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Archives: July 7, 2003

"Go-Along First Lady Shows She Can Go It Alone" (NYT)

Senator Reveals Cloaking Technology hid WMD

Baker: Black, Hispanic players hold up better in heat

Anger Rises for Families of US Troops in Iraq -- NY Times 7/4/03

Re the latest Pincus/Wash. Post story on the Niger uranium "deal" cover-up

Blair must give evidence or lose trust

Isn't it about time the left took the flag back?

CNN: Howard Dean's "Trick"

want to rate Bush as a world leader?

An Online Revolution? I Don't See It

By running, Gore could help Dems define themselves

Doctor Dean's Big Surprise

The sixth annual Muzzle Awards

Bush Lies; "So What?"

Wal-Mart considers Redbook -- Redbook! -- to be soft-core porn

Bush has another agenda in Africa (OIL)

Harley says it: Bush is a bona fide nutcase!

My dad’s gay rights bill

Like They Say Down in Texas...

A Wedge Is Born: Gay Marriage and 2004

article on ret. Gen. Wesley Clarke (esquire)

"In Postwar Iraq, the Battle Widens" (Washington Post)

READY TO EXPLODE -- Hope Fades for Future in Iraq (UK Mirror)

A Conspiracy So Vast (scathing review of Coulter's screed)

Military not keeping tally of Iraqis killed in attacks

How does the DLC rationalize "Blair Democrats" given the BBC

Peter Preston (London Guardian): It's a charade and we all know it

A Former SF Soldier Responds to Bush's Invitation for Iraqi Attacks

Using one war to distract from another

Iraq: the human toll

Monday Morning Steve Benson * bashing Cartoon.

Policy as Arcade Game (Bush agenda v. environmental science)

Bush's Democratic poodles

Philadelphia Inquirer BLASTS Bush -- Bring Reality On

Nuclear Frame-up of N.Korea: G. Elich

Dear Clarence Thomas: It Happened on July 4, 1776

When is TX re-Districting (Jul 7th or Jul 8th)

Chicago City Council calling for the repeal of the PATRIOT Act

Post your pics of the Bush protest, California, June 27, 2003

Protest RNC Convention

Everyone who likes Dennis Kucinich's ideas, please CONTRIBUTE $5.00!!


Ooooh.. That Bad Ole New York Times (supressing books?)

Kurtz on Russert

En Guardian! (British Guardian To Launch In The U.S.)

Janeane Garofalo on Randi Rhodes today

The Media is Dean-Bashing Already

A shout out to all those Freepers in Du Land!

More from Plubius

Navratilova Wins Wimbledon Sets New Record

Astrologers: What's your take on this?

CIA Thread update

Weekly Wisdom, 7/07

Science thread of the day: A future Solar System revealed?

Waking up on the other side (Canada)

"James Ossuary" is a fake


Repost of Movies for Democrats 25 (7/5-7/11)

Crying to the music. Mozart.

NationStates players, check in here!

Alistair Crowley

Names and what they say about us...

Hood for you

Gays and lesbians protest Honolulu parade

Gay Anglican clergyman rejects appointment as bishop

Supreme Court of Canada to get gay marriage bill

Gay group claims victory in Wal-Mart policy change

Confedeate Battle Flag License Plates in Tennessee.

Alcan launches hostile bid for Pechiney - 3.9billion

Uneasiness About Security as Government Buys Software

Shriners, animal-rights activists clash in Minneapolis

Fourth Of July No Picnic For The Nation’s Environment

Massive Climate Research Expedition Focuses On Beaufort Sea - CBC

Climate Change: The Science Isn't Settled

Does anybody have the dirty goods on the GOP Energy Bill?

Six Gunmen Attack Turkish Correspondents In Iraq

BBC "Iraq--were we being duped?"

U.S. Releases Turkish Soldiers

The Word on the Street in Baghdad -- Turi Munthe

Democracy in Jordan?

Klein gets pie for breakfast - Premier Alberta Canada

Putin Vows to Fight, Beat Terrorism

Good Iraq site , complete with maps

Neo-Cons, Liberia & A Fine Mess on a Forgein Policy Quagmire Tree

Turkey does our job for us, and we imprioson them for it. Hypocrisy.

Military chief: Offensive to crush rebels in Aceh could take years

1 in 10 kids has chronic headaches

Heart attacks in young women

Police intercept three teens who plotted shooting spree

15-year-old injured during store shooting

Body of infant tossed into river found

Rancher charged for shooting copter bucket

Internal Investigation Of Teen Shooting Incident Continues

Father, 60, dies in shooting

Beanie Charged in Shooting

Police Investigate Fatal Shooting

Deadly shooting in St. Mary parish

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If your system doesn't do java can you still have an avatar?

Can I get an RFK avatar added?

So, no Top Ten Conservative Idiots this week?

i'm noticing a strange phenomena

How can you tell if someone was "tombstoned?" Profile isn't listed

when will my donation take effect

How do I make the font size smaller?

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How much personal information does DU collect?

Shortcut jump to other forums at the bottom of the page

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what happened to the messages that

fundraising post

My PC and its weird behavior

A suggestion for ease of use...

WHAT HAPPENED to the 9-11 Forum at DU?

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Why no "Grassy Knoll Society" avatar?

Maybe I'm Missing Something

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i'm noticing a strange phenomena

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How can you tell if someone was "tombstoned?" Profile isn't listed

White space at end of message is not removed

Question for mods.

PA Min.: Israel must release Hamas, Jihad prisoners as well

Palestinian Children in the Judicial System, end-June 2003

What will be the cause of peace in Israel/Palestine?

2 die in "suicide bomb" blast

Hamas, Jihad threaten to end truce if all prisoners aren't freed

Woman killed in suicide bombing in Sharon region

Hamas Exploiting Ceasefire To Make Rockets, Rearm, Israel Says

Israel wants full EU membership

Road Map...

Iran brings Israel within missile range

Iranian Student Movement: Who's behind the cards?

Dean Meetup Membership Tops 58,000!

Post your 2004 Senate Predictions Here!

Why Americans Must Support Kerry

LoBiondo (R-NJ) set to break term limits pledge

TX Redistricting Thread

You Know, Kerry is a Skull and Bones Member

St. Pete Times: "Democrat (Dean) laces up a liberal exterior"

Dean has created an environment of criticizing Bush . . .

Dean is first presidential candidate to qualify for matching funds

dean weaknessess

New UNH poll has Kerry and Dean in statistical tie...

Why take a bashers word for anything? (dean on pot)

Lieberman sides with Dean on Iraq post-war reconstruction

Does Dean still use "When the levee breaks" ?

Howard Dean will be the Democratic "David" that slays the Repuke "Goliath"

Results of Statewide Polls in Kentucky (Gov, atty gen, sec of state...)

Protecting Dubbie the Cubbie...

Help me, I'm stupid!

A Democratic Blueprint to Cap the Republicans in 2004

EDWARDS town hall meeting in NH on C-SPAN at 7 pm.

Ready for a big yawn? Biden bid likely

Love Lieberman or loathe him...

South poses problems for Dems in bid to take back the Senate

Trippi: re Drudge

Where Candidates Meet the Pressure

Hey, Will Pitt...

where are the threads I was reading?

How Corrupt is Iraq?

Good sign in my neighborhood

White House skips Constitution Center event

Suggestion RE: candidate posts

What is the best course of action in Iraq

Our troops are finding out what happened to all the Iraqi Republican Guard

Type "find weapons of mass destruction" in Google

Newsday on computerized voting

Impeach the 'Sodomy 6'

Need exact quote

The good thing about the Davis recall

are Nationalism & Patriotism strange forms of religion?

what it they mistake him for a chimp while he is in Africa?

Should I feel sorry for these people?

Take off the gloves

Soldiers dissent...

Who is your choice for the Democratic nominee in '04

Democratic Message on Iraq

Anyone read NYT article about CIA's '54 overthrow of Guatemala

Well, we finally got those dancing Iraqis we were promised....

3 Dead in last day, so much for 1 a day

Troubling questions over justification for war in Iraq

the soldier that died in iraq today, sure hope he wasn't gay

Who does NOT have "ignore" lists ?

My daily post: Hey Dubya Hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Press ho's: * is the first GOP pres. to visit sub-Saharan Africa. WTF?

What should my first thread in the new DU be about?

UK Observer article about Howard Dean

Welcome to the NEW Democratic Underground Message Board

Ex-Envoy: U.S. Twisted Iraq Intelligence

Bush to introduce "Honor the President week"

I just got back from the KC rally.

Here are some articles about Dean....

Funny story about Bush "bashing"

ALERT,ALERT. Bush to visit elementary school today!!

Take Off the Gloves

OK, I gotta admit... Dean has balls....

Dean Irks Rivals, Draws Fans

Here come the attacks on Dean - letters to the editor

I'm sorry for not doing enough to keep our troops out of harms way...

Military City from Army Times site

Pat Robertson to offer Charles Taylor assylum?

American casualties?

CNN - AM Market Call poll on the 6.4% unemployment

MSNBC needs our ratings


Huge Archive of political Cartoons ........... Funny as hell!


For the conspiracy theory fans among us.....

Christian vs. Athiest.

Social Software (or: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy)

Crime and Punishment--I don't like that show

O'Rourke: Gore Should Run in 2004

Some in Bush administration have misgivings about Iraq policy 10/08/02

Why is no one talking about WHO forged the Niger documents

Bush lied!

Sign of the Times Dept.-Social Workers to get bullet proof vests

Heritage Foundation Reviews Supreme Court Term

Who here is thinking of moving to Canada if * wins in '04?

My first photoshop (RIP Buddy Ebsen)

Food for thought: President Bush's Resume

I just heard Reich Limbaugh say something really dumb

Columnist question: Have we spearheaded a return to the 1950s?

Shrub Patronizes a Child (Enroute to Trashing Head Start)

The White House Brothel

US POLICY Towards Africa

Head Start reauthorization - from the Georgia ACLU



Washington, D.C. has a new name - City of Cops

Deleted message

faux news sues parody site

THIS is what Democratic Unity Looks Like

Look at how nice the Bechtel Corporation was to the Bolivian people


Arrg! Al From bashing Dean again

WHAT HAPPENED to the 9-11 Forum at DU?


Edwards town hall meeting live on C-SPAN at 7pm EST. Will you watch?

Operation "Bring 'Em On"

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what does this photo say?

Anyone watch the Franks retirement puke?

Taiwan: Are your views Pan-Green (pro-independence) or Pan-Blue (unified)

Regarding the crash of the soldier who rescued Jessica

Has anyone heard about Bush trying 2 Brits for treason?

suggestion...if you are starting a candidate thread

help me spank this twisted GOPUSA columnist

To newbies

Hypocrite alert!Jerry Lewis slams the French for not backing us in the war

Today's thought - We're off to see the Wizard.

My PC and its weird behavior

Freepers continue comparing Dean to Hitler

Limbaugh Is Conducting Full Frontal Assault on MoveOn.Org

GREENS...Is the ultimate goal to push the dems further to the left??

a freeper thinks the soldiers deaths should NOT be reported

She is SENATOR Clinton - let's start demanding the media use that title.

Howard Dean - One year ago

US Troops are sitting ducks-reinforce or pull them out now!

It's January 2005

CNN QuickVote 7/7/03

The meaning of "democratic underground"

Praise (insert diety here)! Responsible journalism is coming here!

Yet Another Reason why Lieberman = Moran

what happened to the messages that

What does it take?

US troops looted and vandalized Baghdad airport

Tom Delay has said goodbye to sanity

Carville quote: health care/Hillary

George Will on VT & Dean...the GOP strat is becoming clear.

Check this out: Iraq Occupation Watch

Prediction for the Bushies´ next lie: We have enough troops in Iraq

Interesting "pop quiz" re Dean from The Note

Language in Hillary's book is way too milquetoast

Newt Gingrich = enemy of america

Hahaha! Great quote at Buzzflash re: DLC and polls

bribing africa--AIDS money for oil

Did anyone see the blurb about Dean in the Parade pullout

UT Daily Texan urges Wesley Clark to run for President

254 troops dead after July 4th weekend.

Rebuttal info sought: Candadian Health Care System

Dennis Kucinich should go to Iraq!

The first letters from Briton facing the death penalty at Camp X-Ray

aWol doesn't seem as indestructible as he did after 9-11, does he?

Where is this week's "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"?


Andrea Mitchell should take over from Tim Russert PERMANENTLY

Any Liberal Book Publishers ?

Freepers Attack Me on Message Board-Even Use My DU Alias!

spy-catcher quit's article on drudge web page has ann the man

Congressional Seats

the brainwashers have a new building

Deny Russert Your Eyeballs?

Meet the Press Yesterday...

How much personal information does DU collect?

what should the supreme court 'Look Like'?

I need help in finding audio of radio ads run against Max Cleland

Documentary that exposes the Carlyle Group! -- is this for real?

Republican Moles and Trolls

Kerry/Clark= lights out for Bush

Different take on the Drug Issue

If their was a god, I wouldn't worship it!!!!

Grahams car

Dean weighs in to clear up the confusion

Dennis KUCINICH's set of policies: the landslide winner at selectsmart

America from the context of a Montana rodeo

looks and feels like we are being 'set-up' by the bushgang

i'm glad we've all gotten over 9-11, & now we can move on

maybe not prez but how about vp Wesley Clarke?

Any good things to say about Holy Joe?

I nailed a Freeper at my family reunion this weekend

limbaugh back to accusing clintons of murder

Kucinich as a new Bobby Kennedy?

Ann Coulter can't outsell Hillary Clinton

PA residents - July 9th - input on voting machines and HAVA

A "calendar" thread re: voting machines + public hearings - anyone?

Sure-fire losing issue for democrats in '04?

Sure-fire winning issue for democrats in 04?

Best City for Progressives

Mark Shield "gets it" about Howard Dean!

If Lieberman loses Connecticut, will he drop out?

Need help finding audio clips for "The Guy James Show" this true? I was told that Foreigners don't pay any taxes while

check out THIS pic....i swear i didn't alter it.....

Why is it that so many "inconveient" people die untimely deaths?

interesting words from a soldier in an editorial

ABC Nightline Tonight (Monday) - looks interesting

Max Boot (CFR) thinks US can win guerrilla war - he's confused

EDWARDS says college...tuition free!!!

Just a quick reminder to everybody--Guerrilla politics

have Buchanan and Press been

Actually, they never said Iraq was an imminent threat to the US.

The war is a dangerous issue

Dan COULTER Is on My Local Radio Wingnut Talkshow

SCANDAL - Poppy gave Promis software to Saddam! The Octopus...

2 faced MSNBC, did they not know that savage was a nazi bastard?

Two years from now we will be sitting around saying...

How much has conservatism gotten distorted throughout the years?

I need DU'ers opinion on this...

Report on my Radio Interview Representing the Dean Campaign

ROFL! Tweety made a funny Freudian 'slip of the lip'....

Who would you like to be Democratic National Chairman?

Coulter gets skewered by the WALL STREET JOURNAL!

"Tort" Reform.....they're about to take away our last right!

Adobe discontinues Macintosh programs

I am so tired of hearing pro-war Dems talking about 'poor planning'!

Trouble in the Savage Nation

Conservative news Websites silent on Savage Firing

What has Dick done for ya lately?

just got this Savage e-mail from Fair!!!

The liberals have taken over the Salt Lake Tribune Forum!

California REcall: an attempt at a REpeat of 2000

Why WMD matter, the difference between preemptive war and prevenative war

What did the President know and when did he know it?

Look at what's possible when we win in 2004...

the president gets stupider looking every is it possible?

Governor of Texas, (Canada) PIED

What about those kids in Iraqi jails? (ANOTHER LIE!!!!!!!!)

How does a liberal turn conservative?

Does anyone have the Bush dictator quotes?

My wife is looking for a democratic women's national group, how can find 1

Why is 18 dead in Somalia worse than 204 dead in Iraq?

Freeper says: John Kerry is Ken Lay's kid's godfather...T or F???

Dean on buchanon and press

buddy ebsen dead

Remember when the Press treated Bush* "Fairly??"

Republicans admit Bush is lying about US soldier deaths and casualties

Californians - site re: ensuring paper trails for voting machines

EDWARDS townhall on CSPAN tonight @7:00PM eastern

An example of the new 4th of July spirit...

What's the most over-looked issue?

ComerPerro is checking in, and he is pissed

your candidate should take up smallc*aft flying as a hobby

Should we start calling the "Christian Right" the "Paulian Right"?

BFEE Final Solution: Environmental Degradation

Deleted message

FL will pollute whole Gulf of Mexico to save Tampa Bay....this week.


America is the new and unimproved "Sodom and Gammorah"

"legal, technical, and administrative constraints" with paper trail

Edwards: Rein in Outrageous Executive Pay.

Dean Supporters: I NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!

Help Democratic Talk Radio!

Who's your alternate candidate?

suggestion.. if you are posting a candidate thread

GOP mobilizing security volunteers for convention

Am I dreaming, or...

Bush Pushes For New Nukes - USA Today

Are we giving up on Bush's negligence or complicity for 911?

MSNBC's Savage is gone!!!!!

Is the DLC smarter than we think?

DEMAND George W. Bush condemn Michael Savage!!!

Will FAUX pick up Savage?

Huh, what a Strange world

A question for Kucinich supporters

Does anyone take July 17th seriously?

When was Mike Savage fired?

Two reasons that WMD do not exist in Iraq:

Sign here to commit to subscribe if the Guardian starts a U.S. edition

What are the differences between the USA and Canada?

Time to drop out, Gephardt

In honor of DU2, my official stance is now ABB

Death of a dirty fighter

Polls: Americans Say Court Is "About Right"

Shuttle Test Yields 'Smoking Gun' Shuttle Test Yields 'Smoking Gun'

House members challenge Bush on mercury pollution-cutting plan

MoD report pours scorn on evidence for Iraqi weapons

Ambushes Kill Three US Troops in 24 Hrs,as Coalition Forges Ahead Wit

Death, Sabotage and Menace Greet Iraq Economic Plan

Tribe of 'sea gypsies' discovered

Abizaid Says Success in Iraq, Afghanistan Requires Allied Effort

Bush to avoid Mandela, African summit, Kenya during Africa trip


ROFL! Tweety made a funny Freudian 'slip of the lip'....

Texas House Heads Into Another Redistricting Floor Fight

Few Japanese support sending troops to Iraq

Buddy Ebsen Dead

The Phoney War (In Iraq)

Justice: Can Constitution make it in a global age

Republicans pushing for sales tax deduction

MIT project lets citizens 'Google' feds (counter Terror infowith Fed info)

Marine Who Served in Iraq Dies in S.C.

Sen Roberts Says US Forces Tightening Noose On Saddam-Fox

Oil and terrorism drive the presidential tour

Woman jailed after daughter found abandoned in forest

New Jersey congressman (R) backs away from term limit promise

`Buy American' being pushed for the Pentagon

Lack of trade-in value burns car buyers

Edwards' 18% no-shows is far from worst record

Fresh anti-German slur from Italian official

Michael Savage FIRED from MSNBC

Taylor said to ask for time before leaving Liberia (45 days or so)

South Is Posing '04 Questions for Democrats in the Senate (NYT)

Israel wants full EU membership

254 Confirmed Coalition Deaths In Iraq-Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties

Senegal's Protesters Give Voice to Anti-Bush Feeling

Condoleeza Rice on NPR right now

Congress wants voice in Liberia deployment

MSNBC: Bush has another agenda in Africa (Oil!)

Judge Approves Record WorldCom Settlement

Iraq war veteran killed in Highway 11 wreck (Jessica Lynch witness!)

Israel 'very concerned' about Iranian ballistic missile test

Mystery Boeing keeps US spooks guessing

Small US plane missing near Toronto Island airport

Bush wants quick end to Canadian beef ban

Edwards town hall meeting live on C-SPAN at 7pm EST

En Guardian! The launch of the U.S. edition of ... The Guardian

Missing plane turns up in Guinea

DoJ Questions Microsoft's Compliance

Give me back my husband, Kenyan tells Bush

What an ayatollah would mean for Iraq

Plane in terrorism scare turns up sporting a respray

U.S. Hunt for Weapons, Insurgents Underline Cultural Clash in Iraq

U.S. Advisers Arrive in War-Ravaged Liberia (WP link and pic)

Breaking CNN: Lynch rescuer killed in auto accident. (What, no plane?)

Jewish Voters Standing by Their Party, Analysis Says

New Attacks Kill Two More U.S. Soldiers, Two Iraqis

Lieberman seeks

UK Ministry of Defense had "limited information" on Iraq

Companies see savings in outsourcing deals

Bush urging Head Start overhaul

Two Convicted Murderers Escape in N.Y.

Some Fear Ruin of Head Start

Some Army recruits trading street clothes for Green Berets

Karzai under fire (No plans for the elections he promised in Bonn)

Sabotage rising in Iraq - reconstruction official

Congress Returns to Face Tough Issues

"UK Parliament Clears Govt of Misleading on Iraq" (Washington Post)


US remaking look, locations of bases abroad

Drudge -- Wrong Again ("Dean wants Mcauliffe out)

Dean's Challenge: Turn Enthusiasm into Votes

Bald Eagle Is Found Dead at National Zoo

Giant reptile in Tiber turns out to be a croc

Panel to question US Presidents (911)

Beverly Hillbillies, Buddy Ebsen Dead at 95.


Bush goes on safari to hunt for security and oil

Corporate 'Democracy' on Trial Before SEC (shareholders + proxies + BOD's

CIA Thinks Alleged Saddam Tape Was Authentic

2 U.S. Troops Die in Iraqi Convoy Attacks

Despite high hopes, political power eludes Hispanics in New Jersey

SCANDAL OF IRAQI PoWs - Red Cross accused Blair/Bush of breacking G.C.

Turk military raps US over Iraq arrests, PM stern

AP Top International Headlines (Monday,10:29 a.m EDT)

Quizzing Them on 9/11- Bush and Clinton may be asked to (appear)

Iraq: the human toll

Blair Govt. Blasted on Iraq Intelligence

Experts grow more sceptical about extent of threat posed by Saddam before

SA 'won't bow to US pressure'

Attacks Plot Unravels With Carjacking Try

AP News Alert - BAGHDAD, Iraq

Attacks Kill 3 U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad

Crackdown Urged for Iranian Group on U.S. Terrorist List (Bush's boys)

Wildfires Threaten Exclusive Ariz. Area

Last 'Adieu' to French as World Language?

Fatigued, US troops yearn for home

Ex-Envoy: U.S. Twisted Iraq Intelligence

Iran Test Fires Long-Range Missile

Democratic Underground Switches to New Server

Former insider tries to set the agenda from outside

U.S. Raids Offend Iraqi Sensibilities


Grisly Death Enrages Anti-U.S. Town in Iraq

MPs clear Campbell of doctoring dossier

Rival Warlords Spar in Afghanistan

U.S. troops kill two Iraqi civilians -- witnesses

In search of answers (re 9/11 commission)

Confess or die, US tells jailed Britons

Violence in Iraq Spreads Beyond Mil. Targets W/Attacks on U.N..Jrnal'st

Plane in Terrorism Scare Turns Up Sporting a Respray

In Postwar Iraq, the Battle Widens

Iraqi rage now directed at oil pipelines

Sharpton bashes Bush on Southern California campaign st...

Gas Bombs Fail at U.S. Embassy in Mexico

Mexico ruling party beaten in elections, loses seats

Soldier Is Killed at Close Range at Iraq Campus

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in New Attacks in Iraq

Bush pushes for next generation of nukes

British Foreign Office No Longer Believes in WMDs

Joe Trippi (Dean's campaign manager): Drudge -- Wrong Again

Mexico's ruling party headed for loss in mid-term elections: exit polls

Data didn't back Bush claims on Iraqi weapons, officials say

China's Currency Consequences


MSNBC Fires Savage after Anti-Gay remarks

Vote Deals Mexico's Fox a Blow

Support in UK for Iraq war plummets - poll


Grisly death enrages anti-U.S. town in Iraq

Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom'

ABC Evening News: Tommy Franks says "bring 'em on"

Franks: Troop level in Iraq is sufficient (and repeats Bush remark).

Voters turn their backs on Blair and war

Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom'

(British) Soldier shot in Iraq (wounded)

Sen. Joe Biden likes his chances in '04 prez race

Texas: House Committee passes new redistricting map

Lesbian Couple Uses Supreme Court Ruling To Fight Adoption Ban

CAPTION the denigrator in chief

Kobe Bryant arrested for sexual assault

Working Families in the USA.

I guess Matcom didn't see today's paper

You are President, what is your top priority ?

This is very cute

I just had a fantastic interview! Good vibes to all of you!

What Is A Proper Number Of Dates Before Sex?

My goodness! Strom Thurmond's dead

I have the runs, ask me anything!

On August 1, SanFrancisco will be my brand new home.

buddy ebsen dead

OH MY GAWD--Panties for men

Vote For Your Favorite Marx Brother

I am finally going to **try** to get another job....

Vote For Your Favorite Soft Drink

POLL: Repubs = Scum of the earth and lower than whale shit ?


"emoticons" or "smiles"?

Guess your weight?

Die another Day , James Bond Movie site.

Favorite Cheap Special Effects

Question of DU writers

Why Can't We Read A Newspaper In Peace. In Monday's USA Today

Which is more annoying?

"Popular" by Nada Surf

When Did You Know You Were a Democrat?

The Great American Burger from Burger King

Movies that are secretly "republican..."

Who Was The Best Sesame Street Character

Ineed some SERIOUS HELP !!!!

Politic's of the People Site.

I'm a Lounge Whore. Ask me anything.

Mold Forces Ted Nugent's Family From Home

Caption the Head-case of State

What is this called?

Ford Cars, Eye4U Active Media, Excellent Flash Site.

"George Bush is a...

Protest Net Site.

What if DU had a radio station...

Anyone ever see the movie 'Guilty by Suspicion'?

Okay, Now I'm In An Awkward Situation (Girl-Related)

Pearl Jam in Concert - What an adventure

Michael Moore Site.

A freeper's kid joke

best mopaul yet?

Philly DUers: Heat Advisory for Tuesday

Our new boat

Poll: Who Likes The Poll Feature?

Democratic Underground. You are my friend!

How many of you have washing machines that do this?

The Number of the Beast

New Avatars needed!

My first photoshop (RIP Buddy Ebsen)

Who do you think would be better (poll)

What will Ari the liar do after he retires from Lying?

Jerry Seinfeld Supported Bush?

Spammers - punishment?

MEN: Boxers or Briefs?

Editor loses job over 'Caddyshack' embellishment

CAPTION W finally volunteering for something

Drug tests and evaluation

The rusty cantaloupe of all CAPTIONS!!!

Why weapons technology must be upgraded

CAPTIONS of MIss Distraction!!!


CNN about to air press conference re: Kobe

That's me in the corner

What should my avatar be?

oh my GOD,

3-D view of the bridge of the new Battlestar Galactica!

I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when this giant

Who Is Your Favorite Pep Boy?

Vote For Your Favorite Stooge

My Dean Blog!

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed

Does a horn make you nappy?

So...why'd you pick THAT avitar?

jerry! jerry! jerry!

Have You Noticed? DU Polls Can't be Freeped!!!!


Want a multi-line sig line?

Suggestions for Avatar

Svr Tstm Watch 668 (W MD, SE OH, W PA, N WV)

LBN:Bush sending two thosand freed slaves to Liberia

Where are the Sheltie lovers?

Svr Tstm Watch 666 (EC IN, N&C OH)

Pedro decimates Yankee infield . . .

Will Austin Powers IV Suck?

The second DU2 Star Trek poll!

Help, I need to remove spyware!

Acoustic guitarists I need your help!

How long should trumad keep his new signature pic?

Svr Tstm Watch 667 (DC, DE, MD, NJ, S NY, E PA, N VA)

Are polls about polls cool or stupid?

What should I name my new rock band?

What do you think about the Lions?

Is the poll feature cool or stupid?

mid-afternoon HANGMAN

Anybody else severely addicted to DU polls?

What Is Your Favorite Myth?

YES! I'm Not A Loser Anymore

Favorite Peter Sellers movie?

Buddy Ebsen dead?... I thought he died years ago

"Ferrozzo was crushed to death..."

Re: DU2....what is your favorite new feature??

first day at work

What Is Your Favorite Number from One to Ten?

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.02

A Day in a Life

Cabbie Ordered to Stop Wearing Elvis Garb

Giant reptile in Tiber turns out to be a croc

Today's Glen Mitchell show in Dallas

Whoohooo I broke 100! (Golf) First round in 9 months

Andy Coulter gets funny

*Another* locally owned coffee shop opens in my hood. Sigh.

Pickers. What's your main axe?

What Is Your Favorite Color?

We get to keep a nielson diary

MagicRat - here is your sig line

W.W.L.D.: What would Liberace do?

Poles, poles, pushing, or the press?

Did I just age another 10 years?

Are there any social scientists in the house?

'No Logo' author Naomi Klein in NYT magazine on Sunday

Man tries to rob gun shop - with a toy pistol!

The worst poll on DU, ever!

lunchtime HANGMAN!

New definition of a Republican:

I'm off to a Job interview...wish me luck.

Aren't polls fun?

Either my computer is haunted, or the FBI is messing with me or

Hold down the shift key and "spin" your mouse wheel...wheeeee

Will the New England Patriots suck again this year?

KKK were Scottish horse whisperers ...

What time is it at DU?

send me a message

Would you trust your yaks with a coyote???

Another Buddy dies???


Are there too many polls nowadays?

Who else loves fog?

Human Rights Watch of the World.

Spell Checking

Oh the intoxicating feeling of my first CAPTION thread on the new DU

Hated by many- Loved by Liberals.

Flori-Duh!!!!! Comedy, Bush making a speech about Florida.

When a dumb criminal is someone you know...

my ASS is BACK on DU2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Online Dating Sheds Its Stigma as

Wow. This is great. It's like DU got a chemical skin peel and an enema.

How about a political FLAME WAR?!

Dear Zidzi...

Thrill Network, Lots of Comedy sites about Politics.

I plan on abusing the buddy list feature!

Dusty Baker shoots off mouth and inserts foot

Neat Little Feature On The Sig Lines

Coolest looking spaceship

Rating threads low is a little hurtful

I'm addicted to Adult Swim

How do I turn off the 'views' and 'rating' columns?

Poll: Best Brady

The Boondocks pay a fitting tribute to the late Strom Thurmond

Greatest Red Sox trades of all time

Secrets to a Perfectly Satisfying Relationship:

So what happened to the gallery?

Great for a protest sign..

Let us pray that B* is outfitted by Jungle Jim for his trip to Africa

Inspiring Quote from Les Paul

Poll: Do you support George W. Bush with all your heart?

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea??

Bathe me....Dammit

Rating Marcia Brady high in a poll is hurtful

Poll..Coke, Pop, Soda, etc?

will skinner and elad ever get to sleep again?


I cannot believe I lasted 5 whole days without DU.

So, Parkland, Oregon did the earth move for you this morning?

Everybody PM Matcom and fill his inbox back up!

Anyone tombstoned yet?

Wow..for folks with bad eyes..(Like me:(..) This sucks

WOOHOOO! DU2 Cleaned my Inbox!

The :withstupid: Emoticon... Missing In Action, Or Tombstoned ?


Good (Monday) Morning DU!

Has anyone seen Cube/Cube 2

How do you all manage long threads?

Finally...a covered up ass for matcom

To Speak or Not to Speak

Ok, How Does This 'Rating' Do-Hickey Thing Work ???

Wow... I like this a lot,.

I just had a sip of beer, officer....honest

I'm addicted to Nic @ Nite!


How long will it take for leftist_rebel1569 to surpass my post counts??

I have to do it: RAT THREAD!

New Age Pianists

Amusing Error message


Bring 'em On Hunting License

I spent July 4th drunk in a hotel room

Damn, this stinks

The first Star Trek Poll!

Does Larry King know something we don't?

Guntersville, Alabama Historical Archive..

Experiment re: ratings. Can this thread be a 1? I'll give it a 2.

Experiment re: ratings. Can this thread be a 5? I'll give it a 4.

Movies of a particular decade...

an age old argument between my friends and I

Do the number of views keep track of people looking at locked threads?

Does anyone watch "Bush Mechanics" on Worldlink?

Arrgghhh!!! A deer got into my backyard!

Does anyone watch the show Everwood?

gah, can you only imagine if the Freepers had avatars?

Here's a handy tip -- Sort threads by author

Cool! You can sort forums by thread rating, author, or chronologically!

How long until the Poll option gets annoying?

Okay, Wild Wild West (the movie) is on right now

Masochistic Japanese meat beater drops by cop box to choke chicken

Dark Poetry for the New Forum

The Quest for Oily Grail, Bush and Blair Comedy.

"Why don't you fly your unamerican ass to Europe you commie demoRAT!"

Flori-Duh!!! ,Bush Comedy.

This lounge is too clean

What is a "Yak"

Bush's Brain

Got WakeSkate?

Ted Nugent Comedy and GUNS. Excellent site.

VH-1 Fashion Awards Debate, Excellent Comedy.

Bleep the Veep, Funny Site about Dick Cheney and others.

Make way, I have arrived at DU 2.0!!!

Just wanted to get in a DU2 post before I go to bed.


Winged Migration

the Edit your Subject Lines Thread!

Ronald Reagan Comedy, Excellent.


Mutha Nature is PISSED at us northern Hoosiers this weekend!

My first donut thread of DU2!

Hold me. I'm hypertestosteroned and frisky.

Please Notice That...

Rant coupled with decision - a two-fer

"Get the Krazy Kow! Smurfs in coming on!"


Which of the Bush twins will be the first into rehab?

The Dead Guy Outside My Window

Hold me. I'm frightened and lonely.

Ahnold's prank phone calls

Adventures of my freep neighbors

This site is the pinnacle of grooviness!

Let's decide now

I have the FIRST post in Justice/Public Safety forum...

What does the "Rating" thing mean? n/t

Ok I just wanted to get a word in on the new site

Ooopsie double post.


for those who set their preferences

Best Stone Temple Pilots song?

Who is your favorite female lead singer?

Which "Right-Wing" vice do you secretly engage in?

Best Books you've ever read?

What is your favorite 10 dollar word?

Your Book-Buying Habits

Pick Your poison..You get ONE choice


Vote for the Dumbest Reality TV Show

A toast to the greatness of Elad

Vote for the Most Worthless Conservative

Angry White and Ohio Dem, August 7th 2003 is an important date!

Rate this thread.

Enough with the cat threads! Here is a DOG thread!

Who does NOT have "ignore" lists ?

Reporter Fired for Quoting Caddyshack

Though I don't understand Spanish

The Singing Mermaid M.A.T.C.O.M.S.!!

movies that turn you on

Did you ever own a jackknife?

How do I find a person I lost? Any DUers run over a kid in 1978?

Who thinks we have too many polls?

DU musicians! The Guy James Show could use your "Left" over music!

Vote for your favorite Reggae star

Automobiles Refdesk, Everything you want to no about a car or truck.

I got SCUBA certified this weekend!

Who's happy to see M.A.T.C.O.M.'s climbing butts again?

So if you were going to CHANGE your moniker, what would it be?


My God! When did GD become such a hate zone?!

When was the last time you were so excited

I'm totally hooked on Six Feet Under.

Can My Yak Get A Password Too?

Best comic book villain?

Road Rage Haiku