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Archives: July 22, 2003

Hugo Young (London Guardian):This crisis is not about a dossier

Paul Krugman: "Who's Unpatriotic Now?"

Warren Goldstein: "What's the shape of the forest here?"

William Pfaff: Bush policy risks terminal strain in NATO

Krugman: Who's Unpatriotic Now?

blame shifting to Hoon and the Ministry of Defense

So would there be any point to a campaign to persuade History Channel

Some rambling economic thinking :re free trade

Iranians fed up with President Khatami

Poll Problem

the views column is back

Poll Problem

Larry Sabatos analysis shows Graham has best chance of beating Bush

Found this in the Des Moines Register

Wonders never cease


The truth about Dean and Vermont taxes

More Signatures Than Needed Submitted in Calif. Recall

Koinange: U.S. Embassy 'took a pounding'

Antiwar Students Rock the Vote

Ralph Reed: The Democrats are playing politics....Whine!!!!!

Report cites abuse under Patriot Act

Time Warner, Comcast to trial Microsoft TV software

‘I Have Never Seen Such a Fever Pitch’ wrongful termination suits Newsweek

Famed Baghdad Hotel Serves Iraq's Occupiers

Hunt for Saddam risks creating new enemies (Gaurdian)

Liberian President Charles Taylor demands direct contact with White House

Bush: Syria, Iran to be Held Accountable for Supporting Terrorists

The Gorge-Yourself Environment

Unused doses of smallpox vaccine will go to waste

Apple co-founder creates electronic tags (NYT)

Too Soon to Celebrate in Hong Kong

Missing player's former roommate faces murder charge

Economy crimps American vacations

White House intensifies damage-control effort on Iraq war intelligence fla

U.S. returns alleged hijackers back to Cuba (12 of them)

Lynch Gets Medals Ahead of Homecoming

BBC: The first cracks

19 are charged with diluting AIDS, cancer medications (FL)

Prosecutor Ready for Spotlight (Kobe Bryant case)

Officials See Threat in Bush Newspaper Cartoon

9/11 panel blasts CIA, FBI's lapses in coming report

NASA to release transcripts of managers dismissing fateful Columbia foam s

No 10 overruled defence chiefs in leaking Kelly's name to Press

Bush Takes a Softer Stance on North Korea (They have nukes but no oil)

Judge to decide scope of Kelly inquiry

Blair tries to rein in Kelly judge over scope of inquiry

Bush Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Wilderness

MSNBC: White House Striking Back?

Poll: Majority of Japanese oppose sending troops to Iraq


Help me choose some dub/rock steady reggae.

Which "pop culture icon" are you?

There is a DOG

Favoriote game shows of all time?

Did anyone miss me?

This is THE weirdest cover of a song I've ever heard...

So, my wife had a funny freeper customer service story....

There either is or isn't a God

kirsten dunst.....homina homina homina homina!!!!

I'm baaaack. Just drove into Dallas from Georgia.

Should We Care If God Exists Or Not?

Hey! The views are back and the ratings are gone!

It's easy to say that religion is an esoteric eclesiastical anachronism..

I just found God with a google image search!

"Goodbye Earl" -Dixie Chicks

Does this fat butt make you pant?

I just got tickets to the Eagles Concert

Reese Witherspoon fans..Freeway is on!

Oh great, now the birds are making tools

I'm Sick of ... [Fill in the Blank]

Here! Sniff this. --- What does it smell like to you?

anyone else familiar with the term "all boy and a yard wide"?

holy shahizzity; fun with Google

What do you think will happen to Kobe?

Yes, God did exist. He died. He was very small. Mystery solved!


you'll have to ecsuse me.......i've bbbeen drinkning

there once was a hermit named dieter........

Well THAT was weird

Wow. A * joke I told in line at Price Club, everyone laughed

god here....i will not be mocked!

New "Personal Best" tonight...

a prayer for the gravely ill idi amin.....

room.....spinning....can't...hold onto....floor.....feel sick...BUUUICKKK!

YAY! Most of The State is working together again!

Is anybody watching Raw?

Oh, it's so nice to play Unreal Tournament 2003 under Linux again!!!

Geeks Corner - Brag about your RIG!

Pit of Ultimate Darkness

Behold! You have angered the Kitty!

There is a Gob

I love power pop

Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Fat?

Youth Shoots Self in Groin Whilst Breaking Into House

There is a God! So there!

for the working women on this board

vmware users, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

But staying with her and my little bit of wisdom

There may be a Dog... I can't decide...

Wanted: beautiful people

Does this milk taste sour to you?

Pensioner finds burglar with testicles impaled on broken glass.......

Best Record Label of all time?

1st DU2 EXPLAIN YOUR SCREENNAME thread (newbies welcome)

Newsday: Columnist Names CIA Iraq Operative | (Wilson & wife)

Stars n' Stripes on Soldiers Speaking Out

Speaking Freely in a Time of War

Cohen: Bush* the Believer

Oh... Cannabis... our home and native plant..... echos from a Canuck.

An incredible article by a 15 year old, printed in the Orlando Sentinel!

Fiscal Responsibility?

James Carroll: Was the War Necessary?

Maureen Farrell: "If You're Not Paranoid, You're Not Paying Attention"

Washington Post "Bush the Believer" Cohen

Powell a party to deception

Bush/Blair Conference

A journey of duty, struggle, and death (KIA Sgt Justin Garvey)

Analyse this

Warren Buffet ends charitable contributions to pro-choice groups

Yet another WMD cartoon

OOPS Deleted Thread post

On the Left: It's a big deal that Bush lied about nuclear threat

'Bush Lied - People Died'

Graham Ramps Up Debate

Saudi Arabian Prince...on the Run After Botched Caracas Cocaine Deal

Electronic Voting Machines Need More Safeguards

...Noticias editor blasts HRW for vacillation in defense of Catia TV

Why Saddam could never prove he had no WMD's.

Wolfowitz: "Forces of Reaction" not "Resistance"

Fall recall appears to be certain - Circus of scenarios hits a critical po

"Bush is a financial terrorist" - Cleveland Plain Dealer article.

Only Allah Knows Why

Torture in the Algerian war (1954-62) - The French

Emerging Islamic army takes root in Iraq

Back to School Activism

thank tweety

WMD Event in Chicago TOMORROW--from


Send FREE fax demanding investigation of lies - here:

Petition: Investigate US Motive for Invading Iraq!

Kucinich - JULY 31 - San Francisco - Commonwealth Club

tweety covering Hadley falling on sword

BEST quote EVER re: Saddam son's killing

My, my Wolf the Media Whore Blitzer

DLC Discussion Thread

The right wingers want to recall my Senator Durbin

Mel Gibson gets RW Stars to Back his Anti-Semitic Movie

CARTOONS! The "You Lie, We Die" Edition

Astrologers: Do you see the "death" of Saddam's sons helping Bush?

Dimwit, Saudi Arabia, Revelation and Revolution

PTSD Survivors

Supreme Court Ruling Helps Gay Parents Florida Suit Says

Big Easy Paper To Announce Gay Unions

Pro-Life housewife defeats Warren Buffets charity program

Canadian National Railway profit drops 12.7%

A better airline meal, but not for peanuts - Air Canada cuts meals

Berkshire Gives Up on Giving (Warren Buffett)

Wal-Mart to Accept Checks Via Internet

* 's OverTime Plan - Business Loves It, Labor Hates It (DUH)

Is Hydrogen Sustainable?

Widespread Bleaching Hits NW Hawaiian Coral Reefs

Fires, Drought Wrack Europe

Mattaponi River Reservoir project is dead!!!

Congress to bikers: Get a car

How a Forest Stopped a Fire in Its Tracks

Dean and the environment..

The Hydrogen Emperor Has No Clothes

Nigeria: No Justice For Kaduna Killings

Solidarity and Student Protests in Iran

“RCMP wants photo ID along with cellphone purchase”

Illegal guns

Nursing Study Praises NRA Gun Accident Prevention Program

The Nuts Ruining America Strike Again!!!!

Eddie Eagle - Joe Camel With Feathers

DU 1 Discussion topics don't match when you click them.

A "Problemette" With the Poll Feature

Contacting another user.

I'm getting severe slowdowns again--me or DU?

The Views are back!

does the data loss in GD

Will the board ever be up to speed?

I think DU has been hacked............

What database is on the back end here?

could this recent DU system crash...

Since the views came back my DU icon graphics have been disappearing

I feel like you guys

If we gave you extra money

Does This Post Make My Nose Look Brown?

can we submit an avatar for addition to the list?

Locked polls still allow one to vote

Abbas says he will not crack down on Palestinian militants

Rights group: Gov't undermining foundations of democracy

Worlds apart

Kerry's Sex Appeal

Howard Dean supports building the "fence" (Wall) in the West BanK

Please Clarify for me...

Kucinich challenges Cheney........

Senate Democratic primaries frozen (LA/NC/FL/SC)

Kucinich - Thursday JULY 31 - San Francisco - Commonwealth Club

Edwards is No. 1 in S.C. donations

Hispanic votes

GOP Frets About Bush Re-Election Chances

Graham all over the talk shows this week (schedule of 7 appearances)

California assemblyman (Strickland) looking at Boxer challenge

Congressman Frank Pallone of NJ Endorses Howard Dean

Houston Mayoral Race Thread

RNC Team Leader on pre-emptive war sells well - and Kerry Criticisms

AZ DK website now up -July 22nd

"Candidates Skip Votes on Iraq, Other Issues While Attacking Iraq Policy"

Dupe - My mistake maybe :shrug:

Curious about Clark? Tune in right now! (11:05AM-Noon ET Tues)

my two cents

Dean is now in the lead-- in California

Graham's report to be released Thursday (or at least some of it)

everything you ever wanted to know . . .

Gephardt, Lieberman hit bumps on the trail | Boston Globe

Massachusetts currently has NO electronic voting machines!

Iowa View: Kucinich backers aren't kidding

Excuse me, but....


We were told Jessica had amnesia but. . .

DU Digest - OUR Top Stories (hint: NOT Saddam sons)

Who is your choice for the Democratic Presidential Nomination?

The DLC's Kerry/Dean strategy

DNC commercial....Ya Gotta Love It

Tweety's back on it again in this show!

***PA DUers: E-mail Specter on the Pryor nomination!!!***

Kucinich Challenges Cheney in Iraq Flap

Jessica Lynch is...

Will they ever let Jessica talk to press?

Hadley FORGOT about Tenet's warning in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hadley offers resignation. . .Bush refuses

President Bonkers (cartoon)

Is the Vote Fraud 2000 Florida thread gone?

WMD Event in Chicago TOMORROW--from

IBM employee leaks overheard conversation between executives.

We need to make Iraq work.

something I heard about McGovern/Nixon



Green/Christian flame-fest thread!

Will we win Louisiana in 2004?

Should Senator John D. Rockefeller think about running for president?

Emergency thread replacement: Will the draft be reinstated?

Emergency Thread replacement: The DLC is the most evil group on the planet

Here's a KXL poll to vote on

Tweety is probably important tonight

Uday and Qusay, Dead or Alive?

The RW is crowing over Uday/Qusay

So is Hadley going to apologize to the survivors?


Bush is the President for chrissake

Why did Bush wait so long to take responsibility for his speech?

9-11 Report?

Charlie Rangel on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM !

Secret Service Gauge Threat Level of Political Cartoon

Fierce firefight? Who were they? Tony Montana?

U.S. in Assassination Business?

Just started a Students for Dean chapter at my school

Ultimately, in our humble opinion,


My E-Mail to Chris Matthews This Evening: Condi Rice

you say & here say...i wanna SEE their dead asses

Typical White House. Release Hadley story under bigger story

Debka reported a while ago, Uday, Qusay and Saddam in Belarus

What planet are these guys on?

For those with strong stomachs - Coulter on O'Reilly tonight

Argument with rightwing father / Need Powell links

Tweet OPENS with Rockefellor and WMD scandal, ignores todays news

Did US Know Hussein Sons' Location ALL ALONG?

LOL! New neo-con Ben & Jerry's

Since the war is "over"....


Who gets the 25 million reward?

One "lie" accounted for ...10+ to go ...45 minute lie....!!!!!!!!

ABB: Not just a Dem Slogan, It's Bushco's Motto

6/18 US raid on Syria ... the plot thickens ...

Yes, Grasshopper, the sword is long, but it's retractable.

What did ABC, NBC and CBS news lead with tonight?

400,000 Letters to Congress Seek War Evidence Probe.

Emergency thread replacement: "Will Pitt backs ABB, supports Kerry"

? I’m an Indy and I want to switch for the DEM primary. How?

Bros. dead HOW DO THEY KNOW????

I dub July 22 Red Herring Day

What is with all of the Green/Nader threads these past couple days?

What Freedom Means, new Bushflash video

President Bush's "Bring Them On" Picture Album

MSNBC poll - Do you believe the Saudi govt. is linked to 9/11?

Remember who said this...!

Okay, this "lucky" timing is good. We learned something.

Geez, even Log Cabin Republicans oppose Bill Pryer as a judge!!

Lose the defeatist attitude!

CNN a single source identified bodies.

The Lie Clock

Deleted message

Bush Gardens ...of WMDs....of fields of oil....fields of war & occupations

Here's more info on the kids we murdered today:

Patriot Act ...created and passed in Six Weeks ...from 911...believe it?

What if they were their DOUBLES?

Timing of the stories.......spin machine cycle on HIGH

"Chemical Ali" Was killed too, once upon a time.

Placton is responsible for SOTU lie!

ATM stolen with 'borrowed' crane over in Tulsa this morning while people

So WHO is the guy in charge of the HUSSEIN DNA vials, petri dishes

Emergency thread replacement: "Ralph Nader is Satan"

they can kill everybody in iraq but bush is still a fucking liar

'foreigners should stop interfering w Iraq internal affairs', oops US ....

Here's responsibility for ya...

Saddam expert just said Saddam never even trusted his sons

Mission accomplished, Hussein's sons knocked WMD Lie off the front burner.

Eagleburger on Buchanan & Press now

Which Big Name Democrat Will Be The First To Drop Out Of The Race

NYTKrugman:"Who's Unpatriotic Now?" ...hint-Tx oil WH squatter

Uday & Qusay do NOT appear in the new CARTOONS! thread....

IMPORTANT...... NEVER Forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy Woodruff: "Does this mean the WH didn't buy anything???"

Arizona Republic readers did you buy a copy Monday? - FTW ad runs

Did Paul McCartney die in 1966?

Display the bodies, Sanchez.

Aw Elad, that's OK.

chimpy & his UK poodle are great Weapons of Mass Lies/Distraction

To answer Mr. Pitts poll question...

"The dog ate my CIA memos."

Sid Blumenthal may become editor of Guardian magazine

Another Sad example of Republican Pettiness

4 guys held off 200 guys from the 101st Airborne for 6 hours??

Re the White House taking "responsibility" (um, sort of, but not really)

CNN NOW! WH Shares responsibility for Niger lie!

Does this mean it was OK that Bush lied and exaggerated ...?

Road to the White House 1992

Cheney visit nets record

WE MUST ACT NOW: We've been shocked and awed!

Bill Moyes- Secret Government, Constitution in crisis (Video stream)

So I bet them hussein son's bodies have some FROSTBITE...

Exciting Day for White House!

DK on C-Span now 5:30 edt

What's with all the emergency replacement threads?

Ten Commandments Judge rips ACLU

Tuwaitha, PROOF that Bush LIED (repost)

When Uday and Qusay were killed were they...

For once the Fluff news is on our side....

Civil Rights Landmark to be Demolished ~ Bush* Economy at work

Deaths Change Nothing....

Pollkatz is back! And Bush's numbers are, too (back DOWN, that is).

So, will the media fellate Bush again?

Place Your Bets, How Long Til Uday/Qusay Are Said ALIVE??

In light of this story by Fisk, what give us moral authority to arrest or

Emergency thread replacement: Nancy Skinner announces IL Senate run

Oh my god--we've gone back in TIME!

We lost a lot of threads here on the General Discussion Forum

We need a Jessica Lynch thread STAT!

Let's Review...

Emergency thread replacement: "Kobe accused by gold-digger or not"

4 days worth of griping gone!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!

Uday and Qusay are NOT dead!

Doesn't a part of you wish that Queasy and Duh-day were alive?

What is up with corporate america and foreign outsourcing?!

Gilligan checked quotes with Kelly

I.B.M. Explores Shift of White-Collar Jobs Overseas

BBC to produce Kelly tape in bid to exonerate reporter

GOP Frets About Bush Re-Election Chances

Tongue Recipient Said to Be Doing Well

ICRC staffer shot dead, another wounded in Iraq

Alleged (Kobe Bryant) victim ‘bragged’ about situation at party (MSNBC)

Dean Scolds Democrats on Iraq War Support

White House Threatens Veto on Media-Ownership Cap

NPR - Army officials confirm Uday and Qusay dead

Lynch live on the air


U.S. May Make N. Korea Nonagression Vow

Snow says death of Saddam sons helps economy

California Constitution Raises Questions About Davis Replacement

AP: Dean Leads Democrats in Calif., Poll Says

NBC says Ouday/Qusay are "likely" either captured or killed

U.S. 9/11 Report on Intelligence Failures Due Out

Anti-Muslim rage hits others in U.S (hispanics too)

In Lynch Country, a Puzzled Kind of Pride

'Unequal' US treaty under fire

Top House Republican Opposes Drug Import Bill (breaks promise)

Bush Officials Laud Post-Enron Moves

BBC: Aide takes blame for uranium claim (update on CNN story)

Dealer Charged With Jesus Forgeries (Ossuary of James "Discoverer")

Republicans Say Quiet Period for Bush Judicial Nominees About to End

Judge Won't Dismiss Suit Against FEC (ASHCROFT 2000)

Wolfowitz: Iraq Weapons Not a Priority

Army Plans to Keep 145,000 Troops in Iraq

As Clinton seeks to mark legacy, counter-library group wants to mock it

Bush tries to switch focus to Israel peace

Italy's State TV Chief Will Resign (Due To Berlusconi Getting More Power)

Democrats caught discussing extending budget crisis (California)

Poll: Bush Approval Rating Falls Among Arizonans

Four US soldiers killed near Baghdad, Mosul

Bush Administration Rejects Democratic Forest Bills

Michael Jackson: Don't Jail Music Downloaders

US Waits for Formal Cuban Response on Jamming of Satellite Broadcasts to I

GOP says Dayton (D-MN) should have voted as homeless person

*UN Envoy in Iraq calls for end to U.S. occupation*

Holocaust Museum Sends Gay Exhibit To Home Of Homophobe Legislator

British Guantanamo detainees won't face death penalty: British AG

David Brock becomes Democratic strategist

On MSNBC Hardball: NSC Hadley offered to resign -Bush refused

Hoffa Presses Democrats on (free) Trade Votes

DNA will tell tale of Saddam’s sons...

Mental Illness Treatment Overhaul

Amid Chaos, Iraqis Make Case for Help at U.N.

Senate Democrats question GSE regulator nominee (anti-reg)

White House Credibility Defense Shifting

Sanchez on CNN press conf from Baghdad says "confirmed Uday/Qusay"

Kansas Really Is Flat as a Pancake

House, Senate Medicare bills exceed Bush spending limits

White House Tries to Limit Iraq Damage

Eiffel Tower on fire.......CNN no link

NPR's Guy Roz reporting gunfire in Baghdad on 1430 AM

400,000 Letters to Congress Seek War Evidence Probe

Army Plans to Keep 145,000 Troops in Iraq

Democratic candidate calls on Cheney to explain his role in intelligence f

Ex-ambassador who criticized Iraq arms claim says he is WH target

White House Rejects Nonaggression Pledge for North Korea

Stock Market Watch July 22 Thread #1

Torture testimony 'acceptable'

Carter and Dole find common ground on Bush's policy and prospects

Gephardt Attacks Bush 'Unilateralism'

Ambush Kills U.S. Soldier Near Baghdad

Mobiles spring to life in Iraq

White House Fighting Back in Intel Flap

Star Trek Enterprise designer dies

Blair denies authorizing Kelly's identification

demonstrators disrupt UN security council meeting on Iraq

Smoke rising from top floors of Eiffel Tower!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mag plan in bloom for ex-Clinton aide (Blumenthal - Guardian mag)

Iraqi police close newspaper for anti-U.S. article

Dates for Nuke Talks on Horizon (North Korea)

1950's fighter jet down in Luzerne County

United Nations -- Iraqi Reconstruction (10AM ET Tues) - CSPAN3

Gallup--Bush back below 60 percent

Annan Appeals for Iraq to Run Own Affairs

WLS Fires Skinner

US harbours terrorists - not us, says Iran

Taleban Fighters Seizing Afghan territory

3.5m homeless in China floods

Jessica Lynch Due Home After Media Hype on Heroism

MSNBC reporting Uday & Qusay "likely" captured or killed

Civil Rights Restaurant to Be Demolished (Independence Hall to Follow?)

Up to 700 killed in recent fighting in Liberia

U.S. returns hijackers, guards to Cuba after promise of no executions

India's call: No troops to Iraq

Fighter aircraft spark demo - Indonesia national food agency buys them

Columnist Blows CIA Agent's Cover

BBC (Tuesday): Deaths mount in Liberian capital

Japan Faces Burden: Its Own Defense (nuclear weapons!) | NY Times

Manley pulling out of Liberal leadership race

Saudi Arabian Prince...on the Run After Botched Caracas Cocaine Deal

...Noticias editor blasts HRW for vacillation in defense of Catia TV

BBC (Tuesday): UN debates democracy in Iraq

Chirac to be honored with Malaysian award for opposing Iraq war

Congress to bikers (bicyclists): Get a car

Terrorists strike in Indian Kashmir

New look at report on human rights lawyer's suicide

BBC: Trial warning for Idi Amin (He is not dead yet!)

Rush chairing Hull's Senate campaign ( Illinois)

Indictments ruled out in church probe (Cardinal Law) | Boston Globe

Blair Does Himself No Favors Succoring Bush

Liberians dump bodies at U.S. Embassy

Fourteen inquiries into US abuses of terror suspects disclosed

Officials Apologize Over Anthem Failure

Dems Push to Expand Child Tax Credit ("week from hell for rupugs")

(Australian) PM (Howard) floats Pacific 'pool' | ABC (Australia)

SA, Iran oil deal possible $6bn


Fundraising focus earns DeLay greater influence - The Cockroach

U.S. Won't Seek Death for Aussie Suspect

Row focuses on Kelly's naming (New from BBC)

Ashcroft Defends USA Patriot Act (from Alaska)

Troops head to Solomons amid dolphin trade furore

Iraq rows slash Labour's poll lead

Only Allah Knows Why

Ashcroft Defends USA Patriot Act

House Won't Give Extra AmeriCorps Funds

House Panel Clears Veterans, Housing Funds

Antiwar Groups Say Public Ire Over Iraq Claims Is Increasing

In New Ads, Judicial Battle Is a Matter of Faith

Hadley takes fall for Niger. Who's next? The janitor?

Durbin up on Senate floor talking about calls to remove him (Over now)

Advice on ISP's requested

Best "blaze of glory" ending: Wild Bunch or Butch Cassidy..

Wow, 4 guys (Including a teenager) fought for 6 hours against 200 guys

Rock for Dean

The "Bewitched" Movie sounds AWESOME!!!!!

SOLARIS comes out one week from today!!!

Does anyone else like the band Evanescence?

Has anyone seen 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'?

Post your favorite independent music artists

VANCOUVER DUers..I need a bit of help please!

Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner"

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

ok, help me find a different job, actually, help me pick one first..

How Liberal is this forum:DU

Before you hide out in the bushes please CAPTION

I'm going to let you in on a secret

Any Idea What The Best Baseball Game Is For The Major Consoles.

As of today, I have been employed exactly one year

I did not have CAPTIONS with that Scottish Terrier......

Is this our warning? Qusay, Dusay - DU Suq

There is no Bog

a request to keep the Lounge the Lounge

Taos Hot springs

The Illustrated ACME Products Catalog

Doesn't a part of you wish that Queasy and Duh-day were alive?

Teacher fed up with Bush sells deck of cards, Operation Hidden Agenda

Rove got us again

Ex-porn star working in brothel to feed sex addiction

In set 1, what's your favorite volume in the "Family Guy" disc set?

I'm not a cat freak really, but this is interesting

oo say toe mayto, koo say toe mahto, let's call the whole thing off

Flying Underpants Cause Highway Crash

Does anybody own the Nomad Jukebox Zen MP3/WMA player?

Playing Enhanced CDs on PC

How to speed up DU

No spanks: Sue Bird cancels bet with radio host

I have an embarrassing confession make.

Naked Teen Chased By Beefeaters at Palace

Hillary still number one as Annthrax sinks like the Titanic

Hepstyle is now just Hep

Proof that Rational Thinking is evil.

Kansas Really Is Flat as a Pancake


Anne Coulter Releases Children's Book!

ok, dammit - who all changed usernames at the DU2 switch?

A request for Matcom to be, well, more Matcom

Hey Admins - Here's to you!

Any video editors/techies in the house?

Myrna Minx….would you be in a position to PM me?

VANCOUVER DUers..I need a bit of help please!

Bush Shot Cartoon, anyone have info?

Where the CIA got the known sample of Hussein's sons DNA revealed

Halfway through Harry Potter 5 - I hate Umbridge *spoilers*

What freepers and Repubs sound like to me

What to do?

GD's back!

Finish this sentence: "I..."

Short, sad homecoming for soldier.

Where'd GD go?

I-ay Ontday Arecay Boutay Uday Nday Qusay!! Oday Ouyay?

Is the GD forum broken? I can't get there...weird Unix error messages

Upsidedown signature offends DMV, Office denies new driver's license

Post Your Favorite Risque Limericks Here (adult content)

I am so frickin' sick of this attitude!

I have a sixth sense of humor!

I am so frickin' sick of this Chinese Food!

I am so frickin' into this pulchritude...

wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa DUDE DUDE

Finish this sentence: "There once was a girl from Nantucket..."

I Am So Frickin' Sick of This Latitude.

I Am So Frickin' Sick of Their Rectitude

I am so frickin' sick of this multitude!

I am so frickin' sick of this altitude!

That's what that stench was! NYC to finally get public toilets

Were Ann Coulter & Laura Ingraham separated at birth...hmmmm?

Goatse Picture Published as Kids' Art!

Who else is waiting for Clinton to come out and say

Rocketeers want restrictions eased

Why do disrupters have so little ingenuity?

Who's Your Favorite "Bewitched" Character?

I think the poor dog is embarrassed


Gender Poll just wondering the ratio of male to female at DU

Post-'Friends' Spinoff Seen for Matt Leblanc

Gender Poll - Just wondering what the % is male to female

BATMAN: DEAD END short available for download online

Dh is headed to England, need advice

The right wingers want to recall my Senator Durbin

Ever been to the Flora-Bama?

"What about the Victim" re: Kobe (yeah I know yet another thread)

I Think This Yak is Rotten. Here - Smell It!

Any GENUINE screenwriters here? I mean real ones, with A TRACK

Have you ever had a porno banner pop up at the library?


I'm gonna strip

Hey Computer Geek - HELP!

Bought a Cap for My Truck Over The Weekend

Does Michael Moore have a new book coming out?

Tongue transplant patient doing well

Today's Non-Sequitur

Aggressive Pig Sparks Helicopter Chase

Any early DUer Reviews on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

Good (Tuesday) Morning To ALL of DU!

The Gym and Fox News

Check out Non Sequitur this morning - WMD

Star Wars comparrisons to liberals & conservatives

Ladies, does it turn you off if a guy wears glasses?

I think this lunchmeat is rotten. Here, smell it.

I grounded Ronald Reagan in Air Force One for 20 minutes.

Republican Senator Grassley

I've got some web design work

After an agonizing struggle, Cthulhu has finally chosen his candidate!

More Tax Cuts Are Needed To Find WMD!

lol what if in one of their Clinton bashing things the GOP inadvertandly

Is this yak milk supposed to be green???

Its Official! Santa Is From Greenland

Man Arrested For Stealing Body Parts

Do you accessorize your car? I have several steering wheel covers

Have they updated that Nigerian minister spam? Got this today....

We Need a DU "Astroturf" Letter...and NOW!

My honey got to give cheney the 3rd finger salute as his car drove by!

Walter 'Matt' Jefferies has died

Southeasterners.. watch out today..NASTY weather

I just got two interesting emails

I am looking for someone I should support if my guy falls out

Liberal Christian Bands?

God has his own web page!

Can we whites overcome our oppressors?

All day long they work so hard

Pete Rose on Trial

My rant on Bush........

The best assessment of Fenway Park I've ever read

Never let 'em see you sweat!

My hand(s) is/are back

Anyone know when the vote on Bill Pryor is for the judgeship

The Death of the West

Nothing to see here...move along

Poll: Who's your favourite Muppet?

Some good advice

I will NOT boycott T3

I Thought You Are Supposed To Have Talent To Be On TV.

UPS loses court battle: must pay Million$ in class action suit


Gender Poll - Just wondering the % male to female at DU

Did you think I was a woman?

What do you think will happen to Kobe....

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