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Archives: July 16, 2003 10 questions for Ann Coulter

Salon: Rumsfeld's Personal Spy Ring

AZ Republic: Honesty and credibility are the campaign issues!

blood in the water watergate II

Ashcroft Could Face Reckoning on Detainee Mistreatment

Mike McArdle: Why Howard’s not George

America Needs Help in Iraq - Help Wanted

Rape (and the Silence About It) Haunts Baghdad

Words of wisdom of G.H.W. Bush

Steve Bell Cartoon on Blair the Warmonger......Excellent

Bush: Saddam Bought Geraniums, Not UraniumNot Uranium

National Alliance gets Let2Ed published in my paper

Protest Gobal Elite at Bohemian Grove 7-19

Michael Savage Fired by MSNBC!

You have to see it to believe it --

Tell MSNBC to Bring Back Donahue!

Hi... My Name Is WillyT... And I'm A DUaholoic !!!

The Gardening Money Pit

Astrology and surgery

Much of Europe Blisters Under Heat Wave

MoveOn Petition on WMD Intel.--330,000 have signed.

‘Mother’s little helper’ turns 40 - Valium

Animal fats linked to breast cancer

Having trouble with the Ignore feature

New officer assumes Canadian command role at NORAD

Graham: recall Bush, not Davis

Human Rights Campaign Forum

Peer to peer politics (Slate article - 7/14/2003) on Dean surge

Kerry Leads Democratic Pack in Fundraising | LA Times

Kucinich got owned by Matthews

The Doctor Is In-competent

Where the hell are Cheney and Ashcroft and Olson???....Chickens!

Who really REALLY thinks this is the beginning of the end for Bush?

Bush digs the hole a little deeper (actually, a LOT deeper)

Wingnuts' 1-2-3 Punches Defending Shrub

Cops and Firefighters--how do they vote?

Get the DK transcript! Boycott Matthews!

Death Toll 07/13 - 07/15/03

The Lie Behind the Lie...

What exactly is a “voter verifiable audit trail”?

This is how we can ENSURE & EXPEDITE the fall of bush*

Deleted message

NPR's disgraceful coverage of "darn good" and "bring 'em on"

What will * do to save his stupid monkey ass.

I'm 1 and a half chapters into "Nickel and Dimed" and...

If you must vote Green please only do so in the writeoff states

9-11, Oklahoma City—You Name It, It Happened in Baghdad

I'm Getting Scared

If you think Bush Is Toast, check in here!

Letter to Congressman re: Waxman's WMD investigation...

Speeding Ticket

say Dean wins the 2004 election

Those that get indicted for Corporate Fraud - TEACH!!

Bush needs another war....look out ya'lll

Kucinich medical marijuana flip flop

Jon Stewart off and running tonight!

I think that if the SOTU lies die, we are completely screwed

So when does Bush become "expendable"?

Have you noticed the new RW tactic against the WMD accusations?

who can find this tidbit about axis of evil speech?

the funniest freeper post I've ever seen

What the hell is going on??!!

Next US president?????

Has Anyone Seen/Heard Reaction from Dead Soldiers' Families?

3rd ID Sgt's Most Wanted Aces (Bush, Rummy, Wolfowitz, Bremer)

Damn...the Bronx Democratic Party is hopping mad

Kucinich and Sam Donaldson are on C-Span2 NOW

From tonight's "Letterman" monologue

Does the truth even matter, and to whom?

Malloy wailing on McClellan...this is funny!

Why it just doesnt matter.

John Fund on CNN

ABC Nightline: The true story about Pvt Lynch (ymmv)

Is ProTalion still active?

North Korea claim revives criticism of U.S. policy

MoveOn Petition--330,000 Have Signed

Does Bush have a Weasel Reflex?

TomFriedman returns - praises US efforts in Iraq; dismisses SOTU lies

Tweety just treated DK like sh*t.

CIA fights back! Refutes Bush claim on SYRIA's WMDs

Great show on Democracy Now this morning.....

Gestapo in Rhode Island? Didn't see any thread on this...sure looks to

Iran, Japan defy U.S., close in on huge oil deal

Deleted message

the children of the right...what sweet music they make.........whiners!

Should Annthrax take the blame.....

Right Here...Right Now....Mike Malloy!

SOTU..for you...

Where is Karen Hughes???????????

Bush's Biggest Problem

a soldier has something to say to president bush, rumsfeld & cheney

When W goes on vacation, how many soldiers will die ?

will we see Speaker Tom DeLay?

DEAN News Clearinghouse--A resource for Dean supporters

I have a theory

I'm looking for the HRC Presidential Forum Video


What an odd turn of events...

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) want Cheney gone


Hannity and Hannity

latest non-combat injuries result in death for 3 soldiers

Peaceful warrior , a good but sad read

Will things get so bad for Bush that...

What will * do to save his stupid monkey ass.

Poll: What single event will contribute most to Bush's downfall?

Mark my words, WMD will be found!

Is Junior capable of 'sacrificing' Cheney??

One consistent thing about Bush

Malloy Is, Once Again... Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Former Intelligence Agents Demand Bush Fire Cheney

Did Bu$h just lie again.

Blood in the Water: Watergate II (From the Wilderness)

Bush isn't a liar..

Who can turn the world on with her smile...

If you're watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann (SP?)

Terrorists profiting off of crass patriotic commercialism?

Does it seem like MSNBC is being most critical of Bush these days?

GAWD, I got so angry seeing this guy on the news.

Gov. Bill Richardson on CNN now (8:30 pm)

Mission's Length 'In Iraqis' Hands' - (It's their fault we have to stay!)

Interview with a pet reporter.

Candidates favorite foods?

White House Acknowledges Ballooning Deficit

U.S. Presses New Iraqi Council To Begin Tackling Major Issues

FEATURE-Down and out in oil-rich Angola

Congressman Conyers Defends Kucinich And Asks NAACP To Judge Him On His Re

Tension over Iraqi police role

Democratic Candidates Endorse Gay Rights | LA Times

Unpaid Iraqi soldiers start receiving salaries, but discontent simmers

Two Liberian Cabinet Ministers Killed

U.N. Inspectors Estimate 22 Pounds Of Uranium Missing From Looted Iraqi Pl

White House Calls Deficit Manageable | LA Times

Get the DK transcript! Boycott Matthews!

Dean 2nd Qtr number : $7.6 Million

Interpol: Bio Attack Prep Lacking

Chris Matthews on Hardball Rude in the Extreme to Kucinich

Justice Department cites 'cruel and demeaning' measures at Mississippi ref

Reform school students forced to eat vomit

NYT: Rape (and Silence About It) Haunts Baghdad

2 Cubans Dead In Botched Hijack

Few nations want to help in Iraq - U.S. search for Iraq troops frustrated

U.S. Eyes a Willing Romania as New Comrade in Arms

Dems Fail to Hold Bush Responsible for War Deceptions Greens Charge

Update - Missing UK Schoolgirl 'Unharmed'. Marine with her calls FBI...

C.I.A. Chief to Face Panel on Dubious Iraq Arms Data

WP: Dems Demand Probe of Prewar Intelligence

U.S. Loans to Turkey May Be Delayed, Sources Say

Feds Won't Enforce School Patriotism Law

EU Takes 11 Member Governments to Court (biotech foods)

Kerry Leads 2004 Democrats in Cash in the Bank

Aircraft flown by Bush ... is retired

BBC: Core of weapons case crumbling

Move-On airing new ad "We went to war and now it turns out we were

Crew of Columbia Survived a Minute After Last Signal

Federal court bars enforcement of school patriotism law in Pennsylvania


Intelligence dispute to be aired in public

Democratic Governors Group Criticizes Bush on Economy

Democratic Govs Chide Bush on Economy

CIA: Assessment of Syria's WMD exaggerated

Anyone else here been wacked with a ruler by a Nun...

The little woman spends all the money

OK, how does a traditional wedding go?

Poll inspired by Forrest Gump's Sig: Hot chicks and handcuffs...

Anyone else here been kicked in the knackers by a pun?

LOTR fans check in here for a chuckle (photoshops)

If both Barney and Matcom donated sperm...

Queer Eye For the Straigt Guy

Learning your ABC's - For Men Only

Apparently my family can't even go to Target without getting into a fight.

The Coyote howls 200!!!

Can raw unpeeled carrots kill you?

Another Post Just for the Dudes...

Cat question

Best political band: Dead Kennedys vs. The Clash vs. RATM

Goofiest spam you get in your e-mail?

more of the mom saga... my email to her

Great Overlooked Albums

Only one Iraq Sand storm?

36 minutes to go

Thptptptptptptptptptptpttptptptptptptptp !!!

MIT Scientists Build Robotic Snail

gawd! i am sooo slow!

Must... Reach... 700... Club... . Only... four... more... posts....

So... Did We Ever Get An Answer To...

Who likes being an asshole to people that suck?

Maine Int'l Film Festival showed "Easy Rider" tonite!!!

the next SOTU speech

Hey William Pitt...they are talking about you at freeperville.

Sounding stupid here... but what does ROTFLMAO mean?

Is Anyone else Having Trouble Connecting to IE America Radio?

Just thought of a new slogan

My Brother Admitted We Were Right!

What does " " mean in html?

Judas Priest reunites!!

Hey, anyone "seen" Zomby Woof, arwalden, Texasliberal

Anyone want to chat?

I am not from Iowa

China's 'Loch Ness Monster' Resurfaces

Mea Culpa

Who Is Watching The MLB ALL-Star Game?

In my complex parking lot - saw a Dean sticker to you other Deanies

During hot weather do you

Separated at Birth: Dennis & Dubya

!!! I LUV THE MODS !!!

There MUST be a goofy reality show on tv now

Can OJ kill you?

Swiss group launches Super-villanizer - the anti-Big Brother

Best political band: Dead Kennedys vs. The Clash vs. RATM

I'm tired, why should I care?

Who can turn the world on with her smile...

Our Nokia phone just got soggy

World series, why don't they just


Best political band: Dead Kennedys vs. The Clash vs. RATM

I think the All-Star teams should play for a tie!

Great PBS show on right now.

This society to repressive to human nature!!!

From tonight's "Letterman" monologue

Article exposing the Petrochem industry, Bush, Bin Laden, Enron, etc.

The truth about four generations of Bush family criminality

Chronicle of Higher Ed "Bush's Next Target?" (colleges)

Wash Post: "no hard evidence that Bush lied"

Tour of Duty or Deplorable Deployment? - Jeff Danziger

UK Guardian: America wanted war

Big deficit will hurt Boomers

A White House Smear Campaign (hanging the CIA agents out to dry)

TWO fantastic Time Magazine articles

can'nt trust em anymore, ...

Greg Palast: "TONY BLAIR – Prisoner of War"

The end of Medicare as we know it

No outright lies, just half-truths - Cleaning up Bush's uranium fumble

Newtopia articles on the Bush family and Petrochem industry

Turning Back Progress

Latest Gene Lyons - "A crisis of competence in the White House"

Celebrate America - by questioning where it's headed

Morford: Nothing Left to Lie About (A tour de force)

A Wahhabi sheds his disguise

Sleeper dies rolling off roof in heatwave

Read this if you feel like getting really angry

My letter in Chicago Sun Times

Tony Blair..P.O.W

War, Lies and Yellow Cake

The press gives Bush a free ride on his lies

WSJ: Manifesto Warns of Dangers Associated With an Empire

I'll never believe Blair again

India's Quota System for Lower Castes

Red Pepper: excellent info about upcoming investigations

Still Fighting Saddam (Newsweek/MSNBC)

New Dean Entry on Lessig's Blog

Limbaugh brings baggage with his ESPN blabber | Derrick Z

A bit of activism to make you feel better today..please help.

Bush Protest in Dallas

Livermore, California: Never Again!!! August 10th

Bath, Maine: Convergence For Peace Aug 9

Just got this email from

The madness of king george and the 25th Ammendment

Lawrence, Kansas: Protest Bush & Powell July 20th

Dallas, TX protest- SAVE THE USA, STOP BUSH July 18

STREET PROTEST: DU committees for each state

The Minnesota for Kucinich website is up!

Pls-Call Up Yr Republican Congresscritter & YELL IMPEACH THE ENTIRE CABAL

Mark Morford assails Bush**Co

Hold onto your tin foil hat: It's Official in Russia:

A friend used a derogatory term I hadn't heard. But Now I have a question.

We have a new puppy at home.

i am so depressed

history club: japan

Tribes struggle to get Indian bones back home | Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Rastas Stand Up For Their Rights

S.C. redistricting could be affected by Supreme Court ruling

Forced Sterilization Once Seen as Path to a Better World

Early Christians not thrilled with heterosexual marriage either

Iraq: Insecurity Driving Women Indoors

Two wives better than one for some SA men

rules for time cards

Ok you economic types...

Air Car or Hydrogen Car

Swiss Heatwave Prompts Evacuations, Glacial Collapse

NASA - Worst Blizzard In 50 Years Hits N.Z.'s South Island

Nutty News On Heart Disease - (Bush/GOP corruption/immorality)

SARS Travel Alert to Taiwan Lifted

Breast-boosters help little

Scientists in Canada trying to isolate "fat gene" to prevent obesity!

UK cops probe 'torture' in Mau Mau uprising

Old West-style shoot is for a worthy cause

Women break the silence of decades of rape

...No Excuse for Suspending Gun Rights in Taunton, Mass

Update on Militia Chaplain...

Feds to prosecute gun charges from Montco

I thought licensing and registration was supposed to prevent

local murderer gets life in prison

Skinner I believe this thread was locked in error.

Today's (7/16/03) front-page image


Signature pictures

How about moving a thread?

OK my ACTION alert on a Dean VA meeting this afternoon

dupes...yes, again.

Is it just me?

editing time expired immediately

Shariah Court ruling on Jihad

Palestinian leaders make peace...

Israel arrests protesters as 'security risk'

For Jews in France, a 'Kind of Intifada'

Court gives two Palestinian terrorists 15 consecutive life sentences

A different face of Islam

Muhammad ordered Muslims to kill Jews?

Arroyo under pressure after jail break

Kerry's explanation for his war vote - a summary

The candidates on Gay issues

The Minnesota for Kucinich website is up!

Hollings still raising money

Kerry/Gun Violence

I wouldn't be surprised if Dean chose Gep as his running mate

Sen. Edwards touts working-class values

Education and Wesley Clark: A Teacher's View

Murray nears $4 million mark, leads Nethercutt in fund raising

Dean incompetent? Vermont has a surplus thanks to Dean--read this article

Kerry/GBLT Issues

Voter Registration in Key States

Graham: State Dept expert said he was pressured to "tailor" intelligence

Howard Dean's Youth Machine (Mother Jones)

Says it all, really

ATTN: Dean's Natl Treas. to meet with Virginians TONIGHT 7PM

GOP loses another possible candidate for (Washington) governor

Dean, Kerry, and Edwards get a leg up

Kucinich calls election 2000 a "theft"

Kucinich never answered on the flag burning vote

Voter Registration Drive

PC GAME: Bush vs nine Dems Play!

Kucinich only candidate for universal healthcare

Which candidate is right for you?

Niger, bodies on CNN, $455 b deficit -- WE WILL SOON HAVE PRESIDENT POWELL

Celia Cruz died, may she rest in peace:(

Daschle defends Bush

Brokaw on IMUS: Case for Saddams WMD to be "air-tight"

Kobe Bryant Accusations

The Iraqi Uranium Trifecta

Deleted message

The Memory Hole:President Bush has earned the respect of our fighting men

"old-timers" care to weigh in for sake of comparison?

SFGate: Poll: What's the cure for massive federal deficits?

NY DAILY NEWS REPORTS: Jenna Bush makes out with gay man. . .

NPR not 100% compromised

Dean vs. Kucinich

Lieberman chooses O'Reilly over NAACP

OMG, did anyone just see the body on CNN?

Did the Bush junta hit at Amb Wilson via his wife?

Dems jumping on Bush (finally) is this an effect of the internet?

"Bush's Data Dump" -- Economic Deception

Anybody know of a better way to destroy the Democrat party for good?

Updated List of US War Dead - 7/16/03 - 230 for Op Iraqi Freedom

Chambliss & Bayh on CNN

How Democrats can win young men.

"Bush 2004" bumper sticker...(welcome to Dayton)

The Dixie Chicks really are traitors...

Support The Illegal Occupation Of Iraq: Vote Dean!

cowboy george accesses the situation.....

"Department of Peace" Candidate?

Jeezus H Christ. Clinton did it too.

White House Slams Dems for voting for the war But:

Enough of the Schadenfreude! This is nowhere near over!

Latest on Coulter's book figures

Pentagon- Complaining soldiers to be disciplined


Invoking the 25th Amendment

Update on RAVE Act- letter I received from the Drug Policy Alliance

Brer Bush and Boys were so over confident, they went ahead with

Masturbating Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk - Study

Should Dean keep hammering away

Holy shit! White House commits felony to get back at Wilson!!


Did Clinton attack Saddam because he was being attacked by Repubs?

If you don't support Bush, then the terrorists win.

Tweety Is Schooling G Gordon Liddy

This isn't Vietnam. It Actually is worse. - LATimes

Senate just tabled the Corzine Ammendment

Bill Sheister(CNN) Brings up Democrat's war vote

Predict *'s approval rating two months from now

Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation responds PERSONALLY to my letter!

WH Press Sec's father wrote book that LBJ had JFK murdered


Iraq is the new Vietnam - YaleOnLine

Digital "property" - have our laws not adapted to new technology?

Anyone watching CSPAN-2?

No more Fleischer. What were the most outrageous "COMICAL ARI" lies?

Arianna Huffington......A must read!

Ooooo, CNN just showed soldiers covering up a dead troop.....then

Exclusive: Howard Dean is a Woman!

Tenet Opened up a Can of Worms Today!

DEMs let W steal election2000, that started Iraq War-Occupation

anybody ever seen this quote before?


Cheney Bringing Back Mary Matalin for Spin Control

Please Help Out: Is Uranium Medical Research Centre site Gone?

Blair today: "not beyond the bounds of possibility" African Uranium sought

Holy Shit: The Plot Begins To Thicken!

Holy shit...troop suicides

DU'ers railed Salon for Bush coverage yesterday...any praises for today?

Intelligence Scam

Who is "The Last Great American?"

Religion 'could offer model for delusion'

Our boys are killing themselves. . .

Bush Bumper Stickers (For Your SUV!)

Time for the Terror Alert to go to Orange!

Is Canada Liberal or Conservative?

Tell Your Senators to Block the Bush Overtime Take Away

Hey! What happened to the "support our troops" mantra of the right??

Norah O'Donnell on HardBall: Cheney's role

Celia Cruz dead at 77

ALOT of stuff in East Asia under the radar!

Wow--Drudge publishes letters RE: Complaining troops

CNN shows Iraqis cheering dead US soldier

Protest Time!!! - The 25th Annual National Conservative Student Conference

New Wolf Blitzer poll


How Bush* spent the day, how our troops spent the day.

Fool Us Once, Fool Us Twice...Please

Anybody see Gary Hart on the Daily show last night?

Dead US soldier just shown on CNN

ABC Eve news hitting pretty link obviously, just try to watc

Sen. Kennedy: Disgracing America, failing Iraq

SF Gate Poll

Participatory Democracy - RE-READ!!!

"Just shoot me so I can go home" (BBC,ABC,NPR reports)

Just heard on CNN

"We live in a time..."

Gay DU'ers this is for you...please respond so I can

Wow...Buchanan going off on MSNBC

Anyone else see the video clip of Pat Robertson?...

US soldiers forced to guard Haliburton in Iraq !!!!!

Latest spin from the Rove Klavern

Psychology of the Spin

Colmes: Michael Moore to make "Fahrenheit 911" about LIHOP...

Black Box Voting: The same old tired arguments

Troops complaining might drive Bush to support cloning

Are the Dems the only ones criticizing Bush/Tenet, etc.?

CNN: Missle barely misses C-130

for kids who are easily duped...

Hey Freepers? Remember Somalia?

Rim Job (Freepathon) Not Even To 50%! Could It Be The Economy Stupid?

Conservatives called soldiers heroes when they attacked the Clinton Adm.

Help: I need information on this Bush Energy Director Please.

we are not children, who must be lied to & protected from the truth

Joe's Articles now available online

How Will the Bushies Go Down?

Will the hawks create a bloodbath in Iraq to save face here?

have any bible believing white males here ever been discriminated against?

Mr. Polk's War ( ¿sound familiar ?)

Radio Ad ?

Natalie Morales

VOTE BUSH IN 2004 OR DIE!!!!!!

Freepers criticize US soldiers.

If Cheney resigns, whom will Bush probably appoint?

What is your explanation for the sudden skewing of CNN polls?

Metallica Sue Canadian Band over E, F Chords

Weird, weird quote from New Republic book reviewer turned author

New Press Sec Explains Bush "Inspector Misstatement"

Hillary still beating Anthrax Annie like a rented mule

Something to think about with the Davis recall

Carville on Crossfire

Palast on Blair-Wed. July 16

Ex CIA Ray Mcgovern on All Things Considered

Did Kucinich's press conference yesterday go down the memory hole?

Did Bush, Sr. inherit a Reagan recession?

Why are all you people on Bush's case

I'd rather Rush Limbo do Football than Politics

Sheriff picks evangelicals to pastor Inmates

Would this be a bad campaign theme?

O'Reilly admitted the war was for oil

Religious Divide: US/Europe

Africa, Al-Q and Pat Robertson

truth has been front & center two days in a row!

Cabal . . a perfect choice of words

Perhaps the BIGGEST sign that the tide has turned


A tinfoil hat isn't cool. But suspicions re PNAC and 9/11 trouble me...

How sweet it is "Republicans Against Bush"

Is the recent news evidence that Chimpy will pull an LBJ?

"I've got my own 'Most Wanted' list"

watch Bill Maher tonight on Hannity and Colmes

lol, lyrics that totally NAIL Bush!

Whatever happened to the Yale bombing story?

I might run for California governor as a Repub.

What is the basis of this Repub talking point?

THIS is another miracle the Iraq story broke:

Heroin from Bush allies in Afghanistan now taking a heavy toll in Chicago

Republicans standing in the way are UNPATRIOTIC

The Impeach Bush crowd will love this !!

qWagthedogmire - Totally Memelicious !!!

CERT® Advisory CA-2003-99d DU2 Virus

Did Clinton sell military secrets to China?

Look at what a sevicemans fiance said on CNN this morning

What in God's name is up with this multiple posting?

Today's Substitute Idiot - Roger Hedgecock

Yes. I am now convinced that the draft is coming very soon

Bill Moyers interviews Jon Stewart.

Support Corrections to the PATRIOT Act

Today - A MWO for the Ages

Tweety just said "The President's not telling the truth." 9:40 am Imus

How did Colin Powell get respected?

Yep...We really freed Afghanistan...

Missile defense strategy not feasible against potential threats....

Remember this angry mob of protesters come election day!

CBS News has wounded Chimp by the balls and squeezing "Bring 'em on!"

Alterman exactly conveys why I'm feeling boggled

More Cynicism and Apathy (Thanks for that too, Bush/GOP)

Bush really in trouble now---MSNBC is breaking out the chart board

This Bush lying thing seems to have a life of its own now. What happened?

Rummy promotes unit rotation, so why doesn't he rotate out the 3rd ID?

"Do not post duplicate topics that have already been posted."

Its not about "Politics" as the Pubs claim, its about Bodies as a

I'm concerned about the Supreme Court.

Hollings says budget deficit will reach $698 billion THIS year

What Cheney said yesterday

Just seen bumpersticker - WTF?

Florida's Republican Legislature: tax cuts supercede educated workforce

This is George.

The Portrait of Dorian *

Florida's Republican Legislature: tax cuts supercede educated workforce

Troop Morale Reports -- Irresponsible Journalism?

"I'd ask him for his resignation."

The Burn Rate (or why Lieberman is imploding)

I am so damn proud of my right wing cartoonist "friend"

Important info on Blair backing war in Sept 2002 "whatever happened"

CNN Talking about WMD's Hearing (Today)

Vietnam blasts U.S. human rights bill

The elephant in the room that no one talks about

Press Secretary's pants combust during briefing!

"Postwar" Combat Fatalities in Iraq

Israel arrests protesters as 'security risk'

Great David Letterman quote

we haven't been attacked SINCE 9-11, does bushco deserve credit?

Aghhhhh!!!!! Fuck the new DU2!!!

Dems, you better prepare for the next Blair betrayal...

Alterman exactly conveys why I'm feeling boggled

Alterman exactly conveys why I'm feeling boggled

Quote of the Day: Bill Frist


Cong. Kucinich and the NAACP Event - why he wasn't there

Bush* has discovered how to neutralize the debt clock

penatgon updates are baaaaack!

Families live in fear of midnight call by US patrols

Ari's New Job

Natalie Morales

Winners and Losers...

Dubya on CSPAN3

Cheney under pressure to quit over false war evidence

C-Span was showing the White House briefing for a few minutes and cut it

What with all this talk about the draft here....this should be re-posted

Widespread Misleading & Deception (my LONG article proving...

Martin Luther King on Iraq

so, let's revisit who DIDN'T join the "coalition of the willing"

"I'd ask him for his resignation." - US soldier re: Rummy

Important Intelligence Question

France's Jews are facing a massive surge in hate crimes

There is no 'hit list,' Bush says (Jeb)

Can someone please delete my dupe posts?

Anyone seen the current CNN pole?

WH trying SHIFT BLAME live 1:00p EDT

Vice President Cheney Can Be Removed from Office Now!

"Navy One" jet makes final flight to Pensacola museum

Does anyone have AOL?

Katie Couic

Why would any soldier or military family vote for * in 2004?

Durbin & Bingaman slamming loss of civil liberties on CSPAN2

Former Intelligence Agents Demand Bush Fire Cheney

Arianna Huffington......A must read!

3 Support Same-Sex Marriage

Flashback 9/02: Cheney: Saddam working on nuclear weapons

This MSNBC poll is looking good:)

WooHoo !! Dean tells the truth -- AGAIN!

Where you live, have you seen the incessant Ridge PSAs?

damn, did I just see that 1 year toru of duty in Iraq news right?

CNN shows Iraqis cheering dead US soldier

When you want to "out" the skewers of polls.. use this link

Mary Matalin resigned in 12/02 -- a link to Lurch's disgrace?

It doesn't get any more clear than this

"Nothing Left To Lie About" - Mark Morford

Let's start an internet movement for nationwide protests, August 23

Wash Post: UN Inspectors were disproving Bush's reasons for war.

Regarding enlistments in the armed forces:

Breaking: WMD Proof found (funny)

Operation Hidden Agenda

Anyone catch Bill Maher on Imus this morning? Or him on the Stern repeat

North Carolina mulling saltwater fishing fees

Email these links to everyone you know!

How about this electoral idea:

Complaints of media bias.

Interesting point by Josh Marshall

Bush* is on the ropes - Will Dems deliver the knockout punch?

What is it about THIS particular lie that finally woke the whores up?

They Are Watching You!

Three CHEERS for the journalists who are NOT jumping on the "bash Bush"

Why Is Everyone Saying "Although Bush Did the Right Thing in Iraq?"

Little kid has Bush sussed

It was so amazing tonight

Democratic candidates out-raise Bush in total donations.

Help me before my head explodes!!!!

Voting rolls on Internet (CT)

Oil will kill us all

Anyone watching CSPAN RE: Maynard Jackson Tribute in US House?


Guardian: The rest of Tenent's statement and what it implies

Has anyone seen diGenova-Toensing lately?

Mary Matalin resigned in 12/02 -- a link to Lurch's disgrace?

10 Media Cover-Ups Exposed by the Journalists Involved - MUST READ

The REAL Reason the press seems to have turned on Dumbya in recent days

UN "Peacekeepers" Must Not Bolster US/UK Occupation of Iraq

Max Boot? Who is that smart ass fellow?

Iraq Needs UN Peacekeepers NOW

Want to play a new game? Bush Vs 2004 Dems PC

"But he gassed his own people!"

Pentagon's official Iraq bodycount for Tuesday, 15 July: Four dead!

Our President is a Criminal--from Buzzflash

Can they DISPROVE Bush is a liar?

Urgent: If you want to solve Black Box Voting, start here:

What is a strawman?

Is it just me?

gee, could they have been lying about 9-11?....nnnaaaaaaahhhhhh..

Spectre of "Imminent" nuclear war re-emerges

read this: why oh why would they stonewall the 9-11 investigation?

Impeach Bush? Not a good idea, I think. (From Atrios...)

Can Cheney be called to testify before the Senate?

PLEASE help me make sense of NYT front page chart on deficit

Who are the Democratic Senators to be in on the Tenent Hearing?

This war is the people's fault - Remember Dems lost elections

Cost of Iraq war, and comparisons to other programs live update of $$

"We" a tactical rant

Deleted message

stay awake! stay alert! stay vigilant! we CAN destroy bushco!

The Bush's stupid theory of dominos failed this weekend

25th Amndmt. Bill of Rights. 'if the president is unable to perform his

Ruppert is on target, AGAIN.

have we reached constitutional crisis yet?

Italy Says US and British Are Lying About Uranium Story

Bill Maher: It's the Dems fault

Pvt. Lynch to come home with military escort.

Are the principles of American Democracy headed for the dustbin of history

Pat Doesn't Seem to get Purpose of the Three Branches

Why didn't George Bush and Pat Robertson

WTF?? Wingnut Radio in Houston diversifying?

Baghdad Sexual Violence Increasing

Generic Church/State Letter to the Editor--Please Steal

What if Blair loses?

The Buck Stops There

Anybody kept score on Ari's spin techniques?

Troops questioning Rumsfeld decision?

A Democratic Strategy

CNN Poll

another soldier killed, someone tell the president, to remind him

ABC: this administration really screwed up with this war...damn...

Where's Richard Perle?

Should terrorist suspects have fewer judicial rights than others? Poll

A US Soldier's Baghdad Internet Diary - A Grim Account

Boycott ESPN advertisers:

Hey Dubya Hey! How many kids did you kill today?

CNN Poll on Tax Cuts - Looking Good

television archives 9-11

"I didn't mean to kill all those people..."

The Budget Deficit Spin

"... you can have too much money in a political campaign." Bill Bradley

Next Bush doctrine:

The Onion: What do you think? - Bush's African Tour

My god... I think I just aggreed with Rush.

A conversation I had with my dad this morning regarding the neocons

Hart should work on the Dem candidate's campaign

Where is Judith Miller these days?

Wow. This is the BEST Bush cartoon I have EVER seen. Bar none.

Just watched "The War Room"

Bernie Ward talking about Bush lies now.

I'm convinced

Coulter v. Gene Lyons -- when does that air?

Simpsons Episode Help ASAP

Why do Dems only win when Republicans defeat themselves?

Hart just called Bush on Iraq War - On Daily Show

ESPN hired Rush Limbaugh so I fired ESPN.

ABC Radio News: Bush's Lincoln-landing plane to be decommissioned...

Clinton for prez?

Suggested program of recovery for Dumbya, who's in deep denial...

* lied again today! Said Iraq wouldn't let the UN inspectors in

Could someone please tell me what the troops are saying?

FL voucher money given to school listed as a base for terrorist cell!

A psychologist examines Bush's speech

AOL poll speaks volumes.

The turd's gonna hit the rotor when the 911 report comes out

How do the Dem candidates get the public to realize...

New name for dubby - George "nukeliar" Bush --nt

Ari vs McClellan: your thoughts so far

Bush Raises More Money Than All 9 Challengers

Senator Kennedy gets Cajones Video

We're Holding the Line Against Redistricting in Texas -- so far!

"16 WORDS" I WANT * to say

Kerry on "Today"

Much of Europe Blisters Under Heat Wave

Italian daily publishes false uranium documents

Microsoft admits critical flaw in nearly all Windows software

Iran confirms photojournalist died of brain hemorrhage after beating

Reserves wanting to leave Mideast (says they're there support Brown&Root)

Braun won't quit 2004 race despite small campaign chest

Economists Tell Bush US Poised For Strong Growth

WP: Bush* Faced Dwindling Data on Iraq Nuclear Bid

More than 300 intelligence officers killed in Chechen war: official

Blair waters down claim linking Iraq to Niger uranium

CIA didn't get disputed documents until February 2003 after Bush claim

Iraqis cheer U.S. death

White House Foresees 5-Year Debt Increase Of $1.9 Trillion | WP

Bush "trafficked in untruth" on Iraq - Kerry

Cheney under pressure to quit over false war evidence

Black Caucus Chief Won't Meet Bush (Turns down Request)

Bush cousin Bert Walker is choice to be next U.S. ambassador to Hungary

40 injured in car accident (10 dead)

English schoolgirl reunited with parents; ex-Marine arrested in Germany

Sao Tome Government Overthrown in Coup - Agency

Gen. Abizaid says the US is now involved in guerilla war in Iraq

Missile fired at US transport plane landing in Baghdad airport


A Big Letdown (3ID Sgt says,"I have my own 'Most Wanted' List")

Senate Defeats Democrats' Calls for Iraq Plan

Congressman to undergo second surgery for weight loss

Blair Gets White House Ceremony As Thanks

Another special session? -( all TX D's threaten to bolt)

Arianna: "Bush's Mis-State-Ment Of The Union Fiasco"

Greenspan Says Asia Can't `Suppress' Currencies Indefinitely

Greenspan: Economy should take off soon

US lawmaker slams closed-door CIA briefing as "unacceptable"

On McLehrer, RIGHT NOW!

Leaders face growing pressure for answers over Iraq

Just on CNN

Airport Road a Deadly Gauntlet for Troops

Wolfowitz Committee Instructed White House To Use Iraq/Uranium Ref

Burger King in Baghdad (6,500 burgers per day to soldiers)

General Says Iraq a Guerrilla War, New U.S. Death

Hardball on Now, scandal continues to gain momentum

Wolfowitz Committee Instructed White House To Use Iraq/Uranium Ref In Pres

Niger, bodies on CNN, $455 b deficit -- WE WILL SOON HAVE PRESIDENT POWELL

Rastafarians Gather in Jamaica for Summit

White House Says History Being Made in Governing of Iraq

Shiite support for U.S. occupation of Iraq appears tenuous

Iraq: Schemers have their way

UN to send team to Iraq to help organize elections for next year

Key Officials Used 9/11 As Pretext for Iraq War

WH planned Iraq invasion days after 9/11!!!!!

Dem rep questions timing of reform school report by Bush admin

Soldier Killed, (in fall from building)

CNN: All soldiers sent to Iraq will be staying for one year tours now

Enter The FBI

Gerald Bush to visit WH tonight - Birthday Bash with #43

Metallica Sue Canadian Band over E, F Chords

US soldier run over and killed

Lieberman, Dean call for CIA director's resignation

U.S. open to discuss new mandate in Iraq (With United Nations)

Microsoft And Dell Win $90M Homeland Security Contract

Gonzalez files FOIA lawsuit against DOJ over Texas flap

David Obey to open House investigation into OSP

N.C. Supreme Court rejects legislative redistricting maps again

Rising US deaths in Iraq may have political fallout

Guardian: US heads for $1.9 trillion deficit as Iraq war costs $48bn

Harper lashes out at handling of same-sex marriage laws | Globe and Mail

MSNBC - Centcom: U.S. troops are facing a classic guerrilla war

Jet that flew Bush to USS Lincoln goes to museum

Soldiers Complain of Low Morale in Iraq ("Good Morning America")


Dems Stop Short of Endorsing Gay Marriage

Presidential candidates discuss gay issues

Pro US mayor shot dead

Democrats Slam Budget Director Over U.S. Deficit

Howard, Koizumi sign economic agreement | ABC (Australia)

Signs Point to a Rocky Path for Lieberman

Missing girl tells mother she is safe but doesn't reveal whereabouts

yahoo: "Only" 22 Pounds of Low-Grade Iraqi Uranium Dispersed-UN

Ex-envoy says U.S. hasn't learned lessons about nation building

Mortar attacks on U.S. bases a growing problem

DeLay prompts new FAA rules

Antigay archbishop of Philadelphia resigns

U.S. troops shocked by move to keep them in Iraq

Troops Overthrow Government of West Africa's Sao Tome

Abbas gets Bush invite to Washington

Tenet to Testify on Iraq Uranium Claim

Iowa city removes rainbow following complaints from anitgay resident

The Press Gives Bush A Free Ride On His Lies

Aghan city closes video game stores...

Tweety just said "The President's not telling the truth." 9:40 am Imus

CNN Breaking News: Helicopter crash

Committee Votes to Block FCC Media Rule

Envoy's letter in (Washington) Times is revealed as a forgery

House lawmakers battle Federal Marriage Amendment

Not gloating over Iraq, Chretien says

9/11 Report 911 Pages Long (NY Post)

Italian agents probed Iraq's ties to Niger uranium (new It. probe)

Hatch is pushing amendment to lift Oval Office limit (Arnie for Pres)

Senate kills attempt to account for Iraq spending

HIV 'more resistant to drugs' | BBC

Joe’s (Lieberman) woes continue with shakeup

Dig Focuses on (Jimmy) Hoffa Disappearance

Study: Corporate tax shelters cost state $287 million (GA)

US soldier faces death penalty

House Panel Cuts Nuke Research Funding

In Wake of Protests, Security Chief in Hong Kong Resigns | NY Times

Rights of Women, Girls Under Siege in Iraq

UN (kept) in dark about looted Iraq "dirty bomb" material (By the U.S.)

Court denies Clintons legal-fee reimbursement

Celebrate America - by questioning where it's headed

MSNBC: Pro-American Mayor of Baghdad Shot

Pro-American Mayor, Son Killed in Iraq

They're sitting ducks: Ted K rips Bush for keeping troops in Iraq

Cheney under pressure to quit over false war evidence?

Soldier with local ties suffers burns after attack in Iraq.

Baghdad blasts expose Iraq's security crisis

animal-testing protesters denied freedom of religon in NY prison

Afghanistan: More Pro-democracy Demonstrations

Taiwan Shopkeepers Unveil 'Frankenfish' (GM Glow in the Dark)

Western Cape drought: wheat crop crisis looms


Wash Post: "no hard evidence that Bush lied"

White House mulls plans to admit North Koreans to U. S.

U.N. arms hunter says U.S. claims on Baghdad nuclear cache are off-base

Blair defiant over Iraq war

Schiff's call for investigation scuttled by Dreier

Pro-democracy fighters in Laos kill 3 soldiers, exile group says

Grenade Kills U.S. Soldier, Iraqi Child

Solomons force to hold shoot-to-kill license

Sempra, SDG&E will talk to FERC (CA)

UN Wants to See UK Evidence on 'Iraq Uranium'

With Wall Street wary, Greenspan testifies again.

US troops escape ICC probe

US administration reaches out to communists, low-paid Iraqis


U.S. Death Toll In Iraq Now Level With Gulf War 1

Pakistan: New study - Afghan war led to increase in HIV/AIDS

Snakes, cholera add to Asia toll

WP: Democrats Sharpen Attack on Bush Over Iraq

House/Senate members united against new FCC rules

Judge moves Muhammad sniper trial to Virginia Beach

U.S. Marine dies after fall from building in Iraq

Child Dies After 8 Hours in Hot Car

CIA: Assessment of Syria's WMD exaggerated

AIDS Work Faces Cash Crisis

Confusion grows over BBC's Iraq source

U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq Attack

Britons heap scorn on Blair's new badge

Beating around the Bush

Blackjack king outspends Dem rival 4-1 in Senate bid (Illinois)

Ex-Envoy Criticizes U.S. Effort in Iraq

Iraqis weigh trials for regime figures

Italy denies giving US, Britain documents on Iraqi bid for uranium

Democracy Now Video - McGovern, Wilkie, Rengwala....

'Bunker' Rapist Jailed for 18 Years

Canadian journalist 'beaten to death'

Colombia transfers capital city for three days

US Embassy says Bush will visit Manila as planned

Author of 'shock and awe' strategy says concept was misused in Iraq War

Senate Democrats Blast Bush on Iraq

WP: Scientists Raise Doubts About Missile Defense

Rape (and Silence About It) Haunts Baghdad

George W. Bush and the 2004 Campaign

Fox News Scroll says: Terror Alert Elevated -

Kerry Leads 2004 Democrats in Cash in the Bank

WP: Uninsured Pay More For Prescription Drugs, Report Says

Sixth Fire Linked To D.C. Arsonist

Fascist Kop) Chaos Erupts At Smoke Shop Raid (Narragansett Chief Arrested

WP: FAA Sets New Rules After Flap Over Search

Enter the FBI (Newsweek)

Wolfowitz Committee Instructed White House To Use Iraq/Uranium Ref In Pres

Kerry Says Credibility Gap Has Opened Between Bush Rhetoric, Actions

ABC News: At Least 5 US Soldiers' Deaths Were Suicides

Jerry Springer to have online chat with supporters

Whole Units Of US Soldiers In Iraq On Suicide Watch

Nigella Lawson Is Hot!

My DU swansong

Praise for Trader Joe's

How do you express your creativity?

Is this the proper place to ask if DU needs an infusion

you can kiss a nun once

Celia Cruz dead at 77

More info on my crappy personal life

"Smokin' Joe" Conason responded to my email. Woo Hoo!

zdravo demokratski UndergroundbrYou : vsi hoteti ljubezen to.

Caption - Guess today's blood alcohol level

RSVP's - It's amazing what a little death threat will accomplish!

what has happened

NightTrain's was challenging: Here is an EASIER music trivia quiz...

Who here knows of Exuma, The Obiah Man?

DU Men--Never Worry About Prostate Cancer!!

The tortured testimony of all CAPTIONS!!!! (secret Tenet leak!)

Anyone here ever whacked a nun (...with a ruler...with a ruler...) ???

Worship Together CD Commercial: Make It Stop!

Metallica sues over use of chords E and F

Bill Murray Qoutes

Anybody else see Gary Hart last night on TDSWJS?

I now own "Brown & Root" steak knives!

Does anyone else get this error message here at DU?

Derf does it again (funee cartoooooon)

Celia Cruz dead at 77

nice "perk" to my new liquor store

W's letting the CAPTION get out of his grasp

The lost Sally of all CAPTIONS!!!

What does Tucker Carlson REALLY think of James Carville?

The ambitious VP of all CAPTIONS!!!! (For fenris.)

Computer Problem - Internet Explorer

The Great Debate: The Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Samantha Brown (Travel Ch - Great Hotels) is ANNOYING!!!

Confused kitty nursing mice

Best DeNiro movie?

Best Elvis Impersonator

What forum moments do you hate most?

Thongs May Be Banned On Cape Canaveral Beaches

Who would rather see the reverse of hunting for bambi?

Posting today

Multiple Posts are caused by Multiple Clicks

My dad had Repugs nailed.

Who would rather participate in the reverse of Hunting for Bambi?

In the hospital waiting room yesterday...

They're touching up the chimp*

Any DU'er in the Modesto, CA area?

Why am I such a hopeless romantic

Quiz answers

I was just getting used to


Need an opinion on something. THIS IS NOT A POLL!

smiths_fan_21384 shall be no more

I did some ?W graffiti

Here goes post 100 on a weird database day...

Brian, fly-fisher from NC - are you there?

Don't eat before you see this...

How would you like THESE guys and gals for neighbors?!?

Another *&[email protected]#$% music-trivia quiz

Apologies for misspelling "sacrilegious" in a header

Bush answers critics on his State of the Union statement!

Tonights Jay Leno was really good! Anyone agree?


Anyone watching the Jimmy Hoffa search on the news?

How to Impress a woman. this!

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.09

Does anyone have AOL?

Are there any Alpha Phi Omega members on here

New cable boxes play DVDs, MP3s

There are just as many subject-line typos as before..

Will Pitt LIVE in about 5 minutes - 10-12 noon

Promiscuity is every citizen's duty

"Pepsi" pond in my old hometown to shut down, maybe for good

BBC: Giant Robot Escapes, Still at Large

Josh Marshall posted my letter

Bullwinkle or Yogi - best Philosophy of Life?

Doonesbury 7/16/03

So what's up with these clowns, anyway???

Things not to say to a cop when you're pulled over...

Child Dies After 8 Hours in Hot Car


Do you like the new All-Star Game format?

Does anyone know how to get cheap airline tickets

Elderly Man Ends Argument with Grenade

Parent with too much time on his hands: UT-Austin

I know this is a little thing but..........

Subject-line tiepos are far less than before.

I think a lot of guys would just plead guilty in this situation

Man Dies Rolling Off Roof......In His Sleep

Looking for Dr. Demento shows from the 1980s

Oh Dennis! whooohooo Dennis Miller! Come out come out

a typo that sounds like a pill

Simpsons Episode Help ASAP

Gary Hart on The Daily Show...

What makes you turn red?

New Guinness Record for non-stop roller coaster ride. 5 days and counting.

AHA! Justice at last!!!!!!!

In what order is the freeper top 5 hate list? No.1 being the most hated

Remember Tron? It's back!

would someone please kindly remind me

I'm watching the Beavis and Butthead DVD set

POST#702....all the 411

What Do You Like To Do For Fun That Is No Big Deal. Me I Love To

Ask me a question because sleeping is overrated

We couldn't have done it without you Al (Gore)!

EWWW... Pigman is going to be on the ESPN pregame show

HAHA youve got to see this...

Help por favor....

Who is your Governor? How popular is (s)he? Do you like him/her?

LIVE!!! RARE!!!! SEE the ZombyWoof IN PERSON!!!

For guys (and some ladies): The Great American Breast Fixation?

All your database are belong to us!

Poll: Coolest person with a disability

Masturbating Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk - Study


The Mime-in-the-Dark of all CAPTIONS!!!!

What should I do about my painful tooth???

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO...................

I Just Tried to Read the Notice About the Database Errors

What should I do about my painful puns?

What did everyone miss from the days of September 10, 2001 and before,

The foggy fall-guy of all CAPTIONS!!! (More secret Tenet testimony leak!)

OZZY Wrestles Coyote to save 1 (of 2) family dogs