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Archives: July 29, 2003

America is a Religion - UK Guardian worrying article

Paul Krugman (NYT): You Say Tomato

Preemptive Strike

I Did Not Want To Be a Collaborator" (Iraqi quits reconstuction council)

Uday and Qusay: The Men Who Knew Too Much - buzzflash

Recall Texas Gov. Rick the Rat Perry!!

Californians, protect your vote; Deadline 8/1/03!

Support TX Dem. Senators in New Mexico!!

Black Box Voting 'TAKE BACK THE VOTE!' Tool Kit! Call for comments!

Did anyone see Carl Bernstein on Paula Zahn's show

Just got back from Vacation and want to Run Away! Anyone else have that

House Building Support Group

Seniors Sour Over Prime Rate Cuts

Dennis Overbye (NYT): Astronomers Chart the Unseen Between the Stars

Okay, is Linda Chavez right on this?

Shin Bet nabs Fatah man planning suicide bombings

Palestinian protest brings rubber bullets, tear gas

Will the Third Son also Rise?

L.A.'s Villaraigosa Backs Kerry

Kerry on Dean: We don't need a learning curve in the presidency on foreign

Howard Dean & the Disabled, Welfare, and Work.

Gephardt Set to Gain Union Endorsement

Is Graham's combativeness against Bush changing anybody's opinions?

Kerry and Dean Continue to Lead Democrats in New Hampshire

Election Follies Continue in Florida

is it possible to change the minds of the people?

Is drunk driving "funny"?

Sorry - time to face facts

What did PFC Lynch do to deserve the Bronze Star?

Poll: Do you click the link when a poster doesn't snip parts?

will only gays teachers be allowed to teach

Can an *Ugly* Human (GRAHAM) Win?

Bush felt profound sadness and shock on 9/11...

Death Toll 07/27 - 07/28/03

I Will *Not* Vote for Holy Joe

Can a computer whiz CAPTURE this website (the terror lottery)?

Updated List of US War Dead - 7/28/03 - Officially 104 since

Everyone should check out PAM's example of a "contract"

The Handmaid's Tale:

Did anyone else hear Graham on NPR this morning? He sounded awesome.

The REAL error with DLC thinking

Any lawyers? I have a question regarding ex parte communications

Black Box Voting, where are the lawsuits? Isn't it the American way?

Dean seemed to shine at Urban League Conference today

A democrat that can steal the California Governorship????? Who?? Jerry!

Dean Machine 9:30 update: 9,004 people, $474,428.62 since Friday!

I have a question about MP3 filesharing.

I heard the Republican Chair apologized for Calling the cops on Dems

I just made only my second contribution ever tonight

What percentage of Americans consider themselves "liberals"?

PREPARE.... to be SCARED. Bow your heads, this MOFO is ROYALTY!

If you didn't hear Terry Gross's interview today on Fresh Air, YOU MUST !

Help me deal with a RW talking point I can't shake.

"Are more people going to die? You bet!" - Donald Rumsfeld, July 13

Empire in decline?

i LOVE mike malloy

The chasm between the DLC and the grassroots is permanent

Everyone has a story to tell. Now I have one

Who has information on Kevin Shelley / computer voting in California??

Read it and weep - Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned

Let's not forget Pfc. Lori Piestewa...Hopi Indian single mother

Global Warming: For Bush, it's no problem. Here's why.

Story of soldier call home crying for water????

God, Guns, and Guts

There seem to be more Dem bashing than Bush bashing threads

This Democrat Is Going To Run For CA Governor

TX Redistricting Fight: This is what Grover Norquist wanted

bush* joke I wanted to share with my DU friends

Lieberman reiterated today......"This is a just war...."

Berkeley Bashes Conservatives - Scarborough

Interesting Clark article.

I Bush pardons Pollard, Bush should be impeached for treason!

So what will the response of Fallwell, Robertson and Dobson be

This is interesting...

A "moderate" Democrat's problem with the DLC

Mike Malloy is on now! Check him out.

He's honest...he has morals...he's for the people...

Conservatism under the microscope.

Daily SHow 7/28

Very, very sad. Check out these pictures of family members.

Gubernatorial Candidate For Sale ...on Ebay!

Unity from a Brokered Convention

The criminal who is buying California

In my hand, I hold a pair of panties. Jenna's, Barb's?

Where would Bush be without war?

Have "smoking gun" nuclear documents been found?

Cheney hiding? For what it's worth.....

Mary Matalin Goes Under the Knife in Defense of Chimpy

Grudge Breaking: U.S. forces in Iraq today ........

In Sept., CIA Warned Brits Not to Use Niger Uranium Story

Ummm, what's the deal with all the Gephardt bashing?

anti-war US Marine killed in Iraq, PEACEFUL WARRIOR

The More Gas Your SUV Uses. The more I have to kill -

Trigger Happy Task Force 20

Minimum 6,076 Iraq civilians killed by US occupation forces

regardless of what you think of Dean the candidate...

All Things Considered - Howard Dean

Good News on the Polling Front

Gooooood Grief!!!

Anyone catch Oberman's "Betting on Terror"??????????

DRUDGE: Dean displays 'net prowess', outdoes Cheney fund-raiser

I stumbled across this pro-war versus anti-war discussion..

Blame Republicans First!

Dubya's colon

Repug Thugs try to defeat Ten C removal: Alabama

Our First Bumper Sticker Encounter

Another patriotically correct "hero" gets another good person fired.

More trouble in River City (St Paul, MN) And that starts with T and that

Radio spot with Scoop Editor Now....

The DLC did NOT lose the 2002 elections.

Woo - Malloy playing "Guiltiness" as bumper music

US-German relations have returned to normal: Rau [including UN/Iraq]

Apparently Al Gore was the President in 1990

Moseley Braun to be on Washington Journal

GOP: In contempt of democracy, big time rant on


Kobe Bryant, Laci Peterson, Jessica Smart, Brian Dennehy, Michael Jackson.

MSNBC is down (6:08 PDST)

Conason: Dumber dumbing down

Who else thinks the media line "noose tightening around Saddam" is BS?

War bill soars, public confidence sinks, Bush made US less safe

Check out this incident I had

Online Indymedia E-Voting Truth Alliance....

Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned (depraved!)

UK troops reveal their new ordeal in 120F Iraq

Poll Finds Democrats Lack Crucial Support to Beat Bush

WP: Saudis and Bush* to Meet over 9/11 Allegations

CNN Scoop: Cash, condom, Viagra found in Uday's briefcase

Banks pay $455m over Enron

One of Saddam's "lifelong" bodyguards captured near Tikrit

Unknown masked Iraqi group threatens holy war with US

London Guardian (Tuesday):Greeks accuse Blair of war crimes in Iraq

U.S. to Fund Polish-Led Peacekeeping Force

Responsibility: A Capital Minuet (Milbank)

US on edge over job insecurity

Source: Schwarzenegger Won't Run for California Governor

Tribunal Charges George W. Bush

Baker Won't Join Iraq Reconstruction

U.S. Fights Verdict Backing Ex-POWs

Repost: Ariana Huffington is mulling run in Calif. Governor recall

Feds: AmeriCorps Violated Budget Law (How Convenient!)

U.K. Troops Reveal Their New Ordeal in 120 F. Iraq

French Teenagers Jailed for Standing in Stairwell

Justice Executed, Texas-Style

Wealthy Americans more bullish, but holding bonds

Is the Dem. party committing suicide by swinging too far to the left?

Unocal getting sued by Burmese . Rape, Murder its just a shot away

MoD admits Hoon met scientist

Hospitals accused of skewing liver transplant priority list

Will the Third Son also Rise?

Gays struggle in evangelical Christian world | Seattle Times

CNN Scoop: Nude bikers rally in Tennessee

Hicks' dad cages himself in New York as protest

Illegal Police Sting Costs $40m - UK

Al-Qaeda "Shot Down" Plane

Dean's All The Rage, But Some Say Liberal Ire Won't Win A Presidency.

MCI diverted calls to Canada, AT&T alleges

Big News: A replay for Napster

More than 200 arrested after WTO protests

GOP staffer chosen to head RIAA

What happens to DU when a democrat wins the presidency

Why do these look like they're spinning & which way do they spin for you?


I'm Drinking a Safeway Diet Lemon-Lime. Ask Me Anything.

Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, morieris

I rode 52 miles on my new bicycle on Sunday, ask me anything

Does anyone know of a FREE Pop-Up KILLER?

60's -70's music lovers I have a question

I'm going to take a candlelit bubble bath, ask me something?

Leno just went WAAAYYY overboard.

Wedding Gift to the Repuke's daughter

How do you pronounce words that begin with "wh"?

I am the (Self-Proclaimed) Iron Chef DU: Ask me anything.

In my hand, I hold a pair of panties. Jenna's, Barb's?

any Canadian guy here wanna marry me?

my ferret bit the f*ck out of me, ask me stuff.

Dishwasher problems!

cooking home made thin crust pizza?

Are you more addicted to DU or eBay?

Watching Will Durst on HBO

This Weeks T V Guide On The Insider Page "What I'M Watching This

Do you have a favourite spirit? (Drinks only - no poltergeists!)

I wish to apologize to everyone that read my post last night.

Dean raising hell, er money, on the net!

Si hoc legere scis numium eruditionis habes

I have a question about a rare Simon & Garfunkel album.

Why the hell do I think of stuff like this?!

got a moment to stargaze

Do you have a favorite whiskey?

Hey, I'm a "Published Poet"!

Destroy me, if you feel the need, but I liked the Buchanan show.

Celebrity Meatball (with sauce) Fight No. 1 - Who'd be left standing?

As I sit here, trying my best to keep the French wine industry afloat...

TV ALERT: Watch the documentary SEA BISQUIT tonight

Rush Claimes Bob Hope's Body

My 1000th post.......ask me anything.

GM celebrates Hummer's state-of-the-art 1950s engine technology with some

Tour de France Thread

Football, falling leafs, crispy air, the sound of

Do You Use a Pocket PC and/or Palm Pilot? REALLY use it?

Bush as Nixon

Hunter S Thompson Does It Again!

Bring Back the Gunfighter - Hack at - WH thumb in pie?

St. Peter's Clocks and Bush - Humor

Jim Hightower's New Book Chapter 12

Redistricting: 10 reasons this special session is a bad idea (Dallas, Tx)

Rush Limbaugh Speaks! On Race (Warning, unpleasent)

Gays Help Reclaim Jesus' Words

LOL. Maxspeak quotes Alice in Wonderland to explain Wolfowitz

Alaska Peninsula douser gets 320 hours

New York Times Screws Up Again; Uday, Qusay Deaths are Bad for Bush and Bl

U.S. closely involved with Peru's Montesinos (Financial Times)

Poindexter and DARPA behind Revolting Terrorist Futures Trading Scheme!

Breslin: 'He Died An American Hero' (Beautiful Eulogy to a Young Soldier)

Is Saudi Arabia Next?

Kill a Middle East head of state, win prizes! - Pentagon shows how

Did the government let bin Laden’s trail go cold? (NEW YORKER)

Mark Shields: Dean Corps' community spirit should be a plus for candidate

"We Keep Asking Ourselves Who’s Next" -- Robert Fisk

Victims of trigger-happy Task Force 20

Robt. Fisk: resistance will grow now that Sadaam's sons are dead


We are in business: Voting Machines...

Bush in Pittsburgh, PA articles

Attention WI Du'ers - Let's have a DU Gathering at Fighting Bob Fest ...

Cable NEws ratings - enemic at best

Iraqi Daily U.S. Casualties

Bush Seeks Probe of Saudi Linked to 9/11

Why do Males become Conservatives so Quickly?

the gates of hell have opened

Here's something cool to take a breath with....

Tight tie may increase the risk of blindness

The Three Bees - Bush, Blair & BBC. (Astrology)

CARTOONS! The "Who Needs Intelligence?" Edition

Post a photograph you took and tell us about it.

Happy Pardoning of the Birds!

Hip Pain Forces Charles to Delay Concerts

Los Angeles police go on alert for riots as cop brutality trial ends

US Replaces Kobe Bryant on Olympic Basketball Team

MCC loses Cathedral of Hope

Ex-Gays Becoming Ex-Straights

Same-sex unions hit Bride's magazine

Clear Channel Reports Higher 2Q Profit

Where the good jobs are going

European Drought Burns On - Danube Closed To Shipping

Decades of abuse taking toll on our oceans...

Shell Oil - Friend of the environment?

Climatologists Describe Bush Program As "Ludicrous"

The Sierra Club SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Message From Iraq" astroturf campaign?

Did the Treaty of Versailles make WWII inevitable?

To Stop Gun Violence, Go to the Source

To expand on the DC gun ban issue

Search function does not work

Newest member when I signed on: "RepubRules"...


Maybe take the Lounge threads out of the LATEST list?

My old bookmarks were working, now they are not.

How is one's account deleted?

So, you locked it.

Hi elad! Thanks for all your Good Hard Work!

Palestinian olive trees sold to rich Israelis

Sharon: Shaichat likely killed by Palestinians illegally in Israel

11-year-old Israeli girl shot in West Bank terror attack

Arafat adviser calls for kidnapping IDF soldiers

New nationwide Zogby Poll: Dean moves from fourth to tied for first

Kucinich's L.A/ Orange County Schedule

Be Like Dean! John Kerry's voters ask their candidate to act ...

Who should run against Norm Coleman?

"CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES" -- let's start using this!!! . . .

Entertainment Union Endorses Gephardt

Did Brown via Trippi invent Whitewater?

Dean, Kerry, Iraq, the War - a revelation

PA Senate primary: Hoeffel vs Crystle

Centrist Democrats: Don't Vote for Dean

Pa. Governor Rendell goes out of way to Praise Dean at DLC meeting

Gibbons is 50/50 on run for Senate

Where are all the pro-Dean threads?

See Howie Run. On the road with Dean in Iowa.

Dean's anti-war does not sell except to Activists/young -Its a just war

Dean/AP/Republican Heaven

On the road with Howard Dean (Slate)

The Dean of surprises (Boston Globe)

Dean Meetup signs

Californian 24th congressional district DUers

Centrist Democrats Worry About Dean's Candidacy, Claim He's Too Liberal

Voting Machine Letter!

Didja know Senator (Dr)Frist, his brother & his father own largest chain

Kerry Has Experience As A Brawler In National-Level Campaigns

polizeros: Camejo suggests progessive alliance with Arianna

Dean, Kerry deadlocked in New Hampshire poll (AP)

How Dean Could Win

Crabbing and Electronic Voting machines...

Justice Executed, Texas-Style

Bill Moyers speech (video)--Take back America

A letter to Dennis Kucinich

How can we get Blue Collar, White Males to reject the Cheap Labor Party??

Dump Davis (at no risk)

I detect a silver lining in the DLC attack on the base.


Socialism for dummies

Wolfowitcz GRILLED!! For you du-ers who missed it...

Should we attack Saudi Arabia?

DLC: Graham ought to quit impeachment talk

I won't vote Lieberman, period...

Have you seen this site?

Amazing Encounter With A White Male Republican Today

Bush meets with Jesse Jackson!!!!!!

AP back hands Bush RE: Urban League Applause or lack there of

US Resorts To Taking Civilains Hostages In Iraq - breaks Geneva Conv.

My LTE re cities NOT paying for Bush's campaigning visits!

"Run Dianne, Run!" : Rep. Cal Dooley D-California

Terror and AWOL's poll numbers

If Saddam gets cornered, will WMD be used ?

Please sign Greg Palast's petition on vote/ election fraud!

Did Michael Moore call the passengers on 9/11 a bunh of pu##ies?

Random Drug Testing by Employers: Good or Evil?


Crossfire "Recall Bush" e-mail gets huge cheer from audience. Video here.

Bill Maher: New Rule, He's governor, not some dude you married in Las

Why would Alcee Hastings run for Senate?

Freeps ecstatic over destruction and death in French forest fire

Deleted message

BushSR's CIA Sponsored terrorism by Robt Parry

The DLC is Now Toothless and Without Relevancy

DAME DINO- Lynne Cheney & Joseph Lieberman founded.....

Dean on the 1-Y deferment that was given to him

What Davis and the Democrats Must Do (CA)

why was the "dealing with libertarians" thread locked?

ADHD overdiagnosed (DUH!)

I don't mind the "war" between the DLC and the liberal wing of the party

Sean Hannity whinning about boycott in Cincinatti

If you received a "One Y deferment" during Viet Nam, would you have

Christians won't do Christian duty

Poll shows backlash on gay issues

OK e-kids.... enough e-agita! take a TOON! break....

When the next "terrorist" attack happens

America, we've got a's us!

With all this anti-DLC vitriol, I've never gotten a solid answer to this..

Fear trumps the economy stupid!

THANK YOU People For SCREAMING Racism On DU EVERY Chance You Get!!

Deanies, check out the 'toon on today's Bartcop

Bush is protecting Saudis?? Why do they want 28 pages released?

Newsweek: Challenging the Qur’an

Patriotic American against Bush puts sign up for Impeachment

Nobody's talking about lies anymore OR 911....

Anyone Know any Repubs who Have Woken Up?

What would YOU consider "bush Bashing"?

Read it and weep: "16 words and 28 pages"

Move On Finally Moves On Voting!!!

Why do Dean supporters think they are the only true "Democrats"?

What were the last three political /sociology books you have read ?

How Come Right Wingers Like Sean Hannity Can Forgive Bill Bennett...

"Just War" is really "Bait and Switch"

Who is doing what for the Average American – a rant

Miami Herald cartoon deserves a look

How to deal with Libertarians...

Saddam's hairdresser captured: Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

The World According to Halliburton....

Appaling comment I heard about AIDS today..

This just in, California is STUPID :-)

Adorable Democratic Candidate Actually Believes He Has A Chance

Recent Letter in Our Local Newspaper

Hunter S Thompson Does It Again!

Had lunch today with Jan Schakowsky!!

Got to love it: "Snow sees recovery picking up pace"

IF Riordan jumps in the race, is it over?

I am a far left liberal who enthusiastically supports Dean-Some thoughts

IRAQ FRONT NEWS now available

Al From, asked a specific question on Deans record:

Tom DeLay wants to give me a "Leadership Award"

I can't hear Randi!

Liberalism is "manly," ......So stop saying that.

bush the great uniter! Bringing Turkey and Syria together

Life at the front no picnic for GIs - letter to MomDad from Iraq

An amazing thing happened today.

Is it possible to beat both the DLC and the Repubs ?

HELP: Need conservative bash of 'Treason'

William Pitt in Denver tonight? When? Where?

Anyone bored in Denver tonight?

Davis recall scenario (hypothetical)

Can anybody find one thing that they LIKE about the DLC?

Al From: "I have no quarrel with the war."

Kucinich on Buchanan and Press now!

some thoughts about the demise of Ootie and Cootie ...

CSPAN NOW: Live Senate Hearing Iraq Reconstruction - Wolfowitz

Rush on ESPN - ESPN Automail

My old bookmarks were working, now they are not.

Any doubt left BushCo is a cabal of facsist, ruthless, murdering thugs??

Hussein's eventual death will cause decline in violence

Gray Davis Approval Rating Poll

Where are the Democrats? Why Dont they STOP Lunatic Bush?

Sharpton to be on Washington Journal

WHITE HOUSE: The Devil came calling today, demanded his payment

Flame me but I don't TOTALLY disagree with the DLC re: bush bashing.

The DLC needs to wake up

Why don't they have an "Iraqi War Action Movie"?

Help with SoCal info...

You want to follow Bush’s plan on the Economy?

DLC Demonstrates Lack of Principles or Ideas. An Empty Centrist Shell.

((((((Breaking News))))) Inglewood Jury Hung On One Count

GWB* - Arbusto Oil and the bin Laden Connection

It's physics, pure and simple.

Has violence against gays been on the rise?

i see the feeding frenzy has decended on Inglewood

Bumper Sticker Reactions

BushSR's CIA dirty deals in Chile, now Iraq

John Lott reads Rumsfeld's Mind

Should we counter the DLC with an organization that caters to the left?

who got war right

More questionable doings in the Pawlenty (Minn) Administration

Bush cabinet planned "regime change" years ago.

How Much of America is in Play?

a Form of Looting [Nobel-prize winning economist interviewed about Bush]

Is it useless to put a candidates sticker on your car...

CNN - Inside Politics - Novakulla says

Teddy Kennedy a DLC democrat?

Send a free fax to push congress on bush

Helen Thomas: "Vietnam-sized Credibility Gap"

We always hear that Nader doesn't criticize Bush enough.

BBV alert: Wisonsinites, BBV on WPR right now

FLASH: Reagan NSA Admits Real Reason For Iraq War (Hardball)

Tech sector to move up to 10% of jobs offshore in 2004

My sister in San Diego insists the Dem Party has told them

Air Your Opinions on RNN TV - Free Web Cam!

Lunatic running a rt-wing govt after coup endangers world

We are setting ourselves up for an ambush!!! Re: Raids in Iraq.

They call us "Democrat Party"..lets call them "Repube Party"

Are AOL users liberal?

What's going on

Rise of Internet Fuels Fears of AIDS Resurgence

Man standing on busy corner in Denver holding big "Heil Hillary" sign

P. Owens cloture defeated (again!)

What if the Toomey/Specter situation happened in New York?

Did you know we store nuclear bombs in England?

Has Laura Bush "Vacationing Alone" Story made it out of Northwest?

another factor in Gulf War Syndrome?


Where is the Liberia story today

Please turn on C-Span Leahey

Cheap-labor conservatives don't like . . .

We should all write to Lincoln Chafee and ask him why he's still a Repuke?

You have BEEN SCAMMED. The PAM Site to trade on terrorism is a SCAM...

The heroic writer of Seabiscuit

Any chance Saudi's calling for release of Doc's is Good Cop/Bad Cop?

The Patriot Act redux

Terror Futures Market is a red herring...

Why this pragmatist favors nominating a liberal

Latest Poll info - Bush re-elect 46% Zogby, 42% Fox

5 of 7 Dem. no votes for HR 2660 are DLC????????

Adventurism and opportunism

Wash. Post reports - Saudis Demand and Get Meeting with Bush...

Are our reporters FINALLY getting some balls, or just tired of the shit?

Important Recall Info for Repub's

Guardian UK

President Bush's "Bring Them On" Picture Album

Just when you thought they couldnt get any sicker

Al From bunts a softball on WP Forum

"Iraq is the immediate justification." Link to the PNAC document.

don't you just LOVE how.... FAUX NEWS

From the GOP's point of view.

DU: "I Took Bush's Place in Vietnam"

QUIZ: When else was Bush's Gallup Disapproval rating this high?

Question about campaign funds of unsuccessful candidates

Outrageous Bush Executive Order on Iraq Oil Must Be Investigated

Bush gets small reelect bump in CNN/Gallup poll

So I'm talking to my non-political wife....

Live Chat with CEO of the DLC Al From at 1:30 EDT

SURPRISE! Consumer confidence "unexpectantly" DROPS.

BFEE Starting to Totter — Let's Give 'em a PUSH!

Government cant afford prisons - microchips instead

Images of War. Horror & Reality of "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Greens to drop out in CA recall if A. Huffington runs

george monbiot article about america

UKIndep: "US Troops Turn Botched Saddam Raid Into a Massacre"

America is a religion

what our troops didn't want reported

Executive Order 13303

Zogby: Dean now tied for 1st place with Gephardt & Lieberman

Carol Mosley Braun is FINE

Suggested reading?

DLC election '04 POLL result (web based,,,no PDF required)

QUIZ: When else was Bush's Gallup Disapproval rating this high?

"Would you rather have Saddam back?"

HST On Fire!!!

Latest "Logic" from Republican letter writer

Saudi Arabia has the most oil in the world!

Poindexter is gone - will succumb to Terror Futures market imbroglio

Can Conservatives ever be right?

Wa. Post - Al From - Q and A 1:30 EST

I know it isn't polite...

Support the Texas 11 ... Remember Ardmore!

Do you want to be TERRIFIED? MORTIFIED? Or just amused?

Maybe it is Saudi Arabia in those 28 blank pages? What if it isn't?

Deleted message

DLC are just corporate whores, pro-war bastards

I just sent flowers to the runaway Texas Dems

What kind of Alternative Schooling is acceptable?

One helluva ballot!

How's your ESPN boycott going?

(((((Breaking News))))) Saddam Hussein AudioTape Released

Pukes squealing about Berkeley study on conservative psychosis)

US Backs Down on Claim Saddam Bodyguard Caught

Sgt Walters left behind to die by US Army gets zero news coverage

Why has the DLC declared war on us?

If Saddam is assassinated, will we ever find out where the WMDs are ?

Dean Defense Force Organizes Rapid Response to Unfair Reporting


Our media at work (re Bush Approval in the latest Gallup Poll).

should Leno have shown a corpse during his monologue?

What the HELL is the DLC up to???

Lieberman ate my baby!!

Why Support for the War in Iraq Is Bad Foreign Policy

Davis Recall: Someone please explain THIS to me...

Road Trip Anyone????

To all the Bush experts, can anyone answer the age-old question ...

Experts Believed No Iraqi WMDs in 2001

biden getting tough on wolfie and company (now! 11:00 am eastern)

Now I know why (D) Evan Bayh always sounds like Bush supporter:

Lieberman Out of Touch

Last week, regarding the mass graves carnage of Milosovic

Military Rackbuilder Site

Blair faces war crimes allegation

bush refuses to diclose 28 pages, good, we're too stupid to know

See the "murky intelligence" for yourself (cartoon).

Whenever Crying Wolfowitz is harshly questioned by one of the

Things not looking so good for us right now...

Just askin' is all

Remember "World News Trust"? Has anyone heard from Tace?

Liberal and Democrat chatters wanted!

Arianna Huffington's husband was gay??

Graham: Call Saudi Arabia's Bluff

Unveiling Bush's mass deceptions

O K -Fellow Geniuses

HELP AGAIN: I need articles showing that the military dislikes Rummy

Bill Bennett consulting at DARPA?

Afghanistan - What is happening there? How many US dead?

Americans are less accepting of homosexuality - Poll in USA Today

Steve Forbes on Lou Dobbs, Calls D-Candidates Useless Idiots

More proof that Matt Lauer(Today Show) is a conservative wing-nut

If it's true that Idi Amin has met the Grim Reaper....

Why not a greater push for IRV?

Sadaam's Barber Captured

HLEP: Looking for amry times article

The Intelligence Briefing?

Just heard on KGO: PUNCHCARD ballots to be used in Cal. recall!


If we can "find" all that money for Iraq, why couldn't we find it

Is history cyclical?

What the HELL is wrong with the Texas legislature?

U.S. Troops capture Saddam's Chiropractor

This time "Its the oil"?

Do You Read a Thread Before Responding to It?

Bill Moyers speech from June at "Take Back America" (A MUST READ)

Making Reality Conform to Ideology

Wal Mart exploits sick kid?

Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned

anti-bush burma shave signs

Nixon ordered Watergate, and Bush let it happen on purpose

Remember Clinton's statements the other day that enraged so many

The cost of Iraq war

Idi Amin Is Dead

Anyone else notice that the Iraq invasion has gone to a 9 to 5 schedule?

Why doesn't Saddam just arrange a surrender through a third party?

Press conferences/Bush (8) Clinton (33) Bush Sr (61) at this point in term

Of course the Bush Admin would use a Stock Market Model.

Women cheat as much as men, but with less guilt

Jimmy Kimmel re-run tonight with David Cross and DU shirt

Newest Lie from the Bush administration

Aviel Rubin radio interview this afternoon

Iraqi Daily U.S. Casualties

Who is Harvey Milk?

Blind Faith in the Market System

How can we believe the 911 commission and the Saudi connection..?

Gulfport (MS) City Council Condemns Lawrence v. Texas

have you ever seen a Bob Jones license plate before?

Human Rights Watch slams U.S. warlord allies in Afghanistan.

Wow, I didn't know Scott McClellan's brother headed the FDA

Care to comment on this Soldier's view?

hey Condi....i gotta job for ya..............

Defining down Weapons of Mass Destruction

In-House Memos on Television News Presentations

Dean hits 504000

Dear Freepers

Black Box Voting 'TAKE BACK THE VOTE!' Tool Kit! Call for comments!

Wacko Central is attacking DU!

Texas Democrats bolt again !!! WOOOHOOO Richardson greets then in NM

New Penn Research... Dems more moderate than Repugs...

Yurica ! Dots connected ! Hollywood scriptwriters, take note!

cable news ratings, didn't see it so I'm posting it. poor cnn


Thanks for the Memories

Recall rundown... (satire)

Has the DU collective moved further to the left in two years time?

Bernie Ward on vacation this week. "Karel" filling in for him.

who would you vote for in this primary?

Looking for news on * scandals? Try searching "* flap"

5 of 9 opposed war

today's new Savage Weiner sponsors

"Attack"-- the WWII movie

Define "Bushism."

'CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES" . . . let's start using this!!! . . .


Carol Mosely Braun on Washington Journal tomorrow AM...

stupid anti-choice stickers for sale

Is Riordan going to run in CA?

Bush Jumps the Shark

ARMY OF ONE Flash movie - my best work ever.

Vince Whitacre (eyesroll's husband) Announces Congressional Candidacy

Outsourcing to usurp more U.S. jobs (1 of every 10 IT Jobs)

In changing sphere, Dean's Net fund-raising outdoes Cheney[by a long shot]

1 in 10 tech jobs may go overseas - by 2004 - God bless the GOP/Media

Women Activists Control Nigerian Oil Site (In US this is Terrism)

Governor Calls Tax Hike Christian Duty (Alabama)

Oregon faces large National Guard callup (UPI)

U.S. Senate vote down Priscilla Owens for thrid time

Democratic group warns Bush-bashing may backfire

Swing voters critical of Bush on Iraq

5 Nations: No Americans to Int'l Court

U.S. Fights Verdict Backing Ex-P.O.W.'s (anti-veteran hypocrisy)

DeLay Commends Moral Leadership of Commander in Chief

(Florida Democratic Sen. Bill) Nelson questions return of 12 to Cuba

Senate Rejects Tough New Auto Fuel Economy Measure

KERRY : Break Stranglehold of Foreign Oil

CNN..Liddy Dole wants Bob Hope buried at Arlington Graphic on Iraq - Look at it in all its Gory!

Saddam tape praises 'martyr' sons

Bennett considering lawsuits against casinos

ZDNet: FBI wants to tap Net phones; Internet calls becoming threat

Former Vietnam medical evacuation pilot testifies on Army badge

C SPAN NOW Sen Leahy & Interfaith Alliance fight against

Federal judge strikes down portion of state's recall law

House passes redistricting map (TX)

MSNBC reports Pentagon "off-terror betting" market SHUT DOWN


Daschle Urges Bush to Stop Terror Market

Clinton to Speak at Senator's Fund-Raiser (Iowa)

Far-right group sues Arizona governor

Snow wants wider yuan band

US globetrotters,all but barred from travel to Cuba,pick it as top hotsp

Assembly passes compromise budget (CA)

Sharon: Israel Will Continue to Build Security Fence

Durbin amendment to S14, the Energy bill

Belgium Chamber OKs War Crimes Law Change

Senators Rap Administration on Iraq Policies (R&D vs Wolfowitz)

Pentagon Scraps Terror Futures Market

Malpractice Cases Spike ... for Pets


Citizens' Protection in Federal Databases Act Introduced

Leaders consider hunting senators (TX- D's)

Rudolph trial delayed at least until the beginning of 2004

Treasury to borrow $104 billion in quarter

New Bush Rules Could Increase Pollution by 1.6 Million Tons: study

Democrats stay away from Texas House, too

U.S. to Pay $230 Million for Polish - Led Iraq Force (Brit/Spain are free)

Hepburn Leaves Land for Public Use (DU gathering anyone?)


Bush's Amtrak fix relies on states

Well, the new Dutch right are surely taking a beating here in Holland now.

3 Separate Legal Challenges Mounted to California's Recall Election Pr

Consumer Confidence Suffers Surprise Fall

Feeling the heat, Warren Buffet gives in on giving

Nethercutt to challenge Murray in ’04

Pennsylvania passes transgender protections

Stocks Flat; Saddam Rumors Spur Buying

Iraq's oil theft in full steam (now that Uday's gone)

Bush's economic team sets out to raise hopes

(US backed) Afghan Warlords Threaten 2004 Elections

Cspan Pentagon briefing.. Press thinks we have captured Saddam

Italian Gov't to Allow Berlusconi Probe

Civil rights leaders question hanging inquest

Bush, Sharon Press conf.

NYT: Pentagon Abandons Plan for Futures Market on Terror

Recall's strange bedfellow

'Release minors from jail' - 361 Palestinian Children in Israel

US backs down on claim Saddam's bodyguard caught

Officials warn of new hijacking plans - (or Bush poll numbers down)

Library thwarts Patriot Act snooping (Boulder, CO) | Denver Post

Three Separate Legal Challenges Mounted to California's Recall

Ind. Delays Execution to Allow DNA Tests

(B.C.) Native-only fishery ruled unconstitutional | Globe and Mail

Al Qaeda Planning More Hijackings, Officials Warn

White House Rejects Saudi Request on 9/11 Report

Another Saddam Tape being broadcast

Idi Amin is compost....

White House Won't Declassify 9-11 Report

Google Scrubs Janklow Rape/IndianCountry cache article...

Riordan Is Closer to Recall Run | LA Times

Kenya army mutiny fear | BBC

SFChron: Compromise California budget falls short in Assembly

Uganda's Idi Amin Remains in a Coma

Victims of trigger-happy Task Force 20

Waging Terror (US Govt. website to BET on TERROR attacks)

LDS plaza deal done (protest rights in downtown SLC) | Salt Lake Tribune

Al-Qaida May Be Planning More Hijackings, say US Officials

Extortion of migrants worsening | Arizona Republic

(King Co Exec. Ron) Sims to run for (WA) governor, is 3rd Democrat in race

If governor wins (recall), taxpayers may reimburse him

Iraqi oil pipeline on fire, rocket-propelled grenade attack suspected

ChevronTexaco worker abducted

IMF chiefs blame government for Zim's woes

Bomb rips through rush-hour bus - Mumbai

Al-Qaeda suspects 'alive and well' in Sudan


Papers Cover Discontent Among Soldiers in Iraq

Iraqi civilians caught in crossfire of US operations

CSPAN NOW: Live Senate Hearing Iraq Reconstruction - Wolfowitz

Two more US soldiers killed in grenade attack

Pentagon wants to let you bet on terrorism

In Iraqi City, a New Battle Plan (paying blood money!)

Death-row case could be DNA first (in Pennsylvania)

Tense divide in Russia’s Far East

Floating Bomb Raid on Bridge (North of Baghdad)

GOP staffer chosen to head RIAA

BP 2nd-Qtr Profit Grows 42% on Rising Oil, Gas Prices

Afghan warlords sow fear

Dean raised $504,205.38 as of midnight

Gov crisis looms in Italy as centrists threaten to quit (PM enquirie)

Blast Kills 29 in Chinese Firework Factory

Democratic candidates take turns bashing Bush at Urban League conference

Halliburton Unit Poised to Win 4bn GBP Garrisons Deal

Ummm... So What Happened To The Story In LBN Where...

Troops sent home after collapsing in heat

CNN: Looks Like HUNG JURY in CA Police Beating

Bush to Stay at Texas Ranch a Month

Chalabi "elected" as 1 of 9 Iraqi Presidents

Brits teach Americans manners in Iraq

What All-Time Popular Movies Have You NEVER Seen?

I'm leaving to take a long run - ask me anything; I wont be here to answer

Who else loves Skinner's avatar?


Bruce Campbell Hurt In Crash

What the hell should I do with my life?

BLAKE`S 7 gets a second chance


15 Years In Seattle: Reflections and A Few Parting Shots

What is your favorite country? Other than America, of course.

What does POPCORN meant to you?

What you'd do if you had a million dollars and you didn't have to work

What's your favorite pre-Columbian American culture?

Help me..I'm miserable with this computer problem

What happened to the Bev - Black Box Voting threads?

Raise your hand if you ever flew one of these.

100-F (38-C) in Dallas at 4 pm.

SOS: Bill Press of Buchanan and "Press", Where Are You? Ron Reagan Jr. is

Congratulations, gratuitous, 5000 posts!

Favorite Gay Icon Music or Acting

Best modern cartoon show outside of the Simpsons

POLL:Do any of us lounge lizards care if they take our threads off latest?

Help! Windows XP video tweaks to run video game.

Is anyone having MSN Explorer problems?

When is it OK to spank a child?

You Load Sixteen Words, and whadda you get?

Think about starting a web site where you can bet

You're... too big to fit in here

Will someone PLEASE explain the Motorola Cable Box System to me?

Saudis Demand Cheney Make Bush Apologize for 9/11 Report

Don't know what happened to the WMD? Well we know where the CAPTIONS are

has anyone started a Futures Market on the Fate of the rePubes...???

Killin' can be so much fun-------almost as much as CAPTIONING

"Ran" by Kurosawa....

Beware of the Dirt Bike!

Funny picture I found while surfing a gaming forum.

Catpower2000 poll Lounge threads off Latest Page??

You don't have to look down at the masses to CAPTION

CAPTION pawned off neo-con

The Master Plan for the Roadmap to Peace of all CAPTIONS!!!

I got into a giant fistfight this weekend, ask me anthing.

My five greatest comedians list

The heroic writer of Seabiscuit


Kurosawa's "Ran"...

toddler crashes dad's car -- twice

Another person in my complex has a Dean bumpersticker

Bush Pronounces "Agency" as "Aye-SHE-she"

CBC Will broadcast concert LIVE

Saddam's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate captured

How do you know if your office equipment is possessed by SATAN?

I'm sorry but respect for the dead IS important

I was talking to a PREGNANT co-worker last week

No wonder Shrubya is doing so well, very easy to fool his voters

Little League Baseball - I'm missing something....

Jim Rome ripping terrorist futures

What Is Boggie-Woggie

i just got back from cataract surgery, ask me anything

HP3 director compares Bush, Saddam to Voldemort

Is there a graveyard for tombstoned disruptors?

U.S. Marines Capture Saddam's Yak

Smokers/Ex-Smokers: Ever have one on the can?

Ransome for "Skipper" (The Beagle) - He Was Kidnapped!

U.S. Troops capture Saddam's Chiropractor

Local DJ has a great nick name for Ben/J.Lo

Kevin Bacon captured!

How about a market for Bush Admin. resignations?

I demand a market for betting on potential future DU flame wars!

Woman Might Be Girl Who Vanished in 1986

Saddam Proctologist Captured!!

I finished KOTOR last night--a megahit!

"Flash Mobs"

Thief Goes Bananas With Stolen Fruit

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

WIll Bill Clinton ever do Saturday Night Live?

GOP: Greed, Oppression, Prejudice

Compassionate Conservativism

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.12

A spoiler on a Ford F-350?! WTF?!

Saddam's Dentist and Manicurist Captured!!!!!

Gee - Notice the name of newest member

I just nuked a dozen weasels from orbit, ask me anything.

Imagine the DU during the LBJ presidency?

Do You Read a Thread Before Responding to It?

Broken gas line has me playing hooky today!

The "Faith" of George W. Bush

Do You Read a Thread Before Responding to It?

The man likes babies and animals!

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

Washington all agog with opening of new pentagon production.

My bottled water

Anyone else here into Pilates?

CSM editorial cartoon-CIA, FBI cooperation

Great Doonesbury - Rummy and press conferences Pt2

Congrats To Lance Armstrong. I Think They Should Make A Video Game

Bush Admin announces new economic predictive modeling system

I Just Saw RepubFriend's Artwork--Ask me Anything!

Ash From Popocatepetl Volcano falls on Mexico pic!

God damn, I'm good

I don't frelling believe this!!!

Search function does not work

Anybody in Denver wanna have a beer with me Wednesday night?


the DU slang Dictionary---ask me anything...

RIP Morris - 1

Late night DU-ers can you please give me your thoughts?

I'm gettin down to Thomas Dolby...don't even bother asking something

Does anyone know a site that tracks web site hits?

Any Philly DUers up late?

Did anyone see the 28 Days Later alternate ending yet?

Australian Radio Documentary on Spanking the Monkey

Gotta love the Smoking Gun

ain't none of your business, but go ahead and ask!

Official Boston Red Sox Bandwagon Sign Up

Any DUers related to anyone famous even somewhat famous wil do

I say ..................feel the POWUH of CAPTIONS

Help! I need help on my screenplay! Can someone help me?

Best Comedienne of All Time

Women cheat as much as men, but with less guilt

I know it isn't polite...

Time to take the Gloves off: Best One Movie of all Time - you decide

Should The NFL Require Teams To Interview Minority Coaches?

difference between english and western riding supplies?

Film at 11 - video of rbnyc's wedding

Are you a collector, Antiques, Smalls, Sports, Political etc?

DUers ever think you werent made for these times or wished you lived in

Any Good Progressive-Minded Women Out There?

I want some attention. Ask me anything!

Queers, talk to me, please

In two nights, I'll be watching Neil Young And Crazy Horse

What does my friend need to know before moving to The Netherlands?

Best Comedian Of All Time