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Archives: July 31, 2003

Neoconservatism: where Trotsky meets Stalin and Hitler

San Francisco Chronicle: Politics as Unusual

Why Howard Dean is leading

Nailing Saddam( Mr. Kerry meets Mr. Chalabi)

MWO: The problem isn't the resolution, it's Bush

Thank you, Ross

One of my coworkers was found dead at his desk today

Black TV broadcasters meet in New Orleans


Iraq Council Picks 9 Leaders Instead of 1

Bush Harms Daughter

Maine: 2nd highest gun ownership in nation; LOWEST violent crime rate.

I have a great idea for a new feature or option...

Are we allowed to use right wing sources in arguments?

Did anybody see trof's lounge post about the message he got


Zionist Occupation Tractors Level 2nd Floor of Palestinian Building

A question for King County (WA) politicos

Dump John Kerry -- Warmonger

Dean IS the Devil, So Stop Saying That He Isn't!

ok, let me try this again

is anyone noticing that the first 9 posts of this thread is about dean?

Questioning Kerry

Waffling on War...John Kerry’s split personality.

Tom Delay is a racist and a loudmouth

War veteran questions Iraq decisions, vet apathy

Ganging Up on Dean

Deleted message

Willamette Week readers - did you buy a copy today? FTW ad runs

need some help. will it be you?


it ain't just the freepers


US Nobel Laureate Slams Bush


350 posts.

HELP: need to find a poll link

Poll Makes Clear What Dem Candidates are up against re Iraq War!

Post something constructive about your candidate thread!

ABC's The Note: RNC's/Rove's strategy for interfering in the Dem primary

Ok, Africa. Patrice Lumumba, the CIA and the Congo.

Malloy commenting on troop suicides...


I predict we will have Sadaam on Aug. 5 2003 10 AM EST

Chicago area DUers .... Watergate documentary on PBS now!


Durbin up now on C-SPAN

Are we seeing the Counter-Offensive?

"(insert candidate here) appeals to a wide variety of people!!"

Ivory Coast

The Caprivi Strip

it is amazing to me...

Bush Harms Daughter

Letter to a Conservative Friend

UKIndep: "US Troops Turn Botched Saddam Raid Into a Massacre"

Western Sahara

BEV I have a ?- I talked to the elections mngr of San Mateo country.

Notice how the CA Repubs agreed to budget deal with the Democrats?

HEADS UP! watergate on pbs.


Insider Publication says Gore may Run!


Graham on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM !

US forced to pay blood money for US killed Iraqis


Is it me or are Repugs and far left liberals redefining 'socialism'

convicted felon of Iran-Contra - Poindexter the Terror Bookie

The latest deaths reported by U.S. Central Command

Fun With Anagrams


where's osama? are we safe? what's bush hiding?

Exceptionally good flash presentation

Olbermann just aired the Sinner comment

deja vu all over again .............. ???

Is * taking another month-long August vacation?

The usual mangled speech but Bush is let off the hook ......

The 911 cover-up .... in / out of court . ( a good read written this week)

Here we go again: bipartisanship

"Fooling America" speech by Robt Parry March 28, 1993

I Finally Got Ritter's New Book

Poindexter was organizer of death squads, under BushSR


Graham takes on the CNBC freepers

No airline hijacking will ever again suceed in the United States

Californians may vote both NO on the recall AND for a replacement

Who would you support for the Dem Nomination.

If your were Commander In Chief how would you handle this??

Amend the Constitution. Two Senators Per State: One Male, One Female

Olbermann: Gore may be running for election. Or is that re-election?

dean or al gore, i don't get it

The Watergate story is on PBS now (eastern) and it's fascinating...

It is all so predictable and so treasonable and so ignored by the media..


I predict we will have Sadaam Aug. 5 2003 10 AM EST.

Military folks -- is this true?

Will Zell Miller endorse * in 2004?

Beginning to get Offended!

Did DLC mess up so bad that they have to let Gore out of Jail

For those that follow 911....all tinfoil hats...LISTEN to this interview

"Saddam had a weapons PROGRAM" * clearly knows there are no WMD's!!

How often do Democrats "bus people to the booths"?


Many people here don't know what/who soccer moms and dads are

Graham: Dubya accepting responsibility for Niger because of poll numbers?

When Do You Think Clark Will Enter the Race?

Get ready for a potential spike in Bush's numbers.

Kerry's just starting to get down right NASTY in his attacks on Dean

Do you think Gee-Duh and the cabal watched the show on Watergate on PBS?

Freepers think Bush could lose...

The DLC should:

Graham to be on Washington Journal

question for the "moderates" and DLC apologists

so does sen. biden want the UN in Iraq or not?

Watergate Special on PBS Tonight

The Gambia

Why all of the attacks on Kerry this evening?

Why don't any of America's Airlines have flights to Africa

A great graphic on Bush's downward poll numbers

Question: Do Unemployment numbers count seasonal unemployment?

Awesome cartoon (old)

Is there a complete news blackout from Iraq going on right now?

What happened with George Soros' ad?

Gore Vidal profile on PBS American Masters

"Sanctimonious Hustlers"-----Gore Vidal's description of this country's

In One Florida Town, Parents Getting Refund Checks Fulfill Bush's Hopes

The true spirit of MSNBC comes out

If I were the Chairman of the DNC....

US terror warning a blunder, says spy chief

U.S. offers U.N. resolution on Liberia

Liberian bishop to U.S.: Come today, not tomorrow

US more ferocious than Saddam (Bhahrain Tribune)

McCain, Kolbe join Iraq-bound congressional delegation

Justice Dept. Honors Terror Prosecutors

Annan: Nations Want U.N. Umbrella in Iraq

Stuck on high, US terror alerts lose meaning for many

Lawmakers Report Progress on Drug Plan

Saudi Says U.S. Cleared Him of 9/11 Ties

High School Retains Black Teacher For Black History Class

Democratic Candidate Offers Environmental Plan

Lord & Taylor Stores Leave Florida


GOP senator joins push to declassify 9/11 report

Bush wants to 'codify' heterosexual unions

Newsweek: Financing Terror? (Saudis)

Italy's Churches Trashed - for drunks and love

Man pleaded guilty in beating death of Vancouver homosexual

Advance team of peacekeepers flies into Monrovia

"He's too conservative to get elected."

U.S. official says N.Korea ''hellish nightmare''

To Cut Failure Rate, Schools Shed Students

Japan's Economic Cancer

Dems Break Ranks Over Whether to Give Davis Recall Competition

Sam Phillips has passed on

Protesters call for review of Iraq war

Pentagon Sees Growing Chinese Threat to Taiwan

U.S. General Says Iraq Conflict Yields Data on Al Qaeda

Bill Bright Remembered for `Patterning His Life After Jesus'

Democrats blast talk of cutbacks in air marshal program

Dean, Kerry Spar Over Bush Tax Cuts

Less than half of US would vote to return Bush to White House

WP: Blair Stands Firm on Iraq Despite a Tumble in Polls

Illegal dumps grow wild inside forests - Disgraceful Bush enforcement

Do not use 45-minute claim, CIA told No 10

Former Nixon Aide Disputes New Watergate Claim

Economy showing fresh signs of life (Been hearing this for 2.5 years)

Doubts rise on credibility of evidence for Iraq war

(Bush*s) Upbeat Tone Belies Downside Risks

Close? What is close? Rumsfeld on Saddam

Scientists Still Deny Iraqi Arms Program

Bush, at Medicare Birthday, Asks Again for Drug Benefits

DeLay Says Palestinians Bear Burden for Achieving Peace

On Battle and Home Fronts, a Roller Coaster of Nerves

Various Technologies Used to Hunt Saddam (flying robots?)

Liberia: Peace Team Lands

7 more cases of mystery illness (Soldiers Iraq - 2 Dead)

For Darth Kitten

Celebrity Meatball fight No. 2 - William Shatner vs. Tom Jones

Dean / Kerry

Microsoft FrontPage

Are you...lonesome tonight?

Nifty NAFTA? Or a little-known benefit to the US oil dependency?

these words still hold deep meaning, even in today's troubled times

Question regarding good manners: What is the appropriate timing

Would anyone volunteer to "host" a couple of phots for me here on DU?

Poor Puppy (picture)

Allllll righttttty then... now we have added to the zoo here

Why "Conartist Rice" is more than just a sad joke of her name

Okay, how many brown nosers always showed up during the Prof’s Office hour


"Rock me Baby" - brave new concept or is TV out of ideas to peddle?

I'm unplugging for 5 days! Ask me anything....

As a young boy, I always dreamed of being a baseball...

How many vegetarians do we have on DU? Speak up :)

Anyone with MS?

Early Evening Poetry Thread

Fundie Mormon women with 3 or more HUSBANDS

Who loves Q&E for straight guy

Who does the best rendition of “Skylark”

"Enterprise" opening credits theme tune - love it or hate it?


Bravo's "Boy Meets Boy" Was Okay (For The Premier Show)

Anyone else rant at their friends for hoax virus warnings???

Favourite Muhammed Ali qoute?

Check in if you have been spending too much time in the lounge lately


Recounting those innocent and humorous faux pas of our yesterdays.

Internet Explorer question.

I'm about to go to bed--Ask me anything

Mingus reading DU

My Labrador Mingus

Find Dick @ Uncle Melon

Stiglitz: Terrorism: There's No Futures in It

The Economist: Which way now for French policy?

Ray McGovern - Playing Make-Believe for War: Not the First Time

State of an ageing revolution - Cuba

NYT OpEd, Herbert: "Dying In Iraq"

Waco Herald Tribune Calls for Cheney Resignation

Cheney family offers $25-million reward for Vice-President's whereabouts

Andy Young

Rules for the editorial forum...

The Furor Over 'Terrorism Futures' (WP)


Dems take aim at the right!

GM and gas mileage

Why the US needs the Taliban

StarTribune Editorial: Bait and switch / The neocon case for war in Iraq

San Francisco Chronicle: Davis' foes have plenty of experience losing

Anyone Else Read Molly Ivins Today?

You do not want Bush to be a fireman in your town

Now we pay the warlords to tyrannise the Afghan people

"I find most liberals to be conservatives who want to be forgiven."

Uranium that never was

Pentagon scheme for a futures market in terror

Bush Could Make A Deadly Blunder (North Korea) - Charley Reese

Dumbest editorial ever

The documentgate for the religious right...

The best citizen initiated Congressional lobbying tactic I've ever seen!

Howard Dean will be in Rhode Island August 21st

Donate YOUR tax rebate to the Democratic Party...

Should gay marriage be outlawed? MSNBC poll

Kucinich on the radio with Marianne Williamson Sept 1st

Bush attacks mainstream media!

Daily U.S. Casualties in Iraq

Cheney family offers $25-million reward for Vice-President's whereabouts

Wretched Poetry Immolation Corner: "The Empire Never Ended"

Bush logic infects comic strips!

any bridge players in here?

Today would have been my grandmother's birthday

NonPolitical Websites: Who Has one?

Bias Lawsuit Filed Against Cracker Barrel

Southern Baptist Convention and Gays...

Court dismisses lesbian couple's application - SA

Another Gay marriage poll ,this time on MSNBC

'The Human Face of Pedophilia'

African-American Church to Pay White Visitors

delete - duplicate thread...oops


WTO: SEATTLE AND BEYOND--Congressman Sherrod Brown, 1999

Jobless losing faith in economy - little faith in Bush administration

Escape & fantasy

Structural Changes

San Miguel in talks to buy breweries in China

The Purple Polar Bear Brings In Crowds

Fact vs Fiction on Climate Change

Need Help to STOP Huge Quarry/Asphalt Plant in our Paradise!!

Second consecutive record Salmon run in Columbia!

The ultimate Hormesis experiment

China's growing energy independence

The Peace Movement Plans for the Future

Time to rethink your world role, Annan tells UN

Sectarian Attacks increase in the North of Ireland

Murder and a sheriff quotes burglar on what houses to rob

What is the policy on headlines being relevant to thread?

Here we go: Multiple posts and I didn't do anything but server hung when I

Is GD Forum still having problems. I don't seem to be able to post in

What happened to the general discussion board?

Please, can you bring back DU-1! Surely it wasn't as much work as DU-2!!

Media sources

How can I refresh a thread after a post?

A moved thread with replies on the original forum

strange thing, kind of bug?

Arrest of Settlers On Terror Charges Inflames Hebron

Zionists find ally in DeLay

Bush just doesn't get it

Former ISM Media Officer Detained At Ben Gurion

Israel Approves New Construction in Gaza

Israel Approves New Construction in Gaza

Report: Syria has 100 nerve-gas missiles aimed at Israel

Israel denies Palestinians citizenship - Galon; "shameful and unjust"

New Law for Israeli-Palestinian Couples

Anger against Israel grows in Palestinian town walled in ...

Is Syria Next Target in the War to Make The World Safe for Israel?

Israeli Ruling Party Incites for Expulsion of Palestinians

Christain Right Waves Flag for Israel

New Law for Israeli-Palestinian Couples (Guardian)

DEAN says "I'm not your guy"

My morning w/ Kucinich - REPEALING THE PATRIOT ACT

Will the Real Howard Dean Please Stand Up?

DLC Shifts Behind The Scenes To Kerry Camp

Serious Dean Question

I hate telling the truth - Kucinich is Unelectable

Kerry's (Awesome) Health Plan Abbreviated - Read & Comment

Fundraiser resurfaces from 1996

History says Bush can not be re-relected

Kucinich can and will beat Bush because:

Confusion in all the debate

Willie Nelson Promotes Dennis (please circulate)

Hey, here's an idea...

Kucinich "10 Points" Available in Multiple languages!

Nice Dean article in my weekly paper

Loretta Sanchez for CA governor?

AWD's update!

Dean's Remarks on the Environment

ABC's The Note: RNC's/Rove's strategy for interfering in the Dem primary

Iraq war may help al-Qaida, MPs report

Using Bush Tactic, Democrats Attack His Credibility

Kucinich on CSpan Sunday 8/3...finally

Good profile on the Illinois Senate Race

Declassifying the 9/11 report...

Governor Dean Eats Puppies (The Drinking Game)!

The Catholic Respect Thread

Bush Admin. wants to privatize the post office.

Am Up to pp. 471-2 (of 802) of BLUMENTHAL

Just had breakfast with Kucinich! WOW! Repealing Patriot Act

POLL WMD, Osama Bin Laden & Saddam Hussein

President Gore's re-election bid would trump all other candidates.

Question for the Christians on this board

YEEHAA! Pryor blocked!

Bush offers immunity to oil companies in Iraq

Who has already written their federal reps about Bush's attack on gay marr

You want to know the BIGGEST PROBLEM the Left is facing?

Did Clinton admin people all die??

Catholic Church opposes gay divorce

Need help refuting a co-worker wingnut...

Why are so many so loyal to the Bush family?

Should the left Dems take over the party?

Vatican approves Pedophile Priests, fights Gay Marriages!

Civil Unions (gay marriage) is a winning issue for Dems

Convince me NOT to emigrate to Canada

Unemployment numbers come out tomorrow

NBC/WSJ Poll has Bush down 6 points! (post Uday/Qusay)

Is Gen. Wesley Clark a liar, a murderer, and an opportunist?

The quiet death of 'YellowcakeGate' bodes ominously for us all...

Will Gen. Wesley Clark enter the race?

Bush* Blames Bad Economy On Cable News (bizarre)

Do you want to hear the TRUTH from this lifelong Democrat?

Think "middle America" loves Chimpy? Think again! Check out Green Bay!

Article: "Anti-War Students Rock the Vote"

Biden on Hardball

Give props to PAUL BEGALA in this thread!!!

Bush IS finished!!! He's just lost all the FREEPS!! CHECK IT OUT!!

Why does anyone think Clark is a Republican?

would you take your family to Disneyworld during Gaydays

Dennis Miller Sez Ann Coulter's Parents Raised Her Well

Did anyone catch the Watergate retrospective on PBS last night?

Check this site out...

US Govt's plan for secret bloody war against America itself :


Today's Judy Woodruff rant (gay marriage)

Deleted message

Why why why??? (intelligent design)

Bush* is definitely losing it

Mystery "pneumonia" is starting to strike down soldiers in Iraq.

Joe Scarborough says Bush's 45% re-elect number troubling

Attention White Males!


Why do so many young people reject the Democratic Party ?

Dumb Internet Tricks... The Return Of The King... E-Voting Connexion

Slate - Hack the Vote: How to Stop Someone from Stealing the 2004 Election

Conservative Book Club Giving Coulters Book Away !

The problem with same-sex marriage is.....?

How would current Dem candidates react to Gore if he got in?

The difference between Nixon and Bush Jr. (Watergate on PBS)

RE: The homeless. My 10-year old son is making my life very

Jobs policy? 6,450 jobs gone in a day. Largest in N.C. History

Dog Pile On David Gergen

I am not a Freeper

massive layoffs = stock market ....... increase?

Hannity Sez the "Democratic Dream" is SOCIALISM!!!!

Put options and the Pentagons blood market

The Democrats are not young people friendly

Notice how gay marriage and abortion comes up elections

WHY are WE giving any credence to entertainers? I see so much SPEWAGE

Iraqi Scientists DENY weapons program!!!

XM radio, Champion Windows ads heard on Limpbaugh and Savage Weiner

Is Poindexter the missing link?

would a Gen X candidate get Gen Xers to the polls?

We need to make Tom Delay the face of the Cheap Labor Party!!!

today's new Hannity sponsors, add more that you know of

keep this poll unfreeped

We have become them...

Watch Hardball tonight!

Does Rep. Waxman have CondiLIAR Rice on the ropes?

What are the latest polling numbers on Bush?

Help Wolfie out on his new poll.

My Wife Said It All...

The Terrorism Futures Market

Wesley Clarke supporters...Question: Would you vote for Clarke if he....

Bush "takes responsibility" for Iraq lies....

I can't believe it, Fox News Channel...

Saddam's Daughters enter Jordan

Dick Cheney on "gay marriage"

As Bush tries to shut up reports on Iraq; two more GI's killed...

Newsmax pundit, LeBoutillier, on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow

An excellent critique of *'s performance yesterday

Jay Garner and 2 others on CSPAN are discussing rebuilding iraq. (et)

tell General Steel to stop sponsoring hate radio

Media whores get ready for Saddam Day

Why is President Bush giving Kate Snow advice on her sex life?

AWD Congressional campaign update!!!!

(((((Breaking News)))) Gephardt Gets Teamster Endorsement

Canadians beating up Americans (in Canada)

I do NOT see a 'Catholic Respect' issue

Has Berlusconi a spider phobia?

Have you heard that Tweety's a whore? ( Luntz & co. in circle jerk)

Why you shouldn't believe the new jobless stats...

US scraps nuclear weapons watchdog

the last word on transsexualism

Ferry riders beware.....!!!!!!!!

Deleted message

When did Dennis Miller become conservative

all you homosexuality types better watch your butts

US-Army to auction off Uday's instruments of torture.

9/11 Theorists: Dying the Progressive Death

Mr Bush, I STILL need a job

If you still think Clark might be a Republican, read this quote.

There are two subjects one should never discuss on a political board

We're back!

Why are anti-theist allowed to spread hate on DU?**rant**

"invisible protest" of 3,000 people

Should California change its law to allow Republican on ballot?

Any Cal dems interested in keeping Bush off 04 ballot

My idea for a new Primary system, let me know what you think!

Good LTTE in my local paper.

Poll shows Gore leader in NH (Gore campaign would hurt Kerry most)

WTF? Re: Poindexter's resignation

Enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck

Largest single-day loss of jobs in North Carolina history....

let's put our money/time where our mouths are...

take todays cnn poll

If the dirty bastards "ban civil unions", what will be the penalty?

Stan Goff ex-US Special Forces: Americans are not critical thinkers

Vote on Judge Carolyn Kuhl tomorrow

If you are under 35 and you don't vote, you're a "Moran"

The Committee for Justice vs. the Democratic Senators

Poof !!! Another 1,800 jobs gone. Today's total: 8,250

Still waiting on the answer to a question...

North San Diego County DU's

Where are all the Nebraska area Kucinich supporters?

Who has already written their federal reps about Bush's attack on gay marr

Sen.Fritz Hollings smokin' on the Senate floor


Help me out with examples Republican "WTF?"

Tom the Dancin' Bug is a dancin' fool

The Hill publishes story on outted CIA agent, wilson's wife

Iron in his pipe: Mike Ditka becomes impotence drug spokesman

Cheap Labor Conservatives hit the Post Office

California Democratic Party Killing Itself!

Refresh my memory re: media count of Florida votes

Rush Did Not Get Shot: BUT THE 9/11 REPORT IS HERE!

will 9/11 still be fresh in people's minds in Sept 2004?

Arkansas Dunderhead(top emergency guy) emails boneheaded poem, gets fired

I'm Iraq, I'm a Recovering Dictatorship?

have Savage Weiner's ratings gone up since MSRNC fired him?

DISGUSTING! An article SUPPORTING terror futures market!

Bush is Bullet-Proof


Conspiracy in the Bush

alternate universe postmidnight postmodern press conference with monkey

A picture's worth a thousand words....

Randall "throw them bombs" Terry wants to impeach 6

American taxpayers fund afganistan human rights abuse

School starts next month

Poll: Big jump in the number saying the country is on the "Wrong Track"

We're gonna break 30,000 soon! Anybody noticed?

If Al Gore had shot a damn duck he would be President of the United States

w speaks like a man who KNOWS he's going to be elected again

How long will controvery over the "28 pages" last ?

Bush gets another August off, screws taxpayers for GOP fundraising!!!

Looks like bush is pushing for more secrecy and less

"With the blood in the ink of the headlines..there is blood on the wire"

Boo Hoo, Bill Bennett lost his way of making his living

7-UP owned by Carlyle Group?

Who here is reading the 9/11 report?????????

Is shrub th elesser profiting from the deficit?

NYT magazine article states Baathist profited from sanctions

AOL cancelation horror stories

CSPAN NOW: Live Senate Foreign Affairs Hearing - Specter vs. Saudis

New Democrat Strategy...

So Powell implies that our military are mere "trash collectors"

forget about AL, we don't NEED AL, love &voted for him, don't need him

Weapons of Mass Destruction Search

so how goes all this disturb PNAC's timetable for RISK-Game-Type Hegemony?

Ap: British say war may have HELPED al-Qaeda

ACLU files lawsuit against Patriot Act

I'm naive to what "tin foil hats" refer to and how it got that way.....

do people like to live in neighborhoods populated by their own race/religi

History question

Oh No Batman -- Discounts for Tel Aviv gay couples

WHY did 'weaponsofmassdestruction' become 'weapons program'?

David Kay and others on Fox now

U.S. investigates claim of reporter in Iraq being roughed up

Good Summation of Bush's Lies regarding Iraq

Brace yourselves! Here comes David Kay......

Any San Antonio DUers out there?

Civil Disobedience Needed says US Nobel Laureate George Akerlog

Now they are proposing a constitutional ammendment against Gay

NYT OpEd, Herbert: "Dying In Iraq"

Cool idea: Delaware mom sending air conditioners to troops in Iraq

Wash. Times op-ed calls Arabs stupid

Russian Nuclear Arsenal Combat ready

How can an A rating from the NRA make you "progressive"?

BAM!!! Breaking News - Bush relieved of Authority as Commander-in-Chief

Unemployment Rate for July

DUH Of The Day: Defense Spending Driving U.S. Economy

do bumper stickers change people's opinions?

Ok, am I just being paranoid

Frist, Hatch, Santorum - The terrible trio

When Going Gets Tough, Tough Go On Vacation

Why do people w/out insurance have to pay the highest rates?

Is the Saudi angle on the 28 pages a misdirection to give Bush cover?

if a Dem wins, he needs to be tough enough to take the GOP attacks

Terrorism financing hearings on C-span...

The daily DLC thread

WTF is this???

Tighter rules for international visas proposed

More from th 'can you believe this shit?' files

They're votin' on Pryor C-Span

Who is expecting a slew of faux scandals if a Democrat wins in '04?

A warning about the Bush comments on gay marriage....

will w use images of 9-11 & carrier landing in campaign ads?

Dixie Chicks Tell It In Houston

Two-fer: 1) ZAHN Trails CHUNG. 2) KAUS, "fascist son"

Midwives/Nurse Practictioners

Biden coming up on c-span 3... 10:39 am ..

All you straights..Got a log in your eye?

63.04 % OVER...1 yr..5 mo..23 days..22 hrs..17 min..6 sec.. to go

Davis downplays cracks in Democratic unity on recall

Re-importing prescription drugs

China, N. Korea, not as close as Wingnuts would have you believe

Check out Bob Graham on CSpan

FYI: This is why the Bush Regime won't tell us anything

did you notice May co is closing most of its Lord & Taylor stores in

What's your favorite "makes your eyes roll" phrase from the Bush regime?

White House Used Info From Iraqi Exiles In State of the Union Speech

Ironic news item of the day.....

Anyone know of a scheduled TV replay of Smirk's "press conference?"

talkin' bout some guy named bin laden on cspan

A letter that shows the hurt that the BFEE is putting on REAL families .

WMD: A handy-dandy worldwide reference guide FYI

Has Dumbya ever uttered the "G" word?


Arab Times Kuwait: MPs join Khorafi call on detainees

need artist for deadly "weapons program" gaffe

Things That Make You Go, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Loretta Sanchez for GOV!

7 more cases of mystery illness (Referenced at Drudge)

beat any freeper in 3 minutes?

Presidential Approval Rates

How Did LBJ Handle His Political Opponents Within His Own Party

Bush is calling for a show of cards.

approaching 2 yr. anniv. of the 'attack'...any new converts here?

Poof !!! 6,450 Jobs Gone in a Day. 4,000 in NC. Bush No Help.

Did I hear correctly Clintons to helpDems/Davis in Ca. ?

Dixie Chicks in Houston

Are todays headlines the ultimate in whorrin' or what?

Novak: Florida Cubans pissed at Bush

TFH Alert - Bush gives away personal knowlege of highjacking plot

Inhofe on the environment -- CSPAN Thursday morning

I am going to see Kucinich Friday night in Omaha, NE!

when will Take Back the Media update the Limpbaugh sponsors boycott list

Tel Aviv gays to get married couples' discounts

Is there a word for people with no political party?

The next election will be about the "war on terrorism"

911 Question - Has there EVER been any proof who the hi-jackers were?

What is the exact point in history?

You just know the Pub Sheep are EASILY FOOLED when::::

Bush Resting, Rice steps in

Sick of all of this spinning

Reminder: the goal is to unseat bushco!

What happened to the USA?

Would extreme liberals support Clark?

Big: Tommorrow on Hardball (Matthews talks about Gore Vs. Bush II)

Mysterious illness affecting U.S. soldiers in Iraq?

Condi lied her way through a long PBS Newshour show tonight!

my criteria for backing a candidate . . .

What exactly is the POLITICS and CAMPAIGNS Forum for ??

Sometimes all the solutions are bad

About those tunnel systems in Iraq...

To heck with the DLC

The Rosetta Stone

Randi Rhodes for Congress...should she do it?

Chalabi's daughter writes of his pre-war visit to IRAN

Biden on Charlie Rose (PBS) making a case for this war.

My final LTTE copy-Thanks everyone who posted and replied at DU

Thousands left jobless as 16 plants close doors

Poindexter to Quit Pentagon Post Amid Controversy

U.S. to Pay $30M for Tip on Saddam's Sons

U.S. suspects new weapons sites

Blair rules out war decision inquiry

Web Program Opens Voting to Overseas Military (faux news)

U.S. troops in Iraq powerless against bomb attacks

Democratic candidate wins backing of three maritime unions

MSNBC: Dixie Chicks tour bus rear-ended by pick-up truck...

Jordan accepts 2 of Saddam's daughters, children on humanitarian grounds

Bush Friend (donar & oil co. pres.) Picked As Ambassador

Nigerian women pledge to continue Shell protest (took over oil plant 7/7)

`Progressive' Lawyers Organize in D.C.

Bush panel aims to speed energy drilling in West

Drudge: VT GOP Chair Calls on Dean to Open Record To Public...

Teacher's Union Sues Feds Over Documents

Nethercutt challenges Murray (WA)

Firms 'banned' from Iraq mobile bids (most Europe & ME Co.s)

Republicans seek to force vote on U.S. energy bill

Suit Says Machines Missed 60,000 Votes in 2000 Race

Stocks zoom up on strong GDP, jobs data - CNBC

John Kerry Lighting 'Em Up on ATC

Gov. Perry calls on Democrats to come home

AIDS activists jeer Bush official

U.S. Army admits suicides

Attorney: Judge Rules Against IBM in Pension Case

US admits killing civilians in Baghdad raid

Manatee School Board says it will fight for prayer

Hundred workers die every month in SA

Defense Spending Driving U.S. Economy

Israel denies Palestinians citizenship - Galon; "shameful and unjust"

U.S. Bartering Arms for Soldiers for Iraq War

DU makes Headlines!

Economist magazine launches new Berlusconi attack

National retailer buys The White House Inc.

British Panel: al-Qaida May Be Stronger

Such a Deal - the Iraqi who turned in Uday/Qusay gets a whole new life.

Teamsters to back Gephardt for Pres....

Zionists find ally in DeLay Evangelical Texan's speech at Knesset stirs co


US scraps nuclear weapons watchdog

Poindexter Bails Out of Pentagon Amid Controversy

New Law for Israeli-Palestinian Couples

World Watches While We Die, Say Liberians

U.S. Senate committee approves Internet tax ban

McCain goes against Bush (McCain-Lieberman amendment)

Wastewater Piped Into Fla. Homes

Bill Bennett: Gambling Hit Pieces Won't Silence Me

7 more cases of mystery illness

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.4% Annual Rate in 2nd Quarter (LT jobless to 3.65 m

US offers Iraqis $500 for shoulder-fired missiles


President expected in Tucson

Bush called 'President Shrub' in government memo

Bush's Gaffes - Forgivable?

Bush* Picks Austinite as Ambassador

U.S. Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded Near Baghdad Airport - 7/31/03 8:30 AM EST

8.5 Million Who Filed for Extensions Approach Aug. 15 Tax Deadline

Pryor Blocked From U.S. Appeals Court by Democrats

U.S. sensors could track any car, all passengers in foreign ciites

5 indicted on charges of buying votes

Bob Graham on C-SPAN now 7:35 am Thursday.

Iraq war failed to make UK safer - report

Bush wants to withdraw forces in Iraq--right before the Election

Democrats vow to block any air marshal cuts

2 U.S. soldiers killed, 5 wounded

New US sanctions 'abuse' - Myanmar

Guatemalan court clears way for former dictator's candidacy

"Progressive" Lawyers Group Ready to.... Dupe .....

Davis insists Demos united

'Blunder' blamed for warning confusion - U.S. and Australia

Elections head threatened - Mozambique

Church mediators 'not honest' - Zimbabwe

Rice worried questionable Africa claim detracting from 'strong case' for w

Vatican Starts Campaign Vs Gay Marriage

Iraq war may help al-Qaida, MPs report

Clear Channel dedicates street furniture program in Oakland

Repatriated Cubans get new truck, make legal bid to migrate

Japan resists Fujimori extradition

US troops fire on Kabul taxi, wound three--police

Pryor Faces Filibuster Threat From Senate Democrats Following Owen, Estrad

Scientists Still Deny Iraqi Arms Programs

Philippines Says Mutiny Plot Not Yet Over

Christian group sues governor over discrimination order

Police have the guns but the clergy has the power.

Poof !!! 6,450 Jobs Gone in a Day. 4,000 in N.C. Bush no Help


U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Northern Iraq Attack

Officials deny air marshal cuts

Taliban guns down pro-governmental cleric

Fast food sells fast in Pakistan

Refusing help, woman gives birth aboard T

Iraq War "Boost" to terror fear

Rape adds to dread for war-ruined Liberia's women

US asks UNSC to authorise multinational force in Liberia

Annan concerned about governments using "terrorism" excuse

Pac Bell Internet Arm Sues Music Industry (counter download suit)

Sam Phillips, founder of Sun Records, dies

Do not use 45-minute claim, CIA told No 10

Iraqis protest after US raid kills civilians

In Najaf, Justice Can Be Blind but Not Female

Brother of Murdered NYC Councilman to Run (for office)

Jailed Dotson claims Dennehy pointed gun, tried to shoot

Bush Renews Sanctions on Iraq

Chrétien's 'morally grave' error - Bishop; 'You will burn in hell'

President blames unemployment on lack of skills

Dean in S.F. for 1st major speech on environment

Vatican Starts Campaign Against Gay Marriage

DU LADIES: Now is your chance to brazenly solicit my affections!

Doin' the Full Monty

Most beautiful woman in cinema history?

This was MY night. How was yours?

My son, with his bumper sticker...

WD-40 can be dangerous

Who's the worst voice in movies? (or TV)

Who's the UGLIEST Actor/Actress in Cinema History?

Which Subaru should I get?

The Respect Diversity Thread

So I'm thinking of buying an X-Box.

Who's the best voice in Movies?

Surfing with Friar


PC / Mac Computer Question....(PC Emulator) plz!

Austin and Texas DUers...HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!

Film Noir masterpieces?

The Respect River City Thread

The Last Cowboy Hero of all CAPTONS!!

Let's revisit an old issue: Forced School Busing


Booze loosens the bra straps of Britain

I'm watching Leo Laporte on Tech TV....

Daily Chat at

CAPTION someone who looks like they have nooooooothing to worry about

The Respect Perversity Thread

New J-Lo / Affleck film described as lowpoint in cinema history...

Now do I have enough posts?

How about this song for the Democratic nominee's campaign?

The ROLLING STONES are the greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever!

There are two subjects one should never discuss on a political board


Does Bush seem a little cavalier in his attitude towards finding WMD?

Random thought: Is there a potential "Perot" of 2004?

I turned in my two week notice at work today

...and my car got towed while I was away

I'm no longer depressed, I'm angry!!


DU Ladies: Don't solicit my affections! It's a trick!

Is yours as big, or bigger than mine?

Enki 005 MIA

I'm addicted to

So Stalin orders a hit on John Wayne?

Cool Short Film

Okay I have put this off long enough

My stupid cat brought another gecko in the house!

Should I change my screen name? If so, to what???

So who can talk to me about Neon Genesis Evangelion ?


NY Cabbie Accuses me of having sex parties with Uday and Qusay

Poll: Should you be licenced to have children?

WORST BOSS! Let's have a competition (I think I have a "winner")

Hoagiegate is over: You can bring outside food to the new Philly Stadium

Yankees get Aaron Boone from Reds; Bosox get Suppan back from Bucs

Regulators Investigating Insider Trading in Terror Futures Market

Bush losing more Freeper votes every day

My boss is a big fat bitch

All knees should bend to...

Any DU'ers from India-I have a question

People who deserve to be drawn and quartered

why is GAY the MANTRA of the day?

Just 61 more new users to go

Found ex-lover online - Classmates, anyone have experience

Equal time: Most handsome male actor in cinema history...

62 More Users To Go Until 30,000


keeping conservative friends...

Need Help Please

LOL -- What I found on E-Bay


One reason to not worry about H1-B visas

Sorry guys about my grammar

while waiting for message board healing, let us give now give thanks

what the....

Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Rush, and The Guess Who fans CLICK HERE.

Anyone here ever lived in the French Quarter?

Bush Joke

Gak...GD is down again

computer problem - help needed

do you, like me, have to have something in your mouth all the time?

My love is like...wo. Ask me anything.

My Horse Is Like ....Whoa!!! Ask Me Anything

Again? Where is GD?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO..................

Computer's Which One Should I Buy?

The Collapsed Lung of all CAPTIONS!!!

Any UWC grads on DU?

'God of the Skies' Makes Channel Crossing

Which is the better song...

Poll: Scariest Right-Wing Offspring

New Maytag Repairman replaces Jump

Bill O'Reilly's site pornolized

Do you believe in personality types?

More will, less resources...

Good people of Wisconsin...I salute you!

More Dang RULES....

Guess who's home injured from work today?

CAPTION someone whose shadow is even two-faced

DU published my piece!

What Freedom means to most Americans:

the Exedrin Headache Diary of all CAPTIONS

I'm frustrated and I'm going to vent...even though I'm new.

BAM!!! Breaking News - Bush relieved of Authority as Commander-in-Chief

We're gonna break 30,000 soon! Anybody noticed?

Please help

I've finally made it to Boston

The Cornered Nun of all CAPTIONS!!!

Good grief! What's w/the high price of car rentals???

Runaway Lizard (Joanna) NABBED!

AOL cancelation horror stories

Oh, Lord, won't you find me a WMD?

Sam Phillips is dead

I hate spam more than you do

Route 666 (Highway To Hell) Renamed in New Mexico

GrassHopper.....tell me,..."What is the sound of one Wing clapping..?"

Post Office Evacuated After Vibrator "Goes Off"

Is BBC's 'Bargain Hunt' The Dumbest Show Ever?

Horniest Song of the 60's/70's???

When You're Picking Your Nose....

For those of you not keeping up with Doonesbury - you should

I get laid off my job today. Exit interview at 11:30 am.

Woman Steals Dead Man's Ring At His Wake

Vatican Fights Gay Marriage

Uh Oh - DU slowing down again? Same time as yesterday.

Who remembers 7-11 Superhero slurpee cups?

"Horns and Halos" a doc I STRONGLY recommend

Best site some good political cartoons or jokes?

Newsflash: Hell Freezes Over

Technical networking help

Superman's cape for sale on eBay


police in my yard!

Help .... what's this line of gobbledegook doing in emails I'm sending???

Come away with me...and we'll kiss.....

An Untitled Protest

Shocking realization

My new little pound hound from hell, Canicula ("Nick")

JanMichael and I want to Know............................

Thoughtless (Crickets made me write this)