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Archives: July 23, 2003

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Senate swallows hard over Mark Dayton's "take your medicine" amendment

Bush's Nose is Growing; Nobody Cares -- (On The OTHER Recent Bush Lie)

Fraud Traced To The White House (CA Energy)

4 American Soldiers Killed Today Near Mosul?

Burdened by Proof

Military Tribunals: U.S. Government Also Will Be On Trial - Hellen Thomas

To Show Loyalty, Rice Lies for Bush --- by Joe Conason

Defending States' Rights -- Except on Wall Street -- E. J. Dionne Jr.

LIBERATION OF THE UNWILLING -- Why Bush Won't Help Liberia (Rall)

Won't get fooled again

Easy, Fast, Free, On-line way to fight hunger, help rainforests, etc.

Call to action: One volunteer needed from each state re: election machines

E mail Support for Senator Durbin under attack from White House

This is always a nice, somewhat quiet forum...

The 10 worst gun dealers in the US:

I have a message and do not have enough posts to reply

Arab countries have to disarm, but not Israel?

Joe Lieberman for President

Mississippi Governor's Race

Andy Griffith???Bob Graham editorial in Cheyenne

Massachusetts High Court Weighs Gay Marriage Ruling

Results of the California Poll--breakdowns by gender/age/education

Dean Surpasses $5 Million on the Internet

Dean: There is No Place in Government for Those Who Misled...

Attn: Black Box Voting naysayers: What evidence would convince you?

Christopher Reeve: Politically motivated

"Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act of 2003" by Orin Hatch

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Get Off the Sword, Tenet, It's My Turn! Hadley Takes SOTU Blame

Let's not forget Pfc. Lori Piestewa...

Southern misconceptions thread

The not-so-solid South.

A tinfoil theory regarding Oday and Qusay Hussein...

why is Clinton undercutting Dems right now?

Will Swarzenegger Really run for Governor???

I saw my first Democratic candidate bumpersticker for 2004 !

US army admits soldiers in Iraq commited suicides

Oh Hell, Prosecuting Non-Terrorists Using Anti-Terrorist Law..SHIT!

Is DU a "Think Tank" or a Bitch Fest or somewhere in between?

Perle: Finding Iraqi WMD may take 200 years ...... (speechless)

Interview with IL's newest Senate candidate Nancy Skinner

Will the murder of Saddam's sons...

Interesting Statement on Hardball

911..widows testimony....It must have been luck for everything to happen"

Prime Example of Why I Support HOWARD DEAN


Jay Lentz Conviction Thrown Out in Alexandria, VA

I read the DU "mission statement" in class today :)

Who else was disgusted by the media today?

Why should I pay for patent/copyright protection

If Saddam and his sons get killed the Iraqis will no longer need the USA

Ann Thrax Coulter Bombs on Dobbs

400,000 Letters to Congress Seek War Evidence Probe

Wiccan sues for right to pray before govt meetings

i am so sick of the bullshit

The next Democratic President should decalre war on Fox News

From the Wilderness

I cannot tell a lie.

Remember that page at

Jobless In America

If the death of Saddam's sons actually happened earlier

another US soldier killed,....another soldier killed...another...another..

Mel Gibson's Washington Power Play

I have always said * would resign in disgrace

Re. Saddam & Osama: Dems playing it wrong

Why have we agreed that they were Saddam's sons?

Was on Mark Davis' show on WBAP in DFW

Bu$h and Colin Powell are distant relatives--graphic of family tree

Red-ink-licans are great name-callers ~ We should be also

Just a hypothetical question...

Does the Phrase " Sixteen Words" Ring A Bell With You?????

Legalize gay marriage now so I can marry Jon Stewart

Reapportionment: Not so bad for Dems?

Did Anyone Cover the Wilson Story Today??

Clinton phones Bob Dole on Larry King Live

Manly pig-eye, Joe Scarborough, goes "behind enemy lines!"

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld - War Criminals

Freepers whining about "no balls" Tweety. ROTFLMAO!

Lori Klausutis update...

PREDICTION: In two weeks, Al-Jazeera broadcasts tapes of

Argument with neocon - need links to Wilson articles

Why have we agreed that they were Saddam's sons?

Jon Stewart is on - the plan was to do "Jessica Lynch" stories

Pelosi promises House GOP 'week from hell' on tax credit

Links you might want to use

Uday Hussein: Too brutal even for Saddam

Quote from Jerry Kleczka (D-WI) on BBV

The look on Jessica Lynch's face is the same one...

Political Aspects of a Visit to the Nat'l Atomic Museum in Albuquerque

Missing Mike Malloy...?

Paul Bremer and the conditions in Iraq...

Altercation adds it all up -- "Our president is..."

Bush is dishonestly understating North Korea.

Deleted message

His sons are dead but Saddam lives, as do forces of resistance

New Progressive website wants hits

A note on the Qusay Ubey thing, and the proper stance on it

Wow! Deaths of Saddam's sons help US economy!


BBC says it has a tape of Dr Kelly criticising Number 10

Call their bluff

AOL headline: Saddam's Sons May Be Dead

If you like Mike will enjoy Meria Heller.....good show

2 brothers 1 in a wheel chair 1 teenager few bodyguards 3hr fight

A History Of Lies: WMD, Who Said What and When

Saddam's Sons: Cubs and Psychopaths

I just let my Salon Sub run out.... And I won't re-up

So this is the great Bush offensive?

Ted Rall -- The Investigation Begins!

Body Count...

Isn't Mike Malloy On Tonight?

So why aren't Iraqis rejoicing in the streets?


Did Wolfowitcz say he`s not worried about WMD`S now?

ACTION ALERT: House vote on Prescription drugs

Seymour Hersch was on Buchanan & Press tonight...


Hightower also has a book coming out soon!

Ha, Ha..Bush Scews the Democrats and Dean is a Wussy!!!!! Losers...

Dana Rorbacher on CSPAN slamming the admin on medical

The one Repug "Excuse" that bothers me the most

Bob Graham to be on Meet the Press (again!)

Anthrax drops to number 4 on NYT bestseller list....

Whole thing about the Hussein bros...

Question about "One weekend a month my ass!" sign...

AARRRGGHHH - I just heard Cheney slimed into town last month

Internet so slow tonight - 9:06 EDT dialup connection

need link to fruitcake video...

Rush may have tipped their hand today

Do You Support or Oppose Sending Troops To Liberia?

Most bipolar media whore!

The UN would not recognize our hand picked Iraqi government today

Your honor, may I call a rebuttal witness?

oh that "independent" 9.11 commision

Susan Molinari...GOP shill of the day!

Today looks like the Atta passport which miraculously appeared

U.S. jobs jumping ship: Cheap overseas labor is not just for manufacturers

Bush critics still vocal despite major win in Iraq

Lawmaker: Cartoonist Questioning Wrong (Cox, R-Calif)

Clinton says Bush's uranium mistake is understandable

Two main counts against Lynne Stewart dismissed

Bush Adviser Apologizes Over Iraq Claim

President* Takes a Softer Stance on North Korea

Senator Accuses White House of Retaliation

Top US House Republican (Tom DeLay) opposes drug import bill

Republicans Are Adding Weight to Reversal of FCC Ruling

The Hill: House Democrats Head to Recess Emboldened by Events


Pallone leads new initiative for Bhopal gas victims

Bush Officials Laud Post-Enron Crackdown

Wolfowits says: Foreigners should stop interferring in Iraq.

BBC says it has a tape of Dr Kelly criticising Number 10

Secret Service Turned Away From Newspaper Office

Why have we agreed that they were Saddam's sons?

France says it's time for new Iraq resolution

Sean Hannity claims (Faux)

400,000 Letters to Congress Seek War Evidence Probe

Text of Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez Comments

Since the war is "over"....

Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable

Radio Talk-Show Host Names Kobe Bryant's Accuser

Goggle search: Saddam+ april + killed

Todays thanks

Come on

The Truth behind the SOS (Sons of Saddam) Attacks

Ever listen to Dr. Demento backwards?

Why does FOX keep advertising their new show "The O.C."?

Qusay, Uday.......Dubya, Jeb

is jazz dead? or does it just smell funny?

does size matter?

Ever Eat Mentos Backwards?

the queen of salsa

Printer problem

Fruitcake Update

count basement, ellaphants gerald, duke elephant,

Help! Question about taking online donations

Blind Girl Supervised by Blind Counsellors Drowns in Lake

Wagga Wagga Wagga or I've Got Your Face?

Romance ain't keepin' me alive

photos of you from north scotland

Internet so slow tonight - 9:06 EDT dialup connection

How 'bout some CORN NOG!

Do You Look Your Age? Younger? Older?

She finally did it,

So when do we hit 30,000 members?

To all 20 year olds who live with Mom and Dad

Annoying people with bad manners!!!! (or an evening downtown)

PICK ONE: Sex, A Backstratch, Or Deep Body Massage....

OK...Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Lacey Chabert?

Denial of Service Attack

Is it true there will be no new versions of IE?

this is my last numbered post.....

this hidden post count thing lets stuff sneak up on you ...

It's hot.....damn hot... real hot.....

So, those of you living on the Gulf of Maine...did you feel it? I see why PLAYBOY sucks lately


Poll: Favorite Cronenberg Film!

New TV show on A&E, I liked it

Is it pronounced "Caribbean" or "Caribbean"? Which do you prefer?

Kurt Cobain's half sister on the Osbournes....

Hoosier Favorite TV Detective? Rockford? Columbo? MacMillan? Wife? Or.....

Binkie the bunny says hello to you all; caution: cute pet photo

First image of Dr. Octopus from SPIDER-MAN 2

Caption this!! Lott and Santorum

Newsflash: Working with idiots can kill you.

The feminine side of Dubya...the internet is SO weird...

I just stepped in it

Would somebody please talk to me?

Color Me Shocked! I Agree With Dr. Phil On NOT Spanking Children...

Ok, I promise no more cry-like-a-baby threads: the final Zevon album

"Right Side Up" rise of conservatism on nation's campuses

"Gang Green" -- Tomasky eviscerates Greens, Nader in TAP

Robert Fisk: His sons are dead but Saddam lives

Another Buchanan article I like? Heaven help me!

Hold Bush Accountable

Gene Lyons: The President is not a Fact-Checker

Winston Smith puts uranium claim in Big Brother's speech - 'toon

Hunter S. Thompson/ESPN 2

Down the Rabbit-Hole

Dowd-Weapons of Mass Redaction

Here's what our bomblets did to one of our own soldiers

How Badly Do You Want to Win? (Jan Schakowsky)

Dayton eclipsed again, Criticized at home, Dayton edged out by Coleman

A dwindling case for going it alone - Boston Globe...GOOD!

GOP Warns TV Stations Not to Air Ad Alleging Bush Mislead the Nation Over

Who Owns What? from Linux Journal and

Hindu and Muslim extremist find something in common...

UK Guardian: Won't get fooled again

Problems in Conservativeland?

Kucinich: Ten Questions for Cheney

Fisk: a story to shame us all

Backer of California Recall Feels Heat Directed at Him | NY Times

ok folks the Patriot Act is

ACTION ALERT: Ask your senator about Pryor and the Repub. AG fundraising

Bush lied postcards

Counter-protest in Sacramento 7/26..?????


Protest Bush & Snow on Tour in Philadelphia Thursday 7/24/03

ATTN: New York "Kerry" Supporters

Ok folks time to thank tweety

Demand Investigation:Call Chairs: Rep Porter Goss & Sen Patrick Roberts

Time to start holding the Greens responsible for LIES!!!!

For all Kucinich supporters, here's an idea.

Update on U.S. Daily Casualties

Conservative Radio Hosts

One may be the loneliest number, and two can be as sad as one........

I had this weird dream

'God's banker' case re-opened

How do you deal with the "liberal media is protecting Kobe Bryant because

Brooklyn Councilman (District 35), James Davis (D), Has Died.

Contrast what happened in Canada with what would probably occur in the USA

Ad campaign targets military's gay ban

Cracking Windows passwords in seconds

More real estate For Sale/For Rent signs going up

'Shadowy' Canadian in Solomons dolphin dispute | National Post

Animal rights groups criticize air transfer of dolphins to Cancun

Bark Beetles Spark Massive Evergreen Dieoff In Southern California

Darkness falls on Tokyo

Iraq war 'began last year'

Kremlin envoy ... accuses human rights groups of committing ‘moral terror'

War Powers Vote

India sits up and listens

The Budanov farce

EO12333 and Bush's green light on assassination

337 crime guns-one gun dealer

Quick survey

Was it something I said?

Mods, why isn't this admitted freeper tombstoned...

Admin is this possible?

My humble opinion of DU's server problems

Re: I'm noticing more censored posts lately

Possible PM/Email Bug

Freedom Summer

Israel Plans to Expropriate Palestinian Lands in Bedo and Biet Sureek

Ariel Three Still Being Held Illegally

Palestinians announce Abbas will face confidence vote after return from Wa

Israel Admits Jewish Terror Cells Operating

Israeli Troops Arrest Palestinians, Shoot Tear Gas on Others

Sharon Hails Settlers, Challenges ‘Roadmap’

New UN report highlights Israel's brutality

Who said Palestinians gave up the right of return?

Many Germans don't believe the official 9/11-Story

Beating a dead horse: Kerry's (immoral?) war strategy

2004 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race: Barbara Hafer vs. Arlen Specter?

Kucinich: "Hadley? Hardly!

Edwards Asks About Another 16 Words (Economy/Deficits)


Kerry Wins The Health Care Primary

MO Senate: St. Treasurer (Nancy Farmer (D)) Expected to Challenge Bond (R)

what would be your dream cabinet in a Dean Presidency?

What would be your dream cabinet in an Edwards' Presidency?

**New Orleans area DUers**

A Real Difference

PollTrakker: Boxer's re-election prospects improve

OOH-OOH-OOH: My Kucinich order came in!!

I met Howard Dean yesterday at the Portsmouth, NH rally

MO-4: Ex-Biden Aide Mulls McCarthy (D-Kansas City) Challenge

The Democrats' War Trap (WashPost)

US Senate Pennsylvania 2004: A Primer (Very Long)

Democrats shopping for a favorite

Burlington Free Press: Dean's Record gives him credibility

Numbers Add Up to Fall Recall Election

Parties scramble to prepare for 2004 (WA Governor race) | Seattle Times

Gang Green

What is Howard Dean's record?

What's your wackiest policy idea

Why aren't there any Green Party Congressmen(women) or

Is DU becoming Free Republic lite?

How to call you guys?

Are only Islamists terrorists?

Will Indian IT tech's pay off America's debts?

Uday and Qusay, two fun-loving guys!

I'm So F**king Sick of BAD News

Poll for Freeper Lurkers only

Why IT Jobs Are Indeed OUR Jobs

The Son of a Mill Worker vs The Son of a President

A Kind of Fascism Is Replacing Our Democracy - MUST READ

Slick Willy (AKA Big Dawg) smacks the GOP in the face AGAIN

Why does Bush smile and joke when he's assassinating or executing people?

John Lott Lies Again

NY shooting-dumb dumb dumb

To the Greens:

DEAN: What I Don't Like about the Guy (a Hatchet Job)

looking for political jobs, any suggestions?

How exactly did Enron set up the CA energy crisis re: Davis recall

Free market approach to nation's interstate highway program

Suicide Tourists (tonight on 60 Minutes II)

Hidden Meaning in Clinton's "Pardoning" of Bush?

Shouldn't we murder ALL of Saddam's children and grandchildren?

My social platform...

OOPS- California Dems

Guess what? Poll finds 72% say FOX News is MOST RELIABLE

Who says "A vote that HELPS Bush is a vote FOR Bush."?

Pics of Saddams dead sons? Will they show one of the dead 14 year old too?

"Green" Party's recent meeting


Who pledges to vote Green or 3rd party if the Dem candidate sucks?

Cat herding runs rampant, and the GOP IS SMILING THEIR ASSES OFF.

Tweety for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

The Spiro Agnew Quote Thread

There is so much polarization on national issues

Why Corporate Globalization can't work

I want my taxes reduced!

We are here to make a better world. Republicans are Not.

Why do so many miss the point of Clintons words?

Recipe for Disaster

Why the delay in releasing the Uday/Qusay pictures?

CBS: Was Saddam Sons' Killing 'Legal'?

Tweety just asked Durbin if march to war was "all bullshit"?

OMG Tweety just said Bullshit!!!

I hear Dean's getting his ass kicked on Hardball by McCain?

ROFL. Tweety just said Bullshit on the air

Graham scheduled on Larry King tonite 7/23, 9 pm ET

Just 16 Words?

LET's EMAIL TWEETY with our SUPPORT! Smother him with love!

Most Shameful Deed by this Nation

So is there electric power in Iraq or not?

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH..... Dadcom JUST TOLD ME (Wilson's Wife)

Jeffrey of slain councilman...

How much does a TOW missile cost?

Clinton says Move On?

Durbin on Hardball

HAHAHA -- "Arhnold, the Octopus"

Serious question for parents

DU article today: Down the Rabbit Hole

Where is Clinton's "outrage"......I don't like this....

Why Bush can't fire Tenet and Hadley

What is the worst

Tweety's Not Done

Talking with My Republican Dad Today...

Is Bush 'Slipping" the Noose or Is It Tightening??

Congressman David Drier is Bill Clinton's new best friend

If the NYC shooting took place in council chambers. . .

Deleted message

Help me understand the feelings of the average Repug re Iraq !

why does rural America vote Repub?

Your chance to talk to Ann Coulter!

Even Buchanan & Press questioning Nigergate Lies and Repubs

Why do the Democratic Centrists keep making it worse?

Did anyone see People's 200 most important people in pop culture?

Newspaper Pictures of Gay Wedding Announcements

without Heston, is the NRA still strong?

George W Bush is right, 100% spot-on

Should witnesses to alleged crimes be intimidated from testifying?

If it weren't for Liberia...

Two 9/11 Hijackers "Lived with FBI informant"

Let me paraphrase here

What happened to Saddam's wives and daughters?

here is one of the bills in the new Iraqi money B*sh** mentioned

Per child tax credit checks going out soon

Rumsfeld on Uday, Qusay ID

This troubles me.....where is the "outrage"......(corporatism in action)

NYC DUers, whats the line on Askew? re: Davis shooting?

Channel with best news

The Concept the Dems Must Sell to the American People or Lose

when did Repubs become the pro gun party?

if the Dems went light on Guns, would it decrease the urban vote?

should we show saddam's 'deadboys' on t.v.?

98 American soldiers have died in Iraq since Bush's war is over speech

Why is "Odai is known as a womanizer" a bullet in the headline?

Do you really want the DLC?

Novak Confronted on CROSSFIRE

Does anyone have a link?

Deleted message

What Do Code Words, "A Christian Man" Mean?

Hilarious! CBS compares Ari Liar to Baghdad Bob!!!!

FReeper Watch: James Davis's death :(

What is wrong with California Democrats?

don't many union households have guns

High time for a real impeachment campaign

Bush* live from Rose Garden now (10:15 am, July 23)

August 1, 2003: Bush addresses the nation. Condi resigns.

They Dare not Speak its Name - Army at war with itself - 109 in '70

OK, what's the deal with all of the negative flame-bait threads?

You, too, can grow up to be President" unless...

my mom like Joe Biden for Pres.

The BBCs next war. Michael Powell consults OFCOM (UKs new FCC).

Yesterday's "taking responsibility" was nothing of the sort.

Here: have another bite of this tasty shit sandwich

Some people will protest anything

The Media Gore-ing Bush: Who do you root for?

When will DU offer WHITE POWER icons?

Can someone help? I've looked high and low for a story that was posted

Blacks are taking OUR jobs!

Republican says declare victory in Iraq and run like hell...

ALABAMIANS: Help - e-mail Sen. Specter

What the democrats need to do in 04.

US Military Casualties in Vietnam During the "Summer of Love"

HAR! Danziger on Coulter

Why everybody but Dean will lose....

Love Yourself, Stop the Violence

Any Libertarians on DU?

Gunshots inside City Hall approx. 2:10 p.m. NYC

NO poll bounce from the Uday/Qusay deaths. PREDICT 50% by Aug. 20th.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

Any notice something odd about Rockefeller on Hardball?

One year tour of duty? How long are they planning to stay in Iraq?

Rice should RESIGN NOW! Exposed as LIAR by CIA

Southern Misconceptions Thread: Part 2

For James Davis, RIP;

my e-mail today to Neal Boortz

John Dean has a message for *.

I don't support ABB in 2004.

Stenholm Pushes 4-Year House Terms


Two more U.S. troops die in Iraq

a photo of the happy bush family

Driving while Iraqi? Sonofabitch

DU presidential primary poll report

Fritz Hollings on the Senate floor


.....but what about the legality of it all?

GOP Attorneys General Asked For Corporate Contributions (includes Pryor)

Anyone want to help me burn this straw man?

MN Duers: Security Deposit Interest reduced.

I Hear-Tell That Ari's Replacement....

Repug Talking point -- "spike" in violence in Iraq

Legality of the Uday/Qusay hit

Confederate flags waived at Jessica Lynch parade???

Should the soldiers who slew the Hussein Bros. get a share

Uday/Qusay suspicions

Another great poll: Bush 45 percent, Dem 44 percent!

"Dick Gephardt Deserves Howard Dean. In a sense, he created him."

Let the Bush fascisti spin all they want

GOP Colleagues Hope Thomas Will Express Sorrow About Partisan Furor

Another viewpoint on outsourcing...

You have got to admire this machine.

Bill Thomas crying on the House floor on C-Span..

Powell related to Bush

"Cheap Labor Conservatives"

Fruitcake update?

Am I reading too much into this?

Kerry spanks Bush on Liberia...

Any Sacramento DUers want to protest a little this weekend??

C-SPAN Now-Pelosi (during vote) re Thomas, child tax credit

Hasn't this been debunked?

Bob Novak was given smear info on Wilson's wife by Sr. White HOuse

First Question to McClellan: Was Wilson smeared?

saddam's son's bodies 'too shot up' to identify..........hhhmmmmmm

they won't take saddam alive either,,,he knows too much

I missed today's smirking,

I hear people saying that the anti-war ppl are one-issue ppl.NOT TRUE

Ok, I'll ask How did they ID Saddam's sons that fast ?

Rangel receives Standing-O

Charlie Rangel on C Span giving gops hell for sneaky ways

The DLC is:

as usual weTHEpeople build an industry and the rich not only exploit it

HERE is that photo of the hussein boys they're afraid to publish

YES, Aside from WHITE POWER, I also want I LOVE CORPORATIONS stickers


please delete this

That new WH Press Sec is completely incompetent...

Byrd UP - We Invaded A Soverign State

Byrd kicking BUTT

This is what the "deck of cards" is for

Fox refused to air ad - DNC Responds

Pvc Lynch, hero?

here's bush bringing dignity to the office of president

Resolving the Centrist/Leftist conflict


What I told my doctor about the eight, I mean nine, candidates

Iraq Occupation: Huge Problems

Distribution of wealth

Soap operas will save American GIs in Iraq

Know Why Dems Never Win A Vote In The House??? because 59

Do Dems oppose free trade agreements? is stuff like NAFTA a good thing?

Resource Links...courtesy of c-span


Just how out of touch IS Bush????

Deleted message

Gawd, I love Durbin, Feinstein, Delmato

Gulfport has always been a straight town and needs to stay that way

A Question for Pro-Globalization, Pro-OutSourcing People

I don't want corporations to take away my job

White House Briefing: Wilson?

'it's not in our culture to show dead bodies on t.v.'

Did anyone here actually READ what Clinton said?

Sen. Pat Roberts, (R) Kansas ~ C-SPAN

Is it me or is the media putting on their party hats for the double

JOE TRIPPI on Thom Hartmann Today (Noon ET Wed)

Gennifer Flowers goes after Hillary, again

How a pro-same sex marriage ruling in MA could hurt Bush.

Can we cut the "Hussein's kids" stuff?

“Parrhesia is the cause of my unpopularity.”

Anyone watching Wolfowitz speak?

CNN: Clinton on uranium flap: Time to move on

wow! a photo of MT. LIEMORE

Comparison between Iraq and the United States--For Greens

Watch for an 'October surprise' in '04

One month ago today, our 44th President told us that WE HAVE THE POWER!!

Reminder: Larry Flynt on Scarborough tonight...

Why didn't the US use knockout gas on the Hussein boys?

Relevance of Saddam's sons' buying the farm

If I were Saddam Hussein and you killed MY kids:

c-span3 1130am hatch is forcing vote on pryor

Chimpy's Early Years

Check out the photo of Michael Gerson with * working on the SOTU.

Rangel on C-Span now 9:05 am EDT, Wed

NY Times: Exportation of jobs harming recovery

Wolfowitz on MSNBC right NOW.

Listening to KPIG Freedom on AOL radio and I heard this

Edwards supporters, you really need to smack his campaign for this

Does Clinton own Oil Interest too?

At Durbin’s request, the Intelligence Committee will investigate

"The Lord Givith and Shrub Taketh Away!"

If you missed Anthrax (looks like a man) Coulter


Saddam will NEVER be allowed to surrender

I have a question.

here's something you'll NEVER see bush doing...............

Hadley is lying, and here is some proof.

Interesting thing heard on BBC World News this morning...

ISLAM ONLINE: Iraqis Irked By, Jubilant At Death of Qusay, Uday

Anyone have the answer for this question?

Uday question ...

Military family watches the death toll rise

Update on U.S. Daily Casualties

The Responsibility Era.

would Sam Walton censor CDs if he still ran Wally World today?

Saddam + Al Queda working together....a self-fulfilling prophecy

MSNBC Olberman gets all his stuff from DU

Someone explain this to me wrt to Stock Market and Saddam's sons.

Death Toll - 07/21 - 07/22/03

The US is in a quandry over proving Saddams sons are dead

Has anybody else been "Hacked" lately?

Front Page Washington Post: CIA Warned Administration!!

GOP Blasts naiive Dems

out of sight out of mind - Liberia nt

Need help slapping some wingnuts down..

Cheney had Iraq in sights two years ago

The ridiculousness of the Niger uranium claim/Iraq already had own supply!

Hadley "forgot about" CIA Niger uranium warnings...????

Saddam's sons were hiding in a palace?

Weapons of Mass Redaction

2 Code Pink Ladies arrested today at UN's Special Council on Iraq

Meet Some Teenaged Chicken Hawks...

How in the hell does Charlton Heston qualify...

Two good LTTE in my local paper.

Wasn't the 45 minute "speech" was more damaging than Niger.....?

cnn etc. Live military Briefing on "the sons"

Hadley: We may find additional information

AFA boycott of movie gallery, the blockbuster of small towns

New spin on Jessica Lynch story.

Here is a believeable scenario for he Kobe story...

More Patriot Act fun! (Unconscionable ABUSE, IMHO)

Get your CARTOON fix!

cspan - call in about Saddam's sons

Now do you see how Rove used Nigergate?

Carol Costello on CNN Daybreak

when do schools start in you area?

Is this TREASON or what?

Who will get blames next for those 16 little words?

even after today's news, NOTHING CHANGES

US soldiers have been committing suicide in Iraq

I KNOW they said the attacks on our troops would stop yesterday...

SADDAM SPEAKS!.....yeah, right

Germany to Review Terror Exhibit Funds

WH Press Conf. with Questions about Plame

Media Focus for Today - Amb. Wilson's Wife (CIA) by the Whitehouse!!

Poll: Why do you post skewed polls here?

Why I hate the south

"One a day isn't so bad"


Progress in Iraq?

Simple fact that will start a flame war

useful election info . . . all in one place . . .

Military convoy attacked West of Baghdad, 3 bodies evac (Wednesday)

Clinton on Larry King.. maybe he was right.

Hey, did the 911 Report come out today??? Randi Rhodes said it

this sickened me...

The Media Is Not Liberal But The Liberals In The Media Are Good Ones.

I had really hoped they'd sit this one out....

Deleted message

"24 other State of Union Deceptions" -- Great read from Buzzflash

Withdraw the troops now by placing Iraq under UN Mandate

The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Nuke attacks were:

New Almanac of American Politics is out

do you really need a gun to defend yourself in rural ares?

How to Get Them to Listen?

the "Iraq" button on yahoo


My first Death Penalty Thread.

Bush, Cabinet go on road to tout economy efforts

Bush Proclaims End to Saddam's Regime

BREAKING: Gun Shots heard at NYC City Hall

..Wolfowitz says morale of U-S troops still high

Grief Looms Heavily On Home Front

US hails Freedom for Iraqis as newspaper is shut down

Catholics at stake in senate fracas --- Pryor nomination

Judge tosses out key terrorism charges against New York lawyer

Italian Officials Say Banker Was Murdered (1982)

U.S. Wrestles with Decision Over Iraq Death Photos (Reuters)


Gay Journalist on Trial in Uzbekistan

Kobe Hires Legal Dream Team

Sullivan suffers minor injuries in car accident on Capitol Grounds

"Comical Ali" says Uday, Qusay not behind attacks

Feds Criticizes House Vote on Patriot Act

Saddam's Teenage Grandson May Have Made Last Stand

Lawmakers asks Bush to explain use of bogus Iraqi weapns claim in report .

Congressman Admits to 'Poor Judgment'

Legislation for House Members in Catastrophe

Councilman Shot Dead at City Hall; Police Searching for Gunman

shooting in manhattan city hall

Iraqis doubt killing reports (BBC)

Commander Defends Killing of Brothers

Oday, Qusay deaths go against US ban

NYT: 2 Killed as Gunman Opens Fire at N.Y. City Council Chambers

Getting An American Visa Just Got Harder

CBS Radio news just said

Bin Laden 'alive', 'recruiting'

Bustamante to set ballot date quickly, let court rule on succession proces

Pentagon Announces Plan for New Troops in Iraq (1 year tour)

Pentagon mulls showing photos of Saddam's dead sons

Bush Aides Plan Tour to Promote Policies

..Iraq?s civil administrator calling on higher authority

Texans Oppose Redistricting; Governor's Approval Numbers Mediocre

Giuliani: Bush Can Win New York in 2004

Saddam believed to be operating from Syria

Greens Call For Impeachment Of Bush; Withdrawal Of Troops By The Winter

Jeffrey of slain councilman...

CNN: FREEPER murdered Davis in New York

House Approves Bill Rolling Back FCC TV Cap

NPR about to carry statement by Bloomberg

US military patrol ambushed in Afghanistan

Democrats Fight States Curb in Securities Bill

Democrats criticize Bush, J. Byrd in TV ad (Florida)

STOCK MARKET WATCH THREAD--Wednesday, July 23, 2003--#1

Kucinich Calls For US Exit Strategy: US Troops Out, UN Troops In

House Votes to Block Expanded FCC Limits

Senate Panel Approves Pryor Nomination (Specter=scum)

Portal Lets Government Workers & Partners Share Intell About Terrorism

Probes Expected in ID of CIA Officer

Iraq resistance takes on a new face (Asia Times)

CBS Radio just announced

Saddam's Sons - medical and dental records prove ID

County where Fred Phelps resides bans antigay discrimination

Roy Blunt (R-MO, majority whip) has prostate cancer

Court blocks Mississippi death row reforms

Insurance battle over Twin Towers

Kodak Will Cut Up To 6,000 Jobs

Bush Proclaims End to Saddam's Regime (Again)

Manley bows out of Liberal (Canada) leadership race | Globe and Mail

Report: Former President Carter May Visit N.Korea


GOP Running Scared

Dean Fires Shot at Fellow Dems

US soldiers killed in Iraq attacks

Kucinich Pledges Eco-Friendly Presidency

Republican Speak Out on Bush's Political Standing

Republicans Speak Out on Bush's Political Standing

MSNBC: Attacks after Saddam's sons killed (2 US soldiers dead)

Bush Aides Disclose Warnings From CIA

Barnicle resigns on eve of publication of new allegations

White House Threatens Veto on Media-Ownership Cap

Giuliani to Deliver RNC Opening Address

House Takes Aim at Patriot Act Secret Searches (A Win For All Citizens!)

Purpose of Enron bonuses at issue:Suits claim plot for 'favored few'

Think Tank Gives U.S. Homeland Security 'D' Grade (PPI)

Davis Recall Bid Could Be Certified Today

UN : The Situation in Iraq is getting Worse

Senate Rejects Bid to Boost Homeland Security Funding

Corps Held in Contempt Over Mo. River Flap

GOP Chairman (Bill Thomas) to Address Partisan Clash

BBC reveals it has key tape of dead scientist

N.Korea Sees Sept. 9 as Deadline for U.S. Action

9/11 Report: No Evidence of Missed Warnings | LA Times

Saddam Tape Says War Not Over Yet in Iraq

2 Pakistanis Shot & Killed near Wash D.C. 07-17-03

Saddam Tape Says War Not Over Yet in Iraq

Drug Firms Gain Church Group's Aid

House May Block Part Of FCC's Media Plan - Slap in the GOP face

US still keen on deployment of Indian troops in Iraq, says Indian foreign

One Dead, 15 Wounded in Bolivian Protest

FBI Wanted Sleeper Cells Tracked in 2000 (O'Neill -no mention)

2 Code Pink Ladies arrested today at UN's Special Council on Iraq

Bomb blasts hit Spanish hotels | BBC

Now Stephen Hadley falls on his sword for * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Senate panel hears Head Start debate (Rep still do not have votes)

Cabinet to rule on Amin's fate (Amin NOT dead) | Monitor (Uganda)

Witness tells court he detonated one Bali bomb | ABC (Australia)

Please Delete Me, Let Me Go

Solomons PM flees capital | BBC

Russia Ready for a War in the Far East

Claim vs. Hillary Clinton dismissed

U.S. Troops Ready For Iraqis To Quit Bringing It On

Kelly inquiry may be live on British TV!

Davis: I'll Win Calif. Recall Election

Virginia Executes Man for 1997 Rape, Slaying

US House Panel Chairman Thomas Apologizes To Democrats

BBC to Put Blair on Hot Seat (Newsweek - Tenet too)

1,000 Boston Church Abuse Victims

Ousted Sao Tome President Returns

Car Bomb Injures Two on Wis. Highway (US Military Responds)

Was Saddam Sons' Killing 'Legal'? (CBS)

Rumsfeld Says U.S. to Release Photos of Saddam Sons

John McCain smacking Dean on Hardball.

Was Saddam Sons' Killing 'Legal'?

Did Navy Tests Kill Porpoises?

Iowa Republican Tort Reformer files dog bite case

House Rolls Back Media Ownership Changes

Most revolting fashion trend of the summer

Its gonna be my birthday tommorow yay (special ed voice)

OK! I tried to do a German...

What Web comics do you read?

Time For My Monthly Rant....... F**********CKING "BOOM CARS"!!!

T Minus 1 Week on the Big Move

Show of hands:

I Got Laid Off Today

Any University of Pennsylvania alumni???

Does my sig line look too busy?

Which Buffy Villian was the Best

Man, I love Mark Twain

Man Attacked For Protecting Ducklings

another sad pet story

"His Dark Materials" trilogy V.S. "Harry Potter"

Help me choose an avatar. I can't decide.. there are too many

All the fractals you could ever need or want

What's your favourite juice?

Boy, doI miss the VIEW function DU had for a few days!

Wow, radio DJ surprised that the "legal" songs he downloaded can't be...

What to do in Vancouver, BC?

When I was your age...

HEY, This is the lounge-let's all us GD posters come here for a group hug!

Polar Bear Turns Purple After Medicine

CAPTION the future view of W

Uncle Paul wants YOU! CAPTION

Horror Fans Rejoice! Hammer Films is back in Business!

The Mangled Mind of All CAPTIONS!!!!

Fishing rodeo winner disqualified

Enterprise Changes Revealed (spoilers for next season)

Cure for Stuttering !!!!!!

Seal kills British scientist in Antarctica

In case you haven't been to GD lately - Matthews said BULL$#!^

Separated at birth?!?

Please visit and Join Our Own Media

Please, could we learn how to use this poll thing? Gorges?

All together now!! Ooooooooooooh...............

The Cankered Corndog of all CAPTIONS!!!


just damn

Are we getting solar interference today?

Who else is going to PENNSIC?

Wineglass Avatar: Half Full or Half Empty?

Anyone else watch MI-5 last night on A&E?

Robotic Bartender

Obscenity Trial ends in Hung Jury......

Learning French, how hard is it?

Bush to raise $$$ for GOP.Have your picture taken w/the dead Hussein sons!

What's your Streetball Nickname!!!

PO*TAY*TO or PO*TAH*TO - You decide

The same Diebold?

Ballad of 'Buckaroo Bush'!

DU advice on a new job

Can someone help? I've looked high and low for a story that was posted

The Killsbury D'OhBoy.. (from bartcop) and 2 other great ones

Don't You Just Love It When A Plan Comes Together.

Lost pet owners:

Harlan Ellison Crusades Against AOL


What do we call freepers?

Why are some posts marked as read when I have not read them?

Strange But True Animal Rescue Stories

Antarctic Scientist Killed by Seal: the flip side of animal rescues

Ok what hair restoration drug should I ask about?

Film screening rights-help! (need serious DU movie pros)

what do freepers call us?

Update on "May Day" , The Thematic Sequel to "The Wicker Man"

Anybody watch Nip/Tuck?

Sssssh be vewy quiet I'm in training

Regional Sodas (also Pops)

Robber nabbed after writing holdup note on resume

Lie Clocks.

I got my star- so there Underpants


A visit to grandfather.

Is it hot in herre?

Would someone please PM me?

DAMNIT!! Do you folks know what your F******* turn signals are for?

The blasted rose of all CAPTIONS!!!!

That wascally Waksal is going to be shining pots and mopping floors.

CAPTIONS needed for next National Monument MOUNT LIEMORE

More Brothels To Be Licensed For Olympic Games

Hungry Monkeys Invade Tea Garden

No to Dr. Ruth? Try The Anti-Porn Guy!

Warning: don't read this if you are squeamish or gross out easily

Yessss, we have bananas :-)

We do too have a "Coalition of the Willing",,So Stop Saying that

DANGIT! Do you folks know what your F****************** rants are for?!

Working hard or hardly working?

588-2300 Empire

Has anybody else been "Hacked" lately?

What's your favorite fast food place?

Favorite David Lynch Work?

Best Diva

BREAKING: 'Friends' replaces Courtney with "Cupid" clone

Anybody here had the bladeless LASIK?

The TRUE Origin Of SHIT

This Man Wants To Be Governor Of California

So... How do you pronounce it? Either or Either?

Happy HumpDay To ALL of DU

Ladies, our endless search is over, check out these mail-order men!

Today I'm 24 with 24 years of experience

In About 5 Hours I'll Be in the Hospital - Yay!


Help! What to do to entertain a kid?

Here's an example

Did anyone here from San Antonio area witness the smoke ring in the sky

Is there any good left radio streaming tonight?

I'm here, folks. Don't think I died or anything...

I'm noticing more censored posts lately

Isn't it funny there's a show called Big O?

The George Bush Show

In memory of Ephraim Lewis

I had really hoped they'd sit this one out....

FL Studio - any other users here? nt

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes-my dog's gonna die

Dr. Ruth Recommends: omigod (adult content)

What Are Your Pets Names. My Dogs Name Is Freddie. My Cat Is Murphy