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Archives: July 24, 2003

Operation Oily Immunity (making Iraq oil safe for US corporations)

WP: A Handle on Scandal (William Pitt mention)

Christopher Reeve: Politically motivated

Minnesota DU ers

Gardening - Help me pick a tree

Cracking Windows passwords in seconds

Scientists Developing Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

Two doughnut shop employees shot in the head

Suggestion for how forum thread links are marked up

Palestinian, U.N. demonization of Israel continues

Israel Says Arabs Should Make Peace After Iraq War

Schweitzer sees change in the wind for (MT) governor's office | Missoulian

Dean pans plan to change Head Start management

7/24 - bush relect continues to drop

Graham: "From the beginning, we hoped this was an honest mistake, but ..."

Former Rep. Ballard (R) might say yes to run for (WA) governor

Suggestion for the debates

2006 Open Senate Seats

Bill Clinton, George Bush and all these other maggots can kiss my ass

Can ANY "Liberal" that tells us to "Get over it" be trusted?

Whatever your views, you might want to look at CNN's daily poll

could Dean get the single issue rural gun owner?

Bush realizes he's being "manipulated"

Concert comment (about Bush) gets host fired

Does Bill Clinton Want Bush To Win in 2004?

Dick Morris on Daily Show

So why did Bill say what he said last night?

Deleted message

Blind I tell you, BLIND, have though no eyes? READ!

Gennifer Flowers just won't give up!

Is anybody watching the dumbshit whore Dick Morris on TDSWJS?

I really do love you guys! I really do...However IF 2004 goes horribly...

Another sad sad Repuke Blog.

Norm Coleman "Iraq war is 'just', 'wise' and 'the right thing to do'"

WARNING: This is a MAJOR RANT about my Bush loving neighbor.

Clinton bombed an aspirin factory - Sean Hannity

For those missing Mike Malloy...

Okay, who is Hunter S. Thompson? I gotta know

24 "Deceptions" In 704 words: Bush's 2003 SOTU

The Hunter Thompson Article

Get on over to Talking Points Memo! lol great news!

Imagine my suprise at this email

A plea to all progressives: Anyone but Bush

Can everyone vent over Clinton tonight and get it over with?

Resident calls for Cheney payback

Should CNN fire Novak?

9/11 Report: Planes were seen as terrorists' weapons as early as 1994

An admission: It's hard for me to accept the reality of the situation.

Hunter S. Thompson bashes the Bush administration . . .

The Case of the Diebold FTP Site by Douglas W. Jones

Smother the Bipolar Tweety with Love, You people are Morans!

freep this poll in Palm Springs please

What's Bill Bennett Up To?

"GET Used To WAR"---says # 3 Pentagon guy

Bev, please help: Will Gray Davis Die Boldly in the recall election?

For latest news about the House Democrats. Impressive.

We finally got the election thief on the ropes and we hear move on?

Edwards news buzz as of late.....

What Bothers me is...

MSNBC - 9/11 poll of Germans who believe US killed their own

Recently when talking with one of my Irish friends

Interesting that PBS is running a Watergate documentary.

Quote of the Week- Dick Armey (from DCCI)

How to fix Black Box voting

IMHO, Clinton's statement about Bush's "mistake" was uninformative

Pull up a chair and admire this Democrat

It is time for Democrats in California to unite behind a candidate

After Oozy and Koozy getting snuffed yesterday who thinks without Clinton

North Korea is not mentioned in the Bible is it?

IA state senator sponsors lawsuit restrictions, gets balls bit-sues

PNAC oil whore Wolfowitz not going to look for WMD, cuz none exist

My father just said that a 14 year old "from that part of the world"

U.S. Soldiers deployed by foreign intelligence

Why is it that a confirmed Socialist is also any anybody but Bush person?

Lanny Davis just said on cnn that dems should move past 16 words!

10 dead from Ohio, the building Ohio bodycount in Iraq

Recall election certified for CA governor by Kevin Shelley, Secretary of

My Mom told me..

California Secretary of State speaking now: Recall will commence

Don't miss Josh Marshall, on 9/11 report and CIA-NSC war.

so did uday and qusay use 1-800-dentist?!

I swear Bremer is reading his answers on the Larry King show....

FOX proves it is mouth piece of WH

Day care funding cut to balance CA budget. Little children will

Do the "ends justify the means"?

My Computer has gone Harewire (waring cute animal pic)

The rest of Clinton's remarks

Why shouldn't the voting age be lowered if the teenagers will vote Dem?

SHOCK: BBC too right-wing

Chaney speaks on terror tommorrow....there's your distraction for 911

Reading from the right

So many Bill Clinton threads -- but what about FR?

Big Dog says"MoveOn"...Gennifer Flowers says "Not so Fast"

2020 Democrats Conference in DC

Democrats more of a threat to this nation than Al Qaeda - Neil Boortz


Was economy headed south when Bush took office?

Saddam's sons are dead, If dad dies, then US mlty leaves. Right?

One more sign the tide is turning.

After a suck day, this is what I find in my mail tonight.

Gang Green...

Dupe threads suck. Please at least look at page 1 before starting a thread

Western states urged to diversify tax bases | Salt lake Tribune

Candidates Scramble for Davis' Spot

Martin will have to wait, (Canadian) PM (Chrétien) says | Globe and Mail

New Brunswick refuses to recognize same-sex marriages | Globe and Mail

World Bank ready to fund Kibaki's reforms (Kenya) | Daily Nation

Canada to pull Iran ambassador

No 10 insists Kelly tape backs its case against the BBC

California Sec of State- Recall election to take place

**BREAKING** Recall certified for ballot!!!

US "Ally" spreading WMD

Missoula to join possible lawsuit against NorthWestern | Missoulian

Drudge says Ahh - nold not running...

No Tax Relief Checks for more than One Million Children (rally today)

(Indian) Supreme Court calls for common civil code | Times of India

Amnesty International Accuses US-led Forces of Abuse

Did the NSA Lose a Sept. 11 Hijacker? (Time)

Group sues Everett (WA) over Ten Commandments display | Seattle P-I

Cubans found on seagoing ('51 Chevy) pickup

Davis recall qualifies for ballot

Japan: Opposition parties submit block Iraq bill

Saddam sons are betrayed for £20m by his cousin

Wolfowitz acknowledges mistakes in Iraq

Why Commander in Chief Is Losing the War of 16 Words

9/11 report: No Iraq link to Al-Qaida

Worldwide pirate attacks hit record high | AP

Thousands more NW troops headed to Iraq

Ex-Clinton Officials: Nuke Threat Growing

Bush Cites Progress..Urges Nations to Contribute "Militarily and Financial

I have to wax my hot yak...

Victor Newman's daughter is a repuke

A gift to my fellow DU'ers during these stressful times

Other than 'dust' what do you collect?

Hummer Terrorism

Does anyone have any weird little nuances?

Question about finding roommates

All righty then!

A DU Wedding....................

Hey!!!! Check my profile out!!! 15,000!!!!!

Coin Collection - When did In "___" We Trust go on money?

"Rusty is a homosexual..."

What's the best way to get from Richmond, VA to Hatteras, NC?

I am Blue

Any news on the RIAA and Kazaa?

One of my cats just caught a fly...

My Agenda

I wish DU would...

Check out this crop circle!

I have 1337 posts!

ahahaha, that Family Guy ruled

Your comments on HDTV?

The Ultimate Name the Movie Challenge

Apologies if this has already been seen

How many of you have me on 'ignore'?????

Can Bravo be Saved? And do we care?

Buying a car

When was the last time....

Sometimes cool stuff really DOES happen....

My Computer has gone Harewire (waring cute animal pic)

Which would you prefer

United States of Whatever

Just saw the movie "Johnny English" (No Spoilers)

CBS: 'Hillbillies' Reality Series Alive

Watching the "Top 200 Pop Icons" on VH1.

So, I'm gong to blow off work tomorrow.

I've had it with DU!!!

dangers of caving documentary filmmaker needed rescue

What is your favorite emoticon?

Today was a $3000 day. Bummer.

Check out my new sig line....appropriate Blackadder quote.

Doctors: Atkins diet may increase risk of kidney stone

Anyone watch the expanded LOTR that's been playing on Starz?

The real purpose of the deficits: Privatization in the guise of "reform"

Bill Maher-Recalls are for Cars, Not California Governors

George Will is unhappy

Blair (and Murdoch) want revenge on the BBC

Gephardt: Bush is the Worst President in Modern History

The killing of Hussein's sons: the Nuremberg precedent and ...

Gephardt Blasts Bush's Foreign Policy

Cheney's intelligence role scrutinized

What David Kelly knew

Like weapons, support for war is now missing

Anybody can commit rape. Anybody.

When Frontier Justice Becomes Foreign Policy

The Onion(satire) Deficit Wracked Maryland calls it quits

Iraq's Missing WMD Scientists...Were these people on the JOKER cards?

War on words deception

Molly Ivins: Alaska, the other great state

Kristol : 16 words, but Gephardt's

Excessive Force? (the killing of Saddam's sons)

Ann Coulter's Latest

Silence of the Grave: Saddam's two slain sons can tell no tales

Charging common criminals under terrorism laws

A legal minefield for Iraq's occupiers

Benchmark: Easy to occupy a country, but not to govern it

NYT: Better Alive Than Dead

Salon: Bush*s Lies vs. Clinton's Lies

How to force congress to pass a prescription drug benefit under Medicare P

How to stop the Republican initiated governor recall.

Specter backs sending Pryor vote to full Senate


need help w/LTTE response-other maniacal dictators?!?

Action Alert: Congress Flooded with Demands for the Truth

Graham in online chat tonite 7/24 about 9/11 report-7 pm EST

Cheney's Speech-Call him & tell him he's full of sh-t- NIE

Just in from the Kucinich Campaign:

August 6 Rally in Cleveland Public Square

Voting Fraud: Contact List Database (work in progress)

Damn Good Letter to MWO

Deal between BushCo and Big Media may be broken

You HEAR that thunder on Washington JournaL?

"personal attacks" in effigy thread. or, "blah blah blah blah blah"

Happy Mormon Pioneer Day!

Anybody Have A Bran Muffin Recipe. I Love Bran Muffins.

I just received a national Dean email update

CARTOONS! The "Waiting for Wolfowitz" Edition

Anger over Greek Olympic brothels

Judge upholds murder charges in Araujo case

Bankers and African-American borrowers story (help me, please)

Leader of Episcopal Church pleads for unity

Washington Post publishes first gay marriage announcement

Mass SJC: Who's who & who's where on Goodrich (gay marriage)

'ECB selling US agencies, market whipsawed' (from 7-18-03)

Today's Lieberman Tax (and Jobs) proposal

Quebecor World to cut 1,000 jobs

No Minimum Wage + Executive Pay Cap

The Recession is over

Nature - SE Asian Deforestation Threatens 20% Of World's Species

Invasion of the rock jocks: future leaders or next environmental menace?

VW & Other Alternatives Auto Meet and Sustainable Energy Exposition-Cle,Oh

ChimpCo Unveils Plan For 10 MORE YEARS Of Climate "Research"

Whales once numbered in millions

Global Warming FAQ

Irish Peace Process in Danger--Fascist Marching continues

US cursed as carnage overwhelms Monrovia

U.S. Strategy: Perception vs. Deception (Stratfor)

Reporters Without Borders suspended 1 year from UNHR commission

First lady's European tour seen as diplomatic success - Taiwan

Neocons dream of Lebanon...

Belgium debates revised war-crimes law - to shield Sharon, Bush, Blair

The Nuremberg precedent and the criminalization of the US ruling elite

What the world thinks of America - BBC poll (lose your illusions)

Gephardt: "It is immoral to have people without health insurance"

State can't find 3,000 (Harris County) parolees

Things that go BOOM!

Hangings leave West Texas town's residents wondering about suicides

NYC Councilman Shot and Killed By Political Rival

One of the best threads I've seen on gun ownership

Just had my Liberal life threatened/ what do you trust?

Moderators too "trigger happy"

I am having problems generating a new post

Question about "stalking" and an "implied" threat

If Mods Are Going To Lock Threads That Are Duped In Politics

Suggestion about slowness problem

Is there a way to emphasize the author in the list of posts?

Is there a way to take a peek at some of the deleted posts?

Angle brackets now work (kinda) in subject field?

This image seems to be missing

Who do .php files show up as cookies?

Just a note about the "welcome newest member" feature

The holes in Israel's road map

All In A Days Work For A Mythical Democracy

Plans for another Israeli "Berlin Wall"

Israeli Settler Numbers ‘Rise’ To Record High

DeLay: Israel's Fight is Our Fight

Israel Defends Building of Fence - Washington Post

Bob Graham online chat July 24 -- 9/11 report -- 7:00 pm EST

9/11 Report Available for Download

Celebs make Dean's list James Carville's Rx For Democrats

Weicker endorses Howard Dean for president

Gov. Howard Dean live tonight VPR...

Jewish Democratic Council seeks to change MoveOn's website (Dean reaction)

Kucinich live on CSPAN this Sunday (7-27-03)

Young considering GA Senate bid, Democratic chairman says

What would be your dream cabinet in a Kucinich Presidency?

msnbc: Most Greens scoff at Dean

Deutsch: Donations to Penelas campaign were coerced

Kerry and Dean on Guns

Kerry and Dean on the Environment

Protests / counter-conventions planned for RNC in '04?

Dennis Kucinich and Loretta Sanchez in Santa Ana on Aug 3rd

Dean on now Vermont Public Radio

Poll: Lieberman leads Democratic hopefuls

NH State lawmakers endorse Gephardt

Howard Dean's position on the Death Penalty

Graham online chat tonight 7/24 about 9/11 report-7 pm EST

FEC Permits Corporate, Union Donations for Political Party Conventions

Voinovich: "Jerry Springer is a big problem for the Democratic Party"

Key Democrat says Voinovich, Specter vulnerable

Jewish Donors Split On 2004 Race

all of our top candidates are in striking distance of Bush in new poll

Canandian cheaper drugs-FDA & Drug Companies joined lobbying against

Bush Officials/Bob Novak Blow Intelligence Officer's Cover

Racial data initiative will get an early vote


Graham will be in online chat tonite 7/24 about 9/11 report-7 pm EST

Though The Heavens Fall

Whew.. Candy Crowley says Diebold is CONSTANTLY

Major scientists BUST on Black Box Voting - New York Times pickup

Random thoughts on the California recall

New lie by Dumbyah 24 July 2003

Why do Democrats not challenge the foreign policy of Republicans ?

Parody site of Joe Lieberman

you guys will not BELIEVE this! UNBELIEVABLE

Run Arianna Run!

What is YOUR state up to on election machine issue????

Should the pics have been released?

Cheney on CNN blaming all terrorism on U and Q

Diebold Victory Lap for DU -- Bring out the champagne!

Did it seem like Cheney gave the speech like the man at the top ?

whould America elect a single or divorced candidate for President?

Is Fascism historically rooted in left-wing ideology?

would conservatives listen to liberal talk radio?

Why didn't Rummy include photos of 14 year-old grandson we murdered??

I notice that casualty news is slowly fading away..

Iraqi Guerrillas Say They Aren't Fighting for Saddam (interview)

I'm wanting 1000 letter's to the president, for book.

Ahh, how I love the Iraqi people!

The level of MADNESS:: WHO got it higher?? DEMs or the PUBs?

Is WILSON going to be on The Daily Show tonight?

Is Moron Opening Himself Up for More Charges of Being a Moron??

Radio for Peace Int'l EVICTED/ WTF????????

Changing the Perception of Democrats and National Security

So...Is this the dawn? Dare we hope?

Somehow, lost in the media frenzy is the fact...

How do you "de-Christianize" a non-Christian nation? (ACLU)

OOooops! Tweety Having a Repuke-ApologistFest!

what a photo of Bush. Moran or Psycho??? we link, you decide

Which candidate has an actual plan for health care?

See? Cheney puts out false choice. a dichotomy that's nonexistent.

What brain dead idiot decided to release those photos

It's obvious from the Repukes trotting out before the talking heads

Rabid, bigoted, right-winger fundies pervade work e-mail.

My fear about the Diebold story

I am not even saying they are not Husseins sons but I have a few questions

Some Arab expert tell me this...

Those photos are Bush's Wansee and Poznan conferences..

ABC News: Iraqi's Skeptical over Photos

If you were running a talk show on cable TV?

Somebody's post got mentioned on Sully's blog today.

Live Chat with Sen. Bob Graham starting NOW

stupid freaking right wing conservative assholes!

Is the heat still on bush*? Been away for a week.....

Rush's comments on soldiers dying... (UFB!)

Question: do you believe more SS protection afforded Bush's daughters?

The Bush Regime is a Giant Big Brick Wall, but don't fear!

DAMNIT!!! We were suppose to go to Iraq to get Saddam, NOT HIS F'ING KIDS

The CALIFORNIA CONSITUTION CALLS for Cruz Bustamante to be governor

Favorite Freeper expression

Check out this pop-up site, it's anti-Bush/First anti-Bush pop-up I have..

Seem strange the Sadam's Son's Would turn up Dead right after Wofowitz

looking for text of Bush speech

Evidently I am missing the BIG picture

E-voting currently top rated Yahoo news story.

Bush gloating on CNN

Palm Beach Post, 7/10 FL Rep Wexler calls for :voter verifiable printers


Daily Whispers: Insiders suggest Condoleezza Rice could leave

E-Voting story on front page of MSNBC

Anyone interested in reading the 9/11 report?

While I compose this, I wonder how many soldiers HAVE DIED???

democratic candidates - poll in san diego

New Poll: Bush 46%, any Dem 42%

Poll: Eminem, Slim Shady - more trusted than bush

A Recent Quinnipac Poll of Democrats With HRC In The Race

Protesters push for Bush impeachment

"What will we tell the children' about photos of dead people on TV?

Now Damnit Where Is All this

Questions on being a good employer

C-SPAN1 5:45 Eastern REPLAY of 9/11 Press Conference

Crain's in Chicago has Bush Lied debate as #1 in Things to Do

Novak calls Begala McCarthy

I'm telling you now. That's not the Hussein boy's

In a month or so, the shit hits the bush

Cringely: How to destroy the music industry (legally)

Chicago Tribune defends spiking "Boondocks"

Warning: Anti-Dean spam on message boards and forums

CNN Inside Politics has upcoming segment on electronic voting machines!

Why Facts on Iraq Don't Matter

PNAC (Bush) govt looting Iraqi Oil Fields

What is the greatest country on Earth?

"And they're coming back sick right now."

Democratic Talk Radio coming up at 3pm

faces of 3 heroes in e-voting FRAUD. Vote in POLLLL!!!

Military Recruiting

9.11 and Redacted material

Who directs our future? We the People, or They the Corporations

Diebold stock dropping this morning

mr. bush, you can kiss my fat, glorious, shiny, liberal ass, you scumbag

Media ownership - how our Reps voted

What Bush took away: Poverty Rate Lowest in 20 Yrs Clinton years

"Leftist Slant Apparent" ???

Crossfire Thursday

And the media whores are saying zilch about the Taliban regrouping

request for sources - American political breakdown

Has Anybody Noticed That Bay Buchanan Looks Like Pat Buchanan In Drag

911 Commission Report Due Next May: Don't Expect too Much

The Tide's A Turnin'

Gee, Media Consolodation Goes Down And Bush Criticism Goes Up?

Puke alert. Rummy & Bremer on CNN grinning like hound dogs

I will NOT vote for the Democratic nominee in 2004.

The "So What" Factor

Outrageous, that this "foreign government" is being protected

The Model Angelyne

Dumb Question of the day: What if Gray Davis just resigns?

*snarf*: Eminem viewed as more truthful than Shrub

Diebold get's Slashdotted

Saddam sons will blow over... Opinions

How many SC justices support Roe v Wade currently?

Invasion - bad . . . . Occupation - really bad

Food for thought - Paleo-cons=liberals' natural allies

9/11 report censored to protect Chimpy

* coming up on MSNBC (12:28pm pacific)

Randi Rhodes caller- "If Kim-chee were something you could run a car on..

Conspiracy Madness Grips Central Europe

Michael Moore's "Farenheit 911" can't be made soon enough.

Interesting take on Yahoo article.

Progressive California Must Mobilize to Defeat Recall!

Face of Death - (NO graphic photos inside)

Torture Wolf Blitzer's Look Alike

The WHOLE Picture!

W's 9-11 "report" fails to release Saudi connections info to terrorists

There is no doubt that these 'photos' are legit.

"Like Father, Like Son", Eric Alterman on William Kristol and Joe McCarthy

Ironic headline in a city that Bush is visiting today

The "Swingin' Dick"...

Another wrinkle in the CA recall election

Even the FReeps say photos shown are worthless

US Government Land Grabs

Swarzenegger to hold press conference at 2PM Eastern Time

Catchy little ditty "I Hate Republicans" a good listen

the "American people" will not go along with this bloodlust

Electronic Voting Machines Blasted by Scientists, Hacked by Author

C-SPAN is covering the 9/11 report press conf. Dammit, I just noticed.

Republican Tim McVeigh got a trial and Husseins sons got a TOW missile?

Unpatriotic Conservatives

Post Mortem photos looke more like beaten and tortured individuals

C-span has 9/11 report for downloading

I was appalled when the photos of dead U.S. soldiers were released

Pryor gets Senate committee nod

article: what the senate doesnt know about IRAQ..very good

HELP: How many troops in a division?

Two TOONS - a study in CONTRASTS

Unbelievable: Raw-food vegetarian ate steaks, report says.

Holt Bill "Voter Confidence" now has 26 sponsors

2 important articles on Blackbox Voting -- and a call to action

I think it's important for us to set the example and NOT PAY ATTENTION to

Think Tank slogans for dummies!

David Dill of voterverifiable on Diebold report by Bev Harris

Will Bush try to go on a month long vacation while we're at war

"The buck stops over there somewhere!" Spin it, George... spin it!

Tonight, Bev Harris (and all of us) have a right to celebrate..

How would you categorize America?

Is Condolezza Rice Paul Wolfowitz's girlfriend?

3 wks after alleged rape, injuries still visible; wrong pics; death threat

Are chemical and biological weapons really weapons of 'mass destruction'?

death photos on CNN

Anyone see the "Jobs and Growth" backdrop for Bush's speech ?

Important editorial in the Wash. Post today

Uday and Qusay's Greatest Hits

The reason they have to show the photos is b/c they have no credibility!

All Kucinich supporter. Here is some action you can take.

U.S. media misleading public on Iraq casualties

I don't give a rat's ass if these are Saddam's actual sons or not!

Even FReeps aren't impressed by the pictures

Deleted message

Bay Area DUers: Dr Strangelove- The Play, this weekend

CNN Just reported on the public 9/11 report...and guess what was left out?

lieberman '04 parady site (funny as hell)

I found this post from a 3ID guy at a football forum I frequent.

9/11 report "embargoed"?

Bushes threatened Clintons-- in Bill and Hillary's own words

I have no problem with Republican's winning this California Recall

Does Al-Qaeda threaten "The West" or just the USA?

Assassination vs. Death Penalty

Was it right for Tom Leykis to reveal Kobe Bryant's accuser's name?

Uday and Quesay; Body doubles

The Faltering Bush Presidency

No fire today

Saddam's Son's: Keeping the Story Alive

Ambassador Joseph Wilson on Daily Show tonight! Tape? Transcript?

Best Proof GOP Knows Media *Not* Liberal....

By recalling Davis, is recalling Bush fair game then?

Is Eastern Europe considered part of the "Third World"?

Okay, I think I understand where Clinton was coming from. He took

After these words, I think I like Mrs. Pelosi even more.

What does the Guy James show have planned


Early verdict on the photos

Underlying the Lies

Is there a link to the 9/11 report?

Why no photos of the 14 yr. old who was with them?

What has our world come to when we have to see this...?

do you know anyone who went to a college with rules like these?


Patriot Act take a hit...Yeah!

I read where rush limbaugh (puke) is going to color Monday Nite Football

seems to be working. killed Saddam's sons and deaths have stopped.

New Conspiracy Theory

I would have rather seen the photos of the Weapons of Mass Destruction


Leading Democrats Go AWOL on Overtime Vote

These are the days that make cable TV reporters happy as a hog in shit

The Cuban Navy launches newest ship

WTF happened to CO LIBS post about the twins?

In Defense of Clinton

Why Do Americans Hate The Left So Much?

RE the significance of Uday/Qusay's deaths

"Bush a war hero"- c-span caller

Top 5 Photos/Documents that really should be released to the press

Post-* DU: What will it look like?

Petition to send California Recall Issue to CA Supreme Court

How many people really know what Uday and Qusay really look like?

NYT Giving Bush a pass on 9-11 questions

Why all they hype about Saddam's sons? Five more Americans

"The regime is gone and it's not comin' back."

Important Joe Klien/Time mag article... How Bush Misleads Himself

Joseph Wilson appearing tonight on The Daily Show!!!!!

Why do we need to see dead Hussein's, but not Americans?

Here is an oldie but goodie (BBC 9/11 news)

Text of 1st Geneva Protocol- Re: Treatment of "remains"

LYING - A BUSH FAMILY VALUE (tired of euphemisms!)

Hot slogan from BARTCOP

WHY? repugs back each other - dems back stab each other.

Latest on the FL pollution barge to the Gulf of Mexico. Faulty equipment.

I was a fan of Jeff Rense...until he posted this

HITCHENS Was Tourist in Mosul Day Before

Dodd asking for 15 billion in 2004 for national security now in Senate

Hasn't the entire 9/11 report been released yet?

remember the kid in the Dick Tracy movie?

Gregory Mankiw ~ C-SPAN

Been hearing for 24 hours that the photos will be released "soon"

what sitcom does this administration mirror?

Screener on C-Span hung up on me

Daily Show rerun on NOW.

Ann Coulter on public radio right now

Our military is yet again helping make the US look good

Oscar Contender - SEABISCUIT

Update on Iraqi War Casualties

Can't send letters/pkgs. to troops in this war? Not a tinfoil hat

Bush and Clinton working in tandem

Need help locating a Washington Post story and a link

The Slave Agenda

Chimp's re-elect (sic) poll numbers vs generic Dem. falling fast!!!

Hardball alert for Thursday

it was the saudis who attacked us on 9-11, pretend not to notice

Private Lynch Forgot Something...LOL

Isn't it going to be inflaming to display Usay and Qusay?

Bush’s “Strategery” is flawed.

so davis becomes the fall guy for enron and this crummy bush economy?

9/11 Report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida

US "Squandered" opportunity to send Peacekeepers to Liberia

Test: Is the tide turning?

pic from Tom Ridge protest

It's obvious to me that we are going to take the heat off of our military

I need help diggng in to mass graves.

GOP Frets Over Bush's Re-election Chances

The Logic of War from Daddy

We must now recall a GOP governor

Why did the President and Congress deny the people the means of protection

911 Report and callers......on C-Span....7-9am..tune in

The 9/11 Report is whitewashing the Culpability of the Republican Congress

NY Assemby (not yet Senate) passed The Voting Systems Standards Act of 03

Good morning, more deaths in Iraq (direct quote). . .

raping children is an unspeakable sin....unless your a priest

VOTING SCAM (Bev Harris work) and Corporations...Connect the Dots

Three more died today in Iraq, this makes SEVEN straight days

Secret report undercuts Iraq connection to WTC (1993 bombing) .

Rate the Candidates

WH to keep Saudi info on 9/11 secret. Is that true?

did the Dems abandon small town and rural America?

Kobe Bryant boosted my ratings!!

What say you say Uday and Qusay dead say?

Throwing the "Patriotism" Canard Back in Their Faces

A powerful point about totalitarianism

Are people who call people Freepers really just Freepers?

How Do We Exact Justice for 12-12-00?


California naysayers: Now what do you have to say for yourselves?

Kobe trial will make O.J. look tame

This situation just makes me tired, not angry

Poll shows many Germans see U.S. behind Sept 11


100 US troop deaths in Iraq since Bush's 'Mission Accomplished'

Now Coulter is lying about Dean...& it's a stupid, easily checked lie too

Did anybody save any news links that detailed how elections were

What if the states are not bankrupt?

Bernie Ward on Bush lies -- Streaming now

A legal minefield for Iraq's occupiers

Just when it seems darkest......there is a ray of hope.

Both parties nixing themselves out ?......hmmmm.

War Crimes Charges against Clinton

I really don't care that much about the Hussein boys. Do I need help?

New Democrats

WTF! "Tough times?? We just got great news from the war front"

More good news

Let’s talk about the killing of the Hussein brothers.

A nation that closes its eyes is sure to stumble sometime

Weiner: Rove's House of Cards Is Ready to Fall

And no one uses the A word...

How many future terrorist have we created by releasing those pictures?

"The Guy James Show" announces special guest this Saturday

DU Digest - These are the stories DU is following now

We need to mainstream our message

Holy shit!! CBS refers to Chimp as George W. NIXON!!!!!

League of Women Voters Election Reform position page is gone

DU: What is your prediction for the outcome in Iraq?????

Extrajudicial murder is a sign of a desperate despotic regime

Destroying the USA

Christian group fights drug plan

CBS news a MUST SEE...The Bush SMEAR-TEAM story is gaining steam.

Kucinich's open letter to Nader voters and the Greens

Hardball Thread 7/24/03

Electronic Voting Reform: what's our platform?

Voting Machine Frauds - letter to use to send to your officials.....

What Are the Candidates' ACU Ratings?

What's wrong with a 100% inheritance tax?

9/11 Report HIGHLIGHTS - Post 'em if ya got 'em

Whats a good site for info on 9-11?

Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush - Bush Family Tree

The Energy Policy Act of 2003

CNN reporting that Kobe accuser also tried suicide in February

Battle Flags and Bandwagons

Wesley Clark and Coulter on Buchana & Press tomorrow!

Dep't. of Foregone Conclusions (climate research)

Rumsfeld: "I don't do quagmires"

Please don't call it a recall: IT'S COUP 2003

what is the DLC's position on guns?

The Washington Post discovers

Let’s talk about the killing of the Hussein brothers.

After Uday, Iraqis Release Their Rage

The Photos (EXTREME WARNING) 2 of them -Yahoo News

(Daniel) Pipes vote fails to draw quorum

Colombian killings spark Coke boycott

CIA Concludes New Tape Is Likely Saddam

Outing threat may have sparked shooting


UPI: 911 Report says NO Iraq-Al Quada Link

House Watch--24 July 2003--Drug Reimportation and Head Start.

Iraqis Demand to See Bodies of Saddam's Sons (photos not enough)

Jack Kemp Thinking of Run for Governor in CA (Sludge)

MSNBC: Jobless claims fall sharply

Group says ..(Jailbird Traficant) is considering a presidential bid

Not wanted: super-size Wal-Marts

Sony Profits Plunge 98%

Lou Dobbs show highlighting missing Saudi info in 9/11 report

Fla. to Restore Felons' Voting Rights

Plane Flies Over Bush* Motorcade

Graham on MSNBC on 9/11 now

RNC Chairman Says 'Sky Is Not Falling'(Dean Easy to Beat & Rice for Pres?)

White House Defense of Uranium Claim Produces Maze of Contradictions

Rumsfeld 'glad' he released grisly Iraq photos

Counselors Allegedly Forced Camp Fights (Charged Admission Allowed Wagers)

NYT: Computer Voting Is Open to Easy Fraud, Experts Say

Sarbanes-Oxley Concerns SEC Ex-Chairman (Harvey Pitt)

C SPAN 2-Senator Byrd demanding oversite committee of purchases

Stock Watch Thread #1 July 24, 2003

Cheney: Bush Could Not Have Ignored Warnings On Iraq

Miami Exiles Want Conditions on Latin Grammys (NO Cuban Artists)

WMD missing in Iraq, Bush speeches

U.S. B-52 Bombs Afghan Guerrillas

AP: Study finds computer voting system vulnerable to tampering

State, civil rights groups reach agreement on felon voting case (Florida)

A look at U.S. daily casualties in Iraq

Gov. Davis Prepares for Political Battle

U.S. Friend Says 'No Coup Here' - Philippines

Want to see 50s stars The Coasters live? (WH hires phoney groups)

Microsoft to ADD up to 5000 jobs Worldwide

Pentagon Penalizes Boeing $1 Billion In Contracts

(FUCK YOU FEC!!) Corporate Donations OKed for Conventions

(Bush* Dictator Buddy) Pakistan Bans Latest Issue of Newsweek

BP and Shell to resume shipments from Iraq

House Panel Hears Testimony on Ephedra

Study: Seafloor Vents 30,000 Years Old

Members of ''Saddam Fedayeen'' vow to avenge killing of Uday and Qusay

Gen. Franks predicts Saddam capture within 60 days

Conspiracy theories abound as US releases Uday-Qusay photos

Former Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker Endorses Dean

Locals say brothers fought and died as heroes

California governor recall election set for Oct. 7 E-voting flaws risk ballot fraud

Thousands of travelers mistakenly detained by 'no-fly' list

Computer Voting Is Open to Easy Fraud, Experts Say

Excessive Force? (Media ?'s why Hussein's not taken alive)

The Ugly Truth of Camp Cropper

UPDATE: BBC: 3 US troops killed in Thursday morning Baghdad attack

Italy justice ministry bars Berlusconi fraud probe

Dealer arrested in Jesus relic forgery

Biblical plaques to return to Grand Canyon

Pentagon Briefing (2PM ET)

Iran accuses Canadian police of killing Iranian

9/11 Failures Still Threaten, Report Says

Sen Graham on live MSNBC now 3:45 pm edt Thurs.

Cable Channels interrupt Graham REport on 9/11 for Pentagon Daily

Photos of dead brothers have just been released to media

Ridge: U.S. safer, dissent good

Report Blames Leaders Of Archdiocese For Abuse Crisis

Shit! I just discovered the Intel report is on C SPAN!!!!!! I've missed

Wolfowitz Concedes Iraq Errors

Gov. Bush signs elections bill, runoff again eliminated for 2004

Listen to NPR on AM right now to hear the 9/11 report press conf.

Recall Election in California Is Set for October 7

US troops attacked in Baghdad: 7:30 AM 7/24 local time,

Many Penelas donors linked to firm's chief

Protesters Gathered for Bush's Visit

Batelco Makes Bold Wireless Claim in Iraq

German disbelief over 9/11 (20% say US gov sponsored 9/11)

Group Vows Revenge for Death of Saddam's Sons

Shelby: More of 9/11 report should be public

Judges allows Flowers suit against Hillary

Bush supporters use carrier photo in raising money

Weicker Endorses Howard Dean

Corzine Calls on Bush to Skip Photo-ops, Get Job Done on Child Tax Credit

Bush global .. of natural causes of climate change ($130M)

Sept. 11 Report Details U.S. Intelligence Failures (Yahoo/Reuters)

Stolen files? FBI seals city complex

Congressional Democrats Surge in Public Ratings on Economy

Regier's report card is mixed (Jeb's rightwinger DFC appointee)

Cuban-American lawyer gains support in bid for key federal civil rights po

N.Korea Threatens to Build Tactical Nuclear Arms

Tory fury on Olner's Dr Kelly rap (BBC Attack a Smokescreen)

Shell halts buybacks as profit soars (high N Gas prices in US)

U.S. Vehicle Blown Up in Baghdad - Witness

* on CNN now

Music-Sharing Subpoenas Targets Parents (& Roommates, Grandparents, etc..)

Dean Praises House For Blocking FCC Ruling

(IT WAS A SETUP!) Troops Didn't Know Brothers Were There

White House backs aide in Iraq-uranium flap

Ex-Unum chief seeks more severance ($17M isn't enough)

Lieberman Leads New Democratic Poll (But Hillary Beats All!!)

Govt loses N6b to vandalisation of oil facilities - Nigeria

We'll go it alone, SA tells US - snubs the US.

Saddam Sons Recognizable in Photos Seen by Reuters

Bush 'racist and immoral' for Liberia delay

Marine Pleads Guilty in Japan Rape Case

Dems Thwart Action on Child Tax Credit

Condemned Indiana Inmate Seeks DNA Test (A Prosecutor and Juror Support it

Report Reveals Lapses Before 9/11 Attacks

Sadistic tales of Saddam’s sons

C-SPAN - 9/11 report all morning Thurs 7-9 am.

'Genocide prosecutor must go' - UN - Rwanda

Moussaoui: Make It Live, Not Taped

Israel Says Arabs Should Make Peace After Iraq War

Ga. Soldier Involved in Raid

Lieberman continues to lead Democrats in national poll.

U.S. sends in B-52 to bomb Afghan guerrillas

Advocates Laud Post for Gay Announcement


Bush hails 'new strategy' for Iraq stability

States deem some tax hikes 'necessary and important'

Drudge: Schwarzenegger Said Not Running

Nightmare at the front door - Saddam's sons and grandson

W House efforts to reframe Iraq debate complicated by shifting explananati

US General (Abizaid) in Pakistan to request troops for Iraq

Relief Coming Soon for Soldiers in Iraq (rotation schedule)

Blair alerted week before Kelly outed

Bumper year for Afghan poppies


Dean pans plan to change Head Start management

Air Force Academy Sees New Assault, Drug Use Allegations

Why Weren’t Uday and Qusay Taken Alive? Excessive Force?

Iran confirms holding top al-Qaida operatives...

House Rejects Bids to Boost Global AIDS Funds

US House of Reps approves free- trade pacts with Singapore, Chile

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Support a John Edwards/ John Edward ticket in '04!

Rejoice Red Sox fans The Yanks TRADE for Jessie Orosco

Why are some big movies not being released on DVD?

The Cash Cow of all CAPTIONS

What my minister says about Harry Potter

Any FOIA attorneys?

Great quote on the state of the Star Trek franchise by Warren Ellis

What should be the official mascot/icon/logo of DU?

OHMYGAWD, I am in heaven/nirvana/whatever

What is the greatest country band on earth?

Please visit this web site to help animals

BOOM CARS: Boon or Scourge?

Did you think I was a man

Wow exercise does work!

Fully armed Nazi bomber planes 'buried below East Berlin airport'

hey! FUNNY for all you Mac-haters!

Metallica Fans Vs. Freepers

Stand-up comic brings new meaning to 'break a leg', hilarity ensues.

Poll: If I didnt tell you all how old I was how old would you think I am

HELP: I need a gaming handle (name)

what is everyone's favorite term for "testicles"?

For all you people who grew up as products of divorce...

CAPTION -Oh my God UDAY what are you doing here?

Who thinks we should have a 1st Aniversary DC DU gathering Oct 25th?

Opinions on Memphis and Nashville, please!

The Puckered Poodle of all CAPTIONS!!!

What happend to the F.U! emoticon??????

Looking for Vietnam combat vets

Embarrasing topic (hint), what is wrong with me now?!

Calling Greens: looking for links for petrochemical uses

Nair - does it work? Tell me about it

Men of DU!!!!

Rise of the fast-food serving machines (robots at McDs)

Which is your favorite girl group?

I finally got vmware to install!

What hair color/style do you look for?

Has anyone heard of a band called The Goats?

I am a nobody until I get my Cthulhu plush figure.

Help me plan my evening

QUICK! CAPTION before the Mothership lines up the portal...

So...any of you men want a new desktop picture.. not quite X rated

With this CAPTION your childrens can go out and GET A JOB!

This kid sure has heart

Oh my God! When will it end?

CAPTION the annual Proctologic exam of Homeland Security

here's a fairly simple techy question for y'all

OUCH! this is kind of delayed, isn't it?

Kitty did not WANT to go for a ride

I found the new Florida voting machines!!!!

The Mister Rubber-Face of all CAPTIONS!!!

Gee, your hair smells terrific

I'm getting sick of kids week on Jeopardy.

Excuse me while I test a signature

Tonight's DAILY SHOW (prediction)

All I can say is...Holy $hit!

I'm back from skateboarding and my hair is in a ponytail. Ask me anything!

Did you think I was a Zomby?


Opinions on Memphis and Nashville, please!

Once, twice, thrice....what comes next?

Ebjay and Or-Jay, sons of authoritarian, right wing ruler

Hunting for the world's largest pecker


Did you think TxLib really was a lounge whore?? A real Polling Poll

CAPTION the realization that their s**t DOES stink


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO.............................

Whose idea was it to use Maybelline Pancake makeup??

I saw candy cigarettes in the store today...

I'm not the only one who spends the greater portion of my

For Daily Show fans

Bush at the GreyBar Hotel

braunschweiger.........pros and cons

Liberal or Progressive

Did you think I really was a lounge whore?? (Poll)

I need an island with at least 5 letters.

Grunt Vision - New Mark Fiore animation.

so my boss just got fired

Did you think I really was grumpy??

7/24/2005-Introducing the Crawford Tx post office Employee of the month

Did you think I was a transsexual transvestite from Transylvania?

God/life spans/ and why old folks do what they do

I had a Bush brain scan * yesterday morning

Oooooo....that's just not right.

I was under the impression Target stores were liberal minded

Anybody else at DU have bookmarks they did not mark?

I got laid-off today but the Freepers did also!

For Dylan fans

There's a Candy Bar in your refigerator that doesn't belong to you

Does anyone know how to set up

Help! I was offered a FREE trip to Zurich!

Attn: sfecap

any MA DUers goin to the Sox-Yanks games this weekend?

Anyone seen "Being John Malkovich(sp)"

$6 Million Dollar Man or Bionic Woman?

What are you reading these days?

Are/were you a fan of Patricia Andrzejewski?

can someone tell me how to put a picture in a post?

Chemical in Saliva Linked to Cure for Bowel Disease

What cologne / perfume drives you wild (or do you wear).

Roseanne on Graham Norton show

I made the front page!

A quick hello

Have you EVER had a thread locked at DU?

Best National Park

What's your favorite digit?

Are people who call people Freepers really just Freepers?

How do you like my new avatar?

WARNING: Keep your kids away from the telly today...dead bodies

Working Elephants To Get "Butt-Reflectors"

How to waste your time on DU

Singles/friendship site for DU members!

Oscar Contender - SEABISCUIT

What's the BEST Wedding Gift you've ever given?

For an old friend

Isn't It Odd

Principal's trips with girls raise concerns

got ping pong?

On the matter of boom boom cars..

Next Dean meetup is on my son's birthday....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

So I'm job hunting on Think I should apply for this one?

Dept. of the bleedin' obvious: ice cream not health food

Doonesbury - Mike's summer daydream

Racism Against Dat Phan? (Last Comic Standing)

Sara , the klutzy kitten, just took a dip in the toilet...

is terra police going after Letterman? I saw him going after NYC bridges

does anyone know how to create a screenshot in windows?

best Family Guy character

When will music corps learn???

How about a happy post...hopefully

"Shifting Explanati"....Great Name for *'s Scream Team...

I've had it with fucking Aldo!

Have you ever responded to your own thread.... (cont. in message)


Is it racism?

would it be worth seeing unattractive people naked

What's your favourite term know.....masturbation (male)

Austrian Parliament: a whiff of Alcohol

Are any DU'ers in NY interested in meeting up with me when I come?

My all time favorite Simpson's quote was just on

My letter was printed in the Deseret News!