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Archives: July 8, 2003

The Big Dog - FCC forgot basic fact: They're our airwaves

Guardian: One stark truth: Blair was wrong and must admit it now

The Late, Great, American Republic: A Report from Mid-Century -- 2050

Puff Piece about Pickles: she types (not really) she answers

Hugo Young (London Guardian): It's time for Blair to quit

NPR: Schorr trashes prewar intelligence

Anything Goes...for 2004 RNC Convention

Bush begins his African odyssey..., but is he there to plunder or provide?

Mailer: The White Man Unburdened

TEXANS - MoveOn is asking for your help.

Attention : New England DUers! Regional Civil Rights Conference

Calendar of Public Hearings/Comment Periods re: Voting machines

Iraq Timeline

Mentally disabled boy shot by Denver police

Spike TV won't be getting spiked after all

MSNBC fires Savage on anti-gay remarks

Opportunity Rover about to launch for Mars

PETA accuses KFC of deception - Lawsuit

US-Turkey crisis - 7/7/03 (2 stories from Turkish press)

Monbiot: "Our fake patriots"

"Rally to repeal conceal carry".

Is Dean's position on GC laws a plus or a minus to you?

something useful off the old DU missing from the new

Can someone make me this avatar to use?

Question about new identity

One of the fun things about DU2...

Font size

Palestinians Arrest Suspected Bomber

Lieberman takes center stage at Swetts' party

Dean's FULL quote on his "medical marijuana" stand ...

I'm no Dean fan, but....

"He's gaining on you..."

Repukes will paint Dems are party of MINORITIES

State co-chair for Clinton '92 supports Kerry...

Something interesting

condi rice is crazier than a shit house rat

Has anyone heard a rumor that Katherine Harris has

Why George W Bush deserves another four years ...

Religious people and Atheists check in for truce!!!

HELP SAVE AMERICA! (according to Michael Savage)

The new Unprecedented site is live!

Dean supporters, why do you support Dean?

Reich Wing Republicanism

Very cool Dean quote on US foreign policy

Dean & Capital Punishment

Which Democratic candidate will call for an end to Plan Colombia?

Whoa!!! "Senator Edwards! Which candidates support the troops?"

Will CA Govenor's office be won by a Green

Question for semanticists/philologists: When somebody croaks, why

Gawd, I miss Clinton


Deleted message

My First Post on DU2

Don't Lie to Me! snake graphic

Savage Weiner claims a crank caller got him fired

The phony Iraqi Intelligence: Is this true? Was it Israeli deception?

regarding Clark's meet-up tonight -

Alert: Texas Re-Redistricting Vote expected within minutes

Long weekend---Mike Malloy on now...

13 Days vs. 13 IQ....JFK vs. GWB

Is VoA working?

Hypocrisy, duplicity, treachery: GOP standard procedure

Remember term limits?????

Edwards just called Junior a phoney

Bill O'Stupid just said..

"Who should play Michael Savage" from his own website

How do the troops feel about their extended stay in Iraq?

Nightline: Bring em on

The Texas dems are letting DeLay have it. And they are saying that all

Cool - my email got posted on MWO today!

Question re: candidates dropping out

Is Dean at a disadvantage because he is not a member of congress?

Who's seen this...?

West Africa and Oil....those Bush Bastards!

Headstart MUST be saved

This is how Republicans thank "conservative" Democrats

Meme it out there: Bu$h is a PHONY

Is ieamerica in trouble

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R)

The Savage firing: A chance for Jesse "The Body" Ventura?

A few freepers support Savage

The Liberian 700 Club>>>

Exposing WMD lies, necon agenda, and calling for impeachment

Bush/Media Playing Cards - Requested Reminder

Texas Redistricting House ON LIVE NOW >>>>>

WMD bad information: who made it up?

Yow! Scarborough nailing Worldcom & Enron execs.....


Opportunity Rover about to launch for Mars

what about a DU/Free Republic Exchange program?

US Version of The Guardian Coming???

My song about Michael Weiner being fired.....

here is what bringing democracy to iraq looks like

Anyway for me to post a paintshop file of the primary map?

SERIOUS: Niger uranium lies are more than sufficient for impeachment!

Where can I get some Bush quotes about Iraq and WMD?

If you get the most votes, how do I know you'll win.......

Look what someone sent me: GOVERNMENT INFORMATION

Georgia (former USSR) and James Baker + elections

HAVA "compliance" maps and other Help America Vote Act info.

Bring 'em on"

EU-US relations 'at lowest ebb'

Urban Combat Frustrates Army


Democrats Accuse Republicans of Stalling Budget to Help Recall (Calif)

Labour majority barred dissent

Dozens rally against legislation to expand USA Patriot Act

Blix Blasts Government Claims

Egyptian, Syrian leaders meet for talks on Mideast peace

London Guardian (Tuesday): Blair must answer vital questions

Bush Seeks $1.9B For Disaster Relief, Wildfires, NASA

Magazine praising Texas leaders

UK's Blair to face grilling over Iraq row

Ex-Navy SEAL Sentenced in Dismemberment (38 years)

Newsweek Interview: Gen. Wesley Clark

Jeb Bush Comes to Canada, Promotes Travel

Assad’s Decree 408 = Arab World’s Boldest Regime Reform

Americans Still Trust George W. Bush

Quarter of U.S. bridges unsafe

NPR 8pm headline item: Rumsfeld Did Not Have Accurate Information!

Prober red hot over Bush's Iraq uranium 'lies'

London Guardian (Tuesday): MPs' fury at secret US trials of 'terror' Brito

Iraq's Chalabi defensive on weapons intelligence

Two African Trips, Similar but Different

Tim Eyman creates salary fund

White House Seeks Revised Pension Rules NYT

Kerry, Edwards lead 2004 Democrats in cash on hand

German chancellor threatens to cancel his summer vacation in Italy over re

More Evidence Bush Misled Nation

Deputy Transportation Secretary Michael P. Jackson to Resign

African cotton farmers' poverty laid at door of US

CNN: Head Start Programs - Bush is Critical

As South Africa Awaits Bush, Anti- U.S. Feeling Is in the Air

You are President --- You must choose between these programs

I'm watching a DVD of the OSUv.s.Miami 2003 fiesta bowl ask me anything

Affeck Considers Suing Aflac the duck.

New Just Say No billboard campaign, this one for teen sex

Mother Earth News Site.

Is the Daily Show gonna be reruns again this week?

Stewie just torched the land of make-believe!!!!

I think even underpants will find this one too weird...

World Book, Information about History, Students Site.

DUer's I need help getting a resume together for a P-R job.

Poll: Beer Consumption

long day

Windows XP HELP with media players PLEASE

Flight Attendants Forum

Josh White bumper for Malloy

Did anyone else get a defective Harry Potter book?

What criteria do YOU use to rate a thread?

Haven't received any DU 2.0 PMs yet!

Have any of you seen "Punch-Drunk Love"?

New Term = Bush eCONomy

question about getting published

Who else loves Chicken and Dumplings?

I'm watching 'The Graduate' and sitting in a towel ... ask me anything

Behold! For I control appliances with my mind!!

How Washington REALLY wages war under *

Howard Dean......Is He.......

So I got banned from FR again

How about a DU Push-Poll contest? And then a Poll on which is the Best?

Rate this thread a 1

I'm sorry, pit bulls are just wrong

I'm going to meet Serpico !!

Rate this attempt at humor

Just heard on Leno...

I laughed so hard at this from Scientology, I nearly fell over.

Iluvchicago has 100 posts! finally!

CIA foist Radioastronomy, cue fog. (Actual anagram)

Anyone here big-time into Tangerine Dream?

Alright, all you liberal professors, your time is up!

Hey artists! Anyone want to draw my editorial cartoon for Hustler?


Best Horn band of the 60's/70's

Immigration Daily Forum

OK here it is, I am pissed off with the USA I need help badly

Is mastication good for your face? (Actual question)

I'm a fan of pop, hip-hop, r&b BUT...

It made me laugh.

On DVD: Is the audio supposed to be 2 seconds faster than the video?

Life without cable (make it stop)

Pro-American Forums

ahahahaha omg lol hahahahahah Latest Air Force recruiting scheme

Bush heads for Africa

Visit the White House Brothel...

LaborNet, Excellent Site.

I have mastered, "The Cork Trick"

Women Of Our Time, Excellent Site.

Just heard on Leno...

Greatest Rock and Roll City

Is "Name Removed" a DU member or is it...

Slain Marine's father...


Naomi Klein: Canada gets interesting

Is Niger the smoking gun?

Governor signs fire-safety improvements into law (Rhode Island)

Bill Gallagher: Serviceman's Mother Questioning Bush (must read)

Karl Rove's War on Satire

Bush's War against Evil--James Carroll

The fallout of war

Florida is Being Sold Off to Jeb's Buddies

Collateral consequence of the Irak war : the franco russian cooperation

A Crack in Bush's Facade

Bush Back pedaling on WMD has begun

Freeper Scan

Robert Scheer: 'A diplomat's undiplomatic truth: They lied'

White House Hubris

Know your Norquist

40 millionaires in US Senate (Kerry is the wealthiest)

Molly Ivins: A Whale of a Tale

For Discriminating DUers...


For Respect, Dean Should Broaden His Appeal

Website helps you call your Senators / Congressperson

Tom Hayden (Alternet): Say It: This Is a Quagmire

Cartoon - Make your way to the front of the bus

Bring Em On?


Waiting for the Punchline

Question Hour for President Bush?

Why Bush leads Mugabe in the Ass of Evil list

Our fake patriots

Liberal optimism in Austin

The Water of Life: Peril & Promise in the 21st Century

TrueMajority's Save Head Start campaign

Keep the Left United - say NEVER AGAIN to Nader!

Reclaim the media

An American Guardian?

did anyone watch Soledad on CNN

CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, BBC... ok you get the point

Just thought I'd remind you folks:Rush

Astrologers: Does anyone have time DU went up with this new program?

Anyone going to Gencon this month?

Enlightened Poetry...


Astrologers: Is there something significant about July?

What western weed do you most admire

Daily Buddhist Wisdom, as requested! 7/8

Gardening: What's wrong with my lettuce? Harvesting beans?

Astrology: Dimwit's Stars

Reverend Troy Perry is heading north to get married

Conservatives ask to appeal Canadian marriage ruling

B.C. court ruling allows same-sex marriages - Canada

Viacom tables gay cable network

Bye-Bye Bar Codes

Ready for a trip down the rabbit hole of the hyperreal?

When Unemployment Strikes Twice

The Water of Life: Peril & Promise in the 21st Century

Highlands: A Wildlife Corridor, Green but Imperiled

B.C. court allows logging in spotted-owl habitat - Canada

Kuwait liberals suffer poll blow

We will never forget you...

Critics call on Hong Kong leader to resign


WORDS OF MASS DECEPTION - England - Great Timeline

Taylor spent years in Massachusetts; escaped from jail

U.S.-Iraq Relations Timeline

Leader of Iraq's Chaldean Catholics Dies

Italy Tries to Make Amends With Germany

The Consistency of Sharon, Deception as Strategy

Sudanese plane crash result of US sanctions, says official

Liberals sign up 450,000 - Canada

Fight *'s changes to Head Start! Write a letter for a kid

We gotta get that Columbus, Ohio meeting up on the Home Page

Increasing the time allowed to edit articles in LBN?

USA Today "Blogosphere" article passes over message boards

Dupe threads and the original discussion

What is with the time on these posts?

how does one get an avatar ?

is anyone ever told DU doesn't exist?

Mods--I double posted. Sorry . . . How can I alert you anyway?

A question about profiles...

Calendar feature--can anyone post to it?

ALT tags for icons

I'm getting this message...trying to access the lounge.....

Son of a gun, this makes me angry

Generic error message when not logged in

Sorry if this is a dupe. Check this thread. Is the multiple response

Let's get rid of the !) emoticon

Drop down forum-jumping has been added

marking threads

Changing of the guard and not much else, say residents....

Succumbing to their demands

Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the...

Palestinians, Israelis brainstorm on refugee issue

Islamic Jihad claims Monday's suicide bombing

A tale of two interviews...

The Current Case For Palestinian Non-violent Direct Action

IOF and Jewish Settlers Participate in Seizing Palestinian Land

Abbas resigns from top Fatah body

U.S. agency confirms sinking of USS Liberty was accident...

US Attorneys Challenge Israeli Assassinations

Mofaz, Dahlan meet; Israeli Mnstr suggests ''drown Palestinian priso

Islamic Jihad leader to Post: Attacks will continue

The Consistency of Sharon, Deception as Strategy

Guidelines for Discussion of Israeli/Palestinian Affairs

Oh! Pakistanis WERE working with Al Qaeda to build nukes!

My friend "discovered" Clark today

Kerry On Corporate Subsidies

Bob Graham Popular With Nascar Dads...

Kucinich Will Run For Congress Again

Tony Knowles expected to announce candidacy for Senate today

Anxiety in Candidate Edwards's North Carolina (NY Times)

Kerry The Person

Prediction of Dean landslide win!

Kerry and Women

Bev Harris on the radio 7/9/03

How many DUers are there? An analysis.

Bush lied these men died (The Movie)

Deleted message

does it worry you that GOP is "delighted" about Dean doing well?

Public hearing HAVA "calendar" 95% done ..

Gov. Dean in Tucson, Saturday July 12!!!


Still don't get it...WHY would Tony Blair sell out to Shrub on Iraq?

WP: Toles cartoon - Bush doctor of death - MUST SEE

LOL did anyone see Edwards on CSPAN last night?

Impeach Alexander Hamilton

Why don't we open our arms to "illegal" immigrants, not close our minds.

Tucker shithead - on todays Crossfire

LOL. Edwards was right. CSE is a repuke front group.

Tweety: Shrub "Went Along Unthinkingly" with Hawks

Right-winger from Deland Beacon newspaper, salivating for Dean...

Is it fair to say.....

The shooter in Mississippi was described by co-workers as a racist

Dusty Baker refuses to back down from racially, factually dubious comments

rate your congressional representative from 0-10

Once again, where are the Democrats on the issue of the day?

Kerry a Liberal Who Will Win

Why the hell do you watch CNN/MSNBC/other cable news?

Look at those big sad eyes, how could you even THINK of Impeachment?

latest Tom Tommorow, BRILLIANT

Okay - Here It Comes Folks: THE 9/11 STORY IN WSJ

The California solution

Black Box software holes no big deal?

Globalization Poll

So I just finished watching Oliver Stone's 'JFK'

Re the Capitol Hill Blue "smoking gun" story: IS THIS THE GUY?

Book recommendations please

15 mystery JFK deaths: 21,230,606,601,227,800 to 1 it was no coincidence

I CANNOT BELIEVE the TX redistricting is going to pass!

Bush knew it was a LIE before giving the SOTU. (link inside)

I, Jack Rabbit, call on the junta to resign

How accurate is this statement?


Yea. These photos brought tears to my eyes. And I don't cry easy

Would Gore Have Led Us to War?

We all need to pull a Tom Paine with Banners in front of our houses!

I love Peter Jennings!

Finally!Daschle's "Strategy Revealed!" Save Us! Save Us! Oh Democrats !


should we boycott Six Flags?

Are we the new Jews in the rising of facism in America?

Results from the latest Zogby poll

bush has lied so much about so many things this must be shocking

well well.... Wolfie just "Broke" the "WH MISLEAD THE PEOPLE" story

Bush Promotes Whitewater Deputies

I need to know what is the current national deficit?

Idiot Tom Flocco Finally Retracts K. Harris Story

Most conservative union? most liberal?

Deleted message

How come we hear more from Saddam then we are hearing from Bush?

Pretty in pink

Even kids know he cheated

Role of military vs. role of police

Kucinich is the antiwar candidate

Imagine this question in a town hall meeting debate?

I am constantly reminded of the run up to the election

Where's Osama bin Laden?

Jennings just reported the story on the bogus Niger uranium intelligence

Will networks make a big deal out of WMD/SOU tonight?

Calling DUers to help me with a letter!

West Coast DUers: Who's better, Ray Taliaferro or Bernie Ward?

UNFREEP this poll, please!

Why I think Howard Dean would be the strongest candidate vs. Bush

Alright! Fine...YES!! I DID IT! I CONFESS!!!

British Columbia allows same - sex marraige

What is with the time on these posts?

I made a promise I can't keep!

"At this place liberty and life were sold and stolen!"

RFID Site Security Gaffe Uncovered by Consumer Group

Patriot Act 2 whats the latest? I heard it was in congress mon.

Savage blames The Don and Mike show for his firing.

Great Republican Presidents?

Bush's Pearl Harbor

Clarifications of Humanism, Secular, Religious and otherwise

Do you know who's "keeping the peace" in Baghdad?

so . . . is Katherine Harries dead or not? . . .

Boxer just said Clear Channel banning the Chicks was like Nazis

American Soldier's Blog In Iraq.....

My tribute to the soldiers in Iraq....& to cartoonist Bill Mauldin

Novak says Fed threatens Bush election

Kucinich on Crossfire today

In Senegal, Bush Takes a Bold Stand Against Slavery!

What issue is important to you?

How do you feel when someone tells you that they're "not-political"?

Is this the smoking gun (finally)?

K Harris: Alive

Mods--I double posted. Sorry . . . How can I alert you anyway?

Moderate Dems: Why don't you consider yourselves to be on the Left?

HA! Read this spanking of an LDotter re: homosexuality at MWO:

Pew: * approval at 60%

What's the Biggest Conservative Con-Job?

Terrorism: The Overrated Threat

For Sale Car with Cocaine -- Apply with Customs

Mark Dayton on MPR " * Has Explanations to Make

i HATE them!

Is Dusty Baker a racist?

Repug co-worker compares Clark to Admiral Stockdale....

Bush going DOWWWWN- Latest Zogby Poll Results!!

Both of the Bad Bu$h Boyz out of US & Cheney in for ticker check.

FOX News in a Nutshell

Why not draft Gore?

Most Dem candidates are terrific!

Analysis of casualties since 1st of May (

Clark on Bush's aircraft carrier exploitation

So Cheney made repeated visits to the CIA, yet did not know...

email proud Savage Weiner sponsor Cocoon Nutrition

Political Compass

why would you NOT want to investigate 9-11?...there's only 1 answer.....

Bush Appoints Special Investigator in Iraq

DH Rumsfeld

Any ex-Repubs here?

do you know anyone who listens to Savage Weiner? ads heard on Limbaugh

Common Ground with Freepers? Freepers against Voter Fraud

Has any Rethuglican stood up for Michael Savage yet ?

Texas Democrats who voted for the Re-redistricting bill

Google and WMD

How come every time I turn on the Senate

Texas Monthly Poll

Which candidate do you really support?

The DLC Wants To "Make A Deal" On Internet Taxes

Clear Channel sued by fired anti-war radio personality

New Public Laws

The Two Georges, Orwell and Bush:

What are you going to do? Shave my head and send me to Iraq

FCC Chief is off his rocker

Alaska Superior court ruled a constitutional right to possess Marijuana

I need suggestions for slogans on my big banners in front of my house

To what extent are you "anti-corporate" or against big corporations?

Most Irrelevant News Story in Recent Years

So who knew about the Niger Uranium documents being forgeries?

Fight Bush's Head Start "reform"

$2,500 bucks for information on who is killing American soldiers in Iraq?

Damn it all to hell!

How are the repubs going to silence the Black Box issue

Famous Lies in History....George & the Cherry Tree.....

Heartbreaking, voice of dead soldier/peace activist

Oooops. A Link Error! I was looking for WMDs!

Who lost the WMD's? A interesting read at how confused Bush is!

What's behind Bush's visit to Africa? POLL

Fired Medical Examiner/Scarborough/dead female staffer (Fla.)

Deleted message

Family Film Recommendation.

a liberal format!

FL medical examiner fired again -- Klausitis-Scarborough storty

Remember "Shock and Awe"

GOP grand hypocrisy on House floor now-RX drug bill fraud exposed!

Dinosaur in the Tar Pit

And the winner of Best Acronym of 2003 is....(drumroll)

George Bush is not a LIAR !

Name the 5 who did most to defend freedom in the last century

Seems like the sharks have quit biting or something this year?

What have been the responses to your liberal bumper stickers?

Dean's Grass-Roots Cash Cow

Liberian Forces Block U.S. Military Mission (Our next Cake Walk)

CNN - Cafferty question of the day

Strange poll numbers regarding Shrub

MSNBC Watchers - Why do you watch?

ndanger has left the building. Long live Liberal Andy!

"Florida's Dirty Little Secret" ..loss of private funds to colleges.

Check out this repug excuse for lying

Does your vote count?

We begin in Liberia by running into a young boy with a US diplomatic car

Bush poll to vote in


9-11 was...

Florida Senate might subpoena Jeb!

Those of you in Corpus Christi and know what to do.

Bev Harris, Katherine Harris, Coincidence?

Did Rush Limbaugh really have cosmetic surgery done?

If you want anymore reasons not to shop at Wal-Mart

Doesn't anyone else see that Africa is a big fat DIVERSION?!

Which Hatred Is More Vehement?

Bush lied, people died, NO ONE CARES?

Blair's troubles

BBC's Agenda programme very hostile to Sid Blumenthal...

Is There Oil in Liberia?

Harris contributes to new version of Holy Bible

Whose policies destroyed America?

Radio Ownership on CSPAN 3

NPR-Talk of the Nation on GM foods. Lynn Neery (sp) is stupid.

cartoon in the weekly standard

Need links to Rummy's 'specific' claims on WMD!

Bush in full campaign mode

CSPAN Tuesday morning - Emad Dhia, Iraqi Reconstruction director


The Green Party should nominate George W. Bush

discussion of Bev's e-voter fraud story NOW on ieAmericaRadio

a Toles TOON for Bev & Co.

New Marching Orders Out: NY Post's John Pudwhoretz blames the CIA.

Senegal with US security agents arrested more than 1000 people - pre Bush

I predict M. Savage will appear with a reverse Swastika on his face!

Fleischer - "My parents are BIG democrats"

Michael Savage tells his side of the story...

Do you remember the coroner in Florida who offered a strange opinion

Get Your "Bush Lied-Thousands Died" Stuff

How do you feel about George W Bush’s visit to SA? POLL

Did anyone see The Today Show earlier this morning?

Say It: This Is a Quagmire - By Tom Hayden, AlterNet

Error, my foot --Bush is liar.

central time zone-see Couric on Today now

Bonehead winning in '04? How is it even possible?

When's Tucker gonna eat his shoes?

More under the Hmmmmmm category! If this is true....

Nominee for U.S. appeals court is deeply religious, anti-abortion, pro sta

Money Money Money

Edwards doesn't support gay marriage, no elaboration.

Ex-Campbell aide (and Murdoch minion) blasts 'salacious' BBC

Britain becoming *'s doormat.


C-Span caller says impeachment is the only way

Canada slips below the U.S, Australia and Belgium - UN

What was Chilabi's role in pre-invasion intelligence?

Britain cedes control of military policy to the US.........incredible

More fun with Google: Goto and type "Niger"

Katherine Harris and the Bible

I just visited the JFK Library .

Cheney's "pacemaker" checkup....

How the mighty have fallen

Savage Weiner's story?

poor russell mokhiber, corporate crime reporter extraordinaire

WTF? American flags on Russian-made Chopper in Liberia?

Conspiracy "theory"?

how do caucuses work?

Bernie Ward streaming now. Subject is the firing of Michael Savage.

should Gray Davis resign?

Ooh No! ...NOT ANOTHER PIE-ING!.........What is that you ask?

Alan Moore attacks America & Britian

The SavageWeeeeeenerMan could actually sue BSGOP

Detroit News Poll

Are you safer than 4 years ago?

Wellstone and Lieberman vis a vis Israel

California's recall, how it works and what will happen

What is the latest on the OT. pay cuts & What's the current deficit?

I hope Clinton has to testify

will Fred Phelps protest outside MSNBC's studios?

Oh jeez, here it comes. Everyone get ready. This is way too familiar.

Secular Humanism, my "political" problems with it.

I dont have a problem with this Africa initiative.

Gray Davis

Coming soon to my website: the Goobergunchian Voting Scorecard

Katherine Harris dead in plane crash?

Goree Island Bush Visit Sparks Anger ("We were shut up like sheep")

Dems Want Probe Into Bush's Iraq Claims (New Demand)

Bigger Than Watergate! - How To Rig An Election In The United States

Man Charged With Tossing Water Balloon at U.S. House Speaker

Motorist Hits Pedestrian, Drives Home With Body in Windshield

Rising Anti-American Sentiment Cast Shadow on Bush Visit

(BENTON HARBOR, Mich): Police Cleared in Death of Motorcyclist

Bush Vows to Aid Liberia Peace, Condemns Slavery (the vow has a *)

Diplomat who blew the whistle on falsified evidence

Senator Readies Congressional Reversal Of FCC Rules

9/11 Panel Complains Some Agencies Are Slowing Inquiry

Poll: President’s approval slipping

Military's gay ban challenged in wake of sodomy ruling

Court Allows Suit on Cheney Energy Panel

Peace Bridge shut down

Many Doctors Withhold Info From Patients

The other battle: coming home (Don't read this if you get scared easily)

Fast US war in Iraq left problems - US official (Douglas Feith)

British 2 Year Old Shot Dead in Turkey

U.S. Requesting More From Japan SDF in Iraq - Kyodo

Matricardi Gets Probation for Eavesdropping (VA Repug Exec Dir)

Food Labels to Reveal Unhealthy Trans Fat

Spam Believed to Cost Businesses Billions

Poll: America More Critical of Bush on Economy, Iraq

HUTCHINSON: Bush Should've Apologized for Slavery

White House: Bush, Aides' Claims about Iraq Uranium Were Wrong

Number of Americans killed in Iraq approaching death count from 1991 Gulf

Second Iranian twin died....:(

British Columbia Becomes Second Canadian Province To Legalize Gay Marriage

Iranian Twins Die After Separation Operation Fails

U.S. Can't (Won't) Estimate Parks Repair Backlog

Archaeologists counting missing Iraqi artifacts say 1/10 have bee


Iraq: MoD 'unearths its (BBC) mole'

New alleged Saddam tape broadcast

Dean may step up campaign plan

'Easter Egg Hunt' for WMD is Abandoned

(AP) Mold Forces Ted Nugent's Family From Home

Twins Don't Make It

Clear Channel sued by anti-war DJ

(B.C.) couple set to make (same-sex wedding) history

Protest crowds gather for Bush visit (10,000 expected)

Putin warns of 'catastrophe'

CNN ticker: Cheny to have pacemaker check (While GWB is in Africa?)

Wintry welcome awaits Bush in South Africa (They got Juniors number)

Pravda: American Administration Acknowledges Lies

White House: Uranium claim incorrect

Mark Dayton on MPR " * Has Explanations to Make

Party of personal responsibility? Savage whines, "I was set up!"

Bush to OK First Direct Assistance to Palestinians

Guantanamo move puts US on trial

Texas House Approves Redistricting Map

Court Allows Suit on Cheney Energy Panel


Slain Marine's father says he lost job for speaking against Iraq war

Bush 'warned over uranium claim'

Congress set to slash Africa aid

Democratic Rep. to Join Pa. Senate Race

Blair on the offensive over missing WMD

Bush Calls Slavery Historic 'Great Crime'

Feds Won't Let Airport Screeners Unionize

Knowles to Challenge Murkowski for Alaska Senate Seat

Senate Partisanship May Doom Bill to Cap Medical Malpractice Awards

Democrats set conditions for Medicare drug bill compromise

Kerry, Dean ahead in latest poll

WMD lies lead story on ABC evening news! n/t

Mandela to receive a belated apology

Two Turk soldiers dead in Kurdish attack on convoy

Turkey Says U.S. Main Loser in Iraq Arrests' Incident

Transportation Dept. No. 2 Stepping Down (Spending time w/his family)

Flight attendants blast United for $9.5 mil. bonus plan

Gobush, I Mean Joe (Lieberman Hires Matt Gobush)

CNN: Bush Says Slavery Helped Free America

Cheney Loses Lawsuit Bid

French First Lady Encourages Hillary

Graham Campaign Wins NASCAR Truck Debut

CA: Davis Recall - They Have the Signatures

Life in Iraq three months on

U.S. rejects Cuban piano tuner's visa request

Iraqi Christian Leader Dies

Bush Says U.S. Will Support Actions in Liberia

Seven U.S. Troops Injured in Iraq Attacks

Peter Jennings is now an American citizen.

Bush Seeks $1.9B for Unexpected Disasters

Partisan House spares Bush the tough questions

Katherine Harris dead in plane crash?

K Harris: Alive

Fighting intensifies in Burundi, hundreds flee

Sudanese Airliner Crashes, Killing 116

Ex-Va. GOP Chief Sentenced in Eavesdrop

Give back my husband, Kenyan woman tells Bush

Blair Defends Iraq Intelligence Handling

BREAKING: Workplace Shooting In Meridian MS

African Pundits Heckle Bush* for 'Safari'

Liberian forces turn back U.S. military mission

White House Hurdles Delay 9/11 Commission Investigation

Iraqi leader sees governing council next week (U.S.-appointed)

Protesters tell Bush to 'make tea, not war' - Dakar

Dean: U.S. becoming Argentina

Iranian refugees fleeing unsafe Iraqi camp-UNHCR

Seven U.S. Soldiers Wounded as Iraqi Attacks Continue

Army investigating how reservist died in Iraq

Driver Hits Man, Body Stuck in Windshield

Outcry mounts over killings of Nigerian protesters (Another Bush ally)

Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Hit by Sabotage

Gov. Bush in Ontario to lure seniors to Florida

Liberian Says U.S. Backs His Enemies

Iran claims it has missile that can reach Israel

Mortar Attack On U.S. Troops

Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq Come as Goodwill Toward Americans Eroding

Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Hit by Sabotage

Another Message From 'Saddam' - Tuesday

US forces in airport looting claim

Mob Raids Pakistani Embassy in Kabul

'Easter egg hunt' for WMD is abandoned

Iraqi police come under attack

Bush Claim on Iraq Had Flawed Origin, White House Says

Iraqi Insurgents Fire at U.S. Supply Base

Two U.S. soldiers wounded in Baghdad blast

Nuclear shipments from Nevada start Thursday

Ambassador Wison hits front page

American Missionary Expelled From Haiti

Fungus new weapon against opium

Monsanto Patents Indian Wheat Gene

Sudanese plane crashes, killing 116 passengers, crew

White House Admits Factual Error in State of Union Address

'No death penalty' for Guantanamo Britons

US battles on as more soldiers die

C.I.A. Says... Saddam Hussein Is Probably Alive (NYT)

Finally, NASA Sends Mars Rover on Its Way

Packages May Soon Send Data on Consumers

7 killed in shooting at Lockheed Martin plant in Marion, Mississippi

White House Hurdles Delay 9/11 Commission Investigation

Davis Recall Group Claims 1.4M Signatures

White House admits Bush lied about Iraqi nukes


This seems as obnoxious as hell

I'm thinking of joining the Marines, help.

Do You Live In A City, A Suburb Or A Rural Area?

Any other boarding school brats on DU?

What does your avatar say about you?

It's time for DU Fantasy Football

Favorite Looney Tunes Character

Since evidently I'm an idiot, someone explain what "real" science is to me

Favorite Republican of 20th Century

What are the most MISUNDERSTOOD songs of all time?

Family Film Recommendation.

The kleptomanic nympho of all CAPTIONS!!

Favorite "Flintstones" Character

Does anybody care to see my new GUITAR? *PICS*

smoke arising from this gun

Welcome Admins!

tech question-images & "stealing bandwidth".

Are There Any DU Handles That Would Get Tombstoned Here ???

Select Smart Voting.

what sucks more than American television?

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Creationists have it easy

Is It Weird For A Single Guy To Have A Cat?

If you were sent back in time to the bronze age...

A Day In The Lounge - Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Caption this W Moment

Alright! Fine...YES!! I DID IT! I CONFESS!!!

Who's the best-looking president?

Is your CAPTION confused and thinks it landed in Brazil by mistake?

The Count of Monty Crisco of all CAPTIONS!!!

Seriously, do you think you would make a good president?

Need feedback on my website's new page!

(sniff) I made it! At last--1000!

Favorite Late '50s/Early '60s Hanna-Barbera Character

Impeachment Hearings: Bring 'em on!

is anyone using the ratings system?

Glad I didn't write to the France PM when the 'war' started

how does one get an avatar ?

Found another great 'smiley' icon

Who will be the 2004 BCS National Football Champions?

Anyone else like the Eels?

Poll: Are DUers overusing the new Poll feature?

I guess greed starts early...really early

Favorite scene in the Star Wars saga...

Downloads chart may signal single's comeback

GUNS are Great.

Ever wonder what an ejection bailout is like?

Small but important stuff you found out the hard way?

Debate on the Web, 14,000 members.

Old Farts of the World Unite! WE MUST STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY!

Tom Tomorrow nails it again

The Darkest Day, MSNBC , WTC Interactive Site.

Giant girl attacks WH!

What is the worst poll you've seen on DU so far?

Have you ever seen a Jesus Lizard?

Let's play name that celebrity in the mug shot!!!

My computer at work died today

Stonehenge: vagina of the gods?

Silly science with the USPS...

Jeez, it looks like I picked a helluva weekend to be away from the news!

Political Cartoons

Image posting help?

I'm on break until 2:15...

For Sale Car with Cocaine -- Apply with Customs

For Sale Car with Cocaine -- Apply with Customs

Is this the next "new" thing?

Can your CAPTION cross the street by its self?

What Movie Should I See Tonight?

I learned a valuable lesson last night

MWO is down? Help?!

POLL: Did something just happen to DU? Something wrong?

Techinical question for techies!

Who should be the new Willie Wonka?

Gray Eubank Resigns From Oregon Public Broadcasting

Spears Says She, Timberlake Were Lovers

Overclocked Jesus Performs Miracles Faster

What I Did in the War

Veggie Gardeners: How's your garden lookin?

Vote for the Worst President Of All Time

Why do some DUers

Hey! INFO. TECH (IT) people if you didn't like wearing ties to work....

What event (s) turned you into the activist that I'm assuming you

Yellow Dog Democrat.

Savage Weiner still has MSNBC web site-

back from London/Wales

AWOL and Saddam Joke

Most disappointing movie ever

HAPPY B'DAY CRUNCH!! (200 yr.old Turtle) Born when TJ was Prez.

Help me choose a college please?!

aww... an injured skunk

I Have Six Fasting Cats and Don't Think I'll Survive the Night

I'm moving my website

Yahooo Just found missing ancestors !!

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.03

2004 Democratic BumpSticker Primary.

I got excited thinking Katherine Harris was killed in a plane crash


The Flaming Lips appreciation thread...

British Beat Boom, 1963-1966, UK Rock and Roll.

guys: chick flicks that you liked

I am Reborn!

What Part of A Shroom Trip Are YOU?

ndanger has left the building. Long live Liberal Andy!

Talking Out Loud While Cooking

Pekingmoon, Comedy.

How about the BEST President?

Top 11 proposed Bush emoticons.

Is Katherine Harris

Any Gentle Giant, Ozric Tentacles, or Spock's Beard fans here?

What is my coolest Lounge-posting obsession?

What do you do with your spam?

"views" vs "replies"

Yet ANOTHER Storm...

Any 'Kansas' fans?

Has anyone ever read the book "The Front Runner" by Patricia Nell Warren?

Vote For the Worst Right-Wing Web Site

What a hoot!

Did DU just Really Slow Down?

Don't go to John Ashcroft's dressed like a Calico cat on Halloween

Whatever happened to the hack attack

New York City Rockers, Where the F*** Are You?


Ari Fletcher's parents are Democrats!!!

Equal time: best comic book superhero?

Sweeping New 11th COMMANDMENT ***** FOR GOPers ONLY!

my favorite feature of the new forum look...

Best 70's Show

I wanna be a cowboy

Katherine Helmond: Alive

Forget Matcom's Butt....I Can SEE You Again!

If men had Gloria Steinem (1970s feminist humor)

What's Your Favorite Day Of The Week?

any computer whiz out there? Need help with browser

Compare and Contrast Clinton vs Dumbya in Africa

If There's No "Profile" Icon on a Message.....

Thank You Admin, Programmers, and Mods for......


This is a contrite apology...

Jason Alexander and KFC split -PETA inlfuence? Newsmax weighs in

Who will win the Tour de France this year

Anybody seen prodigal junkdrawer lately ?

Anyone see King of the Hill last nite?

Anyone ever seen Amelie?


Hosting a Hemlock Society Lecture on Sunday

Two Americans Gored at Running of Bulls

No over there, they need a CAPTION over there

African Lions 99.9 - Faux Christains 0

You are a member of the City Council, you must make a political decision

Snopes has posted some gross pictures before

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

sigh... one Iranian conjoined twin has died.

I want more red meat from my candidates! n/t

Can someone please send me a pm so I don't feel like a pathetic loser?


WTF is up with The Daily Show?

what is Will Sasso of MadTV doing

The Very Best Thing About DU...

I get the honor of the first Prefab Sprout post on DU2!

Sick joke.....

You think the Stones will tour when they are in their 70's?

Hangaroo2 Game, very good if you like games?

The DU board game -

Very Good Presidential Election Game!

Nothing personal, Darth Kitten

Is this progress, or am I being naive?

Hip Forums, old and young Hippies and Music and etc.

The Bush Watch Site.

Heartfelt thanks