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NYT Book Review: Learning to Love the French as They Are

Arizona a racists' paradise?

The only TX Senate hearing on redistricting Mon 7/14

Barry White was the voice of romance

MEDIA-EGYPT: Anti-American Press Pays the Price

Agent Orange Still Killing After Three Decades

Peace Dividend Brings no Gains (Jordan)

The Referendum in Colombia: Democratic Participation or Endorsement of

Iraq committee formed in the last few days

Long threads - with subthreads - can be very hard to read at the summary

Secretary of State Brown (R) to set run for (Montana) governor

Kucinich, hitting the nail on the head

4 of 9 candidates to miss NAACP debate

Why we must draft Al Gore

Eschaton on the WashPost's "Laughing Third" Editorial

More comments on Howard Zinns' "Peoples History".

What about other threads?

what happened to the 9/11 forum?

Who would you like to have as a guest on "The Guy James Show"

Which is the Greatest "Liberal" Movie?

Polls follow a pattern....

John Edwards Town Hall Meeting on C-Span, Monday 7-7 @ 7

More Drudge Lies: "No one from Dean campaign leaked anything to Drudge."

FREE anti-Bush art

Other titles from Ann Coulter you can't afford to miss

Ann Coulter - Threat to National Security?

The secret policemen snatched the citizen from his house.

the first DU2 CARTOONS! thread...............

At least 3 dead US soldiers in the past 24 hours

In the parade mag

If Bev Harris is right, there's no wrong kind of left.

Why the Left IS patriotic

Posted already? French put 60,000 red roses on the graves

Wow! Wolfie actually announced his poll results just now. 93% say YES

Ha! This AOL poll is so against Bush!

Anybody watching Wolf?!!!


what's up with the DU clock??

NYT: In Blair We Trust.....(link)

Democrats, Republicans Awash In Funds From Corporate Criminals

WTF! Andrea Mitchell, cheers! Joe Wilson, kudos! As the worm turns...

Military Families Speak Out ... DU Vets please read!

Question-who's interested in actually trying to organise some BIG protests

Hispanics "Blast" Shrub (La Raza) - Univision

Deleted message

Where the hell did Tom Friedman go?

A thought about Chris Matthews

Why don't the French, Germans, and Russians state the obvious?

Axis of Evil Revisited: Iraq didn't "have" but "sought" WMD

Peter Werbe's Nightline streaming now. --- link

Who truly and honestly believes in karma? By karma, I mean a force

Don't let Uranium-Niger mushroom cloud the ENTIRE truth about Bush

One more point from Bernie Ward of KGO-AM Late Night

Are these claims about Bush/Clinton accurate?

Dear Condi Rice

"16 Words"

Letter to Navy Times

New MWO--Look who's writing, too!!

The most succint, accurate, and articulate discription of the Bush cabal's

Has anyone thought about

I feel like I can't believe anything..

Howie Fineman's ridiculous piece on Dean

Poland and her short term memory loss

* vs. Clark on national defense

Leon Harris: His Africa story puts Bush to shame

Dean Campaign Update - from Joe Trippi

If the Niger lie fiasco gets too hot....

MN Repub Gov, Pawlenty, involved in fraud investigation

What is al-Qaeda?

Couple of neat 'toons

VIEWER ALERT -- Arianna Huffington guest on tonite's Larry King

The ninth of April is my birthday...

AP Top News at 8:54 p.m. EDT - July 13, 2003

Bush's memo to Congress the reasons why a war... copy please

What's going on with this cartoon? "Daddy Matcom's prediction????

A contest

If you've NEVER served as a moderator before, DU needs your help!

The Missing African 727

what will happen when the 9/11 report comes out statingthat w was warned

Future Uniters not Dividers in Action

Link to drip drip drip cartoon?

now more on national defense... vs. the economy

What REALLY infuriates me about the Niger lies.

George Tenet v Condi Rice - Place Your Bets

Only green running for office in VA

Pundit Pap (APJ): "The CIA did it... yeah, that's the ticket!"

20 Lies About the War


Florida Dems: We lost a fine young democrat in Iraq last week

St. Pete Times Cover: "War Weary Families 'Get my son home'"

How was the Niger scandal handled on the evening news?

Democratic candidates aren't letting Bush off the hook

HA! Freepers Getting Mad At Fox News.

OK, I'll defend Pat Buchanon, here's why!

I don't think Gephardt knows the cameras are still on

Liberal Moths: Let's Not Get Too Close To The WMD Light

A query about CFR

Volume 1111 - Jackass in the White House

How come the cable news networks don't have

Deleted message

(NYT) Bush rudely interrupts Botswana president; won't take questions

Exit Strategy

I said it before and I'll say it again!

Cost Of War, "we got the numbers"

Here's a new term: the neofasc

Newsweek: Bush in FREEFALL to 55%

George “OOPS” Bush

Bush White House Rules US by Fear

What issue do we win on?

I for one am ready to move on

NOW with Bill Moyers- July 11

Opening a second front: Slaves came to America for Freedom

Trust ...Integrity ...

WTF! Did You see Bob Franken on CNN?

Just heard this on CNN....the female show host asked Bob Franken

We are strong. We the people! We are a democracy. We Rule. Believe.

Deleted message

Morning Edition gives up whoring for *

In case anyone missed Bill Moyers interview w/Jon Stewart last night...

Tenet is speaking between the lines

CASE IN POINT, the CIA, George Tenet, & the fallout

When Corporations Ruled Our World!

Remember when Cheney made the FBI investigate Congress?

I'm HAPPY!!!! YAY!!! * thinks he can get away with it!!!!! HAHAHA

Culpable Deniability

Bush pattern of getting away with it may come to an end

SEC Settles With Internet "Virtual Stock Exchange"

Yahoo News: "GAO: Bush Used HHS Budget for Nat'l Events"

The letter my GOP Congressman refuses to answer. (As of 12:35pm 7/11/03)

UNSCOM's Chief Chemical Inspector Says He Wasn't Consulted Before War

"God called us to action" - Chimp today

Wash Post: CIA Warned British about False report in Sept. 2002

We have our first sacrifice: George Tenet

Kerry to W: Tell the truth (full text of yesterday's remarks)

Ron Paul's speech from last night is on the web.

Kerry says Bush should stop with the finger pointing

Anyone watching the Network morning shows.

Condi Pulls the string..

CNSNews: America's Spy Software Scandal (about Promis)

What I just wrote on my local conservative message board...

Devastating CBS poll results for the AWOLChimp

RESUME of Pres. George W. Bush :)

Does Amb. Wilson have a Gore tie?

It's Mike Malloy Time!

Presription Drug Issue....Scam being conducted by Drug Industry..

Holy Shit!-( R) Texas Ron paul on CSPAN - PNAC Pearl Harber Quote

Voting machine "stuff" hits Pakistani newspaper -print letter from SF!

CBS: Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False...

Read what our military people are saying about bush

The DU must support Rush!!!!!

dumbya ballot status

Watch Good Morning America!

My letter was published ver batim!


The war that just won't end: the hunt goes on in Afghanistan

Photos show Bush reading, revising speech

Antiterror funding questioned

Rumsfeld and Rice Adjust Defense of Iraq-Africa Claim

Appointed Iraqi Council Assumes Limited Role

Missing Democrats an Affront to NAACP

Bomb found in Pamplona hotel (Running of the bulls)

Britons feel misled over Iraq war (66%)

Osama, Saddam still a double trouble for US

Saddam is hiding near Baghdad, says exiled spy chief

Body bag maker sues NY over September 11 order

Germany sends more tanks to Afghanistan

Belgium revising war crimes law

Ex-Officials Dispute Iraq Tie to al-Qaida

Lost In Translation -FBI divison riddled with incompetence and corruption

Bush Plane Stowaway Says Is Correspondent

Liberia's Government Accuses Rebels of Breaking Cease-Fire

U.S. orders some embassy staff out of Burundi

Americans concerned about media behemoths, poll shows

French link to UK's Iraq intelligence (shifting the blame?)

Cambridge student shot by US troops

Political Buy-Out in California - CBS i-video

Underdog shortens the odds, Howard's way: by taking aim at Bush

Administration Defends Bush Claim

(Ind.) Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states

CIA Stopped Iraq Nuclear Mention in Oct. Speech

Pope says EU needs Christian base

Bush* Aides Now Say Claim on Uranium Was Accurate (Analysis of Strategy)

Missing Democrats an 'affront' to NAACP

Iraqi group claiming links to al-Qaida says it is behind attacks on U.S.

Rice, Rumsfeld Defend Use of British Finding

Dukakis: Why Bush Is Vulnerable (interview)|BusinessWeek

Shell wants 'legitimate authority' in Iraq before bids

Rumsfeld Says Iraq May Need a Larger Force

NYT: U.S. Seeks Help With Iraq Costs, but Donors Want a Larger Say

Amrozi's defence: it was 'some kind of nuclear bomb' (Bali Bomber)

Dems: Iraq story falls short (CNN)

NAACP director urges affirmative action, criticizes Bush brothers

Back From Africa: Bush's Promises Will Be Watched (NYT)

French Secret Service kept CIA in the dark over Iraq & uranium


Equal time--All About Condors

Don Henley rules

Happy Bastille Day France!

LOUD Commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANT

I think someone saw the "Pirates" movie too many times...

Saw T3 last night

The Higgins Cartoon-- here's how...

Subject: Disorder in the court

AIM chat?

I'm going to vote 100% for Bush, but for a different reason

This totally sucks!!!

Do Ya Wanna Dance?

Commercials at the movies are wonderful things!!!

No short haired yellow-bellied son of tricky dickys gonna

AK 1200 appreciation thread

Am I alone in hating almost all mainstream entertainment?

For a good time movie, go see Pirates of the Carribean

Caption the Dynamic Duo

Hows the SARS situation in Toronto?

How would you spend your time if you didn't HAVE to work?

Have you ever seen a more textbook Stepford wife than Laura?

Caption the Scarlet Letter

I ell-smay a eeper-fray......

Weirdest or most daring place you made love

Google Search for WMD........PML!!!!

If I were to infiltrate freeperville, what sort of name would I use (PG13)

I am 100% going to vote for Bush

Trailer for Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

"There is this much truth in anything I say"

I don't want this to sink with the other pirate threads, so here goes

Minnesotans let's speculate

You go out to cook breakfast; what DON'T you want to see in the kitchen?

Argh, I can't answer a personal ad even if my life depended on it!

What's better, DirectTV or DISH Network?

Matrix Ping Pong Movie

Does your cat yell at you when you sneeze?

Ugh. Cruise uses learning disablily to recruit for Scientology....

I've just found out...

Another stupid lounge post (or is it?)

So, why are we the donkey?

Australian Teenagers Are Really Screwed Up!!!

HOLY SHIT! MOTHER FU**ER! GODDAMN! - remind you of anyone?

Amusing bumpersticker

What current TV shows are you digging?

So, I'm watching the new Carlin special on HBO,

What's the commercial you hate the most?

Guess the dictator or television sit-com character

AZ Republic : "Coulter's bid to resell McCarthy a damnable lie."

good cartoons

Why do we still laugh at Germany?

Lynda Hurst (Toronto Star): Patriot Whistleblower, Part 2

Schwarzenegger wants to be a US governor

UK Guardian - Is Dean the Man to Beat Bush? BIG article...

WP: Network news Thursday looked bad for Bush

UK Guardian: Trading on fear

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

MUST READ: Intelligence professionals urge Cheney RESIGN

"Which stain is worse?" A political cartoon

Artwork suffers from alert status

Trapped in the System


'The Note' is worth reading today

UK Guardian: Political death of a usurper

Guardian on Howard Dean

"The Federalist" by John Brand, D. Min., J.D.

An Open Letter from Sam Hamill, July 4th

Another view on the International Criminal Court

The Other Looting

Poor treatment of Goree Island Natives and the Uranium Fiasco

Are Voters in the Mood for an Angry Democrat? -- Joe Klein on Dean/Kerry

Guantanamo gulag (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Engineers learning not to burp at business meetings

Bush could be a one-termer

Ohio residents -- Action on bill taking away local control over megafarms

Should a site be set up to track U.S. Casualties in Iraq?

Bring 'em HOME!!!!

Let's start putting up signs: "Nationwide Red Alert - Scheduled

Email ESPN - Tell them to FIRE RUSH LIMBAUGH!

Our Safeway $$ Flowing Into Bush's Reappointment Fund

Bizarre media story on

Big Media retreat, keynote speaker ---- George Tenet.

NYT Names Bill Keller As New Executive Editor

ESPN Hires Limbaugh!

Top 10 Conservative Comebacks to UraniumGate

Astrology: Dr. Turi's Famous 9-11 Prediction

Thailand: River Kwai museum tells WWII story

Karl Popper: the anti-Leo Strauss? (posted by request)

my chart

Feng Shui and WTC


question about cancer

"I Can't Make You Love Me..."

Any Interest in a DU Business To Business Site?

Astrologers: You were right!

Racism at my Doctor's Office.

Current location of the Holy Grail

Garzon demands €2.6bn for victims of Argentina's torturers

Need a hand from PA DUers...

Taiwan President Chen backs Hong Kong's struggle

Philanthropist's Estate Funds LGBT Scholarships

Gay Community Warned Of Extremist Group's Plans

Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program (Scary...)

slashdot: Online Voting In 2004 To Require Windows

Should same-sex marriage be legal? CNN poll

NAACP Urges Affirmative Action Policies

Divorce: From Bad to Worse - Divorce gets uglier

AP: Alt Min Tax tax "fix" for wealthy to cost 1.5 Trillion more in deficit

Job Exports Imperil US Programmers

One-Tenth Of Australia Burned In 2002-2003 Bushfires

Toyota To Add Two Hybrid SUVs, Hybrid Minivan In 2004

Energy crisis in Italy gets worse

E.P.A. Won't Analyze Some Clean Air Proposals

World's Biggest Woodpecker Species Now Feared Extinct

Coastal Louisiana Drowning In Gulf - Washington Post

GREAT Idea to Control US Gas Use/ Promote Fuel Efficient Cars...Thoughts?

Uranium, yellow-cake, centrifuges & Atomic Bombs

Iran; The Reformists have become 'Irrelevant'

Iraqi attackers -- who are they?

Is Irradiated Meat Really Safe?

Restaurants should list calories or portions on menus

OWI listed on drivers license.

3 hurt, 1 critically, in blast at Glock facility in Smyrna (GA)

Why ratings?

my apologies

Some avatars I made.

Hey mods!

Tired of the Booger picture!

The ability to hide profiles prevents seeing the tombstones...

Let's send a few bucks to DU for keeping the system running.

time zone quirk

Where should I post this question for my Fellow DUers?

wow, I am getting bumped off after every 2 to 3 clicks......

Is it too late to return to the old DU server?

I have a question re:Take Back The Media radio show

DU mail

Seems that every week day morning at about the time the left coast logs on

Monickers insulting to Democrats

The following URL is not accepted as a link in messages

"Latest post" times for the different forums

Best way to use explicit brackets in messages?

'Saddam Hussein' Arrested by Israeli Police

Islam defenders miss the point

Dizzying growth seen in Haredi Betar Ilit on W. Bank

Arafat calls upon children to become 'martyrs'

Poll showing refugees giving up 'right of return' spurs Ramallah riot

Israeli Woman's Fight for Social Benefits

Amrozi blames N-bomb for carnage

Terrorist stabs 3 people in Tel Aviv beachfront club

Security forces apprehend IRA bomb expert in West Bank

Palestine TV curbs anti-Israel tone

Palestinians confirm no massacre in Jenin - study

Gephardt assails Kerry, Dean on trade

"Moseley Braun's presidential bid must be taken seriously"

Does anyone know how Dean did at the NOW convention debate

Leiberman, Gephardt, Kucinich declared persona non grata by NAACP pres.

Conservative Radio Host: "I read about Wes Clark, and I am nervous."

Wesley Clark on Today Show video link..

Do you think that blacks could be the next voting block...

How about Clark/Kucinich???

Howard Dean is right on the Medical Marijuana issue...

Richardson gains support as convention chairman

How Bush won in 2004

Senator Edwards Calls For Resignation Of EPA Official

John Kerry is a sneaky bastard

Opponents flatter Dean in N.H. | Boston Herald

Mark Russell on Bush and Dean

Moderate and steady may not win race for Lieberman

Dean's surge poses challenges for him

That MSNBC poll WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll: Gibbons could mount stiff challenge to Reid

Sword hangs over Alex Penelas


Poll: Many Democratic Voters Still Looking for a Candidate

Dean's remarks on voting machine fraud....

Edwards fashions package of economic proposals

Transcript of Graham on Meet the Press

Kerry speaks at La Raza, criticizes Bush record



Kerry, Good for Civil Liberties/Rights

Kerry: Bush Is Collecting His $200 Million Rebate On Tax Cuts

ESPN responds (RE: Limbaugh)

More people in Iraq have died under BUSH than under HUSSEIN...

Death Toll 07/05 - 07/06/03

the 'Bring em' on' Shooting gallery, y'know...for kids..(hope it works)

By running, Gore could help Dems define themselves -CHC Sun Times

Wolf Blitzer poll, VOTE

CBS on 9/11 Commission

Election complaints to be heard (PA - Dem. primary)

Latest CNN Wolf Poll -- Log your vote on Bush/WMD Investigation!!

Updated List of US War Dead - 7-9-03

MSNBC question of the day

Where is the friggin outrage?

pic of W saying, 'you callin' me a liar?'

So Bush is going down.

Deleted message


Popes:"We speak for God"

Anyone listen to conservative talk on radio today.

Boycott ESPN!!! They just Hired Rush Limbaugh!

Just an observation...

Clinton never lied in the State of the Union Address

OOPS!! HELLO??? Its 7/14 and Remember........ BUSH LIED!!!

I feel like the only sane character in a bad sci-fi movie

50% think Bush over-hyped the Iraq intelligence

This is sick. They turn it around, the slimy bastards

OMG, we got a SWING vote from the Republicans! Hagel!!!!

Truth from a soldier in Iraq

Cheney/Rumsfeld lovefest on NBC News

Is the next democratic president in (hopefully) 04 screwed? RE: Iraq

number9 number9 number9 number9

'proof? proof? we dont need no stink'en WMDs. We got ClearChannel'

To All Those Flag Waving, But Non-Thinking Patriots

Bush=Chauncey Gardener


Happy 90th Gerald Ford!

One more lie in a long list of lies

will Bush LIHOP again?

If Bush takes usual 30 DAY VACATION in August, (minus photo-ops) will

Rate Bush Credibilty

Do Even Democrats Want Democrats??

What's O'Reilly been saying about WMD-Gate?

Intelligence Unglued

And now the "French" provided the "Brits" with lies about Iraq

Poppy Bush on cover of Texas Monthly

Phillips Foundation

healthcare question


Wolf's WMD Poll Today

Open letter to the Democratic Party: Hire Me!

Republican and Democrat lambast the entire Bush administration.

Gray Davis and Judy Martz

A fictional new right wing network

How has Gephardt's failure to vote to save overtime changed your opinion?

Alright hotshots, what sort of campaign will win in 2004?

I don't want to be a serial killer, do you?

Even the conservatives are repulsed!

Best liberal on a rightwing network?

Would you support immigration to the US even if it "hurt" you?

So you wanna piss off a lemming/freeper? Ask them this -

Do you think *’s Intelligence is nearly as “durn” good as his Economic For

Pat Robertson- Hypocrite

There HAS BEEN a sea change!

Is C-SPAN planning to air the NAACP forum?

Anyone tape TDSWJS? Do you have or remember footage of TENET in which...?

Matthews just asked if Cheney writes Bush's speeches!

When a president asks a nation to sacrifice their children

PNAC is back

HAHAHA -- Google + Can't find WMD goes mainstream!!!!!

Condi, The PNAC gal. The JackAss Foreign Policy Stooge.

Blitzer Poll - 7/14/03

the ethics of belief and the bush administration

The sanctity of marriage

I will be watching Rush on ESPN

Ruh roh! 52% say the number of US casualties in Iraq is unacceptable

A new milestone for the Clark campaign

"Jerry" Bremer, the CAIA and *'s dyslexia

VIPS recommends dumping Cheney

GOP 2004 GUTTER STRATEGY revealed. (ABC news)

Mark Your Calendars: He is Done...... BUSH IS DONE!!!

Parse it all you want. The SOTUA statement is still wrong

A freeper's response to FAIR article about Rush Limbaugh....

Bush's Illegal Invasion UPDATE

Just got back from seeing Dean, Sharpton @ NAACP convention

This Rhode Islander is pissed and ashamed

DLC on National Service

Gore said, "For the well being of the country", was it?

Army Time's - "Bring Em On" Poll & Soldier's Letter

Ari Fliescher to Appear on David Letterman Thursday

Does anyone know what the troops know about this scandal

Canadians vote Bush least-liked leader

Our party once had giants

How the Democratic Candidates Voted on Key Issues

"There is a cloud hanging over this administration"

I turned my Dad onto DU

Bush inferiority complex doing him in

India Says It Wont Send Troops to Iraq

saddam ordering the attacks on u.s. troops? i thought we removed him

I can picture the RW smearing if/when a Dem wins in 2004

Teenagers Facing Hard Competition for Summer Jobs

Wow! Sen. Hagel (R) is now asking questions!!

2 Bushs. 2 wars. 2 packs of lies. Ain't like we weren't warned. We were

Neo-con Plans in Iraq - Iraq and Israel as allies???

NFL fans, let's leave Rushing to halfbacks. Please help.

Concerns About Upcoming MA Decision Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

The Bush Administration/ Internal Ememies Counter-Attack

Dean Supporters: Could you check in please

Does anyone know of soldiers in Iraq who are speaking out?

Hilarious Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough dig this morning on Imus

Westley Clark is the one

You Know As Far As Bush Goes. It Is A Far Better Thing To Keep Your

Ask Ari! WH chat at 5:15 EST

Fourth Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships

When the MA Supreme Court does rule...

Bush lying about AIDS funding?

The 3ID gets screwed over again by the Admin.

the third way

GWB: Revisionist Historian

$15B Loan To Africa - Only To Be Spent On Pricey US Drugs

Risk of Bush doing something really stupid

Bush either uses, or discards British intelligence to suit his needs.....

How does Congress authorize an investigation?

Not only is the war not over, but we're not winning it.

Contact ESPN about Limbaugh

Darn good intelligence. YEEHAWWW!!!!!!

Marc Maron the Brilliant Comedian IS NOT Marc Maron the Hopewell Racist

WIRED News: Funding for TIA All But Dead

A change in rhetoric? A morphing of the message?

D-( WV )Rockefeller Calls Rice 'Dishonorable' for Blaming CIA Director

I had to laugh when I saw this as one of the main stories on yahoo

How to become a delegate?

Here is how they are attempting to fix the mess (WMD, forgeries, etc)

I am having problems with getting onto DU

Daddy, why did we attack Iraq?

Anyone have the link to the "Cost of Iraqi War" counter???

Today's Crossfire thread

This is life outside the Matrix?? Give me the fucking BLUE pill!

What the fuck is wrong with anti-same sex marriage people?

check to see how your candidates voted on Ashcroft nomination ...

Oh Cannabis... our home and native plant - Canada's new national anthem...

OH-OH...Shrub just made a MAJOR FUBAR comment

Attention Texans!

So Tell Me: How In The Hell Are We To Believe Any More SOTU

NAACP is SERIOUSLY PO'ed at Gephart, Lieberman....

(R) Hagel: A cloud hangs over the Administration

I'm A Newbie-What's A RINO, PNAC


Google Search Gets Spoof On Weapons of Mass Destruction


Why is NPR so Watered Down?

Just 16 words! "Russia and China plan to launch a preempitve...

Did Cheney set Shrub up?

Bush Reinstituted Slavery on his African Safari

Case for war with Iran just got alot stronger

Freepers Actively Jumping Ship.

Senegalese loved Chikenshitinchief's visit this much?

New NY Times executive editor said "Colin Powell should go"

Darn'nn Toot-en, Wegit goot Int'lligince!

Charles Taylor won't leave until the US troops are there for the peace...

Poll getting freeped... please help!

New repug stance - It's a left-wing conspiracy

Freerepublic down; DU up

Remember the "Summer of the Shark"? This is the "Summer of the LIE"

Bill Maher's Comedy Special on HBO Saturday night July 19th

Take the MSRNC survey

The Bush Boys, SERIOUS Conflicts of interest

Bush lying about WMD = armless Iraq child

CNN poll-- should same-sex marriages be legal?

Clinton only used 10 words, Poppy only 6, Nixon only 5

MSNBC survey (Iraq, 9.11, reselection)

Watching * and Kofi Annan on CNN - quasi-press conference

NEEDED- Dana MIlbank's article just after W's Oct.7th speech

Was the war with Iraq a violation of international law?

In World War 2, Strom Thurmond fought for his country...

The Weakly Standard - putting the bias in unbiased. Now updated.

Today's Wall Street Journal Headline

So no Chimpy press conference today?

Progressive Governance Summit..left leaning gov'm'ts meeting in England

Iraq soldiers tense stand off in Baghdad -photo

SOTU photos

The US should resign from the security council, and let the UN decide...

LMAO -- Conventional Wisdom: Sausage Girl more credible than *

More “Liberal” Pundit Bashing

Feds Search U.S. Firms in Iran Arms Case

Senegal — Bush brings his own lunch, dogs, cars, 700 agents, tree

How do Vermont residents feel about Dean?

Brilliant post at Free Republic! Must read!

Woa CNN just announced a [email protected] email address

"Are more people going to die? You bet!"

Donna Brazil is Weak

When will AWOL reduce retirement checks for Military and Civil Service ret

USS Ronald Reagan

WIRED News: Pentagon Alters LifeLog Project

Drudge is such an A**hole

Don't miss Mediawhoresonline today!

Levin on the trail

FBI translators ordered to work slowly

A Few Things Missing from the Uranium Debate

getting pregnant to save your life (women military in Iraq)

To those who claim Dean is lying in re Medical Marijuana

* is having a press conference this afternoon?

AK-47's don't kill people

Liar Bill O'Reilly's promise

Why the emphasis on "nuclear"?

huge expansion of UK offshore wind farms

Sen. Kennedy on the Admin's Use of Intelligence on Iraq WMD

Bye Bye Ari, you piece of Shit!

"I Trust the People" ~ as long as they aren't counting votes

Mr. Powell, Please Resign - Please join our campaign.

Caller on rightist talk show suggests Saddam has a case against Bush

Ari says: "Revisionist notion" is "Bunch of Bull"

Conservative talk radio is trying to kill the uranium story big time!

Ten Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq - Milw Alt Weekly

A reminder: Lying is Bush's SOTU MO (Bush lies from "SOTU" 2001)

Okay, everybody confess......

Bush: 'The Wrong Man?'

Hey Texan's!

VOA news wants your opinion now !

The bottom line:they lied and Americans are dying

Bike Nashbar's Anti-French Cycling Jersey

Prediction: Bush will take responsibility and be praised. Issue over.

It isn't "Revisionist History"...

Great site! Is this a DUer's site??

Kerry Vs. Dean: shaping up to be a fierce battle

HEADS UP .... Ari's press conference coming up at noon ET

Place your bets! Ari's next job will be....

TBN: American Christian Extremist Plans For China's New Theocracy?

MIchael Weisskopf (TIME Mag) on CNN

Bush Gonna be on the Cover of Time

Clark: Did anyone see him on "Today"?

Lawrence Kaplan and Crispin Glover (seperated at birth?)

The Dubious Suicide of George Tenet (I talked to some intel heavies)

Is today's Bush "press conf" going to be the "I'm not a crook"

Many to cast ballots by Internet in 2004

The Cause Is The Heart's Beat

I'll tell you, right now, what will blow the lid off this WMD thing

Gephardt gives Bush Hell --the Buck should stop Here!

Check out the reply to this Blog from Basra (June 27)

A MUST read: Arundhati Roy in New York...May 13, 2003

Looks like we're taking care of our troops, though. Not.

when in doubt, blame the French

Ari Fleischer leaving post on Monday--Good Riddance!

Monsanto has declared war on another little guy.

Poll:Did Bush Intentionally Mislead Americans?

Psssttt...Wanna buy some Yellowcake?

What is the pResident's LIE being called? "WMDgate"? What would YOU call

One more repug comes out in support of crime

CNN had Michael Weiskopf w/ Time magazine on,,he was asked about Cheney

W goes down. GOP blames Libs. what will be their revenge upon us?

David Horsey nails it again

UnF-ingbelievable Editorial cartoon in the Chi. Sun-Times!!!!

Republican says its time to start leveling some Iraqi villages

Dowd's Clinton obsession

Were the French and Germans right?

Hey mods!

Damage Control (lack their of)

their still bringin' em' on in baghdad, grenades that is, not flowers



Here's a question we won't hear today.

Now Bush is blaming the CIA?!?!

if all you say is written by others, you can't be held 'LIEble'

Bush will do anything to get free TV airtime! ***GAG ALERT***

714 Signifigance

WH Press Conference Scheduled for around 12:00 EDT Today with Ari the Liar

Any who doubted this was a Scripted Presidency

An early release of Smirks 7/14 "Press Conference"

Fear of the word Conspiracy

The Power of Words at the Speed of Light

Heartbreaking interview w/ family of slain MN soldier

Just call me Bush... George Bush.

Where to put those 16 words?

Just sent an email to Helen - asked her to slam Bush HARD

CNN POLL: Whom do you blame for the mistake in Pres. Bush's State of the

Shook Howard Dean's hand tonight in Dallas, Texas!!!

anyone see MoveON's "MISLEADER" ad on CNN today???

Young Republicans brawl, flag cited to restore order. . .

if you're not a conspiracy theorist by now, you're not paying attention

Bush and Blair both have their asses in a grinder


Levin asked the question

expert media manipulators

Well, it's Monday morning. Is it going away?

For those who missed this great deconstruction of the whole mess

What a moron!

Same sex marriage decision on Monday!!! (MA SC will rule)

OUTSTANDING Rall cartoon

Zbig Brezezinski lays it out on CNN --- Transcript worth seeing

Right on cue: PNAC website goes 404

Change of tone on CNN "American Morning"?

CNN's poll

Drug use among US troops in Iraq?

PNAC website still available at the Internet Archive

PNAC site back up...

The CIA doubted the Niger story because Iraq already HAS uranium ore

Right Wing Spin in New Orleans

> 16 Words: the story about the Story is becoming the STORY

One of the best Doonesburys ever. Unfortunately it's not satire.

We now have incontrovertible evidence that supports evolution

Who else can't stand the phrase "16 Words"?

Did Sudan offer up Bin Laden to Clinton?

CNN's Cafferty ACTUALLY SAID "Bush is to blame for the words in SOTUS!"

What's with PNAC and google?

Bush quote from 2000

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this seems orchestrated

It's Bastille Day.

Has anyone seen this young republicans meeting report? It's HILARIOUS!

Birth Control Pill Recall

Here it is: "The President has NO responsibility to tell The People the Tr

New Voting Machine Info? Unconsidered source to check out

What about "He tried to kill my daddy"?

Wake up call. If *Bush goes, what could be worse?

The Real Chris Matthews (Transcript)

Niger not the only nuclear lie from Bush

Bush says "hope is an answer to terror"

Can a lot of people in Congress be ruined from this one bill---

If the uranium thing turns out to be true, Bush didn't know was true

Republicans and "Seersucker Thursday"..Normie got sent home

Zbig kickin Bush Ass on Wolfie!

What are your thoughts on Clinton?

New ABC: Bush Overstated Alleged Links Between Iraq and al-Qaida

"opposition Democrats"

Another Saddam in the making??

OOPS! Daddy Matcom (ex CIA) Says Bush Lied AND..............

Deleted message

Grrr!! Just Got this Facist E-Mail...AGAIN!!!

PNAC website is gone

Anyone else realize we are watching the fall of the American Empire?

is Savage Weiner a right wing Howard Stern?

This NON SEQUITUR by Wiley Miller should have been on the editorial pages

Did anyone hear David Gergen this weekend?

How has Clear Channel improved the Radio industry?

why are U.S. troops enforcing Muslim laws in Iraq??

Niger Documents--a murky affair

Why isn't anyone asking WHO FORGED THE NIGER DOCUMENTS

Should a site be set up to track U.S. Casualties in Iraq?

Dr. Dean in Miami Beach Tomorrow!

what do you think the plan is for tenet?

something a Brit said

Thanks Al Gore - for creating the internet! LOLOLOL

Personal anecdotes

I'm making somebody mad...

Someone should stop them!

standardized tests for the schools in your state

can we keep certain threads at the top?

Who loses their job first?

Bigots Vs. Bigots

Why does Raygun get an aircraft carrier named after him....

Come On, It's Insulting!

Jed Bartlett would never let this uranium intel thing happen.

Did Bush really say he gets orders from God?

Is Tenet the Source of this Post story today?

are there any gay soldiers in Iraq?


Bush billed US in campaign trips

Rumsfield on TV this morning

New Time Story on Niger/SOTU

Bush has lost my 91 year old Grandfather

Demo. presidential candidates target Ashcroft.

What happens to Blair should be a warning to Bush and company.

ads heard on Hannity

My centrist mom has finally come over

google news has 1893 stories on yellowcakegate

Some takes on current events.

are women more involved in the abortion issue than men?

Prediction, this week is going to be TWICE as bad for Bush

Rice and Rummy defending a lie.

What must really kill the Bushists: They're so damn proud of their SOTUs!


wondering where Saddam Is?

George Tenet will resign Monday.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The ABC'ers and the up coming 911 report

Maybe we should go into the street to call Bush a liar...

Here it is.......the next diversion, right on schedule.

Condi: This is why 16 words are important:

Does WMD have its own theme music yet? What would you choose

lie #19 Iraqis will control their oil

Nader: where has he been?

Josh Marshall says Condi's performance on Wolf "pathetic"

TIME outline of Niger tale is damning

LOL, USIntelligence blaming French Intelligence for bad intelligence, WAA?


Condi the Untouchable

in Indiana - a dem pres. candidate with a local organization?

And the Dean narrative has begun. From Faux News

My letter to CNN...

To anybody who defends Pat Buchanan...

'I'm hurting right now, mom' - For the hawks here and elsewhere


July 13, 2003: the day Condi, Rummy, Henry K, Shelby dissembled....

I have a GOOD idea for a protest in DC

I find it really ironic

We don't want a WMD investation. Not right now.

The letter I wrote to my peace group

Which Non-Candidate would you most like to draft.

Our new hand picked Iraqi government. Criminals, terrorists, & communists?

Since the SotU is Constitutionally Mandated...

Breaking!! Condi displays proof of Saddam negotiating for uranium buy...

Wesley Clark

Republicans praying a nuclear crisis with N.Korea saves Bush's bacon

MSNBC right now Sheila Jackson Lee vs King

CIA Got Uranium Mention Cut in Oct. (Sunday Washington Post)

Wonder if the Repubs have noticed the use of the word impeachment...

TNR calls Charles Taylor "Ace of Diamonds"

bush's bad week....Suck on it george.........

Republican says Bush needs to hurry up and plant some WMD's in Iraq

condi's tongue moves very rapidly indeed, but it's forked

I love this conspiracy theory

Young Dennis Miller vs. old Miller in a battle of wits

Can someone give me one reason to believe the CIA about anything?

Deleted message

When Frontier Justice Becomes Foreign Policy

45% say they would support a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

WOW! Ashleigh Banfield, from reporting the war in Iraq

Enjoying your liberation yet boys?

Wow. NY Times editors SMASH Bush and Tenet. Wow.

Washington and London governments embroiled in lies over Iraq

there's only ONE way that bush could be president in 04...the same way

Folks, Mr. Bush is not 'off the hook' yet, not by a long way.

Here is the dark horse Dem candidate for President

The Dems are going to rip some Chimp a$$ when he gets on US soil

A Soldier's Story (dedicated to George W. Bush)

I don't think Bush is the culprit in the SOTU speech OR the CIA

I think I saw the defense strategy today....

an actual photo of bush's brain.............

don't forget, dubya has told HUNDREDS of lies, not just one

I just googled dozens of stories in which the CIA is covering their Butt!

Double Talk and Doubts

Just left a message for the editor of my local newspaper to call me

Pre-war assertions false; what about the postwar?

Capitol Hill Blue RETRACTS Wilkinson Story (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you never read any of my posts, please read this one

text of Tenet's statement

White House 'warned over Iraq claim' - BBC

Scott Ritter coming on Wolfie on CNN -- 5 p.m.

a constitutional amendment: no more presidents named bush

Terrifyingly difficult Wolf Blitzer daily poll

Just a reminder to all that Scott Ritter was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vote now-cnn

Today’s White House line amounts to AN ADMISSION OF GUILT.

Did the Dems play it right?

Some current cartoons (with apologies to nost)

all bloody hell is breaking loose!

Dean: It's time for the truth...

how are the "Clinton Lies" vs. "Bush Lies" people doing?

RON PAUL Statement ot the House

What is worse? Not being able to trust a president or the CIA?

An idea for investigative reporter -win a Pulitzer!!

List of American casualties in Iraq (Total 210)

ABC Nightline tonight -- Dubya and his SOTU speech lies

Do you favor federal gun control laws?

What DEMOCRATIC Senators will vote NOT to impeach?

Who would Clark hurt most: Dean or Kerry?

Recieved this via email...worth a read (long)

Check out new movie at bushflash

New Zoby Poll: Bush 43% Gore 39%

great article by thabu mbeki

Vote For Your Favorite Liberal Punching Bag

WTF! Proof CNN/MSNBC Viewers are overwhelmingly anti- Bush

Sixteen Words

Kucinich, Former Intelligence Officers To Hold News Briefing

Ohio DUers: Can Springer Win?

Preview: Take Back the Media RADIO is On The Air! Comments welcome...

If I bought

It's official -- Jerry (Springer) is running for the Senate

TAKE THIS POLL What's Ari's next job?

the CARTOONists are LOVING the LIE story....

got vomit? Peggy Noonan on Hardball

They're gonna ride out the storm...

Carol Mosley Braun--if not president, why not vice president?

Email from Jeb's office threatens GOP senators.

Palast on Bill Gates and TRIPS

DON'T FORGET: Rumsfeld LIED to the Committee

Enough of the "Clintonian" Crap...even from DU'ers

New Enron/Warburg/Bush a conspiracy in the making!

Peace Pretzel down--aggravating provider issue

Something that REALLY bugs me about Stolen Election 2000...

I need a MAJOR 800lb Civil Rights Attorney to take on Alabama

I don't like Pat Buchanan, but I gotta admit he's got balls...

Army poll... "bring 'em on"

Any DU attorneys or journalists interested in bringing a federally

Radio Host Limbaugh Joins ESPN's 'NFL Countdown'

NAACP president assails three candidates who skipped forum

Feds refuse Moussaoui access to witness


ABC NEWS: Niger document author believed discovered.

California governor's backers plot legal strategy as recall looms

Lieberman Shakes Up Campaign

Bush Opens Door to Troops, Liberians Trade Charges

Pres. Bush expresses willingness to deploy limited US troops in Liberia

India Ties Military Involvement in Iraq to UN Mandate (Others as well)

White House to project record deficits

Graham's criticism of Bush misses the count

As Clinton seeks to mark legacy, counter- library group wants to mock it

Federal grants may help fund voting upgrades


Ruling by Maine judge could hurt GM for years

After Grueling Deployment, 3rd Infantry Soldiers Get Longer Stay in Iraq

(Seattle Mayor) Nickels threatens to shut down pipeline

Federal grants may help fund voting upgrades (PA-BBV ALERT!)

Ratliff (R) sides with Democrats on Texas redistricting (HUGE)

Indian refusal to send troops to Iraq irks US

Ex-UN inspector Ritter Bush based war on ''a lie''

Bush Defends Intelligence As 'Darn Good'

Compay Segundo, singer from 'Buena Vista Social Club,' dies at 95

Schoolgirl 'Missing' With US Marine - (12 year old Brit Girl)

Lawmen asking the public to get involved in meth crackdown

WH to Improve Clearance Process for Bush Speeches (Lie Detector)

Some (100) 9/11 families choose lawsuits over federal fund

Rumors Swirl About Redistricting Block in Senate [Texas]

Will high-tech save or sink future elections? MSNBC!

Heroin in South Boston

U.S. Soldier Killed, Four Wounded in Iraq

[GOP]Politicians' telecoms wronged consumers (MN)

Saudi hand makes US uneasy


Kmart raid captain ponders run for City Council (Houston, TX)

Ritter: Bush based war on a lie

Dixie Chicks keep low profile on tour (Not)

New York Times Names Keller to Be Executive Editor

Cold War-Era Sirens Used As Terror Alerts

U.N. Arms Hunter Says U.S. Claims Are off-Base on Baghdad Nuclear Cache

Afghan Minister Warns U.S. Credibility at Stake (Reuters)

Reports of HIV 'Superinfection' Increase

US Intelligence on Iraq is 'Darn Good,' says Bush After CIA Admitted Error

Republican and Democrat lambast the entire Bush administration.

National ID card on its way: Coderre

Filipino police implicated in JI escape

Fleischer Faces Aggressive Questioning on His Last Day as White House Pres

Germany not prepared to send troops to Iraq

France Denies It Gave UK Iraq Nuclear Intelligence

NYT Names Keller To Be Executive Editor

US May Tap Oil for Iraqi Loans

Arid Afghan province proves fertile for Taliban

White House tries to end 'frenzy' over Iraq-Africa line

9th Circuit Grants Arab Israeli's Asylum Claim

Bush, Annan Have Agenda Full of Hotspots

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq a US "lie": ex-weapons inspector

Pharmacological reasons for psychiatric delusions

Bush Aide (Ari Fleischer): Uranium Flap a 'Bunch of Bull'

Baghdad Car Explodes; U.S. Soldiers at Compound Not Injured

Bush 'Bundlers' Take Fundraising to New Level (WP)

Bremer to hear Iraqis on economy, but keeps say

U.S. in damage control over Iraq

Bush to Host Italian Leader at His Ranch

Two U.S. personnel in Afghan accident-police

Iran makes giant new oil find: report

Committee To Focus On FAA Search For Texas Democrats

UK praises Sharon's 'peace work'

UN thinks British Iraq proof based on fakes-diplomat

U.S. sources: More military sent to W.Africa

LIVE Press Conference thread.. Ari's LAST :):):)

US sends aircraft, troops to support Liberia team

New York's preliminary election plan criticized (HAVA)

Political Junkies Peruse Web Sites (Pa. Dems)

Explosion heard in Afghan capital, cause unknown


Al Qaeda not behind Iraq attacks - analysts

GOP white supremicist appinted, resigns, from city council

Police nab gangster 'Yam Kid' - Taiwan

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq

La Raza President Calls Bush(*) a 'Major Disappointment'

Britain won't reveal source

ANALYSIS-U.S.-backed Iraqi council faces credibility test

US forcing Arab nations to send troops to Iraq, says report

Belgium Law Change Condemned (International Criminal Court)

"Comical" Ari on CNN for White House briefing now n/t

LIVE Press Conference thread.. Ari's LAST :):):) THREAD # 2

20 Lies About The War

Asbestos Bill Could Be Windfall for Business

Africa Needs more than Bush’s ‘Exotic Photo-op’

Shining Path rebels stage first attack in four years

Japanese official draws rebukes for remarks on Tokyo's war past

Exclusive: Bush Used British 45 Minutes Claim

Denmark defends decision to support Iraq war

India refuses U.S. request to send troops to Iraq

New explosion reported in central Baghdad. More Soon - BBC

Researchers try to clean nuclear sites with microbes (not radiodurans)

(Pro-GOP) Tex. Business Group In Furor Over Fliers

UN thinks British Iraq proof based on fakes-diplomat

Terror SUSPECT Flown Out of Pakistan (Gitmo Bound?)

Dead soldier's father blames Blair for Iraq war

Jemaah Islamiah Chief Escapes Prison In Philippines

The Niger connection

Top terrorism chief escapes - Philippines

Another Catastrophe Possible at Chernobyl Power Plant?

Democratic (Kerry, Edwards) Appearance Deal Falls Apart

Blix slams UK Iraq WMD claim

Attack on hotel injures 31 - Ethiopia grenade attack

Tape claims al Qaeda behind attacks in Iraq

Snafu revives privacy feas about 'smart tags'

Bush Steps Up Emphasis on Security as U.S. Economy Struggles

Small-scale fighting taking place in Lao, says Vietnam

School beatings take center stage in Chinese media

Bomb Explodes at Indonesia's Parliament

Submarine deal may be put on the back burner - Taiwan

Vietnam cracks down on sex trade

S. Korea: No Proof That N. Korea Completed Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel

Still a Beltway controversy-CSM

Bush Gonna be on the Cover of Time

Former top secret agent provides political views - Taiwan

Untruth and Consequences - TIME cover

Tobin to lead Bush regional campaign (New England)

Agencies hit by row over Iraq weapons (MI6 vs CIA)

World Leaders Seek Makeover for the 'Third Way'

In City's Care, Foster Children Suffer Abuse, Assault

Child warriors killed in Burundi, 28 rebels are killed; Army thwarts drive

Arab League Boss Cool Toward Iraqi (Puppet) Body

Presidential Gifts Carted Into Storage ($1M painting from Saudis)

Cops Served Glass In Burgers - McDonalds

Iraq Costs Could Reach $100 billion

Dome of Montserrat volcano collapses | CNN

One Dead, Two Wounded In Vehicle Accident (Centcom)

Press Retreats as Iraq Heats Up Again

US Soldier Hurt in Iraq Grenade Attack-Witnesses

Blast hits Indonesia parliament | BBC

US Soldier Hurt in Iraq Grenade Attack-Witnesses

Bush 'Bundlers' Take Fundraising to New Level

Religion a model for psychiatric delusions

Core of weapons case crumbling

The fog ate my combwork

What Would Be More Appropriate to Name After Ronald Reagan?


Does anyone have that picture of Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft as "playaz"?

"Hollywood and the Muslim World" tonight, 10 pm EST on AMC

Woody Guthrie born July 14, 1912

Its Pat Robertson's grandson lol just joking

It’s Hot ----I have just become a member of the Reformed Nudist.

Just got the new Me First/Gimme Gimmes CD!!!!!

Again wtf or driving along in Freeperville

Bandaid or open wound?

I turned my Dad onto DU

Classical geeks: Help me pick a version of the 9th!

well i`m proud to admit

Should I submit articles to DU?


Bar's open

A look at my e-mail inbox....

Anybody up for a chat?

Susan Smith has some online competition

Attn Gay people: Is my joke funny?

Here's another great Google search!

Now here is an offensive bumper sticker... and a new one to me

Woman Sets Bikini Wax Record

3 Year Old Takes Keys, Steals Dad's Car

Is there anybody else that gets this message?

The 'Praise Jesus' discount (Deion pays what Jesus tells him to)

Is it too late to return to the old DU server?

How liberal is Gainesville, FL?

OMG! NOOOOO! Write ESPN...Boycott!!

The stewed philosopher of all CAPTIONS!!!! (for regular guy)

What is Self-Awareness?

Does anyone get along with conservative/other family members....

Black Comedian - Damon Wayans

Coolest Homosexual (Not a Poll)

Worst nu metal post-grunge alta rock band

Best Realistic Apocalyptic Movie

Platinum Spark PLugs Vs Normal "Copper"? Spark PLugs

Should HawkerHurricane submit "From the Deck"?

Should I submit my 'From the Deck' to DU?

D&Ders: Anyone done 2nd-to-3rd Ed. conversions?

My 1000th post?

Bill Maher's Comedy Special on HBO Saturday night July 19th

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.07

Favorite Python

Do You Use Downey When You Do The Wash. Does It Work Well.

Who's the best non- studio backing band

Brilliant post at Free Republic! Must read!

Seriously, should I be pissed?

It's just 16 words, waddaya get? 200 dead soldiers an' deeper in debt....

714 Signifigance

Couldn't connect to the database. Please make sure all the information in

TESTING, 1-2-3

It's A Real World (After All)

It's time for Wes Clark to step up

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GERALD RUDOLPH FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anywaysss....My kids are back from the huge, extravaganza trip to Disney

Best commentary yet on Bu$h's current situation (must read)

It's official....I'm no longer overweight.....

The following statement is true:

I need some assistance regarding u.s. veterans services

Dontrelle Willis....Anyone seen this kid pitch?

Compay Segundo Passes Away

OK, so I have a new blog up

How Hot Was It At Your House Yesterday???

What do you most miss from your childhood?

And the LORD spake unto George*

Top Rally driver and co-driver killed in Oregon

Was Ari "undercover" in Africa???

This really sucks

Best American Sports Movie Of All Time?

People Mag shills for Tom Cruise's glorified UFO cult

SoTU revisited CAPTION this face of honesty and accountability

anybody know the best way to get from philly to nyc ?

Anyone familiar with Babeuf?

Has the US military lost too many vehicles, or what???

GREAT Idea to Control US Gas Use/ Promote Fuel Efficient Cars...Thoughts?

Yet another bogus intelligence report from CIA chief George Tenet

I Saw Two Movies This Weekend, And You Must Avoid One Of Them

DU to reach 30,000 registrants today or tomorrow!!

My new motto

Hey Trumad! Good News!

A John Cleese story for Monday: unconfirmed, but great

Judas Priest Reunites with Halford

What do you sound like when you sneeze?

new Question W logo

1 week and the Freepers have only got a third of their goal

Click for fun and amusement

Rigt wing dolt

Good (Monday) Morning DU


are people posting too many polls?

European Union Declares Bush "Genetically Modified Organism"...

This is great....LOL

Here is a stress test

Does Nambe ever sleep? One wicked poster!

Simpsons Fans: Who would you support for Mayor of Springfield?

Eric Alterman talk show?

Married people: how often do you go mattress dancing?

Ash and his boomstick are back!

Guantanamo Trial TV Rights Sold to Fox Network....PML!!!

Guys I feel bad

Best metaphor for the present sociopolitical situation

Did I tell you about Saad?

Knockers for TXlib

Hey, here is my blog

where is Tinoire

Who has a more eclectic taste in music than me?

Most sacriligious act of musical vandalism

The delicate problem of helping a homeless addict.

Help ... Time to put a pet to sleep?

What's your favorite flavor Jelly Belly?

CAPTION: "I know, I know, Truman said the buck stops here,

Tropical Storm CLAUDETTE. Latest Info...

CAPTION W's backhanded compliment to Kofi Annan

Caption this moron with the bad sunburn!

Creepy Chemtrail Creatures: we're breathing in aerosol polymers

John Stewart on Bill Moyers

What is your Primary Mode of Transportation?

C-Aaaa-___You can do it Mr.President just focus___C-A-P-T-I-O-N

Favorite Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony?

CAPTION Ari's salute to his dark overlord

The drunken sailor of all CAPTIONS!! (for Burt Worm)

Hey you....... ya media whore I got a CAPTION for ya babe

The drive-thru lobotomy of al CAPTIONS!!!

What should we rename Reagan National Airport after the liberation?

LOL... Caption THIS !!!

Big Brother housemate kicked off, blames his genital warts

As early as first grade I was told... I talk to much

need help with origin of the asterisk

Longest record for going WITHOUT a bikini wax.........

This candidate for City Council is a real dog. Would you vote for him?

Now Serving: Coffee Coyote's Coyote Coffee!!!

An archetypal freeper is...

"DU2" kinda sucks

Was Gerald Ford right to pardon Richard Nixon?

Your reaction to DU2 slowdowns, downtime, and poor performance

"Son of a Bush!"

"Avatars" in Common......Anyone notice who has picked your own Avatar?

Are any DUers both veterans AND GI brats ? ? ?