron McGruder

I'm A Misogynist

US supported Taylor to create turmoil in West Africa - Weapons trade...

Overseas DUers?? Did you watch the whole Charles Taylor speech??

Brits get stones thrown at them. USA troops get bombs thrown at them.

smirk foreign policy madness meeting (humor)

Ex-Gurkha killed in ambush as more riots flare in Basra

cartoon by wizard

Tips about talking to your children about Bush's Lying for illegal War :

We Americans protect our selves by a system to make sure our Lawyers. our

Bush's Economy by Stuart Carlson

Fellow DUers

Electronic voting questions seem to be increasing

I gotta tell you

What do we do with closet Freepers who get caught here?

Daily U.S. Casualties in Iraq

A Father's Choice: Kill Son or Watch Family Die

What states would Sharpton win?

BBV Story Makes Front Page Of Washington Post.....

Vince Foster was suicided by PNAC

Is Iraq better now than before the first Gulf War?

All roads lead to Chalabi: Perhaps even the 'suiciding' of David Kelly

The Neo-cons are the new con artists; fascists in conservative clothing

Crisis Alert: Americans Accidentally Start Hating Americans

Bush visiting Santa Monica Mtns Friday --- who wants to protest?

Kudos to John Garamendi!

Job Losses Since Bush Took Over in 2001

Meet the pod people

Info for Carlos Re: American Independent Candidate

6:30 PM ET MON -- Democratic Presidential Town Hall Meeting -- CSPAN

Conason: Arnolds secret meeting with "Kenny Boy"

BBV: Diebold's new talking point.

A question regarding the California recall.

Which Dystopia Best Describes Bushco's America?

House and Senate have both introduced foreign-born President amendments…

Isn't The Word "Queer" Derogatory?

Do you think we could get 12,000,000 recall signatures against Bush?

Why is Nazi Schwarzenegger given hours of free airtime on MSNBC?!?

Help Dennis Kucinich End the War in Iraq -- Doesn't Matter If You

Deleted message

American Enterpise Institute magazine celebrates masculinity

WTF! Civil Rights Commission calls on * to convene a Black Box Forum...

Democrats Face Long Odds In Battle For Congress

Catholic Church's letter on homosexual unions

Texas Supreme Court dismisses Republican's lawsuit

BTW, the Enron thingy seems to have disappeared from the radar

the dirt on arnold

*'s five-pound weight gain = increased muscle mass

Negroponte & CIA Crimes in Iran/Contra. by BushSr & Reagan

Armless Iraqi Boy -- Ali Abbas

Nader's 9/11 Plan

Former Texas Governor, Ann Richards, on Larry King tonight.

Why Don't We Ask Fox News This.....

SF anti-war protest; photo Sat Aug 9 2003

At least 72 more words, for starters. The entire Iraqi nuclear case...

Do people this age just stop breathing in their sleep?

42% now say they will vote for Arnold? I thought it was 25%?

Gay marriage: For those who just don't get it.

Ripping Gore's Vietnam Credentials (the Repug way!)

AWOL or not? Office Republican gets fired up....

The unworkable Constitutional system

America's Wealth Inequality is a Crime.

Goodyear running ads on Hannity

"Democracy Is Under Attack - Let's Take it Back" Cynthia McKinney

worst gerrymandered state

So who voted for Nader in 2000? Check in here...

E. St. Louis

Tweety referred to Arianna's as "insane candidacy"

So, how do I donate money to Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante?

Growth puffs up Florida's voter rolls

Arnold's finances tell a shrewd tale (he's worth around $800 million)

Acquitted Man Says Virus Put Pornography on Computer

Supreme Court rules against Republicans (Texas)

Armless Iraqi Boy Bears No Grudges for U.S. Bombing

Kerry invokes Kennedy, Clinton

Bush Picks Utah Gov. Leavitt to Head EPA

Judge Excludes Mention of Cheney In Roswell Multi-Missile Case

NATO Takes Over Afghan Peacekeeping Force

Sky News reports series of explosions heard near US Airbase-Baghdad

Iran-Contra, Amplified

Gas Pump Price Surges to $1.571 a Gallon

Pakistan says U.S. kills two of its soldiers

British officials 'concerned over dossier wording'

Gov. Bush in joking mood over California's recall election

Techies, Politics Now Click

2 More U.S. Troops Catch (Severe) Pneumonia Abroad

Military Families and Veterans Demand End to the Occupation of Iraq

Herb Brooks (Miracle on Ice) Is Dead

Agent Orange lingers in Vietnam food - study

Postwar Iraq Likely to Cost More Than War ($600 Billion?)

TSA in ‘witch hunt,’ air marshals say (threaten marshals with Patriot Act)

Ex-MBNA worker goes on weekend shooting spree in US

Jerry Brown says it's Arnold's race to lose

Voluntary Smallpox Shots Maybe Not Enough

Two arrested trying to save beached whale in Oregon

Schwarzenegger's Strategy: Avoiding Details

..Democratic Strategist Bob Weiner Warns for 2004

Republicans Put No-Tax Budget On Hold (Oregon)

WP: Plugging Into Voting Insecurities (Electronic Voting)

Man killed by deputies on Mount Lemmon complicates Bush visit

California Determines Recall Ballot Order

Suffering News Burnout? The Rest of America Is, Too

AOL Time Warner Name Change

Unabomber wants his bomb back

Maryland May Cancel Voting Machines Purchase

EEOC finds sex discrimination at former Gore lawyer's firm

Arnold's strongest opposition is coming from the right

NBC poll: Arnold ahead 31% to 18% over Cruz

Drugs? What Drugs? (US ignoring Afghan Opium)

U.S. Questions Saudi Man in 9/11 Probe

The blah-blah on Blah, Liberia's new leader

Bush says he supports Kolbe-McCain-Flake immigrant worker bill

Larry Thompson, #2 AG resigns

U.S. Concerned with Health of Cuban Political Prisoners

Md. Might Cancel Voting Machine Contract

Sick Veteran Fights for Medical Treatment

New Website Tracks Bush Campaign Contributions

North Korea supports multilateral talks on nuclear threat

Untold Story: U.S. Newspapers Ignore Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Bush appoints Governor Leavitt of Utah to head EPA

National Journal, Randi Rhodes: Clark to announce after labor day

Democrats file lawsuit to block GOP redistricting plan -Texas

Israel threatens Syria over Hizbollah shelling

Man Shot and Killed After Running Fire Barricade in Arizona; Area to Be To

Liberia's President Charles Taylor Resigns

The Wilderness Society Issues Statement on Bush's Western Tour

Iraq's oil revenue not materializing-

Mugabe: Botswana denies plot

Schwarzenegger Opposed Immigrant Services

Davis: Recall Bid an 'Insult' to Voters

Fla. Republican unity cracks


Sharon Corruption Probes Gather Momentum

China sees factories boom

Biden not getting in: Bill Press, MSNBC.

Marine Faces Hearing for Ducking War Prep

Analysis: Fla. Republican unity cracks

Obesity Increases Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Special session: Bush says he'll ask Legislature to increase prison spendi

Martha Stewart Net Plunges, Outlook Cut

Ecology Body Warns of Dangers from Fish Farms

'Illegal Immigration Shutting Down LA Public Hospitals' - Fox News

Navy Dolphins Used As Sentinels in Gulf

I support this lady for Governor of California

U.S. Fines Woman for Being 'Human Shield'

Biden not running

Jolted Over Electronic Voting Report's Security Warning Shakes Some States

Study: Agent Orange Lingers in Vietnam Food

Business to get out GOP vote

U.S. Mounts New Mission to Hunt Saddam Loyalists

Bustamante says he's an 'alternative' for Calif. voters

Two Pakistani soldiers killed by accidental fire of US force

No Reporter Coverup: Kennedy Kept Sex Secret

Kiwis off to Iraq

U.S., Britain, Libya Hold 'Constructive' Talks

Md. governor's membership at posh golf club scrutinized

France Frets Over Nuke Plants And Heatwave Toll

MCI may lose 137 million dollars in US government contracts

Biden is NOT running!

Democrats face deadline for court filing ("The Texas Eleven")

Low-Cost Linux Gaining on Microsoft in India

U.S. Appeals WTO Ruling on Steel Tariffs (will take 9 months)

Two Iraqi policemen shot dead by US soldiers

U.S. soldier is killed in restive Iraqi town (Baquba)

Finding faith in the past's successes (Lieberman Compares Self To Truman)

UNICEF Ambassador . Shoked . By Systematic Rape Of Women & Children

Bush seeing forest charred by wildfire, raising campaign cash

GI Killed, two hurt in Iraq bomb attack

NPR reports France worried about nuclear plants in heatwave.

South Korean activists demand US troop pull-out

Bus Trip Launches Wednesday (Edwards in Iowa)

US ready to examine expanding Afghan force beyond Kabul

Mugabe hardens heart toward MDC

ISAF under NATO control (NATO force moves into Kabul)

Florida GOP lawmakers urge action on Cuba

Bush AIDS policy “misleading and inaccurate”

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of Crawford

Taylor: I'm the whipping boy

GOP moneyman may lose post for backing Democrat

US too busy for free trade

Bush to Tout His Environmental Policies

Jakarta Hotel Demand Drops On Marriott Bomb;Outlook Bleak

Chopper with 29 on board plunges into the sea - India

Tribute to 'remarkable' Kelly (UK Inquiry)

Israel warns Hezbollah attacks will cause retaliation

Israelis hit back at Lebanon

Fox Sues Humorist Al Franken Over 'fair and Balanced' Slogan

Cuban-American legislators threaten to withdraw support for Bush

Bush* Campaign Sees California, New York as Ripe for Taking

Celebrities Protest Mass. Wind Farm

I am so depressed....

Last vinyl you bought and when

A CAPTION might help him see the forrest through all those trees

Holy Christ, it's Mel Gibson!

It's a Full Moon and My Due Date....

I'm getting 5 and 6 alerts of klez infected e-mails a day! Help..

How many people have you got on "DU Ignore"?

Favorite 80's band?

Better Band - "Queen" or "The Talking Heads" ?

On-line review of the Bush action figure


tech question

WHO is REALLY harmed by using ALL CAPS in a SUBJECT LINE?


Okay, one of you creative-types HAS to do something with this...

Things to do near Dupont Circle?

The irony of right wing christians

Spaced Out Dean Supporters

Cool Bumper Sticker I Saw: "God Bless The World... NO EXCEPTIONS!"

What do you guys think of Prince?

So who's smoking weed tonight?

The new Ween and Guided By Voices albums are must buys

Union Yes Avatar Club



Favorite political books ever

which channel would you have more problems with your kid watching?

Playstation question

Anyone ever see Time Quest - What if JFK had lived?

Freeper bumper stickers spotted. To stupid for words.

Fudgisicles- YUMMMMMMMMM!

If you had the power to work the Jedi Mind trick on anyone

First Really Really bad movie you paid money to see in the theater

How many people have got ME on "ignore?"

I had to share these from an email my brother sent me - funny

The Great Yak has spoken! He will take no more questions.

A Question about posting etiquette

Sad News for USA Hockey Fans...

Iron Maiden singer a working stiff(airline pilot)

Digital Camera Question

What's For Dinner?

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWACK!!! i scored a real job!!!!!

Ann Coulter is a _____________, let me count the wayz!




If you could see DU from outer space ...

question: if I have firewire can iPod work on my PC?

How to shut up a Republican....

Attn Loonman: The Ham Sammich Lives!

Confronted with menu peddling "freedom" foods for first time.

Potential population control method

And Speaking of Treason...

Where was Poppy when Reagan was shot ?

My conservative stepson


Peace Pretzel caption contest--August

What do atheists yell out when they have sex?

Anybody wanna fight?

If I put the following bumper sticker on my car, how long b4 I'm lynched?

I'd like to get in touch with a member here

So I went to Burger King today

How you can tell when Bush is lying to us

Check out Letterman's Top 10 Things Overheard During Bush's Vacation

Would you vote for this man in 2004?

What fresh hell is this? (computer question)


Anyone in MA Drive a Black Grand Am? Saw an EXCELLENT Sign!

Now here is some footage I'd love to see and hear.

Good answers

Can someone help me find a website?

Movie theater to let patrons vote for "Governator"

Well, this seems kind of apropos

Memo from Rove to Issa

Really cool (wierd) genetic anamoly's

See, I knew it!

Campaign Finance rules...

If you want to work for India's rail system, you gotta do this


So, did "Warwhoop" Tumbril file his papers for the CA recall?

Was He-Man gay?

Chuck Taylor leaves Liberia, going back to sneaker business


Does anyone know what the annual budget for BSRNC is??

Just back from the Dead show at Jones Beach, NY

Just bought a Sirius

Want to read something funny?!

Credentials? What credentials? Experience? What experience?

By GWB action figure...get yours now!

Contacting DU Admins?

Favourite Season?

How long will THIS one last?

They're showing my tank on The History Channel right now.

Charles Taylor's departure...absolutely RIVETING!

Reply to a Freeper E-Mail (this may get me in trouble)...

A photo of mine is being used without permission.

I need some cheering up and encouragement.

Ann Richards tonight on LKL

CAPTION the happiest guy you will ever see about forest fires

Feel sorry for me!

Great Doonesbury today!

Programming Language Inventor, or...

Who else finds "Gubernatorial" funny...

"Governator" products are already for sale..

CNN/BSRNC/FAUX ...Fall line-up

No Oil revenues in Iraq? No problem YARD SALE!!!!!

Why not Yeli 4 Gov??

Nine Hundred Posts!!!!

Final Futurama - Hopeful sign???

Another smiley I found

Anyone here like Doward Hean?

Can The World of Star Trek Help Americans Understand Muslims? (Landover)

Joke time george's birthday

PLease come back , Monsueir Grove..all is forgiven....

Cell Phone Gives Beggar Away

Climbers To Search For Yeti

The power of randomness

CNN finaly used real casualty figures

Outlook Express Spam blockers?

'Mobile Phone Gives Beggar Away '

Ok, I just spent $2100 on TWO teevees, flat screen LCDs.... uh....

Support our troops - Don't Vote Bush in '04

Top Ten Reasons To Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger California Governor

David Hasselhoff for Assistant Guv'nah!!!

Anyone watch the West Wing marathon on Bravo today?

Prince William's 14-inch dik-dik spear....I shit you not.

Gorilla warfare enough to make you go bananas

One for the bleary eyed

Presidential Campaign Photoshopping over on

Temporary Internet Files

I started getting bombarded by popups about two days ago...

Where have you gone nothingshocksmeanymore

What's the purpose of Fetish threads?

My Yak Has a Foot Fetish - Ask Him Anything

Guys could you help me