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Archives: July 21, 2003

LA Times Political Cartoon by Ramirez draws Drudge's attention

just another "bring 'em on" 'toon

NYC Area DUers: An Evening With Bill Clinton

relinquishing essential liberties

CARTOONS! The "drip drip drip drip drip" Edition

Does language shape culture or reflect it?

Baghdad's Zoo Opens Its Doors

Burma could face Asean expulsion

(Chechnya) Cop killed in mine explosion

search function in DU1

Dahlan calls for 'urgent American intervention' on road map

Shin Bet and police trying to crack Jewish terror cell

U.S. Troops in Judea, Samaria & Gaza?

OH SENATE: Springer is NOT the primary favorite

Pool money?

Democrats' Edwards is raking in Texas cash

Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ Dies

Bush* Overheard in Merry Old Ireland (Funny Stuff!!)

GOP's Bold Play for Power

Rising Incarceration Among Blacks

Blair accepts military trial for Britons

Oct. Report Said Defeated Hussein Would Be (more of a) Threat

Officials Debate Whether to Seek a Bigger Military

Bush Takes a Brief Break from Relaxing to Rake in $7 Million

Blair prepares ground for trials in Guantanamo

Graham: Politics keep terror report secret

Moving Forward, One Step at a Time (2nd Part WP wounded soldiers)

Gephardt Links Economy, Free Trade

U.S. reportedly asks Turkey to send troops to Iraq

Votes in U.S. House Reflect Contributions, study says.

U.N. Chief Backs Iraqi Council

Shell-shocked Blair recovers his composure

FBI investigating Niger documents

CSM - Intelligence quagmire: How to gauge the new IQ

More US troops ordered to Liberia

CBSNEWS - Ex-Spies: CIA Workers Outraged

Bremer: Saddam alive but not behind attacks

BBC under fire as it admits Dr Kelly was source...

Idi Amin Is Dead

Online classic books web site-- The Literature Network

So I'm enjoying a quiet moment (kids asleep) with my email and...

Laptop, Desktop, or WebTV? How do you DU?

Just when you think you've got a good thing

Please give a hearty DU welcome to Jonny Durango

Giggles, anyone? "Man fishes another Ford out of Chena" (River)

Monroe County (Indiana) Public Library says "NO" to Big Bro...

Just got Windows XP and have a little annoyance

Can’t sleep, thinking about the poor kids over there

28 Days Later... Is Coming out with a new ending on Friday

Tunes to play at our Chinese Bar

I'm a leftie commie pinko meathead liberal fairy - ask me ANYTHING!

MLB Playoff Thread

Now I know why my house is so dusty all the time.

Ever Have A Problem And You Could Not Believe You Solved It Buy

Why was Larry King such an ass to Queen Noor?

So now I'm starting to freak out a little bit

Mame Needs Your Help

A DU Game - be the 23rd poster on this thread

yeah, I've had a few beers tonight........... are you faring the fires?

Frack! The Cylons!

Need for DU adjudication: "incidences" is it a word?

AICN Has Pictures Of DOC OCK from SM2

Sword of Truth right-wing?

Feedback Wanted for Free Speech Article

No Clear Democratic Front-Runner

U.S. high horse now riderless

Dyer: U.S. news media should have been tougher before the war

Lying -- a Bush Family Value

Will Pitt-The Crime and the Cover-Up

Alexander Hart (Orlando Sentinel): Machiavellian Bush

pigs at the trough (audio)

"The Cost for the Clintons" - great Wash. Post editorial

SANITIZING THE GRIM NEWS (tax cuts are main cause of deficits)

Safire:"Saddam's Guerrillas" -implies those on Left Unpatriotic or stupid

Rice Didn't Read the Entire Report - Daily Howler, WashPost

Gads!? No more bananas in 10 years?

Mano Singham: Cheney's Oil Maps

I'm starting my own prayer group

Will American Brands Be A Casualty of War?

Turley: Naked Power, Arbitrary Rule

The Lost Promise of Patriotism

Shallowthroat speaks to Bushwatch's Bernard Weiner

Top ten idiots ... Suggested addition

In defence of the BBC

Readers Sound Off on Iraq - Daily Southtown/Chicago Suburbs

Bush policy risks terminal strain in NATO

A Kind of Fascism is Replacing Our Democracy

just saw Joe Cafferty(sp?) rean an email from viewer about whether to

The Political Economy Of Illegal Bunkering In Nigeria

post-Nader left

Homeland Security Sales Pitch - WP (re: BFEE lies and the PATRIOT ACT)

Who will rid us of the over-mighty Campbell?

Wolfowitz - Quote of the Century !

Email campaign to Expose the truth behind FBI/ 9-11 failure

Lockheed Sues Peaceful Anti-War Protesters (really obscene!)

Pictures of Houston Protest - campaign to expose Bush's lies

Great, Truthful Talk Radio back in N.Y area

Radio Left schedule for this week looks good.....7/21-7/24...

cnn is in love with kobe

BBC Catching Heat: Why?

Ralph Reed is a Republican coward

CNN poll--is Bush doing a good job

Bush is a machine, literally!

Astrol12:21 PM EST-US Embassy in LIberia mortar shelled-Congrats Dimwit fo

IS THIS THE END OF THE BOY KING ? cont'd- fount of info here


Top Countries for American Expatriates:

Canadian leader calls for immediate gay marriage

Limbaugh brings some baggage to the ESPN broadcast booth

University Of Illinois to Offer Domestic Partner Benefits

Understanding Islam versus the media

Australian Protestants OK Gay Pastors

Efforts to Make Harmful Deficits Appear Benign

American deficit dependency: kill or cure, the fallout's global

Would you support...

Alan Greenspan: Willing Accomplice

What happens when wildlife cross the road?

Ford 2003 SUV Efficiency Declines From 2002

bipartisan governors embrace Kyoto

Company Turns Garbage Into Oil

Funeral Pyres An Eco-Nightmare

GM crops 'low risk' for humans

Resisting the Either/Or; Shades of Gray in Iran

History Forgave Churchill/Why Not Blair and Bush?

Iraqi Communist Party organises mass demonstration in Baghdad

16 injured in Riviera bombing

Houston School Dropout Debacle

One gun dealer....347 crimes

Monsieur Mossaoui

One gun dealer...398 crimes

Are there unspoken standards regarding thread content?

who's the admin of Editorials?

I lost my post total in the rollover...

for those of us who have been holding our breath

What happened to the 'views' column

Palestinian Authority outlaws groups that incite violence

IDF neutralizes 10-15 kg. explosive belt near Nablus

Report: U.S. opposes Israel's plan for Jordan Valley fence

The holy war Israel wants

Israeli Military Slams The Door Shut

Israel reopens doors to Palestinian workers

He risked all for others

Why the Peace Process Moves - WP

"We are all Palestinians"

"O God, destroy the Jews and their supporters"

Israel says Iran's nuclear ambition a global threat

Sharon Pledges to Remove Settler Outposts

UN farce as Libya judges Israeli rights

South Jersey families of 9/11 victims must choose

What happened to

Kerry: Bush Circumvented The Congressional Resolution

New Iowa Poll

Green Party rules out supporting a Democrat in '04

Could Kerry beat Bush?

Kerry finding money base in Florida

GOP Plans On Slamming Kerry's Defense Budget Record

Strong showing for DK on Washington Journal this morning!

Dean: Statement on Arab and Muslim Civil Rights Abuses

Kerry The Un-Bush, Dean The Un-Gore

Kerry Says 'False Pride' Holding Bush Back in Iraq

Good article on Why Dean may do well in the South

Clinton's"Third Way"-a bit too utopian ?or does it lead to 1 world gov?

Bush Current Stump Speech/lies plus Michigan GOP don't blame Bush

Kerry is a realist seeking to dream

A Decent Report on the NOW Candidates Forum

Louisiana Governor's race

WASINGTON- Governor Locke declines to run for third term

"His strategy will work in Virginia"

Dean beats Bush

Edwards Uses Working-Class Roots To Appeal to State Dems

Bush wants to 'move on,' but his problem persists (CSM, Yikes )

Right raises thunder over Bush spending

White House Smear campaign grows!

Furor over British expert's death


See what Clinton's cooking up now

Cheney had Iraq in sights two years ago (UK Telegraph)

Republicans use taxes to solve budget woes, but not in California

Report: FBI Informant Knew 9/11 Hijackers

Countries may send troops to Iraq without new UN resolution - Bush

Japan plans PR blitz in Iraq to protect its peacekeepers


U.N.: Bioweapons Chief Wrongly Dismissed (Because of U.S.)

Company Seeks Fortune Turning Garbage Into Oil

Kerry says "false pride" holding Bush back in Iraq

House GOP Reviews Natural Gas Options

Experts Knew there were no WMD in 2001

Roadside bombs the newest weapon US forces face in Iraq - AP

Iraqi Fighters: Yankees Go Home

AP - A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq (233 dead Americans)

GOP Fund-Raiser Won't Run for U.S. Senate (Georgette Mosbacher)

Martha Lawyers Want Leaks Probed

Report documents abuse under Patriot Act

Liberia Fighting Escalates; Mortar Bomb Hits U.S. Embassy

No Evidence Found that Iraq Sought Uranium From Africa, say Pentagon Sourc

Most (2/3) Australians feel misled on Iraq: poll

The Shepherd Who Took Rumsfeld to Court

Alaska's pot law invalid, lawyer claims

A GOP Breakthrough?(no more blue slips)

U.S. Sends 15 Migrants Back to Cuba

Iraqi delegation squabbles ahead of UN appearance

(rw) Extremists Arrested During Weeklong Protests in Charlotte

As Iraq Clash Drags, More Armor, Fresh Food Needed (3-4 more yrs)

Touch-screen voting set for next election (TX)

Peace groups open Baghdad office - to counsel troops on CO status

Enriched Uranium Traces Found in Iran...

4,500 U.S. Troops Might Head to Liberia

Move To Deny Funds To Campus Gay Groups Thwarted

UK defence secretary personally authorised Kelly policy

Hatch Pushes for (6) Bush Judicial Nominees

Group calls for killing of Americans, Iraqi collaborators

Maryland buys $55.6M worth of voting machines (Diebold)

Pavement paper thrives in post- Saddam Iraq (News underground)

Annan urges U.S. to deploy troops in Liberia now

The war that just won't end: the hunt goes on in Afghanistan

Udall Leads House Effort to Halt White House Plan to Privatize Nat Parks

Openly gay reporter target of smear campaign

Calls mount in EU for broader U.N. mandate in Iraq

Text of Bush and Berlusconi Comments

Judge dismisses NAACP lawsuit against gun maker

Voters pile blame on Blair

Former Bush campaign aides join J.Byrd's U.S. Senate bid (Fla.)

Firearms Measure Surprises Some in GOP (Drafted w/ NRA's Help)

Families on a yo-yo of emotions / Indefinite nature of Iraq deployment sti


Saudi "agent" helped hijackers

Democrats Still Lack Favorite For 2004

Man With Gun in Bag was Lawmaker

Thousands Swarming To West Virginia For Lynch Homecoming

Bush/Berlusconi press conference - Monday 12:10 p.m. EST

Report documents abuse under Patriot Act

White House Credibility Defense Shifting | AP

Gephardt, Lieberman hit bumps on the trail

Senators: Bush Credibility Rests in Probe

4,500 U.S. Troops Set for Liberia Duty...

FCC Chair Powell may quit by Fall - Time Reports

Friendly Republican warnings...

Uproar over cartoon (MSNBC)

Murdoch papers open fire on BBC

Republican Senator calls Bush Adm Irresponsible Over Uraniumgate

CNN Poll

Dean makes an impression in old friends, foes

Iraq Uranium Claim Hounds White House

Thailand says US to take Vietnam War era refugees

Blair, in Beijing, ducks Kelly questions (Chinese security rescues him)

BBC Said No To Truce On Dossier Row (Guardian)

U.S. Military Says Taliban Stepping Up Attacks

Wolfowitz Tells Iraqis to Remain Patient

16 US troops killed in Taliban attack (Afghanistan)

Mortar Bomb Hits U.S. Embassy Compound in Liberian Capital

US Soldiers Fired on as They Survey Battle Site Where 24 Suspected Taliban

Saudis Claim to Foil Terrorist Plots

Democrats Start Ad Campaign on Bush's Truthfulness...

Nuke group exposed Niger fraud in 'days'

Heavy shelling near U.S. embassy in Liberia

S.Korea's Roh dismisses N.Korea nuke plant report

To White House dismay, flap over uranium claim won't go away

Exclusive—The 9-11 Report: Slamming the FBI (NEWSWEEK)

Another Soldier Kill in Iraq - Monday A.M.

Report on USA Patriot Act Alleges Civil Rights Violations

British MPs call for broad probe after suicide

CBS backs down on Lynch movie

U.N. Chief Backs New Iraqi Council

U.S. Soldiers Kill Nearly Two Dozen Suspected Taliban Militants

The bad old days of colonialism

Bryant's accuser had dark secret

Nuke group exposed Niger fraud in 'days' (WorldNetDaily)

Report cited threat in Hussein defeat

ID cards rushed to appease U.S.

Australian minister heads to US for talks on Taliban suspect

Pallone to back Dean

Scathing Commentary on CBS News

Backlog of Whistleblower Cases Growing, Agency Report Says

Dem senator wants Bush tell if he exaggerated State of the Union allegatio

Oct. Report Said Defeated Hussein Would Be Threat

WP: At Homeland Security, Doubts Arise Over Intelligence

Bush Hosts Berlusconi at His Texas Ranch

Greens Want Candidate in 2004

Wolfowitz Warns Iraq's Neighbors Not to Interfere (Great Ironic Quote)

Laid-Off Factory Workers Find Jobs Are Drying Up for Good

Wisc. Stations to Air Dems Ads on Bush (They will be shown!)

Kelly briefed a second journalist on dossier

EU to discuss world ban on death penalty

(WA Gov.) Locke decides against third term bid

U.S. Vehicle Hit by Rocket in Baghdad (2 Soldiers Possibly Killed)

Judge to decide scope of Kelly inquiry

CNN: Those troops we sent to Liberia are being attacked now.

Bush Backs Berlusconi Amid Criticism Over EU Role

CNN: Hydrogen cars not needed, U.S. experts say

Key UN meeting Tuesday will help define outlines of global involvement in

("Boycott Fox" - Mark Penn) Now it's the Dems' turn to boycott–Fox

Bush Warns Iran, Syria to Stop 'Terror' Support

Bush Warns Iran, Syria to Stop 'Terror' Support (* Approval at 53%)

Rumsfeld, Franks absent at Iraqi court trial over deaths of 17 civilians

U.S. Soldiers Raid House on Mechanic's Tip, Hunting for Saddam

Israeli FM says Iran nuclear programme threatens entire world

Cuba starts to ease out the dollar

Report: Addicts (and Alcoholics) Need Disability Income

Rules for Posting in the Latest Breaking News Forum

Gaydar alert, which actors do you think are gay?

Can you tell a Republican just by looking? (The Freepdar Test)

This is funny (LOTR fans)...


NASCAR fans...hilarious!

Diet Anyone...

Anyone know any good Spas/Hot Springs Near Sunriver, OR?

There is no God!

For me I find a new reason to hate Bush and Co everyday

I've had it. I will never see a Bruckheimer/Bay flick again!

I am the most chill...

New BATMAN movie finished filming? Sort of... check this out!

Flame Me If You Want... But I STILL LOVE ABBA

Aren't you REALLY PROUD to be a Democrat?

"Band of Brothers" crew heading to Pacific

Help, Please- Looking for tax info

DIALUPPERS: Has anybody NOT seen your service deteriorate this year?

So I wore my "Anyone But Bush" T-shirt in Vegas this weekend...

Terminator 3......ever feel like you've been cheated? (SHOME SHPOILERS)

Woohoo! My 2218th post!

OMG I just saw a mini George Bush on Jeopardy!!!

What should be the DU "Theme/Fight Song?"

If you could change your age, would you?

Anyone know of a place that sells DVD cases?

Shit kit

Now that I have a chess set, where can I learn to play chess?

Okay, something weird is goin' on!

Worst Piece of Bruckheimer Crap to date.

What is the best music to...

ADVICE NEEDED: Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network? Which Should I Choose?

Cyclists: Need recommendations on bikes

Help! Vacationing in northern CA and need ideas.

I just saw Hulk today

Want to help?????

Looking for photography sites

I can't even eat Junior Mints anymore.

I had my meeting with management, if you're curious (update from friday)

I'm Windows ME- FREE! I Upgraded To XP!

Imagine the Future: Technologies We Can (Realistically) Expect to See

Just bought Zone Alarm 4 Pro

That Damn Cyan Party!

New way to fix computer problems

Rush Limbaughtomy A Dittohead Recovery Site

Question: Who can tell me about why/how A. Huffington changed?

Better than abstinence

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Hallelujah! I'm in the 700 Club!!

CAPTION W finally doing the right thing.

Meltown in GD!


Al Franken is a "freakin" genius!!!

BOFH and The Boss's Porn

Did Press & Buchanan lose their early show??

How long can you last in BED!!

Explain before-the-bell and after-hours stock trading.

Can anyone guess where I live and who I support for President?

My last lunch hour until August 13th! Ask me anything!

I think it's time for a "say something nice to dawg" thread!

Barry Bonds: Race Baiting A-Hole (A Mini Rant)

For our Toronto DU'ers - the Rolling Stones concert

I love you Dad!

Hey--wanna buy a tool?

Small signs the tide is turning....

Any Star Wars Galaxies DUers out there?

Top 11 Signs Your ISP Has Turned You In to RIAA

Ha ha. Jessica Lynch rescued on April 1, 2003. April Fool's Day.

A gift idea for the man or woman who has everything

Better Then The Movie. I Have Not Seen The Movie Hulk Yet But I Want

HEADS UP, WEST COAST DUers: I'm coming your way.

Saw the Dixie Chicks last night..

Texas heat + Face putty = Baaaad idea

Who is your favorite Homestar Runner character?

Hello to all the DU'er in the Central Valley - Cal


name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.10

Anyone know anything about the "Desperado" sequel?

I'm So Proud

Crowe fans: Master & Commander now pro-US/anti-French

This Is One FINE Ass!

OMFG! HFS! Have you seen this?!

Fire hasn't taken any homes yet, but now at 62,500 acres

Whoo-Hoo HANSON going on acoustic tour (Album to be released)

We moved this ourselves

Question for any webcoders PHP or ASP? Which is better?

Will Pitt

ARGH! Next door neighbors are MORONS!!!!

If I Wanted A Bigger Penis I Would Just Pull It.

List great ideas for a Bush cartoon HERE!!

Austria Doctors Perform Tongue Transplant

Almost 3,000 Lounge subject lines to work with: Make a poem!

anyone know a good computer dvd player

Volunteers needed

Restroom Literature

No good deed goes unpunished

Anyone know what happened to blah3 website??

If marketers can't get you by phone, check your e-mail

Wanna see my mug shot?

The Practice, ABC News e-mail about gay marriage.

No Purchase Neccasary

Once again, I received highest honors

Pizza cuts cancer risk?

I have such a cool dog.

Porn Star Moonlights In Brothel

CNN: Internal advertising cost calculator


Matcom Moonlights In Brothel

Cheesy album covers

Crazy man walks on the track in traffic during Formula One race in England

Surf's Up

Mini-me (Verne Troyer) is getting married

Ok, so I get frickin' Windows XP

Letterman quote

Who's the bigger influence on our cuture? Socrates/Jesus Christ?

Anyone ever had scrambled eggs with pork brains?


Leaving California in one week!!

I'm making a pizza...

Deleted message


I Love Marion Lorne (Aunt Clara)

My dog has heart disease

How old are you?

So...what new music have you been listening to lately?